How tall is Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

Canadian actress, best known for roles on Baywatch and Barb Wire. On the Jonathan Ross show he asked her "How tall are you?" to which Pam hesitated ๐Ÿค”: "Five, Six and a Half". She went on to say 5ft 7 would be lying ๐Ÿคฅ, and 5ft 6.5 was "very honest" ๐Ÿ˜. Jonathan Ross said no you're not, and got her to stand back to back...Ross said, yeah maybe you are. In 1990 she also listed her weight as being 105 pounds and measurements as 36-22-34.
When I met her at LFCC 2017, I had an inch sneaker, she had a good 3 inch heel that day and looked shorter than myself.

How tall is Pamela Anderson
5ft 8 Big Rob and Pamela

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Average Guess (62 Votes)
5ft 4.81in (164.6cm)
MaryAnne said on 19/Jan/18
Rob, could you add her to female models list? She modeled.
Phil said on 4/Dec/17
Then Jenny McCarthy is also lying about being 5'6 1/2. Check out Pam's appearance on Jenny's sitcom, both wearing similar heels
Genevieve O'Hara said on 1/Nov/17
I met her in a club in Manhattan in 1995. Tommy Lee was with her. She was dressed casual in jeans. Stood right next to me in front of restroom mirror. Gorgeous like a real life doll. Hair teased up for extra height.
I was wearing similar boots to her. I'd say she's 5ft4 or mote like 5ft3.
Intevel said on 13/Oct/17
Rob, even with her 3 inch heel, she still looks 3 inches shorter than you.
Katie said on 7/Oct/17
I live near Hermosa beach. Walked right past her. I am a solid 5"8. She was wearing ugg boots. She is nowhere near 5"8, or 5"7. She is 5"4.
Maybe 5"4 1/2
Nik said on 1/Oct/17
@ Slim

Thanks for that. I can say exactly the same about you!

Slim said on 30/Sep/17
Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ Slim

Yeah, I agree with you! - Thats's ironic as you agreed with me on Theweeknd's page!
That's not ironic at all, you're reasonable and easy to agree with.
Sally said on 27/Sep/17
American talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel has a segment that can be seen on YouTube called "Mean Tweets." Celebrities read insulting tweets that were written about them by anonymous trolls. While they are truly mean tweets, some of them are very clever. When the tweets are read, they seem to become more entertaining than evil. I think it helps the intended victim take back their power.
MJKoP said on 23/Sep/17
I dunno if she's lost anything yet....although she's been lugging around a couple of pretty heavy weights in front for quite some time! XD
sean5 said on 22/Sep/17
I'm very shocked how shorter she is than to what I was expecting! Could've lost a fraction now at 50?
Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ Slim

Yeah, I agree with you! - Thats's ironic as you agreed with me on Theweeknd's page!
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
5'4.75" is probably right on the money, rob is close enough.
Shredder said on 18/Sep/17
" Arch Stanton said on 14/Sep/17
Yes, social media has become a nightmare for many celebs with trolls and bodyshamers. In fairness a lot of them deserve some stick for being so self obsessed, but there's plenty of decent celebs who don't deserve what they get thrown at them. A lot of celebs are insecure and vulnerable to trolls, they want to be loved and when they see the opposite it can be hard to live with I'm sure! "

Couldn't have said it better myself!

" social media has become a nightmare for many celebs with trolls and bodyshamers. "

You just described half of this site ;)!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Sep/17
I check this page this morning and it was OK this time, so probably nothing serious, just one of those things.
Lee168cm said on 16/Sep/17
5'6.5" peak and 5'5" now sounds about right yes
Nik said on 15/Sep/17
@ Arch Stanton

I use an iPad! Doing such long comments in itself is not that hard, it's doing them with no mistakes that is the more tricky thing!

Arch Stanton said on 14/Sep/17
@Nik, what do you use to type? I don't know how you write such massive chunks of text. I use a PC and keyboard, using an ipad/kindle you'd be lucky to get a few words from me!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Sep/17
Yes, social media has become a nightmare for many celebs with trolls and bodyshamers. In fairness a lot of them deserve some stick for being so self obsessed, but there's plenty of decent celebs who don't deserve what they get thrown at them. A lot of celebs are insecure and vulnerable to trolls, they want to be loved and when they see the opposite it can be hard to live with I'm sure!
Arch Stanton said on 14/Sep/17
@Rob, I was looking at celeb heights and this page on my kindle last night and it would only stick on the page about 20 seconds before saying it had to close (which usually happens when there's malware and a risk). I'm sure it's nothing but thought you might want to know.
Editor Rob: It's hard to really for me to think what that specific issue is.

Google Adsense is an external embed which pulls adverts from google servers, and it certainly can slow down sites or maybe with interactive/video ads at times cause crashes.

I'd always say to long-term visitors who are 'ad blind' is to install an ad blocker, like adblock plus.

I use it myself, although I do browse this site from about 6 different browsers on different devices to see any problems with ads especially, as Google let's an awful lot of junk into their system.
Peter175 said on 13/Sep/17
Rob, I thought average female was near 5'7 and for males was 5'10.5? I remember reading about it on the facts sheet when I first found this site.

Did it change so much in recent years with shorter women celebrities?

Also yeah, Pam is a good 5'5", I think she's taller than Lena Heady
Editor Rob: it was never that much, for a while it was closer to 5ft 5.5, but has crept back down with an increase in female additions of all heights.
Bobby said on 13/Sep/17
Love you Rob. When is your birthday?
Editor Rob: it's been and gone, I'm now over 40.
Realist said on 13/Sep/17
She's not even 5'5 try 5'4 not even near his height in heels.
Alex said on 12/Sep/17
I'd say around 5'3 if she was wearing 3 inch heels on the day of the photo.
Nik said on 12/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I have answered your comment on Logan Paul's page and there is plenty more I want to say on this page too in reply to the comment that you sent me the day before yesterday.
Like you said, bullying goes on amongst both children and adults, and can come in the form of face to face bullying or bullying through social media.
Either way it is disgraceful and the people who do this sort of thing really ought to know how hurtful and cowardly they are when they are inflicting so much unnecessary pain on their victims, which badly damage their lives. The bullies need to know about the consequences of their actions AND they need to feel guilty and sorry for what they have done. Like you, I think that broadcasting TV programmes about bullying is a great idea because it means those responsible are shamed in front of a large audience, which is good because this will hopefully best ensure they never do this sort of thing again and that other bullies or potential bullies fear a similar shaming, or are shamed by seeing the programme. Programmes on bullying show there is no place for in our society for anything like this, which should be a message that is spread amongst every single person in society who is guilty or capable of such awful things.
Celebrities can face being bullied by thousands of people and will therefore feel like so many people in the world are against them. Like you said, hats off to Frankie Bridge for her part in the programme and the goodwill she has shown to the celebrities who are affected by these terrible problems.
Some people are exceptionally cruel when they are inflicting such misery on other people, our world should be rid of things like this and the sooner the better.
Johan said on 11/Sep/17
Listing does speak volumes about other actors from Baywatch, Alexandra was 5 inches taller than her but easily 6-7 more than Yasmine Bleeth and Pamela could look only 4 inches under David Charvet.

All the drugs and alcohol took their toll, shadow of her self really.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/17
check Hally Barry before her first nose job!
Sandy Cowell said on 10/Sep/17
@ Nik - You would have been very interested in a programme which was on late last week - Thursday I think. It was the last of a series of three, though the only one I managed to catch, more's the pity. It was all about cyber trolls and the upset and pain they inflict. (I wrote in a fair amount of detail on the page of one of the U-Tubers brothers with Paul as a surname, just like Rob!)
Anyway, it goes to show that Mr Joe Average causes an awful lot of misery to celebrities, just like the newspapers. Mind you, if I came across some of the disgusting things that were being said about their chosen victims, I would immediately think, "What the hell is lacking in this idiot's life that makes him feel it's OK to slag off an individual he has never even met, and suggest that because of the way she looks, she should do something damaging to herself?" That was just one of many examples.

