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Anonymous said on 30/Dec/06
The level of vitamin A and D in Cod liver oil are at a safe level and as I said before one-a-day is what i would recommend or one cap every two days. As for streching i split my session half in the morning and half at night.
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/06
Anonymous, how do you feel about the levels of vitamin A and D in cod liver oil? Some people feel that they have potential to be toxic. As far as stretching, do you feel its better to do it at night or in the morning (or perhaps throughout the entire day).
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/06
Marc, I also use a Shiatsu Spinal Rack for my streching. It is an excellent tool to help strech my back.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/06
marc, I gained 2.5 inches after the age of 20/21, I also know that you can gain height up to the age of 25. To boost your chances of maximum gain, i would say that you need to spend as much time as possible e.g in the summmer months in a hot climate country, and if you can on the coast. still do those things you are doing and sleep on a good mattress (orthopedic) without a pillow.Stay positive and Good luck!
marc said on 25/Dec/06
anonymous, do i still have good potential for growth at 21? I try to do spinal stretches everyday, and i'm gonna start doing some extended seat cycling as well. I've been taking multivitamins and cod liver oil, as well as drinking lots of milk. ideally i wanna grow taller than 5'8" i'm not sure if thats possible for me, i'm at 5'4 3/4"
Rich said on 24/Dec/06
Cheers Anonymous! I'll still follow these instructions....there is no harm in trying. I've already quit smoking. Thanks fella!
Emily said on 24/Dec/06
What brands of cod liver oil and alfalfa are best for height? Please let me know.
mick90 said on 24/Dec/06
hi, I have a question and please answer to it because it's very important to me: I was wearing lifts and elevator shoes for a couple of months, also runing around in them sometimes, when I was 15 because I'm am only about 5'5. Now since then and I'm almost 17 now I haven't grown much(not even an inch) and my legs are a bitt more like "o-legs". Is it possible that the elevators have influenc my growth and the form of my legs?
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/06
Hey rich I think 26 years old is a little late to be expecting growth but then again you could always try stretching exercises or improving your posture which could give you a couple of centimeters
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/06
Rich: First you should stop smoking, if you are serious about increasing your height. In addition, to taking cod liver oil and drinking milk, you need to take a protein shake on a daily basis, but also start a streching programme and sleeping without a pillow on a new firm orthopedic mattress. if you can spend a few weeks in the summer on the coast in a hot climate, it will help your lungs to recover from the smoking and it could help you to grow. With the streching programme and sleeping without a pillow, you can add an additional 1 to 2 inches in height. more than 2 inches you will need cosmetic leg lenghtening procedure where you can add up to 4 to 6 inches in height! very expensive and painful.
I have started a streching programme everyday for an hour and sleeping on a firm new orthopedic matress without a pillow and over the last 8 weeks have gained half an inch!
good luck Rich
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/06
Cod Liver Oil: it does say 3-6 capsules a day. the problem is they are very hot and you will be running to the toilet all day! One a day is a safe dose. A family I know, their mother gave her 3 sons when they were 13 or 14 years old, One Capsule a day ....all 3 grew to be over six foot! The shortest being 6'2. Both Parents were around the 5'4 mark. Every one I know takes one a day or one capsule every two days, if they find one-a-day too hot. Angelia Rippon (Ex- BBC newsreader)also takes one cap a day for her joints.
Rich said on 22/Dec/06
i m 26 years old and about 5'7 inches tall. I've been smoking for the last 5-6 years, not regular though! Is it possible to grow if I start taking cod liver oil and milk everyday. I want to be atleast 5'10. Please suggest. Cheers!!
nick24 said on 22/Dec/06
well i was 6'3-5 at the age of 21,now im almost 25 and im 6'5! people grow at different rates.
Bel said on 21/Dec/06
just out of curiosity...are shorter men more attracted to taller women than women of their same height? i'm 19 and 5'11 3/4 (around 6'1 with shoes). i get hit on by shorter men more often than guys who are taller than me. it seems that shorter guys are more self-confident and aren't afraid to approach me and ask me out. or is that really tall guys are more attracted to women a few inches shorter than them?
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/06
I'd rather take Cod Liver oil (liquid) than the capsules.
Cod liver oil said on 19/Dec/06
Anonymous why take only one cod liver oil capsule? The seven seas brand recommends 3-6 a day.
short gal said on 15/Dec/06
guys.. i'm only lik 5'4" or sumwhere there.. so w/out heels i cannot look taller.. r u sure that this remedies here will help me grow taller.. i'm already 17 n can i grow any taller?..
JackM said on 13/Dec/06
Does anyone know if they sell shoe lifts in retail stores? It seems they only sell it online, wondering if anyone knew it's sold in stores.
jake said on 12/Dec/06
does anyone know if what this website says is true, is it a scam or does it work?
mark said on 12/Dec/06
ill be 25 in a couple of months, im about 5'6 or 5'7, does anyone know here if Cod Liver Oil capsule will still help me grow, and how long should i take them for, another words when should i give up if i dont see any results? Also whats the ,axi,u, potential with this, like 2,3,4 inches? thanks.
Dag said on 22/Nov/06
Why all that "get-taller" hunger? As long as the rules to grow are also rules of good health, I agree with them, but if it's only a grow-tall thing, why?
After all, I've discovered that today's women don't look at height. Neither those who want "true men". I agree that we human beings are made also of body, not only of brain and feelings. But, bodily speaking, a woman feels a "real man" not through height, but for instance through feeling protected by him, by his arms, hands (why not feet?).
With a bit of irony, Dag
(5'7.5", a "mean" 145 lbs, but 11-size feet and nearly-10 inches hands...with a wonderful 5'9" wife ;-)))
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/06
Charles, yes everything on the list. also i would include swimming as it is a very good exercise for streching your back.
Charles said on 15/Nov/06
Anonymous, do you mean do eveything on that list cause I know for a fact drinking milk twice a day alone will not hel you grow. However, I do approve of cod live oil and the protein shake, and you should probably include sleeping without a pillow.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/06
yes! you can be taller than 5'7!....follow the list.
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/06
Being 14 or 15 years of age is the ideal age, to do the things on my list to help you grow taller! At 16 I was 5'6. At 20 i grew to 5'9. when I was 20 i started to do these things on the list and now at 26 i am 5'11.
There is the potential to grow taller, if you follow this advice.
duccy said on 10/Nov/06
ok i'm 15 and 5 foot 5 and a half about 166cm. ao when i'll do all that stuff on the list do you reckon i could be taller than 5 foot 7?? i wish i were that tall....
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/06
To increase your height, there are several things you can do, to grow:
1)Drink 2 to 3 glasses of milk everyday.
2)start taking one Cod Liver Oil capsul every day (brand - Seven Seas) also available in liquid form, hence take one table spoon every day.
3) take a protein shake everyday, as it is protein that makes you grow.
4) During your school holidays in the summer, go to a very hot climate country and live on the coast/beach to get fresh air into your lungs, this will help you to grow. My Art teacher, at school who was 6'9 said he grew tall because he grew up living on the coast and the fresh sea air helped him to grow so tall.
5) Make sure you get at least 8 hours of good sleep everyday.

