How tall is Axl Rose

Axl Rose's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

Guns and Roses Rocker. Axl has claimed to be 5ft 9. On one of his arrest boards he was listed "5'10, 170 lbs" and on a bulletin "5'9, 160".

How tall is Axl Rose
Axl @ MTV Video Music Awards, 2006
Photo by Β© / Tom Lau / Star Max Worldwide

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Average Guess (59 Votes)
5ft 8.24in (173.3cm)
Shalpemodurator said on 5/Jun/23
Duff is confirmed to be 6'2 by his daughter, he may have been 6'2 1/2 peak but never looked the full 6'3. ik this is axl's page but there isn't a page for duff so i wrote it here
Jamie said on 28/Mar/23
@aleeeee He weight was listed 160 in his 1998 mugshot during his wilderness years Click Here. Axl’s hair was short and you could see that his face has gotten fuller.
aleeeee said on 27/Mar/23
160?! I'd say like 150, maybe 145...He doesn't look that fat...
And in Apetite era I'd say he was surely under 145-140 pounds... Dude was a stick
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 21/Dec/22
@Rob @richard rasmuson He implied to the audience that he has a (short) adolescent height in one of his concerts with Guns N Roses in the early 90's
Richard Rasmuson said on 25/Apr/22
5'8" 1/2 for Axl is more than generous, he sometimes looks below that when he was younger in some photos. He seemed insecure about his height, every video of him shows him wearing high-heeled type shoes. I can't remember the exact quote, but he was referred to in high school as "the short redhead." The average height for Americans during his HS years was probably close to 5'9" meaning he was on the shorter end.
You're short said on 9/Oct/21
Seen Axl in person a few times, solid 5ft8....he's not tall by any stretch of the imagination, cute but not tall.
Spencer said on 9/Aug/21
Saw them in concert recently. He looked about 5'8". I doubt he was ever 5'9". Maybe 5'8.5" in 80s and 90s and early 00s?
Jesica said on 29/Jun/21
Sylvya Ford said on 30/Apr/21
can you add Tracii Guns
Mikester said on 22/Apr/21
170 in the 90's? he was quite thin (maybe not as thin as in the 80's but still quite thin).
wouldn't guess more than 150-155...
Acmd11 said on 6/Apr/21
Rising174cm said on 25/Dec/20
Traci seemed about eye to eye with me so he should be taller than Axl, who is 5'8" max. I've seen Slash with enough people whose height I know to know he's no taller than 5'8.5" himself. In fact, my friend who acknowledges he's only 5'6" looked barely 2" side by side with Slash indoors and Slash was still in his 40s at this time.
anomalous said on 31/Aug/20
who is taller Axl Rose or tracii guns
Ethan Larsem said on 22/Feb/20
Axl seems to be shorter than Slash who is around 5'9." Axl Rose always wore cowboy boots which gives him an extra 1.5 inches in height. Then again, he is still shorter than Slash who never stands up straight, even when Axl wears those high shoes.

5'8" max!
Jamie said on 12/Feb/20
@Que lo Que

I disagree, despite Kurt Cobain having scoliosis, I could still him being taller than Axl. However I do see Slash having the edge on Kurt.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Feb/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ§ Happy Birthday Axl! πŸŽ§πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing Axl Rose a Very Happy 58th Birthday! Ironically, I thought this morning, "I bet he's an Aquarian!" He IS and it's his Birthday TODAY! Spooky Mulder? Spooky me!

5ft8.5. πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸŽΆπŸ“€

Que lo Que said on 24/Jan/20
He was edged out by his nemesis Kurt Cobain
Winterwonderful said on 4/Nov/19
Look at the picture of him with Steven Tyler in the late 80’s, the one where axl has a white leather jacket. If Tyler was 5’9” or 10 Axl looks 5’7” max. They have similar shoes and Axl is standing straight while Tyler is slouching and still looks inches taller. Pictures can be deceiving but I would put money on a 5’8” peak for W. Axl Rose.
Bill cyman said on 25/Oct/19
Axl was shorter than Cobain, Vince Neil of MΓΆtley CrΓΌe and always described as a little guy. Not more than 5’ 8
Gunz N Rozez said on 24/Oct/19
I think it’s common knowledge that Axl was the smallest of the original lineup, shorter than obviously Duff, Slash, Izzy (and yes even Adler when you look at 99% of the pictures of them together) He’s a small dude but he was incredibly talented and very dangerous lol. Never a full 5’ 9”
Axxxl;) said on 6/Feb/19
Back when they first got big around 86-88, I forget when it was, Axl gave his height as 5’ 8.5” exactly. It was from a magazine article. UGH I WISH I could find it. It also listed his favorite food as steak and his favorite sport as sex LOL. If anyone finds it please post it here I’ve been looking for it forever.
Ethan Larsen said on 12/Sep/18
He is 5ft 7 right now and maybe 5ft 8.5 in his prime? My guess
Ethan Larsen said on 5/Sep/18
Axl is not 5ft 9 by any stretch. Seems about 5ft 8, maybe 5ft 7 now since he is older.
Leno179 said on 10/Jul/18
Flat 5'9, there is a mugshot of him that says he is "5'10" so I believe he is somewhere between 5'8 1/2 and 5'10, 175 cm should be perfect, morning height could be like 176-177, and his "real" one should be somewhere in the 175 range.
Rodriik said on 16/Apr/18
In a photo with RHCP back in 1990, he looks like a 5'7 next to a young John Frusciante (5ft8), on the other side Anthony Kiedis next to Axl Rose looks like 5'6.

