How tall is Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett's Height

6ft 8 ⅛ (203.5 cm)

American Comedian and Actor best known for appearing in Everybody Loves Raymond. In an IWon chat he remarks, "Well I shrunk. I recently had a physical at the primate clinic. I was sitting around with a bunch of gibbons talking about my cholesterol. Just a hair over 6'8", as my doctor said--like 6'8" wasn't enough.". He said that people who ask him if he plays basketball are so dumb: "'s like me going up to a midget and asking him if he plays miniature golf"

How tall is Brad Garrett
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Average Guess (87 Votes)
6ft 8.03in (203.3cm)
Canson said on 26/Sep/23
I’ve heard him go as high as 6’8 3/4” once on nbc I believe. Rob has him listed appropriately. Likely measured that at lunch or slightly before. Maybe peak height he could be 6’7.75-6’8 range if not full 6’8 at night
5'7 and a fraction said on 24/Sep/23
He is probably a little shorter than this these days.
Zuber said on 29/Aug/22
First of all,i was kinda rude and aggressive in my comments.You are a anonymous stranger from the other side of the world and your body or habits are none of my business.It just didnt make sense to me to have these problems just because of your height,that i insist that isnt that tall,but with the details in your latest comment,it makes more sense.And guys dont start with comments like '' 6'2'' is very tall because it is X % taller than X % of the world population or it is X inches taller than the average'' because you know what i mean, 6'2 is just a tall dude, not a giant or really tall. I at 6ft 5 ½ is what you would call really tall or event giant.
I guess you must live at Mexico or Asia,because here in Greece that we are neither a 'short' nor a 'tall' country, 6'2 is definitely not considered a giant,i know plenty of guys around that height or taller.
And of course i am not perfect my self and dont think that have the built of Braun Strowman (my role model is a classic actor named Clint Walker,google him,the dude 6'6 and was built like a tree,and he also lived for 91 years,but i will never achieve his physique) ,i wouldnt even call me ripped,i am just somewhat well built and in a good shape,but that's it.I dont even work out as much i would like,i work out 3 times a week,4 at best.Although i honestly dont have any back problems,i am no expert but i think the most key exercise that i do to avoid them are the sit-ups.I weight 98 kg or 216 pounds btw.
Dont give up working out,even if you cant be as strong as most guys or have broad shoulders it will always help.You might also want to seek the advise of an expert,you are still quite young to improve your physique.
Darksol64 said on 27/Aug/22

I honestly think it's my horribly stunted body from not eating right when I was growing the most. It doesn't help that I was only 5'0 at 13 and 6'2 by 16 where I stopped.

I have an incredibly ectomorphic body type. My shoulders are barely wider than what you'd find on a 5'2 female. My wrist barely measures 6 inches and when I finished growing due to barely eating anything I was 6'2 at 107 pounds. I am NOT exaggerating! I started eating better, but still only held about 130 pounds at 6'2 until near my 30s.

I've been doing weights and forced myself to eat more and have been holding 180 pounds now. I've been working the abs heavily and that definitely helps the most. I'll never be as strong as most guys but at least I can function and do my landscaping construction job again.

I disagree that 6'2 "isn't even that tall". :P I feel like a giant in public most of the time. I seem to live in shortsville though. Of course, it's a big step below a near 6'6 guy like yourself. Glad you're not having any back problems though dude! Staying in shape really can work wonders, I hear complaints from tons of guys my size or bigger complaining about back pain.
Andrey200 said on 26/Aug/22
Rob do you think he’s lost enough for peak/current?
Editor Rob
Half inch maybe by now.
Zuber said on 30/Jul/22
It doesnt make sense to have back probleps at your 30s and 6'2'' isnt even that tall. You must be either oberweight or really underweight,so go check it out and work out a little.
Zuber said on 29/Jul/22
I am 6ft 5 ½ and 30 yrs old. I work on a factory 6 times a week for 4 years, that all i do is carry heavy stuff and play as a goalkeeper 3 times a week,that requires a lot of jumping and falling etc,and walk a pit bull than never gets tired 2 hours a day. i guess that i am the exeption for tall people that i almost never had any back pain.There are guys at my age that are 5'5'' or 5'6'' at the factory i work that have back problems that ask me how i do it. a couple of Sit-ups and not being a whiny baby about something you cant change is the key i guess.
Clint Eastwood was almost 6'4'' at his prime and at his 90's is directing movies... Do some work out,trust me it will help...
Darksol64 said on 19/Jul/22

Just an educated guess. I could very well be wrong but as his height it's quite likely, especially if he was off with his posture in his 30s/40s. It would take a lot of conscious effort and keeping your body in good physical shape to hold a good posture at such a height into your 60s I would think - which is easier said than done being so big.

I'm 6'2 myself and have always had back pain working physical jobs even in my 20s. I had crippling back pain in last year being 32, and had to cut how many hours I work. Feeling OK now, but I likely wouldn't of had this problem if I was 5'10.

And that's just being 6'2....the difference between 6'2 and 6'8 from a mechanical standpoint is HUGE - the problems I've faced would be heavily multiplied and more severe.
FriedChicken said on 27/May/22
Is his posture really that bad now?
Darksol64 said on 26/Apr/22
Even while he was much younger on the raymond show he would slump down 1-2 inches in most scenes (And even then his eyeline was above Ray's head by an inch or two...) so a strong 6'8 sounds right for him.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if today he's barely standing around 6'6 or even 6'5 given that it probably takes a lot of effort to stand completely straight. He may or may not even be physically capable of stretching up to 6'7 or so in the year 2022 despite theoretically probably still being able to measure it.
FriedChicken said on 31/Jan/22
Both 3 of those men measured under 6 ft 5 by a hair or fraction. Also Brad probably lost a fraction himself since he's getting older now.
Luis Enrique Montanez said on 12/Jan/22
Charles Barkley is at least 6 feet 5 inches and a half in this photo. Charles has the same identical height as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant which is 6" 5´ and a half, to decrease those guys height under six five is totally ludicrous.
FriedChicken said on 13/Sep/21
6'8 1/8 peak and 6'7 3/4 now.
Canson said on 19/Aug/21
tech n said on 16/Jul/21
lmao your website makes absolutely 0 sense. How is Charles Barkley listed at 6"4 and Brad Garrett listed at 6"8??

Click Here

So there's 4 inch difference between the 2??
Editor Rob
Barkley is listed at 6ft 4 7/8ths, but that's a lot of height Brad is losing, I'm sure he can look taller.

Barkley is not 6’4 7/8 afternoon height and never has been. He measured 6’4 5/8 at the olympics but still I agree with Jordan87. Garrett I doubt is still 6’8” afternoon height. That 6’8 1/8 is likely earlier in the day as he said at the doctor
Jordan87 said on 18/Aug/21
@ tech N

Click Here

See how this Works? .... Of course you do.
Jordan87 said on 18/Aug/21
@ Tech N

I'm sorry to inform you ( Actually am very Happy :) that in the picture YOU POSTED......Brad is leaning his neck and shoulders down. Your Very Special to us all.

Very Special ;)
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jul/21
That's a bit of a general overstatement isn't it tech? There's 13,000 odd other people on here! In Rob's photo link I think as listed looks accurate if his head was straight.
tech n said on 16/Jul/21
lmao your website makes absolutely 0 sense. How is Charles Barkley listed at 6"4 and Brad Garrett listed at 6"8??

