Perceived Height - How to Look Taller

In this video I talk about Perceived Height vs your Measured height, and how various factors can come into play in determining how tall you look to other people. I also mention a few areas that you can work on to improve your height in public.

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Everybody has a barefoot measured height. No matter what anyone says or thinks about your own height, you know yourself exactly how tall you measure and nobody can take that away from you.

There's another type of height, one that I call Perceived Height. That is, the height other people around you, in public, see you as. As grown adults, we can't really alter our barefoot measured height much - unfortunately the only option is leg-lengthening surgery - but we can, to a certain extent, change or influence our perceived height.

Factors Effecting Perceived Height

  • Your Body Frame. Whether it is narrow and thin, or a wider frame.
  • Your Leg Length. Whether it is short or long. Longer length adds to an illusion of greater height.
  • Your Physique. The amount of muscle you have, especially in upper body and around shoulder area.
  • Your Head Size. The longer your head, the more shorter you can look to people. In photos, if two people are of similar height, but one has a longer head, invariably that person is thought/seen of as being smaller. It ties in a bit to the Muller Lyer Illusion and how the brain interprets visual clues (like chin/shoulder/eyes) and makes a judgement that is different than reality (the actual top of the head).
  • Your Hand Size.
  • Your eye-level. This is probably the most important aspect effecting perceived height. When you think about height, most people are judging other heights based on their own eye-level.
    On average a man has a 4.5 inch eye-level, with ladies slightly smaller. Imagine the scenario of 2 people the exact same measured height, but one person has a head size that is small and an eye-level closer to 4 inches. The other person has could have an eye-level closer to 5 inches. The person with the higher eye-level might view the person with the lower eye-level as nearly an inch smaller, whereas the person with the lower eye-level may see the person with higher eye-level as nearly an inch taller, even though they are both the same physical height.

How to Look Taller - Influencing Your Perceived Height

Footwear is an important part of that. If you wear thin sneakers or shoes, like half inch styles, you are typically lowering your perceived height, because your footwear is less than the typical average that people wear (close to an inch).

This is why lifts and elevator shoes (and high heels) were invented. They are designed as a means of influencing and raising your perceived height in public. A 2.5 inch elevator shoe might be giving you 1.75 inches above the average type of shoe, which is quite significant in altering your own height in public. In this photo below, I am wearing 2.3 inch elevator shoes and because I'm a little taller than Jenny I am a comfortable 2.5 inches taller than her.

Taller Shoes
5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny

Of course the percentage of people who wear lifts or elevator shoes is quite small. As an alternative, many men choose to wear boots (timberland or caterpillar) or thick running shoes (like Nike Shox) or Cowboy Boots (giving 1.5-2 inches).

The kind of clothing you wear can also have an effect. The smarter you dress, the greater the influence you might leave with people.

Also, how you groom yourself can be important. Being well presented, having a nice shaped or even voluminous hairstyle can all add to the illusion of height.

Measured Height vs Standing Height - Improving Posture

Everybody has a measured height, but we also have a standing height. The kind of height you normally stand at. That is one are we can work on to improve our perceived height. On average, people might stand a half inch or even 3/4 inch shorter than what they measure. If you begin or take up some basic stretching routine or hanging routine, which helps your muscles in your core and back, you may be able to hold yourself taller and have a standing height that is much closer (and feel natural) to your measured height.

There are various celebrities who have worked on their posture and look to have a standing height that is very near their measured height. People like Tom Cruise, Sly Stallone, Vin Diesel and Henry Cavill spring to mind. This certainly can influence how tall they look in public to their fans. Here I am demonstrating tall pristine posture beside Jenny who is at a normal type of standing height:

Improve Posture
5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny

Subconscious and Conscious Factors that Influence Height

Your own personality. If you are a confident individual, well-spoken, friendly, positive, these all help leaving a lasting impression with others. In their mind they will think of you as taller. The reverse can be true; if you are more downbeat, negative, have a chip on your shoulder, are a bit timid or mumble a lot, these kind of personality traits may well be leaving am impression with people of you being a smaller individual.

The pitch of your voice can also influence how others think of you. Typically, the taller you are, the lower your pitch. So if you have a higher-pitched voice, you may be leaving a shorter impression. Can you work on your voice? Yes, with practice you may be able to change it slightly and testosterone levels could effect it.

Your circle of friends. You could be average height, but your group is of friends is taller, so people in your group think of you as the short guy. Other people seeing you in this group may also remember you as the short guy, even though you are 5ft 9 or 10.

In films this can be important as many stars want to be seen taller, so casting directors may hire shorter or average individuals to make it appear the star is taller.

Summary of Perceived Height

Those are some of the factors to consider when we talk about perceived height. Unfortunately we can't really change our barefeet height much. But we do have the scope to alter or influence our perceived height in public. Whether it's your clothing, footwear, posture, personality or group you surround yourself, you may not physically be able to grow, but there is room for growth in height perception.

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5'10 Dude said on 21/Jul/22
My eye level height seems to be 5'5 and I think that it causes me to often falsely perceive other people's heights especially when they are people of similar height (let's say between 5'8 and 5'11)and especially when they are women.
Vick said on 6/Jul/22
Hey Rob,
I watched some of your videos and read some comments here about eyebrow. If a man’s eyebrow starts at 5 ft 8, what would you guess as his full height?
Editor Rob
Somewhere near 6ft
Vick said on 30/Jun/22
Rob is 5 hours more accurate than 2 hours. I hold 6’0 on normal days and sleepless productive days I hard dip down to 11.75 roughly 6 hours into the day
Editor Rob
5 hours is a reasonable time that fits in with the kind of average time-frame at which people get measured.
Ehsan Jabar said on 23/Jun/22
Hi Rob im 186.5cm out of bed with 184.5cm before bed with a shoulder height of roughly 5 foot 1 and a half, my head length is 23.6cm in length and eye level is about average is just slightly under

what height i be guessed at
what height would I be placed at celebheight if I was there
Editor Rob
Depends how you look in person or with celebrities. I'd think based on your stats you could end up with 6ft 1
Kal hassan said on 5/May/22
Hey Rob, I measure 183 cm on the stadiometer and my eyes are set about 5.5 inches below top of my head, what height will eye level this make people think I am? Because people tend to guess me shorter.
Editor Rob
You might be guessed about 181 by others.
Vick said on 2/May/22
Hey Rob,
I hope you are ok. If a guy has a 5’7 or 5’7.5 eye level, would 5’11.75 fit that range?
Editor Rob
If it's within 7-7.5 range, you would expect 5ft 11.5-6ft range
Jdubbz said on 29/Apr/22
Hi Rob, what do you think is the average mouth to chin distance for an adult male? Would you say a 2” mouth to chin and a 9.6” head are average or on the smaller side for a 6’6 male?
Editor Rob
Maybe a small fraction less than the average you'd expect for a guy 6ft 5 to 6.
nknn said on 28/Apr/22
Hey Rob! I'll share a link of a guy's (model) pic here.
Link : Click Here

What would be the hair length of this guy, from his scalp to the top end of the hair? I'm thinking maybe 8 cm's? Or would it be like 7 cm's?
Editor Rob
Hard to tell unless the hair was flattened, but the distance from hairline to eyebrows could suggest 6cm was possible, 7-8 is really extreme.
Happyguy said on 27/Apr/22
Hi Rob!

I appreciate you answering all our questions. I am puzzled because I have been measuring my height every morning and night recently. My eye levels are 5’8.5ft in the morning and 5’8 exactly at night before bed. But when I try to measure myself I get dead-on 6ft in the morning and at nights before bed I am between 182-181cm. Am I measuring myself wrong? I don’t have an abnormally sized head or forehead. Shouldn’t I be measuring at least 6 foot and a half if my eye level is over 5’8?
Editor Rob
I'd expect you should be measuring over 6ft, however not all eyelevels are equal and sometimes when measuring, it's easy to raise our eyelevels a fraction.

Although you could well have a higher than average eyelevel. If you feel it really is about 5ft 8 at night, then other people will definitely guess you 6ft to 6ft 1 range.
Sapphire said on 23/Apr/22
Hi Rob, my eye level is 165cm. Does it make sense for me to claim 177cm?
Editor Rob
That is roughly what you would expect for a person with 5ft 5 eyelevel.
anon15212 said on 19/Apr/22

I just turned 20 years old and I think I'm actually still growing. My parents had late height growth as well so this is not unexpected.

I recently compared myself to my fridge (Which is about 5'6") and found that the fridge comes up to my upper lip or moustache area below my nose. Would you wager to say that I'm over 6'0 by this? In addition to this, my eye level appears to be around 5'7 3/4 to 5'8ish depending on how you look at it.
Editor Rob
I'd expect you clear 6ft, but really best to measure yourself against a wall and confirm it.
Brockley said on 16/Apr/22
Hi Rob,

I have a 9.3 inch sized head, my eye to head (4.5 inch), eye to chin (4.8 inch). I claim 182 cm tall (6'0.3 range in the morning, 5'11.6 range in the evening).

Are my head size and eye-level within average range? Thanks.
Editor Rob
maybe eyelevel a couple of mm higher than average (at your height), but head length is not small, but within average for your kind of height range.
Ronaldo0000000000000 said on 18/Feb/22
Hi Rob, my eye level is 160cm and my height is 170cm, is my eye level average?
Editor Rob
A bit higher than you'd expect...but measuring eyelevel can be tricky because sometimes we might be raising it slightly, thus getting a smaller measurement.
AverageSlovene1 said on 11/Feb/22
Hey Rob, I want to ask if my eye level is atleast 174 in the morning, and atleast 173 at night, what would be my height? At a school systematic checkup yesterday I was measured at 186.5 Although it was at 8am or 9am in the morning. Do you think that listing is accurate?
Editor Rob
That would be a low eyelevel if 186cm range...

But ultimately eyelevels can vary, so always best checking the top of our heads to find real height.
Daycringeothon said on 10/Feb/22
When someone is measured with the height tool stadiometer, ideally it’s done with a neutral neck position. In other words to avoid straining the neck muscles which would cause a greater chance of error. The measurement is supposed to be in bare feet and an average of 2 times.
Raii said on 18/Jan/22
Hey Rob, I measured myself to be 179 cm, and my eyelevel is 167.5 cm. Is what you would expect for my height?
Editor Rob
Yes that's within an average range. If it were nearer 11cm flat, that would be a small (higher up) eyelevel.
Koman said on 12/Jan/22
Hi rob my eyelevel is 152.5 close to 153 , what is my height would be? Cause the last time I checked was 165.6 cm at night
Editor Rob
During the day, 166cm is probably the kind of range you will look.
Teb said on 2/Jan/22
Hey Rob, kind of a stupid question here, so I'm like 5'11 and I've always felt short even compared to people shorter than me, and after this post I realized it's because my eyes are set quite a bit lower than the average man. So now I'm wondering how I can compensate for this, would I appear taller if I just tilt my head up?
Editor Rob
In your country the average is a bit greater than the UK, so if your eyelevel is like half inch lower than average, then from your perspective I can see how 5ft 11 might feel more average.

