How tall is Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

Hungarian model and actress known for appearing in Hercules (2014). She commented on her height a few times on twitter, saying in 2010 "I am really 174-5 cm! Its depends on how many hours do I sleep :D" and in 2013 "174/5.8.5". Her Img agency give her vital statistics as: Bust 33 inches, Waist 23 inches and Hips 35 inches. In her earlier career she was described around 172cm by some agencies.

How tall is Barbara Palvin
Photo by PR Photos
if I sleep well for like 10hours I am 175cm. But if I don't sleep well I am 174 :D

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Average Guess (109 Votes)
5ft 6.96in (170.1cm)
Berat said on 26/Aug/23
Did u upgraded her or was 5'7.5 always the listed height?
Editor Rob
Not touched this listing for years.
Edwin Adams said on 9/Dec/22
Who the heck cares how tall she is? She's a very lovely young lady.
stegen said on 30/Aug/22
According to tempo models' website her height was listed at 168cm. I believe she is around 5'6" barefoot.
Hann said on 19/May/22
she is taller then 168 cm but shorter then 175cm.
I think she’s 171-72 cm
Instagram T said on 15/Sep/21
I know her personally in Hungary. She is exactly 168 cm tall. That's what she said and it seems. When she started modelling IMG upgrated her height like with other smaller models. She is an amazingly beautiful girl anyway, she is in a good place regardless of her height! :) She has to do this. So she is 5 feet and 6 inches. :) Welcome!
RosieP1 said on 1/Sep/21
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
5’ 7”
Heightist9999 said on 1/Aug/21
LOL at the average guess. She is 5'8.
Eylul said on 30/Mar/21
Max 5ft7
Haley cooper said on 28/Feb/21
Rob she is 1 inch shorter than 172cm bianca balti. Needs 1 inch downgrade. She is 5ft6 1/2
Sofia rossi said on 28/Feb/21
She looks 3 cm shorter than winnie harlow. I think she is 170cm. Rob what do you think?
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Editor Rob
she can look 5ft 7 a fair bit with others.
gohoven said on 25/Jan/21
barbara's height looks very similar to sara's who's 5'5 they have the same height whenever they take a picture together

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pobeva said on 18/Jan/21
max 5'6 according to this website no more than that

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ALEXIZ/180cm said on 16/Dec/20
169 max.
Peter175 said on 11/Aug/20
here is the video
Click Here
Peter175 said on 11/Aug/20
Rob she's in a similar range as 2014 bieber and is around 2 inches under gigi hadid.

She needs to be downgraded to 5'7.25-5
The French Dude said on 9/Aug/20
A weak 5'8 to me in barefoot.
Phil Lester said on 17/May/20
I will give her a 5’7.5-5’6 she doesn’t look 5 foot 9 lol
JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
Allie Bennett said on 14/Apr/20
I think she’s 171-72 cm. Rob, how much do you think she weights around here? Click Here
Editor Rob
130 range
TheHawk said on 8/Jan/20
5’6 no more.
Lilsavo said on 20/Dec/19
She is max 167. in 2018 vs show she and kelsea ballerini stand side by side and barbara looks shorter than her. kelsea ballerini is 168!! Link- Click Here 2.10 look!
koshkoff said on 4/Jul/19
She's Hailey Baldwin's exact height if a little taller so I would put her at like 5'6.75
Alice Tee said on 29/May/19
In 2012 and 2013 I remember img models had her listed as 5'7" so I doubt she's taller. But she is too pretty not to be a model imo
MaryAnne said on 30/Mar/19
5 feet 6 and half inches tall.
Jancys said on 22/Feb/19
She is at least 169 cm. 5ft 6 and half is okay.
HauteCouture97 said on 17/Feb/19

If a model listed as 5'9 or less her height is max 5'7.75
MaryAnne said on 19/Jan/19
She is under this. 170-168 with VS girls
Kacey said on 6/Dec/18
There's this picture from the vs runway.
Click Here

