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6ft 1.36in (186.3cm)
Viper said on 26/Mar/08
He looked 6-2 in a video from the mid 70s interviewing a 6-1 NFL quarterback.
glenn said on 25/Mar/08
i could swear he was 6-3 back in the day.but when i saw him 6 months ago at 5-11.75,i was shocked.and believe 6-1 peak is possible now.
Hugh said on 24/Mar/08
Hugh said on 24/Mar/08
Could be 6ft2 because in Ghostbusters he was the same height as Harold Ramis who we all know is at least 6ft2.
johnny said on 19/Mar/08
peak height 6'1 and change (which everybody would agree on , 6'1 .25-.5"
these days probably rolls at a margin under 6'1 , end of discussion
dmeyer said on 17/Mar/08
rob in recent picture he looks a easy 188 cm near brody
thekiddd said on 13/Mar/08
I still believe he is 6'1" but oddly enough, he only looked about 5 Inches taller than Dreyfuss in What about Bob and they were both wearing the same size heel.
BERTA said on 11/Mar/08
Mark D. said on 17/Feb/08
Has to be 6'1", not 6'3". He was slightly shorter than the 6'2" Dan Ackroyd
in Ghost Busters in every scene. And yes, he's shorter than Letterman in the
You Tube video. That would put him squarely at 6'1" as the estimate is above.
diana said on 14/Feb/08
haha no way in hell is he 6'3
probably 6'1
Chris said on 15/Jan/08
Click Here Bill Murray looking an inch or more like 0.75 inch shorter than Letterman.
VierMae said on 7/Jan/08
no way 6'3 and neither 6'2 but a little more than 6'1 Dan Akroid in Ghostbuster. I'll say 186 cm for him.
denis said on 2/Jan/08
maybe not 6'3" but 6'2" in his prime could be possible !
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/08
I thought he was shorter. i dont think he is 6'3. no way!
denis said on 1/Jan/08
just watched ghostbusters yesterday , bill murray was taller that dan akroyd listed at 6feet one here , many shots in the movie they are face to face and dan his always looking up to bill he is at least an inch taller .
ted T said on 26/Dec/07
6ft 3in?Come on!Hillarious.Bill Murray is 184-185cm.
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/07
Still very difficult to me to say the difference betweem 6 ft = 183 cm and 6 1 = 184 cm , but anyway he look about 184 cm , close to Goldblum ..
glenn said on 6/Dec/07
yes,true viper.
Viper said on 5/Dec/07
Glenn, you once said Kevin Costner looked below 6-0 to you as well.
Chris said on 5/Dec/07
I saw him here in Stockholm this summer, looking 6 ft 1 for sure. Could have been 6'1
glenn said on 4/Dec/07
yes,he did look 6-3 in the past.maybe he lost height and lifts.i think he was 6-2,and is now 6ft,thats all.
Height Tracker said on 4/Dec/07
Maybe he lost some height or maybe he was a lift wearer in the past.
the shredder said on 4/Dec/07
5'11.75 ? I always thought 6'3 ! Atleast 6'1 at peak !
glenn said on 4/Dec/07
no.he was 511.75.
Height Tracker said on 3/Dec/07
Glenn you mean he "wasn't" the 6-2 you remembered?
glenn said on 30/Nov/07
saw him 6 weeks ago or so and he was the 6-2 i remembered him at.a weak 6ft.i was confused.
Matthew said on 28/Nov/07
lol, man is clearly 6'1. All you have to do is look at the goldbloom pic.
bobby t said on 26/Oct/07
i just saw him last night... i am a solid 6'0.5", and we were equal, he might have been a touch shorter- he had black dress shoes, i had nike sneakers - btw he is awesome
qwerty said on 29/Sep/07
Assuming David Letterman was 6'1.5", it appears that Bill really was around 6'1" in his prime:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/07
he looked about 3 inches taller than Woody Harrelson in Kingpin, so I believe a strong 6'1.
Chris said on 16/Aug/07
Saw Bill Murray the 15th of aug, here in Stockholm. He was tall, 6'1½'' Rob he is 186-187 cm. 185 cm is to short. Trust me, I saw him in person:)
James said on 4/Aug/07
ras what the hell two inches look at the picture further down the page with him stood next to Jeff Goldblum and you will see thier is at least 3 inches betweent the 2.
ras said on 2/Aug/07
Bill Murray in this picture looks two inches shorter than Jeff Goldblum, I think he is 6'2 at least 6'1.75.
Click Here
HellBoundPower said on 29/Jul/07
I always thought he was 6'2.5". He seems like a big guy to me. I think 6'1" is a bit low. At least 6'1.5".
giantmidget said on 28/Jul/07
"6'3.5 maybe but otherwise just 6'3."

