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5ft 10.92in (180.1cm)
RisingForce said on 2/Feb/09
Wow, here's a gem from a December 24th, 1972 article in the Los Angeles Times. Burt was quoted as saying

"I think I'm the only actor under 6 feet tall who admits to it But I'm 6-foot-3 with my boots on"
RisingForce said on 1/Feb/09
By the way if anyone has seen Gator then they'll have a good idea of how ridiculous Burt's footwear was in the mid 70's. He wore cowboy boots but with 2.5 maybe 3 inch heels, plus possibly lifts. His legs looked so out of proportion it was ridiculous. His legs looked 2 or 3 inches too long for the rest of his body when burt first appears in the movie.
RisingForce said on 31/Jan/09
Rob, can you give Burt a peak height of 5-11?

Something defintley doesn't seem right about Burt never being taller than Matt Damon is.
RisingForce said on 30/Jan/09
Here's that story you mentioned Mr. R., it's from a March 26, 1972 New York Times article originally.

This is a present," Burt Reynolds said. "I wouldn't buy something like this for myself. It's too Yul Brynnerish." "You can Brynnerish me any time," the lady said. Burt Reynolds gave her a level smile. "You know, when I take these boots off, I'm 5 feet 4 inches. "You look closer to five eleven to me," the lady said. "Lady," Burt Reynolds said, "no actor is five eleven. There's not an actor in the world who isn't ever 6 feet.

5'11" peak isn't that hard to believe, but he was great at passing himself off as a 6 footer.

By the way Glenn, are you Dom Deluise was 5'11.5"? Here he is in 1984 with Charles Durning. Honestly Dom looks more like 5-9 here.
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glenn said on 30/Jan/09
i see baldwin all the time.he grew to 6-1 somehow.
Mr. R. said on 30/Jan/09
RisingForce, as someone who watched Burt Reynolds in his prime, I think that he was 5-11 at his tallest, but probably a little below. He always wore boots and lifts, and during his prime, he was listed at 6-1. Once, he was in an elevator, and a woman said he looked 5-11. Burt said that there is not an actor in Hollywood who is under 6 feet. Next time I see his son, I will ask him!
Lmeister said on 29/Jan/09
I think, Burt was around 5ft10-5ft11 in his youth nowadays probably a bit shorter. I think he is just one of those guys who will go to extremes about his looks. Just take a look at his hair. He is totally wearing a rug or has gotten a hair transplant. I think he was wearing lifts even in his cuban heels and still wears huge lifts. You're So Vain by Carly Simon could have also been done about Burt LOL. Nevertheless he has done a few good movies too...
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
Burt looks about 8-9 inches shorter than that 6-7 football player.
Vegas said on 29/Jan/09
burt and 6'7 nfl listed gary godsey on the set of longest yard in 2004, both men would be in football footwear Click Here

you can see how godsey measures up next to adam sandler Click Here and nelly Click Here
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
Thank you Mr. R. I'm not sure he looks atleast 5-11 with Dennis Hopper who it seems is 5-7 minimum. Maybe I'm wrong on that though. He could be more like 5-10ish in the other pictures though depending on posture, Arnie and Ford's footwear and how much they've shrunk. His official site lists him at 5-10 so maybe he's just 5-10 today.

How tall do you think he was at his peak Mr. R? He's maybe the biggest mystery to me on this entire site.
Mr. R. said on 29/Jan/09
Risingforce, those are great pics. On those, he looks 5-10 at most. And remember, he STILL wears lifts, so he actually may be closer to 5-9. I see his son around LA, but he is adopted, and I cannot find pics of he and his dad together. I would say the son is about 5-9.
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
If you look at how tall he looked in some of those movies then yes 6 foot is very possible. Even in full body shots he always looked like a legit 6 footer back then.

Look at him next to 6-0.5 listed Jerry Read in the Smokey and The Bandit films or 5-11.5 listed Dom Deluise, 6-3ish Jon Voight, 6-2 Roger Moore ect. Or next to 5-10, 5-10.5 Johnny Carson in the video I posted before.

I know his cowboy boots/lifts combination probably added about 3.5, but in the Smokey and the Bandit movies everyone else wore 2 inch cowboy boots so he could have had what? A 1.5 inch advantage?

By the way look at these pictures of Burt and James Caan from 2000.
Click Here
Click Here

Burt is a solid 2 inches taller. I guess Burt could have a 2 inch footwear advantage and they could both be about 5-10 barefoot by that point, maybe 5-9.5 for Caan.

I'd say your 5-10 sighting seems more accurate for Burt than 5-9. He still can look tall like in the Alec Baldwin picture. You met him around 2004 right?
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
impressive pics risingforce.any chance he was 6ft in his youth? i saw him twice in one week.once by accident.5-9 one time in nike shox,and a solid 5-10 in dress shoes.
RisingForce said on 27/Jan/09
He can still pass for 5-11, even in his 70's. He probably knows that since he claimed to be six feet a few years ago.

Here are some pictures from the 2007 World Stunt Awards

He looks 4-5 inches taller than 5'7"-5'8" Dennis Hopper.
Click Here

If Burt stood up straight Arnold would be 1.5" max taller.
Click Here

As you can see here the difference doesn't seem that large, although the angle isn't that good.
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About an inch shorter than 6-0ish Harrison Ford.
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I'd bet he was something like 5'11.5" peak and no less than 5'10" still.
RisingForce said on 24/Jan/09
Right...he's 5'6", 5'7". Then how did he have 2-3 inches on 5-10, 5-10.5 Johnny Carson?
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If we assume Carson was 5-10 flat and his shoes added one inch then Burt was reaching 6-1, 6-2 in his cowboy boots. He was no shorter than 5-10 and more likely he was 5-11.