She looks shorter than the other girls
Nadine said on 3/Oct/18
I do believe she’s 5’8 or 5’9 because i already met her in person without heels she’s taller than me!I'm almost 19 and only about 5′7″ tall And besides all her photos with stella maxwell looks like they have same height too.
Daphne said on 25/Sep/18
She even doesn’t look like 5’9 lol
Jonas Valanciunas said on 22/Sep/18
5'9 ? you must be joking sweetie
flat 5.7
Cinzia Servilio said on 8/Sep/18
Rob she is no taller than 169. I mean when she’s in heels she’s still shorter than 177 Dylan Sprouse. Also she’s a similar height to Sara Sampaio
Cinzia Servilio said on 8/Sep/18
Rob she is no taller than 169. I mean when she’s in heels she’s still shorter than 177 Dylan Sprouse. Also she’s a similar height to Sara Sampaio
nas said on 9/Aug/18
max 170 cm she is
khaled taban said on 3/Jul/18
She is 5'7.5" maximum !
Nik said on 18/Jun/18
This is an acceptable listing! - not 5'9"!
MAD SAM said on 14/Jun/18
She’s listed at 172 cm and I’m gonna agree with it
georgia said on 29/May/18
didn’t she just sign up with VS? I always thought VS models had to be at least 5’8
Pressco said on 25/May/18
She is 172. If we say 175 it will be lie. (She listed 175 on IMG Agency but its always happens all models.)U should watch old Justin Bieber Barbara Palvin video. In this video on a boat. U can see Barbara and Gigi Hadid and u can see different. There's no way Barbara shorter than 172.
Zamasu said on 27/Apr/18
These girls lie more about their height than men do
Oliver said on 3/Feb/18
5ft 7.5,I think. With loose posture, sometimes looks only 5ft 7.
Khakim said on 13/Jan/18
hey rob can u make a page about neels visser
MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
What would her leg length be rob? can you estimate?
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Editor Rob
I've not looked or considered leg lengths that much.
MaryAnne said on 8/Nov/17
Needs a serious downgrade.

With 5-8 Bella Hadid,5-8.5 Stella Maxwell(I think she is no more than 5-7.5 and 5-9.5 Taylor Hill(I think she is legit 5-9).

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With 5-7.5 Bianca Balti,5-9.5 Lara Stone and 6-1.5 Karlie Kloss.
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She is either solid 5-6.5 (I am being generous) or solid 5-6. Anything that is above 5-6.5 can be consideres as a joke.
Marine said on 19/Oct/17
172 cm for her
Diana said on 17/Oct/17
She's even less then 172....maybe with heels only she can reach 172...her real height its alike 165 no more...
rs1424 said on 1/Oct/17
She only looked about 2inches taller than Thylane who I think is around 5’4.5 so I’d say 5’6.5
Sweet potato said on 29/Sep/17
She's a 5'7" max.
MaryAnne said on 23/Sep/17
Could she be 1.70
Sisi said on 6/Aug/17
5'8 looks too much for her
5'7 max in a good day
Jeez said on 5/Aug/17
I think she's 173/174. With Lewis Hamilton their shoulders and bottoms are the SAME HEIGHT *eye roll*. She would not be a successful model if she was under this height!! Her head was crouched in the picture because she was leaning in for a hug 🙄
Jeez said on 5/Aug/17
I think she's 173/174. With Lewis Hamilton their shoulders and bottoms are the SAME HEIGHT *eye roll*. She would not be a successful model if she was under this height!! Her head was crouched in the picture because she was leaning in for a hug you trolls 🙄
Lol said on 17/Jul/17
Lewis Hamilton is 5'7
Barbara is 5'5
I have analysed multiple pictures with a cadilac escalade which is 6'2.3 in height.
She is 6 inches off 6'2 with 3.x inch heels on which means her height is 9 inches off 6'2.
It's not a joke guys, she's 5'5 flat.
Julie said on 10/Jul/17
Can she reach 6'1 or 6'1.5 in heels?
Editor Rob
would need a platform heel with at least 2 inch to get close to 6ft 1, but really if it had a platform about 2.25-2.5 I think she could scrape 6ft 1.
Donna said on 7/Jul/17
I don't get why people lie about their height
Peter175 said on 17/Jun/17
Her head is down. Hamilton is a guy who has looked 172 himself. They look close height. She could be a fraction below her listing and her could be a fraction above his
Picky said on 30/Apr/17
I agree with lol93, take a look at Click Here
efi said on 28/Mar/17
never thought she could be taller than 170
lol93 said on 1/Mar/17
Rob if this is Barbara Pavlin with Lewis Hamilton She needs a downgrade for sure to 170
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Anon said on 5/Dec/16
This seems like the perfect listing!
Allie said on 16/Mar/16
Actually, looking at pictures and taking into account the approx age Barbara was likely listed at this height, she does look like a weak 5'8er..
Allie said on 12/Dec/15
D, Not all of us are short? I'm a legit 5'10 and a girl so if you think I'm short for a girl in contrast to the apparent average height. Models and agencies are known to lie if the models do not fit the mold. Sad but it is what it is. Besides, models get more height if they become more famous. Especially if they're shorter. Such as this girl. She's in the 5'7 range but as she got more famous, they're trying to tell us she's 5'9 now lol.

