How tall is Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American fashion model. On her IMG model agency she was listed 5ft 8.5 with measurements 34-25-36, shoe size US 8.5.

How tall is Bella Hadid
Photo by magicinfoto/

How tall is Bella Hadid
Bella and Hailey Baldwin
Photos by PR Photos

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Height of Gigi Hadid
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Average Guess (151 Votes)
5ft 7.78in (172.2cm)
Antihero said on 1/Mar/23
She's very slim and narrow with long legs and arms, narrow looking face and with proportions of a taller woman, no way she's as low as below 5'7. Her proportions speak clearly, a shorter person wouldn't be so narrow
Antihero said on 1/Mar/23
Bella and Gigi are the same height, 5'9
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Loliliiii said on 8/Oct/22
I have seen Bella Hadid in Paris in person and she feels really really tall with trainers. And I’m 1.72. She’s about 1.77mts.
ciuciu said on 17/Aug/22
how tall do you think she was here? Click Here
looking at this photo i don't see her being tall, considering she is wearing platforms, gigi is wearing sneakers and they are the same height. she was younger and looking at more recent pictures with gigi it looks like she gained some height.
i think right now she is 172 cm.
Editor Rob
Could seem under 5ft 8 for sure there.
Madz said on 4/Jun/22
Also if you look at Abel he looks similar if not a bit shorter than Justin Bieber. So put him at 169 and Justin at 170.
Bella looks just a pinch shorter than Abel, so let’s say 168.

Otherwise Abel and Justin are rated too low and I don’t think so.
Hann said on 19/May/22
Not all woman 170+ are skinny, leggy. I don't know why, if people see some woman with wide bones, and short lengs or with normal weight, they aftomatecally think that she is under 5.7. Or if they see some skinny/leggy woman they aftomaticall give her 170 +. Anyway, she's never look huge / big , like someone 176 + cm. She is never towered with compered to other people. So, 172 cm seem pretty much correct.Girlish tall) Her body proportions close to Tindi Mar, Ashley Radjarame , Quinn Mora, Mao Xiaoxing and other narow bone models with 170 -174 cm height. They seem tall but more acurrat than women176 +
Wehrmacht180 said on 6/Jan/22
172 cm
RosieP1 said on 5/Sep/21
At least 5’8, but i thought she’s about 5’10 tho.
nAIM said on 1/Sep/21
She looks about 172cm consistently when compared with other people. Her bone structure is quite elongated which can make one mistake her height for 5'9".

What would you estimate her head length to be, Rob? I think, similar to Megan Fox, it has the effect of making her look much taller than she is.

Thank you!
Elene said on 10/Aug/21
Gigi 5’9.25 Bella 5’7.75
Eylul said on 30/Mar/21
She looks like 5ft8. Rob what dou you think about her weight in this photo?
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Editor Rob
almost 130
Acmd11 said on 21/Mar/21
171.5 cm could be possible , her sister looks 4 cm taller
Jade Aimers said on 9/Mar/21
Jade Aimers said on 6/Mar/21
Na na said on 7/Jan/21
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Bella still significantly taller than Halsey (162) while Halsey is in high heels and Bella is in sneakers
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Bella taller than Abel by almost 2inches,both in sneakers that day,his huge hair kinda evens it out (The Weeknd is not less than 170cm)
In conclusion: Bella is about 174 which makes her noticably taller than Hailey Baldwin (170) and shorter than her sister Gigi who is 176 at least but surely a little less than 179 which her agency claims (they round up height by MAXIMUM an inch,more is unrealistic),same is for Kendall Jenner.
Idk what are you doing by measuring them shorter!!
mochi said on 18/Nov/20
About an inch taller than 5’7 Tracee Ellis Ross so 5’8 is correct
TheHawk said on 26/Oct/20
Avarage Guess is 172cm but I doubt she reach 5’7,7 flat!
5’7 and 1/2 makes sense
Peter Sun said on 28/Sep/20
She looks 5'9 to me
JohnMoore-162cm said on 3/May/20
She always looks an inch and half shorter than Gigi , 5ft7 1/2" to 5ft7 3/4" for Bella
Anna Smith said on 1/May/20
Bella looks 174cm.
lipstickchateau said on 29/Mar/20
Lenny Kravitz is listed as 5’8.5 here and she’s about the same height as him when wearing heels...