Click Here

So there's 4 inch difference between the 2??
Editor Rob
Barkley is listed at 6ft 4 7/8ths, but that's a lot of height Brad is losing, I'm sure he can look taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
At least 6ft9 out of bed peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
Solid 6ft8 guy peak, a hair over as he says looks fair but now he's likely a bit below this...
Canson said on 15/Apr/21
@Junior: maybe. But it depends how early he went to the doctor. He could vary half inch just from 2-3 hours out of bed
Lawbay said on 13/Apr/21
6'8+ is a big lie Rob. Hes more like 6'5.5" -6'6". Just watch ELR or check out all pics with matt damon (5'9.5") and ray romano. NO WHERE near 6'8" .that is a meausurement his doc took with his shoes on and or he is exaggerating himself. Just google matt damon and b.garett. there u will see a 5'11.5 cowboy booted damon and 7" taller brad garett. Amazing how know one see
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jan/21
@Canson I would have rule out 6'7 7/8 a low peak for Brad and round up say 6'8 but a big guy like Greg Davies look more solid 6'7 3/4 the more i look at him. Possible thing was Brad had lost 3/8 inch now indicate a 1/4 shorter than a current Greg.
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Jan/21
I think this listing is ok for his prime.
Canson said on 25/Dec/20
@Junior: that being the case he Would be under 6’8”. Maybe he measured the 6’8.5 early morning in his prime. Meaning 6’9 out of bed. Someone his size loses an inch but the hair over may mean Rob’s listing and may mean a hair under at a low
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Dec/20
@Canson Lol that claim sound like a peak height out of bed for him. I would have throw 6'8 7/8 for his out of bed height.
Canson said on 1/Dec/20
@Junior: I remember on NBC network he claimed 6’8.75 or they claimed it for him.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Nov/20
"Just a hair over 6'8", as my doctor said--like 6'8" wasn't enough."

This quote makes me wonder he was measure in the morning but what time and how long did he wake up upon the 6'8 1/8 measurement? 6'7 7/8 might just be a lowest of his peak height and if he is lucky might only be losing 1/8-1/4 now. 6'7 3/8 i would have consider standing straight posture he would get.
Jkiller said on 13/Nov/20
Pulls off a decent 6'8.
Quiversmetimbers said on 23/Oct/20
Rob, do you think this is the lowest peak you could give him
Editor Rob
yeah, I doubt I'd go under it
James B 172cm said on 2/Oct/20
Rob how tall do you think he looks with Will Smith?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Ground maybe not perfect outside, but Brad looks a big 6ft 8 guy
Nathan Hatton said on 1/Oct/20
Looked a strong 6'8" range guy prime.

He described himself as 6'8.5" on ELR in the episode where he went to Model on Season 8
Kobe4ever said on 29/Sep/20
Rob, do you agree that he has lost height but that his peak height was significantly taller than his current listed height
Editor Rob
I can believe a solid 6ft 8 prime and today he might be dipping a bit shy of 6ft 8
JD1996 said on 7/Jul/20
Looks 6 ft 8 plus next to mike tyson especially accounting for his lean he’s a good head taller and would look even taller if he straightened up a bit more robs listing seems spot on. Here’s the picture Click Here
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
Leif Elliott said on 20/Jun/20
Rob, do you think he wakes up at over 6'8.5 or even 6'9"?
Editor Rob
Good chance in his prime he was 6ft 9-9.5 first thing out of bed.

@Editor Rob: that’s interesting. I would’ve thought he was maybe maximum 6’9” out of bed and lost an inch to come to 6’8”. I wouldn’t have thought 6’9-6’9.5 out of bed
Leif Elliott said on 20/Jun/20
Rob, do you think he wakes up at over 6'8.5 or even 6'9"?
Editor Rob
Good chance in his prime he was 6ft 9-9.5 first thing out of bed.
Tall Sam said on 15/Jun/20
Unless at a NBA game, Garrett is pretty much always going to be the tallest guy in a given room. Although I don't think it's much, any chance hes lost a little height Rob? You could see him potentially heading towards 6'7" near Taran Killam.
Logan Hess said on 13/Jun/20
I think he is 6ft8 1/8
George Thomson said on 12/Jun/20
Hi Rob, fellow Scot from Ayr. I believe Brad Garrett is 6'8" ,he tower's above Ray Romano and the late Peter Boyle, who are both 6'2". At 5'11" barefoot I don't consider myself to be a short man, but it I was to meet Brad, towering above me with that 8 or 9 inch height difference.I'd feel like a wee titch. 😂😂😂 Rob, isn't 6'8" the minimum height classification where a human is considered to be a giant? Pretty sure I read that somewhere, or it might have been 6'7" .
Editor Rob
6ft 7 men might get described as gigantic, I rarely see men that tall
Hassanseven said on 14/May/20
Was definitely a close or around six foot nine in his early twenties. Most of his career he was a very very strong six foot eight
Nik said on 5/May/20
Like 6 foot 8 and a hair!
Canson said on 4/May/20
@Junior: I think Barkley was favored in that pic with Garrett (camera angle)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/May/20
6'9 out of bed from his peak i totally buying that. Probably was down to 6'8 peak, notice that Brad don't always had good posture standing with others. I believe if he stand tall he'll hit 6'7 1/2 now. Barkley can make him look 6'6 1/2 range.
Matt6'5 said on 26/Apr/20
Editor Rob, in a video from the mid 1980s, Brad said twice that he was 6’9”. Do you think he’d reach that in his 20s and 30s?
Editor Rob
I'm not convinced he would be that height barefoot
Tall Tale said on 13/Apr/20
Solid 6'7" today, 6'8" or something a little above that in his prime is very arguable.
Toko said on 6/Mar/20
I wouldn’t down grade him just yet as he still looks 6’8 with other taller celebs
tart said on 24/Jan/20
6'6 prime tops
slothee said on 24/Jan/20
Click Here

If Kevin Nealon is only 6'3" right now, Garrett is no more than 6'7" today. He probably was 6'8"ish peak though. But, I even think Nealon may not dip under 6'3.25" today.
Canson said on 3/Jan/20
I think he’s lost height today. 6’8 range peak and 6’7.5-6’8 today. Not sure if 6’8.75 That he claimed was morning or In shoes. I saw a commercial once for NBC I believe where they said 6’8 3/4”
MBR said on 2/Jan/20
Funny, but I don't think he's as tall as before. If you go to the Neil Flynn height page, you'll see a link to a picture of Neil Flynn standing by people, including Garrett. I actually thought that Flynn was taller than Garrett, but it turns out he was slouching! For now these are my guesses:

Flynn: 6'5 5/8
Garrett: 6'7 7/8
Shane hill said on 31/Dec/19
Hey Rob do you think brad would be 204 peak 201-203 now
Kane21 said on 3/Dec/19
I think both Brad Garrett and Greg Davies in their prime, Brad would have the edge of the two.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Nov/19
Greg Davies might be taller. Greg had impeccable posture at times look solid 6'8 but a bit of weak 6'8 with Anthony Joshua and Ryan Gosling. Brad doesn't had better posture compare back from his hey days in Everybody Loves Raymond and with Charles Barkley it looks like he isn't over 6'7.
Kane21 said on 14/Nov/19
Hey Rob who do you think would be the taller of the two Greg Davies or Brad Garrett?
Editor Rob
I think they will look roughly same height, but Brad I feel is now at an age he is not looking as tall as he did 10-15 years back...whether it is some fractional loss, or poorer posture with all the years of stooping is another matter.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Nov/19
6'8 peak and 6'7 1/2 now. Look 6'7 or less when standing relax or posture got loose. Maybe Rob should consider to pull him down 6'8 1/8 peak and 6'7 5/8 now.
5ft10guy said on 8/Oct/19
Doesnt look as tall as Chris Webber looks the same or slightly taller the. Barkley.6ft6 flat.He does'nt even tower Ray Romano whos only 6ft2 like a legit 6ft8 man should.Lebron James makes Steph Curry, a 6ft2 guy look small
Bjoe said on 5/Oct/19
I'd say brad garret is about a weak 6'8" these days or maybe 6'7 1/2" because age plays a factor especially the taller a man is.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/19
A hair is an eighth of an inch! It’s great to give him his 400th comment!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Sep/19
Solid 6ft8 prime.
c-mo said on 12/Sep/19
for some reaso he has never looked 204cm to me . he has always looked about 200cm to me on tv
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Aug/19
203cm peak low
202cm now (getting poorer posture could look only 6'7)
Nik Ashton said on 25/Aug/19
He’s 641 eighths of an inches!
Sotiris Gravas said on 23/Aug/19
Garrett w/ Larry King (2015)... Click Here

Stephen Merchant w/ King (2019)... Click Here

Garrett is max 6'7" now.
Heike said on 29/Jul/19
I am surprised that he is just that tall. My husband and me would have guessed much higher than that...... Compared to all other tall actors he looked more likely 210cm.!!!
Heike said on 29/Jul/19
I am surprised that he is just that tall. My husband an me would have guessed much higher than that...... Compared to all other tall actors he looked more likely 210cm.!!!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jul/19
Rob, He should need a downgrade at least 6'8 peak and 6'7 1/2 now let alone the 6'8 1/8 he claimed.
Heisenberg89 said on 2/Jul/19
In my opinion Garret was peak 6'7.5,6'8 1/4 in shoes. The doctor mesuread him in shoes, I'm sure.
From the other hand I think he still 200cm today
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/19
Brad will face his 6'8 claim stressness if he meet Richard Osman face to face.

That is Conan O'Brien who claim 6'4 more like 192cm guy. Brad did not look a full 4" taller because Conan is further behind. Brad is still lucky to hit a bit over 6'7.
Heisenberg89 said on 30/Jun/19
Again With 6'1 1/2 Ray Romano
Click Here

And here with(I amazingly forgot the name) a 6'3 and something guy. Click Here
Heisenberg89 said on 30/Jun/19
With 6'1 1/2 Ray Romano Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/May/19
@Sotiris Gravas Lol that picture he doesn't edge out Neil Flynn visibly and look eye to eye on straight line, but i believe in person maybe two inch taller than Neil.
Sotiris Gravas said on 27/Apr/19
Neil Flynn (6'5" peak height) w/ height-loss Garrett (2012)... Click Here Doubt he's more than 6'7" here.

Flynn w/ Patricia Heaton (2012)... Click Here

Garrett and Heaton... Click Here

6'4.5" Charles Barkley and Garrett (2009)... Click Here

Young Barkley and 6'8.5" Chris Webber... Click Here
Barkley/Webber (2015)... Click Here

If anyone has that Webber/Garrett pic, I'd like to see it.
Damon Blank said on 1/Apr/19
I think he'd be about 6 ft 8 during the days of Everybody Loves Raymond. He's probably shrunken by then. He's almost 60, and I'm going to guess probably about a weak 6 ft 7 as of today. You start losing height mainly after 40. I'm going to go with 6 ft 7. Still a giant though.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Feb/19
@straightahead It looks like a kind of cuban boots on Brad Garrett feet compare to Barkley maybe around 1/2 more heels. Click Here But look at those words behind Brad look like all tilt down from right side of this image, so my point is Barkley get back the advantage on this picture and it's a tricky photo. Barkley i believe he is at least 6'4 3/4 so Brad maybe was never 6'8 and could be 6'6 3/4 if he stand straight up.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/19
Rob, maybe he was close to 6ft9 peak?
Editor Rob
Under that I think is likely.
Canson said on 2/Jan/19
My guess is that he has shrunken but the 6’8.75 was likely a morning measurement of some sort and he was likely not far over 6’8” all along. He looks shorter today.
Mayfield said on 31/Dec/18
Click Here

0:16 He makes a claim of 6'8 3/4
Nik said on 9/Sep/18
He must get fed up of people asking him if he plays basketball!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Sep/18
@Canson I highly doubt on 6'8. Brad nevered really looks it. Maybe 6'7 a strong 6'7 peak. Barkley has to be a big 194 plus guy still the same.
Canson said on 3/Sep/18
@Junior: I don’t think he’s 6’8” either but with Barkley he’s at a disadvantage with footwear. Barkley has a thicker shoe and the camera angle is bad. That’s similar to the pic with Magic where he and Barkley look an inch or so apart when in other pics it’s a much bigger difference and Magic has also called Barkley 6’4” range himself and pointed out how undersized he is

@Shane: well said! And my wife was measured in shoes once again this year for her physical she had last week. They even tried to measure me in shoes before but I don’t oblige as it’s lazy
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Sep/18
@CaptainSpaulding Not at all really they have pretty level footwear leather shoes at most a fraction less on Barkley shoes Click Here Brad Garrett look 6'6 1/2 max.
Shane said on 17/Aug/18
@omg Yeah I'm not getting the fake tape measure thing either. It keeps getting repeated without any evidence that it was fake. I dont get it.
Shane said on 13/Aug/18
Who knows if his physical was in shoes or out. Many American doctors dont ask you to take your shoes off.
CaptainSpaulding said on 13/May/18
In the pic with Charles Barkley, its obvious that Charles most likely has a footwear advantage. I know that Brade Garret likes to wear shoes with flat bottoms, almost barefoot like. And if Charles had some thick heeled boots on... Plus the fact that Charles is closer to the camera, yea that explains it.
sulu2018 said on 18/Apr/18
Rob, how come this heivht got downgraded to 6ft 8 1/8?
Editor Rob
It was a good candidate for the 1/8th because he was measured a 'hair over' 6ft 8, at least he claimed he was.
Canson said on 9/Apr/18
@Rob: remember Garrett also said he can “slouch” down to 6’5” if he wanted. He’s definitely 6’8” at his peak
Brady Narbut said on 8/Apr/18
I found this picture of Brad Garrett and Charles Barkley: Click Here

