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Peak: 6ft 1.04in (185.5cm)
Current: 5ft 11.07in (180.5cm)
Anonymous said on 24/Feb/06
Height Tracker said on 24/Feb/06
Frank P
I noticed the same thing when I last watched Red Sonja. In that movie, given that Brigitte is about 6', Arnold looks about 5'11-6'
Frank P said on 24/Feb/06
It's funny cause my wife and I have had this dicussion numerous times in the past about Arnold's height. She's the type who believes Arnold was all of 6"2. I remember as a kid in the old Muscle Builder mags seeing photos of him. Though I thought he was huge, didn't appear to be over 6"0. A good example I just recalled, if you watch the old film "Red Sonia" with he and Bridgette Neilson, he wasn't taller than her. They both had a kind of leather mocassin strap boot on for the film characters they played. Now, I don't know how tall she is, but in various scenes including a kiss, they looked to be the same height or she seemed taller. I don't think it outrageous to think Arnold isn't over 6"0.
elio said on 24/Feb/06
nolifts81, my apologies.

The reason that I said 'a couple of people here were desperately hoping for' rather than 'nolifts81 was desperately hoping for' was that I do not think you fall into this catagory. I meant a few others on this board. Namely Brett who writes stuff like 'he is looking no bigger then 5'9" John Bon Jovi ( maybe smaller haha). ' , showing he finds the idea of downgrading this man pleasurable. And people like Viper652 who repeatedly demands that Arnold gets downgraded to 5'10 - 5'10.5" and believes that he speaks for EVERYONE on this board, as shown in his post 'I think If Rob brought Anrold down to 5-10.5 everyone would be happy.'.

Then of course there are the bogus testemonies of people who claim to have met (or know someone else who has met) this man. These often follow the format of :

I met [CELEB X] last year at a premiere, I stood right next to [CELEB X] and shook [CELEB X]'s hand. We were stood on level ground. I looked right down into [CELEB X]'s eyes. They must have only come up to my shoulder. I'm [CELEB X's LISTED HEIGHT]. My friend who was with me confirmed what I thought. [CELEB X] is [CELEB X's LISTED HEIGHT MINUS 3-6 INCHES]. Real nice person though. '

1) create a bogus, bland setting (movie premiere will do fine)
2) pretend you either got right next to, or shook the hand of the celebrity.
3) remember to state that conditions were perfect (e.g floor was flat)
4) State that you are the celeb's listed height or perhaps an inch or two less.
5) exaggerate that you 'towered' over the celeb. Or if the celeb is more than 3 inches taller than you, say you looked directly into their eyes and you so must be equal height
6) Pretend to have a witness to confirm your story.
7) Remember to say that the celebrity was a 'nice guy' or 'friendly' to disguise the fact that your motive is to get the celebrity downgraded on the basis that you dislike them.

In contrast, nolifts81, you have come to think as Arnold as less than his listed height by carefully examining the evidence and drawing your own conclusion without bias. Which I have no problem with.
Frank P said on 23/Feb/06
When I was in california in 1980 I met Dave Dupre and hung out with him through a mutual friend of ours. He is in Pumping Iron and worked out with Arnold , Lou etc. Dave is all of 6"0, I'm 5"10 and I would say 6"0. He told me and I have no reason to doubt, Arnold was just a little shorter than he. (So 5"11) In a group photo he had of all of them, and they're barefoot, Arnold DID look just a smidge under Dave. I'd say maybe a half inch.
Jake said on 20/Feb/06
The picture of Arnold and Graham shows at least a 4" difference, Arnold is hunched over and Graham is wearing (small) shoes, however Arnold is not bent at the knees and is on his toes a slight amount, I can't see arnold being with in 4" of Graham all things equal. If Graham is 6'3.5" in the pic, Arnold is not 6', never has been, I hate to say it fans.
mike said on 17/Feb/06
yeah elio i agree with what u say too, ill try getting some stallone willis pics, regardless of which of the 2 looks taller...i really believe willis is taller, but stallone "looks" taller in the majority of their photos ive seen,mostly with arnie in their pics too, theres alot of pics when all 3 owned planet hollywood. well stallone only claims to be or used to be 5'10, many say barely 5'9, but looks 5'11.5 next to denzel washington, i think hes the king of lifts, his legs dont look long at all even if he's somehow a good 5'10. i also like the part where elio says "Also, anyone who thinks Arnold wears elevators but Bush doesn't is nuts."... to be honest if i was bush's size 5'10.5 to 5'11.5, and i knew id be seen with the legend big arnie, i wouldnt mind wearing some nice footwear if u know what i mean, to look good next to him and i didnt mean graham would wear big sneakers, its just prolly any sneakers r a good 1.5 inches, i do know there more then 1 though. I just feel bad for big arnie when alot of people make it out likes hes short or barely 5'10, when others around the same height as him dont get ridiculed at all
nolifts81 said on 17/Feb/06
Elio- I am not "desperately hoping for a downgrade". I think that the 6ft could be right. In the past I was sure that he was 6'2", but now I think that certainly he isn't 6'2". P.S. He could be 6'2" or 6'0" don't matter for me.My life go on However.
Brett said on 17/Feb/06
The picture with Arnie and the 6'3.5" Billy Graham, does show a good 5 inch gap ( at least this much), As if Arnie straightened, the top of his head would still be below Grahams Eyeline, meaning hes atleast 4.5 -5 inches shorter then Graham, as that is the distance from ones eye to the top of ones head. Seeing I think Arnie would be lower then his eyeline, he could be even more than this in that pic. But the pic does show Arnie to be under 6'0" tall if Graham is infact 6'3.5". I am sure that Arnie around 6'0" or even over in his youth, but no doubt hed lose height from the type of exercise he did. I mean look at that Quote from Billy Graham below, that said he use to be 6'3.5" now hes under 6ft, thats alot of shrinking!! ( no doubt due to the weights he did, lifting hundreds of pounds above your head is asking for it) Im sure Arnie has shrunk too.
One other thing, my mums friend whoes 5'4" claims to have met stallone in LA around 15 years ago, and she said he was maybe 3 inches taller then her, I mean there is no point discussing whether or not that man is tall, he is the most well known Lifts user known to man, and no doubt he has differnt sizes , depending who hes going to be standing next to, I mean hes in pics with Denzel W, and he looks just as tall as him, so you cant use him as a means to guess other celebs heights by, as his height changes with the weather.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/06
The guy was 1,87 (6'1 1/2), now for age maybe 1,84 (6'0 1/2).
elio said on 16/Feb/06
I agree with much of what you say Mike.

Just a couple of things I don't agree on.

- I've personally not seen any pics where Stallone looks taller than Willis. Only one pic with them both on and Willis seemed an inch taller.

- I don't think the sneakers that Graham wore would add 2 inches to his height. Most formal shoes only add around the 1.5" mark. However as I have said, I don't think Graham has more than 3-4" on Arnold in those photos due to Arnold bending over considerably (and perhaps a 0.5" - 1" gain for Graham by wearing shoes ). Very hard to judge because of these elements. But it paints a picture of a ~6'1" Arnold. Certainly not the 'downgrader' scandal that a couple of people here were desperately hoping for.

I agree with what you mention about Stallone being considerably shorter than Arnold yet appearing as tall (with shoes) as Denzel and others. Also, anyone who thinks Arnold wears elevators but Bush doesn't is nuts.
Michael said on 16/Feb/06
Too many male celebrities are known for wearing elevator shoes -- -- for pics like that to have any value in making accurate height estimates. For me to believe that Arnie is taller Travolta, I'd have to see them *barefoot* together. My hunch is that Arnie was around 6'0.5" in his prime, and has since lost roughly an inch to old age. That still makes him above average height (and thus *somewhat* tall), just not the towering figure everyone expects him to be.
mike said on 16/Feb/06
im an arnie fan but im not trying to get him upgraded or downgraded. but if he were to be downgraded, something would have to be done with stallone, willis, travolta, bush and washington, maybe even barry bonds if hes on this, heres the facts... arnie is taller the 5'11 bush in like 80% of their pics, hes 2-4 inches taller then 5'9 stallone in their pics, he's 2-3 inches taller then 5'11 willis in their pics, hes taller then 6'0 travolta in that one pic,even if arnie's shoewear was 2 inches bigger then travolta's shoewear, hed still be at 6'0 or6.05, considering travolta's height, gotta find more pics of these 2, but heres the wildcard ...stallone...he can be as tall as 6'0 denzel washington in their 1 pic, whereas barry bonds is 6'1 to 6'2 has mr washington beat by barely an inch,stallone is taller then willis in almost all their pics, i havent seen any of stallone and travolta to compare, my point is arnie is just as tall as all these guys or taller, and we know all their listed heights. also for the graham wrestler pics, sneakers do add more closer to 2 inches to height, exp me barefoot 6'2 and my 2 buddies who r 6'0 even in sneakers .. you cant tell a diff in height between us but if we both go barefoot or in reg sneakers u can clearly see a 2 inch difference, i dont know why but thats how it is, you honestly have to compare people in same conditions meaning barefoot to barefoot or reg sneakers/boots to someone else thats in reg sneakers/ boots, to get accurate measurements/comparisions
nolifts81 said on 16/Feb/06
That pic doesn't prove that Arnie is taller than Travolta. Travolta is behind him and far from the camera. If Travolta was besides Arnold he didn't appear shorter than Arnie. I think they are in the same range.
dmeyer said on 16/Feb/06
that pic with travolta prove that arnie is 6'1.5" to 6'2"
nolifts81 said on 16/Feb/06
Is difficult to me see Arnold over the 6ft looking at that pic. Ok Arnold have a bad posture and Billy Graham have sneakers on but I see a gap of 5 inches between the two. Billy Graham at that time was 6'3.5. However is not impossible that Arnold was 6 ft in his prime. But absolutely not 6'2". Time ago I was sure that he was close to 6'2", but after a lot of people comments and after some pics I think he is not above the 6'0".
Height Tracker said on 16/Feb/06
I agree with Elio. Arnold does not look under 6 ft in that picture.
elio said on 16/Feb/06

The pic where Arnold looks substantially shorter than Billy Graham is the one where is incredibly 'bent-over'. He may as well be on his knees in that pic. The third pic is probably the most accurate of the bunch, buch Arnold is still bending over in that. I'd say the gap between the two is more likely 3-4". Absolutely NOT 5-6".
brett said on 16/Feb/06
I can ask him , but he might laugh at me haha
dmeyer said on 16/Feb/06
you should giv him 6'1 or 6'1.25 since most of his life was over 6'1"
mike said on 16/Feb/06
arnie lookin comfortably taller then 6 foot john travolta in 2002 the pic is like half way down the page
Brett said on 15/Feb/06
Rob how would you explain Arnie being no taller( or within 1/2 an inch) then my 5'10.5" friend? and I mean his words to me were, that Arnie really is not big like he previously thought, and hes definitely under 6ft tall. You know Im pretty padantic with my facts, I am not out to get Arnie.