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Editor Rob
I think Bella looks taller than Lenny there, both maybe dropping same height, but his hair is quite thick.
TheHawk said on 2/Mar/20
1.71 max she is shorter than gigi like 1.5 inch
Nina k said on 10/Jan/20
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Here’s a recent pic of bella and 5’5 nina dobrev.
And nina’s heels are bigger than bella’s.
Bonbon1111 said on 21/Dec/19
Exactly as Grace Elizabeth, Bella is under 1,70 cm.
Lis said on 22/Nov/19
Rob how much would you guess her weight to be in these two pictures?
dio21 said on 27/Oct/19
Click Here I doubt thet she is anything under 172 cm. with 170/171 cm ASAP Ferg
koshkoff said on 4/Jul/19
I still don't know why IMG listed her as 5'8.5 and not 5'9 because she is genuinely 5'8 in real life, friend backstage at Versace Pre Fall said she was the same height as Kris Grikaite and Kaia Gerber
Lazar99 said on 30/Jun/19
5ft7 3/4, as she always looks more than inch shorter than her sister Gigi.
HauteCouture97 said on 16/Feb/19
Tara Russel said on 1/Jan/19
5'8 1/2. She is about 2 inches taller than the weeknd, when they're wearing the same type of shoes.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18

I'm not really seeing much of a difference between the two.
Banga said on 3/Nov/18
She looks about an inch taller than 5’6.5 listed theweeknd in this photo which would make her about 5’7.5, don’t you agree Rob? Click Here
Nik said on 9/Oct/18
I agree with Bruce Wayne, a page for Anwar Hadid would be a good idea!

I like the name Anwar!
Bruce Wayne said on 5/Oct/18

how tall is their brother Anwar? Click Here

and could you add a page for him?
Editor Rob
He does claim 6ft 1, and can look over 6ft flat.
Peter175 said on 19/Sep/18
She looks a similar height to Bieber and Zayn. Her sister looks 5'9 or so
Oliver said on 23/Aug/18
Click Here
Rob,the shorter guy(in ripped jeans) is Matthew Noszka whom you said could be at least 6'2,in response to his picture with Bella Hadid.
How tall is the girl in the middle?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
The person in the middle could also be close to that mark.
Paula said on 13/Aug/18
Next to Hailey Baldwin, who has at least 3 inches in heels: Click Here
Bella's definitely 171.5, or maybe, just maybe, 172.
nas said on 9/Aug/18
max 172 cm but i think she is 171.5
Oliver said on 21/Jun/18
Click Here
Click Here
Rob,how tall do you think that guy is?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
6ft 2 range at least
Nik said on 28/May/18
5'8" - for a second time!
Shell said on 25/Apr/18
120 lb range is totally believable for 5’7.5 young woman. I had similar weight, height and measurements at her age. Taller than 5’7.5 is a joke for her though. She was listed 5’7 just a few years ago and few women grow an inch past age 18....
Anya said on 16/Apr/18
If she was actually 5’8, IMG would list her at 5’9-5’10. Models below 5’9 are ALWAYS upgraded 1-2 inches in height. Also she is a solid 2 inches or more shorter that Gigi. I would give her a maximum of 5’7.
I work in the fashion industry 5’8.5 is key for a maximum of 5’7 in height lol
gil said on 15/Apr/18
I believe she is taller than that. She has new photos with Snoop Dogg and she doesn't look tiny next to him. Plus she was with sneakers. Click Here
Bruce Wayne said on 26/Mar/18
Big Rob,