Click Here:

Personal guest for Axl: 172 peak
Rocker said on 9/Apr/18
I agree with the user below, probably 5’ 8”, at the most 5’ 9”. And yes, Steven Adler usually does appear to be taller than Axl.
GNR Fan said on 7/Apr/18
Axl is most likely around 5’ 8” to 5’ 9”. I’ve never understood though why Steven Adler is listed as 5’ 7”, as most old Guns Nβ€˜ Roses photos as well as photos of just Steven and Axl show Steven to be taller.
Jamie said on 1/Feb/18
Downgrade is needed - He still looks below average height even wearing lifts/cowboy boots?
KH said on 12/Jan/18
This is a guy that wore big shoes a lot so its almost impossible to pin point his actual height. I would doubt it was ever a full five eight and a half. Most people usually lie about there height by about an inch so if he was claiming 5'9 at one point Im going to say 5'8 peak and maybe a fraction under that now. I believe this guy was more like 130-140lbs peak as well considering his small frame. I'm around this height and when I was 18 I was probably a little larger frame then Rose and weighed like 147lbs.
woody said on 6/Nov/17

80s-90s 174/175

2000-2007 173/174

Post 2010- 172/173
Tallish89 said on 6/Nov/17
Peak 178/179cm

Now 174/175cm
Height Sky said on 21/Oct/17

Looks shorter than 5'7.75" when he was in my country (Peru) with the fans
Spencer said on 19/Oct/17
5'8.5" 80's and 90's
5'7.75" today
Height Sky said on 10/Oct/17
OneNamePlease said on 30/May/15
I saw 173 before, but now actually i think 5'8.5

Ryan said on 4/Dec/14
Peak 175
Now 174 cm

Steve says on 8/Apr/14
Peak: 5ft9
Now: 5ft8

I made that comments because i am a fan of Guns N' Roses but Axl is half inch shorter than Slash who i am sure isn't over 5'8.5"
Dingus said on 9/Sep/17
I think he is 5'08.75".
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Aug/17
Never taller than 5'8", imo. His booking sheet in '92 actually gave a ridiculous 5'10"! Click Here Slash himself might not be taller than 5'8.5". I wouldn't be surprised if Axl was anywhere in that 5'7.5"-5'8" range. It's certainly possible he's lost a fraction as well. Glenn was even saying 5'8" for Axl in the old comments and I don't think there was much difference in their photos.
Travis said on 16/Aug/17
Rob, what do you reckon the height of Izzy Stradlin is? It's always been obvious he has some solid height on Rose, but just how much?
Teddy said on 26/Jun/17
5'8 is better suited since Slash is listed 5'9
Mickey said on 3/Jun/17
around 140lbs in the 80's, nowadays around 180lbs
BillisaLefty said on 23/May/17
For sure between 67 and 70. The police report ones, while reliable, will be exaggerated due to footwear, which, for men, add between .5'' and 2''. So the tallest the reports could place him at is 69.5''. I definitely think he would want to exaggerate, as well. I would say it's fair to say he was a legit 69'' in his youth. However, with bad posture and aging, he likely stands at about 67.5'' now.
dopaminator said on 20/May/17
there's a 1989 performance of him singing Salt Of The Earth with Mick Jagger and he looks 2 inches shorter than Jagger, one inch visible, one other you can guess from his boots compared to Jagger's ballerina-like shoes. If Jagger was really 5'10 back then, that would make Axl around 5'8, at least as his peak height.
Jani said on 6/Apr/17
I saw him personally, axl was just an estimated of 5'7
No One said on 16/Sep/16
"HGT:510, WGT:170 (shoes - custom white Converse), also HAIR: Brown EYES:Blue, and CHARGE ...." That was 1992 and its way off.

His 1998 arrest - HGT:5'9, WGT:160 also HAIR: Red EYES:Green so that seems be more reaslic but still I think it should peak height: 5'9, current height 5'8
Rebel Lemo E. said on 2/Sep/16
His mug shot from the date 07/14/92 St Louis County listed HGT:510, WGT:170 (shoes - custom white Converse), also HAIR: Brown EYES:Blue, and CHARGE .... Nice resolution and very good condition of this photo....
Randy said on 27/Aug/16
I always thought Steven was a little taller than Axl...
Nobody said on 19/Aug/16
His mug shot from the 80's states 5'10 and 170 pounds (Thought he would be lighter than that)
Jamie said on 9/Jun/16
@Mahmood he's taller than 165 cm. I stick by what I've said 173cm.
mahmood said on 22/May/16
al seems way shorter than this on stage..seems 165 cm max
Jamie said on 22/Mar/16
80s-90s: 5'9
Post 2000: 5'8
Robert said on 11/Nov/15
I think he could be anywhere from 5 ft 7.75 or 5 ft 8.5
Robert said on 11/Nov/15
I think he could bet anywhere from 5 ft 7.75 or 5 ft 8.5
OneNamePlease said on 30/May/15
I saw 173 before, but now actually i think 5'8.5
Ryan said on 4/Dec/14
Peak 175
Now 174 cm
jimp said on 30/Nov/14
He was 5'9 when he was younger . A mugshot after the st louis
riots listed his height as 5'10 . Take away the shoes and he is
bass said on 20/Sep/14
I met both Axl, Izzy and Dizzy Read in 2006 when they came to the UK. Axl was the smallest about 5ft8.5, Izzy looked about 5ft10 maybe 5ft11 (same height as me) and Dizzy was definitely a solid 6ft.
Bruce said on 20/Sep/14
Back in their prime during the late 80s to mid 90s Kurt is roughly an inch taller than Axl despite the fact Kurt had scoliosis. Slash was a good inch or 2 taller than Axl and Izzy looked a good 2 and half inches taller than Axl. Their heights now could be different as they might have shrunk due to age.
Danimal said on 17/Sep/14
casper says on 16/Sep/14
Axl Rose 5'8
Slash 5'10/11
Duff Mckagen 6'3
Izzy Stradlin 5'11
Matt Sorum 5'11
Steven Adler 5'7
Gilby Clarke 5'9
Dizzy Read 6'0
Kurt Cobain 5'9/10
James Hetfield 6'1
Lars Ulrich 5'6
Dave Mustaine 6'0
Bret Muchaels 5'9/10
Vince Neil 5'8/9

Dave Mustaine isn't 6'0". He's max 5'10" today. He's had neck surgery and has very poor posture. May have stood 5'11" in his younger days.

Slash is not 5'10"-5'11". Closer to 5'9".

