How tall is Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American singer-songwriter, known for being the lead of The Killers.

How tall is Brandon Flowers
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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 9.48in (176.5cm)
OriginalAnon said on 12/Mar/21
5'9'' might be likely. Wears a lot of big heeled shoes.
berta said on 19/Sep/20
i think the average guess is closer. he can pull of 5ยด10 alot
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/20
๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽ Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽต Brandon ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽ‚

Happy Birthday to The Killers singer, Brandon Flowers, who turns 39 today.

5ft9.5 ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽˆ

Roy Ronson said on 24/Nov/19
Heโ€™s exactly 5โ€™ 9.72โ€ I analyzed every photo, did the math and Iโ€™m sure of it.

JK but I think his listed height is probably pretty close. I personally would say heโ€™s more like 5โ€™ 9.5โ€ but not much different.
John Stone said on 1/May/19
I've stood next to him when he was shopping in Vegas with his family and carrying his child in his arm. He looks way taller than 5'9". With shoes on, he looked in the 5'11" to 6'0" range. I'd say 5'10" minimum
delancey said on 7/Jun/17
176/177 cm
Cacau said on 7/Dec/16
175 cm sounds right, look at him with Izabella Miko she's 163cm.
Daniel said on 15/Jun/16
I always downgrade celebrities heights but Flowers seems taller than 5'9, Probably 178 cm, plus every member of the killers is above 6'1 and brandon doesn't look that short so he deserves an upgrade 5'10.5 at least
truth said on 11/Jun/16
Looks also an inch taller than 5'9 Dawkins (who was 5'10 peak height).
truth said on 11/Jun/16
While I think that anything 5'11 or more might be stretching it, I really think he could be 5'10. Ronson is 6'0 minimum.
JulieJ said on 2/Oct/15
Met him in SF at a pre-tour show here. He was a hair taller than my brother. He had a 1 1/2 heel on and my bro is 5'9". Dude is 5'9'. No more. If you are clocking him taller than that, it's the shoes he wears.
tom w said on 8/Jun/15
I seriously doubt this 5'9 listing, I swear he's been down as 5'11 for years and this change is recent. He looked a good 3 inches taller than Graham Norton who's 5'8.5 and even allowing for footwear advantage(if he has any) he's got to be 5'10 at the VERY least.
charlie said on 7/Dec/14
He certainly wears lifts, 5'9 no more
Blabs said on 18/Sep/14
Oh yeah, the comment about him probably having "lost an inch or two from his peak height" is such laughable bullsh*t! The guy is still only 33 YEARS OLD! He's hardly an arthritic-riddled antique at this early stage. Don't make me laugh!
Blabs said on 18/Sep/14
I would say he's closer to being 5'10". I was near the stage when they played at a festival here back in 2005, and Brandon struck me as a rangy guy. Definitely more like 5'10" than 5'9" (same height as the late Freddie Mercury - think about that, come on). Flowers has never looked 'short
' - not on TV, nor in 'real life'.
MD said on 11/Feb/14
His slight build can make him look taller when he's on his own, but you can't make your judgement off solo shots. This guy is INCHES shorter than a stooping Mark Ronson, who is often listed at 6'0" and is probably closer to 5'11", and Brandon might even have a slight footwear advantage, here, along with throwing his head back to make him look taller:

Click Here

He simply isn't more than listed. He has really thin limbs, and dresses to make himself look taller, but he's average height (for an American) at best.
tom w said on 8/Feb/14
I'm sorry, this guy is not 5'9'', he simply does not have the bodily proportions of a 5'9'' guy. Watch The Killers live at the Royal Albert Hall and then tell me he looks 5'9'', his legs are way too long. In my opinion, 5'10.5''MINIMUM
mr man said on 5/Dec/13
Though in saying that he's probably lost an inch or two from his peak height.
mr man said on 5/Dec/13
R4v3nh34rt, Dawkins seems to be about 5'8".
(S)aint 185 said on 2/Dec/13
I always thought he was tiny before I looked into him more. Like 5'5". now I can see 5'10".
satchy said on 21/Nov/13
looked almost a head taller than ellen degeneres he must be 6ft or something
Anon said on 11/Oct/13
Met him once, he's actually quite tall I'd say around 5'11
R4v3nh34rt said on 19/Jul/13
I actually saw him on a youtube video with Richard Dawkins. Now, Dawkins is supposed to be 5'10" or so and he's a little bit taller than him. Check it out (didn't want to post any vids, not sure that is allowed)
Nick said on 28/May/13
He is 5' 9". I asked him last month.
Anna said on 12/May/13
I met him in Mexico, he signed my cd and he's the same height of my 5'11 boyfriend which is about 180cm.
Search the video of him with Bono and Coldplay, he is almost the same size as Chris Martin and way taller than Bono.
satchy said on 25/Feb/13
so how tall is brandon then? Click Here

