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Peak: 6ft 1.02in (185.5cm)
Current: 5ft 11.1in (180.6cm)
Mario Nariano said on 20/Oct/05
If you repeatedly say that Arnie is 5 ft 10 you are going to believe it.
Of course arnie isn't 5 ft 10, or did hewore 7 inch lifts in The Terminato?
I give him 6 ft 1.5 as peak height and I think that he is those days 6 ft 0.5 just as he was listed a couple of months ago here.
Viper452 said on 20/Oct/05
Not really, that's his real height though :)
UK Terminator fan said on 20/Oct/05
When I say a little bit shorter these days I mean just under 6ft barefoot. If this is true (I haven't met him) then if he was standing at normal stance - not completely straight and because of his large body frame would appear to people as 5ft 10.

I think we can continue to list Big Arnie as being 6ft cos he's either a fraction under it or a fraction over it.
phast said on 19/Oct/05
Viper452 - does repeatedly saying arnold is 5-10 make you feel better about yourself?
Height Tracker said on 19/Oct/05
I agree with you Terminator Fan. He had to have been over 6 feet tall in his peak. He certainly looked it, particularly in earlier movies such as Pumping Iron. And to all those people who claim he is something like 5'7" or 5'8", how could a 5'7" guy appear in a bodybuilding documentary where he is mostly barefoot and still be described as 6'2" and look that height throughout the film. Either he was wearing 7" lifts or he really was close to 6'1" or 6'2" at his peak.
UK Terminator fan said on 19/Oct/05
The boots Arnold wore in T1 had custom made 2.5inch heels. To mw he looked 1 inch taller than Cameron in that pic. From that pic Arnold may well have stood at 6ft 1 bare foot. If he was wearing lifts 6ft 0 maybe.

However that was 1984 - he does look a little bit shorter these days.