How could he be 6'3.5" or 6'3" when in Caddyshack he was easily 2.5" shorter than 6'3.5" Chevy Chase? Are you people just pulling numbers out of your ass? Is there something I'm missing, because the man's never looked over 6'1" to me.
Brian D. said on 26/Jul/07
I too have met him. I was at the "Wild Things" premier and was surprised to see how tall he was. I am 6' and I would say 6'3'' seems dead on. He was very nice. I love when stars don't disappoint.
Taylor said on 17/Jul/07
Glenn if you think this guy is 6'2 upsize him.
Sam said on 13/Jun/07
Tall and thin. I do think 6'4 or 5 is far too high. Also 4 Harold Ramis. 6'3.5 maybe but otherwise just 6'3.
Cat Stevens said on 12/Jun/07
He looks 6'2
Sam said on 12/Jun/07
I met him in New York 2 years ago. We both at eye level. 6'2.5 barefooted, 6'3 in shoes.
PJ said on 27/May/07
Met him in a restaurant in Piermont, NY. 6'1 is accurate ... I'm 5'9 and we were both wearing normal dress shoes.
TheFary said on 18/May/07
yes he looks 6'1-6'2
Height Tracker said on 4/May/07
Yeah Elliot and Murray looked close in height in Groundhog Day; Murray may have been an inch taller but not more.
TheJerk said on 2/May/07
If Elliot is that guy in Groundhog Day like I think he is, I've seen him listed at 6-0, Jon Doe. He can look a bit less.
Anthony said on 2/May/07
Elliot looked close to Bill's height in "Groundhog Day" if I recall correctly.
Viper said on 2/May/07
Murray is an Enigma.
Jon Doe said on 1/May/07
He looked huge in Osmosis Jones especially when you compare him to Chris Elliot.
How tall is Chris Elliot anyway?, I've always been confused about him, I keep thinking he must be tiny but I keep seeing him around big guys like Bill Murrey and Ray Romano.Can I make a request for his height listing?
timber said on 29/Apr/07
I think Editor Rob's original listing, 6ft 0.5, is correct. watched What About Bob again recently, and he appeared no taller than that to me.
TheJerk said on 27/Apr/07
He said 6-4? Really? 6-1 isn't overly generous I agree, but 6-4 would be for sure.
billy leger said on 26/Apr/07
I saw him in an interview he said him and Harold Ramis are both 6 foot 4
derek said on 15/Apr/07
With all this 6'2 talk for him which I do agree he looks, I think his current height should be listed at atleast 6'1.5 ft
John said on 14/Apr/07
No taller than 6'1" in his prime straight out of bed. And that Lucy Liu quote just proves something that I've long suspected: women have no clue when it comes to measurements.
john said on 30/Mar/07
I've noticed a weird thing with the heights of the ghostbausters actoers.
In certain scenes, one will look taller than the other, this happens mainly between Ramis and Akroyd.
But as someone said, Murray appears to be over 6'' because he maintains his posture.
Viper said on 28/Mar/07
I dont know. It would explain how he looks much taller in certain movies over the years.
HellBoundPower said on 26/Mar/07
To me Bill Murray doesn't seem like the lift wearing type. He never seemed like the kind of guy that cared about his heights (to me anyway). I'd say 6'1.5" barefoot.
Branco said on 18/Mar/07
and how Murray can be even 6-1,5 when next to goldblum,down on that picture,he hardly looks 6-1.c'mon guys,i mean-6'5,someone must be crazy here.maybe 187 at his peak,now 184-185.
James said on 17/Mar/07
You should upgrade him to 6ft1 and a half at least.
glenn said on 12/Mar/07
i saw him look 6-3.but 6-4 is too high,as most aggree on 6-1,6-2.
boxingfan said on 11/Mar/07
This is the only height on the site which is WAAAY out, IMO. Mrray is a legit 6'4".
Anthony said on 4/Mar/07
My mistake again, didn't look 6'2 next to Hoffman.
Anthony said on 4/Mar/07
True. But whatever it is, Bill did not have a full head on him, which is genrwally he differnece between a 6'2 man and a 5'5 man. Yeah, that's a foul-up on my part. But Bill didn't look 6'1 next to Dustin. Compare them during the scene when they're walking downt he street, I believe they were looking for a necklce or something.
Viper said on 4/Mar/07
Anthony, wouldnt Hoffman be taller since the average head is 9-10 inches?
Anthony said on 2/Mar/07
I watched "Tootise" last week, and Bill plays Dustin Hoffman's roommate.I compared them in their scenes very intently. Bill did not look more than 6'1 compared to 5'5.5 Hoffman. Hoffman came up to slightly above his lip, which is about an 8 to 9 inches difference, which puts Bill around 6'-6'1. I really think 6'1 even is the perfect estimate for him. Lowest is 6'0.75.
Misha said on 22/Feb/07
Murray is tricky to guess correctly, as evidenced by the absurdly high in-person estimates of 6'5" (could he have been wearing enormous lifts in those instances?). If I had to pin him down within the half inch, I'd go with 6'1.5".
It it should be pointed out, though, since it is not obvious to everyone, that a person who is 5'3" will give a much less accurate estimate of someone who is
6'1" than someone else at 5'11" or 6'3" whose gives an estimate for the same person.
mcfan said on 16/Feb/07
Get a guy with great posture and they can sometimes look taller than they actually are. Bill Murray is a tall guy at 6'1 and has great posture.
Antron said on 5/Feb/07
Click Here
6'4'' Jeff Goldblum (head slightly nodded down) with Bill...
Murray does appear to be about 6'1"
Anthony said on 3/Feb/07
Bill does come off as a guy who'd wear lifts,e ven if he is already legitimately tall.
Viper said on 3/Feb/07
Yeah, it wouldnt shock me If he wore lifts.
Glenn said on 1/Feb/07
6-5 is extreme,but that prooves he can look 6-3.
Viper said on 1/Feb/07
Hell, we even have a couple of 6-5 estimates in person on here.
Anthony said on 31/Jan/07
I agree that 6' is rediculous. But 6'3 does seem a bit high to me. Bill generally has good posture in films, as mentioned, so he can appear taller.
Anthony said on 31/Jan/07
I agree that 6' is rediculous. But 6'3 does seem a bit high to me. Bill generally has good posute in films, as mentioned, so he can appear taller.
Glenn said on 31/Jan/07
Thanks guys at least for backing me that he is bigger than his prime,Im certain he was 6-2.
Viper said on 30/Jan/07
Murray has looked nothing lower than 6-1, and as tall as 6-3 before.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/07
No,your ridiculous Austrian for never meeting him and making your assumptions.he can look 6-3.6ft? now thats ABSURD! he is 6-2 minimum.
Austrian said on 28/Jan/07
LOL 6'3 and 6'4 is absolutely ridiculous