5ft 10-5ft 11?
joe joe said on 22/Feb/13
Rob has there never been a Mark Ronson page? Im sure there was at some point. Anyway for Anon and other people talking about himbeing 5'11-6ft. He is not he is a minimum of 6'2. I've met him and he was quite tall. I'm a good 6'1 and he edged me out easily. I would actually put him at about 6'3. Here he is in a slouched posture with 182 listed Jimmy Fallon Click Here and here is is with wretch 32 who I have also met and can confirm is around 182/183 (even though he claims 6'2)Click Here I can confirm they are wearing similar footwear as there are more pictures on the sight. he just doesnt have the proportions of a 6ft guy and like i said I have met him and he looks like a good 6ft2.5/6'3 to me
(S)ain't said on 4/Jan/13
He claims 5'11 1/4" LMAO
truth said on 22/Dec/12
@satchy if you put noel at 5ft6 then flowers looks no more than 175cm, 176cm tops.
truth said on 22/Dec/12
@satchy doesnt look more than 6ft to me.
satchy said on 28/Oct/12
lmao Dave is nowhere near 5ft 11, he is 6ft 2, and Mark is 6ft 5. Ronnie is 6ft
satchy said on 28/Oct/12
If he is really 5ft 9 then Ellen is no more than 5ft 6. he looked a lot taller than her
truth said on 22/Oct/12
lou reed is 5ft7 and flowers looks 2 inches taller 5ft9/lower side of average case closed. the drummer looks around 5ft10, guitarist 5ft11-6ft (5ft10 due to slouch) and bassist is 6ft3( he looks 6ft1-6ft2 due to slouching).
satchy said on 11/Oct/12
Noel is no more than 5ft 6...and thats a wishful thinking
Dan said on 3/Oct/12
Click Here

Looks 5'10" next to 5'8" Noel Gallagher.
Dan said on 19/Aug/12
Met him, and he's shorter than me, I'd say between 1.5-2 inches shorter. I'm 5'11.
linke said on 20/Jan/12
flash,he's closer to camera and it appears more like 1.5 inch than 2+.I am fan of his but he's no 5'10 or 11 for sure.
Attila_194cm. said on 19/Jan/12
Brandon Flowers is 5'11(180/181) no less,I agree with flash_of_eden.
flash_of_eden said on 17/Jan/12
2+ inches taller than Lou Reed (listed 5'8" on this site) here Click Here and here Click Here
flash_of_eden said on 31/Dec/11
Here's a picture of Brandon and the rest of the Killers: Click Here Brandon hits just below Mark (confirmed 6'5" by numerous sources) Stoermer's eye level. Seriously Rob. This guy's at least 5'11", possibly brushing 6' in the morning. He just looks shorter because he's the smallest guy in the band.
MD said on 8/Nov/11
No he is not. At the very most hes 6'0". That's been very clear.
Anon said on 7/Nov/11
MD says on 12/Nov/10
Nope. He's about the height listed, here. Here he is with 5'11" or 6'0" Mark Ronson, who's even slouching (and with knees not locked) in this photo while Brandon is standing rod-straight:

Click Here

He's really only about the listed height.

Mark Ronson is actually 5'10" as listed on (Wtf rob remove those annoying keyword filter thingies):
Click Here

Ok so Ronson slouches in this pic it basically makes him lose 1 to 2 inches while he gains two inch from the hairdo so basically hairdo and posture cancel each other out(0 inch gain).Flowers stands with a straight posture and a little bit closer to the camera gaining 0.5-1 inch while Ronsons stands further losing 0.5-1 inch so Ronson looks 5'9-9.5" on this photo and Flowers looks about 2-2.5 inch shorter so that would make him 5'7 or 5'7.5" unless Ronson is wearing lifts.
emi said on 6/Apr/11
He looks taller because he's oddly proportioned. He has long legs and a very short torso, so.
5'9 seems offputting.
linke said on 3/Apr/11
thats a bad angle my frnd.he's 5'9-9.5
flash_of_eden said on 31/Mar/11
Click Here Brandon is at least as tall as Neil Tennant (left) who is listed as 5'10.5" on this site.
VegasShow said on 30/Mar/11
Met Flowers and the guys at their concert at Pure in Vegas. I'm only 5'6, but i must admit, i was wearing shoes that gave me 2 and half prob around 5'8 and a half that night. Was taller than Flowers, by good half inch...he wasnt wearing black dress shoes...couldnt tell if they had a lift or was 5'9 Jozzy's post is right on.
The one said on 25/Jan/11
You idiots.