Charles is listed at 6’4.75” but I don’t see a 3.5 inch difference between them. Brad only looks a little taller (maybe 1-2 inches). What do you think about this?
Editor Rob
He can look maybe at most 6ft 7 range, but I'm not sure Brad is lying about being a hair over 6ft 8, he might genuinely have managed to stretch up that tall for a measurement.
Hal said on 28/Dec/17
Tad over 6'8
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 7/Dec/17
206 peak. 204 now. Very tall bloke, indisputably so.
faza said on 29/Sep/17
He once descibed himself as a 6ft9 jewish dude along with the video berta showed where he said 6'9 on Raymond 6'8 1/2 in the episode where he modelled in series 8 I believe, Nowadays he is less but a big 6ft8 range guy peak I would imagine just looking a him, His posture doesn't look great a lot of the time
dicksock said on 31/Aug/17
He's definitely at least 6'7", but I don't think he's above 6'8". I'd say 6'8" is a fair listing, but he can often look 6'6" with bad posture.
berta said on 20/Aug/17
ROB check thid out Click Here in this stand up he says he is 6 foot 9. Worth to mention in the descripten. seems like he claims 6 foot9 peak and just over 6 foot 8 now. im personally dont think he is that tall. He says it about 30 sec in the video.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17
He atually claim he have loss some height. Maybe 6'8 now.
berta said on 13/Aug/17
he doenst seem like a guy that would lie about his height so i believe his claim. but i think he can have been measured around 11, pretty early on the day and by 6-7 in the evening/ afternoon he can be more in the barely 203 range.
even said on 8/Jul/17
6 foot 8 = real height
Canson said on 20/Jun/17
@CW: I can buy a hair under 6'7. Although I'd maybe still give brad just for posture being notoriously poor a full 6'7" and benefit of the doubt but Agreed he can look it. I was also saying Webber too and I didn't pay much attention to that stance but if both stood straight Webber isn't a full 6'9 at his lowest. He doesn't look that much taller than a lot of 6'6" guys like Jalen Rose. Maybe he's 6'8.5 which Mo Cheeks indicated and others
c-mo said on 31/May/17
6'7 - 201cm is more likely I think
CW said on 21/May/17
Canson, you failed to recognize in the Webber picture that Brad is not even standing up straight. Look at his legs, one is overlapping on the other and Webbers are perfectly straight. Now of course, footwear can make a difference, and we don't know what kind of footwear they were all wearing. But measure yourself with your legs twisted like that and see how many inches you lose - at least 1 or 2. Also, all the doubters still have not explained him with Kevin Nealon. He towers over him by a minimum of 4 inches. He also has a clear 1+ to 1.5 inches over Penn Jillette in a few photos.

That being said, Brad has shrunk in the past several years. I'm not sure by how much, but these pictures are older. He was photographed with a Harlem Globetrotter listed at 6'7, more recently, and appeared to only have a very slight advantage. There are other pictures, with Ray Romano, where he didnt have the same advantage when filming 15 years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he was measured at a hair under 6'7 these days.
Canson said on 2/May/17
Chris Webber pic can be deceiving. Could be 1 or 1.5" Webber wasn't a full 6'9" more 6'8.5 (mo cheeks described 6'8/6'9) before. That's putting ray 6'7" range close to what Robert broome said below. Maybe he was 6'8" shoes or maybe morning 6'8" today. Other possibility he had less footwear in his appearances and pics
190 cm said on 17/Apr/17
Looks around 198 cm and with shoes makes a 200 cm.
Frank R said on 20/Mar/17
In the 1980s, Brad Garrett describes his height as 6'9", and he mentions people telling him: "You're as tall as Bird, man." Larry Bird's peak height was 6'9", so presumably Garrett could have been as tall as Bird. When someone is over 6'8", it can be difficult for the lay person to estimate their height, unless that person is standing next to another tall person whose height has been confirmed. I'd say that Brad Garrett was is no shorter than 6'8" and no taller than 6'9".
S.J.H said on 17/Feb/17
I buy Robert Broome words. I supposed a peak brad gerrett is 6'7 and more like 6'6.75 now
Dan said on 7/Feb/17
He's at least 6' 7"
Robert Broome said on 8/Sep/16
I met him at the Aria in Las Vegas a few nights ago at a blackjack table. When he got up I stood up too to shake his hand. While very tall, he's not as tall as I thought he'd be from watching the show. He looked a bit over 6'6", possibly 6'7". I met Penn Jillette earlier the same night and he was maybe a touch taller if he stood up very straight, maybe.
Canson said on 28/Aug/16
He may have been a guy who could measure 6'8" in his prime but today see him as 6'7 and change maybe 202cm. And at a doctor's office they don't ask (these days) to take shoes off. I've seen myself when a nurse measured my wife in shoes
anon said on 9/Aug/16
Some people are really deluded if they think brad would only measure 6'5 or 6'6, Even on Raymond it is clear he is much taller than that, He was way taller than Ray Romano who is at least in the 6'1- 6'2 range, He like brad may have lost some height by now anyway, Tae into account Garrett posture at his height is not great either.

Most folks on here will downgrade anyone by a couple inches often, where is the evidence that Brad is Just 6'5? I suppose Patricia Heaton is not even 5 ft, more like a 4'10 if Brad was 6'5
123 said on 16/Jun/16
brad Garrett is 6'5 195-196cm which is still extremely tall anyways, typical guy over six-four claiming much higher the average person though once height gets into extreme range height all blurs together and no one can accurately estimate so there you go, I'm sure everyone that meets Garrett believes his 6'8 claim sadly
John said on 28/Apr/16
genuine 6ft 7, not 6ft 8
rich said on 7/Mar/16
scientific fact.. tall people die younger than those of average height. Sometimes a lot younger.
CW said on 18/Jan/16
I agree that Brad may have shrunk a little since peak, but he still is very tall. All the claims of 6'5, 6'6 and even 6'7 don't have substantial evidence. Many pictures with Charles Barkley try to imply he is similar in height, but in reality, he stoops to be similar for the pictures.
Example: Click Here - look how Brad looks similar to 6'4 Kevin Nealon, but in reality, he stoops to to match. Now look at a better body shot where he's not stooping: Click Here
I'll refer again to the picture of him with Chris Webber: Click Here Chris Webber in 2003 was measured at 6'9" without shoes (source: draftxpress) and Brad is not standing up straight. If the two stood up straight, they'd be pretty similar in height. There's no way he's under 6'8". As an actor that is trying to land roles, 6'8" can be a deal breaker, so he's probably not used to standing as tall as he can.
susan said on 2/Nov/15
my boyfriend is 6ft 8 in tall and he is wonderful. I am 6 ft 2 in tall,
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
He might be measure in shoes. American style. 6'8 w shoe and 6'7 barefoot. A hair over 6'8 that's what he mean. By night his 200.0cm that mark. A real 6'8 runt is in my family was eveey bite looking taller than him. He's 6'7 at best
joe said on 15/Aug/15
it does not seem as high as Calais Campbell
S.J.H said on 17/Jul/15
He doesn't came taller than a guy like lebron james who measure 6ft7.25 , at most he could be 6ft7.25 same height as lebron james. Look a solid 6ft7
Garnet said on 18/Jun/15
Looks 6'5 in the pacifier
G said on 16/May/15
Garret appeared to be the same height as the doors Till death. A standard size door has 6'7 or 6'8 in height? This may help us to discover its height.
hal said on 16/May/15
Definitely a legit 6'8". Of course there's be people saying he's 6'7", but they're wrong. Brad's lucky. 6'8" is my dream height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/15
"Peak height was 6ft 8½in (204cm)"

Might be 6ft8 flat today.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 24/Apr/15
I really doubt Brad is taller than Hafthor.... Let's get real here. He is 6,7 at best.
Rifle said on 20/Apr/15
Is this 6'8.25" listing Garrett's peak or his current height?

