How tall is Adam West

Adam West's Height

6ft 1.5in (186.7 cm)

American Actor, best remembered for starring in original Batman TV series. On the biography channel site it said, "According to the comic books, Batman/Bruce Wayne is 6'2". Of all the actors to play Batman, Adam West is the only actor who stood the same height".

Adam West 1989 crop 2

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Average Guess (13 Votes)
6ft 1.75in (187.3cm)
Bobby said on 29/Aug/17
Always read that Adam West was 6'2, had no reason to doubt this.
Jordan87 said on 19/Jul/17

I read Adam West was 196 lbs in the mid 1960's.
Shredder said on 24/Jun/17
Rob , what would you guess his weight during Batman?
Editor Rob: under 200 pounds, but how much? Maybe not a lot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/17
Rob, is 6ft1¾ possible?

I think he was near 6ft2
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jun/17
I've only just found out that Adam is no longer with us. So sad to hear this. My thoughts are for his family and friends. Terrific career, this man certainly made his mark.

RIP Adam xxx
light knight said on 11/Jun/17
He was taller than life.
Dan said on 11/Jun/17
Dietmar...while I agree with you, the picture you linked does not show their feet positioning and the ground seems to be uneven, so I don't think it is too helpful here.
Dan said on 11/Jun/17
Shadow2 said it best. At least 5 inches shorter than Alan Napier, who was 6'5.5". Without shoes, I'm not even sure I'd put West at a solid 6'1" at his peak.
Dan said on 11/Jun/17
Shadow2 said it best. At least 5 inches shorter than Alan Napier, who was 6'5.5". Without shoes, I'm not even sure I'd put West at a solid 6'1" at his peak.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 10/Jun/17
Weak 6"2 in his youth, just over 6" in recent times. RIP Mayer of Quohog.
Willes188 said on 10/Jun/17
Roger Moore, Roger Smith and Adam West all looked very similar... They all lived a long life

Whatdidthehandsaytotheface said on 10/Jun/17
RIP Batman!
Paul said on 10/Jun/17
RIP. A weak 6'2 for him at his peak, around 5'11 in old age.
Sammy Derrick said on 10/Jun/17
Rest In Peace Adam West...whether 5'2 or 6'2 he helped make Batman an international icon.
Born:September 19 1928
Died:June 9 2017
MaxB said on 31/May/17
Looked much shorter in The Big Bang Theory - hard to judge, but would say between 5'10" and 5'11" (closer to the former). Rob, you should enable Peak and Current height for him.
GP said on 19/Mar/17
Today honestly he is 5'11.5 Met him and i am 5'10.5
Benjamin Fritz said on 8/Nov/16
Peak: 6'2

Today: 6'1 2/8

Mr Man,Omg yes!
Mr Man said on 27/Oct/16
Roger Moore
in that pic...anybody?
Jalen Gilmer said on 27/Oct/16
Peak: 6'2"

Now: 6'1.5"
Jalen Gilmer said on 27/Oct/16
Peak: 6'2"

