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5ft 10.62in (179.4cm)
Jason said on 29/Jan/06
Because Brad was not 203lbs in Troy. Not physiologically possible as I've tried explaining to you a number of times. Man, I don't know why I'm replying about this again. Come on, you also said Jeff Hardy is 6'0'' 225lbs on the Matt Hardy page when the dude's like 185 and looks more like a drug addict than a pro wrestler. Are you being serious here or just having us on??? lol
adsfdw said on 29/Jan/06
175cm16andgrowing, have u seen that pic of pitt with paltrow both barefoot?
175cm16andgrowing said on 29/Jan/06
MAn why can't some people accept that you can be heavy and still thin? Why isn't this possible? Why? Why can't you accept that? I still say he's 5'11'' because not all stars are short and he looks his 5'11''. So... my sports teacher is 6' and weighs 175 - 185 and you know what? HE'S SKINNY. So... just because some people are not defined and think their heavyweight they think that thinner looking guys can't be like them.
I don't see why he should be 5'8''... Clooney would be 5'7''... You don't believe that yourself, do you?
Pitt would nearly be as small as Cruise where Cruise had 200 in LAST SAMURAI.
adsfdw said on 29/Jan/06
pitt doesnt claim to be 6 feet tall! he even WROTE HIMSELF in his stats in the early 90s as "5-11".

175cm16andgrowing said on 28/Jan/06
He himself said he's 203. And in newer pics, even at 5'11'', he can't be normal weight. So... yes...
They gave Damon 5'11'' and 187... true, in BOURNE, true (at 5'10'').
BTW why should Pitt's publicist say Pitt is 5'11'' while Pitt claims to be 6' all the time?
Adam said on 28/Jan/06
Hey Blah,

Is that article out there in cyberspace somewhere? Could you locate it?

Let's try and settle Pitt's true dimensions once and for all. I think of all celebs heights, his is the most enigmatic. I agree that he's five eleven or a little over. Not six though. He's six to six one with regular shoes.
Blah said on 28/Jan/06
A WSJ article not long ago infamously (mis)estimated the height and weight of various celebrities in an ill-fated attempt to prove the absurdity of the Body Mass Index. They estimated Pitt at 6-1, 203 lbs. His publicist replied that he was 5-11 and nowhere near 200 lbs.
mcfan said on 26/Jan/06

Maybe he's not as tall as I thought if Clooney is only 5'10.5.
RW said on 26/Jan/06
I dont know if i would have ever described Pitt as "lanky" i think he has more of an "athletic" build and I would put him 5'10 1/2
jimmy said on 26/Jan/06
that pic with paltroy barefoot is the ultimate proof hes 5-9...unless paltrow is a 6 footer!

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paleface said on 26/Jan/06
Thanks Benni. Tom, I am indeed a girl. A tall one who likes stilettos, but still a girl
Adam said on 26/Jan/06
There is no way in hell Pitt is five eight or five nine. Have you guys seen Interview with the Vampire? I've met Cruise, and he's a proven five seven without the aid of shoes, with normal shoes, he's about five nine. There's a scene in Interview, and from publications of the film, that Cruise wore three inch heels to play LeStat. At five ten or so, he's still a little shorter than Pitt in that film. Pitt wore regular three quarter inch heels. Watch that film, and notice the scene when Cruise hands over the cup of blood to Pitt. You can clearly see his three inch heels and he still is slightly shorter than Pitt. Its pretty clear, just from this film.....that Pitt stands five eleven or a little over as Editor Rob has him at. How could Pitt be so lanky and still stand five eight?? Your eyes do not deceive you. The man is five eleven or a little over, and stands about six one to six two with the aid of "shoes" and his good posture.
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
Compare these pics of Pitt with Duchovny:
and Glen with Duchovny:
Pitt seems to be about an inch and a half taller than Glen compared to the slouching Duchovny. Also keep in mind that Pitt was wearing very chunky boots in that pic from the movie Kalifornia. Glen claims to wear normal shoes, so Pitt may be even closer to Glen's 5' 8" than the inch and a half difference in those pics.
sixty said on 26/Jan/06
Jay I couldn't agree more.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/06
yeah adam, you're right. he doesn't really wear chunky shoes. i was just guessing on how he can appear tall. To me the 2 pictures with Morgan Freeman are very telling that this guy isn't over 5'11" barefoot. just a guess though.
Adam said on 25/Jan/06
Hey Anonymous, he doesn't really wear super chunky shoes....though I'll concede that he may wear lifts. Nevertheless, the man looks six foot one to six foot two in public....he's between five eleven and six feet barefeet.
John said on 25/Jan/06
Hey anonymous, wow you must be a actor if you know the trick lol....Must be! :>)
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/06
he's no shorter than 5'10 and no taller than 5'11 with 5'10 1/2 being my guess. People wonder how he can look 6'1 or even 6'2 in some pictures. I'll tell ya how. Throw on a pair of chunky shoes like Doc Marten's that give you 2-1/4", slip in 3/4"-1" lifts, then shift your weight to the balls of your feet for a quick snapshot and all of the sudden a guy who's 5'10 looks a very believable 6'1" to 6'2".
benni said on 24/Jan/06
tom, paleface is a girl!! its a heeled shoe
tom said on 24/Jan/06
paleface, you are 5-9 and you reach the 6 feet with shoes on? Im 6 foot and with shoes on I only get 3cm taller which is an inch and a quarter...
175cm16andgrowing said on 24/Jan/06
Fight Club... saw the movie a few days ago and because I'm kinda a member here I compared hiom to other persons. I noticed that his hairstyle made him look taller in the beginning... at the end he had nearly no hair left so I talk about the beginning. He looked 5'11'', 6' with the hair... no, not 6', more liek 5'11.5''. And his weight... 180 at least. Ben McKenzie is said to be between 5'7'' and 5'9'' and 170lbs... Pitt is taller and looked a little more muscular.
paleface said on 24/Jan/06
I agree with the 5'11 max assessment. I was watching 'Ocean's 12' -garbage, spare yourself if you can. Anyway. CZJ was wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos I happen to own and I noticed in the scene she was adopting a mega slouch and she looked less than an inch shorter than him. The shoe in question has a 4 inch heel, but for the sake of this site, I measured myself without the shoes 5'9. With the shoes a little over 6 feet - so I didn't quite get the full 4 inches, I think heels make your pelvis shift or something so you don't get the full effect. Anyway, she's a questionable 5'8 which means he can't be more than 5'11.
uhdbvsch said on 23/Jan/06
sixty, brad was way taller than letto and about an inch taller than Norton.
Jason said on 23/Jan/06
Possibly, but he honestly doesn't look any taller than 5'11''. 5'10 1/2'' is my personal guess.
Eddd said on 22/Jan/06
I think there is a chance that he grew an inch from 5'11 at 23. I'm not saying that's the case, but it certainly is possible. My father grew 1.5 inches at 22.
sixty said on 22/Jan/06
Brad was the same height with Jared Leto in FightClub. Some scene he looks 5'8-5'9. With shoes he as tall as EdNorton.
Jason said on 22/Jan/06
Because 203lbs sounds big and manly, and suggests he's tall. Seriously, browse through the pics of that 5'10'' (they're close enough in height, Brad's about 5'10 1/2'') amatuer bodybuilder's gallery and see how big he looks at low bodyweights. He is just as defined as Brad, even more in many pics. He has his weight in the photo recorded on some pics, as I said. If you still think Brad was 200lbs (or even 180) in Troy after that, then ... well, I'm dumbfounded.
d said on 21/Jan/06
the more troy shots i see of him the less i think he could be over 200lbs, even if he is 5'11. He's not bulky looking at all, just low body fat defined looking.

Its hard to compare weights by looks, tho. When i hit the 30ish mark in age, i gain 15 lbs out of nowhere. No extra muscle or strength or fat, i look the same. Instead of weighing 165, i'm now 180. I couldn't get myself past 170 in my entire 20's no matter what i did. I like to think its all in my head
175cm16andgrowing said on 21/Jan/06
there's muscle bulk and there's muscle that are defined... Brad seems to have defined muscles, why not? Half a year training for troy is enough time to get defined muscles. Oh and before I forget Brad looked a little fat... after Troy and before. He must be 5'11''. Why should he make up a weight of 159lbs and one iof 203lbs.
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
Oh, it doesn't link to exact pics, but anyway ... you can browse through his pics there and see what I mean. He has his weight in the photo listed with it in some pics. He's only 155lbs in the 3rd pic...
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
You can look good at low bodyweights relative to height. Here's a pic of a 5'10'' amatuer bodybuilder at 168lbs:

Pretty much the same size upper body as Brad in Troy, and unlike Brad he actually has some ok legs on him. If he had Brad's size legs he'd be even bigger in the upper body at that weight. I'm sure 175cm16andgrowing would have claimed he's 200lbs if we didn't know his weight...
Bakane said on 21/Jan/06
Sounds weird. But You maybe right about his legs.
On this pic, they are looking thin but not skinny.
Jason, Sorry but I won't go under 80 kilos !!! ;)
ella said on 21/Jan/06
I watch pics from his leight double . He is 1,82 m. Brad is also 1.82 m.
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
No, that's pretty accurate considering the size of his legs. As I've said, the legs account for a very big part of your bodyweight ... have skinny ass legs with a decent upper body physique and you're gonna be much ligher than you look. I don't see what's so hard to understand about that. Look at Phil Baroni, he's the same height as Pitt and has a larger upper body than Pitt at 184lbs. And he has good size legs versus Pitt's sticks. He'd easily outweigh Brad in Troy by 20lbs considering.
Bakane said on 21/Jan/06
Come on dude...Maybe you are right, I have never seen Pitt legs, he's maybe under 200 lbs but 163 ???? Are you crazy ? As I said before, I am 5'9,25 and around 172, I am doing a lot of sports, but my thighs are only 23"...
But when I see Pitt on this photo, he's look bigger than me. So I would say, he's minimum 10 lbs over his height... so for me minimum around 187 lbs if he's 5'11"
175cm16andgrowing said on 21/Jan/06
Yeah I can also go with 203, look at him. Good, skinny legs bur more people have them. Ben McKenzie, James Marsters, Mark Dacascos and many more. I don't have them, sadly :D. So... you wanna have proove of Pitt's weight? I give you proove of hi weight:
The guy on the photo is JAMES MARSTERS. He said he weighed 200lbs, then lost 50 when he came down to LA. But then, in Buffy Season 6 he weighed between 150 and 160lbs. BTW, he's 5'9.5''. You see, he's skinny. You see, Pitt isn't. You see, Pitt has to be heavier. You see, 5'11'' and 203 is accurate - 5'11''!
Jason said on 21/Jan/06
Ricardo Arona appears a much bigger (frame-wise) guy than Brad. And he's more brawnier in the upper body to boot. More importantly, he actually has the legs to go with his upper body physique - which account for a substantial amount of your bodyweight. Brad has none - they had to use a body double for his legs in Troy cuz they were so skinny. So, Brad's not gonna be anywhere near him in weight.

