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6ft 1.12in (185.7cm)
Jon said on 5/Jul/05
From personal experience someone who is 6'7" will have an eye level at just around the top of the head of someone who is 6'2" (obviously different for differnt people- but not by a great deal). This should be the same for Romano and Garrett and in all photos(both publicity and non-publicity)this does seem to be about right. I have not seen many photos which would suggest much more than a 5" difference in height, and none which would suggest more than 6".

Also in the film "Welcome to Mooseport" Romano appears to be a good 1.5" taller than Gene Hackman (6'1.5"),%20Ray%20(I)

I would estimate that he is around 6'3"; certainly no shorter than 6'2"
CasperUK said on 4/Jul/05
Mr. R, if Ray Romano is 6'3 tall (do you mean natural height, or with shoes etc?, because then i can maybe believe it) then Garret must be 7ft tall as the difference between the two is MASSIVE and if BG was 7ft tall, surely there would be much more commotion about his height etc? Come on people, lets keep things in perspective. Ray is around 6ft tall naturally but can put on the 3" he needs to appear taller, to say that he is 6'3 naturally (190cm by the way!!!) is absurd!!!
Mr. R said on 30/Jun/05
Sorry Anonymous, I worked with Ray Romano and he is between 6-2 and 6-3.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/05
Ray is 6 foot tall, he said that in one of his episodes, where he thought he was shrinking. But he is 6 ft exactly, because he said it himself many times in that episode
Anonymous said on 17/Jun/05
I think there might be a chance, that Ray could be 6' 3". In an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond", Ray meets Terry Bradshaw, who also is 6' 3", and they where eyelevel.
npeez said on 16/Jun/05
Ray is about 6-1 maybe 6-2 I would estimate though i could be wrong I Was just watching an episode of everybody loves raymond and noticed when he and brad garret were standing next to each other bg seemed much more then five inches taller id say about 7 I am 6-4 and my father is 6-9 and when we stand next to each other we seem closer in height then ray and brad though at 50 my dad could have lost some height
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/05
Look at Romano beside the Survivor winner Richard Hatch 6' 4" (1.93 m).

Then Romano doesn't look 6' 3"!!
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/05
Lmeister, if Raymond is 6'3, then Garret is 7ft tall - which i doubt as there'd be much more commotion about it.
Remember the episode when Kareem Adbul Jabbar came on, he is 7'4 tall and was EASILY a head's height taller than Raymond - around 14/15". I'd put Raymond at 6'1 and not highter than that unless he is paranoid about his height next to BG and resorts to elevations and big hair.
J. said on 8/Jun/05
Thank you CasperUK because your post confirms what I witnessed all this time. How the hell does a guy who's supposed to be 6'3"- 6'4", 6'2" even, get completely towered by the 6'8" guy?!?! If he truly were the height he's listed, the height difference between he and Brad wouldn't be so great. They'd be eye level or close to it. Also there was a episode of ELR where the guys are putting together a basketball team. The guys are all lamenting that they don't have a strong enough player. Then one goes something to the effect of "let's get Robert [Brad's character], cause he's so friggin tall. He's on the only tall guy". That should be a tipoff, people, that Mr. Romano ain't that tall.
CasperUK said on 7/Jun/05
Come off people. I think Ray is around 6' in real life without shoes and thats the most i would give him. Here is why:
Watch the Pet Cemetary episode in ELR: When they are all standing outside, and everyone talks, the camera pans onto the cast as a group shot, Brad massively towers over Raymond by a good 9" i would say EASILY. Ray comes just below the ear height of Robert (the bottom of the ear that is). That is why i dont rate Ray as being that tall, certainly not 6'3 as most people state, although camera angles, elevations in shoes and big hair do give that impression at times, BG alwways has a good 6-8 inches on Raymond - ALWAYS.
Secondly - watch the Superbowl game where Ray gives Gianni a ticket and Robert and Frank stand next to each other in the kitchen to confron Raymond. Garret massively out-towers Boyle by a good 10" or so easily. This leads me to think that Frank is around 5'10-5'11 and has shrunk quite some bit in his old age. He still is a large man for an old guy but slightly taller than average now. My grandad was 6'7 in his prime (20-35 lets say) and weighed 300lbs of solid muscle (he was a loader onto lorries in Pakistan - formerly India, and could load 50kg sacks without any difficulties at all). When he was 80 he had shrunk down to 6'4 inches and last year, when he was 97 he had shrunk to 5'11.5 and weighed just over 160lbs. Old age causes the spinal muscles to decompress, loss of posture and huge weight losses. Frank isnt 6'2 by a long stretch. 5'11 is the max i would put him at and Ray at 6'0 in all reality.
Mr. R said on 7/May/05
But Squa, Clint is standing much straighter than Ray. We also can't see if the ground is level where they are standing, especially since it is a golf course with lots of slopes.
Squa said on 6/May/05
Look at this picture:

If Ray Romano is 6' 3", then Clint Eastwood must also be the same height.. or?