Sometimes people can also become height-blind, and notice more of the taller than shorter people in public, so average height can feel shorter.
nknn said on 27/Sep/21
Hey Rob! I measured myself on my door with an aerosol can, at 8 am (straight out of bed), and then took an another measurement at 2 pm (at 6 hours after walking up), and calculated the average of these two measurements. The average measurement of my 2 pm height (height 6 hours after walking up), and my 8 am height(straight out of bed height), was 161.25-161.3 cm's, on a normal day at my home. I round up a little and claim 162 cm's. I've asked you about this before, but what i'd like to ask about now, is, i can maintain an eye height of 149.5-150 cm's throughout the whole day, standing in my best posture, on a regular day at my home. So Rob, with this eye level, my little round up claim of 162 cm's will be believe enough right? I am also growing a 2-2.5 inches hair (quiff), to maximise my perceived height. I'd like to hear your opinion!
Editor Rob
Don't think there's an issue claiming 162cm
Golden Girl said on 22/Sep/21
I'm confused. I'm a woman and always assumed I was taller, as in at least 5'8 ft.
Mainly because I feel so tall,awkward and tower over women who are shorter and people occasionally comment on how tall I am.
Anyway, everytime I get measured by a medical assistant,I'm told I'm 5'5.
I honestly like the idea of being shorter.
Once I told a coworker that I'm 5'5, and she scoffed and said that can't be and I'm much taller.
The tape measurement does not lie, right?
Does the perceived height comes into play with this?
Maybe I have longs legs which gives the illusion of tall to others but a short torso?
Editor Rob
Would get hold of a tape measure and check yourself as you may well have a frame/head that lends itself to appearing taller.
Calin Vamvu said on 15/Sep/21
Nevermind i measured myself more accurately and found out i'm exactly 171.5 cm. Makes more sense now.
LankyGuy said on 4/Sep/21
Hi, I'm really confused about my height. All of my peers said that i've grown so I decided to measure myself. My eye height is roughly 5'7" (sometimes I measured 169.5 and others 170.3) and I think even though there's some variation it is really 5'7" since my sister is exactly that height and to me it seems right. But here's the catch my eye level is roughly 12 cm so by adding 12cm to 170 that would make me 182, right? The problem is that everytime I try to measure my self I mark my height at 180cm, do you think I'm measuring my standing height wrong? What height would you guess I am at? Because people always tell me that in shoes I'm 6'1" so by wearing my usual 3cm thick shoes I assume I would be 5'11.5" or 5'11.75" but then again I measure myself at 5'10.875".
Editor Rob
If you face a wall and slowly bring down an object and make the mark...that should be your height, unless the wall/floor are sloping.

Worth trying another wall, if you still get 180cm range, that may be what you are.
Calin Vamvu said on 3/Sep/21
Rob, i'm 170.5 cm but my eye level is at 160 cm. Do i have a smaller than average head for an adult male ?
Editor Rob
A little bit higher than average like 1/2 to 1cm
imnowchilling said on 3/Sep/21
Hey @Rob, I have an eye level of 160cm , how tall would you guess me to be?
Editor Rob
172-2cm is likely
TallNapoleon said on 1/Sep/21
I’m 180.5 cm tall to be exact and my eye level seems to be dead-on 168 cm - which means I have a eye level of 12.5 cm, is that still within “average range” of eye level albiet low-side at least? Thanks Rob
Editor Rob
A little bit lower than average, but we are talking a few mm...if it were 13cm that would be more noticeable.
Thomas 6ft4.25 said on 18/Aug/21
Hey Rob, my eye level is around 178.5cm. Which height would guess me at?
Editor Rob
191-2cm would be my guess
BB9 said on 18/Aug/21
Hi Rob, I’m 6’ 3/4”(184.9cm) early in the morning, and if I had a good night sleep I could measure up to 6’ 1”(185.3cm). In the afternoon (around 4-5pm), I stand at 6’ 1/8” (183.3cm), and right before going to bed at night, I measured my height at 182.8cm (a little under 6’0”), I should be able to claim 6’0” right? Or should I claim 6’ 1/8”?
Editor Rob
You are a decent 6 could always fall into the category of 'just over 6 foot' if you were going by noon measurement range.

Another one somebody might use to describe themselves could be "Solid six foot".

superB said on 16/Aug/21
Hey Rob, my eye level is 164cm how tall would you say I am?
Editor Rob
with that eyelevel I'd expect over 175cm near 176
Liam Jonas said on 13/Aug/21
Hi Rob, if my eye level is 5'6.75 at night what would my afternoon height probably be?
Editor Rob
You might be 5ft 11.5 range at least...unless you had a higher than average eyelevel.
Sloop said on 2/May/21
Hey Rob, do you think the position of shoulder as in if they're higher or lower on someone affect perceived height? I've seen some people have shoulder bones that are positively tilted so their shoulders are naturally higher, wouldn't this cause clothing to fit a tad bit higher too.
Editor Rob
yeah I think shoulders could effect perception a bit
Dillan said on 30/Apr/21
Rob help me
I am currently 178cm but I have a funny posture because of anterior pelvic tilt I have heard correcting this can potentially give me 1-2 inches, I have long legs but my spine is a mess I also have a small head,
Editor Rob
maybe worth looking on youtube for some tilt exercises to see if they could help
Max 5-9.5-5'10 said on 28/Apr/21
My eye level is 5'5 to 5'5 and 1/4th. This is also at night, what is my height? I never measure under 5'9 and 3/8ths on a normal day. What height am I ?
Editor Rob
You sound like you have a higher eyelevel by a fraction, so 5ft 9.5-9.75 is probably how you look to other people.
Badar said on 28/Apr/21
Rob, my eye level is 160 cm. What would you guess my height to be at ?
Editor Rob
171-2cm range, 5ft 7.5 range, maybe a touch more.
Zach Busch said on 15/Dec/20
Hey Rob. So I measure 5’11.5” in the morning and 5’11” in the evening. People think I’m about 6’0, but I don’t know which height to go with. Should I still claim 5’11”?
Editor Rob
I would personally claim 5ft 11...sometimes it can help others, they may rethink their own claim.
Jake said on 11/Dec/20
Hi Rob. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to measure myself against a wall in my house since it’s either on carpet or against an uneven surface. However I can determine that at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, using a tape measure and a mirror I can determine that my eye level is in the 5’7” range. Pretty much bang on 5’7”, give or take a fraction of an inch. From the top of my head to my pupil is around 4.75 inches. I know you must get these questions everyday, but what would you expect my height to be? Plus, what might you list me as on celebheights, judging from the time of day? Pretend I was a celebrity :P
Editor Rob
do you have a chopping board, if you stand on that, and measure, then (while still standing) holde the tape measure on board and run it up the wall, you might get an ok measurement.

I tried to explain it in an old video
6foot2andahalf said on 9/Dec/20
Hey Rob,
As you say that celebrities listed in this site by their afternoon heights, how much of a difference are we talking about? Like 1/4 inch above their evening/lowest height? My evening height is 187.9, I never got measured under this mark on normal days, so would you list me as 188.5 cm at this site?
Editor Rob
on average people might still lose say 1/4 at their low evening range...
Rjay bantu said on 6/Dec/20
Hey Rob I measured my eye level its 5'8 does that mean im 5'11.5 to 6'0 possibly
Editor Rob
should be 6ft at worst, maybe even 6ft 1/2 inch range.
Mark Tu said on 29/Nov/20
Hey Rob, I measured 172.5 cm at the doctor’s at about 12pm. I woke up at about 8:30 am before going. Should I claim 5’8?
Editor Rob
yeah go with 5ft 8
Akanni said on 22/Nov/20
Hi Rob, My eye level is at 5’6 without shoes on. Eyebrows are also 5’7. Is my height roughly around 5’10.5 - 5’11?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5-10.75 maybe
Isaac K said on 21/Nov/20
Hi Rob, Where can I measure my height proffesionaly?
Editor Rob
to be fair, most people should be able to measure themselves to a reasonably accurate figure if they have a tape measure and a wall and floor that is flat.
Isaac K said on 21/Nov/20
Hi Rob, My eye level is a solid 5' 10. 5" barefoot. Is 6' 3" my height?

Also will it be accurate if I measure laying down on the ground?
Editor Rob
lying on ground could give slightly difference measurement - especially since your heels aren't being compressed the couple of mm they do when standing vertically.

with a 5ft 10.5 eyelevel, it is likely 6ft 3 or over.
Jackthe6'2 said on 19/Nov/20
Hi Rob,
If the middle point of my eyes line with the other guy's top of eyebrows(his eyebrows are a bit thicker than average), how much taller am I? 1 inch maybe?
Editor Rob
almost (or near enough) 1 inch is likely
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
@Rob yeah most people guess me as 6’2 or 3. More extreme guesses can get me 6’4 or 5, but those are rare
J2Frenzy said on 18/Nov/20
My eye level is 5’10ish(I can look into the hair if 5’10 guys) is that good for 6’2.5?
Editor Rob
if you have 5ft 10 eyelevel, most folk aren't going to be guessing you less than 6ft 2.5, you might be viewed as tall as 6ft 3 by a fair number too
Sohail said on 16/Nov/20
Rob my eye level is 5 feet 5.5 how much do you think my height will be?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 range likely...maybe a bit over it in fact
Black Noir said on 13/Nov/20
Hey rob, in my comment I made below rob, I’d like to know what u think of there footwear. And I’m not good with shoe height and saying if there an inch, but how tall would my aunt be in those heels that I showed you the from the other day? And since my uncle has more footwear (possibly an inch or 3 cm) then my sister how tall is my sister?

Click Here
Editor Rob
those look like thin slip-ons, so she could be giving 2cm advantage to Uncle...maybe nearer 180cm than 178 there. The heels are 2.75 likely for the bride.
Black Noir said on 11/Nov/20
Hi rob, how tall would you say my sister on the far left, Aunty and uncle are? (My aunt is 162 cm but has heels on) uncle is 189 cm but has shoes on.

Click Here
Editor Rob
If he were that tall (189), she could look over 5ft 10 there (if footwear was similar).
J2Frenzy said on 11/Nov/20
@Rob yeah I do slouch a lot because I have serious back issues. 6’0 slouching is an estimate based on how I compare to others, and I know my well postured height
Editor Rob
it's always worth looking to try some basic posture exercises just to hold ourselves taller naturally.
J2Frenzy said on 10/Nov/20
Rob could you settle an argument? If I appear 6’0 when slouching but am 6’2.5 when standing straight up, am I 6’2.5? Like if I lose 2.5in from posture, it doesn’t make me shorter
Editor Rob
2.5 inches is a fairly big slouch, but it's ultimately what you measure standing tall that is youre height.
Black Noir said on 9/Nov/20
Hi rob, My comments aren’t coming through on any pages? I’ve tried looking through the site but my name hasn’t popped up for any thing

I have a comment on here too that should’ve came out two days
Editor Rob
I've seen a few comments and replied to a couple
BX said on 9/Nov/20
Rob, what would you guess my height to be if 5’2 reaches my upper lip?
Editor Rob
Maybe not 6ft but at least 5ft 11
Dante C. said on 6/Nov/20
Hey Big Rob im Dante and im 16 years old and 11 months old my birthdays in december 1 so im going to be 17 will i dtill grow till 21 i was a late bloomer i stsrted growing really slowly 13.5-present like i was 5'2 at 13.5 then at 14 i was like 5'5 and got measured in the afternoon at the time and at 15 years old i was around 5'8 and then in the begining of 16 years old i was 5'9 or 175.5cm and i got measured in the afternoon at 16 and i just went laist week at 16 years and 11 months and measured 5'10 178cm exactly (i did have a relaxed posture) 1 hour and a half out of bed but was quite active that day and i told my father when did he stop growing he said like 20 he stoppef growing and told me His peak height was 180-181cm and mother is 5'5 or 5'5.5 at he peak my brother is 195cm for some reason whats your take do yoi think im still growing what should i do to maximize my growth potential Thanks Big Rob for your Time.
Editor Rob
the fact your father remembers some late growth till 20 gives you a good chance...5ft 11 range is still possible.
Dante C. said on 5/Nov/20
Hey Big Rob my eyes Linen ip with 5'5 3/4 exactly or 5'6 sometimes How tall am i i do have a small head kind like Big lewis and i measured barefoot.
Editor Rob
Well I'd need to see your head to know, but if you were 5ft 10.25 you might have a slightly smaller head, if 5ft 10.75 then a big head
Balston said on 30/Oct/20
Hi Rob if 171cm comes up to my eyebrows, what would be my possible height?
Editor Rob
could be near 181cm
181guy said on 28/Oct/20
Do those with smallish heads have higher eye levels?
Editor Rob
the odds increase, but sometimes a person may just have smaller eye-chin area.
6'3 Julian said on 24/Sep/20
Standing next to other tall guys my shoulder level always seems a bit higher. Is that possible?
Editor Rob
There is a little more variation with shoulder heights than say eyelevels.
Anthony B said on 23/Sep/20
Hey rob I'm 6 foot 1 and a quarter in slides(sandals) how tall would I be barefoot?
Editor Rob
sandals can vary a bit from 1/4 to 3/4 range quite easily, but generally I'd think 6ft 0.5-0.75 barefoot was possible
Justin Zuniga said on 16/Sep/20
Hi Rob. 5’4 is at the top of my eyebrow. Would 5’8 or 5’9 be more possible?
Editor Rob
Would expect 5ft 8-8.5 range as possible, not as tall as 5ft 9 though.
Tomi said on 4/Sep/20
Hey Rob! In the evening barefoot I have measured that My eye level is at 169cm, my eyebrows is at 172cm, finally my chin comes up to 158cm. Would consider my height range to be 5’10.75 - 5’11.25?
Editor Rob
yeah around 5ft 11 plus or minus a fraction is feasible based on what you say.
Ehsan Jabar said on 3/Sep/20
Hi Rob I'm 186cm out of bed and I hold just under 185cm from 1pm. I weigh 80kg

I have a small frame my shoulder to shoulder length is 45 inches and my chest circumference is around 38-39 inches.

