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6ft 5.72in (197.4cm)
Ziggie said on 17/Sep/17
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@Ziggy: Wlad claimed 6'5 on his show but that was after Conan pulled his usual inflation on him saying he was 6'6/6'7". Wlad had him by about 2" which speaks more to Conan's height than his as I believe Wlad. Conan was never as tall as Lithgow or Hasselhoff or Selleck or any of those legit 6'4 guys he's 6'3 and maybe 1/4

On that show he clearly stated: I'm as tall as you are, referring to Conan's height. Then Conan insisted that Wlad is taller, so he rephrased and went along just to please Conan saying: ok! I'm 6'5"
Reece said on 16/Sep/17
Scott. AJ isn't standing properly and the Camara angle isn't the best. I think AJ is at least 6-5.5. How tall do you think Wlad is then? He looks similar to AJ. AJ is taller than Lennox Lewis by at least a inch if not a bit more.
Scott said on 15/Sep/17
Helenius looks 4cm taller than Joshua in same footwear.

I've always been convinced Joshua is a flat 6'5
Jordan87 said on 15/Sep/17
@ Davis195//6'5"

6'6"? That's all you type, after looking at the picture above which isn't hard to find you will see Sir, he isn't 6'6".

Look at the picture, he doesn't hit 6'6" even with footwear advantage over Rob , lol.
Cnrom89 said on 15/Sep/17

Hearn looks 6'4 and Pulev 6'3,75-6'4 i think.
Faza said on 13/Sep/17
What is your guess for kubrat pulev his next opponent he stood next to joshua in a face off the other day he looked pretty much as tall as eddie hearn i though maybe 6ft4 for pulev ?
Robbe said on 13/Sep/17
A.J. with 199cm Robert Helenius Click Here
Canson said on 12/Sep/17
@Reece: maybe a full 2" or could be 1.75" poss. Rob may have hit it on the head with AJ he looks at worst a 197cm guy 6'5.5-.75 perhaps a full 197.5 at night. Fury I can't pin down his height. He can look 201 at times or 6'7.5 tops. I'd go with more of a strong 6'7" to fit him as Rob may as well be right here too
dd said on 11/Sep/17
Guys, just click the picture, it shows graduation
and Rob says Anthony wears 0.3 inch more sneaker than him, but it might be more like 0.4~0.5 inch
CNROM89 said on 7/Sep/17

JDS 6'2,25 (188,5) and Miocic 6'3,5 i think.
ee said on 3/Sep/17
DUDE, you should definitely do Stipe and Rockhold, those guys are legit giants and I've been wondering how tall they are especially since JDS posed with Joshua:
Click Here
Click Here
JDS 6'3.25? Miocic 6'3.5?
Reece said on 28/Aug/17
I would like to see AJ with Tyson Fury. I still think he would look a good 2.5 inches shorter as to 1.5 inches as listed here.
Steve said on 27/Aug/17
Click Here ... with 189cm Tony Bellew. Joshua looking at least 198cm yet again.
Junior said on 24/Aug/17
6'5.5 shave off 0.3 more shoes than Rob.
Canson said on 23/Aug/17
Joshua is 197-197.5
Wlad is 196ish
jessman said on 17/Aug/17
Rob is at least as good a judge as anybody when it comes to heights, has met him, and reckons he is just shy of 6'6. That's good enough for me.
Robbe said on 17/Aug/17
If Joshua is 196cm, then Wlad is max 195cm..
cober said on 16/Aug/17
Super flat 196.0cm in the evening.

No doubt about it.
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
No way. 196 is a below but 197 he looks
CNROM89 said on 10/Aug/17

Otto Wallin is more likely 196 flat and this photo Joshua's shoes is thicker than Wallin.

196 flat is absolute lowest for Joshua (after hard training/sparring). His normal lowest is 196.5-197 i think. 6'5,5 or 6'5,75 is good listing.
Robbe said on 10/Aug/17
196cm is absolutely too low for Joshua. He is minimum 197cm. Here with 197cm listed Swedish boxer Otto Wallin.

Click Here
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@Ziggy: Wlad claimed 6'5 on his show but that was after Conan pulled his usual inflation on him saying he was 6'6/6'7". Wlad had him by about 2" which speaks more to Conan's height than his as I believe Wlad. Conan was never as tall as Lithgow or Hasselhoff or Selleck or any of those legit 6'4 guys he's 6'3 and maybe 1/4
Reece said on 9/Aug/17
Wlad said 6-5 on Conan not 6-4. Conan was 194cm at peak but lost height. He was probably 191cm with Wlad. Wlad was clearly taller. By a strong 2 inches at least. Probably even 3. AJ is at least a very strong 6-5 barefoot and clearly taller than Lennox Lewis who is no less than 6-4 1/2 himself.
Ziggy said on 7/Aug/17
I'm not saying Joshua is 6'4", but to me the best guesses would be between 6'4"/6'5" tops, but barefoot is closer to 6'4" then 6'5" if you catch my drift.
Wladimir Klitschko said it live on Conan's he is 6'4" than went along with Conan's telling he's bigger than that..
Sandles said on 7/Aug/17
Dillian Whyte and Luis Ortiz both are not 6'4". Whyte looked identical to Dave Allen (6'3"), Ortiz looked shorter than Dave Allen and much shorter than Malik Scott who is actually 6'4". Ortiz is 6'2" and Whyte is 6'3".
kadkid said on 6/Aug/17
Flat 196.0 cm in the evening or after activities
anon said on 3/Aug/17
Any Thoughts on the 300 pound Heavyweight Jarell Miller ( Big Baby) he is listed 6ft4 same as Dillian Whyte he does look a big guy not sure if he really is 6ft4 but if not must be close to it be interesting if he were to fight Dillian how they would match up
Editor Rob
not really sure on that guy.
Canson said on 29/Jul/17
@Sandles: agreed about a cm maybe 1/2". I'd say 197ish for him and 196 for wlad. Rob guessing AJ in person around 6'6 tho means he is likely at least 6'5.5 or over 197range more likely
Sandles said on 28/Jul/17
Joshua is 1cm taller than Wladimir. In the ring it is clear the faceoff AJ edges Wlad the only real photo where Wlad isn't wearing lifts.
Guest said on 17/Jul/17
Quoter86 He said that because freeman played a hobbit in the hobbit he was making a joke he wasn't seriously trying to insult him
Guest said on 17/Jul/17
Quoter86 He said that because freeman played a hobbit in the hobbit you idiot he was making a joke he wasn't seriously trying to insult him
Reece said on 17/Jul/17
Whyte looks bigger then 6-2 more 6-3 to me.
CNROM89 said on 16/Jul/17
Courtois certainly not taller than Per Mertesacker, at best 6'6,25.
anon said on 16/Jul/17
The one with Haye is tough to tell tim on pavement outside Im sure the angle would favor Haye, It might be Parker is around 6'3 He does get listed as 6'4 that could be in sneakers, Similar to Dillian Whyte another guy down as 6'4 who looks 6'2 range
Reece said on 16/Jul/17
Courtois is 6-6.5 199cm.
Canson said on 15/Jul/17
He's not 6'5 evening he's 6'5.5 min at his lowest more like 197 flat tho
tim181 said on 15/Jul/17
Joseph Parker 6'2"?!? Looking at his instagram with Bellew and Haye.
Click Here
CNROM89 said on 15/Jul/17
197 cm before bed is very believable. He looks shorter than Thibaut Courtois (1 cm, maybe 1,5.) who is 6'6.
Canson said on 13/Jul/17
199-199.5 out of bed
197 before bed
Absolute low may be 196.5 if on his feet for a very long time
Reece said on 12/Jul/17
I think he would be more than that in the morning. Probably a strong 6-6 like 6-6.5 early on then drop to 6-5.5 before bed.
even said on 11/Jul/17
morning : 6'5.75"
night : 6'5"
Reece said on 4/Jul/17
Harrison was taller than Lewis who is a easy 195cm. 196 would be to low. more like 197-198
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
Harrison looks more 196-197 than 197-198
Reece said on 3/Jul/17
@Steve. He will likely rematch Wlad again though. And he seems to want Tyson Fury more the Wilder.
Bazza said on 3/Jul/17
@steve - i don't think either are bang on their claim, probably just under it but i expect we will see the inch difference anyway in Wilder favour. Should be more obvious that Wlad/ Joshua.
Steve said on 2/Jul/17
Will be interesting to see how Joshua compares with 6ft7ish Deontay Wilder when they eventually come up against each other
184guy said on 1/Jul/17
Harrison is the same as Joshua.Maybe 1/4inch shorter
Reece said on 1/Jul/17
Harrison looks more 197-198 to me
joe### said on 28/Jun/17
harrison is 196cm max
Canson said on 19/Jun/17
@SJH: yea AJ doesn't strike me as being below maybe 6'5.5-.75. He's a legit 197cm range guy I wouldn't doubt him. I think Wlad is a cm or so less at his actual claim of 6'5 (196cm flat most likely)
Reece said on 16/Jun/17
@Ziggy. That's a bad angle. Are you Nick with a different name? He thinks AJ is 6-4. If u want to think that delude yourself. Greg Davies is probably even over 6-8 slight btw. 6-8.5/6-9. Their was defo not 4 inches difference.
Steve said on 15/Jun/17
@Reece. Oh, haha, yea definitely agree with that, wouldn't be surprised if he measured a little over 6'8 when standing fully straight, he absolutely towers over 6ft3/4inch people. I saw him on TV with 6ft4 Dara Obriain and he literally made him look average height lol.
Ziggy said on 15/Jun/17
Listed 6'8* Greg Davies is towering Joshua at least by a good 4 inches Click Here
Reece said on 15/Jun/17
@ Steve. Yeah I got the words muddled. I actually said he might even be a tad over 6-8.
Sandles said on 14/Jun/17
Joshua is 198 6'6" why is he listed shorter? He is taller than Wlad in the ring when they both wear same shoes not Wlad wearing 2" lifts like every photo. He's noticeably taller than Lennox Lewis and towers over Dillian Whyte who claims 6'4" which is trash he's more like 6'3" max.
Steve said on 14/Jun/17
@Reece After watching the whole episode, not once did it look like Davies had more than 2 inches on Joshua (when they were both standing straight). And that's with Davies having a footwear advantage. A 3inch difference would make Davies look quite a lot taller than Joshua, but he didn't.