I think Ray Romano is 6' 2" max.
Manny said on 1/May/05
but how much of that is Hair?
he tends to comb his heair upwards - i also saw that show and hes clsoer to 6 feet or so his show said.
Mr. R said on 17/Apr/05
Well, Smoke agrees with me. It must be true, and I can hear the cracking sounds of hell freezing over! Two other points: 1) I saw Taxi Driver last night in Hollywood, and Peter Boyle towered over Robert DeNiro, even with Deniro in boots! He was at least 6-2 in his prime if not a little taller, and maybe has not lost as much as we think. 2)I heard that Brad Garrett was measured recently, and was told that he had grown, and he is now over 6'8". Our perception of Ray's height might be affected by Brad's. Stay with me Smoke!
Smoke said on 17/Apr/05
I'm pretty sure he's 6'2"-6'3", I posted a good pic of him with Tiger Woods, Chris Tucker, and Kevin James and Ray does look the tallest. I'm with Mr. R on this one (how often do you hear that?), if he's 6'0"-6'2" then both Tiger and Tucker are struggling with 6'0".
J. said on 17/Apr/05
An intresting photo:

Looking at more photos, Romano is defintely not 6'3". He's 6'2" MAX.

Ray's somewhere between 6'0" and 6'2". I'm sorry but he's not that big of a guy and I'm suprised that people say he's 6'3"- 6'4". If so, he and Brad would be eye level! (Brad is 6'7 1/2")

Smoke said on 31/Mar/05
I was skeptical at first too, Romano just doesn't look a 6'3" guy, but after looking at some pics I really think he is about 6'3". If Chris Tucker indeed 6'1", and Tiger Woods is indeed 6'2", Romano is indeed 6'3". If you also look around for some pics of Chris Tucker with (supposedly 6'1" Venus Williams), Tucker is taller than Williams, even while Williams is in heals. And Kevin James certainly isn't looking 5'10" in that shot either, he's definately the 5'8"-5'9" that folks on this site know him to be.
matt said on 31/Mar/05
To answer J & Squa, it may have been a better story for Ray's character to have fallen just below the 6' mark. Their seems to be some significance to this height, as though it is the difference between short and tall, at least for some. I don't think that his character could have been as immasculated by shrinking a quarter inch from 6'3". Also, if Brad Garrett is 6'8" then Ray can't be only 6' because they never look that far apart from any angle, wearing any footwear. 6'3" looks just about right.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/05
if you lok at Romano in this picture...,%20Jesse...from IMDB standing next to the 5'8 jesse bradford, "6'3" romano definitely does not look to be 7 inches taller than bradford...i think 6'3 is a serious round-up for romano
Squa said on 26/Mar/05
Like "J" says, why would he make himself shorter than he really is, in the episode where he´s shrinking...?
It just seems odd to me, to make yourself shorter..
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
I would agree with Smoke and J that Romano doesn't look 6'3". But if you look back, he is taller than Letterman, whose company Worldwide Pants produces Raymond. Also, Dennis Haysbert is just over 6'4", and yes, that makes Romano about 6'3". The other issue is that I had Kevin Nealon there for a comparison, and I do believe that he is 6'4". He is definitely taller than 6'2", and is close to 6'3".
Smoke said on 19/Mar/05
This guys just doesn't look 6'3", Peter Boyle was supposedly 6'2" until he shrunk and looks about an inch shorter than Ray nowadays. Then again seeing him beside Dennis Haysbert who's supposed to be 6'4.5" he only looks a little over an inch shorter. Still I think he's closer to 6'2" than 6'3", he looks dead on a foot taller than 5'2" Patricia Heaton.
J. said on 19/Mar/05
It's weird because he doesn't look that tall. There was an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond that aired in 1998 where the character of Ray's 6 foot frame begins shrinking. So, I wonder if that's his real height. I'm sorry but 6'3" doesn't add up based on different photos. Yet, I'll take Mr R.'s word.
Mr. R said on 19/Mar/05
Okay, I worked on a pilot for a talk show, and Ray Romano was a guest. I actually believe that he is close to 6'3". One way I could tell, is that the other guest was Kevin Nealon, who is definitely 6'4". I was backstage when Ray came out of makeup, and I saw him walk past Kevin Nealon. (Oddly they did not speak.) There was about an inch difference between the two. Ray is about 6'3".

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