I've seen several 5'10/5'9.5 models suddenly be listed that tall then a few years later become 5'11 outta nowhere. Though sometimes these models do legit grow to 5'11, sometimes they do not.
D said on 5/Dec/15
I can tell alot of short people with these comments
Lonestar said on 5/Dec/15
She look 5'8.5 next to the rock.
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
I think Barbara is 5'7 flat. Definitely not more than 5'8
Allie said on 28/Oct/15
I think she's closer to 5'7 range than near 5'8.. I think 170-171's perfect.
Mariam, Candice is 5'8.25 max and Miranda's like 5'7.5 cause she's almost always shorter than Candice.
Lou said on 5/Oct/15
Always thought that she is 169-170
gigi98 said on 23/Sep/15
barbara is 170-172cm
Height Observer said on 4/Sep/15
@mariam1 fact is candice was smaller than other models who's 5"9 and moreover miranda
dat said on 21/Aug/15
my doll. 171 or 172cm. less is ridiculous.
mariam1 said on 29/Jul/15
draculaura_xx Candice and Miranda are both 5'9" and it's ridiculous when some people mark them as 5'7" and 5'8". And Barbara is 5'7" 1/2 (1.72cm) all-out.
mini-mini said on 16/Jul/15
i think 5.7 right for her, 5.5 too short
draculaura_xx said on 5/Jul/15
She looks 5'5 (165 cm), I can't even think of her as a 5'7 person especially compared to Karlie. As far as I know, Candice and Miranda have always been the shortest angels (they're 5'7.75) and Barbara is shorter than them.
MaryAnne said on 22/Jun/15
Looks like Natali V.
dat said on 16/Jun/15
i think she is 171cm beside karlie kloss.
Steven said on 28/May/15
No more than 169!
Rovan said on 26/Apr/15
Rob, Why you list her as 5ft 8.5in (174 cm) earlier and now you've downgrade it to 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)?
Editor Rob
she came into an agency with this 172 height and it seems that she got increased a few cm's I think nearly 5ft 8 might be the better match for her.
120 said on 30/Mar/15
Rob, i think this needs a downgrade. The 5ft 8.5 (174 cm) claim seems ridiculous enough, It's quite obvious that she seems to be within a similar range with Cara Delevingne. About 75 percent of the comments section seems to personally disagree with this. I personally think 5ft 6.5-7 (169-170 cm) is a better bet than 5ft 8.5.
120 said on 29/Mar/15
Barbra Palvin and Zayn Malik (171 cm)
Click Here

Barbara Palvin w/ Niall Horan (171 cm)
Click Here
Click Here
120 said on 29/Mar/15
Justin Bieber (169-170 cm) and Barbra Palvin
Click Here

Justin Bieber (169-170 cm) and Cara Delevigne
Click Here

Both of the photos together
Click Here
120 said on 29/Mar/15
Barbara Palvin and Zayn Malik (171 cm) Click Here