Baroni has a bigger upper body than Brad in Troy and he's only 184lbs at 5'11''. Not to mention, again - he has the legs to go with it. So, the weight difference is gonna be much more than it appears just from looking at their upper bodies.

I'm stumped how you can come up with 203 for Brad in Troy, mate. Not unless he has bones made of magnetic titanimum or something. ;) 163 would be more like it...
Bakane said on 20/Jan/06
Last post about his weight, I promise ;)
But look Jason : Here is Ricardo Arona,famous mma fighter 5'11" and 203 lbs.
Here is Pitt on Troy's set :
For me, they are looking quite similar.
Now a pic of Wanderlei Silva, same weight, same height.
You can see they don't look the same.
and now pic of Phil Baroni :
Who is 5'11" and "only" 184 lbs...
There's not a big difference between them...
So, that's why I can believe the 203 for Pitt.
And Pitt's bodyfat must be around the 8%.
Jason said on 20/Jan/06
I can't remember exactly what 46'' is in metric. I'm Australian and do use metric first and foremost ... just have not taken any measurements in the longest time lol. Ok, just did the conversion on a calculator and it's 117cm. Man, I can't see Brad's being anywhere near that. Just visually, I was way thicker than he was in Troy in the upper torso. I mean completely relaxed and normal measurement, not expanded. Mike Tyson's was only 43'' in his prime. My bodyfat at that weight was in the 14% range. Obviously Brad was much leaner, and I'm completely aware muscle is denser than fat, but I could uh ... even so never believe Brad was 200lbs or anywhere near in Troy.
Bakane said on 20/Jan/06
@Jason : The problem is that we are not agree about one important point: Pitt's height. I am quite suspicious about public people's heights and their declarations. But for me, Pitt can't be under 5'11", when you look at pictures of him with "normal" people, he looks pretty tall.
For the weight question, the 159 lbs at 23 seems good for me, I think he is a little over it in Fight CLub, as I said, maybe around 165 or less. But he is not the same guy in Troy...
Adam said on 20/Jan/06
I'm five eleven and when I wear decent shoes with 1.5 heels, I'm close to six one. Brad Pitt for some reason appears a lot taller than that. His long neck? His long torso? If he stated five eleven all those years ago, the man has definitely grown since then. I think now, he may be a solid six footer, from all the photos we've seen of him. You have to keep in mind, that other people in those photos may also be wearing decent heels. Pitt still stands taller than most people he stands close to.

Editor Rob
Here is where teh 159lbs comes from - that's where he stated he was 5ft 11 in 1987, aged 23 or so.
d said on 20/Jan/06
175cm16andgrowing, i was looking for the quote that would say HE said he weighed 159lbs, or 203 (and when). The many random girly girl's tribute sites aren't proof enough. they list his height all over the place, but his weight is usually 159. where's the source?

peter, if Rob listed his height at 5'8.5, it would cause even more debate...
Chris said on 20/Jan/06
Look at this pic about Brad
Bakane said on 20/Jan/06
@Jason, I hope that I will never be 200 lbs because I'm just over 5'9" And I don't want to look like a monster ;)
By the way, as I am French, I am using metric system, so for me your chest was about 115 cm, Right ? If this right, you should reconsider Pitt's chest. ON this pic,he's clearly About 115 even more. I'm about 106 and I'm 78 Kilos... If you take Jean Marc Mormeck,ex WBC WBA World champion in cruiserweight division. He is 181 cm tall and 88 kilos. he has a 110 cm chest. You can compare him to pitt and you'll see.
And don't worry, I'm not offenced at all, I just would like to know your "body fat percentage" (Hope you'll understand, I don't know the term in english). I think you didn't take this in consideration.
I was agree with you before I saw troy's pictures. In movies like Fight club he must be around 75 kilos even less but here... I am sorry but compare him with boxers or mma fighters like Wanderlai Silva or Ricardo Arona, Same Height, same Weight, different bodies...
@175cm16andgrowing, thks, concerning Mckenzie, I'll answer you on his page on this site, or ROb is going to be upset ;)
175cm16andgrowing said on 20/Jan/06
@d: Stands everywhere. Search for BRAD PITT HEIGHT WEIGHT and you get 159lbs OR 203 (Troy). In a low-carb article it was stated that the low-card diet was worth for Pitt. BEfore Troy he weighed 10lbs less it said.
@Bakane: Thanks. You seem to be a very cool sports person. Pitt really can't look anywhere near 140... some say McKenzie from THE OC is 5'7'' and weighs 170... bs I think what do you think? I guess IF he'S 5'7'' he's 150 or 160... the more newer pics I see of him the more I believe 150.
@Jason: Some people don't lie. Edge didn't say a thing about his height and why it was exaggerated from 6'4'' to 6'5'' last year... he's as tall as Orton. BUT he stated he lost weight and gained it and 10lbs back so... I believe him. You can see that. The guy's arms are HUGE. Hardy is smaller and HUGER :D.
Jason said on 20/Jan/06
His arms are a decent size there, but he hasn't got much else on him. Add that to having legs so small they had to use a body double for them and nope, no way.

When I was 203lbs, my arms were close to that size, though not quite as large ... but I had a 46'' relaxed chest (that Pitt sure doesn't have there) and bigger torso, combined with 42'' hips and thighs a hair under 27''. And that was at 6'1'' to boot. Pitt is only about 5'10 1/2'', so...

The only people who would think Pitt was 200lbs in Troy are those who have never been that weight or anything near it themselves (or never been that weight in anything near decent physical condition). I don't mean any offence to anyone, but the notion of Pitt being 200lbs in Troy is just laughable.
Bakane said on 20/Jan/06
I'm Sorry Jason, but I would like to take 175cm16andgrowing's defense.
If Pitt is really 5'11", he can be clearly near the 200 lbs mark on this picture.
And for your information, I am not a teenager, and I'm doing sport 8 hours a week.
Jusa said on 19/Jan/06
I think Brad is as tall as Wyclef Jean. And no, I don't believe that Wyclef has lifts in his shoes.
d said on 19/Jan/06
anyone examine the tahiti pics posted by justmatt below? First of all, Jolie is wearing 2.5-3" heels and brad is a good 4 inches taller than her.

Now if you compare red shirted guy to brad i'd say brad has 1.5"-2" or so on him. Look at their sitting knee height, brad might have 1" higher knees. Well, brad's wearing boots and the red shoes look like the have about as much heel as moccasins
not the best shot of the knees, but shows the footware.

So i say either brad is wearing normal unmodified boots here or else the other guy is hiding lifts in those red shoes.
d said on 19/Jan/06
"Why should Brad have lied in the 80s when he said he was 5'11''?"

what kind of an arguement is that? Just because he wasn't super famous at the time doesn't mean he can't exagerate his height, like most people do. It could be a round up, or a "with normal shoes" height.

"nd why shouldn't the listing's about his weight be correct, 159 - 203 (Troy)."

Did he say 159lbs himself? When and where. its odd to not just call it 160, you have a point. I could see him at 5'10.5 and 160lbs, maybe a bit heavier if he's still carrying extra muscle.
175cm16andgrowing said on 19/Jan/06
@Anonymous: He would be VERY VERY VERY skinny for an adult if he weighed 140lbs and was between 5'8'' and 5'9''. Why should Brad have lied in the 80s when he said he was 5'11''? nd why shouldn't the listing's about his weight be correct, 159 - 203 (Troy). I believe that, look at his build. He's never just 140 or 160. IMO 159 now again but normally around 180.
But your right. Sadly I can't see the rerun of FIGHT CLUB Sunday night because I have a test on Monday but what I know about Fight Club is that Brad looked "his" 6' - he isn'T but he looked them. He was very very muscle and slim back then, like 170lbs or just muscle and 5'11''. Just look at him and you can see that.
elio said on 19/Jan/06
people saying 5'8" and 6'2"???

Come realistic!
d said on 19/Jan/06 her sandle looks like it does have some heel on it, and i really can't tell what's on his feet. he looks to be in a deeper stride too, and he still pulls off an inch. same sandles here? thick heel. in this one, his stride looks more upright, but still only looks an inch taller. I don't think a normal stride changes height more than half an inch and their stride is similar. I'd give him 1.5" over paltrow maximum, based on those pics. Too bad nobody can agree on her height. those boots certainly do wonders for him tho.
funkmonk said on 19/Jan/06
Anonymous: 1) In the 'sandles pic' of Brad and Paltrow, there was 1 pic not pictures. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Pitt is in MID STRIDE, which means he will look shorter.This picture is therefore of very limited value. Least you can say is Pitt is slightly taller, but what slightly is is up to you imagination.
In other pictures were he is wearing boots he is 2+ inches taller. TRUE.
2)The bare foot pic of Brad kissing Paltrow is also of limited value in determining height because of the angle of the camera and the lowered heads.

That aside, from reliable sounding 'sightings' listed here I think he is 5'10"- 5'11".
- The Morgan Freeman and brad picture, standing side by side, see post below.
- His height beside Jared Leto in Fightclub again standing toe to toe- no camera angle, 1 inch taller if that.

BUT you said "everyone knows in Hollywood, that he wears enhanced footwear!" and in my post I was asking for the links or articles etc where it mentions that the people of Hollywood know that Pitt wears lifts. From newspapers websites etc.