Things you must not do, as they will stunt your growth
1)Don't fags!
2)No drugs!
3)Don't eat junk food!
4)sleep less than 8 hours a day.

With this advice I am sure you will hit 5'10 to 6' as your final height.
I grew 2 inches after the age of 20, using this advice some one gave me.

Things you must not do
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/06
How do lifts work? Surely if you put a 2 inch lift inside your shoes then your heels being 2 inches higher up from the sole of your shoe will be almost falling out over the top of your shoes where your ankles would be? Isnt this a problem, how is it overcome?
XJ said on 21/Oct/06
I am 14 yrs. old guy and I've really been concerenced about my height lately. Right now I am 5ft and 4.5in, but when I look at most of my classmates, they are mostly 2-3inches taller than me. What can I do to increase my growth? Any advice? Please? Anyone?
Mr. Mint said on 18/Oct/06
I am 5'10 and dated many women when I was younger that were 6'0 plus. Most of the girls I have known that height wish they were smaller or petite. As far as women liking taller guys, I think we all know that helps to be tall, but I am married to a beautiful women that is 5’6 and we are a perfect match. I have a friend that is like 5’1…. 5’1!!!!

And his wife left him because he was cheating on her so much! This guy had many hot chicks during his bad years… He is back with his wife now, but constantly calls me for advice on weather or not he should cheat again, since he has so many opportunities. I always advise he does not by the way). High school might be different, but in the real world, the guys with money and personality get the girls. being cool and funny trumps being tall anyday. Trust me..

Oh, and I love this site..
Lmeister said on 10/Oct/06
What the hell is the problem with U guys my morning height is 5'8'' and I don't have any problems gettin' ladies. Ok I don't try to hit on 5'11''chicks 'cause they are too tall, but not a problem. Usually my girlfriends are in the same range 5'7''-5'9'' as I am. It really isn't that much about the height. It is more about the whole package...
Mac said on 5/Oct/06
"im 18 and and haven't grown since i was twelve i grew 4 to 6 inches. im 5'7 now but wear homemade lifts in my shoes with them im 5'8 i knew in the back of my mind
i wasn't gonna grow since i was like 14 but my parents keep telling me im gonna hit my growth spurt bullshit. being short sucks i've never had a girlfriend and noticed something no guy under 5'9 in my high school has a girlfriend also i've seen some ugly motherfuckers with hot girls but no good looking short dudes with

so many 5'6/5'7 guys on here complaining about girls standards.. guys trust me, I'm barely 5'8 and I've been with a few good looking girls in the last few years alone..