Now: 6'1.5"
MrTBlack said on 13/Jul/16
So at a hair above 6'2", Ben Affleck is the closet to Bruce Wayne's height!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/16
This works also
grizz said on 26/Apr/16
Majority seems to put West at 6'1,5. So, if Batman's height was taken from Adam West' height, that would mean that Batman is actually 6'1.5?
Editor Rob: I've been watching the show on and off recently and ultimately I think somewhere between 6ft 1 and 2 might be the best fit for him.
dietmar said on 17/Nov/15
Adam was peak 6'1". He was easily 2in shorter than 6'3" Pat Conway.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
187-188cm range peak.
Shadow2 said on 21/May/15
Adam was 6' 1" in "civies", 6' 2" in the Bat boots. As Bruce Wayne, Adam was noticeably five inches shorter than 6' 6" Alan Napier playing Alfred, but just four inches shorter than Alan while in costume as Batman. When Adam was a frequent actor at Warner Brothers in the late 50's and early 60's, he appeared in their TV show "77 Sunset Strip" and was the same height as the star, 6' 1" Roger Smith.
gp said on 9/May/15
Have any of you seen Adam's Bat boots in the series.They have a 1.5" heel.If he was 6'2 it woul make him close to 6'4 with the boots,but judging with the difference with Robin's height he looks 6'2 with them on.So he could be 6'1 or 6'.75 flat on feet
Wow said on 7/May/15
Peak height different from now, you should add that Rob..
gp said on 11/Apr/15
lewis Wilson was about 5'10.5 -5'11 he was about 2-2.5" shorter than William Austin who played Alfred and he is stated in a well known site as being 6'1. The Batman character had no official height given by the creators Bob Kane and Bill Fingers.It was given by Filmation productions in 1968 and they based it on Adam'West's height,first because they produced a sequal in cartoons to the live series which had ended earlier that year,and since it was based on the live series they used Adam West's specs to stay in concurrence with the character.Remember Lyle Wagonner 6'4 and many other actors different heights were auditioned,West was chosen not because of his height but his acting.So when one says that West was the only one that was Batman's height it actually is the opposite Batman was put at 6'2 becuae of West's popularity.True story.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 25/Nov/14
1.Lewis G. Wilson-unknown,unknown.
2.Robert Lowery-6'1(185cm),unknown.
3.Adam West-6'2(188cm),6'2(188cm).
4.Michael Keaton-5'10(178cm),5'9(175cm).
5.Val Kilmer-6,0(183cm),5'11.5(182cm).
6.George Clooney-5'11(180cm),5'10.75(180cm).
7.Christian Bale-6'0(183cm),6'0(183cm).
These are the heights of all the Batman actors.The first part is answer I got from the search engine and the second part is the height indicated in this website.The average height of Batman is 6'0(183cm)/5'11.25(181cm).
Adam West is 6'2.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 25/Nov/14
1.Lewis G. Wilson-unknown,unknown.
2.Robert Lowery-6'1(185cm),unknown.
3.Adam West-6'2(188cm),6'2(188cm).
4.Michael Keaton-5'10(178cm),5'9(175cm).
5.Val Kilmer-6,0(183cm),5'11.5(182cm).
6.George Clooney-5'11(180cm),5'10.75(180cm).
7.Christian Bale-6'0(183cm),6'0(183cm).
These are the heights of all the Batman actors.The first part is answer I got from the search engine and the second part is the height indicated in this website.The average height of Batman is 6'0(183cm)/5'11.25(181cm).
Lenad is sexy said on 31/Dec/13
Lenad is sexy said on 30/Dec/13
right between 6'1 and 2 is perfect for adam west peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 1.5in (187cm)"
"Adam West's height is 6ft 0.25in (184cm)"
Lenad is sexy said on 8/Dec/13
Anything under 6'1 for a young adam west is a joke
GP said on 8/Nov/13
For all those that say that Adam West is the only Batman at 6'2 like DC COMICS
states it.Here is news for you :It's because DC took those stats off West.
West was the only popular screen Batman at the time and in the 1980'S DC took his stats to give to the character.Bob Kane's original stat would've been 5'9'' which were Keaton's,and this height was based on his own and that of Douglas Fairbanks (ZORRO).LEWIS WILSON the first screen Batman might've been between 5'9.5 to 5'11 this we know because William Austin Alfred was 6'1 he could've been 6' just and Wilson is at least 2 " shorter than Austin.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/13
He was a legit 187cm guy in his prime.
lenad is sexy said on 13/Apr/13
he looked a good 6 inches taller than Burt Ward. 6'1-6'2 range.
lenad is sexy said on 6/Apr/13
186-187cm peak
Connor 184cm said on 14/Dec/12
Rob what percentile is 6ft 1 and 6ft 2 in?
[Editor Rob: maybe near 85-90 percent]
Connor 184cm said on 9/Dec/12
Rob do you think he was and still is 6ft 2? he looked more 6ft 1 range to me
[Editor Rob: it is a possibility he was between 1 and 2]
Connor 184cm said on 8/Dec/12
Rob 6ft 2 is questionable for adam i think he was more likely to be 6ft 1.5 (186 cm) in the 1960s batman series he looked at least 5.5 inches taller than Burt ward who looked 5ft 8 now adam could be 5ft 11.75 or 6ft he needs a downgrade
Lenad is sexy said on 16/Nov/12
Regardless of the 6'2 claims, i still think he was closer to 6'1. I wouldnt go lower than that though
Yaspaa said on 6/Nov/12
Peak height - A touch more than it is now.
Shadow2 said on 13/Nov/11
Adam was 6'2" in his Bat Boots, just like George Reeves was in his Superman costume. But both of them were 6'1" guys. When Adam appears in Batman as Bruce Wayne with Alan Napier, there is a 5" difference, with 6'6" Alan towering over Adam. Just watch the videos.
lorne said on 21/Oct/11
This guy has lost a LOT of height. I just saw him on 30 rock, and he was no taller than Alec Baldwin!!! Granted, his posture is horrible(the man is 83 after all) which would certainly make him look shorter, but still, he couldn't have been more than an inch taller than Baldwin, and that's assuming he was losing a few cm from posture.

