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6ft 7.88in (202.9cm)
hs2008 said on 12/Sep/08
James, totally agree. He may be a full 6'8" but I don't see him being close to 6'9". Huge guy anyway of course.
hs2008 said on 10/Sep/08
He looks 6'8" next to Ray Romano here:
Click Here
Click Here
tom said on 26/Aug/08
how can you see the difference beteween 8feet and 8.25 I can see it
Dirk said on 21/Aug/08
He was measured at 6'8 1/2 at a clinic, he is 204 cm tall a tad over 6'8, deacon on king of queens is 6'5 1/2 197 cm for king of queen fans who ask?
Anonymous said on 8/Aug/08
Click Here
Spenser said on 30/Jun/08
I wonder what size shoe he wears, I'm the same height, and I wear a size 16 US
Jake Is Back said on 27/May/08
6'8.25" could definantly be right, even if he can look shorter at times.
joz said on 23/May/08
Brad is 6'8.5,big guy ,he was good on raymond and ray romano is brilliant, the whole raymond cast was quite tall apart from like patty and doris, ray romano is 6'3 ,peter boyle was 6'2 , fred willard and robert culp 6'2 also.
ps. rip. peter boyle
Joe said on 21/May/08
Huge guy. Saw him in NYC a good eight-nine years ago, he looked about 6-9 and very large too. Resembled a big wardrobe.

6-8 sounds about right for him barefoot from my personal experience.
John Jay said on 18/May/08
Seen Brad walking in the street in Nyc last summer the guy is a head above the crowd, I first noticed him because of how tall he looked then as he walked past I noticed it was him, even hunched over he looks very tall ,not just tall but very large framed with large holloween monster glove sized hands, BIG FELLA yes 6'8 sounds right.
Anonymous said on 5/May/08
Well, is that 6'8" with shoes???....maybe...because 99% of the time when I get my height taken at the doctors office they just have me stand with my shoes on and then take my height...that would make him 6'7"...which seems more plausible....
nolby said on 24/Apr/08
Brad garrett is 6 foot 8 and a half ,204 cm tall he said his height in interviews he said 6'8 , 6'8.5 and 6'9 too but in a raymond episode a guy asks him his height in the episode where he is modelling off season 8 i think and he says 6'8 and a half, ray romano is 6'2.5 .
Rantsrob said on 22/Apr/08
He is no taller then Kane. if hes 6.8 1/4 kane is 6.9. imho
ravitit707- israel said on 20/Apr/08
204 cm is quite inconceivable .. however inside any tall person hides a very good heart . somehow its proved .. im sure he is a very good person , the higher the better .
Vertically Challenged said on 11/Apr/08
James: Damn i dont know why all you guys see him so gigantic....dude are you kidding me? no way he is definitely taller than the 6'6" you claim...he is a giant no matter what your opinion many people do you see over 6'6" on a daily basis? (disregard if you play pro basketball) I personally do not see many, and that is why the majority of us are claiming he is pretty tall
Ras said on 28/Mar/08
So why did you add a quarter to his height Rob?
glenn said on 1/Dec/07
correct james.
D-Lurker said on 21/Oct/07
I remember seeing brad on 'Everbody loves Raymond' for the first time, years ago, before it was popular here (and enjoyable)..I actually thought that it was the actual wwe star "Undertaker"....I was young, what can i say :P. quite a success story for someone his height!.
o said on 6/Oct/07
brad garrett is either 6'8 , 6'8.5 or 6'9 one of those three , my best guess would be middle one
bob1 said on 21/Sep/07
His recent interview with Conan O'Brien is on you tube:

Click Here

About 27 seconds in you can see he looks to be a good 5 inches taller than Conan. You can see later in the video that he is wearing quite big heels though.
Chiabone said on 16/Sep/07
I figured he was that tall, he can barely walk under a standard door frame. I know they are 6'8, having installed and framed a LOT of doors in my day.
Brad1 said on 1/Sep/07
If Brad Garrett is 2.04 and Phil Gordon is 2.06, how come Brad looks 1 inch taller then him in those wireimage pictures? I have a big reason to believe that Phil Gordon's height is NOT 2.06, he 's probably like 1.98-2.01 something.. that would be realistic..
I Know It All said on 17/Aug/07
NO, he's listed at and is 6'8 1/2"! He has to duck slightly under ur average 6'8" doorway!!! And Ray Romano is listed at 6'3 1/2", I don't see how Ray's my height?? At my height u need long arms, big hands, and broader shoulders!!??
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/07
I couldn't believe it when I read Raymond is 6'2, because i always remembered him looking like a shrimp next to Robert. But now that I've read that this guy's 6'8, it's pretty believable.
karl said on 18/Jul/07
just watched the model episode he says he is 6foot8 and a half but he can slouch down to 6'5,so 6'8.5 is bang on.
glenn said on 14/Jul/07
so how tall do you think he is james?
James said on 13/Jul/07
glenn he does look 6ft5 on everybody loves Raymond but I think thats camera trickery?
sweccey said on 20/Jun/07
its difficult to say but he may be around the 6'8 mark, although i saw an image and he was by phil gordon who is said to be 6'9 and brad looked a tad taller so some one should check that out.
lillo thomas said on 14/Jun/07
i think that if garret isnt a full 6'8 he got to be 6'7 at least
Jack said on 13/Jun/07
Wow, now that's one tall guy.
Arjun said on 14/May/07
Romano is standing slightly behind Garrett though, but Garrett still towers him all the same.
Arjun said on 14/May/07
bob1: Garrett itowers over Romano there. He indeed looks a solid 7 inches taller, if not slightly more. In most pics, the difference is'nt that big - it's more like 5-6 inches.
bob1 said on 13/May/07
This is a recent pic of Ray Romano and Brad Garrett, and Garrett looks to be about 7-8 inches taller (taking into account posture):
Click Here

He must be somewhere around 6'8", I've not yet seen him standing next to anybody who's been taller.

Does anybody know how tall Prince Edward is? On other photos on getty Romano looks approx. the same height.
wazza said on 5/May/07
yo arjun , i believe romano is 6 foot 2 and brad garrett is 6 foot 8 and a half, you cannot tell where ray comes to brad exactly , brad has a huge head but i would guess he has 6 and a half inches over romano.
az said on 5/May/07
Ray romano said that brad was a 6 foot 6 inch giant, but when asked brad said he was a hair over 6'8, i believe brad garrett is 6 foot 8,who does romano think he is saying he's 6'3 if ray is 6'3 brad is 6'10, besides brad knows his own height, what does ray romano kmow
Valleygirl said on 5/May/07
Ok folks, I went to Highshcool with Brad and he is a bit over 6'8. He is not shorter than 6'8". I am 5'8" and with heals on he is still at least 8-10 inches taller than me. My HS boyfriend was 6'6" and Brad was taller than him.
cabb said on 4/May/07
i think brad looks 6'8.5 and as far as that ray romano how can he look 6'6 to romeno ,ray is said to be 6'2 but his big ass hair gives him a few inches, he probably is 6'2 if you include his hair, and brad is still like 5 or 6 inches taller than him.
sf said on 3/May/07
Why do some many quote the episode where Romano says he's just under 6 feet as gospel? It's a tv show! The episode wouldn't work if he said his real height. He's obviously over 6 feet. He's also supposedly a sports writer - not real, either.
nick said on 3/May/07
brad garret is 6 foot 8.5 and ray romano is 6 foot.
Viper said on 3/May/07
Yeah, he looks 6-6 1/2 with Romano.
Arjun said on 2/May/07
kiunn, how can Romano be 5'10"? He's no less than 6'1". As has been discussed on his page, the ruler in that measuring episode of him was rigged - making him appear 2 inches shorter than he is. And Garrett may be 6'8", but honestly, he does'nt seem to have 7 or more inches on Romano. Looks 5-6 inches to me.
kiunn said on 2/May/07
i believe brad is just over 6'8 , looks it in my opinion, he never stands straight most the time but he towers over the 5'10 romano and the 6'1 boyle, big man he is listed at 2.04 m which is about right
Arjun said on 26/Apr/07
But oscar, there was apparently an extra 2" on the first foot of that measuring stick. The first foot (0'0" to 1'0") was 14 inches. So 6'0" would actually be 6'2". That would make Romano closer to 6'2", maybe 6'1" and change w/o his big hair? He never looks 8 inches shorter than Garrett in any halfway decent angle, even w/o big hair. So either Romano is taller than 6'0", or Brad is shorter than 6'8". Personally, I see a max of 6 inches between the two. Romano reaches or nearly reaches Brad's eyeline even without his hair , and there is no way that Garrett could have more than 5 1/2 inches from the top of his head to the middle of his eyes. Measure that distance on yourself and see what you get.
oscar said on 23/Apr/07
brad is a huge guy he's 6'8, he had an interview and he said he was 6'8, 250 pound guy shopping in the big fat ****s shop.
arjun, about romano have you watched the episode ray get's measured and he said he was 6 foot like 5 times, episode is called six feet under its on season 2 i think.
Arjun said on 23/Apr/07
There does look a full 3 inch difference between Tom and Brad in that photo.
However, penton, if Brad is 6'8", I can't see Romano at " 6'0" at best ". When do you see EIGHT INCHES between the two?
Franco said on 21/Apr/07
"Well I shrunk. I recently had a physical at the primate clinic."

this one should give you an idea that he actually was 6'9 and now he is 6'8 or 6'8.5

i believe him, he looks the classic 2.0 meter guy.
5'11 guy said on 20/Apr/07
"How do we know Tom is a legit 6-5?"