Quite honestly, that is the tamest of reactions. In actual fact, such a person deserves a taste of his own medicine, but what this programme had in store for one of them was to approach him and let him explain his actions! As you can imagine, he wasn't so full of himself then!

This is just another instance of celeb lives and our lives being similarly rough, as we have been aware for ages that trolling goes on among schoolchildren and boneheaded adults. But if you are famous, you're going to feel, "OMG! How many people are now going to scrutinize the size of my thighs now?" or think, "Oh no! Will my fans think that I wear too much make-up now because it was mentioned by my troll that I only wear it to cover up how ugly I am without it? ๐Ÿ˜ข Will I still have fans left?"
Now that makes for some really sad reading. Is it surprising that so often the viscious circle of wayward habits is kicked into action by d*ckheads like that?
I was so pleased that such a series was made and I liked how it brought to the public eye exactly how they have to suffer. Hats off ๐ŸŽฉ to Frankie Bridge for her part in the programme - she was the frontwoman and interviewed the stars, holding their hands, as it were, when the going got tough.
Egos are fragile things, and all the more so when you're in the public glare. So whether you're picked upon for your height, your dress-sense, your race or even how you sound, this sort of thing has to be conquered and I feel that by shaming the perpetrators, as was done in this programme, we are at least part of the way there. ๐Ÿ‘
Intevel said on 10/Sep/17
Rob. The average height for a girl is around 5 ft 4 right? I noticed on this site the average height for female celebs is over 5 ft 6. Is that an accurate assessment?
Editor Rob: average female is sitting on 5ft 5 and 1/4 on celebheights.
Stassy said on 9/Sep/17
I would say more 5'4 I also met her at LFCC and as you say had a good 3" heel probably maybe more when I saw her. I'm 5'5 and just wore trainers and she was only about an inch taller than me when I saw the photo.
Csimpson 6ft said on 9/Sep/17
@Sandy Cowell thanks hope you have a great weekend too
Csimpson 6ft said on 9/Sep/17
@Arch Stanton if her posture really is bad then yes 5ft 5 is a possibilty but from the photo im cant see any more than 5ft 4.5, well even like Nik said 5ft 4.75 is also possible
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/17
@ Connor - Hi! Always great to hear from you!
I'm glad your Mum is doing OK. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, mate! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘
Arch Stanton said on 8/Sep/17
5'5 flat makes more sense, that airport photo really was the one which convinced me, she really looked as low as 5 ft 4 range in it but her posture wasn't great.
Nik said on 8/Sep/17
@ Csimpson 6ft

Thanks for that Connor.
Anon said on 7/Sep/17
Looks 5'5''. And absolutely gorgeous to boot.
Jani said on 7/Sep/17
Don't think that she is quite 165cm so I'll give her 5'4.5" which is roughly 164cm.
5'2 said on 7/Sep/17
5'3" in bare foot
Csimpson 6ft said on 7/Sep/17
@Nik thanks and yeah shes not quite 5ft 5 to me, ive voted her at 5ft 4.5.
anyonmious said on 6/Sep/17
she is certanly under 5'5". I have saw an article of her listed as 5'3"
Nik said on 6/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Well that's the gutter press for you, Journalists from some of our major newspapers and the writers in some magazines are only interested in making as much money as possible, and they will damage or ruin celebrities lives in order to achieve this goal. You couldn't have put what you said any better, these people will pull other people apart over something personal and then pull them apart again if they understandably go off the rails.

@ Mimi

I too like your name! You came up with a good comment to Sandy, you have both discussed the issues we are debating very impressively.
There is a boy with his tongue hanging out, go on to KSI's page and see for yourself!

@ CsImpson 6ft

I hope your Mum is as OK as she can possibly be.
I also think that Pamela could be under 5'5", I voted for 5'4.75" but I think she could be anywhere in the 5'4.5" - 5'4.75" range!

Cheers to you all!
Csimpson 6ft said on 6/Sep/17
5ft 4 range seems more realistic than 5ft 5 boss, either 5ft 4 or 5ft 4.5 would be a good listing, she just doesnt look a proper 5ft 5 to me.
KH said on 6/Sep/17
She might be 5'6. Saw some pictures of the Baywatch cast rectly lined up with no shoes on the beach. Alexandra Paul doesn't look almost 5 inches taller. More like 3 to 4.
Csimpson 6ft said on 6/Sep/17
@Sandy Cowell she seems to be coping very well thanks, how are you?
boss said on 6/Sep/17
Was she listed 5 ft 5 even before that you took this pic Rob?
Editor Rob: Pam held onto a 5ft 6 listing for many years, but really in person seeing her up close, and considering she had 2 extra inches of footwear, I don't think I should be listing her over 5ft 5!
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
Good downgrade, I'd give the weak 5'5" now tbh.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/17
@ Nik and Mimi:

We all know that it's the media who does the lion's share of the damage to these people, and then when they have managed to grind them down sufficiently, they splash it all round their pages when one of them is suspected of having a bit of white powder, for example, on his or her nose! They don't even look for hard evidence - just anything that will sell their lousy papers, which is WRONG and risks causing any possible dalliance to turn into a major problem.

Mimi - (like the name!)
We all have our favourite celebs and ones which get on our nerves! I'm not krazy about the family whose initials you mentioned, and so I avoid them! They take too much space up in my magazines and I don't know why they are famous in the first place, yet if I met them, I'd probably like them! If the girl 'with her tongue out' is who I think it is - well I like her and think it is great that she does that to the press!
Yes, we all have our opinions about our celebrities, but one thing's for sure: they all want to be liked because their success depends on it and, as you so rightly said, they are, like the rest of us, human beings!
Cheers to you both! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

@ Connor - Really great to see you're back! I hope everything is good with you and Mum. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/17
@ Nik and Mimi:

We all know that it's the media who does the lion's share of the damage to these people, and then when they have managed to grind them down sufficiently, they splash it all round their pages when one of them is suspected of having a bit of white powder, for example, on his or her nose! They don't even look for hard evidence - just anything that will sell their lousy papers, which is WRONG and risks causing any possible dalliance to turn into a major problem.

Mimi - (like the name!)
We all have our favourite celebs and ones which get on our nerves! I'm not krazy about the family whose initials you mentioned, and so I avoid them! They take too much space up in my magazines and I don't know why they are famous in the first place, yet if I met them, I'd probably like them! If the girl 'with her tongue out' is who I think it is - well I like her and think it is great that she does that to the press!
Yes, we all have our opinions about our celebrities, but one thing's for sure: they all want to be liked because their success depends on it and, as you so rightly said, they are, like the rest of us, human beings!
Cheers to you both! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

@ Connor - Really great to see you're back! I hope everything is good with you and Mum. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Brad said on 5/Sep/17
5' 5.5" in '17.
Andrea said on 5/Sep/17
To be fair to Pamela, considering she's 50, it's not impossible she has lost a small fraction (like a cm) but it is certainly hard to believe she's ever been as tall as she claims, BAREFOOT, if she looked around 5'5 in person. Although she might really have measured 5'6.5 in shoes, at some point...
Csimpson 6ft said on 5/Sep/17
@Nik she could even be under this from what i can see Nik, if not a flat 5ft 4 then 5ft 4.5 could be quite possible.
Csimpson 6ft said on 5/Sep/17
Rob im not seeing 5ft 5 here because if her heels are really 3 inches then she should be looking 5ft 8 with you if your'e 5ft 9-9 1/8th in the sneakers but she doesnt, i can see what Andrea is saying she does look at least 1.5-2 inches shorter than you, now unless her posture wasnt very good here then maybe i could buy the 5ft 5 listing but from what i can see she looks more like 5ft 4-5ft 4.5 with you.
Shredder said on 5/Sep/17
I felt 5'5 the min at saw his pic , He looks like she'd looked a bit under 5'7 if she had good posture and take away the 3 inch heels , 5'5 is pretty spot on I think
JINNY90 said on 5/Sep/17
A video of liz and Pam . Liz looks a good 3 inches taller than pam.

