How tall is Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Russian model. Her agency describes her as 178cm with vital statistics: bra size 34, waist size 24in, Hips 35 and a shoe size of 6.5UK.

How tall is Irina Shayk
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (77 Votes)
5ft 8.58in (174.2cm)
berkay83 said on 10/May/23
Solid 5' 9" (175.26 cm). Irina is taller than Bella Hadid who is 5' 8"
Abdulrahman said on 17/Feb/23
John K said on 3/Oct/21
No way is she 5/9. She is somewhere between 5/7 and 5/8. Her head is small for her body, which creates the illusion of a taller body.
Rukmini Singh said on 26/Mar/21
She is 174 cm at most
Peter Sun said on 25/Sep/20
She can't be that short, I have seen her on the Late Late show and she appears to have a frame of over 6'(around 6'1) with her 2-3 inches heel. She has to be 5'10
JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
She always looks 173 cm , 174 cm at most.
koshkoff said on 4/Jul/19
Irina is 5'8.5 if not a bit shorter, she's a tad taller than Bella Hadid, a guy I know walked Versace Mens and said she was shorter than he expected but she has VERY long legs.
khaled taban said on 25/Jun/19
This woman looks 4.5 inches shorter than CR7, I'd give her 174cm
Mimi said on 27/Mar/19
174cm usual and 176cm out of bed is my guess
Oliver said on 27/Feb/19
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Rob,seeing her next to Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone,don't you think she(Irina) could be more 174cm range? Thank you.
Editor Rob
She can look nearer 5ft 8 there, maybe a bit less footwear though and might be at a disadvantage camera-wise.
Michael Christman said on 25/Feb/19
She’s shorter than Kate Upton, so she is definitely close to 5’9” than 5’10”. Still a tall and beautiful girl.
HauteCouture97 said on 12/Feb/19
Oliver said on 17/Aug/18
Rob,do you think there is only 2.5inches between Irina Shayk and Ana Ivanovic?
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Thank you.
Editor Rob
There could be 3 inches between them, it depends if she has dropped half or an inch more in posture.
nas said on 9/Aug/18
she looks 172 or 173 cm not taller.she is shorter than adriana lima about 3 or 4 cm
nas said on 9/Aug/18
she looks 172 or 173 cm not taller
Ozge said on 12/May/18
She is as tall as Bella Hadid and a bit smaller than her. So its impossible this height for her. You need to downgrade... I guess she is 172
Oliver said on 3/Feb/18
The more I've seen of her, the more I think she is 5ft 8.5.
Shell said on 20/Jan/18
Bra size isn’t 34. That’s the bust measurement. When measurements are given that way for a woman, that’s the over-bust at the fullest point, not the bra band size.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Dec/17

They look about the same height, Ronaldo just isn't standing straight and Irina's eyelevel is higher. At most maybe Irina has the edge by 1/4".
Aaa said on 29/Dec/17
She is taller than ronaldo in high heels Click Here
Anon said on 20/Dec/17
Click Here With kate upton 5’10 almost same height?
ignzio said on 4/Dec/17
she is 8-9 cm shhorter than the Rock in 8-10 cm high heels. The Rock seems to be wearing a 3-4 cm shoes. If he is 190cm tall she should be around 178-174. She also never looked taller than CR7.
morten said on 31/Oct/17
5'8 beautiful woman
tony t. said on 27/Oct/17
I think you're being generous with this one Rob. She looks under 5'9.
mina said on 24/Oct/17
standing next to ana ivanovic 6' (182cm) with same heel height, irina shayk is around 5'7" (170 cm) to 5'8" (172 cm) max.

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Isabelle said on 22/Sep/17
Obviously 2 inches shorter than Adriana(5'10) in all their pictures together, she is def 5'8
Isabelle said on 22/Sep/17
Both Irina and Bella are wearing normal heels in this picture and are the same height. So 5'8
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helena said on 21/Jul/17
how tall Irina ni these heels?
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Editor Rob
those heels have a thinner platform area, but still push you up to full tip-toe height, so a bit over 3 inches, maybe 3.3-3.4 range.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
5'8.5, Cristiano and Bradley respectively are Several cms taller than her.
oliver said on 23/Apr/17
Rob, can you please take a look at the pics of her and Ronaldo. The difference looks 5 inches.
Keitly said on 2/Apr/17
It seems to me that Irina is bigger than Isabeli Fontana who claims to be 5'9.5 '' but only a 5'8 "'in reality.

