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Peak: 6ft 7.95in (203.1cm)
Current: 6ft 7.13in (201cm)
Tom said on 4/Feb/08
Ever noticed these days his knees are consistently bent when standing upright.
Alex2 said on 2/Feb/08
I really cant see Kane anything under 6'8" today, hes a mountain of a man
Alex said on 2/Feb/08
For years back then I thought Kane was a legit 6'11. It wasn't only up until a few years ago where I figured he was under 6'10. He fooled a lot of people.
Mark said on 1/Feb/08
Kane is a massive man no doubt about it. regardless how tall he is he is a awesome wreslter and if i had to put my 2 cents in i'd say hes 6.8 it sounds resonable and with lift he hast to be 6.10 i mean exaggerating a man for 6.8 with lifts to 7ft seems outrageous Kane = ligit 6.8 peace Kaneanights :D
Alex2 said on 1/Feb/08
yea an imposter it is lol.
KingNick said on 31/Jan/08
People use to say the same thing about Undertaker. Their look just changes. They lose weight, gain weight, grow their hang long, shave their head, get more tattoos, etc.
D-lurker said on 31/Jan/08
alex are you talkin to yourself or is there an imposter alex2
Alex2 said on 31/Jan/08
no possiblility champ. its always been glen jacobs. one and only
Alex2 said on 30/Jan/08
I know it may be true, but their is loads of rumors on some wrestliong forums i use that Glenn Jacobs had not always played Kane, and he may have been a different person when masked, but its only a possibility.
Danimal said on 27/Jan/08
That pic with Undertaker and Big Show is the Undertaker BEFORE height loss. He very well could have been a full 6'8" at that point. It was clear in later years, that he couldn't match up to Big Show the way he did in 99-00.
Frank said on 27/Jan/08
Show's Boots look like they could have more of a Lift than Takers
KingNick said on 26/Jan/08
I can see JT's point, it does look like there's something in UT's shoe. That's what I'm talking about with lifts if you look hard enough you can see something. I don't think UT wore lifts for the majority of his career though, just more so during the ministry of darkness era. But those are great pics, Shock. If UT is a legit 6'8", he's probably at least 6'9" in the Big Show photo and Show is wearing near flat boots, accounting for probably a 3" difference.
JT said on 26/Jan/08
Nice pics there Shock. Taker
Red said on 26/Jan/08
Shock of Electric, good points.
I think Kane was a legit 6
Alex2 said on 26/Jan/08
Wow! That photo with UT and Big Show clearly shows Taker 6'8"+
Shock of Electric said on 26/Jan/08
The only way Kane is 6'7.5" based on the pic with Mamun, is if Kane only has a 10.5" tall head. Mamun is apparently 5'8.125". That means his head is between 9" and 9.5" tall, since he looks to be smaller stature, we'll go with 9" just for the sake of argument. His head is 49 pixels tall, making a 9" tall head 5.4 pixels to the inch. This makes Kane's head 11.3" tall, for someone over 6'6", this is easily possible, in fact it's just all the more reasonable. Kane is an entire head taller + 1" more in this picture, , but to apply the math, he is 66 pixels taller than him, which translates to 12.3" taller than Mamun, thus Kane is at least 6'8.425" If you want to break it down further, Mamun is reaching for the stars here, I give Kane a very possible 6'8.5" or slightly more. Based on comparisons with many workers I've met, and compensating for when Kane wears lifts, he is clearly over 6'8". Now if someone says Mamun's head is only 8" tall, I know there's a conspiracy against tall celebs. Let me also state, that Kane and Taker are the exact same height, so apply this to him as well. I see so many people here consistently put him at 1" shorter than Kane, but as of the very last time they were together as a team, Kane was not wearing lifts and they were the exact same height. I think some of you aren't taking lifts into consideration for that.

Here are a couple comparison pics of Kane and Taker, one with Kane in lifts, the other not in lifts. Remember, don't look at their eyes, look at the tops of their heads, Taker's forehead is massive and helps him out in several situations where he'd otherwise be shorter. The older pic is Kane in lifts, obviously only 1" taller in 1" lifts.

Click Here for Old School Kane Lifts

and Click Here for a BOD tag match comparison from last year.

And for good measure, yeah sorry about that pun lol, Click Here for Taker and Big Show, Taker in flats, Big Show in normal boots.
chris said on 25/Jan/08
brother_h has something up his arss
hannah said on 23/Jan/08
There's no need to be rude about it! It's obvious you have it in your mind that he wears lifts and no amount of evidence to the contrary is going to change your mind. If anyone is nuts it's you, Edge clearly wears sneakers and kickpads which have the illusion of appearing like thick boots but they are not!
brother_h said on 23/Jan/08
i feel sorry for kane = but looking at him in person he looks different than he does in the 90's, he is bigger uptop and his legs dont look broken. well still alil broken.

those are edges big boots u nuts, they go upto his knee and the sole is thick as ur skulls.

he always has worn boots or elevated shoes to appear taller on screen with the other wrestlers.
and john cenas face is messed up haha.
so anyway. edge wears lifts u nuts.
Chris said on 22/Jan/08
Even if edge was wearing lifts which he really isnt, it wouldnt give away much height because he is naturally atleast 6'4 brother_h you crack case
hannah said on 22/Jan/08
Here's a pic of the shinguard strap underneath Edge's trainers.
Click Here
He doesn't wear boots anymore!
hannah said on 22/Jan/08
Edge does not wear lifts! He wears trainers/sneakers covered by shinguards not normal wrestling boots.
Da Man said on 22/Jan/08
Kane's knees do seem permenantly bent now.
brother_h said on 22/Jan/08
isnt jake the snake 6'1?
and look back at the WM21 contract signing of taker and randy. taker has 4-5 inches over orton and their both wearing dress hoes...well UT has his normal wrestling shoes on.
and edge appears as tall as randy becoz he's wearing LIFTS u nutter. look at them staring face to face. at times edge looks taller and looks shorter. look at his boots, their massive. and he has only 1 inch over HHH and HHH is 6'2. batista wears dress shoes when hes not in wrestling gear. edge always wears boots when on tv.

for kane, look at the inferno match against undertaker. look at kanes knees their horrible. bent out of shape to the shins.
D-lurker said on 22/Jan/08
well i saw kane on Raw recently in a match against hornswoggle and well he sure shrunk in his old age...*coff*..o.k so it was a bad joke, i won't ever do it again :(...
Alex2 said on 21/Jan/08
Click Here Kane looking within 2" of Big Show (probabaly wearing big boots)
chris said on 21/Jan/08
how can edge be 6'3 and orton 6'5 when they appear the same height? also edge is taller than batista who is listed at 6'3
Jiga said on 21/Jan/08
oh yeah
Kevin Nash - 6'10

I also don't know if Kane with half mask changed his boots to larger sole ones he wears now but my comment below is refering to wwe Insurrextion 2003 i think.
Red said on 21/Jan/08
brother_h nice estimations
but rethink Ortons height, he was about 1" shorter than a old Jake Roberts in tennis shoes and never looked really much taller than Edge.
I give him 6
brother_h said on 21/Jan/08
u really think edge is 6'5?!

edge is 6'3 dude
randy orton 6'5
batista 6'3, 6'4 peak maybe
HHH 6'2,6'3 peak maybe becoz of injury
cody rhodes 5'10
goldust 6'5 (wasnt he a cruiser weight??)
mick foley definate 6'2, hunch may have taken him away from 6'4, he does have a tall build.
snitsky 6'5
Funaki 5'8
JBL 6'6
greg helms 5'11
matt hardy 6'0
jeff hardy 6'1
john cena 6'0
umaga 6'4
Goldberg 6'3
Rock 6'3
brock lesner 6'2
kurt angle 5'9
Jiga said on 20/Jan/08
Look at Kane when he came back after injury 2002 when he had new attire and music. If you look at his boots they're flat pretty much. They're not the larger ones they are now.
Alex2 said on 20/Jan/08
Jiga they are very good estimates, here are a few of mine :)

Kane 6'8.5"-6'8.75"
Undertaker 6'7.75" (today)
Andre the giant 6'11.5 (peak)
Kevin nash 6'10.25"
Uncle Elmer 6'10.75"
Viscera 6'6.5"
Ron Reis 7'2"
Khali 7'1.5"
JBL 6'6.5"
Albert 6'7.25"
Big Show 7'0.25"
Lance Cade 6'5"
Mick Foley 6'3"
Kurrgan 7'0"
Samoa Joe 6'1"
Hillbilly jim 6'6"
Giant Gonzales 7'6.75"
Sid 6'7"
Hogan 6'6.5" (Peak)

Thats all i can think of for now
Jiga said on 20/Jan/08
Kane - 6'8.5 maybe 6'9 peak
Undertaker - 6'7.5 maybe 6'8/6'8.5 peak
Big Show - 7'0.5 peak
Dalip Singh - 7'1/7'2
Andre The Giant - 7'1 peak
Mick Foley 6'2+ (He seems to look suprisingly taller against a lot of wrestlers billed taller the hunch wouldn't help at all, he states in Have A Nice Day 6'4 and Mick does not seem like the lying about height type. It's weird how he said 6'4 and he was billed 6'2 maybe the hunch makes him 6'2 when he's taller...?)
MagicTouch said on 20/Jan/08
The tallest I seen Kane was at King of the ring 2000. He stood nose to nose against the big show and the difference was like only 1-1.5 inches. No one except Khali stood up to big show like that, not even Kevin Nash who at best was 2.5 inches shorter than Show.