Editor Rob
if you can ever get your friend to let us see this pic it would be interesting of course...blanking out his face wouldn't be a problem
nolifts81 said on 15/Feb/06
That pic of Arnold and Billy Graham is on the site at the section "Superstars personal galleries".
Mr. R said on 15/Feb/06
Viper, do you really think that EVERYONE would be happy if Rob lowered Arnold's height? Rob could solve the national debt, find a cure for cancer, send a man to Mars, and stop obesity, but someone would still find SOMETHING wrong with it! True Rob?
mike said on 15/Feb/06
wow Arnie looks real tall compared to Columbo a good amount more then 5 inches. Even if Columbo is 5'3 Arnie would look like he'd still hit 6'0 even. If columbo is 5'5 Arnie's at least 6'1 or 6'2 in that pic where both are barefoot, regardless of how tall Arnie is now, he defintely doesnt have short legs, jeeze his legs go almost to Columbo's whether hes 5'10.5 to 6'0.5, when/if you shrink it is your torso that gets smaller i think. There should be a pic of all questionable celeb heights in a straight row, kinda like in elementary school, except their all barefoot, such as Arnie, Stallone, Willis, Bonjovi, and many others, and throw Glenn in there he deserves to be in there then we could get a great comparision
paul said on 15/Feb/06
Arnie's wax work dummy in Madam 2 Swords London is exactly the same height as my Dad who is 5 foot 11 1/2
I know it's only a dummy but I think you'll find they have to be made life size.
So he's certainly no more than 6 foot.

mike said on 14/Feb/06
i dont know if my post went through earlier today my comp reseted as i was sending it but anyways, for the people that think arnold's 5'11, 5'10 or under do u think he was ever 6'0 to 6'2?? and if he was do u think hes shrunk 1-2 inches at whatever u think his peak height was. i seen a special on predator where the producer/special effects guy was happy KP Hall was the predator b/c he was over 7 feet and van damme, whose under 6 feet was supposed to be the predator but backed out, and he said it was essential to have a tall predator since arnold's a good 6'1..maybe he has shrunk 2 inches since 1987??? just curious for your opinions, a great way to get arnold or anyones height is to see them in sneakers at a gym, or random place walking/jogging, but slim chances of that happening lol. also some people round up or down in height, but its personal opinion, i think someone on this site said arnies 6'4 and 5'8 ... obv it was 2 different people lol i honestly just cant see him shorter then say bruce willis, harrison ford, pierce brosnan, john travolta, 50 cent and some other so called 6 footers, in pics with willis hes always taller but that also depends on footwear, i do agree with what someone said all that weightlifting didnt help him in the longrun, the thing i dont believe what arnold says was his weight, i dont think hes ever been under 250, he just has too much muscle,regardless of his height. one scarything about him was in 2002 to 2003 he was in phenomenal shape and that pic rob put up..omg what happened to him, his body fat % went up at last 10% in 2 years
james said on 14/Feb/06
Judge for yourself.Franco Colombo is 5'5.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
I think If Rob brought Anrold down to 5-10.5 everyone would be happy.
MHouillon said on 14/Feb/06
I have been talking to a friend of mine and he lives in Huntington Beach, California. He is 5'9 and he gives Arnold a height of a 5'11 max., and that is, what it seems to be. He has a good and wide posture, that makes him seem more mighty. I think a 181cm is much more realistic, despite the fact, that people claim Arnie being a 5'10 since an official measuring.

I say it one more time: 180-181cm !
elio said on 14/Feb/06
Drake, perhaps you would be willing to give your name and/or your contest pics to verify whether you're not one of the many liars on these boards.

In particular, If you can come up with the name and date of this 1976 contest and the name of the competitor who was 6'1" then that would back up your testimony.
Brett said on 14/Feb/06
So Drake your saying Arnold was the same height as the 6'1" guy except that guy was barefooted and Arnold was in boots?
drake said on 14/Feb/06
I met Arnold in 1976 at a bodybuilding contest in San Diego. I occasionally competed (never won higher than 4th place), but was a judge at the contest. Arnold was there to promote Weider products. Mr. Schwarzenegger was wearing lizard skin cowboy boots at the contest and appeared 6'1" in 2 inch heels. I was in tennis shoes. I'm 6'3.5" and my shoes were the old converse variety, which add maybe an inch at most. He was 3-3.5 inches shorter than me. Barefoot, he was probably 5'11", MAYBE 5'11.5" at the time. A competitor who was a definite 6'1" (he was measured for this contest; classes were by height)barefoot was in that contest and he stood right next to Arnold and they appeared to be the same height.
tgri said on 13/Feb/06
rob, how come you have arnold at 6'0 and carl weathers at 6'1? by the way said yourself that he looks 187cm . which is 6'1.5 i think?

Editor Rob
in 90's films he still looked easy 6ft 1, but currently...
Brett said on 13/Feb/06
To be honest I think they would have both been wearing lifts, as they both are known for doing so. Its just a matter of time before Arnie gets caught out again, next time I see my friend im going to ask if I can use his pic, and it will once again show you Arnies around 5'11". As Glenn said, Bon Jovi can appear 5'11" ( due to lifts), and I think that was the case with the pic I showed. I think Arnie is taller then 5'9 Bon Jovi, but the point of that pic is to show how, Bon Jovi can only really look as tall as a 5'11" guy ( as he may have a 3 inch heel max, giving him a 2 inch advantage over a normal pair of shoes, thus appearing 2 inches taller). This was enough to make him look as tall as Arnie, who probably wasnt in lifts that day, thus making him around 5'11 also. If Arnie were really 6'0", then Bonjovis total heel would have to be around 4 inches to match Arnies height, as Arnie would then be 6'1" all up in his 1inch normal shoes. I just dont see Bonjovi walking properly in a 4 inch heel let alone a 3 inch heel haha. So I really do think Arnie is struggling with 5'11 these days. That Pic Mike put up, looks to have Arnie at a younger stage of his life? maybe he was 6'0" then, and was still trying to convince everyone that he was Mr 6'2", and had a chunky pair of boots on, no doubt he then Dwarf Bonjovi. I really wish, Arnie had been consistent with his lifts, as I have always been an Arnie fan, and to think he could be as short as 5'10" (as the quote Rob put up suggests) , really dissapoints me. --> A democratic strategist revealed to Guardian "He wears risers in his boots. He's a 5ft 10in citizen of Austria who believes his real place in history is to be president of the United States."
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
I think Rob needs to downgrade Arnold to 5-10.5 at least. Its pretty obvious.
mike said on 13/Feb/06
sorry one more link this ones Arnie with Bonjovi, pic was taken before he ran for governor but dont know when
mike said on 13/Feb/06
i hate to say this but i dont ever think arnie was 6'2, i think his peak was 6'1 to 6'1.5,i do still think hes a solid 6 footer right now, 511.5 worst 6'0.5 at the best, and btw 6 feet is a nice height to be, but it's not "that" tall.i think thats where people feel disapointed with Arnie when they see him they expect 6'2 or taller, then realize he's not that tall, so they think he's short. i almost felt that way with hulk hogan, when i seen him front row a couple of years ago at a wrestling show when i realized he's only 6'4 not 6'6 or 6'7. the pic with bonjovi doesnt do arnie any good i must admit, he looks 5'11 there, but the height difference between arnie and bonjovi in that pic is the averager height difference (2 inches) in pictures between arnie and president bush. so is president bush the same height as 5'9 (i'm guessing) bon jovi?? i doubt it, pics r always hard to tell, heres a link to a pic where arnie "looks" about 6'2 to 6'3 i must say, even though hes DEFINTELY not that tall, with him and ( 5'10 or 5'11???) Jay Leno
if that doesnt work, just type in schwarzenegger leno on yahoo, its the pic where leno's got the microphone, arnie is to his right and the t3 poster is in the background behind leno. also if anyone sees pics with arnie and the t3 chick loken, you cant really go by those because of her footwear, i've seen pics of them with arnie being an inch shorter to him being a couple inches taller then her, which would speculate the 6'2/5'10 thing. theres also a good article on that 6'2/5'10 thing that i read ill try to find the link to it,here's a link where he has at least 3 inches on Bush i really think he's 3 or more inches taller then Bush?? No, but for example if Arnie was only 5'10, his boots/shoewear would have to be 3-4 inches taller then the president's shoewear, which i doubt would happen. i'm not saying either one of them wears/ doesnt wear lifts, and how high the lifts are, but if bush is def in the 5'10 closer to 5'11 range, and Arnie is a good amount taller in some pics, his shoewear would have to dwarf Bush's shoewear, as far the pics where Bush is equal to an inch taller then Arnie i dont know, but u never see Bush more then 1 inch taller then Arnie, where in some pics Arnie can be 2-3 inshes taller, so thats wear i eliminate the 5'10 and 6'2 heights for Arnie. i just wanna say this site is kinda cool, found out about it awhile ago, and to my knowledge is very accurate on heights, keep up the good work guys
Mario said on 13/Feb/06
Brett, Bon Jovi was probably wearing lifts in that Picture.
There no way that Arnold is 5 ft 10, I think that he a little over the 6 ft mark.
Honestly said on 13/Feb/06
I met him in 1992 and he was much shorter than me and I'm 6'1". There's no way he's close to six foot. I'd go for 5'9".
Brett said on 12/Feb/06
I found a pic that should end this whole Idea of Arnie the Governator being over 6'0". Here he is looking no bigger then 5'9" John Bon Jovi ( maybe smaller haha). So he really cannot be 6'0" barefooted, take a look guys....

That should give you all a shock, even Glenn, as he has posed with both.
Brett said on 11/Feb/06
Im not saying that pic with Glenn Arnie doesnt look 6'2", because he does, and Im sure his wax model in maddam Tuesards is 6'2" aswell, but I dont think thats going to be accurate, Sly stallones is probably 6'0" aswell haha. Arnie openly wears massive heels, and Ive seen him next to my 5'10 friend, and its hard to pick whoes taller, so from 178cm to 188cm is one monstrous gap.
CelebHeights Editor said on 11/Feb/06
Mark Addy (fully monty actor):
'They all seem to be quite tiny over there [in Hollywood],' he muses, sounding like a modern day Gulliver. 'Even Arnie Schwarzenegger. I thought he was going to be six foot six, so when I met him, I was like: What happened?' He mimes shaking hands with a dwarf and rocks with wheezy laughter. 'And as for that lot in Friends, they're all two- thirds normal size - perfectly formed, of course, but?' He shakes his head."
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/06
did Glenn say what arnold's footwear is in this pic?
Jason said on 10/Feb/06
I think Bush is below 5'10 1/2''. Arnold seems to have a good inch on him. In some pics Arnold can appear close to 6'1'', those would be the ones where he's wearing lifts.
Viper652 said on 10/Feb/06
Maybe those pics where Arnie looks taller is in his lifts?? Yeah, Ive seen a few pics where Bush actually looks taller then Arnie, and I peg Bush at 5-10.5, not even a full 5-11.
Bob said on 10/Feb/06
If you see Arnold in Madame Tussaud's in London, you'd see he's definitely a little over 6'2 there. Being 6'0 myself, he was much taller than me. And I guarantee you, the real height is taken there. I worked as an assistent in Tussaud's myself. If you take a look at a pic of Arnold and his statue, you'll see it's true.

