How tall was Alan Napier

Alan Napier's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

British actor best remembered for playing Alfred the Butler in the 1960s Batman TV series and for roles in films such as The Uninvited, Desiree, Marnie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Moonfleet, Macbeth, Johnny Belinda, and Big Jim McLain.
The fact of the matter is that coal miners are brawny little fellows about five foot six and here am I, six foot five... - 1979
Napier believed the thing that held him back in his career was his height of 6 feet, 5 inches: "How many parts I lost by simply standing up! The damnable thing about it is that I could see their point. It's the same on stage as on a set. I throw everything off."
I was also ridiculously tall - 6 feet 5 inches.

Alan Napier 1949
Very often I would lose a job because I was too tall for the leading man or whatever...People who have only seen me on the stage or screen are always surprised, when they meet me, that I am so tall.

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Average Guess (25 Votes)
6ft 6.09in (198.3cm)
Robert714 said on 23/Sep/23
He couldn't get roles because of how tall he was, him saying he was 6'5" when he's taller was probably to downplay his height because it's been a hindrance throughout his life, kind of like a 5'6" guy saying he's 5'8".
Canson said on 26/Jan/23
@Rampage: I think with Robbins it may be the case where he was 6’4.75 peak and rounded down. He didn’t look as tall as Howard stern did in his prime
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jan/23
Napier had about 7 inches on James Mason in Journey to the Center of the Earth with casual posture, more chance of a little over 6'6 than 6'5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/22
Jordand, Napier was the classic height-conscious actor. People don't realize how detrimental it could be for guys 6ft4+ in the golden era of Hollywood. Robbins I suppose came up when they had improved things for very tall actors. Robbins I think generally looked the full 6ft5. Very to see a guy like that round down by half an inch. Confusing to say the least
Jordand said on 23/Apr/22
If Tim Robbins says 6'4.5 and 6'5 and you list him under 6'5 but when Napier says 6'5 you list him as 6'6.

So why take such credence in what Tim said instead of how he looks, like you did with Napier?
Editor Rob

From what I’ve seen of Alan, he seemed taller than his claim.
Canson said on 15/Feb/22
@Editor Rob and Rampage: I could see 6’5.75” being possible. Maybe he measured that and rounded down
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Feb/22
Rob, could a bit over this be argued?

He's a prime example of what a real 6ft6 guy should look like...
Editor Rob
I think it's hard to tell, but it's unlikely he was a meagre 6ft 5 like he once said.

If you see him with Ray Milland who claimed 6ft 2, certainly neither of those claims (6ft 2 and 5) seem to add up.
Blackened said on 12/Aug/21
In "Appointment in Berlin" looked four inches taller than 6-3 George Sanders.
Tall In The Saddle said on 10/Jul/21
This guy is a classic example of someone who tried to deflate their true height and someone who also broke posture frequently so as to not stand too high above the rest of the field. Even so, he still stood well above.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/21
He looked this tall in his 70's a bit over wouldn't surprise me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/21
Describes himself as 6ft5 in this interview

Click Here

Classic case of a guy rounding down so he doesn't lose out on parts
Canson said on 26/Feb/21
@Rampage: yea he does look to have quite a bit. I wouldn’t quite call it slouching but his head is tilted down. He looks closer to 6’6 there
Canson said on 25/Feb/21
@Rampage: I can’t quite see him as high as 198-199. I think he could look a weak 6’6” at times and maybe right at 6’6 at others. I can’t get the same impression of him as I do Labett or Carolin etc
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/21
He's slouching and still has a few inches on Connery

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Feb/21
I think 197cm is too low aswell, 198-199cm is likelier
Sinclair said on 29/Aug/20
Anything from 6’5.5” to 6’6” is arguable for Napier’s peak height. In his 60s, Napier could seem roughly four inches taller than both Sean Connery in Marnie and Adam West in Batman (both of whom, I have at a flat 6’2”). I’d therefore go with the full 6’6” for this talented actor.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/20
6ft5 is too low.
Tall Sam said on 20/Aug/19
Funny that he claimed 6'5" consistently while definitely more of a 6'6" range guy.
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
Weak 6’6” not a full one.
Rich Paul said on 18/Jul/19
Hardly any actor was taller than Vincent Price. Price was taller than Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. Napier looked a good two inches taller than Price in The Song of Bernadette.

