How tall is Ange Kagame

Ange Kagame's Height

6ft 4 ½ (194.3 cm)

Ange Kagame is the daughter of the President of Rwanda, 6ft 2 inch Paul Kagame. In 2016 she mentioned her statuesque height several times, saying "i'm 6'4" and also "The million dollar question. Lol. About 6'5"

How tall is Ange Kagame
Barack Obama, Paul Kagame, Ange Kagame, Michelle Obama
Photo by U.S. Department of State

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6ft 4.48in (194.3cm)
K.A 188 said on 18/May/19
ROB did you upgrade her recently?
Editor Rob
She's been on this mark since adding.
Mimi said on 13/Mar/19
Assuming she has the same heel height as Michelle is she almost 6 inches taller than her Rob?
Editor Rob
between 5 and 6 I'd have said.
Oliver said on 24/Jan/19
Thank you,Rob. You know? As I've been living in Southeast Asia all my life,I rarely see a woman taller than 5'10 in my area. In my country,a woman is generally considered 'tall'if she is like 5'5 and up. I find it funny and nonsense when some of the girls around me say that they're very tall whilst they're like 5'7 or something. 😁😁 I'm a 5'7 guy and I never felt short/tall among the population but I know if I visit Scandinavian countries,I will be considered short.
Editor Rob
I'm sure when you are a women the height of Ange, compared to say a 5ft 4 woman, the amount of stares and people who look at you is huge.
Oliver said on 23/Jan/19
Rob,how often do you see a woman of this height?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
In my own town I rarely see any females over 6ft 3, in fact I can't remember one, but in bigger city like London for instance, I have seen 6ft 3-5 range women on a few occasions when I visit.
Amanwi Carlson said on 28/Dec/18
I think with a height of 194.3,she stands as one of the world's tallest Lady,couple with her beauty,dark complexion and snow-white teeth,she's a force to reckon with.
Nik said on 1/Sep/18
There is nothing to be insecure about!
K.A 189 tall said on 26/Aug/18
I can πŸ‘ƒ smell the insecurity in Obama's smile lol. .. She's a very beautiful woman though! and well shaped am curios to know how tall is her husband.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Jun/18

You're welcome!
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/18
@ Christian - Thank you! I appreciate people like you! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Jun/18

I appreciate that
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/18
@ Christian - I like the way you make an extra special effort to answer people's questions and help out with snippets of information. How very kind of you!
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jun/18
@ Christian - So you get your height from your Mum's side of the family!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Jun/18

He's actually 5'10.5" and my mother's 6'0".
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/18
@ Christian 6ft5 3/8 - No, I really and truly haven't heard of, let alone met a woman who has outgrown her Dad.

So your Dad is only 5ft10.0! How tall is your Mum, if you don't mind my asking you this? You really are exceptionally tall though, you have to admit it, what with your female equivalent being, as you said, over 6ft. Your Mum isn't that height...

...or is she? πŸ˜‰

Ange gets 6ft4.5 again.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jun/18
@Sandy Cowell

It's not that common for daughters to be taller than their fathers, but I'm surprised that you never heard of that before. It sometimes happen when the father's shorter than the mother, although it's not the case for Ange (she has a 6'0" mother). If I was a woman, I would've outgrown my 5'10.5" dad since my female equivalent would be about 6'0".
ERIC PLEASANT said on 14/Jun/18
She is so tall and so beautiful. The guy who marries her is very lucky-and I am jealous.
Nik said on 28/May/18
@ Sandy Cowell

I know! Daughters outgrowing Dad's, Mum's taller than sons, and a sister taller than her brother! It's all liberating and fascinating stuff!

Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/18
@ Nik - That's amazing! She actually outgrew her DAD! How very unusual! I don't think I've ever heard of that in my entire life!

She gets 6ft4.5! WOW! πŸ™Š
Nik said on 26/May/18
@ Sandy Cowell - It's very interesting that she outgrew her Dad as well as her Mum!

@ Prince - It's a big and diverse world, don't be insecure!