Editor Rob
haven't they put some celebs on little pedestal things now? So they look more?
mike said on 9/Feb/06
I bet the costars of these controversial celebs such as Arnie and Stallone must know their real heights, or at least with a 1-2 inch radius. I mean take Tom Arnold, for example who worked with Arnie and did alot of scenes together(where they looked the same height or Arnie by a inch) in True Lies, between these 2 they know whose taller, or if their the same height, also Arnie has worked with Jesse Ventura in 2 films whose 6'4 i think or used to be, these guys gotta know the truth.The T3 chick is supposively 5'11, i wonder whose taller between her and Arnie. Also photos can be decieving, i've seen plenty of Arnie and Bush pics where its anhywhere from Bush being an inch taller to Arnie being 3 inches taller, just google or yahoo them. Ive seen Stallone and Arnie pics where Arnie's 2-4 inches taller, but ive seen the Stallone pic with Denzel Washington whose listed at 6 feet like Arnie, where Stallone is the same height as Denzel. I also seen one pic of Arnie visiting a museum in 2002 with some dude and they had a couple of photos which Arnie is wearing regular sneakers, and i couldnt see what the other guy was wearing for shoeware but Arnie was taller, he looked a good six feet but he didnt have that 6'2 look, the only reason i say that is because the pic had their whole body from head to toe in it.i just cant believe with Arnie it's like a 4 inch gap, he can be anywhere from 6'2 to 5'10. myself im 6'2 people say i'm 6'1 to 6'3, but usually it's 6'2
Jason said on 9/Feb/06
2.5'' tops? He looks 3 + inches taller again in that pic, too ... though he's slightly closer to the camera. At any rate, he appears a substantially taller man than Arnold even in his old age. He was 6'3'' in his prime, so most likely only 6'2'' and change at best in 2002 at around 67 years old.
CelebHeights Editor said on 9/Feb/06
Here is that Richard E Grant Quote. In his book he also described Robbins as 6ft 4.

"I meet the financial and physical muscle of Tinseltown, in the form of Stallone and Schwarzenegger, both of whom are taking turns to bear-hug Bruce. Both of whom are substantially shorter than six foot. Which surprises."
Elio said on 9/Feb/06
Rafer Johnson looks 3-4" taller?

More like 2.5" tops.

And now I'm going to test if html tags work on these forums.
This work?
Jason said on 9/Feb/06
Arnold had an awesome build in Conan the Barbarian (the first Conan movie) if you've seen it.
Alex said on 9/Feb/06
I am into working out a lot, I been into it for about 3 years now. I am in good shape and built pretty good. I wouldn't really wanna look like Arnold when he was at his peak anyway. I'd wanna look like say Kurt Angle or John Cena from WWE. Where you're big and built but not like a freak or something, for example like Ron Coleman.
Alex said on 9/Feb/06
Arnold I think was at least 6'0 in his prime, but possibly could have been closer to 6'1 probably, but not under 6'0 though. Today he's 5'11 I'd say. Could Arnold have lost 2 inches over the years?
Viper652 said on 9/Feb/06
Brett, the 6-1 and 6-2 heights were MAJOR exaggerations.
Jason said on 9/Feb/06
There's a pic of 6'3'' former Olympic gold medalist decathlete Rafer Johnson handing the Olympic torch to Arnold in 2002 in this article:

Johnson looks 3-4 inches taller despite being 67 years old at the time of the pic.

Editor Rob
yeah, Rafer Johnson, in 1960 time article was described as 6ft 3...he was brought up a while ago here on the Tom Cruise thread where Cruise was beside the 5ft 5 girl, klitscho and rafer at the 2004 olympic thing - here

Arnies shoes and another pic
Jason said on 9/Feb/06
Yeah, well that's my whole point, that he was very big naturally for his age. The sooner pubery sets in, the sooner your growth plates close. That's why people with the condition precocious puberty tend to end up being short adults. Your bones continue to develop thickness wise, and your muscles and ligaments etc. continue to develop for years after you cease growing in height, though. The end of growth in height doesn't mean the end of growth elsewhere.
Jason said on 9/Feb/06
I know how you felt, Brett. I'm a big Arnold fan (of his movies at least) and I always thought he was 6'2'', as well. About 5 years ago I read his height (from a bodybuilding competition) as 6'1 1/2'', though ... so went with that from then on. No biggie, being 6'1 1/2'' instead of 6'2'' doesn't subtract from his image. Then a couple of years back I find out he's not even 6'0'' lol! Now being 5'11'' instead of 6'2'' DOES subtract from his whole image.
Height Tracker said on 9/Feb/06
Wow Rob! I can't believe Arnie really looked like that. What year was that picture taken?

Editor Rob
it was early 2005...but given he's late 50's, not as if he's doing movies anymore...

I remember around the time of T3 there were other pics of him and a story about digitally enhancing arnie was floating about...his physique in 2002 was better and back in 2000 you can see how he looked: Arnie in 2000.
Viper652 said on 8/Feb/06
Ive learned over the last couple of years that most bodybuilder heights are inflated.
MHouillon said on 8/Feb/06
5'11.5" (182cm) (obey his footwear).
Elio said on 7/Feb/06
Jason, saying he was an early developer is a unproven statement.
Saying that early developers necessarily stop growing at 15 is also an unproven statement. Although it seems that there is some truth in disc compression from VERY heavy weights, we have to remember that it hasn't been 'proven'.

here are some facts:

1) One reputable source claims to have measured arnold as 5'11 3/4 at age 15.
2) One reputable source claims to have measured arnold as 6'1 1/2 at age 21
3) Arnold claimed in 1969 (aged 21) to be 6'2"
4) Arnold claimed in 1980 (aged 32-33) to be "about 6'1.5" "
5) During the height of his movie fame (1982-2000) he claimed 6'2"
6) In 2003, One person on his staff said 56 year old Arnold was exactly 6' when several people claimed he was under 6'2". There is no evidence to prove Arnold was measured or contacted prior to this information being given, e.g it was going off the staff member's 'guess'.

I think it's completely unfeasible to believe that Arnold was 5'11.5" at his tallest. He was PROBABLY NEVER as tall as 6'2". But probably was AT LEAST 6'1.5" at his tallest. He still looks 6'0" minimum today, and that's taking his shoes into consideration too.

My opinion : PEAK = 6'1.5" , NOW = 6'0"
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/06
Yeh id agree, he may have had an inch on my friend, so thats why I dont so much care that hes listed at 6'0" even, 1/2 an inch here or there isnt much
Jason said on 6/Feb/06
I'd give him around 5'11 1/2'' when he was younger for now, Brett. He was measured at 182cm (almost 5'11 3/4'') at age 15 by his bodybuilding trainer ... by the looks of things and taking into account he was an early developer, that was most likely his final adult height. Agree he's shrunk some & all that weight lifting didn't do him much good in the height department, though.
Jason said on 6/Feb/06
5'10-5'11 isn't short, Leung. I guess you must be one of those people who think they're taller than they are...
Brett said on 5/Feb/06
Viper for once I agree with you and Jason, the dude is under 6'0", as I said, he was barely taller then my 5'10"- 5'10.5 friend, although I suppose its feasible he was once upon a time 6'0", I mean the extreme weightlifting wouldnt do him any good in maintaing his peak height. All you guys need to do is see the size of Arnies heels in the Hummer shot( like 2.5 inches or so) and youll see that he really isnt tall.
Leung said on 5/Feb/06
Standing 6
Jason said on 5/Feb/06
Exactly, Viper. I don't know how people can believe he's 6'1'' and 6'2'' when the guy's own reps state he's 6'0'' and add 6'2'' is incorrect. What more do you want?
1234 said on 5/Feb/06
It was believed that Arnold would have a crane hidden in the buildings so that he could be lifted off the grounds during a photo shoots.
Viper652 said on 4/Feb/06
Shoot, even Arnolds reps now give him a height of just 6-0. That is even inflated. The dude is 5-10.5 now.
Jason said on 4/Feb/06
I mean hordes and hordes of people who saw the man in person and estimated him to be below 6 foot. There's just too many of them. I realize many people would have expected him to be huge in height as well, but still, you're just not going to mistake a 6'1''-6'2'' man for 5'10''. You just don't get these kind of estimates and stories etc. with legitimate 6'2'' guys like Hugh Jackman and Eric Bana.
cantstop25 said on 4/Feb/06
well he looks minimum 2 inches taller then clooney in that pic so I do not see how this proves arnie is under 6'

"you sure as hell wouldn't have hordes and hordes of people estimating him to be 5'10''-5'11'' over the years"

its simple arnie is this larger then life individual and everybody wants to think they can be the next arnold and look huge and menacing on camera, and with camera effects they can (stallone is only about 5'8") however arnold really is a taller then most people. The same applies to prowrestlers though some may not be quite as tall as there listed height they are still very tall guys.
Jake said on 4/Feb/06
Sure, Arnold looks tall next to Glenn, but his height is innconsistant. Look at him with George Clooney who falls short of 5'11". (I believe this picture was brought up before, but I think it has to be looked at agian.)
I don't see Arnold over 6 feet. I know there are some pictures that make him look taller, but inconsistant height is a sign of lifts/elevator shoes.
Jason said on 4/Feb/06
If he were really 6'1 1/2'' you sure as hell wouldn't have hordes and hordes of people estimating him to be 5'10''-5'11'' over the years...
Warlord said on 3/Feb/06
You people who think he's 5'11" or less are fools. I know people who have met him. He might not be a 100% full 6 foot 2, but he's certainly taller than 6 foot 1. It's amazing how foolish some people are.
cantstop25 said on 3/Feb/06
The man is a legit 6'2" probably taller then many other celebs who claim that they are 6'2" the only reason that he does not look it is because of his massive build and that he has a very big head. Is arnold listed on this site at 6'0" simply because of the photos of him stading next to President Bush because like a previous poster stated bush himself could have been in lifts.
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
Arnie is the only guy/actor Ive seen who openly wears monster heels, I think that explains the diff between my friends pic where arnies like 5'11", and Glenns pic, and others. If you look at the Hummer pic, youll see arnie has some serious whopper heels on
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/06
when i saw the movie the run down n when arnold walk past THE ROCK arnold looked 2 inches shorter than 6'4'' rock so 6'2'' is da best result for arnold
Jason said on 1/Feb/06
Arnold has proportionately very long legs if you've ever checked out his bodybuilding pics. 5'11 1/2'' in his prime makes sense taking his leg length into account, he does indeed have the leg length of a taller man.
Mario said on 1/Feb/06
Glenn's picture suggest that he was 6 ft 2 at his prime. In Twins he barefoot next to DeVito who is 4 ft 10, and Schwarzenegger can't be much than 6 ft 2, unless DeVito his under this mark.

