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5ft 10.62in (179.4cm)
Truth said on 10/May/06
5"9- 5"10 and he wears lifts. This guy seems to have some issues with his height. Now tell me if I am not the Truth.
Frank2 said on 8/May/06
Was he heavy? I hoped you didn't have to carry him that far.
flyer said on 8/May/06
I work as a flight attendant and have carried brad pitt in first class. I have spoken to him standing up when he was barefoot. He is without doubt 5' 10 at the most - no debate. He also looked quite bad - like he hed been drinking the night before - and he read all the articles in the magazines and newspapers about him and angelina etc.
Sandra said on 7/May/06
I actually worked at a talent agency and know exactly Brad Pitt's height. He is actually 5'9 but wears lifts to make him look 5'11.
Height Detective said on 6/May/06
Talking about Brad's footwear check this photo Click Here ,unfortunately the angle is not the best, but check his shoes , they look strange for a dressing shoe , may be is the model , look at Tom is forcing his posture , but he forgot his special shoes that day
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
hmmm.... Click Here I'll never buy 5'11". look at those shoes too.
dmeyer said on 5/May/06
in that movie brad is no more than everage she is almost barefeet and he has 2 inches heels and steel is a good in shorter it means geena got 2" on him lets even say geena is 6'1" then he is not even close to 6 feet
Anonymous said on 4/May/06
Good stuff height detective. Look how long his legs are in the last two pics posted (due to the boots) compared to his torso. This guy isn't sniffing 5'11"+. I don't think he's short, but he's not tall either. I'm sticking with 5'10".
Adam said on 4/May/06
brad pitt is not a short man.
find evidence to the contrary. there's too much evidence he stands five eleven or more.
raj said on 4/May/06
Anonymous, so true. how can u look a tad bit shorter than 6-2 Eric Bana and also shorter than Redford?
he must wear HUGE lifts! He may as well ask Prince for a lend of his high heel boots.

Editor Rob
this is staged photo...since Redford has the clout you think he's wanting to be shown an inch shorter than Pitt in a publicity still....forget it, Redford is no mug ;-)
Anonymous said on 3/May/06
wow! Either someone's lying or someone's wearing lifts. Click Here
raj said on 3/May/06
it seems theres not much left 2 discuss. Pitt seems to be under 5-11 and wears lifts most of the time.
d said on 2/May/06
there is somthing weird about the ground slope in that photo set, HD. It won't let me enlarge the thumbnails, but it looks like the further to the right brad stands from gweneth, the shorter he looks.

a couple of those shots when he is right up next to her, he does look to be a max 1.5" taller IMO. But i think there is a real slope to the ground in that photo set, plus he's not wearing his lifts, and she's got the worlds most soleless shoes on. If he was on top of things back then, he would have stood on the upslope. I still say 5'10.5 for him.
Anonymous said on 2/May/06
guess gweneth stunted his growth? maybe pitt had a 2 inch growth spurt in his mid-30s after their could happen right guys????
Anonymous said on 1/May/06
in a lot of pictures i've seen gwyneth actually looks taller
Truth said on 1/May/06
Adam you speak wise words lol.
Height Detective said on 1/May/06
Brad pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow Click Here you need to register to view a large photo , they are both in thin soles , and the height difference is so little that is practically unnoticiable.
SEBASTIAN said on 1/May/06
That would make Orlando Bloom 5.6 to 5.7.
Anonymous said on 1/May/06
Now, I'm not a doctor or anatomy specialist, but I can say that you people are being ridiculous in judging how tall Brad is from his build and looking at him alone. There is absolutely no way you can tell how tall someone is without comparing them to other people/objects. I've seen pictures of Brad Pitt alone and then looked at myself(at 5'5") and noticed we had the same long, thin, lanky build-only he is taller, but not more stretched out-looking in any way. If you were to photograph me standing in a blank space, you could pass me off for someone who is 6'+ if nothing or no one was around to compare me to. From pictures of Brad, however and actually comparing him to other people's heights I'd say he is about 5'9-but he can look like a very long stringbean figure due to his build. That is where people have gotten the 6'1" idea, but it is not valid.
Eddd said on 28/Apr/06
Jon, can you ask you uncle if he did anything special to grow? I'm 19 and looking to grow a bit, hopefully, my father grew at 22 as well.
Adam said on 28/Apr/06
Hey Truth,

you're absolutely right. unless, you are bald in your fifties, chances are you're not going to be wearing those leather braided loafers. Most shoes have three quarter inch to one point five inch soles. Brad Pitt is five ten to eleven; his frame cannot be any shorter than that, unless like I said, he somehow has small hands, head, face, etc. With those shoes and lifts, he can stand six one to six two, which explains most of his public appearances. Now tell me if I'm not telling the truth either...
Truth said on 27/Apr/06
To be honest every one and I mean every one wears shoes that make them an inch taller. You do get the odd flat shoe here and there but most shoe companies nike etc have at least 1 inch heels on their brands. Now tell me if I am not the Truth.
John said on 26/Apr/06
Look at the heels on these shoes, now these are what he wears out on a typical day.
Click Here
wasa said on 26/Apr/06
actually he looks to have the exact same kind of height/build as my brother has. he's 179cm (5'10.5) i don't think he's gonna be far from that mark.

Anonymous said on 26/Apr/06
He sure looked 5'10" in kalifornia and he was 30 in that.
Jon said on 26/Apr/06
I agree with Eddd, not saying that Pitt for sure grew in his 20's. But growing in mid 20's is fully possible. My uncle was 5'7 when he entered college, 18 yrs old. He told me that he didn't grow any until his last year at college when he was 22. He then grew 4 inches from 22-25. It's very noticeable in his early college pictures that he was a short guy and he's 5'11 now. Again, it's probably really rare, but it can happen.
MOF said on 25/Apr/06
In True Romance, before he became a superstar, he has one moment where he walks past Christian Slater who is 173-174cm. He looked roughly two inches taller, difficult to pinpoint exactly the difference. Slater begins closer to the camera and then they both walk past each other... so yes, two inches roughly give or take very little.
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/06
hey Eddd, we're not talking about dennis rodman here (who supposedly grew like 8 inches in college). we're talking about an average white dude whose acting career didn't get started till he was about 24. sorry, i'm not buying that pitt grew an inch in his mid/late twenties, unless there's something magic in california's jack in the box's that wasn't in his missouri home cooking ;-)
dmeyer said on 25/Apr/06
in friends he apears about 1.5" shorter than schwimmer
Glenn said on 25/Apr/06
Then he wears lifts,cause everytime I saw him he was 5-11,6ft.
Eddd said on 24/Apr/06
It's not that impossible to gain an inch out of the blue in your 20s.
jon44 said on 24/Apr/06
Pitt is 5'10. I'm 5'11.5 barefoot. Even giving myself 6, I ment Pitt about two years ago and i remember there was a noticeable difference in our heights. Also, I was wearing flip flop type of shoes, and he was wearing boots and I was still taller. He looks lanky with long joints that makes him look taller. I'd say 5'10 barefoot is VERY GENEROUS. I read earlier down on this site that you guys had Pitt down to a "Science". You do when you say he's lanky and built so that he looks taller, but you're wrong when you said he's 5'11. 5'10 barefoot is very very generous believe me. Why would he write 5'10 for his height? Do you think he magically grew in his mid 20's? Here's a guy who's around 5'10, maybe even a little shorter, solidly in the average range and as he got older and more famous decided to bump himself up to 6 foot. Shame on you Rob, this guy is 5 foot 10 end of story.
John said on 23/Apr/06
I will never believe Pitt is 5'11 or 6'0 Click Here
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/06
My guess is Pitt's 5'10.5 barefoot, 6' in normal shoes and 6'1" with lifts.
Viper652 said on 23/Apr/06
No,Im not Smoke. If your talking about the original Smoke on this site.
Glenn said on 23/Apr/06
He's 5-11.
J-Dog said on 23/Apr/06
Hey Viper652 are you the former member "Smoke"? Your writing style and persona remind me of him. Frank2 I believe you, I think people are just a bit too happy to downgrade the guy, even if it's at 5'10. Pitt on average usually looks 6'0.5" to a maximum of 6'1" in movies and appearances but 5'11.25" seems right on or just plain 5'11" any shorter and you would just notice it.
Eddd said on 22/Apr/06
Liam: How old are you now and when you grew? What did you do to grow taller?
Alex said on 22/Apr/06
Hes def. under 6'0, but 5'11 is possible for him though.
Viper652 said on 21/Apr/06
I think the best evidence even though its a movie is with Duchovny in Kalifornia. Looks 5-10 there with a legit 6-0 Duchovney. Also Brad can really look as tall as 6-1 in photos with his lifts.
Anonymous said on 21/Apr/06
Viper is on the money. Considering all the evidence compiled on this stream, it's hard to dispute 5' 10" - 5' 10.5". That's just tall enough to look like a 6-footish kind of guy in the right shoes with his lean build. But it is indisputable that he is noticably shorter than true 6-footish guys like Harrison Ford, Edward Norton and David Duchovney.
Viper652 said on 20/Apr/06
Alex said on 20/Apr/06
Viper what would be your guess now on Brad Pitt in his barefeet? I mean if you saw him in like mid day so no morning right out of bed height can come into play.
Glenn said on 19/Apr/06
I need to find the guy,period.havnt seen him in 10 years.
John said on 19/Apr/06
Odd how Pitts Father is taller here..Click Here
And Pitts way taller here at a premier..Click Here
Alex said on 19/Apr/06
I think 5'11 is right on. He was a couple inches taller than 5'7 Jolie.
John said on 18/Apr/06
We need Glen to find him on a beach LOL. Then we will all know.
D. Ray Morton said on 17/Apr/06
" He's a lousy actor."

