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5ft 6.28in (168.4cm)
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
i have seen aishwarya. she looked 6" taller than me with her 3-4" heels and i'm 5'5". so she must be min 5'7" may be more
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
Ya thats true, i have seen tabu very close to me. I'm 5'61/2"(1.69cm)Tabu was atleast 5 inches taller than me.she was not even wearing big heels,her heels is maximum 2".
Angel said on 8/Feb/06
Hey ya Tabu was really lookinh very tall in indian idol 2 n even in sare gama pa , she looked as tall as Shaan or may b even taller then him
5'7" said on 8/Feb/06
did anyone see Tabu on indian idol 2?Then maybe those people will understand why miss rai looks shorter than her.Check out this link-
aravind said on 7/Feb/06
hey guys check those pics, if even sush is towered by couple of chiks then wat abt ash.its funny.
aravind said on 7/Feb/06
i am amazed by the ht of yuktha mikhey . shes definitely abt 6 ft tall and more. c her pic shatrugan sinha who is 6'1 according to news.
abhinav said on 6/Feb/06
The photos may show aishwarya rai jumping to touch lara, but we don't have clear idea in the photo of the heels shoe of lara. All other photos with tabu, shilpa are not full, we don't know who was with bigger heals. Aishwaray is Sure 170 cm.
aravind said on 4/Feb/06
see tabu towering ash

see pooja batra towering ash

luks shorter than all gals

jump to touch the top head of laraduta

looks abt 3" shorter than SRK whos 5'8
aravind said on 4/Feb/06
shorter than amir khan in this pic,hehehehe
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/06
shorter than madhuri.
shorter than lara even in heels.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
Many Photos not give clear idea, we don't whether people are in same level, wear same heal, etc. I am sure aishwarya is 170 cms. I have not seen her. But I saw a photo of her with isha gopikar. Both wear 2" heals, isha is 1-2 cms taller than aishwarya. I have seen isha up very close to me waering flat shoes, she is atleast 2 inches taller than me(I'm 5'51/2"-166cm).If isha and aish are of nearly same height then aish is 170cm
PKB said on 3/Feb/06
Okay, Aishwarya is much shorter than Shilpa Shetty. But does not depict the relative heights properly at all. She is looking like a midget next to Shilpa and shorter than Mahima as well in this picture. Clearly, they are all not standing on the same level (provided they are all standing).
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
look at them .ash is short.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
yukta mookhey is real giant.even if ash is 5.5" she is looking like hardly 5 feet tall beside yukta.she also taller than sush.
arvind said on 2/Feb/06
hey guys i met our late PM pv narasimha rao b4 8 yrs and got prize frm his tht time i was 15 yrs and 5'5 tall stil narasimha rao is 2-3 in ches shorter than me, same as ash with rao. so ash is 165 cms max.
arvind said on 2/Feb/06
guys see this pic, ash is a real shortie and looks so short even she sits. all sitting on same flat surface. shes maximum 165 cms according to me and unfit to be a model but beautiful for a gal
mike said on 2/Feb/06
hey check ash is looking like a kidd wth yukta mookhey she is atleast 6,7 inches shorter. ash is 5'5 max
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/06
ya tabu is very tall. i saw her in a shooting in ooty with a renowned shortie of tamil films actor arjun. hes abt 5'5 tall maximum and when i saw him standing near to tabu,he is upto shoulders of tabu and tabu is in flats!!! and also u know when they both stand the he stands in a slop[e which was wantedly created by director. i think tabu is 175-180 cms tall as tall as sush.
mike said on 1/Feb/06
iam a 5'6.5 guy n i saw tabu at a function where she was standing in front of me n believe me she towered over me i was embarrased she was lot taller than me tabu is 5'10
abhinav said on 31/Jan/06
I think Aishwarya is around 5'7".yes is 2-3 inches shorter than than tabu.But i think tabu is 5'9" or 5'10".Tabu in a film look 3-5 cms taller than isha koppikar.I have seen isha close to myself, she was wearing normal shoes,she is an inch taller than me.I'm 5'61/2"(169cm).Then Isha should be 171 or 172, so surely tabu is over 175cms.So aishwarya should be 170cm
aravind said on 28/Jan/06
see guys u cant beleive the height of actresses. here see the pic of south indian actresss imran whos noted as tallest actress in south india tht is 173 cms tall. but see this opic how she lluks short next to shortie kamalhasan whos 168 cms tall and ramya krishnan whos 162 cms tall.simran is in red
aravind said on 28/Jan/06
pooja bedi is more than 5'8 i think so, she may be 5'10 bcos i saw her in mumbai nariman pt shopping complex in 2005 august,actually she was wearing a 2-3 inch hells and shes abt an inch lesser than me. am already 190 cms and with heels she may be 182 cms tall!!! and u c her with aamirkhan with jo jeeta woh hi sikander she towers over him verry much. and i think she may be 5'9 or 5'10. am sure tht ash is 5'5.5 or 5'6.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
Bollyfan, thax for link on the Ash's pic in Cannes. On careful observation, one can see that she is also wearling heels, though may not be as big as Meg Ryan's. Aravind, i though Pooja bedi is also 5'7-5'8".
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/06
she is tall for an indian chick but not very tall.and if u compare her with another miss india,models or some actress she is very short.
aravind said on 27/Jan/06
no shes not tall at all. shes of average height and below average for a model. and u know if she stands near nicole kidman,katie holmes and uma thurman, she will really look tiny.and also i saw her in a fashion model with indian model shonal rawat whos 5'11 and may be 6'1 in her hells, but she towered ash like anything and ash looked very tiny.and also in just pooja with pooja bedi ash hugged pooja bedi and pooja bedi bent her body so like tht to hug her whos abt 5'10.and ash never goes out in flats.even i am 6'3 tall and i think ash need a stool to kiss me!!!!!!even she so short compared to 6'1 tall abishek bachan and wat abt her if she acts with 6'3 guy like me!!!!
James said on 27/Jan/06
I think she's at least 5'6". In Bride and Prej, she looks 5'6.5 - 5'7" inches tall. She's very tall for an indian chick.
ester said on 25/Jan/06
just about everyone's height on this website is being disputed, that doesn't mean they're not the height they say they are
PKB said on 25/Jan/06
By the way, Meg Ryan's 5'8" height has been also disputed in this website.
PKB said on 25/Jan/06
Thanks Bollyfan. I had missed it out.
ester said on 25/Jan/06
PKB, in that picture, aishwarya looks about 2 inches shorter than meg ryan, how do u know that meg isn't wearing heels that are 1 inch taller than ash's?
Bollyfan said on 24/Jan/06
Guys Check this picture out: Ash in flat shoe and Meg Ryan in heels(3 to 5 inch).