FIRST QUESTION - How tall is she in this picture? Click Here

SECOND - how tall is the guy on her right in this one? Click Here
here is that guy again with Kanye Click Here (his name is Virgil Abloh btw you might add him later. He's fashion designer.)
Editor Rob
Her legs are quite skinny there adding to a height illusion, but with the guy he looks over 6ft 1 there.
gil said on 13/Mar/18
5'8 at least. she is obviously tall.
Selena said on 26/Feb/18
Winnie harlow and bella hadid are both listed at 5'9 from their agencies. So there for I noticed in the new spring 18 tommy hilfiger show on youtube they were standing side by side walking together and they stood at the same height, but what caught my eye was that winnie was simply in sneakers while bella on the other hand was in heels and not just heels but the semi flatform ones where they have a thick sole under your toes. So I'd say bella is no more then 5'6. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't she have been taller than winnie being in heels right? Since she's 5'9 right? Lol i guess not. Watch it for yourself on youtube tommy hillfiger spring f/w 18 milan
Binky said on 31/Jan/18
She needs a downgrade
Svetlana said on 22/Jan/18
She was listed as 5'7 121 lbs in many websites before. I think she's probably between 5'7-5'8 and in the 120 range right Rob?
Editor Rob
She's slim, but only 120 pound slim I'm not so sure...I suppose if maximum 5ft 7 that weight makes more sense.

Though I wouldn' personally guess her that short.
Don Julio said on 18/Jan/18
172 is her night height
real height reviewer said on 24/Nov/17
Okay lets get this straight we love bella and her sister but bella is not more than 5.6 (1.68m or 1.70m) and her sister 5.8 now if you see the picture above bella is 2 to 2 and half inches taller than hailey baldwin now check this picture of hailey baldwin with 1.70m justin beiber her shoes has an inch
b:jj-galery-photoPosted inJustin Bieber Leaves St. Barts with Hailey Baldwin By His Sidejj-open-galerygalleryphotonavprev« PreviousphotonavnextNext »Justin Bieber Leaves St. Barts with Hailey Baldwin By His Side.
Now you can see hailey's not more than 1.64m now you decide yourself
Derk said on 19/Nov/17
Bella is bae and theres no way shes shorter than 5'8 probably no taller than 5'9.25
Sweet potato said on 8/Oct/17
This isn't right. Bella and her mom are about the same height. Her mom's a 5'7".
Ella said on 16/Aug/17
I think that she's a good 5'8 but not taller than 5'8.5. A couple of weeks ago on Google it said that she was 5'10, but she's now listed as 5'9 on Google.
Seysey said on 14/Aug/17
Her mother is 5'7 and whenever they're together Bella and her look the same height
Marine said on 13/Jul/17
She is really 5.8, but looks short because of her short legs and wide bones, like Marine Deleeuw who is 174, but looks horrible short in runaway because of her body proportions. Or new louis Vuitton girl - Kristen Coffey who is 5.8 but her the very narrow hips, long legs make her appear to be very tall.
andre said on 5/Jul/17