However I have a 30 inch inseam and a longer head in comparison to my body. My head is of normal size however and my eye level( by doing the salute method) is 174cm and when I checked if in front of the mirror using your method the tape measure pointed it extremely close to 4 inches.

Would you say based off of my proportions people would guess me taller or shorter than my actual height?

Follow up question would it be ok for me to claim 6'1?
Editor Rob
Eyelevel is probably the most important thing people are judging by, so having an eyelevel that is nearer 4 than 5 is a benefit, however it may be balanced with longer head and shoulder height.
John F Ceasers said on 31/Aug/20
Rob my shoulders come up to shout 5 feet. How tall am I?

Also eye level between 5’6.5 - 5.7 depending on how im standing
Editor Rob
Could be near 6ft range, maybe a touch over it
G Coleman said on 23/Jul/20
Rob my eyebrows are just under 170cm about 169cm & abit barefoot & my eye level is looking at 168169cm, I have been described as almost 6ft

I’m not sure if I’m a weak 5’11 or a strong 5’11 or 5’10 how tall am I?
mrtguy said on 22/Jul/20
Rob, from what you see who comes out taller in the pic and if so why?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Well the blonde haired girl you'd think would be taller, even if neither has great posture, she already is seeming taller to begin with. But as you know, footwear and sometimes strange situations can throw up photographic surprises!
Marky Mark said on 22/Jul/20

If my eye level is above 5'6 am I 5'11+

Whats the curve from 5'10 to 5'11
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5-10.75 would be a common range. 5ft 11 would be a big eyelevel, 5ft 10.25-10.5 range a smaller eyelevel range. You might find some with 5ft 6 eyelevel who are 5ft 10 flat but it will be a smaller percentage compared to those who might hit 5ft 11.
Chris Boland said on 21/Jul/20
I checked with a tape measure and 5'7 comes up to my eyebrows, in shoes. I was thinking that I'm about 5'10 in shoes, just not sure about my barefoot height. Just wanted to get your estimated guess aince i can't seem to get an accurate mesaurement. I love your videos. I was wondering if you could do one on Jerry'The King' Lawler. Thanks
Editor Rob
If 5ft 7 is at eyebrows, I'd have guessed you were nearer 5ft 11 in shoes, or at least 5ft 10.5 in shoes.
But, it's always best to try getting a measurement done, to confirm it.
Chris Boland said on 21/Jul/20
Hey Rob, I'm new to the site and I'm obsessed with height. Lol. If 5'7 comes up to my eyebrows (in shoes) What would my barefoot height be? and how tall would i be in shoes?
Editor Rob
You might be around 5ft 10 barefoot and 11 in shoes.
Deano said on 21/Jul/20
Rob the very top of my forehead is about 173cm and my mouth height is about 5’3/5’4 how tall am I?
Editor Rob
I'd have thought if your mouth was that range, you might be near 5ft 11
J The Villain said on 15/Jul/20
How tall am I if my eye level is 5'5.5"? I cant seem to get a consistent height reading, it fluctuates.
Editor Rob
You'd expect near 5ft 10
J The Villain said on 15/Jul/20
So My height has fluctuated greatly over the past few years. When I was in the military, I was measured at 69.25 inches. My height seems to fluctuate between 68.5 inches to 70.5 inches depending on who' and where I am being measured. The only consistent number I've been able to get, is that my eye is exactly 65.5 inches. How tall would that actually make me?
William Core said on 4/Jul/20

how tall am I If my eye level is at 5’6.5 - 169.545. I slouch a little bit am I about 5’11.25?
Editor Rob
181cm seems quite possible for your height.
Man of culture said on 29/Jun/20
Rob: you mentioned shoe size, Is bigger shoe size give you taller perception or smaller one and my height is a bit 5ft 11.5 my shoe size is uk 10.5 or us 11.5 is it average or above

My second question is armspan does it make you look tall or short, i mean after all these years i still don't know about this thing, i have 6'4" armspan and i look like a taller connor mcgregor what do you think how bigger ape index defines perciving height of a person
Editor Rob
Some models of sneaker do have slightly bigger moulds for say size 10+ compared to 6-9 range.

it would be interesting to do a study on that aspect of wingspan and how it might effect perception, as I'm not as sure just how much it will effect things.
mande2013 said on 17/Jun/20

I have a question. My eye level standing tall first thing in the morning is about 158.5, but I’ve struggled with posture all my life, so late at night I may struggle with anything beyond 156.5. So I guess at my lowest I’d be scraping 5’6 standing tall. The problem is if I stand in a relaxed manner after being up for several hours my eye level will be anywhere in the 153-155 range, but I’m sure I’m not really that low, so I struggle to maintain a perceived height where my eye level would at least be comfortably at 156, even though standing tall my eye level clears that mark even at the end of a rough day. So what do I need to do to improve my posture and all that? Thanks.
Editor Rob
To improve posture you need to work on muscles with stretching and building them up a bit, especcially the core, so sit-up related exercises are useful.
Jake Cam said on 15/Jun/20
Hey Rob

Okay so my height is weird. I am about 18 and obviously still have a little more growing left (probably 2 more inches) and I have size 12 feet. My height always seems to change! I used to have bad posture and I am currently working on It with a brace on my back and stuff. But my eye level is about 5’7.5 (when slouching about 5’6.5) and I feel tallest in the afternoon. I tell people I am 6’0 and since I used to slouch people never realized I was tall. But without shoes I am about 5’11.5. but sometimes at night I feel like 5’9-10 which I know I am not. How tall am I??

PS I am not below 5’10 I know that for sure. And I am skinny too. And I am trying to gain weight to help even out my height and muscle and all. Thanks!
Editor Rob
If your eyelevel is near 5ft 7.5 when standing tall you should be close to 6ft. It's good to try working on posture as the bad habits can add up.

I know my posture in 20's was not as good as it is in 40's!. I was spending too long programming, gaming and using computers. If I didn't do some basic exercise goodness knows how bad it would be now.
Axel Lextor said on 24/Mar/20
hello rob I am 178 cm my head is 21 cm and my eye level is 170. Do I have a big head or a small one? my eye level is high or low?
with all these data would I look taller or shorter?
Editor Rob
You would look taller with those stats. Maybe you look an inch to 1.5 inches higher to many people.
Tony Cao said on 7/Mar/20
Hey Rob, I remeasured my eye level height again. From my upper eyelid to the top of my head is 4.5 inches. Does that mean that the distance from my eye level to the top of my head is a little higher than the average?
Editor Rob
Could be slightly over 4.5 like 4.6-4.7
DJFizz7777 said on 21/Feb/20
Hi, my eye level is roughly slightly 5’7 and mouth level 5’4.5. Is it fair to assume my height is around 5’11.5? (I don’t have a tape measure)
Editor Rob
Very roughly, you should be close to 11.5
Mark O' Connor said on 11/Feb/20
Eye level 175.7, height 188, is possible?
Editor Rob
Yeah I could see that 188 as a possibility
The destroyer said on 9/Feb/20
Rob is half an inch noticeable if both face each other
Editor Rob
It can seem barely anything, whilst sometimes it might feel more especially if you have a lower eyelevel than the other person, or you raise/lower your eyes more than the other person.
BroBroD said on 31/Jan/20
Rob do people not know how to measure height or am I just delusional?

People think I’m shorter than I am I’ll get people saying we are the same height when I’m clearly about an inch or 2 taller, why is this? Is this due to posture?

& also are women/ people in general just poor at measuring height?
I feel like women think 6’ is like 6’2 or something
I know how tall I am but when people try to claim we are the same height it gets frustrating, especially when I am a good 1 or 2 inches taller
Editor Rob
Some people struggle to guess height.

A lot of the time they forget that they are raising their eyes and the taller person lowering theirs...suddenly 2 inches can seem half an inch in their minds.
Mark O' Connor said on 29/Jan/20
A 5.2 shoulder level corresponds to what height range?
Editor Rob
That person might be over 6ft, near 6ft 2 even
Tope said on 25/Jan/20
Hello Rob,I just measured from the tip of my head to my eye and realised I have a 15cm (5.906inch) eye level and also have a 30cm long head, lol. How does it effect height perception? Isn't 5.906 eye level too low? Hoping to see your reply.
Editor Rob
If it's that long, you'd be guessed over an inch smaller mostly.
Kabir said on 24/Jan/20
Hi Rob,
Recently I went for a check up(it was mid-afternoon),I got measured at 188cms(6'2"),my eye level is above 5'9".I have short legs,long torso and a long head,I am a lean guy.So is this the reason that some people think that I am not that tall(6'2")and assume that I am 5'10" to 6'0"?
Editor Rob
Longer head, posture/frame could be making others view you as shorter. Eyelevel wise, I think people at times forget a taller person would tend to look downwards (whilst they look upwards) creating a feeling that you are closer in height.
Daycringeothon said on 20/Jan/20
Question. Does a fatter person’s extra padding in the feet give them a .375-.5” boost, possibly more if grossly overweight? The less padding closer to the ground I’m guessing almost no increase.

Question. Does whiter and straighter teeth make a person look taller at a glance? It’s funny to ask but maybe.
Editor Rob
It is something I am not entirely sure on...but I did read a person claiming after they lost a lot of weight to have shrunk in height!
Mike James said on 12/Jan/20
Good morning, Rob.

Question; how does one achieve the maximum 'perceived' standing height as demonstrated by Jenny and yourself in photo?

Regards -

ps, the late, great John Lennon is listed as having being 5' 10".
However, seem to recall an autopsy following the ex Beatle's passing in the newspaper and the coroner recorded John's height as 5' 10 1/2" and in band photographs J L looks only slightly shorter than Paul, who is 5' 11".
Editor Rob
Just standing tall and myself in an elevator shoe to exaggarate the difference, doing a salute pose actually can help posture a bit.