Click Here
JINNY90 said on 5/Sep/17
Rob here is Pamela Anderson with Elizabeth Hurley who we know is only about 5'7.5" . Liz looks at least 3 inches taller than Pam . Do you think Pam could be only 5'4 or 5'4.5".

Click Here
Mimi said on 5/Sep/17
@Sandy Cowell I very much agree with you. No matter how "beautiful" or "unattractive" a celebrity is to you, we should treat them with respect because they're like all of us humans.
For me I just hold back my respect depending on whether the celebrity deserves it. (e.g. the KKs๐Ÿ˜ท or that girl who sticks her tongue out.)
Nik said on 4/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

That is a really thoughtful and well written comment of yours. Far too much our stars are harshly and unfairly talked about by certain sections of the media and in some magazines, I just cannot understand why this goes on and what people get out of pulling other people apart. The only purpose it serves is causing things like depression and substance abuse amongst our celebrities however in an ideal world this would make celebrities stronger but unfortunately it usually has the opposite effect.
There is nothing wrong with Pamela's appearance, in fact there is everything right about it but in terms of her height I am not sure she is any more than a flat 5'5", not that beauty is height related at all, it isn't!

Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/17
Yes, the only thing I don't like is her eyebrows. If she left them natural she'd look a lot nicer.
Andrea said on 4/Sep/17
Rob, I wouldn't worry that much about the colours but more about the fact that she looks 1.5-2 inches shorter than her listing... As someone said, it looks like her 5'6.5 claim might come from a measurement... IN HEELS! At least based on this picture alone. I of course know who Pamela Anderson is but I never really looked into her height, so I can't say anything about it. If you say she's, all things considered, around 5'5.5 in person, I'll take your word for it...
Editor Rob: my feeling was she seemed around an inch smaller on greeting her up close...5ft 5 may well be a better shout for her ๐Ÿ‘
MJKoP said on 4/Sep/17
Mimi said on 2/Sep/17
Wow she looked like she aged 15 years! She used to look ageless back then. What happened?๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Well, I'd say she definitely aged a good 15 years since the 90s! :P
Sammy Derrick said on 3/Sep/17
She's gorgeous!!!Sure...her eyebrows are overdone and her cheekbones look a bit off,but EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST PERFECT,her eyes,her skin,her hair etc
Here's what I don't get how does a 5'5.5 woman wear 3 INCH heels and look this short next to a 5'8 man???@editor Rob
Maybe it's cause attractive women(REALLY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN)e.g.Meagan Fox,Beyonce and Pamela Anderson are always thought to be several inches taller than they really are...
Nik said on 3/Sep/17
She is probably a little bit smaller than this now.
Morty Smith said on 3/Sep/17
Judging by her heels and standing next to Rob, I'd have to say she's 5'4 max in bare feet.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Sep/17
Without stating any examples, is it surprising so many stars take to the knife when thoughtless and unnecessary things are written about them looking older, and making unfavourable comparisons to how they used to look? Nobody is superhuman and anyway, Pammie looks delightful! I love her dress and it wouldn't look pretty at all if she didn't do it full justice, which she does!
She looks great, and I'm not just talking about 'for her age'! If the stars have too much surgery as well, they get picked on for that!
Is it surprising that some of them think, "Oh, screw this! I am going to get ratted! Then they can pick on me when I wake up looking truly terrible! At least I'll have had a good time into the bargain!"
Hey, folks! Celebrities are as sensitive as the rest of us - probably far more so! Their looks mean everything to them and it's a rotten thing to make them feel bad about themselves; it is cowardly and it sucks! Sadly, it is often a major reason why our celebs do drastic and harmful things to themselves to drown their sorrows or try to turn back the clock. We've all been guilty at some time or other; I know I have. This world might be a nicer place to live in if we think before we judge.

Today, Pammie gets a realistic 5ft5.25.
Ben said on 2/Sep/17
Whoa Rob that shirt has been around for a long time, I've seen you wearing it in really old photos. Can't believe you met Pamela. F*@king. Anderson....
Editor Rob: I've worn similar shirts for years now, I have a few copies of the same one of course, and still a few in packaging from when the $ to ยฃ rate was great ๐Ÿ˜‰
Private176cm said on 2/Sep/17
Accurate . 5'5.5 . Still gorgeous lady BTW.
Hijopotamus said on 2/Sep/17
Rob, good job! What was she like?
Editor Rob: she was, from what I could see, quite pleasant and with the majority of people getting a photo smiling too.
Jtm said on 2/Sep/17
This is still too high even with her posture but she's taller than I thought she was.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/17
Interesting how many of the Baywatch stars have Scandinavian ancestry, Pamela Finnish, Erika Estonian and that guy who played Cody I think I read Finnish somewhere as well.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/17
Wow, that printout is terrible quality, for ยฃ45 that's bad, but you've met Pamela Anderson, one of the hottest women of the 90's!
Editor Rob: true, I won't complain too much, I know a few people who asked to get a refund on the day, but I did see the shots popping up on the laptop beside the printers and they weren't as white as the printouts...
Mimi said on 2/Sep/17
Wow she looked like she aged 15 years! She used to look ageless back then. What happened?๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Johan said on 2/Sep/17
Not really standing straight there though so hard to judge from the pic. She always gave an average impression though, looked very similar to Erika Eleniak and was a little taller than Yasmine Bleeth.

Hard to believe she is 50 yrs old, makes me feel old.
MJKoP said on 1/Sep/17
Wow, definitely NOT 5'7"...even her downgraded listing seems pretty generous. And on a side note, that photo looks even more artificial than Pam herself. :P
Blake said on 1/Sep/17
Rob Paul the waxwork!
GP said on 1/Sep/17
I still stand by my post from 2007 which I posted under different alias as Antonio. She was closer to 5'4". Time for downgrade. I hope you're not going to keep at her current listing Rob. Since she was wearing 3" heels and still looks 2" shorter.
I bet she was always measured with heels so she never really knew her true height.

It's amusing to see Glenn estimate her at 5'10" with heels and around 5'7" without. The guy was really convinced that he was 5'8".

"Rob are you sure you measured me correctly, no way, you're stadiometer must be wrong or maybe you pressed it too hard on my head, I almost lost 2" walking around NYC". ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Andrea said on 1/Sep/17
5'5.5??? She certainly doesn't look over 5'4 with you, considering that with 2 good inches more footwear she still looks barely 5'6...
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/17
Ah, I'm sure Rob enjoyed this one :-) I did say the 5 ft 6 seemed a bit high. Sure a picture of her once in airport csutoms and she looked 5 ft 4!
Editor Rob: the printout version of this photo op is a lot more brighter (looks overexposed) than the actual in-camera version, the one shown on the page.

It seems they never calibrated the printer. You can see Side by side of the one given to people on that day.

For ยฃ45 each, they should have sorted the settings with the printers ๐Ÿ˜
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/17
165 cm barefoot

171 cm in her heels/shoes

Rob :
Are you 5'9 " with your sneakers?
Editor Rob: technically a little over 5ft 9 in exactly 1 inch sneakers, although at events like this, most occasions I see an actor, I will be pretty close to low height.
Slim said on 1/Sep/17
I don't see anything above 5'5".
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 1/Sep/17
From the photo...