I can't see any evidence to suggest that Gregg Davies is less than 6ft8. He's listed as 6ft8 on here and the average guess is actually 6ft8.3 so it doesn't seem to be a contested listing.

In response to the Davies and Osman comparison, this is the only photo I could find of the 2 of them:

Click Here

We can't see the top of Davies head because of the hat, but if you look at their eyeline it's clear that Davies is the taller man. If you have a photo where Davies looks less than 6'8 then go ahead...

Click Here ... If you think about the fact that Blake Harrison is 6ft1 then looking at this it's hard to think that Gregg Davies could be even 1cm under 6ft8.
Reece said on 13/Jun/17
Steve. Their is a chance their was a bit more than 2 inches it could look closer to 3 at times. Davies might even be a tad of 6-8 he looks this next to 6-7 Richard osman.
MerkxX said on 13/Jun/17
Joshua 198cm
Greg Davies 204cm?
Canson said on 12/Jun/17
Steve makes a good point. I believe he's 6'5.5-.75 (197-197.5) but unless under 6'5.75 you are hard pressed to find a difference between that and 6'6". They look the same especially worth a guy that I would surmise wakes up well over 6'6".
grizz said on 11/Jun/17
@Quoter86,it's a joke referencing Martin Freeman's role in Hobbit,man. Of course that even Graham felt towered by the guys.
Quoter86 said on 11/Jun/17
On Graham Norton he looked this next to 6'8 Davies. Did anyone notice how 5'8 Graham remarked how Freeman looked like a hobbit next to them both but Graham was also absolutely towered? Bit of a strange thing to say, Graham is kidding himself if he doesn't think he also looked hobbit like time by them. Bit like an overweight girl mocking another overweight girl next to see some skinny chicks.
Steve said on 10/Jun/17
Also, Gregg Davies does look to have a slight footwear advantage... Joshua is in very flat loafers and Davies in a thicker-soled suit shoe.
Steve said on 10/Jun/17
@CNROM89 I'd say a 2inch difference is precisely what it is there, you'd struggle to argue anything less or more than that. 6ft5.75 is the absolute lowest I'd go but based on this and other photos, 6ft6 is very believable for AJ.
Greg Davies is the kinda guy who towers over 99% of people, but I'd say Joshua holds his own pretty well there
CNROM89 said on 10/Jun/17

Greg Davies is at least 2 inch taller than Joshua I think. But Joshua isn't as low as 6'4,5. 6'5,5 or Rob's listing is good for him.
Steve said on 9/Jun/17
These claims of 6f4.5/6ft5 are way off, and they're usually based on some pointless photo like the one someone posted with him and Idris Elba where Joshua is losing like 1.5/2 inches by bending his knees and standing hunched over... but we just ignore that bit and act like it's proof that he's only 6ft4/5 lol.

I've just been watching The Graham Norton Show with Anthony Joshua and Greg Davies featuring tonight.

It was interesting cuz Greg Davies, who's unarguably a solid 6ft8, really didn't look more than 2inches taller than Joshua.

Here's a couple of photos where they're standing next to each other with similar posture... Hard to see Joshua being anything under 6ft6 really...

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here ... here's the full clip, they both make Martin Freeman and Graham Norton look like children lol
Ziggy said on 9/Jun/17
Lennox Lewis is never been 195cm thats a fact, just look at him next to Holyfield, Joshua seem to look very close, I really dont think he's taller than Lewis
Canson said on 7/Jun/17
@Reece: 6'10" in basketball shoes could be 6'9.75 rounded up or even 6'10 on the dot. Meaning Odom could be a hair under 6'9". Basketball shoes in most cases (i played college ball and measured in sneaks before) add 1.2-1.4" with standard inch like other shoes. I've seen many guys listed 6'10 that are around 6'8.5-.75 and you would guess them 6'9" because they're near 6'10" in sneaks. Either way Vitali isn't 202 he's a solid 6'7 tops or 200cm. Odom looks anywhere from 5.5-6cm taller than him
jeff said on 6/Jun/17
Fury is probably bigger than 202cm.Wlad wore Lifts to change people perceptions of heights. Fury really did look a few inches taller in the Ring like 2.5-3 inches taller.Wlad and Lewis have been together their was more than 0.25-0.5 inches apart. Wlad was at least a full inch taller when in pictures. AJ looks about the same as Wlad if he was a little taller i would not be shocked.
Reece said on 6/Jun/17
Vitali is more like 202cm look at him with Lamar Odam. Vitali is at a 0.75 inch disadvantage and doesn't look more than 2 inches shorter and Lamar is 6-10 in basketball shoes.
Bard said on 5/Jun/17
At least 6'5.5
Canson said on 4/Jun/17
@Arch: id go with what you have for Fury probably but vital is 200 prob wlad 196 Joshua 197 Lewis more 194-195
Ziggy said on 4/Jun/17

Does it fall under really also on here? Click Here There just can't be 4" gap between Jack's and Rob's height next to Joshua, and Joshua can't be over 6'4"1/2.
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
@184guy: very well said below! Good estimate too AJ would walk around at about that 197-197.5 at his lowest and looks a cm or so taller than Wlad. I think Wlad being 6'6 out of bed probably dips to 196cm at his lowest
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
I agree with Rob he has always looked more 6'5.5-.75 (197) than a full 6'6". Wlad always looks a cm shorter or so at roughly 196cm. But I agree with Reece on that AJ isn't 6'4 1/2. I can tell he's taller than I am just looking at him with guys like Lewis who are my height 194cm
berta said on 2/Jun/17
its hard to see who is taller of him and klitchko. if there really was almost 1 inch then we should see that jopshua is clearly tallet. to me it looks like this
Joshua about 197,3 and wlad 196,6. ther is about 0,7 cm beetween them.
berta said on 2/Jun/17
i think this listing is great. this is what he looks like a 197 guy
Jordan87 said on 30/May/17