Do you think a peak height of 6'8.5" is possible for Brad Garrett?
Editor Rob
I think it's peak height of just over 6ft 8. Today he could have dropped a little.
James B said on 26/Mar/15
Age and posture have probably made drop a little height. Today i think he no taller than 6'8 (203cm).
Jim said on 14/Feb/15
I can tell you exactly how tall Garrett is because I met him outside of the Laugh Factory 2 years ago in LA.

I'm a legit 6'5, and Brad was easily 3 inches taller. He's a legit 6'8, I assure you.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/15
Rob how tall do you think his daughter looks here Click Here I'm not sure she's even full grown in the photo! She looks what 5'11 range?
Editor Rob
she may be near that mark
Slim said on 2/Feb/15
My doorways are 6'9 so 6'8 seems spot on. Same doorways as in other houses
didhe said on 2/Jan/15
Walking easily under the doorways in the raymond show - with over an inch left. He's 6'5-6'6 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Dec/14
Might have been the full 6ft8½ in his 20's-30's
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/14
Rob, what happened to Mamun?
Editor Rob
he hasn't been Banned, but since I didn't host photos directly, he understandably didn't want to post again.

There is never an issue with posting photos in your comment like ali baba or others have done...
Kostas said on 17/Aug/14
Fern194cm-192cm says on 4/Aug/14
I think that Ali Baba should be Banned from this website. He is not good at heights and always lowballs peoples heights. Perhaps he even lowballs his own height.
[Editor Rob: if you cross the line too much you might be Banned, although I don't think Baba's done much to warrant that!]

Then why Big G was Banned? For just a little measurement error!!!
Editor Rob
G was Banned for a few reasons, you can believe ali baba's height or not though.
ray said on 12/Aug/14
Rob, Do you think this guy can look like a 6'6 like some people say, He Looks huge in general- He said 6'8.5 for his height on Raymond- He Looks in that range peak?
Editor Rob
with poor posture maybe at times can look in 6ft 6-7 range, but this guy standing tall looks near to 6ft 8.
max said on 7/Aug/14
There is no way this guy would measure as low as 6'5 or 6'6, You can see his posture is not great on Everybody Loves Raymond but you can clearly see in a lot of scenes that he has a good 6 Inches on Ray Romano, The Lowest I could imagine for him is a weak 6'8, He could be around 6'7.5 or something now he has likely lost some height but he certainly looks a legit 6'8 on Raymond I thought.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 4/Aug/14
I think that Ali Baba should be Banned from this website. He is not good at heights and always lowballs peoples heights. Perhaps he even lowballs his own height.
Editor Rob
if you cross the line too much you might be Banned, although I don't think Baba's done much to warrant that!
Sam said on 2/Jul/14
Yeah, something like 3 inches taller than Barkley, Seahawksfan probably knows about camera advantage and posture minimizing the height difference.
CW said on 22/Jun/14
Seahawksfan - your picture is chest high without any context where Barkley has the camera advantage. Look how during the shoot, he's playing with his posture to stoop to Barkley's level: Click Here

Take a look at the full body pics with Barkley and Chris Webber in the link below: Click Here 6'6 for him is not possible unless we only look at shoulder shots where he's not in full posture.
CW said on 5/Jun/14
For the comments on Brad Garrett and 6'9" Chris Webber - there used to be more photos, but here's one of the only ones left: Click Here
Chris Webber is taller than Brad Garrett in the picture, but he's standing straight. Brad is leaning on one leg without good posture. Looks to me that they'd be very similar in height in Brad was standing up straight.
PLB said on 2/Jun/14
Face to face with another guy most men overestimate their own height. I noticed in high school that if I thought I was as tall as some other guy - he would always be taller. If I thought I was as smarter as another guy - he would be smarter.

Maybe that's just me but I suspect that this phenomenon accounts for all the height discrepancies that we read about here.

I'm quite a bit shorter than Brad Garrett. If I were to meet him face to face I doubt if I could make a decent estimate. I met Clifford Ray once in my local laundryman. He was the center of the Golden State Warriors at the time. He was 'only' 6'9" (a bit short for NBA centers) but I was just stunned. How would I estimate his height. He towered over me.

Pat Boyle (6'4")
62B said on 25/May/14
Ali Baba, not sure where you are getting your military height restriction info form, but when I was in the army in the late 80's there was a guy 6'9" in the motor pool, and when I was at NTC there was some type of special Marine unit where the shortest guy was my height, 6'3" and most were in the 6'6" to 6'10" range.
Yazz said on 2/May/14
Canseco is 6'3, not 6'4. Was listed at 6'3 for half of his career.
ScottGun said on 25/Apr/14
You're going to have to downgrade this guy(and to be honest, about every other celebrity--they all seem to be fudging the truth). Saw a Raymond rerun with Brian Posehn on it and Garrett didn't look appreciably taller than Posehn. Posehn lists his height as 6'6." I've stood right next to Brian Posehn. I'm 6'2" in my shoes on a good day and he was no more than 1.75 to 2" taller than I am--6'4" tops.
Brad said on 22/Apr/14
Whoa!!! HE'S 6'8? Huh not that tall then. IM 6'10 legit All thanks to Allah, he made me this tall and I love him MASALLAH ALLHAMDULILLAH
Dan said on 4/Apr/14
In a picture of Brad Garrett with Ray Romano and Jose Canseco, Canseco looks about 3 inches taller than Romano and about 3 inches shorter than Garrett. Since Romano admitted he is 6'1" and since Canseco is listed as 6'4", I'd put Garrett at 6'7".
James B said on 1/Apr/14
On everybody loves Raymond I think he looked 6'7.
t said on 5/Mar/14
He Look like 6'9
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/14
He can look 6'6 " range at times granted, but there are plenty of photos which show he's really a legit 6'8".
Gonzalo said on 11/Feb/14
He was shorter than Chris Webber, listed 6`9 when he was at Michigan, more than an inch. And he didn´t look much taller than Charles Barkley. Probably he is 6`8 in shoes. Very, very, very tall anyway.
chicky said on 8/Feb/14
Ted Cassidy, the actor who played Lurch in the Adams Family (or Munsters?) is taller (206cm/6ft9)
MrTBlack said on 26/Jan/14
6'5"? Lol
avi said on 17/Jan/14
@anonymous says on 6/Aug/13

Well Penn jillete is not 6'7 more 6'6 area. Had 2-2.5 inches on Bob Saget who is 6'3-6'3.5 area. So brad Garret could be 6'7 area its not impossible. I think peak 6'8 now 6'7.5.

He surely is a big big guy must have dropped .25-.5 probably under 6'8?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
Ron, is 203cm or a flat 6ft8 maybe closer?

He's 53 now and it's a fact that those gigantic dudes tend drop a bit as they age.
Lu said on 19/Dec/13
Seahawksfan says on 10/Dec/13
He looks 6'6 here....

He looks more like 6'5 there... and check him out next to 6'4 3/4 Charles Barkley, he looks to be in the 6'5-6'6 range there as well. Also in the Raymond show he walking straight below every door at the set with inches left - with his SHOES ON(!) This guy listed as 6'8 is a big big joke, bigger than the man itself.