But very rarely would I even stand with a 'breath in bust a gut' stance, that achieves your absolute maximum height possible...
mrtguy said on 7/Jan/20
Rob, how many inches would you say they're apart??
Click Here
Editor Rob
It only seems in the inch or so range, but of course being slightly further away or other factors could mean it is more.
Tony Cao said on 5/Jan/20
Hey Rob, one more question. I’ve checked my eye level height and 5 ft 5 was somewhere between my eyebrows and eyes. What is my actual height?
Editor Rob
You might be a 5ft 9er
Jdndidididi said on 2/Jan/20
Rob, I have a question. In your experience of guessing male people's heights what kind of hairstyles may make someone look taller than they are? I have very thick and somewhat longish hair so I would like to use it to my advantage...
Editor Rob
It is a tricky area, because product and skull shapes. Generally many actors at one time have had a short style, so that gives an idea of the head shape they have.
JerryRl said on 1/Jan/20
Ni Rob, my eye level its about 5'7.5 how tall could i be? I haven't been measured yet, I'm 21
Editor Rob
Potentially 5ft 11.5, but also a chance of almost 6ft
FA said on 30/Dec/19
Hi Rob, my height is 185.8 out of bed and 184 before bed. I just measured the eyelevel in the morning at 174.5 cm, like 4.1 inches (I think); the size of my head is about 21.5 cm (almost 8.5 inches). What do you think about these 2 values, am i in the average or could I look taller ? What's your guess of my height according to my eye level ?
Editor Rob
Head size is less than average which will make your appearance seem taller to others. I think if you claimed about 6ft 1 to people, not many would question it.
Bolvark said on 23/Dec/19
Hey Rob ! any plans on Adding a Kpop Category in the near Future ? also wishing you & Jenny Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
Editor Rob
I would need to look into more Korean singers, it's an area I don't have much knowledge on though.
Elliot Brown said on 21/Dec/19
Hey Rob, I just measured my eye level at was exactly at 5'9 how tall could I be
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if under 6ft 1.5 or over 6ft 2, somewhere within that range.
Burhanuddin Barafwala said on 21/Dec/19
Hi my chin is measured at 5'5.5" how tall would I be?
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if you weren't near 6ft 3
Tom.180cm said on 17/Dec/19
Hey rob, I would like your opinion my eye level is at 5"4 5"4.5 162cm 163cm, what would you guess my height rob ?
Editor Rob
More 175-6
SunGazer said on 13/Dec/19
Hey Rob I had a question. My eye level measures exactly at 5’8 (173 cm) in the morning after a full 8 hrs of sleep and usually drops down to 5’7ish (170-171 cm) depending on the day. My doctor measured me on a stadiometer at 180 cm’s after being awake for 20+ hrs. I later found out that I surprisingly only have a 4 inch eye level which explains why I look taller. I’ve always been guessed around 5’11-6’2 and one time even 6’3 by a guy which surprised me. I’ve been telling people I’m 6’0 tall or “about 6’0” do you think I’m lying by saying so if not what should I claim? Thanks for reading I appreciate it Rob!🙏
Editor Rob
Your 6ft claim is your out of bed technically it isn't 'wrong', although if I were ever claiming my morning height I'd say '5ft 9 first thing' or something like that.

The fact you have a high eyelevel means you are probably thought of (from other people) as 5ft 11.5 to 6ft more often than just 5ft 11, since most people are kind of guessing from eyes and body proportions.
Redwing said on 3/Dec/19
Hey rob I was just wondering if you could look through this site and tell me what kind of measuring tape I can buy to measure myself?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I would actually visit your local big chain DIY store, in the UK we have B&Q.

It really depends on how much you want to spend and what you are using the tape measure for. I have bought ones at 2 dollars which are fine for measuring height, but if you are using one for actual jobs and height, maybe spend a bit more. Stanley or Dewalt from my experience are perfectly reasonable. I wouldn't bother with an 8m version, a 5m is enough usually, but as I say, you can see in store just how sturdy the metal tape itself is, something it's hard to see online.
shoegaze said on 29/Nov/19
My eye level is around 5'3.5 to 5'4 range. What would you guess my height as Rob?
Editor Rob
Could be at least 5ft 8 up to 8.5
Kabir said on 29/Nov/19
Hey Big Rob,
I have two questions
1)How do you measure head size(is it measured from the neck)?
2)Is it always necessary that a person who is having a long head will have a low eye-level?
Editor Rob
I tried to explain in a Video how to check your head length.

A longer head increases odds of lower eyelevel, but sometimes eye-chin in people is just longer than others.

Females are more likely to have smaller eye-chin than men on average.
Kyza258 said on 21/Nov/19
My eye level is bang on 5’7. What would you guess my height as Rob?
Editor Rob
You could be 5ft 11.5-11.75, but there's a chance of being above below that...
TheBat said on 20/Nov/19
Does a 5'10" person have a chin height of 5'1" or 5'2"?
Editor Rob
Their chin could be 5ft 2 if they have a tiny head, but mostly 5ft 1 down to 5ft for a very big head.
Importer said on 6/Nov/19
That was a good call putting Spencer Wilding on a platform. Otherwise the rock wouldn’t of looked his 6’5” height claim next to him on even ground.
Importer said on 25/Oct/19
@Editor Rob
Click Here
In this video. There is an absolute unit of a man getting knocked out by the character played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. But that’s not why I post this video. Look at the brief moment he is laying down on the ground before getting up. I definitely wouldn’t of thought that he is a super tall individual. What kind of camera effects allow this illusion to take place. Or is it even an illusion?
Editor Rob
Yeah on the ground is his real height, when facing up to Rock he's walking on a platform as the guy (spencer wilding) is like 6ft 6 in person and was made to look nearer 7ft for that brief scene!
mrtguy said on 19/Oct/19
Rob, what you guess an eye level like this??
Click Here
Editor Rob
A bit less than average, though it could look longer if you photographed from a bit higher.
JJ8237 said on 27/Sep/19
My eye level is 5’9, what would you guess is my height?
Editor Rob
Would be surprised if under 6ft 1.5 or over 6ft 2, but somewhere between those ranges would cover most people with 5ft 9 eyelevel.
TheBat said on 25/Sep/19
If someone's eye level is at 5'5.5" what would their height be?
Editor Rob
Could be around 5ft 10 range, maybe a bit higher.
sam juggy said on 4/Sep/19
Hey Rob, what's eye level exactly? I mean from where do we measure.
Editor Rob
Your pupils, measure from that. I did try a video Here trying to explain it, though it might be easier to get somebody to help you by holding a ruler near your eyes and put it in line with top of your might be easier getting a friend to check it to.
Jdubbz said on 2/Sep/19
Hi Rob, is it generally expected for one’s eye level to be lower if they’re very tall? Mine is 4.75” and my head is 9.75” long at 6’5.5-.75”. It definitely seems like my eye level is longer than the average man or woman’s, but then again I tower over both so I’m not sure.
Editor Rob
Yes, because there is some correlation between head size and height, you will expect a bit lower eyelevel the taller you are...
mrtguy said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, from what I've heard the girl on the right is 5'6'' wouldn't that make her forehead near 5 inches??
Editor Rob
I doubt it because her head would need to be nearly 10 inches for eye-top head to be 5 inch, I think having 1-inch hairline is less than average which accentuates forehead size.
mrtguy said on 30/Aug/19
Rob, how long would you say the girl on the right's forehead is??
Click Here
Editor Rob
I would have said her eye-top of head and eye-chin were nearly the same, but a higher hairlevel means her forehead looks longer than average by 1cm.
Ian Chow said on 30/Aug/19
Hey rob if my eye level comes up to 168.8cm in the mid-afternoon, how tall would I be? My house doesn’t have a stadiometer
Editor Rob
I'd recommend buying a tape measure from local diy store or even supermarkets have them in most countries.

But if you at least know your eyes are looking at nearly 169cm then it is likely you are 180-181cm
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 29/Aug/19
So, is a 4 inch eye level considered low then and does that generally make you seem shorter or taller? I can't seem to grasp what my eye level might be because from a couple of years ago when I checked my eye level at 5'5.5 or so, I measured myself at 5'10 1/8 or so but recently, with a 5'5.5 eye level I am measuring at an extreme low of 5'9.5. So, what's the consensus?
Editor Rob
4 inch eyelevel is small (or high) compared to the average...

From your photos you posted in the past I would not have said only 4 inch eyelevel, maybe when you raise your eyes very slightly it could be closer to that though.
mrtguy said on 25/Aug/19
Rob, if you take a look at these pictures and see who would come out taller and do you see a big difference in the eye level??
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
It's hard to tell if their eyelevels are much different, though the girl on the right may have a bit lower eyelevel.
kaijen said on 14/Aug/19
Hey Rob, my eye level is roughly at 5'2 what is my height?? p.s. i dont have a stadiometer.
Editor Rob
Over 5ft 6...possibly almost 5ft 6.5
Thijmen5 said on 12/Aug/19
Hey, can you explain the Physique section please? Does having more muscles especially in your upper body make you appear taller or shorter?
Editor Rob
There are certain factors which might leave people with a taller or more positive recognition - good physique can be one of them...though sometimes if you are too bulky like bodybuilders, then some folk might remember you as shorter.
Diljaan said on 4/Aug/19
Hey Rob, at 5'5 what head size and eye level can make you look taller?
Editor Rob
You'd be looking at 4 inch eyelevel and 8.25 head size to seem more 5ft 5.5 or even 6 to some people.
Diljaan said on 4/Aug/19
Hey Rob, at 5'5 what head size and eye level can make you look taller?
Aboubacar Barrie said on 2/Aug/19
Hey rob. I have no idea what my height is. However, i took a picture with my father, whose 5'11. I took a picture of him a week ago it showed that the top of my head reached the eyebrow/eye area of his head. How tall would I be??
Editor Rob
You might be roughly 5ft 7
Nolan said on 24/Jul/19
If i wake up at about 5'8.8, mid day im about 5'8'5 before i go to bed 5'8.25, what height should i claim? I've noticed most people think i'm 5'9 some say 5'10 but most people cant read height very well or completely boost theirs.
Editor Rob
It's up to yourself what you feel comfortable saying. Some folk would go with 9, 8.5 or 8!
D4RKSithWarri0r said on 28/Jun/19
I don’t know if mirrors or reflections messes with perceived height But I remembered one time when I was walking behind someone who was literally either the same height or a bit shorter and I was looking at the side of me at a reflective glass of some sort and through the reflection they appeared a bit taller than me somehow, I definitely can tell the person was not taller than me but at most the same height and yet they appeared taller through the reflection??
Editor Rob
I'm sure mirrors or glass can cause some weird perspectives and make one person taller/shorter when you don't expect it.
Bolvark said on 24/Jun/19
Hey Rob hopefully you don't get tired of those Questions but... what could be the height of someone with an Eye level of 170cm ?
Editor Rob
I'd expect they'd be roughly 182cm...183cm if they had a low eyelevel, 181 if they had a very high eyelevel.
Yeahman said on 21/Jun/19
Hey Rob, if my eye level is 5’1 would that make me 5’5? I measured with a tape measure. I only ask cos when I have been measured with a tape measure I’m 5’5 1/4 at night but then I’ve gone to the doctor and been measured at 5’4 in the morning. So I’m not sure what is more accurate. I’m definitely not 5’4, cos I can see I’m taller than that by standing next to a tape measure. Tallest I’ve seen myself in the morning is 5’6
Editor Rob
Minimum 5ft 5, but maybe closer to 5ft 5 and change...the fact you got yourself 5ft 6 in the morning, is enough to say you are likelier in 5ft 5 range.
Tyee said on 15/Jun/19
Hey Rob I honestly have no clue how tall I am. I was told earlier in the year I was 5'9 but My eye level is about 5'7.5. my mom is around 5'7 and I tower over her. Even in heels I've got at least an inch or two. But when I'm next to my 6'2 friend I feel much much shorter. Any guesses?
Editor Rob
Maybe you've grown to 5ft 10-11 zone now.
Shane Gray said on 1/Jun/19
Rob, how on earth does one go about measuring eye level? And is it to the top of the eye? And how is this measurement done? And then u subtract the difference in a full height measurement to get the difference?
Editor Rob
You could flatten your hair completely and in front of a mirror hold a tape measure in front of your pupil and get a rough idea, but it might be off a few mm's.
15m178cm said on 25/May/19
Hi Rob, I am 15 years old and play basketball a lot on daily basis. i notice that I wake up at exactly 180 cm and end up at 177.5 after playing basketball for a few hours. Is a 1 inch loss normal? I normally play bball for 2-3 hours daily.
Editor Rob
It's within a range I'd expect...especially if you are playing basketball that will get you to lowest range.
John Davies said on 25/May/19
Hi Rob, why do you think people think that anything under 6ft is short? Is it because 6ft is the next big integer and it sounds taller? Like to hear your opinion. Thanks
Editor Rob
It's still a big changing point in people's minds, but I don't encounter many people who have said a 5ft 10-11 man is short...though I have heard at times 5ft 9 being called short in the UK.
bendo said on 11/May/19
Hi Rob, I'm a 5ft 6 adult male, my arm span is 165 cm (which is below average for my height), my inseam is 74 cm (average for my height), my head is big (21,3 cm) and my eye level is average 11.4 cm (4.5 inches)
What height would people expect me to be ? Do they perceive me much shorter than I actually am ? Also what could I do to correct this impression ?
Thanks a lot
Editor Rob
Bigger shoes and good posture, not tilting your head down...those would improve, but the most important factor is your personality. That can leave a positive impression with people that makes them forget your height or think of you as taller.
saltyfish177cm said on 22/Apr/19
Big Rob, how tall (generally) would somebody with a 166cm eye level be?
Editor Rob
I'd have thought 177-178 range would be a good possibility.
6ft guy said on 4/Mar/19
Hi Rob, in the afternoon I was measured by my doctor to be 182.2cm, but I hit my head on a ceiling in my house that is 183.5cm. Why such the difference in the two measurements. Is it just because a margin of error?
Editor Rob
Shoes or you could be rising up when walking by the door?
179cm guy said on 12/Feb/19
Rob, you said that hand size affects perceived height but you didn't bother to elaborate. Does that mean that having long and slender hands makes one look taller or the opposite? Also when you talk about eye-level is that being measured from your chin or the top of your head? I've assumed that it was from the top.
Editor Rob
Like illusions, longer arms/big hands might mean some people subconsciously take that into account when thinking of your height.
Jaqueline said on 8/Feb/19
Hi Rob, what do you think has more of an impact leg length or head size. Could someone with shorter legs who's skinny with a small head look taller than someone with longer legs with a larger head? just curious what you think.
Editor Rob
Sometimes longer legs will help the illusion of height, but other factors like shoulder/chin/eyes also can play a role.
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 21/Jan/19
Rob, is it just me or is eye-level doesn't matter that much. Because when you look at someone from a distance, your eyes will still see the top of that person's head, and so you'll be able to tell that there is more of that person above his eye-level, unless 2 guys are staring down each other very closely, i don't see how it would make that much of a difference. If you have 2 friends who have the same eye-level, but one is let's say an 1/1.5 inches taller, you'd be able to tell the difference if you see them next to each other right?
Correct me if i'm wrong please, just curious.
Editor Rob
It plays a bit of a role, but if you are observing the top of heads, then not so much.
Mr x said on 23/Dec/18
What could be the height of a person whose eye level is 5ft8
Editor Rob
The vast majority would measure between 6ft 1/2 and 6ft 3/4 inch...some might be 6ft 1/4 with a high eyelevel, other small percentage about 6ft 1 with a low eyelevel.
Westworlder said on 21/Jul/18
Rob, my eye level from the top of my head is around 5.5 inches. I often find it more difficult to differentiate someone only an inch shorter than me based on their eye level (which feels identical) until we look in the mirror together.