In this clip Cher calls Burt Reynolds tall 3-4 times.
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Or how about Burt looking much taller than Dom Deluise(listed 5-11.5 everywhere) or him looking right around 6'2" Roger Moore's height?

I'd bet anything that Burt was atleast 5-10 when he was younger, but more likely 5-11.
In Person said on 23/Jan/09
I've seen him in person shooting a film in Omaha. He's short. Maybe 5'6" or 5'7" tops.
RisingForce said on 11/Dec/08
This was posted a few years ago on this page but the link is now dead.

"Willie informed Howard that Burt wears lifts in his shoes, which Howard found odd. He thought that once you got to be Burt
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
Burt surprisingly doesn't look over 5'10" even in his usual cowboy boots(which probably have lifts).
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RisingForce said on 29/Nov/08
Maybe he doesn't wear lifts as big but he could still be close to his peak height. This shows he can still look tall when he wants to. On those 70's talk shows he wore some massive heeled boots with lifts but managed to look near 6'2". Of course he could barely walk in them but I'd be shocked if he was under 5'10" peak. Today he's still over 5'9" atleast.
glenn said on 29/Nov/08
interesting cause alec has been looking 6-1 to me lately.and i now feel he isnt smaller than burt is looking 6-1 there.burt can look tall.but not since the 80s.this pic is the exception.
RisingForce said on 29/Nov/08
Interesting picture from 2001 with Alec Baldwin
Click Here
RisingForce said on 13/Nov/08
Well atleast it seems we have a good idea of the range for his peak height(5'10"-5'11"). For his current height you even hear 5'8" a lot but 5'9"-5'10" seems like the rage for his height now. He can look shorter than 5'9" now but I doubt he is.
glenn said on 13/Nov/08
for sure if he is towering dom deluise.
RisingForce said on 12/Nov/08
I agree so maybe he was never over 5'10"? At 5'11" with a camera advantage and 3.5"-4" boots/lifts he'd be as tall as Michael Caine or possibly taller. Or atleast he should measure up better in comparison than Sly does.

I'll say 5'10" peak, 5'9" now. He could easily get over 6'1" with his 70's footwear and was likely pushing 6'2" in some of it back then.
glenn said on 11/Nov/08
i think burts are more.
RisingForce said on 11/Nov/08
I believe it, he was a big lift wearer. He could barely walk in some of his boots. His proportions looked like those of a 5-11 man though so I'm not convinced he was never over 5'10".

Burt with 6'2" Michael Caine
Click Here

Burt looks an inch shorter but he's closer to the camera so maybe he's more like 1.5" shorter minimum.

Here Sly in lifts looks about the same in comparison to Caine although this time Caine is closer to the camera.
Click Here

So I don't believe Burt was really taller than Stallone. I think both max out or in Burt's case maxed out at roughly 6'1.5"/6'1.75" in lifts. The question is are Burt's 3" like Sly's or 3.5"?
glenn said on 11/Nov/08
well,he isnt a hair over 5-10 either he lost height or he didnt,we dont know.i said this over a year ago that lonnie anderson said he was 5-10 and had lifts in his nikes.
RisingForce said on 10/Nov/08
Maybe he never really lost much height. I think he's always been 5'10"-5'11".
glenn said on 10/Nov/08
looks 5-10 in my pic.5-9 in the flesh.i bumped into him a week later and he was a convincing 5-10 in dress shoes.
RisingForce said on 10/Nov/08
Yeah, another enigma. No shorter than 5'10" peak though. How tall is he in your picture Glenn? I can't remember.
glenn said on 9/Nov/08
its strange how he can look 5-9ish too.
RisingForce said on 9/Nov/08
Yeah but then again he probably gets more height out of shoes and lifts than any male celebrity I can think of.

Another example
Click Here

The reasons that I think 3.5" shoes/lifts are possible for Burt is that unllike Sly or even Robert Downey Jr., Burt has trouble walking in his sometimes. Considering Sly has shoes that look like loaves of bread and Downey's ankles are almost falling out of his shoes that's saying something.

I just think he'd look ridiculously tall in those boots if he were 6 foot. 5'11" is the highest I can see. That'd put him at 6'2" in 3" shoes which we know he has and if I'm right about 3.5" shoes then that'd make him 6'2.5" in them. Even at 5'10" he'd be 6'1" or 6'1.5" in his biggest.

I know he was listed at 6'1" back in the 70's but I think he only claimed 5'11". I don't know if his 5'10" listing on his website is for his current or peak height. Maybe he's a guy who didn't lose any height as he got older?
glenn said on 9/Nov/08
6ft peak for burt wouldnt shock me.he towers over 5-11 dom deluise.
RisingForce said on 9/Nov/08
How tall was Johnny Carson?

Burt looked 2, maybe 3 inches taller.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Burt of course was in his famous 3.5" heels/lifts combo that he could sometimes barely walk in.
Click Here

If Carson truly was 5'10.5" then Burt at 5'11" peak is possible. Burt was atleast 5'10" peak and may still be that.
RisingForce said on 6/Nov/08
I can buy 5'10" but not much over. Yeah that's true George H., he even admits that.
George H. said on 6/Nov/08
Isn't Reynolds one of the most famous lift wearers? Even in cowboy boots? I think I read that in several articles on him.
glenn said on 6/Nov/08
moore was 6-1 when i met him.never saw van damme.
BruceWayne said on 5/Nov/08
Ok, but then I doubt that Roger Moore was ever the 6'1.5 as claimed on this site. And van Damme cannot be 5'9 either.
glenn said on 5/Nov/08
but he strangely looks 6ft in deliverance without boots,i dont think.and didnt he claim 6ft when he was a football player 40 years ago? he did look 5-10 to me in dress shoes a week after i met him.
RisingForce said on 5/Nov/08
Bruce, Burt wears big heeled with boots in them all the time. His footwear is probably thicker than Van Damme's. Burt himself lists himself at 5'10" on his website, he's not any taller than his own claim.
Click Here

Burt getting dwarfed by 6'2" Jim Brown
Click Here

Jim is a little closer to the camera but Burt's heels are massive and Burt is an admitted lift wearer.