Rob 5ยด9"-1"shoe = 5ยด8"
Pamela 5ยด9"-2.5"gap-3"footwear= 5ยด3.5"

Rob really 5ยด5.5" in person? At least sheยดs her claimed 5ยด6.5" in big heels lol
Fisticuffs said on 1/Sep/17
Rob, she looks 2 inches shorter than you here, plus she has 2 inches more footwear. So wouldn't that make her 5'4"?
Editor Rob: she didn't seem that short up close!
Shredder said on 1/Sep/17
this is the very most she could be , lol at the pic , thought it will work enough lol
Intevel said on 31/Aug/17
Rob, if Pamela is 5 ft 5.5 now, would that mean Jenny McCarthy is also 5 ft 5.5?
Editor Rob: yeah you couldn't rule it out as they were quite close.
Blake said on 29/Aug/17
Rob, how would ad revenue effect when you upload the photo of you and Pamela? Would the photo of you two create more interest for this page in a busier month?
Editor Rob: It's another bit of content to be added at some stage.

Sometimes other tasks take precedence and become more immediately pressing. This in turn pushes other stuff down my queue.

Also, bugs get discovered, which means the task of fixing and testing that fix, jumps to the top of the queue.

The site relies on say 20,000 daily visitors to bring a revenue level which makes it worthwhile.

The challenge is trying to maintain that level. When you are running a website as a business, you face a lot of obstacles.
Tackling them is an ongoing and daily endeavour, much of which isn't really seen by the casual visitor.
Shredder said on 22/Aug/17
Seems like Rob forgot to upload his photo lol.
Editor Rob: I looked at it and decided I will try to see if I can alter the colours again, there's not much to work with because the print is so over-exposed...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Aug/17
Didn't realise she wasn't already on here
MJKoP said on 20/Aug/17
I guess 5'6.5" isn't so "very honest" after all! Explains why Gibson towered her.
anyonmious said on 14/Aug/17
i have seen a listing of 5'3" for her
Blake said on 12/Aug/17
Photo coming soon Rob?
Editor Rob:
August is usually the worst month of the year for ad revenue.
Blake said on 5/Aug/17
So your not gonna post here I guess? I read on the showmasters forum last week about the Pamela Anderson photos coming out poorly
Editor Rob: of course I will, even if the colour isn't the best, it's pamela f****g anderson after all ๐Ÿ˜
Blake said on 3/Aug/17
Did you meet her Rob?
Editor Rob: yeah, in a 3-inch heel she wasn't even my height, so she's sub 5ft 6 in reality.

But her photoshoot results could have been better. She wanted a 'ring light' flash, what you might call a Diva light.

Now, these can help enhance how you look and in the hands of a professional can give great results...but the photographer (at least the first day) didn't manage to make it work and so the photo is exposed poorly โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ I don't even know if I can make it much better in adobe, because it is so over-exposed to begin with...the printers might have made it look a bit worse too.

The people handing the photos at the printer were saying 'Pamela's choice', but really, it seemed a bit amateur. A good pro could have produced far better results...and maybe they didn't have the right setting on the printer, something I've seen a fair bit at these events.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/17
I read once that Pamela was 5ft7, but I didn't believe it! She had just slimmed down as well and if you're going to fiddle your height, then that's the ideal time to pounce!
She gets no more than 5ft6 from me!
Crumpets said on 4/Mar/17
5'3 tops, standing next to 5'5 (as listed) Rita Ora wearing the same shoes, Pamela looks to be 2 inches shorter
Link here Pamela Anderson puts on an eye-popping display at PFW show

Click Here
Crumpets said on 4/Mar/17
5'3 tops, standing next to 5'5 (as listed) Rita Ora wearing the same shoes, Pamela looks to be 2 inches shorter
Link here Pamela Anderson puts on an eye-popping display at PFW show

Click Here
BilboBaggins said on 10/Nov/16
Looks closer to 5' 5" to me. Maybe 5' 5.5".
mak said on 19/May/16
Thanks for commentary,Rob. Dunno Pam's true height, but somewhere around 5'6. I read a snippet some years back where she mentioned being only 5'2 when she graduated highschool. She also "developed" late so apparently wasn't quite done growing. People I know who know her say taller than on screen. Standing next to Erika Eleniak in an episode of Baywatch they appeared the same height in flats. No weird camera angles.
mak said on 11/May/16
Don't know what type of shoes Lady Gaga was wearing but she and Pamela Anderson were standing right next to each other and they look about the same height at a recent costume party. it may have been an after Grammy party maybe ammy is slouching are wearing flats don't know but they look awfully close in height
Editor Rob: Gaga really takes heel height to the next level, one of the few celebrities who tries to wear 9-10 inch platforms.
Nickolas Gerz said on 23/Mar/16
She's around 5'4.
Claire said on 19/Mar/16
People look taller on tv. Given that Pamela almost always wears high heels she will look 5'7" tall or thereabouts. She is 5'4 or smaller.
Rc said on 4/Mar/16
Wendy Williams after having Pamela as her guest commented at her aftershow that she thought Pamela was shorter in person but she was wrong she said. So 5'5" would be accurate.
Jacquie said on 5/Feb/16
I know Pamela personally (when she was with Tommy) and she is indeed 5'6 or somewhere around that - Beinh that I am 5'6 I can tell you it's pretty accurate when you are face to face with her
MaryAnne said on 29/Jan/16
@James, There is an old listing devoted to Anna Nicole Smith. She's listed by 1.77 meters by Rob.
James said on 28/Jan/16
Wow, 5' 6," taller than I expected for Pamela Anderson. Any idea how tall Anna Nicole Smith was? Google claims her as 5'11," but I think 5'10" might have been more accurate.
div said on 14/Dec/15
Pamela Anderson is no where near 5'6. Here she is standing with 5'7 Elizabeth Hurley in similar heels and she is at least 3 inches shorter than Liz. Pamela Anderson is 5'4 at most. Any actress who has worked with her has always described her as short.