Amen to that.
Frank2 said on 17/Apr/06
This is all giving me a headache! Who cares how tall Pitt is? He's a lousy actor. My God! Victor Mature was never considered to be a great actor yet he's Olivier compared to these dweebs.
Height Detective said on 17/Apr/06
Anonymous , the problem is not his shoes ,the main problem is if he use lifts or not , you may never know even if you compare shoes , you can put a lift in a normal shoe and you can be taller using normal shoes.
Otherwise , how can you explain his height with Bana presenting Troy , he look really tall near 6.2 , and his shoes dont have big heel , then in Spy Game , there is no much difference between Pitt and Redford ,who is listed here at 5.10 , then in Fight Club Brad Pitt look Taller than Eduard Norton who is 6.1 Click Here as Rob said , the eternal question is if he is wearing lifts , is nonsense compare your height with Pitt"s because he can be able to wear lifts at that time in normal shoes and the proof is every person here who met him , say different heights for him.
And is probably that in events or premieres Pitt can use lift to increase height than in the street , take a look at the photo with Paltrow he is little taller than her and in simliar shoes so , then he cant look 6.2 near Bana , that confirms he use lifts in premieres or events .
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/06
hey Frank2, were you wearing Pitt-esque elevator shows when you saw him? if so then you two probably are the same height. If you were wearing normal shoes and seemed to be the exact same height, than you're probably about an inch or so taller than Pitt barefoot...supporting the argument that he's about 5' 10" out of special shoes.
Height Detective said on 16/Apr/06
Rob ,you can conffirm , based in brad with Bana and this photo that he sometimes use lifts ? Click Here
Frank2 said on 16/Apr/06
I saw him close up at an event and he was my height. No, I don't know him and don't want to know him.
John said on 16/Apr/06
Ok Rob, Im going to stick with B.Pitt being 5'10..Heres a pic with Pitt wearing Boots and Paltrow wearing sneakers. Click Here
And heres a pic with Paltrow in sneakers and Liv Tyler "who is 5'10" in
sneakers Click Here
Look at how the two match...I say B.Pitt is 5'10 and uses special shoes, lifts whatever to look 6'0
John said on 16/Apr/06
Yeah I ment you Frank2...How come your so sure B.Pitt is your height. You say it like you know him.
Liam said on 15/Apr/06
Adam, i was standing right next to brad, i think that proves a very close peice of evidence and i was about 3 inches smaller than him at the time and i have grown about 4 inches. hmm not unless he takes growth hormone still.. that might explain the growth spert and chubby cheeks

Raj- unfortunately goldie was not on the set that i was working on, i was at the irish site for most of my filming, where goldie was never present throughout the film. as for brads physique, he in actual fact looked very lean, a little too lean imo, quite scrawny in fact. plus his skin was airbrushed to give him that gold skin look through the film
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
If you mean me, I'm 5'11". In the morning I'm 5'11.2" and in the evening 5'11" so I claim 5'11" since what matters is what happens after the body has adjusted itself once a person has been standing.
larry said on 15/Apr/06
Brad is another height jack-in-the-box: he looked shorter in earlier movies, even though he must have been at least 27 then? My daughter saw Pitt and Clooney in the Southwestern premiere of "Ocean's 11" a few years back. She's 184 cms tall and saw both men pretty close & said they BOTH looked 5'11". Didn't see them myself though.
John said on 15/Apr/06
Frank how tall are ya.
Height Detective said on 14/Apr/06
But he could he short than that: Click Here
Height Detective said on 14/Apr/06
I believe firmly after the picture with Schroder that Brad is 5.11 tops and no more !!!
Height Detective said on 14/Apr/06
Yes Frank2 , i too think he is 5.11" , however , you cant tell in movies because his footwear Click Here
As i said before , he also likes wear boots on the street Click Here

But as I said before , he is the same height of Guy Ritchie who is listed here at 5.11 , i have posted a photo before , they are the same height and you can see their shoes.
The question is if he is hidding something into his shoes because his height fluctuates dramatically so he can apear average or tall depends with the actors he works with , you can note that when he is the main star he looks taller by almost 2 inches , when he is with redford there is not much difference in height.
anthony said on 14/Apr/06
oh frank2 ,what a funny boy,you are so sure,but tell us how do you know,you have the right to know him personnaly...
Frank2 said on 14/Apr/06
I told you people Brad is my height. Maybe someday you'll eventually trust me.
John said on 14/Apr/06
Ok, was at Madam Tuasands or however ya spell it, and the life like "pitt" was there, now Im 5'11...and we were the same height. I have the pic, I mean if the made him bigger than he really is then he's 5'10.And the shoes he had on were regular mens dress shoes. So I dont know if that helps...
Frank2 said on 14/Apr/06
And sometimes, he just looks just plain weird!: Click Here
Height Detective said on 14/Apr/06
Ok, is clear that brad use lifts.

