How tall is Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American singer-songwriter, known for being lead singer of Poison.

How tall is Bret Michaels
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Average Guess (8 Votes)
5ft 8.66in (174.4cm)
Jtm said on 20/Apr/23
Daniel Lee said on 16/Apr/23
People think he is below 5'9

Daniel Lee said on 16/Apr/23
People think he is below 5'9
Brettt said on 7/Sep/19
He’s shorter than the other two band members but taller than CC the guitarist who is 5’ 6”. He was definitely at least 5’ 8” or most likely 5’ 9” in his prime. A lot of these rockers are on the shorter side and I really don’t think Bret is an exception. He usually wears cowboy boots which probably give him that 5’ 10” impression. Next to 5’ 7” Tom Cruise who was in relatively flat shoes, Bret looked only slightly taller and he had cowboy boots on.
DanTheGuy said on 21/Jul/18
He appeared taller in the 80's because most of the Hair Metal singers were average or slightly under. Vince Neil was around 5'8ish, Mike Tramp was about 5'9ish, Sammy Hagar was around 5'7, Kip winger was barely 5'7 if that, Jon Bon Jovi was just under 5'9, Axl Rose was like 5'8ish, Steven Tyler was 5'9 and so on. Most of these guys of course claimed 2-3 inches higher (except Jon Bon Jovi) because of teased hair and boots. I'd put Bret somewhere in the middle of these guys at 5'9 or close to 176 in the morning during his prime and 174ish after a concert. In his mid 50's and a couple of accidents later, id say 174 is probably most likely his height throughout most of the day and maybe as low as 173 at night.
ray said on 26/Mar/15
I met bret michaels years ago before he became famous,for im exactly 5 9 and he stood at least 5 7
mcKye7 said on 9/Jun/13
5'9" perfect!
theenforcer said on 4/Feb/13
Looks same height as 5'9" Summer Sanders on US Apprentice.
Brad said on 7/Jul/09
Read the November 10th Glenn. He said he'll "wax your ass" to a person who said he was 5' 7". Guess he needs a big tub of it. Michaels owned his 5' 6.5" height large. Michaels Boot to Portman cancel.
Brad said on 17/May/09
Boots,wig. Is there any shot of him without both?
Bouncer said on 8/Jan/09
Every site i know lists him at 5'9.
He looks 5'9.
I'm sure he is 5'9.
With boots of course could look 5'9.5 or 5'9.75, but barefoot he's a legit 5'9.
me said on 22/Nov/08
he looks 5'9 there, and if he has his boots on, then im not sure if he is a legit 5'9
cacey said on 17/Oct/08
Bret Michaels is the BEST!!!
Guido G. said on 22/May/08
Glenn, are you sure that he's taller than 5'9 without his boots??
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/08
"girls on Rock of Lover are 4-5 inches taller than him" ? Besides spelling Love wrong what girls have you seen 4-5 inches taller? Do you take their high heels into account at all...?
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
oh,thanks jim.and thanks for being here.
glenn said on 2/Apr/08
keep in mind he had boots on.but his true height is close to 5-10 least in the morning he is 5-9.5,5-9.75.
jim said on 1/Apr/08
Glenn... I think you are the man by the way! but Brett looks a good 2 inches taller than you in that pic, no?
Kevin said on 10/Mar/08
girls in Rock of Lover are 4-5 inches taller than him, then how tall are these girls 6'2 ? no way
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
yeah,but he was that or at least 5-9.5 20 years ago.i saw a barefoot pic of him next to the other members who were in boots and he looked 5-10.
tallulah said on 17/Feb/08
Bret just said on 'Rock of Love' that he was 5'10. Yeah, right! There is no way he is taller than 5'9!
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/08
He said he was 5-10 on todays episode of Rock of Love 2.
glenn said on 20/Jan/08
kevin dubrow was 6-4.and bret michaels was just in new york.
Ann-Margaret said on 19/Jan/08
Hi Bret I love your songs and iam going to be in Floida in Febuary 15 if you are still there. I love your Rock of Love Showes but you need to pick better girls, like NY State where iam. Can I meet you and talk to you about the show.
nate said on 2/Jan/08
speaking of metal singers, i read somewhere that Kevin Dubrow from quiet riot (R.I.P.) was 6'5. could that be true, Glenn?
Evanna said on 7/Dec/07
And "Anonymous" you are totally wrong about spelling Bret with double T :P
Leave Glenn alone!
glenn said on 29/Nov/07
im an evanna fan :-).rob is great.i make mistakes all the time.i know frank2 was legit with his stories,but needed to change his glasses,and brad had great,what seemed to be true stories too,but rem in 1983 at a stadium? maybe opening for u2 or the police? actually to big for u2 as well that year.yeah,i deal wit alot of crap and but love you guys and dolls too much to the subject of bret,i saw an amazing photo yesterday where he was in his barefeet,the rest of the band in sneakers mainly,maybe one guy had a slight boot heel,and bret looked a shockingly legit he is honest when he said 5-9.5
Evanna said on 27/Nov/07
No problem Glenn! I was thinking about changing my name to Glenn Fan ;)
Seriously, I hate it when people here harass you or anyone else. It's OK if someone gets carried away a bit now and then; but it's not OK when someone deliberately bullies others. Anyway I hope I'm speaking on behalf of a majority of normal people here: we all enjoy your contributions tremendously and would be very sad if you left.
And yes, I've been here long enough to remember Brad and Frank2 (and I have a very long memory!) Brad was the Colorado guy who supposedly met a lot of celebs, but gave himself away when he said that he had seen REM play a stadium in 1983; and Frank2 claimed to be a retired industry professional, but also had a couple of goofs of that kind, and also all his estimations were off. Suckers :p
And yes, Rob does tend to leave some people here for too long (we had some "Anna" freak on Harry Potter pages harassing us for ages), but he ain't mean: he just wants to keep the discussions heated... unfortunately sometimes they boil!
Cheers xx
glenn said on 25/Nov/07
read my explosive temper on the willis page evanna.seems rob might be humoring brad or frank2.most likely brad which is wrong of not sure if you were around last year,but these guys,mainly brad and vaj would harrass me for over a year,and brad even leaked out personal info on me,yet rob took like 15-18 months to finally rid of these guys,after much fighting and me complaining.if it was another site they mightve got the boot the same day.i almost left a few times.glad you spoke up evanna,thank you.
Evanna said on 24/Nov/07
So Rob who is this Mamun Fan wacko? "Out" him please!