Click Here
Jay said on 12/Dec/15
Rob ,do You think she woukd be sligtly shorter than Tom Cruise ,both barefeet ?
Editor Rob: I am certain she would.
maj said on 11/Dec/15
Just met someone @ Trader Joes in Ventura who apparently knew the director of Baywatch well enough to be gifted an official Baywatch lifeguard jacket. So,I asked her the questions 1)had she ever met Pam ,2)how tall is she? Answers "yes" and "about 5'7".
maj said on 10/Dec/15
Just watchedtouch the sky. She's wearing looks like 5-6" platform sandals and still shorter than kanye. I still say 5'5 tops
Sylvester said on 7/Dec/15
The height stated is correct.She is just gorgeous,one of the sexiest women on the planet.
M said on 16/Nov/15
If she was really 1.69m tall or 5' 6.5" then probably she would round it to 1.70m or 5'7" -This proves only that she lied her height. She is 5'3" or 1.60m tall.
Len said on 1/Nov/15
Consistently looks somewhere in the 5'5" to 5'6" range. Not short, not tall.
pj said on 24/Sep/15
i always thought onscreen she looked sort of average height or at the most 5'5, but wears huge heels, but that was just my perception.
jake said on 4/Sep/15
Looks 5'6", but no taller.
M said on 20/Jul/15
@Alison yes Pamela :)) Pamela never was over 5'5"
Alison said on 23/Mar/15
I've met her a couple of times through my job. One time we were both in bare feet and she was taller than me. I think she's easily 5'6". She is a small boned woman but she's not very short. She was taller than me and I'm 5'4", so those who say she's under 5'5" don't understand the basics of height or something.
M said on 12/Mar/15
She has never been 5'6" and not to mention 5'7" - She was 5'5" and today is even shorter.
mak said on 4/Mar/15
5'5 tops
Mark said on 2/Sep/14
Met her at a Dodger Game back when she was on Home Improvement. She was tiny...5'3". No way she is close to 5'7".
Lol said on 28/Jul/14
No "nadya", everyone DOES NOT agree she is 5'5"! No WAY is she below 5'6.5!
littlesue said on 16/Apr/14
6 inch heels with an inch and half platform ususally add between 4 and 4.5 inches depending on posture
J.Lee said on 15/Apr/14
Rob how tall do these make her Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe in 4.5 inch range]
marla singer said on 28/Feb/14
Can anybody post the link of the video in which she claims to be 5'6.5"? Anyway I've always heard of her as of a small woman but she never looks under 5'5" so...5'5.5" min. 5'6.5" max.
Power said on 28/Jan/14
Agree with Nadia. Remember seeing a Baywatch episode with her standing next to Nicole Eggert (5'2). Looked about two-three inches taller).
Nadya said on 15/Jan/14
Hey Rob, Did you watch the video posted from utube. She is the exact same height as yasmine bleeth. So, I am that is proof that her height is 5"5. I think youy should update her height to the correct height. Seems everyone on here agrees shes 5"5.
Nadya said on 15/Jan/14
I agree 5"5 . I add to that $1000 bet. She says 5"7, but that is laughable. Her arm and legs just dont have the long look of someone who is 5"7.
Nadya said on 27/Nov/13
5"5. I would bet a $1000 on it. Too many photos with her standing next to her co stars in bay watch that are 5"5 and under, and she is right with their height. They say proof in the picture!
J.Lee said on 4/Oct/13
rob do u have a guess what her height is in these Click Here
wiltonstilts said on 10/Sep/13
Shes pretty tall.. 5 7 maybe the correct height
Bobby said on 18/Jun/13
@Alepac5 did you watch the vid you posted???? Pam is clearly taller in every single frame! Lol!
L said on 7/Jun/13
She is def 5'6". Not sure why people are lying about "knowing" her true height, lol. Must be short girls trying to have something in common?? Pathetic. She's over 5'6". Accept it.
J.Lee said on 7/Apr/13
rob what is her height in these Click Here
Gp said on 7/Feb/13
It is simple, most women are taught to think 5in is 8in anyway!! What's a couple of inches between friends?
Silent d said on 23/Jan/13
I remember she wasn't that tall but her proportions make her look taller. She looks bigger than kim kardashian. She always wears huge heels even in the old show vip. She looked 5 foot 5 in that show but she was in heels most of the time. She is about the same height as dustin nguyen.
maya5 said on 21/Jan/13
I met her and she's tiny actually 158 cm , no way she's 5'6 , she's 5'2.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
vegasgirl said on 6/Jan/13
I met Pam in Las Vegas a few years ago and I'm 5'4" and I was taller than she was. She had on a pair of Ked shoes. I was wearing Laredo pull on flat cowboy boots. These boots gave me a lift of 3/4 inch. I do not believe she is 5'5".
Alepac5 said on 29/Sep/12
Sorry, I forgot to post the link to the video: Click Here (Pamela and Yasmine are both the same height: 5'5).
Alepac5 said on 29/Sep/12
Come on, she's not 5'7 nor even 5'6. She's clearly 5'5. Look at her standing side by side (and barefeet) with Yasmine Bleeth (who's also 5'5). They're exactly the same height (minutes 0:47 to 0:52 and 1:08 to 1:12.
ASG said on 16/Sep/12
I worked with her about 2 years ago and she was marginally taller than me without heels. And I'm barely 5ft2. I wouldn't put her at more than 5'3", maybe 5'4" at a stretch!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Aug/12
Rob, seriously, you think she's an honest 5'6 woman? You think 5'5 might be nearer?
Shaun said on 18/Aug/12
Well, she looks shorter than Angelina Jolie. 5'5" is possible, a flat 5'4" I doubt.
Chastine said on 28/Jan/12
When I saw her was when she was with Kid Rock. I was working as a model at the Kentucky Derby. I am 5"8 and had low heels on. She was in those tall stripper shoes, hated her outfit and hair, yikes. I was surprized how pretty her eye color was. Striking really. Like a light green/blue color. I think she is a woman that over does the make up ect....anyway I stood right by her and shes not 5"6. Ahhh No. I would say 5"4 tops. To say 5"6 in half is just not correct.
Sasha said on 21/Jan/12
Anyone with two eyes can see that Pamela is NOT 5"6. PLEASE, gimme a break! 5'4 1/2 tops. All actors lie about their height and age. PERIOD.
mak said on 14/Jan/12
in that pic of her next to kelly osbourne look at the foreheads NOT the shoulders. Pammie's at least 3" taller whivh again puts her in the 5'6 range.
mak said on 14/Jan/12
She's got her knee up on the rail standing next to Nicole Eggert which makes her seem shorter. Watch the sequence a little longer and you will see Pam is a good 2-3" taller than Nicole.
Jsamm said on 17/Dec/11
I met her about 4 years ago and she was wearing 3 inch heels and stood about an inch taller than me and I am 5'10. I'd say she's about 5'7 or 5'8.
Brian said on 26/Nov/11
I met her 20 years ago or so at a club. She isn't any more than 5'4" at most
Nickolas Gerz said on 11/Nov/11
Pamela is not 5ft 6 in. Check out the link below where she's standing next to Nicole Eggert.

Click Here
Shaun said on 26/Sep/11
Charvet is listed as 6' on i m d b. Clearly too high. But if he's say 5'11" then Alexandra Paul might be 5'10", I still think 5'10.5" would be about right for him.
Shaun said on 26/Sep/11
If she's 5'6.5" as claims David Charvet is 5'11.5" which is too high.
Shaun said on 24/Sep/11
Click Here

David Charvet I'd estimate at 5'10"-5'10.5". She's looking 5'5".5"-5'6" range here.
mak said on 24/Sep/11
Loox as tall as Erika Eleniak in an early episode-I believe its "River of no Return." So that'd put her at around 5'6. Hard to tell when I've never seen her in person..
Phil said on 18/Sep/11
She looks like 5 foot 4 woman compared to Rick Salomon.
Rick Salomon is 5 foot 9.
Alex said on 2/Sep/11
I remember an interview where the reporter noticed how "petite" she was (well it was almost 20 years ago) and she looked smaller than expected. Of course everyone looks tall when standing next to Nicole Eggert but Pam was considerably smaller than Alexandra. Based on Baywatch pics she's definitely not taller than 5'5, closer to 5'4 actually.
mak said on 24/Aug/11
torso length doesn't dictate height. there are short people with long torsos and vice versa oand so on. I have heard from several folks in Malibu that she is 5'6-5'7 BAREFOOT. I think she looks shorter but maybe they cast tall around her?
Shaun said on 6/Aug/11
Salman Khan is clearly not as low as 5'6".
Shaun said on 6/Aug/11
Yeah but Brad was she wearing massive heels? Or are you taking that into account? I agree, I see her as 5'5.5"-5'6" range.
gordon said on 4/Aug/11
yet another bs by brad,she's not over 5'5.She was shorter than 5'6 salman khan in heels.
Brad said on 3/Aug/11
5' 6" 4 feet from me in Vegas a few days ago. As listed.
candice said on 17/Jul/11
I agree with lemontart five three at most. I am five eight and my body is just so much longer looking than hers. Five four, five three. Her height needs to be corrected. 5"^ is just not correct. I met Heather Lockear last year. She is known for being 5"7, well when i met her she was maybe five four lol. I was like how funny.
candice said on 17/Jul/11
I laught at the fact she says she is 5"7 or five six. Commmmmmmme on! More like five feet four at most. What is with all the stars lieing about there height. nyone can tell she is no where near five feet seven lol.
lemontart said on 18/Jun/11
she DOES always look like a SOLID 5-3 aka 160 cm to me
xyz said on 16/Apr/11
shaun, in that picture u posted you can see perfectly that she isnt 168: look at the distance between her boobs and her pelvine section - that would be elongated (like olivia wilde's - she may be 168-169), look at the lenght of her arms...she is more like 165-164 cms.
gowest11 said on 21/Mar/11
Shaun, in the pic u posted, I'd say abt 5'6-5'7. I'm a tad over 5'7 and she looks almost similar to my height, even barefoot. U can see from her build she's tall. some pix she does appear small, b/c she's a petite, thin woman, but she is def a good height. no less than 5'6.
Laura said on 13/Feb/11
Why does every female say they are 5ft7? And 110 pounds.Here's the thing I really am but I'm 125pound.
Shaun said on 5/Feb/11
Click Here