Sometimes , he looks 6.1 or more Click Here

Sometimes, he looks 5.10 ish Click Here

He likes cowboy boots a lot Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Another close look at his boots
Click Here

With this shoes and lifts? is not strange that he can change his height dramatically for the ocassion.
anonymous said on 14/Apr/06
That magazine where he said 155 pounds was Premiere UK magazine:
Click Here
Joe said on 14/Apr/06
Wow, if he's really 160lbs maybe he really is in the 5'8-9 range.
vuhq said on 14/Apr/06
here s a handwriting of him back in 87.
Click Here
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
Those asphault-spreader boots used in Frankenstein which by the way were custom made by Universal's wardrobe department, boosted 5'11" Boris Karloff by at least six inches! Can you imagine his back problems? And he had a bad back to begin with. Later in life poor Karloff suffered from curvature of the spine.
larry said on 13/Apr/06
I have to say that I TOO have problems finding shoes that DON'T boost height by 2" PLUS & look like Frankenstein's asphault-spreader boots! If Brad is barefoot 5'11" then MANY regular shoes would bring his standing height to 6'1". I walk a lot and sometimes have to run, so I need AT MOST 1.25" heels, but most hiking boots add 1.75 to 2.25". That hurts my gamey hip & at just under 6'5" it makes me boop my noggin' on the upper hinge of some doors. I also NOW have to buy 12.5 EE shoes and THAT's an odd size. I've gone UP 1/2 darn size on the Braddock shoe size thingy! Usually I go to Redwing and CHOCK down the price! :-)
d said on 12/Apr/06
raj, but we compare his height to other people who are wearing shoes too, so he would only "appear" as 6.0' barefoot, with a 3" total heel/lift. He really does "appear" like a 6'1" barefoot guy sometimes
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/06
pitt's 5'2". Seriously though, the guy's not shorter than 5'10" cuz he'd have to walk around on stilts to be the 6'2 he sometimes appears. to claim he's over 5'11.25 is equally ridiculous with the pics we've seen. I think hes in the 5'10" neighborhood approaching 5'11"
raj said on 12/Apr/06
lets day Pitt is 5-10. if he wears 2 inch lifts + 1 inch of shoe sole that nakes him be 6-1 and taking in2 account he has a great posture and the way he is built (skinny) he can always seem taller than what he is.
Anonymous said on 11/Apr/06
hey adam - if bana is listed as 6' 2", that means he's probably 6' 1" barefoot. With lift boots, pitt stands 6' 1". so the difference in their height is the 1 to 2 inches of bana's shoes. But anyway, i've never seen a shot where there was "only 1 inch difference" in their height, only if bana is slouching while pitt is in military stance.
Adam said on 11/Apr/06
how could a guy five ten stand nearly as tall as Eric Bana who is six foot two without shoes? With shoes he stands about six three, and Pitt is only an inch shorter? Pitt's shoes and lifts can only provide three inches before things look suspect. If Pitt's five ten and can stand close to six two, those are some pretty amazing lifts.
raj said on 11/Apr/06
hey Liam, u say u worked on "snatch" so how tall do u think was Goldie? I met him and i think he was 5-11.
remember the scene with "the big fellow". how tall was him? cuz he looked just a tad bit taller then Pitt...
Was Pitt that muscular or just very toned?
Liam said on 8/Apr/06
he is no way 5'11, i worked with him on 'snatch' 4/5 years ago, ( i was 14) and he was merely 3 inches taller than me and i was about 5'6 then, i am now 5'9, so i would say 5'10 would be a genereous estimate
Adam said on 7/Apr/06
Unless Brad is miniaturized in real life, ie small face, head, hands, shoulders, his stature is that of a guy who is solidly five eleven. If he wears those lifts, which add about an inch and a quarter, on top of the 1.5 inch normal soles on boots/dress casual shoes, that's another three and a quarter inches. This explains his six foot two and a quarter inch height we all see in pictures. I know this, because I'm five eleven, and with decent shoes I stand about six one. Brad's frame is what makes him look tall. If you guys have not seen Meet Joe Black, check it out and you'll see what I mean. In Legends of the Fall, when he's wearing mocassins, he's only a tad taller than Anthony Hopkins, who's about five nine, and wore boots. In MJB, he stands almost a head taller than Hopkins.
dmeyer said on 7/Apr/06
hey frank have you seen him in person
dmeyer said on 7/Apr/06
hey rob small lifts are possible
raj said on 7/Apr/06
OK OK, so we have a guy that is 5-10 max, with scars and spots all over his face, that smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, that rarely worksout, that has fake teeth and fake blonde hair. what else about this superman hero? how would he be if he wasnt a movie star? theres so many guys that look way better
Chris said on 6/Apr/06
I think he is a solid 5'10
dmeyer said on 6/Apr/06
on the net he is listed from 5'11 to 6' like you said if he dosent wear lifts he could be 182 to 183

Editor Rob
I say he's given 5ft 11, in last 5 years he can look 182cm easily in photos etc...

either he wears a little lift to try to be about 6ft or he done some magical stretching and grew!
Anonymous said on 4/Apr/06
stykeforliff Hit the nail right on the head. this guy looked average height at best in movies Like kalifornia, 7, And sleepers . around 1999 He apparently hit a growth spurt at the age of 35 and grew to ouer 6', Well that or hes In lifts. the paltrow, duchovney and freeman pics Show me enough. this guy is 5'10 -5'10.5 tops. i Love his shoes in that fight club Wrestling pic Too.
Frank2 said on 3/Apr/06
Actually, most of the shoes worn today by these people aren't lifts in the actual sense of the word. In many cases they're just shoes with much larger heels than normal. Recently I was at the local department store where I shop and while in the shoe department I tried on a couple of styles. Both made me taller than a regular shoe would have since both had heels that were at least two inches. The whole shoe was bigger with a thicker sole. They were big, clunky, ugly things so I passed. I prefer shoes with barely any heels at all, usually half an inch max. I have a bad back and just wearing cowboy boots for a day or so will sends me to the local chiropractor for a painful adjustment.
styleforlife said on 3/Apr/06
The point is pitt is wearing lifts. If you take a look at pitt in Seven and the movies he has done before he seems much shorter than in Oceans twelve and troy. Look at Bana and Pitt in the Oprah show they were about the same height. In seven Pitt is so much shorter than Freeman , but Bana and Freeman are about the same height ? Something is not right here.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
i agree dmeyer, Pitt is a great mystery...hence the eternal and passionate debate. On one side, i think he looks at least 4 inches shorter than Morgan Freeman in the "Seven" pics and in the pics with Paltrow (when they both wear sandals), they are remarkably similar in height. On this evidence, one could easily conclude that Pitt could be no taller than 5' 9.5" to 5' 10". But then of course there are the thousands of pics of him towering over other actors supposedly in that height range like Clooney, Danmon and Blume. So who knows? If i had to bet my life on it, i would say he's 5' 10" to 5' 10.5 barefeet (not exactly short) and owns a nice collection of "Stallone" boots for when he needs to appear 6 foot plus "tall".
dmeyer said on 2/Apr/06
he of course wear lifts but he can steel be 182 since he is taller than kidman with heels on if he was only 180 even with 3" lifts he would have looked the same as kidman not taller and he does look 6'2" in shoes thats whi he is 3" taller than damon in some scenes and only 2" shorter than 6'3" bernie mac also he apears 3 to 3.25" shorter than freeman but freeman was 190 or 191 at that time so the only way he could be 5'11 is that he would wear huge lifts so 182 is possible but since that french guy said he is barely 180 and also i had a friend who was he bodyguard for a week and told me he was average but not tall at all then i dont get how he makes damon and clooney look like jokes also 2 friends of my told me that clooney apear 6'+ in public then i dont get whi pitt look so tall but he of course apear taller than in the 90's i think brad id a mystery fron 178 to 184 is possible
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
Elevator shoes can make you 3.5 inches taller:
Click Here

Editor Rob
I'm too lazy to explain reality the actual lift you get is around 1.5 inches.