personality is the most important thing of all.. also just work with what you got height-wise.. try to get the build thats right for you.. don't feel constricted if you're just a little below the average height. its not that big of a deal.
suppafly said on 5/Oct/06
i know a lot of 5' women that i preffered over 5'9",10" and believe me i could have had them all ;]. sometimes short girls are unbarebaly cute. i remember at a reunion when an old 5'9",10" classmate of mine got realy pissed because i couldnt take my eyes off this adorable junior. u should wait and get married instead of experiencing new things tough. mitchell u should go to and dude in a while it wont matter.
Megan said on 1/Oct/06
i have a question for the guys. i know it depends on every person, but is it really true that most guys prefer tall women? becuz i have been done growing for years and i am barely 5'1" and i am getting really tired of the whole tall is beautiful and short is frumpy attitude that people seem to have. people need to learn that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being short.
Ghoul said on 23/Sep/06
shyam (and anyone interested): Google "cosmetic leg lengthening", seriously. It's *some* hope, at least. Though painful & rather expensive, I think I'd go through with it if I could, to add 2-3 inches.
Lestat said on 16/Sep/06
Loll.. come on Mitchell! I am 5' 9''.. its just 5 cm. I actually see the same thing. Women prefer big, broad men. Thats why a lot of hollywood sex symbols are struggling with women. Its really unfair, right? Tom Cruise must have passed throught the same, so dont stress... :)
mitchell said on 9/Sep/06
im 18 and and haven't grown since i was twelve i grew 4 to 6 inches. im 5'7 now but wear homemade lifts in my shoes with them im 5'8 i knew in the back of my mind
i wasn't gonna grow since i was like 14 but my parents keep telling me im gonna hit my growth spurt bullshit. being short sucks i've never had a girlfriend and noticed something no guy under 5'9 in my high school has a girlfriend also i've seen some ugly motherfuckers with hot girls but no good looking short dudes with
shyam said on 3/Sep/06
i am 21 year old having the hieght of 5'7" and i will like to grow at least up to 5'10" please tell me some useful exercises and something about the diet by which i can grow my hieght
East said on 10/Jul/06
Bally-Wood, thanks. How much do you think Nike Shox give? And what is platform?
Bally-Wood said on 10/Jul/06
Nike Shox: Yuck! Pardon the pun but they absolutely visually look Shocking. You might as well wear platforms ! I'm not sure if its been mentioned but there are a few Bollywood actors who are known to wear lifts as well, one of the so-called superstars is a guy called Sharukh Khan and another is Salman Khan (unrelated).
East said on 8/Jul/06
Guys, have seen posting re Jaspa shoes from giving only 4.5cm increase. Do you think Nike Shox give more?
Jools said on 26/Jun/06
Back in 1999 when they made their comeback I was in the audience at TFI Friday (now defunct UK TV show) all 4 of the Red Hot Chili Peppers walked right next to me(5'8")& my wife (5'6")and they were shorter than we expected. Only Chad Smith was around my height maybe a tad taller but Anthony, Flea & John were all 5'4"/5'5" at a have them all much taller on this site than they actually are, it's true! It amazed me when I saw the heights you gave them here...
Johnson said on 22/Jun/06
If you want lifts why don't you talk to Arnold and Sly. They both share 100's of them.
purochamullo said on 21/Jun/06
anybody knows if these products like "grow flex" or "grow tall" works?
Paul said on 20/Jun/06
I'm 5'9'', And there's a guy I know who when we were children, Was always shorter than me. As the years went by though, He got a growth spurt, Now he's taller than me. He's 6'4''.
YaoMing said on 19/Jun/06
@werty: for boys it's same as with girls that take off their fake eyelashes, talk about their blond bleached hair and hair extensions, show you their colagen lip injections and fake push up-bras and then remove their make up AFTER you've n*iled them
Jack said on 19/Jun/06
annonymous, and that is terrible advice, lifts are just too fake and embarassing for people.
Jack said on 19/Jun/06
annonymous, your are completely wrong. Your either very insecure and unconfident, or you are very paranoid. In all of the years I was in highschool, atleast 3 years a guy under 5'8 was granted prom king. All you need to have is great personality and charm.
trueheight said on 18/Jun/06
i think the main point most posters on this board need to understand is that your growth pattern is as inherent and distinct to yourself as your fingerprint and DNA. so there really isn't any sense in relying or forecasting based on generalizations. just be aware of the medical facts and hope for the best; also helps to learn your parents' growth patterns as they are ineherited almost to the letter
trueheight said on 18/Jun/06
smoking and recreational drugs/alcohol have not been observed to have an effect. Rob stopped growing at 14; but thats completely normal if one where to look at his DNA; i knew many kids who towered over me in Middle School but ended up the other way around 5yrs later.

As a rule for males(female's too, i'm sure) the largest growth spurt can be spotted when the child starts to lose weight and look gangly. I think most of us, even as chubby children, went through a phase of lanky awkwardness; this is the period of the oft-quoted 4-5in growth spurts
trueheight said on 18/Jun/06
more on stunted growth: Malnutrition is a major cause as well as serious and chronic disease as a child(asthma, diabetes, congenital defects). According to doctors, premature birth has no effect on future height as long as it is free of major complications. Anabolic steroids will almost guaranteed stunt your growth if taken as a teen; What it does do is make you grow fast but at the expense of your growth plates fuseing many years before they should. Human growth hormone is the most prescribed treatment but its efficacy is only limited to pre-pubescent children. ITs drawbacks are lack of research into its longterm effects such as cancer
trueheight said on 18/Jun/06
yea there are misconceptions about human height in regards to race. Remember that all humans have the same potential for height as we are of the same species. If an ethnicity(besides pygmies) appear shorter as an aggregate, its very much likely due to nutritional reasons rather than inherent ones. not familiar w/ southern asia but having lived in east asia(PRC.2000 - 2004), I can tell you that it is mainly a vegetarian diet(self-imposed) which is also why asians age better, more longevity and are less prone to cancers. It is very clear walking on the streets of Nanjing that nutritional standards have changed dramatically as young ppl are much taller than older ones. according to anthropology, human height increased dramatically as humans attained more meat and hunter gatherer cultures(africans) were markedly taller than agrarian ones(european/asian). Of course, we all do remember the average heights of Europeans circa WWI, about 5'6.