Does look 5'5.5"-5'6" range in that photo barefoot though. In my view most barefoot pics she looks 5'5" ish. 5'2" Bon? You really have issues.
Shaun said on 5/Feb/11
Click Here

Pammy removes her boots as airport customs. Look at the pic of her barefoot against the wall. She appears to have the frame of a 5'4" woman. Check it out.
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/11
I saw her in a l.a a weak ago she looks 5'6.5"-5'7" to me because my height is exactly 5'8" no heels.
Heightgirl said on 17/Jan/11
I believe 5f3 for Pam. 5f2 Kelly Osbourne was pictured with her and they look the same size, Kelly had on Platforms Click Here
Bon said on 4/Dec/10
5'6.5 in heels, 5'2.5 barefoot being generous.
linke said on 19/Nov/10
5'5 TOPS.
Dakota said on 13/Nov/10
" The Truth" you say 5'4 why are you calling yourself "The Truth" Do you know for a Fact? Are you Pam? I know you wouldnt say even if you were Pam, but you seem so sure? Why?
glenn said on 29/Sep/07
im not sure if i realised you were a woman anon v.if you have bleached blond hair it doesnt always mean you a very sure your not.and yes,im very naughty ;-)
Anon_V said on 29/Sep/07
LOL! Oh Glenn, you're naughty! ;)
It does my heart good to hear a man say he doesn't like the bimbo look. I'm getting rid of my bleached hair tomorrow! You know, Ms. Anderson would look taller if she wasn't so top heavy. I'm not really jealous of her. Much.
glenn said on 21/Sep/07
i love blonds,brunettes and women of all shapes and sizes.but the bimbo,stripper or porn star look im not into.dont get me wrong,ill take it.
Anon_V said on 21/Sep/07
I'd love to wear 4-inch stilettos in a pict with Glenn and have him say I was 5'10. Yes, she's lucky if she's a full 5'4. I'm so thankful Glenn said Ms. Anderson really wasn't his "thing"! I thought I was the only one who found her somewhat "otherworldly" in appearance. (It's the big breasts, they're just, well, inhuman.)
Being real. said on 20/Sep/07
It doesn't matter how tall she is...she looks great regardless. Perhaps those standing next to her barefoot should consider the heel on their own shoes. Even flats have a heel and can distort your height next to someone without shoes. Many things can distort height. I have been accused of being shorter than I am and I find it insulting. First, who cares? Second, why would I care enough to lie about it?
Also, women wear high heels for a good look. It isn't only to make someone taller. All of this gets to sound like jealousy.
I would've guessed Pam to be shorter because she looks so petite but it doesn't really make a difference to me what her height is...she's gorgeous.
Mimi said on 18/Sep/07
My hair stylist met her in Las Vegas and said she was actually much smaller than she had imagined. She put her at 5'4", 5'5" max, with massive heels (height given is without heels). She also said she was very petite and her boobs were huge for her tiny body.
Crissy said on 26/Aug/07
um wow, I thought she was like 5'4!! I seriously don't belive she is 5'6.5, because when I saw her in person and I was about 5'5 at the time, she was about an inch shorter than me, I wish I could find the pic of us but it's like nowhere in my house grr
glenn said on 13/Aug/07
she can pass for 5-7 at times to the untrained eye.
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/07
glenn, u reaLLY don't think she could be a true 5'7, after seeing her in person? she looks tall!

[Editor Rob: why is this 5ft 7 being beaten like a dead horse when she said 5ft 7 WOULD BE LYING lol, and she wasn't even convincing with 5ft 6.5 which is her actual claim, not 5ft 7.]
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Im not good at judgeing womens height.Id say she can give the illusion of 5-10 in heels.
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/07
glenn, about how tall do u think she is in heels? she wears mostly high ones.
phil said on 21/Jul/07
So how is Pamela at the bottom of 6' tall Rodney Peete's nose with 3 inch heels on if she's 5'6" barefoot and Peete is wearing sandals???
Viper said on 20/Jul/07
Couchscout had Rodney Peete at a measured 6-0, so hes really not below that.
glenn said on 20/Jul/07
i saw her as recent as 3 weeks ago again.she isnt really my thing.she is nice.and skinny.and i guess beautiful.paparrazi are always in my way.
phil said on 19/Jul/07
Pam was on "The Best Damn Sports Show" this week and was in a wide angle shot standing with among others Rodney Peete, the ex-NFL QB who is listed as 6' even on all the football web sites (which means he is probably 5'11'). Pam had 3 inch heels on and Peete was wearing sandals. They were at a pool side. With her 3" heels on, she was at Peetes nose level. That's a good 5 inches below Peete's supposed 6, which is 5'7". Take the 3 inch heels off and I can't see how she could be taller than 5'4" or 5'5".
Anonymous said on 19/Jul/07
glenn, is she as beautiful and skinny in person? lol she seems like a sweet lady. is she?
glenn said on 17/Jul/07
you met her hj? yes,i agree anonymous.
...hj... said on 16/Jul/07
She is NOT 5 6! see her in a picture standing next to nicole kidman and WITH HIGH HEELS, ans still didnt pass Nicole.
Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
glenn, figured as much. saw her in a recent pic with donald trump. she did have tall heels on, but still stood wquite tall in them next to trump, who i believe is around 6'2-6'3??? she's a good height. i think she's a true 5'6, do u agree?
glenn said on 15/Jul/07
she is around 5-6.saw her as recent as 3 weeks ago.
Crissy said on 14/Jul/07
Pamela Anderson!!! 5'6???? She's like shorter than Trish Stratus (who's 5'4) I think she's like 5'3
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/07
rob, or glenn, have you seen her in person? they would be a good estimate. i;m a huge pam fan, so i'd love 2 know! i've heard mixed things-some say short, other say average-tall. my guess is in the 5'6-ish range judging from the other women on baywatch. what do u think is most accurate?
pcpie said on 8/Jul/07
pcpie said on 8/Jul/07
Chrissy, Hey I know your right, even though the whole stupid world wants to believe she is tall, thats what she wants people to believe !! Ive seen several pic's where she is standing barefoot on her tip toes, because she doesnt have heels on. Why would she do that if shes already tall. Tall people dont need to do that. I Do, because Im only 5'1. Tommy is 6'2 or 6'3 in the pic's where they are both wearing flat shoes,and standing exactly beside him, she is at chin level to Tommy, which is the same level I am next to my Husband who is 6'2. Im 5'1 so that should say something to these people. Its not an Illusion. when you are standing exactly next to someone barefoot, a picture cant lie. If there is distance between them and they are walking that can cause an Illusion. Shes about 5'3 at the most !! with 5 inch heels yeah shes 5'6 5'7! She would not be lying when she says that she is 5'7 , because when they ask how tall she is, she is wearing the fricken HEELS, so she can say 5'7 or 5'6 !!! Thats the same as me putting on 5 inch heels and saying that Im 5'6 with the heels on. Of course thats my height with the heels on!!! She even commented in a book I Have of her modeling in her early days, its a photography book. She said that the camera man has to take her pictures at certain angles too make her legs look longer, because she said she is self concious of her short legs. These people need to get a clue. Even Rob the Editor said " of course I'm still implying shes lying with the 5ft6.5 aswell " which means Hes saying that he feels she is still lying saying she is 5'6 because she is shorter than 5'6. I think He cant say directly because of certain restrictions that could cause them to sue him.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
so, then rob, what would you put her at? a solid 5 ft 6 as the listed height above? she sure seems tall next to smaller women, even w/o gigantic footwear. i wouldn't think any less than 5'6-ish, would you? did u or glenn meet her?
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/07
her birth name is in fact, pamela denise anderson, and she's listed as a strong 5'7 everywhere-i'm pretty sure she's close enough to it, then.