There are plenty of movie's in wich we see him barefoot and his legs are long. I tottaly agree with Rob that he was 187 cm at his peak and I think that he is 6 ft 0.5 nowedays.
Jason said on 1/Feb/06
I reckon Arnold was 5'11 1/2'' in his prime and slightly shorter today.
Buster said on 1/Feb/06
You misunderstood Brett. I'm not saying he's 6'3". But IN SHOES he stood at 6'3" next to the hummer. That means if he was wearing 2 inch heel shoes he'd be 6'1", 3" shoes 6'0, and so on.
Brett said on 1/Feb/06
Leave him at 6'0", but he really isnt, and he does not look 6'3" next to the hummer , what a joke Buster.
Dex said on 31/Jan/06
I have looked at a lot of bodybuilding pictures of Arnold in his early days when he was say 21 to 24. In these pictures he stands beside other Bodybuilders like Bill Pearl and Sergio Olivia (all barefeet) who accurately claim to be between 5'9 and 5'10. Arnold was taller than these guys in the late 60`s and early 70`s but only by two inches at the MOST leaving him between 5`11 and 6'0
and I would say closer to 5`11 but definately not over 6`0. I think it is possible that by the mid 70`s and early 80`s. Arnold as a mature adult was probably over 6`0 and maybe even 6`1 or 6`1 1/2. However, based on pictures I have seen with him standing beside George Bush and George Clooney recently (1995-2005)I think it is safe to conclude he has "shrunk" back to the height of his youth of between 5`11 and 6`0. Hey, where there is smoke there is fire. If Arnold was an unquestionable 6` 2'' why would so many people be casting doubht on it! In Pumping Iron, Arnold was described as 6`2 and 240lbs. When he stood up after breakfast with Lou and his dad he looked like a dwarf beside both of them! In Pumping Iron he was huge. But he partly looked huge because he was probably under 6`0. At 6`2 his 240lbs would not have filled out his frame the way it would at 5`11 or 6`0. Finally, after much inquiry Arnold`s press people reported his height at EXACTLY 6`0 during the California governor race. First of all, nobody is exactly anything. His own press people issued a statement he was 6`0 rather than 6`2 and I bet you anything that they rounded up. Enough said!
Buster said on 31/Jan/06
actually he 'stood' at 6'3" next to that hummer if you measure it correctly. Which suggests he is 6'0" / 6'1"
cantstop25 said on 30/Jan/06
glenn said himself that arnold looked 6'2". I think that this man should be immedaitely upgraded to 6'1"
Danimal said on 29/Jan/06
I agree with the Judge and Jone, you are hilarious.
The Judge said on 27/Jan/06
Mr.Arnold certainly loses 1 or 2 cm because of his age but no more. He's 58 years old ,not 75 !! There's no doubt : Mr.Arnold was and is a tall man, probably 6'1" or 6'1,5" in the 80's...So he's 183-184 cm now, maybe 185 cm.
Leung said on 26/Jan/06
Come on people! I have to repeat dennis' comment, Arnold is 6'2".

Joe said on 25/Jan/06
wow, if clooney is 5'9 then i'd give arnold 5'10.5 in that pic.
Brett said on 25/Jan/06
In his dreams, I dont think hes ever been more then 6'0, and hes under it now.
dennis said on 25/Jan/06
arnold is 6''2 and always has been
elio said on 24/Jan/06
Yeah Danimal, looking a second time I see between 1.5" - 2"
No less and no more. However, my apologies for my initial remarks, Gramps.

I don't think it helps Arnold that he has his head leaned back in this photo.

6ft does seems right though.

Danimal said on 23/Jan/06
Elio, actually, I don't even a see 2.5" difference there. Maybe 1.5" or MAX 2"
elio said on 23/Jan/06

Only 1 inch between Clooney and Schwarzenegger?


2 1/2 inches ... easy!
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
My apologies Cycklops.
Cycklops said on 22/Jan/06
Danimal, don't talk crap about other people on the site. Especially behind their back.

You're "bias" accusation is meaningless and annoying.
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
Take into account that pic was taken 8-9 years ago and Arnold may have shrunk a bit since then as well, dropping him below 6'1".
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
Either way, I see a 3" difference between Holyfield and Tyson and Arnold is at least a half an inch taller than Holyfield. Arnold = 6'1 1/2". Minimum 6'1" if in fact Holyfield is only 6'0.5".
Gramps said on 22/Jan/06
Gotxo, Arnold's head position (tilted back) only gives the photographic illusion of added height. If his head moved forward, like Clooney's, it would be more clear that Arnie only has a slim 1" advantage.
Jason said on 22/Jan/06
Holyfield's straight, Tyson's leaning into him. I think that pretty much cancels out Tyson being on his toes on ONE foot. *rolls eyes* Are you dyslexic? No offence ... I just seriously do wonder.
Danimal said on 21/Jan/06
Oh come one Jason, you are SO biased. Holyfield CLEARLY has 3 inches on Tyson in that first pic where their hands are being raised. He was listed at 6'2 1/2", but is NO less than 6'1". I am a HUGE boxing fan. Arnold was 6'1"-6'1 1/2" in his prime and today is 5'11 1/2"-6'0", but NO LESS. None of this 5'10" crap!
Gotxo said on 21/Jan/06
Gramps, in my opinion he has more than one inch on Clooney, but as we know, Mr. R has nailed him down as a shade under 5'10" so..
Gramps said on 21/Jan/06
Sorry, Jason, but Arnie is only 1" taller than Clooney in that photo.
crazylarry said on 21/Jan/06

chyna is 5'10" arnold is about 4 inches taller. and chyna is 5'10" she was the same exact height as 6'2" colin mocrie(spelling?) in whose line is in anyway
elio said on 21/Jan/06
Height Detective,

Arnold looks to be standing about 2 1/2" taller than Clooney in your posted pic

If Clooney is 5'10.5" (as listed on here) and a FAN of big shoes (proven by many eye witnesses) then Arnold (assuming he's wearing the same type of shoes as Clooney) would be standing around the 6'1" mark (barefoot).
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
Holyfield's only like 6'0'' - 6'1''. They boosted his height big time.

- Holyfield with 5'10'' Tyson at the weigh-in for their 1997 fight.

- Another one with Tyson slouching.

- In the ring with Tyson.
Gramps said on 21/Jan/06
Arnie is obviously wearing magic shoes in that Holyfield photo. Today at work I double-checked a co-worker's photo on his office wall of he and Arnold wearing suits during Arnold's gubernatorial campaign. My buddy is 5'10.5" and Arnold was about 1" taller than him in the photo. Do the math!
Height Detective said on 20/Jan/06
Height Detective said on 20/Jan/06

He is more near the 5ft 11 than 6 ft...
Mario said on 20/Jan/06
Watch his movie's with DeVito. In twins we see Arnie Barefoot and he doesn't look any shorter than 185 cm, most likely 188 cm.

There is so much Arnie hate, and since he has sentenced that Tookie guy there are more and more Arnie haters. He is a great guy and tall too, accept it.
Jason said on 20/Jan/06
I'd take a lot of that stuff with a grain of salt, Danimal. Arnold stated himself in his books that he's never weighed more than 245 - 250lbs at any point of his life. Yet I see claims of him being 260 - 265 in there.
CoolJ said on 20/Jan/06;topic=7149.0;id=9829;image

Holyfield was always about 6'1.. and Arnold appears 6'2 in this picture.

Brett said on 20/Jan/06
Hes no way 6'2", and he openly wears lifts, I am sure he is under 6'0" nowadays, he wouldnt have looked my 5'10" friend in the eye if he were 6'2", just as I dont. This is guy is one of the few of my friends I would believe , and as that quote above goes "He wears risers in his boots. He's a 5ft 10in citizen of Austria who believes his real place in history is to be president of the United States". I dont really care that his listed height on here is 6'0" because I still want to believe that Arnie is of reasonable size, and has just shrunk 3.5-4inches haha.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
A REAL STORY from a former PRO-Bodybuilder: Vince Basile
Olympia Level

Well, gentlemen, I measured Arnold's height in Feb 1969 at Mit's Gym in Honolulu. Several of the guys there claimed certain heights and everyone was at least 1/2 inch shorter on Mit's scale. Arnold claimed 6' 2" but measured 6' 1 1/2" that evening. I did say that he might be 6-2 in the morning. Why? Well there was a famous story of a guy who wanted to get into the police force in New York but failed to meet the minimum height then of 5'8". He succeeded in passing by getting his mates to bring him in on an ironing board in the morning before he stood up! So we do shrink during the day.

In October 1968 I measured his upper arms at 21 1/2" and he was about 62 inches around the shoulders. He wouldn't let me measure calves that day telling me to come back in 2 weeks. I returned to Canada so never got to measure his calves. In those days Arnold was pretty straight forward and posed for photos, etc. I took an image of Arnold that was published in Muscle Training Illustrated. That day that he posed I ran out of film and took only a couple of images.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
Arnold and Evander Holyfield in the the 1990's:;topic=7149.0;id=9829;image
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
And More: In this thread, I attributed Frank Zane with making a comment about Arnold's bodyweight being 265lbs. during the summer of 1972. After doing a literature search, I found the reference that I thought that I had remembered. Actually Zane was commenting on Arnold's bodyweight during the summer of 1970. The reference is Iron Man, May 1972, Vol. 31 No. 4 with Chris Dickerson on the cover, page 16 and Frank states "This year I feel Arnold made a mistake in his training. Whereas he weighed 235 at the Mr. Olympia, he went up to 260 afterwards and stayed there. He ate like a horse all year...The result was that he was much smoother than he was the year before. Nevertheless he made up for his overbulking craze by training relentlessly hard that summer". I think he did the same thing in summer of 1972. He was certainly huge. Accompanying this article were 2 striking photos of Arnold taken by Christine Zane that I do not believe have ever been posted on the internet. The one on page 16 is a back double biceps shot where Arnold's calves look absolutely huge and the one on page 17 is a side single arm (right) biceps shot. The caption on page 17 says the photos were taken " the time he won the most recent Mr. Olympia title and while he was giving some shows in England." This would be the 1971 Olympia. The lighting looks minimal, perhaps a single overhead spotlight, hence giving some striking effects. Perhaps David would know when this exhibition occurred.
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
More from Iron Age: Re:Arnold Schwarzenegger's "REAL" Height!!!-and he's NOT 6-'2"
Danimal said on 20/Jan/06
If any of you are interested in finding out how LARGE Arnold had gotten in his bodybuilding heyday, then look at this article posted on the Iron Age Forum:
Re:Arnold Schwarzenegger's "REAL" Height!!!-and he's NOT 6-'2"
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
he always looked 6-2 to me.time to update certain heights.
Brett said on 19/Jan/06
As I told Rob privately, I have a good friend doing business in China, and Arnie was over in Shanghai in the last couple months, and my friend attended the meeting and shook hands with arnold. The first thing he said to me was " hes really not tall at all" , now this shocked me as A) my friend is only like 5'10." and B) Ive always percieved Arnie to be HUUGE.
He said he was within a half inch of his own height, and that he was not even six feet tall. Now usually when I see an encounter im skeptical about it, but seeing this is one of my closest friends, and he had no reason to lie, I do believe him.
Had I not heard this I would be on here writing that only idiots/jealous types would bother saying he is under 6'0", and that it is pathetic to suggest it, but I do believe now it is not the case, and if he appears to be 6'2" he must have a near 4 inch heel in his shoe. Plus in the picture with him next to that H2 hummer, he is in a huuge pair of heels, and is still barely over 6'0" if you compare him to the roof height of the car. So Its not like hes never worn huge shoes before.
Cantstop25 said on 19/Jan/06
arnold does look 6'2" in that pic, he looks a lot taller then heath ledger did next to glenn. Glenn how tall do you think he was?
Danimal said on 19/Jan/06
Joe Weider hailed from my hometown and he indeed was 5'10" and between 160-165 pounds in his younger days. Arnold was always a good 3-4 inches taller than him. Arnold was at least 6'1", compared to Dave Draper, Serge Nubret, Reg Park, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Katz, and the list invariably goes on...
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/06
That photo of Arnold "being measured,"...if Arnold backed up eight feet and the camera was elevated to six feet off the ground, by my precise calculations he would have been EXACTLY 6'0.5".................. :-)
elio said on 19/Jan/06
Danimal, Joe Weider was 5'11" from everything I've heard.