6'-6'1 seems about right
Anthony said on 9/Jan/07
I thought Ramis looked taller than both Murray and Aykroyd throughout the entirety of "Ghostbusters". I think Ramis might be one of the few stars in need of an upgrade. He's 6'2 flat minimum, possibly 189 cm.
Glenn said on 2/Jan/07
I only saw him twice.1990,1991.he seemed 6-3.
Pat Bateman said on 2/Jan/07
There´s a pic in our sales manager´s office with him and Bill. The sales guy is a legit 6´2" and Bill looks slightly taller than him in the pic.
S.J said on 30/Dec/06
but dreyfuss is a Small Guy he's Like 5,5 but i didnt believe it when i saw that bill murray was 6,1 he seems Like a 6,3 or something at least from what i saw in Lost in translation but i do agree he looks smaller then 6,3 in groundhogs day
Anthony said on 22/Dec/06
"Stripes" and "Lost In Translation" were the only times Bill ever came across as taller than 6'1 to me.
Height Tracker said on 19/Dec/06
He's always looked about 6'1" to me too, except for Stripes. I could have sworn that in some scenes of that movie he was even or perhaps slightly taller than Harold Ramis, in addition to only being a maximum of 2 inches shorter than John Larroquette. Going by Stripes alone I would probably have guessed at least 6'2" for Murray, but he looks 6'-6'1" in most of his other stuff. Strange.
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
I thought he looked 6-1 in What about Bob. Hes consistently looked 6-1 since at least the early 90s.
Height Tracker said on 18/Dec/06
lastttiger, he definetely looks 7 or 8" taller than Dreyfuss in that movie.
Anthony said on 17/Dec/06
Yeah, I caught "Groundhog Day" last night, and he looked 6'1.
Anthony said on 4/Dec/06
Wathced Bill once again in "Scrooged" last night, and he appeared to be about 6'1 there. I agree with D.Ray's analogy. 6'1 barefoot and 6'2 in shoes. Couple his height in shoes with his good posutre and he can come across as 6'3. But I don't think he's 6'3 or even 6'2 without them.
Anthony said on 4/Dec/06
Wathced Bill once again in "Scrooged" last night, and he appeared to be about 6'1 there. I agree with D.Ray's analogy. 6'1 barefoot and 6'2 in shoes. Couple his height in shoes with his good posutre and he can come across as 6'3.
James said on 4/Dec/06
This guy has never looked that tall to me. Besides, if you watched Groundhog Day, you'd notice that 6'2" Stephen Tobolowsky had at least an inch on Murray, which puts him at... 6'1 I guess. He's always had good posture though, so it would be reasonable for people to think he's 6'2".
Anthony said on 24/Nov/06
D. Ray - I think Bill should've won for "LIT". A lot of people say he should've won for "Ghostbusters" as well. Ass or not, Bill rules.
Viper652 said on 24/Nov/06
This guy has looked between 6-1-6-3 in everything.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Nov/06
I agree. 6'1" barefoot, 6'2" in regular shoes, 6'1½" in flippers. With the special Team Zissou helmet (the one specially-equipped with rabbit ears for piping in music), I'd say 6'3½".