Must be some mega lifts Kane had then! :)
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/08
Kane 6'8 - does not look more even with in-ring gear
UT 6'7
bigshow 6'11 - 7'0
khali - 7'0 - 7'1
big daddy V - 6'6 - 6'7
Batista - 6'3 tops
snitzky - 6'4 - 6'5
andre the giant - 6'10 - 7'0 tops
Edge - 6'4 - 6'5
Randy orton - 6'4 - 6'5
Alex2 said on 18/Jan/08
Silo was 7'6???
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/08
The Executioner, ur funny. u think those are real heights? tsk tsk

Kane 6'11 (in ring gear) 6'8(without)
Imposter Kane 6'7(think festus)
Undertaker 6'10(minstry) 6'7.5(normal shoes)
Kevin Nash 6'10(prime) 6'9(now)
Big show 7'0
Khali 7'2
Big daddy v 6'7
Mark henry 6'1
Batista 6'3
Hulk hogan 6'3
Boogeyman 6'2
Snistky 6'5
Andre the Giant 7'2 (the tallest wrestler in history stood 8'4, silo sam was the tallest on AWA at 7'6)
Hornswoggle 4'5

Jiga said on 17/Jan/08
Click Here
tuga provided this link on the 14/Jan. As he says below did Percy Pringle/Paul Bearer really say it? It's an Undertaker fan site so they could of just said that. I tried asking Percy a while back, on his website or something like that, and didn't get a reply. I suggest we all go to JR's website(Click Here) - go onto blog and reply asking who's taller out of Glen Jacobs and Mark Calaway. Also you could try asking Bearer on Click Here
Anshelm said on 17/Jan/08
YouTube clip of Kane + some other wrestlers for your guesstimating purposes Click Here
Mr. X said on 17/Jan/08
no, Khali is the tallest wrestler, living wrestler anyway, he's 7'2" Big Show is 7'0 1/2" and Andre was barely 7'0"
KingNick said on 17/Jan/08
Jiga, can you provide a link for that?
tuga said on 17/Jan/08
Sorry, anonymous is me, can
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/08
Editor Rob, sorry for posting this here, but it seens I can
The Executioner said on 17/Jan/08
Kane 6'11 (in ring gear)
Imposter Kane 6'9
Undertaker 6'10
Kevin Nash 7'0
Big show 7'0
Khali 7'3
Big daddy v 6'9
Mark henry 6'1
Batista 6'5
Hulk hogan 6'6
Boogeyman 6'2
Snistky 6'7
Andre the Giant 7'4 (the tallest wrestler)
Hornswoggle 4'5

ok now you all probley think Im stupid but beleive me i know
my heights
Jiga said on 17/Jan/08
So who believes the statement on that about Percy Pringle saying Kane is 1.5" shorter than Taker?
Frank said on 16/Jan/08
Hi kevin sounds good buddy...Kevin i believe alot of these guys wear lifts in there wrestling boots and appear taller in ring gear than they do in street clothes..and at events they also wear cowboy boots with lifts in them too because i met Randy Savage , Bret Hart and Tatanka and they all looked taller than me and i seen Tatanka in sneakers and i was almost 3 inches taller than him and i am 5ft 11 1/2 and back in 93 Todd Pettengil use to announce for the WWF he wore cowboy boots to make him appear about 5ft 11 and when i met him he was in dress shoes and he looked 5ft 7 to 5ft 8 i have cowboy boots that dont make me alot taller :o)
Tuga said on 16/Jan/08
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
thanks for the support mr\.6\-\5.i think in the above pic he looks 6-8.i never met the guy.i do have a lost,but will find one day pic of me with undertaker/pallbearer.and macho man.i notice alot a new wave of shorter men.5-4 to 5-6 least a 10 percent increase.more on the for your range,im no expert,but id say 10 percent are your range.maybe im a moron.
Mr, 6'5'' said on 16/Jan/08
hey glenn you are the man bro, thanks for all the awesome pictures. personally how tall do you think kane is, i think he's 6'8 in this picture with Mamun, what do ya think. and have you ever met him. also, I was wondering if you could give me some percentages of heights like how many are above 6 foot and above 6 foot 6 and so on, cuz Im 6'5'' and 6'6'' with shoes on, and i am noticing a lot more dudes my height or slightly shorter then myself, thanks for your time man peace
Kevin said on 15/Jan/08
I meant to say Kanes height raised, in case any of you dont know his name which Im sure you do
Kevin said on 15/Jan/08
alright Frank, my bad, sometimes I get very heated when it comes to wrestling as I love the business very much and love to perform also, so heres what I can do, next time I get the call to come to a show Ill try to get proof to put this matter to rest once and for all and get Glen's height raised... how does that sound?

and once again Im sorry
glenn said on 15/Jan/08
exactly lmeister.hell,maybe 240 many times once.or a few reps.300 mustve been my imagination.180-200 was my regular.i think.maybe 150 was the 10 reps.
Ray said on 15/Jan/08
Danimal: How can the Undertaker have lost 2" in height?!? I don't see it. I know it's just speculation but come on, where's the evidence? I might be able to buy 1" at MOST but really that may be stretching it also. When he stands straight he still looks like the tall man he always was and still is. I'll agree with Frank that Sid probably had some help in his boots. I also think Kane surely does too - always did. Big Daddy V has help in boots also.
Alex2 said on 15/Jan/08
Danimal thats kinda dumb as if you look at his Staredown with Khali hes DOES look 6'8 easily and im sure everyone would agree with that.
nick said on 15/Jan/08
Danimal everyone is different, some people loose up to 2 inches some only loose a half inch and some people dont even loose height until their 50's.
The undertaker is very tricky when it comes to altercations with wrestlers. With a 5'11 shawn michaels he definatly looks 6'7 6'8, but with guys like batista and for some reason triple h he doesnt. Batista is billed at 6'5, he very well can be wearing an inch lift inside of his boots.

The undertaker from his early 20's to early 30's was most likely 6'8'' Now i would say he is 6'7 so the average of The undertaker is 6'7.5. Triple H i know for a fact makes himself to be around 6'4 in ring gear,from late 90's to early 2000's. Now he is more nonshalant about it and thats why he looks shorter.
Frank said on 15/Jan/08
Danimal i know i met him back in 94 and he told me he was 6ft 9 and he did look it im not saying he was but in ring gear we was no shorther than 6ft 8 that i do believe
Frank said on 15/Jan/08
I seen Tatanks in Street clothes and he was shorter than me and i would say 5ft 9 and Brother-h these guys wears lifts in the ring im sure of it
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/08
Frank, I really believe taker used to be around 6'9, looking for example his staredown with Nailz who had more hight on mean gene than peak hogan, its clear taker had quite some hight on him, I posted the vids at taker
Lmeister said on 15/Jan/08
Some ppl are just naturally stronger than others. a friend of mine benched 280lbs without going to gym. He is tall(6ft2.5) and looks kinda skinny, but is strong as hell. I mean he could probably lift at least 350-380 lbs, if he bothered going to gym.
brother_h said on 15/Jan/08
i seen that vid of kane benching 500lbs. i jus dnt know how to put them on this site =[
but that was like 7 years ago.

how can u have tatanka at 5'9? hes taller than 6'0 matt hardy.
as we all keep saying, kane and taker both have to be 6'8-6'9 each.
im pridy sure their the same heights.