i would say her barefoot height at night is from 169cm to 171cm and gigi from 172
barefoot to 174cm at night
Courtney Puzzo said on 25/Jun/17
Bella's measurements are similar to what Joanne Woodward's were 60 years ago in the early part of her acting career. Though Bella is 11.42 centimeters taller than Woodward was in those days and more than two kilograms heavier
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
She is 5'8 I think she's tall
Vithya said on 17/Jun/17
She is 175cm and I believe is a bit taller than her sister at times now because her forehead is abit higher than Gigi's in pictures...she maybe even end off being 176cm
Leighton said on 17/Jun/17
She can't be taller than 5'7.5" if her agency listed her once as 5'8.5". I can even remember she got listed as 5'8" before.
Emma said on 16/Jun/17
She's 5'9"
World Citizen said on 6/Jun/17
She's absolutely not shorter than 5 ft 8, she is towering over 5 ft 6.5 listed The Weeknd.
Haylay said on 31/May/17
lol, yeah with 2" + shoes
andre said on 23/May/17
she is just 5ft8 with shoes
Marine said on 18/May/17
She looks short because of her short legs but bella is 5.8 - still tall
oliver said on 20/Apr/17
When it comes to the weight of female models,their agencies' listings are never to trust. Because I'm 5'7" and only 120 lbs. Everyone says I'm too skinny and I know myself that I look thinner than all the female models. Even if a 5'7 small-framed boy like me weighs 120 lbs, those models who are more or less taller than me definitely weigh more than their listings. For example, they have Karlie Kloss at 125 lbs, Adriana Lima at 117 lbs,Kendall Jenner at 120 lbs. Nobody believe it.
96 said on 6/Apr/17
She is definitely not 5'9 its too tall for girl who even not looks 5.8. so over 5.7 for her is right
Timonia said on 5/Apr/17
@the pic Minja posted
Also, the girl at her right is 5'9 Taylor Hill
Minja said on 5/Apr/17
Click Here with lily depp - 5ft 3in
96 said on 24/Mar/17
If agencies sey she's 5.9 then her real height is 172MAX I am model my real height is 5.9 174-175 my agency say my is 5.10'5 my twin sister is only 5.8 - agency say she is 5.9'5 176-177 my best frend is 6.1 and agency say she is 5.11'5-6.0 ...
Heh said on 18/Mar/17
Both IMG and say she's 5ft 9in.
Indie said on 12/Mar/17
Rob how tall would you say her brother Anwar is?
Editor Rob
well Indie, he claimed "everyone says im 6'2 but im actually 6'1" but I don't know if he really is that tall barefeet.
Tono said on 8/Mar/17
More of like 5.7 170 cm coz even Gigi's 5.8 But is listed 5.10
Whats up with google increasing celebs height CM by CM year after as far as im concern thier growth spurt are over by now
Peter175 said on 25/Feb/17
shes way taller than the weeknd. 5cm minimum
Miranda said on 23/Feb/17
Bella with 5'11 Blanca Padilla.
Click Here
Cecilia said on 22/Feb/17
She is still growing up because it was listed 174cm now is 175cm
Frida said on 12/Feb/17
The way I see - bella is 5.8 & 5.9'5 for gigi
she looks like a drag queen(
Nova176 said on 5/Feb/17
I can buy 5'8.25 for her and 5'9.25 for her sister.