fyi: I'd like to point out that culturally in Japan and the PRC, heightism is MUCH more pronounced from offhanded comments concerning height to appalling institutional heightism(I believe the min. height for flight attendants on air china is 168cm for fm and 175cm for m.)
werty said on 17/Jun/06
Just a question for the short guys wearing lifs. What happen if you do get a girl by impressing her with your "tallness", but when you take off your lifts your short again? No offence meant, but doesn't wearing lifst make you guys feel fake?
punjabi said on 5/Jun/06
hey, a lotta ppl out there have misconceptions bout indians being really small. this may be true for some indians but there some indians from da northern part of india like punjabis whore like really tall. i, a punjabi am 6 and a half foot tall. id say around 80% of punjabis are over 5 feet 9. so ppl dont generalize us with asians n desi or whatever, were of the same culture but were much taller.
armada said on 3/Jun/06
Hi cientistly and medicaly possible grow taller with those lab products...of common use by bodybuilders?????? I'm 20, and 178cm, maybe 179. and my father is 186, and my uncle (brother of my father)is 189!! my brother is 2 years younger and is 1 or 2 cm taller...Even my grandma is taller, she is 180-182. All my life i've done good...naturally...I think the problem was my mom, who is little bit shorter, acctually against my father, she is really short,i think is 159-160 cm tall...Plzz help me, answer me any1....
MaH said on 30/May/06
everyone ..umm i hav a question jus tht im 5'4.. im tall for girls in the place i live im 20 ..i want 2 be atleast ..1 or 2 inches taller ..i jus wanna kwn is there a way i can grow a lil more plzz some one help me ...most people call me stupid beccuz im taller then everyone else i kwn but i still wanna be a lil more taller plz someone help me ..??
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 25/May/06
JJ proves my point.
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 25/May/06
Scott...ur onli 17 yet. My friend used to be smaller den i 5ft 8, and dis was wen wer bout 17...den i saw him a wile back wen i was 20 (i turned 21 in april) and hes grown alot. He must be bout 6ft 2 now. compared to when he must have bin bout 5ft 5 or 6 wen wer bout 16/17. Just eat alot of carrots, bananas, drink loads of milk, more veg etc. You'll grow easily den.
YaoMing said on 14/May/06
no reason to give up, lot of people grow til ~25
scott said on 13/May/06
well i could do with these special lift shoe things. im a 17 yr old boy an only 5-2 (barely). plus im not asian, i give up hope in finding a girlfriend
Eddd said on 30/Apr/06
YaoMing said on 30/Apr/06
well, if you're around 5'9 chances are that most of the girls are shorter than you (barfoot). but many short girls do have a heightcomplex and try to compensate it with a real tall guy (i've seen so many couples where the man was 2 heads taller than her, still wondering how they're doing 69...)
gyrmer said on 29/Apr/06
I'm 5'10'' and live in Croatia, andlet me tell, that's not tall for Croatian standards, I've even talked to one American student who was suprised at how the average guy here stands at 5'11'' or 6'. I was taller than him, and I'm usually not the taller guy in a conversation, this guy was like 5'9'' I guess. Anyone remember that episode of MASH when Radar got the elevated shoes? I wouldn't wear those, hell, I just don't care. And as far as girls and their obsession with height goes, that's not 100% proof, I have girls taller than me being interested in me all the time, however, I like petite girls,haha... In the end it's all about your attitude, and if you have nice attractive features, you can't go wrong. But the guy commenting on how extremely beutiful he is - that's just weird man, sounds to me the guy has a lot of issues. if you think your height is a flaw, than so it will be, if you focus on it, I mean. I have one friend who is short, but girls like him, sure he always ends up with petite girls who are his size or less, but still, he doesn't bitch about his height ever, nobody gives him crap about it either just because he has a normal attitude and doesn't focus on his height. Bruce Lee was about 173cm, Chuck Norris is about the same height and they are both prime examples of the alpha male. So there you go.
YaoMing said on 25/Apr/06
it's nothing new that women look for tall men, in fact it's scientifically proven. you're better off being tall and masculine and having a face like a mug than being a handsome small guy.
annonymous said on 23/Apr/06
i've read some really interesting things, and theres alot i want to comment on, first as far as how height works and when u stop growing i dont think it dpepends on nething, i think god just plays jokes on some ppl, my mothers family is in the 6ft hieght range and my fathers is in the 5' 10 height range i'm 5'6', i'm 19 and science does say a man can still grows till hes 25 but i highgly doubt i have nething left, untop of this the 1 thing that has always bother me is that i nvr had a growth spurt, every boy has always been said to have a period of rapid growth, i grew an inch every yr until 15 and nvr got nething more, now as far as this height complex there seems to b a belief that ur a better person if ur taller and for women its a saftey thing height gives them the allure of safety, i bring this up to address all the questiuons of girls and wat to do if ur short, first height is a piss poor judge of nething, i was an all state athlete in high school, in great physical shape, and am trained by the airforce, i kno how to take care of myself and a grl that would b with me, however there was nvr a grl with me as seems to b alot of guys concerns on this site, i dont mean to sound concieted but its important to b honest about ur strengths and weaknesses and wat i have to share can really help alot of guys here so dont pass this off as a soap box, i am a very very attractive man thats my strenght but i'm very short thats my bane, its very rare that i'm in a place where another guy has a better looking face than me, yet i would get absolutely no grls even when grls would comment on how beautiful i was, i nvr understood, cuz to me height was nothing, i had been with one grl in high school she was 4' 11", a yr after hs she left me for a guy who is 6'4" than it became clear to me, a great emphasis has been put on hieght and thats all women care about, it does not matter how u look, i state this fact again as very true, i am extremely extremely attractive i can not stress that more, and yet from the time of puberty till the age of 19 i had only 1 grl, i got lifts a yr ago to make me 5'9" and i have been with over 60 grls, a very low number had alcohol involved and most r some of the hottest grls u will every c, high is all that matters, this is the truest statement u will ever c about hieght and attractiveness, WOMEN LOOK HIGH ABOVE THERE EYE LVL, YOU CAN HAVE BRAD PITTS FACE, THEY WILL NOT C IT IF ITS NOT AT LEAST 5 FOOT NINE INCHES OFF THE GROUND, THEY DONT LOOK NE LOWER THAN THAT GET URSELF LIFTS AND DONT WORRY ABOUT WAT NE1 SAYS, U ONLY NEED THEM BECUZ OF EVERY1 ELSES VIEWS
Eddd said on 22/Apr/06
YaoMing said on 20/Apr/06
if you're gothic-style you can wear one of these ;)
needheightgain said on 20/Apr/06
i am currently 5'7 and i am looking for a 2in gain...what do you suggest me...should i buy elivator shoes for myself or just get some show lift, since i dont have that much to get an expensive surgery done? thanks alot
Eddd said on 17/Apr/06
wrong idea, bad idea. HGH taken by mouth is usually for aging adults and body building - not enough to make a difference in height.

Injected HGH is not prescribed by doctors unless you have severe height problems and are STILL growing. Still, it's very dangerous because it increases your chance of getting tumors tenfold.