Best admired from a distance, but I still feel he deserves an Oscar - someday, for something.
Anthony said on 22/Nov/06
Just finished watching "Lost In Translation". Bill looked a solid 6'2 throughout the entire movie. Hard guy to pin down. I still say 6'1-ish barefoot.
Elio said on 11/Nov/06
Looks noticably taller than ~5'10" Owen Wilson In 'Life Aquatic'. And only a couple of inches shorter than 6'4"+ Jeff Goldblum.
ralph said on 11/Nov/06
Why he is listed everywhere at 6'0.5"? He always looks 6'2" and more.
Danimal said on 9/Nov/06
Jordan WAS between 6'4.5"-6'4 3/4" at his peak. NEVER taller than that.
Alex said on 20/Oct/06
Jordan I doubt is as short as 6'4. 6'5 is my guess on Jordan. 6'5 plus shoes= 6'6 listing.
Danimal said on 3/Oct/06
Jordan is 6'4"-6'4.5"
sf said on 2/Oct/06
I won't give Jordon taller than 6'4" or so...saw him standing next to Jimmy Smits and was barely taller.
Anthony said on 2/Oct/06
Oh right, he's 6'5, sorry. I still think Bill in barefeet is about 6'1.
Viper652 said on 1/Oct/06
The problem is MJ is not 6-6.
Anthony said on 30/Sep/06
In "Space Jam", Bill also looks 6'3 in comparison to 6'6 Michael Jordan and 6'9 Larry Byrd.
Anthony said on 23/Sep/06
I just got finished watching "Stripes", and must say in quite a few shots Bill did indeed look 6'3. And that's the fact Jack!
Anthony said on 10/Sep/06
I was watching some of "Caddyshack" before, 6'3.5 Chevy Chase was about two inches taller than him.
Viper652 said on 6/Sep/06
Bill Murray looked 6-3 in Stripes to me.
Anthony said on 5/Sep/06
"Ramis was a cool 6'3" to 6'5"."