5'10" max

Look at the sightings on this site.

Glenn said 5'9" max in person
Frank2 said 5'10"
Brad said 5'10"

Burt himself says 5'10"! He's 5'10" max.
BruceWayne said on 4/Nov/08
He is not small. He's just joking in that interview. Next to Roger Moore, he looks at least the same height, and I cannot see any angle advantages in Cannonball run. Van Damme looks much smaller next to Roger, and he's listed 5'9 here. I think, van Damme is smaller than that, while Burt is taller than 5'10, maybe 6ft isn't wrong.
Stiffelio said on 3/Nov/08
I thought this guy was much taller, at least 6ft. He gives the impression of a big man.
RisingForce said on 3/Nov/08
I couldn't find that Playboy article either. Playboy has their old interviews online. You can find them if you search their website.
BruceWayne said on 1/Nov/08
I cannot say something about that statement except that 5-5.5 must be a joke for him. He used to be 5'11 at least, I would even say a bit more.
RisingForce said on 1/Nov/08
Here is the quote that Mr. R has mentioned.

This is a present," Burt Reynolds said. "I wouldn't buy something like this for myself. It's too Yul Brynnerish." "You can Brynnerish me any time," the lady said. Burt Reynolds gave her a level smile. "You know, when I take these boots off, I'm 5 feet 4 inches. "You look closer to five eleven to me," the lady said. "Lady," Burt Reynolds said, "no actor is five eleven. There's not an actor in the world who isn't ever 6 feet.

March 26, 1972, New York Times
Art said on 18/Oct/08
I swear I can remember the interview he did with Playboy in 1979 - the intro poses the question, "What does this 5' - 5 1/2" tall man have that..." something to that effect and why women find him so attractive. If anyone has the issue, Is my memory correct?
BruceWayne said on 21/Sep/08
I've just seen Cannonball run, and Burt Reynolds seems to be taller than Roger Moore (whose peak height is listed 6'1.5 feet here) in some scenes, so I think, at least in his prime, he was solid 6 feet. I consider 5'10 too low for him.
Brad said on 2/Aug/08
5' 10" is what I saw meeting him at his ranch just west of the Florida Turnpike in '84. He wore massive custom boots in the 70's. He held his own with a tall Jerry Reed wearing them.
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/08
Also, Burt did a movie with Clint Eastwood (I think that it was called City Heat), and Clint constantly refers to him as "shorty"!
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/08
Burt was always listed at 6-1 during his Smokey Days. However, it was also well known that he wore boots with lifts in them, and he could hardly walk across the Tonight Show stage without falling. Once on Evening Shade, he did a mug shot, and he stood at 6 feet. Assuming he was wearing shoes, he is not taller than 5-11 if not a little shorter. Burt also had the famous line when I woman on an elevator told him he looked 5-11. He said "Lady, no actor in Hollywood is 5-11."
Barrett said on 2/Aug/08
I agree. I have heard he was 5'10 from a couple of other sources, but I'd say he's @ least 6'
tubbs said on 12/Jul/08
I have recently seen a fair few Burt movies, and he looks around 6'1 in all of them, and in a couple of instances 6'2"....that was in Gator opposite Jerry Reed who is in the 6'1" region, and also Smokey and the Bandit. He looked taller than Paul Winfield in the Hustle, who is listed as 6'1.5", and atleast 6'0" in Navajo Joe dating back to 1966...he doesn't seem to be wearing a big heel or lift in Navajo Joe either, and may have actually been before he started wearing them...who knows, the other movies I can't be sure of, but there is a scene in Gator where he is barefoot on the beach, and looks a genuine 6'0"....I've noticed he has got a long neck, which he rarely straightens, this may give the impression that he is shorter than he actually is. In Deliverance he also looks atleast 6'0", and he doesn't seem to be wearing lifts in that movie either. Glenn, did he have a hunch when you saw him?
Giant said on 10/Jul/08
No, he was referring to Big Enos as 6
motorcitycobra said on 15/May/08
I wondered how tall Burt really is ... I
Davey said on 26/Apr/08
I dont think hes 5`10.Its funny how all the old action stars are around 5`9 to 5`10.Why? Ive noticed in the old movies they make tall guys over 6 foot almost always look like dopey lanky clowns.
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
tubbs-never saw the guy in my life until this planned photo.then a week later i bump into him pic.january 2004 maybe? or late 2003.i think i did read him mention something like that.he did look tall in deliverance.
ed said on 8/Apr/08
looks 2 inches shorter than Jim Brown in 100 Rifles with the beautiful Raquel Welch yum
tubbs said on 5/Apr/08
Burts father was 6'4", he mentions it in his autobiography, which is a great read by the way. He also mention he has short legs, the same length as a 5'7" guy. He then describes this as being odd, as he then describes himself as a little over 6ft....he got a job as a bouncer in the 50's simply because he was 'a little over 6ft, and of muscular build', so maybe he was around this region years ago. In Deliverance he doesn't seem to be in any type of heel, or lift, and he is only a couple of inches shorter than Voight and Cox, both of whom are 6'2+. Slight upgrade for peak height maybe. Great picture, do you see Burt often?
glenn said on 22/Mar/08
i see 5-10 in my photo and robs listing.he had nike shox on,no lifts.i think i had chunky casuals.the man can look 6-1 or more with lifts and boots in cannonball run next to 5-11 deluise.thats equals 5-10.a 5-8 stallone isnt gonna do that 6-1 thing either.what was burt listed at in his football years? wasnt he an athelete? wasnt he listed somewhere between 5-10 and 6ft? he cant lie at 5-8. or 5-9.i saw him in dress shoes the week after the above pic and he looked 5-11.
sf said on 21/Mar/08
Burt Reynolds aint even 5'10". And, Kali aint 7'4". Remove those extra three inches, and there's your answer...
glenn said on 21/Mar/08
6ft,6-1 in lifts.reynolds admitted he was 5-10 and wore lifts.he at least admitted to the lifts.
luis said on 20/Mar/08
5-10 doesn't seam enough to me. We all saw Burt standing "face to face" with Grat Kali in "The Longest Yard" and he was no dwarf next to the 7'4'' giant... i'd say he is about 6 feet tall
glenn said on 22/Feb/08
5-10 peak.mightve shrunk a bit now.
Anonymous said on 22/Feb/08
5-10 n Nike Shox,as Glenn says! so barefoot 5-8.5?
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
necrosa-how dumb are you? he tried to push my buttons think im gonna explode for no reason? he had it in him to mess with me.i sensed it long ago.but again,people assume,like yourself and that causes big problems.typical of everyday common folk.
glenn said on 19/Feb/08
i could care less no no.alot people here never show me respect and can be wiseass to me or accuse me of things.
Necrosa said on 19/Feb/08
Glenn, in no way did Clark's post deserve that harsh a response, mainly just the
go fuk yourself" and the "you sound a little queer." parts. Geez, how immature are you?
derek said on 19/Feb/08
If Burt was wearing Nike shox and looked 5'10.... then he must be under 5'10.
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/08
looks 5'10.25 in the picture.
NO NO said on 19/Feb/08
Editor as we can Glenn is swearing here and using the word queer some people might take offence to this i think this should be removed?
glenn said on 18/Feb/08
clark-go fuk yourself.dont talk to me like that.if i say he did,then he did.can you see our backs in the pic? no.putting pressure on my back relaxed my posture.and his arm or rather his hand is higher up than you sound a little queer.
Clark said on 18/Feb/08
How can he push you down if his hand is on your back? If you would have said shoulders, maybe. The pic shows his arm around the mid back.
Glenn come down off Mt. Oliftus!!!
glenn said on 11/Feb/08
he was 5-10 in nike shox.he put his arm on my back and it kind of pushed me down.
clark . said on 11/Feb/08
Glenn is always standing straight and tall in all the photos. The actors are very casual in the photos--so i will give Burt 5'11" in this photo.
Jeff said on 21/Jan/08
It makes sense to put Reynolds in the 5'10" range because he was in a musical in the 1970s with Cybill Shepherd where they had a swimming pool scene and, standing face to face in bare feet, Reynolds appeared to be only about 1 inch taller. Shepherd is listed on this site as 5'8" or 5'9", so it all fits.
glenn said on 6/Jan/08
rob you gotta see that pic of burt with dennis hopper in that nov 27th that hysterical or what?.i need burts shoes! ive heard 6-1 estimates for burt before.4 years ago too.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/08
Only looks 1 inch over glenn in the pic. So 5'9 out of bed.