Bateson falls under Joshua's Chin in your picture whereas Rob is higher than Joshua's Chin. Recheck your own Pictures again before posting to not waste our time.
World Citizen said on 28/May/17
I think he is 6ft 5 flat.
Nick92 said on 27/May/17
Rob how do I send you a email? Because I have 2 measuring tapes that measure differently and it's just an example of how some celebs make a genuine mistake with there heights.
Editor Rob
it's mentioned in the faq under 'who operates this site'.
Slavic Man said on 27/May/17
Joshua is a clear 198cm to me. not much shorter than 200/201cm Breezzeale.h is the same as Wlad to me. Wlad and AJ both had over a inch on Lewis who is 194/195cm.
Reece said on 26/May/17
@ziggy. Their is no way AJ is 194cm. He is not even standing anywhere near properly in that keyed picture. AJ looked taller than Lewis who is like 195cm.
Ziggy said on 25/May/17
Click Here 5' 4" Jack Bateson looks same height as Rob next to Joshua hence Rob can't be standing 5' 8" next to him

and here is with 6'2"1/2 Idris Elba Click Here doesnt look over 6'4"1/2 to me.
Moke said on 25/May/17
@ Arch Stanton

look closer then :) good downgrade.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/17
This is spot on...Wlad being 197cm also isn't out of the question
Bizzare Oaks said on 25/May/17
Tyson Fury needs a upgrade to at least 6-8.....
Big T said on 25/May/17
Good downgrade Rob, you never let me down
Arch Stanton said on 25/May/17
It should have been Wlad upgraded to 6'5.5 rather than the downgrade, he really looks the full 6'6!!
Ollie said on 24/May/17
i would guess like this
Fury 203/204cm
Vitali 202cm
Wladimir 198cm
AJ 198cm
Lewis 195cm
184guy said on 24/May/17
@Rob , now That you down grade Joshua , you Could put Clive Russell down aswell . Will be very odd having both man with the same listing when Joshua looks 2 inches taller in the photoshoot. Obviously knowing That Clive Could have been around 6'6 at peak
Editor Rob
Clive isn't much smaller in person!
billy said on 17/May/17
Both Wlad and AJ are 6-6. They both look the same amount taller than Lennox Lewis.Click Here. both 1.5 inches taller than 6-4.5 Lewis. they both looked exactly the same in the Ring.
Reece said on 17/May/17
@Arch Stanton. Fury looks bigger next to Wlad than Vitali does by more than 1cm check this out.
Click Here. Vitali and Wlad
Click Here. Fury and Wlad
Vitali is likely a good inch shorter
Reece said on 17/May/17
I guess this
Fury 204cm.Click Here over 6-5 Con Sheehan. poor Posture gives away Height
Vitali 202cm-Click Here. Lamar Odam is 6-10 in basketball shoes so barefoot you would expect him to be 6-8 3/4 and Vitali is at a 0.75 Footwear Disadvantage yet he is still no more than 2 inches shorter
Wladimir 198cm-Looks a bit taller than 194/195 Lewis Click Here. Claims 6-5 but taller than every 195/96 cm boxer
AJ 198cm
Lewis 195cm
Steve said on 15/May/17
Click Here

Better photo of Ferdianand and AJ here.. even with Ferdinand standing much closer to the camera AJ's got a good few inches on him
Steve said on 15/May/17
@Lucas I'd say Joshua looks bang on 197cm there, if not 198! There's no point judging it by the top of Rio's hat as that's way higher than where the top of his head would be.
Look at their eye level - Rio's eyes are level with Joshua's upper lip, which is about a 5/6cm difference. Also, I highly doubt Rio is wearing shoes as flat as boxing shoes so he's probably got 1/2cm shoe advantage minimum.

Along with the fact that Joshua has just done 11 rounds of intense boxing (which would take off at least 1cm from your normal height) I'd say 197/198 seems spot on.
Steve said on 15/May/17
@joZEPH AJ is standing taller than Klitschko in that photo? Lol, did you post the wrong picture? It's not a good picture either as we can only see chest and above so don't know anything about posture etc - either one of them could be bent at the knee and we wouldn't know. But yea, Joshua definitely standing about 0.5inch taller than Klitschko there.
Gman said on 15/May/17
I think a lot of people (Jay most recently) are getting a little confused by the background height chart. The chart is assuming those pictured are barefoot. Rob is 5'8.25, so he positions the chart with 5'8 just below the top of his head. Joshua is standing just under SIX FOOT SEVEN here in reality!!!
Arch Stanton said on 15/May/17
From what I've seen I'd guess more

Fury - 202 cm
Vitali - 201 cm
Joshua - 198 cm
Wladimir - 197cm
Lewis - 195cm
Bizzare Oaks said on 15/May/17
@Lucas. AJ is in Flats remember he is at disadvantage.and Rio has a hat
Luiz said on 14/May/17
I believe Wlad is marginally taller than Joshua Click Here maybe Joshua is around 6-4.75 and Wlad is 6-5
Lucas said on 14/May/17
posing with 189cm Rio Ferdinand Click Here doesnt look as tall as 197cm
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/17
Robbe said on 22/Apr/17
Btw Eddie Hearn is easily 2in taller than Tony Bellew. There are many videos of these men in Youtube. Couple of screenshots:

Click Here

Click Here

Video, check at 5:55, and onwards.

Click Here

So Eddie is most likely 6'5, what he also claims.

Doubt it, though I noticed that Eddie was very tall when he stood up to shake Vlad's hand. He looked around 6 ft 4 I thought with Vlad.
Leo said on 14/May/17
Vitali 202cm
Wladimir 198cm
Joshua 197-197.5 cm
Lewis 194cm
Parker 192-193cm
Derek said on 13/May/17
Click Here AJ not less than 6-5.5.
This NZ guy said on 13/May/17
Fury: 202cm
Wilder: 199-200cm
Joshua: 197cm
Wladimir : 196cm
Lennox: 193.5-194cm
Joseph parker 191.5-192cm
Derek said on 13/May/17
Fury 204cm
Vitali 202cm
Wlad 198-199cm
AJ 197-198cm
JoZEPH said on 13/May/17
Wlad standing visibly taller but not much, Click Here maybe Joshua is around 6'4.5 and Wlad is the full 6'5"?
Editor Rob
if anything, Joshua looks like he'd be taller in that photo!
Reece said on 13/May/17
. It's easy to tell Fury is 6-8 +. Look at him with David Price. David Price claims 6-9 and he looks this with 6-6 Audley Harrison. Fury looked a tad shorter like Half a inch. And AJ Is no taller than Wlad sometimes shorter If Harrison is 6_5.5 at the lowest then Price is at least 6_8.5 and Fury at least 6-8.
Scott said on 12/May/17
This is all a bit confusing.

Vitali clearly is an inch+ taller than Wlad and AJ. But Fury in his boxing shoes is still taller than Vitali in pumps.

Either Fury is short changed on here or Joshua is less than 6'6.

Both can't be correct.