Ramis is tall, but I really don't think he's that tall. I haven't seen the movie, but someone said Murray looked about an inch taller than Ramis in "Stripes". If Ramis was between 6'3 and 6'5, wouldn't that potentially put Murray between 6'4 and 6'6? I don't know, I could be wrong. I'd probably need to see the movie.
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
Looks like Murray might have been 6-2 years ago, and now just 6-1. It would make sense how he could appear 6-3 at times, especially in person.
Danimal said on 4/Sep/06
Ramis was a cool 6'3" to 6'5".
Anthony said on 3/Sep/06
And yet in the pic below they're pretty much the same height:

Click Here

No to mention Ramis was taller than both of them in "Ghostbusters".
Danimal said on 3/Sep/06
Bill Murray was ALWAYS taller than Akroyd on the old SNL. In every single skit.
Anthony said on 2/Sep/06
In "Ghostbusters", there are some shots where Aykroyd looks taller, and others where Murray looks taller.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/06
He does look sometimes over 6'1" but Dan Akyroyd was a little bit taller than him in Ghostbusters. Akyroyd is 6'1" so I say 6'ft maybe 6'1"
Danimal said on 1/Sep/06
Viper, Randy is 6'4", which would put Bill at 6'1".
Anthony said on 30/Aug/06
Well, that one guy above said Murray was quite cool when he met him. Maybe he's cooled down in the last few years. Anyway, I think Bill might be just under 6'2. As I said, he only looks a half inch shorter than Jarmusch, so maybe peak 6'1.5 or 6'1.25.
D. Ray Morton said on 30/Aug/06
A gifted man, but not a nice man.
Viper652 said on 30/Aug/06
I just watched that Bill Murray movie with Randy Quaid and Geena Davis. Randy had at least 3 inches on him, and Bill was barely taller than Davis. So he looked 6-1 in that film.
Danimal said on 29/Aug/06
Bill appears to be very cocky and extremely sarcastic, so yeah, he's an ass at times ;).
Danimal said on 28/Aug/06
It's possible the man is just shy of 6'2".

[Editor Rob: I might give him an extra cm]
Anthony said on 28/Aug/06
He's definitely not 6'5.
Viper652 said on 28/Aug/06
Ive read a couple of 6-5 sightings for Bill actually, even one on this site. Sounds far fetched though.
Anthony said on 28/Aug/06
You met him? How's he in person? From his screen persona he always came off as a bit of a jerk.

Also, here's him with De Niro:

Click Here

Glenn said on 27/Aug/06
Couldnt agree with you more Viper.I thought he was 6-3 when I met him 15 years ago.
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
Bill can look anywhere from 6-1-6-3 in his movies.
Anthony said on 24/Aug/06
Hmm, well, I can concede to that. I really don't think Murray was more than 6'2 TOPS, and is probably closer to 6'1. Here's some comparison pics just for fun:

Bill with 5'7 Willem Dafoe

Click Here

Here he is towering over Scarlett Johansson, who I think is no more than 5'2. (I also posted this pic at her page)

Click Here

With 5'10 Owen Wilson

Click Here(I)
Danimal said on 23/Aug/06
Letterman in 1982 was a FULL 6'2" and probably that 6'2.5" measurement he claimed was him first thing in the morning. In any case, I give Murray over 6'1", but under 6'2".
Anthony said on 18/Aug/06
Yes, I thought Letterman was a tad taller than Murray as well. I still think Murray is 6'1 even and and Letterman might be 6'1.5, with the 6'2.5 claim being in shoes. If you look at the clip of Murry on Letterman from 1982, you can tell that Letterman is a tad taller.
mcfan said on 17/Aug/06
I think Letterman was a tad taller, but Dave always claimed to be 6'2.5. Well, Peter O'toole was 1.5-2 inches taller than him so I doubt his 6'2.5 claim. Letterman might be 6'1.5.
Anon said on 14/Aug/06
Check out this video: Click Here

He looks taller than the Letterman (6'2").
Anthony said on 11/Aug/06
Bill with 6'2 Jim Jarmusch.

Click Here(I).

Bill's a bit behind the guy. I see about an inch at most. Possibly 6'2 but I still think he's closer to 6'1.
Glenn said on 10/Aug/06
He was or,still is 6-2.
Anthony said on 8/Aug/06
I always thought Bill was a legit 6'1. Him and Dan Aykroyd were more or less the same height in "Ghostbusters" (also if you look at the first pic in mcfan's post there's really not much of a difference between them, if any at all), he looked about an inch taller than Weaver in the film as well (I personall think Weaver was an even 6' when she was younger despite the 5'11 listing she is given).

