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5ft 8.24in (173.3cm)
Glenn said on 13/Aug/06
Izzy,if standing straight,is 5-11.just had 2 photos of me with 5-7 Steven Adler get about bad luck.
GnR said on 12/Aug/06
Glenn, do you happen to know how tall Izzy is?
Danimal said on 9/Aug/06
Have you personally measured him Jason? Thought not.
Jason said on 8/Aug/06
No he is 5 ft 9 trust me im Axl Rose fanatic i now everything about him.
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
1991.I was 19.I dont know them.just know where theyre going to be.
aidah said on 4/Aug/06
god glen how old are you the first one was taken like 88 right and you look the guy from alice in (don't know the last word there to deep for me ) how do you know all these rock stars
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
I met Les a few times.he is 6-1.maybe 6-2.Larry Lalonde also ofDeath, Black Metal pioneers POSSESSED is 5-7.maybe even 5-6.
Markus said on 22/Jul/06
Glenn, do you have any clue about Les Claypools height, since he walked by you? I always thought he was pretty tall, but then again the rest of Primus is just short I guess.
Glenn said on 9/Jun/06
When he is in a good mood,he'll hang out with you!
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/06
I met Axl Rose in Milan three days ago...
I was shoulder to shoulder with him and I'm sure he can't be more than 170cm.
He was great, very kind and in very good mood.... Axl is God!
Glenn said on 21/May/06
No.I was afraid to bother him.though he was swinging around a Star Wars lightsaber!
Andreas said on 21/May/06
oh well. did he say something interesting?
Glenn said on 21/May/06
yeah.he was in a bad mood.
Andreas said on 19/May/06
Did you meet him?
Glenn said on 19/May/06
The show was incredible! went last night when Izzy showed up.he played at least 4 songs.first 2 being I THINK ABOUT YOU and then an hour later,PATIENCE.heard he had surgery too raj.
raj said on 18/May/06
Did he really have plastic surgey on his face and hair implants? I know hes fat tho'...and now i get that hes short. one of the best frontmans ever.
Andreas said on 18/May/06
Glenn, did you go to any of the shows? Any news? :)
Glenn said on 10/May/06
He isnt signing or taking pictures anymore.unless its 3am at some club or random on the street.if he feels it was planned you were waiting for him,he ignores you.
andreas said on 10/May/06
What do you mean by "he isnt responding to dealers anymore"?
Glenn said on 10/May/06
Not sure which show or shows Ill be at.he isnt responding to dealers anymore.Im sure Ill talk to him.
andreas said on 9/May/06
Glenn, are you going to the show on friday? If you meet him, please try to get some info. about the 1. single. :)
J. said on 8/May/06
Glenn wasn't lying: Click Here
Glenn said on 8/May/06
Oh,Brain.I thought you meant Brian Carrol A.K.A Buckethead.never met Brain.I think he walked by me last year though,as I let Claypool walk by me at the Jammies,to busy getting someone else.I honestly have no clue who played on what.different band from 1999-2002 lineup I think.Axl did say I was correct in him having 75 incomplete songs.he told me most of that stuff was discarded.his own exact words.
D. Ray Morton said on 8/May/06
6'3" for Brain? No kidding. I honestly was picturing something like 5'9", dunno why. He did play drums on the new stuff, right?

I can't wait for fall/late fall!
Glenn said on 7/May/06
Ill tell you whatever you want Andreas.
Glenn said on 7/May/06
So my guess was right! thanks for the link!
andreas said on 7/May/06
He said album out fall/late fall. New guy in the band, but he didn't say who. He told storys from old days and much more!! He was there 2 hours I think! Go to Click Here if you want to hear the interview.
Glenn said on 6/May/06
6-3 for Brian.some say more.No, I didnt hear interveiw,what did he say? Nah, I only heard they were slagging me.
D. Ray Morton said on 6/May/06
Glenn, any thoughts as to Brain's height? (Is he still even playing with Axl?)
andreas said on 6/May/06
Glenn, did you hear the Eddie Trunk interview with Axl last night? That was great! Is there any news about the 1. single? Do you know who is the new guy in GN'R? BTW are you posting on any GN'R sites? I really want to hear about your meetings with Axl!!!
Riddle said on 5/May/06
Well, I do believe you. There are pictures, so it's obvious that you know him. Anyway, I'm really surprised with the three-cd thing. It's really cool, if it turns to be true. Is it true he wants to release it before summer? RIR web said so. I'm a little surprised that the band changed the Madrid date. It was on 28th and they changed it to 25th. Do you know something about this? I guess he wants some rest for the RIR, but it seems weird anyway.
Glenn said on 4/May/06
You know your stuff Elio.thanks!
Elio said on 4/May/06