@ Danimal - absolutely!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/May/18

It's actually the equivalent for a 6'10.5" man Click Here Click Here
Kevin said on 24/May/18
6'4.5 for a woman is equivalent to a 6'11 man according to Medscape height percentile calculator. Both are 4.8 SD from the average, or roughly 1 out of every 1,000,000. And mind you this is only for 20 year olds. It is certainly an extremely rare height for a woman even in a big city like New York.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 24/May/18

New York is a big city so it doesn't seem as rare to see a woman like Ange's height compared to most places, but overall it's definitely very rare, like 6'10" for a man.
Abraham John said on 22/May/18
My guess is she is about 6' 5" I'm 6' 3" my wife is 6'3" same height as me.... I believe Barak Obama is about 6' 1". You can see the height difference.. In New York that height is not rare. She is a beautiful, tall, woman....
Height said on 11/May/18
Canson yes it is. The same as the 6'4 flat myth for Barkley, Olajuwon is the Charles Barkley of Centers. And players themselves have added to the myth.

He has an inch advantage over Dwight Howard even with Howard having significant camera advantage:

Click Here

No Canson, YOU are the one who states their opinion as facts, re-read all of your posts to see who is the one who is really stating their opinion as facts.
Mike O said on 10/May/18
Her height is great but not unique. While the height of 6'4" or 6'5" is quite rare in women it's hardly unknown. I see women that height several times a year when I travel around DC, LA and New York around that height and certainly I see women around 6'1" or 6'2" quite a bit more frequently.
Canson said on 9/May/18
It’s not a myth Height. You state your opinions as facts

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/May/18
Sorry for my typo. I mean her older brother was nearly 6'8.
Height said on 8/May/18
@Danimal Olajuwon is 6'10", drop the 6'9 myth.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
One of her brother was nearly 6'9.
Tunman said on 6/May/18
LOL,Such height is very rare for a woman you might hardly see one that tall every 1-2 months in big cities like London,Berlin or NY.I saw many couples where the man was several inches smaller,anyways.
Prince said on 17/Feb/18
I'm 6.1. and she make me insecure about my height lol
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 3/Dec/17
Looks 6'4.5" as listed next to 6'7" Magic Johnson but I don't know if Ange's wearing heels or not. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/17
Really gonna give the egos of 6ft2-3 guys a battering
Mimi said on 29/Nov/17
Rob she doesn't look over 5 inches taller than Michelle and you listed her at almost 5ft11. Ange must only be 6ft4
Editor Rob: she might be only 6ft 4
Danimal said on 26/Nov/17
World Citizen said on 31/May/17
She looks extremely tall for a woman.

She's extremely tall for a man.
Danimal said on 26/Nov/17
Greek said on 20/Nov/17
Rob you've got this one all wrong. She's atleast 7inches shorter than 6ft9 Olajuwon . This girl isn't more than 190cm .

Do you not see the above picture? She is absolutely close to 6'5".
MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
Would Lisa Leslie tower over her?
Editor Rob: maybe not, I'd think they would look close enough, always a chance Lisa is just under 6ft 5
Greek said on 20/Nov/17
Rob you've got this one all wrong. She's atleast 7inches shorter than 6ft9 Olajuwon . This girl isn't more than 190cm .
Johnson said on 3/Nov/17
Kamie Crwaford is 5'9

Click Here

Kagame is 6'3-6'4
Johnson said on 3/Nov/17
No more than 6'4 guys!!!!
Johnson Awas said on 28/Oct/17
Ange Poul Kagame is tall. She is the very beautiful African lady.
Thok J. Pan said on 8/Oct/17
She is amongst the tallest women in East African Countries
Eazy said on 19/Aug/17
She is very tall, but also has a brother who is equally tall as her and another brother who is much taller than her. Funny enough, her "shortest" is even taller than the parents.
Junior said on 14/Aug/17
@even said on 19/Jul/17
shes a strong 6'4" and a weak 6'4.5" but i don't believe shes over 150 pounds

I did believe she weigh in a little over 150 pounds like 155. No offends but she had quite a big bottom and thighs for low body proportion but very slim upper body at 6'4.5 is possible she weigh about 155 pounds.
RG said on 25/Jul/17
She is probably around 6ft 5. I am taller than both my parents. I reckon she is just a bit shorter than me and I am 6ft 6.
Realist said on 20/Jul/17
Definitely near 6'5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jul/17
Rob, could you add Paul Kagame?