Is my longer eye level skewing my perception into thinking people are taller than they are? Or is it supposed to do the opposite?
Editor Rob
Since the average is more in 4.5-6 range, if you have a genuine 5.5 inch eyelevel, then on average people will guess you an inch shorter because most are basing it off their own eyes. You have to watch that though - some people can have very high or very low eyes, but generally the vast majority fall within 4.25-5 inch range.
Zampo said on 19/May/18
Rob, I'm getting the hang of assessing eye-levels (I think anyway). I've decided to look into head-sizes. I believe mine is around 9.3 inches. Would this be on the lower than average side for someone roughly around six foot?
Editor Rob
No, it is the kind of range you'd expect really!
RichardRich said on 9/May/18
Hi Rob, is it normal for a person to see himself shorter in the mirror compared to a picture? Is it due to the perspective right?
Editor Rob
Some mirrors might not be revealing true self, like squashing image slightly or warping it a bit.
tallinthemorning said on 18/Apr/18
Rob, how much would you say those logger-style boots give ? Click Here Thanks
Editor Rob
They look like they'd give no less than 2 inches.
Spo said on 18/Apr/18
Rob, have you ever considered doing a page where you break down how much height is typically added from different hairstyles? Or perhaps adding something more specific about it on this page? Like how much is added from "typical" male and female styles, plus standard afros, curls, buns, mohawks, etc.? If it's not worth an addition, would you mind giving a few quick estimates in your response?
Editor Rob
It could be a tricky page without getting people with varying hairstyles.
Johan said on 16/Apr/18
Rob, what did you mean when you said Hand size? while standing up does having bigger/longer hands make you look taller or shorter?
Editor Rob
From my own observation, I think if it is significantly long (and a big had will add to overall wingpsan) then a person might seem shorter than they are, but I don't think it has as much effect as head size can.
Myself said on 13/Apr/18
Hey Rob, is it normal that 182/183 cm is considered pretty tall or tallish and 190+ is considered somewhat giant, here in Northern Italy?
Also, being 192 cm i have been guessed 196 (by 173 to 175 guy), 198 (by my friend that is about 182, after i told him multiple times that i am 194 morning, 192 evening; some of my friends i told this, can't believe we shrink 2 cm) and a couple times 2 meters (one of them by a 181 cm russian friend)
Also consider most of these guesses were done when i was wearing 1,5 cm shoes.
Probably though they weren't completely deeply thought guesses...but still, my head is not on the small side (26-26,5 cm)...and all this in a country where imperial system, with which it's much easier to lie, is not used; now i understand why in USA average height people claiming 6'1 get away with it!
But...would you accept them as celebheights professional height guessers? :P Just kidding, i think guessing in person and by photos are much different things, and most people are probably better at the latter, right?
Editor Rob
190cm would be a very tall guy in Italy, 182cm in the tall range
donava said on 13/Apr/18
Hello Rob what's typically the kind of posture which makes you look shorter than your measured height ?
Editor Rob
You could have forward neck posture which means your head stoops a bit...or protruding posture in the belly, which just means you have more of a curve to your spine, but these lose you height for sure.
Matta said on 7/Apr/18
Rob, Also i read on google, That Bald men, or men with Buzzcut, Appear Taller than men with hair. Is that true in your opinion? When i see a guy without hair, I always think hes taller than he is... i dont know, what do you think?
Editor Rob
I'd have thought the opposite! Hair adds illusion of height.
Matta said on 4/Apr/18
Rob, Do you think Being Tan(Skin Darker) Than white, Help to look taller?

I think so, When i see very white people they look shorter, When i see Dark skin people, They look taller...

Maybe thats why afro american look taller since they are Black. What do you think?
Editor Rob
I've never really seen that in all the celebrities I've looked at...I think it's more body shape, head size that plays the biggest role.
edimaropk said on 27/Mar/18
Hey Rob what would be the average eye level of a 184 cm man?
Editor Rob
In 172cm range is probably likely.
Matta said on 28/Feb/18
Rob, Im 5foot10.75 inches.(179cm)

If i wear Nike shox(1.4) and put a (0.5) Insole inside, (1.9 inches of height).

My hairstyle is 2 inches of hair on top of the head Combed in the air and back, so it stick up 1 inch above the top of my head. (1 inch of height)

The hair + Shoes = 7.9cm (2.9 inches)

Would i look 186cm to people? 6foot1 with shoes on?
Editor Rob
I'm sure some people will think you are 6 feet at least, maybe the odd person view you as 6ft 1, others 5ft 11.
Matta said on 20/Feb/18
Rob, Does having a small beard, Make you look shorter to other people?

I think so.

If you dont have a beard and voluminous hairstyle on top. Their eyes would be drawn too the top of the hair and not the beard? I dont know if im mistaken.
Editor Rob
I believe people can take visual clues like shoulder height, chin height, eyelevel, hairstyle and form an opinion that isn't necessarily the truth of their height.
Matta said on 20/Feb/18
Rob, What kind of Height shoes do most people wear in everyday life? Do you think 0.75 inch is more realistic?
Editor Rob
Between 3/4 and 1 inch is quite a common range. 1.25 is a thick sole, 1.5 very thick. 0.5 is quite thin.
JF said on 27/Jan/18
Hi, Rob. It is possible that somebody's standing height is smaller by 4-4.5 cm than measured height?
Editor Rob
Yes, if they have a poor posture it might be possible...
Vexacus said on 24/Jan/18
Hi Rob . I have a question . Would you say having short hair makes someone appear taller? Between two guys with same height and weight , does one of them could appear taller than the other one based in the hair?
Editor Rob
I think sometimes it can help add a bit of height to somebody, versus long hair, which kind of shortens the body proportions.
Charles-Guillaume said on 22/Jan/18
Hey Rob! I'm just under 5'11 (179,8 cm or so) by night, but people tend to guess me at 183-184 cm, sometimes even guys in that very range. Recently measured my head and found that it is only 8,8 inches tall (4,6 from chin to mid pupil, 4.2 pupil to vertex), do you think this may account for people thinking that I am significantly taller than I actually am, along with my unusually good posture? My hair is fairly thick and voluminous on top as well, not due to any "style" of mine but simply as a function of its nature.

My body is fairly wide and my legs are of average length for my size, which is why I always found the "upgrades" people would give me rather perplexing.

Big height lies are rather atypical where I live, judging by what Americans tell me I could very well be guessed at 6'1 or even taller across the pond!

Thanks, by the way, for your excellent content--and fun, charming persona--here on Celebheights. Fair and reliable listings in the great majority of cases! Hope you will be able to keep it going in the long run, have you considered giving us the opportunity to donate? I am sure a surprising amount of people would pitch in with at least a small sum!

Editor Rob
Under 9 inch head probably means you have a taller overall look, and if your eyelevel is near 4.2, that probably can be enough - in addition to a thicker hairstyle for people to think of you as being more 6ft range than 5ft 11.

The site itself is now over 13 years, which is a long-time. I certainly am hoping to keep working on it for as long as possible.

A couple of visitors have certainly made a helpful donation in the past, and any help is always useful! Click Here
rick said on 22/Jan/18
Rob, I was curious about how much centimeters one can achieve standing on tip toe ?
Editor Rob
The longer your foot, the greater the amount. A person with size 4-5 might get under 3 inches, but a size 12-13 might get 3.5 inch.
Im 171CM said on 20/Jan/18
Am I considered a short guy at 171cm?
Editor Rob
It's (in many countries) the upper end of what you might call short range.
jeja said on 14/Jan/18
Rob, will my entourage notice something odd with a boost of 1,5 cm compared to my habitual footwear ?
Editor Rob
Most won't notice anything, but some who are particular might notice it...I suppose you can just say thicker shoes or something if anybody asks.
rick said on 13/Jan/18
Hi rob, do those Nike Air Force One give a solid 3 cm like you said in a video ? Click Here
And also do this model of Doc Marten's really give 1.75 inches or it's just advertising ? Click Here
In this case what's the difference between "heel" and "platform" ? Thank u very much
Editor Rob
The Doc Martin model doesn't look 1.75, although they might have measured it to the little part above the actual heel at the back, which could well be 1.5-1.75.

Yes, the Air Force Mid 07 model you linked to will give 3cm range.

Myself said on 5/Jan/18
Hey Rob, i measured my head, looking straight, and it looks like it's about 26,5 cm, 26 if i measured a little wrong (but i think a little over 26 for sure at least); how would you consider it for my height? I wake up at around 193,85/193,9 cm when slept well and enough and my usual low is from 191,5 to 191,8 , while the ultra low, when my lower spine hurts after walking enough, on some days, (i have lumbar scoliosis aswell)is 191 cm (painful).

I suspect i may also have at least 1 bulging disc, because my spine hurts all days now...(but i still measured 193,85/193,9 today morning, although for some reason these last weeks, as my pain keeps intensifying, i am getting to my absolute lowest pretty often after walking, this is not normal right?)
(I weight 103/104 kg)
[Editor Rob: it's a long head overall...but not massive for 6ft 4ish.