If there's one person on this board who can potentially get Arnold downgraded further... it's got to be Jone.
Jason said on 19/Jan/06
If Reg Park were really 6'2'', there wouldn't be 6'1'' and 6'0'' listings for him, also. Not to mention the man himself said a friend measured him at 6'1''. He was most likely around 6'0 1/2''.
Danimal said on 19/Jan/06
Since when was there a consensus 16 year old guy? I don't think Arnold was 6'0". He was at least 6'1", seeing Reg Park was 6'2":
Danimal said on 18/Jan/06
1974 Mr. Olympia with Lou Ferrigno and Arnold:

This is what I commented on just below.
Danimal said on 18/Jan/06
Take into account that Joe Weider was 5'10" and wearing shoes... Arnold was 6'1"-6'2" and Lou was 6'4"-6'5".
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 17/Jan/06
You guys have done a good job with this one. arnie is no 6 foot 2 guy. he's 6 foot. good job.
Buster said on 17/Jan/06
Arnold was clearly around the same height as 6'1" Reg Park.

Steve has been smoking crack if he honestly thinks 5'9"
Danimal said on 16/Jan/06
UK Terminator fan, I think you're mistaken? I was the one who provided those 3 pics...BTW, Arnold was NO less than 6'0". Also, I think Jone is a guy, not a girl! I may be wrong though ;).
UK Terminator fan said on 16/Jan/06
Excellent picture Jason. A barefoot extremely, muscular, youthful Arnold looked no more than 5ft 11.5.

The only height growth Arnold managed from there was his choice of footwear.

A picture of Arnold in barefeet with definite 6ft ers does not lie.

Jone u r one crazy gall!!!
Jason said on 16/Jan/06
Reg Park was most probably 6'0'' and change given there's also a 6'0'' listing for him, as well.
Viper652 said on 15/Jan/06
"Hey viper, what do you think of a 5'11 1/2'' peak height for Arnold?"

That is probably right Jason.
Gramps said on 15/Jan/06
So I guess Arnold grew a few inches since his twenties, following this photo of him with the 6'0.5" Reg Park and the 6'0" Dave Draper?
Jason said on 15/Jan/06
6'3'' in shoes there is pushing it. 6'2'' maybe. Personally, I'm starting to believe Arnold really was 5'11 1/2'', which would see him at 6'2'' in shoes with lifts and make him appear a 6'1'' guy.
elio said on 15/Jan/06
In Jone's defense, I think the 'being in a plane' story belonged to someone else, not Jone. :)

Personally, my favourite was when he said Arnold had been measured with a tape measure that had the first two inches cut off the end of the tape measure, making him seem two inches smaller! :) . I don't think he thought the logic of that one through.

He looks to be standing as high as 6'3" in shoes in the pic of you two (despite you being slightly further back). Would he really be able to walk properly in lifts that give about 5 inches of extra height (if he was 5'10")?
Danimal said on 15/Jan/06
Jone, you've been on a plane with Arnold several times? You have seen him on the beach. You cousin measured him personally in a storage room in 1982 and now you workout with him too? Do you actually believe your own stories. More importantly, how do you expect us too? You are the only person in the world, including Arnold himself, who states that Arnold is 6'4", YET, you give men like The Undertaker as less height than Arnold???
Glenn said on 15/Jan/06
ive heard 5-10 as well.possible.he was big in 1992.lifts?
notadumbass said on 15/Jan/06
arnold does not wear risers and i have seen him in several pictures and on tv and videos where he stands next to people 5'10 and he looks at least a few inches taller then those people, he is 6'2 for for, i remember he stood next to a 5'11 man he he looked considerably taller, btw dont u people ahve a life stop talkin about this
Antony said on 14/Jan/06
Jone, i cant believe we have such a difference of opinion. he is only 5ft 10. I stood next to him 2 years ago, said hello and shook his hand. Im 5ft 10 too, hes no taller than me.
Gramps said on 14/Jan/06
For you guys unfamiliar with Jone, you should know he went to high school with Arnold ijn Austria, was Arnold's coach and training partner during his Mr. Olympia years, appeared in all his movies as Arnold's stunt man, and now serves as Arnold's Border Security Czar for the State of California. He bodyguards and measures Arnold in his spare time. At least in the World According to Jone.
Antony said on 13/Jan/06
Im 5ft 10 inches tall, i shook hands with Arnie at a film premiere, trust me hes 5ft 10.
elio said on 13/Jan/06
The pic with stallone looks like it might be more than 2 inches to me. More like 3.

Either way... stallone has been seen standing almost exact height as 6'1 listend Denzel Washington (6'0 on here). So Stallone could be around 5'11/6'0 with 'shoes' on. Add 2-3" for Arnold and it paints a picture of Arnold standing 6'2"-6'3" in shoes. You have to remember that someone who stands 6'3" in shoes will only look as if they're 6'1"-6'2" to everyone else.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/06
Well, Jone, here's Arnold with Stallone, and only about 2" separating them:
TheMan said on 13/Jan/06
About Steve Austin he's almost deffently lost some height in the 6 years of the mugshot. How much is the question?
Jason said on 13/Jan/06
Hey viper, what do you think of a 5'11 1/2'' peak height for Arnold?
OnCapeCod said on 12/Jan/06
5'11". That's it. It's CRAZY how insane people get here.
elio said on 12/Jan/06

Arnold showed you his hollowed out shoes that time when he went on a camping trip with you and your cousin in the mountains of Austria. Then he proved that he was 6'6" by extending his neck fully (he has a retractable neck... like a tortoise). To end the night you all took 'shrinking pills' (TM) over the campfire, whilst toasting marshmellows.
Jason said on 12/Jan/06

Glenn said Arnold always looked 6'2'' to him. Weird. That pic is from 1992.
Anshelm said on 11/Jan/06
To Jone: I'm 180 cm (5'11"), my dad's 164 cm (5'4
Rodney said on 11/Jan/06
Arnold doesn't need enhanced footwear. He is already 6-2, so why would he need them?
dmeyer said on 11/Jan/06
i think arnie was 187 188 cm at his peak and 6'1" nowadays i just saw a pic of arnie and sly who is 5'9 or 10 and arnie looked 3 to 4 inches taller so arnie is of corse no shorter than 6' or 6'1" also he looks 6 inches taller than glenn so he is 6'1" aleast also if he pretends to be 6'2" it means he has to be near it
Jason said on 11/Jan/06
Standard wrestling boots don't add 2 1/2'' to your height. Knowing Arnold, he probably demanded that no wrestlers he's in the ring with wore big boots or lifts (and wore them himself).
elio said on 11/Jan/06
Bizarre how Arnold can be at least 2" taller than Steve Austin and yet Arnold is listed as 6'0" (with many people trying to get him downgraded further) and Austin is listed as 6'1.5".

So Austin was wearing a 1" shoe and Arnold was wearing a 4.5" shoe?

Better still, let's say Arnold is 5'10 like some people are trying to make him and then he's wearing shoes that had 6 and a half inches in height.

Or howabout Arnold is 5'10 and Austin was wearing a standard 2.5" wrestling boot. Arnold would need 8 inch shoes to become 2 inches taller than a 6'1.5" Austin in this case.

( PS - download the video to this off a p2p program and you'll see this difference in height is consistant all the way through - A DEFINATE MINIMUM OF 2 INCHES betwen Arnold and 6'1.5" listed Steve Austin)

Bear in mind, Austin's mugshot PROVED that he stood at 6'2.5" inches in UNKNOWN shoes ... he may be smaller. But a realistic minimum would be 5'11.5" (3" shoes)

Editor Rob
yeah, this was 6 years ago...Austin's height has been slowly creeping down in 1/2 inch measures...with the recent comparisons he is starting to lose height faster than Clint Eastwood!

The mugshot - Depending on how close to the wall and the height of the camera the range could be 6ft - 6ft 2.5. Actually it's more deceptive than most of us probably think...
Gramps said on 11/Jan/06
I have seen too many pics of Arnold looking short (<6') that I believe his "tall" photos result from enhanced footwear. Arnold has so much invested in his size, I think it would be a terrible blow to his ego and reputation if it came out that he was really 5'11". Think about it - - how can you have a 5'11" Governator, or worse yet, a 5'11" Terminator! (BTW, I do believe he was just a bit over 6'0" in the '70s, perhaps approaching 6'1" - - but no more!)
Danimal said on 11/Jan/06
316, Check out I can't get enough of that site...Some AMAZING and SHOCKING PICS of Hulk Hogan next to Hillbilly and you will see the severe height loss...

Back on track though, Stone Cold ain't no 6'1" my man. He's lucky if he's 6'0"..Arnold's about the same..He must have been wearing lifts..
316 said on 10/Jan/06
Danimal, how can u be so sure that Lou is shorter than 6'4, havent u seen his pics next to the 6'2 eric bana, he clearly had atleast 2.5" on him, plus gettin bak to ur other point about lou being shorter than Hogan, we cant determine that accurately jus by seeing those pics posted, coz in some of them even Lou looks slightly taller or equal in height to Hogan.
Now coming back to Arnold, chek out this pic of him standing next to 6'1 stone cold steve austin, do u think arnold is shorter than stone cold, i think not.
Jason said on 10/Jan/06
Not really. Glenn is a long way back. What's Glenn's estimate of Arnold's height?? Rob, did he give you one?