Also looks 5 inches shorter than arnold in that pic below.
emporium destinate said on 27/Nov/07
Two pictures for you. - First, a rather small Burt Reynolds with Arnie: Click Here
Second, check out the whopping lifts here: Click Here
My word, they are stilts!
Russ said on 6/Oct/07
Back in the late 60's, Burt Reynolds was in a Western movie called "100 Rifles". His co-star was the 6'2" football star, Jim Brown. In every scene, Jim Brown appears to be considerably taller than Reynolds, at least 4 inches taller. This would make Burt Reynolds about 5'10 that time, maybe less. Also, Rurt Reynolds was not much taller than Rachael Welch who was also in the movie.
glenn said on 1/Oct/07
like mark,ive heard burt tall sightings too.
guy said on 1/Oct/07
I remember reading a book on height and heightism that was written in the seventies with various actors and celebrities. Its been so long so I can tell what its called or who wrote it. It revealed who was tall and who wasn't. The obvious Alan Ladd kind of bit. Jimmy Carter who was the current president was 5'9" as was Robert Redford. Chairman Mao was 5'11" and Hitler was 5'8". Burt Reynolds was made to be a guy who greatly exaggerated his height. They said his claimed height of 5'11" was a long shot and rediculous. I think they thought he was more 5'8"ish 9". Of course who the hell were they.
Leon said on 30/Sep/07
Cool shades. That's all I have to say about this pic. lol
Mark said on 9/Sep/07
My sister saw him signing autographs once and said he seemed tall, about 6' and "towering over everybody". Yes he was wearing cowboy boots.
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
"ms crababel says on 28/Aug/07
franco if you think 177cm now..then why say 178 is accurate..confusing post"

yeah sorry mistake, i wanted to say now he is 178cm, so 178cm is accurate. lol
bloody keyboard. :D
ms crababel said on 28/Aug/07
franco if you think 177cm now..then why say 178 is accurate..confusing post
stan said on 27/Aug/07
Give the guy a break, he must be 5,000 yr old in that picture, everybody's alot taller when they are 25 than when there in the walker.
Franco said on 31/Jul/07
i think in his prime he was 180cm and now 177cm to be honest.