My summary - Arnold was 6ft 1 and now is a fraction under 6ft - which is still taller than most people.
Viper452 said on 19/Oct/05
Arnold is shorter then 5-9?? No way. He is around 5-10.
Height Tracker said on 18/Oct/05
Judy, how could Arnold be short if you say he is about 6 feet tall? Plus, you say he was about the same height as his wife. However, in nearly every picture I have seen of him he is towering over her. Was he just not wearing his lifts today, or is your sighting bogus?
Zach said on 18/Oct/05
James Cameron, 6'2, and Arnie...
Judy said on 18/Oct/05
I am 5'9" tall. I was looking over Arnold's head this past weekend at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. I was surprised at how short he was. His wife was standing next to him and was close to his height. I did not see what type of shoes she was wearing, but unless everyone in that room (including women) were 6 feet tall or taller, then I guess he would be about 6 feet too.
phast said on 17/Oct/05
I have decided that there is no way he is 5'10, and people that claim him to be like 5'7 are clearly very unhappy w/ their own heights. Like I said before I've meet him at The Elephant Bar here in Santa Barbara, CA last year when he made a public speech. He was 1 inch shorter than me, making him 6'2 w/out shoes. I take into consideration that many people have analyzed photos and movies and believe he is shorter than that. I will agree that he certainly could have been wearing lifts, but there's no way lifts can give him 5 inches. I'm 6'3 on the dot and w/ my shoes probably 6'4. So if he was about an inch short than me, then he was 6'3 w/ shoes. Therefore, he must have been wearing 5 inch lifts if he is 5'10. I didn't look at his feet or legs but he would not be able to walk normally w/ 5 inch shoes. Maybe he wears 3 inch lifts like Jim Mccraken suggests, but definitely not 5. I believe he is between 6'0-6'2.
Height Tracker said on 16/Oct/05
Arnold's height is an enigma. He can appear the same height as 6'2'' former President George Bush in some pictures, nearly as tall as the Rock in many pictures, and he is often seen towering over people. However, he is barely taller than George W. Bush and many people who have met him seem to swear that he is only 5'11" or even some ridiculous height like 5'6". However, many other people who meet him claim he is around 6'1" or even 6'2". How could there be such a vast discrpancy? Can he really go from 5'6" to 6'2" depending on his lifts? It seems like some people are clearly lying, because to me he never seemed any shorter than 5'11" or 6'0".
Jim McCracken said on 14/Oct/05
The compression of the spinal cord due to the weight lifting will be considerable so I doubt very much if he even reached 6ft - even in his youth! In addition to the natural compression related to age so if he is 6ft now then there is some lifting element being used, don't forget there are expert shoemakers who can make a pair of normal looking shoes that can provide up to 3 inches lift! How can anyone tell if he is standing up with his trousers covering the top of their shoes? Artistic licence has always played a part in photographs with one person much closer to the camera than the other making them appear either taller or around the same height! Same thing with some studio films!
phast said on 14/Oct/05
That's really confusing so you guys think Arnold wears lifts. I'm 6'3, don't know what that is in cm, but I've been measured at that at the doctor's office, high school bball team, and by my frat. I always wear DVS shoes around and they probably give me an inch. When I met him I remember checking to make sure of his height because a week before that I read a newspaper article on how celebs lie about their height and it mentioned that arnold is a lot shorter than his listed 6'2. So can you really get like 5" on lifts? I would say he was about 1 inch shorter than me with my shoes on. Wouldn't 5" shoes be really noticable on a guy?
Jason said on 13/Oct/05
Yeah, Ronnie is actually 5'9 1/2'' max. Just look at him on stage with 5'9 1/2'' Chris Courmier - Ronnie is not one iota taller and may even be shorter. Arnie wearing shoes (and big ones at that) will of course appear substantially taller than a bare foot Ronnie Coleman.
Viper452 said on 13/Oct/05
here's a hint, Ronnie Coleman is no 5-11 :) Arnold is no taller then 5-10 from the pics I have studied, movies, and other eyewitness accounts. Its fairly obvious really.
phast said on 13/Oct/05
viper452- 5'10.5 at best? Why do people here love making celebs way shorter than they actually are? I shook Arnold's hand and although I cannot say for certain that he is 6'2, I can say for sure he is over 6'. At the last mr. olympia, Arnold towered over Ronnie Coleman (who is listed at 5'11). If Arnold is " 5'10.5 at best ", then Ronnie must be 5'8 and if you look at Ronnie's bodybuilding pics w/ other bodybuilders where he is sometimes 4-5" taller, that would make those guys 5'3? How tall are you viper?
Joe said on 11/Oct/05