As for Abel and Zayn, 5'6.5 and 5'7.75 respectively
:) said on 2/Feb/17
Then why Is she just taller than Lewis Hamilton in massive heels? And you have him listed at 5'7? It would make sense that she is the same height as him. There are also photos of her with cara d and they are the exact same height.
Editor Rob
I did look at some photos, she does look a couple of inches taller than him when in heels, I think from all I've seen 5ft 8 for Bella and a strong 5ft 9 range for Gigi could be likelier.
:) said on 30/Jan/17
Her mum is 5'7 and she is just a bit taller 5'7.5.
She knows how to pose and position herself plus goes on her toes a lot to gain height
Editor Rob
her mother claimed 5ft 9 "I am 5,9" but my girls are passing me quickly"
Jesus Christ said on 22/Jan/17
I'll give her 5ft 7.5 same height as Zayn.

Click Here (she has giant heels next to Zayn who is max 5ft 7.5in)
ErwannStars said on 6/Jan/17
@Louise I't not too low.. In fact, after seeing @Fliffy's pictures (with 5'6.5 Abel) I think it might be too generous. I'm sure she is the same height as Sara Sampaio (169cm-5'6.5)
Fliffy said on 5/Jan/17
Bella and The Weeknd at the grammys.
Click Here

Bella's heels.
Click Here

Rob, what would you put those heels at?
lol said on 5/Jan/17
I like how The Weeknd, her ex, is listed as 5'6.5 and she's listed as 5'
Louise said on 1/Jan/17
I don't think she is any taller than Cara Delevigne... I think she is a good 170cm but lied in order to get more work. So I'll vote 5ft7. Does anyone think it is too low?
TomFraud said on 17/Dec/16
She is barely taller than Sara Sampaio... 5ft7... TOP!
Juana said on 14/Dec/16
I just saw some pictures of the VSFS, either she is an inch shorter or Gigi is an inch taller than what's listed here
Truthseeker said on 30/Nov/16
next to the weeknd at the victoria secret show she look a lil bit taller than him even though she's wearing mega Victoria Secret heals and the weeknd is only 5'6 guy !!!! I was thinking of even giving her less than 5'7
Lalla said on 7/Aug/16
Anything below 1.72-1.74 cm is not true
1997 said on 9/Jul/16
OMG I just saw her! Bella is really short, her body far from model standarts. 5.7 max! She is a typical commercial girl
Selena said on 6/Jul/16
You can just tell by the photo above of hailey and bella. Bella heels give so much more height. Shes 5'7 max
Anthony said on 19/Jun/16
Bella is quite close to same height as cara delevingne who is 5'7
Click Here
Cara is not wearing platforms, their heels give them the same height
Click Here
So maybe a weak 5'8 for bella since her posture might not be the best dont you think?
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 8 is an arguable figure for her, at least 5ft 8.5 is the max she could be, at times she is looking under that.
Anthony said on 21/May/16
And here bella looks shorter than alessandra

Click Here

Maybe it is just the picture, but i think a flat 5'8 is about right for bella.
Anthony said on 21/May/16
Rob what do you think about this:
Click Here

Bella looks closer to barabra palvins 5'7 than to izabel goularts 5'9

I think iza is probably a strong 5'9 but not above 5'9.5
And barbara maybe a strong 5'7, but not above 5'7.5
That makes bella more like a flat 5'8?
Considering izabel is 5'9, 5'8 for bella is generous.
Editor Rob
she could look about 1.5 inches smaller in some photos, 5ft 8 isn't an impossibility.
Carol said on 15/May/16
Who do you think is taller
Bella or alessandra ambrosio?
Selena said on 10/May/16
Bellas heels are clearly bigger they are huge platforms. Shes 5'7. She doesnt even stand taller than abel who is 5'6
Anna said on 8/May/16
Is a flat 5'8 possible or do you think she is closer to 5'9?
Editor Rob
I can believe the 5ft 8.5 mark, I doubt she is much less than that.
Sarah said on 8/May/16
Rob, do you think that's her real height? Or maybe she needs a downgrade? 'Cause i've seen somo photos of her next to other models and she is the shortest
Editor Rob
at times 5ft 9 flat is arguable I think.
Philly said on 24/Apr/16
The way i see it
Gigi is 5'9-5'9.25 and bella is 5'8-5'8.25
Gigi doesnt look 177, more like 175-176 tops
So that makes her sister 5'8 flat or 5'8.25 tops
MaryAnne said on 15/Jan/16
Fab in the night :)
Olivia said on 14/Jan/16
to the person "Just" below me: I think you are confused as to who is who in this picture. Bella is the one who looks about 2 inches taller. Bella is in the black, and Hailey is in the blue, though they do look kind of similar in this pic. But yeah you can see that they have similar platform heels on and Bella is clearly taller. 5'8 seems about right for her
Just said on 6/Jan/16
Rob, in the pic here above 5'6"5 Hailey Baldwin looks 2" taller than Bella. Hailey does have 1"5 footwear advantage. Still it's hard to believe Bella is 5'8"5. I think 5'7 max is more accurate.
Shell said on 1/Jan/16
Several websites used to state she was 5'7. How is she suddenly 5'8.5? She is young, but certainly done growing. She doesn't look almost 5'9 in flats either... Click Here
Allie said on 31/Dec/15
I think 5'8 range seems good. I do agree though. Bella always had the more model esque face.
Jay said on 24/Dec/15
Doesn't look shorter than listed.
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 10/Dec/15
Actually she's better looking than her sister, perhaps one inch less is a huge disadvantage in modelling-business..

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