Duff is closer to 6'1"

Cobain wasn't 5'10". Closer to 5'8".
Danimal said on 17/Sep/14
Steve says on 8/Apr/14
Peak: 5ft9
Now: 5ft8

52 year old men don't lose 1" in height.
casper said on 16/Sep/14
Axl Rose 5'8
Slash 5'10/11
Duff Mckagen 6'3
Izzy Stradlin 5'11
Matt Sorum 5'11
Steven Adler 5'7
Gilby Clarke 5'9
Dizzy Read 6'0
Kurt Cobain 5'9/10
James Hetfield 6'1
Lars Ulrich 5'6
Dave Mustaine 6'0
Bret Muchaels 5'9/10
Vince Neil 5'8/9
Gus said on 9/Sep/14
He is on the shorter side. I guess 5,7.
Chilean said on 18/Aug/14
rob do you have an estimate of gilby clarke's height , i think he was the shortest member of guns roses ,greetings from chile
evi said on 27/May/14
now dress shoes can add about 1.25 to 1.5 inches, but 2 inches is rare in mens' shoes
evi said on 27/May/14
dadang, the average male shoe only adds about half an inch in height on average, so without shoes he is 5'8.5
Steve said on 8/Apr/14
Peak: 5ft9
Now: 5ft8
k said on 11/Jan/14
5'8 is fair for him
dadang said on 4/Jan/14
he's 5'7'' without shoes with shoes 5'9''
Z said on 2/Jan/14
He is definitely 5ft8 at very most.It should be changed to 5ft8 (173 cm)
ya said on 3/Oct/13
I say between 5'8.5 and 5'9.
lol said on 5/Jun/13
He's a bit taller than Steven Adler ( 5ft7 )
He's shorter than Slash ( 5ft9 at the very most )
5ft8 is really fair for him .
Teeb2 said on 7/Feb/13
5 9 OR 5 8 and 3/4 IN. If you notice, he wears cowboy boots a lot wich give you a great heal to your height
Godred said on 15/Dec/11
@Peruna - standard 2 inch girl overgrade.
the dude said on 16/Jul/11
Had back stage passes to a concert about 10 years ago in Tampa. I had just walked into the "common area" when Axl popped out of some room with a phone to his ear. He was in a serious convo with whoever was on the other end. Something to do with being paid for something. I was absolutly ****ting a brick when I saw him. He was completely oblivious to my presence. As soon as he got off the phone, I walked up to him just to say "hi". He totally looked at me like I raped his mom. It was ackward. I said something like: "sorry to bother you, but I think you're awesome" and he just grinned and walked back into his room. Anyway, I'm about 5'8.5" without shoes and he was probably as tall if not a little shorter. At the very least, he was looking me in the eye when I spoke to him. He's average height. Below average personality. Kind of a duesch..
Brad said on 5/Jun/11
As listed. In Docs he looks taller. Ate a young 5' 6" G by almost 3", Porty-Maiden Booty cancel out to the Docs.
Martyr said on 17/Mar/11
5'9 easily, but has bad posture though...
glamrockcowgirl said on 12/Feb/11
men r like that my father is only 5'8 but he also claims 2 be 5'9
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
He is 5'9, if not taller. The ludicrous 5'6-5'7 claims probably come from insecure people who are obviously not comfortable with their height.
Spence said on 15/Jan/11
No way hes over 5'9
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
He seems shorter, but he's 174-175cm alright!!
Peruna said on 1/Jan/11
How tall is Stephanie Seymour isnt she like 5ft10?? Just asking as I saw a picture of her an Axl together in the old days and they are the same height, and she has 2 inch heel boots on in the picture, he is in DMs, so he must have been around 5ft 11 minimum at one point. Is there a page for Seymour, can we have one, as she maybe exaggerating her height LOL
jf said on 14/Jun/09
5'8.5" sounds perfect for him these days. His peak may have been 5'9". He's got the stage presence of a legit 6-footer though.

He's a lot cooler than most 174centimeterites.
zedrein said on 8/May/09
Yeah, Robbie. If you go check out government stats on average height for males in the Unites States, average tends to be just a little bit over 5' 10. So Axl is just a little bit under the national average, I wouldn't call him "short"
Doug said on 3/May/09
Robbie thats because a lot of people who comment on this site see the world as if 6'5" is the norm. They comment from the view that they are all 6'5" and even 5'11-6'0 is "short". Claiming Axel Rose who in my view is indeed around 5'9" as "very short" just goes to show the warped view people have of the world. He is an average height guy. If he was 5'4" then we call him "very short" or "dwarf".
Source said on 2/May/09
Looks like a solid 5'9.
John Riley said on 26/Mar/09
I've seen Axl (aka William Bailey) on two seperate occasions. The second time he seemed shorter.
Robbie said on 21/Mar/09
It's strange, a lot of people who claim they saw him in la back in 2001 said "he was very short, about 5'8.75-5'9" I don't quite understand why people would say 5'9 is very short but maybe they expected him to be 6'2 or somthing.

Anyway the man is a genious, even if he doesn't hit all the standards (height included) but thats what hes all about right? Not living up to anyones opinion of him.
glenn said on 18/Feb/09
sorry i missed your post probably disappeared.but if your still around,i almost knew stephanie,i saw her so much.she is 5-9.i notice on this page i miss posts alot.rob needs to update this page more on the latest comments.
Brad said on 18/Feb/09
Wether or weather or weither (Honeybee Dog Chapman)I guess you are write.
Doug said on 16/Feb/09
It doesnt really matter how tall Axl is. He is who he is. Hes still the same kick ass person wether hes 4 foot tall or 7 foot tall.
amanda hayes said on 9/Feb/09
if he says his height is 5'9 then thats what it is, hes smart enough to know his own height.
Zach said on 6/Jan/09
Guns n roses are my savour with out them i would not be her
God bless GNR
Daisy Muller said on 28/Dec/08
Hi Glenn, how are u?Happy new year!
Did u meet Stephanie Seymour?How she was him/how he was with her?