Shame I can't find a decent pic with him and 6'4 Goldblum in "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" (the only one I found was posted already and wasn't too great in that they weren't on equal plains), because that could probably give us a great indication of what Murray's true height really is.
Rut said on 11/Jun/06
LOl, in what about bob he played opposite Richard Dreyfuss who is only about 165 cm.
Matt said on 10/Jun/06
Yeah, he's a pretty tall guy. I'd say about 6'1- 6'2 sounds accurate. You can tell he is a tall guy in Caddyshack and What about Bob?.
Elio said on 1/May/06
I'd guess 6'2".
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
3" shorter than chase always looked right to me. He looked at least 4 inches taller next to Owen Wilson in Life Aquatic which they say is 5'10.5"-5'11" but Owen's height many people say that he's really only 5'8" or 5'9" and just wear big healed footwear because he wants to be tall likes every movie star is pressured to be. Could Bill Murry really be 6'3". Could be his peak but he's definitely at least 6'1" at his peak.
Viper652 said on 28/Apr/06
I just watched What about Bob, and he looks no taller then 6-1 in that movie. Strange how he can look taller though.
mcfan said on 27/Apr/06
If you watch "Caddyshack" Chase is 3 inches taller than him. I know Chevy ain't no 6'6.
J. said on 25/Apr/06
This piece on Bill Murray describes him as '6 foot 3', suggesting that "that slouch has tended to efface the fact": Click Here

Intrestingly, he sometimes can look that tall.
mcfan said on 14/Apr/06
Here with 6'1 Aykroyd:

Click Here

Here with 6'4 Chase:

Click Here

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis

Click Here

Gonzalo said on 6/Apr/06
I always thought he was tall, near 6`2. Maybe he is a little bit shorter, like 6`1. Anyway, if he is 6`1 he looks taller than other 6`1
mcfan said on 16/Feb/06
Height Tracker...Bill Murray was born in late 1950. Are you saying that he was 6'2 at 30 y/o in Stripes and down to 6'1 at 33 y/o in Ghostbusters. Ramis looked to me to be taller than Murray in both films.
Height Tracker said on 14/Feb/06
Mcfan, I agree that Ramis seemed taller in Ghostbusters. However, in Stripes the height difference between Murray and Ramis was very small and at times Murray actually appeared taller. I think that this was due to the fact that Murray may have actually been pretty close to 6'2" at his prime.
mcfan said on 13/Feb/06
Harold Ramis was taller than Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd by an inch. I read comments about Bill Murray being taller but in "Stripes" and "Ghostbusters", Ramis was clearly taller by about an inch.

Here's a photo with the three almost side by side. Clearly 6'2 Ramis is the tallest:

Viper652 said on 9/Feb/06
Yes, Bill Murray certaintly looked 6-3 in Stripes. He also looked huge in Caddyshack as well.
Dominic said on 8/Feb/06
This guy is pretty tall. I'd say 6'2 bare foot.
Height Tracker said on 27/Jan/06
I agree with Anonymous; if you watch Stripes, Bill Murray looked taller or at least the same height as Harold Ramis in many scenes. He was also noticeably taller than both John Candy and Judge Reinhold. In addition, there was one scene where he squared up with 6'5" John Larroquette and Murray looked at a maximum about 2" shorter. I agree though, in most of his later work he looked around the 6'1" mark or slightly taller.
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
In Stripes he looked he was 6`3"
dmeyer said on 11/Jan/06
he looks a good 2.5 inches than owen
Gramps said on 16/Dec/05
And John Cleese is a "surprisingly tall" man in his mid-sixties. Don't know what that says about his measured height, though.
Gramps said on 12/Dec/05
Bill Murray is definitely 6'1".
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/05
Murray didn't have us fooled, it's all the others that did ;o)
He looks 6'1"
J. said on 11/Dec/05
Bill Murray has us all fooled and he's really 6'5"?! Well, I'll be damned! ;-)
Gramps said on 10/Dec/05
Louise: "Who knew?".......certainly not you! 6'5" is completely ridiculous! Maybe you and Anonymous should get together, except he already has a girlfriend. Unless you are actually...
Louise said on 9/Dec/05
You're not going to believe this, but Bill Murray is about 6'5". He lives near me and one day he brought his entire family and their friends to the local movie theater. He was getting popcorn and I had to keep doing a double take. He doesn't appear that tall in the movies. Now, I do notice he usually towers over other actors when you see him at the award ceremonies and things like that. Who knew?!
Gramps said on 8/Dec/05
Rob has him exactly right at 6'1".
Viper652 said on 8/Dec/05
Sometimes he looks 6-1, while in some other movies he looks 6-2 to 6-3. I dont know If he wears lifts or If its just a good posture on screen.
Jason said on 8/Dec/05
He looks 6'1''/185cm to me.
Height Tracker said on 7/Dec/05
Anonymous, you might want to suggest to your girlfriend that she check her height measurement. I really think she's off by a lot of inches. All I can say is Bill Murray is definetely not 6'5".
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
Bill Murray is 6'4"-5". My girlfriend met him one day and she is 6'3" and she said he was an inch or more taller than her!
Tubbs said on 25/Nov/05
Saw Ghostbusters last Friday, there are a few scenes where Bill looks a couple of inches taller, than Aykroyd, and other times where they are virtually the same. He is hard to pin down, but 6'1" maybe 6'2" seems reasonable.
dex said on 4/Nov/05
Just see Groundhog Day?Bill is tall that is corect,but he is not 6'2''(188cm).Stephen Tobolowsky is 188cm,ann he is clearly taller than Murray.
Don´t you think?
Gramps said on 30/Oct/05
I just finished watching "The Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray. I watched him closely in several shots standing next to the 6'4" Jeff Goldblum and the 5'10" Owen Wilson. Guess what? He was as much taller than Wilson as Goldblum was taller than him! Hmmm...looks like right about 6'1"!
Gramps said on 23/Oct/05
While I do think Bill is at least 6'1", take a gander at the thickness of the soles of his shoes here:
I've never seen soles that thick on that type of shoe! How often does he wear "enhanced-sole" shoes???
sam said on 17/Oct/05
Bill Murray's tricky. I certainly remember him being about the same height (certainly no taller than) Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters, but Murray's looked tall recently. In The Life Aquatic he looks solidly taller than everyone except Jeff Goldblum and he doesn't even look THAT much shorter than Goldblum. It probably has a lot to do with great posture. I had a teacher in college who apparently encountered Bill Murray in Aspen and said he was "like 6'4"". Probably 6'1"+ in reality.
Height Tracker said on 16/Oct/05
I agree that Bill Murray looks tall, but I also think Matt Dillon is not 6'0". He seems around 5'10.5" or 5'11".
guy from paris said on 15/Oct/05
In "wild thing" Bill Murray looks 2.5 inches taller than Matt Dillon. That makes him at least a 6'2'' tall man.
Height Tracker said on 30/Sep/05
In "Stripes" Bill Murray looks about as tall as Harold Ramis. I think back then he was definetely a little over 6'1".
mcfan said on 28/Aug/05
Saw "Ghostbusters" on cable. He and Dan Aykroyd were almost exactly the same height. I originally said they were extremely close by memory and that Murray was taller. Now I would say they were the same height at 6'1.
McFan said on 18/Jul/05
Bill Murray was at least 3 inches shorter than Chevy Chase in "Caddyshack." He has great posture. He's only like Dan Aykroyd's height...maybe a hair taller. Aykroyd would look much shorter than he was because he always would slouch, but I could see these two were very close in height on SNL. 6'1 is more like it, not no 6'3-4. He's not even close to that.
JS said on 10/Jun/05
Mr. R