If you have bulging discs, it certainly will give you trouble, and might effect how well you stand.

would definitely see a doctor for help on that.]
DruceLee said on 27/Dec/17
Rob, Can you post picture of a man with below average eye level? Above average could be Mike Tyson, below Joshua?
[Editor Rob: Joshua for his height yes...a longer eye-chin than top of head to eyes. Tyson, pretty equal, 5+5]
Chris said on 27/Dec/17
Hey, Rob is it normal that when I stand tall my feet curl?
[Editor Rob: if you are standing on a cold floor, maybe it's natural.]
Elliot said on 27/Dec/17
Hi Rob, not sure where else to ask this question.. but I start the day, same as you, a hair or two under 175cm, around 5’8 and 3/4”. However I have a spinal condition so lose more height than most, I end up around a very flat 5’8” or dipping below that into 5’7.75” range... would I still claim 5’8” or just strong 5’7”? Sounds like a ridiculous question I know, but I’m setting up these flippin online dating profiles and I’d rather be honest than get caught out 😂
[Editor Rob: I would go with 5ft 8...the vast majority add 1 or 2 inches to these dating profiles, so you are being honest...which is a value good women appreciate.

The kind of women who will be with you a long time, won't ever care that much about height.]
Intevel said on 14/Dec/17
Rob I think that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts seem like a good couple height but he’s probably less than 2 inches taller than her. In her small heels they seemed the same height. So do you think that that breaks the perception that a guy should be 6 inches taller than his girl?
Intevel said on 14/Dec/17
Rob if I’m consistently the same height as someone else but they are sometimes taller after waking up than I am after I wake up, would you still consider us the same height?
[Editor Rob: yes, I think roughly within 1/4 inch is fine to class as basically the same...when it's half inch difference, it can become more visible.]
david said on 14/Dec/17
Hi Rob, do broad shoulders and long neck help to look taller ?
[Editor Rob: it can enhance an appearance of taller having a slightly longer neck and smaller head...wide shoulders might not help as much.]
Chris said on 6/Dec/17
Hey Rob what would be the average eye level of a 175 cm man?
[Editor Rob: in the 164cm range]
mainstream said on 29/Nov/17
Hey Rob, would you know any trick to make a head look smaller ?
[Editor Rob: hmm, not really sure, but wearing a t-shirt like a v-neck or low-cut might make the neck area longer.

Also, make sure you don't have a beard, and keep hairstyle flat on top.]
carrtman said on 14/Nov/17
Does the amount of muscles in the upper body make you look taller or shorter ?
Luker said on 7/Nov/17
Hey Rob, I usually wake up at 185.6, and settle around 184.4 by the afternoon. However, this is only on a lazy day, or just before I head out. On a day out and about I usually dip to 183.5. The strange thing is, once I get home and lie down for like half an hour to an hour, I regain about 5 mm and I'm back up to 184. What would you say my average or "real" height is? I wanna say 184 cm, however it really does depend on what I'm doing during the day, because there really are some days where I hold that 184.4, even just before bed.
[Editor Rob: I'd stick with saying about 184 if you are asked your height.]
Josh said on 30/Oct/17
Hi Rob, would measuring by a fridge whose height I know exactly as per manufacturer and which I've confirmed with tape measure be a good way to measure at home? It seems so because it would be like the youtube video you did with using a built up object to measure your height. The difference is I cant really make it like a stadiometer since I am a few inches taller than fridge. There is a small cabinet above my fridge which start a couple inches above and is maybe an inch inwards (further away from me) than the edge of the fridge. It is very easy to measure the height up the side of this cabinet from the top of the fridge.

The only errors I could think of would be uneven floor (don't know if my floors are perfectly even) but Id be standing with my front toes right at the base of side of fridge so hard to imagine any error, although technically the back of my feet would be near a foot away so possible slight issue if floors are uneven. (They dont look it despite being in a reasonably old apartment). And then the cabinet could be slightly out of whack (although it doesn't look it and I would only be measuring a few inches up it)

This is about as accurate a measurement as I can come up with at home, just standing facing the fridge, and then using an aerosol can, ruler, or yard stick and marking where it ends in the cabinet. I can't really see anything wrong with it. What do you think?
[Editor Rob: using another object is an ok method, ideally if you had an object slightly smaller than yourself and put a bit of wood on it and stood under and could move the wood slightly, it means you are a bit taller than the object.]
Bob Kim said on 25/Oct/17
Hey Rob, would 5'11" be considered a tall height for a twenty's Korean man? Also what about for asians in general, I'm 5'10" but definitely felt above average in Asian frats and what not.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 is in tall range, even in South Korea which improved it's average height over last 50 years. 5ft 10 in many asian countries is still above average, though maybe not 'tall' in some of the more wealthier countries.]
Im 171CM said on 25/Oct/17
I try to have a board like posture to accentuate my height posture IMO is very important..
addison said on 17/Oct/17
Rob, how would you say those footwear add in height ? Click Here They are "security" boots
Thank u for your help
[Editor Rob: these kind might give close to 1.5 inches.]
Edimar1.84 said on 22/Sep/17
Rob I'm 16 years old. Do you think I can grow more? I have 6ft how much could I get?
Lisa said on 7/Sep/17
Is it normal for a female to have a 5-5.5 inch eye level? I'm 5'7 but my eye level is under 5'2. I have a high forehead and head shape that is sloping (much higher in back). Not sure if race has got something to do with it as I'm East Asian and noticed that we have disproportionately large heads (mine is 10 inches). I always get mistaken for being shorter by people slightly shorter than me (like 5'4) who think they are the same height as me
[Editor Rob: 5.5 would be in the 99.9th percentile, you'd expect a very tall person to have such an eyelevel, but at 5ft 7 with an eyelevel quite low, you would feel 1-1.5 inches shorter than you measure!]
vmkkgfbb said on 5/Sep/17
My eye level is 5ft8 but i am 6ft1 is it real rob
[Editor Rob: 5 inch is a bigger eyelevel, the average is more 4.5-6 range.

You might find some men at 6ft 1 with high eyelevels, like 5ft 8.75...if you talked to them you'd feel they were taller, but actually both of you would be the same height.]
Ferdinand said on 2/Sep/17
Hi Rob, just wondering how much of a difference do you think there would be between two guys if the shorter guy's head came up to the tip of the taller guy's nose?
[Editor Rob: in 6-7 inch range]
Blake said on 27/Aug/17
Rob, what height would your head size be typically proportionate for? Obviously its over 5 ft 11
[Editor Rob: you can see number 14 in this chart, taken from a study of head sizes...Click Here. 9.5 is like 99th percentile based on that.
BlueHead said on 30/Jul/17
Hey Rob , a question ,I have big hands. Does that make me look shorter?
[Editor Rob: could depend on the situation, sometimes it might help give people an impression when sitting that you are bigger?]
Crypto139 said on 24/Jul/17
As a person with a deep voice, I've noticed when I say I am just under 5'8" on voice chats people are always in shock lol. So I guess your voice can make you seem taller :p
[Editor Rob: yes, voice is associated with stature by many, so having a low voice is an advantage in fooling others into thinking you are taller than you really are.]
toby said on 20/Jul/17
rob in that pic with jen you look fairly tall for a 174 guy deffo look like a 177cm man there.
Harry said on 3/Mar/17
Hi Rob, do long necks make you look taller or shorter?
[Editor Rob: Harry, I'd say they can add to an illusion of more height, but if very long then the shoulders will look lower and the overall body proportion might actually make the person seem shorter.]
Revisionist said on 20/Feb/17
Simone, without any reference point and without knowing how large your head is, I loosely guess well above average height. Slip on some slim-fit trousers, and you'll look even taller.
Kaneff 6'0.25" said on 17/Feb/17

I agree. In any given location the tallest guys are usually around 6'3" range. 6'4" is more uncommon and 6'5"+ is rare. It makes sense because 6'3.25"/191cm is 2 standard deviations above the average. Anything more than that is statistically rare. This quarter at my community college I've yet to see any legit 6'5+ guys on campus which maybe just goes to show how rare 6'5+ is.

Sometimes I browse r/tall on Reddit and I read stuff like 6'2/6'3 guys saying they don't feel tall, people who say 6'2 is barely considered tall or that 6'1 is average, and I saw a thread once called "Is 6'5" really that tall?" It makes me wonder if half the people on that subreddit really know their true barefoot height.
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Dec/16

I'd say you look like a solid 5'9. 176, maybe 177cm. Am i right?
Peter175 said on 5/Dec/16
I legit rarely ever see men above 190cm except on the internet. I think the average is around 175-8. I would consider 183+ to be tall and below 170 to be considered short
JAK said on 27/Oct/16
My dad is six feet tall on the dot yet he has been guessed as high as 6'4", with the consensus being that he is over six feet. My dad always corrects people saying that he is six feet flat and some refuse to believe it. What's strange about it is that his posture is quite poor. I'm six feet as well myself but people tend to guess correctly with me, I've been called 6'1" before.
Simone said on 6/Oct/16
Rob please I'm using shoe lifts but I don't know if people can notice something strange.
I'm using longer paints as you suggested some months ago.
Can you give me your opinion please?
How tall would you guess me?
Thank you

Click Here
MB said on 29/Sep/16
Does having an athletic body (muscular) but not too muscular helps giving a taller impression than someone skinny-slim? or the opposite?
[Editor Rob: some people might view the muscle with a positive thought of tallness. A kind of mind association.]
oliver said on 9/Sep/16
I have noticed that I always seem to think people are taller than they are from a distance, even up to a meter away they can look like they are a good inch taller than me from my perspective but then I walk up to them and our eyes will be the same or they will be smaller. Same thing with points on a wall. If I mark a dot on the wall where my eyes are and walk away from it I for some reason perceive it as well above my eye level. Im 186cm before bed how many people rob would you expect to be taller than me on say an average day out of say 100 people?
[Editor Rob: it could be that your internal 'balance' just means sometimes gauging if something is taller/shorter than your eyelevel becomes more difficult, especially when it is within about an inch either way.]
NX said on 25/Aug/16
Hey rob I have a question for you