Settle for a more reasonable goal of an inch or two. Couple inches is rare.
anon said on 15/Apr/06
Jason1342 - You might want to look into taking HGH before your plates close, it could help you gain a couple of inches over what you would be without it. Do some research online, enlist your parents help as it's not cheap and you must use injectible hgh for results.
Eddd said on 13/Apr/06
There is no 'proper' height. Everyone's different. But usually you're about 90-95% of your *full* potential at 18. Again, wether you grow or not, everyone's different, some do, some dont.
jj said on 11/Apr/06
What is a Proper height when your 18? I have noticed people Grow when they 20 and I had a friend who looks taller then me when a few years ago he wasnt.
Yao Ming said on 1/Apr/06
here's another example:
Yao Ming said on 1/Apr/06
to add some info to this discussion how to grow taller when mother nature phucked you, well there's a way to grow taller but it is pretty expensive (and painful i think). i've seen this on TV and the concept is nothing new in the field of trauma surgery, but it's kinda new in the field of plastic surgery.

so here's what i'm talking about:
you can get your legs lenghtened by getting your bones broken during a surgery by a cosmetic surgeon and then prevent the bones from closing the gap by an internal device that lenghtens the gap about 1mm per day. a normal healthy man can gain about 5-6 extrainches if you're going for tibias and femurs. i've seen a man on tv a few days ago who gained 8 inches (20cm) but i think that's more of a rare case. he was 175cm and and got the device removed at being 195cm if i remeber correctly.

but just read for yourself:

they said the cost is about 50.000 USD - 25.000 for both femurs and 25.000 for tibias.
Jason1324 said on 24/Mar/06
Can anyone PLEASE tell me if a boy stops growing tall at 15 years of age, i haven't had a proper growth spurt yet plus my hands are small and my voice is high, my father is 5'4'' and my mom is 5'2'' i am currently 5'4.5'', can anyone please tell me if i can atleast be 5'8'' or 5'9''??
Amomynous said on 24/Mar/06
Hollywood celebrities NEED shoe lifts for obvious reasons. Do we?
Eddd said on 23/Mar/06
TooShy, visit and you may find some useful information
TooShy said on 23/Mar/06
Getting older helps to stop worrying about the height, I agree... I don't remember exactly the heights of my grandparents, but they were about 5'7. Slighly taller from the father's side than mothers. Given that most people get shorter while they are getting older, they might have well been 5'8 or 5'9 in their 20s. Also children nowadays usually grow taller than their parents. I have read that in Europe (especially Northern Europe) each generation grows about 2-3 inches taller than their parents were. So theoretically I should be about 5'11, much closer to my brother (6'2) than I am now. My mother's side is shorter than fathers, but I should have still grew taller than my uncle who is 5'8. I am not sure how the growth genes work, but I believe they are not of dominant-recessive kind, but more like an averge of both. So if father's genes "told" me to grow 6'0, and mother's to 5'7, I would finish somewhere in the middle at about 5'9. Maybe father's genes would even have more effect since I am guy. But I think in my case nutrition might have played the greatest role. Its also interesting that people who grew up in cities are on average much taller than people who grew up in villages. I am from Latvia myself, and the populations here are more or less sedentary, there haven't been much migration that could affect this perception. But it might not be just because of nutrition (more fat food, very few yogurts, no vitamins, a lot of milk and calcium as a results of that), but also from the different lifestyle. None of my parents is smoking, by the way, so I don't think smoking might have an influence.
TheJerk said on 23/Mar/06
The real problem isnt always anything other than luck. Me and my cousin were always the same height. Both of us were very tall for our ages (myself 5'11 and him perhaps 5'10.5) at ages 12 and 11 respectively. Yet I did not grow even a cm after this. I think this was mainly due not to anything other than my consumption of a product called accutane. I read the precautions on it and it mentioned plate fusion as a side effect. This was about 6 months after taking it (at 14yo). I was really pissed off and never grew afterwards, all my short friends grew past me and I became horribly depressed. Never really gotten over it. If you ever take ANYTHING read about all the effects that you can before taking it. It can save you a lifetime of depression. And TooShy I am also too shy because I am not tall enough to get women, despite being rather good looking. So just know that you're not alone brother!
Sue said on 22/Mar/06
TooShy- Hi. I think there may be some nutritional issues that contribute to inhibited growth in childhood. It's also genetic. However there may be other factors that contribute, that relate personally to your own family that you may never get to the bottom of. You say your brother is 6'2" and the rest of your family is tall. You probably take after your mother and there's not much you can do about that. What heights were your grandparents? You could be taking after them. My husband is 5'8". His brothers are six foot. His mother chain smoked while she was pregnant with him but not at all with the other two boys. The doctor said he had stunted growth, despite a genetic disposition to tallness because his mother smoked heavily while pregnant, but this is his own personal experience.
I'm 5'11" and it has not been fun being a tall woman. I used to get a lot of stick and people still make the same tired old comments about my height. It works both ways and I have suffered from lack of confidence through being tall. It gets easier as you get older. That doesn't help you now so maybe you could take up some slight body building to increase confidence and I wouldn't rule out lifts. Good posture can add an inch and stretching excercises can add up to half an inch. My dad is 5'8" and because he has amazing posture people assume that he's very tall, seriously! I know that from slouching you can take inches off your height! I know a guy who is 5'2". He is hugely successful and very talented, a millionaire who rubs shoulders with the famous and does fine with the ladies! Please try to stop worrying.
Editor Rob said on 22/Mar/06
Growth can be inhibited in various ways. I read a film producer who is 5ft 2 mention in his autobiography that his parents were worried in his teens he was too short, so they got the doc to give some hormonal injections. He said this basically helped fuse the bones and he stopped growing.