Adam said on 19/Jan/06
From looking at all those recent photos of the man, I'm not too sure now. The guy definitely looks to be six foot two. He even looks taller than Chris Tucker. A really good way to examine height is to see where someone's eyes meet his. Most people's eyes he stands with, meets Pitt near his mouth. What da?? His shoes cannot add that much height...I'm starting to think the man stands six feet at least.
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
Compare this pic of Pitt with Morgan Freeman with this pic of me and Morgan Freeman.
Pitt and Freeman:
Me and Freeman:
Yes, the Freeman with me pic was actually taken at Madame Tussands wax museum. but supposedly they measure the people and have them at their exact height as they are in shoes in person. Notice Freeman's eyes are right about the level of the top of my and pitt's heads...making Pitt and I about the same height. I am exactly 5' 9" barefoot. in this pic I'm wearing sketcher trainers that make me a solid 5' 10.5 to 5' 11". Either Freeman is really like 6' 5" in person or pitt is about my size.
JUSTMATT said on 18/Jan/06
Pitt is 10 cm taller than 5.11 Puff Daddy in this photos and he is nearer to the camera!
Christian said on 18/Jan/06
Look at this picture
Brad is about 5'11''with shoes.

Anonymous said on 18/Jan/06
do you think he only wears "high top" style shoes all the time because he a has bad ankles? take it from someone who wears lifts and knows what shoes work best and how they look with lifts in them. and for those who keep commenting his shoes only have an inch and a half heel....newsflash: lifts are on the inside of the shoes. as a fellow lifter, i can tell he is getting a good 2.5 to 3 inches from his shoes. add to this his military posture and smallish but perfectly proportioned frame. all of a sudden he can look like a very convincing 6'1" guy in photos. but i'd bet my dick he's 5'10" at best barefoot.
funkmonk said on 18/Jan/06
"everyone knows in Hollywood, that he wears enhanced footwear!", can you offer some evidence that everyone in Hollywood knows he wears enchanced footwear? If not your statement is only conjecture.
Viper652 said on 18/Jan/06
Jason,how tall are you?
Height Detective said on 17/Jan/06
This photos are interesting: Brad pitt & Angelina Jolie

I noticed that even Brad Pitt is with shoes , and i dont know if they have something inside , but Angelina is barefooted , and there is not and really huge difference in height , even counting the shoes of brad , and i dont want to blame him for hiding something there.
So he might be 180-2 cm and with that shoes he problably reach 1,84 cm.
So what do you think ?
anthony said on 17/Jan/06
youre wrong pete,i ve met brad pitt very close he is more than 5ft 11 he s tall guy,im 5ft9 he was really taller than me.
Jason said on 17/Jan/06
Still growing and I'm 24, 25 in April. My brother's still growing also, and he's 22, 23 in May. I seriously doubt Brad grew after 1987, though. ;)
J.J.F said on 17/Jan/06
"Has anybody here grown after age 19?"

Yes, Eddd. Not much though - about an inch...
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/06
i have grown after 20
Eddd said on 16/Jan/06
Has anybody here grown after age 19?
stef said on 16/Jan/06
wow hes back at 5'11"... well thats sounds pretty accurate to me anyway..
JustAsking? said on 16/Jan/06
Do you people think that a guy who's 5"11 tall, is actually tall? Or is it up to the country ( for instance, in Netherlands 5"11 is under the averige height, I mean men's averige height of course )?
JUSTMATT said on 16/Jan/06
Anon I don't know Wyclef Jean height, I only see his height on this site. Anyway I think that Pitt with shoes on is for sure between 6.1 and 6.2. I'm actually convinced on that. The problem is always the same: his shoes!! But I don't think that a 5.10 guy can look 6.1 or 6.2 also if he has lifts so in my opinion he is between 5.11 and 6, no more
dmeyer said on 16/Jan/06
hey rob wath convinced you to list brad at 5'11

Editor Rob
shh, just between me and you, when nobody's looking he may creep back up again...don't tell anybody mind you ;) Brad can be in a range, and that range appears 180-1cm, he can look 6ft on occasions.
dmeyer said on 16/Jan/06
if brad is only 5'11 it means he is alwais wearing lifts lately because in pics he looks 6 feet to 6 feet 1 the guy is 6'2" with shoes on
anon said on 16/Jan/06
JUSTMATT, how do you know Wycleff Jean's height? And what do you think of Brad's boots?
Adam said on 16/Jan/06
Hey JUSTMATT.....those are great incognito photos that clearly show the man to be at least five eleven. Notice him in his one to one point five inch heels, and its easy to see how the man stands 6 foot one. All the naysayers out there, take a look at the crowd of people, and notice how there is no trickery here. Brad Pitt stands at least five ten and a half to five eleven.
Chris said on 15/Jan/06
Hey justmatt check out the one photo that shows Brad's footwear...pretty chunky.
175cm16andgrowing said on 15/Jan/06
Not al actors are small like you think, man. He's tall, 5'11'' is tall, not 6' but even this mark.
JUSTMATT said on 15/Jan/06
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
By the way, you need to downgrade Paltrow to 5'8.5".
Eddd said on 14/Jan/06
You know what, my parents are 6' and 5'7 (what Brangelina is 'supposed' to be).
After 19 years of seeing my parents standing together, I know that the difference between Brangelina is not as big as the height difference between my parents.
So, either Angelina is actually taller than what she says (5'7) or Brad is shorter.
Chris said on 13/Jan/06
If Pitt is said to be 5'11" by his PRers then he is probably 5'9"-5'10". I don't see why they would be bothered, he's still going to catch most girls' eyes on a crowded bus (or limo in his case) so what's the deal with making him taller, girls already love him.
d said on 13/Jan/06
there's more than just cheater movies out there to judge actors heights from. Meet Joe black was on tv last night. In the ending scene, it was clear that pitt was 3" taller than hopkins as he "stood." that doesn't rule out lifts for him there. But how the dang does he stand an inch shorter than Carrey, comletely outside movieland, is Jim in on some conspiracy? how about the pic with the car driver...

those sandle pics with paltrow do show that he's not as tall as he usually appears, but 5'7 - 5'8 is a joke.
Eddd said on 12/Jan/06
In the picture, Gywneth was wearing platform sandles with a few inches, plus she's a tall gal to begin with.

Any shoe with more than 2" lift is completely ridiculous. The man cant be THAT short and fooling the rest of the world.
JUSTMATT said on 12/Jan/06
In my opinion the biggest lift you can hide in shoes is of 4 cm or 1,5 inches because in other case the shoes appear suspicious. So assuming that maybe Pitt uses lifts he can add a max of 6-7cm to his height, that's why even if he is only 5.11 he can appear 6.1 with shoes on
d said on 12/Jan/06
how does a 5'7 or 5'8 guy end up looking over 6 feet without looking like he's on stilts, steve? Where are those shots with him looking about an inch shorter than the nearly 6'2" jim carrey? How would the guy walk around with 5" platform shoes and not look ridiculous. I just can't see realistically going much below 5'10" at the shortest for the Womb Raider
Monty said on 12/Jan/06
Brad is no way 5'7 or 5'8. Tom Cruise is that height and you can tell hes short even with lifts/elevator shoes.
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
well done rob, one baby step closer to his probably 5' 10.5" max barefoot height, but a step in the right direction. However, you'll probably be scratched from the Pitt/Jolie christmas card list now...hope it was worth it ;-)
JUSTMATT said on 11/Jan/06
5.11 is ok but not less and now have to change Clooney, Damon, Garcia, etc... heights! Good Luck! :-D Ahh just a question: what convinced you to change Pitt height?

Editor Rob
those heights not get changed...yet ;) - the problem with Pitt is always what is in the shoes...hence why he looks 6ft
Adam said on 11/Jan/06
Guys, Brad Pitt is not tall, but he's not short. Put him 2.5 inch heels, which some shoes already have, and he's 6'1 to 6'2. That's not short.
d said on 11/Jan/06
"Woops, there goes the 1/4 inch!"

haha, i don't think this'll keep some of the 5'7" downgrader activists happy for long tho. "Brad Pitt's 1/4" lifts have finally been exposed for what they are."
Eddd said on 10/Jan/06
in responds to d: yes, Paltrow did wear alot of heels in the movie, but there were a few scenes where she did not, and still had at least 2 inches over Black.

I did used to think Pitt was tall, he did look tall. But pictures with him without lift shoes convinced me otherwise. I agree he's 5'11.
Adam said on 10/Jan/06
Someone else is claiming to be me, "Adam", and yes those were stupid comments Adam. I've met Tom Cruise, and he was the same height as my girlfriend at the time. He's five seven. In Interview with the Vampire, he wore three inch lifts and was still slightly shorter than Brad. Brad wore normal one inch shoes in that film, and he was close to five eleven to six feet. Brad is between five ten to five eleven.
leonari said on 10/Jan/06
ADAM: another stupid comment...Pitt 6'1...yeah..Thats what he wants you to think but fact is: He is 5'11 at most!!!!!
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
Adam - Tom Cruise is not at least 5'10'', he is 5'7'' tops.
d said on 9/Jan/06
correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't paltrow wear a lot of heel in that movie with black jack?

Tom cruise is one guy who definately looks the 5'7" people give him.
Eddd said on 9/Jan/06
I remember in the movie Shallow Hal. Paltrow was much taller than Jack Black. If Paltrow is not more than 5'6. What does that make Black? No more than 5'0?