so 178cm is pretty accurate.
Steve said on 29/Jul/07
Saw Burt Reynolds on the floor while in LV, he was walking alone with three waitresses tailing him, great looking, at least 5"11.'
glenn said on 26/Jul/07
i had no idea dom deluise was that tall until my friend told me.makes you scratch your head at burt.had to be 5-10.he is rumored as low as 5-8.
Lmeister said on 26/Jul/07
He must have had massive boots all the time. I gotta agree with you Glenn that he might have been 5'10'' during his peak. One interesting thing is that he looked shorter than Kris(5'11'')Kristofferson in Semi-Though and taller than Dom(5'11'')DeLuise. Maybe Kris is also a "fan" of boots with lifts...
glenn said on 25/Jul/07
its amazing how he can look 6-1 next to 5-11 dom deluise.i think he was 5-10 peak.
Lmeister said on 25/Jul/07
His official site does list him 5'10'' after the 2 inch rule - > 5'8''ish. I think that his peak height was 5'9'' in reality...
MarkO said on 23/Jul/07
Burt's official site has him at 5'10.
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
There was a movie years ago that he did with Clint Eastwood, maybe called "City Heat"?In the movie, Clint's character refers to Burt's character as "Shorty". The movie ends with Clint's line: "You will always be shorty to me". Burt then trys to stand on his toes to be closer to Clint's stature. If Clint was 6-4, then Burt does look to be about 6-1. However, I am sure that lifts and boots were involved!
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
On one episode of "Evening Shade", Burt was arrested, and had to stand against one of those police lineups. You could not see his feet, but he measured at exactly 6 feet.
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
In a book called "The Height of Your Life", Burt mentions that a woman in an elevator told him that he looked no taller than 5-11, after he claimed to be 6 feet. His response was along the lines of "no actor in Hollywood is less than 6 feet". He was always listed at 6-1, but that was with boots and lifts.
Manitobaboy said on 19/Jul/07
Okay, this is a man who wore a toupe from the time he was 45 (Bandit was the worst version) so it would be reasonable that his vanity would lead to serious lifts. When he was quarterback at Florida State, he was never listed over 6' (5'10 and 5'11"). He may have been 5'10.5ish in barefeet but he was/is also a notorious boot and lift wearer.
tubbs said on 21/Jun/07
Having seen Cannonball Run, Burt looked around the 6'3" mark, seriously. Looked about 6'0" in Deliverance, and looked only 2-3 inches shorter than Voight in a photo where they were both barefoot. Does anyone know if he still wears lifts, even at the age of 71?
Gov Jesse V. said on 16/Jun/07
The debate is over Jack. He's about the same height as Mickey Rooney, 5'2". He was shorter than Raquel Welch in every scene of 100 Rifles and she was about 5'4" when I dated her and Jacqueline Bisset at the same time. I was once at a party and he wouldn't dare step in the same room with me for fear I would use his head as an ashtray for my cigars.
Kevin T said on 26/Apr/07
Burt has always worn high heels, platform shoes during the disco era and cowboy boots in recent times. I think a lot of the time lifts are attributed too often when the actuality is massively heeled shoes.

Burt has become a handsome septagenarian Asian-American. ;-)
glenn said on 5/Apr/07
thanks for that jenna.that was good.burt once joked about his lifts once.
Brad said on 20/Mar/07
He wore huge sneaker lifts in "Hooper".
glenn said on 16/Mar/07
that was me.loni said he had lifts custom built into his sneakers to appear 6-1,when he was really 5-10 was the words she used.
Jenna said on 15/Mar/07
Somebody mentioned below that his ex-wife, Loni, (and that was one nasty divorce), said he was 5'10" and wore lifts to appear taller. Why would she give him extra inches? She'd be more likely to knock one off the estimate. Burt's limbs appear short to me. I think that people over 6', or even 5'11 get a sort of awkward appearance, because the limbs are quite long. He doesn't have that. He looks like he could be 5'10 to me. Having seen a ton of his movies I do not believe that he could have been shorter.
Unknown said on 13/Mar/07
His real height is 5-8. Look at this website. It's closer to the end of this site.
Click Here