The only reason Glenn has discussed knowing Axl personally, and what he's up to, is because people such as yourself, keep questioning him and make inaccurate speculations on what Axl is up to. It's taken quite a few months for Glenn to tell us about him knowing Axl, so it's not like he came on here to boast... he's merely backing up his original statements. What he's told us could hardly be described as 'gossip', could it?

I can't see what is so hard to believe about Glenn knowing Axl. He has nothing to gain in lieing about the whole thing. It's not the first time Glenn has been called a liar on these boards... but on every occasion he's been proved right and the cynics have had to eat humble pie.
poople said on 2/May/06
Glenn stop lying to these people. You know just as well as I do that Axl isnt mastering any album in nyc. He is there recording parts for the album. Besides anyone who "knew" Axl like you claim would NEVER go around talking about it on the internet. So stop lying.
Gekko said on 29/Apr/06
Glenn - please tell us about Axl's new hair.
Bart said on 29/Apr/06
Hey Glenn, You've got great picture's dude! You said Slash visit Axl last october. Do they have spoken to each other since then? Axl has met Matt Sorum 2 weeks ago in nyc. I think there's is no problem anymore for 1 or 2 reunion concerts. But first i wanna hear cd this year and see the new band in holland on the second of July. Do you know if they play al lot of new songs on this tour? Cheers!
Glenn said on 25/Apr/06
Thanks Elio.Axl obviously has been busy these 3 months.havnt seen him in 2.dont want to piss the guy better give him his space.though,I might bump into him soon.
Elio said on 25/Apr/06