marty jenetty at 5'11? really?? but he's 2 inches shorter than shawn miachaels and he's like 5'10-5'11
Frank said on 15/Jan/08
If you look @ Taker & Kane on the video when they went to visit the kids Taker actually looks alittle taller than Kane or atleast the same height both are in street clothes
D-lurker said on 14/Jan/08
"I meant frank sorry D-lurker my bad"

haha no worries, it was an exciting read non the less.....have to admit to never have tried cheezos....or have i?.

never doubted kanes strength..he's done some freakish things over the years 4 sure.
Danimal said on 14/Jan/08
Frank, You met Taker 15+ years ago. He is NOT the same man today. He was never 6'9" and I personally do not believe he was a full 6'8" either. He is shorter today Frank. You have to grasp this concept and try and forget what he was in the early 90's. We are 2008 now and like Hogan and many others Taker has shrunk up to 2" imo. Taker NEVER had 2-3" on Sid. NEVERRRR. At most 1". Sid was 6'7", while Taker could have been 6'8". Taker is 6'6"-6'6.5" today. TODAY Frank.
glenn said on 14/Jan/08
back when i was lifting in the 90s i was im 190.
Electric Shock said on 14/Jan/08
Kane could easily in his prime do 500+ lbs. If you want proof of his strength, there's a video on youtube (I'll find it asap but I'm too lazy right now) where Christian has him in an armbar on the mat, and Kane picks him up, one handed, deadlift, and tosses him. No jump. No help. Christian couldn't help at all in the position. It was dead weight, one arm.

There was also a time where Kane got Big Show (who weighed about 465 at the time) on one shoulder and moved him in position for a tombstone piledriver. That's insanely hard to do considering the weight, and that the only thing holding someone up in tombstone position is your arms and body to body.

As for Kane's height I'm going for 6'8.5" barefoot. He wears lifts, which make him 6'10.5".
Alex2 said on 14/Jan/08
Glenn, how much do you weigh?
Alex2 said on 14/Jan/08
Tatanka 5'8 really? I always thought he was legit 6'0"
Da Man said on 14/Jan/08
Then what do you make of the Isaac Yankem photos? No 1.5" soles there.
glenn said on 14/Jan/08
d-ray-i having problems with 100 now.had to start like when i was a kid with 60.well maybe im wrong about 300,but i know i was doing 240 5 reps then at least.and maybe i did do 300 once.
Frank said on 14/Jan/08
Well Taker told me he was 6ft 9 and he looked it but again he was in ring gear
I seen Sid in street clothes and he did not look as tall as i thought he would be to me he looked about 6ft 6 and i know it sounds crazy but he must wear lifts in his boots to look about a half inch shorter than Taker
British Bulldog 5ft 8 to 5ft 9
Jim Neidardt 5ft 9 1/2 to 5ft 10
Lex Luger 6ft 4 (but he was wearing big boots)
Vince 6ft 1 to 6ft 1 1/2
Sid 6ft 6 (in street clothes)
Taker 6ft 8 to 6ft 9 (in ring gear)
Marty Jeanetty 5ft 11
Tatanka 5ft 9
Paul Bearer 5ft 10
Rikishi 6ft .5 to 6ft 1
Kevin Nash 6ft 10 easily
Godfather 6ft 4
Again this is how they appeared to me I could be wrong
tuga said on 14/Jan/08
Yes Frank, Its hard to believe, but the thing is I don
Frank said on 14/Jan/08
Tuga i dont think Percy Pringle would say that but i emailed hin and i asked him what is Marks real height because i know some wrestlers wear lifts in there boots and he say they dont but some wrestlers have thicker soles than others Which is BS
Frank said on 14/Jan/08
Kevin you dont know who you are talking too I have seen alot of these in Person Taker, Kevin Nash, Macho Man, Brett Hart, Tatanka, Mable , Marty Jeanetty, Sid, Vince, Rikishi,Lex Luger, Irs, Yokozuna, British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Jim The ANvil Neidardt so i know what i am talking about...I just meant for Kane to say im between 6ft 8 to 6ft 10 sounds Stupid...Its like me saying im 5ft 11 1/2 to 6ft 1...And i dont eat cheetos im 188 ponds with a 34 in waist and im 45 years old... Go to the Undertaker page thats me and go to the Vince Mcmahon Page thats me and go to Solofu Fatu (Rikishi) thats me also so i met them in person not on a couch :o)
D. Ray Morton said on 14/Jan/08
Glenn - 300 lbs. even once is pretty impressive. Most I ever did back in the day was 315, but that was a one-off. These days, due to health issues, I'd have trouble with 150.
Alex said on 14/Jan/08
I can believe Kane can work out with 405lbs easy and bench over 500lbs for his max.
Tom said on 14/Jan/08
Taker at his heaviest (circa 1999) weighed around 335-340lbs in my opinion.
tuga said on 14/Jan/08
Frank, I agree with you, I happened to watch WWE armageddon last night and kane has huge boots, big daddy V also and even mark hendry, but kane
glenn said on 14/Jan/08
danimal-i used to lift weights but wasnt a pro or 24/7 like some of you are,but i could swear once i did 300.1 rep.if i didnt,which mustve been my imagination, i for sure did 10 reps of 200 with ease and maybe 240 tops.with not as much ease.maybe 3-5 reps for you mean to tell me 300 is tough for most? doesnt make sense to see pics of me now, and then.though you downplayed me with drastic measure once,i was and im still somewhat muscular.even if i have 100lbs gave me a problem over the summer.mainly cause of a bad wrist ive had for 10 months now or so.i did light weights and worked out since 10.i was doing 5 pounds then.20 by 14.just curls.benching by 14 too actually.i think 60 start.actual heavy weight lifting by 21 or depends on the individual not claiming to be strong or anything,seriously,but i did outlift my athelete,football playing friends.
Kevin said on 14/Jan/08
look I was at the ****ing show talking to him backstage what is the closest youve ever been D-lurker on the couch at home watchin them on t.v. and eatin cheetos, and the reason he doesnt know is because people ask him so much he sais its just easier to say "I DONT KNOW"... I meant frank sorry D-lurker my bad
Electric Shock said on 14/Jan/08
Kane's bench record is 535. He REPEATS 410.
D-lurker said on 13/Jan/08
regarding Kane's dave's comment down below from december 8th..

"repped out at 430lbs" ...."and yeah his max bench is well over 500lbs.."
Frank said on 13/Jan/08
How can you not know how tall you are ?? especially being in that buisness
There is no way Kane is a inch and a half taller barefoot !! Kevin Nash was about that much taller than Taker Kane is about .5 taller if he is taller barefoot
Alex2 said on 13/Jan/08
Kevin i agree, Kane has siad himself hes 6'8 1/2 hes no way under 6'8 He needs upgrading
Alex2 said on 13/Jan/08
Danimal, ive read from books,articles, newspapers, so please dont think you know it all as im sure Shaq is extremly strong.
Kevin said on 13/Jan/08
I just did a smackdown event last night in jonesboro, Arkansas... now I was only ring crew/security, but I did manage to get some talk time in with some of the performers there that night kane and undertaker being 2 of them... Now barefoot kane was about 1 1/2'' taller than undertaker from my point of view which was about 5' away... and kane said he was between 6'8'' and 6'10'' but he didnt know exactly and thats coming from his mouth
Jiga said on 13/Jan/08
So Kane isn't that strong compared to others??? Kane is second lightest in that list Alex. Kane is minimum 6'8. I think 6'8 - 6'9.
Winst27 said on 13/Jan/08
The old Kane looked really tall and towered over most people except fot the Big Show but it was quite obvious he was wearing high heels lol.
Danimal said on 12/Jan/08
Shaq benching 455 pounds??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Alex2, have you ever been in a gym? Do you realize how much 455 pounds is. Shaq is a tall and somewhat lanky (not skinny) BASKETBALL player. Do you know what that man would look like if he was able to actually bench close to 300 pounds??? He would be MASSIVE. Kid, learn a thing or two before copying and pasting nonsense from the web.
Mark said on 12/Jan/08
Kane was billed as 6'7 on WWE website at beginning but was soon taken off. Rob's absolutely spot on. Think Kane has between 1/2-1 inch on Taker.
Mr. X said on 12/Jan/08
Kane is actually 6'8 1/2" ( 6'9" peak ) the billing of seven feet is absurd, Andre the Giant was 7'0" legit.
Alex said on 12/Jan/08
Alex 2, I've read about that too but we're unsure if its their max or do they actually work out with it. Big difference. I can max 300-305lbs but I work out with weight much less than that. I've read Lesnar was benching 475lbs for an actually set and Angle's 420lbs I am assuming may be a max, unsure.
Alex said on 11/Jan/08
Standard wrestling boots gotta give minimum 1 inch, if not 1.5 inches. Guys with lifts give 2 inches plus. Kane's case they give 2.5 inches I'd say.
Alex2 said on 11/Jan/08
Alex, i know you've told me your Bench press record before, but i have forgotten, i am 15 and at the time my max is about 135lbs-140lbs but aim to improve, there is a 75 year old down at my gym who can top out at 195lbs! I have been reading up on some athletes bench records and this is what ive found:

Kane: 410lbs (uncertain, possible more)
Brock Lesnar: 475lbs
Lex Luger: 405 (weighs 235 apparently)
Larry Allen (Dallas Cowboys) 600lbs apparently
British Bulldog: 540 lbs!
Jimmy Snuka: 525lbs
Shaq: 455lbs
The Rock: 425lbs
Kurt Angle: 420lbs

and Tiger Woods suposadly benched 190 at one time, thats all i can find for now.
Alex2 said on 11/Jan/08
Maybe that might be why we have low listing for Kane as he has knee problems and has a hunch, i still think hes 6'8 minimum though, Rob needs to upgrade his height compared to the fact he has Tyler Mane at 6'8 who i can bet Kane is bigger than 100% agreed?
Da Man said on 11/Jan/08
Alex, agree 100%.
Alex said on 11/Jan/08
Kanes boots over the last couple years appear to give 1-1.25 inches. Back then I am sure they gave 2-2.5 inches.
D-lurker said on 10/Jan/08
yea i have noticed kane is slouching, i caught one entrance and he looked to be in a bit of discomfort in the knee area..i do remember an interview where he states he has issues with his lower back and knees..could well be catching up on him..
ShawnG said on 10/Jan/08
Kanes boots have 1.5 heel
Alex2 said on 10/Jan/08
There is a very good chance Taker was a legit 6'8 in 1997
Alex2 said on 10/Jan/08
Has anyone noticed how Kane is alwayts bending his knees latler, humm does he have leg or knee problems? I be precise id say there is 1.75" on those boots.
Ghost said on 10/Jan/08
Danimal, are you saying Taker weighed like 350 lbs in 2000?
JT said on 9/Jan/08
Alex2 says on 9/Jan/08
Kane 2 inches in boots lol, id ont think so
brother_h said on 9/Jan/08
yea kane did have 2 inch lifts. or still has them idk i havent been following wwe for awhile.
and for kanes weight i would have to say he looks alot heavier since 2006.
like maybe he is 320 now or more. he does look more solid.
and looking at recent pics and vids of taker i say 270lbs.
he looks abit more bulky than he did last year.
Alex2 said on 9/Jan/08
I think we can though from all our evidence, points say that Kane is nothing under 6'8
nick said on 9/Jan/08
kane is 6'8 max id say. For him to be 6'8 he would be around 6'8.5 out of bed and around 6'7 3/4 at night just like everyone else. I still think if him and taker had a barefoot staredown they would be exactly the same height. That video with show is decieving, kane is always 3 inches shorter with his ring gear on and the camera angles make that video a non indicator.
Alex said on 9/Jan/08
Kane for sometime I think had boots giving him 2 inches to his height.
Danimal said on 9/Jan/08
Taker is MAX 285 pounds and that's pushing it. He looks to have dropped about 65 pounds since 2000.
Alex2 said on 9/Jan/08
Kane 2 inches in boots lol, id ont think so, maybe 1'.5" but 2 or 1 inch it would still put him 6'9-6'10 there
Tom said on 9/Jan/08
Chris, I could be wrong but he looks well under 300lbs. My 280 estimate sounds like a safe bet (he could be even lower). Have a look at Kane who looks like a legit 300 pounder standing next to Taker, the difference in size (bulk) is very clear. I'm a huge Undertaker fan as well, and I'd also like to believe he's also 300lbs.

Not sure why they decided on 299 instead of just 300 - might have to do with the fact that it sounds more accurate and actual and less of a "thumb-sucked figure".
Alex2 said on 9/Jan/08
I really think Kane needs upgrading to at least 6'8 from what everybody has gathered
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
theres 2 inches not 1.
and kane looked like he was wearing his usual 2 inches.
Alex2 said on 8/Jan/08
Just look how tall Kane looks next to Big Show in this video, like 1" amazing

Click Here
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
299 is stupid. they should jus say 290 or 300.
taker honestly looks 260lbs in person. its weird.
and vegas, im saying people think their taller when their with tall people. like when people are the same height. one will think he is taller than the other, while the other thinks the same.

i wish taker was 300lbs agen. but not look like how he did in the 90's where he had fat cheeks.
chris said on 7/Jan/08
if taker is around 280 then that is too skinny for a person with that height and physic. come on the guy is tall and has muscle. 300 pounds is normal
Tom said on 7/Jan/08
They can't keep listing him at 305lbs. Seeing as he barely looks 280 these days. Even the 299 is abit of an exaggeration.
chris said on 7/Jan/08
it sounded weird how undertaker is in the 200 pound bracket now as said on smackdown
Alex said on 5/Jan/08
Brother, its not hard to me to estimate a 6'4 guy much. It gets tougher at 6'7 plus.
brother_h said on 5/Jan/08
true alex. when a ur tall like 6'4. and u look at a person who is 6'0. u can easily tell he is 6'0. but when ur the 6'0 guy looking up at the 6'4 guy. u'll think ur 6'2 becoz ur looking at the 6'4 guy wrong.

thats wat alot of guys here do. think their taller becoz they think their nearly as tall as the tall person.
Alex said on 4/Jan/08
when you're a legit 7'6 you can pass for 8'0 to average sized people, even some tall people. Its like not 6'6 getting away with 7'0 which is much harder.
Alex2 said on 4/Jan/08
Here is a non wwf interview i found of Gonzales and Wippleman on Regis and Cathy in 1993, really cool, Gonzales talks in a normal voice and claims hes "almost 8 feet" Click Here
Chris said on 4/Jan/08
Click Here

Look how tall undertaker looks next to JBL in this clip.. it looks like his shrunk now recently when JBL and undertaker looked the same height in the ring not long ago
Alex2 said on 3/Jan/08
I think Gonzales was more 7'7" or at least 7'6.5"
Frank said on 3/Jan/08
Listen i seen Gonzalez @ Madison Square Garden and he was hugh when your 7ft 6 to 7ft 7 that looks like 8ft because its hard to judge what 8ft looks like anyway
tuga said on 3/Jan/08
Still with the Jbl thing, I
brother_h said on 3/Jan/08
didnt it? btw i was anonymous, i was using a diff comp at the time.

and, both my comps suck and wont play vids properly.

umm i was hoping that promo showed taker and orton face to face and the cam was on the side of them showing the 4 inches i saw.
damn, we need more promo's of wrestlemania 21 coz thats where i saw taker didnt look 6'10 like they said and made me come here =p
chris said on 3/Jan/08
that clip didnt show anything "anonymous"
JT said on 2/Jan/08
That looks like at least an inch heel for Taker there, Ray. Those boots are shiny leather too, unlike his boots from a year earlier (Click Here). They
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/08
I kinda agree on vegas's second pic. maybe if gonzalez stopped lifting his chin up he taker would be upto his lips.
tuga maybe right with gonzalez wearring the huge boots.