[Editor Rob: yes, this was the article with '5ft 10' arnie aswell...]
Cliff said on 9/Jan/07
Yeah, The angle does favor Gabby. She almost makes Burt look like Mickey Rooney! I know Gabby is also taller than her husband, surfer Laird Hamilton, who is around 6ft2. Gabby's trainer claims that she can bench press about 240 and leg press over 1100 pounds. I believe that she has now retired from Volleyball.
Viper said on 8/Jan/07
Damn, Gabrielle is looking taller than just 6-3 there. Either that or Burt looks no taller than 5-6.
George H said on 8/Jan/07
Holy crap, Cliff. Gabriella is one real Amazon! Yeah, old Burt is standing in a hole but whatever crazy footwear he has on here, he's obviously not the 6 footer they always claimed him to be. Good thing the pic is from the side. With all that plastic surgery gone wrong he looks like he's a Chinese burn victim or something. I'll never understand why a macho like Reynolds would mess up his appearance like that.
mcmallen said on 16/Nov/06
Met him at a dinner in the early 1990's. I am 6'2", he looked about 5'10" but was wearing cowboy boots.
Anonymous said on 9/Sep/06
In The Longest Yard (the original) he looked to be at least 5`10
Glenn said on 9/Sep/06
Yeah,I know Jenna.for years I thought Dom was 5-8.
Jenna said on 8/Sep/06
Burt is a hell of a lot taller than Dom DeLuise in Cannonball Run.. I'm just watching the outtakes now on If Dom is 5'11"+ Burt is at least 6'2" (with lifts and heels). He looks huge.
John Doe said on 16/Aug/06
He looked 6 foot in Deliverance. Might want to add peak height (six foot) beside current height.
Brad said on 15/Aug/06
He'd come on talk shows with heels 4" and lifts. He'd sorta walk like he was a stilts coming around the curtain on Carson's show then he'd put his hand over his heels.
George H said on 9/Aug/06
Man, I used to dig Burt in the seventies, with Deliverance and stuff like that. I never really noticed his footwear, except that he favored cowboy boots. But then he mostly did those road movies like Smokey & The bandit so I guess those were appropriate footwear. I could also have been distracted by the variety of rugs, rofl. And it must be extremely uncomfortable not to mention painful to one's back, to be walking around in those stilt like lifts all the time. I'm kinda shocked to imagine him bald and short, and Asian looking now after all the bad surgery.
Jenna said on 9/Aug/06
I suspect Burt has had, at the most 2-3" heels on his boots, and 1"-2" lifts, raising him with 4" tops? If he's really been 5'10" that'd make him 6'2" tops, no? Why'd that be "almost impossible" to walk in? Women's work shoes easily have 3" STILETTO heels.
Gotxo said on 8/Aug/06
Frank-Amazing history!
His promo height was 6' but nevertheless this guy had to have a serious issue with height. 5'10" is a mean quite decent height but to wear 3-4" lifts is a
major deal, it must be almost impossible to walk with them on.
I wonder why he did so, he should find it terrible rewarding to go through such a torture.
Rob -Yep if his official height was 6' and in occassions he was up to 6'2", he should be a worth to see neighbour. You always musing wich is gonna be his next day height :)
Brad said on 8/Aug/06
Yer right about the plastic surgery. 5' 10" when I saw him at his ranch store just West of Jupiter Florida in '84. I still can't figure out how he continued filming "Heat" after catching a chair across his jaw. I guess the brass got that crazy doctor from "The Cannonball Run" to shoot him up so the tens of millions could be saved.
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
interesting pics lmeister.
Frank2 said on 4/Aug/06
The first time I met him was back in 1973 when he showed up for a screening of Shamus. With him was his then girlfriend Dinah Shore. At one point he removed his boots and looked about 5'10". I would see him at various functions and usually he wore huge lifts making him about 6'1" to 6'2". But seeing how large the heels were as well as how the boots were shaped, I came to the conclusion that he was being boosted by at least three, possibly four inches. The last time I saw him was a few years ago in Beverly Hills walking down the street. He wore what appeared to be normal running shoes and he looked about an inch shorter than me. He also looked awful. Too many facelifts over the years as well as a terrible hairpiece made him look like a walking corpse.
Frank2 said on 4/Aug/06
I met Burt several times and trust me, he's 5'10."

[Editor Rob: his height ever vary considerably on different occasion?]
Glenn said on 4/Aug/06
anything is possible.5-8? maybe.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Aug/06
Burt next to (5'8"ish) Brandon Maggart: Click Here
Lmeister said on 4/Aug/06
I bet that Burt was never taller than 5'8''. Actually I don't know why people thought that he'd be over 6 feet. To me he has always looked like an average guy with high heels = )

Burt with Nelly(5'8''):
Click Here

Why is Burt standing like that? To me it looks like he'd have lifts???
Click Here

3 inch heels = )
Click Here

Bad pic, but shows that Burt is at least an inch shorter than Russell Crowe
Click Here

What the hell is wrong with his shoes. Those aren't normal dress shoes???
Click Here(I)
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
No way was Burt ever taller than 5-10 without enhancing footwear.even Loni Anderson said he was 5-10 and wore lifts in his sneakers.I have the vinyl soundtrack album that was the same poster art I remember and Clint is 5 inches taller or more.sometimes you surprise me.I saw the movie when it came out.I wonder if its in print?
Daniel said on 23/Jul/06
If you watch the movie, City Heat, you can see how much taller Clint is than Burt. At least 5 inches. At the end of the movie, they're on the street together. Burt is shadow boxing and challenges Clint to a fistfight. Clint calls Burt shorty. Burt stands up on his tiptoes to come as close to Clint's height as possible. It wasn't even close. Clint still towered over him. Lucky for Burt that Clint didn't accept the challenge.
Glenn said on 19/Jul/06
Burt was never more than 5-10.5-9 now.yes,he did look that tall in alot of movies.but that was lifts+heels.lets not forget Clint Eastwood calling him shorty in CITY HEAT.
Annie said on 10/Jul/06
Just watched Sam Whiskey and when Clint Walker and Ossie Davis are running around the mint in SOCKS, Burt is wearing cowboy boots. Clint is still at least 4-5" taller and Clint seems to lean forward a lot for a man with great posture. Hmmm...
Glenn said on 5/Jul/06
Just under by a few inches.gotxo-never saw that question,sorry.he was always mentioned at 6ft,sometimes 6-1.nowadays you see 5-10,sometimes even 5-8!
Cartoonistguy said on 2/Jul/06
We saw Burt at Mohegan Sun casino last year (or 2?). He referred to himself as "just under 6 feet". He never got off stage,so I couldn't compare myself to him. He did have cowboy boots on.
Gotxo said on 24/May/06
This question goes for Glenn:
Now is quite clear Burt was 5'10" or so in reality. But wich was his advertised heigt? I'm curious in that magic of the "make belive" as Frank2 defined it.
Viper652 said on 19/May/06
Burt did look tallish in the Smokey and the Bandit movies, but he was wearing big cowboy boots.
Glenn said on 18/May/06
I always thought Dom was my height.then I saw 5-11.5 on the net,called my friend up who met him,and he confirmed it.I was shocked.HIM is a big guy!
Glenn said on 18/May/06
Yeah,but in a couple movies he did look lifts and cowboy heel friend comfirmed that Dom Delouise was indeed 5-11.5,and Burt can tower him.strange.

