How tall is Ray Romano

Ray Romano's Height

6ft 1.5in (186.7 cm)

American Actor best known for starring in TV series Everybody Loves Raymond. On Letterman in 2013 he mentioned his height, saying "I'm Six-One" and also claimed to be 6ft 1.5 on an episode commentary.

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6ft 1.25in (186.1cm)
postmanjones said on 1/Sep/17
6 foot 1.5 peak
Timothy Jones said on 31/Aug/17
Looked tall in Everybody Loves Raymond but not as tall as claimed. 6ft1.5
Don said on 25/Aug/17
Strong 6ft2
Faza said on 10/Aug/17
Maybe 6 1 now can look 6 2 for sure on raymond
John Davis said on 1/Aug/17
@Mike so you're saying he's short and 5ft 10 wtf
anon said on 21/Jul/17
Terry where is your evidence that he is just 6'0, He certainly looks taller than that range compared to folks tho he could have lost height now, I still reckon he is around 6'1 and 6'2 peak given how he looked with Peter Boyle and Brad Garrett in Everybody Loves Raymond.
That height episode on the show he was that height tho, But I think that was purely for the effect because no guy at 6'1 3.4 is going to moan at being a shade under 6'2 but 5'11 3/4 to 6'0 makes more sense
Terry said on 19/Jul/17
Dean said on 30/Jun/17
Around 188cm
anon said on 29/Jun/17
Might be closer to 6'1 now maybe 186 range, I think Peak was 187-188cm for sure, always looked pretty tall on Everybody Loves Raymond keep in mind he was working besides a 6'8 Brad Garrett and Peter Boyle was a tall man also.
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
Strange.. Romano claim 6'2 ten years back. Now he claim 6'1-6'1.5 , i did believe he measure lowest at 6'1 and just 6'2 with footwear
anon said on 6/Nov/16
Might be closer to a flat 6'1 now like 186cm range but I think was a 6'2 guy on Raymond always looked a tall guy on the show, He stated he was 6'2 many yrs ago now and said 6'1 and 6'1.5 so He likely could have measured 6'1- 1.5 range anywhere.
TH said on 18/Aug/16
I am 187/188 cm and I can tell you that Ray is about my height. I'd put him at 187cm or 6'1.5"

As for the show about height, it sounds like a good show when a guy who "thinks" he is 6 feet is measured 5'11 3/4". Nobody has sympathy for a 6'2" guy complaining about being a half/quarter inch shorter. Doesn't make for a good show.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/May/16
Rob, I think he's claimed 6ft1½ and 6ft2.

When did he claim 6ft1?
Editor Rob: it was on Letterman he said it.
Paleman said on 2/May/16
Looks only a little bit shorter than the 6'2" Bobby Cannavale on Vinyl. I think 186cm would be spot on.
Kiran18 said on 26/Apr/16
I thought he would be 5'9" to 5'10". What a surprise.
tk said on 25/Apr/16
At least an inch shorter than Bobby Cannavale in Vinyl. 6'1'' seems more accurate, unless Cannavale is taller than listed (6'2'').
straightahead said on 1/Apr/16
Why is he still listed 6'1 1/2 when he says himself that he is 6'1?
Editor Rob: because he also claimed 6ft 1.5 on a commentary and a guy who asked him 10 years or so ago said he claimed 6ft 2. Maybe if he was bang on 6ft 1.5 he's claimed the roundup and the rounding-down, which today he might be. Could have lost a fraction now.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 11/Mar/16
I think that Ryan Reynolds would be at least an inch taller than Ray Romano. Ray Romano is 6'1"-6'1 1/2".
Shan said on 14/Jan/16
Ray Romano is same height as Jimmy Kimmel which is around 5' 11".
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Sean said on 26/Dec/15
I still have such a hard time believing he's over 6 feet. I've always thought he was 5'9 tops.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Sep/15
Rob, do you think 6ft1 is possible?
SHORTY said on 9/May/15
Just saw him on Letterman last night with the two standing side by side on the spot where Romano performed 20 years ago. They appeared to be the same height. Dont know what extra advantage Romano got with his hair though.
Uhoh said on 8/May/15
Click Here 7:40
Ray talking about his then 15 yr old son being 6'4" and himself, being 6'1".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/15
I can buy Romano at 6ft2 peak
didhe said on 30/Dec/14
"" kevin says on 11/Nov/14
would have guessed him around 6'2 watching Raymond, I think he is around 187 or 188cm. Brad Garrett was a 6'8 guy on Raymond, he has likely lost height now ""

So all the doors they used on the set in the show was 6'10? why go through all the trouble? Infact Brad walked straight easily under the doors with his shoes on and it was easily an inch left...

Ray is nothing more than 6'0 (if even that...) if he says 6'1 then thats for sure includes footwear. And Brad is 6'5 range tops, might have been 6'6 15-20 years ago
Danimal said on 19/Dec/14
Claimed to be 6'1" on Letterman last year.
Sam said on 19/Dec/14
Haha, at mike, then you might need your vision tested.
mike said on 1/Dec/14
honestly he looks like the shortest thing, i wouldnt put him past 5'10"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
"Ray Romano height: 6ft 1¾in (187cm)"

Hackman might've been closer to 6ft1 flat in Welcome to Mooseport
kevin said on 11/Nov/14
would have guessed him around 6'2 watching Raymond, I think he is around 187 or 188cm.

Brad Garrett was a 6'8 guy on Raymond, he has likely lost height now
Sam said on 22/Sep/14
He and Dennis Leary look very similar in height, in some shot though Romano may have him by a hair.
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kevin said on 2/Aug/14
Lol at comments like He is 6'1.5 but no way is he 6'2, You can tell between 0.5 inch or less, He looked 6ft2 on Everybody Loves Raymond
issa said on 4/May/14
Rob,6'1.5 is way too low for him.He needs to get upgraded to 6'2.
viapto said on 16/Mar/14
he looks taller than 6' 2'' gene hackman. Click Here
maybe 6' 2.5''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/14
At the very lowest 6ft1.75/187cm. He usually looks nothing under 6ft2 on ELR.
He'd definitely be 189cm range early morning.
Yaspaa said on 17/Jan/14
I'm sure they play his height down on Parenthood. He always 'appears' shorter than Peter Krause.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Dec/13
"Ray Romano height: 6ft 2in (188cm)"

Looked 6in shorter than 6ft8-6ft9 Brad Garrett.
I now think Chris Elliott is at least 6ft when he stands tall. His lanky build can actually make him look 6ft2-6ft3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/13
Chris Elliott looks 182-183cm
FitnessForLife365 said on 21/Dec/13
On everybody loves Raymond season 2 he was measured 5 foot 11 and 3 quarters and he kept fighting with Debby saying that he is 6 feet tall.
Lu said on 19/Dec/13
Very short cast on Raymond show, that why he apperar tall. I mean, both his friends i.e the Giovanni guy and the other shorter one... both clearly below average. And Patricia (Debra) is in the 4'10-4'11 range at best and so is Ray's mom. His daddy Peter Boyle was perhaps 5'11 at best and Brad Garret around 6'5... Ray 6ft tops
richkid123 said on 15/Oct/13
He just said he was 6'1" on Letterman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Sep/13
"Ray Romano height: 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"

Closer to 6ft2 than 6ft1.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/13
I initially thought 6ft2-3, but supposedly he claimed 6ft1.5.
He really came across as 6ft2 minimum on ELR.
Lurk said on 10/Aug/13
If he stated 6ft 1.5 then he is no more than that height - very few actors downgrade themselves, after all.

