How tall is Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario's Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Hall Pass, San Andreas and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D .

How tall is Alexandra Daddario
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Average Guess (71 Votes)
5ft 7.09in (170.4cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Oct/19
Oh she is, Bobby! She is clearly above average and little short of towers over Lady Gaga in 'American Horror Story', Season 5, called 'Hotel'.

When I saw Alexandra for the first time, in 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' I thought it was ridiculous that they gave the part of a relation of that freaky family to such a stunning young woman. The part she plays in AHS really suits her looks, being elegantly dressed in the 1920s early movie era and sporting short, wavy hair. She plays the wife of Rudolph Valentino, and stars in three episodes.

I reckon that Alexandra is a strong 5ft7, so she can have a quarter-inch over.
Bobby 1.78m said on 23/Sep/19
If anyone finds her particularly attractive, she was in True Detective for a very memorable scene. The contents of which would be considered highly inappropriate here, but just mentions that offhand. I can't really get a gauge of her height for her scene though. Definitely goes look above average though.
Editor Rob
I'm sure you managed to gauge other dimensions...😐
Ratman said on 8/Sep/19
Idk her height but she's gorgeous
Iman Ahmad said on 27/Aug/19
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Barefoot , She Is 170,2 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Nik said on 26/Aug/19
The average guess is 5'7.07" (65 votes!)! Also she has 85 comments!
Paula said on 23/Aug/19
I honestly think she reaches the 5’7 mark! She seems to keep a good posture so it makes her look taller. I say 1.70!
Sharanya said on 11/Aug/19
Rob I’m surprised by this listing. She looks around the same height as Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/19
@ Bobby - Alexandra is in yet another AHS! I did remember that she was quite tall. I reckoned on about five seven, so that is what she can have from moi!
Nik said on 3/May/19
It's very interesting that the average vote works out to be 5'7.03" after 58 votes!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Mar/19
🎈🎂 Many Happy Returns Alexandra 🎂🎈

Happy 33rd Birthday Alexandra! I hope your special day is as much of a knockout as you are of a girl! 🍻

Alex can have a Birthday guess of the average 5ft7.
ArjunaKorale said on 16/Mar/19
I like how you have Alexandra at just under the 5 ft 7 listing - that’s v sensible & yes, I too thought her to be under 5 ft 7 (I guessed her height to be 5 ft 6.5). I saw ‘Burying the Ex’ on the Horror Channel not too long ago & was taken back by her beauty & charm (esp her eyes & smile). I like your 5 ft 6-and-three-quarters category & it is something you should def keep on your sight. By the, I also like your 5 ft 6-and-three-quarters rating for lovely Morena Baccarin (although, again in this case, I think that she maybe more 5 ft 6.5 or even 5 ft 6).
Shelby said on 6/Nov/18
I just came across this site while Googling some stuffs and I thought I would go anonymous because I'm positive all of you will start googling me. I am related to one of the Baywatch stars and this person asked if I wanted to join and go to this person's Baywatch premiere in Miami and I decided to go. Premieres are boring as hell. Sure you get to see celebs, but you don't do anything there while your celeb relative is busy working. Anyway, I went and while I was there, Alex Daddario and her younger sister walked past me. FYI I'm 5'6-5'6.5 and I'm honestly saying, she is not 5'7 at all. She was wearing heels and my eyes were at the level of the top of her nose. That means that if she takes off her heels, she's a good 5'5-5'6....but she was super gorgeous nonetheless!
khaled taban said on 6/Oct/18
I think 5'7.5" at most
Nik said on 10/Sep/18
Somewhere around 5'7" is liable for Alexandra Daddario, Rob's listing is fine!
Nik said on 9/Sep/18
@ Jenette - I like your comment!
Nik said on 8/Sep/18
I like her name! Alexandra Daddario (autocorrect tried to change it to Dada Rio!) is down as 5'10" on one website!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Jul/18
@Maria That will put The Rock at 5'11.75"-6'0.75" and Kelly Rohrbach be like 5'6.25"-5"7.25".
Bwk said on 26/May/18
This listing seems too low. 5'7"-5'7.5" sounds better.
Maria said on 15/May/18
I'm 5'7" and was recently standing next to Alexandra Daddario at an event (where she was not wearing heels) and I can for sure say she's like 5'4" or 5'5". Surprisingly shorter than I expected. (Sarah Hyland, who is famously short, was next to her and their height difference was not that much, maybe only a couple of inches.)
Ventri said on 15/May/18
As listed, or maybe a bit less.
Bobby said on 9/May/18
I'd argue the full 5'7 for Daddario because, in San Andreas, she looks only 2 inches shorter than her male cast member Hugo Johnstone who is listed here at 5'11.25. She was obviously in heels, so she would have been measuring 5'9 in them, if she was a weak 5'7, it wouldn't quite work. Even the average guess here has her at like 5'7 and 1/8th.
Tall Sam said on 2/Mar/18
@Marc, I don't think of her as an "under the radar" girl at all. She is one of the most beautiful actress right now IMO.
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/18
I still can't believe that this tall, blue-eyed, raven-haired princess took the part of that Sawyer relative!