He's 5'9. It says so on all factual bios about him.
linke said on 22/Dec/10
I still believe he's more 176 than 175 cms.
ร‚ยฎ said on 21/Dec/10
5'9.5? ???????????
flash_of_eden said on 22/Nov/10
MD- Ronson is standing on a rug.
MD said on 12/Nov/10
Nope. He's about the height listed, here. Here he is with 5'11" or 6'0" Mark Ronson, who's even slouching (and with knees not locked) in this photo while Brandon is standing rod-straight:

Click Here

He's really only about the listed height.
Anna said on 10/Nov/10
Seriously. My cousin has a photo with him and she's 5'5 with a plus 5'' wheels, and she was almost his height. Then I believe his 5'11 = 180.
teddy89 said on 3/Jul/09
he looks 6-7 inches shorter than the bass player. The fact is that to justify brandon's height, people started to say that the bass player is like 6'7 or 6'8!!!! This just to make people think that also brandon is in the 6'1 range!! No way! The bass player is (just) 6'5 and brandon is between 178 cm and 180 cm... And then we have to consider that he could wear heels... So maybe shorter... Not easy to know...
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/09
Even if he was 5'9, that's not short. He's just an average sized guy in a tall band. 5'6 is kinda short. Not 5'9.
flash_of_eden said on 10/Jun/09
Hey Rob-
Here are two pictures of Brandon Flowers with Jonathan Ross, who you have listed as 6ft 1.5:
Click Here
Click Here

The two appear very close in height...
jimbob said on 29/May/09
He's 5.11". Same height as me. Witness him on jonathan ross.
katelyn said on 17/May/09
i believe he is taller than 5'9 because i am 5;8 and i met him and he wasabout 3 inches taller than me or more- here is a pic
or ic an email it to you caus ei cant get it on here
flash_of_eden said on 16/May/09
Well, the grand spectrum of life finally saw fit to grace me with tickets to one of their concerts, this September. Perhaps by some stroke of miraculously blind luck, I can get a picture with Brandon to submit to celebheights...
dylan said on 2/May/09
he is 5 ft 9 for sure...
shortman said on 7/Apr/09
if brandon is really 5'9, which could be a possibility, then he is a perfect example of how short thin men should dress. He wears jackets and coats that are cut short, elongating his legs further.
Jackjack said on 19/Mar/09
I don't remember where, but I've seen several times on different websites that Brandon Flowers is 5-11. this is the only one that says 5-9 and it is SO obvious that hes not, I mean..I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm 175cm...I'm definitely not the same hight as Brandon!

thedude-Kid Rock was bending, Brandon is definitely not taller that 6-0
Nathan said on 18/Mar/09
Well here's all I know - I've met Neil Tennant three times (standing), and Neil is about six feet tall(without shoes). So that would make Brandon about the same.
flash_of_eden said on 16/Mar/09
here's a picture from brandon's performance with 5 ft 10 neil tennant:
Click Here

their boots appear to be about the same size. Brandon is standing further away but still appears to be taller than Neil.
Kate said on 7/Mar/09
I met Brandon 2 nights ago. He was wearing flat adidas trainers and i also had flats on. I'm 5'10" and in my pictures he is very slightly taller than me. I can't confirm how tall Neil Tennant or Lou Reed are but i am pretty sure of my own height!! I'd say he's about 5'11.
flash_of_eden said on 5/Mar/09
youve got to be kidding, right? he looked easily a couple inches taller than Neil.
Ant said on 19/Feb/09
He was on the Brits last night he was very eloquent when he spoke. He is incredibly thin and had massive boots on. When he sang with the Pet Shop boys I thought he looked shorter than Neil Tennant. Given the evidence to date I would say 5ft 9 - 5ft 10 maximum. I know the ladies and fans might want him to be a little taller but i really think he is just average height. No way 5ft 7 by the way.
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/09
nice try, but he's quite a bit closer to the camera than Brandon. look at their heads.
MD said on 7/Feb/09
How tall is David Furnish? 5'8"ish, right? Yeah, Brandon's not anything over 5'9":