Because he towers over almost everyone in pics.
Colton said on 20/Apr/07
i know he isnt six five i was quoting from the show u idiots. he says i can slouch to 6 5 jokingly. but he is 6 foot 8 n a half. ray romano is full of **** he is more than 6 6 for sure. and he says himself many of times hes 6 8 n a half so.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
How do we know Tom is a legit 6-5?
penton said on 19/Apr/07
brad is 6'8 he is taller than the 6'5 tom kiesche on that photo, i would say brad is 203 cm aswell, i would put ray romano 6'0 at best,and peter boyle was bold but he was taller than romano,
r.i.p peter boyle
5'11 guy said on 19/Apr/07
No way. If he was 6'6 he wouldn't dwarf Tom Kiesche, but he does.
Click Here
Viper said on 19/Apr/07
Hes never really looked 6-8 to me honestly. More 6-6. Hell, he looks 6-6 1/2 with Glenn.
5'11 guy said on 18/Apr/07
Brad towers over 6'5 Tom Kiesche. He is 6'8 at the very least.
des said on 17/Apr/07
someone asked brad how tall he was he said a hair over 6-8, romano said brad is 6-6 who do you believe, if brad was 6-6 that would make ray 5-11, ray is a joke he stated pat heaton was 5-6 that is a joke she is barely 5-1
derbin said on 12/Apr/07
6'5 is bulls***, he is 6'8.5 he even said when asked he is a tad over 6'8 , he is a big dude but his always slouching , he is not smaller than 6'6 ray said he is 6'6 and debra was 5'6 when she is like 5'2., ray is 6'1,frank 6'2, robert 6,8.5, debra 5;2, marie 5,1
roy said on 12/Apr/07
6'5 is bulls***, he is 6'8.5 he even said when asked he is a tad over 6'8 , he is a big dude but his always slouching , he is not smaller than 6'6 ray said he is 6'6 and debra was 5'6 when she is like 5'2., ray is 6'1,frank 6'2, robert 6,8.5, debra 5;2, marie 5,1
Colton said on 11/Apr/07
ya he says on everyone loves raymond when he becomes a model lol great episode. but the guy asks how tall he is and he goes. i am 6 8 n a half but i can slouch to 6 5.
5'11 guy said on 11/Apr/07
I met a guy of just under seven foot and the height difference between me and him was pretty comparable to that of between Glenn and Brad. So Brad should be around 6'8.
LV said on 18/Mar/07
Great post C. Brad actually looks a couple of inches taller. I think the angles great favor him or they're on an incline because I'm fairly confident Phil Gordon is a legit 6'9". I'm sure he's no less than 6'8 1/2" in comparison to other tall poker players and celebs.
C said on 17/Mar/07
All pictures here: Click Here that show supposed 6'9" Phil Gordon and Brad Garrett together imply that Brad is taller. Brad has the camera angle on him on some shots, but there is no way he is shorter.
Arjun said on 12/Mar/07
Yeah LV, I think 6'6 1/2" is too low. Glenn, what did you estimate him at roughly?
LV said on 10/Mar/07
Viper, please review pictures of him next to athletes and celebrities of known height. He's only slightly shorter than 6'9" Chris Webber and Phil Gordon. No way he's 6'6 1/2". He's a solid 6'8". Someone earlier said he looked 6'4" on the show, that's crazy seeing how he towers over 6'3" Ray Romano.
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
i agree viper.arjun-thats actually not an illusion.
Anthony said on 2/Mar/07
I think arguing that he's under 6'8 is rediculous. Why would he add nearly two inches to himself? It's common knowledge that Hollywood is antsy about hiring actors 6'5 and up because most of Hollywood's biggest stars (male, anyway) have height complexes, so if Garret was already 6'6 he'd be hindered enough. Adding two inches is just silly. First of all, as I said, it would make getting work difficult, and second of all, why would he want to be any taller anyway? Be sensible. Garret is at the very least 6'7.75 and rounds up slightly in my opinion. Not to be disrespectful, but let's give the man the benefit of the doubt.
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
I dont think hes 6-8. Still looks 6-6 1/2 to MAYBE 6-7 with Glenn. Also Chris Webber is 6-8 1/2 at best, and he was still taller than Romano leaning down.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
Glenn, is Brad's head really that big compared to yours? Or is it an effect of camera angle? His head does'nt look very huge at all in other pics of him.
Arjun said on 28/Feb/07
Matt, as such he only looks to have 10 inches on Glenn here (just under a head size, which would be about 10.5 inches or so in Brad's case) however he is clearly leaning. If he stands straight he MAY have maximum 12 inches on Glenn. However, he always has Raymond by 5 inches easy, maybe 6 inches.
Height Tracker said on 27/Feb/07
Matt what are you talking about? He towers over Raymond and his Dad in that show. I'd say he's got about 5 or 6 inches on Raymond, easy.
luke said on 24/Feb/07
i am about 6'10" and i met this guy, and he is actually very close he might have even been 6'8" and a half when i met him cause most often i tower over people, however i just barely was taller than him