To actually get 2-3 inch lift you're gonna need a bigger boot, like Zach's!
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/06
DudeX, if you knew how to read, you'd realize the inches i refered to represent the total gain one gets in their barefoot height from the ENTIRE SHOE (heel and lift). At no point did i say Pitt wears 2 inch lifts. Oddly enough, you're the only one who didn't understand that. If you add 1 inch lifts to boots that already give you 2 inches, you have added a total gain of 3 inches to your barefoot height. Am I moving too fast for you DudeX? Get your calculator out and try to keep up...dips***.
DudeX said on 1/Apr/06
Anonymous, you're one stupid mofo. First of all, I admit that Pitt can sometimes wear lifts in his shoes/boots. But, any lift bigger than 2 inches is just rediculous. I think you get a measuring tape and see how much 2,3,4,5 inches is.
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/06
Hey Frank2...were you and Pitt barefoot together? how do you "know" he is 5' 11''. I guarantee Pitt's "big shoes" give him more than 2 inches. You said yourself that you get two inches from your Reeboks!! I think it's safe to say that the expensive custom made height increasing shoes Pitt wears are giving him more than a pair of old Reeboks!! C'mon, if he were really a strong 5' 11" barefoot AND wearing the footwear he does, there would be tons of sightings on here saying he's looks 6' 2" to 6' 3". But there isn't anyone claiming he stands that tall, even in his biggest of lift boots. Do the math.
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
For the last time, Brad is 5'11". We're exactly the same height. When he wears big shoes he's around 6'1".

D. Ray Morton said on 31/Mar/06
"5'11" is not short, it is taller than the average. I dont know why a celebrity or any ordinary person would STILL WANT to boost their 5'11" height."

I agree. Anyone who is lucky enough to be 5'11" and isn't satisfied with that height is either an aspiring NBAer or just plain greedy.
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
I agree. 5'11" isn't short, unless of course you're around guys who are 6'3"+! I have a pair of Reeboks that boost me by two inches and then I'm usually taller than most people.
d said on 31/Mar/06
my theory was, even at 5'11", (not that he even is that tall), hanging out in actress model land where girls always in heels, they're going to be as tall as him. Not good for the image, no?
6'2" 80Kgs. said on 30/Mar/06
5'11" is not short, it is taller than the average. I dont know why a celebrity or any ordinary person would STILL WANT to boost their 5'11" height, unless they are so insecure of their stature or themselves. Being tall is a GIFT from your bloodline, same as being short, learning to live with it early in life removes much oF INSECURITIES in later life.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/06
Here's another pic of vintage pitt footwear. This pic is kinda old...before he learned it's easier to conceal your shoes with the long and flared pants he always wears now. Most of his custom boots these days have less exterior heel and more hidden interior heel (lift), but the end result is the same. He easily adds 3 inches to his height to stand 6' 1" in films and public appearences. Do the math, he's a lean and square shouldered 5' 10" max barefoot.

Click Here
anthony said on 30/Mar/06
its still anthony i probably see him again he s living 500 meters away from my apartments,i'll try to take photos,i also spoke with the girl who were with me when i met brad and she is pretty sure brad is no more than 176cm .but he s very handsome
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/06
hey d, i''d bet anything that both cruise and pitt were wearing lifts as they both always do at public functions. hence, the 3 inch height difference is pretty legit as they probably are both getting an extra 3 inches from their footwear.
anthony said on 30/Mar/06
I live in Paris i met brad pitt 2 times last week i was just close to him,i am 175 cm and is 178 180 no more for sure ,and he had boots
John said on 30/Mar/06
Look at the heels on these boots Pitt is wearing.
Click Here
JUSTMATT said on 29/Mar/06
Click Here Keitel is 5.7 and Pitt has boots on...
JUSTMATT said on 29/Mar/06
Look at this Click Here (if you click on photo you can enlarge it). Here we can see very well Pitt shoes: they have 4 cm heel and if you look carefully you can notice that the neck of the shoes (the superior part of feet) is quite tall so maybe there is also a lift inside them...
d said on 29/Mar/06
kyle what makes you believe that cruise wasn't wearing lifts at that premier.
Gonzalo said on 29/Mar/06
I found this picture. Pitt forgot his lifts while shootin Seven
Click Here
Glenn said on 28/Mar/06
He can look 6ft in public,but you guys have me convinced he could be best guess is 5-11.
Frank2 said on 28/Mar/06
Pfieffer is not 5'7". I've met her since at one time I worked with her husband, David Kelley, a successful TV producer. She came to several parties I attended with my wife. Michelle is no more than 5'6".
kyle said on 28/Mar/06
Brad is 5'10 flat, check out the premiere pics from interview w a vampire on bradpittfan, brad is max 3 inches taller than cruise.u do the math.
Chris said on 28/Mar/06
Michelle Pfeiffer is about 5'7''. Here she is beside Brad who looks 5'10''-5'11''.Click Here
Brad and Jolie, 3 inch diffirence Click Here
Brad and Jolie, don
Willard said on 28/Mar/06
frank, thats becuz 5-11 is not tall enough and he wants to be taller. simple as that!
Frank2 said on 27/Mar/06
Also check out where his ankle bone appears in those obvious height-increasing running shoes he's wearing. I'm sure they're boosting him by at least three inches. Wrestling in those could cause a twisted ankle. Ouch!! Why someone about 5'11 which is what I believe Pitt is would wear lifts is beyond me.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
Look at this pic of Pitt training behind the scenes for "fight club". As always, he is in high top type style footwear ideal for concealing big lifts and providing him the ankle support to actually walk (or even wrestle) safely in lifts. Notice how short his thigh bone is for someone with "long legs". The distance from his knee to the bottom of his shoes is dramatically longer than his entire thigh bone. This is not natural or possible without built up shoes that give his lower leg a 3 inch advantage. From the knee up, he has the body of a guy 5' 10" max!

Click Here
Gonzalo said on 27/Mar/06
In Seven he looked much shorter than Freeman, like 8-10 cms. In other pictures he looks taller. I think he wears lifts.
kyle said on 25/Mar/06
if u guys checked at the premiere of interview with a vampire he clearly looks max 3 inches taller than cruise.
Eddd said on 25/Mar/06
Anonymous, if you're under 25, there's a chance you may still grow naturally.

Pitt is definitely not 6' but 5'11. He's quite skinny about 160lbs. (except in Troy), like Jude Law, which makes him appear taller.
J-Dog. said on 25/Mar/06
"I'm one of those people you hate because of genetics. It's the truth." - Brad Pitt.

Funny as hell Frank2! LOL!
J-Dog. said on 25/Mar/06
He seems to look about 6-foot in most of the things he is in. Click Here

Norton is slightly taller and I think he is listed at 6'0.5"
Frank2 said on 23/Mar/06
If I wanted an extra inch it wouldn't be for my height.
funkmonk said on 23/Mar/06
Brad and ed norton. Norton is taller.
Click Here
Adam said on 22/Mar/06
Hey Anonymous...
"Kimi" is a clever marketing ploy...the only way to increase your height an inch max, is to stretch exercise everyday...for max one inch. don't believe any other thing you hear out there...its a profit making scheme.
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Real Height said on 19/Mar/06
For some reason the link I put here a few days ago and my comments were not published. At he's got pix of pitt/jolie where Jolie is wearin no heels and pit is wearing boots with heels and Jolie is taller than Pitt.

Editor Rob
post the link again if you want...
John said on 17/Mar/06
I hear alot of this Talent Sheet that Pitt Filled out. I have never seen it where he listed himself at 5'10..Anyone know a link to it, please share...