Editor Rob
jack black is growing...he's now saying he's '5ft 7'. Actually I can maybe buy near 5ft 6.5, in the morning
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/06
No one ever believes this stuff, but I really have seen Paltrow several times in NYC and she is undoubtedly (in flipflops outside Equinox gym) not over 5'7". These shots of Pitt are very telling to me that he cannot excede 5'10".
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/06
Rob, the examples you've provided prove what we already knew, he looks at least 5' 11" in any of his various "custom boots". However, they still do not explain why he looks 5'9" to 5'10" max in sandles. Paltrow and pitt are walking together at the same pace with about the same length legs. Sorry, guys but "stride" isn't the reason they look the same height in those sandle pics. People's height doesn't flextuate that much while casually strolling down the sidewalk together as pitt and paltrow are doing. If you don't believe me, look again at this pic of paltrow and chris martin:
Martin is in stride, but as a legit 5' 11", he still looks indisputably taller then paltrow. Pitt did not. But I know you guys have thousands of pics of him in magic shoes that you'll use to dispute the closest thing we have to "real evidence" (the two sandle pics with paltrow). So I'm done wasting my breath.
dmeyer said on 8/Jan/06
actualy brad is wearing those brown shoes 1 to 1.25" hells =normal shoes and steel look 6 to 7 cm on damon pitt is a mistery he can apear from 5'11 to 6'0.75"
Monty said on 8/Jan/06
In the pics where Brad is wearing shoes and big chunky shoes for that matter he looks 5'11+ but barefoot and in the sandals pic he doesn't look that much taller then Paltrow.
Eddd said on 8/Jan/06
Guys who grew after 18. Please share how you grew. I'm 18 and a half and 178cm, and could use at least another inch.
d said on 7/Jan/06
"Crooked posture in the kiss pic?? he's standing straight as a board, he's just tilting his head so their noses don't smash together when their kissing. That pic is at an odd angle and it's hard to really tell the difference in their height."

i know its a weird angle, but he appears to have a steeper slope across his shoulders than she has. Also, i can't tilt my head to the side nearly that much while keeping my neck and body vertical But again, its a tough pic to tell much.
d said on 7/Jan/06
example 2 = ?
JUSTMATT said on 7/Jan/06
JUSTMATT said on 7/Jan/06
In my opinion Pitt is between 5.10 and 5.11, more 5.11 than 5.10. In the barefoot photo he is 2 inches taller than Paltrow so if she is 5.8 Pitt is 5.10, if she is 5.9 Pitt is 5.11. That's easy!
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/06
hey rob are you saying that there is no way brad is over 181 because near clooney or damon or bernie mac he looks 185 cm

Editor Rob
yes, in some instances he can look that height. But...beside the racing driver this is one instance where he doesn't look it, hence the max I give him is 181. I think a lot of folk would bet brad has lifts.
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/06
those pics prove is nowere near 6 feet
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/06
he looks to have 1 cm on her brad might be only 5'10 as people are saying i wonder whi does he look so mush taller nowadays
d said on 7/Jan/06
hmm, i never saw that barfoot pic, thats a weird dress she's wearing. I think he might have 2 inches on her judging from those pics. Crooked posture for the kiss and longer stride for the walk.
matthew said on 7/Jan/06
@175cm16andgrowing - ok , believe that willie smith is 6'1" , then do you and everyone believe that brad pitt is anywhere near will smiths height , i doubt it.
that sort of max's brad pitt's height to 5'11 , so hes definitely 5'11 or under.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/06
Hey Rob- you're basing pitt's height on the pics with the racing driver who has a legitimate height proven by his profession and not inflated by some hollywood agent, That part is fair enough, so using that we can know with confidence and certainty how tall pitt is standing next to him. What we obviously don't know is what is probably in his shoes. I think it's pretty well established by now that he is an honorary member of the custom shoe fairy. So without knowing how much boost he's REALLY getting from those shoes. You're just guessing like everyone else. Why not base his height on the shot with Paltrow in sandles. The ONE shot we know with certainty how much boost he's getting from shoes because we can see his feet in sandles!! If you were really interested in stating his TRUE height, you would use that . Unless, Paltrow is 5' 10.5" (highly doubtful), there's no way pitt is 5' 11.25". I think pitt has charmed you somehow. What did he do? Send an autographed pic for the Mrs. or what. C'mon come clean, what's in it for you to base his height on an unknown to justify keeping it inflated.

Editor Rob
yes, the 181cm is really his max height assuming his footwear was normal...
Jason said on 6/Jan/06
''After being cast, 5 months later, having to lose most of his body fat he gained before the auditions, he weighed a total of 210-220 pounds (95 to 100 kg) of mostly muscle mass.''


That says he weighed that much when cast and had to lose the extra fat like I said. 210 - 220lbs for Bale DURING Batman is crazy. He had a decent build, but he wasn't ''big'' ... which a ripped 210 - 220 @ 6'0'' very much is.
Jason said on 6/Jan/06
Would you be able to provide a link where Bale says he was between 210 and 220 during filming of the movie? I've only ever read that he got up to that weight *in preparation* for filming. Big difference.
175cm16andgrowing said on 6/Jan/06
Bale said himself he was between 210 and 220 during Batman Begins. I believe him. As The Machinist and in quilibrium he could look a legit 6'2'' I think and what did he do? He said he's 6'. I trust in that what he says. He's honest with his height and weight. And Pitt does look nearly as heavy as Bale in Troy. I mean, Pitt looks nearly as heavy in Troy as Bale in BB. Though there's one pic of Bale from BB in that he looks kinda very heavy, a little fat to tell you the truth but he didn't stop training so he was ripped again. In my opinion - seeing Bale as Batman and 210-220lbs and 6'- I think the Rock's a liar. Michaels looks a little heavier than Bale in BB. I guess it's because Shawn's 5'11'' and Chris is 6'. Will Smith weighed 210lbs when filming I, ROBOT and he said himself he's 6'1'' so why not believe Pitt?
Jason said on 6/Jan/06
Bale might have bulked up to 210 or so for Batman, but he wasn't anywhere near that heavy in the film. He would have cut down (dropped all the extra fat he was carrying from bulking up) prior to filming. He was pretty ripped in the movie.
175cm16andgrowing said on 6/Jan/06
Adter looking at him... you could be right. At first I didn't want to believe that HBK's so heavy but then I did and now...
What I don't get is that some people believe BEn McKenzie from THE OC is "5'7'' and 170lbs" where the guy has skinny legs. But for Brad... he has also skinny legs. But that can change. Christian Bale told the truth when he said he lost more than 60lbs for THE MACHINIST and then got up to 210-220for BATMAN BEGINS. In a new movie that's released in 2006 somewhen he plays somewhen that's rumoured to be just 10lbs away from THE MACHINIST. Recent family pics proove he has eaten again and now his legs aren't skinny anymore... the same could happen to Brad :D.

Let's say Cruise is 5'7''... he sometimes looks very heavy... 180lbs sometimes and sometimes 150 I guess.

Pitt looks so heavy... I dunno why. There was an article about Ocean's Eleven or Ocean's Twelve that said something like "The Rat Pack? The Fat Pack" because all actors were too heavy I think... Matt Damon 5'11''187/ Brad Pitt 6' 203''/ Clooney 5'11'' 210 (?)
Jason said on 6/Jan/06
About HBK's weight - the Rock said HBK was 5'11'' 195lbs in his 2000 autobiography. Tazz said HBK was only 195lbs in an interview when he was discusssing small heavyweight champions. Considering he was billed as 227lbs when he was champ in the 90s, his real weight was most likely right about 197lbs.
Jason said on 6/Jan/06
They never give real weights, at Wrestlemania or any other show. If Edge is 240, let alone 250, I'll eat the bumper bar off a car. Just because a wrestler says they're a certain weight doesn't mean it's true...!

203lbs for Brad is just laughable. When I was 203lbs (at 6'1''), I had a large upper body and my thighs were almost 27 inches in circumference and I had 42 inch hips. I'm very large-framed. You mean to say a 5'10 1/2'', small-framed guy who's legs are so skinny they had to use a body double for them in Troy weighed the same? There's just no way on Earth. If you'd ever weighed that yourself you'd agree and realize what a joke 203lbs for him is. I don't know why they listed him as that. Why did they list Tom Cruise as 203lbs? Just to help give them a more macho image I'd guess...
d said on 5/Jan/06
"Why should HE lie about his weight?"

maybe he thought that if he told the truth, nobody would believe that a "6'+" guy with all that muscle could weigh any less.

Still, even if he is under 5'10, that weight is doable for his muscle mass. Could have easily weighed himself wearing shoes and full clothes too. Just like people like calltheir height with shoes on. This is assuming he even actually claimed this at all.
Cobra said on 5/Jan/06
Brad Pitt looked heavy?
This guy for sure don`t weigh over 200 pounds.
And he also don`t look that muscular like when he is on the Troy cover, right?
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/06
5'9". This is silly, again. He is short, if 5'9" is really that short, and totally hot. Sites like this should be more ready to record actualities. Hollywood inflates. It is good marketing. No one wants to hear the truth about a hero and Hollywood agents know that. It isn't "fantstical" enough that Pitt is below ave. height and Jolie is the average american woman's height, 5'4". Would you tell your real height if you were famous? No way. You would look at the person who is shorter than you and lies about being taller and tack on enough inches to yourself to balance it out. I once saw Gwyneth Paltrow listed at 5'11". She rented an apt in NY from my family years ago and I saw her in the mail room all the time. She is probably closer to 5'7" than 5'8" and a real person. 5'11" was insane, 5'9" is insane. It's just weird. Brad was not that much taller. (Although she was dating L. Wilson at the time, who is truly 5'10" tops). Okay. Cool site though.
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
Edge 242?! Christian 225?!?! lool. Actually, it's documented HBK was only around 195lbs when he was WWE champ in the 90s. He was about 210 in the early 90s. Wrestling weights are as lied about as heights, mate. They routinely add 20 - 30lbs to their weights ... sometimes as much as 50 - 100lbs in the cases of giant wrestlers (i.e Big Show, Viscera, Kevin Nash, Taker). Tom Cruise is listed as 203lbs in some places, too ... but, that doesn't mean it's true. ;)
Cobra said on 5/Jan/06
5ft11max, maybe 5f10,5. Rob, what I don`t understand, is your 0,25 inch.
Is there a reason? ;)
He weighs never near than 203 pounds.
80 kg or something like that but that`s it. Or maybe lower.

Editor Rob
well, I'm always thinking more in centimetre terms, so a lot of 3/4 and 1/2 type listings are on the site.
d said on 5/Jan/06
thetruth, when i posted that much discussed first pic you just posted, i left out clooney comments because he is obviously in a longer stride and down slope. I'd have to see that entire walking scene again to be sure, but i recall all three appearing very close in height.

there is that stage pic, however, along with garcia, which has damon taller than clooney, with obvious clunkier shoes. but then there is that sock feet boat picture with damon and clooney looking about the same. With brad in shoes looking only a bit taller.

