How tall is Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio's Height

5ft 6.5in (168.9 cm)

Portuguese model, best known for being a Victoria's Secret Angel. In a interview she once claimed "I'm 5 foot 9". On another occasion she mentioned "Me and [Kate Moss] are kind of the same height, so she always inspired me when people would say, 'You're too short for fashion, you're too short for runway.". One of her agencies also gave her vital statistics as: Bust 32 inches, Waist 23 inches and Hips 34 inches, with shoe size 4.5UK.
im 5'8.5 about my weight i dont tell to anyone.i barely never weight myself i feel good so i dont care about my weight

How tall is Sara Sampaio
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Average Guess (74 Votes)
5ft 5.74in (167cm)
Cliff said on 14/Oct/17
Interesting that she's now listed at at 5ft5. While I think the listing here is a little too high, I think she's somewhere between 166-167cm
Tonydaportuguese said on 21/Sep/17
She 170 cm of pure sexy 😉
Stella said on 3/Sep/17
Looks at Cara next to The Weeknd she looks like she's smaller than he is yet.

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Marre said on 1/Sep/17
What do you think Rob?

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Peter175 said on 27/Aug/17
Women that lie about their height fascinate me so much. Especially in the range of 2-2.5 inches. She is 5'6.5 max
Emily said on 17/Aug/17
Looks more than 3" shorter than Taylor Hill, and easily more than .5" shorter than Cara.... I'd go with 165cm
Marine said on 8/Aug/17
......she is not much shorter than kendall 5cm MAX! so 5.7 - 5ft 6.5in her height
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Suzanne said on 8/Aug/17
Definitely 165
Adriana said on 3/Aug/17
Shay said on 21/Jul/17
Sara with Gigi (5'9.25)

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Shay said on 21/Jul/17
She appears to be the same height as Emily ratajkowski (between 5'5.5 and 5'6)

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You can see that their footwear and heels are similar in size
Shay said on 21/Jul/17
Here is a photo of Sara with Taylor Hill (5'9)

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Here is a photo of her with Martha Hunt (5'9.5)

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Shay said on 21/Jul/17
Here is a photo of Sara and Taylor who is listed as 5'9.25.

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There is probably 3-3.5 inches of height difference even in similar footwear.
Shay said on 21/Jul/17
I think even 169 cm is too high for Sara. She ALWAYS looks very short next to other models and looks like someone of average female height which is 5'5-5'6

I understand having to upgrade your height on your modelling profile to get you more jobs, but it is quite obvious she is nowhere near the 5'9 claim. Modelling agencies will know if there is a noticeable difference between actual height and listed height.
Me_me said on 19/Jul/17
I think she is around 169 cm, but with her face i'm not suprised she's so succesful
Mimi said on 17/Jul/17
Rob do you think her claims of 5ft9 and 5ft8.5 are kindof absurd?
Editor Rob: I think being near 5ft 7 she might have felt claiming to be 5ft 8.5 would get her more work? And it's stuck.

How can she be claiming 5ft 8.5-9 and saying she's like kate moss, who admitted to 5ft 6 and may even be a weak 5ft 6.
andre said on 5/Jul/17
Click Here im a weak 166cm barefoot at night and when i saw her with similar shoes she was no taller then me you can see this page telling her height at 165cm im not sure if is barefoot or with shoes see the page and tell me if you will downgrate her hugs ,
Jimmybushucka said on 5/Jul/17
She's 5ft 7 an half
MMimg said on 21/Jun/17
I love Sara, but I insist, she measures 1.65- 5'5.
Cece said on 21/Jun/17
"Dennis P Minuti said on 19/Jun/17
Cara told me yesterday she was 5'8"!!!" Wait you met Cara Delevingne? How tall is she actually (Cara)?? I think Sara and her are somewhat the same height.
Cece said on 21/Jun/17
Hi Rob! First I'd like to say that I simply love what you do here! Thank you for all you do! Second, I have a question about Sara's height, if she really is between 5'4 and 5'6 then how did she make it into the runway world if agencies and brands only take 5'8-5'9 models? Thanks again!
Editor Rob: I'm sure some exceptions are made. People like Kate Moss and Sara are far rarer than 5ft 7 and over.
Dennis P Minuti said on 19/Jun/17
Cara told me yesterday she was 5'8"!!!
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Nah 5'7 tbh she is skinny
Heightist said on 11/Jun/17
Sampaio looks about 5'5" to me. She's very slim, small-framed, and long-legged, so she can look taller than that. She looks tiny next to Adriana Lima. Sampaio's face just looks ok in the pic they chose for CelebHeights. But in videos, and I'm sure in person, she is very attractive. Most people seem to look better in videos and in person than in pics.