My legit height is 5'10' at worst 5'9.75, however I have a 30 inch inseam and my body frame is kind of wide insteae of long and slim, when I see my reflections I often have doubts about my measured height because to me I look 5'6. Is it possible to look 10cm shorter than you actually are ?
[Editor Rob: you simply could have a shorter look yes.]
Sam said on 10/Aug/16
Rob would a 9.5 inch head be typical for a 5'10-5'11 male?
[Editor Rob: for 6ft - 6ft 2 man it is more average.]
Dr 188 said on 9/Jun/16
I just love your site , you are doing such a great job Rob
[Editor Rob: it is always worth remembering celebheights is an entertainment site, I am glad some people enjoy visiting it!]
Dyno715 said on 8/Jun/16
Rob, if two people are the same height, under what circumstances can one look shorter to the other (assuming even footwear)?
[Editor Rob: just differences in stances, how much hair each person has, the physical areas like chin height, eye height - these might make some people think one is taller and the other shorter.]
Dr 188 said on 1/Jun/16
Hey Rob please please answer this,I am 188 cm north Indian 18 years old,I will be going to USA next year that is in 2017 , would i be considered tall there?
[Editor Rob: absolutely, you should feel comfortably tall]
James220 said on 28/Jun/15
Rob whats the best way to appear taller in pictures. I assume being closer to the camera and raising the head a little?
[Editor Rob: I mentioned a few things in a video I did called Sly photo tips Here. There are visual things you can do like hairstyle, raising eyes, having good overall posture and a big chest...slim fitting clothes/suits. Going on one foot, holding the other person down while you are military etc. Sometimes being nearer won't always make you taller. If the photographer is very tall, standing sometimes further away helps you look taller. But if you are 5ft 8 and the photographer is 5ft 10 and under, this helps the person nearer the camera a little. But if the person was 6ft tall, you can still move forward a few inches and it won't actually make you taller, because the highest point of your head isn't at the very front, so when you move forward a few inches, the highest point of your head then becomes the same distance from the camera as the eyebrow area of the 6ft man...]
Opia said on 22/Jun/15
Aaaa.. ok rob thats why.. so you mean that reflection in mirror cannot be trusted somtimes? Except your face? Please rob I need your response to help me. Thanks
[Editor Rob: at times it might be unreliable, although generally it gives a rough idea. Some glass might reflect objects differently than other types of mirror/glass.]
Opia said on 21/Jun/15
Rob when a fluffy or muscular person stand next to me in a mirror why does he like he's an inch taller than me? Is it normal? Btw I am slim so..
[Editor Rob: maybe because your eyes are lower the reflection can sometimes make the other person appear slightly taller. I personally don't look in mirrors too much with others!]
CD said on 15/Jun/15
@Giga Sometimes I too find that perspective can be a bit odd. I thought a friend of mine was very similar height but one day someone pointed out he was solidly taller (I believe he is actually about an inch taller), I think sometimes people lower their eyelevel a bit and also have very slight less posture, so you can think they are closer in height. On the other hand though, another person is 1.5 inches shorter than me measured, and looks that when standing in the mirror, but sometimes she seems eye to eye with me (she actually has a smaller head and our eyes are only about 0.75 apart).
brent said on 15/Jun/15
Rob. Sorry if I did say anything. Is that the cause why I cant comment on other celeb page here? I am truly sorry rob.. and btw your site is amazing and helpful. God bless Rob.
brent said on 15/Jun/15
Rob this is me. IDK why I can't add comment on you Rob Paul page. But my big question is how many inches will it added to my height when I wear lifts with 1.3 inch and shoes with 1.3 inch .
[Editor Rob: 2-2.1 in total, the pivot point of the foot means you wouldn't get 2.6 inches.]
Giga said on 11/Jun/15
And ron one more important.. it appears everytime we walk I am behind their back.. will I appear shorter.. and now they believe they are more taller than me.. which is impossible because I'll tell you rob I am seeing just the same as their eye level.
Giga said on 11/Jun/15
Rob sorry I don't mean by standing the same distance.. I mean when we're walking into a road then seeing a glass mirror showing your full body. And it is like 18-20 feet away. And correct me rob of I am seeing the same eye level of a person means we have the same height right? Please reply again really appeciate to help me please rob
[Editor Rob: unfortunately I can't really see what you mean. Maybe the mirror has slight warp in it so one side looks taller? I've looked at me and others in queues when there is glass and sometimes I think I know what you mean - maybe just slight differences in position can make one person appear taller...]
Giga said on 6/Jun/15
Rob, this is important I notice when I'm walking with my friends and I looked into a glass mirror why is it like I am 2 inches shorter than them but in reality I think I am just about the same height as them helpppp please.
[Editor Rob: not sure, because looking in a mirror with Jenny who is roughly same height, it appears similar to what she looks. Maybe someone else can offer an explanation? Are you sure you are standing the same distance from the mirror as your friend...]
Judd said on 22/May/15
Daf says on 12/Apr/15 Rob how tall do you think the guy to the right is if the guy to the left is 173cm, similar footwear Click Here [Editor Rob: he could be in 183-4 zone] rob, i've a question. in a condition similar to the photo's one, for sure there's a problem of the orizontal level of the camera. you can notice it if you see the line of the mirror behind the two guys. in those situation, you can estimate the height of people looking at the line of the mirror (behind they) and use it as the orizontal line? it can be a solutions?
[Editor Rob: usually if there is known vertical line near the middle of the picture it can be used to tell if there was a tilt. Unfortunately in some photos it is not obvious if a tilt would exist...and even a camera angle can create a fake looking tilt!]
Daf said on 12/Apr/15
Rob how tall do you think the guy to the right is if the guy to the left is 173cm, similar footwear Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could be in 183-4 zone]
CD said on 7/Jan/15
Rob, if you don't judge someones eyelevel and look at the top of their head, is it sometimes possible to think someone is the same height when they are actually 2 inches shorter? I mean someone who is 2 inches shorter is still about 2.5 inches above your eyelevel, if that makes sense.
[Editor Rob: sometimes you could be fooled a bit into thinking that yeah...if a 5ft 7 person is standing and I'm looking at the top of their head it definitely could feel they are a bit taller than they are. When I look at my fridge (174cm) I sometimes think 'Am I really only a fraction less than that'...same with the mark on the wall for my height.]
freddie said on 26/Oct/14
Hey rob I'm 20 and my sleep cycles since the past 3 years have been terrible partly due to chronic insomnia...I barely sleep for 5-6 hours a day sometimes even less and that to not at a stretch...also my sleep timings are terrible and I sleep notouriously late. I'm also into cycling and swimming. Hoewer I feel I have declined in height and appear much shorter now it possible to decline in height due to lack of sleep??
[Editor Rob: I've not looked into that or know someone who I could find out, but I wouldn't really expect it to effect your height, apart from maybe your morning height never quite being reached.]
De said on 25/Aug/14
Rob,can you predict the couple's height diffrence please.The guy is listed as 5'9(176cm) and the girl 5'9(175cm).Don't you think the girl is shorter than that? Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: from that it's hard to see them both the same height, you would think she was at least 2 inches smaller (she may be standing a bit looser) ]
Simone said on 14/Jul/14
Rob,please can you give me your estimate about the guy on the right? Guy on left is 186cm Click Here
[Editor Rob: 177cm is possible]
J.Lee said on 3/Jun/14
Rob you what's weird? I have seen a girl that was taller than another girl. However, the shorter girl was taller than a girl who was taller than the taller girl. And this was all in the same day, so they all had their same heels on. It's hard to put together. From one angle, two girls can look the same height. Then another angle, one can look 1.5 inches taller.
[Editor Rob: some angles, different postures and positions can change things around when looking at heights.]
James said on 26/Mar/14
Is there a easy way with measuring between yours to the top of your head
lelman said on 29/Jan/14
When stood with somebody who's exactly the same height as you, from your perspective, would you feel they are shorter than you? I've had times where I've looked at somebody and deduced that i'm slightly taller, however when looking in a reflection we're basically the same height.
[Editor Rob: I think it can go both ways, sometimes the tilt of your own head can make you feel taller/shorter.

sometimes what's interesting is seeing someone approach you from a distance and thinking they are one height and the closer you get realising they are another height.]
bob said on 21/Jan/14
How tall is a UK bedroom door 1.on its own ,2. The whole door frame
Emily said on 20/Dec/13
PS: My face length (bottom of chin to hairline) is 7,5 inches too. Does that mean my head is near 9 inches long as well? How much deviation in head length could there be with many people all having a 7,5 inch long face? That kinda confuses me.
[Editor Rob: with a near 4cm/1.5 inch hairline then 9 inches it would be, but if it was 3cm a bit under 9]
Emily said on 20/Dec/13
@Rob, addressing your answer to cd: Why did you say "unless your hairline was really high"?
You already said he has an average head with around 9 inches, then why would the level of his hairline make a difference there? It wouldn't change his head length.
[Editor Rob: cd is talking about chin-hairline of 7.5 inches - I don't know how high/low his hairline is, hence his head could be 8.5 even 9.5 if his hairlevel was quite low]
James said on 6/Dec/13
What is the highest and lowest height you've been measured at?
[Editor Rob: not counting wonky walls? A proper measurement for me at low is typically just about 173cm, and absolute best nearly 175cm although last 2 times I checked a morning height it was right on 5ft 8.75 against the wall.]
Grottesca said on 25/Nov/13
LMAO @ 171.5 cm being "an absolute dwarf" :P
cd said on 15/Nov/13
Rob, my head is about 7.5 (perhaps a small tad less) inches long from chin to hairline and I'm 17 years old. However, I'm only 162cm. Is this bigger than average for my current height? I'm fairly certain I'm not done growing yet and probably have somewhat more growth left than the average 17 year old because I hit puberty very late (the head apparently reaches full size before everything else), but it still seems quite a lot out of proportion to me.
[Editor Rob: it's pretty average head, well unless your hairline was really high, but your head should be near 9 inches in total.]
nofearsorregrets said on 6/Nov/13
I`m 171.5cm tall(yeah I`m an absolute drawft I know) and I want a girl that doesn`t tower over me when she is in heels.what shold be her height then?
jb1987 said on 1/Oct/13
A friend of me is 6"2.75. And shes a girl...but height never had influence on her life^^
Pascal Souvage said on 20/Sep/13
How come if a guy's head is 23cm long that is considered average but if someone of the same height has a head that's 25 cm long he gets called Mellon head or his head is considered large.Does 1 inch make a big difference when comparing proportions?.I know two girls that are close in height but one of them has slightly longer legs 4-5cm at most.And the girl with the shorter legs always complains to me how long and beautiful her friends legs are.That looks like an obsessive compulsive disorder to me.
[Editor Rob: 1 inch can make a lot of difference with heads]
Basketball Freak said on 20/Sep/13
Rob how many centimeters from the hairline to the top of the head for an average 5'9.5 5'10 guy.This considering that his skull cap is normal.For instance Scumbagsteve has a face that's 8 inches long.How long is his whole head on average.That way we can get an accurate idea of the average head size for men and women.
Pesky Freak said on 8/Sep/13
Rob how long/big is the average head for guys. 5"9 to 5"11.I know it varies but you are an expert so you can give me a rough estimate.Also what is considered a long neck for both men and women.I'm curious.
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure about necks as that is harder to measure than a head...about 9 inch and a fraction is typical for 5ft 9-10 men.]
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
I also agree with multiplace below, a 5'9 guy with a good masculine build would look better than a 6'2 guy who is a complete weed. If your proportions are good then it's all good. I'm athletic built and some people say I'm skinny. At 5'11 and 166 lbs I'm fairly lean but my job requires fitness. Most people would class me as proportionate.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
@isaiah- at 5'9 your no dwarf so you shouldn't worry. And I also am not concerned at being shorter than my dad haha ;-)
@Rusty - I agree totally. I was predicted to be 6'0 during early medicals etc. When I was 17 I joined the British infantry. Of course I had to complete a medical and I was then 176cms (strong 5'9) bearing in mind I'd been on my feet for a few hours travelling and carrying luggage. I've grown over an inch and a half recent height measurements show but these have been early morning. I stand 180cms or 5'11 but highly likely I'm more 5'10.75 throughout the day. Still I'm not tall or short. There are a load of guys I know shorter and a load taller. I'm quite happy being in the middle. I suppose I repeat myself here but the moral is you'll be what you'll be. Embrace it cos it's not physically changeble (or has science developed more?lol). What are peoples opinions on their partners height ? I for one tend to date girls who are around 5'2-5'3 (just through coincidence). It's nice to know that as no giant I'm still a good bit taller than my partner if she is in heels!
Ghostbuster said on 6/Sep/13
Rob,could you tell me if it's possible that I'm 2 inches taller then someone and our shoulders are the same height.How does this happen.My neck is 6 inches long and I think it's just a tiny bit above average.Also what is your opinion on head size.My face is 8 inches long from my chin to the top of forehead and I'm 5.9 and a half.How big is the head supposed to be so that it's proportional to the height.I would be gratefull if you give me your expert advice and opinion.
[Editor Rob: between 9-9.5 inches would be typical for a head on your body]
Scumbagsteve said on 27/Aug/13
Rob,I want to ask you what do you think is the average head length for a man.I'm a 5'9 and a half (176cm) and my face is 8 inches long when I measure it from my chin to my hairline.Yet I see guys who are like 6"2 and they have freakishly small heads.Is my head considered too big for my height and what is your opinion on the average head size by looking at people you know or celebrities.
[Editor Rob: it depends how high your hairline is, but 8 inches from hairline to chin is a little more than average for 176cm]
Rusty said on 24/Aug/13
@Scott 5/11

What you say is true. I am 6'3" and my dad is a weak 6' and my mom was a weak 5'9" in her prime i believe and at 56 she is now a very strong 5'8.5". Tall mothers tend to have tall sons and tall fathers have tall daughters. I have read this in multiple places, i wonder if Rob agrees with me on that one. I am much taller than my dad as states earlier, I passed him just after turning 16 if i remember right. I was average height for my age until I was 14 or 15 or so. I had a later puberty and once i entered high school at 5'9" i really started growing and was 6'2" by the time i started junior year. stayed at that height until after high school and then grew another inch in college.