They even turned her into a demented one-of-them! Why? She'd had a different upbringing!

"Oh, but it was in the genes!" some would argue!

The only thing similar that was in her genes was that she was 'relatively' (!) tall! Even then, any other Sawyer woman, if I remember, was NOT tall!

That's what happens when a film topic is remade and overstretched and contorted...
too many irregularities!

I think I'll stick to the original!

5ft7.25 this time round!
Bobby said on 8/Jan/18
She's listed 5'8 on IMDB by the way.
Crumpet said on 21/Dec/17
She's also in "Baked in Brooklyn".
Marquis said on 29/Oct/17
You can probably safely give her 5'7".
Jenette said on 25/Oct/17
She is 5'6 to 5'6.5 at most. The 5'8 height is just a guess and exaggeration. To all guys who are concerned if she's taller than you or not, height isn't a factor at all. If you're like 5'6 or 5'5, you can hardly tell the difference unless you stand directly next to her. Plus, you can still kiss her normally without being on your tip-toes.
Harland said on 13/Oct/17
@marc They are most definitely real.
Harland said on 8/Oct/17
Most sites have her listed as 5'8" (the perfect female height IMO) and I believed that. Well, 5'6" or 5'7" isn't a bad height for a woman. She's still perfect in pretty much every way IMO.
Castille said on 20/Sep/17
She is 5'6-5'6.5. It's so obvious from The Layover and Baywatch. She was as tall as Zac Efron while wearing heels.
Melanie said on 1/Sep/17
I'm watching the layover and she looks like she is 1.65 and she looks like she is 5-7 cm smaller than her costar, talentless model kate upton. So upton should be downgraded a little...
ana said on 21/Aug/17
Realist said on 30/Jul/17
Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu are 5'7.25 and 5'7 then
Bobby said on 25/Jul/17
Always saw her as being 5'7 to be honest. I guess this isn't that far off and she probably claims 5'7 in real life.
Tyson said on 24/Jul/17
Lerman is under 5'7.5, no way she is 3/4 inch shorter than Lerman, they are practically the same height
Aaron said on 24/Jul/17
I've always seen 5'8" and nothing else
marc said on 5/Jun/17
she is a stunner! i am not an eye guy (i mean real eyes) but her eyes made me crazy nearly hypnotic. saw her on baywatch and she is a good inch smaller then the blonde one, so 5'7 seems right.

rob i know this is not your metier but do you think her breasts are real or fake?