Also recently Paddy Barnes the Olympic Boxer posted squaring up photos with Fury and Joshua in similar footwear all around and Fury looks a solid 6'8+ if AJ is 6'6.
Ryan said on 12/May/17
Is AJ wearing 1 inch shoes here Rob? or 0.3 inches. of 0.3 inches more than u
Editor Rob
I am in a comfortable 0.7 inch merrel sneaker.
Anthony is in a black model of Nike Air Max, it seemed a Air Max 90, but I wasn't 100% sure, hence I said the difference is 0.3 inch.
jay said on 11/May/17
are u standing at your best? Come on,Admit AJ is shorter if he was 6-6 surely he would be 6-7 in shoes. he has a inch yet he is still not 6-6?how do u explain that one if he is 6-6. and in pictures Wlad mostly looks taller.Did u both take shoes off or something? it sounds weird to call him 6-6 if he is not that with shoes. AJ is 6-5 Tops thats the truth.
Editor Rob
well he was at least 6ft 6, but with a bit more footwear of course not impossible to be a fraction under it.
dd said on 11/May/17
Flat 197.0cm during the evening.

100% sure about this.

Rob was measured 173.5cm during the evening.
jay said on 10/May/17
Rob this listing is losing crediblity. AJ has a inch of of footwear and he doesnt look 6-6 here. i will the benefit of the Doubt and say he is not standing his best here. AJ is not more than 6-5.25 imo i can see him being 6-6 out of bed. u said below he had 1 inch and u had 0.7 inches in shoes. Wlad is clearly a little taller than AJ in a lot of pictures to.he is also a bit shorter than Mark Foster who is 6-6. i need more proof.
If AJ stood a bit better i could see him going above your 6-6 mark in shoes. looking 6-5 to 6-5.25 6-6 in the morning or shoes.
Editor Rob
I'd have said we are both standing similar.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 10/May/17
Wlad's been rumored to wear lifts during press conferences.
Bazza said on 10/May/17
@canson yeah i think AJ is taller, but not by much. 1cm tops and it is hardly noticable.

@kano i thought i saw AJ edge Wlad in the staredown and during the fight he always looked the slight taller of the two. All this in my opinion of course :-)
billy said on 10/May/17
they are the same height AJ isn't taller than Wlad. their are both 6-6 or close. Wlad is a clear 6-6 look at him with 202cm Wach their is not more than 4.5cm difference in Height he is for sure not 2.5 inches shorter. AJ is a clear 6-6 or close too. AJ was clearly taller than 195-196 Charles Martin. AJ and Wlad are both 6-5.75 or 6-6. Vitali is 202cm as well and Wlad is looking 198cm with Vitali too. their is not evidence showing AJ as a 1 inch or 0.75 inches.
Kano said on 10/May/17
@Bazza.Click Here. min 14.18 the staredown best angle. Wlad seems to edge AJ out. he is a snap from the press confrence to both wearing trainers.Click Here. Wlad is looking a little taller than AJ.
Canson said on 9/May/17
@Bazza: I agree with AJ he should be knocked down. But you agree with what I said that AJ is taller. It has to be at least a cm or half inch as we wouldn't be able to see 1/4" that isn't noticeable by two people. I think 6'5or 6'5.25 for wlad is ok
Jeffrey said on 9/May/17
Joshua standing beside 5'4" Jack Bateson Click Here I don't think Joshua is the listed 6'6"
Bazza said on 9/May/17
@canson- i have just watched the fight again and at no point do i see Wlad as being taller than AJ. There isn't much in it, maybe not even half inch. i conclude Wlad listing needs bumping 1/4 inch to 6'5.5 and AJ needs a down grade of 1/4 inch to 6'5.75.
184guy said on 8/May/17
@Rob , for you what are the chances of Wlad Being TALLER than AJ ?
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if he measured taller.
Kano said on 7/May/17
These are pretty much the heights for the Heavyweight figures on the site
Price 6-8 1/2
Fury 6-8 1/2
Wilder 6-7
Kiltschko 6-6
AJ 6-5 1/2
Harrison 6-5 1/2
Lewis 6-4 1/2
anon said on 6/May/17
193- 195cm is too low for sure, Joshua is at worst 197cm imo- anything under 6'5.5 is pushing it
Canson said on 6/May/17
I agree with Rob that he's a 197cm guy. He's a hair taller than Wlad. Wlad is a strong 6'5" 196cm
Derek said on 6/May/17
@samu. here is a picture of Wlad with a real 195 cm guy Lennox Lewis.Click Here. and here is Wlad edging out 6-6 AJClick Here. 195cm is too low
samu said on 5/May/17
to me he doesn't look that tall but close! maybe is more around 193/195cm assuming Klitschko is 195cm himself.
Kano said on 4/May/17
6-5.5 i think slightly shorter than Wlad to me.
ly said on 2/May/17
Rob what difference in height did you see in the ring with him and klitschko
personally I saw 0,25-0,5 inch on AJ favour
At times though there was barely any difference
Editor Rob
a 6ft 5.75 Joshua is quite possible.
Derek said on 2/May/17
@anon.i used to live in Germany and watch fights. Wlad was listed as 6-6.5 in Germany. Box Rec used to list him as 6-6.5 to.Wlad is pretty much listed as all sorts.
anon said on 2/May/17
They both get listed 6'6 in boxing, Wlad might measure 6'5.5 he might be a tad underlisted on here tbh
ma said on 2/May/17
Hi Rob! I noticed here on this site that Wlad Klitscho used big lifts to look taller!
Do you have ( or anyone here) a pic that can proove that he use big soles shoes or lifts?
For the ring AJ 198 cm Klitcho 196-197 cm
Editor Rob
the proof is in him managing to look closer to Fury's height than he did in the ring.

I think the fact several boxers have commented on lifts gives good credence to it being a real possibility.
sam said on 1/May/17
Rob, how tall do you think the crickter next to AJ looks.

Click Here
Editor Rob
could appear near 5ft 10 there
mike said on 1/May/17
AJ needs a downgrade. he is not 6-6. Wladimir looked a bit taller than AJ 2 days ago. their is not a piece of evidence to suggests AJ is 0.75-1 ich taller than Wlad.
jonsnow said on 1/May/17
I think he needs to be downgraded to 196cm and Klitschko upgraded to 197cm
Guy said on 30/Apr/17
Rob has Wlad and AJ too far apart
184guy said on 30/Apr/17
@Canson,in my view is something like 197,5 vs 196 .Both men very very tall,unfortunely they are cercade of tall people and their heights are not so obvious like would be.
Reece said on 30/Apr/17
Wlad was clearly taller than AJ. Look at when the imbrace after the fight. Wlad is very clearly a bit taller. Wlad is 6-6 and AJ is a bit smaller probably 6-5.5.
Canson said on 30/Apr/17
Agree with you 184guy AJ is taller than Wlad. I'd say 1 or 2 centimeters tho not much more. 197 maybe vs 195-196
Steve said on 30/Apr/17
As a side note, not to prove or disprove AJ being 6ft6... did anyone see who small Sadique Khan (Mayor of London) looked next to Joshua after the fight? Made him look like a child lol
Gman said on 30/Apr/17
Folks, take a look at video and pics of the two men (Joshua and Klitschko) standing next to each other post fight. No advantage to either guy, if there is a centimeter between them that would be the max. Both men are 6.5 1/2+. My opinion is that they should be listed one centimeter apart or the same. I wonder if Rob will make an adjustment after all this evidence?
Big T said on 30/Apr/17
AJ did NOT look noticeably than Wlad in the ring. They have different boxing stances, AJ stands more upright. When they actually stood tall, such as when face to face getting referee's instructions, if anything WK was a fraction taller. I'd list them the same height.
Jam said on 29/Apr/17
Joshua was at most half an inch taller in the ring. Klitschko at 6'5.25 is on the money. Joshua is 6'5.5-75 range
Big T said on 29/Apr/17
It was really hard to tell who was taller during the fight. WK looked a fraction taller during the pre-fight instructions but the camera angle was weird and at times during the fight each looked taller.