[Editor Rob: don't talk about HIM....delouise really that height? Burt has for sure looked 6ft-6ft 1, 2 inch cowboy heel+ 2 inch lift might have been the reason...]
frank p said on 17/May/06
Ahh, I'm having a reaaal hard time buying 5"10 for Burt. I thought it was common knowledge that he was on the short side. I believe Glenn when he says he looked 5"9 to him. But I'm thinking he never appeared to be even THAT tall to me. Whatever these guys put in their shoes is really something. I wish I remembered him next to Kevin James on the King of Queens episode last season. He played kevin's old high school football coach. But then again, if he's using lifts in his shoes it wouldn't matter.
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Yeah,I dont have cable,or even watch TV.but Im going to search for both seriously,since Im a fan.
Charlie said on 13/May/06
I don't know if Sam Whiskey is on DVD. Like I said, it's on Showtime Extreme this month about 10 times. It's also on The Movie Channel on June 2. Maybe you know someone who can tape it for you if you don't get those stations. You'll get a kick out of it. Let me know what you think.
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Is it on DVD?
Charlie said on 11/May/06
Better yet, Burt is in Sam Whiskey with Clint Walker. Clint, who was 6'6 or 6'7, towered over Burt. Clint was huge. Funniest scene was when Burt tells Clint to hit him. Burt says something like- bet you think you can knock me out. Clint says I'm sure I can. Burt keeps daring Clint to hit him. When Clint goes to take a swing, Burt runs. Clint had to be at least 9 or 10 inches taller, with an unbelievable build. Sam Whiskey is on this Saturday on Showtime Extreme.
Charlie said on 11/May/06
Yes. In City Heat, Clint Eastwood continually called him shorty. The movie is still shown on TV every now and then. You can tell Clint has at least six if not seven inches on Burt.
Glenn said on 6/May/06
One of my favorite movies of all time.I believe you.he looked 5-9 to autograph dealer said 6-2! some people have no perception of height.I heard 6-1 for Mel Gibson!
VANCOSCELLOS said on 5/May/06
Glenn said on 30/Apr/06
that Movie was City Heat Mikex.I think.someone told me he called Burt shorty in the movie.dont own it.I think its out of print.saw it in the theatres whe I was 10 or so.
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
Burt used the excuse that he had a long torso and short legs so he wore lifts to make himself appear more appealing. I never bought that one.
Mikex said on 27/Apr/06
Didn't he do a film with Clint Eastwood where I remember Eastwood's character taking the mick out of Reynold's lack of height. Reynolds may have worn lifts but he was a guy who could laugh at himself, at least on screen. He was pretty much the biggest star in the world at one point in the 70s I seem to remember but seemed to go straight from macho man heart throb to has been within a very short time.
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
Burt is about 5'10" barefoot or at least was when he was younger. He wore gigantic lifts! I worked on the film Shamus and Burt attended a screening with his then girlfriend Dinah Shore. Burt was wearing boots that had two and a half inch heels and looked like they had lifts inside giving him at least another inch. As the screening progressed he took them off sinse I'm sure they were killing his feet and went to the restroom. With his boots off he looked about 5'10". With them on he was nearly 6'2"! Reynolds use to advertise that he was 5'11", but had short legs and a long torso so he wore lifts to make his legs appear longer. I always found that excuse laughable.
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
I swear he looked 5-9.
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
Burt goes to bed wearing his lifts!
TNTinCA said on 14/Feb/06
Burt loved cowboy boots and he wore them often in movies. I had the same impression as well from the Smokey and the Bandit series that he was taller. Closer to 6 foot. He may have been 5'11" in his heyday but closer to 5'10" now. In Boogie Nights, he only appeared to be about 2 inches taller than Mark Wahlberg.
Greg said on 13/Feb/06
As a running back at Florida State, he was listed at 5'10.
Regus said on 5/Feb/06
Watched him in Gunsmoke. He seemed to be about 5-10 in it, somehow thought he was 6-0 all these years. Stand him by James Arness and it's very clear.
Markie said on 5/Feb/06
Here is the Washington Post article about Burt's height!!! Hope u find in helpful :)
MHouillon said on 2/Feb/06
Okay, no 182cm okay. But 179-180cm is a little bit more realistic for Burt, Rob. He wasn't and is not under 5'10.5".
wrestling said on 30/Jan/06
Rated As 5'10" Now On , Was Rated As 6'(1.83m) In The Past!
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
In the Longest Yard he looked an inch taller than Adam Sandler so I personally think he is 5`11"
Glenn said on 22/Jan/06
he had nike sneakers on here,but loni anderson said that he wears lifts in his sneakers!
Mr. R said on 20/Jan/06
Remember folks, Burt ALWAYS wears cowboy boots! He is never seen without them in public. That makes him about 5-8 to 5-9 here.
Glenn said on 17/Jan/06
he had his arm around me and was kind of pushing me down.he looked 5-9.5-10 in the photo though.
Viper652 said on 17/Jan/06
How tall do you guys think he looked in Smokey and the Bandit?? Id say 5-11.
CoolJ said on 16/Jan/06
Editor Rob- Care to interject on your opinion of Burt

We gotta do something about Burt Reynolds.. No way this guy is still at 5'11.5 -- His pic with Glenn.. as well as the Longest Yard supports this. Can we start knocking cm's off him?
Viper652 said on 16/Jan/06
He looks 5-9 there.
CoolJ said on 15/Jan/06
Definitely doesnt look 5'11.5 with Glenn.. I think this substantiates my claims I made about the Longest Yard.. He looks 5'10 there.
sf said on 15/Jan/06
Rob - where the heck are you getting 5'11" and 1/2? from? In this picture, he looks 5'10" or 5'11" and you KNOW he's got lifts in his shoes!
elio said on 15/Jan/06
5'9" - 5'10" ?
CoolJ said on 12/Jan/06
These days Ric Flair is only about 5'9 - 5'10.. Check him out next to Kurt Angle