anyway she is a true beauty and my favorite girl on baywatch, kind of under the radar girl.
Editor Rob: it's not really my area of expertise, but height-wise I think over 5ft 6 and under 5ft 8 is a range that can be argued for her.
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/17
This girl starred in a 'Texas Chainsaw' continuation AND SHE PLAYED A RELATIVE of the demented Sawyer family! With her looks, that turned the whole film into something of a comedy! As if she could possibly be related to them! She's stunning!
I reckon she's just shy of 5ft7 - 5ft6 and three quarters sounds pretty much on the money!
Lis said on 15/Feb/17
It's crazy to me her average guess is at 5'6, she looks no shorter than 5'7, and I could see her being 5'8.
anon said on 1/Nov/16
Must say seeing her in San Andreas and looked pretty tall would have guessed her 5'7-5'8 I did see her in Hall Pass, She may have been a tad shorter than Kristin Carey but was she at a footwear disadvantage i think carey's character had heels on, I will have to rewatch Hall Pass and sheck it out.
BirchGirl said on 21/Oct/16
She's looks at minimum 5'7". She's most likely 5'7.5" or 5'8". She has always appeared tall and has the build of a tall girl. I would be shocked if she was any less than 5'7" (of which I consider on the "tall" side for a woman).
S.J.H said on 4/Apr/16
Alexandra daddario is 5'6 not even 3/4 more. Else where always look in 5'6 range
Allie said on 25/Nov/15
Rob, sorry for asking so much, but since I would agree that Matthew is 6'2 range, how tall do you think Catherine Daddario is? 5'5-5'6?
Sorry for all these questions..
Editor Rob: yes, somewhere in that range could be possible for her.
Allie said on 27/Oct/15
Rob, her brother according to IMDB claims 6'2.75 (1.90 m) do you think he's that tall? I'm thinking maybe 6'2.25 or a flat 6'2.
[Editor Rob: 189cm is a possibility for him.]
Allie said on 24/Oct/15
Like the most stunning blue eyes I've ever seen my sight on. The fact that she has dark hair makes them stand out even out even more. :).
Anyways, this seems right, but who cares with a body like hers and eyes. She should be the next bond girl! If they're looking for a bond guy to be in their early 30s, by then Alexandra'd be the perfect age range!
Allie said on 16/Sep/15
Ah okay thanks Rob. Just wondering about the hair line thing, what Is the average hairline about if two inches is low?
[Editor Rob: 1 inch is high, 2 inches low...over 2 and that's really low.

0.5 to 0.75 inch might occur in a proportion of men who are receding a fair amount.]
Allie said on 12/Sep/15
Rob, I noticed that her forehead looks a little than average imo, if someone reached her eyebrows, would that still be around 4 inches shorter or less than that?
[Editor Rob: looking at her just now, her head seems relatively average range, but a slightly lower hair-line than average, maybe closer to 2 inch hair-line.
Yes I think still roughly 4 inch eyebrow level.]
6ft 5in Jack said on 8/Sep/15
5ft 7 looks about right for her in my opinion.
Josh1 said on 3/Aug/15
Anton Yelchin 5'8.5 has easily 2 inches on her in Burying the Ex, 5'6.5 and Beautiful.
Katie said on 24/Jun/15
She is one of those actress who made her debut when she was young and got measured then wasn't that big of a deal while she continued to grow. I've actually met her a number of time. Once at a lightning their event and once at a white collar event and she was definitely taller. In balet flats both times she went from probably 5-8 to 5-11.
Rae said on 30/May/15
Shel looked 5'8" in San Andreas, I'm surprised she's this low.
Silent_D said on 29/May/15
I think she is very under rated. She is so beautiful and a talented actress too. It is good that she is getting more roles now. 170cm. She looks pretty tall.
Hypado said on 14/May/15
Alexandra Daddario's height is 5ft 6.75in (170 cm)

This, a weak 170 cm girl.
Josh1 said on 10/May/15
5'6 -5'6.5 (169cm) is right.
joe 193cm night said on 23/Apr/15
5 pés 6.75in (170 cm)she is very hot
Sam said on 31/Mar/15
She was a visual highlight of True Detective...
Angel said on 2/Feb/15
She is 5ft 7in (170 cm)
Tom said on 5/Jan/15
I think i'll give her a 5'7.75'' or (172 cm) because she looks shorter than Logan just by an inch.
John said on 15/Oct/14
I saw them together at a fan event and I was taken about back how much taller she is then him. My guess is he is 5-7 and she is 5-10. Heels made the difference insane. I was with my girlfriend who is 6-1, I'm only 5-4, and her and Alexandra were the same size when she met her, with Alexandra's shoes.
Clumsy said on 12/Oct/14
She pretty much is the same height as Logan Lerman, she leans a lot when next to him. I'd give her 170 cm if Logan's 171
perli said on 28/Sep/14
she is taller than logan lerman....i think logan is 5'7 or 5'7,5 and alexandra is 5'7,75 or 5,8
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tallwomanfetish said on 11/Jul/14
5'7"-5'8" is a more accurate estimate in my opinion.
Hypado said on 21/Jun/14
Alexandra is 169cm
Decap said on 29/Jan/14
This listing is correct. I've seen 5'8" listings for her around the net.
I saw that one clip of her on True Detective, smoking body, so hot!!! *_*
Ted said on 26/Jan/14
Would've guessed 5'7" from her time on Parenthood.