Click Here
check this out. this should have the orton and taker face to face on the side showing 4 inches.
i didnt watch it coz my internet is only going 7kb/s

and that jbl pic, taker is right beside him u nut.
KingNick said on 2/Jan/08
Plus I really don't think Taker had boosts in his shoes 1990-1993. There's no evidence in that pic that he does, half an inch tops.
Ray said on 2/Jan/08
Actually, if someone were to draw a line where Gonzales ankle would be in JT's first pic I would say it would be nowhere near the bottom of his boot; there would be quite a bit of area between where his ankle is and the bottom of his boot.
Ray said on 2/Jan/08
JT: Taker's boots look the same to me as he always wore back then - how are they different? Gonzales boots are huge. I've said before he got some inches of height added due to his boots but a few people dismissed it probably because it would make Taker taller than they suspected. Gonzales was billed at 8'0" so it seems logical they would want to give him as much height as possible. They wanted to make him monstrous.
tuga said on 2/Jan/08
Gonzalez could walk barefeet and dwarf just about everyone, including Taker,the point is he was billed 8
JT said on 2/Jan/08
(Click Here) (Click Here) (Click Here) At least a 10 inch difference considering the size of Gonzalez
Alex2 said on 1/Jan/08
Gonzales did have huge boots on Taker and definatley no more than 9.5 inches on Taker, i really doubth these for today: Undertaker 6'8.25 Kane: 6'8.75
Alex2 said on 1/Jan/08
I still even with Gonzales (actually stretching himself as tall as possible with big boots) dont see any more than a 9-10 inch difference between the two.
tuga said on 1/Jan/08
Alex2 said on 1/Jan/08
Why is it so hard to accept that Taker is 6'8-6'8 or at least once, look at brother_h pics, he clearly shows us hes 6'8 minimum even today perhaps. As for Kane i found this video with him and 6'6-6'7 Bradshaw and he has 2.5 inch on him Click Here
height estimater said on 1/Jan/08
kane seems to have got shorter over the years.. whether this is because he was wearing lifts.. im not sure.. no way is he 7 foot like he is billed to be... maybe when he first came into the wwe he was 6 ft 9.5.. I dont think he barely makes 6 ft 8 now, id say bout 6 ft 6 to 6 ft 7.
Frank said on 1/Jan/08
Taker has a couple of inches on JBL And people keep posting that picture of JBL probably in Cowboy boots with Lifts looking close to Takers height or the camera angle was off...And the picture below shows Taker in sneakers looking more than an inch on JBL looks like 3 inches and Taker has his head tilted and if Takers head was straight it would look close to 4 inches
Vegas said on 1/Jan/08
what do i say now, i say try much better :P
1.undertaker is about 5 feet closer to the camera than jbl, unless you believe takers head is twice as big as JBLs and taker has about 100lb on an ex nfl offensive tackel. JT posted a photo about a year back of JBL and taker side by side and they were both the same height but jbl was in cowboy boots to takers trainers
2.i see nothing in the orton video, again taker is much much closer to the camera and even then i don't see the 4" you mention
3.a person's height is measured STANDING FULLY TALL (some here including yourself it seems, don't realise that), gonzales has his head bent down there, raising your head is full height, gonzales posture is awful in that video but when he does stand fully tall (3.28, 3.39, 3.54 for example) he was so much bigger than the slouched version, go to tito ortiz's page to see how much height a 6'2 guy loses looking down (i lose more than 2 inches bending my head), now multiple that by 10 with a 7'6 guy, here are the best shots from that match of a fully tall gonzales Click Here and Click Here btw
brother_h said on 1/Jan/08
look at 4:08 on that gonzalez video. yup. not with his head held up high like ur pic there vegass
brother_h said on 1/Jan/08
randy orton slaps undertaker, but its only a second where u see 4 inches. there were better shots on promos for wrestlemania but i cant find them.
Click Here

idk how to make the links clickable but here is taker with 3 inches on JBL.
Click Here

and in that pic, gonzalez has his head raised up.
Click Here
watch that when he doesnt have his head raised, and there are other pics but my photobucket is really not helping -_-

so vegas, what say you now.
KingNick said on 31/Dec/07
Happy New Year!!
Vegas said on 31/Dec/07
brother_h please provide evidence of randy orton looking half a head shorter than undertaker, that is impossible as i met both guys (half a head = 5 inches)

oh yeah provide evidence of JBL looking 3" shorter than undertaker, i don't see 3" here Click Here

btw big show was billed at 7'5 before he joined WCW, thats his highest billing

undertaker didn't come up to gonzales' lip when gonzales "stood up fully straight" Click Here
brother_h said on 30/Dec/07
ok so lets review. even though i dont have pics of wrestlers or a proper photobucket.
hulk hogan, billed 6'8, real 6'6. was towered by 6'9-6'10-6'11 undertaker by 2 to 3 inches. making his real height 6'9.

Sid, billed 6'7, real 6'7.5, was an inch shorter than taker, and at some points, same height. making taker 6'8.5

Viscera, billed at 6'9 and 487lbs(heaviest was 530lbs) real is 6'6.5, usually looks the same height as taker, and at some points an inch shorter, but hard to tell with that mohawk and his giant size. that will make taker 6'7.5

big show, tallest billed was 7'4 wcw, then 7'2 wwf, and 7'0 wwe. real would be 7'1 or 7'0.5, towers every person alive, outsized taker by 4-5 inches, half ahead. that will make taker 6'9-6'8 or 6'8.5-6'7.5

Khali had a good 5 inches on taker, another half head. khali is billed 7'3, real 7'1 or possibly 7'2. if so then taker would be 6'8 or 6'9

RKO is 6'4, and is half a head shorter than the deadman, making him look 6'8.5

JBL a real 6'6, billed at 6'7 before APA and 6'8 during APA. he is dwarfed by taker by 3 inches in every shot their in. other shots have him looking an inch shorter than taker. making undertaker either 6'8 or 6'7.

Giant gonzalez exagerrated at 8feet tall and 450lbs. real was 7'6 and 420lbs.
if taker really was 6'6 then he would have come upto his chest and not his bottem lip. that will make taker 6'9 or close to 6'10. his shoes did look abit higher than usual.
tuga said on 30/Dec/07
Yes Ray, Taker had 3 inches or very little more back in the day, in 2002 had 4 inches, maybe a bit more depending footware and posture.
Ray said on 30/Dec/07
Yes, I would agree with ALex that Taker had Hogan by 2-3 inches back in the day/peak and I'd say 4 inches now. Hogan is no less than 6'3" and in fact is probably closer to 6'4" than 6'3" so it's obvious Taker wouldn't be under 6'7" and closer to 6'8" if comparing him to Hogan. Not only Hogan but many others: Orton, JBL, Viscera, Big Show, Khali all show Taker to be in that height range IMO.
tuga said on 30/Dec/07
Sorry, I forgot, the anonymous is me.
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/07
Ok, so at leat 4 inches in 2002, today?? Click Here
Look, I never bought the 6
Alex said on 30/Dec/07
Tuga, UT never had 5 inches on Hogan. Today it would be 3-4 inches and both at their peak heights it would have been just 2-3 inches. In their faceoffs a couple of years ago in 2002 during their feud I saw 3-4 inches as well.
brother_h said on 30/Dec/07
damn taker is still a big dude compared to normal people.
well the tallest i remember taker having over hogan was 3 inches during takers first year and '02 times.
hogans tallest height would have been 6'5 or 6'6, since he was billed 6'8 305lbs and takers billed was 6'9-6'10 and 320lbs, the average weight for a man over 2 meters is 110kg, that is about 240lbs.
so since hogan may have been 6'6 in his prime then that'll make taker 6'9 or 6'8. and now 6'7 or 6'6. but if taker is 6'6 now then we should downgrade randy orton to 6'1 since taker has half a head over him. go back to when orton slaps taker in the face when their signing the contract. randy came upto his nose.
randy is definatly 6'4, maybe abit closer to 6'5 since he is an inch taller than batista and batista's tallest would be 6'4. and the guy off smallville is 6'0, just to clarify.
so taker is 6'7 now, hogan 6'3, orton 6'4, batista 6'3. maybe.
u guys help me out
Jiga said on 29/Dec/07
test is looking taller than taker here at albert/a-train's wedding
Click Here
Jiga said on 29/Dec/07
Glen Jacobs/Kane - 6'8.5
Peak - 6'9
Minimum - 6'8
Danimal said on 29/Dec/07
Okay Tuga, Taker does not have 5" on Hogan. Never did and still doesn't. Taker has shrunk for crying out loud. Alex, explain this to him please. Thanks.
tuga said on 29/Dec/07
sorry, here goes the link again:

Click Here
tuga said on 29/Dec/07
Danimal, if you put taker at 6
Alex said on 29/Dec/07
I still stick with my 6'6 1/2 estimate for UT today and I'd go with a full 6'8 for his peak. If you look at him compared to back then its very possible he lost 1.5 inches. That or he use to wear big lifts.
ted T said on 29/Dec/07
I would say 6-7,5 peak and 6-7 now for Undertaker.
Danimal said on 28/Dec/07
Tuga, Taker was only about 6'7.5"-6'8" at his peak and he hasn't been that height for years. He has been south of 6'7" for at least 6 years. 6'6.5" is very accurate for Taker's PRESENT height.
tuga said on 28/Dec/07
I agree with you Frank, taker and kane look the same height, kane was only a little taller than taker when he had lifts.
Alex, taker at 6
Alex said on 28/Dec/07
I've seen Kane look as much as 2 inches on UT in the past when he wore his bigger lifts.
Frank said on 28/Dec/07
Alex, Kane looks about a half inch taller than Taker most of the time and Im sure Jacobs wears Lifts
Alex said on 28/Dec/07
UT looks around 275lbs today honestly. He was 320-330lbs in 98-2001.
brother_h said on 28/Dec/07
i met kane too and he says 6'8.5, and i seen undertaker, not up close but at the airport when they were coming in. taker was just standing there watching everyone being welcomed, and he really is tall, taller than the 2meter doors.
and he is REAAAAAL skinny. he looks muscly on screen but in person he's skinny as hell.
i reckon 6'8.5 260lbs. the height is just a guess from wat i saw.
HellBoundPower said on 27/Dec/07
Big Show looks to have no more than 3 inches on Taker. Kane wears lifts to be as big as Taker. I'd say Taker is 6'8" barefoot (6'9" with his wrestling boots), and Kane is probably 6'6.5"-6'7" barefoot.
Danimal said on 27/Dec/07
Frank, Taker WAS wide when you saw him and got even wider in the late 90's, but he lost 50-65 pounds starting in 2001.
Alex said on 27/Dec/07
I'd say right now UT is 6'6 1/2 and Kane is 6'8.
lsu alum said on 27/Dec/07
i use to buy into the kanes 6'10" but after talking to people i know who have seen him in person 6'7.5" is dead on
Frank said on 27/Dec/07
I met Taker and believe me he a very tall guy and he is very wide TV dont show
that...Ask Eric he can tell you also he met Kane
tuga said on 27/Dec/07
I don
Danimal said on 27/Dec/07
This was at a time where Page was feuding with Hogan and they both appeared on the show and Hogan was still 6'4.5-6'5" in 1998. He edged out DDP by a bit. His serious height loss came POST 2000.
brother_h said on 26/Dec/07
Taker has 4 inchs on hogan.
dont compare UT with bigshow in those pics compare him with mcmahon. mcmahon comes upto takers chin. thats 6 or so inches. so taker would be 6'8-6'7.
and bigshow had half a head on taker so 4-5 inches over him.

i never knew DDP was a tall dude. i always thought he was 6'0 looks 6'5.
Dave said on 26/Dec/07
ddp is certainly a genuinely tall guy, and ALWAYS looks a full 6'4. sometimes even more! same with scott hall, a genuine and legit 6'5... and always wore very flat boots.
winst27 said on 26/Dec/07
hmm, if Kane was 6'8.5 then Undertaker would be about the same and Nash would would be 6'11 .. Kane looks to be standing fairly straight there with Mamum.
ShawnG said on 26/Dec/07
Alex big show doesnt have 5 inches on ut in those pic mayb 3.5 but not 5
Alex2 said on 26/Dec/07
DDP looks 6'5 easily in those pics and always does
Kevin Durant said on 26/Dec/07
I think i already know the height of Diamond Dallas Page, he certainly look like a legit 6'4" if you compare his height to 5'11" Jay Leno, and 6'8" Karl Malone.

Here is 5'11" Jay Leno and DDP back in 1998

Click Here

DDP 6'4" and 6'8" Karl Malone

Click Here
Alex said on 25/Dec/07
Big Show has a good 5 inches on UT in the pics Nick posted.
Alex2 said on 25/Dec/07
I can believe 6'8.5 for Kane, sounds fair and correct
brother_h said on 25/Dec/07
i agree with alex. not alex2, im never agreeing with alex2 or blockboy. both bloody idiots.
and i just saw danimals post so my bad man.

when i met kane at the start of the year, he was huge, when i asked him his height he laughed and said im 7ft, he laughed agen and said 6'8.5
Alex said on 24/Dec/07
Danimal, I'm not too suprised there are still fans out there to believe Kane is 7'0.
nick said on 24/Dec/07
Click Here
Hogan with undertaker 4 inches
Alex said on 24/Dec/07
6'7 minimum, 6'8 max Kane is.
Alex2 said on 24/Dec/07
No way is Kane just 6'7 hes minimum 6'7.5 but more like 6'9 to be real
Danimal said on 24/Dec/07
Blockboy is VERY new to this site and he's young and the combination of the two is deadly ;)
ted T said on 24/Dec/07
Kane is 6-7 max.He was billed that in 1992.I'm wishing everyone MERRY CHristmas!!!!
Alex2 said on 24/Dec/07
Merry christmas to you too Mamun
Alex2 said on 24/Dec/07
Kane is NOT 7 foot, but i think he very well could be 6'9 at least at his peak anyway.
Mamun said on 24/Dec/07
I am wishing everyone here A MARRY CHRISTMASS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR .


blockboy said on 24/Dec/07
6"7 hell noo kidding me hes 7ft when he standed face to face with the 7"3 Great khali he had 3 inches on him. And look at mamun compared to kane he has more than a foot on him anyone who says kane is under 7 feet your are BLIND
brother_h said on 24/Dec/07
well actually hogan was slightly taller than rock in 2002. rock would be 6'3 so hogan will be 6'3.05? but in his wrestling gear he would have to be 6'5....hmm ok i need to do more researsh on my least favorite wrestler.

and btw i did say maybe UT is 6'8. 6'7.5 is still taller than 6'7 btw.
Alex2 said on 23/Dec/07
Has anyone watched Smackdown on Friday? I was so shocked to see how much Viscera TOWERD over Mark Henry at one point it looked like 7"
Alex2 said on 23/Dec/07
Wow Hogan must set the record for the fastest, earliest shrinking man, i still beg to differ hes under 6'4, he sure looked it with Khali or even more.
LV said on 23/Dec/07
After seeing this recent evidence, I'm fairly confident UT and Sid were both 6'7" or 6'7.5" and Kane was 6'8" for their peak heights. I think Hogan was nearly 6'6" peak, maybe 6'5.5".
Danimal said on 23/Dec/07
Hogan was between 6'5" and 6'6" in his prime. In 2002, it was very noticeable just how much height he had lost. During his WCW days (up until 2000) he still appeared tall. Not AS tall as he had been, but tall. Something happened in 2001. It could have been the hip replacemet, the fused neck, another back operation or knee replacement. In any case, by 2002, he was under 6'4" in my opinion. He has been consistently getting shorter even since then (2002).
Alex2 said on 23/Dec/07
No please realise Hogan was not 6'5 in prime, look at the evidence i think he was 6'6 minimum
Red said on 23/Dec/07
Hogan was 6
Jason said on 23/Dec/07
Looks more like 3'' in that one, Red. Taker's looking down, but Hogan's just relaxed, like in the Triple H one and when Lesnar arched up at him.
Alex2 said on 23/Dec/07
Hogan i think was 6'5 in 2002 and Taker is at least 6'7.5
Red said on 23/Dec/07
Click Here
Jason said on 23/Dec/07
Hogan 6'3'' and Taker 6'8''? There's not anywhere near 5'' between them even today, mate...
brother_h said on 23/Dec/07
??? jeremy, do you have proof you are 7'0?

and alot of your estimates are complete BS

Rock is 6'3
hogan is 6'3
UT is maybe 6'8
kane is over 6'8, close to 6'9.
In alot of shows and pics Kevin nash appears taller than bigshow, nash is 6'10. show would be 6'11-7'0.
Khali would be 7'1.5