Watching Sinbad the Sailor I noticed Napier wearing sandals towered over everyone including Anthony Quinn and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., both at least six feet. Quinn wore boots. Napier was in some angles a good six inches taller than both men.
Canson said on 6/Nov/18
Maybe 6’5.5 or .75 if he rounded down although I can agree he was over a solid 6’5” and likely 197 cm peak
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 30/Aug/18
Rob, he had claimed twice or thrice he was 6'5" tall, then how you listed him as 6'6", explain!?
Editor Rob
He might have rounded down his height because he was a very tall man.
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
I think christopher lee is 6'4.5" at peal and alan napier is 6'5" at barefoot and 6'6" with shoe. Thats Clear!
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
He is solid 6'5"/196cm or may be 6'6"/198cm.But he is weak 6'6" with 6'3" Basil Rathbone in Court jester where Rathbone looks 6'2" and Napier is 6'5" . In Loyalties Napier may be 6'5.5" and Rathbone would be solid 6'3"
joe### said on 19/May/18
solid 6´6
Canson said on 28/Jul/17
197cm range and rounded down
Jordan87 said on 14/Jun/17
This Guy made Sean Connery look below average height. He was taller than 6'5. He had Connery by 4-1/2". 6'6 Sounds More Accurate. Connery I believe said he was 6'1-1/2" Once , I have to find that quote. I doubt Connery was under 6'2, if he was it was by very little.
Canson said on 10/Apr/17
@Rampage: maybe out of bed 199-200 at his lowest wasn't over 197/198 tho I doubt. Maybe 197 is possible because he claimed 6'5" so likely he did fall below 6'6" but not enough to where most would round down tho. Well at least not someone our size. If I fell to 192-192.5 I'd still say 6'4" if I were closer to it just as I fall to just a smidgen under 194 yet still mostly claim 6'4" since I'm closer to it at my lowest (6'4 1/4-3/8)
Canson said on 30/Mar/17
If he was 6'5 anything he was in the 197 range evening. He looks taller than stern did peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Mar/17
He still looked 6ft6 in his 60's...I wonder if he was in fact closer to 6ft7 peak?
Arch Stanton said on 10/Mar/17
Napier had an EASY 4 inches on Connery in Marnie stood better. If you're going to argue Napier was 6'5.5 Canson then Connery would have been nearer 6'1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Nov/16
I think he was a decent 6ft6 guy at his peak
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
He didn't downplay more or less didn't round up. It's quite obvious he was over a flat 6'5 unless he had us fooled with his footwear and didn't notice it. I also doubt he was a legit 6'6 guy. Weak 6'6 however has plenty of merit to it and he was at very worst a strong 6'5, very very strong 6'5 like 6'5.4-.5
Canson said on 25/Nov/16
Doubt he was 6'6" flat but doubt as low as a flat 6'5 either. I'd say he was somewhere between 6'5.5-.75 at his lowest. 197-198 specifically
Arch Stanton said on 7/Nov/16
I would definitely rule out 196, see him with Connery, John Wayne and Adam West. I wouldn't want to argue 6'5.5 either, to me he looked an obvious 6'6 guy.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 6/Nov/16
He probably downgraded his height so he could be cast for more roles. But he isn't fooling anyone, he was clearly way taller than just 6ft5.
Chase Witherspoon said on 5/Nov/16
6'5" seems like a round down maybe 196-197 although clearly very lanky which contributes to his height perception. He also seemed to retain good posture and height into later years which is atypical.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/16
True 6ft6 guy who was uncomfortable with his height. You can't rule out 199cm either.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Apr/16
There must have been a rule back in those days for actors looking for leading parts to downgrade by 1-2 inches in the same way there was the 2 inch rule for the shorter actors. The funny thing is that in person it would be OBVIOUS. You can't hide a 6 ft 5-6 guy, slouched or not. He wasn't 6'7 as Steve says but generally without a doubt this guy looked in the 6'6 ballpark, you could probably argue 199 at times. I've spotted him in a huge range of roles in films, sometimes in historical epics or something with costume and makeup you don't immediately recognise him but when you see him stand with people and hear the voice you know immediately it's him!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/16
I think Napier once tried claiming 6 ft 4 or 6'4.5 too LOL! One of the rare cases of self downgrading but you can imagine the folks at RADA and agents everywhere else told him to never say his real height!
Editor Rob
I've not seen what he had in the spotlight directory, but christopher lee early on did have 6ft 3 for his height in an edition I have.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/16
Yeah he did Rampage, no less than 4 inches on Connery in Marnie. 6 ft 5 is absolute poppycock for this guy!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
Did he really have 4in on Connery?