Matt said on 24/Feb/07
It's so funny how he only looks about 6'4 on Everybody loves Raymond, considering Raymond is 6'3 and his father is 6'2, yet in reality, he's a giant of almost 7' tall! You can tell in this pic with Glenn! I'd say 6'9 he looks here.
LV said on 8/Feb/07
He's is definantely 6'8" if you look at that picture with him and Chris Webber...their shoulders are about exactly the same height...if Webber didn't have that huge hat on, they might about the same height, maybe 1/2" difference
KC said on 26/Jan/07
I actually do think I grew up with Jill Diven. Did she live for some time in Virginia? Was her dad in the military?
dmeyer said on 20/Jan/07
i was mesured at 183 cm at the doctor when i was 18 in the morning but i had my hair backwards so it might have give me 0.25 to 0.5 advantage because i am more 182 than 183 inthe morning or 183 on a great morning regular morning 5'11.6 to 5'11.8
Viper said on 20/Jan/07
I grew 2 inches between 21-25. Im 26 now.
Cantstop25 said on 19/Jan/07
You can grow out of college, but usually no more than .25 of an inch.
Viper said on 28/Dec/06
Webber was listed at 6-9 in college.
Glenn said on 27/Dec/06
Thats exact Gonzalo.
Gonzalo said on 27/Dec/06
I have seen pic of him next to NBA player Chris Webber and Garrett looks shorter. Webber is listed 6`10 with shoes on, so I guess Garrett is 6`8 with shoes on as well.
G-unit said on 15/Nov/06
He said 6'8½ recently in Jay Leno show
Professor Frink said on 16/Oct/06
Based on the results of my height-analyzer program, which measures relevant pixels from TV images, Mr. Garrett is 6-foot-8 and 5/16 of an inch.
Jake said on 12/Oct/06
Definantly looks 6'7" - 6'8". He's huge. If he says he is 6'8" he probably is.
Anthony said on 5/Oct/06
He's obviously talented enough to pull off the roles he's offered to a point where it really doesn't matter. A person's height shouldn't be a determining factor of someone's potential. Brad's an incredibly talented actor from what I've seen, to the point when you really don't care how tall he is.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Yeah,whats up with that? him playing a 5-11 Jackie Gleason?
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/06
Im surprised he gets as many offers for TV shows or movies as he does for his gigantic height.
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
In the street he looks 6-6,6-7.
Rub said on 1/Oct/06
In Fox comedy Til Death, he states that he was 6 foot 8 by the seventh grade. He has slimmed down, so he looks slightly taller as it is, but i'd give this guy a solid 6'8.5"
wrestling said on 31/Aug/06
does look to be a solid 6'8" ... if not 6'7" 1/2 (200cm) witch is like 1cm less big deal
Anthony said on 30/Aug/06
Brad is definitely in the 6'8 range. If him and Glenn were standing straight it would be more apparent.
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/06
A standard head is around 25 cm, (I think (editor) Rob posted a picture, where he measured his head to 24 cm).
And Brad's head looks quite big, and could easily be 30 cm (around 1 foot). So I truly beliefe that Brad is 6' 8".
Tom said on 17/Aug/06
Click Here
I found this pic of Brad next to 6'4 James Brolin. The difference between them is less than with Sutherland, which put Brad to about 6'8. I think Sutherland is no more than 6'2 max these days
Jimmy said on 17/Aug/06
I think he's 6'7 without shoes.
C said on 4/Aug/06
The picture with Sutherland definitely shows Garrett is a minimum 6'8" to 6'9" - if Sutherland really is 6'3", and if they're wearing the similar shoes. Garrett's eye level is at least 1" over Sutherland's skull top. And according to the article "How to Measure a Celebrities Height" add 4.5" to the eye level. 6'3" + 1" + 4.5" = 6'8.5", I would say.
Petter said on 3/Aug/06
To begin with, I'm 6'7.5" myself, so I, like the few other really tall guys on here, have a certain amount of "understanding" when it comes to height, appearence and realtivity to other objects.
I've watched ELR quite alot from time to time, I like it cause it's a fun show, and because I love seeing tall people on the big screen! :)
And I must say, I have a hard time believing 6'8", to me it feels too little! At 6'7.5", I don't have to duck when walking through regular sized doors here in Scandinavia. Even if a door is 6'7.5", you're not "fully extended" when walking, and that is why I don't have to duck. Wearing shoes though, will force me to duck, but not really by much. Looking a mr. Garret walking through doors, I'd rather wan't to put him as a 6'9"-er, or say between 6'8" and 6'9".
And the talk about having smaller doors just seems ridicoulous. His physical stature doesn't have a vital part of the show, so why would they go through the trouble of ordering smaller doors just to make him look even bigger?
Anthony said on 2/Aug/06
Click Here(I)