PKB its the same event from which you posted your link.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
ash is looking 4-5" shorter than meg ryan.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
ash always wear u will not see her drawfted by an actress.
aravind said on 23/Jan/06
i think PKB u produces a good source. meg ryan is 5'8 . never expect ash in flats when he goes overseas. so ash is 5'5 damp sure.
PKB said on 23/Jan/06
Here is Aishwarya Rai next to 5'8"(?) Meg Ryan:,%20Aishwarya
J-Dog said on 23/Jan/06
She isn't 5'5", there is no evidence or proof of that at all, all the proof centers around a approximate science, and she was on Oprah, stood side by side with 5'7" Oprah, and was the same height.
ester said on 23/Jan/06
yeah, IF she's 5"5. u don't even know that
we said on 22/Jan/06
ash may be above averege height for indian female at 5.5" but she is well below for a model which she was.
ester said on 21/Jan/06
the girl's already well above average height for indian females, why would she further push it?
fan said on 21/Jan/06
i would like to say that sonali bendre at 5'7 looked taller than aish in hamara dil aapke paas hai
316 said on 21/Jan/06
Looks more like 5'6" to me. But the thing with her is that she is very lean, which makes her appear a lot taller than what she actually is.
rr said on 19/Jan/06
Hi Ester, you could visit Laetita Casta's section in this website. That is also as disputed as Ash's.
mike said on 19/Jan/06
no in that pic ash n shilpa were standing
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
ash can't be more than 5.5".i am sure because in some pic with priety zinta she looks only few inches taller than her.and priety is only 5.2" for sure.
ester said on 18/Jan/06
i don't think ash is lying about her height, look at this pic: link. if laetita casta is 5"7 like it says on imdb, then so is ash.
PKB said on 17/Jan/06
It is not clear from if Aishwarya and Shilpa are standing or sitting. Following the same link there is a picture in which Shilpa towers over Sushmita Sen. It is very possible that the stars in these picture are sitting.
as said on 17/Jan/06
karishma tanna is taller than kareena and lara dutta.but i think all three of them r wearing high heels and kareena is wearing the highest one for sure.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
if shilpa is 5'9 then ash is really 5'6 bcos i saw shilpa in chembur in her residence. she always wear flats when he go out for a party and i my self stay in chembur next street to her house.i am damp sure tht ash is 5'5 or 5'5.5
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
hey guys c karshma tanna, shes as tall as bobby deol.baap re!!!!
mike said on 14/Jan/06
check this ash is clearly shorter than shilpa shetty
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
hey jj, i dont know any link whereu can find tall actress with short ones but i can give name of movies where u can find good comparission.
dosti- kareena with lara and karishmja tanna(tallest tv actress}
neal n nikki- tanisha with sarah mohan (tall model)in hala re song
taj mahal- pooja batra with kim sharma
biwi no. 1 - sushmita and karishma
parwana-pooja batra and amisha patel
bus itna sa khwaab hai- sushmitasen and rani mukherjee
and my fav. kahin pyar na ho jaye-rani and pooja batra.
s.ban. said on 9/Jan/06
Everybody look in Arvinds pic,
look how fat Aish has got. Aish is not 5'7 maybe 5'5 if she's lucky. She is known to be a lier and most people don't like her in India as a person.
rr said on 9/Jan/06
Great Bollyfan, i knew about that pic and was trying to find it, but could not.
Bollyfan said on 8/Jan/06
Check this pic out:
Tabu and Aishwarya bare foot.
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/06
since ash is going to hollywood i would be interested in knowing how she compares with a grade stars like catherine zeta jones, charlize theron, cameron diaz, keira knightley, kate winslett etc
jj said on 7/Jan/06
in that pic amisha is looking like midget.i enjoy that pic . can any one send more pic like that where actress r drawfted by any other tall actress or women.
jj said on 7/Jan/06
ya arvind i also think ash is standing on small chair or stool because she 4" shorter than sush and 2.5" shorter than diana.and amisha is only 5.1".
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/06
hey guys check out in this pic amisha is atleast 3 to 4 inch shorter than vandana luthra who is 5'6,voteid-513908,type-0.cms
aravind said on 5/Jan/06
hey guys, see this funny pics of ash with sush and diana hayden. i dont know whether ash is standing in stool r on a small chair!!!!
aravind said on 5/Jan/06
hi pals this is ah pic with big b and junior b. abi is 6'1 and big b is 6'2. i saw tht show and ash was wearing 2" heels when she lifted her bottom i noticed. so see the difference , her head comes to shoulder of junior b. so i swear ash is 5'5!!!!
PKB said on 4/Jan/06
In the still picture of Aishwarya and Tabu, it appears that Aishwarya is standing straight while Tabu is sort of leaning. This makes Aishwarya much shorter than Tabu. Is that the case, or is Tabu wearing high heels and Aishwarya is not?
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
in the second picture sush is looking much taller than ash where both r sitting.
aravind said on 4/Jan/06
hi pals, here another comparison proving tht ash is 165 cms.c the pic in link. tht actor is hardly 5'7 and i saw him and hes way shorter than me and am 6'3. and also see tht heels of ash. so i swear ash is 5'5.
aravind said on 4/Jan/06
hi pals, this pic is pretty more intersting. see ash with a small girl. tht girl is near my area and i saw her most of time and shes hardly 5'1 r 5'2and also see tht old actress shes about 5'4. so ash is surely 5'5 i swear and all r in flats. so guys ash is not really tht much tall of 5'7.5 as all u expect.
aravind said on 4/Jan/06
hai guys see this comparison with ash with tabu.tabu is 5'8 according to reports but see ash is definitely 2-3 in ch shorter than her . i swear ash is 5.5
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
i agree with heights given by heights.diya mirza is shortest in group.she is comletely drawfted by yukta.if u look at second pic. u can see sush and ash sitting beside each other.and sush is much taller than ash.while sitting heels can't help u.
anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
sushmita sen admits her height is only 5'8.