He's 6'5 range
Really said on 25/Nov/13
I am just sick and tired of all these giant comments. How can a 204cm guy be a giant, so all basketball players are giants and all models that are over 200cm when on high heels are giants? I am 6ft6in and I don`t consider myself a giant. Medical classification for a giant height is for someone to be over 7ft4, and this guy Boban Marjanovic is right on the border of that limit: (picture of him with his wife) Click Here and even he doesn't look like a giant to me because hes very good built. A giant to me can be a person with any height that is fat like a pig. To conclude some of you are just jealous because IRL you are probably short and because of that you have a lower value complex because you will never have the fame or the cash these tall people have. /rant over
avi said on 4/Aug/13
@Arch Stanton says on 3/Aug/13

There's one episode where there's a 6'5ish guest star I think brad wasn't much taller. 6'7 and almost 6'8 when hr stands military style.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Aug/13
He's obviously a 6'8" guy, he's built like a fridge freezer. Guys with that sort of frame are usually 6'8" plus. A noticeable difference between 6'5"-6'6" which just looks very tall.
avi said on 1/Aug/13
seems to be like Daniel Cudmore's height maybe 1/2 taller. i'd say strong 6'7 maybe 6'7.75 on Raymond he was definetly 6'9 in shoes because was a touch taller than 6'8.5 doorframes.
jasperwazup said on 31/Jul/13
I'd say Brad Garrett is taller than Richard Moll 6'8'' on here and taller than just about everyone.
pkw said on 29/Jul/13
awesome job playing jackie gleason who is 5'10
Sixseven said on 5/Jul/13
Brad Garrett is 196 cm tall.
teej said on 5/Jul/13
He towers over vin diesel makes him look like a dwarf
lelman said on 14/Jun/13
@omg, they literally did use a bodged measurement to make him appear shorter. Ray is definitely not under 6 foot in real life.
Giant said on 15/Apr/13
I'm 7ft 3. I'd say he is a few inches shorter than me.
omg said on 9/Feb/13
if he is 6'7 then ray is 6'2... and every doorway in the show is 6'10
Alex said on 1/Feb/13
It's nice to see that some very tall actors like him do not get typecasted.
Ali Baba said on 29/Jan/13
OMG, I don't think there's any way he could be under 6'7". That's the least I would give for him.
Mikey T said on 26/Jan/13
this guy is a giant so I think 6'7 or 8 is right
omg said on 26/Jan/13
ray was measured to 6ft in the series (or a shy below) why would they use a faked measuretape? or why would they use 6ft instead of 6'2 if he really was 6'2? ray is tops 6'0 and garrett is tops 6'5 most likely 6'4 since he is walking straight under every doorway in the set, with no problems. In some episode he is even standing in the doorway with many inches left, and he has his shoes on as well...
usmcCraig said on 19/Jan/13
Ali baba: no i am done growing been the same height since i was 22 ia m 27 now
Ali Baba said on 11/Jan/13
hermit58 says on 6/Jan/13
I have stood next to Brad Garrett and he must be shy of 6-8. I am 6-2 and my brother is 6-5, so when I stood with him, talked with him, and posed with him, he is more like 6-7.
Do you have a picture? People here like pictures.

usmcCraig: Are still growing?
Ali Baba said on 11/Jan/13
Arch Stanton says on 28/Dec/12
I checked and 6 ft 6 appears to be the height limit for marines!!!
You can get a waiver for some things when you entere the military. Height and weight are two of those things. The height limit for the Army is 6'8" and Kevin Nash was in the Army, yet you believe he is over 6'8". So if you want to argue one you have to argue the other.
Paul said on 10/Jan/13
@usmcCraig: You gained 5.5 inches in a few years? After 18yo? Seems legit.
Paul said on 10/Jan/13
@usmcCraig: You grew 5.5 inches within a few years after 18yo? Seems legit.
usmcCraig said on 8/Jan/13
I was only 6' 4" when i joined i grew while iwas in there and i was discharged because of this
hermit58 said on 6/Jan/13
I have stood next to Brad Garrett and he must be shy of 6-8. I am 6-2 and my brother is 6-5, so when I stood with him, talked with him, and posed with him, he is more like 6-7.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
I checked and 6 ft 6 appears to be the height limit for marines!!!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Dec/12
usmcCraig says on 19/Dec/12
Im 6' 9.5" i was measured bearfoot when i left the marines s few years ago

No offence but I strongly doubt the marines would accept weak 6 ft 10 fellas with back trouble. It would be far too big for cabins on ships I'm pretty sure of that unless they need a circus act for amusement. Its kinda amusing how many people turn up to 6'5"-6'9" huge guy listings and claim they met them and were taller than them.
usmcCraig said on 19/Dec/12
Im 6' 9.5" i was measured bearfoot when i left the marines s few years ago, i met brad garret in LA. about 3months ago and i would say he is about 2 too 2.5 inches shorter than me and we were wearing shoes so i would say 6'7" too 6'8" he is not young anymore plus as tall people are backs kill us im 27 and mine kills me im sure his does even more at his age
Ajax said on 24/Nov/12
Yes. If your anything more than 6'4", be prepared to duck through most doors since most shoes ad .5-1.5" in height making you less than 2" away from the frame. My friend who's 6'4" doesn't need to duck through doors but my 6'5" friend does.
James said on 23/Nov/12
I think he's more 6'7
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
jmo says on 10/Nov/12
whenever he enters a doorway he ducks. aren't doorway standards 6'8" ?

Mostly, but in my house the doors vary between 6'8" and 6'6", downstairs are all 6'8". Remember he's a tad over 6'8", add shoes, of course at 6'9.25" he is going to have to duck a bit.
jmo said on 10/Nov/12
whenever he enters a doorway he ducks. aren't doorway standards 6'8" ?
Kent said on 28/Oct/12
Wow! That shot next to Nealon makes him EASILY 6'8. But the shot next to Hugh Grant makes him look much shorter. Garrett's height is just weird to gauge. He must have made it an art to slouch without it being too noticeable.
Yaspaa said on 21/Sep/12
He looks noticably taller than 6'4 Kevin Nealon.
Click Here
Yaspaa said on 15/Sep/12
Never doubted his 6'8ness, they do their best to keep it in check on ELR, but sometimes when the camera angle shows the real difference...
JM said on 10/Sep/12
All i will say is some of you people don't seem to understand or realise the effect that bad posture, shoe sole thickness, camera angles and perspective, etc, can have on a persons appearence in relation to height. Just because you see a snapshot of Brad walking next to Hugh Grant on a sloping pavement doesn't mean that it's a given! When a person walks, their height varies by several inches because they are in motion. So besides the pavement, both of them can be at different heights due to their walking as well.

Finally, you can argue all you want but at the end of the day the only true way to positively judge how tall someone is by having the person stand on a perfectly flat, smooth surface facing the camera, standing shoulder to shoulder with another person who's height is verified. Then and only then will you be able to truly judge how tall they are.
matt678 said on 23/Aug/12
brad garret has extremly bad posture if he stood up straight he would be 6 ft8 but he hunches so he looks about 6 ft6
Shaun said on 15/Aug/12
ANDREA[ITA] says on 26/Jul/12
Seriously, Rob, that's how a 5'11 guy would look next to a legit 6'8.25 guy?
Click Here
(He also has shoe advantage...)