Thank u!
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
maybe he is 5-9.but around her he wore boots alot.i saw him 5-10ish boots.usually in boots he is 5-9.he slouches in his boots.
El said on 3/Dec/08
He must be 5"9 at least since in a lot of pictures he looks taller or at least the same height as Stephanie Seymour and she was like 5"10, right?
glenn said on 2/Dec/08
people are jealous of me so they attack me or doubt streets pavement are the worse for height!
RisingForce said on 1/Dec/08
Yeah, I just recently experienced the same thing with pavement again in NYC in pictures. I saw Ripper Owens at 5-10 in person and in my pictures he looked 5-11 or 6-0. Which is because pavement can be inconsistent.

By the way I'd like to point out that in early 2006 Glenn said he had heard Chinese Democracy would be a 3-part album and people doubted him but in 2007 Sebastian Bach said the same thing in an interview.
glenn said on 29/Nov/08
yes,i remember.not sure why its not up here though.
Shawn Jones said on 28/Nov/08
Glenn, I agree. I now wish I hadn't heard so many of the demos. Still a killer album. By the way, you should put back up that pic of Axl where you both look the exact same height. I remember way back in '06 it used to be on here, it was a recent pic of him, he had cornrows and was wearing a red shirt. You two looked pretty much identical in height, so I'm guessing he was wearing regular running shoes. You remember the one I'm talking about?
glenn said on 25/Nov/08
outstanding point risingforce.axl is on a slight hill on far right.and brent never met me or axl.or any celeb for that matter to judge.
glenn said on 25/Nov/08
axl has boots on from the middle to the right.far left,thick leanin in a bit.he is 5-8 to 5-9.hard to say.more on the 5-7.5 to 5-8. 5-8 when i wake.he wakes 5-8.5 to 5-9 possibly.yes,shawn jones.i have the cd.great as expected.but i think i liked illusions better.havin the demos forced down yor throat for the last 5 years kills it a bit too.
RisingForce said on 24/Nov/08
brent muscat says on 22/Nov/08
I agree with Tom on this one, u do look 5'7 Glenn!

Who cares? Have you ever taken a picture outside in NYC? Pavement can throw things way off. Not to mention the fact that you have no idea what kind of shoes Axl has.
MikeInHollywood said on 24/Nov/08
Hey guys, as you can tell from my name, I live in Los Angeles, CA. From 1992-1993 I worked at Tower Video on Sunset Blvd (The same one that Slash and Axl actually worked at in the 80's). Many celebrities came in to rent or buy videos there. One day in early '93, I was eye to eye with Axl who was nothing but sweet and gentlemanly. I'm 5'8" but he was shorter than me, which was weird when I thought about it, but then I realized he has really bad posture and slouches a good two inches at least. Watch video of him and you'll see what I mean...almost like a hunchback sometimes. So I believe he is 5'9" when he stands up straight. It's a cherished memory to have met him, answered his questions about laserdiscs and shaking his hand after getting an autograph. He really is a good guy.
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
I strongly disagree brent, it is clear that glenn is 5'8 , you need to open your eyes and take a better look , if axl is 5'9 according to glenn -then it's obvious that glenn is at least one inch shorter then axl, making glenn 5'8.
brent muscat said on 22/Nov/08
I agree with Tom on this one, u do look 5'7 Glenn!
Shawn Jones said on 21/Nov/08
Hey Glenn, I take it you've heard by now, Chinese Democracy is being released in two days?
glenn said on 21/Oct/08
troy-im glad i can be of some service to fans,and i wish i can do more.i only know of axl situations here in new york city.i dont know him or his circle well at all.well enough to find me in the right places though.if there was a way i can have his assistant help you,i would.ill keep this page posted if i do see his people again.thanks for the support.
Troy said on 20/Oct/08
hey glen , i really appreciate the fact you take the time to answer all these questions, ive heard storys of fans managing to get into after partys with the band whilst they are on tour and meet the band and even meet Axl when he shows up etc . ..any info on what the ebst way to even get into these types of situations/partys are??? ..because im hoping on the enxt UK tour ill be lucky enough to be in this situation.
Richard said on 18/Oct/08
Check out this video clip. In two instances, people who saw mention how short he is.

Click Here

Also, this picture of Axl and Slash back-to-back is very telling. Even though you can't see footwear, let's assume they're in similar footwear. Axl is standing straight up, and Slash is leaning back a bit. You can clearly see Slash's shoulder's are higher and if he were to straighten up, he'd have a good 1-1.5 inches on Axl.

Click Here

There's no way he's taller than 5'8.
Mickey said on 18/Oct/08
Daii, Axl can be seen wearing ABSOLUTELY massive boots on stage, ill try find a pic of them. Huge they are. He can look close to Slash's height in what looks to be lifts.
jam said on 16/Oct/08
its really funny most bands have a tall bassist but a short leader
Daii said on 15/Aug/08
Ive watched many videos of guns n roses, Slash seems taller by an inch or 2, Axl is probably near 5'9 somewhere, probably not over