Brad with Donald Sutherland. I see a good number inches between them, possibly a little more, and since Sutherland is down to about 6'3 these days, I'd say this pretty much confirms Brad is 6'8.
Anthony said on 26/Jul/06
Well, Brad stated above that he was "just a hair over 6'8", so 6'8.5 is probably more accurate. Still he's a huge man. I take back my 6'7 statement.
ancient Aztec Guy said on 23/Jul/06
I heard somewhere that Garrette is actually 6`8.5``.He`s a pretty big man.He reminds me of Andre the Giant and Vince Vauhn.But Vince would have to grow 3.5 inches.
Jamesy said on 26/Jun/06
" I grew up with and know his wife Jill Diven. In fact her parents were just at my house last Saturday and he is 6' 8 "

Yeah, and I'm Steve McQueen
D said on 21/Jun/06
I grew up with and know his wife Jill Diven. In fact her parents were just at my house last Saturday and he is 6' 8"
Jamesy said on 17/Jun/06
Ok, Let's clean this mess up. Garrett is, undoubtly, a tall man. If we want to put him in a height comparison against Romano, we must take into account that Ray around the 5'11" in that episode where he is measured. However, one poster brought to our attention that 2 extra inches were placed on the bottom of the board. Thereby, giving Ray a legitament height of 6'1". Now we just need barefoot pics of Romano and Garrett.
bob1 said on 10/Jun/06
He definitely looks 6'8", but it's confusing because I don't think Ray Romano is the 6'2"+ he claims. And after seeing a picture of Garrett and " 6'9" " poker player Phil Gordon in which Brad as about 1-2 inches taller he's def. 6'8" minimum. I will try to find the pictures again...
Anthony said on 8/Jun/06
I wouldn't give Brad a full 6'8, but I'd give him a strong 6'7, maybe 6'7 1/2, as the height diffeence is pretty similar to the one between Gleen and Krist Novoselic.
D.J. said on 4/Jun/06
Brad is definitely a foot taller. For those of you who think he's 6'6", get your eyes checked. He is at least a foot taller.
zeke said on 30/May/06
I think he's just a tad shorter than Ted "Lurch" Cassidy, who was about 6'9" and the tallest actor to play a character on a regular tv series. Of course, James Arness is the tallest to play the LEAD character(Gunsmoke) at 6'7". Why isn't Ted Cassidy listed on this site?
Viper652 said on 26/May/06
Ive always thought he was in the 6-6 range. He doesnt look 6-8 to me in Glenn's photo either.
Glenn said on 16/Apr/06
Walked by me the other day looking 6-6.obviously a slouch.
J. said on 15/Apr/06
Appearently, he's also said that he's 6'9" before (taken from 2002 article in San Francisco Chronicle- Click Here):
"I became a stand-up because that was my survival," he says. "I was a 6-foot-tall 13-year-old who couldn't play basketball. I moved around all the time as a kid, and at each new school the coach would say, 'He's the great white hope' -- but I couldn't play ball. So my thing was jokes and characters and making fun of myself and being the 6-foot-9 Jewish guy. That was my way into show business."