Editor Rob
the story is some people have claimed to have seen him writing that down early in career. The only written thing that's around really is the 5ft 11 he gave in teenybopper mag
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
btw, Matt Damon is at least 5'9, IMO 5'10
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
I urge you guys to watch Kalifornia if you haven't already. Pitt is 2in+ under Duchovny, which makes him 5'10, verified by that talent sheet he filled out as a young man
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/06
I have no idea how tall he actually is but I agree with the whole proportions thing. He doesn't look like he has a 6' body. Even though I'm 6', my high school girlfriend said that she thought I was 5'8 before we went out because I guess I don't have a 6'ers body from far away. And even now, during a company bbq, a lot of my co-workers said they didn't think I was this tall until we actually stood next to one another and chatted.
elio said on 16/Mar/06
Adam you make a very good point about proportions playing a big role in how tall people look.

I'm often surprised by how much someone's height seems to change as they get nearer when they have the proportions of either a 'short man' or a 'tall man'.
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
In this shot: Click Here Pitt is obviously wearing lifts. Clooney isn't. I've seen George and he's about 5'10" to 5'10 1/2". What's interesting is the fact that Matt Damon is only 5'8" but in this shot looks as tall or taller than both Clooney and Pit. He is standing closest to the camera so the angle could be making him appear taller. Also I suspect he has shoes that elevate him so to speak.
dan said on 16/Mar/06
The problem with Pitt is that he looks tall when he's with tall people and small when he's with small people. Every pictures with Eric Bana shows he's like 6'. Every pictures with women shows he's around 5'10''.
d said on 15/Mar/06
wow he does look 5'10 to 5'11 tops in that pic with newman. good find, too bad it doesn't show feet, etc.
Chris said on 15/Mar/06
Yes Adam, you
JUSTMATT said on 15/Mar/06
That's interesting! Here we have a photo of Pitt with Paul Newman and Pitt doesn't seem so taller than Newman. Take a look: Click Here
Adam said on 15/Mar/06
Rob has Pitt down to a science. Yes...I can fully agree that Pitt stands a little over five eleven, but under six feet. Pitt in public is very telling, because you cannot call him short, nor can you call him tall like Tom Welling or David Duchovny. He's small framed, yet tall for that frame, which makes his height such a mystery. You can have a guy with a big head, shoulders, and stout legs and from a far, he can look five ten, but up close can stand six two. The mystery is really his bodily proportions relative to his height...
dmeyer said on 15/Mar/06
i saw pics of him in paris he does wear weird boots even in real live
trueheight said on 13/Mar/06
forget the bowie pics, most ppl fail to realize that almost ALL musicians, especially rock, wear lifts, or super large platform boots. I used to think Iggy Pop was 6ft; i know, how naive
trueheight said on 13/Mar/06
"ppl who wear lifts have no choice other than high tops" - very telling. He can't be under 5'10 though, he's pretty lanky.

But in Kalifornia, there is ALOT of ample evidence he is not 6ft. Duchovny is EASILY 2in taller in EVERY shot, if not 3in. He wears dress shoes while pit wears work boots. you do the math
dmeyer said on 11/Mar/06
if he never wear lifts then he is 185 cm
dmeyer said on 11/Mar/06
since he oftenly looks 6'1" in pics i thinks he is gotta be 181 82 range
Schiller said on 11/Mar/06
I thought that Brad Pitt is 6' 1'' or something but I agree with the height listed here because I realized that his hands are visibly shorter than those of Edward Norton in Fight Club. Se I think he is 5 11 maybe 5 10 but hard to believe that he is under that. He can look like a tall and well built man though.
sebastian said on 9/Mar/06
a picture tells a thousand lies
d said on 9/Mar/06
i'd say eric banana looks about a good 1.5" taller than pitt in these troy premier pics

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

but pitt looks just as leggy, the height diff is all upper body..? that would indicate some lifts to me. there's a bent knee pic from the cannes pic set that made pitt's lower leg look unrealistically long (ie. lifts). I don't feel like finding it again.
John said on 9/Mar/06
Cnizzel, I agree with you, there is no freaking way Pitt is 5'11 or 6'0..That pic proves it Rob. even if Jen is 5'6 as she lists, he is only 3 inches taller then her in that pic. So Im changing my stand I think pitt is either 5'9.5 or 5'10 ona good day without lifts. This pic proves he's under 6ft...
d said on 8/Mar/06
well, it seems there have been lots of sightings for him at 5'7 - 5'9 over the years. I just don't know how people manage to catch him without his lifts so regularly, when all the pics seem to only get him with lifts.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/06
in some scene in ocean 11 and 12 pitt looked 3" taller than damon
John said on 8/Mar/06
And did you ask Jennifer or Claire how tall brad is?
we want photographic proof, glenn said on 7/Mar/06
...I think 180cm is the brad pitt height... I remember him standing next to nick cave who is 6-2 in johnny suede... and he was 3 inches smaller, maybe 5-10 MIN...
D. Ray Morton said on 7/Mar/06
Not that I've ever even been near Brad Pitt (I doubt I could take the stench, anyway), but, head-to-sole, his proportions just don't *look* like anything under that of a 5-11er.

A friend of mine met Pitt once and said he was "really short," but people often miscalculate and exaggerate, even if the person they're miscalculating/exaggerating is smack in front of them.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
Cnizzel is on point with that photo. I really do know that Brad is not over 5'9". And I'm too afraid to tell all the fans what height he really must be, having just met Aniston and Claire Forlani. They are both well under 5'5".
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
Sorry, but after meeting Claire Forlani this weekend, who is under 5'4", and looking at pics of her with Brad, I officially know that he just can't be over 5'9". It's impossible. 5'10" maximum. I mean, she is teeny and he is not more than 5 inches taller.
d said on 6/Mar/06
"Take a look at this pic. Freeman looks about 4 inches taller. He is about 6'3'' which makes Brad about 5'11''. "

we just discussed that photo a mere month ago. This forum needs thread titles for each celebrity.
Glenn said on 6/Mar/06
He Can Look 6 Even.
tgri said on 5/Mar/06
i can buy 6'0.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/06
No Chris, Freeman is about 6' 2" according to sightings and listings. And you can bet Pitt is getting more height from his shoes than Freeman...making Pitt 5' 10" at best.
Chris said on 5/Mar/06
Take a look at this pic. Freeman looks about 4 inches taller. He is about 6'3'' which makes Brad about 5'11''.
dmeyer said on 5/Mar/06
weintraub is 188 cm
Height Detective said on 4/Mar/06
Check this photos:
He looks exactly 2 cm taller than Matt Damon He looks just 5.11

He looks 1 cm taller than Clooney , that puts Pitt 5.11 , Clooney 1.79 and Damon 1.78.
I also noticed that Brad and Matt have similar shoes , so that confirm more whay I say.

And this photo confirms that Brad is 1.80

Besides Guy Ritchie , who is 1.80 they are the same height.