174 sounds right
Curious said on 30/Jun/08
I just read his unauthorized biography, W.A.R., which people who knew him throughout the book say he was a little guy. Must be wearing boots in these pictures with Glen. Just under 5'9" sounds about right.
Steph said on 28/Apr/08
Is there any way that you can give me a fan mail address for Axl? I can't seem to find one. And, Axl does look about 5'9"--nice pix
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/08
no i mean other ,if he 5 9 he looks atleast 2 inches taller than u in 3rd pic
glenn said on 22/Apr/08
he wouldnt be wearing boots doesnt matter what i look like.its a can be decieving.
tom said on 22/Apr/08
Glenn you look 5'7 in third pic
Joel said on 21/Apr/08
Hey Glenn, belive it or not, recent reports say that Axl was spotted in NYC...coming out of a hotel that Slash was supposedly staying. Can you confirm or not that he's in NY?
metalchick said on 12/Mar/08
axl looks really good in the pix above! he turned 45 i think on 2/6/08 right? yeah, he WAS one of my husbands but we got divorced when he got the funky hair... he used to be so fine...(inhale-exhale)
glenn said on 27/Feb/08
thanks annie.the cd should be out at the end of the year.but we have been hearing that for a decade.i believe that is correct on the malibu to rick allen of def leppard.and not too far from mel gibson.i havnt been there.afraid to friends know the exact address.
Annie said on 26/Feb/08
Hi Glenn, I've been a fan of GnR since they hit the scene in the 80's. Any news on the CD or a tour, especially in England? I'm going to Malibu soon, is Axl's house far up LC Road? Keep up the good work.
glenn said on 5/Feb/08
lana-good to know there is new fans out there.axls birthday i think is around yours.a day or 2 off.its in feb at least.feel free to ask for atlanta,im sure he will be there by years end or spring 2009.i hope.happy early birthday!!!
Lana said on 4/Feb/08
hi Glenn! i think its so cooooll that you know Axl. i recently became a GN'R fan, a young one too(i only 12! i'll be 13 on the 8th though). i love to meet him more than anything. think he'll be in atlanta anytime soon? i'd like to talk to you more.
Joel said on 2/Feb/08
Izzy remarked in the past that Axl was known for being 'the short red head' in High School. If you look at old guns pictures you can see he was the shortest in the band next to Adler.
luissilva755 said on 2/Feb/08
I always thought Axel was more like 6f3, I mean judging from his viodeclips like 15 years ago. He was very thin, and maybe the cameras made him look taller, I dont know. But seeing the pictures with Glenn, what a surprise to me
glenn said on 22/Jan/08
no problem benny.hopefully im making it sound worse than it is.but im being realistic.theres still a good chance of it coming out this summer.thanks!
benny said on 21/Jan/08
glenn thanks for the info dude, as much of a bummer as it is. anything that you think us fans can do? i sarcastically said that we should make t-shirts that say 'free chinese democracy' with tibet crossed out and picket at the record company. but thanks for the info and keep up the good work on the site. i hope we all can hear the album soon and axl can see the fruit come from his hard work.
glenn said on 20/Jan/08
thanks gav.exactly.words well spoken on the haters.just jealous.the cds were done last this point it woundnt surprise me it wont come out this year.if he and the record company dont come to a agreement to whatever it is they are debating about,we wont hear anything.these battles could last months or years.thats worse case.its isnt coming out till summer at best in my opinion.cause it takes 2 months to press a cd.4 months to properly market and promote it.i heard nothing of the first single or a release date.which is a bad its 2-4 months after the first official word we hear.i hope he surprises all of us and im wrong.but thats not the case.
Gav said on 19/Jan/08
Hey Glenn, cool site. Just read all the posts on here and there's some great stuff. F*?k the haters! It's amazing you have or have had contact with Ax, you're a lucky man to meet with our musical hero. Do you honestly think we will see the album in 2008?
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
come to nyc when he has a show here if you have that kind of luxery.keep in touch.
Dale said on 15/Jan/08
Cheers man, ill note down your email for future reference.
glenn said on 13/Jan/08
if your in new york and he is at a party or clubbin ill let you know where.
Dale said on 12/Jan/08
ah shame. well i can always be hopeful, plan to go to every date of their next UK tour, which should be a laugh. I know bbf (especially) and the rest of them meet fans, met slash in london recently, had a chat, hes sounded like a nice guy (at least while chatting to me nehoo).

If all fails i plan to go over to NYC and LA in 2/3 years time, ill make an effort to bump into him.
glenn said on 12/Jan/08
axl is very fan friendly.if you bump into shows he keeps to himself usually.or at least not hanging out with fans.not to my knowledge at other words concerts arnt the best spot to meet new york it relaxed over here when he enters or exits a show l.a. where he live or other parts of the world he has police escort sometimes.
Dale said on 11/Jan/08
Woah nice photos Glenn. Ive been a GNR since i was 12 so when they came touring over in london in 06 i probably had the two best nights of my life. Unfortunatly, didnt get to see him offstage, does he normally meet/sign stuff for fans after gigs?
glenn said on 8/Jan/08
thats what i heard in the late summer rick.its true. phil-i havnt heard too much of the cd(cds).only what you guys probably heard.ive bugged axl about it a few times hoping he would have in his car or at a club,and he sometimes does.not when im around with my luck.
Rick said on 7/Jan/08
Don't know if you've heard Glenn. But rumor is that Axl is in a pissing match with the label over marketing funding. It's at a stalemate now and the album is nowhere in sight until one side caves in.
Phil Quinton said on 1/Jan/08
Glenn nice to know such a person with famous friends takes time to answer ....what is you best "leak" from Chinese Democ
glenn said on 25/Dec/07
hard to say.5-8 to 5-9.rob has him safe at 5-8.5.i think he is a hair taller than me at the least.5-9 is pushing it,but possible.
Shawn Jones said on 24/Dec/07
So Glenn, just to clarify, if you're both in barefeet, you still estimate he's 5'8, same as you?
glenn said on 22/Dec/07
yeah,i saw him in those its possible.
Shawn Jones said on 21/Dec/07
Hey Glenn, there was one pic up last year, it was taken in '06, where you and Axl were the same height. I'm guessing he's wearing those snazzy red dress shoes with the heel in this recent pic as he looks 1.5-2 inches taller than you.

Click Here
glenn said on 17/Dec/07
i know one or 2 people outside new york,phili i believe,that met axl in 2000,2001.last time i saw axl was in january 1994 and not until december least 5,6 times in the last 5 years.and as recent as 3 months ago.thanks for being here big blue.
Big Blue said on 16/Dec/07
Hey Glenn, I know that you've chilled with Axl on numerous occasions over the last 20 years. Do you recall how often you saw him during those times when he was mainly hanging low (94-01, 03-05)? Not looking an exact number or anything, just an estimation. Thanks.

Love the site, keep up the good work.
glenn said on 9/Dec/07
joel-no i havnt heard anything other than what you guys heard.and i dont know what his favorites are.sorry. sexy pete-i have seen del stand by me and walk by me many times,but never really hung out with him.maybe once recently.and recently had my pic taken with him.great guy.never spoke to him much. gunner- i dont know who his manager is.i think that has changed.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/07
He looks about 5'9. Axl has let himself go. WHY? WHY do we grow old?
GUNNER said on 23/Nov/07
Nice job, Glenn.