Mind you, he might have lost a bit by then
James B said on 26/Dec/15
Towered over Sean Connery in marnie
6'5" with shoes.. said on 22/Dec/15
shadow2 has some mental problems, no clue or sense, of reality....
Shadow2 said on 8/Apr/15
The only time Alan didn't quite measure up to another 6' 6" actor was in the "Daniel Boone" TV show excerpt easily found on-line. Alan and Fess Parker are standing toe to toe on level ground having a dispute and Fess seems the taller by half an inch. I can't explain this one other than the director maybe wanting Fess to have the slight height advantage so as to dominate the scene.
Steve said on 12/Jan/15
Napier always added an element of class to the roles he played. I understand he was a terrific person off camera.
Shadow2 said on 9/Jan/15
What's even more impressive about Alan is that he was still 6' 6" in his very senior years, when most men lose height. During the "Batman" series Alan also guested on the "Beverly Hillbillies" playing a friendly pharmicist/chemist, where he towered over Buddy Ebsen who was still a strong 6' 3" then.
Steve said on 4/Jan/15
Napier made both Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Anthony Quinn look short in Sindbad the Sailor. Fairbanks was at least 6' while Quinn was 6'1".

Napier along with Buddy Baer were the tallest character actors in Hollywood back during the Golden Age. They made just about everyone look tiny.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/15
Milland really has me worried at the moment!!!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jan/15
Rob can you add a photo and add best remembered for playing Alfred the Butler in the 1960s Batman TV series and for roles in films like The Uninvited, Désirée, Marnie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Moonfleet, Macbeth, Johnny Belinda, and Big Jim McLain? Those are the ones I remember him from, Sam might feel that some others are worthy of mentioning.
Steve said on 30/Dec/14
Napier towered over Caesar Romera and Adam West:

Click Here
Steve said on 30/Dec/14
He made 6'1" Ray Milland look like he was standing in a hole in The Univited.