[Editor Rob: see the big bolded words at the top of this page? She said 2 years ago - see the 23/Apr/05 comment I made down the bottom of this page - that '5ft 7' would be lying and she's 5ft 6.5, although she hesitated on the point. At least she blows your 100 websites listing her at 5ft 7 to smithereens by saying 5ft 7 is a lie. Of course I'm still implying she's lying with the 5ft 6.5 aswell ;)]
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/07
oh, right, dexter, i did know that! lol she is from canada, but her grandfather did come to north america/canada from finland and change the family name which started with a "Hy" to anderson, i'm sure of it
Dexter said on 11/Jun/07
without question, Pamela Anderson is from Canada, not the United States.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
dexter, how do you know her birth name is joan goldstein? i thought her real name is pamela denise anderson, being her grandfather came to the states in the early 1900's from finland and changed the family name to anderson.
glenn said on 10/Jun/07
tommy lee is 6-3.
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/07
Tommy Lee is 6 ft 2. Pamela is a head shorter than him. This is not 5 ft 6.Why dont u look at that picture with pamela and tommy lee??
CHRISSY said on 10/Jun/07
DEXTER said on 6/Jun/07
I think Pamela Anderosn is about 5` 6" in height. More importantly her birth name is Joan Goldstein.
Vegas said on 5/Jun/07
That woman in Anna's photo looks like Irish tv presenter and model Caroline Morahan Click Here no clue on her height though.
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/07
anonymous, from 6/1/07, she is not standing on her tiptoes in thje pic anna sent! she is in 3 inch heels-and the woman next to her is very tall, i can tell. i'm tall, so i know what women look like in heels. she's def. 5'6, c'mon, this is stupid already. if she wasn't i think she'd be downgraded on a lot more sites.
Alexandra said on 4/Jun/07
Hey, havenโ€™t you people ever heard of OPTICAL ILLUSION.In some pics you might look tall, even if your small and others you might look small and your actually tall. So for those people out there who think Pam is small or tall think again.
annonimous said on 1/Jun/07
Hey mike, cant you tell when someone is standing on their tip toes like in the picture of Pam that Anna sent. says " CLICK HERE " TAKE A LOOK AT THAT, BEFORE YOU REALLY BELIEVE SHE IS 5'6 and the other one ANNA SENT of her walking with Tommy Lee, He is 6'2. She is a HEAD SHORTER THAN HIM ( DO THE MATH ) TAKE 10 INCHES OFF 6'2 AND THATS 5'2! HIS HEAD IS ABOUT 10 INCHES GIVE OR TAKE. MAN DONT YOU PEOPLE HAVE EYES ??
Anna said on 31/May/07
look here Click Here
Mike said on 29/May/07
5'2? That's ridiculous. She is 5'6, and I believe the 5'6.5
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
rob, why not state her as the 5'6.5 that she claimed from this quote, then? i do believe she needs an upgrade despite the fact the whole world thinks she's short. we know she's not.
pcpie said on 23/May/07
Oh that is a great picture of her walking with Tommy !!! That really proves she is short!! He is 6'2 same as my husband and IM 5'1. when I stand next to my husband Im right under his chin, same as Pamela with Tommy!! So she is about 5'1 or 5'2 HUH!!! So all you who are trying to believe she is tall, your WRONG! WRONG!WRONG! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS !!!!!
Anonymous said on 23/May/07
she doesnt look short in these pics with the kids, and the one with tommy lee. she's in flats in both pics, and still stands average height next to tommy lee. she really is a true 5'6-she would not say that on national tv and have that guy jonathan ross measure her and lie.
Anna said on 23/May/07
here she is not 1.68 anymore.. hahahaha.. she is short: Click Here
pcpie said on 22/May/07
Anna, how tall is 1.60? I looked at the picture of Pam and her boys, but we dont know how tall the kids are. I believe she is like 5ft. 3inches. she looks small next to them.
Anna said on 22/May/07
she is 1.60.. and all people knows this . Look here: Click Here
Bethany . A said on 18/May/07
wow, shes pretty tall 5'6" and beautiful of course, i though she was like 5'2" i was like wow she is pretty small, but i guess im wrong. Im almost 5'8" and im very young. I think the most ideal hight a woman should have is ranging from 5'5" to 5'11" if your any smaller of taller than the hights i put ranging from, it kinda sucks because eather way you are small or too tall which means everyone want to be tall of at least an avarage hight.
pcpie said on 17/May/07
Anonymous, the reason that I video tape and pause, then analyze, is because, #1 I enjoy analyzing, #2 for people who are thinking that shes taller, and for the fact that I read she was 5'6 and couldnt believe that,because she appears shorter, so I had to prove it to myself because IM a big Pamela fan, and I dont know why she would be lying about her height. That kinda bothered me, because I think of her as an honest person, but at the same time now Im thinking she has a complex about being shorter. So my curiosity got the best of me, and wanted to find out what others thought. Now that Ive found out that David Hasselhoff is 6'4 Yasmine Bleeth is 5'5 . I watched Old Baywatch episodes, Pamela stands barefoot (on the cement) next to Yasmine and Alexandra, in the Charlie Angels Baywatch episode and you can clearly see she is 2'shorter Yasmine which puts her at 5'3 you must not study people very much like I do. She wants to appear taller for some reason. So let me ask you this, Do you think Tom Cruise is 6 ft.Tall? well hes not, hes short like most actors in Hollywood. Hes only 5'8, but in his movies he appears taller, thats what Hollywood does. Dont believe me? Go to Universal Studios, they will explain it all to you.
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
Ive got something to show that shes about 5'3 go to "kidrock gossip & pictures" scroll down to 3rd picture of kid rock and pam. kid is 6'0 I looked it up. In this pic, they are both in FLIP FLOPS SANDALS , standing EXACTLY side by side, and she a couple inches above his chin. If she was 5'7 the top of her head would be up to his eyes, THATS ABOUT 4 'FROM THE TOP OF HIS HEAD.
pcpie said on 14/May/07
Anonynous, on may 14th, I dont know if your from Calif. but why would Jillian Barbarie from Fox channel 11 news say that Pam is short like she is, around 5'3 if Pam wasn't. Thats national T.V !! if I could forward you the pic of the one Im looking at, you will see there is a big difference between paris and pam. also if she was 5'6 without heels, why is she barefoot on her tip toes in the movie Baywatch when she walking down the isle to get married while standing next to Carmen Electra, who is only 5'2, in order to make herself look taller than Carmen. I have no reason the make this up. I video taped the Conny and Marie show because Im a fan of both Donny and Pam. I watched it a couple times and paused the tape to see where she stands to him, then subtracted about 4 in" for heels, and that put her at about to his chin level. I know Donny is only 5'9 or 5'10, I stood next to him and got my picture with my arm around him. Im only 5'1 and my husband is 6'2 so I know 5'9 from 6'2 when Im standing next to someone.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
She looks defenetly like 5'6" or 5'7", shes tall for been a women, conseduring that the average height for womens in the U.S. is 160cm(5'3"). And still a beautiful girl like Pamela Anderson that is in very big high heels that are about 6-8 inches, she would look very tall. I also think that height is not the only thing for been a model they are models that are short and they are really beautiful, yes it makes a bit more impresion when you see a really tall beautiful girl but height its not the only thing that matters. I just a 1/4 of an inch shorter 6'1" about 185cm and I just turned 19 years old I dont know if I still will grow more, but a girl so beautiful like Pamela Anderson in stripper high heels I could image how tall she would look.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
ok, in regards to pcpie's comment on may 9th, i did go to the clip of pam and paris leaving a club together last year-and they looked almost the same exact height! they both had heels on, and paris maybe had not even an inch on pammy-which barefoot would make pam around the 5'6.5 she claims. she is tall, geto ver it-they is nowhere near a 4-5 inch difference-with or without heels. why can't people believe this goddess is tall and perfect??? she's no smaller than 5'6. enough.
pcpie said on 9/May/07
also,Ive met Donny Osmond in person,and took a pic with him. Im 5'1 and Donny is 5'9. When Pam was on Donny and Marie show, she was in heels and was still shorter by like 3 inches standing next to Donny. That would put her without 4 inch heels 5'3. When she is in heels, yeah she about 5'6 ! One day im going to stand next to her, and I will definatly know, but the pictures I saw cant be lying!!
pcpie said on 9/May/07
ok all of you out there, Im looking at a picture of paris hilton and pamela walking down the street together ( you can pull up this pic. Go to to paris and pamela pictures) paris is 5-7' and pam is at least 4 to 5 inches shorter, which would make her around 5'2 or 5'3! and they are both wearing flat shoes!! Also, Jillian Barbarie on Fox11 news, was saying that her and pam hang out together. when she took off her shoes on live T.V. Steve Edwards commented on how short she was, and she said " yeah Im 5'3 and thats common height for women. Everyone is short I hang out with. Pam and some other women I know, all all like this height. So there you have it. Jillian wouldnt have said that on live T.V if it wernt true, she is very blunt and honest, cuz she doesnt care what people think, she says that all the time. Also,think about it, she cant be lying on Live T.V
Nina said on 19/Apr/07
Pamela used to lie about her hieght, she is 161cm and everyone knows that. So don't tell us that is is middle, she is not. Her size is 161 and she has a a nice body, that's why she thought that she might seem taller.