Editor Rob
I don't think he did...
Danimal said on 9/Jan/06
316, Lou can NO LONGER be 6'4"-6'4 1/2" guy that he once was. Please understand that Pumping Iron is 30 years old man. Hogan is taller than Lou today and Hogan is NO taller than 6'4" himself..
316 said on 9/Jan/06
Ill agree for the moment that Arnold is 6' . However, all u guys cant deny the fact that Lou Ferrigno is definately in that 6'4-6'4.5" range . In Pumping Iron, in the breakfast scene where both Lou and arnold shake hands, there is a minimum 2-2.5" difference between them. Also towards the end of the movie, when Arnold and Lou work out(both barefeet, there is definately nothing more than the above mentioned height difference between them. So i definately feel frm that evidence that Arnold was indeed 6'1.5 to 6'2" in his prime, possibly 6'0.5" now.
elio said on 5/Jan/06
Lou was only described as being 6'8 by Butler in the 2002 retrospective documentary on the making of Pumping Iron ... NOT in 1974!
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
So, Lou's shrunk 6 inches since then, Jone?
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
I never said they did measure him, Danimal...
elio said on 5/Jan/06

Yeah, Lou Ferrigno was described as 6'8" by George Butler, the director of Pumping Iron in the documentary on Pumping Iron, 'Raw Iron'. In the actual film he is listed as 6'5" though.

Everyone I know who's watched 'Raw Iron' spotted the 6'8" blunder.
Danimal said on 5/Jan/06
Jason, I have as hard a time believing that the source you got Hogan's peak height from, measured him either.
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
I don't think Guiness actually measured him. Didn't Guiness also say he had 22.5'' biceps? *wrings hand* :)
TheMan said on 4/Jan/06
I belive he is 6,1 maybe he never was 6,2 i was watching pumping iron and there was a guy who said lou furrigno was 6,8 lol. Anyone ever see that, one of the funniest things i ever saw?
elio said on 4/Jan/06

... YOU DO REALISE that if you cut the first two inches from a tape measure it would actually make you two inches TALLER.

There's no need to make up bogus stories to illustrate that measurements can be flawed.

I will say this though, I've measured myself on a number of height charts over the years, and i'd never noticed any greater than a +/- 0.5" difference in my height on these. But there's a new height chart stand at my local gym and it's 1 1/2 inches off. In fact, it's part of the reason why i've been so obsessed about height (like most people here are) for the past couple of months. I was 'downgraded' by this inch and a half, and so was my friend. Since then i've bought two tapemeasures and have repetively measured myself under strict conditions. Every time i measure myself I'm the original height I thought I was (1 1/2" taller than the one at the gym)... but for some stupid reason, I need to keep proving to myself that i've still got that extra 1 1/2". I've not mentioned it to the people running the gym, because I don't think they'll believe me unless I prove it to them. In which case they'll just think I'm a weirdo with a fascination with height (which, thanks to them... is now true).

Anyway, my point is that even expensive looking measuring equipment can be flawed.
Gotxo said on 4/Jan/06
Jone, that is so unbelivable...How do you think things are made in real life? The Empire State, microprocessors & such? It has no use to sell a tapemeasure that don't measures at all (maybe it tapes? :P) They probably used a Stadiometer, a rigid column of metal that has attached a small bar perpendicular to it that goes up and down trouhgh it axis, thus the person gets trapped between the base and this flat tool measuring it perfectly.
Gotxo said on 4/Jan/06
I agree with Danimal, i read once that he was already 180cm at his sixteen and 185cm & over 100 kg in his eighteens. With 19 he was the youngest finalist of MR.Universe in London (he almost defeated Chester Yorton). It's unlikely that if he had any further growth potential he could deployed it under such circumstances. (sorry i ignore the sorce, the same as Danimal i suposse)
Danimal said on 4/Jan/06
Elio, as I have previously mentioned on here, Arnold was listed as being 6'1" in the early eighties, when he was featured in the Guiness Book of World's Records. At that point, he was in his early to mid 30's and it is rare that the GBOWR would make a mistake with a measurement. They are quite meticulous.
elio said on 4/Jan/06
KEG, I am happy now :) I'm definately more inclined to believe you. The thing is, if you say he was about 5'11. That would mean that in the above pic with Glenn, he would be only 3" taller than him.

I see no evidence of slouching, but Glenn is definately further back from Arnold, and that obviously makes a difference. Either way, Arnold can't be standing any less than 6" taller than Glenn (e.g top of Glenn's head comes a fraction below Arnold's eyes. You'll also notice that Arnold's head is tilted down towards the left too, so Arnold's eyeline is on level with his right eye. (note that tilting you head cannot make an eye appear higher... only lower)

I conclude that in my opinion:

Arnold was 6'1 1/2" in his prime (20s), and rounded up to 6'2.
Arnold was 6'1" by 1990 (possible spinal compression due to back exercise)
Arnold is 6'0" now (further 1" lost naturally due to age)

I also think that Arnold wears what could be considered 'evevator' shoes, but not lifts. I'd guesstimate the height increase he gets is about an inch more than a standard 1.25" shoe. Seeing that he is constantly on the move (view his governor website to see the amount of visits he does), I can't see him wearing the Herman Munster style 3+" shoes which are easy to notice, tricky to walk in, and uncomfortable (even if custom made).

However, like Jason, I am interested in hearing what Glenn has to say on this.
Jason said on 4/Jan/06
What's Glenn's take on Arnold's height??
UK Terminator fan said on 4/Jan/06
You may have a point Elio, picture one could maybe point out a slight error in my statement. However Ronny Cox is leaning against something in picture 2 and Arnold is standing up straight.

Goxto couldn't agree with you more there are certainly scenes in which Arnold does look 1-2 inches shorter.
Gotxo said on 4/Jan/06
Elio i must confirm you that in several scenes of Total Recall Arnold seems taller than Cox, but are the close shots. The most subject ones to "treatment". When the camera is not so close to actors (& we see more of their bodies) Arnold can look near 2" smaller than him.
Viper652 said on 4/Jan/06
It also looks like Glenn could be slouching as well.
Jason said on 3/Jan/06
lmao @ those who don't realize Glenn is further back than Arnold. Give your heads a shake people!
KEG said on 3/Jan/06
OK elio, it was at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio in 1993. I was there as a spectator. He was there as Arnold. I didn't say anything beyond "nice to meet you". I'm 6'2" and he was, in my best estimate, 5'11". Happy now?
elio said on 3/Jan/06
UK Terminator fan, you say that:

'As I said before I believe Arnold to have been 5ft 11.5 bare foot. And if u calcualte this 5ft 11.5 + 1 inch = 6ft 0.5 and 6ft 2 - 1.5 = 6ft 0.5. '

If Ronny Cox is 6'2" ... he'd be standing at just over 6'3" with normal shoes (he wore shoes in the movie).

if Arnold IS 5'11 1/2", he would need to be wearing shoes that give about 2 1/2" extra height.

I seem to remember Cox only being about an inch taller ( in the part where they stand next to each other on the video recording at the end of the movie) , but can't find any shots of this. I've posted links to the only ones I can find:
Gotxo said on 3/Jan/06
Lol, thnx to god for existing guys as Mikex, is he the only to note that?
Just apply common sense, isn't it easier to explain miraculous shrinkages due to the fact that stars boost their height obligued by their contracts or egos?
Leave the stories of shrinking guys to Richard Matheson. :P
Mikex said on 3/Jan/06
There seem to be lots of posts about guys shrinking with age. Men tend not to lose much height until their 60s/70s and even then it generally won't be much more than an inch though some men apparently lose 2 inches. The idea of a guy going from 6'2'' in his 30s to 6' in his 50s is wrong. If any height is lost in that period it's probably no more than a cm.
Viper652 said on 3/Jan/06
Arnold is between 5-10-5-11 barefoot There are just to many sightings of him about 6-1 people towering over him. You dont get that with guys like Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, real tall guys.
Cobra said on 3/Jan/06
With The Rock:
Zach said on 3/Jan/06
Arnie looks a solid 6'2 there with Glenn
elio said on 3/Jan/06
KEG, don't take this the wrong way, but the old 'I randomly met arnold years ago, shook his hand and was looking down to him' stories such as your version don't seem to have any substance to them.

If you want anyone to believe you, you should explain WHERE you met him, why you were there, why he was there, what you said, what he said, etc.

Otherwise you just end up looking like one of the many 'liars' on these boards, even if you are telling the truth.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
arni looks 6'4" near glenn
UK Terminator fan said on 3/Jan/06
Arnold has never looked short - i've never known someone to be 5ft 11/6ft to be short. However someone standing at 6ft 2/6ft 3 looks very tall.

And from all the pictures and from seeing him on TV unless he was wearing big heeled boots he didn't appear as 'very' tall. The Terminator films and Last Action Hero he was wearing big heels and most probably lifts giving the impression of being 6ft 2/ 6ft 3.

However as Goxto says he looked shorter than 6ft 2 Ronny Cox - i believe there was a clear 1.5 inch difference - his footwear in the film were regulation 1 inch heel boots.

As I said before I believe Arnold to have been 5ft 11.5 bare foot. And if u calcualte this 5ft 11.5 + 1 inch = 6ft 0.5 and 6ft 2 - 1.5 = 6ft 0.5.

But I don't consdier 180 - 185cm to be in anyways short.
KEG said on 3/Jan/06
I was close enough to Arnold to shake hands with him about a dozen years ago. I am on the upper side of 6'2" was comfortably taller than him. My best estimate of his height is 5'11".
Joseph said on 2/Jan/06
you are all wrong... Arnie is 188cm (6ft2") when he stands straight. og course he looks shorter now.. he`s older.. but everybody has the same height their hole lifes from they are aldults, when they stand straight of course.
Marc said on 2/Jan/06
He is certainly 6'0" ( could be 6'1") because at the Wax Museum i was only about 2 inches shorter (I'm 5'10") since my eye level was was just below his and the top of my head was at close to his hairline.
Gotxo said on 2/Jan/06
Cobra Kristanna Loker is 5'11" a regular women heel gives 2" not 3". Plus he looks smaller than Ronny Cox (6'2") in Total Recall, watch again that film.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
I think this pic isn't good to prove nothing.the distance is really enormous,moreover Arnie could have lifts.In all cases my trainer who is 180 cm for sure said to me he saw Arnie in a planet hollywood some years ago and he appeared huge,190 cm.I think in his prime he was 185 and now something under 183
elio said on 2/Jan/06
Glenn doesn't seem to be slouching to me, far from it.

And although he is behind them both, it's not by much as he has his arms around their backs. There can't be any less than 6" between them. More likely 7"-8" as I have already said.
CoolJ said on 2/Jan/06
People.. People... Glenn is about a foot back in the picture.

Nevertheless, Arnold does look huge in comparison to Glenn. A good 6'1...

I wonder if Glenn is actually 173cm on the button or was he not done growing in that pic (not sure how old he is there). Should also consider footwear..
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
Glen is further back in that pic.

Cobra: you could just as fairly question Arnold's footware. ;)
elio said on 2/Jan/06
Well it certainly looks like Arnold was definately above 5'10" in 1990 doesn't it?

I'd guess Glenn comes up roughly to the bottom of Arnold's nose in that pic. If Glenn's wearing a ~1" shoe then Arnold is standing at about 5'9" + 7-8" (Bottom of Arnold's nose to the top of his head). Which means with 'shoes' he was around the 6'3.5" mark. I think it's highly unlikely Arnold was wearing a shoe that gave him anymore than 3 inches of extra height.