Now Baldwin did look an honest 5ft11.5in guy when he was younger, though could very well be shorter today. But if he is/was still 181-182cm range, then the max height for West would be 184cm. Otherwise, he could easily be in the 182-183cm range.

That said, I do think he was a legit 6ft2 in his prime, and definitely not much less than that.
Adam West's Height:
Peak height: 6ft2/188cm
Today:6ft(182.5-184 so anywhere between 5ft11.75-6ft0.5in)
GP said on 26/Sep/11
I met Adam West at the Ontreal Comic Con last week and he stands between
5`11 3/4 to 6` tall and Burt Ward is about 5`6 and I`m not exagerating.He must`ve been about 6`3/4 in his Batman days with footwear it made him 6`2.Un fortunately his agent didn`t want anyone taking photos,that sucked big time since he was the only reason I had gone there.
Cranberries (18m, 192cm dinnertime) said on 1/Jul/11
Alan is much closer to 5'8.5" than 5'10.5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/11
Looks 185-186cm with Alan
the shredder said on 23/May/11
Rob , I found Burt Ward claiming 5'10 ... LOL
the shredder said on 14/May/11
Rob , can you add Burt Ward ?
the shredder said on 3/May/11
Rob , how tall does Burt Ward look next to him ? Burt is listed 5'8 on sites ... Do you think he is that tall ?