Click Here
j. said on 6/Feb/09
Brandon flowers is clearly and mostly likely 5'10 bar what anyone else has commented, i think someone further down said he was like 5'7 which is clearly bull ****, and why do people say he's slim so he looks smaller, then other people say he's slim so he looks taller, contradictory views. And the dude, Kid rock is leaning back and sideways on that photo thats why he looks smaller.
thedude said on 31/Jan/09
Here Brandon is with 6'0 Kid Rock. He actually looks taller than Kid. Click Here
maria said on 14/Jan/09
Brandon is not 5'9". I'd say around 5'10'. I saw Brandon in person and i'm 5'8" and was wearing flats, and he was taller than me. He is just slim and it makes him look smaller.
scata99 said on 4/Jan/09
No way this guy is 5'11. I'm 5'11.5 and just looking at his upper frame it looks too short for a 5'11 type guy. I'd say 5'9 range
flash_of_eden said on 28/Dec/08
that'd make him 5-11 then. the bass player is 6-5.
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
brandon looks about 6 inches shorter than the bass player in most pics i see of them,he barely comes up to his eye level
glenn said on 1/Dec/08
MD said on 1/Dec/08
He's been looking taller, lately...
flash_of_eden said on 29/Nov/08
check out this pic: Click Here

this is a snapshot from the Nov 25 episode of the Tonight Show. behind Leno, you see Brandon standing with (and taller than) 5 ft 10.25 Josh Brolin.
flash_of_eden said on 1/Nov/08
anonymous- you are hasty to judge, maybe youve forgotten that this is a website about celebrity's heights and the comments section is for discussion. nobody here is arguing.

teddy89- mark is very tall and it has been confirmed countless times that he's 6'5.

if lou reed is 5-9 then brandon is 5-11. that pretty much goes without saying, as photos of them together will show that brandon is clearly taller.
glenn said on 30/Oct/08
lou reed i see every week.he is 5-9 now.possible 5-10 peak.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/08
Do you all realize you are arguing over a man's height whom you do not even know? What does it even matter? Whether Brandon Flowers is 5'8 or 5'11? Who cares.. There is a difference between liking a band's music, or being a fangirl and arguing over their height..
If you all are that obsessed, why don't you ask him next time ya'll meet him?
Teddy89 said on 28/Oct/08
i just read in a blog that lou reed is 5'5 (not 5'9) and in the same blog brandon flowers is 5'9. In the picture where they are together i don't think there is a difference of 4 inches. For me: reed:5'5, flowers:5'7.5 max
Teddy89 said on 27/Oct/08
well i don't know...The problem is that he's quite slim, so his body looks tall. I trust in people who met him, so i think he's 5'8 -5'9 (172 -175 cm). And then i don't think the bass player is 2 meters!
flash_of_eden said on 25/Oct/08
seriously.. can we up him to 5-11? i think there's more than enough proof.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
I read in a killers book that the bass player is 6ft 3/4, which must makr Brandon 5ft 9, maybe 5ft 9 and a half
flash_of_eden said on 12/Sep/08
actually, that's true. ronnie is nearly 6-1, dave almost 6-3 and mark is 6-5.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
Its been said numerous times that he's 5'10" Its been in a People article (I think) and its always talked about b/c the rest of the band is over 6ft and Brandon is not.
Matthew said on 14/Jul/08
The singer is about 5'11 I'm not a big fan of the band but i've met all the band members, I'm 6'0 n he looked 5'11 and he was wearing sneakers so I think 5'11 max!
Sometimes he looks about 5'9 in pics but this guy is taller than that
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
He is 5'7 tops. Its obvious he does wears lifts. Look back at early pictures he is clearly shorter then Ronnie. If you look at more recent he is about the same hight as Ronnie.
Dan said on 2/Jun/08
Hey anonymous, take a look at the photo I posted. If Brandon is only 5-9 then how is he taller than 5-9 Lou Reed? Maybe you just don't like the idea of photographic proof. I might add that it's a medium-angle photo showing both of them in their entirety with Brandon only marginally closer to the camera (also note that Lou's head appears to be turned up slightly). Lou's hair looks to give him an extra inch, which Brandon still tops by yet another inch, if not more.