But, with Romano being 187cm maximum, how can Brad Garrett be 204cm? Is there really as much as 17cm (6,75 inches) between the two?
avi said on 8/Aug/13
@Levi says on 8/Aug/13
hardly taller but Boyle was probably 6'1 there and Ray 6'1.5-6'1.75 aka a weak 6'2. i highly doubt he is over 6'1.75 thats too generous for him i think as well. Rob has him right i think. the picture with Baldwin and Kimmel is a good indicator of him standing in the mid 6'1 region.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/13
I personally would pick 188cm over 187cm. He was slightly taller than Peter Boyle who was maybe 186cm at that point?
Mr. R said on 20/Jun/13
Ray is 6-2. I did a tv show with him.
Sean said on 17/Jun/13
6'1.5" is a stretch. With supposedly 5'11.5" Alec Baldwin and 5'11" Jimmey Kimmel
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C said on 5/May/13
LAN, this has been questioned over and over - the ruler on the show was rigged. If you look closely, the first foot was 2" longer than the rest of them. Screenshots of the episode were fully examined down to the pixels. Patricia Heaton also came up to the 5' mark, 2 inches shorter than her real height.
LAN said on 17/Mar/13
In the episode Six Feet Under on Everybody Loves Raymond, Debra measures him as 5'11.75" but he argues that he is 6 feet tall. I don't see why he would chop 2 inches off of his height.
matt678 said on 20/Feb/13
ray is taller then peter boyle in the show and peter boyle is 6ft2!! shouldnt ray be listed at a least 6ft2 also rob?
[Editor Rob: boyle likely shrank a bit by time he was in that show]
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/13
No Way is he 6'0, He looks about 6'2 range, 6'1.5 must be him saying his lowest height, very honest guy, precise too, He said about 6'2 on show before and Garrett said 6'8.
omg said on 26/Jan/13
if he claims 6'1 1/2 then it for sure includes footwear, so 6'0 tops barefoot. But even if he is 6'1 1/2 then brad garrett is around 6'6 tops
Rickson said on 3/Jan/13
Ray is around 6'2.
hs2012 said on 15/Oct/12
The episode "Six Feet Under" was all about Ray dipping under the magic 6'0" barrier and feeling upset about it. The point of the episode would have been totally lost if he was measured at 6'1" or 6'2" and used to be 0.5" taller. It's definitely not a measurement to be taken seriously!

Ray claims 6'1.5" for himself on the aforementioned commentary on "The Canister" episode, which I think looks very legit.
Twithers said on 11/Sep/12
In the episode "Six Feet Under" he is measured at 5ft 11.75in while using one of those giraffe height measurement sticks. The only problem is that Patricia Heaton, who is this scene is wearing tennis shoes with ridiculously tall heels, barely reaches the 5ft mark. So, either Heaton is WAY shorter than the claim of 5ft 2in OR they fudged the measuring stick to make Romano appear less than 6ft. I can understand why they would do that. I mean who is going to feel sorry for someone moaning about not being quite 6ft 2in.
[Editor Rob: yeah we had discussion on here a few years ago and the measuring stick was 'fudged' a bit at the other end to take off 2 inches. ]
ANDREA[ITA] said on 24/Jan/12
There's about the same difference between John Cusack and Tim Robbins and between Ray Romano and Brad Garrett... That's funny :O
ANDREA[ITA] said on 23/Jan/12
How the hell, Brad Garrett should be 17 cms? There is never this difference!
shay:L said on 4/Jan/12
Hes 6ft1 27 inches
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
There was a weird episode where he was 182cm. If kelsey grammar is a 6 footer than ray is 187cm easy. Watch back to you. The difference between kelsey and patricia is not as big as the difference in everybody loves raymond next to ray. He was shorter than letterman though so that is an anomaly. Maybe weird angle. He looks tall next to brad. How tall is terry bradshaw rob? He looked a bit taller than him. I heard he is 6 foot. I really thought ray was 182cm. When he went on king of queens, he looked 187cm easy.
Kent said on 15/Nov/11
Just to clarify the source for Romano's statement: The DVD box set of Season 5 includes the episode titled "The Canister." The audio commentary for that episode has a conversation between Romano, Heaton, and producer Phil Rosenthal. It is during an early scene where the actors are all standing in the kitchen that they begin comparing heights.
anonim said on 12/Nov/11
he look 6'1.25 iní§
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Nov/11
Rob why the downgrade?
[Editor Rob: if he claims that mark for his height it's fair]
LAN Jiao said on 26/Oct/11
Romano did't work out a 6'2 frame. Even in shoe he looks a 6'1 guy fits in it. Max @185.5cm
Shaun said on 21/Oct/11
Oh well I thought he was 189-190cm..
Kent said on 10/Oct/11
OK, straight from Romano's mouth, he says he's 6'1 and 1/2. He says it during the audio commentary on the episode "The Cannister" (I believe). He mentions to Patty Heaton that when people meet him they often say he is taller than they thought, because of his relativity next to Brad Garrett. But he adds "I'm 6'1 and a half."
Mr. R said on 24/Aug/11
Ray is 6-2 heading to 6-3. I worked with him on a tv show.
Suzq said on 22/Aug/11
If Patricia Heaton is 5ft 2in, Romano does not look a foot taller than her. I think he's around 6 foot.
Big mike said on 22/Aug/11
Well i guess in one episode he claimed to be 6ft but he's clearly 2 inches over plus he clearly is a little over the door hinge
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/11
On Everybody Loves Raymond he always looked near in height to Peter Boyle. Granted Boyle is listed here as 189cm, it's quite evident that he had shrunk a bit.