The part about Matt growing and shinking compared to brad in the same movie seems odd. would damon be wearing 2 inch lifts in one full body length scene then normal shoes in another? makes me think that the camera angles play tricks. for example mr.P. 2.5 inches taller than clooney now? no, look at the shoulder heights, within an inch. the camera looks to be around chest/shoulder height, so that makes brad look way taller for being in front. the camera in this scene isn't even waist height, which makes pitt, being in the forground, look much taller. Notice pitt, here, is wearing the shoes that i pointed out in my last post-> 1.5" tops imo.
175cm16andgrowing said on 5/Jan/06
Wait... Wrestlemania, real weights given: Shawn Michaels : 227 (rumoured between 5'10'' and 6')
Christian: 225 (6'1'')
Edge: 242 (6'4'')
Chris Jericho: 227 (rumoured as 5'9'')

So please, 5'11'' and 203 looks about correct. Why should he make him heavier?
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
Dude, I remember weighing 92kg (at 6'1'' to boot) and lemme tell you, there was no way Brad Pitt weighed anywhere-friggin-near that in Troy or any other movie. Brad's only about 5'10 1/2'', had just a decent upper body - like a not too big fitness model - and sticks for legs. They had to use a body double for his legs in Troy. So, obviously he's not gonna have weighed that much. The leaner you are (which Brad is in his movies) at any given weight, BTW, the heavier you *appear*...
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
@175cm16andgrowing: Did you measure him in his early days? Of course not, you're going by what he himself stated his height was. But I got news for you, even the most naive wanna-be actors who move to hollywood (as pitt did) know yhey have to sell themself. If you are a male under the magical 6 foot mark, you are going to give your height in normal shoes and round up to the nearest inch (even on your first resume). Acting resumes and the little personal info sections guys like pitt filled out for "teen" and "people" type magazines in his early days aren't exactly medical records bro. That 5' 11" was his height in normal shoes. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't arrive in hollywood with his elevators on. Those came later when he needed to look 6' to 6' 1" as he does these days. If Pitt was really 5' 11.25" barefoot, he would have been over 6' foot in a pair of house slippers!! If he was really less than an inch shy of 6" foot, do you really think he would have rounded down??? Come on! Pitt's no idiot, he would have never got where he is today if he didn't know how to play the game and utilize every advantage to get ahead. Rounding up your height is acting resume 101 dude. Even the horrible actors who get no where in hollywood know that much. You're obviously a big fan of pitt's and are finding it hard to accept that everything hollywood media has spoon fed you isn't true and pitt really isn't that tall. But hey you're only 16, trust me there will be bigger disappointments in your life, so don't go ripping your pitt posters off the wall just yet. In fact, you should have even more respect for him for the fact he has pulled off becoming the biggest male sex symbol on the planet at 5' 10" max...pretty f-ing impressive in my book.
175cm16andgrowing said on 4/Jan/06
@Anonymous: People I know say he's 5'11'' or 180cm. And just so you know, someone posted the heights and weights of wrestlers back in 1995 or 1996 in here somewhere. hawn Michaels was 5'10 or 5'11'' and 115kg... I think the guy made an error and Michaels was 105kg but that is true. Look at Pitt, 5'11'', 92kg or so... imaginable. He was huge as Achilles in Troy and perhaps even heavier. And don't come with Brad's 5'9'' and 70.5kg... no... he was 5'11'', 72kg in his early days and when he's more skinny like now, I'd give him 150lbs or less sometimes. But look at his full face after he got a hair-cut, after Troy. 92kg? Seems about right. He's 5'11'', perhaps 5'10.5'' but most likely 5'11.25'' exactly, like Rob has him here.
d said on 4/Jan/06
from one inch on damon? to 3 inches.. ..both from ocean's 12.

do i see normal shoes... ..or does his ankle in this shot look a bit high ..i'd give that shoe about 1.5" maybe

there are a lotta shots with him in those shoes, but most of the pics are useless. like who is this guy..
He towers over mrs jones in heels tho, however tall she is.
MD said on 4/Jan/06
This man is clearly 5'11" in regular shoes. In lifts, I don't know. But, he is obviously 5'10-5'10.5" at the very most barefoot.
JUSTMATT said on 4/Jan/06
Maybe you GLEEN has a photo with Brad Pitt, has you?
Jason said on 4/Jan/06
I think 5'10 1/2'' for Brad is right. I don't think Freeman is actually any taller than like 6'1 1/2''.
dmeyer said on 4/Jan/06
that pics with freeman and also a scene in seven when they in a morgue prove that brad cant be over 5'11.5" 6' on a good day he must be wearing lifts in movies like ocean 11 and 12 because he looks a solid 3 " taller than matt damon and a good 3 cm over clooney pitt does apear as a 6'1" sometimes but of course with lifts on it is funny because a friend of my was a bodygaurd for brad and told me brad was average
Viper652 said on 4/Jan/06
I could beleive Brad at 5-9 more so then 5-11.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
Look at this pic of Pitt with Morgan Freeman. If Freeman was standing up straight, he would have a solid 3 - 4 inches on Pitt. I seriously doubt Freeman wears big heels or lifts like Pitt, so you can bet Pitt is getting at least an extra 1 - 2 inches of height from his shoes compared to Freeman's. Freeman is a legit 6' 2.5". This means Pitt is 4 - 6 inches shorter than Freeman if both were barefoot. Which means Pitt's height must be somewhere between 5' 8.5" and 5' 10.5". Most likely in the middle: 5' 9.5"
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
Hey 175cm16andgrowing, I'm glad everyone at your german high school are tall. But I don't really know what the hell thst has to do with Pitt's height. Guess what kid, Germany is a long way from Hollywood. I'm afraid the movies and magazines you and your buddies have "seen Pitt" in are not sufficient proof of Pitt "being" tall. They only prove he can "look" tall. Also, don't be so naive and believe everything you read in magazines, Pitt has never weighed anywhere near 203 lbs. His weight fluctuates between 155 and 175 (for his bulkier roles like Achillies in Troy). With his small to medium frame and average height, he would look like either a major fat ass or a professional body builder at 200 lbs. Obviously he looks like neither.
Shred Guy said on 3/Jan/06
I don't see any evidence suggesting he is only 5'9"! That's just....well....crazy. At a minimum he's 5'10 (which is unlikely) and at a max he's 6' (which is also very unlikely).

Conclusion? Rob's got his height spot on - i.e, 5'11! No pictures or films I've seen suggest otherwise.
d said on 3/Jan/06
""Look at him and Angelina or him and Jennifer... man, he's tall. He is 5'11'' because if he would be 5'9'' Clooney would be 5'7''? And Matt Damon 5'6''? Man, you'Re kidding, he is 5'11''.""

dude, your arguments all seem to exclude the possibility that he may be wearing lifts in these pictures.

And who says they didn't lie about his height in troy times. I'm about 5'9.5 and not as muscular as Brad was in that flick (according to my cousin ha), and i'm a bit over 180lbs. Add another 10 lbs to legs and some troy armour, and i'm there haha.

As i've said before, BP appeared a fair bit shorter in some older movies ("The dark Side of the sun" shocked me,0,0); add in those high top dress, and basketball shoes he always seems to wear, and i think we have a case.
175cm16andgrowing said on 3/Jan/06
Look at him and Angelina or him and Jennifer... man, he's tall. He is 5'11'' because if he would be 5'9'' Clooney would be 5'7''? And Matt Damon 5'6''? Man, you'Re kidding, he is 5'11''. He was listed as 5'11'' back then, so he is 5'11''. HE can't have shrunk hence he's never been fat, he's old though. But he has great looks. And don't forget there are actors and people that say they are small but they're tall. Like I said, a friend of ine (good posture...) is 6' if not taller but says he's 5'10''. Why? Because he hasn't measured him in a year and because he's a sportive guy and doesn't weigh that much so he makes himself smaller and he dosn't wear magical shoes. We all know he's taller :D. And here in Germany... where people are tall :D. In my class (11th grade) the smallest girl is 5'4'' or 5'5''. The tallest guy (18 or somewhat) is 6'7''... one of my classmates is 6'6'' (17)... I'm 5'9'', one of the smallest (16). People have seen Brad Pitt and you know what they say? He's tall! Some people don't care how tall they are (a friend of mine hasn't measured him in years) and some do (like me) and a few of the somes who do have seen him. 5'11'' Pitt. Look at his upper-body! He has to be 5'11''. Rob is right.
175cm16andgrowing said on 3/Jan/06
Come on... they didn't lie about his weight in Troja and if he was 5'9'' he would've been way too heavy to look that lean. Rob is right. Perhaps he's just 5'11'' but no way that he's 5'9''. Dream on.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
In fairness, David Duchovny is wearing cowboy boots in Kalifirnia himself. But Pitt's huge work boots have as much heel as cowboy boots it's fairly safe to assume he has lifts inside them as well. This all adds up to more proof that 5' 10" barefoot may still be a little generous and 5' 11" to 6' foot is just dumb. Is it really that hard to belive that Hollywood could take someone who is a solid 5' 9" with "perfect" features and proportions and sell him as this 6' foot hunk of a man. They couldn't really pull it off if he wasn't at least a solid 5' 9" barefoot and built so lean with lanky proportions for his size. The photos of him and 5' 9" MAX Gweneth Paltrow (both in sandles) don't lie. The cat's out of the bag. At this point, it's pretty obvious to everyone (except Rob) that Pitt is in the 5' 9" to 5' 9.5" range barefoot.
the real raw truth said on 3/Jan/06
raju, maybe in that movie kalifornia he wasnt wearing lifts. he cant be 5-9...come on thats ridiculous
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
Please look at two of the only pics of Pitt out of lifts. Here he is wearing sandles with Paltrow:
Although Rob has Paltrow at 5' 9.25". Actual sightings have her at 5' 7" to 5' 8".
And although they are both in stride, it's obvious they're about the same height. Pitt
could be no more than one inch taller than Paltrow, if that. Yet notice in his lifts
he magically becomes about 3-4 inches taller than Paltrow and resembles the lanky
Pitt we are used to seeing in films and public appearences:
I think this concludes that Pitt is not short, but is average height at 5' 9" to 5" 10" max.
But he is also the master at appearing 3 inches taller than his actual height.