In my own case I basically stopped growing bang on age 14, which at that time my diet really was bad, as was my other habit of smoking! Tooshy, it could be genetic, a case of bad luck or something else...its evident that malnourished children won't grow as tall...
TooShy said on 21/Mar/06
What things do you think might inhibit growth in childhood? I am 5'7 at 22 years old now and I have always worried about my height, especially since most of my family is taller than me. My father is 5'10 for example, and my brother is 6'2 already at 17. I am only slighly taller than my mother who is 5'6. My relatives from the father's side (cousins, uncles) all stand at around 6'3 and it is pretty stressful to relax and be myself at family meetings, and similar occassions. I agree that part of the problem is psychological, but why do you think I stopped growing at some point? Is there some kind of trait in the genes, that inhibited growth of my father (he grew shorter than his brother), and my growth as well. I didn't have any major medical problems, although some people used to say I looked pale while I was in elementary school. Is it vitamin intake that makes a major difference? Proper sleeping habits? What can it be? I remember the corners of my lips were usually cracked at the time I had my biggest growth spurt (15-16years), which annoyed me very much but I didn't know it was due to the lack of vitamins back then and didn't take any supplements. A couple of my classmates who used to take vitamin supplements grew significantly taller than their fathers. Can vitamin supplements in the childhood, and especially between 14- 16 years help you grow? What about maturation in terms of sex hormon levels? I almost lost hope to grow myself but I would be curious to know...
Eddd said on 20/Mar/06
Thanks, I think fish oil are said to be good for joints as well. Body builders, I heard, also takes various forms of amino acids to promote growth hormone production. But the theory is pretty shaky.

I think wether or not the growth plate is closed is a bad measurement. Usually guys in their early 20s who gain an inch or two have most parts of their plates closed. They usually grow in the leg in that age.

I have a cousin who knows his growth plates were close at 18, but still grew 2 inches from 20-21.
trueheight said on 19/Mar/06
no problem. I know for a fact that weightlifters(not bodybuilders), take glucosamine for maintenance of joint strength and thickness; a little known fact is that they also *prevent* loss of height(by way of cartilage joints including in your spine). All adults lose heights starting in their 50s, about 1cm every 5-10yrs, so glucosamine will make sure your joints are strong.
Eddd said on 18/Mar/06
The way that I see supplements is that they obviously dont guarantee growth, but they do increase your chances. Fish oil is rich in Vitamin D, which helps the development of bones and teeth. Even if it doesnt help growth, it's healthy. Genes only plays a part in your height, that's why identical twins can have different heights.

You've also had experience of growth at 22, and you've seen people grow then. So it is definitely possible.

My father grew at 22 and my mother stopped growth at around 14 (pretty late for girls) and perhaps a bit more after, she's not sure. I dont expect fast and alot of growth. I'm only expecting about an inch over a year or two, which I think is fairly reasonable.

Thanks trueheight, for the info.
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
O yea, Edd, supplements and oils won't help you grow at all. But the good news is, that growth patterns are inherited almost exactly. So if your dad had a late growth pattern, you should too; might also wanna ask your mother when she had her 1st menarche. 'ppl grow differently' thats exactly right. I'm 22 and I went from 5'8 to 5'9 gradually in a year; it was undetectable to me until i measured again in the same measuring place.
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
nothing is gonna help you *grow*. Its determined by your genes and as long as you have good nutritional intake, you will fill out your potential. Only thing that can lower your genetic potential is growth plate damage or chronic illness/malnutrition as a child, my father is a gp. BTW, women finnish growing quite alot sooner than men do. Its possible to grow after 20yrs of age, but don't expect fast growth spurts, it'll be slow and gradual. The growth spurts happen at around age 6 and again around age 14 for males.

Liver oil is NOT gonna help you be tall. Only way is maintain good nutrition and have tall parents. Fish and Live oil are very good for keeping a strong cardiovascular system. O yea, weight training does not stunt one's growth, unless you happen to damage a growth plate. Neither does tobacco, cannabis, or any other drug. Drugs that CAN stunt your growth is anabolic steroids(taken as teen) or any other testostorone boosting supplements. I have 2 friends who I know growth was stunted b/c they had being on steroids since age 10 b/c of sever asthma. Thats all I know about about this topic. you can trust me on this info, my father is a GP whose been in practice for 23yrs and seen a multitude of 18yr olds(who stopped seeing pediatricians), and have charted many who have gained as much as 3in from normal growth after age 18
Eddd said on 8/Mar/06
I'm not supporting growth over 25. But under 25 is certainly possible, but not to everyone. Because people grow differently, it's perfectly reasonable for some people to restart a growth spurt in their early twenties.
TallJohn said on 7/Mar/06
At age 25, the spine is fully formed and fused and you will not grow wheter you eat sh*t, growth hormones or olive oil. If it were possible to grow after 25, wouldnt you think some of our celebs full of $$ would try it? You really shouldnt give people false hope like Rocky said, the spine has fused at 25 and is no longer possible to stretch any further. If under 25, yes it is possilbe to grow but not by much if you're past the spurt. For all the below average guys, my advice to you is to wear normal shoes, have good posture, eat healthy, excersice moderalty because when you're 60 being healtyh is all that really counts.
eddd said on 5/Mar/06
Raju's experience may sound a bit absurd, but I completely believe in it. My father had the exact same growth pattern, stopped at 17, and resumed at 21-22. Therefore, I have perfectly good reason to believe that I will grow too.

I dont think the brand of cod liver oil matters. I checked the ingredients and Seven Seas is the same as any other brand.

just because you wont grow anymore, doesnt mean others over 18 wont as well. People grow differently.
Raju said on 3/Mar/06
Rocky, When I was 21 i was measured at 174cm by the doctor, this was the height I put down on my passport!.....last week i went for a medical check up and was measured in my barefeet...The doctor told me I was 179cm!! That is the measurement he put down on my medical record .This was an afternoon check-up at 4.30pm I am over 30 years old now!....

I have told many people about Cod Liver Oil and its benefits in helping you to grow taller!!.....Nearly all of those have grown taller, the younger you are the more height you gain!!....It does say on the back of the bottle that it helps growth!! (Seven Seas brand - in the UK).....I now take Alfalfa tablets (500mg). These tablets has helped a 32 year UK guy gain just over 2 inches in height! (from 5'11 to 6'1)....Also they have many health benefits!
People grow at different rates and at different stages, so it is possible to grow after 18!... I know some one who is 39 and she has been doing Pilates and Yoga for five years now...she told ne that she is 3cm taller now than when she was 21 years old!...I now do back streching exercises!