Barbara Palvin and Niall Horan (171 cm) Click Here
Click Here
Poppy said on 3/Mar/15
Niall Horan is 1.71m tall and in this photo he is obviously taller than her! Click Here
MaryAnne said on 24/Feb/15
She is not 1.74!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mini said on 21/Feb/15
Trust me, if this girl was legit 5'8.5, IMG would have bumped her up an inch or two.
antropolog said on 21/Feb/15
Not taller than 5'7 (170cm)
S.J.H said on 18/Feb/15
Shes at least 5'7 and i bet 5'7.5 at best
Glim said on 15/Feb/15
She cant be even a bit taller than 5"7 1/2
Ketlin said on 31/Jan/15
Nope she's actually 169 cm. I remember when she started modelling she told that she's 169 cm tall and she was 19 years old. Few months later she said: actually I'm 170 cm tall and maybe a year later she was like: oh I'm 175 cm tall, thank you very much. She's obviously a liar!
Tom said on 16/Jan/15
how tall is she rob?
i get mixed up sometimes because some people think she is 5'7 others think 5'8 and some think 5'9
Editor Rob
I'd rule out 5ft 7 and 9 and say 5ft 8 or 8.5 is probably more likely. I think you could argue 5ft 8 is quite possible.
Maryanne said on 27/Dec/14
Love her height :))
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/14
"Barbara Palvin's height is 5ft 8in (173cm)"

Rob, is it possible that she's claiming her morning height when she says it all depends on the amount of sleep she gets?
Editor Rob
that's a possibility.
BGee said on 24/Nov/14
Could have sworn she was officially listed as 5'7 by her management (like Kate Moss)
barbara said on 25/Oct/14
Here she is with Karlie Kloss (6'1" - 6'1.5").
Click Here
Click Here
She looks way shorter than Karlie so I would say she is 5'6" - 5'7".
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 8/Oct/14
Same height at the Biebs.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Oct/14
Yeah I don't know anybody in the UK who talks in cm or pounds either. It's still very much feet and inches and stone. Online is very American, so much that I've become accustomed to talking in American English, and using cm and pounds!
Paul said on 3/Oct/14
I always thought she was around 5' 7.5" (1.71 cm). She looks shorter than most of the models.
Height181 said on 3/Oct/14
She is smokin' hot but I don't think she probably is tall as 5'8.5''
johno said on 2/Oct/14
5'6 to 5'7 and very sexy
paula said on 2/Oct/14
she is one of my favorite model definitely one the shortest out there, always been considered too short for runway indeed the bulk of her job is commercial, print, lingerie and swimsuit.
5'8 1/2 is flat out lie!!!
at the beginning of her career was listed at 5'6 now some agency list her at 5'7 1/2 some other at 5'9 (models got a different agency in each fashion capital)
my best guess is that she is somewhere between 5'6 and 5'7 (anything above that is frankly ridiculous!!!)
p.s. rob you have a great site but the height of the models listed here are often wrong (it really look like you are not into it!)
miranda kerr and lily aldrige are 5'7 5'71/2
alessandra ambrosio is 5'8
selita ebanks and marissa miller are 5'6 5'6 1/2
as general rule of thumb model shortest then 5'9 are bumped up and model taller than 5'11 are downgraded to meet the desidered height between 5'9 and 5'11, so model listed at 5'8 are 100% shorter than that(see marissa) and model listed al 6' are taller(see karlie)
littlesue said on 2/Oct/14
Don't know anyone in UK who uses cm??
J.J. said on 2/Oct/14
Rob she is no taller than 5'7.5"
yenz said on 1/Oct/14
Rob as a Scottish guy, don't you wish we could all stop saying this "I'm 6 feet 1 inch" jibberish, and just say "I'm a 185 cm"?

I.E. people just stop using imperial for height? or perhaps the U.S. will have to go through metrication before that happens...
Editor Rob
it's still quite interchangable in the UK, I use both....there's still a good chunk who kind of shrug if you say 183cm!
SAK said on 1/Oct/14
She has a great figure. I always thought she was a weak 5'9.
FlameBoy said on 1/Oct/14
damm shes tall was hoping she was like cara and only like 169-170cm in Reality Like myself i have a Severe Napoleon complex so a woman being tall always brings them down a grade IMO still Very Hot Though.

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