the real raw truth said on 3/Jan/06
anonymous, he must wear 4 inch lifts so 2 reach the 6-1 he was on "fightclub" and so on
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/06
I worked for an agency and I know for a fact that Brad is 5'9. But he wears 2 inch lifts that prop up his height to 5'11.
DudeX said on 2/Jan/06
Look how short Pitt looks in this photo :

Aniston has no heels
matthew said on 2/Jan/06
id say hes at the most 5'10" , in that picture that i saw , he only stands about 2-3inches taller then the 5'7" angelina jolie, and thats when brad had thick soled sneakers on giving him at least 2cm. angelina was only wearing thin thongs.
TJ said on 1/Jan/06
I'd say 5'11 is about right. How anyone can say 5'7 is beyond me, considering how much he towers over Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. 5'7 is wishful thinking from jealous people.
Kiki said on 1/Jan/06
Munos.. you're smoking crack. 5'2" for Brad..??! yeah right. That's like Prince.. i don't think so.. and i don't think you saw him at the beach..
marissa said on 1/Jan/06
Man there is no way in the world that Brad Pitt is 6ft because on all his movies and pics I see in the magazines and on internet makes him look like a shrimp! 4-real tho
175cm16andgrowing said on 1/Jan/06
His driver's license says 6' and 203lbs... 6' with shoes, yes, 203lbs, yes, in Troja-times...
matthew said on 1/Jan/06
i know i cant prove this , but i just saw a picture of brad and angelina jolie walking along the beach both with their heads up and brad was at the most 2-3 inches taller then jolie, and jolie was wearing thin thongs, and brad was wearing thick bottomed sneakers. the picture was in one of the womans weekly magazine.
175cm16andgrowing said on 1/Jan/06
Since when is Bloom just 5'9''? It's hard to believe, I can't believe it because I sometimes look Tiny here in Germany, standing 5'9'' but I'm just 16, not grown-up, not 25.
Brad is at least 5'10'' or 5'11''. He's said himself he's 5'11'' in the 1980s and that he "weigh(s) 159lbs". So... should have been correct back then. And Bloom is as tall as Pitt is. Saying Bloom is 5'9'' adn Pitt is 5'8'' is bs.
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/05
what picture is used to prove he is 5'11?
Jon said on 31/Dec/05 this is the right link, sorry.
LMAO said on 31/Dec/05
john, was he barefoot?
John. said on 31/Dec/05
I stood next to him. He is 5'11
thetruth said on 31/Dec/05
Rob, where are you and your Brad loving comments?
I think you and JUSTMATT are in cohorts.
Like I said before, Rob will never downgrade Brad.
He's got a "locked" height, although Rob says there are
no locked heights.

Editor Rob
well, technically yes some heights are locked...Brad's hasn't been changed for a long never know, one day a cm might go missing ;) Either that or we'll be here in 2035 arguing about if Brad's shrunk to 5ft 7 or 8!
Jon said on 30/Dec/05 did he forget something? :)
dmeyer said on 30/Dec/05
rob there is someting interesting i alwais thaught brad was over 6' but if you watch troy you can see that sean bean and brad pitt are about the same height so even if sean is 5'11 then brad is at best 5'11.5" 6' on a good day
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/05
Seriously, 5'9.5" is it. 5'11" is rediculous. He is shorter than that. Pretty Obviously too.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/05
i thought the picture of paltrow and pitt in sandles proved he was just a little taller than Paltrow? are we just basing this height around pictures of him in boots or what?
william said on 29/Dec/05
I saw in a mag that hes approximately '5'11
Adam said on 29/Dec/05
Brad Pitt is by no means a short guy. He is small framed, but he is rather lanky and of above average height. He is at least five ten.
You people that love putting him below his height, like a ridiculously five seven, are you guys doing this to feel better about yourselves?
depp said on 28/Dec/05
hey justmatt, i am totally on your side bro. I am a 5-10 model who was told at the agency by someone that brad pitt is my height or 1 inch taller. if he were shorter matt damon would be bigger than him
MD said on 28/Dec/05
This totally ruins the credibility of those knowing that he needs to be downgraded, but not by much. He is obviously no shorter then 5'9.5", but definitely no more than 5'10.5".
Adam said on 28/Dec/05
Hey "He's very tiny..."

that quote from George Clooney is sarcasm. The truth is Brad is taller than George and Matt Damon, and the practical joke may be directed towards Brad's affinity for wearing high heeled shoes to make him even taller than the rest of the Ocean's cast. With his lean frame and good posture, and long neck, the aid of higher heeled shoes makes him taller than the rest of the cast.
Adam said on 28/Dec/05
Brad Pitt is not five seven. Watch Interview with the Vampire and you'll see.
The man is five ten to five eleven. With shoes on, he's a natural six footer. With lifts on, he's easily six one to six two.

Come on guys. He's not Tom Cruise's height.
MD said on 27/Dec/05
Yeah, the 5'7" rumor/theory is just ridiculous.

Still, I don't see why he is STILL listed at over 5'11" on here. At the very, very most after going over this again, and again, and again, he's no more than 5'10.5"
Height Detective said on 27/Dec/05
mike said on 27/Dec/05
i grew up with the boy in Missouri. I am six foot and we are eyeball to eyeball
Chris said on 27/Dec/05
Yes. Brad is between 5'10'' and 5'11''. But he looked so small in behind the scenes of Fight Club. Her looked like 5'8''. It's so strange. He is very fit and that makes him look taller. When I studied filmhistory, a guy in my class said Pitt is 176 cm...he was 100 procent sure of that. I
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/05
Brad will never be downgraded...i think some of the celebrities on the site will always be held at a minimum height and i guess brad's is 5'11.25...
sixty said on 27/Dec/05
agree wit thetruth ..He ain't short, just not 6'0...
Adam said on 27/Dec/05
Brad cannot be 5'7" because Tom Cruise wore two to three inch lifts in interview with the vampire. He's 5'10-5'11.
thetruth said on 27/Dec/05
Hey Brad's short, I agree that Brad ain't as tall as advertised, but he ain't 5'7. Come on now, that's just ridiculous. I'm about 5'7.5-5'8 and I don't tower over most people and I wear pretty good sized heels, no lifts though. Here's my theory. He's 5'9.5-5'10 and he wants to appear to be 6'0. So he wears some chunky shoes to look it. You'll almost never catch a picture with him in sandals, even on the freaking beach. 5'10, I'm standing by it. He ain't short, just not 6'0.
Seriously if he were 5'8 or less, he would have to wear one hell of a heel and I've worn 3 inch heels before and I was off balance and I still wasn't looking as tall as him.
Viper652 said on 26/Dec/05
I agree Monty. He is in the 5-10 range, and is over 6-1 in his lifts. Clooney could be referring to that.
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/05
Patrick, thats you grew that much after 19. I turned 21 2 1/2 months ago and I have grown almost an inch...Im hoping I can pull off another inch or 2 before i stop.
Monty said on 26/Dec/05
Theres no way Brad is shorter then 5'10-5'9.5(the shortest i can see him at and its really unrealistic) and i am willing to bet money on that. He wrote down 5'11 for the audition. Its hard to pull off 3 inches for one thing, he would have to wear 2.5 inch lift and if he were to be take of his shoe if would have been akward to say the least.
patrick said on 26/Dec/05
i'm a guy 22yrs old,a solid 187.5cm asian chinese i grow taller every year start from 19+years old (183.5cm).. for asia guy most stop growing tall when reaching 17yr am i normal? coz my clothes and jeans and my shoe seens to be shrunk quite much when i wear on it..anyone can ans my question pls?thx
Brad's short said on 25/Dec/05
I think he's 5'7". Why?

1. He put 5'10" on an audition sheet. If he was taller would he really list himself as a shorter height? No-just the opposite. He most likely added 3 inches to his height (if he really is 5'7") After all it is pretty common knowledge that most celebs add AT LEAST 4 inches to their height, so I'm being generous with Brad.

2. Looking at the two conficting quotes from Clooney I think that the short one seems more believable. I bet you anything that Pitt owed Clooney $, beer, or at least a very big "Thank You" for claiming he was 6'1.

It is easier to make a short actor look tall than you think; lets take a look at just a few of the factors that can make Brad (at 5'7" max) be known as a six footer.

1. His reputation. Brad is known as being a macho guy and attracting all the ladies. People automatically associate tallness with this showing of masculinity.

2. His looks. No matter how tall he is BRAD IS SEXY AS HELL!! He is probably the best looking guy I have ever seen and I enjoy looking at pics of him even though I'm a straight guy. People see Brad's perfect face, his girlfriends and wives, the hair, the roles he played, the clothes he wore everything about him is perfect (except his height), so people assume that his height is ideal, too. It just goes along with the package that people want Pitt to be.

3.His build. Unlike Tom Cruise, Brad has been able to fool people partially from his build. (Cruise is about 5'6). Why? Because Tom is stumpier and stockier, with shorter limbs in proportion to his body-something you'd expect from a short man. Brad, on the other hand, is relatively thin and lanky, which automatically adds to people's perception of his height.

4. Publicity. The people working for Pitt have done a great job of giving the illusion that Pitt is tall. All magazines report him at least 6' and since most people look at magazines, but have never actually met him, they assume what they read is true (fools).

5. His posture and the way he carries himself. Brad has excellent posture, standing up straight and walking "tall". He also displays confidence in himself and a general feeling that he is powerful and strong. Even people that really have met him have claimed he is tall, and they aren't lying-at least not intentionally!! Brad Pitt is Brad Pitt, one of biggest and best looking stars of all time and just from seeing his face and meeting him, most people are so taken back by being in the same room as him, that they don't even notice his height, or they "feel" as though he is much taller because of the strong amount of energy he gives off. Most people that have met him and remember him as a big guy have been almost hypnotized by his prescence and weren't able to recall correctly.