Joson said on 4/Mar/06
Don't worry this isn't spam. It is a skit from the show "Jackass", in which Brad Pitt appeared on around the year 2000. It never aired on MTV. It might have some insight to how tall he is.
d said on 27/Feb/06
well whether the the tilt is in the camera or the ground, he still loses nearly 1" apparent. also factor in 1" for the deeper stride (she looks to be at the top of her's), 5" difference btw their necklines, and he has a bigger/taller head, i get about 7" difference there total. So if she's a bit under 5'5" barefoot, he "appears" a bit under 6' barefoot here. I still think he's about 5'10.5 barfoot guy. Just add lifts
Cnizzel said on 27/Feb/06
Haha, even if I were to even fancy what you just said with 5+ inches that would still put him at 5'9", 5'10" at best. And the groud is straight, the picture is SLIGHTLY tilted, not enough to make a difference though. hes just not near 6'1 or even 6'0. I put him at 5'10"-5'11" tops
Chris said on 26/Feb/06
Rob- Have you always seen Brad as beeing around 5'11''? I know it has been different heights in the past on this site, but have you ever thought of him beeing under 180 cm?

Editor Rob
no, under 180cm, but I'd first thought he looked genuine 6fter
Cnizzel said on 26/Feb/06
Some please just explain this pic then. Thants all I ask.
rwfender said on 26/Feb/06
yeah, he could have been 5'10.5 and rounded up to 5'11 though too. i think he is in the 5'10 range and with shoes bigger. it makes sense
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/06
he looks mush bigger than julia roberts even when she wears heels lso if he apears sometimes 6'1" it means he gotta be in the 5'11 11.5" range
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/06
when brad wears lift if he is he can look easily 6'1"

Editor Rob
compare him to Bana he looks close to 6ft...
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/06
whi would he wear lifts i real life ok in premieres or films i'll enderstand he apears a lot bigger than jolie
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/06
hey rob did you notice that pitt wear cowboy boots in telma and loise and genna wear sandals and she is steel taller than him
Maria said on 25/Feb/06
I've stood next toBrad, and Im 5'11. I would say we'rwe the same
6' & 18 said on 25/Feb/06
Brad can look 6'-6' 1". In some pictures, as shown below, he can look 5' 9". Conclusion: Factors such as ground level, shoes for BOTH Pitt and the person next to him, whether one has just slept and cojnversely if one has had a very long and tiring day, hair style, accuracy of the height expected or listed for the person next to him, and MORE, are all factors to distorting his true height when judging him.

5' 11" is fair and also, most commonly seen of as Pitt. He's perfect as he is and 5' 11" is fair, so if he says that, I trust him tbh.
Cnizzel said on 25/Feb/06
Hmmm, I never heard of Pit claiming to be 200+ lbs in Troy until I came here and I have to say that that is complet and utter bullcrap on his part. There is no way he weighed in at 203 based on the movie. My brother is a pro football player, he plays Cornerback. He is about 2 times as ripped and muscular as Brad has ever been in any of his movies and he is at max 185, even in the offseason when he "lets go" hes at most 205 and he dwarfs Brad. It just not possible for him to be 203.

Editor Rob
I thought the 203 was supposed to have been mentioned in an article as an estimate, not by Pitt himself.
Cnizzel said on 25/Feb/06
Honestly I think Mr Pitt is in between 5'10" and 5'11". Id assume we could all agree on this fact. However the pic a few comments down of him and his ex may put him at around 5'9" to 5'10".
Chris said on 24/Feb/06
Yes-I think you got that right Matthew. I
matthew said on 24/Feb/06
i think i can safely say that pitt wouldnt be any less then 5'9" , because most of the pics with angelina jolie who is 5'7" at the most , pitt only has her by another 2 to 3 inches respectively, look at some pics with him and her. Im saying this considering people have seen him put down 5'10" which is very accurate ,but he has written 5'11" in another audition form, he prob thought he could get away with slotting another inch on and no one will notice, so im assuming hes around 5'10" to 5'11" , and depending on the footwear he wears, he can look close to 6feet. Im also saying this because im 5'10" and with big soled shoes or heeled shoes i can look close to 6feet, given my slim frame aswell.
5'10" is my ultimate guess.
funkmonk said on 24/Feb/06
Brad Pitt is taller than Sting!!!
houdaloth said on 23/Feb/06
i think brad pitt is between 5.10-5.11,but he does have a very goog build which makes him look more bigger
Thierry said on 21/Feb/06
I don't understand why a guy like Pitt would lie about his height. Why wouldn't he assume to be 5'11'' if he was this height. In Mr and Ms Smith the height of his character is 6'1''. If the guy says he's 6'1'' ,that's true. The guy is so perfect that, he doesn't have to lie about his height and would assume being 5'10'' if he was...
John said on 18/Feb/06
Ok here's a pic of Brad and Jen both with sneakers on, How is this guy 5'11 or 6'0, when she is 5'4...Im sorry I just cannot buy that Pitt is a tall guy. He has to wear lifts......
guest said on 17/Feb/06
i am living in vienna ... brad and angelina visited the albertina (a museum where some paintings of egon schiele are exhibited at the moment) about a week ago ... they visited vienna and the museum without bodyguards or any other celebrity attitude ...
people where confused because no one recognized pitt at the first sight ... austrian reporters were pretty amazed about pitt`s height ... they described him as a max. average guy concerning height ... way shorter than they expected him to be ... seems like he was wearing normal shoes ;)
i have no doubt pitt is wearing lifts ... even when he`s not at the set ... just take a look at his adidas-shoe (ankle-pic) ... i`d say 175 cm when he`s barefoot
John said on 16/Feb/06
I dont know Pik..You look at the pic with bowie and pitt i dont see a .5 inch diffrence
MD said on 15/Feb/06
Excellent find, John. I don't know why it's so hard for some to see this guy for what he is: average height. And that's not bad, that's just what it is. I would hoppe the purpose of this little experiment that is this site is just to get things as correct as possible.
Pik said on 15/Feb/06
I see at least 0.5, if not 1 inch difference on picture John posted. They are not the same height and we can't see the shoes. I think Pitt is 5'10.5" to 5'11".
John said on 14/Feb/06
Just saw a pic of Glenn with David Bowie...And from that pic Bowie loooks 5'9.5-5'10..Then I saw a pic of B.Pitt with Bowie..
And Pitt and Bowie Look the same exact height.
KP said on 14/Feb/06
If you look at the pics below at the siteb Brad does look tiny!!...the picture with M.Freeman, is interesting!!....for two reasons to do with size!!..a) brad's hands are tiny compared to Freeman's
b)Check out the size of Brad's face and head and then compare to Morgan!...the size of his face and the size of his head do look considerably smaller compared to Morgan!!
Conclusion: Pitt is a small guy! he does wear lifts and elavators shoes to appear taller!! i think it is fair to say he is between 5'7 to 5'8 barefoot!!
Chris said on 13/Feb/06
Brad looks around 5'11''-6 f.