also, in miss world they cite her as 5'9.
Heights said on 2/Jan/06
Group picture of Aishwarya Rai, Diana Hayden, Diya Mirza, Yukta Mookey, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen after Femina Miss India 2000.

Ash is 5'7, Diana 5'9, Diya 5'6, Yukta 5'11, Lara 5'8, Priyanka 5'7.5, Sush 5'9.5. All these ladies are wearing heels, Sush looks as tall as Yukta because she's wearing platforms with heels.
rr said on 2/Jan/06
my previous comment was for a request by anonymous to sho a pic of ash being towered upon by a taller girl.
anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
hey rob, remember that picture with laetitia casta, gong li and ash? they were all about the same height (if not ash looking shorter!)...but casta and li are both 5'6.5 or 169 cm on this site. why isn't ash posted as this height yet?
fan said on 1/Jan/06
since ash is going to hollywood i would be interested in knowing how she compares with a grade stars like catherine zeta jones, charlize theron, cameron diaz, keira knightley, kate winslett etc
rr said on 1/Jan/06
Ash dwarfed - not really but she looks reasonably shorter than her predecessor miss india runner up Karminder Kaur who is listed as 5'9.5"
Ahsun said on 31/Dec/05
Hey ed hats off to you for doing a great job.Can you plese tell me who is the shortest male and female celeb on your website.
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/05
priety zinta cannot be the same as kareena height. kareena is way too tall
Nazish said on 28/Dec/05
Aishwarya's height is 5'7'' as said by Zoom Television (an Indian channel)
Sushmita Sen's height is 5'9 1/2'' as said by Zoom Television (an Indian channel)

Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor are both 5'5'', as said by B4U (an Indian channel)

So all your questions are solved.