I don't think models need to be tall. The 5'9"+ requirement just seems random and unnecessary. There are tons of average and shorter girls who look just as good in clothes, if not better. Whoever thought Amazonian, anorexic models look best in clothes, as clothes hangers, are stupid.
MMimg said on 8/Jun/17
Sara is 1.65-5'5". No more.
Im 171CM said on 4/Jun/17
I think I shrunk down to 169 honestly and ima 38yr old African American...
andre said on 20/May/17
Click Here

rob see this page it says she is 165cm but i dont know if is with shoes or barefoot see it and tell me rob

your opinion
andre said on 24/Apr/17
Sara is from my country and when i saw her in a modeling show she was my height she was with normal shoes im 166cm barefoot at night i even would say she is 165cm barefoot no way 169cm barefoot
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Apr/17
Maximum 5ft6. Her absurd 5ft9 claim is probably in high heels.
SAK said on 2/Apr/17
Credit to her for having a runway career. That genre of modelling tends to be less lenient in regards to height. They usually require 5'9" minimum (which in reality means 5'8" minimum).
She is always noticeably shorter compared to other models on the runway. Which is usually a big no no for a designer.

5'6" for Sara.
ILoveModels said on 31/Mar/17
Will Sara ever confess her real height? I love her as a model because with her height she has gone so far, so she should not hide it. For me she measures 1.65m (5ft 5in).
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/17
Rob,how much do you think she weighs?
Editor Rob: I think near 120 pounds, not over it though.
Lalaloo said on 15/Mar/17
You say that weeknd is 168-169, just like her. But if you look at her at vs show 'starboy', she is shorter than weeknd, even she is wearing heels. So what you think about her hight?
Lalaloo said on 14/Mar/17
5'6. No way 5'5
SJ77 said on 1/Mar/17
i think that Sara is 166/167 cm, please see the pics with Jessica Hart who's supposed to be 177 cm. The difference between them is at least 10 cm.

Click Here:
Mica said on 26/Feb/17
@Meryn I dont think that is so much height difference between Sara and Taylor (who is supposed 176 cm) it´s just photo
according me Sara is 169 cm no less no more!
Sixseven said on 24/Feb/17
She is 165 cm
Meryn said on 19/Feb/17
Sara Sampaio with Taylor Hill!