6'5.5" each imo
184guy said on 29/Apr/17
@Rob , have you seen the fight ? For me Was very equal until the 11th round
By the WAY , did you saw AJ taller than WK like i did ?
Editor Rob
I was in bed at 8.30pm last night, but just watched highlights this morning, yeah it was pretty close, I would say AJ could edge him out but with some angles they can look closer.
184guy said on 29/Apr/17
@Rob , have you seen the fight ? For me Was very equal until the 11th round
By the WAY , did you saw AJ taller than WK like i did ?
Steve said on 29/Apr/17
Just watched the Joshua Klitschko fight. Joshua looked taller in the ring when both in flat boxing shoes
woodne said on 29/Apr/17
Vlad looks a good 2-3cm taller in showdown..
Reece said on 29/Apr/17
Wlad was taller by a tiny bit at the press conference 2 days ago. Wlad looked like he was padding in the weigh in. Wlad did it vs Fury and was at least 2.5 inches shorter. But Wlad looks taller than AJ even in flats sometimes. I think both are in the 197-198 range.
Guy said on 29/Apr/17
Wlad was noticably shorter than Fury in training camp photos though, which isnt the case with his training pics with aj
Canson-194CM (6'4 3/8) said on 29/Apr/17
@Druce Lee: What I mentioned about pity is more for solid 6'6" or above and was sincere (not so much 6'5.5 as they aren't much different than me at 6'4 1/2). But you get what I'm saying it's not Desired 6'7" shoe height at least not by me
184guy said on 29/Apr/17
Remember that Wlad Looked TALLER than Fury but in the ring 2 inches shorter .
Canson said on 29/Apr/17
@Rob: that sounds more reasonable as it puts cudmore around 199cm. I guess it puts Joshua all things considered around197 which I figured as well
Canson said on 29/Apr/17
@Druce Lee: yes I agree he's 197 as well but the comment you made about being jealous or not smart isn't really that substantiated. Being 6'4" and change 194cm myself I can say with hand over heart that I wouldn't envy someone who is 6'6" or 6'5.5. I'd pity them due to the issues they'd have. I doubt anyone undercuts or under lists or downgrades him because they are jealous of him. I ageee Nick is out in left field on a lot of his estimates but if that's his opinion then so be it
Nick92 said on 29/Apr/17
I strongly doubt wladmir wears lifts I think he just has perfect posture tbh.... And by the way rob who's height do you think you'll be changing after tonight's fight? I personally think wladmir night need a upgrade to 6ft5.5 and Joshua maybe 6ft5.75?
Editor Rob
Joshua at 6ft 5.75 is certainly quite possible.
Flyin said on 29/Apr/17
Vladimir looked 2-3 inches taller in some angles.
Kano said on 29/Apr/17
AJ is not 0.75 taller than Wlad. Wlad was slightly taller at the press confrence. i think AJ 197 and Wlad 198.
Shameem Ali khan said on 28/Apr/17
Impressive personality.
Guy said on 28/Apr/17
Rob, you think Wlad was on the lifts at the weigh-in? AJ didn't have .75 on him there....
Editor Rob
I don't know if Wlad has anything in his sneakers, impossible to say really.
DruceLee said on 28/Apr/17
yes, he is about 198 cm,,maybe in the evening 197 but that's not important...Claims that he is 193 are ridiciouls...These claims can claim only jelaous people or people who are not smart...I see a lot of visitors want to downgrade some famous stars...wishes are not the same as reality ;)

People often see someone else shorter than they are...

I can agree with most of Rob's listings, but ofcourse with some of them i disagree :)

How bad is my english ? :D
177 cm (m|GER/NRW/CGN) said on 28/Apr/17
@Editor Rob
Will you watch his great victory over old Klitschko tomorrow?

It will be same thing as with Fury, in the press conference Wladimir appears taller, in the ring he gets dwarfed...
Editor Rob
I'm giving Wlad a new name: Wladimir Liftshko.
Guy said on 28/Apr/17
To me it seems like AJ and Wlad are the same height...surprised Rob has almost an inch between the,
Leo said on 27/Apr/17
Looks at least half an inch shorter than Wladikir at the Sky Sports press conference today. 6ft 5 for AJ. 6ft 5.5 for Wlad
Canson said on 27/Apr/17
@Robbe: that looks odd it's putting Cudmore under 6'6" I'm sure he's above that. His hair is the only thing putting him over. He looks like he'd be if not a full 199 without hair a weak 199 at his lowest that's assuming his posture isn't good in Robs picture. Guess is that he's 6'7" out of bed easy
Editor Rob
there is a swing in footwear.

Cudmore is essentially 3/4 inch less footwear compared to Joshua (0.6 converse vs 1 inch, then me 0.7 vs 1 inch joshua...
Robbe said on 27/Apr/17
196cm is absolutely too low for Joshua. Actually he isn't much shorter than 199cm listed Daniel Cudmore.

Click Here

I stick to my 197,5cm estimation. Rob has said Cudmore in person is taller than Joshua, but the difference can't be moore than just 1-2cm. If you look at Cudmore, he is 6'6 with his hair, and still gets 6'6.5 listing, so the helplines doesn't tell the whole truth. Joshua is not standing tall there either. He would clear the 6'6 mark easily if he were standing tall, with his 0.3in footwear advantage though.
luke said on 26/Apr/17
of these 5 options which of the following would be most likely for AJ Height. general users or rob
1. 200cm/198cm
3. 199cm/197cm
5. 198/196cm
i think 3 or 4
Editor Rob
1-3 zone, anywhere in that range.
dd said on 26/Apr/17
Rob, i saw you measured 173.5cm at night

not 172cm
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
@Borats Chicken: yea he is not 6'3 or 6'4. I doubt slow as 6'5@ flat but I could buy him being 196.5 possibly and no higher than 197. 197 is how actually looks imho which you're right weak 6'6" (6'5.5) but not full 6'6".
Canson said on 26/Apr/17
@Robbe: Kobe is 195 I agree but Barkley is shorter than him. Agree on everything else tho that Gronk is taller than both of them. I saw belichick himself say Barkley was 6'4" and Barkley stood right next to willie mcginest in the locker room for the pats and was about identical with him. Willie was only listed 6'5 meaning he likely was not barefoot probably 6'4 1/2 maybe 6'4 5/8 like Barkley Olympic measurement

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 24/Apr/17
Borats Chicken,

( Great Name By the way).

He is short of 6'6" In the picture Clearly. Rob also tells you the guy had a .3" Footwear Advantage and he still doesn't make a full 6'6. That Means Joshua is around 6'5- 1/4. 6'3 and 6'4" Are out of the Question but so is 6'6" based on Clear evidence.
mike said on 24/Apr/17
@Johno. i though Wlad look way smaller than Fury in the Ring,i looked at the staredown i felt as if Fury was 2.5-3 inches taller than Wlad. Wlad can look taller than AJ but he can look shorter sometimes. my guess is AJ is more 6-5.5 than 6-6. i think Wlad and AJ are both 197cm. Wladimir never looks more than 4cm shorter than his 201cm brother Vitali. Fury is at least 6-8 i would say.
Robbe said on 23/Apr/17
@184guy, very bad camera angle there, Sir Charles is much closer to the camera. This is moore realistic pic, Kobe Bryant is pretty much the same height as Barkley. So imagine Barkley standing there Click Here

But anyway, i was surprised to see how Eddie Hearn towers over Bellew. David Haye looks an inch shorter than Bellew, so Bellew must be around 190cm. And still gets dwarfed by Hearn? So Hearn must be around 194-195cm. And Hearn himself is close to 2in shorter than Joshua. Easy math?
Borats Chicken said on 22/Apr/17
this is so funny, when everyone says he's 6'3-4-5 is funny as hell..why in the hell is rob whos 5'8 standing next to him then? dude is 6'6
Reece said on 22/Apr/17
Fury 204cm
Wlad 198cm
AJ 197-198cm
Lewis 194cm
Reece said on 22/Apr/17
Hearn is 6-4 to me. I think 6-5 is a early morning shoes measurement. Hearn was wearing dresser shoes in the RING Bellew was wearing flats. Hearn is 6-4 he looks shorter than Wlad and AJ clearly.
Pete191cm said on 22/Apr/17
At 6ft3 I can tell you for sure Joshua is a 6'6, its so easy to tell from his proportions that he's 6'5.5+
Not to mention the fact that he's so much taller than loads of 190cm sports people/celebrities
miko said on 22/Apr/17
I think its a fair comment to say he looks under 6'6 a lot more than over it.