Have fun!
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/05
can anybody give me the link where ash is drawfted by a tall girl.please reply
Anonymous said on 22/Dec/05

girls from Venezuela are always tall.look at the above links.celina looks like hardly 5 feet tall beside the girl from Venezuela .but she is 5.6".similarly sush is 5.9" but the girl from Venezuela is very tall.
aravind said on 21/Dec/05
hey guy se this website pls. its very interesting tht beauty from venezuela is towering over sush and sush look like a shortie next to her.pls check this
sam said on 18/Dec/05
kareena is only 2" shorter than lara dutta who is 5.8".so kareena is 5.6" and ash is also 5.6".
yeh... said on 18/Dec/05
rai is a legit 5'6" and no less. next to different actors and even wen she was on the oprah show, she looked 5'6", possibly 5'6.5".
rick said on 18/Dec/05
kareena kapoor is 5.51/2".she is half iches taller than ash.
sam said on 17/Dec/05
does anybody know kareena lapoor's height?
Ruchi said on 12/Dec/05
according to me, Priety zinta may b 5.2 but Rani is hardly 5 also
rupesh said on 12/Dec/05
amrita preity zinta is exactly 5.2".she had said this in one of her interview .and if preity is 5.2" than rani must be 5.1".as she is one inch shorter than her.
rr said on 7/Dec/05
Maha - This is a site about heights - so obviously, the guys who are interested in heights will come here. If you are a gal, its a good height. Other things matter, but you can change them more easily than height! if you are a guy - well, Mark Robinson is also 5'9" (may be shorter) - i met him in Bangalore in 2003.
amrita said on 6/Dec/05
height is not only thing to become a good model.
there is no way ash can be 5.7".as a ramp model she was always considered very short but was most beautiful.she lack height so she couldn't become an international model.she is 5.5".
sushmita may be the tallest actress in bollywood . but i think amisha is taller than rani and rani is shortest actress.what about priety's height.i don't think she is more than 5.2".i will wit for ur reply.
Maha said on 5/Dec/05
hey guys,
i can see all of you are very interested in people's heights but im 5'9 and 15 years old.. you think i should be a model?
rr said on 30/Nov/05
Since this page is getting interesting, i must also put this experience here. There is a club called on anon in Picadilly circus area in Central London - i saw a group of 4 white women, all of them over 6' tall. the tallest was around 6'4" and towering over every one. Around 80% of the guys are taller than my 5'10.5" whenever i go to that place.
rr said on 30/Nov/05
Pooja Batra is listed as 5 9" in her website (, but during the miss india contest her heoght was listed as 5'11". Any one seen Zee cine awards 2002. She was a compere in the and with heels was 6" taller than SRK. And she looked over a foot taller than rani mukherjee.