glenn has stated multiple times, here and on Lou Reed's page, that Reed is 5-9 and Brandon is clearly taller -- he is 5-11. I don't understand why that is so difficult to accept, especially when a credible photograph and testimony by a top contributor to this site are presented.
glenn said on 31/May/08
i dont doubt lou reed being 5-10,but rob doesnt believe me.he looked it to me in the early 90s.but he is 5-9 now.
anonymous said on 30/May/08
5'10 - 5'11....ha! rob has got it right.
jen said on 29/May/08
I found that Lou is 5'10 so I think that Brandon is 5'11 because he is taller than Lou
Dan said on 27/May/08
So is his height on here getting changed to 5'11" then?
maurison said on 23/May/08
yeah I agree with Dan and glenn he's no way 5'9
he's taller than lou (5'9) so that makes him 5'10-5'11
glenn said on 22/May/08
i guess im wrong about flowers all these years.unless he has lifts on,which i doubt.again,he is one of these 5-10,5-11 guys that mysteriously can look 5-9.
Dan said on 21/May/08
Here's a picture of Brandon right next to Lou Reed (5'9" according to glenn).
Click Here

With both of their shoes giving roughly the same amount of lift, Brandon still looks to have at least 1.5" on Reed. He's 5'10.5" at the very least, but probably a solid 5'11" or even closer to 6 feet. No way is he only 5'9".
maurison said on 19/Mar/08
brandon 5'10
ronnie 5'11
dave 6'2
mark 6'4
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
i agree with robin.
Robin said on 15/Jan/08
ya, i don't understand that. i don't think brandon flowers is 510 or 5'11. he just doesn't tend to be around that height. 5'9 max for sure.
Caesar said on 27/Nov/07
I think he is 5'9.5-5'10, or 5'11 in shoes. I never heard 5'8 or 5'9 before this site. He has a very slight frame which makes him seem like a small guy, but he's just the shortest member of a rather tall band. However, the tallest guy looks nowhere near 6'7. 6'5 or even a strong 6'4 would be right.
katelyn said on 27/Sep/07
i thought brandon was 5'11 dave and ronnie 6'2 and mark 6'4
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/07
you're no right. "6'4" dave really isn't 6 inches taller than "5'10" ronnie

dave is around 6ft, ronnie is 5'11, brandon is 5'8/9 and mark is 6'5 max
Johnny said on 4/Sep/07
Have a look at this. Dunno if it's right, but it looks to me pretty serious.. I've heard that every article in there is being controlled. It seems that I am right :D. Click Here
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/07
Click Here

"6'4" Dave (curly hair) is in this picture shorter than ronnie...dave is 6' max and mark is 6'5 not taller
Johnny said on 3/Sep/07
This is not a "real" picture. I mean, it has been made on a photoshooting, so it might be manipulated. You need to look at "live" pictures, such as this one.
Click Here
Dave just HAS to be over 6.3, if you compare him to Mark, who is definitely over 6.5.
And by the way, I correct myself: now I think, that Ronnie is even taller.. so about 6.1-6.2.
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/07
mark is 6'4...or something, dave is 5'11, ronnie is 5'11?, flowers is 5'8/5'9

Click Here

Mark, brandon, dave, ronnie....ronnie is taller than "6'4" dave keuning (curly hair)
Johnny said on 2/Sep/07
Mark the bassist is the tallest with 6.7; that is 2 meters. Dave Keuning is 6.4 (1.93m), Ronnie Vanucci Jr. is 5.10 (1.78m) and Brandon is about 5.11 (1.80m) for sure!
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/07
the tallest is more 6'5 not 6'7 and dave is 5 inches shorter than him

Click Here

dave is 5'11 range
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
There is absolutely no way Dave is only 6', he's about 6'3 or 6'4. Mark is no less than 6'5, Ronnie and Brandon might be around the same height which is 5'11, but i do believe Ronnie is somwhere over 6 feet.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/07
Brandon Flowers is 5'8 - 5'9, Dave is 6', ronnie is 5'10-5'11, mark is 6'3-6'5