Do you know who's GNR actual manager, and how to contact him?
Joel said on 15/Nov/07
Hey Glenn. Did Axl tell you what his favorite songs off the album are? And by any chance have you heard some music which has not leaked onto the internet?
glenn said on 8/Nov/07
mic,im sorry i cant answer questions like that.he isnt bald.but how complex his hair may be im not sure or at liberty to speak.
mic said on 7/Nov/07
hey glenn do you know why axl has his hair like that? is he really bald?
glenn said on 7/Nov/07
no i dont sorry.if i did i wouldve mentioned it.the soonest it would come out now is the spring logically speaking.if it comes out sooner,that would be a shock,sneak surprise release.the record company needs months to prepare it and we wouldve heard a release date by now.
ric said on 7/Nov/07
do you know something about when the new album will be released in the stores?
glenn said on 6/Nov/07
yes,felipe.and travels with him.
Felipe said on 6/Nov/07
Hi, Glenn.

Beta still lives/works with Axl?
glenn said on 6/Nov/07
ill let him know.seriously.
Maiara said on 5/Nov/07
Axl is the most wonderfull guy in the world, he deserves every good things in the world. I love him and the band. If is not asking too much, the next time you see him, tell him that there's a girl in Brazil who really loves him! And send him a big kiss!! You're lucky guy for met him, I wish I could one day...
glenn said on 4/Nov/07
he left new york almost or exactly a month ago.he was here 6-8 weeks before that.long before the not sure whats going on with the educational guess,being im a music and industry expert,is that they are preparing a promotional campaign.trying to figure out best time to release,first single,track listing and order.and like i said,there was monetary issues involved.or to be settled.and he fired his management team over a year maybe he deciding what label to have it released on and have whole different team behind it.not sure.didnt really talk to him this trip.only his people.he can be moody.nothing new.usually a great guy.
glenn said on 4/Nov/07
bruno-please reread my post below.thanks.
Tina said on 3/Nov/07
Hey Glenn, Was Axl's house okay from the fires in Malibu? Is that why he wasn't friendly this trip because he was worried about his house in California if he was in New York? Is he still in New York? Find Waldo er I mean Axl!
Tina said on 3/Nov/07
Does this mean the record company has it or are they still negotiating and Axl still has it?
Bruno said on 2/Nov/07
why is the record company holding it up, glenn? Please tell us if you know something, we all want to know if it'll come out before the end of the year.
AJ said on 30/Oct/07
If you recall, I talked to you about several months back on the telephone. Remember I am from Chi-town and I was telling you that we were seeing Guns N' Roses on their Chinese Democracy tour. Remember you made a call to informed me of Axl's publicist name. Do you remember? If not, I can give you a call and we can discuss this. I still have your number. Please let me know. Thanks dude.
Denise said on 29/Oct/07
I saw the picture and I thinl if you speak wiht Axl , Is he serius ? and Did He speak abount new album ?
Rich said on 29/Oct/07
What's the best way to meet him in person? Hangout near hotels and clubs, or what?
glenn said on 28/Oct/07
wow tina,so your a fan from the beginning like me.ted-i think the record company is trying to figure out the right time to release it and how to market it and promote it properly.and i think there is some money issues involved.
tim said on 28/Oct/07
do you know anything about whats holding the record up? or if it has since been sorted out?
Tina said on 28/Oct/07
Yes. GNR are my favorite band. Saw the original band back in the 80s and in 06, saw the new incarnation a bunch of times.
glenn said on 28/Oct/07
my pleasure tina.your a long time axl fan?
Tina said on 28/Oct/07
Thanks Glenn.
glenn said on 28/Oct/07
he left 2 or 3 weeks before that.the album or albums were done awhile ago.mixing and mastering too.i was given the green light to air this info awhile ago too.i was initially afraid to invade his privacy or should i say recording privacy.the record company is holding it up this time and axl isnt to blame is what im told.he was here to record a song with steven tyler which im not clear on what it was for.and maybe a touch up with the bach song.the rest of the time was spent leisurely as he loves nyc. in his words "i live here now".of course one of a couple or few homes.
Tina said on 27/Oct/07
Hi Glenn,
What 2 months were those and why was he in NY?
glenn said on 24/Oct/07
axl was here for 2 months just recently and not very friendly this trip.if you wouldve reminded me sooner,maybe i wouldve found something for you.i cant remember what people offence.i know his people by face.not phone or email.i have 8 photos with axl and none were taken backstage.though i have been backstage,the photos were taken in his hotel rooms,outside hotels,in and outside clubs and parties.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/07
Any advice on how to get backstage? How did you manage it so many times? (Lucky!)
AJ said on 23/Oct/07

Do you have any contact information for Axl's publicist? You informed me before and I searched online, however I could never location any contact information. I want to contact B. for a possible interview with Axl for our show. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mini Rose said on 9/Aug/07
I think he's 5ft8.5ish, not too sure.. but you're right, no one's as small as AC/DC!
glenn said on 8/Aug/07
thanks could be right.but id say he is 5-8.5 tops.
Dirty Den said on 7/Aug/07
Axl is always wearing high Shoes everywhere even in music videos. He is really insecure about his height
julia said on 6/Aug/07
hi glenn! axl is 5ft9, which in fact is 176.5cm near 177cm, I'm telling you this 'cause I just converted it on the calculator, and I saw a mugshot of him circa 1997 and it said 5ft10, but surely he is 5.9ft. You should change it, respond please. Great site btw. You can see the heights of all the rockrstars, but nobody is shorter than AC/DC. Having said all that, I love them all.
Viper said on 14/Jul/07
"Hope it comes out this fall but I'm guessing it's more likely to be next spring."