6. Now I know you saw this one coming. Lifts. Brad's entire career and reputation basically depends on the heels of his shoes. Sounds funny, but it's pretty much true. If Brad never wore lifts or displayed even only half of the aobove traits and qualities, he wouldn't be 10% of the star he is today. No kidding. Brad is ALWAYS wearing significant lifts in movies and public appearances; his feet have most likely molded to them. And for those people that say he looks tall without lifts, you're absolutely right-because BRAD IS STANDING ON A FRICKIN' BOX. Just look at the Clooney quote.

Now if you read all this and think that I am in denial or crazy, that's just fine. As a matter of fact, I'd like for you to think that, because being a fan of Brad's I wish the highest of his sucess. So it's better off thinking or believing he isn't short, in fact I tell people he is over six foot when it comes up in conversation and they claim he's little. But just keep in mind if you think Brad is even close to average height or above, you're being fooled, big time.

Good night.
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/05
hey, man. 177 is not short, period. for a 16 yr old especially-you'll grow more. i was 151 when i was 14, 160 at 15. im 20 now and im around 183 and the last 6 cm came in the last 2 yrs. it depends, but guys grow for a long time:D
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/05
Hey every1,
Is 177 cm for a 16 year old guy enough, or am i considered short?
Please tell me.
Thanx Alot
Danny the Dog said on 24/Dec/05 brad-pitt/young/003.jpg here is mr. Pitt and Christina Applegate (5,3) ! :) 180 cm 5.11 ? Forget it! :)
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/05
I dont know, I cant believe Brad Pitt is around 5'4. You can tell by looking at him that hes bigger than that. No camera tricks could ever make him go from 5'4 to 6'. I think at very least he is 5'9.5 and at the most he is what Rob has given him on this site. Personally I tend to think mostly that he is anywhere between 5'10-5'10.5
He's very tiny..... said on 24/Dec/05
.....either that or George Clooney has been smoking something that hasn't been discovered yet.......

Let's take a look at this "George Clooney says in the above quote: "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

BUT......take a look at this excerpt from another article(the link will be posted below):
At the onset of filming the movie, which also stars Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon, Carl Reiner, Elliot Gould, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck and several others, everyone on the set knew that Clooney had a reputation as a practical joker.

"Who me?" Clooney deadpanned when asked that very subject. "Well one of our favorite pranks that Matt Damon and I would do was to Brad, you know, Brad is about a foot shorter than the rest of us. So they had these boxes that he would have to stand on. We would bring very small boxes in and he would come up to here," motioning to his chin, "and he would get very angry."

Here's the link in case you don't believe me:

Is this the same Brad Pitt and George Clooney? Ya know the Thelma and Louise guy and the dude from ER?

I have heard many reports of Brad being a "shrimp" in person, including from people that I know and have actually met him. My 5'4"(that's not a typo) very reliable adult friend (who has no reason to lie and wouldn't make it up) said she was "eye to eye" with Pitt when she worked with him.

Also several articles online actually stated that Pitt was "famous for being very small"

Now I am only repeating what I have heard verbatim from first hand accounts and official press releases; don't start to attack me telling me that I'm crazy and insane-I honestly can't decide whether Pitt is a six-footer or a tiny little dude. It all seems very bizarre with all the evidence that backs up both sides of the story.

What I WILL say is that I think either a lot of people hate Brad and decided to make up a "rumor"(but most people that claim he's short don't seem to have any reason to do so)


Hollywood, Brad Pitt and his agents have made suckers out of all of us and fooled the general public. I have never met Brad, but I do know how to do research and keep an open mind and consider the possiblities.

I also read that the first thing that celebrities complain about on talk shows is how people will say when they meet them "I didn't expect you to be so short-I thought you'd be taller"

So while there's a good chance that he's strapping, it seems just as likely that he's a pipsqueak. :)
I just can't decide which one.
Adam said on 22/Dec/05
hey Jackie,

they're standing on different levels. Notice how tall Matt Damon looks.
Brad Pitt is 5'10 to 5'11. End of story. No more mysteries.
d said on 22/Dec/05
he looks shorter than leno in that pic below, to me. He's more heads up to have his eyes higher, but leno's shoulders appear a good bit higher. Any better pics of the two?
Chris said on 22/Dec/05
Brad is standing one step down on that picture!
Jackie said on 22/Dec/05
This picture makes me believe Brad is only about 5'9-9.5".
How could he be 5'11" or taller if he's like the shortest in the photo and the average man is 5'9", which would mean if he was 5'11" then the other people in the photo would be around 6'. Tis does not seem likely.

Editor Rob
Cheadle/Caan etc are on a higher part...unless Scott Caan has had a dramatic 7 inch growth spurt ;)
DudeX said on 21/Dec/05
Where did you get the fact that Leno is 6feet? He is 5'10 at best.

Femur is the tallest bone in the human body, and sorry I meant Tibia lol, and his tibia is as tall as his femur, which is impossible.
DudeX said on 20/Dec/05
Brad pitt is 5'10

Look at this pic with Jay Leno :

he looks the same height.

But then again... look at his Dodgy Shoes


His Femur is as tall as his knees. That thing is impossible.
d said on 20/Dec/05
no heights are solid when we don't know what kind of funny business is going on with shoes. You can put "solid" maximums on them, tho, when people like mr. R goes and stands beside some of these people.
Viper652 said on 19/Dec/05
Its pretty easy for me. Clooney is around 5-9, and Brad always looks an inch taller then Clooney in pics, and especially the Ocean 11 and 12 movies. Which makes Brad a solid 5-10, possibly 5-10.5
Anonymous said on 19/Dec/05
MD and Kam, when was 5'9" considered "small" or "short"??? Shouldn't need to criticize other people (especially famous ones) to make yourselves feel better. That being said, I think he's 5'11" or less. He wrote it himself on some audition paperwork as had been discussed before. People don't downgrade their heights but upgrade them obviously. He's probably 5'10"ish would be most accurate. =)
JUSTMATT said on 19/Dec/05
Hi Marc, how tall was the entire wax sculpture of Pitt at Taussaud? Thanks
Marc said on 18/Dec/05
As being 5'10", I know its easy to play up your height by about 2 inches, so it's possible that Brad does so. I noiced when I stood next to his wax figure at madame taussaud's he appeared about the same height as me, but I wear flat skater sneakers and he was wearing dress shoes, so, assuming, he can add the two inches. Also, when I have bad posture, I shrink myself down to 5'8", so posture again plays a role in your height.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/05
If Pitt was 5' 11.25" tall barefoot, he would look almost 6' 3" with his elevator shoes and great posture. If he was even 5' 11" barefoot, there would be no controversy about his height. Nobody would question him being 6 foot. But that's just not the case people.
Jamie said on 18/Dec/05
Im 5ft 9, ive seen Brad in New York, the guy is a good 5'10 maybe 5'10.5. An inch or two difference is barely noticeable.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/05
Yeah, c'mon have gweneth paltrow at 5' 9.25" (even though there is ample proof she is no more than 5' 8". but assumming she is 5' 9", we've all seen the pics of her and pitt barefoot and in sandles together. he is no more than an inch taller than her(if that). this makes him a absolute max of 5' 10.5". which is far from short and probably still generous for him, but how can you not at least lower him to this....unless you're on the same payroll as the magzine and PR people who claim he's sooo least 6 foot.
thetruth said on 17/Dec/05
What will it take Rob to change your height rating?
Obviously Brad has a "locked in" 5'11 height.
Unless someone measures Brad with a stadiometer in the morning and night
in your presence, will you change it. Even then you would be hesitant.
d said on 16/Dec/05
i don't know about that scott guy in those two pics just below, but Pitt is obviously standing on lower ground than Damon and Clooney.
175cm16andgrowing said on 16/Dec/05
Well, I am 5'9'' but I'm still growing.
Believe me, I know a lot of people who are taller than me - and some who are not appear to be that because I'm normally slouching heavily.
One thing you know when there's a lie. Brad Pitt and 6'... yes, maybe but I guess he's 5'11''. But his weight 160lbs? NO. NO. NO. But then you have it the other turn around. When people say he is 5'9'' - which I think he's obviously not - and 203 lbs in Troja... I think he's honest about his weight nowadays but... people, when you think he's 5'9'' then you're so wrong.
MOF said on 15/Dec/05
Brad Pitt compared to Morgan Freeman in Se7en doesn
Monty said on 15/Dec/05
LMAO @ sven.Forgot your medications mate. I would only believe you if you post pics.
End the debate said on 15/Dec/05
Brad Pitt is 5'9. Bottom line.
He never wears anything but high heeled shoes and check out this photo next to certified 6'0 Duchovny:
This was prior to Pitt being an A lister. If this film was made today, believe me they would look the same height, similar to Interview with the Vampire, how Pitt and Cruise almost look the same height.
Tom is 5'6 by the way.
Anonymous said on 15/Dec/05
Did he forget his lifts that day?
sven said on 15/Dec/05
Look Brad is shorter than Scott Caan!!
He must only be about 5'5!
sven said on 15/Dec/05
brad pitt came over my house last night i measured him and he is 5-10 when barefoot. he is 6 foot with cowboy boots on. he is growing a vacation beard. we had red wine and a few corona light beers

Editor Rob
I suppose he offered you Angelina Jolie for the night? Who was serving the beers...Tom Cruise?
d said on 14/Dec/05
Maybe he is 5'11+, maybe he's not, but he certainly appears to be at least that in most recent pictures and flicks. He really did look much shorter in some older stuff tho. Lifts aside, i don't know what some guy with a huge cash flow, that's dependant heavily upon his image, is willing, and capable of doing with his height.
dmeyer said on 14/Dec/05
rob i noticed that sometimes there is a huge diference of height between brad and jolie and sometimes only 3 to 4 " the guy gotta be wearing lifts sometimes