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andre said on 19/Feb/17
Rob she is in the 164 167cm at night barefoot i would say 165cm and 169cm in the morning with shoes
Kj said on 18/Feb/17
She is 5'5 or 5'6. Always looks at least 3-4 inches shorter than other fashion models
ej said on 15/Feb/17
Click Here you can see her from here. She is the very short one, you can see it immediately. She is way shorter than all the other models
Az said on 12/Feb/17
Nope. Seen her a few times. Work related. 5'4.5-5'5".
Frida said on 12/Feb/17
Her face is gold!
berenike said on 5/Feb/17
I stood next to her for a couple of minutes in Milan months ago. She was exactly as tall as me, so I can say with no doubt that she is 169 cm, 5.55 ft.
5'7 said on 15/Jan/17
Always looks shorter than the other models. 5'6 tops
BirchGirl said on 28/Dec/16
She is definitely not 5'9" like she claimed to be or even 5'8" like some websites list her as. She is more like 5'7" (or a tad less). She always looks shorter than the other models.
andre said on 23/Dec/16
i put my money on a barefoot at night at 5ft5.5
ModelHPy said on 21/Dec/16
She´s 5'5" (165).
M said on 10/Dec/16
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mischa is listed as 175 cm and she´s flat while Sara has 8 cm heels, they are same height in her shoes, so I think 168 cm is correct
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 8/Dec/16
She's not much over 5ft6 and she claims 5ft9! It's probably the worst height claim from any model I have ever seen. Even worse than Cara Delevinge when she used to claim 5ft9.5
JOloveModels said on 4/Dec/16
According to Cosmopolitan, Sara's height is 165. Click here: Click Here
DefinitelyNotCC said on 2/Dec/16
but nadine leopold usually appears the same height as sara sampaio (or a bit taller) and she is in the 168-169cm range.
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totah09 said on 29/Nov/16
she's very petite here a pic of her with other vs models,the models wore flat shoes and you still can see the differents. she is the Gost
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another picture with harry styles which she is wearing high heels and she still looks short
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SAK said on 21/Nov/16
If Jasmine is 5'9 then Sara is probably 5'6. 5'5/5'5.5 claims are too low.
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marie.usa said on 8/Nov/16
I'm a model, and I'm so so tired of these height games. My height is 5'8 and change so I list as 5'8.5. I know exactly how tall any other model is when I stand next to them (unless they're wearing some ridiculous platform heels). I recently was asking a fellow model about a model whom I had never met before, why she didn't stay in Paris to work. She gushed and told me, "Didn't you know? That girl's a shrimp, and only 5'7." She listed as 5'9!!! I was so annoyed after that. To think that someone else was getting better opportunities because of a false 2 inch boost. In all honesty, 5'7 (if that's your real height), I think is tall enough to model. If you're slim, and not curvy it doesn't show up in shoots. And on the runway, an inch or two between each other isn't the difference between amazonian legs or shrimp, you don't even notice it when they're walking separately! But until the high fashion agencies stop pretending that their models are atleast 5'9, we all have to play this game.
Gillis said on 1/Nov/16
Rob,you could see the difference between Sara and Jasmine Tookes (who's supposed to be 5'9): Click Here
Click Here
I think that 168 (5'6) is more accurate
Flo said on 1/Oct/16
Rob, can you please take a look at final walks, for example balmain (Click Here ) she looks so short!! please take a look, she looks 5'5
Editor Rob: she did look quite small, quite a conrast, 169cm could be a bit much, 168 may be nearer.
En said on 20/Sep/16
Rob, have you seen her in the final walk of Tony Burch? Click Here She looks around 5'5/5'6 here.. What do you think?
Editor Rob: she certainly looks quite small in that still.
Cliff said on 13/Sep/16
Well Rob, I think she's probably no taller than 5ft 6 at best with all the photographic evidence I've seen presented here.
Editor Rob: I can see a 5ft 6 argument for her, but under it I haven't really seen enough to say it would be more likely.
tay said on 10/Sep/16
here she is (2nd girl) next to barefoot elsa hosk (5'8")
Click Here

and here next to adriana lima (5'10")
Click Here

rob do u think there's any chance she's shorter than 5'6"??
Editor Rob: with Lima I think the angle doesn't quite help her, I would be probably more surprised if she really was under 5ft 6 than a bit over it.
ev said on 3/Sep/16
She is not a cm over 168/5.6
Maybe she is even shorter, around 5'5
1997 said on 30/Jun/16
Taylor is over 5.9, Sara is only 5.6)
Ana said on 4/Jun/16
Strong 5ft 6.5in maybe 5'7'' in the morning, couldnt see her being past 5'7.5''. She must be really special for them to consistently book her!! She's listed as 175 on google, I swear it used to be 173! Also do you mind doing a page for Taylor Hill she was previously listed as 178cm but now 176cm. Thnx
Yulls_89 said on 16/May/16
In my opinion Sara Sampaio is not over 167-168cm, just see the photos with Gigi Hadid:

Click Here
Cliff said on 27/Apr/16
She's the same height as Emily Ratajowski.

I doubt there's an inch between them.
bar said on 27/Mar/16
in this picture she's the second girl:
Click Here
models in order: Jac Jagaciak, Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk & Josephine Skriver.
Considering that the girl next to her (Elsa Hosk) is 5'8" and in the picture she is BAREFOOT, whereas sara is wearing massive heels, i think having her at 5'5 is more appropiate.
Miranda said on 21/Mar/16
I don't know what to think. She looks about 5'5 1/2 to me. I can't really see her being taller than that.
Here she is with Kendall Jenner backstage at the Balmain fashion show this year.
Click Here
With Taylor Hill at the VSFS (notice how she stands):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Erica said on 15/Mar/16
Here she is with 5'5 Emily ratajkowski.