there's no way dave is 6'4. they are all lying about their height
Dan said on 7/Jul/07
Brandon is 5' 11", Dave is 6' 4", Ronnie is 6' 2.5" and Mark is 6' 7"
glenn said on 28/Apr/07
they were all pretty tall.i think i stood amongst all 4 of them.didnt reconize brandon.nobody around to take my camera.oh well.
OutBenchThis said on 27/Apr/07
Glenn how tall did you think the other guys in the band were? I'm getting mixed views, with the tallest guy between 6'3" and 6'5"..6'5" on stage is remarkable tall..especially next to a guy (B. Flowers) who is between 5'8"-5'9"..I am 6'3" and I dwarf anyone below or at 5'9"
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/07
I am 5'9" and I met Brandon after a concert and he was definitely at least a half inch taller than me. I would say he is 5'9.5" to 5'10". I think he looks shorter compared to some of his bandmates, who were all pretty tall. One seemed really tall, although I didn't get very close to him. Then again, Brandon wears cowboy boots alot, which give him some extra height. I didn't catch what shoes he was wearing when I met him. Too nervous, haha.
glenn said on 27/Feb/07
then the other guys are 6-3 to 6-50?
kevin flowers said on 26/Feb/07
my brother is 6 foot flat
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/07
kate, that means he must be 5'10+
Do you have a pic of yourself?
kate448 said on 28/Jan/07
I met him and I am 5'9 and he is a bit taller than me because I even had a little high heel on.
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/07
Check out this set of photos:

Click Here

Brandon looks way taller than no 5'9. I would say 5'10, which is WAY taller.
hg said on 30/Nov/06
i would like to know what his exact height is, on one hand the website states he is a 5'9", but kevin flowers states a 6'even?? what is the truth?
random said on 30/Nov/06
Brandon is about 5'9", Dave (poofy haired-guitarist) is 6'2", Ronnie's about 5'11", and Mark (tallest) is 6'5". I met Brandon, Dave, and Ronnie about a month ago, and I'm about 5'4".
MD said on 22/Nov/06
lol, the things people get away with in the media. Seriously, unless you honestly short (5'6" and below) the media always seems to add at least 2-3" inches to a stars height, even after many of them tell the media their real height.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
The new People magazine with the sexiest men has the Killers name themselves the tallest band.with members heights listed from Brandon at 5-11 to another at 6-5.and someone in the band mentions that most bands are 5-5.bizarre.
MD said on 21/Nov/06
Yeah, the 5'9" is what he can get out of his boots/shoes.
Glenn said on 21/Nov/06
In fact,I think all 4 members were next to me.I didnt reconize Brandon.thank you Elric.
Elric said on 20/Nov/06
Kevin, there is no way in hell. I agree with Glenn, only because I've met Brandon Flowers 2 or 3 times. He's as tall as I am, and I'm about 5'8".
Glenn said on 4/Nov/06
Maybe one guy was 6-3 actually.
Glenn said on 3/Nov/06
How is that possible Kevin? I stood beside the other 3 and they ranged around 5-11 to 6-2.they werent 6-4,6-5.never met your brother,but he gives the impression of a 5-8,5-9 guy.
kevin flowers said on 2/Nov/06
first of all my brother is 6 foot flat
Glenn said on 16/Oct/06
How is he 5-11? he looks 5-8 next to the other guys.I met the others.not Brandon.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/06
He's about 5'11". I met him a few nights ago after a concert and in the picture I have with him he's about 5 inches taller than me (I'm 5'6").
Fez said on 6/Jun/06
Met him on a Dover-Calais ferry once...(!) say he was about 5'10, 5'11
megan said on 28/Dec/05
I met brandon after their concert, and I always figured I'd be the same height as him because people say hes not that tall (I'm 5'8" and 1/4) but he was at an inch taller or so than me, so 5'9" was his height. Unless he wears elevator shoes or something.
CL said on 30/Nov/05
I've met him a few times and I'd have to agree. He's definitely in the 5'8" -5'9" range
mac1 said on 28/Nov/05
he is 5foot11 - 6foot2 for sure. when he got interviewed on channel v he was a head and a bit taller than the chcik who interviewed him... he cant be that short
William said on 27/Jun/05
at the MMVAs (canadian MTV awards), it was clear that he's not as tall as ANY of his bandmates. the bassist, apparently 6'5" at least, was towering over Brandon. even when they performed, the bassist was on a lower stage and they were the same height... In the music videos he looks as tall as the other guys: great director!
huey said on 17/Jun/05
I was walking behind a concert hall and he popped out of the exit. I recognized and went to say hello and shake his hand. I'm 5'10" with my "work" shoes and we met eye to eye. During the concert I noticed he had on those high heels for men (1" max). Other than that we have the same head form, so I'm quite sure he's 5'9" like me.
Irlc said on 15/Jun/05
He's gotta be well taller than that. I mean the bass player is 6'5.

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