Click Here

I think Napier had to be 6'7".
Sam said on 29/Dec/14
I bet he was trying to get more work by downgrading himself, Arch.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/14
I saw a newspaper clipping from the 40s the other day Sam and he was quoted as saying 6 ft 5 in it!
Sam said on 19/Dec/14
Napier's one of the few of the (rare) actors who claimed 6'6" that actually was believable as a full 6'6".
avi said on 7/Feb/14
Didn't have a solid 5 inches on Roger Moore in Alfred Hitchcock presents. More like 4. But Moore was a strong 6'1 so this guy was 6'5.75 at worst.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Dec/13
Click Here for instance and compare his coat length to the other guy!!
Arch Stanton said on 21/Dec/13
He really had an extraordinarily large torso. For a guy who was quite skinny you see his coats in some of his films they're outrageously big. He must have have suits specially made for him. In Journey to the Center of the Earth there is a scene in the laboratory with James Mason and Pat Boone and Napier's dress coat alone was longer than the torso and heads of both of them. If Mason had put on Napier's suit coat it would have come down to his ankles and probably dragged on the floor!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/13
Almost a head on 5'9" range Donald Crisp in the Uninvited. I think he was a strong 6'6" guy and 6'6 is the minimum he could have been.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Oct/13
A clear legit 6'6" guy. Watching The Uninvited and he makes Ray Milland look short, looks near 5 inches taller. Milland I think was 6'1.5".
Henrik said on 4/Jun/13
He was supposed to have claimed 6'4", lol. I know a man in real life who probably is 6'7", and he also claims 6'4". That's why my mom doubted me being 6'2"...
PLB said on 11/Mar/13
Napier was also great playing Jean de Reske in "The Great Caruso". He indeed towered over Mario Lanza. I'm going to look up Lanza now.
Arch Stanton said on 25/Nov/12
Napier had about 2 inches on Wayne actually, it was camera angle which made me think it was 3-4 inches.
Shadow2 said on 8/Aug/12
Alan had 5" on 6' 1" Adam West (as Bruce Wayne) in "Batman". Adam was never 6' 2", except sometimes in the Bat boots. Apart from it being obvious to the TV audience, a cast member of the show also told me this.
Marcus said on 5/Aug/12
Alan Napier has a solid 4+ inches on Adam West on the "Batman" television series. Taking into account that West is listed at 6'2" on this site, Napier would have to be a minimum of 6'6.5" tall.
Shaun said on 13/Sep/11
Napier had like 3-4 inches on John Wayne!
Shadow2 said on 21/Apr/11
DeEs, have a look at "Marnie" with Sean Connery, "Big Jim McLain" with John Wayne, and TV's "Batman" with Adam West, and get back to us again on Alan's height. You may be surprised!
DeEs 5-11 and 3/4 said on 10/Apr/11
hmmmm. theres an old Alfred Hitchcock presents called the Avon Emeralds i think. where Roger Moore stars in with Alan. seemed to have a solid 3-4 inches on Moore. Moore was 6'1- 6'1 1/2 then so maybe Alan was 6'5ish?i got a 6'4 1/2 impressions from him but no more than 6'5 1/2.
Shadow2 said on 17/Jan/11
Thanks for that reference. I've seen Alan and Fess together in another episode and they were almost eye to eye. Fess was very tall and recently was upgraded by Rob to 6'6". I've seen him look even taller, perhaps he had the edge on Alan. I don't think anyone doubts that Alan was a true 6'6".
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/11
Shaun said on 2/Jan/11
He looked 3-4 inches taller than John Wayne in Big Jim Mclain.
Shadow2 said on 25/Dec/10
Sorry duder, if what you say is correct, then Sean Connery, Fess Parker, Adam West, and Cesar Romero would all have to be downgraded by 1.5". I think Alan is one of those rare men who never lost height as he aged. He never became stooped or put on weight, and seemed still the same height some years after "Batman" finished, as he approached his 70's. James Stewart is another example of someone keeping their peak height throughout their life.
duder said on 22/Dec/10
whats up, despite how tall he looked in batman he was actually 6'4.50" his peak height was 6'6" though...
Shadow2 said on 21/Nov/10