TheFunisher said on 11/Feb/06
I don't know, I think 5'11' is right for him, but there is no way he is 6', as listed in some sites.
d said on 11/Feb/06
funk, i see maybe only 2", but he's in a looong deep stride, plus is leaning forward, and she's at the top of her stride. Plus we can't see if she's has heels

this looks more typical
funkmonk said on 11/Feb/06
Brad and Angelina, he is not much taller!
John said on 10/Feb/06
Ok.. Last night at work a bunch of us were talking about celebs, and a guy said that when Pitt filmed Sleepers. Some of it was filmed in NY..At the Yonkers Court house, he at the time worked there...He said he mat Pitt. And the guy said he isnt 6'0...He said eye level with him..So he said 5'10..But no shorter..
nancy said on 9/Feb/06
a person does not change in height just because someone changes their mind on how tall someone is all of a sudden.
sixty said on 9/Feb/06
yeah! the key of his height is paltrow height. May be she's taller than we think.
Pitt's taller than her about half inch. Can we ask Christ Martin for her height?
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/06
Pitt/Paltrow!!! he is 5'8!!! he wear in movies... big fat lifts... with lifts he is 5'11!!! In real, look the pics, he is no more then 5'8.
John said on 9/Feb/06
Ok I cant change my mind about this guy. B.Pitt is 5'10..I dont anymore, or anyless. I mean here is another pic of him with 6'2 M.Freeman...Come on now no way is Pitt 5'11 or 6'0...
funkmonk said on 9/Feb/06
To last few posters: Trying to judge a person's height without a reference in the photo is not accurate. You need to have a person beside him on the same level and know that persons height to make a decent judgement.
PS I have seen phots of him with Sting and he is taller than STING! is this guy 6 foot afterall?
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/06
by the way most of Nike Shox have around 1.25" to 1.5" heels maybe the one with the huge heel are two inches but must of them 1.25" to 1.5" and since theyre low cut it is dificult to wear lifts
d said on 8/Feb/06
well, those big baggy, long shorts will make you look 2 inches shorter too esecially if there isn't a shorter person standing beside you
d said on 8/Feb/06
well i didn't say i was right
Adam said on 8/Feb/06

he's wearing baggy shorts. The guy is five ten to five eleven.
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
look the pics. this guy is no more then 5'7 - 5'8

+ Nike Shox, no more then 5'8

in troy the other guy have the same high!!!

Big lifts!!!
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
sorry d, but you are wrong about famous actors being stuck with the shoes the wardrobe department provides. Look at Troy for example, while bana, bloom and every other actor had open aired sandles on, Pitt had these high top lace up boot/trainer things like nothing that even existed back then. But perfect for housing big lifts and providing the ankle support to still run and jump without spraining his ankles from the lifts. He did however injure his achillies heal on the set of troy (possibly lift related?). I guarentee you it's part of Pitt's movie contract that he has "creative control" of his footwear. Besides whose gonna say no? Pitt sells tickets.
DudeX said on 8/Feb/06
Joe you are just funny.... it's almost impossible to walk in 3 inches lifts, dont come here and tell us he wears 4 inches lift. He looks nothing less than 5'10 1/2
dmeyer said on 7/Feb/06
hey rob i warched spy game and pitt look barely 2 inches on redford and pitt wears 2 inches heels in that movie so it is possible that he is only 5'11 or 5'11.5" in barefeet but curtenly can look 6'1" if he wear lifts
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/06
No lifts on friends? Pitt doesn't grab the morning paper without his lifts!! I'm sure he wouldn't have "forgot" them the day he appears on friends. He knew how many people would see that show. Pitt was just exposed next to a guy who is legitimate 6' foot or more barefoot (schwimmer). Pitt ain't the 5' 7" to 5' 8" shrimp some are claiming, or he couldn't pull off looking as tall and lean as he does. He just ain't no 5' 11" barefoot either. If you look at all the photos and comparisons on this page. The safest and most obvious assumption is Pitt is between 5' 9" and 5' 10". Just tall enough to pull off "tall" in photos and film with the right shoes and a slim build. But just short enough to look suspiciously short in the few photos without enhanced footwear (the paltrow sandle pics). End of story.
d said on 6/Feb/06
nah, looks like schwimmer can pull nearly 3" on him when he stretches it out a bit look at the inner shoulder heights. maybe 2.5" if they both stood tall. no lifts for mr pitt that day, 5' 10.5 barfoot.
6' and 18 said on 6/Feb/06
Look, I have friends who are 5'7" and 5' 8". They are small guys, if they wore 3-4 inch lifts, they'd look like short guys wearing lifts i.e.) "What the hell, why are your legs sooo bloody long and thin?! Why is your upper body so small?!" It would really be noticeable. Brad Pitt isn't a short guy, he's probs a tad over average or a solid average. I think he's 5' 11", as stated. 5'8" is ridiculous, nevermind 5'7"; have you seen guys that height? Pitt isn't anything like my 3 short friends!
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/06
1 to 2 inches between pitt and schwimer?? I don't think so, look again at this pic:
If schwimmer stood up as straight as pitt, he'd have at least 3 inches on him. So if schwimmer is the 6' 1" he gets listed at, pitt is 5' 10"ish. If schwimmer is more like 6 foot as sightings suggest, pitt is more like 5' 9"ish.
Viper652 said on 6/Feb/06
Brad looks close to 6-1, or is 6-1 in that pic Jason linked. Just crazy stuff.
San said on 6/Feb/06
Lifts anyone....that about 3" difference between Brad and Tom. The question is whose lifts and hair are bigger?
San said on 6/Feb/06
More pics of Brad Pitt with David Schwimmer on friends.
The difference in height is about 1 to 2" depending on the camera angle. So Brad is between 5'10" to 5'11"
Joson said on 5/Feb/06
that link jason provided on 5th feb 06 has bana, pitt, and the 3rd guy which looks like orlando bloom, which is listed as 5'10.5" on this site. draw a straight horizontal line across pitt, and the line ends up under pitt's nose. from that line to pitts eye line, its about 3 inches maybe. either blooms height is incorrect, or sometihng is amiss here.
nancy said on 5/Feb/06
everyone knows brad is six feet tall barefoot and after he has been up for a while he shrinks to 5-11 and a half. when you've been up for a while you shrink a half an inch. when you get up after a lot of sleep you stand a half inch taller then you would after being up for a long while.
adsfdw said on 5/Feb/06
hes 2 inches shorter than bana in that pic. so hes 6 with lifts. pitt should be same heigh as the other tiny nerdy guy
funkmonk said on 5/Feb/06
Close to 6'2" Eric Bana here. Lifts?
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/06
i think brad wear 4" heels sometimes that bring him to 6'3" and look 6'2"
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/06
in the pic with pitt and kidman and cruise kidman is wearing heels wich make her look aleast 6'1" and brad steel look taller brad can look up to 6'2"
d said on 4/Feb/06
tj, the top of the head to the eyes is supposed to be about 5 inches tho. Especially on a big guy like freeman here. So your description equates a 4 inch difference
d said on 4/Feb/06
San, i wonder if pitt was wearing cowboy boots in that first pic with Jim, he sure looks dressed like one.
The paltrow pics, he could be 3 inches on her for all the help the useless camera angle gives. He's not wearing trainers tho, its those boots again, in dress clothes..?
The schwimmer pics say somthing, anymore in that set?
Roger said on 4/Feb/06
hey, wasn't Brad a few inches shorter than David Schwimmer on friends? A friend of mine saw Schwimmer in NYC. He reckoned he is 6'. Then I guess you should list Brad and the Ocean's 11/12 guys an inch shorter than what you have them at.
John said on 4/Feb/06
No that photo is the real Pitt and Freeman, You can see Pitts hair is wet in the photo..
San said on 4/Feb/06
Hey look at this...
Somethings fishy can a 5'11" Brad Pitt appear as tall as 6'1.5" Jim Carrey? Looks an inch and a half shorter than 6'05" Schwimmer on Friends. Perhaps lifts or boots?
And yet he looks a smidgen taller than a 5'9.25" Gwyneth Paltrow. Both are in trainers/floaters with not much of a heel.
d said on 3/Feb/06
"I might be mistaken, d, but isn't that picture of wax statues of them?"

better ask john, he says it was a candid shot during shooting. Freeman is easily 6'2.5 tho, regardless.
sam said on 3/Feb/06
I might be mistaken, d, but isn't that picture of wax statues of them?
chris said on 3/Feb/06
He's definetly under 6. Probably he's 5'10. In every picture with Gwyneth Paltrow he's wearing heeled shoes, while she's wearing sneakers.
d said on 3/Feb/06
"Ok, I have here the pic that proves Mr. Pitt is 5'9-5'10.. Here he is with Morgan Freeman a guy everyone knows is 6'2.. it is a candid shot of them after filming a scene in Se7en...."