Editor Rob
one thing to give brad, is that he really has good posture. Ps: about why your height is less, I really don't know why you lost a few mm. How to get it back...hmm, is it possible originally your measurements might have been a few mm off? It would be strange to lose a little bit in your 20's...
Viper652 said on 14/Dec/05
I beleive he is a solid 5-10.
sven said on 13/Dec/05
i met brad pitt he is 5-11 he said so
Anonymous said on 10/Dec/05
noooo....brad pitt wearing lifts. get out of here! of course he's always in lifts, even his trainers (tennis shoes) are of the extreme high top nature....ideal for stashing large lifts. show me one pic of him without his high top dress shoes or boots on. he wears the extra long inseam on his pants to hide them, so all people usually see is a moderately high exterior heel.
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/05
If Brad was 5'9 the only way he could reach 5'11.25 is if he was wearing lifts
sixty said on 8/Dec/05
check out this picture
brad with 5'9.5 Redford
Redford is about half inch taller than brad. But we dont know what shoes they wear.
may be brad 5'9 and 5'10.5 - 5'11.25 with shoe.
Sal said on 5/Dec/05
I don't think Brad is that short. I believe he's at least 6" because when I went to the wax museum I'm up to his chest and I'm 5'2.5. but hey the wax museum could be wrong.
Finding the truth said on 5/Dec/05
Come on guys Pitt is never 6, unless he did legs bones extention, not even 5'11.25. Just take a look on that one:
dmeyer said on 5/Dec/05
pitt cant be 5'10 because sometimes he looks 187 cm
Chris said on 5/Dec/05
Alex - Yes, Jolie is 5'7''. When Mtv met her and did a story about her a amount of facts showed. Among them height and it said 5'7''. Almost every site on the internet has her at 5'7''.
d said on 2/Dec/05
i watched mr and mrs smith the other night. I know movies aren't a good way to judge height, but on the "cell phone bios", they had pitt listed at 6'1" and jolie at 5'7". I think both are inflated.

She wore heels the whole movie i think, and pitt looked at good 4 inches above her in most shots. But it did seem to vary depending on angle, etc.

Only in one deleted scene did they stand pitt up to V Vaughn. VV was slouching and pitt was walking by and looked to be up to VV's mouth or nose in height.
John. said on 2/Dec/05
Rob I posted before about the mug shot pick of him on nov 14, 05...I know they may alter the mug shot so the actor looks taller.. Thats the thing. If they altered the mug shot to make him look taller, then he is shorter then 6ft. cause the hat just covers 6ft in the pic.
paleface said on 1/Dec/05

does this Troy pic of Bloom, Pitt and Bana look doctored? Bloom is the same height as Pitt and Bana's only 2" taller."

No question it was altered. If you watch the extras on the DVD where they're blocking the fight scene, Eric Bana is much, much taller than Bland Pitt (yes, I intentionally called him that).
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/05
hey rob i met a few extras who worked with brad ant told me that he was exactly my height 5'11.5" but also i met 2 of his stand in 1 was 180 the other was 183 184 cm and told me brad was his height i met anoter extra who told me brad was 188 cm this guy is a mistory he can look 180 to 188 cm
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/05
i dont know how pitt does that there is a picture of him and angelina he looks 20 cm taller than her so he can look 190 cm
WhatAboutThis said on 29/Nov/05
I think Brad is 5"11 in evenings and maybe 5"11.25 in mornings (barefoot). He may appear taller, but he's not so broad-shouldered guy so he may look a bit taller!?
cendrin rovini said on 29/Nov/05
Hey Roy Van. Average height in germany (my generation) is about 185cm. Many people here 195cm and more, quite common. Greetings.
Rhianna said on 26/Nov/05
I think Brad pitt is more like 179 180
TG said on 22/Nov/05
I agree that he is 5'10',may be 5'11'. my husband is 5'11' and with shoes on he looks tall, without not that much and i'm 5'7'' which could be tricky too without shoes i'm average height, but with even little heel i look pretty tall
my point - 1 inch heel adds a lot
JUSTMATT said on 22/Nov/05
ANONYMOUS I just sent the up to you! In my opinion in the photo with Edwards we have to consider firstly that Edwards is slouching and secondly that probably (but not for sure) Edwars wears motorbike shoes without heels and Pitt as at least 1 inch heels shoes so my personal opinion is that Pitt is 5.11 and no less than this!
LMAO said on 22/Nov/05
in that poc he can be wearing 2 inch lifts. so theyr prob same height.
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/05
hey justmatt pitt looks 6'1" in that pic
JUSTMATT said on 21/Nov/05
Pitt with 179 cm Colin Edward (driver):
Ray Von said on 19/Nov/05
Hey cendrin rovini, I think the average american height is 5'9", could be a bit taller, not sure if it's as small as 5'8". My Mum was shocked when I told her it was 5'9", she thought it was taller.

What's the average height in Germany? In America, the average height has remained the same for 50 years, pretty unique in this respect; some claim Americans are shrinking. Either way, the fast food diet has a lot to do with it.

In the 1800s Americans were BY FAR the tallest people on Earth, this lasted until about the 1920s/30s. In contrast the Dutch were pretty short back then, even by European standards, whereas now they are the tallest people in the world.

I went to Munich recently, people there seemed taller than other places, well there were a lot of people around 6'3" anyway, way more than usual. But then I went to a town in Bavaria where the people seemed short.

M.C. said on 16/Nov/05
... It's so cool to see people a little bit obsessed with the heigth like me, I'm 19 years old guy, and my height is 1.79, and I think (and hope) that I'm going to grow up until 1.80 or 1.81, doing exercise, and all that stuff... and about Pitt' heights, 1.81 it's the right one. Bye
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/05
Wake up people, pitt is not in normal shoes next to weber or any of the pics that people try to use to argue he's at least 5'11". He is almost ALWAYS in cleverly disguised elevater shoes. Like Stalone, he's mastered all the tricks to standing 3 inches taller than he really is (lifts, military posture etc.). Since 99% of the pics you'll see of Stalone or Pitt are in this state, people find it hard to belive Stalone is struggling with 5'8" and Pitt is struggling with 5'10". Because they stand almost 5'11" and almost 6'1" in person. Go to You'll see thousands of pics of him in blatant elevater shoes looking kinda tall. Then you'll see a small handful of shots of him in sandels or non-elevater shoes, where he looks virtually the same height as Gwenth Paltrow who is absolutely somewhere between 5'7" and 5'10" max.
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/05
Rob you know I'm not one who usually want to downgrade actors height but Pitt in my opinion is exactly 5.11. He himself wrote 5.11 in 1987 and I don't think he gained cms. We have also see photos of him near 184 Webber and they are same height but Webber is pratically barefoot and Pitt is in 4 cm heels more than 5.11. Look also his photos with Paltrow who is no more than 175 cm max!!
DudeX said on 13/Nov/05

that explains why ppl say he is only 5'10.

He is in shoes while Norton is in barefeet, and he doesn't look more than 5'10 in the pic, prolly 5'9 barefeet.
Heather said on 13/Nov/05
In the movie "Sleepers" Brad Pitt stands next to Minnie Driver and he only about 1 inch taller than her. So whatecer she is I would add an inch and that's how tall he is. They both were wearing normal shoes that wouldn't make them any taller.
DudeX said on 12/Nov/05
When Brad fought in Fight Club, and when Norton opens the door when Brad is f***ing the chick, he has no shoes and you can clearly say he is max 5'10.
Viper652 said on 9/Nov/05
Matt Damon is 5-8 Max, hes always wearing lifts.
d said on 9/Nov/05
John if you look at the "high top" dress shoes he wears here, you know that no "shoes on" pics prove anything

Damon and Clooney seem to alternate for who is tallest, and somtimes they look the same. Pitt usually looks 1 inch taller. They always seem to obscure their shoes well with their pant legs. I'd laugh if they were all around the same height.
cendrin rovini said on 8/Nov/05
I think that indie sex god is pretty tall (for Americans). Like 184cm or so... Normal American is only 5 8, is that true? Greetingz from germany...
cid said on 8/Nov/05
haha ppl i met brad at cali and i was barefooted and he was as tall as me and im 5 10 flat so theres no way in earth his over 5'10
JUSTMATT said on 7/Nov/05
Yes Rob! I don't know but if you were a 6 ft guy you would wear this kind of shoes?! Maybe Americans actor have not a good taste in dressing as italians but com'on these american actors (I speak about Pitt, Clooney, Damon, etc.) have really horrible shoes...or have some height problems! :-D Anyway I still think Pitt is a true 5.11 guy barefoot or I cannot explain his photos with Redford who is 175-176 and who uses big boots and still Pitt is 5-6cm taller
d said on 7/Nov/05

does this Troy pic of Bloom, Pitt and Bana look doctored? Bloom is the same height as Pitt and Bana's only 2" taller.
Ajoe said on 6/Nov/05
I can't recall what article I read it but in the movie,"Interview with a Vampire",they had Tom Cruise's Lestat stand on higher plane so he's almost eye to eye with Brad Pitt's character. In the novel,Lestat is supposed to be taller than Brad Pitt's charcter.
Someone in Reality said on 6/Nov/05
AND on the Jolie message board, it seems to be unanimous that Jolie is 5'4-5'5, not the 5'8 that she is normally listed as. I guess you guys can do the math....
Someone in Reality said on 6/Nov/05
You're right, TJ. Brad is taller than Angelina, but probably not by much. In the publicity shots he seems to tower over her, but in candids, Brad tends to looks much shorter, though he definetely still has a couple inches on Jolie. I think that in the second photo, it looks as though Jolie is wearing flat heeled sandals-I could be wrong, but it looks to be a good indication of Brad's height.
d said on 5/Nov/05
well, "if" Bloom is 5'10.5" like this site suggests, that pic i posted (and most others from that event) would have Pitt at 6'1.5" barefoot. But there's no way he was 1" shorter than the 6'2.5 Bana, more like 3"+.

I believe the Bana height, but Bloom would have to be 5'9" tops or Pitt's wearing lifts (and bloom doesn't look a hair more). Bloom must be wearing normal shoes to be this much shorter than Pitt regardless.

If Pitt "was" wearing normal shoes, then he looks 5'11.5" - 6.0' barefoot, in that series. But i still think his knees look too tall.
Smith said on 5/Nov/05
Saw Pitt in 1997 in NY, he has to be 5'10 maybe 5'11 He is not 6'1

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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