I'm leaning towards him being 6'5.5/6'5.75, he always seems to stand up as straight as possible and raise his eyeline with guys around his height.
184guy said on 22/Apr/17
@Well Robbe, I wouldn't say that there is much between Barkley and Gronk:
Click Here
184guy said on 22/Apr/17
@Rob,do you think this montage that I made is a good compromise with the truth ?
Comparsion between Joe and Joshua :
Click Here
Editor Rob
yes it is close...Joe is really a good inch shorter in person than Joshua.
Robbe said on 22/Apr/17
Btw Eddie Hearn is easily 2in taller than Tony Bellew. There are many videos of these men in Youtube. Couple of screenshots:

Click Here

Click Here

Video, check at 5:55, and onwards.

Click Here

So Eddie is most likely 6'5, what he also claims.
Robbe said on 22/Apr/17
Gronk is definitely taller than Barkley Click Here

Conan's height is a bit mystery. He edges out every 6'3 guys, but is often shorter than 6'4 guys? Same goes with Barkley. He is allways noticeable taller than 6'4 guys, but is listed (measured) only 6'4.75. Reckon Barkley is honest about his height, and everybody else are upgrading their heights.
Johno said on 21/Apr/17
Jim, Wlad is probably more 6'5.75 than 6'5 flat and Joshua looks to be 6'5.25 or 6'5.5; lower end of 6'5.

Wlad stood well against Fury in the ring and had more Lewis than Joshua seems to have.
Canson said on 21/Apr/17
Wlad is 6'5 195/196 at most a full 196 guy. AJ is no less than maybe 196.5-197. No more than maybe 197 range. Rob said himself he had a footwear advantage on him so maybe not 6'6" but that footwear advantage prob wasn't enough to put him under 6'5" range and a strong 6'5
Jim Hopper said on 21/Apr/17
Looks same or even a bit shorter that Vladimir. Cant be 6-6"
Steve said on 21/Apr/17
@Nick I don't know where you've got BBC listing him as 6ft5 from but here he is listed as 6ft6 by BBC......... surprise surprise:

Click Here

I'll openly admit I'm a fan of AJ but I couldn't care less whether he's 6ft4,6ft5 or 6ft6 so I wouldn't let that cloud my judgement - I'm just calling it how I see it.
I'm a big fan of Vin Deisel too but have been downgrading him by about 2 inches ever since I first visited this site, so being a fan or not has nothing to do with it.

I don't normally like to use videos as 'proof' of someone's height but if you take just over 2 minutes to watch this video... anyone with eyes can see that Joshua is easily in the 6ft5.5 range.
He's absolutely towering over 6ft2.5 Tony Bellew and is comfortably taller than 6ft3/6ft4 Eddie Hearn.
If you're still arguing for 193cm after watching this then I know for sure you're just here to take the piss
Click Here
louis said on 21/Apr/17
Both Wlad and AJ are both 6-6. both look the same amount taller than Lennox Lewis who is likely 194cm-195cm
Canson said on 20/Apr/17
Sorry Nick we aren't fanboys. If you look at most pages I typically shave height off because I know most of these heights are inflated to start with. Rob met the guy in person and said he is around 6'6". Now you just said that BBC refers to him as 6'5". Ok maybe he is 6'5 Range and maybe he's just a strong 6'5" not the weak 6'6". That's possible. Or maybe he really is the weak 6'6" and they rounded him down or he grew since being measured "closer to 6'5". But you're saying he's 6'4" so which is it? Oh and btw. Barkley is not 196cm. He's 194-195 tops. He's nowhere near as tall as Joshua is as barkley isn't even as tall as Rick Fox
Canson said on 20/Apr/17
@Nick: nope I'm not a Brit sorry to disappoint you. Are you an ophthalmologist? Because you need to see one to ave your eyes checked. Conan btw was never 6'4" barefoot. He wasn't always between 190-192. That's obvious. But let's discuss using a brain the last comment you made. How is Tom Brady 2" shorter than Gronk? And if you look at Brady he doesn't even have to stand at his tallest to Edge out Conan. But that may take a lot coming from someone who seems to believe AJ is 193cm. Being 194 myself I can assure you AJ is taller than me by 1.5-2". Rob said himself when I asked him who was taller between Fox and AJ that AJ looked taller than Rick fox in person but may have been footwear. You have two or three people who have met fox and said he's 196/197, 6'5.5, or weak 6'6" is how he's been described by all 3. My guess is he isn't under maybe 196.5 so if he is that and is taller than AJ what does that tell you? I'm sorry but a brain that is Not being used is a terrible thing
Steve said on 20/Apr/17
@Nick I'm just wondering, how much difference do you think there is between Joshua and 5'8 Rob in the picture? Forget the 0.3inch footwear difference for a second, I'm just interested to see how many inches difference you can see between the 2 of them in that pic?
Steve said on 20/Apr/17
... and then you'll see that he's listed at 189cm (191 peak) ... and then you'll see how stupid 193cm is for Joshua... but then you'll just start making these stupid claims that The Rock is 183-185cm again so it's just pointless really, I'd just give up if I were you
Steve said on 20/Apr/17
@nick why ask rob how tall he thinks the rock is... just check what he's listed at on this site...
Nick said on 19/Apr/17
@Canson are you a brit? do you have a show called Conan Obrien there in brexit? if so check it out you will see Gronk is not looking over 3cm taller than Conan, now we all know Conan is being described as full 193cm way back when, and 191cm today.

Do the math for once.
Nick said on 19/Apr/17
even BBC is referring to Joshua as 6'5" you are a bunch of fanboys, always good at talking but facts and pictures are speaking clearly the rock is 185cm at most just check him next to Michael Strahan who is listed at 194cm on this very site. (however most people on here say he is 193cm)

Then check the rock next to Joshua and you have it. Boom, everybody is pointing out that. Joshua can't be 198cm simply cause is not. Check the rock next to a legit 196cm Charles Barkley to see the difference, Rob how tall do you think the rock is?
Big T said on 19/Apr/17
Rob, in the majority of the face-offs and promo opportunities so far he looks a little shorter than 6'5.25" listed Klitschko but I know there are footwear concerns with not-so-big-Wlad.

However, it must be said that there is very little evidence of a 0.75" taller AJ based on their meetings so far. If the listings don't look right based on their fight-night appearances will you change the listings?
ZoZo said on 17/Apr/17
Hi Rob, will you be watching Joshua-Klitschko?
Editor Rob
probably be in bed...
Ice said on 17/Apr/17
ROB would you say He has a Small head ?
Editor Rob
Ice, in person no...he has a smaller eye-top of skull than eye-chin.

A guy like Frank bruno in person has quite a big head, bigger than Jamie Waylett's...
lol93 said on 17/Apr/17
Rob How come you don't look that short next to him?I mean mike tyson would probably don't even look that small next to him at 5'10
Arch Stanton said on 16/Apr/17
@Nick. Yes I know, Redgrave is about 6'4 currently I think, lost a bit from peak. Joshua looked about 2 inches taller. As Rob says if he's not 6'6 on the nose he's very close.
Steve said on 16/Apr/17
@Nick 'We all know the Rock is 183-185cm range' hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha PLEASE, The Rock 183-185cm??? What a load of rubbish.

Click Here Kevin Hart must be about 4ft11/5ft if Rock is only 183-185 lol.