So I put arnold around the 6'1.5" mark from this photo (in 1990 at least).

For Arnold to have been 5'10" he'd need to have been wearing shoes that give him 5-6" of extra height! Ridiculous!

Cobra said on 2/Jan/06
Here Arnold looks definately taller than Kristanna:
Cobra said on 2/Jan/06
Arnold really look huge in this pic.
@ Jason, Kristanna is wearing the shoes all women wear. ;)
funkmonk said on 2/Jan/06
that Glenn image is interesting. I really though Arnold was 5'11" now and 6' prime. He 'seems' bigger here. BUT Glen is standing begin Arnold so would look shorter than normal and is he slouching?
Gotxo said on 2/Jan/06
He has more than 4" on Glenn i must admit. Perhaps he really is closer to 6'1". But again he has acted in films with 6'2" stars and was smaller, was he wearing odd footwear there?
Jason said on 2/Jan/06

Arnold looking the exact same height as 5'11'' Kristanna Loken.
Gramps said on 31/Dec/05
Jone: when Editor Rob pokes fun at your statements, you should know it's time for a change in medication!
elio said on 31/Dec/05
I have mentioned this here before, but Vince Basile, a professional bodybuilder from the 60s/70s wrote the following in a bodybuilding forum:

"I measured Arnold's height in Feb 1969 at Mit's Gym in Honolulu. Several of the guys there claimed certain heights and everyone was at least 1/2 inch shorter on Mit's scale. Arnold claimed 6' 2" but measured 6' 1 1/2" that evening. I did say that he might be 6-2 in the morning. Why? Well there was a famous story of a guy who wanted to get into the police force in New York but failed to meet the minimum height then of 5'8". He succeeded in passing by getting his mates to bring him in on an ironing board in the morning before he stood up! So we do shrink during the day.

In October 1968 I measured his upper arms at 21 1/2" and he was about 62 inches around the shoulders. He wouldn't let me measure calves that day telling me to come back in 2 weeks. I returned to Canada so never got to measure his calves. In those days Arnold was pretty straight forward and posed for photos, etc. I took an image of Arnold that was published in Muscle Training Illustrated. That day that he posed I ran out of film and took only a couple of images. "

Later he wrote:

"I measured Arnold's arm in the change room upstairs at Golds on Pacific Avenue. He finished a workout minutes before but I can't remember what he was training. If he was pumped from arms then they would have gone down a bit by the time I measured them. I mean, you don't go up to a guy that big in the gym with a tape measure. He said he weighed about 245 then. There is that photo in MTI published some time in 69 where he is standing outside Golds with Chuck Fautz and Chip Wilson.

About Arnold's height. The only thing left to check is if that scale in Mit's was accurate. I have no idea but the other fellows who we measured for height all lost half an inch. My opinion is that the height guage was accurate. The guys who claimed they were taller than they were, were all shorter than me. I could care less if tall guys like Arnold are half an inch shorter but for some reason guys who claim they are 5-8 but aren't rather bother me!

Then we have the silly business of Billy Knight and Chuck Fautz claiming they were shorter than they were so they could win a trophy in a shorter class! Ah, the follies of the Ironbrains. "
elio said on 31/Dec/05
OnCapeCod, you mention:

"For purely visual evidence rent the excellent movie "The Long Goodbye" and see a pre-celebrity Arnold dwarfed in height by Elliot Gould!!!Please give it a rest after this.Ciao."

"I guess Elliot Gould must be 6'8" or 6'9" because HE DWARFS ARNOLD (6'4"...your fantasy fact)IN "THE LONG GOODBYE"!!!!!I suppose Gould wore stilts or Arnold walked in trenches for his scene as an unknown.NICE!"

Well here's a link to a clip from that movie, where Gould and Arnold are stood next to each other towards the end.

Is it just me, or does the 6'3" Gould look roughly the same height as Schwarzengger? Perhaps an inch taller at maximum? I definately don't see any of this 'DWARFING' that you mention, OnCapeCod.
elio said on 31/Dec/05
UK Terminator fan, you claim that:

"In the film Pumping Iron Serge Nubret (6ft) was a finalist with Arnold and Lou in the Olympia that year, well in the encyclo there is pictures of Arnold and Serge on stage and Arnold looked a clear 0.5 - 1 inch shorter."

Well i've just checked all the way through the book. There are 8 shots where Arnold and Nubret are stood next to each other (1 is printed twice). Arnold is taller than Nubret in ALL of them. The only 2 photos where Nubret comes close is one where he is wearing shoes and Arnold isn't, and another (the one that's printed twice) where Arnold is hitting a most muscular pose and is slightly hunched over. Even on this, if you look closely Arnold is taller. In fact, the first time the photo is printed the top is cut off the photo, cutting off part of Arnold's head BUT NOT Nubret's.

I'm pretty sure the only other bodybuilder listed at 6'0" that Arnold is stood next to is Ken Waller... and guess what, Arnold's noticably taller than him too.

Also, with all the photos with Lou Ferrigno he looks a maximum of 3-4" inches shorter to me.
Viper652 said on 31/Dec/05
UK Terminator's post is by far the best on this page.
Height Tracker said on 31/Dec/05
Jone, your claims are bordering on completely ridiculous. I myself believe that Arnold was between 6'0" and 6'1" at his peak, and he has probably lost quite a bit of height, making him a solid 5'11" right now. The claims that he was 6'4" are insane, and your idea that he stood in a pot-hole on stage just doesn't make any sense at all.

Editor Rob
no, Jone is quite right...everywhere Arnold goes he has a team of construction workers who walk in front of him digging a 3-inch ditch...this maintains the illusion that Arnie is only 6ft 1-2! As I've said before he also wears anti-lifts, so he may in fact be 6ft 6!
Danimal said on 30/Dec/05
Jone, the only fallacy here is YOU. Arnold was listed at 6'2" years before Pumping Iron came out, or was filmed for that matter. Arnold was NEVER taller than Mike Katz (6'1"), Reg Park (6'1"-6'2) and only marginally taller than Dave Draper (6'0") and was clearly inches shorter than the then 6'4"-6'5" Lou Ferrigno.

UK Terminator fan said on 30/Dec/05
Ok everyone - Arnolds Bodybuilding encyclopedia is a must for those who believe he is or was taller than 6ft.

The book is packed with pictures of Arnold at his youthful bodybuilding prime. What a physique!!! Probably the best ever BUT............... when many of the pictures of him around supposed 6 footers casts a massive cloud over the claim that he is 6ft 2.

On a stage with 6ft 4 Lou Ferrigno in 1973 Arnold looked at least 5 inches shorter.

In the film Pumping Iron Serge Nubret (6ft) was a finalist with Arnold and Lou in the Olympia that year, well in the encyclo there is pictures of Arnold and Serge on stage and Arnold looked a clear 0.5 - 1 inch shorter.

get yourselfs a copy as the camera can't lie and most of the pics in the book are centred around Arnold on stage or in a gym in his barefeet.

I conclude Arnold was 5ft 11.5 barefeet in his prime and in footwear wouldv'e been 6ft 0.5 / 6ft 1.

the heels he wore in The Terminator films were 2.5 inches high - that would make him 6ft 2. And with 2 inch lifts 6ft 4. Maybe this will explain why Jone believes him to be 6ft 4. And hopefully those who say he is less than 6ft will agree with me 2.

And now I believe Arnold to be 5ft 10.5

Cobra said on 30/Dec/05
I think, the only problem is, that when you think about Arnold you look up to him in the mind, so you think you have also to look up in real life.
So when you hear A.S. you expect to look up, you expect somebody who is 6ft6+.
And that`s the problem.
And so is that even when people met him they can`t judge him very well because of that. that`s the reason why 5ft10 or such height judges came along.
I believe that Arnold was about 188 cm peak, 187 cm in his 80movies, 186 cm in his 90 movies and about 185 now.
OnCapeCod said on 27/Dec/05
I have flown into Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket 240-250 times during my life. They are islands! You see the way this works? I really couldn't give 2 craps about Arnold beside the fact that he is 5'11" and NOT freakishly large in overall stature. I guess Elliot Gould must be 6'8" or 6'9" because HE DWARFS ARNOLD (6'4"...your fantasy fact)IN "THE LONG GOODBYE"!!!!!I suppose Gould wore stilts or Arnold walked in trenches for his scene as an unknown.NICE!
Cobra said on 27/Dec/05
You miss understood me...
what I wanted to say that Arnold is about 6ft0,5 to 6ft1.
There are many inches to Ronnie, I know he is barefeet, but it`s too much that Arnold only 5ft11
And Triple H is at least 6ft2,5 more like 6ft3.
Look at this photos:
At both pictures not much smaller.

And on the Arnold/Coleman picture he doesn`t look much taller than Arnold.
Gramps said on 27/Dec/05
Cobra: that photo certainly doesn't do much for Triple H's stock, does it? Even with the favorable camera angle he doesn't show much height against the barefooted 5'9"-5'10" Ronnie Coleman, or the 5'11" Arnold!

Editor Rob
he doesn't look big there...I missed

This pic of him and Angle.

I'm still looking at Triple H, he hasn't been forgotten...trying to find any fan pics is harder...
Cobra said on 27/Dec/05
Here are Triple H, ronnie coleman and Arnie:
elio said on 27/Dec/05
OnCapeCod, so you've been in the same aircraft as him 4-5 times eh? Which was it, 4 or 5? Or was being in an aircraft with Arnold such a mundane experience that you don't know whether it was 4 or 5 times? Perhaps if you cannot remember things accurately then you can't judge height accurately.

Or maybe, just maybe, you're trying to 'Jone' us by bull$hitting.
OnCapeCod said on 26/Dec/05
Arnold is 5'11".The rest is lifts and attitude.Some of these fanboy fantasies are really hyper-detailed to an almost creepy level. I have been in the same small aircraft with him 4-5 times. For purely visual evidence rent the excellent movie "The Long Goodbye" and see a pre-celebrity Arnold dwarfed in height by Elliot Gould!!!Please give it a rest after this.Ciao.
Danimal said on 26/Dec/05
Jone, the evidence is in the pics and live footage of Arnold in his peak compared to other bodybuilders. I already provided that info below. Don't discount that. Why would Arnold oblige to allowing your cousin to measure him in the storage room???? That is ridiculous...Furthermore, Arnold would not have downplayed his height by 2 inches and the man NEVER looked 6'4", which would have put him at equal height with Lou and he NEVER WAS. This is a fanatsy of yours with NO proof, but eye-witness testimonies of you and all your family having met him. That in itself is just a bit far-fetched as well.
Gramps said on 26/Dec/05
Guys, if you believe Jone just happened to walk past Arnold on "Muscle Beach," and that his cousin actually measured Arnold in Austria, I have some future beach property in eastern California I'd like to sell you!
Danimal said on 25/Dec/05
Jone, what is this with your obsession with Arnold having been 6'4" in his peak??? The man was at least 2-4 inches shorter than Lou Ferrigno at the time. Arnold was the exact same height as the 6'1"-6'2" Reg Park, an inch or two taller than the 6'0" Dave Draper, either the exact same height as the 6'1" Mike Katz, an inch or two taller than the 6'0" Serge Nubret, and more recently, the same height as the later years 6'1"-6'2" Clint Eastwood. Arnold was NEVER 6'4". If he was, then he would have said so, to further build his image. He surely wouldn't have downplayed it my man.