[Editor Rob: so he's claiming that height aswell, interesting...]
trevor said on 14/Mar/06
whoever thinks ray romano is 7,2 or taller than brad garrett is an idiot. Ive met romano and my dad is 6,3 and he looks around my dads height not 6,8 like brad. Also there have been scenes in the show where theyre both standing beside eachother and brad is easily 5-6 inches taller
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
when your 6-7 or 6-8,at that point who cares,he is one tall mofo!
CoolJ said on 2/Feb/06
I cant have an opinion? It just doesnt look like a clear foot to me.. thats all.
cantstop25 said on 1/Feb/06
"Yeah.. I don't see a foot there.. Maybe 6'7 is more realistic."

are you kidding me man can you really tell the difference between 11 inches and a foot. THe man said 6'8" and I trust him
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/06
Just a thought...if you're more than a head taller than someone, are you really going to stand really straight to show you dwarf this guy, and get your head cut off my the camera? In my opinion, it's easy to see Brad has a foot on Glenn. Brad's leaning to the right and slumped to get closer to him for a better picture, rather than prove he's a foot taller.
CoolJ said on 26/Jan/06
Yeah.. I don't see a foot there.. Maybe 6'7 is more realistic.

[Editor Rob: depends if he's standing properly...]
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/06
what r u smoking?
J. said on 24/Jan/06
Ray Romano is taller than Brad Garrett:

[Editor Rob: Romano...7ft 2 easily! Time to give him extra foot...]
bob1 said on 23/Jan/06
Well, I disagree with you there Jone. In that photo he looks at LEAST 6'8". Definitely a big man; certainly over 6'6" barefoot.
Anshelm said on 16/Jan/06
Marc, my nose-bottom to head-top measurement is c. 18 cm/7", and my height is 180 cm/5'11". Shouldn't this measurement be more with guys this much taller than me? Otherwise no comment, never tried to guesstimate either one of them myself.
Marc said on 15/Jan/06
Ray Romano is 6'2". From the bottom of the nose to the top of the head is 6 inches. 2+6 = 8. Garrett has to be 6'7" to 6'8".
Tall Man said on 7/Jan/06
Barefoot. My hair's too short to be "boofed up", lol. I'm with Brandon---we "extra tall" guys can see that he's clearly got us beat in height.
Tall Man said on 5/Jan/06
Brad Garrett is easily at least 6 foot 8. I am 6 foot 6, and his body and limbs are longer and more "exaggerated" than mine. And the way he towers over people, well, I'm used to doing that all the time, but he towers even more than I do.
bob1 said on 29/Dec/05
I looked at the link somebody gave to the Ray Romano site where it said Brad was 6'6", but I couldn't find it on the page so I looked in the archives link and Ray says Brad's 6'8"....(scroll down to the very bottom of the page)