He sure was. He made his Batman co-stars look short, being 6'1" Adam West (6'2" in costume as Batman) and 6'2" Cesar Romero as the Joker. Around this time Alan also appeared with 6'1.5" James Garner in the war movie "36 Hours", and with same sized 6'6" Fess Parker in "Daniel Boone".
Mr. R said on 20/Nov/10
Was this the same guy who played Alfred in The Batman tv show in the 60's?
Shadow2 said on 18/Nov/10
Many thanks Gonzalo for the great photograph of Alan and Connery from 1964's "Marnie". I'm wondering if you could also post it over on Sean Connery's page. It might remind a few contributors there that Connery was always 6'2" peak (188), not 6'3" (190.5).
Gonzalo said on 15/Nov/10
Napier looking much taller than 1`86-88 Sean Connery. Napier is closer to the camera
Click Here
Shadow2 said on 3/Nov/10
Ted only started doing TV and movies in 1964, with Richard Kiel first appearing about 1960. From 1950 to 1960 Alan was joined in Hollywood by 6'7" James Arness and several other 6'6" actors, including Chuck Connors, Fess Parker, Clint Walker, Buddy Baer, and Don Megowan.
tubbs said on 17/Jun/09
Alan was related to Neville Chamberlain former British PM. He looks more or less 6'7" opposite Adam West. Apparently he was from Birmingham, I didn't spot a Brummy accent in Batman!
Big King said on 7/Jun/09
Well, 6'6" sounds rather correct but many websites have him at 6'5" too.
Ryan said on 11/May/09
After seeing him in Batman, as well as in feature films he appears to be closer to 6'7".
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Glad at least one Kid is seeing sense. Why anybody would even want to be as tall as 6'4" barefoot or taller beats me. Suppose its better than being 5'4" but you would be looking pretty freaky in most crowds if you were tall and rake thin like that.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Definately the full 6'6". He was a human lampost and made even normally big men like Connery and John Wayne look short.
Tim said on 25/Jan/09
6 ft 5 in. I would say. Adam West was 6 ft 1 in, not 6 ft 2 in.
sam said on 6/Nov/07
I was surprised: in the film Isle of the Dead, Napier looked at most 6 inches taller than Boris Karloff. As always, he still looks taller than everyone.
thekiddd said on 5/Aug/07
Well about claiming 6'4" at 6'6". I don't blame him, being beyond 6'4" is too tall even for me. I am about 6'4" maybe a tad less and I pray to god I don't get any taller. So I could king of see why he claimed himself shorter than he actually is, all though I did read many sites claiming 6'5".
Bob said on 14/Nov/06
6'6" sounds appropriate for this guy, because in batman he towered over Adam West, and also Cesar Romero.
larry said on 11/Apr/06
Napier is Scots, believe it or not. It's a "Norman-icized" name. My name is too: Stewart is the Norman form of Steubhardt. Not SURE what Napier WAS in Gaelic, but there are Napiers from Inverness where my Granddad hales from. Highlanders are inclined to be tall people. "Towering" over others can be kind of WEIRD! At 6'5" and 235 I have been accused of "looming"! :-) I certainly don't intend to "loom". I no longer slump about at my age. Bad for the back.
Dave said on 9/Apr/06
He towers over the 6'2'' Sean Connery in Marnie.
Laos said on 9/Apr/06
I'm just curious a little off topic but is napier a french last name? are his ancestors french?
larry said on 8/Apr/06
Saw the swashbuckler movie Frank2 is referencing a couple of months ago and even in sandles, Mr. Napier was a good bit taller than everyone else. And he was a solid 2" taller than 6'4" Vincent Price in THE SONG OF BERNADETT. 6'6" sounds right & quite a lean gentleman.
Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Check out how tall napier is next to 6'1" Basil Rathbone and 6' Cecil Parker: Click Here

larry said on 7/Apr/06
He played Alfred the butler in the TV Batman series. Was a good 3-4 inches taller than 6'2" Adam West.
Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Napier use to lie about his height by claiming he was only 6'4". His terrific height tended to keep him from playing the more choice roles. In Sinbad the Sailor he towered over Douglas fairbanks Jr. and Anthony Quinn. In fact Quinn who was most likely close to 6'2" only came up to Napier's eye level. Fairbanks who was about an even 6' came up to just above his chin.

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