About an hour into 'Pumping Iron' Schwarzenegger eats breakfast with Lou Ferrigno and his parents. Now, he does have on sandals but when they stand up after they've finished, Schwarzenegger looks quite short compared to Lou and his father.
Andy said on 7/Oct/05
Arnold was measured at numerous bodybuilding competitions during the 60s and seventies at either 6'1" or 6'2" officially, now in his late fifties shrinkage to 6'0" or just under is possible.
Viper452 said on 6/Oct/05
No way is Arnold 6-0. 5-10.5 at best I would say. Also, some say Jay is in the 5-9 range.
JJ said on 3/Oct/05
I attended a rally given by Arnold during his campaign for Governor in 2003, and managed to get quite close to him. He looked no more than 5'10.
Mr. R said on 27/Sep/05
Dids anyone else see Arnold on Leno last night. He seemed no more than 1.5 inches taller than Jay. He was wearing standard dress shoes, and was nowhere near 6-2.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/05
Exactly viper, Im only around 185cm and people think im like 6'2.5", some people just dont realise that 6ft is 182.88cm not 178cm haha, there are definitely many overestimaters
phast said on 26/Sep/05
gotxo- very interesting and valid comparison. I'm just telling you my experience. I used to like to compare him with other bodybuilders but who knows if any of their heights are listed correctly. All I know is that he was close to my height.
Viper452 said on 25/Sep/05
You mean roughly 3 inches above average height. Some people think 5-9.5 to 5-10 is 6 feet, thats why. They have no idea how tall a true 6 footer really is.
Michael said on 25/Sep/05
Celtmist, whomever told you you're "average" at 6'0" frankly doesn't know what he or she is talking about. According to the latest report by the National Center for Health Statistics -- -- the average height is 69.4 inches for all males between 20-74, 69.6 inches for all males between 20-29, and 70.2 inches for "non-hispanic white" males between 20-39. So no matter how you look at it, at 72 inches you're roughly two inches *above* average.
Gotxo said on 24/Sep/05
At the risk of being a burden (i kno)
Please a comment for charity 'fore Rob kicks my ass forever.
The car is 203cm (without racks), he wears 5cm heels, he does not look close to
190cm. And then what is Bob Lutz? A nature freak?
Viper? Phast? Rob? I want all opinions
Celtmist said on 24/Sep/05
I am sure that Arnold is 6'2" if not more. People forget just how tall Americans really are (by this I mean that Arnold mostly appears alongside Americans in his movies). If ever there were a time I could have confirmed this then it would have been the time I first saw him next to George W.Bush, current U.S president. He and I are exactly the same height, for I have come within spitting distance of him (I avoided the temptation!), and this is 6'0" exactly. The top of Bush's head is in line with Arnold's eye level. People think he is shorter because often his supporting characters tend to be above 6'2" but that's just how it is nowadays in the western world. I am told I am average at 6'0 but I doubt that in England that this is average even for a female any more.
Phast said on 24/Sep/05
I shook Arnold's hand during his 1st year as the Governor. He made a speech at the Elephant Bar here in Santa Barbara, CA. He was an inch shorter than me (6'3). I'm sure he's 6'2 or really close to that.
Viper452 said on 23/Sep/05
Interesting. Its total bunk that Arnold shrunk so much over the years I think.
Stephen said on 23/Sep/05
I saw Arnold Schwartzenneger doing a book signing at the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA in 1977 (plus or minus 1 year). I'm a shade over 6'2", and I was shocked at how much shorter he was than me - at least 2 inches shorter, and I would guess more like 3 or 4 inches shorter. I'd peg him at 5'11" in 1977 (or 5'10" if he was wearing any kind of lifts). In deference to Harvard, Arnold was dressed in a close-fitting business suit and tie, and in this garb he not only didn't look that big in terms of height but didn't look that big in any way. Possibly he was wearing low-heeled dress shoes with that outfit instead of his normal cowboy boots. My overall reaction was that he looked like a slightly-smaller-than-average football player.
TheMan said on 2/Sep/05
Bush is deffently conscience actually to me swazzenger has never been worried about he's height as he knew he was tall IMO. Ive walked around with poeple 3 inches taller than myself before and at diffrent times walking around i can either look nearer to them or even smaller the floor can play tricks aswell. But Bush must of had elvators on or almost certainly bigger shoes than arnold.
Zach said on 2/Sep/05
You know what TheMan thats a very good point. Everything seems to revolve around that Bush pic showing Arnie to be about an inch taller - whats to say Bush wasnt wearing elevators himself?? The guy's got the most powerful job in the world and here was a perfectly good opportunity to show he's not as small as some people think - by standing tall (on elevators perhaps) next to someone who symbolises power and strength.