Editor Rob
what other wacko's would comment on cruise/stallone/willis?

there hasn't been that many over the last year!
Mamun Fan said on 23/Nov/07
CC isc 5' 6". Bret is 5' 8". Saw him swimming at The Palms hotel.
glenn said on 13/Nov/07
maybe cc was 5-7 all along.could swear he 5-6.that 5-10 was i believe rare and in huge heeled boots.usually he looks 5-8 in boots.
Evanna said on 13/Nov/07
Glenn has also mentioned that CC is 5'6" (5'10" in crazy boots!), and Bret has always looked 3-4 inches taller than him. He can't be under 5'9".
Anthony said on 12/Nov/07
Thanks, Glenn. I doubt he's as low as 5'7. At worst he's 5'8.75, and that's even unlikely. I buy 5'9-5'9.5 with ease.
glenn said on 12/Nov/07
correct anthony.
Anthony said on 12/Nov/07
Yes, I can see his eyes being on your forehead if he straightened up, which generally means about 3 inches.
Anthony said on 12/Nov/07
Am I the only one who can see Brett hitting 5'11 if he stood up? If he has cowboy boots, which add a few inches, than he could be 5'9 barefoot. I used to think he was tall. Though for him to claim 6'3 is rather rediculous.
Evanna said on 11/Nov/07
Anonymous, that's extremely unfair and essentially untrue. Glenn's admitted being bad at judging women's heights, but it is my impression (and not just mine) that he's trying to be fair to every celebrity he meets, whether he likes them or not. He's never insisted that Angus Young is 5'6", has he?!
As for the photo above, can you tell if Michaels is slouching, or bending, or anything?! Obviously you can't. A photo like that can be deceiving, 'cos it's not a full body shot.
Glenn, please don't get upset, just ignore the git, dumb arses like him are just jealous & envious.
glenn said on 10/Nov/07
and who are you? what have you achieved? ever met a celeb? ive met poison 21 years ago up until,in all kinds of footwear i would know brets height.if he claimed 5-9.5,i believe its for your corny claim of me being 5-7,thats cause that is all you have and its a cheap shot used by only one dimensional losers such as yourself.i wasnt going to reply,but did,and i set you straight,embarresed you,and now your rebuttle.i called you out and always will anonymous.such a loser you cant leave a name.its easy to hide in front of a computer and act like a my face you wouldnt have the guts.maybe your a lawyer or doctor,or whatever your field is, i cant tell you whats right or wrong in your turf.i understand that im not much(better than alot),but now if its music,celebs and few other subjects,ill wax your ass chump.
glenn said on 10/Nov/07
he isnt standing straight and there are various boots and heels.his wasnt significant.and dog had bigger heels plus lifts inside.hows that for braindead.before you mouth off,know your facts.bret isnt smaller than 5-9.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/07
5'7.5-5'8 .....cowboy boots people...same reason why dog the bounty hunter is 5'10 with boots but when he takes them off he openly admitted he was 5'7
glenn said on 7/Nov/07
he claimed 5-9.5 years ago.and he could be.he is no smaller than 5-9.
glenn said on 6/Nov/07
sweetchari said on 5/Nov/07
It's funny because he does look a couple inches taller than Glenn in the pic but the reality is he IS only five guys got this one correct!
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/07
He actually looks 1.5- 2 inches taller than glenn factoring in the lean . 5 9ish seems about right if wearing boots. 510ish if not.
glenn said on 2/Nov/07
people see weird things.
glenn said on 31/Oct/07
bobby is 5-11 to 6-1.not sure which.rockette is the tallest at around 6-1,6-2.
Yung said on 30/Oct/07
He's 5' 9". Wears cowboy boots. He makes Glen look small. He must be in big custom boots. He's bald, hence the bandana.
Teo said on 28/Oct/07
hm, yeah... 5ft9 seems right for him... even though he can appear MUCH taller...
Glenn, do you know how tall bobby dall(the bassplayer) is?
Mike said on 25/Oct/07
CC wears platform shoes, or shoes with higher heels(not sure how to explain it) now.
Evanna said on 24/Oct/07
Yeah, I agree with TJ too, I think that Susanna Hoffs was more 5'1" or even shorter. She was/is a full head shorter than Debbi Peterson, and I've also noticed (by watching bits of their live shows on youtube) that the Peterson sisters were often barefoot on stage, while Hoffs was in heels 24-7.
I apologise for starting this Bangles-related discussion here, Bret Michaels will surely forgive us for corrupting his page!
glenn said on 24/Oct/07
thanks for backing me middlesizedcat.
Middle-sized Cat said on 24/Oct/07
The Bangles certainly knew how to rock. Apparently some of Deep Purple (Mk.2) were fans circa '87. And that's a good testimonial for any rock band!
Evanna said on 23/Oct/07
I get your point, Glenn, you're 100% right. As far as I'm concerned, Poison were never a metal band, they just happened to be advertised as one because that was in at the moment. As for Bangles, they kicked off as great indie Beatles-meet-Byrds wannabes, but the major had them converted into a cheesy pop act. Of course there's nothing wrong with cheesy pop, I just don't like that kind of music.
TJ said on 23/Oct/07
Hoffs tends to wear large heels Glenn. 5'2 seems too much for her. I've seen her up fairly close and I think she would struggle with 5'1.
Leung said on 23/Oct/07
Not a Bangles fan but I loved their song
Mike said on 23/Oct/07
his bandana/wig combo makes it harder to judge his height.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/07
"bangles were a metal band"