Between 6ft1.5/6ft2.
Andrew1995 said on 9/Jul/11
Strange thing though is he can look 6'4-5" tops. Brad Garrett comes through the door and does look 6'9"ish in footwear being about an inch taller than door frame but then compared to Romano looks 3-4 inches taller NOT 6 inches.
wayne said on 11/Jun/11
Rob : He claimed he was 5"11.75 in an episode in Everybody loves Raymond. Plus, a lots of places have him listed as 5"11 or 6. What's your take on that?

[Editor Rob: that episode with the measuring was staged a bit, I think 2 inches were chopped of the ruler or whatever it was.]
James said on 10/Jun/11
i agree 6'1-6'2
Viper said on 7/Jun/11
6-1 Max
Lenad is sexy said on 7/Jun/11
6'2ish. Looks it
Bon_ said on 3/Jun/11
I reckon he's a solid 6'1, no more than that.
Mohammed said on 20/May/11
Probably 6'1.25-6'1.5, doubt he's 6'2
Zach said on 18/May/11
Why wouldn't they just say in that episode that he shrunk to 6'1.75. I was so surprised to see he was 6'2"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/11
Rob are the 5"11.75 claims possible?

[Editor Rob: no, he's taller than 6 foot guys.]
Kent said on 10/Apr/11
Tom, I agree with you about that "Raymond" episode about him being 5'11. It was simply artistic license from the writers. Romano, Peter Boyle, Fred Willard and Robert Culp were all close in height on the show, and they were all in the 6'2 range.
lee said on 24/Mar/11
I think 6'2 is about right for Ray.
Reznik said on 21/Mar/11
He doesn't seem to have 2.25 inches on 5'11.75 Scott Bakula in this picture:
Click Here
Tom said on 10/Mar/11
Saw him at a Lakers game. I'm a solid 5'11" and I thought he was noticeably taller than me. I'd say at least 6'1". That one episode was centered around him thinking he was shrinking so that 5'11 and 3/4 thing was probably just play acting. Also, Rob Estes and Harry Hablin were tiny (like 5'6-7), Andy Garcia was at least 5'9" and Dian Cannon was just plain scary.
avi said on 9/Mar/11
Well 6'1 isnt as tall as one thinks so i'd say hes 6'1. Brad Garret isnt even 6'8 hes like 6'7 and a half if lucky. with shoes he'd scrap the top doors cause it would give him over an inch.
Mathew said on 7/Feb/11
If we want to be exact, I think he's really more 187 cm than 188, 6'1.5" - 6'1.75" range.
Arnold said on 29/Dec/10
When he was on Conan he was definitely at least two inches shorter than 6'2" Andy Richter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/10
Rob is 187cm or 189cm more likely?

[Editor Rob: i wouldn't say 189cm was likelier]
jak said on 21/Dec/10
i'm 6 2' and stood next to him on by my tv and he's the same height as me
duder said on 19/Dec/10
ray romano is almost 6' but 6'2" is ridicule, he is one of the very few honest actors claiming his true height at 5'11.75".
E said on 7/Dec/10
does not look 6'2" maybe 6' tops... they have an ELR episode where he says himself that hes 5'11" and three quarters...
James said on 2/Dec/10
he does look 6'2 with brad garrett
Legend said on 5/Nov/10
6'1 is more like it. Peter Boyle had lost height by the time he was on Everybody Loves Raymond, which is why he appeared shorter than Ray.
karl said on 12/Oct/07
ray romano is taller than robert culp on raymond, and culp is listed at 6'2 so he is not smaller than 6'2, trivia states although they acted like his character on raymond was 5'11.5 he is actually 6'4, do not know how true that is but personally i believe ray is 6'2.5
lj said on 9/Oct/07
not sure i looked on various sites, like kelson said he is listed at 189 cm tall, not sure what that is in foot, i guess like 6'2? ,can u please get one of these on peter boyle , check him out i dont know his height but i'm guessing he was 6'1 or 2 and peter was a legend
kelson said on 7/Oct/07
ray romano is 1.89m tall, he is listed anything from 6'2 to 6'4.5, most things list him 6'3 but he is actually 6'2.5.
Johnno said on 23/Sep/07
5 ft 11 Famke & Ray 6 ft 2??? well even without the high heels of famke those 2 doesnt make a diffrence of like 6 centimetres i think he is 6 ft 1½
bam said on 17/Sep/07
he is a legit 6'2. On tv, he oddly does not give the impression of being a tall guy, but he is.
paltos said on 10/Sep/07
ray romano is 6 foot 3, that raymond episode was bull**** because he was a shade under the 6 foot mark so what, that was just for the episode it would be daft if they they had him 6'5 ,because his wife on the show is supposedly 5'2 and she was under the 5 foot mark to the thing if you watch so how does that work add 3 to her height from 4'11 to 5'2 and from his 6'0 to 6'3 so ray is actually 6'3
jp said on 9/Sep/07
On a few sites they have ray at 6'4, i would estimate that he is more than likely 6'2 or 6'3 , most things list him at 6'2.5 though and a few 6'3 so what do you reckon height tracker person
ian said on 4/Aug/07
ray was the same height as peter boyle on the show, they went face to face in the ping pong episode, on the forehead they were the same height, and in who am i they both went in a steamroom barefoot i think they were roughly the same,
my best guess would be ray is 6'2 at best.
Mark said on 20/Jul/07
I saw him at the celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe. I'm 6'3" and can easily say he's not 6'3". I think 6'2" is stretching it; my best guess would be 6'1.5 - 6'1.75" range.
michael voisinet said on 8/Jul/07
ray romano is more than 6'2''tall.he is in the neighborhood of 6'3''to 6'4''tall.he is about an inch or 2 taller than david letterman.
Mr. R said on 22/Jun/07
I did a pilot for Jon Henson at SONY once, and I met Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon, who oddly seemed to avoid each other, clearly some bad blood between them! Ray is pretty close to 6-2 and Kevin is between 6-3 and 6-4.
dez said on 20/Jun/07
i agree joey, i would put ray about 6'1, brad is 6'8 and on the show ray appears about the same as peter boyle who was 6'1, kevin james appeared in a few episodes he is 5'9 and ray was like 3 to 4 inches taller.
Joey said on 19/Jun/07
I don't think that episode revealed his true height. It was more effective for the show to make him out to be an even 6 foot as opposed to 6'2. I believe he is 6'2" because he's not that far off from Brad Garett's height. The only reason he doesn't look his height is because of his big head just like Jerry Seinfeld.
bg said on 6/Jun/07
hes 5 11 and a half they meaured him in one of the episodes and he was having a mid life crisis cus he used too be 6 foot
E. Roderick Heath said on 2/Jun/07
He looked exactly 6'0 or maybe 6'1 next to 5'8.5-5'9ish Kevin James on an old episode of King of Queens. He wasn't much taller than (unrelated) Larry Romano who is about 5'10.
l0ck n l0ad said on 25/May/07
Mmmm... just being honest if Ray Romano is a legit 6'2" he is just one of the shortest 6'2" I've seen. I read a lot on this thread now and well I guess evidence shows he is around 6'2", geez he just so doesn't look it even when he's next to shorter people unlike Brad G. There are other flat 6'2"ers out there who look much taller than Ray.
Anonymous said on 17/May/07
Yeah I also remember an episode where Ray was measured by her wife in the show and she told him that he was 5'11 3/4". But I actually think he is like 6'2" or close to close to it like 187cm or 188cm.
ben said on 5/May/07
how is ray romano listed at 6'3, he might be 6'0, but he is not 6'3, the one site as his bio on and it has ray at 6'4, no way at 6'4 he would only be 4 inches smaller than brad and brad appears to have at least 6.5 inches on ray which includes ray's hair too, 6'0 may be more accurate
frank said on 4/May/07
why does everyone think ray is 6'3 he barely hits the 6'0 mark lets not forget his huge hair, he's not tall to brad garrett either, brad has 6 inches on ray easy, and most the time brad doesn't stand straight anyway, ray is 6'0 tall he said his height was 6'0 before in one of the episodes where he got measured
Jan said on 26/Apr/07
Mr R. do you meet everyone famous mentioned here or do you just like to name drop?
Height Tracker said on 17/Apr/07
Romano's actually like an inch taller than Boyle on the show, but I don't think Boyle is over 6'1" because he probably shrunk.
herman said on 17/Apr/07
romano probably is 6-2 it aint hard to believe if brad garett is 6-8 and peter boyle is 6-2 he is the same as boyle and like 6 inches smaller than brad i say 6'1.5 or 2 definetly
paul said on 12/Apr/07
ray is not 5'11 thers no way, cos terry bradshaw appears in one episode and is not much over ray and he is 6'3,ray is 6'2 lets not forget brad garett i would guess is at least 6'8 or around that so he will make most 6 foot guys look smaller, ray and peter boyle are the same height and peter is 6'2
dmeyer said on 2/Jan/07
could be 6'2.25
Brian said on 29/Dec/06
I saw Romano from a few feet away this past summer. I was about 6'3" at the time, and he looked a little over 6'1", maybe 6'1.5".
Tommy said on 5/Dec/06
I just watched an episode of romanos show and in it, deborah measures him with his shoes on at 5'11 and 3/4 and romano states multiple times that he is 6' during the scene, therefore making him 5'11 and the jolly green giant is probably no more then 6'6 barefoot

