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SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
And at Anonymous 5'10 is slightly above average height in the US. To be more precise it's 55th percentile. So you are taller than 55 percent of the adult male population in the US.
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
The 4.5 Inch middle eye to top of head is a great indication and it's dead on for me
5foot7 said on 19/Jan/11
bodyshape acccounts for a lot a thin person of the same height appears taller im very broad and appear shorter than most men my height but would never sacrifice my size for height
Jonathan said on 11/Dec/10
@Anonymous I would say taller average. In Mexico, Vietnam or Japan (for example) you are quite tall. In Denmark or Netherlands you are quite short. I think the global average height is 5'8.5-5'9''
F50 said on 3/Dec/10
@Anonymous: 1,77m is considered average. However, "real" male average height is shorter than 1,77m.
Bart said on 4/Nov/10
It depends on where you live, but it seems to be around average in most countries.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/10
is 5.10 short, avg. or tall for a man????
lolo said on 18/Sep/10
we actually see people about 1.5-2 cm taller than they actually are because of hair
mitak said on 9/Aug/10
People tell me that from a distance I look 5'8-5'9ish and I'm 6' .How can you explain this ?
K.S said on 9/Jul/10
yes i does. at solid 6ft3(evening height)i usually sees 6ft2-6ft2.75 guy walking front of me makes me think they hit 6ft4 or so. more realistic im taller when they make a turn or standing close next to me.
Alex said on 24/Feb/10
Whenever I see the back of someone, I usually think I'm shorter than him. But when he turns around, I'm taller or the same height. Does anyone else experience this?
yoyo said on 17/Aug/09
sometime from distance when you see a person abit slouch but looks about your height tall when you see him eye to eye level same, but when you get closer to him. resulting might be the guy is few inches over you. never judge by eye level when seeing people from distance. man to man standing close thats the result of real height of both.
yoyo said on 3/Jun/09
i notice sometimes i walk pass some 6ft3 guy they could look even my height (6ft4.5) when i stand near them. must be shoe lift or an uneven floor they walk by..
bill said on 30/Mar/09
I feel that, unless the person is standing next to something in the picture of known height, it would be vertually impossible to know the height of that person.
1234 said on 26/Feb/09
I agree with J.Lee and Jes. I think its the other way around G man. I am five ten and whenever I stand next to someone who is slightly shorter than me I feel as if they are actually slightly taller than me. And whenever I stand next to someone who is my height actually I feel as if they are about an inch taller than me.
aram x said on 16/Feb/09
Photos can be a little misleading at times, and it can be very hard (if not impossible) to tell the exact height of someone with just photos or video footage alone, but from a good photo or footage you CAN AT LEAST TELL A good GUT INSTINCT FEELING of HOW TALL SOMEONE IS. For example, while our height estimates for Stadynk can be a few inches different, it's just blatantly obviously can't be 8,4".
J.Lee said on 7/Oct/08
Yes, G man i agree with jes. but i see your point. the reason is because a lot of times a girl is five foot nine and 3/4. I am five ten. and i usually think they are a little taller. but then when we compare in a mirror, the top of my head is a little higher. and so usually when a women is just a tiny bit shorter than me, i think she is a little taller. if she is five nine, i may think we are the same. but if she is 1 inch taller than me, i actually feel towered. when i measure myself, im shorter than when the doctors office does. cuz we forget that the top of our head is our height. However, when i see actors, i expect them to be super tall and so when they are my height, i tend to think I'm the taller one.
Arthur said on 17/Sep/08
A good way to get a pretty close estimate of a Celebs height is comparing them to a doorway, standard doorways are 6' 8" now, depending on if the Celeb is barefoot or in shoes most people can use common sense, Your averge Tennis shoe adds about 1" some add 1.5" Dress shoes are the same, While you can't get an absolute, certainly you can tell if someone is or is not 5' 8" or not within reason or if someone is claiming to be 6 foot. So, watch those Doorways.
lol said on 6/Aug/08
the truth is that when you see a person about your height you think always to be taller because you want it from afar he looks shorter than you until he gets close to you
T.K. said on 19/Jun/08
Was just next to Lupe back stage at one of the Kanye West concerts he's touring with. I'm 5' 6" and had on about 3" shoes and he was just a little taller than me so I would guess he's between 5'10" and 6 feet tall.
MJlover said on 30/Apr/08
I agree with Myster. I'm short too, and really want to look taller!
Myster said on 6/Apr/08
You should do one for " What makes someone look taller or shorter" because im short and i wanna look taller and maybe someone wants to look shorter
jes said on 1/Apr/08
g-mann wouldn't that work the other way around. people look taller than they actualy are because when u look at someone you can't always tell where the top of your own head is because of where your eyes are. you would only notice u r taller than someone if the top of there head is near your eye level. what do u think rob?
Danielle said on 23/Jan/08
This is great information. However, there's also something to be said about torso length. One of my friends is 5.8" while I am 5'9". I have longer legs than her, and she has a longer upper torso than I do. When we are sitting, she always appears taller than I am, and when we are standing, I am taller. :)
G-MANN said on 7/Jan/08
Here's something for everyone to think about, when you meet something who is close in height to you, it will always seem like you are a little bit taller because of the way your field of vision works, you still see above the top of their head (unless you get extremely close to them, like nose-to-nose) People only seem noticeable taller when they are 2 inches or more taller than you. I'm 6'1", if I was next to a guy who was 6' he probably wouldn't quite that tall from my visual perspective.
Crissy said on 6/Aug/07
Mark D. thats what makes it seem like some celebritys are bigger than they really are because the camera looks up towards them making them seem taller.
Mark D. said on 24/May/07
A lot of times I've noticed this. You can tell when an actor
is tall because the camera seems to be looking up at them...
TJ said on 28/Feb/07
What is Lupe fiasco's height?
Bibi-NL said on 13/Feb/07
Here is a good example of perspective in a picture:
Everybody knows Jared Padalecki is a good few inches taller than Jensen Ackles but in this picture they seem about the same height.. combination of angle, and horrible posture in mr. Padalecki
Editor Rob said on 4/Jan/07
Trying to get ideal photos is harder than it sounds, ideally if you are 5ft 11-6ft you'd be in the best range. 5ft 8 is fine for short to 5ft 10, but you find 6ft-6ft 3 guys might have loose posture or slouch a little more than average height guys beside 5ft 8ers. So when you see a photo of a true 6ft 1 standing with same posture beside 5ft 8, many might think 'this guy is 6ft 2-3'.

Not many are like Tom Cruise/Stallone who regardless of who they are photographed with will stand tall. On the street can sometimes be a bit tricky, gotta watch some of those sidewalks.
Alex said on 4/Jan/07
And for example the picture with me and Kurt Angle. We're both the same distance from the camera, the floor was level, the shot was at a good angle, footwear was about the same I believe, but his posture is off and while he was really only 2.5 inches shorter than me, it looked between 3 and 4 inches. Also with a photo if its smaller it makes the difference bigger so you gotta go by it when its enlarged.
Editor Rob said on 27/Dec/06
Yes, its really to show you can never fully trust a mugshot to show the truth unless you have the camera near top of the the Rose McGowan scene the angle doesn't add much to her height because I think the camera is at a decent height.
Alex said on 26/Dec/06
Rob, you're 5'8 and barefoot in the picture but you look over 5'11. I know if the camera is a bit lower it can make someone taller but by that much? Thats almost a 4 inch difference just having the picture take that far below.

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