LMAO you couldn't be farther from the truth
glenn said on 23/Oct/07
i was never a fan of a movie that showed metal in a negative way,even if in that film it was then reality.i saw that film in the theater.the waynes,beevis,bill and teds of the world have people thinking the worse for metalheads.and i might have similiar opnions though metal is my life too,i dont act or dress the part.thats old hat.go-go were a punk i take it bangles were a metal band? nothing wrong with making money.
Evanna said on 23/Oct/07
Thanks Glenn. Looks like all the Poison dudes are height-enhancing-footwear lovers. I was too young to be a serious Poison or Bangles fan when they were massive, although I remember liking "Your Momma Don't Dance" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" when I was a kid (embarrassing, really). Thanks to youtube I've recently discovered the early Bangles, before they were signed to CBS, and the gals rocked real hard. Too bad they had to sell their souls to a major.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Oct/07
Wow, I always thought he was around 5'11" or thereabouts. Not that I was paying much attention. CC did always seem to be on the shorter side, though.

Glenn - I'm sure you've seen Decline Of A Western Civilization II...? Bret and CC were funny as hell in that film.
ER. said on 23/Oct/07
I don't know if he ever claimed he was 6-3, but I have read it several places on the net, so I just assumed it was correct I guess. I see now how absurd that listing really was, lol.
Leung said on 23/Oct/07
When I was in 4th Grade all my friends loved Poison, at the time 'Open Up and Say Ahhh' really popular.
glenn said on 23/Oct/07
cc is 5-6 or so,but looked a shocking 5-10 a few months back in big hat and maybe he is 5-7.i cant remember the bangles well,but they were tall come to think of it.and yes,hoffs is 5-2.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
i'd say 5'7, because on rock of love he picked a lot of very short girls and also was ALWAYS wearing cowboy boots. so his height without those is 5'7
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
Looks 5'10" but if he has boots and you are wearing regular shoes he could be 5'8.5"
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/07
he's wearing boots and is only 5'9 in this pic he's probably 5'7barefeet. rofl he claimed 6'3? news to me
Kevin Durant said on 22/Oct/07
Definitely a weak 5'10" or to be exact he looks like a legit 5'9.5".
ER. said on 22/Oct/07
I used to believe this guy was the 6-3 he is/was listed as. Lol.
glenn said on 22/Oct/07
claimed 5-9.5.could be.but has boots here and is slouching a bit.

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