that's 4 inches, so 5'10.5. providing equal posture, footware, and level ground.
John said on 3/Feb/06
And another one, come on look at the "heels" he wears, Sorry people but I dont think the all mighty Pitt is a tall guy --5'10 5'10.5 max
get glenn to get a photo with him said on 3/Feb/06
some of these predictions of 5'09" and lower are pretty outrageous. i think you guys just want to lower him down for whatever reason, probably because he is so popular. like another poster has said, being less than 5'10" or 11" and pulling off 6'+ heights is going to look awkward, and out of place.
Ben McKenzie, aka short man from the o.c., is a 5'8" guy, and you can tell, even with his doc marten boots in which he tries to gain a few inches. brad pitt is definitely taller than him. i would leave it at 5'11", because he doesn't seem to be over 6', and less than 5'10"
until more candid photos surface, i believe its giong to remain that way, unless the imfamouse glenn tracks him down.
John said on 3/Feb/06
Ok, I have here the pic that proves Mr. Pitt is 5'9-5'10.. Here he is with Morgan Freeman a guy everyone knows is 6'2.. it is a candid shot of them after filming a scene in Se7en....
d said on 2/Feb/06
that one really does, but that back boot may just be loose, dropping the heel. But you can almost see what looks like a lift through the thin material.
that one really shows a long appearing lower leg, and short arms.

5'7 -5'8 is still too low for a guy who can appear 6'1" in public. I've got him at 5'10.5. + lifts
175cm16andgrowing said on 2/Feb/06
Spike Dudley (wrestler): 5'8'', 150lbs... so if somebopdy makes Pitt 5'8'' and says around 160 he's just ill.
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/06
each time i see pics from brad and angelina brad look 15 to 17 cm taller than her since she is just over 5'7 it means brad apears 6'1.5" whi would he wear lifts she would know since she sleeps with him he must wear huge lifts but it true that you never see the guy with standard shoes like converse nike cortez shoes that cant have lifts it is true that all shoes he wears have possibility of lifts
filmfan said on 1/Feb/06
I reckon Pitt is 5'11 and 185lbs in troy, definately over 160lbs because I am 165 and he is bigger than me.
Viper652 said on 1/Feb/06
I thought Brad looked around 170-175 for Troy. But its possible he only weighed 163 as Jason suggests. He does have stick legs.
DudeX said on 1/Feb/06
wow, they didn't show the boots like that in the film. You caught him. It's obvious that there is, at least, 2 inches lift in these boots.
sixty said on 1/Feb/06
check dis boots owt!
In Fight club he needed 3" heels to reach Norton.
Tubbs said on 1/Feb/06
Saw pictures of Pitt with Peter O Toole. O Toole was ATLEAST 3 INCHES TALLER! No way is Brad a 6 footer - the 5'11 looks about right, I must admit, he can look a 6ft + guy, simply because of his build, but when you see him next to others, the illusion is smashed to pieces.
Jason said on 1/Feb/06
No, I can't see Jeff is around 225 and neither can anyone else here.

Dude, I don't know where you're from, but many men weigh 200lbs or more (though Brad Pitt and Jeff Hardy aren't among them), especially at 6'0'' +.
Hmmm said on 1/Feb/06
Wasn't he shorter than Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise? Someone rent that movie and tell me that he doesn't look like a total shrimp in it.
Cycklops said on 31/Jan/06
In that last pic Jeff Hardy looks to weight 175-180 at most. He's small.
175cm16andgrowing said on 31/Jan/06
Jason, you may not be and may not have ever been that muscle lie you think.
Jeff is around 225 - you can see it. People make McKenzie 5'7'' and 170lbs but they don't want to see a very muscle 5'11'' 203lbs guy and also not a 6' 212-225lbs guy.
Jason said on 31/Jan/06
Like these?

Anyone who thinks this guy (6'0'' pro wrestler Jeff Hardy) is 225lbs needs either their eyes or their brain checked, pronto.

175cm16andgrowing, the fact you insisted Jeff Hardy is 6'0'' 225lbs plainly shows everyone here that they can't take your ''estimate'' of Brad's weight in Troy, or anyone else's weight seriously.
Brett said on 31/Jan/06
there is one thing I dont believe, and that Pitt was near 200lbs in Troy, he has abit of muscle, but not that much, hes more a well defined look then a bulky look, I reckon he would have been 80-82kg, and normally around 75kg, so maybe 180-185lbs during Troy. But 200 or 225lbs , seriously I do not think so, I do lots of weights for Rugby, and I am 185-6cm tall and 95kg and I am pretty bulked for my height,only 9% body fat, while Pitt really is a slight guy, so I cant see him being a few inches shorter then me with an extra 7 kilos of muscle ( more like over 10kg less then me). If he were like 5'10-11 and 225lbs he would have looked like a beast, as for his height, I remember Letterman reffering to him as short, and that guys should be 6ft or more, I dont think he would have bought it up if Pitt was only 1 inch off at 5'11", he must be more like 5'10"
d said on 30/Jan/06

there's another pic with him appearing at the magical 6' mark.
175cm16andgrowing said on 30/Jan/06
Yes Jason, one of his best photos... there are a lot more.
Paltrow is listed as 5'9.25'', Pitt is 1.75'' taller than her - she had to look up a little. Pitt is 5'11''.
Jason said on 30/Jan/06

175cm16andgrowing also thinks that dude (he's 6'0') is 225lbs (102kg)...

Anyone else agree with him? *puts on white coat* ;)
jimmy said on 30/Jan/06
175cm16andgrowing, ok uve seen that pic with paltrow.

ok, so how much taller?
how tall is Paltrow?

u really need 2 grow up kiddo
175cm16andgrowing said on 30/Jan/06
1) Jeff is no drug-addict.
2) Jeff is 183cm
3) Jeff can be very muscle and very heavy... just look at some pics and you see what I mean. Someone said 180... lol!

4.Pitt is 5'10 or 5'11'', more like 5'11''
5. I've seen the barefoot pic and Brad is taller
6) he looked 203 in Troy even at 5'10''
Falcon said on 30/Jan/06
Hi guys,
I found a great picture of Brad... I think he is not more than 177 or 178 cm. The picture shows hm with some other unknown guys. He is pretty shorter than the others... I don't think that a 180 or 183 cm guy will look so short... I mean... Maybe the others are all 185cm tall but that would be kind of bizarre...
Thank you! :)
(See in OUT pictures of 2005... The pic is in the 11th serie)
Ball-A-Hallic said on 29/Jan/06
Pitt can look 6'0 but i think hes sr8 up 5'10 maybe 5'10.5 no bigger.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/06
@175cm16andgrowing: Wake up kid, Pitt is about 5' 10" with an average sized frame at best. Even in Troy, he was not huge. Just buffer than usual and extremely cut as always. I know lean mucsle mass weighs more than fat, but Brad has a tiny waist and hips with average at best legs. Broad shoulders and and nice biceps are not enough to make a guy Pitt's size anyway near 200 lbs. No male actors give their barefoot height. The 5' 11" Pitt said himself in 1987 was with normal shoes, which means he's about 5' 10" barefoot, but can easily look 6' 1" in with the magic shoes, stiff posture and square shoulders.
Look at this pic of him back from 1988. It's pretty obvious he is of average height and I ain't buying he had a 2 inch growth spurt after the age of 24.

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