Nick = Troll
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Nick: your estimates are way off. Gronkowski 196?????? He looks next to Brady a full 198cm and is even listed as 6'7" in the NFL. A guy that size is not typically over listed by 2" maybe an inch tops. I've never met Gronk but I have met Carmelo Anthony and he looks the same size as Gronk does a legit or strong 6'6".
tom said on 16/Apr/17
AJ 198cm and Wlad 197cm? AJ does edge him out when both were wearing trainers.
184guy said on 16/Apr/17
@Canson I dont think he'd to be only just over 6'6 out of bed. 199-200cm somewhere in the Middle is more realĂ­stic considering he has a long torso aswell legs.
Dont know what to claim(5'11) said on 15/Apr/17
With Stormzy. Click Here
Canson said on 15/Apr/17
Sorry Nick but a 6'6" guy built like AJ doesn't get mistaken for 6'4" that easily. Maybe 6'5" but you saw Rob say he is over 6'5" not sure how much tho. Lennox Lewis is similar with me in height maybe marginally (1/8" or so taller) he's 194-195 cm. Maybe 194 is his lowest. AJ is not the same height as Lewis is. He's taller than him by at least an inch. I agree with Arch that AJ pulls off 6'6" easy and is probably no less than 197 cm most likely and absolute lowest would be 196.5 (6'5 3/8) which essentially pits him over 6'6" out of bed by a hair which is likely him just receiving a morning measurement of 197 an hour out of bed
Editor Rob
nobody on this site thinks a guy like Padalecki is under 6ft person Joshua is a comfortable 2 inches taller, albeit he did have a fraction more footwear, the lowest I'd think is 197cm.
Nick said on 15/Apr/17
Ok Rob you dont know, that is exactly what I thought.

So how about this one, everyone knows the Rock is more in the 183/185cm range Click Here just head over to the Rock page on this site (just check how tall the rock looks next to the likes of 195cm Charles Barkley and 196cm more likely Rob Gronkowski)

Can you tell me how tall Joshua is again?

One thing is certain this guy can't be 198cm we can argue all you want him being closer to 193cm or 195cm really tops, but never ever he will be as tall as 198cm.

@Arch Stanton, Steve Redgrave is listed at 193cm BTW :)
Arch Stanton said on 14/Apr/17
I saw big Josh standing with Steve Redgrave and another 6'6 listed boxer at the 2016 Olympics and he was taller than both, really looked a proper 6 ft 6 in my eyes, though something a little udner is always possible.
Alex said on 14/Apr/17
@Nick. your trying your best but it is not working. we all have different opinions but the general person thinks your wrong. you will never convience rob to listen to u.
Alex said on 14/Apr/17
these funny 6.6-5 and 6-7 claims for Fury. looked a good 3 inches taller than Kiltschko when they fought look at the stare downs. already fought a 6-7 footer called tony belshaw. he isnt below 6-8.
Nick said on 14/Apr/17
Editor Rob: there's nothing off, he's over 6ft 5 for certain, how much is debatable and whether he'd measure a proper 6ft 6 barefoot or not.

But please, 6ft 4 :) Look at this con friend Here.
Bellew, Joshua and Price...

and that guy in person edges out someone like Big Khalid.

we dont know how tall that con freind is could be anything :) 160cm for the matter, instead with 175cm Luke Campbell Joshua doesnt look over 193cm and that is a fact, dear Rob. Click Here

How tall Joshua is standing next to 175cm Luke Campbell in your opinion Rob?
Editor Rob
I don't know, but I watched Joshua standing with many people and I couldn't see him as short as 6ft 5, he's too big for that I feel.
Canson said on 13/Apr/17
Yes Robbe also shows wlad 6'5" if fury is 6'7" like we both said
Steve said on 13/Apr/17
Nick's the kinda guy who could measure AJ himself and when it came out at 6ft5.5/6ft6 he'd start saying the tape measure must be wrong...
Mark said on 12/Apr/17
David Price does look like a 6-9 guy. some body was telling me about AJ calling Price 6-10. Price does look in this imaginary staredown with AJ.Click Here.
Robbe said on 12/Apr/17
@Nick, you dont still get it. Think again.

Thanks for the con guy pic, Rob. Shows cleary Price is not 6'9, he is at the most 6'8 which is also his billed height in BoxRec. Tyson Fury is shorter than Price, so he is around 201-202cm.
Nick said on 12/Apr/17
@Robbe you are genius in fact, the line on top of Rob head is at 173cm but you wouldnt know that cause maybe you are also blind.

In that picture they are both wearing shoes, hence 173cm for Rob in SHOES and 196cm for Joshua in SHOES. SEE ABOVE.

Just to clear it up for Rob to be 173cm flat (in the above pic) the top of his head would reach 175cm at least or (5'9") but his head ends there at 5'8" (173cm) instead.
Nick said on 12/Apr/17
Helenius is actually a legit 199cm guy, Click Here this is when they actually stand on the same line Helenius is almost a head taller than Airich.

This on the other hand is Joshua true height standing close to 175cm Luke Campbell |

with 175cm listed Luke Campbell, Click Here

Rob if you have any dignity you should downgrade Joshua, he is nowhere near 198cm.

Click Here just look at this picture and have the guts to ramble that Joshua is over 193cm, when obviously is impossible and the picture with Rob is obviously been either doctored or something is really off.
Editor Rob
there's nothing off, he's over 6ft 5 for certain, how much is debatable and whether he'd measure a proper 6ft 6 barefoot or not.

But please, 6ft 4 :) Look at this con friend Here.
Bellew, Joshua and Price...

and that guy in person edges out someone like Big Khalid.
Canson said on 12/Apr/17
Nick any way you look at it he is taller than Lennox Lewis is. Lewis is a 194-195 guy like Barkley and Jordan are (6'4.5ish). AJ (remember that's rob met him) and Rob said he's close to 6'6". Rob also said possible he's 197. I think anything under maybe 106.5 at his lowest can safely be ruled out. And that's takin away cushion on the opposite end that Rob possibly overestimated or that he dips a fraction or had less footwear advantage than he thinks
Reece said on 12/Apr/17
Nick. AJ is clearly taller than Lennox in that picture. Again you post a picture to prove even more AJ is taller than 6-4 clearly. They are not the same height in the pic u posted. U are just not great and judging heights. If you put you finger on the top of their heads AJ is clearly taller.
Robbe said on 12/Apr/17
If Airich is 178cm, then Helenius is no moore than 193cm. Like said, its useless to post any pictures, Nick allways shoots them down by making ridicilous claims. So i give you folks an advice, dont post any pictures. He wont give up.

P.S. Rob is 5'8 without shoes, so the helplines describes Joshuas height also without shoes. Nick doesn't seem to realise this claiming Joshua is here 193cm + shoes (3cm) = 196cm. We can all count, but Nick dont know what to count :D
184guy said on 11/Apr/17
AJ and Marius Wach both in Boxing gear :

Click Here
Nick said on 11/Apr/17
Those are not good pictures to judge, theres way too much angle difference Joshua is standing closer to camera and btw that guy Kostatin might be 178cm at most on a good day.

Here is with legit 185cm Oldanier solis Click Here
Robbe said on 11/Apr/17
Here's Konstantin Airich (6'1) with Robert Helenius (6'6.5) and on the right with A.J.