Click Here
Az said on 14/Mar/16
Pretty much exact same as Emily Ratajkowski, 5'4"-5'5". Super charismatic and absolutely stunning. Met her at a VS event and she is a wisp, tiny thin but toned and healthy. Not over 5'5".

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Anika98 said on 7/Mar/16
@MaryAnne stella is 170cm like barbara
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
Gorgeous girl! She is 168cm - so a good 5'6" (she did a few campaigns here in LA). Kate is slightly taller than Sara.
MaryAnne said on 24/Dec/15
How tall is Stella Maxwell? She looks shorter than Sara in this photo
Click Here
She's listed 174-75
Editor Rob: from a brief look I wouldn't have guessed her looking shorter, but within same zone possibly
Allie said on 19/Dec/15
Clearly she's being more honest now as her agency has bumped her down and she has claimed she's as tall as Kate Moss.
Allie said on 18/Dec/15
Rob, Sara said this was 2 years ago but Sara has come out and has said in a Cover Media Interview that she thinks she's as tall as Kate Moss! I think her different claim should be stated.

Click Here
Editor Rob: I'll mention the other quote as well.
saraa said on 13/Dec/15
quite short next to other models. i'd say around 5'6"-5'6.5"max
(girl on the left)
Click Here
Click Here
(first row, girl in the middle)
Click Here
Click Here
Usbsv said on 12/Dec/15
5'6.5" is spot on!!
Arla said on 11/Dec/15
5'6 is too low
More of 5'7
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 9/Dec/15
In dictionary her pic is the explanation of pure "sexyness". Not too short not too tall, just absolutely perfect!
Allie said on 7/Dec/15
5'6 range seems correct. She's pretty, but she must have something that made Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated, and high fashion brands alike all chose her! Because she has no notable families connections, and I don't think her family is known for being super wealthy so she must have a wow factor like Kate Moss!

Good for her. :). Though her 5'9 claim is kind of laughable if you look at her with models who claim and are listed at 5'9-5'10 range!
Allie said on 7/Dec/15
5'6 range seems correct. She's pretty, but she must have something that made Victoria Secret, Sports Illustrated, and high fashion brands alike all chose her! Because she has no notable families connections, and I don't think her family is known for being super wealthy so she must have a wow factor like Kate Moss!

Good for her. :). Though her 5'9 claim is kind of laughable if you look at her with models who claim and are listed at 5'9-5'10 range!
Aza said on 6/Dec/15
She looks utterly delightful!
dat said on 4/Dec/15
168 or 169 cm that's right for her. but who cares, she's gorgeous for fashion industry.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 3/Dec/15
Makes G look honest.
J.Lee said on 2/Dec/15
Rob, is she too short to be a Victoria Secrets model?
Editor Rob: obviously not as they have used her.

I wish there were more top-end models of average range!
Pedro said on 1/Dec/15
She is listed 172 cm in her portuguese model agency: Click Here
andre said on 1/Dec/15
I think this height is correct 5ft6.5
120 said on 30/Nov/15
Telling that to a legitimate 5'9" guy (like me), almost feels like a punch to the face lol. That's the equivalent of me trying to claim "Six foot".
SAK said on 30/Nov/15
She should have claimed 5'8. Would have sounded more believable.
Luke said on 30/Nov/15
Saw her in NYC this fall and she's a gorgeous girl with an average height. I'm not good at telling heights but I assume she was 5'4/5'5 since she had heels on and still wasn't even close to my height (5'10)
Cliff said on 30/Nov/15
Thanks for adding her Rob. I believe this is "fair." Victoria's secret lists her as 5ft7.5. Anything over what you've listed her at is too generous.
If I were to list her, it would be at 5ft6. She clearly is no taller than Emily Ratajkowski & Kate Moss who are both listed here at 5ft6.
Guest said on 29/Nov/15
Thats a big claim for her lol
Blink said on 29/Nov/15
In Portugal, where I'm from, I saw her said the fact she was 1,72m was a bit of a disadvantage for being a model.
MaryAnne said on 29/Nov/15
Beautiful Girl. Worthy. Also, the other angels are worthy as well. Can you add them? :)

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