The only thing which makes me believe he is under 6'8" is the photo from IMDB which shows him next to James Gandolfini from The Sopranos; other than that he easily looks 6'8".
JJ said on 16/Dec/05
I've never met him, therefore, I cannot say anything for certain about his real height. But the fact that you would say "He could not stand 6-8, barefooted. It's as simple as that." with no support or reason shows very little about yourself. From your other posts about him wearing lifts - why would an actor that tall wear lifts? There's absolutely no reason for wearing lifts when you're that tall. It's not like he's 6' and wearing lifts to try to be 6'3.
JJ said on 14/Dec/05
I think he's 6'8. I mean why would an actor that tall lie about his height? I think because everyone here agrees that he's at least 6'6. So there's no reason for a 6'6 actor to say he's 6'8 right? It's not like he's an athlete.
Jason said on 8/Dec/05
Brad said in an interview that he was 6'0'' at 13. Either way, it doesn't really matter ... some people stop growing at 13 and some grow a foot after that age.
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
This may not be relevant due to a lack of verification, but Frank (Peter Boyle) mentioned that Brad's character was 6'5" when he was 13 in an episode. If that were true, then he should be over 6'8". However, there's no way to know if this was his real height at 13.
Jason said on 27/Nov/05
The guy looks 5'10'' compared to The Soprano's lead actor. Garrett looks in the 6'6 1/2'' - 6'7'' range next to him.
Brandon said on 27/Nov/05
Gramps, agreed - Jone seems to be arguing against himself. The photos supplied by him all point to making Garrett appear as 6'7" - 6'8" !
Gramps said on 27/Nov/05
As I said below, Jone, your photo references do a great job of illustrating Garrett as a 6'8+" guy!
CoolJ said on 27/Nov/05
Jone: From those pics.. that "guy" appears to be roughly 5'11ish and Garrett looks around 6'7".. If thats true, it also puts a dent in Romano's height.. a long with others..
Gramps said on 26/Nov/05
Brandon, I agree with all your comments. I hope some Hollywood "insiders" decide to post here regarding set design. I am certainly no expert, but have read several times over the past 40 years that many sets are designed "small," presumably to make the Alan Ladds, Frank Sinatras, etc. look bigger than they really are.
Brandon said on 26/Nov/05
Jone: Your story regarding your friend who is 2m tall that has to duck residential doors in his barefeet cannot be correct, at least if he lives in the U.S. Residential doors come standard as 6'8". 2 meters is equivilant to 6.56 feet. This does not make sense. Also, in ELR, not only does Brad have to slightly duck to enter a doorway, but he is already slouching when he does so. If he were to stand up completely straight and attempt to enter a doorway, he would literally have to duck 2-3 inches. I know that you and others have suggested that perhaps the doors on the set are smaller than standard doors, but why would that be? Why would the set designer have a custom door made just for the show? Wouldn't it just make more sense to order a standard door to put into the set? Thoughts and comments anyone?
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/05
I second what Gramps said.
Jone, I already posted that picture with Leno and Garrett. I'm not sure why you reposted this. Did you read my original post below?
And, in the golf picture, why do you consider regular golf shoes lifts? I'm not sure what in the world we're supposed to be looking at but the shoes he's wearing are similar to
I can guarantee you that these are not lifts! They're just golf shoes!
Gramps said on 26/Nov/05
Jone: Both photos you just posted convince me Garrett is a full 6'8". And furthermore, what really tall guy would wear lifts playing golf, for God's sake? Wearing lifts would throw your game way off, even if you wore them all the time, which is crazy for a guy you say stands 6'6" already. It makes no sense whatsoever.
Brandon said on 25/Nov/05
I am an avid ELR watcher, and I stand at 6'4" - 6'5" myself. Being this tall, I can tell, just by Brad's posture, stance, and overall relativity to inanimate objects (refrigerator, tables, furniture, doorways, etc.) that he looks indeed to be 6'8". As I said, being the height that I am, I have a better understanding on here than most as to what if feels like to be tall - that being said, I can tell that Brad is at least 3"-4" taller than I am. 6'8" is correct.
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/05
Agreed, Gramps. "Brad wears Lifts" is the worst argument I've seen in this discussion. Jone, I'm sorry you have your mind set that way. You have inconclusive evidence and very weak arguments, so I don't even see why this is worth discussing anymore. Why do you think his height hasn't been downgraded to what you claim? You don't seem to respond to evidence we have, and we have even said that doors are not the way to measure heights. Yet you used that argument again.
Oh yea, so I guess the scenes in "ELR" where he is barefoot is fake. Maybe they gave him plastic feet to stand on, to make him appear to be taller in barefoot.
Gramps said on 25/Nov/05
Say Jone, I hear a lot of conjecture from you, but no evidence. "Where's the beef?"
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/05
I can see why some are skeptics regarding his height because in some movies (i.e. The Pacifier), he appears to be shorter than 6'8" in some scenes. However, there is by far much more evidence that he is 6'8" in watching him around various people, the show ELR, and especially LIVE talk shows.
I recall Garrett on Leno. I don't have the video, or a full picture, but I was astonished regarding his size. He is really massive, and I didn't realize he was that large. Here is a half shot picture where you cannot see the bottom:
Now he doesn't seem THAT much taller than Leno, but I'm 99% sure Leno stood on the second platform, a step behind Garrett. Here's his stage:
This platform appears to be 3"-4" or so. I have no evidence that he is standing on the platform, but I recall that he was (which is why I was so amazed at his size). If anyone has evidence of this, I would appreciate it because I'm sure the skeptics will not believe this. Granted, Leno is further away, making Garrett look bigger, but Garrett is still nearly a foot taller than Leno. That's exactly as I recall, looking from every angle when I saw it. Now unless Leno is 5'6", there is no way Garrett can be 6'6".
The guy is massive, which is why they have certain techniques to downplay his height at times. Whether it would be stooping, camera angles, or other actors wearing lifts, you can easily tell these tricks, most of the time.
I don't know how many times I'd have to suggest this, but if you finish watching all episodes of ELR, you can easily tell how big he really is. And here's another comparison: watch the episode "Annoying Kid". Craig Anton, the annoying kid's dad is 6'5" according to imdb. Now if Brad is only an inch taller than this guy, I need a prescription for glasses.
J-Dog said on 24/Nov/05
Always trying to downgrade with skepticism...the guy looks 6'8".
Jason said on 24/Nov/05
I'm not a fan of the show and didn't even know who Patricia Heaton is, Anonymous. And yes, Gramps, of course one post like that doesn't prove anything ... but he does look that in the pic with Chris Webber and Charles Barkley. Now that pic doesn't prove anything beyond a doubt of course, either ... I'm just using it to support my opinion. I don't believe the guy's 6'8'' or taller. Ray Romano's height is very much in dispute, BTW, Anonymous...
Gramps said on 23/Nov/05
Beware of movie set doorways - - they are notorious for being built smaller than real life doorways! And Jason, I could post here that Patricia Heaton told me she measured Garrett at 6'11" barefoot - - but that don't make it so!
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/05
One person claiming to hear he is 6'6" does not mean a thing. She also says Patricia Heaton is 5'6", which is a total joke. She barely nudges the 5'2" mark. The person who posted that loses all credibility from that statement.
In addition, looking at photos where you cannot see the whole body, and taken from a low angle does not mean a whole lot.