I stopped growing at around 17 and began to grow again at 21 after i began taking Cod Liver Oil Capsuls!....The only regret was that I wish i knew about the benefits of Cod Liver Oil on Height when I was 12 or 13 years old!...Good luck to those seeking to gain additional height!!

P.S. i do not work for Seven Seas or Own the Company!!

Rocky said on 27/Feb/06
Raju no offence but you're talking out of your backside, you must measure youself in the morning and then at night to get an accurate height as most people loose up to 2cm during the day, unless you have a medical condition it is impossible to gain height after about 18 as the spine is fully formed by that time, all this crap about pills is the same as those BS penis pill scams, if you want to gain height you have to have leg lengthening surgery which is extremely painful costly and takes a long time and can result in many problems such as infection and brittle bones, stop trying to give these 20+ ppl false hope i hate to break it to you guys but it aint gonna happen.

im only 173cm/5'8 in the morning and 171.3cm/5'7.5 at night live with it get lifts if you feel inadequate or see a therapist because its all in your mind.
styleforlife said on 24/Feb/06
I think it's going a little bit to far to wear those shoes. Im 5ft10 , but in my country (the netherlands) most people are taller then me so I would like to be a bit taller but this is going way to far . Maybe if you are a guy and smaller then most girls I would understand .
Lisa said on 22/Feb/06
Hi.. does Cod Liver Oil really help you grow taller? I am 19.... do you think it will work for me?
Eddd said on 30/Jan/06
I hope the stuff I am doing will squeeze more out if I hit another growth spurt. I doubt 2 inches is possible, but I think an inch is quite reasonable.
trueheight said on 30/Jan/06
Edd, growth patterns are very well reflected in the genes; chances are you will also grow a bit(cant gaurantee an inch) at around the same age
Raju said on 28/Jan/06
Eddd: they are capsuls! per day is enough!..Good luck
Eddd said on 25/Jan/06
I have not seen cod liver vitamin tabs, though. I am taking one cod liver oil capsul per day. Should that be enough?

My father grew at 22, I hope that's in the genes.
Eddd said on 24/Jan/06
Lets hope so. My dad grew an inch at 22, I hope that's in the genes too.

For anyone interested in height gain like Alex and anyone with growth experience like Raju and trueheight, please check out
Your posts about your experiences will be greatly appreciated by those trying to grow.
Raju said on 23/Jan/06
Edd: my parents are mum 4'11 and dad 5' have tall parents, you could grow over 6'....also i did drink a lot of milk from when I was 14 years onwards....I have started yoga style strectching exercises recently and have grown by 1cm (I am over 30 now).....Yoga and Pilates can also increase your height by at least an inch on avearge!....Good luck!
Luis_Garcia said on 22/Jan/06
good luck Eddd
Eddd said on 22/Jan/06
Wow, you guys have some inspiring stories.
I'm almost 19 and 5'10 (arm span 6'0). My father is 6'0 and mother 5'7. I should definitely be taller and hope to be taller. It's really nothing about attracting women, but I just feel that I'm letting my parents' good height genes go to waste.

I'm going to get some cod liver oil today. Hope I can still get 2 inches. Wish my luck guys.
Wicked Kid said on 21/Jan/06
How do you have lifts in your socks!?!
trueheight said on 21/Jan/06
dude, i grew 7/8 of an inch just in the last half year... i'm now 5'9...and I'm 22, so don't be worried alex, i'm sure you'll get a little more
SweetPea said on 14/Jan/06
I was looking at this sight to settle an argument with my husband, but now I just feel compelled to say something . . .
I am 5'8". I've been in relationships with very tall guys (6'7"), tall guys (6'4") and average height guys (5'9"). I can tell you young guys who are worried about appearing taller that it doesn't matter as much as you think it does. High school is not the pinnacle of life so don't use all those people who tease or ridicule others as a measurement of your own confidence. As for being more attractive to women - what we are really looking for is someone who cares about us and treats us with respect and love. A good personality really is more important - it's what makes a man more handsome and sexy. My husband is 6' tall but I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't a really great guy. "Height" isn't on most women's checklist of 'things we want in a husband' unless you are looking for a superficial, shallow woman, with whom a lasting relationship probably isn't going to happen anyway. I encourage you guys to stop with the sock stuffing (everywhere - it's tacky) and take better care of your feet and back. You'll really get nowhere with women when you've ruined your body.
C. said on 9/Jan/06
I would wear lifts instead of elevator shoes. Lifts are cheaper, interchangable with all the shoes in your closet, and easily replacable after they wear out. Plus you can wear them with big soled shoes to give you lots of extra height. Elavator shoes are cheaply made and have no style behind the desing, they wear too over time and cost alot more to replace. I've used both and like the lifts better. They work, if you're a guy you'll get more play when you're 5'9 or 5'10 instead of 5'6' Try Levitator shoe lifts through google. They're only 10-20 bucks each. I thought it was worth it, You'l have to get used to wearing them though. I'd wear them around the house for a day or so to get used to them............
Kimoden said on 9/Jan/06
Pedro, I thought I was the only one as well! How tall are you?