now, it is femina miss india which quoted her as 5'11". So, you can be almost sure that it is cooked up. However, for some one who is already tall they do not cook up the height so much, and it was in 1993, when they still did not get into this art of cooking up. So, 5'11" may be authentic - from an old pooja batra fan
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/05
sushmita sen is taller than pooja batra .she is as tall as yukta.
pooja is 5.91/2"
sush yukta are 5.10 1/2"
i think amisha is shorter than rani .
ruchi said on 27/Nov/05
hey friends can some body tell m Tanushree dutta`s actual height?
coz in her profile its written 5.7n half which i think is definately not true
wt do u all think?
ruchi said on 27/Nov/05
i too agree with saahil but i think the tallest actrecc is pooja batra or yupta mukhee
saahil said on 27/Nov/05
sushmita is definately tallest actress but i dont think ria sen is shortest actress because is not an actress yet.according to me rani mukherjee is shortest among actress little shorter than amisha and priety zinta .
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/05
who do u think is tallest and shortest bollywood actress.
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/05,voteid-0,type-0.cms
ash is 5.7".and sush is 5.11".hey , Rob please start comments on height of rani mukherjee.she is big india star but every she is mentioned as 5.4" while she is only5.1" tall.
annie said on 21/Nov/05
hi Rob! i think u deleted my comments of yesterday,but i must tell one thing that ash`s height is not lesser than 5.5
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
lara dutta is 5.8".shae is 6" taller than amisha patel who is 5.2" tall.¤t_pic=7
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/05
every celebrity lies about their height especialy,i thin ash have told u her wrong height.i cant believe she is more than 5.5".i have seen her during a fashion show organised in aids for breast cancer.and ash was part of show.she was looking very beautiful as usual but she was almost 6" shorter than the other models. at the end of the show she came with the designer wearing a beautiful sari but was drawfted by all the other models standing beside her.they all tower over her.and one model i think she was sonal rawat look almost 8" or 9" taller than ash.she was very tall girl.
anupam from mumbai
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/05
hey guys,today i saw this site and was amazed to see so many comments on ash height.she is just over 5.6". she herself told me her height during a chatting session conducted by indiatimes.she told me that she is just over 5.6" so she is mentioned as 5.7".there is no controversies about ash height.but i want to know the exact height of rani mukherjee.because on every site i found different heights from 5.3" to 5.5".
but in my opinion she is hardly 5feet or 5.1" tall.
rr said on 17/Nov/05
Well, i encountered this which contradicts PKB and me
Bips claims she is 5.8 and that sush is taller than her. Adios for now. i will comeback only if i find some solid evidence on Ash or any one else.
PKB said on 16/Nov/05
According to Sushmita Sen, she is 5'8". Please see

[Editor Rob: yes, that's the quote above]
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/05
i dn't agree .see pictures of sush with any actress .she towers over all of them.see her with rani,priety,amisha or even with ash .see have to be over 5.8".
rr said on 15/Nov/05
if you ask my opinion - Ash - 5'6", Bips 5'7", Sush 5'8"!
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/05
according to me bips is 5.8", ash is 5.5" and sush i 5.10".few days back i saw a movie called bus itna sa kwaab hai .in that movie u can see huge heiht difference between sush and rani.rani is looking looking like a child next to sush. he is looking so tiny.she is 5.2" so sush must be 5.10" or more.
annie said on 15/Nov/05
ya thats true but can anybody really tell me that wts bips,ashs,and sushs actual height?
ok anyways rob tell me that wt according to u is the idol height for a beautiful and attractive girl?
plz answer me............

[Editor Rob: honestly in my opinion there is no 'ideal or perfect' height for an indian actress, maybe some folk prefer tall or, erm, erm...all I'll say is Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu both look amazing to me.]
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/05
any one can post any link were we can see pics of ash with any taller actress which can help in mking comparission,
rr said on 14/Nov/05
Annie, you can only know what their heights are not! Anyway the pageantopolis link is working now (at least on 14 nov 1600 GMT)
annie said on 14/Nov/05
that true rr, but how can v actually know their heights? coz everywhere v find them with different heights?
rr said on 13/Nov/05
Hi Rob, coming to bride and prejudice, the actress who plays the sister of Aish in that movie (Namrata Shirodkar) is also losted as 5'7". in the movie, she seems an inch or 2 shorter than Aishwarya rai. But one of my frinds who once saw her in an airport lounge says she is no more than 5'3"! Again very difficult to conclude anything. Well, one can see the lead couple of this movie in
rr said on 13/Nov/05
Aha, we are discussing a whole range of Indian Celebs heights here. Bipasha Basu was listed as 5'9" when she won the ford model competition in 96 (i think i saw that in India Today eyecatchers). i have elsewhere seen her being listed as 5'7" and 5'8". It is impossible to go to the last inch for her! Coming to Sush, most of the times, i have seen her being listed as 5'9". once a while as 5'10". Only once, i saw her being listed as 5'8", but that was during the miss india 94 telecast. And one can always be sure of Miss India never understating the height of any contestant (it is high time they start measuring the contestants and give out their true heights. something Gladrags mega model does).
anni said on 13/Nov/05
most of the time when v visit different websites, i always find some different heights n when i see in the movies n real , its something different. now see bipasha, who is listed as 5.8 but she`s actually not. coz even after wearing large pencil heels, she looks shorter than most of the hereos. may i know what os thier actuall height? If someone knows........
Sorry if i have listed something wrong!
anni said on 13/Nov/05
well friends there r lots of quarries here bout ash n sus`s height! may i know what is there height actually? plz someone feed back for this