Click Here

A.J. looks about an inch shorter than Helenius, at the most. Airich is not even standing properly with Robert.
Nick said on 10/Apr/17
with 175cm listed Luke Campbell, Click Here

Rob if you have any dignity you should downgrade Joshua, he is nowhere near 198cm.
Nick said on 10/Apr/17
Where is this guy looking taller than Lennox Lewis? Click Here

They look the same height to me, Lewis looked same to Michael Strahan who is 193cm, so go figure.
Reece said on 9/Apr/17
@Nick. it is not you just cannot judge heights what so ever. let me show you some of your estimations
Both Lennox Lewis and AJ are both 6-4 according too uClick Here. yet we can see AJ is clearly taller by more than a inch. and you post this to show their the same height.
Same with Molina and AJ are both 6-4 according to you.Click Here another pic AJ is clearly taller even though Molina has a Height.
AJ is 197 to 198 according to everyone,end of really.
Reece said on 9/Apr/17
Check on ebay their are Sneakers that only give like half a inch or less. their are ground level shoes too that dont give too much in height. Rob said it only gave 0.3 inches and he is barefoot coming up to 5-8. Aj head is very close to 6-6 here
184guy said on 9/Apr/17
Im sure that sneaks that Wach is using gives about 1.5in . At leste 1.25in . He is a big guy With a big feet so the sole will be thicker than the one from an average guy
Nick said on 8/Apr/17
any kind of sneakers give you between 2 and 3cm and do you know how much 5mm are? :) it is quite obvious Joshua is 193cm flat
Reece said on 8/Apr/17
This Guy. 6-5 is possible but highely unlikely. AJ comes very close to 6-6 and he is not even standing his best,taking away the 0.3 inches he looks like he is 6-5.5 here with Rob. AJ has a inch of footwear disadvantage and his Posture is awful while Wach is standing his best. i would not go under 197cm for AJ. look at him with other boxers. he Towered over Johnny Nelson who claims 6-2 and look at him looking Clearly much taller than Tony Bellew who is a tall guy himself 190cm.Charles Martin is a 195-196 and AJ is taller. Lennox Lewis was measured at 6-4 and 3/4 and AJ is taller. the Debate is weather he is 6-5.5 or 6-6.Click Here. Stormzy is at least 6-4.5 and AJ is every bit taller by at least a inch.
George said on 8/Apr/17
AJ is in the 197-198 range. looks very similar Wlad Kiltschko. i still think Wlad is a bit taller. AJ 197 and Wlad 198cm would fit in well.
This Guy said on 8/Apr/17
Joshua looking 6'5ish next to Wach in that latest pic. Even taking into consideration the sneaker advantage Wach has and Joshua'a wider stance. I'm starting to think he could be more in the 196 range
Steve said on 5/Apr/17
@184guy I just saw that photo on Joshua's Instagram, shows AJ's height very well.
Funny because Wach has some pretty thick sneakers on and AJ is in socks lol
184guy said on 5/Apr/17
AJ and Mariusz Wach
Click Here
If Wach is really 6'7.5 tHan there is no way AJ is under 197cm
Ollie said on 5/Apr/17
AJ and Wlad are listed here as 6-5 and 6-6. but Wlad looks taller mostly. i think Wlad is 6-6 and AJ is just under, 6-5.5 seems good. AJ 197cm, and Wlad 198cm. AJ at 198 and Wlad seems unlikely i doubt AJ has a full inch on Wlad from the pictures i have seen.
Canson said on 4/Apr/17
In the 197 range very worst weak 197
bazza said on 4/Apr/17
Joshua may be below the 6' 6" mark but not by much, and certainly not below 6' 5.5". He was guesting for Sky on the Haye v Bellew and absolutely towered over 6' 1 Froch and solid 6' 2" Jonny Nelson.
Borats Chicken said on 3/Apr/17
those socks must be fat/thick to give 0.5-1cm..
Matthew said on 2/Apr/17
. AJ head comes very close to 6-6 it is like 6-5.8 it is very close. so if you - the 0.3 inches that puts AJ at 6-5.5. his shoes only are giving a small amount. AJ looks just under 6-6 to me.
Nick said on 2/Apr/17
I know most of you probably can't count, but let's try it together is simple math, even in the picture with Rob (assuming is legit) Joshua is standing 196cm in shoes.

Joshua 193cm + 3cm (sneakers + socks) = 196cm
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@Robbe: the worst you can say for AJ is 196/197 so I agree with you. I throw the 196/197 in because it's 6'5.5 which is about as Low as he would be
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
@Nick: the Rock is more than 185. A friend of mine met him (who himself is 6'3") and only was about an inch taller. The Rock is a solid to strong 6'2. Meaning he's 6'1 7/8-6'2 1/4
anon said on 31/Mar/17
Nick is an epic troll he includes 2 Inches of hair, NO way is Hearn same height as Joshua keep dreaming buddy, The Rock is 6'1 lmao thats a good one, I am guessing you think Tyson Fury is 6'5 max?
Nick said on 30/Mar/17
and yeah in fact Dwayne Johnson is no more than 185cm, just check pics next to David Haye.Everybody with eyes can see that.
Nick said on 30/Mar/17
@Steve, that specific photo like seriously? where all the angles and perspective is favouring Joshua as he's standing closer to the camera??

How about you check the pictures where they actually stand closer to each other and side by side. Like the hundreds Ive posted here.
James said on 30/Mar/17 seem good a predicting heights. how tall do you think David Price is? he is listed as 6-8 but for some reason he looked like a lot taller than AJ when they stood together their looked to be like 3-3.5 inches difference and i doubt AJ is under 6-5.5. i think Price is 6-9 like he says but is underlisted for some reason.
James said on 30/Mar/17
AJ does not look a inch taller than Wlad or 0.75 inches taller.Click Here. Both can look taller than each other but even in Flats Wlad is usually taller. i think Wlad will be a half a inch taller. i think AJ is 6-5.5 and Wlad is 6-6. AJ looks more 6-5.5 with you than 6-6. Wlad is taller than every 6-5 boxer he has been next too including Tony Thompson who is the best Example.
Steve said on 28/Mar/17
@Nick Like I said before, you're obviously measuring Hearn to the top of his quiff and not to where his head would end.
And also like I've said before there's no point in looking at photos where you can only see chest and above. Click Here Photos like this are much better where you can see posture, ground level, footwear etc.

If Joshua is 6ft4, how tall is Dwayne Johnson then Nick? 6ft1? Lol Click Here
Reece said on 28/Mar/17
Nick in your picture AJ is in flat boxing shoes and Hearn is likely in a dresser shoe and AJ had a fight too so that would lose him some height you are smaller after a athletic this gives Hearn a footwear advantage of at least half a inch plus AJ is just did a athletic activity and athletes are shorter after matches. This gives Hearn a great advantage yet he is still shorter.
Borats Chicken said on 28/Mar/17
Rob, he looks to have the same head length as you.
Editor Rob
Anthony has a bigger eye-chin than many, but his eye-head isn't big...
Eddie said on 28/Mar/17
Hey Rob! You have Wladimir Klitschko listed az 196cm, and Joshua as 198cm, but a lot of face to face pictures look like Wlad has like an inch advantage over Joshua. How would you explain this? Klitschko wearing lifts may be?
Thanks in advance :)
Editor Rob
when they squared up they could look similar (on even ground) but Vlad's shoes didn't seem to be bulging, they may well be within 1/4 inch when measured!

It is easy though to have a half inch lift in a shoe and nobody could tell though.
anon said on 28/Mar/17
Nick what your basically saying is you know more than Rob who met the guy in person lol your a troll mate you think Joshua 6'4 you aint got a clue how to guess height so how Tall is David Haye 6'0 max?
Robbe said on 28/Mar/17
Excuse me folks but you are constanly stepping on Nick's mines. Cant you see how poor he is estimating height differences? He has posted earlier these links claiming:

Breazeale (200cm) is 7cm taller than Joshua Click Here

Molina (193cm) is the same height as Joshua Click Here

There are loads of same kind of "estimations" by Nick in this thread. Really, its pointless to argue with someone who has such poor height (difference) judgement. He will continue forever, you know? So dont bother. This thread is pretty much closed by stating A.J. is 197-198cm. End of.
Nick said on 27/Mar/17

cmon man? Eddie Hearn very short hair giving him what?? 3cm please please! Joshua is not even shaved here, please try and say they dont look the same height here, please try and I will know you are just delusional.

Click Here

Click Here

Joshua might have 1/2cm on Hearn thats arguable but not like 5 or more, you kidding yourselves?

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