[Editor Rob: yeah, this has been discussed before, the ruler was rigged]
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/06
I guess his big dorky head makes him look alot shorter than he claims he is. Really the type of face and head he has he looks no more than a 5'9" stooge.
Daniel said on 4/Nov/06
Ive met Ray Romano and he is about 6'1, the height of me.
Height Tracker said on 20/Oct/06
Anthony, I wouldn't go by that movie poster. If you watch the movie itself it is clear that Romano is actually a little taller than Hackman.
C said on 26/Aug/06
Tall-PD, you're information is completely inaccurate. If you would read what was stated in the previous comments, you'd see that:
A) Ray said he has always "6 foot" not 6'1"
B) The height stick appears to have an added ~2" to make him appear 2 inches shorter than his real height. Take a look at the pictures posted below.
Tall-PD said on 26/Aug/06
Alright everyone!! Ray Romano is not 6ft 2in!! There was a show where he had measured him self(or doctor did). And he was sad to find out that he had shrunk a half inch. He said that he was always 6'1" and argued with Debora (Patricia) that the doctor was wrong. So Debora bought him some insoles, which made him feel better. That was the end of the show. Yep so hes 6'1" at his very best.
Jake said on 15/Jul/06
For some reason I feel like he is not much over 6'1" but is very height concious. 6'2" is the maximum I'd believe and 6'3" is pushing ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 22/May/06
Ray Romano is 6'3" he's an inch taller than David Letterman and 1 shorter than Conan O'Brien. He was on both shows the same week. Brad Garret is 6'8" and Peter Boyle was 6'1" whan he was younger at least. And Hugh Jackman is the same height (6'3") as Ray Romano. And there you go.
BIG TEEZY said on 7/May/06
I would have to agree that Ray is probably about 6'2" since I recall Peter Boyle as being listed at that height when he was much younger and he does seem to be getting more frail and therefore shrinking with age (not like a Gene Hackman type who still looks strong in his 70s-remember a couple years back when it was repoted ol' Gene beat up a couple punks in a bar?) so it is possible that Boyle is 6'0" these days. I don't think Romano is any more than 6'2" which would put Brad Garret at 6'6" or taller-he does seem to slouch a bit at times.
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/06
McConaughey is standing straight in that picture... Ray is leaning in, and could easily have 4-5 inches on him.
Bryan said on 16/Mar/06
Saw an awards show awhile ago where Ray handed an award to Hugh Jackman. He was clearly two inches shorter than Jackman, which means Jackman would have to be 6'6" if Ray's 6'4" is accurate and that's just not possible. Jackman's tall, but he's not THAT tall.
Brett said on 15/Mar/06
doesnt look to have more then an inch on McConaughey, really dont think hes more then 6'1".
C said on 10/Mar/06
I had a few minutes to check and am almost certain that the brand of the refrigerator is "Magic Chef." The label on the door seems identical to the "Magic Chef" label, with the logo on the left. Don't know the model; they have many models out, but there are only 2 different heights of all the models...66" and 66.63". So if the refrigerator really is 66" it would seem that the height stick is pretty accurate when moved 2" down. And Patricia Heaton's height seems very close to what she claims she is, minus the shoes. So I would not consider this height stick as completely made up. Given that info, if correct, Ray is very close to 6'2", just as the listing shows.
C said on 8/Mar/06
I think the height measuring stick episode makes all the difference. If you really want to check the "correctness" of the markings, you can compare Patricia Heaton's 5'2" height, and the height to the top of the refrigerator for reference. Then note that all markings are even from 1-6 feet. You can then compare Brad Garrett's, Peter Boyle's, Doris Roberts, and all the actors' heights to the refrigerator's top (5'6" according to the height stick moved down 2"). There's no way to tell within an inch, but it's close enough not to immediately throw it out and believe all markings are off.
I don't have time to study all this, so maybe someone can come up with a conclusion, rather than just throwing out what could be good evidence.
Or if someone really wants to know, maybe we can figure out the model and dimensions of the refrigerator - if it's a pure prop or gutted real model - and see if it's a true 5'6".
Just throwing out suggestions since there's still many who argue about his true height.
bob1 said on 28/Feb/06
I am really not convinced Ray Romano is 6'2" or over barefoot. I would say he might be 6'2" in normal shoes, and more 6'1" barefoot. What made me think more about it is an episode of ELR when Ray and Brad are talking and Brad is barefoot but Ray is wearing shoes. You get a couple of good shots of them standing right next to each other in reasonable posture and the difference is no less than 6 inches. As well, in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode Brad Garret's in, 6'1"-6'2" Will Smith seems, when they both stand next to each other in shoes, 1-2 inches taller than Romano when compared to Garrett. Now some debate Brad Garrett's height of 6'8" (but me not included) and for me it seemed Romano's 6'2", or his 6'2.5" listing, would probably be in shoes. Having said that I do agree that he can look taller, and short of going to the popular "he must wear lifts", I can't provide an explanation for that, other than perhaps some of those he's seen with are exaggerating their height also.