[Editor Rob: looking at her beside a guy like Martin Henderson who is 174, pushing 175cm...170cm looks about right to me...]
Jay said on 13/Nov/05
Zain - 5'8" is not kinda short. It is distinctly above average. You are in the 95th percentile.
rr said on 12/Nov/05
Indian Girl, You cannot decide on some one's height based on movies, but you can make out who is shorter or taller. They definitely would not have put a Box under Suman Ranganathan or put her on higher heels than Ash in 'Aaa ab laut chale'. Also, in stills from 'Kandukonen Kandukonen', Tabu is seen as distinctly taller than Ash. In that case, if some one is on higher heels, it has to be Ash. Tabu seems to be genuine 5'8" what she is supposed to be. The general rule among lady celebs is they mark uo their height if they are models or pageant delegates, but mark down if they are actresses (or mark uo if they are as short as Amisha patel). A classic example is Pooja Batra, who while modelling was supposed to be 5'11", but is now llisted as 5'9" in her own website. Whatever be her height, it was a sight to be seen in Zee cine awards 2002 when she was towering over every one except Arjun Rampal.
rr said on 12/Nov/05
something seems to be wrong in the pageantipolis site.
Try visiting the site later on. you might be able to navigate to miss universe/,iss world sections and see Miss Indias who invariably made it to top 10.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
rr i am also not able to open the the link posted by u.but i think sushmita is def. over 5.8".in pictures she seems to be as tall as yukta.and indian girl amisha is only 5.1".
indian girl said on 12/Nov/05
well, all those people stating ash`s height by watching the films, i must tell u that u plz never decide someone`s height on seeing the movie coz most of the time, to adjust the camera framing, actors n actesses r made to stand on box. Even in the movie "Kaho na pyaar hai", Amisha Patel was standing on a box for doing the title step
anni said on 12/Nov/05
rr the link u posted is not opening! can u help why is it happening so?
jase said on 12/Nov/05
no ash is quite tall still. i think she's 5'6" def not 5'8" even tho i wish she was sometimes... :P
rr said on 10/Nov/05
The link on MU94 i forgot to post in my last post
rr said on 10/Nov/05
So, welcome the first support for my side. i would not be surprised at all is Ash is found to be 5'5", however, Sushmit Sen is listed as 5'9" and i guess her actual height is 5'8". You might have seen Sush with heels standing next to Ash without heels.
Anyway, here are pix from MU 94. Sushmit is 5"-6^ shorter than Minorka Mercado who was listed as 6'2". Minorka's Male interpretor was barely over her shoulders.
Again very difficult to conclude anything from these fotos.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/05
i have seen ash standing with sushmita sen.sushmita is easily taller than her by 5".
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/05
ash is 5.5".she is much shorter than sushmita sen.who is 5.10".ash hardly reaches upto sushmita's chin.
rr said on 9/Nov/05
Doll, nobody says that Ash is too tall. There is no perfect heght. Yukta Mookhey is great at 5'10"-5'11". So, is Shona Rawat, who is close to 6'. There are many men, who prefer looking upto women!
rr said on 9/Nov/05
Remember 'Aa ab laut chale' Suman is supposed to be 5'7.5". She looks some 1-2" taller than ash in the song ' mera dil tera diwana'.
doll said on 9/Nov/05
hey! i think ash`s height is wonderful n this an idol height for a girl. not only the height, but ash is said to b an idol lady looks wise also.She is dam beautiful n has got a wonderful height n whoever says that she has got huge height doent knows that the perfect height for an indian women is 5.8
rr said on 8/Nov/05
Jack, the girls in England are probably shorter than the dutch or danish girls, but are much taller than ones you find in India. i daily see around 5-6 women over 6' tall in London. i might have seen the same number in the last 10 years in India (before that, i never saw one).
Ruchi Bafna said on 8/Nov/05
hey i think ash has got a wonderful height!whatever it is5.7 or5.9 doent matter but the inportant thing is her height is the plus point for her.
Jack said on 7/Nov/05
rr she looked shorter to 5'7. 5'7 iz pretty good for a tall but is good...not tht the gals in england are reall tall
rr said on 7/Nov/05
Hi Jack. No question about her beauty. But what are you saying - she is 5'7" which you feel is short or that she is shorter than 5'7"
Jack said on 6/Nov/05
Hey Aish is 5'7 aye....she did look pretty short when she did come for the rugby games in Uk to shoot the film Bride and prejudice...but she really pretty
rr said on 5/Nov/05
Well, thats what Sharukh, Saif and all are around 5'8" and they look confortably taller than Ash. Ash looked much shorter than Shilpa Shetty when SS was supposed to be 5'7.5" (she it seems has grown up to 5'9" now)