Look at the slope of the pavement. I agree though that he gives the illusion of being 6'5"-6'6" in that pic rather than 6'8". But I think he's genuinely this big.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 31/Jul/12
Yeah, im the first saying that manganiello is no less than 6'4.5, especially because rob met him and rob is very accurate with those who met! I hacent seen that pic, if he really is 3 inches taller, brad is really about 6'8... Maybe he looses lots of height with "short" people and with tall ones he stands straight and looks a legit 6'8 man...
Vegas said on 27/Jul/12
ANDREA[ITA] says on 22/Sep/11
Never looked more than 6'6 to me! Maybe it's his posture... Dunno!

he was noticeably taller than joe manganiello (about 3 inches) in a full length photo and manganiello looks at least 6'4.5 with rob
ANDREA[ITA] said on 26/Jul/12
Seriously, Rob, that's how a 5'11 guy would look next to a legit 6'8.25 guy?
Click Here
(He also has shoe advantage...)
Editor Rob
the sidewalk slopes towards the gutter...there could be 2 inches in Grant's favour in such a shot, but these walking/street shots are tough.

It's a lot harder to try to guess heights on the street
Brad said on 4/Jan/12
~6'8. Probably a little less though.
Trav said on 20/Dec/11
6'8 he tall enough
Libertariandude said on 15/Dec/11
Bear in mind, guessing people's heights just by shows and movies is tricky, since they are quite adept at camera work to make people look taller or shorter (I think it's legitimate, if it's done for artistic reasons). So while it's true Garrett looked just some 10 cm taller than Romano in Raymond, I guess that's due to clever camera angles and maybe even some lifts. Most people who have met Garrett agree he is a solid 203 or 204 cm.
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
6 foot 8. Never doubted it. All the family members are tall except for the girls, they are tiny. I think they'll make him look tall but not freakishly tall but they always call him giant and bigfoot.
Kent said on 15/Nov/11
I am now second guessing myself. I have analyzed the heights of the actors on many "Raymond" episodes - sometimes when they are in bare feet or socks - and I just cannot see any way that Brad Garrett can be 6'8. The best I can see is he's probably 6'6 and gains height with his footwear. If he was truly a barefoot 6'8 he would completely dwarf most of the actors on that show when wearing shoes, when he'd likely be 6'9.
Shaun said on 31/Oct/11
If Garret is 6'5'75 LAN Jiao you're 6'3" tops mate.
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
Brad next to 5'11 hugh grant look nothing over 2metre and as lowest as 6'5.75 , he is 6'6-3/4
Kent said on 21/Oct/11
Shaun, I agree, I don't see a 6.5-inch height difference between Garrett and Romano, and both men seemingly have honestly stated their heights. This leads me to believe that the directors of ELR compensated a bit for the extreme height differences of the actors. There's not much they can do about Garrett, but I think they gave Romano "lifts" at times. Especially since the difference between them seems to vary from episode to episode.
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
Oh well I thought Romano was 189-190cm.. If he's just 187cm than Garrett doesn't really look over 6'7" in comparison. Rob are you sure Romano is as low as 6'1.5"? I always believed his 6'2.5" listing.
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
6'8.25" looks like his legit height to me. I mean being taller than virtually all men on the planet if anything he'd have reason to downgrade, not upgrade. Romano is nearer 6'3" than 6'2".
george555 said on 9/Oct/11
Garrett looks in the 6'9-6'9.5 range with shoes-I think it's just his posture which makes him look a few inches shorter. The guy is huge!
Maxwell said on 5/Oct/11
I'm 6'6". I saw Garett in Vegas two years ago. I was directly in front of him for a moment, said "Hi" etc. (he was very cool) and had to look up a little at him. To those of you saying he's 6'6", he's definitely taller than that by at least an inch or two since I was looking up a bit.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Oct/11
I have a feeling he shrink 4cm a day. He measure morning 8-9am at 203cm then shrink down lowest 200cm evening and walk like a 6'6 guy by losing his posture from noon
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Sep/11
Rob, how do you explain he looks only max 5 inches taller than Ray Romano? Let's say Romano is really 6ft2, he looks max 6ft7, most of the time 4 inches taller! And it seems he doesnt slouch too much!
Editor Rob
maybe he just looks a guy who could be an inch smaller but when you measure him he gets near 6ft 8?
HeightExpert said on 28/Sep/11
he's looks 6'8-6'9...he is a giant!
graceclarice said on 28/Sep/11
OMG!! A real giant!!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Sep/11
Never looked more than 6'6 to me! Maybe it's his posture... Dunno!
C said on 26/Aug/11
It's true there are scenes where Brad doesn't look that much taller than Ray. However, there are also a fair share of scenes where Brad looks ridiculously huge compared to Ray, especially in the earlier episodes. I think they improved camera work (to cover the disparity) in the later years - either that or Brad got better at slouching.

And for those who want to underestimate Ray's height, take a look at his page and the true height stick he measured against. Terry Bradshaw was also on his show and there wasn't much difference in their height.
Terryman said on 18/Aug/11
Rob a flat 6'8 is a better estimate
5'8.76786 said on 18/Aug/11
To KW: Maybe Ray was using elevators next to Brad? He definitely had footwear advntage so it's more like 5 inches of difference between them, still Brad looks unusually short next to Ray.
5'8.76786 said on 18/Aug/11
To Shaun: in the vid you posted: Click Here it at 0:05, there you can see the real 6+ inches Brad has over Ray. Next scene you only see 4 inches thaks to the clever camera work, of course.
James said on 17/Aug/11
Can look 6'7 range but his posture must be horrible at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Aug/11
Can look 6ft7 range with 187cm Ray Romano
Anton :) said on 5/Aug/11
He is ****ing huge i mean im not short (189 cm 6foot2/5) but he is a sky scrapper!
Eli said on 29/Jul/11
Just ran into him here in Vegas... definitely 6 ft. 8 .... he slouches tho! D*mn! wish i took a picture, if only the camera on my phone was working!!!! aaargh!!! stood right next to him and said hello at Hugo Boss Las Vegas hotel at the strip...
Big Mike said on 14/Jul/11
Yea at times he appears to be a lil bit shorter than 6ft8 and when up with Ray he looks at times 4 or 5 inches taller than him but when you see him in real life he's def 6ft8
James said on 6/Jul/11
He was taller than Penn Jillete but i don't think Penn is over 198cm these days.
d wade said on 1/Jul/11
no way that he is 204cm he looksa more like 6,7
James said on 29/Jun/11
Yeah LOL he is freaking huge.
Sweep The Leg said on 26/Jun/11
The guy is a giant
James said on 22/Jun/11
Its probably just his posture making him look shorter than he really
---- said on 22/Jun/11
look I'm a solid Six feet tall and I saw him at the mall and he looked at the very least a good 8 inches taller I would not put 6' 8" past him
James said on 8/Jun/11
he's a very big man thats for sure but to me he does not look 6'8.
Cranberries said on 8/Jun/11
I dunno, man... next to everyone, he looks under 6'7". 6'6.5" maybe? Is there ANY picture where he looks a towering 6'8"?
James said on 22/May/11
He probably a lot of the time appears 6'6 on Everybody Loves Raymond cause of his bad posture and rarely ever stands straight.
Jason said on 22/May/11
He looks about an inch and half taller than Penn Jilette here: Click Here
Shaun said on 10/May/11
Click Here

Pause at 6:16. IMagine that's one of the room doors in your house . Measure it. He looks inches taller than it in footwear, he's got to be somewhere between 6'9" and 6'10" in shoes.
Shaun said on 10/May/11
Strange thing though is he can look 6'6" tops. See Click Here OK he comes through the door and does look 6'9"ish in footwear being about an inch taller than door frame but then compared to Romano looks 3-4 inches taller NOT 6 inches.
Shaun said on 10/May/11
C says on 5/Mar/11

On another note, I posted a while back that Raymond's door height can be estimated because Kareem Abdul Jabbar was on the show and walked under the door, which ended up eventually implying Brad is 6'9+ in shoes. I will try to see if I can find that again.