And she's recently moved on to more... ahem... 'adult' roles, as evidenced in HBO's True Detective (good show so far).
saw said on 18/Nov/13
I saw him and I thought he this was about right...I figured 5-8.5 or 5-9...he's not 5-7
Byron T. said on 10/Aug/13
I'd say she's probably in the 5'7''-5'8'' range. I noticed that she was marginally taller than a 5'8'' listed Stanley Tucci in ''Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,'' unless he has lost some height.
da_truth said on 28/Jun/13
she seems a legit 5'6"-5'6.5"
Sooooooo HOT!
jo said on 14/Jun/13
i think she's around 5'7 and logan needs a downgrade. that photo kabir gave shows she's not wearing heels but just some sort of rain boots and logan is definitely wearing extra lift to make him look taller.
mina said on 1/Jun/13
I'd have guessed Alexandra was at least 5'9.. Anyway,she is gorgeous,has an amazing body & her eyes are killer! I mean WOW! Girl crush. haha
Nick said on 29/May/13
@ nefari

you're funny. she's not 4'9. she's definitely around 5'6-5'8.
J said on 11/Jan/13
Definitely believe an upgrade is in order. Just watched TCM: 3D and she looked really tall to me - at least 5ft 9. I do believe she can be this because when next to the 6ft 5 killer she does look a good 9 inches shorter than him.
[Editor Rob: she looks shorter than kristin carey in hall pass (the aunt) who claims 5ft 8 herself.]
TCM said on 7/Jan/13
Alexandra Daddario is around 5'6 bcuz Tania Raymonde is 5'5"
Alexa said on 19/Oct/12
Seriously? You judged her 'height' by that picture, really? First of all he's ahead of her by a few steps giving him the illusion of being taller and she's slouching a lot making her look tiny next to him, how could you possibly judge someone's height with that picture? If you have a look at the pictures others have posted, with both standing next to each other in flats...they're practically the same height. 5'7 is pretty accurate for her.
Len said on 20/Sep/12
I think you can give her 5-7.
kabir said on 14/Sep/12
yep thought so
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Drew said on 9/Jun/12
This seems about right.

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zedrein said on 8/May/09
I think Glenn is giving the blue steel look.
anonymous said on 25/Jan/09
i think glenn is about 5 7.5 he gives me that look and shaun is definitely solid 5 8
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/07
the basketball players heights revealed from the 2000 Olympics

Steve Smith 6'6 3/4" 200 cm listed 6'8"
Jason Kidd 6'2 3/4 190 cm listed 6'4"
Alonzo Mourning 6'9" 206 cm listed 6'10"
Tim Hardaway 5'11" 180 cm listed 6'0"
Vin Baker 6'9 3/4" 207 cm listed 6'11"
Ray Allen 6'3 1/2" 192 cm listed 6'5"
Gary Payton 6'2 3/4" 190 cm listed 6'4"
Shareed Abdur-Rahim 6'7 1/2" 202 cm listed 6'9"

Anyway White looks 5'8 1/2"
antron said on 7/Jun/07
Olympics tend to be pretty accurate. They revealed a bunch of basketball player's true heights. If he's not 5'8" he's damn close to it.
Glenn said on 11/Dec/06
He gave me the appearence of 5-7ish actually.he could be 5-8.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/06
Shaun is leaning a bit though. I have a feeling he may be 5'8.5. Or Glenn is 5'7.5 and Shaun is 5'8"...
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/06
I was kidding Matt.
Matt said on 30/Nov/06
Glenn, you mentioned in a comment under Bruce Dickinson that you were wearing lifts at the time of the picture. Do you typically wear lifts or height-increasing shoes when you meet these celebrities? I'm sure you're more equipt to judge heights than I am; I'm just trying to get some perspective on your pictures.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Nov/06
Seems like a cool guy. Thought he looked about this height.
Mrs. Shaunalot said on 21/Nov/06
aww :) short(-ish) guys are the best
you guys fonally got shaun!
Glenn said on 19/Nov/06
You forget about street levels.
Matt said on 19/Nov/06
I'm still not convinced that Glenn's footwear is reasonable enough to say that he measures in at 5'8'' when standing next to celebrities in public. This picture is a weird.
Derek said on 17/Nov/06
Same exact height as Glenn. 5'8" is correct.

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