Anyone else here do it?
Luis_Garcia said on 7/Jan/06
At the age of 15 I was about 5'10, 5'11 max. I suddenly shot up when I was 16, when my legs grew longer
Pedro said on 7/Jan/06
omg i thought i was the only one who whore socks on the shoes to make me go taller..amazing im not the only one
Marty said on 6/Jan/06
For years I wore lifts in my shoes. When I started wearing them I was 5'9, with the lifts it pushed me to almost 6', that was about ten years ago. Well recently when I had a physical I was measured without shoes on, and I was under 5'7. I no longer wear the lifts, and it is weird to go from almost 6' to under 5'7. I do feel like a shrimp, but that's life. Oh I attribute my decrease in height to years of heavy bodybuilding, and heavy squats. That's the only explaination I have.
Raju said on 5/Jan/06
Alex, Thoses cod liver oil vitimin tabs, which i took, and the others have taken are sold under the brand name 'Seven Seas' In the U.S. probably sold by other brands! Maybe they are available in the U.S. These vitimin tabs are good for your joints and do help in the winter time, as i get suffer less illness, flu and colds, when i take them!.....A relative of mine does also take them to help him keep healthy and flu - free in the winter. He is a managing director of his own group of private companies! He has told me, that he suffers less colds, flu etc during the winter season! His son 12 year old son has started to take them to help him grow taller!
Kimoden said on 3/Jan/06
Alex, very interesting. I have a similar story to that.

I'm aged 15, and 5'11"; second tallest person in my year. When I was about 14 I really wanted to be taller, so I started standing (and walking around) on the heels of my shoes. Doing that probably pushed me up to about 6'2", and even though I walked a little strange, nobody ever really noticed. However, I encountered a problem. Because I did it all the time, the weight of my body soon compressed the material of the heel, meaning I could no longer walk around on them without looking like a weirdo. What I decided to do was rip up the sole of my shoe, and put stuff under it, which would elevate me. I experimented with all sorts of stuff, from socks, to boxer shorts, to rubix cubes!

Even to this day I still do it. Suppose I just want the attention, really. It's quite odd when I think about it. I realise that my current height is just fine, but I always feel like I need to be that much taller.

Luis_Garcia, out of curiosity, how tall were you at the age of 15?
Raju said on 3/Jan/06
Alex, you may be able to still grow a bit more! I stopped growing when i was 17 and started to grow again at 21....i discovered cod liver oil vitimin tablets! says they can help you to grow! I was 5-8, now i am 5-10!....other people, that i know, who have taken them have grown taller. One family with three sons are all over six foot! but both parents are under 5'5. They said when the boys were younger in their teens they gave them cod liver oil vitimin tabs....and hence all grew to be tall! all around 6-2 and 6-3!
It says on the bottle to take between 3 and 6 a day!...which is wrong, taking that many, will mean you will be running to the bathroom all day!! They are quite hot!...Take one a day!...which is what that family gave to their kids!....also take a protein shake with the milk! still have time to grow! only that i never discovered them, knew about these cod liver oil vitimin tabs when i was 14 or 15, but so late at 21! arm span/reach is 74 inches which is 6'2" ...i have seen this on TV that your reach/arm span is your full, true potential height!!....I could have been 6-2, if that is true!!
Take these cod liver oil vitimin tabs and report back in a years time to let us all know if you have grown any more?
Luis_Garcia said on 1/Jan/06
Alex that sounds like too much hassle, just learn to be comfortable with your height, 5'6 is fine. I am 19, i'm 6'2" (188cm) but am still very skinny (72kg) (going to the gym now to try and build up) but I have very long legs and all the height is in my legs. I would happily shave 2 inches off my leg length and be 6 foot. Being tall is not all that great you shouldn't worry so much about it ;)
Alex said on 25/Dec/05
I'm a guy whos 17 years old now I know these days all girls want is TALL,dark and handsome but I only have the last two.My oldman is 5'3 ish I'm 5'6 and three quarters I want to be like al the other guys who are 6feettall everyguy wants to be 6'fttall but I'm not. Now heres what I do you're gonna laugh I lift up the inner shoe sole from my boot and stuff a sock in there I'm suddenly 5'10 but then again I have my moms afro so I look 6ft tall. I like wearing those huge black shiny dress slip ons with the shiny buckle on the front now since those are expensive I feel bad tearing up the innersole soI put one in from another cheap shoe that I tore it off from and I stick a sock under it and I wont leave the house unless its with these socks,my mom found out one day and asked why the hell I was doing that and told me not to do it again I said FINE! but I still do it ,I may walk alittle funny and sometimes have my heels kill me at the end of the day but damn it I'm confident,at school theres a guy 5'6 like me and the boys sometimes make cracks about his height,not me though I told my sister I want a limb lenghtening and she said "oh you're crazy, those things cost alot and its painful and I heard it can only add 2 inches not 5 or 6 like you want" I'm still stuffing socksand I'm going to keep on doing it till I live alone and I can receive these special elevator shoes in the mail without my mom demnding to see whats in the box (yeah incase you fellows can't tell I don't have it that great)well I do but I just wish I was taller I hope this story has inspired you guys out there like me.Its just terrifying to even think that I go to a friends or relatives house and they ask me to take off my shoes it happend once and I just put em sideways towards the wall and when my dad said "well its getting kinda late we should pro" I got up sprinted to the door and slipped those babies on before someone saw. The things I have to go through.When I get home after a hard day of highschool and I'm about to go to bed I take the shoes off and I feel bad since I can see a major difference in the mirror then from when had on the shiny shoes. I drink 4 giant glasses of whole milk everyday so maybe one day I wont have to use the lifts/socks and tell someone this story and have them chuckle at it....someday, my dad said "stop drinking so much milk ye aint's gonna grow no more I stopped at 12 so what makes ya think you're gonna grow more you're already 5'10 what more do ya want ,look at me!" (he doesn't now about my lifts)Well I feel a little better not about my height but about myself,I never thought I would say this but it feels good to talk about it. 3 years ago i didn't really crae about my height because i knew i was just a little kid and all kids are short but now as my acne clears up and my adolesence hunky youth begins I want to look like a youngman not a middleschooler I used to wear
Adrian said on 18/Dec/05
Hey I´m wondering, Tom cruise wears elevator shoes all the times and everybody make fun of him and I always wanted to wears eleveator shoes because I¨m 5'7 (172Cm) but when I read these comments about Tom I feel bad and I don´t want o wear it but anyone thinks that should I?

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