shizzle said on 11/Feb/06
I'm watching the Pebble Beach Pro-Am right now and Ray was standing beside Eric Close. Eric is listed as about 6'0 and Ray looked a good 3 inches taller. Just FYI.
Gramps said on 27/Dec/05
Jone, you are totally delusional!
Hazza said on 27/Dec/05
I've searched a lot of websites and have found that Ray Romano is 6-3 and a half and Brad Garrett is 6-8 and a half. So if u want the real facts, don't look at a height-chart episode but actually look around and find what's actually true.
Gramps said on 27/Nov/05
Regarding the Barkley/Webber/Garrett/Romano photo: I think the perspective is off due to the camera angle and maybe even the tilt of the camera. Plus Ray is slouching badly. There are too many other photos showing Romano as 6'2" to 6'2.5" for this to be relevant. I'm always seeing an occasional photo of a celebrity looking unusually tall or short. These are generally anomalies, or "flyers" in target shooting jargon, and should be ignored.
Brett said on 27/Nov/05
Rob if Romano was 6'2" or more he would have looked closer in height to Barkley, what you think?
Gramps said on 26/Nov/05
Guys, two comments: 1) Please double-check my links below that clearly show Ray to be near the 6'2" listed here. 2) A measuring stick used in a TV episode could easily have been made up for the show, bearing little relation to a "real" measuring stick. The story line wanted to make a point about this fictional character, so props could be made to fit the story line. Also, the markings on the measuring stick look unusually large, maybe to be easily read by a TV viewer. In other words, the measuring stick is likely as fictional as the show and therefore proves nothing.
Craig said on 26/Nov/05
Well, Brett, you seemed to imply that Ray was under 6 feet because you said "realistically, why would they have the need to story about him being just under 6ft if it just has no baring on Ray Romanos life." I am trying to dispute that he is easily over 6 feet tall. Not the fact that he may be 6'1" or 6'2". That's all subjective depending on how you view his head up to the height stick, and how you guess his skull underneath his hair. From watching the DVD at all angles, he appears to be around 6'1.5" mark, so that would be my conclusion. My suggestion is to watch the episode and come up with a conclusion from all the angles, and see from there.
Gramps said on 23/Nov/05
Guys, keep in mind that doorways made for studio sets are notorious for being undersized. It makes the actors look taller. They've been doing it for over 60 years. Since all TV/movie doorways are not of a standard (or necessarily the same) size, no conclusions one way or another can be drawn from an actor's stature compared to a doorway.
Craig said on 23/Nov/05
I don't understand why there is doubt on this case. I have the episode on DVD. You can clearly see the added 2 inches FROM EVERY ANGLE as plain as day. No camera tricks, nothing. Buy the DVD, count the number of inches from 0 to 1 feet, then recall that no 1 foot has 14 inches. It's not hard to work out. The height stick is clearly 6'2" where it says 6'0".
It is ridiculous to think the story would be the same if you're striving to get to 6 foot or 6 foot 2". 6 foot is a psychological landmark to some. Who in the world would care about a story that says I'm 6'2", not 6'1.75". To go into a different "territory" from the 6 foot range into to the 5 foot range is what's supposed to make this a story. Not the fact that he lost 1/4".
If you follow the "Everybody Loves Raymond" series closely, you'll see that Ray only writes a few of the actual stories. Phil Rosenthal and a team of writers mainly write the stories. Many stories are based on their lives, not his. The family and behavior is based on his life, but individual stories are mainly on the writers'.
Brett said on 23/Nov/05
Yeh I dont know what doors are more then 205cm, which is 6'8" 6'9" max, usually around 201 odd , atleast in my house. I cant see Garret being more then 6'7" and Webber cant be more then 6'8.5", as 6'10 would have made him look alot bigger in that pic. realistically, why would they have the need to story about him being just under 6ft if it just has no baring on Ray Romanos life ? , surely he could have done it for 6'2" and gone have claimed to always have been 6'2" but was only 6'1.5". Either way from that pic, It looks like a height stencil, not a makeshift thing which is bodgy, so I dont think each foot is different as such, plus the 3 different shots hae different camera angles, which really confuse you when comparing images. Either way, if you look at the diff between rays head and the 6ft mark, theres quite a gap, more like an inch or more, so Its a hard one to work out.
Mr. R said on 22/Nov/05
I will stick to my eyewitness report that Ray is 6-2 heading toward 6-3. I worked with him on a pilot.
Jason said on 22/Nov/05
How can Garret be 6'8'', Gramps? Chris Webber is 6'8'', 6'8 1/2'' at best in bare feet, and he is taller than Garret even though he's leaning down.
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/05
The actual door is 6-7. Its the little opening from the floor to the bottom of the door that is another inch, and in total is 6-8. At least thats what I measured in my house one time.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Nov/05
Chris, a site visitor sent me this info:

"Rob, I see a discussion about the episode where Ray's height is 5'11
3/4" in your web site. I did a bit of studying (was bored) and came to
a conclusion that he is a bit under 6'2". I have the episode on DVD and
have captured stills of the measuring stick and where he comes up to
it. I believe this is finally the evidence where we can conclude Ray's true height. The the measuring stick used is clear from top to bottom...and Ray stands right in front of it without his shoes. The measuring stick is off, and the reason why it's off is because they added 2 inches to the very bottom of the measuring stick. The distance from 1 to 2 feet, 2 to 3 feet, 3 to 4
feet, 4 to 5 feet, 5 to 6 feet are all the same. However, the measurement from 0 to 1 feet is longer than the rest - 2 inches longer. Thus, I concluded this chart was raised by 2 inches from the bottom - probably the easiest way for the set builders to do this without looking so obvious. In addition, Patricia Heaton would appear to be 5'2" if this chart didn't have the 2" lift. Since they measured him at 5' 11 3/4" with the chart raised 2", he is 6' 1-3/4". In fact, some might even say he looks to be 6' 1-1/2", depending on how you view it. I hope this will finally prove to those who think he's under 6 foot, or over 6'3"."

If I can, I'll try to show these stills.
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
The thing is from that forum, he said Patricia Heaton ( Ie rays wife in the show is 5'6") but shes actually only 5'2". If you see the difference between Ray and her in the show, you would think hes about 10 inches taller then her, so I think that source is not such an accurate one at all, plus, Ray is barely taller then Brad Garrets chin, he definitely is more then 4 inches shorter then Garrett, so I think Garrett is over 6'6" aswell.
CoolJ said on 21/Nov/05

Standard doors are USUALLY 6'8.. but the opening can be around 6'10" or even larger if the door is larger. Garrett is definitely 6'8-6'8.5
Jason said on 21/Nov/05
Yep, I'd already guessed he was no more than 6'6'' (he certainly didn't look 6'8 1/2'' in the Pacifier...) ... and he certainly looks it next to Chris Webber there.
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
He does look more then 2.5 inches shorter then Charles, more like 5 haha as I said earlier, so hes 6ft even I reckon.

[Editor Rob: somebody on his official forums said they were at one of the recordings and

"The question I asked him when I say him was how tall Brad Garrett is? He is 6' 6". Ray is 6'2" Post is here

I think I'll give this guy 6 2 even...sometimes he can look shorter, but I'm still not sure on that episode about 6ft...
Brett said on 21/Nov/05
Yeh Rob Ive met Barkley,as you know, and I was around the same height gap, or maybe a tad higher if anything then Ray is, I think Rays 5'11.75" in his show, may be his real height? As im 6'1", so I think the most he could be is 6'1". Also Barkley is around 6'4" to 6'5" but he doesnt look much shorter then Webber or Garret, I would think Garret is around 6'7 or just under with bare shoes, as he walks under a door with shoes on, and a door is about 6'7" to 6'8", and Webber definitely aint 6'10, Id say hes 6'8" or 6'8.5" and only 6'10" in his BBall shoes. After all the NBA will take players heights in their shoes, and will esculate most heights anyway.
l0ck n l0ad said on 19/Nov/05
episodewatcher is right. There was one episode where his wife measures him and he's ready to see his 6 foot mark but then he's suprised to find out he's only 5'11 3/4" and his wife tells him sometimes people shrink with age a little. He keeps insisting that he's 6 foot tall, gets really frustrated that he's not 6 foot on the mark and goes on and buy shoe insoles to make him feel as if he's a 6 footer in his shoes... that's more or less that storey line...

I have never met the guy personally but why would he down play his height?
It's true Brad Garrett is very tall and may give a dillusion that Ray is shorter but just looking at Ray he seems a bit shorter than you listed him probably 6 foot is more accurate IMHO.

By the way I always thought Brad Garrett was dull and lame (cuz of the part they gave him in everybody loves raymond) but I saw on Oprah once damnnnn the guy couldn't stop talking he's funny as hell!

[Editor Rob: I've never seen the episode so can't comment. It may have been more story sense to use 6ft mark vs 6ft 2 mark say...I dunno, I might dig out the episode from somewhere and have a look]
episodewatcher said on 28/Oct/05
Ray Romano is likely just under 6'. There was even an episode about this, Ray and Debra were talking about looks and he was giving her grief for women being obsessed with their body image. She shot back asking why he tells everyone he is 6' when he's really 5'11 1/2. 6'3 just isn't plausible. He isn't significantly taller than the female leads, Debra and the woman who plays his mom. 6'3 is an absolute myth...
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/05
Ray is exactly half inches maybe less shorter then i am
I am exactly and i mean exactly from 6 ft/1/2 inches to 6/3/4 depends on the day
There was a show everybody likes Raymond when he is being measured,and his wife tells him you are quarter inches short of 6 ft,and he says hes 6 ft

So he is between 6-6.1 in tall and thats a fact
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/05
Excerpted from this interview:

"Finally, we hear you now may end up starring in a movie with Dustin Hoffman. You're 6 foot 4. He's 5 foot 6. What is this, ''My Giant 2''?

If they let me act in a movie with Dustin Hoffman, I think our height might not be the only difference you'll notice."

Anonymous said on 4/Oct/05

"My brother, who at the time was a New York City police officer - he's since retired - was being portrayed by Brad Garrett. And my brother is - first of all, he's 5 foot-11, and Brad Garrett is 6-foot-8. "
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/05
There is no way on earth ray romano is that tall, look at him next to his like 5ft wife in everybody loves raymond, he isnt more then 6ft
sam said on 23/Sep/05
Jackman said he was only 183cm when he first became big, because he was worried he was too tall for the roll wolverine, Ive met hugh before, and he is 190cm, he is very tall, he wouldnt be the one to wear lifts, he already thinks he is too tall, more likely others wear lifts around him, like ll cool J. But yeh he use to say he was only 6ft, but people soon began to catch on, when he dwarfed 6ft actors like john travolta
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/05
Ive heard Jackman say in an interview that he was 6-1 or 6-1.5. Also Marsden was quoted as saying he was no more then 6-1. It doesnt make any sense here.
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/05
I think he was wearing lifts when Mr R. saw him. Or its possible Jackman was wearing lifts at the Emmys.

[Editor Rob: I've not seen romano/jackman so can't comment, but remember Jackman can look shorter than LL Cool J. Sometimes he wears shoes with 1cm heels, other times...maybe jackman goes to town with his shoes. He was told to lie about his height in the past and say he was 6ft. He also specifically stated 'James Marsden is 10cm shorter than me'. He knows Marsden is 178cm...]
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/05
is gotta be 6 foor 2 because regular people would look 5 foot 3 near garret and he is taller than hackman
sam said on 23/Sep/05
did you see him next to hugh jackman at the emmys, was a big height diff, like 3 inches. so he is 5'11.5 he claims
Mr. R said on 22/Sep/05
The surprise here is that Ray has become a person of contention. Gibson, Cruise, and Pitt make sense - they epitomize American manhood. But Romano? I met Ray two years ago at SONY Studios, and he was taller than I thought - I actually initially reported the 6-3 sighting. Some of the pics on here dispute this very well.. But I do believe that he is at least 6-2 and a little over. One way to tell is to look at old Lettermen shows. Ray's show was produced by Dave, and he used to be on a lot, especially when the show was struggling. He was at least the same size as the 6-2 Lettermen, and seemed a little taller.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/05
Theres no crediblity on this site, if It lists romano as 6"3 haha, what next, danny devito is 5"10?