Yeah you're right. Kareem is 7'1". 6 and where he comes on the door in Raymond's house and where Garrett comes on the door in the house points to Brad Garrett being around 6'9.5" in footwear. He's a legit 6'8" and change for sure.
Vegas said on 6/May/11
garrett and donald sutherland (age 69) in jan 2006 Click Here
Josh said on 5/May/11
Nope he is 6'8 im 6'8 met him at Dennys were about the same
Mathew said on 5/May/11
Romano is 6'1.5" - 6'1.75", Garrett was always in the 6'8" range he might have shrunk to 6'7" by now though.
Vegas said on 30/Apr/11
123 says on 26/Apr/11
this 6'8.5 listing is a joke, 6'5 and not a millimeter more for garret

do you just go around and downgrade these guys for a laugh or something, garrett was taller than penn jillette, jillette was taller than 6'5.5 barefoot measured nfl star jason taylor
KW said on 29/Apr/11
Garrett only has 4 inches max on Romano in this pic, so I'd say he's no taller than 6'6".

Click Here
jake said on 14/Apr/11
204 cm..... compared to my 181-182 cm.
Kent said on 10/Apr/11
I said "aimed down" when I meant to say "aimed up." Sorry.
Kent said on 8/Apr/11
Garrett is so tall that when he appeared on "Seinfeld" next to Jerry Seinfeld, they composed a special camera angle to capture them both in the frame (their height difference was about 9 inches?). You will notice the camera is oddly aimed down at Seinfeld - not something they normally did on that show.

Ray Romano is closer to Garrett's height, and with lifts might appear even closer.
Matt said on 2/Apr/11
this guy wouldnt even that look short with yao ming, probably up to his chin
Davy Jones said on 24/Mar/11
"Rob could he be 6'7.5? cause he barely ducks when he goes through the doors. The door frames are 6'8 1/2. They say its standard of 6'8 but they are really over by half an inch or so, take a tape measure and measure a door frame and one will see so. So with his shoes he would be 6'8 and half tops which is why he almost hits the top. So is it very likely he is in the 6'7 range??"

Not all doorframes are the same height.
James said on 17/Mar/11
Most of the time he does not appear 6'8 on Everybody Loves Raymond.

I must point out that there is something about Brads build even though he looks like quite a big boned guy he does not have massive broad shoulders or a huge head which always gives the illusion of more height.
Candyman said on 16/Mar/11
Like Vegas said, doors can come in all shapes and sizes. Im sure that the set was accomodated to make the rather tall cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, appear less awkward.
avi said on 9/Mar/11
Rob could he be 6'7.5? cause he barely ducks when he goes through the doors. The door frames are 6'8 1/2. They say its standard of 6'8 but they are really over by half an inch or so, take a tape measure and measure a door frame and one will see so. So with his shoes he would be 6'8 and half tops which is why he almost hits the top. So is it very likely he is in the 6'7 range??

Editor Rob
maybe a guy his size walks lower than he measures, kind of slouches in his back.
James said on 6/Mar/11
Hmmmmm well he does not look 6.5 inches taller than 6'2 Ray Romano.
rob said on 5/Mar/11
Rob You should add his quote on Raymond- He said I'm 6'8 and a half but I can schlump to 6'5- It was Model episode.

This Guy is a giant, clearly very tall, I woud say 6'8- 6'8.5 seems fine for him.
C said on 5/Mar/11
James, good point. It's true that Kevin Nealon may be under 6'4" now. Brad is also nearly 51, so he may have shrunk a little more since the Raymond days too. I do sometimes see odd pictures where he looks shorter than 6'8", but I consider these anamolies because there is just way too many scenes and pictures I've seen where he's 6'8"+. It wouldn't make sense that he would ever wear lifts to go from 6'6" to 6'8" in these pics, but I can't prove it. Just using logical sense because of all the 6'8" evidence.

On another note, I posted a while back that Raymond's door height can be estimated because Kareem Abdul Jabbar was on the show and walked under the door, which ended up eventually implying Brad is 6'9+ in shoes. I will try to see if I can find that again.
James said on 14/Feb/11
Well whenever i see this guy on tv and in photos he does not look as big as 6'8 but that could have something to do with his posture? Hard to believe he is this BIG though.

oh yeah by the way c you do realise kevin nealon is 57 years old so he could very well be 6'3 1/2 by now. i saw the pic you are reffering to as well and yeah i would agree 204cm does seem very accurate for brad.
David said on 12/Feb/11
I've seen him in person. I'm 6'4 and thought we were about the same height.
C said on 8/Feb/11
It amazes me to see how many people think he's in the 6'6" range - or even 6'7". Comparing him to "stage" door frames, etc. can be an estimate, but is in no way conclusive. However, I have watched every Raymond episode and if you catch him standing straight near a door frame, he is clearly taller. Also, seeing him with folks 8-12" shorter cannot prove much. Why? Because everytime I see Brad with a tall guy, he completely owns them. Kevin Nealon, a legit 6'4", was on Til Death. He was nowhere near Brad's height. I'd say the gap was 4" absolute minimum. Brad was also 2" minimum taller than 6'6" Penn Jilette. The same thing goes for supposed 6'9" Phil Gordon - he was at least 1-2" taller. He's just not going to show he's a giant compared to normal people, and stand up super straight. Once he is with a tall person, he has better posture where you can see his real height. Google those comparisons to see the pictures with those folks. I'll try to look up more comparisons of him with 6'4"+ people for those who still don't believe he's a legit 6'8".
James said on 7/Jan/11
Legend if you ask me Brad Garrett looks 6'6.5-6'7 range in Everybody Loves Raymond. Is that bad posture though????

Anyway it could be camera angle trickery to make him not look gigantic in comparison to other members of the cast but whenever i watch everybody loves raymond i just cannot see 6'8. I think he should at least be downgraded back to 203cm because no way is brad garrett looking 6.6.5 inches taller than 188cm Ray Romano.
Legend said on 4/Jan/11
he's 6'7.5
James said on 29/Dec/10
rob do you think brad garrets posure makes him look 6'6 at times?

Editor Rob
only if he's really bending down, I think
James said on 5/Dec/10
I think him being estimated at a hair over 6'8 was a morning measurment.

Anyway I think he peaked at 6'7.5 and today comes in at 6'6.75 inches perhaps? All the hunching and having to bend down etc must have made him loose a bit of height.
Vegas said on 2/Dec/10
ben; doors come in all shapes and sizes, i wish people on here would realise this, here is a good example, will ferrell is ~6'3 and look at him next to the doorframe in this scene Click Here

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