[Editor Rob: one of the FEW celebrities ever to go back to back on a talk show to 'prove' her claim...which was 5ft 6.5]
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
Don't confuse big heels and big boobs. The only time Miss Anderson is 5'6 is in her chest width.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/07
Rob, if I were a celebrity, I would be poring over this website on a regular basis! You might be surprised who's checking it out, but I'm sure you can't come right out and say "Famous John Q. Public" is always contacting me. Or CAN you? ;)

[Editor Rob: of course, like Joe Public, some celebrities probably have an awareness or interest in height, some do check out what is being said about them on fansites etc, many many never read the net.]
Brad said on 1/Apr/07
5' 6". She wears big heels and stands tall next to Tommy Lee.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
I agree with the 64 inch estimates. Saw her on an old episode of The Nanny and beside the 65 inch Fran Drescher, she looked nearly the same height and both were in huge heels. By the way, Rob, I love this website! I wonder how many celebs have checked it out?

[Editor Rob: not pamela anderson anyway ;) a few of course will have, by the very nature of the amount of people who have visited it over the last 2 years, a certain small % of that will come from people in the entertainment industry, but hardly any are exactly going to comment on here...

Many folk visit a site once and then forget about it.]
RolandofGilead said on 29/Mar/07
Her official MySpace profile lists her as 5'7".
Antonio said on 20/Mar/07
Hey guys I saw her in Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica and actually stood next to her she's about 162-163 cm and she was wearing slippers.
X said on 7/Mar/07
She was taller than Nicole (who has always claimed to be 5ft.1) Eggert when they were on "Baywatch" and a special episode of "Family Fued" together. It's hard to say exactly how much taller but it was at the very least 2 inches.
Michele said on 25/Feb/07
Also, women who "chronically"wear very high heels and/or walk on tip toes seem to be on the shorter side. And, from what I've seen , and experienced, women reach their height at onset of menstruation. If she reportedly says she was 5'2 at highschool graduation and also started menses then, 5'2 may be it. I will say that she is meticulous about keeping it tighter than tight and I'd love to see her sell an instructuional dance pole video. Pam was an athlete before an actress and I respect her athleticism and poise.
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/07
marcus schankberg or however its spelled is very tall-6'3 or 6'4. when pam was with him, in high heels, she wasn't all that much shorter than him. even if she had 6 inch heels on-which i doubt-most heels, even the really high ones are about 4 inches at most-she would be about 5'10 or so in heels, which would makes her about 5'6-5'7 barefoot. i think she really is that tall-celebs don't lie that much with their heights-maybe an inch or two at best.
anonymous said on 19/Jan/07
there are exceptions to every rule-she is not a runway model-she does more print-like pam-however, i believe she was an actor before a model, which is why she isn't a hugely famous fashion model, a la tyra, heidi, brooke shields, christie brinkley, naomi. and, pam got her start in playboy, and her data sheet insists she's 5'7. so, yes, you can model not being 5'7 or more, however it is rare-unless you are a goddess like pam or evangeline. but, pammy is at least 5'6. you can tell by her long torso and long, skinny legs.
PC said on 18/Jan/07
anonymous in response to your 21/Dec/06 post, Evangeline Lilly is 5'5" and she's a model.
anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
she towered over christina aguliera in a pic, and christina is 5'2. she had a least 4 inches on her, both in similar heels. 5'6 seems pretty accurate.
Crissy (RKOchick) said on 7/Jan/07
I'd say maybe 5'5 cause Trish is about 5'4 and Pam wasn't much taller
anonymous said on 21/Dec/06
no way-a true 5'7-she appears very long and skinny in high heels-there's no way a girl 5'5 or even 5'6 would appear that tall in high heels. even next to tommy lee and kid rock-both men are a legitimate 6'1-she is only about 3-4 inches shorter in her shoes. get real! she's a model-they'd never allow a 5'6 women to model-even one as hot as pam!
Alex said on 9/Nov/06
Pam could be 5'5. But if she is the same height as Trish then she's 5'4.
Andreas said on 25/Sep/06
This is stupid. I've seen her about 4 or 5 times - she has a thing for high heels, which contributes to the illusion, but I am sure she's about 2.5 inches shorter than my wife, next to whom she has stood on several occassions. My wife is almost 5ft 6", so she's a little less than 5'4". I think she's one of the most grossly misrepresented stars where height is concerned...such a shame considering I happen to love short women.
Guru said on 4/Sep/06
pam is about 5'5 she was an inch taller than trish stratus
Nosaj said on 17/Aug/06
there is no way. i saw her in new york and she was at least 3 inches shorter than me in heels. now im 5'7'' so she is small.
Kid Rock Fan said on 31/Jul/06
I'm 5' 9" and I was standing next to Kid at the Mohegan Sun Casino, I towered over him, and Pam doesn't look much bigger than Kid. In his song he says 6' 5", more like 5'6".
jasper said on 27/Jul/06
No way is pamela anderson 5'7 when ever she appears in photos with 5'8 liz hurley she is about 3 inches shorter than hurley and hurley is a questionable 5'8.
Amy said on 18/Jul/06
Uh, Mr W., unless you're from Belgium, 5'6 isn't very tall for a woman, especially in Hollywood. I'm 5'10 and when I met Pam she was in heels, not stripper heels though, and she and I were about same height, we were eye to eye, so I think she is about 5'7. She may be really 5'6, but to even be a "local model" she'd need to be 5'7, as opposed to "supermodel" which is usually 5'9-6'0 for women.
Marianne said on 14/Jul/06
I saw Pamela Anderson at the Atlanta airport back in 1994 and I don't know how tall she is but I can tell you she is shorter then me and I am 5'5". She also looked soooooooo TINY... Just a very little person all the way around.
Marco said on 12/Jul/06
Iยดthink she isnยดt taller than 160 cm. 6 ft 4 in David Hasselhoff towered her like a giant on "Baywatch". I also think Marcus Schenkenberg is 6 ft 2 / 6 ft 3.
Trish Stratus Fan said on 12/Jun/06
I just saw her at the Canadian awards when she kissed Trish Stratus. They looked about the same height and Stratus is barely 5'4.
Anshelm said on 6/Jun/06
Just saw her on TV next to Liz Hurley, on that very same occasion that has those over-referenced photos that many people have based their guesstimates. And frankly, that didn't look more than 2 inches between them. Meaning that those photos are from deceiving angles. Such it is with photos.

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