Big daddy V is 6'6, Kane wears smaller boots than BDV.
Alex2 said on 22/Dec/07
Taker 6'6 pfff yea right! prove it!
Danimal said on 22/Dec/07
No, Kane was 6'8" peak and Taker 6'7.5" peak. Sid was 6'7". All very large men, but none of them were, including Kane was ever a full 6'9" if JR was including 6'8" when referring to him. That would have been his absolute MAX. I don't think Taker was ever a full 6'8". Close, but not quite. Today, Taker is 6'6"-6'6.5".
Zaraki said on 22/Dec/07
i happen to be a huge kane mark and when i see the comparison between him and Big Daddy V it makes me sick to my stomach because Glenn is a much taller person and for my belief of his height 6'10" max 6'8" min. The way they heavily push any old heel with height into a match against kane so they can seem "strong" is just wrong like they did with Snitsky,Umaga,Mark Henry,Big Daddy V and the worst of the bunch with absolutly noi skill,Khali.Heres hoping he gets another title reign within the forseable future.
KingNick said on 22/Dec/07
Jiga, I def agree. Every person who's ever come on this site claiming to have met Glen Jacobs has said Jacobs said he was around 6'8.5" (some said he said 6'8.5" i think one said 6'8.25") He had a myspace when "See No Evil" was coming out and he had himself listed as 6'9" (on myspace you can only put your height in 1" intervals i.e. you can't put 6'8.5" so he rounded up. Makes sense, I'm 5'10.5" and I put 5'11" on my myspace). He would have said 7' or 6'11" if he was trying to play up to the character.
Jiga said on 22/Dec/07
exactly LV i've said that since the start of this Kane page when i posted the vid of him as Isaac Yankem and Taker. You can see their boots as flat well at least Yankem's. Yankem wouldn't be wearing lifts he was a jobber if anyone it would be Undertaker. Why would WWE want a jobber like Yankem to appear bigger, badder and stronger than Undertaker... doesn't make sense. That video with Undertaker and Kane on America's Most Wanted look at Kane's shoulders even when he's behind Taker they're higher, even simply look at his head it's taller. Refering to Yankem/Taker match: It's true that undertaker has a tall head but look at Yankem's knees, hips, shoulders, facial features and although you can't see top of taker's head he's closer to camera anyway so i say
The Undertaker - 6'8 peak height barefoot/6'7 - 6'7.5 now
Kane - 6'8.5 - 6'9 peak / 6'8 - 6'8.5 now barefoot
Jiga said on 22/Dec/07
no d-lurker i was just stating that glen jacobs as kane has not tried to talk up himself or his kane gimmick when people were supposed to think kane was 7' he was saying 6'8.5 this make me think that he'd be telling the truth does anyone else think this/agree???
Jiga said on 22/Dec/07
Danimal i mean as Kane no one ever said he was under 6'10
LV said on 21/Dec/07
Check out 1:30 (Click Here). What more proof do you need? I'd say Kane is close to 1" taller. Kane was a complete jobber. There is ZERO chance he was wearing lifts. Just listen to the announcers talk about how well Yankem measured up to UT. They never came out and said it but its clear Yankem was taller.
D-Lurker said on 21/Dec/07
Jiga says on 21/Dec/07
but Kane has been quoted by people that met him and in interviews as saying his own height as 6'8.5 - 6'9"

is this in reply to my comment? i said glenns measurement came in as 6ft8 1/2 (hang on by that i mean 6'8" and a half<<<) i didn't write .5 on the end, if this is were the confusion is?
KingNick said on 21/Dec/07
Glen Jacobs debuted at Summerslam 1995 as Isaac Yankem against Bret Hart. McMahon, doing commentary, said "he's 6 feet 10 inches". Then in Survivor Series 1995 during a huge tag match JR refered to him as being "a big guy, he's about 6'8" or 9" Royal Rumble of 96 either JR or McMahon reffered to him as being 6'9". All these videos are on you tube. Bottom line is, to me, considering all the shots of him in street clothes, he looks minimum of 6'8".
Danimal said on 21/Dec/07
Jiga, that is outright NOT true. J.R. announced him at 6'8"-6'9" and 315 pounds as both the fake Diesel and as Isaac Yankem.
Tuga said on 21/Dec/07
I would say taker and kane are the same hight, kane with lifts of course was a little taller, but even so not by much. Both 6
Jiga said on 21/Dec/07
Are you Blind nick??? Kane is clearly TALLER than Taker throughout that video look at shoulders, head, etc.!!!!!
Jiga said on 21/Dec/07
but Kane has been quoted by people that met him and in interviews as saying his own height as 6'8.5 - 6'9. Glen Jacobs said this himself. I have not once heard anyone say he is under 6'10 or 6'10.5 by announcers etc. There's just so much proof we've seen of Glen Jacobs being at least 6'8 at up to 6'9!!!
D-Lurker said on 21/Dec/07
If some long time posters here remember, there was a claim on this thread bout half a year ago, that both these peoples heights were measured whilst at a gym..Undertaker came in at 6ft8 and Glenn 6ft8 1/2...Not sure if that person posts anymore but it is very easy to believe..was it eric or someone?..I'd love the opportunity to meet these blokes in real life..
LV said on 20/Dec/07
The best evidence of Kane being taller than UT is when they fought when Kane was playing Yankem. Kane was 1" taller and was still jobbing, so he definantly wasn't wearing lifts.
KingNick said on 20/Dec/07
That Kane/UT video is hard to judge. nick, as much as I am for UT being tall, I think UT is closer to the camera in that video. They look very very close in height there and it does look like they're in normal footwear. That's why I think there's no more than .5" between the two, the only reason I give the advantage to Kane is because of this photo with him as Yankem Click Here now looking at this angle Click Here they look even closer in height. UT's eyes are lower but his head juts out higher. They're close, it could even be .25" difference.
Frank said on 20/Dec/07
To be Honest Paul I seem him in Street clothes and he Looked about a Strong 6ft 5 to 6ft 6 and I know you guys probably think im crazy for saying that
I believe alot of these guys wear lifts in there Wrestling Boots
Da Man said on 20/Dec/07
Nick, no comparison can be drawn from that video.
Paul said on 20/Dec/07
Frank how tall do you think Sid is ? I don't think you have quoted an specific estimate yet.
Dave said on 20/Dec/07
ray, i still think that kane has an inch on taker, they had a staredown when kane was isaac jankem, and remember kane was a silly jobber at this time,... and kane had him by a full inch, and at that time if anything they would have wanted taker to be taller, and after meeting them both i am a firm believer than kane is the taller man, i had to look up more at him, even if only a little,...... and they were both wearing trainers after a show.
Kevin Durant said on 20/Dec/07
I think Kane's real height is 6'8.25" because he does tower over guys that are at least 6'4"-6'5".
nick said on 20/Dec/07
Click Here
Kane and undertaker on a show . Both appear very tall compared to average people for glimpses. At the end of the video kane (in partial gear in his mask is with the undertaker. I am definitly assuming that they are wearing regular shoes as apposed to wrestling which can be tricky with kane as we know. At 58 seconds to about 102 they are standing together, the undertaker appears taller because he is closer, but toward the end he comes back a little and still appears to edge out kane. This proves without a doubt that kane is no taller than the undertaker. In the yankem stairdowns he only appeared taller because we all know takers low set eyes and high forhead. In the Undertaker list i posted a video with sid and taker, taker edges him out pause the vid at 2:43 you can see taker has the edge then sid appears to stand on his toes slightly from there on.

Anyway pause this vid at 1:02 kane has no height advantage at all and you can just tell by the segment itself. Both are in regular footwear. The kane being taller than taker...out the window!
Danimal said on 19/Dec/07
Frank, if you saw Taker in full gear and Sid in street clothes, doesn't that tell you something? MAYBE, just, Taker was had some added padding. Again, Sid was 6'7" and Taker 6'7.5"-6'8" in my opinion.
Frank said on 19/Dec/07
LV Sid is alittle shorter than Taker ....I seen both of them in person Taker looked hugh in person but he was in Ring Gear and I seen Sid in Street clothes and he really did not look as tall as i thought he would...I believe alot of these guys wear lifts in there Wrestling Boots
Ray said on 19/Dec/07
"LV says on 18/Dec/07
That guy looks 6'4". Tarik Glenn is 6'5"+ because he is almost the exact same height as 6'5.5" Peyton Manning and that kid is may be 1" shorter. Also, we can't see their feet and Glenn probably has a footwear advantage from heeled dress shoes. I'm leaning towards Kane being closer to 6'8". Recent posts on UT's page show UT to be as tall as 6'7" Sid and Kane is taller than UT, so it makes sense to me."