First of all, if you listen to the commentary sections of Season 1 of "Everybody Loves Raymond" he is referenced as a "7 foot Jew." Someone who is merely 6'6" is not even close to 7 foot. Yes, 7 foot is an exaggeration, but is an awfully far stretch for a 6 and 1/2 foot tall man. If he was only really 4 inches taller than Ray, the height difference would not be that much. References to "giant" and "circus freak" would not make any sense in their jokes.
Secondly, again, I encourage you to watch the episode "Net Worth." Brian Posehn is a 6'6" man, and that is a real 4" difference above 6'2" Ray.
Thirdly, in his role as Jackie Gleason, according to By Bridget Byrne / Associated Press, "To level the playing field, fellow cast members wore 7-inch boots, doorways were 8 feet high, furniture was built up, some actors stood on boxes, and specially rolled giant cigarettes were used to make Garrett's huge hands seem smaller." 8 foot doors would appear to make him 5'6", not even close to Gleason's real height.
And lastly, watch many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. You can get a sense of how Brad is able to stoop with minimal notice from the audience. Also, Fred Willard is 6'2". Ray is 6'2". To think Brad is only 6'6" is nowhere near reality because he is 6" taller than them, minimum.
Jason said on 23/Nov/05
Just look at the Ray Romano page here ... there's a pic of Brad and Ray with NBA player Chris Webber and former NBA player Charles Barkley. Chris Webber is 6'8 1/2'' at best in bare feet, and he is still taller than Garret even though he's leaning down...

And add to that a someone posted on Ray's official site they met Ray at a taping and asked how tall Brad was and Ray said 6'6''...,5657

I would give him around 6'6 1/2''. The ''hair over 6'8'' measurement quoted at the top musta been in shoes.
Gramps said on 22/Nov/05
Funny how the numbers are all over the map. Ball-A-Hallic and jack both drew conclusions after watching Garrett on "Raymond," only one says 6'5" and the other says 6'10"! Others just say "I think he's about 6'X"," with no support whatsoever.
starwars23 said on 22/Nov/05
why does everybody think this guy is 6'6"? he is one big dude minimum 6'8"
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/05
There is no way Brad Garrett is 6'6" or even 6'7". He is definitely 6'8", or just as he says "a hair over 6'8". To view a 6'6" man on Everybody Loves Raymond, watch the episode "Net Worth" and take a look at Brian Posehn. He is 6'6" and admits it here:
The height difference between Ray and Brian is not the same difference between Ray and Brad. You can definitely tell there is a larger difference between the two.
Jason said on 22/Nov/05
Actually, I think 6'6 1/2'' would be better...
Jason said on 21/Nov/05
Hey Rob, are you gonna downgrade him to 6'6''?
Gramps said on 2/Nov/05
Guys! Guys! Garrett MUST be wearing lifts. Check out this picture of him with Ray Romano. If Romano is 6'3", Garrett can't be more than 5'10"! Not 6'10", but 5'10"!
It's all done with mirrors...
J. said on 16/Aug/05
I'm watching an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Brad Garrett appears. Brad stands before a measuring board for a mugshot in the episode and he comes right at 6'7", three inches about the 6'4" mark on the board. I'm not sure if this is a true indication of his height or just a television quirk.
jack said on 12/Aug/05
he is taller than 6' best friend is 6'8...i am 6'3..the height discrepancy between ray and garret is way more than 5 inch's..I initially thought garret was 6'10...
CoolJ said on 6/Jul/05
I read he was 6'8.5. He even states he is above 6'8".

Either way he's huge, and at least 6" above the SUPPOSEDLY 6'3" Ray Romano.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 25/Jun/05
When i 1st saw him on Everbody loves Raymond I thopught he was like 6'5 or 6'6 but kno I think about it he does look 6'8
langskanken said on 11/May/05
He could very well be 6'8", a standard residential door is 6'8" and when he stands near one on Everybody Loves Raymond he looks to be the same height as the doorway.

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