I was recently at an O's game, 2nd row.. and Roberts is not 5'9. He MIGHT be 5'8 though, maybe
Mr. R said on 31/May/05
Okay Viper, last night during the Red Sox - Orioles game, commentator Rick Sutcliffe, who is 6-5, remarked that he had been talking to Brian Roberts before the game, and that he was listed at 5-9, but in reality he was closer to 5-7 or 5-8.
Viper652 said on 22/May/05
Mr R., I would REALLY Love to know what Orioles 2nd basemen Brian Roberts is. He is listed at 5-9, but I swear, Ive seen him up close from the stands, and He looks 5-6!!!!
Mr.K said on 21/May/05
I have seen many pictures of Bill Murray and I'm convinced that this man is not taller then 184-185cm. I would also like to ask why you use this old feet and inches system. To me and other continental europeans it seems like the stone age. I have been in USA and Great Britain many times and almost all people has guessed my height as 6'2". I'm just over 186 cm. What is 6'1"? Is it 184 cm, 185 cm or is it 186 cm. My experience is that americans estimate my height as 6'2" because I'm about one inch taller than the 6'1" guy who is actually 184 cm. Would appreciate comments.
Viper652 said on 21/May/05
How tall would you say Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco are Mr R???
Mr. R said on 21/May/05
Viper, I have yet to meet a baseball player whose listed height is right. Just a partial list includes: Jose Canseco, Vinny Castilla, Mike Bordick, Barry Bonds, Mike Gallego, George Brett, and others.
Viper652 said on 20/May/05
Which baseball players are you referring to Mr R?? They are pretty much accurate, save for Barry Bonds or Jose Canseco. Sometimes when they go to a different team they might shrink down an inch, which makes no sense.
Mr. R said on 19/May/05
Servel, I am saying that SOME of the heights in the mlb official sites are "enhanced". Most athletes want to appear taller than they are, just like most of us. I have seen Michael Barrett's height reported three different ways, so it is hard to estimate Bill Murray from him. I am one of those baseball freaks, so I can recite statistics very easily, and most of the baseball players that I have met have been listed incorrectly and rounded up.
Gopher said on 19/May/05
Just saw him at his annual charity golf event at Caddyshacks at WGV.
6'2" absolute minimum, maybe more
servel said on 18/May/05
I, by my own research, find that Bill Murray is Clearly 6.2, Rob i think you should at least put him at a 6.1&1/2...
servel said on 17/May/05
so Mr. R youre saying that the heights in the mlb official site are wrong?
Mr. R said on 9/May/05
Servel, the other problem that you have is you don't know for sure if the height attributed to Barrett is correct. As a baseball fan, I know for a fact that his height has been listed at 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3, depending on the team he is playing for. I met Bill a few years ago, and this height is basically correct!
Rick G said on 8/May/05
I also thought that in Ghostbusters Bill Murray looked maybe 6'2" next to Sigourney Weaver at 5'11" but in Quick Change he looked about 6'1" next to Geena Davis at 6'0". So I'll say he's 6'1.5" then. ;)
Smoke said on 25/Apr/05
Yup, great pic Hani! I think 185 cm is his height, why can't he just step up and say it?
hani said on 24/Apr/05
He is 6'1 he looks 3 inches shorter than Jeff Goldblum

Squa said on 27/Mar/05
Look at this picture, where Bill Murray and Johnny Deep, are standing together.

If Johnny Deep is around 5'9", when Bill Murray is max. 5'11" at this picture!,%20Bill%20(I)&seq=3
Mr. R said on 16/Mar/05
As I mentioned before, standing next to him at a premiere, I was surprised that he was taller than me. He was at best 6'1", maybe a little bit less. There is no way that he is 6'2"! One way to be clear, is that Murray was on one of David Letterman's anniversary shows, maybe his 10th. On a level stage, 6'2" Letterman was clearly taller than Murray, and Murray makes a comment about it. Murray was more than inch shorter than Letterman. Using my personal experience, the Letterman show, and common sense, I stand by my view that Murray is 6'.5", and not quite 6'1".
Unknown said on 16/Mar/05
Nobody can seem to pinpoint exactly how tall this guy is!!! It would definately help if Murray himself said exactly how tall he was because he definately knows better than anyone. Sometimes he looks on the 6 foot mark, and other times he just towers over people like a 6 foot even guy wouldn't. It's definately very hard to tell exactly whether he's six feet, six one, or six two. I definately think he's 6'2" max though, he can't be 6'3".
6ft 0.5 was better said on 16/Mar/05
because murrey and aykroyd are the same height. Both 6ft 1 max.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/05
Yeah, Bill's 6'2", check out this quote from Lucy Lui:
The rumors started going crazy that I swung at him. This guy is like 6-foot-2. I wasn´t going to pull out kung fu on him," Liu says in the Oct. 28 issue of TV Guide.
Scotty Boy said on 25/Feb/05
I reckon Bill Murray is 6'2 If you look at the scene in ghostbusters with sigourney weaver when he is at her appartment he looks 3 inches taller than sigourney.
joeyb said on 17/Feb/05
i dunno, check out pics of him next to Jeff Goldblum in the Life Aquatic...theres a definate noticable height difference...6 foot - 6 1 seems about right
Mr R said on 14/Feb/05
I stood next to him at the Osmosis Jones premiere, and he was definitely an inch or so taller than me [so would be 6ft 0.5-1]. This was surprise. He comes off shorter.

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