Cena's about 6'1.. and take a closer look at that pic with Flair, Reynolds and Cena

Look how small Reynolds' head is!!! Something is up.. Burt is definitely not 5'11.5" - I think he needs to start coming downward.. When I saw Longest Yard.. I was thinking 5'10.5" is what he looked in most of the shots. MAX
CoolJ said on 12/Jan/06

Suddenly Reynolds is standing at almost the same height as 6'3 Gabrielle Reece... What the hell?
Ron said on 20/Dec/05
I stood next to Burt on a movie set last year and we were both wearing "convict boots" for The Longest Yard. He seemed to be the same height as me, just under 6'. I have no idea if he was also wearing lifts in his boots.
deadman said on 11/Dec/05
there is a picture on the wwe website with john cena and burt and ric flair. if burt is 5'11.5, then john cena should be like 6'2. i think burt may be 5'9 as he is about the same as flair and has the whole arm around the shoulder boost thing going.
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
the crazy thing in your defense mario is he can look tall in movies.but when you see him in person,he can look 5-9.tops.except one guy told me 6-2.he looked 6 foot to 6-2 in the cannon ball movies and sharkeys machine if you keep in mind charles durning at 5-7 and delouise at cowboots whith lifts in can make him 4-5 inches taller.he's a trickey guy.
Glenn said on 10/Dec/05
sorry mario.sam and the others are right.loni anderson says he wears lifts in his sneakers best guess is he is 5-9 tops.5-8 min.I have photo with him 5-8.he does look taller that me in the photo,but in person he looked whats in the sneakers he had on I dont know.I do know that he was ultra cool to me.great is being sent for you guys to see.
Mario Nariano said on 10/Dec/05
I have seen movies in wich he appears barefoot, and his legs are long.
5 ft 11 reasonable or a tad under but 5 ft 7, 5 ft 8 for reynold is pure crap.

@Goonie, because of the script.
goonie said on 9/Dec/05
Check out the boots Burt has worn in the past. Particularly as Bandit. Their cowboy boots with about an extra two inches on the heel. It makes him walk a bit goofy too. Newman wore similar boots in Towering Inferno to make him seem I guess.
Mario Nariano said on 7/Dec/05
Why musr Rob downgrade 5 ft 8, because a comedian joked in the past that he was 5 ft 8? In the past he always looked between 6 ft and 6 ft 1, and even nowedays he looks close to 6 ft.

[Editor Rob: Burt has joked about height in the past himself...but sometimes he has worn seriously big boots, the worst being in that western film he done]
Viper652 said on 6/Dec/05
Seminole, your lucky your FSU team won the ACC this year, the worst FSU team since 83 :) But anyway, I think Rob needs to downgrade this guy to 5-8 at least.
Seminole said on 5/Dec/05
Go back to his pre-Hollywood days before it was important to be perceived as tall. I believe if you check the old Florida State football programs from the 50's when Burt was playing you'll see his height listed at 5'8". Most players fudged on their height and weight. I have a friend who worked on a movie with him in the early 60's, who claims he's no more than 5'7" barefoot.
Tubbs said on 18/Oct/05
Will do CoolJ, maybe I just cant imagine a legend like Burt being under the 5'11 mark, he is getting on a bit know though i suppose.
CoolJ said on 17/Oct/05
Tubbs: Try watching the movie and don't depend so much on stills. I thought Burt was near 6'.. but after watching that.. I believe he's under 5'11 by a decent amount.
Tubbs said on 17/Oct/05
I saw a picture from the premiere of The Longest Yard, Burt was stood next to Rock and Sandler, and was taller than both of them. He's always looked bigger than what some people are suggesting - 5'8" come on!
CoolJ said on 16/Oct/05
Rob, You need to check out the Longest Yard

He is clearly shorter than Chris Rock and even shorter than Sandler in some shots.

This guy is 5'10.5" AT BEST - Most likely around 5'9.5" - 5'10" at least judging from that film. He looks very average in most scenes.
J. said on 28/Aug/05
Hey Mr. R, does Loni have a point? Do elevator shoes/built up shoes do damage to one's legs? And as far as Burt's height. I always figured him to be in the 5'8"- 5'9" range. There was a Washington Post article that mentioned his insecurities with his height some time ago.
pgibbons said on 20/Aug/05
Willie Nelson who appeared in Dukes of Hazzard with Burt Reynolds had this to say: "Willie informed Howard that Burt wears lifts in his shoes, which Howard found odd. He thought that once you got to be Burt’s age some of your vanity would go away."

From this site:
Mr A said on 24/Jul/05
After Burt and Loni Anderson divorced, she was in a newspaper and said he is 5'10 but wears built up (4") shoes which were damaging his legs from wearing them all the time. Also when he appeared on the X-Files, he stood behind Annabeth Gish who is supposed to be 5' 8" and she wore flat shoes. Burt looked to be the same height as her.
John said on 24/Jul/05
According to "The Washington Post", Burt was really never more than 5'8. I reckon this is true, as he did look quite short in "100 Rifles", which was released in 1969.
Mr. R said on 27/May/05
Burt was listed for most of his life at 6-1. Many did question this. I remember an Evening Shade episode when his character was arrested and he had to stand by one of those height charts. He came out as 6 foot on the dot - with shoes on. Burt has always been hard to tell because he always used to wear boots with big heels. However, once in an elevator, a woman called him out by telling him he looked 5-11. He responded, "Lady, NO actor in Hollywood is 5-11!" Well, my celebheights friends, words for us to live by!
Phil Collins said on 27/May/05
Saw Burt in a ovie from 1983 recently, looked pretty tall, about 6ft, maybe taller - No denying he's a nearer the 6ft mark than 5ft8.
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/05
nd this swindle:

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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