I think 6ft2 minimum.
even said on 19/Jul/17
shes a strong 6'4" and a weak 6'4.5" but i don't believe shes over 150 pounds
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
That's a bad angle to compare Obama to her. In heels too. I think she can look 6'5" in pics because of the way she is built but agree more with a listing maybe 6'4 at her lowest. At her equivalent to a man she'd possibly lose an inch. She may wake up at 6'5" and have gotten an earlier measurement which may have lead to her saying she's almost 6'5.
Allie said on 10/Jun/17
The tall genes likely came from her mom. Apparently her male cousins in the maternal side are all around 6'6 or taller.

And those height calculators are just ESTIMATES. Normally many chiildren, especially girls tend to fall within several inches of that estimate. Normally guys tend to be the ones who to tend to exceed it by a big margin but not all the time. And if you don't believe me, there are many siblings irl and even female celebs who have brothers that are more than 5 inches taller than them,
World Citizen said on 31/May/17
She looks extremely tall for a woman.
insomniak said on 27/May/17
Looks 4 inches taller than obama with heels not to mention he's slouching maybe 6'4 for her.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Apr/17
Ange's not short on self- confidence, and she has no reason to be - she looks great! That white dress really suits her too.
Ha ha! She outgrew BOTH her parents! How amazingly rare and interesting!
She gets 6ft4.75 from me!
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/17
Another case of the moderately tall father and a tall mother producing a super tall child! This is about the male equivalent of 6 ft 9 range I think, extremely rare.
S.J.H said on 18/Mar/17
6'4 is probably real height. About 6'5 is just pulling others because most people just claiming 2-3cm higher than real height
Capetownjazzy said on 18/Mar/17
Thank you to add her. Pity we can't seen her heels in this picture but I'm pretty sure she's 6'4 (193-94) near Alek Wek and her brothers
Editor Rob: I don't believe her heel had much platform, just normal type of women's heel, maybe near 3 inches.
Giorgi said on 17/Mar/17
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 15/Mar/17
She's very tall to have a father that's only 6ft2 and a mother about 6ft. According to this height calculator, she would have been about 5ft10.5 Click Here

Interesting.. But I don't think that's close to accurate. According to it I have to be 5'11.5 which I am, but without my crooked spine I would've been a couple of cms taller and my sister is 5'5.5 but has to be 5'6.5 based on that calculator.
Realist said on 16/Mar/17
Obama is so 6 foot in this pic. Homegirl is 6'5.
Sammy Derrick said on 16/Mar/17
I've met plenty of Rwandese women and majority of them are relatively tall,I'm 5'8 and most them are around my height,lean and curvy and most of them have long faces/skulls.It doesn't surprise me that she's that tall 6'4!!!
Willes188 said on 16/Mar/17
Although she is very tall
Willes188 said on 16/Mar/17
She's not even close to being the tallest woman in Africa... Get your facts right before you post lies
Peter 179cm said on 16/Mar/17
She looks a strong 6'7 with heels in the pic,maybe 202cm so i'd say she's between 194-195 range flat.
Pitch_Fork said on 16/Mar/17
Really tall and really pretty! Nice figure too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/17
Paul Kagame looks more 189cm w/h Obama
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/17
No it makes sense that she'd outgrow her mother...but her father?
Don't know what to claim (5'11 said on 16/Mar/17
I that pic she looks 6'7.. two inch heels?
Hans Meiser said on 15/Mar/17
Holy crap. How did that happen!? She may be the tallest woman in Africa. Her father looks close to 6'2. Maybe 6'1.5.
Jason G said on 15/Mar/17
@Christian that calculator is terrible! I'm 6'2" but it says I should be 5'9" lol
Wrs567 said on 15/Mar/17
Rob, you think she could be taller than someone like Randy Orton?
Editor Rob: yes, I feel she could.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 15/Mar/17
She's very tall to have a father that's only 6ft2 and a mother about 6ft. According to this height calculator, she would have been about 5ft10.5 Click Here
Willes188 said on 15/Mar/17
No way under 6'4.5-6'4.75

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