[Editor Rob: he could have been that mark.]
Shadow2 said on 21/Apr/11
Dick York had serious back problems, and eventually left "Bewitched" because of it, and other health issues. He was close to 6'1" early in his career in the 1950's, but nearer 6' as his back problems got worse. talltalez, did Adam do any scenes in "Bewitched" with David White, who was in the 6'1.5" to 6'2" range?
talltalez said on 4/Apr/11
watching the 1964 bewitched tv show episode "love is blind" (13th episode of series 1) where adam west plays a guy called kermit, he appears at least 1 inch taller than the 6-1 dick york in the scenes where they stand close to each other...
JAMES said on 27/Mar/11
Lenad is sexy said on 27/Mar/11
id say he was more of a strong 6'1
PHL said on 27/Mar/11
guys, he dont really look a full 6'2 in batman. i saw like 5 episodes today, he looks more like 6'0.5, maybe 6'1. but he still looks tall anyway. he probably reaches 6'2'' with shoes ...
Shadow2 said on 30/Jan/11
Adam was born in 1928, so for him to be still his peak height is very unlikely. Can Alan tell us what sort of shoes Adam was wearing (maybe with lifts?).
J.J. said on 24/Jan/11
This is where Alan is looking a near 4" shorter so 6'2" for Adam is very accurate
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/10
Looks 6"0.75(185cm) in the picture above.....
GP said on 16/Nov/10
Check this picture showing Adam with Lorenzo Lamas who's 6'1.5"
Adam is about 1" shorter.
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 15/Nov/10
He looks close to 1`88 in the pic posted with Alan
Shadow2 said on 12/Nov/10
Adam was 6'1". Have a look at his early TV and movie work at Warner Bros in the late 1950's and early 1960's and he was never 6'2" alongside other actors such as 6'1" Roger Smith. Similarly, in his later series "Robert Taylor's Detectives", you can see his real height alongside the other cast members. As Bruce Wayne in "Batman" he is 5" shorter than 6'6" Alan Napier, and an inch shorter than 6'2" Cesar Romero. But Adam as Batman was 6'2". I know one of the cast and they have assured me Adam was never 6'2" in real life. But close enough for all of us, his loyal fans!
James said on 10/Nov/10
6'1.5 (187cm) peak.
GP said on 9/Nov/10
I don't think that Adam was ever 6'2" barefoot.Probably with his Batboots on the tv series.He now stands between 5'11.75" / 6'.
He had appeared on Jay Leno and he and Leno were very close to the same height.
Leno is between 5'11"/5'11.5"
He's also in many Comic Con pics and stood near a friend of mine who's 6'2" and he's about 2 " shorter.
jtm said on 21/Oct/10
yeah 6'2 is correct.
moondog said on 15/Oct/07
I'm back, I don't know what you are all basing your opinions on, but mine is based on standing directly in front of him less than a foot away, I'm 5'11",190 lbs. and he was much smaller then me, both height and size. Check him out on a rerun of The King of Queens standing next to the character Spence. HE's nowhere near 6'.
the shredder said on 7/Oct/07
I always thought Adam West looked 6 ft 2 ! I can accept 6'0 or 6'1 though ! No way shorter then 6'0 !
Mike said on 6/Oct/07
I can't accept 5-9 either.
It is about the same as if I say that Charlton Heston was no more than 5-10 in his prime.
glenn said on 5/Oct/07
when i got him he seemed 6ft.5.this was 1992.
the shredder said on 5/Oct/07
Adam West must be the tallest 5 ft 9er .. EVER
sf said on 4/Oct/07
Can't accept 5'9", sorry, unless his bat utility belt weighed him down and made him shrink. Clearly 6'1" or more at one time...enjoy his voice-overs on "Family Guy."
Mike said on 4/Oct/07
Was he wearing lifts in Batman?
moondog said on 3/Oct/07
To Mike, I'm not joking. He was 5'9" tops. He can also be described as slight of build. It was a real shock to me that not being tall myself that I was so much bigger than my childhood hero.
Mike said on 3/Oct/07
moondog, you must be joking.
I know that he must have been under 6-2, but I would never give him anything under 6-0.
How tall was he, when you saw him?
moondog said on 29/Sep/07
I served Adam West many years ago at a restaurant and I hate to disappoint everyone but I'm 5'11" and I towered over him. I was shocked, but it's the gospel truth.
RICHARD said on 6/Jul/07
Adam West is the coolest. He sure does look 6'2 since he is the tallest actor to play Batman next to Val Kilmer and Christian Bale. I think Michael Keaton and George Clooney are either 5'10 or 5'11
glenn said on 1/Apr/07
i havnt seen adam in 14 years.he was 6-1 then.
bikagyura said on 31/Mar/07
Glenn, you say Adam West is 6' 1", you mean now or peak height?
Brad said on 2/Mar/07
Nah, she was looking at Jane Russell all day across from her. Batman had to sit next to Robin & Cat Woman. I saw Batman sign a surf board.
Leung said on 21/Feb/07
hehehe nice story Brad, I wonder if Natasha Kinski noticed that Batman had the hots for her.
Brad said on 21/Feb/07
Burbank last weekend at a convention. I stood right next to him. Same low cut sneakers. I'm 6' 5" he was 6' 1". Burt Ward is huge now. Aunt Harriet must have fed him hundreds of cookies and Alfred lots of milk. Batman was staring at Natasha Kinski all day. I wish I could sign my name for loot.
Mike said on 18/Feb/07
6-2 is to much for Adam West. Even if Cesar Romero would be 6-3, West would not be more than 6-1.
If Cesar is 6-2, then I would give West a 6.
Cesar is a good 2 inches taller than Adam West, when standing straight.
supes78 said on 17/Jan/07
When I saw him from a distance a few years ago, he looked a little over the 6 foot mark, which is why 6'2" in his prime seemed plausible.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/07
I would say that Adam West is around 6' or maybe 6-1. 6-2 is a little too much, because he was at least 5 inches shorter than Alan Napier in
Batman, and I also remember that he was around 2 inches shorter than Cesar Romero, because Cesar Romero was always leaning and looking nearly one inch taller
kevin tuma said on 12/Dec/06
I'd put West at 6 feet even, perhaps 6' 1" max--which is still considerably taller than most of the other actors to play Batman. In his prime with 1" bat-heels he may have stood 6' 2". Very handsome man in real life, by the way.
Brad said on 9/Aug/06
He drove people crazy at an autograph show in North Hollywood once. He charged different prices for different people. It was like being at a car dealer. Whatta dink.
Roy's Nephew said on 26/Jul/06
Aw, Supes, he's a bat -- bright lights bother his eyes!!
Glenn said on 30/Jun/06
Adam west is 6-1.Ward is 5-7.funny enough,the first celebs I ever met at the age of 5.
supes78 said on 11/Mar/06
I met him a few years back at a comic con and although I only saw him on his feet from a distance, he still looked pretty tall. Not quite 6'2" anymore but pretty damn close. Maybe 6'1" now, can't say he's lost too much height. Even got a picture with him (although he was seated) but it came out looking kind of fogged because he insisted that the flash be turned off on all cameras. Go figure, the guy's fought all sorts of super-powered bad buys but flash photography does him in!

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