[Editor Rob: danny IS 5ft 10 in his mind. I mean to come back to this romano guy...I was going to shave a cm off him the more I see of him, but lower than 189cm? The guy at times looks to have a relaxed posture and sometimes can appear shorter...hmm]
Sam said on 21/Sep/05
well I think you have obvious proof that he isnt anywhere near 6"3, Jackman and sorbo are like 3 inches taller then him, both are 6'3". Plus he claims to be 5'11.5 so why argue with the man, he looks nowhere near 6'3" anyhow
DP said on 21/Sep/05
You only lie about your age when you're UNDER 6'. Can't for the life of me understand why someone 6' and above would even need to lie.
supes78 said on 20/Sep/05
Not that I'm saying that Ray Romano couldn't be shorter but what does he have to gain by lying about his height? The guy's a comedian, not an action star or athlete.
sam said on 19/Sep/05
There is proof ray isnt 6"3. At the emmys, he excepted an award from Hugh Jackman, and looked several inches shorter then hugh, who is meant to be 6"3. The difference was seriously obvious, probably near 3 inches. I have met hugh on several occasions, and he is 190cm, so Ray is no more then 183cm. Ray doesnt look anywhere near 6"3 anyhow, in his show he claims to be 5"11.5 so whered you get 6"3 from, go watch the movie mooseport, youll realise how wrong his height is
Mr. R said on 6/Sep/05
James, Bill Clinto is usually listed at 6-2 or a half an inch over that. I met him and I can vouch for at least 6-2.
james said on 5/Sep/05
I saw a picture of ray romano and clinton together, and they were eye for eye, but some how Romano is listed at like over 6"3 ( which is laughable) but Id say they are both are the 6"1.5 category. you can Ray aint that tall. Plus all these things about brad garret proving ramanos 6"3, he looks more then 5 inches taller then ray, and brad stoops and hunches big time, plus hes probably over exaggerating his own height, so 6"1 or just over is pretty much on the money
J. said on 1/Sep/05
I think I might have to quell my 'Ray ain't tall' doubts and actually cut the poor guy some slack. I know for a fact, as a person who experienced a late teen growth spurt, posture is a problem. You grow to have posture of someone who's shorter because you haven't grown into your full height. I know this all too well and often find that people think that I'm way shorter than I'm really am. My posture's pretty bad so this counts for that. So, there is a possibility that Ray could be maybe in this height range and his bad posture makes him come across shorter. Plus on 'Raymond', the camera angles favor Brad, to emphasize how tall he is. So, now with all this, I can maybe believe that Romano is actually a tall man.

[Editor Rob: I'm tempted to give Ben Stiller back that 1cm for that posture reason ;)]
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/05
The commentary and special features of the 1st season of "Everybody Loves Raymond" have references of Ray's real brother being "a little" shorter than he is. In fact, there is a picture of Ray and his brother together in a photo. If both are standing up straight, Ray is no more than 3" taller than his brother. Ray mentions that his brother is about 5'10" in the pilot commentary. So I would say he is 6'1" max, according to this and many other photos.
g-dog said on 20/Jul/05
in an episode of everybody loves raymond, his wife measures him and hes 5'11 and 3/4 and hes sad becaus ehe always thought he was 6 feet. now this might have been strictly for the show but i had a feeling it was based on a real life inside koke sorta thing..........
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/05
Where are a lot of episodes of Everybody loves Raymond, where he is wearing sandals, and where the top of his head, reaches Brad Garrett's eyelevel. And according to this page, that difference is about 4.5 inches, (maybe a little more in Brad's example). That means, Romano is 6'3".