Bush even showed how conscience he was of his stature when he demanded the podiums to be lowered in his tv debate with Kerry.
TheMan said on 1/Sep/05
Yeah all these new pics prove he's atleast 6,1 he probably is still about 6,2 who knows. The bush thing i belive to be this Bush was wearing elvaters or something or it was the floor.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/05
I remember him being measured on some latenight show and he came in at 6'4", He was barefoot. what was that all about?
jshgk said on 21/Aug/05
i saw him, hes 5'10" presently, im 5'9" even, hes barely an inch taller than me
supes78 said on 16/Aug/05
I met Ferrigno in person last year and I can assure you the man is no more than 6'2" tops. "Pumping Iron" sadly exaggerated the size of their stars much like wrestling to attract more viewers.
Zach said on 16/Aug/05
So how do you explain 'real life' pics of Arnie looking the same height as Muhammad Ali, Clinton, Bush Senior - all 6'2 or Ali 6'3?

In fact why not leave out heels all together - go watch Pumping Iron, where there's live documentary of Arnold and 6'5 Lou Farringo training bare feet just before going out on stage at Mr Olympia - the difference is barely 2/3 inches.
Damian said on 7/Aug/05
A friend of mine used to work out with Arnold. My friend is 6' 4" and told me Arnold was about my height or slightly shorter (6'), maybe 5' 10" he would say
Mr. Klaus said on 11/Jul/05
I watched last night Jingle All the Way. There is only one inch of difference between Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Sinbad is everywhere listed as 6 ft 5 ( probably 6 ft 4). In a lot of scenes you can see Arnie's shoes and they look normal. My guess is that Arnold was really 6 ft 2 at his peak and that he is those days between 6 ft 1 and 6 ft. 5 ft 10 is tottaly nonsense.
Mike said on 3/Jul/05
another picture:
arnold with 6ft6 Ralf m
Mr. R said on 30/Jun/05
Actually, this was the "official" height released to the media during the campaign. When Arnold ran for Governor of California, the first issue was not his lack of experience, but his lack of height. Everyone expected him to tower over the crowd, but he didn't. For a long time, everyone kept speculating as to his height, and eventually the campaign decided that he was "six feet exactly". I guess it MUST be true! (RIGHT)
MHouillon said on 30/Jun/05
Agreed. I just saw a report on German Television about his popularity as the Governor of California. Seems like 182cm-183cm.

Anyhow, not a 178cm.
Mr. R said on 29/Jun/05
Actually Exactly, I live in California and there was quite a buzz about Arnold's height, and they eventually said he was officially six feet tall. This can be found in the Sacramento Bee.
J.J said on 10/Jun/05
Arnie not only wears elevator shoes most of the time - he has the benfit of optical illusion on his side.
Broad shoulders in comparison to a narrow waist give the illusion of greater length, just as a fat belly gives the illusion of someone being shorter than they are.
Rake-thin guys will look maybe a little taller than averge built or chubby guys, but buff guys with broad shoulders appear even taller than their spindly counterparts.

I'm 6' on the dot and everyone guesses me to be 6'2"ish because of my shoulders to narrow waist ratio, developed after years of weight-training. It's the 'V' torso, it just makes you look taller.

So even if Arnie is 5'11, he'll appear 6'1" or so even without lifts.

All this applies of course only when the person in question isn't standing next to a reference point!
Mr. R said on 1/May/05
I guess I should ring in on Arnold, since he is my Governor (God help us). As you know, for most of his celebrity life, he has been listed at 6-2. When he ran for Governor, his height actually became an issue. People were trying to get close to him to get an accurate measurement. Many of the local newspapers began writing columns about it, and finally his press person sent out the "official" height which was 6-0 even. This was reported in the Sacramento Bee and other papers.
J. said on 1/Apr/05
Another supporter of the "Ah-nauld is not six feet" coalition .... ( "Strange, because my cousin went to an "Arnold Classic" recently (which you may already know is like a Star Trek convention for body builders) and told me that Arnold appeared at about 5'10 or 5'11. I have also heard that when they (Hollywood) wish to increase the appearance of an actors height that they hire a supporting cast all shorter than the star."
Again, if Arn is 6'0" then why in the world do so many people who have seen him say that he's shorter?! Is it a conspiracy?

Mr. R said on 30/Mar/05
I was in Berkeley when Arnold and Danny DeVito came to shoot Twins. For some odd reason, I never went to watch the filming. But my friend went along with her strapping 6'2" 18 year old son. From her eyewitness accounts, her son towered over Arnold. My guess is that Arnold is between 5'11' and 6'. It has also been documented that Arnold wears cowboy boots a lot and shoes with bigger heels. From looking at older pictures, my guess is that he was close to 6'1" when he was Mr. Universe, and has lost at least an inch due to age and bulk!
Doug said on 3/Mar/05
I don't believe schwarzenneger is only 5'10 I do believe he was about 6'2 in his hey-dey and may be a little shorter now as he's now in his 50's,testosterone and growth hormone levels do decline over time,his bone density and the thickness of his spinal disks have probably also declined. He may indeed be down to a height of 6' or perhaps slightly less. I once knew a man who stood 6'0 in his youth and was about 5'10.5 by the time he hit 67,we do tend to shrink a little as we pass middle age.

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