Sid is taller than UT? No no no, Taker always had Sid by an inch. Kane being taller than Taker is also debatable IMO. Kane had Taker by maybe 1-2" when he first debut but he had on huge footwear. Kane MAYBE has Taker by 1" now and his footwear is still suspect. Really, if Kane is taller than it's by a hair .5"; take thos ebig boots off Kane and I'd like to see how he stacks up.
Kiat said on 19/Dec/07
So Hogan is still 6'4" today, since the dude is around the same height as Hogan?
LV said on 18/Dec/07
That guy looks 6'4". Tarik Glenn is 6'5"+ because he is almost the exact same height as 6'5.5" Peyton Manning and that kid is may be 1" shorter. Also, we can't see their feet and Glenn probably has a footwear advantage from heeled dress shoes. I'm leaning towards Kane being closer to 6'8". Recent posts on UT's page show UT to be as tall as 6'7" Sid and Kane is taller than UT, so it makes sense to me.
Dave said on 18/Dec/07
either way, on the evidence presented here in the past few days, kane is NO less than 6'7 and is about 6'8.5 at maximum.... i think 6'7 is a little unfair to him, as he does appear big, and we must remember the fact he is bald, which makes you look shorter in pictures (just to the naked eye glance).....

I think kanes height will remain a mystery to be honest, and whether hes 6'7 or even 6'9!!! we will probably never know, i think for now we can all agree that hes a BIG tall guy, whos well over 6'6 and who youd probably not want to mess with..... my personal estimate is aboout 6'8, im gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, and he did look pretty darn massive when i saw him a few weeks ago, i would have estimated him 6'10 barefoot in person, which probably leaves him at 6'8 in actuality, because when you look that much up at someone they appear taller than they actually are. If youll remember manmun even said that he thought kane about 6'10 in person, so he is the kind of guy who in the ring etc can look a weak 6'7. but when you meet him in real life he has the prescence of a 6'10er, even eddie will support this.

I think someone will need to get the measuring tape out on this one! LOL.....

kane is near 6'8 flat for me, many of the pics here support this.
Danimal said on 18/Dec/07
So EDDIE, I guess you brought along a tape measurement to get that door ficture at 6'10"?
Vegas said on 18/Dec/07
that dude is at least 6'4, he towers over Johnny Damon Click Here and is barely shorter than 6'5 Tarik Glenn Click Here

the shot with snitsky is taken outside in a carpark and ground is rarely level outside
Alex said on 18/Dec/07
On this board the majority of us believe Kane is 6'7 minimum and 6'8 max. Its just debatable on which height he is.
EDDIE said on 18/Dec/07
I'm about 5'11" and when i met kane we were by a door fixture which was 6'10" kane was wearing regular running shoes which gives u about an inch and he had to bend is head a little bit to go through, so my guess is that he is 6'9" or 6'10" bare foot, and yea its a shame that they only made him wwe champ for like not even a month in 99 or something, i think he deserves better than that, and what injury did kane get?, and yes he was prolly at his strongest from 99-01 in the tanktop, he had a little definition but he had a lot of mass and size which is all u need, like when he slamed the big show, now n days he has trouble chokeslamming umaga. not what he used to be thats for sure :(
JT said on 17/Dec/07
ShawnG, the pic with Kane is tilted in Kane's favor. You need to rotate it 4 degrees counterclockwise. That guy did look 6'4" in most of his pics.
Alex said on 17/Dec/07
That guy with Kane who was with many other wrestlers looks to be at least 6'3, could be pushing 6'4 at most.
Ghost said on 17/Dec/07
There's no way, that guy is 6'5, he could even be 6'3 and a bit.

Snitsky has supposedly said he is 6'4 and didn't look much taller than Randy Orton. He could be 6'5 but more.

I have admit though, in his pic with Kane, Kane looks atleast 6'8.

I believe Viscera is 6'6,5 and that Kane is 6'7,5, they never appeared more than an inch apart in the ring.
ShawnG said on 16/Dec/07
this boy is 6'4 or 6'5 and kane is at least 4 or 5 inches taller and kanes not standing completely straight

Click Here

and here is the same 6'4 or 6'5 guy guy with snitsky and snitsky is about 2 inches taller
Click Here

and here he is with big vis and vis is about 2.5 inches taller
Click Here
Da Man said on 16/Dec/07
Everyone from Dave Meltzer to Mick Foley to Taker to Chyna to Chris Benoit have remarked on Kane's strength. I read an article from 1999 - 2000 or so in which Dave Melzer said Kane was the strongest person on the WWF roster in the gym. Chris Benoit once said that Kane was the strongest person he had ever met, as did Undertaker. Mick Foley has stated he personally witnessed Kane (not kayfabe) doing casual reps with 405 lbs. (bench). I have no trouble believing Kane in his prime could put up well over 400 lbs., even at 6'7"+.

Also, in regards to Magnus breaking Nathan Jones arm in the arm wrestling match, form acomplished that moreso than power. Jones had a horrible, horrible grip.
Danimal said on 16/Dec/07
Are we forgetting Mark Henry, Goldberg and Brock, who have ALL demonstrated insane feats of strength?
Kevin said on 16/Dec/07
as ive said before im a wrestler in the memphis area, and as far north as detroit, hoping to go west soon!!!, anyway ive done the same shows as kane on 3 sepperate occasions and we have got to talk quite a few times, hes about 6'9'' and 6'10'' with boots his max weight was 339 he has repped out at
435 lbs and the most he has ever benched was 540 there that dicussion can end now any question just ask and ill answer if i can.

btw, he is probablly the strongest person in the past decade of pro wrestling.
Alex said on 16/Dec/07
JP, I agree Kane needs a World or WWE title reign again but I doubt its going to happen anytime or never again.
JP said on 15/Dec/07
Probably its true, over the years these wrestlers loose height due to the punishment they take in the ring!!!! However i also agree with the coments made by some other lads, Kane is one of the best wrestlers of the past decade and its a pitty that the WWE uses him to make others look good!!! Every time they want to make somebody look good, they make him beat Kane!!! I guess final years in the WWE will be similar to those of Andre the Giant, making others look good at his expense!!! I wish the WWE could give him a well deserved title reign which would also give abit of freshness to the WWE title!!! I guess everyone is tired to see a no talent punk like John Cena or Edge always win the title!!! Its time to give Kane (a true legend) a title reign!!!!!
Danimal said on 12/Dec/07
I totally agree with you Dave, but Magnus Samuelson is a freak among freaks. He is one of the strongest men in the world. He has broken a 6'10" 350 pound man's arms while arm wrestling. For him to put up 615 pounds for reps, well, that doesn't surprise me. Bill Kazmaier, standing 6'3" set the record in 1979 at 660 pounds. Kane, while having been enormous is not in the same category as Magnus, Geoff Capes, Kazmaier, John Paul Sigmarson, Manus Ver Magusson (all between 6'2" and 6'6"). I'd be impressed to see him put up those 10 plates on the bar. Seeing is believing I guess ;).
Da Man said on 12/Dec/07
Kane always had Snitsky by more than 2".
BRM86 said on 12/Dec/07
I really wish I could find the picture of my friend standing next to Kane. He's 6'6" bare foot and Kane had him beat by 2 inches or more. I still stand by my theory Kane is 6'8" bare foot and possibly 6'9" or 6"10 in his prime.

If anyone remembers Kane's feud with Snitsky, when the two of the faced off in a cage match I belive Kane had Snitsky beat by around 2 inches by my estimation and Snitsky I don't think is any less than 6'6" and they both seemed to have been wearing the same sized shoes.
Dave said on 11/Dec/07
danimal.... i know its hard to believe but supposedly according to mick foley and taker he can do it, and they saw him do it on a number of occaisions. And around 2002+ kane was as close to ripped as he could be described, he had veins on his arms and close to a six pack! LOL>..... but from what i remember and what my dvds suggest he only managed to keep this physique for a very short time.

I am only 6'1 flat, and a bit of a gym rat.... my max bench is about 120kilos and i nearly kill myself with it. And to imagine a guy 6'7+ with arms that long benching THAT much is quite far fetched!.... im not suggesting i would be aywhere NEAR someone like kanes ability and power, all i am simply saying is that it is a hard thing to imagine, just like you said danimal.

But i watched a video of former worlds strongest man magnus sammuelsson benchin 280kilos for 3 and it looked like if he pushed himself he could have done it for 5 without too much difficulty.... and hes a legit 6'6+.... so it is a possibility.
Alex said on 10/Dec/07
I don't think anytime soon Kane is getting the World/WWE title around his waist again. If he was going to have a run at it then it should have been back then. But now would be easier since you have less big names then back then.
Atoadaso said on 10/Dec/07
Yeah it's pretty sad that after all these years, Kane has held the title for a total of 1 day, lol. They need to give him a push and change his character somewhat.

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