[Editor Rob: yes, I would say a little more...maybe Romano sometimes slouches and comes across shorter...]
Mr. R said on 5/Jul/05
But CasperUK, I don't watch the Raymond show, but what I have seen, Ray tends to slouch a lot as part of the role for his character. When I saw him at SONY, he was standing straight up and seemed between 6-2 and 6-3. The other point is that Kevin Nealon, who is 6-4, was standing there as well, and Ray was maybe an inch and a half or so shorter.
CasperUK said on 5/Jul/05
Certainly the height disparity between Romano and Garret suggests much more than 5.5" height difference. I would say even 7-8". Watch Pet Cemetary episode when they are all in the rain, Garret literally TOWERS over Romano by a good 9"+ easily. 6'3? Please stop smoking the green stuff people. Romano also talks alot about the issue of height in interviews which leads me to think that he is uncomfortable with his lack of height relative to Garret so he might be wearing 'special' shoes in episodes to close that gap up. 6'3 with special shoes quite probably, 6ft (180cm) in real life (natural height). Anyone w ho says he is 6'3 naturally has got to be smoking some real good stuff.
CasperUK said on 4/Jul/05
Mr. R, if Ray Romano is 6'3 tall (do you mean natural height, or with shoes etc?, because then i can maybe believe it) then Garret must be 7ft tall as the difference between the two is MASSIVE and if BG was 7ft tall, surely there would be much more commotion about his height etc? Come on people, lets keep things in perspective. Ray is around 6ft tall naturally but can put on the 3" he needs to appear taller, to say that he is 6'3 naturally (190cm by the way!!!) is absurd!!!
Mr. R said on 30/Jun/05
Sorry Anonymous, I worked with Ray Romano and he is between 6-2 and 6-3.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/05
Ray is 6 foot tall, he said that in one of his episodes, where he thought he was shrinking. But he is 6 ft exactly, because he said it himself many times in that episode
CasperUK said on 30/Jun/05
Perhaps 6'2, early in the morning with shoes on but looking some episodes of Raymond he gets COMPLETELY out-towered by Brad Garret, who is probably 6'8.5 with his shoes on (people like to measure themselves with shoes on for extra self confidence). How does a guy who is supposed to be 6'3 (which is 5" taller than the AVERAGE height of a man) be made to look like a tiny midget. I would put Romano at 180cm (5'11), but this shows and combed back hair certainly give him the extra inch or two to make him look 6ft2. I would place him at 5'11 naturally and with help of shoes, hair and camera angles he can certainly pull off 6'2, 6'3 even according to some *cynical tone*
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/05
I think there might be a chance, that Ray could be 6' 3". In an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond", Ray meets Terry Bradshaw, who also is 6' 3", and they where eyelevel.
npeez said on 16/Jun/05
Ray is about 6-1 maybe 6-2 I would estimate though i could be wrong I Was just watching an episode of everybody loves raymond and noticed when he and brad garret were standing next to each other bg seemed much more then five inches taller id say about 7 I am 6-4 and my father is 6-9 and when we stand next to each other we seem closer in height then ray and brad though at 50 my dad could have lost some height
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/05
Lmeister, if Raymond is 6'3, then Garret is 7ft tall - which i doubt as there'd be much more commotion about it.
Remember the episode when Kareem Adbul Jabbar came on, he is 7'4 tall and was EASILY a head's height taller than Raymond - around 14/15". I'd put Raymond at 6'1 and not highter than that unless he is paranoid about his height next to BG and resorts to elevations and big hair.
J. said on 8/Jun/05
Thank you CasperUK because your post confirms what I witnessed all this time. How the hell does a guy who's supposed to be 6'3"- 6'4", 6'2" even, get completely towered by the 6'8" guy?!?! If he truly were the height he's listed, the height difference between he and Brad wouldn't be so great. They'd be eye level or close to it. Also there was a episode of ELR where the guys are putting together a basketball team. The guys are all lamenting that they don't have a strong enough player. Then one goes something to the effect of "let's get Robert [Brad's character], cause he's so friggin tall. He's on the only tall guy". That should be a tipoff, people, that Mr. Romano ain't that tall.
CasperUK said on 7/Jun/05
Come off people. I think Ray is around 6' in real life without shoes and thats the most i would give him. Here is why:
Watch the Pet Cemetary episode in ELR: When they are all standing outside, and everyone talks, the camera pans onto the cast as a group shot, Brad massively towers over Raymond by a good 9" i would say EASILY. Ray comes just below the ear height of Robert (the bottom of the ear that is). That is why i dont rate Ray as being that tall, certainly not 6'3 as most people state, although camera angles, elevations in shoes and big hair do give that impression at times, BG alwways has a good 6-8 inches on Raymond - ALWAYS.
Secondly - watch the Superbowl game where Ray gives Gianni a ticket and Robert and Frank stand next to each other in the kitchen to confron Raymond. Garret massively out-towers Boyle by a good 10" or so easily. This leads me to think that Frank is around 5'10-5'11 and has shrunk quite some bit in his old age. He still is a large man for an old guy but slightly taller than average now. My grandad was 6'7 in his prime (20-35 lets say) and weighed 300lbs of solid muscle (he was a loader onto lorries in Pakistan - formerly India, and could load 50kg sacks without any difficulties at all). When he was 80 he had shrunk down to 6'4 inches and last year, when he was 97 he had shrunk to 5'11.5 and weighed just over 160lbs. Old age causes the spinal muscles to decompress, loss of posture and huge weight losses. Frank isnt 6'2 by a long stretch. 5'11 is the max i would put him at and Ray at 6'0 in all reality.
Mr. R said on 7/May/05
But Squa, Clint is standing much straighter than Ray. We also can't see if the ground is level where they are standing, especially since it is a golf course with lots of slopes.
Manny said on 1/May/05
but how much of that is Hair?
he tends to comb his heair upwards - i also saw that show and hes clsoer to 6 feet or so his show said.
Mr. R said on 17/Apr/05
Well, Smoke agrees with me. It must be true, and I can hear the cracking sounds of hell freezing over! Two other points: 1) I saw Taxi Driver last night in Hollywood, and Peter Boyle towered over Robert DeNiro, even with Deniro in boots! He was at least 6-2 in his prime if not a little taller, and maybe has not lost as much as we think. 2)I heard that Brad Garrett was measured recently, and was told that he had grown, and he is now over 6'8". Our perception of Ray's height might be affected by Brad's. Stay with me Smoke!
Smoke said on 17/Apr/05
I'm pretty sure he's 6'2"-6'3", I posted a good pic of him with Tiger Woods, Chris Tucker, and Kevin James and Ray does look the tallest. I'm with Mr. R on this one (how often do you hear that?), if he's 6'0"-6'2" then both Tiger and Tucker are struggling with 6'0".
Smoke said on 31/Mar/05
I was skeptical at first too, Romano just doesn't look a 6'3" guy, but after looking at some pics I really think he is about 6'3". If Chris Tucker indeed 6'1", and Tiger Woods is indeed 6'2", Romano is indeed 6'3". If you also look around for some pics of Chris Tucker with (supposedly 6'1" Venus Williams), Tucker is taller than Williams, even while Williams is in heals. And Kevin James certainly isn't looking 5'10" in that shot either, he's definately the 5'8"-5'9" that folks on this site know him to be.
matt said on 31/Mar/05
To answer J & Squa, it may have been a better story for Ray's character to have fallen just below the 6' mark. Their seems to be some significance to this height, as though it is the difference between short and tall, at least for some. I don't think that his character could have been as immasculated by shrinking a quarter inch from 6'3". Also, if Brad Garrett is 6'8" then Ray can't be only 6' because they never look that far apart from any angle, wearing any footwear. 6'3" looks just about right.
Squa said on 26/Mar/05
Like "J" says, why would he make himself shorter than he really is, in the episode where he´s shrinking...?
It just seems odd to me, to make yourself shorter..
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
I would agree with Smoke and J that Romano doesn't look 6'3". But if you look back, he is taller than Letterman, whose company Worldwide Pants produces Raymond. Also, Dennis Haysbert is just over 6'4", and yes, that makes Romano about 6'3". The other issue is that I had Kevin Nealon there for a comparison, and I do believe that he is 6'4". He is definitely taller than 6'2", and is close to 6'3".
Smoke said on 19/Mar/05
This guys just doesn't look 6'3", Peter Boyle was supposedly 6'2" until he shrunk and looks about an inch shorter than Ray nowadays. Then again seeing him beside Dennis Haysbert who's supposed to be 6'4.5" he only looks a little over an inch shorter. Still I think he's closer to 6'2" than 6'3", he looks dead on a foot taller than 5'2" Patricia Heaton.
J. said on 19/Mar/05
It's weird because he doesn't look that tall. There was an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that aired in 1998 where the character of Ray's 6 foot frame begins shrinking. So, I wonder if that's his real height. I'm sorry but 6'3" doesn't add up based on different photos. Yet, I'll take Mr R.'s word.
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
Okay, I worked on a pilot for a talk show, and Ray Romano was a guest. I actually believe that he is close to 6'3". One way I could tell, is that the other guest was Kevin Nealon, who is definitely 6'4". I was backstage when Ray came out of makeup, and I saw him walk past Kevin Nealon. (Oddly they did not speak.) There was about an inch difference between the two. Ray is about 6'3".

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