There's not a chance in hell that any friend of a celeb could ever give you their email address (if indeed they communicate through emails), it would be a complete betrayal of trust. It's like going round to party at someone's house that you've been invited to, but bringing along 20 uninvited people with you.
Glenn said on 24/Apr/06
By the way a**hole,he's been here for 3 months straight.
Glenn said on 24/Apr/06
If you say so poopee head.yep.all lies.I GUESS HE WAS LYING TO ME.what did he tell you? you talk so much sh*t,you obviously met him.
poople said on 23/Apr/06
Glenn you dont know s***! Rehearsals for the tour have allready started. And Axl is not in NYC mastering any album so stop spreading lies.
Glenn said on 5/Apr/06
now he's been hiding out at his girlfriends house,so I havnt seen him much.Im afraid to bring up leaked tracks.where was the 1st gig again? I forgot.
Riddle said on 3/Apr/06
Please, could you tell me if he said something about including some of the leaked tracks in the album (or albums)? Or if he does know he's got an european tour this spring? Thanks
Glenn said on 1/Apr/06
rehearsals for a tour start in May.mastering of album near completion.summer release is all he tells me.
John said on 31/Mar/06
Glenn why don't u give us Axl's email add we also wanto to talk WITH Him.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Dont be a wiseass all of a sudden sit at home wondering,I hang out with the guy!
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Certain Things I discuss with Axl remain with me.he hinted at things.dont tell me what I discussed and what I didnt.he doesnt always give a direct answer,and Idont ask bold questions.we hint at at each other.
Glenn said on 30/Mar/06
Certain I discuss withAxl remain with me.he hinted at things.dont tell me what I discussed and what I didnt.he doesnt always give a direct answer,and Idont ask bold questions.we hint at at each other.
mudkicker said on 29/Mar/06
so you just know this from that press release that got out a couple weeks ago. Axl didn't discuss it with you.i find it hard to believe that Slash went over to diss his current bandmates to Axl, a guy he hasn't spoken to in 10 years. then slash is supposed to start recording with VR? doesn't make sense. did you discuss anything with axl??-not that he would tell you anything important anyways. you should've asked what the first single will be and when we can expect to see it, and you should've asked him who all is in the band these days.
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
Slash did visit him last october.and Slash made negative comments about his VELVET could be 3 years IF we see a reunion.and VELVET starts recording in may.
... said on 26/Mar/06
thanks man for info.
btw, cool pics:)))
mudkicker said on 24/Mar/06
why did Slash visit Axl and how do you know this to be true? Are you saying Axl wants to get Chinese Democracy out before he'll consider a reunion? Give us some details PLEASE!!
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
I didnt dare ask.I do know the thought of a reunion a year ago was for 2008 or beyond,its a possibility.between you guys and I.please dont spread that around.could be sooner.or wont have izzy or adler.izzy is on good terms with axl,but hates touring,and adler is a mess.I do know Slash has visited axl.
... said on 24/Mar/06
Maybe it's stupid question but did you asked Axl about reunion of "old" Gn'R?
BuD said on 24/Mar/06
yeah he must have been in a good mood 3 times eh! ;) i've been close to him a few times but he always runs away, or drives faster to get away........Cmon Axl, get the new CD out!!!!
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
Maybe 2007.
Slash said on 23/Mar/06
Did axl say anything about me rejoining the band?
Glenn said on 20/Mar/06
He is 5-8.its gonna be 3 cds over a 3 year period is what he told me.possible summer release,though his publicist hinted this spring,which I dont see possible.Im guessing between august and november.but it really is this year.AXL,when he is in a good mood,is very talkative and great to fans.he loves talking to me! AXL and Ironically SLASH,are my buddies.Slash,names me as one of his friends.true friends and I call AXL, THE AXE.
BR said on 19/Mar/06
Wow... amazing what boots can do for a person. In the 1991 pics he looks a bit taller than you Glenn, but in the recent pic you're the same height, if anything you're slightly taller! I hope you asked him when the hell we're gonna hear Chinese Democracy ;)
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Brand new photo coming from 2 mornings ago! Again 5-8.he is wearing boots in that second photo.both 1991, same photo I have missing from 1994.he appeared 5-11 in timb type boots with a heel.tallest I ever saw him.
cendrin rovin said on 20/Feb/06
...someone wrote he was measured as 5"6' in a heavy metal magazine, just look at the Slash discussion... but hes taller than glenn here, a strong 5"8'... one of the best bands ever guns n roses...
Axl's Love Kitten said on 27/Jan/06
I would say that he is probably around 5'9"....I don't think he is too much more or less than that, but no matter what his actual height his, I still love him anyways.....
Glenn said on 12/Jan/06
he's 5-8.ive seen him enough.
brazilian guy said on 5/Jan/06
well, i´ve seen axl very close, i´ve been to his concert when he was the leading man in guns and roses, slash, matt sorum, izzi, ok, he is very shorty i can tell, i´m 5'7'', and he looked my high tops, he has shorty legs, and little body, slash is taller than him, to tell ya the truth, he is the shortest in the band, i give him 5'7'', or 172 tops, no way he is 174, he is a little and arrogant guy i can tell ya, 172 tops!!!
Codex said on 21/Dec/05
Axl is obviously 5'9, any theory claiming anything shorter is absurd!
the dude said on 16/Dec/05
he is shorter then slash so probably about 5ft 8 but slash does have big hair
axlroseswife said on 12/May/05
i think Axl Rose is about 5'9 more than anything he is not 5ft 8 but he could be saying that because he wants to think he is tall too though he said once that he was 6'0 and i am sorry but he xant be getting shorter so whats up is he trying to be tall or what?
Brandon said on 8/May/05
I'd say 5'8" seems more accurate height for the infamous hellraiser. I wouldnt take Axl's word on his 5'9"... with that ego of his I wouldnt be surprised if he told people he was 6'9"

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