BTW, i am 5'10" (i get measured in medical exams as 177/178 cms), but i know guyys shorter than me claiming to be 5'11"!). i have seen Yukta Mookhey and she is around my height (she was in her flats but passed by me very fast). My sister is 5'8.5" and her husband is 6'4".
Ash does look 4-5" shorter than Yukta in this photo.
This is the closest i can get to having any evidence. But i can point out another interesting thing - Diya mirza is also listed as 5'7", but she appears much shorter than Ash in this pic.
other pics are there in
My only feeling is that if she was 5'7", she would have appeared taller than quite a few heroes!
preity said on 4/Nov/05
i am a legitimate five foot seven and a half, my dad being six one and brother five eleven. i am finding it exceedingly difficult to find an indian boy that is obviously taller than me... most are five foot eight at a stretch. my best friend is six foot and indian, but because of her extraordinarly gorgeous height, she seems to draw many five eight boys to her! i think five foot seven is an awkward height, since it is a legitimately tall height without being too tall. my belief is that aish is definitel this height, and sometimes she looks more. certainly not five foot six or less.
rr said on 3/Nov/05
well, this one is Ash without her heels.,msid-1140284.cms
rr said on 3/Nov/05
Hi Rob, the post has reappeared. Anyway, she is as tall as Laetita Casta in this foto.,msid-1107232.cms

Laetita is listed as 5'7" in this website, but some visitirs have disputed that.

My reckoning is she is 5'6".
kevin said on 2/Nov/05
rr you must watch the song dola re dola from this song ash looks atleast 4"taller than madhuri.
rr said on 2/Nov/05
Hi Editor, i guess you found my post to be rather long and removed it! anyway, i will come up with some evidence that AR is shorter than 5'7".

[Editor Rob: sorry, think it deleted by mistake...from memory I think I recall you saying that Indian miss world/model heights are exaggarated and Ash is no different? You reckon she is 5ft 5, rather than 5ft 7?]
rr said on 1/Nov/05
Ash is exceedingly beautiful. but i have a feeling her height is cooked up as with most other miss india contestants. she may be 5'5" or 5'6". In Devdas, she is just an inch or two taller than Madhuri.

The heights of indian contestants are mostly marked up to 5'8" or 5'9" irrespective of their actual heights. Miss india 2004 Tanushree is meant to be 5'7", but other contedstants supposed to be 5'9" were easily 4 inches taller than her.

Now, coming to other interesting discussion on Indian girls not finding tall indian guys: -
Well, some indian girls go with white guys for probably more than height. one sees quite a few successful indian guys courting white women also (some kind of aqn exchange i would say)

i would put it with some kind of an affinity indian men and women have with fair skin". Black men are probably taller than whites on an average, but you hardly find any Indian woman going around with a black.