People have been saying this exact same phrase for the past 10 years it seems like. Im starting to think it will never come out.
Mike said on 14/Jul/07
Idk, i hope it comes this year, but im doubtfull. although the guitarist did say in an email after these dates they will focus fully on getting the album out. but to me im afraid well get like 2002-06. 4 years of silence. although, this time the band announced thhey were mixing/recording was done. so hopefully we do get a firm release date soon. keep us updated if you hear anything after the tour ends!
glenn said on 14/Jul/07
axl resides here.not his main place of residence.he calls new york his new home.he loves it agreeing that spring is now looking more likely.unless a single comes out by september,we are not seeing this cd this year.
RP said on 14/Jul/07
You said Axl lives in New York? I never knew that. Last I heard from an insider at is that after the tour ends in Japan they are supposed to be focusing on the album. Hope it comes out this fall but I'm guessing it's more likely to be next spring.
glenn said on 13/Jul/07
mag-you too! jane-bebo?
jane said on 13/Jul/07
sorry glenn this may be a silly question but has axl rose got bebo if yes what is it as i went on bebo and typed in axl rose and there was quite a few but i think they are fake thanks glenn
Mag said on 13/Jul/07
Thanks Glenn. Have a lovely weekend!
glenn said on 13/Jul/07
will do.keep in touch mag.
Mag said on 13/Jul/07
The show was great Glenn. It worth all the effort and the time waiting. He was a really good performer. I was only 1 metre away from the stage. Glenn please let me know if you ever see him. Thanks.
glenn said on 9/Jul/07
not sure.he comes here often enough.i usually dont sure he will be here at some point by the end of the year.he lives here.
rochelle said on 9/Jul/07
thanks glenn, i have heard of axl and his mood swings, but he does look like a great guy. Glenn when will you be seeing him again??
glenn said on 3/Jul/07
yeah those photos are 12 hours apart.soundcheck and afterparty. how was the show mag? whenever he comes back to nyc ill be meeting him im sure.though there were a few times i wasnt interested when he was around.better to not be a pest.sorry it didnt work out for you.
annoymous said on 2/Jul/07
glenn how come you're wearing the same shirt and necklace in the first two pictures....was it the same day or something?
Mag said on 1/Jul/07
Glenn I just went to Guns n Roses concert in Sydney on the 23rd of June. I was only 1.5 metres away from the stage. I got to see him up close. OMG he still look good after all these years. It was ashamed that I could not manage to get a backstage pass. So I missed my chance to talk to him. When r u meeting up with him again Glenn? Ty...
glenn said on 26/Jun/07
axl is one of the handful of celebs i had many coversations with.he is a great listener and loves to fill you in on whats going on.a great guy at times.he has mood swings.alot of us do.
rochelle said on 25/Jun/07
glenn, have you ever had a full coversition with axl? is he nice in person because people say he is rude and ignorant? for some reason i dont think that is true. thanks rochelle
glenn said on 22/Jun/07
thanks stefanie.
Stefanie said on 22/Jun/07
to bad the *real band* split up, they were way better when Slash, duff and izzy were in the band. wonder when the cd comes out in sweden, can't wait !
By the way, I have to say that I love this site Glenn ! It is really funnt to look how tall the singers / actors really are :P
glenn said on 20/Jun/07
thats cool aj.
AJ said on 17/Jun/07
I hear you. Thanks again for the information about Axl. I did not call you back about the other request because I found out who to contact.
AJ said on 13/Jun/07
Glenn, awesome photos with Axl. So, the album is coming out in September 2007?
Mike said on 5/Jun/07
oh, thats too bad :( I guess that means no cd in fall now?? id rather wait until next spring if the tour is delaying the album!!

can I talk to you on email glenn? whats your address?
glenn said on 5/Jun/07
i think touring the u.s. in fall was the original plan.not sure now.other acts are pushing back to next spring.maybe he will.he needs a break in my opinion.this tour is delaying the album now.
Mike said on 31/May/07
cool glenn. I really look forward to chinese democracy this fall!! will they tour the U.S. again this year?

its kinda amazing how short alot of these rock singers are. No one is shorter than AC/dc though.
amy said on 27/May/07
glenn, is it true that axl may have died 11 years ago in a car crash as I have just seen it on the website that i went on and they said that he may have died 11 years ago. I am shocked it's either that people who says it in the first place are sick and don't know how much they have made gnr fans angry and anyway this is what it says on the website: French rock-critic says in a book to be published within few weeks that Axl died 8 years ago (1996) as a consequence of a car crash ! Geffen Records (Universal) decided to keep the secret and hired a man who looked like Axl (some surgery was needed). His voice, as a matter of fact, doesn't sound as the original Axl.
Slash refused to stay in the band. Duff and Matt left it later...

I don't think it's true, but IF it was, it would be the greatest Rock 'N' Roll swindle in the history !!!
Not just a newgnr, but a new Axl Rose in front of us !

More amazing than Saddam's tricks or Da Vinci Code...

And a sentence like "You think you know, but you have no idea" would make sense.
I know that them pics that you have got above looks like axl (the last one I mean but they have just spinned me right out. Thanx I'm sorry to bother you I am only 15 and confused with weird rumours these days p.s. I like the first two pics of axl and you amazing it's about 16 years old was both taken on first day if it was wow what a difference
Mag said on 27/May/07
Glenn...You look good in all the photos there.

Not sure if you could help me here.

Do you know how I could get a backstage pass for their concert in sydney?

Thanks so much
Rose said on 15/May/07
hi glenn you know when i told you about axl apparently had survived a drug overdose guess what it was apparently slash who survived the drug overdose now that's confusing me really badly as i just went under the song "Coma" and now they changed it to slash now i was wondering is it true? Or have they got it wrong? If it's true why did slash do it? If it helps I give you the website address if it's confusing you as well just say and i tell you what to do ok thanks
Mike said on 11/May/07
Well, I hope this is it. What do you think Glenn? is this really it? keep us updated if you hear its been turned in! and to Viper, It will be a good album, its Just i think axl is a perfectionist
Dash said on 11/May/07
Makes sense....
glenn said on 11/May/07
original release date was 1999.
Viper said on 10/May/07
At this point Im not sure If it will ever come out. I mean, how many times has it been pushed back now? Countless. Either this GNR album is going to suck or its going to be an absolute rock classic. Its been in the making since 1994!!
glenn said on 10/May/07
its the talk amongst the cirlcle of people here amongst the nyc insiders.the release date that sure this is it.obviously.its being mixed.since february.july the masters will be delivered.or else no sept takes 2 months from master tapes to cd in stores.3 months to properly promote it.markus-alot of singers back in the day were leos.bruce dickenson(5-6),ian gillan(6-1),joe elliot(6-1),joey tempest(5-10?),robert plant(6-1) etc.
Markus said on 9/May/07
Funny thing about singers:

Anthony Kiedis: 174 cm (RHCP)
Axl Rose: 174 cm (G'n R)
Mike Patton: 175 cm (FNM)

Coincidence :P
Bruno said on 7/May/07
did he give you the release date or just a guess?
glenn said on 2/May/07
first week of september is the newest date.pushed from march 6th.
RP said on 2/May/07
I know you've probably got this question about a million times but do you have any idea when the albums coming out? I know they're going on tour in Australia and New Zealand soon and I don't think they'll release it until they get back to the U.S. but I could be wrong.
Ana said on 25/Apr/07
Yo Glenn, how the hell did you get to meet all these people? Where do find 'em all at seriously!!!
glenn said on 2/Apr/07
franco,you cant tell these pics are over a 16 year period.did you forget axls changes? i have a few more pics with him.
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
it was friend was there too.thats what the song was based off of axl told my friend.
Rose said on 30/Mar/07
o.k. thanks why did izzy do it for?
glenn said on 30/Mar/07
it was izzy that had the overdose.
glenn said on 29/Mar/07
remind me.ill ask someone.thanks.
Rose said on 28/Mar/07
glenn, could you please tell me what year and why axl had survived a drug overdose as I found info on internet that on the song "Coma" it was either a message to steven adler or a drug overdose that he survived as it goes on that the doctors that you can hear speaking in the song was the actual doctors that saved his life. thanks
Kevin said on 15/Mar/07
hey glenn just wondering, when was this ? the last pic looks recently..
Yvette said on 1/Mar/07
To Glenn: Thank you Glenn. I did emailed you. Thaaaaaaaanx
Yvette said on 26/Feb/07
Hi everyone,

great website and even better comment. Glenn, I am sooo jealous!!! I love G 'n' Roses since my teenage years (now I'm 28)! My dream came true on 30.7.'06 in London where I've seen them for a first time (hope not the last one). Of course I love to meet Axl backstage as many others. How big is my chance to make my dream come true ;-))))? Probably not very big ;-(((Do you have an idea whether they comming this or next year to Europe?Thanx ;-X
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/07
That seems about right. and by the way he looks practically the same except the extensions. Where is all this talk about plastic surgery coming from?
Alma said on 16/Jan/07
I have seen him from close (standing right next to me) and he was my height (1,71).
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
I was just a concert goer.they wernt famous then.I couldve had a group photo with!
gn'r said on 12/Jan/07
Glenn you lucky dude :) Were you just part of the scene, or was it work related? I mean not just anyone gets to hang out with Gn'R back in the day!
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
I saw Guns at possibly their first time here.1987.hung out with them too.if I only knew.
gn'r said on 10/Jan/07
True, but the new band will never reach the heights of the late 80s Guns N' Roses. They were awesome back then. I'm 26, was too young and never got to see them live in their peak. A lot of kids these days and people in early 20s don't know who Guns are. Crazy. That's what happens when you're away for too long.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Yes,cause the Greatest Hits cd went triple platinum in 2 years.theres still interest.itll go platinum out of curiosity alone.
J. said on 8/Jan/07
Glenn, do you think a new Guns and Roses album would succeed in today's dwindling music landscape?
Glenn said on 8/Jan/07
Probably not ;-)
gn'r said on 7/Jan/07
Looks like no one knows for sure. I suppose he wouldn't appreciate that question too much, would he? :)
Glenn said on 7/Jan/07
Thats what I heard.
gn'r said on 6/Jan/07
Glenn, Axl looks rather weird these days. Do you think he really had plastic surgery, or it's just an age thing?
Glenn said on 6/Jan/07
Yes,he has braids for maybe 4 years.
Derek said on 5/Jan/07
That's true. He always looks taller than he really is. Does he have braids in the most recent picture?
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
He hasnt really been speaking to I keep silent.when I try to start a conversation,he doesnt say least he isnt yelling at me! hard guy to figure out.he is more friendlier now with friends of mine he originally comes out March 6.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
You gotta understand pavement levels and he has heels for 2 pics.this most recent being 2 months ago.the far left was his classic thick soled hight top sneakers.he might be 5-9.but he looks 5-8 to me.

Editor Rob
anything new on the axl gossip front?
Derek said on 4/Jan/07
Axl looks at least 5'9".

Editor Rob
this other picture is recent aswell?
depp said on 6/Dec/06
if glenn is really 5'8 axle looks to be just under 5'10
Anthony said on 4/Dec/06
My friend met Axl backstage after a show. She said he was about 5'9. She also said Axl was quite nice (she said they had a conversation about hamburgers) until someone brought him fake White Castle, which ticked him off.
AJ said on 4/Nov/06
Is still says you do not have a yahoo account? Should I try and email you from a yahoo address? Please let me know. Thanks dude.
Glenn said on 3/Nov/06
It should be working now AJ.if not Ill give you my #.try it again.thanks.
AJ said on 2/Nov/06
Glenn, I tried to email you but it said that your email address is not available. Email me at I will email you back. Thanks dude.
SM said on 25/Oct/06
I saw Axl twice this year. At download Festival and then in Sheffield and he was aaammmmzzzzinng :D Im just jealous of all you guys that have met him!
AJ said on 19/Oct/06
Glenn, if you could, please try and remember. Thanks dude.
Glenn said on 16/Oct/06
I speak to them on occasion but forgot the names.why? maybe I can help you.
AJ said on 15/Oct/06
Does anyone know who GNR's publicist or Axl Rose's publicist is?
brazilian guy said on 5/Oct/06
like i said in a topic axl looks about my height(170), iΒ΄ve been in a gnr concert, heΒ΄s 171-172, maybe 5'8" as glenn said, or 172.5 cms is ok for him, i guess this case is closed. 172.5
Mr. E said on 23/Sep/06
All evidence for Axl is correct, saw him in concert in 1992, he had Converse basketball shoes on, he was 5'8" no more no less......a lot of pics he wears boots.....judging from how he wrecked himself with plastic surgery....he might resort to lifts now.....still he's 5'8"

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