I give him a strong 5'11 1/2"-6'0" today and NO less. He towered over the 5'9"-5'10" barefoot Kevin Levrone when he won the Arnold Classic twice in the nineties. The man was 6'1"-6'2" in his prime and the proof is in all of the pics and live barefooted live footage of his competitions and workouts...He was 4 to 5 inches taller than the then 5'9" Frank Zane and had a good 5 inches if not 6'0" over the 5'8" Mike Mentzer at the 1980 Mr. Olympia, as well as 4-5 inches on the 5'9"-5'10" Cuban Sergio Olivia.
Viper652 said on 25/Dec/05
Jone, Arnold never scraped 6-4. That is ridiculous.
nolifts81 said on 25/Dec/05
In 1993 he was at the italian gal
Thomas said on 25/Dec/05
Hey, OnCapeCod, I'm 6'2" (1/8" shy). I was measured a number of times in the Air Force, many times before and many times after. I'm a young man and haven't suffered any spinal injuries or anything else that would shrink my height. I'm 6'2", 6'2", 6'2". I KNOW when someone is my height, and having two friends who were on the same even ground as me and only a few feet away adds more credibilty to my statement. Arnold Schwarzenneger is at the BARE minimum 6'1" and maybe as much as a half inch taller. The only heperbole that's going on in this thread is your miserable estimation of this man's height. I've never met a 5'11" person whom I looked eye to eye with, and won't unless I meet someone with the flattest head you've ever done see.
Danimal said on 24/Dec/05
Jay Cutler has also been listed at 5'8 1/2" and as well as 5'9". Ronnie, used to get 5'10" and then when he became Mr. Olympia for the first time in 1998, he jumped to 5'11". I still go with the 5'10" listing and quite possibly not even that today (he's in his 40's)....To put into perspective, if he is in fact 5'9" we'll say (my exact height), and seeing he ways OVER 300 pounds in competition form, well, that is one Huge dude. His arms alone are 24 inches (unlike the fake measurement of Hulk Hogan's in the eighties). Hulk Hogan's were maybe 21-22 inches at best. Another Huge bodybuilder in perspective to his height, is Lee Priest, who is just under 5'4" and 285 pounds in the offseason, sporting 22 inch guns...These are very big men..What they lack in height for the most part, they make up for in weight and for the most part, that is why they became bodybuilders in the first place. They were all the typical shortish/pencil neck geeks who were picked on. There are exceptions of course.
cool1 said on 24/Dec/05
hi folks. I'm Austrian, same hometown as Arnie. I met him several times (late 90ies). He is around 5'11. I'm very very sure about that.
Gramps said on 24/Dec/05
CelebHeights: Bodybuilding competitions are exactly the venues where you are most likely to see Arnold wearing his "magic shoes," since the contestants are given height listings. Ronnie Coleman may be 5'11" in his cowboy boots but that's about it!
OnCapeCod said on 24/Dec/05
I don't know why my last post didn't show but Arnold is 5'11" FLAT. I have been on the Martha's Vinyard puddle jumper with him MANY. Anything besides that is BS. There is so much hyperbole on this site that it really shows exactly WHY height misrepresentation pays off BIG dividends in the celebrity world!
Viper652 said on 24/Dec/05
Weird sighting. Everyone else says Hugh Jackman is between 6-2 and 6-3.
Cobra said on 24/Dec/05
@ Thomas: also believe Arnold is 6ft1.
Coleman is 5ft11, Cutler 5ft9. Don`t know if this picture is real, because on most of the others coleman is looking taller.
And Cutler get one inch because of his hair, coleman not.
First: Arnold was definately strong.
He could bench press 498 pounds raw for one rep.
(bench pressing for a 5ft4 or 5ft5 (Franco) is much easier than for a 6ft2 (Arnold) athlete, because of the long/short arms)
His training weights with squats is 440 lbs. Not so much, compared to nowadays, but in that time you don`t have to need this gigantic quads.
And everybody who say its nocht much, try it!
On his best condition Arnold could lift maybe about 750 pounds; and that`s much.
In 1967 Arnold was German Master in powerlifting.

Arnold`s height, I saw the World Stunt Taurus Award for a few weeks, and Arnold was standing next to The Rock.
He was about 2 inches or so shorter.
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Dec/05
Gramps, I'm not sure about Coleman being 5ft 9, but you can see Coleman and Arnie from another angle, which shows that the floor is most likely got a little slope on it...but Coleman is barefoot in anycase...

Coleman and Arnie. I could go to the extreme and say Arnie is only 2 inches taller than 5ft 9 barefoot Coleman in that pic. Arnie has 1.5 inch shoes + 1 inch riser. Therefore Arnie is actually 5ft 8.5.

But I won't make outrageous claims ;)

...I do think Arnie even in the 90's *looked* 6ft 1 easily, now I just think that in the last few years he's maybe lost a little bit...
Gramps said on 23/Dec/05
Jone: Ronnie Coleman is 5'9" at best. Here he is posing down right next to the 5'9" Jay Cutler:
Mikex said on 23/Dec/05
The 6'2'' actor Richard E Grant wrote a memoir a few yrs ago in which mentioned seeing both Sly and Arnie in Hollywood and being surprised that they were both well short of 6'. I read somewhere that famous people are never the size you imagine them to be in real life. Guys you think are average turn out to be huge in the flesh, whereas the guys you think of as man mountains are often small. Maybe there's something in this.
cendrin rovini said on 23/Dec/05
I mean that really sucks, doesn't it? You train hard to gain muscles, to look like the incredible Hulk just to gain muscles becoz you want to attract women. But after all you're shrunk 10cm and you feel bad again losing attractivity. Arnold was big, now no longer, is that the reason why he's an angry poltician now?
Cobra said on 22/Dec/05
Arnold did a 710 Pound Deadlifts when he was 20
Danimal said on 22/Dec/05
Elio, Arnold WAS a VERY powerful man he did very heavy lifts with men like Dave Draper, Franco Columbo, Frank Zane and later Jusup Wilkoscz (2 of which were ex-powerlifters themselves). Arnold would squat in the neighborhood of 400-500 pounds and do VERY heavy deadlifts. Being an ex power-lifter myself, I have lost an inch an height as well. I had measured myself twice when I was 23-24 at the height of 5'10" and now, at 28 years old, having given up all weightlifting in general, I MAX out at 5'9" first thing in the morning. I am not sure if this is due to poor posture on my part. I slouch to often when sitting at my computer, or bad sleeping habits, or the heavy weightlifting itself. I know it can't be my age, because I am still young...
Gramps said on 22/Dec/05
Okay, JONE, we're ready to see those photos of Arnie at 6'3"+. Bring them on...
Jason said on 21/Dec/05
Actually, it's likely Arnold stopped growing early. Being a mesomorph, they're early developers and early developers tend to stop growing earlier. Sometimes as early as 12 - 13 let alone 15. With that in mind, I'd say it's more likely Arnold didn't grow after 15 than did.
cendrin rovini said on 21/Dec/05
Hans Meiser (cult-presenter in Germany) said he met Schwarzenegger and he was his height (188cm). Maybe he shrunk almost 10cm because of his age and training. PS: I'm from Germany, next to Austria. Not to kill someone for crimes is a part of our culture, I'm disappointed and it makes him small in my eyes...
Danimal said on 21/Dec/05
McFly, you still state FACTS my friend. Can you not see that your Facts are merely YOUR subjective opinions, which I might reiterate, are being based on absolutely NO evidence whatsoever...I have to side with Elio 100%.. Lou is not and was not 6'2" in his prime. Do all of us a favor and look at his stacked up to his former Olympia competitors. In 1975, Serge Nubret was 6'0" even and Lou towered over him. In fact, Lou had at least 3 inches on the 6'1"-6'2" Paul Dillet in the 1993 Mr. Olympia as well..Furthermore, your claim of Arnold being only 5'10" in his prime, would in fact reduce him to 5'8"-5'9" today by your logic, but again, you seem more fixated with magic 5'10" mark being his prime height, that I've noticed you've failed to mention was you belive his current height to be. Why don't you enlighten us all....Besides, the man was measured at 15 at a height of 5'11 1/2", so he was NO WAY less than that and I am quite certain he grew after that. 15 is by no means an age where young men stop growing..
Gramps said on 21/Dec/05
I think McFly and Jone are really the same guy, just playing all of us from both ends! Our reactions to their (his) ridiculous assertions must make for great laughs.
Jason said on 20/Dec/05
It's funny that Arnold is listed here as 6'0'' with those quotes at the top of the page underneath. Same with Stallone's page ... lol.
elio said on 20/Dec/05
McFly, your repetitive claim that Arnold is 5'10" is almost as crazy as the stuff Jone is coming out with. Whereas he is biased in favour of Arnold as he is a fan, you are biased against Arnold because you clearly hate the man.
Danimal said on 20/Dec/05
Jone, at LEAST 6'4"??? Where do you get this from? If Arnold was indeed 6'4" then wouldn't he have ever wanted to announce that height? Arnold only faced Lou ONCE in 1975. I believe that Lou was indeed 6'4" back then, if not 6'5", but Arnold? lol...NO WAY!!! 6'1"-6'2" MAX and today, 6'0" MAX....I am a HUGE fan of Arnold, but I won't make him seem literally larger than life as you are attempting to do!
Gramps said on 20/Dec/05
Jone, you're hilarious!
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Dec/05
In that 'infamous' Qui interview back in 77 he did say: "I'm 6'2", and 240 pounds is the perfect weight for me" so he's been consistant.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/05
After seeing a photo of my co-worker standing beside the campaigning Arnold (in a suit), I am now convinced Arnold is below 6 feet barefooted, by at least an inch.
Mr. R said on 19/Dec/05
Again, I will note that when he ran for governor of my state, they first released the 6-2 figure. But when they were challenged by keen height observers, his own press spokesman said he was 6 feet. He is certainly not above that!
Viper652 said on 19/Dec/05
I call it as I see it as well, and Arnold looks 5-10.5 to me without his lifts. Shoot, even I think Bil Murray looks 6-2 to 6-3 sometimes.
Danimal said on 19/Dec/05
I see Arnold as NO less than 5'11 1/2" today. I've ALWAYS been a fan of him, since Pumping Iron came out in 1977 (the year I was born). I am a VERY good judge of height, as well as weight and perhaps he was never a solid 6'2" (probably closer to 6'1"), but today, he is hovering around the 6'0 mark and proof of that is him standing next to tall men, ie: Lou Ferrigno, Reg Park, Dave Draper, David Letterman, etc.)...

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