English boy -
you are much more likely to find an indian guy taller than you than an indian gal taller than your girl friend - anyway, nice to see at least one english guy using the term 'indian' than 'asian' which is common in the UK!
Little Indian said on 20/Oct/05
Good thing us Indian guys get arranged marriages, or else it seems as though no Indian girls would want us. All the much taller white men would have it all thier own way :)
HeyYouWithTheFace said on 19/Oct/05
Yes all the beautiful tall Indian girls are now coming (no pun intended) with us white guys. I think this has to do with the superior height advantage of white males relative to Indian males, rather than any particular other reason, though.
English boy said on 18/Oct/05
Well, the relative shortness of Indian men is why you now see more and more Indian girls going with white (in the UK -- English) males. I know because my (beautiful) Indian girlfriend is 6'0 even when barefoot -- and she could not find a single Indian man to match her height. Of course being 6'3, I have no problem with that! :) But of course I think as the height disparity increases, you will tend to see this pattern more often :)
ash said on 17/Oct/05
some people here have posted here saying that sushmita sen is not 5'11" and that she looked the same height as shahrukh khan.I've seen both of them on the sets of `main hoon naa' and believe me she is stunningly 5'11"tall and atleast 3inches taller than shahrukh.He gave some of the shots while stnding on the box.
siddhi said on 10/Oct/05
wow ur girls are lucky to be over 5'3 cause i'm 5'3 and feel preety darn short....i wish i was taller but i'm not so thats ok...and yeah indian girls are usually short but i mean its even greater to be tall cause u can do a lot of other things that shorter girls can't...but then in the end u are the way u are and there is nothing wrong with that.....
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Oct/05
Another 1997 Indian Miss world, Diana Hayden said: "I'm 5'9 in height."
Jen said on 3/Oct/05
she is much taller i'd say at the very least 5'8". wen i met her she was about two inches taller than my 5'6" frame.
Indian guy said on 25/Sep/05
And you know what makes it worse, girls like yourself who are 5"7 upwards, when wearing heels, make me look like a midget. Its not fair.
Indian girl said on 24/Sep/05
Lol the only bad thing for me is my "tallness." Im 18 and 5"8 (173cm). Live in england too and most indian guys are the same height or shorter..
Indian guy said on 22/Sep/05
The only bad thing about being an indian guy is my shortness. I'm 22 and 5"7 and a half. I live in England and almost all girls are taller than me. Rob, know any techniques that can make me taller?
mann said on 20/Sep/05
Ihave seen pooja batra in person.she's atleast 5'11"tall.she looks shorter in movies because of camera angles.
Anonymous said on 16/Sep/05
hmm she does look like this height. im indian, 16 and almost 5'7 and im considerably taller then a lot of girls in my year who are almost all indian. infact when i go out theres about under 10% chance that an indian women and sometimes man would be taller then me!
SH said on 12/Jul/05
It seems that the rate of height gain has been much greater in Indian females than males. I cannot give much of an explanation for this, but it seems odd that many Indian males seem to average around (5'6.5'' prior generation) to 5'8'' (current), when the girls have gone from 5'2'' (prior generation) to 5'5'' - 5'7'' (current). I find this odd as I am 184 cm, probably closer to 185 cm now have not been measured for a year though (shade over 6
Indian guy said on 6/Jul/05
Today on my way to work, I saw a 6ft tall Indian girl!! And she looked like a supermodel, I could not believe it. She was only wearing tiny heels too, she towered over me. What a moment.
sukeshkishore A.K.A. suku said on 29/Jun/05
Hey fellas you shouldn't be doubting about heights all day like that you should be proud that the indian cinema is full of tallies and we virtually have improved as compared to the Englishman's heights didn't we i can tell you that i come from the big foot family then my mom is 5'6.5 and my dad is 5'10.025 and iam 5'9.5 at 22 years and 102kgs whew now aint i fat my dad is fat too at 114kgs both of us gives the illusion of being eldest cousin is 6'4 i remember he had given me snap of ash with him believe me she is between 5'7 and 5'8 .well as for his wife who got wed recently is 5"7 ash is bit taller than her well i got both the snaps for you to compare:-P
Zain said on 26/Jun/05
Indian girls are quite short I'm only 5'8'' myself which is kind of short and I'm still taller then like 95% of the Indian girls I see in my mosque and on campus even the ones in heels so yeah Indian girls 5'7'' and over are pretty rare.
ravz said on 9/Jun/05
Preity zinta (5"5?) is my favourite actress, and sushmita sen (5"9) and bipasha basu (5"8) have the hottest bodies, indian or not, in this world. I think that tall indian girls need to be encouraged to love their height because the indian culture seems to make them feel like outsiders, and i know that a lot of my male indian friends prefer tall girls!!
Indian guy said on 8/Jun/05
Wow Sushmita Sen, just listening to you guys mention her amazingly tall height turns me on. I acutally don't think she's 5"11 (with heels maybe). 5"9-10 would be about right, most official listings have her down as 5"9 1/2. In that movie u're talking about in some scenes she seems shorter, but i think thats just camera techniques. I mean an indian girl taller than an indian guy, in a bollwood movie with sharukh, they wouldnt allow that! But anyway, she is amazingly tall (and beautiful). There's an indian girl in my university who's over 6"! With heels its not even funny, she makes us guys look dwarfed.
Monty said on 7/Jun/05
Sushmita Sen is about 5'9.
Indian girl said on 7/Jun/05
Thanks for clearing that up indian guy. I personally wouldnt go out with a guy who is shorter than me but thats just me! By the way, do you believe that sushmita sen is 5"11?? In that film with shahrukh khan she looked the same height as him and I think he's around 5"8, she's not much taller.
Indian guy said on 5/Jun/05
To Indian girl: I honestly meant it as a compliment that aishwara is 5"7. I meant no offence to tall indian girls. you're very fortunate to be the height that you state, and you should use it to your advantage. I know for a fact from my male indian friends (who range from 5"8-6") that they find indian girls who are taller than them very attractive. May b i shudnt have used the word "huge" as this has negative connotations. I correct that to, 5"7 is 'very attractive' for aishwara!
Indian girl said on 5/Jun/05
Im almost 5'8''(173cm) and its true that any height over 5'3'' is tall for an indian girl. its just annoying when people keep going on about it! im not in control of my height so why make a big deal out of it?!
Indian guy said on 1/Jun/05
You guys don't understand. 5"7 is huge for an indian girl. The average is I would say 5"3-4. What you think Rob? You know many Indian girls how tall are they?

[Editor Rob: from what I've read yes 5ft 7 in bollywood terms is pretty tall. Average height, I don't know...]

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