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LIL Bieber said on 13/Jan/17
6 feet in heels
Pedro MV said on 27/Oct/16
I have seen her (a few times in Portugal) a couple years ago. She is something between 170 to 173 cm. Please correct
Arch Stanton said on 14/Oct/16
Not as low as 5 ft 8 but you could argue upper 5 ft 8 range. Stunning girl, but something about her that doesn't quite gel, she looks like she has a secretive side and a spy or something LOL.
Rory said on 8/Jul/16
Stunning woman, but I don't think the above picture does her justice.
Leonardo said on 6/May/16
5'8.25-5'8.5 is a better shoot. With Doutzen Kroes she looks 5'8.5
I don't see good photos with Bradley Cooper.
Johan said on 4/May/16
5 ft 8 for her would be very bad news for Bradley Cooper. He didn't have 4 inches on her when they were barefoot was somewhere in the 3.25-3.5 in range. So that makes Cooper 5'11.5".
Leo said on 2/May/16
Ciara is 5'7
Leo said on 2/May/16
5'8.25 is exactly with Irina. She looks with Ronaldo 5'7 sometimes and with other models 5'8-5'8.5
Jason Momoa's son said on 31/Jan/16
@Rob, next to 5'8 Ciara she's barely an inch taller and she has on chunkier heels!
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M said on 8/Jan/16
@Dat no I don't have my own sight, you need explain me how tall is Irinna..Ambrosio is for true 5'8" and Irina is 1" shoretr then Ambrossio- so Irinna is really 5'7" tall.
5'5 said on 5/Jan/16
She's even shorter wearing platform heels than Alessandra Ambrosio, source photo;
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And she's 1/2" shorter than self proclaimed 5'9 ultimate beauty Doutzen. So I really think Irina is 5'8.5". That's a perfect height for women, between 5'8 - 5'9! Tall but not manly-ish and you can still wear elegant heels!
5'5"Gal said on 5/Jan/16
She's gorgeous! But with Adriana Lima she really looks 1.5"-2" shorter? I'll guess 5'8.5". And even more beautiful than the beautiful Adriana.
Allie said on 31/Dec/15
I'm not jealous Dat. I'm just guessing height. And Irina does not look 5'9-10 with before mentioned people in my comment. I think Irina's 5'8 maybe half an inch taller? But no more. Besides, models are known to lie if they don't fit the mold. Unless they become super sucesful have connections or something stands out about them them then they may be not so uptight about the inches.

Also, thanks MaryAnne :). I just want to give my opinion or state the picture proof to debunk claims.. You could argue 5'9 seems like the most but Irina looks more 5'8 range more often then not. Especially with her long lost sister Adriana. :)
MaryAnne said on 26/Dec/15
@dat, LOL, back off. Nobody has to prove anything to anybody. From my point of view, Allie can not be a jealous person as that makes no sense.Furthermore, she helps me much, she is truly a good person. Are you out of your mind? I am not her lawyer but your comment is just plain absurd. I laugh to you hahahaha.
dat said on 25/Dec/15
Allie, are you sure, you're 5'10? it seems you're jealous. comments prove it. hahahahahahaha
Idk said on 23/Dec/15
174 lowest. Next to cooper she looks much taller than next to Ronaldo. If cooper is 184 Ronaldo is 187 but I don't think that's the case. 186 Ronaldo and 183 cooper
Allie said on 12/Dec/15
Anyone who thinks she's 5'10 or almost 5'10 is crazy or bad at judging height. She's shorter than Adriana Lima noticeably who is no more than 177-178! She's shorter than 5'10 Erin Heatherton and close in height with Doutzen Kroes!