When doctors did all the height tests on me when i was young such as doubling the height at age 2, measuring my legs, etc. it was predicted i'd be 6'1". However, i grew to 6'3", much to my parents' surprise. my younger brother is 18 and as tall as me already. my point is you are gonna be as tall as you're gonna be and that's that. its not over until its over
Yeah said on 20/Aug/13
I forgot to include the images
Here, the same Ernesto with 5-7 or 8 Zac Efron Click Here
Can't see him being over 5'10 or 11 at most (Tim Lopez is the guy next to Efron)
Tim, who's atleast an inch taller than Ernesto, with 6-3 or 4 Tom Brady, Tim's on the left from Ernesto, I can see at least 4 inch difference Click Here
Yeah said on 20/Aug/13
Click Here
Hey Rob! Please clarify this. Here Bill Rancic (Giuliana's husband) listed 6' 3'', you could see how accurate it is with his pictures with Guiliana and Donald Trump, with the other guy Ernesto, they seem around the same height, worse Ernesto could be is maybe 6'1'' or 2''.
Then, Tim Lopez, the guitarist from Plain White T's who's picture I saw with Tom Brady and Robert Plant (can provide if you need) shows that he's 5'10 or 11 at most, and is clearly taller than Ernesto by at least one or 2 inches. So there must be something seriosly wrong with one or more of the people I listed here! (some of whom you have estimates for)
Or possibly there's something really wrong with the picture, but I can't see how. Please let me know what you think, it's been really bugging me a lot, and sorry for the complication (I had to make too many comparisons...)
Firestarter said on 22/Jul/13
Rob,could you tell me if having a four finger forehead adds inches to your height.Is it possible that i'm 177 cm because my forehead is a little above average.Would i still be this height if i had a little smaller forehead.Also if you're a medium height guy with a long face could this mean that your body is shorter.My head looks pretty proportionate to my body but i can't figure out does the size of the head matter when judging height or it doesn't make much of a difference.
[Editor Rob: longer heads can fool people especially when compared against someone of similar size who has a small head.

the smaller your forehead the higher you can appear to others because your eyes would be higher - and since many people are looking at eyes as a gauge for height, the higher the better.]
issuetall said on 7/Jun/13
Viel Eingepuller says on 17/Sep/11
@Hansen I'm from Northern Germany. Average for young males is exactly 180,1 cm. For all males it's 179. So your friend at 191 wouldn't be especially tall. Just 'tall'. I'm 170 cm in the morning but can sometimes feel ordinary height as I live in Hamburg, where a lot of people from southern Europe live, who are often around my height. In my circle of friends there should be around 10 guys my height (+/- 3 cm) as well as 10 guys your friends height (+/- 3 cm). The rest is somewhere inbetween. So it amounts to 180 cm again. Average for young women is 165,8 cm, for all women it's 165. So overall German average height is 172 cm.
Man! I have to say, As a Northern German, you are too short. I am 189cm, have travelled Northern Germany some years ago, never felt I am tall in there. The Northern Germen are usually tall and big, especially for young kids. They are huge percent over 190cm+, at least 10%. And I remebered one day, I walked back the hotel, then stopped by a local high school or university, I was not sure. Just happened to those kids classes were over. I went over in front of them, most guys were as tall as I am, even quite a few of them are much taller than me(around 196-203). Maybe the tallest Germany boy among them was over 220cm. To be hoest, I usually has been considered as "tall guy", not so tall, but still tall. However, in that time, I never felt one teeny, tiny close to "tall". The first impression come to my mind is " I became a short man!"
Isaiah said on 28/Apr/13
Scott 5'11 My mom is 4'10 & my dad is 6 feet. I'm considered lucky to be standing at a strong 5'9 (177cm out of bed). Some people in south east Asia especially would kill to be your height lol just saying don't take it too harshly
Scott 5'11 said on 5/Feb/13
Just a quick not to a few of the younger site visitors I am almost 21 years old, 5'11 out of bed and just under for the rest of the day, my dad is 5'11.5 and mother is 5'4, your genes only play a certain part as I am shorter than my father although it's barely noticeable - half an inch makes a difference in photos but otherwise pointless. My point is you'll grow to what you'll grow - just accept it and embrace it as there's nothing you can do about it. Yes I'm unhappy I'm shorter than my dad (the father/son competitiveness growing up) but at 5'10.75-5'11 I'm not unhappy as I'm not short. Chin up.
Joseph said on 17/Jan/13
P says on 3/May/11
Hi i'm 19 years old indonesian and i'm 177 cm tall. is it tall for asian posture at that age? and how much is it counted in feet? thank you

It is rather tall for most asians. It would equate to 5 feet and 9,75 inches.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 17/Jan/13
Rob, in your opinion, what do you think is the best height to have?
[Editor Rob: a lot of men might say 6ft 1-2 would be a good height.

for me, I have made a living off the topic of height, so for me at 5ft 8, that's turned out to be a fine height for me.]
Multiplace said on 13/Jan/12
I think that if one man, which is tall only 175cm, have very good proportions can look taller than a man which is tall 185 cm. Do you think like me ?
Arik said on 5/Oct/11
Hey rob! i have a question... I'm 16.10 years old, I'm from Israel and my height is 1.74~ actually, i'm not pretty happy with that, cause all of my friends are taller than me, about 1.80++
is that because i'm short or because they are tall? but in the other hand, i'm taller than all of the girls in my grade, but there are only 7~8 girls that they are taller than me.
and another question: how can i improve my height? I do eat fruits, vegtables and cheeze and staff. could it help? since i started eating those, I feel I'm growing up.
Thank you.

[Editor Rob: not everybody can be the same height. Personally, I do not think different of a 5ft man or a 6ft man, height is just a number that people are interested in, it doesn't make you a better or worse person, if you're not tall.]
Viel Eingepuller said on 17/Sep/11
@Hansen I'm from Northern Germany. Average for young males is exactly 180,1 cm. For all males it's 179. So your friend at 191 wouldn't be especially tall. Just 'tall'. I'm 170 cm in the morning but can sometimes feel ordinary height as I live in Hamburg, where a lot of people from southern Europe live, who are often around my height. In my circle of friends there should be around 10 guys my height (+/- 3 cm) as well as 10 guys your friends height (+/- 3 cm). The rest is somewhere inbetween. So it amounts to 180 cm again. Average for young women is 165,8 cm, for all women it's 165. So overall German average height is 172 cm.
Pesky Freak said on 10/Sep/11
Rob,at what age do people start to shrink in height ?

[Editor Rob: an injury could cause height loss in your 20's, but natural loss, by 50 you might notice a fraction lost.]
Pesky Freak said on 8/Sep/11
Rob, i want to ask you a question.How is it possible that my brother measures 1.83 m and when i stand next to him i'm over his forehead,but the tape measurer says i'm only 173 m which is too low for me.My father is 5'11 and we are basicly the same height! Please answer me! I think its the tape that is wrong,not my head!

[Editor Rob: what point of your brother face do you look at - his end of nose, his mouth?]
Hansen said on 22/Aug/11
one of my tallest friend who was a german-american born male friend studying in singapore with me he stand nothing less 6ft3.5 and he came from a tallish family average male 6ft2.5 female 5ft7 and he consider himself average height in family while travel back to germany he say he feel like a 6ft1 guy walking down the street. rob, how tall is german average height?
r3v001 said on 16/Aug/11
Maximus I agree, Really curious about Rob(s) perspective on ideal height and weight for men and women, Rob hasnt responded lately he must be travelling, prob getting more height photos for the site (hard workin man) I think a guy really cant complain if he is between 5`10-6`5 even 5`9 is not so bad cause normal 1 in shoes can help you out 5`8 is the minimum height to get any reasonable respect in this society. 5`7 3/4 and lower and you gotta wear lifts to get respect and even then when you go to peoples houses and have to take there shoes off it game over. on the other hand if you are 6'5 you are the ultimate repected height without being considered by some freakish personally I think 6'9 is still ok but taller than that and you do start to look strange unless you are proportioned like basketball players but avaerage people that reach 6'10 and up always look off. plus above 6,6 and you are never flying coach or economy class again without feeling like a pretzel at the end of the flight. for weight respective to my opinion of ideal height 5'10-6'5, 180lbs and then 10 lbs for every inch up to 6'5 250 is max ideally you work out to attain these weights not being just fat.

[Editor Rob: for men I hear 6ft 2 mentioned as a height which is tall but not too tall. Similarly 5ft 9 for a women, but in order for those heights to be 'ideal' you need a bunch of the population under that mark, only a certain proportion of the population can be in the tall range.]
Maximus Meridius said on 15/Aug/11
Rob would you say 6ft 3in is a bad height for men since it's stand out height 5ft 6in and under is even a worser height for men i think i think the best tall height is 6ft 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in are good heights because they are near the average heights of 5ft 9in and 5ft 10in do you agree with me.
r3v001 said on 12/Aug/11
Rob would you agree? I'd say 6 ft is tall no matter where you are from. what do you think is perfect height and weight for men and women?
Maximus Meridius said on 29/Jul/11
Rob is 5ft 11in for men in the UK the end of average and the start of tall 6ft 3in is end of normal tall and the start of very tall standout height for men in the UK.

[Editor Rob: it's in the crossover range yeah, where you can still be tallish at 5ft 11, but at 6ft you'll find a lot more instances of being tall.]
Matt said on 1/Jul/11
@ aly, girls generally don't get much taller if any taller by age 16. Given where your parents are, I'd say you should be done. Your more average height than either of your parents (if you look at white Americans height).
Maximus Meridius said on 26/Jun/11
Hey Rob if the global average male height is 5ft 7.5in does that mean the global average female height is 5ft 1.5in because 5ft 7.5in men are equivalent to 5ft 1.5in women.

[Editor Rob: generally averages can be 5 inches shorter for females, so maybe 5ft 2 range.]
Maximus Meridius said on 12/May/11
If the gobal average male height is 170cm then the gobal average female is 155cm 155cm is not short for women because it's not many cms below average 170cm is not short for men because it's not many cms below average.
P said on 3/May/11
Hi i'm 19 years old indonesian and i'm 177 cm tall. is it tall for asian posture at that age? and how much is it counted in feet? thank you
SolidSnake said on 21/Mar/11
Fred at 5'6' you are in the bottom 15 percent of heights for men. And 167 cm is actually 5'5.75'
Fred said on 17/Mar/11
Hi friends, i'm peruvian and i´m 167cm (5feet 6 inches)flat.I consider i'm small here in peru ,because my friends are bout 6 foot please comment about my height if i would live here in USA....
V;) said on 11/Mar/11
Im 13 and im 170cm, My mom is 168 and My dad is like 181cm, does someone like know how tall i'll be? And how much is 171cm in feet?
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/11
SolidSnake says on 26/Feb/11 Global average male height is 5'7.5 ish. This is because the giant popualtions of China and India are quite short. If you took a random person who lives on planet earth there is a 1 in 3 chance they are from China or India so it brings down average height a lot. In the US and UK however average is 5'9.5 5'7.5-5'8 are weak average heights. Jonathan says on 11/Dec/10 @Anonymous I would say taller average. In Mexico, Vietnam or Japan (for example) you are quite tall. In Denmark or Netherlands you are quite short. I think the global average height is 5'8.5-5'9'' Personally, I think male average height starts at 5`8.5. 5`10-5`11 are weak tall heights.
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
Global average male height is 5'7.5 ish. This is because the giant popualtions of China and India are quite short. If you took a random person who lives on planet earth there is a 1 in 3 chance they are from China or India so it brings down average height a lot. In the US and UK however average is 5'9.5

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