Not to mention how she's much shorter than 6'1 Cristiano her ex. Even look at new bf Bradley Cooper! He's 184 approx and she does not look like what true or weak 5'10 would look like with him! She's like 173-174.
dat said on 4/Dec/15
M, do you have a eyesight? irina isn't 170cm.
M said on 22/Oct/15
Solid 1.70m -max 1.71m.
spainmen191cm said on 12/Oct/15
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy with Irina
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Editor Rob
he could look in 6ft 4 range there.
heelshealheight said on 20/Sep/15
In all the photos where she's posing next to Adriana Lima, Adriana is far taller than her. In these photos they've got similar footwear. Adriana is taller and far more beautiful as well as elegant. Irina is trashy. As for her height-she's no more than 5'7".
dave said on 30/Aug/15
I LIVE in moscow, i'm journalist and i had the opportunity to meet her. I asked Irina what was her height. she smiled and sayed"I am about 5ft10". well i'm 5ft 9.5(177) and i was slightly above. she is solid 5ft 9(175)
dat said on 21/Aug/15
she is tall. noway 5.7" . stup up !!! 5ft 9.5 or 5ft 10 is right.
Armandy said on 5/Aug/15
Looks 5'7.75
M said on 23/Jul/15
@jim you are so right, I do agree with you.
mini-mini said on 16/Jul/15
5.9 for Irina
MaryAnne said on 1/Jul/15
More likely 174-173
jackie said on 27/Jun/15
think this height is about right, dropdead gorgeous lady and @frostpie56, you are perfect just the way you are, you'll see that one day!
sss said on 17/Jun/15
Ronaldo barefoot is taller than her on heels. 5'8 max imo
Natasha said on 28/May/15
173-174 for irina
aspa said on 4/Apr/15
Click Here she came to greece. Here standing next to 5 ft 8 claimed celebrity looking the same height. Will find photo with shoes too. Talking about 3rd picture
Ross said on 11/Mar/15
174-175 is right
Glim said on 15/Feb/15
5"7 for sure
FrostPie56 said on 3/Dec/14
soooo. I really think it is great to be tall! Imagine going to a concert... if you are 1.35 you won't be able to breath, BUT if you are 1.78 who will stop you from breathing? NO ONE WILL. I wish i could be that tall, but god hates me and made me short, shtuped, and ugly. Thank you LORD.
jim said on 21/Aug/14
i would say 5ft 8 if you comapare to ronaldo
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 2/Aug/14
I think 5'9" sounds right. She probably weighs 120 lbs based on the wasit and bust dimensins above- which is really thin for 5'9", so like most models she seems even taller, plus in high heels she's like 5-11 to 6 ft 2.
Cas said on 11/Jul/14
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If you look at photos with her and Ronaldo in New York she looks around 5'7...
What do you think rob?
Anja said on 19/Apr/14
Here Irina with Jessica White who's listed as 5.9'5 (177 cm)heels are the same size
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she's 173-174. 175 is max, not more
Nani12 said on 9/Feb/14
She is 172-173 sm max, because i'm 171 sm , and we was equally
Katarina said on 28/Jan/14
@lion @gian92 yeah, i'm confused too... Ronaldo is 185 cm for sure, no doubt!!! then, at that event, Irina was wearing 11 cm SAINT LAURENT Point Toe Ankle Strap Pumps and she was still shorter than him for about 4 cm... that makes her 170, or even shorter! but then on other photos when they're both in flats, the difference is still the same between them. i assume his shoes had a small platform at that even, too!
gian92 said on 20/Jan/14
see this Click Here
lion said on 19/Jan/14
What??? She is nothing more than 166/167!! Just look her and ronaldo in the photos...he is 185 and Irina with 10 cms shoes is 8-9 cms shorter than him...
divincodino92 said on 28/Dec/13
170-171 max for me!
Cliff said on 4/Nov/13
The two other posters are correct - she's a strong 5ft8 as measured according to an industry source. I think it's great that we've been seeing a host of gorgeous models the past few years who are more realistic in the height department: Miranda Kerr (5ft8), Cara Delevingne (5ft7), Sara Sampaio (5ft6) and a host of others are all under the 5ft9 industry standard. Definitely NOT short, but still well above average height for females. Models are supposed to sell brand clothes, so I think it gives a more realistic image of how the clothes would look on a female who's closer to average height.
Naima said on 14/May/13
She 5.8 max 5.9

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