How tall is Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's Height

5ft 3 (160 cm)

American Singer, winner of the 4th American Idol. On she once said: "I'm a short girl. I'm 5-3 so I would like to at least look like 5-5." In another interview she mentioned "I'm 5ft 3in and I would love to be a couple of inches taller. That's why I have so many pairs of sky-high heels in my closet - it means that at least I can fake being taller when I want to".

How tall is Carrie Underwood
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Sometimes I try dresses that are a little bit longer or even long dresses and I get lost in them cause I’m 5 foot 3. It just seems like above the knee works better for my height.I just try to be strong. My legs are scarred from sports and from injuries, so I view them as being strong.
-- People, 2016

How tall is Carrie Underwood
Carrie & Miranda Lambert
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Average Guess (14 Votes)
5ft 3.2in (160.5cm)
Realist said on 21/Feb/23
She is probably north of 5'3 by a smidge. So many people are overlisted here but she is truthful definitely 5'3.25
192cm Leprechaun said on 17/Sep/22
Carrie is honest at 5'3". She's even a little taller than Miranda Lambert.
Nik Ashton said on 15/Feb/21
@ mjd - Too true! 5’3” is low average though and 5’7” is tall!
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
@ Jackie - What a lovely comment!
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 24/Dec/18
True height lister for sure and she did even say that she is 5ft 3.. I do clearly see her as 5ft 3 160cm....
Nik said on 16/Sep/18
She can't fake being taller with Rob around!
jackie said on 10/Jun/15
she looks about this height and is it just me or does she seem to be getting prettier and prettier every year!
Frank181cm said on 31/Dec/14
Hey rob, would u say her husband is about 6'?
Editor Rob
he could be close to the mark
Greg Lehmann said on 6/Jul/14
Nice and pretty. Joanie's idol. Since Joanie's just 4'10",she loves Carrie! Got Joanie a Carrie Underwood CD last year for Christmas,and she won me over to Carrie! She feels and looks great in pants or gowns. And she's happy to be 5'3",too!
Greg Lehmann said on 26/Jun/14
Joanie's idol. She sure loves this 5'3" singer,and thanks to my petite 4'10" friend Joanie,she won me over to Carrie,too. But she looks like 5'1" Barbara Mandrell,who I got to see in 1995,dressed in a blue pants suit,blue blouse,sheer suntan knee highs,and pretty blue Jazz oxford shoes. Barbara sang many of her great hits, I sang a somg with petite Barbara,and she also calmly explained to me she performed on bronchitis,a severe sinus infection,severe chest colds,flu,and even viral pneumonia,despite severe coughing spasms. Yet she tenderly gave magic performances,sick as she was. She is very sweet and pretty,whether in long flowing gowns or jeans. Joanie and I love you,Carrie!
mjd said on 8/Dec/13
5'3s right around average for most girls. The majority of girls fall between 5'1 and 5'7.
Allycat said on 1/Sep/13
Carrie is an awesome person! She's an idol. And now i know that short isnt a bad thing!
Carrie Underwood suprised me when I heard she was 5'3 i am only 5'1!!! She has always been my idol!! :)
KopyKat:) said on 6/May/13
i'm one inch taller than her!!! I'm 5'4"
diana said on 2/Mar/13
lol @elle i mean 5'11 for guys is called short and it's taller than the average.
tim said on 10/Feb/13
wow yeah im surprised, always assumed she was like 5'6
Davidp said on 3/Nov/12
i think she looks an inch shorter than this, just my opinion.
Tom said on 1/Feb/12
I see Carrie often shopping close to her home near Nashville. Beautiful lady and 5'3" is right on.
Elle said on 13/Oct/11
It's funny how anything below average, even just an inch like 5'3, gets called short these days, when it really isnt.
Vic said on 27/Sep/11
I was amazed to read that Carrie is only 5'3" - she looks at least 3" taller.
Daniel said on 13/Aug/11
I think the reason that she seems so tall is because of her long legs
gregory lehmann said on 8/Jun/11
Friend Joanie's idol. But I love 5'3" Carrie,too,because of her striking resemblance to 5'2" Barbara Mandrell,who I got to sing with at a concert in 1995.At the concert,Barbara also sweetly explained to me how she once performed despite viral pneumonia. So I calmly asked Barbara,"Was performing when you were sick with bronchitis or viral pneumonia rougher on you?" Then sweet Barbara told me,"It was about equal. In both instances,I had a 102 degree fever,a sore chest,racking cough spasms,severe muscle pain,and severe chills.But the pneumonia left me with two broken ribs from all the coughing I struggled to calm down." Then I asked barbara,"How did you perform on that pneumonia?" 5'2" Barbara then told me,"Just like when I performed on the bronchitis,I wanted to give my fans the best performance I could and not let them down by cancelling the performance. So I took some cough syrup just before I performed to at least calm my hacking chest/bronchial cough." Just like when Barbara performed on the bronchitis,she battled severe laryngitis from the pneumonia. Then Barbara continued,"Despite not feeling like I should perform,I did a wonderful job,even though I coughed a lot both times out." That was just like my friend Annette from Trade Winds attending a lupus benefit picnic last summer on a "coughing" sinus infection chest cold and seeing me land a Trade Winds award two years ago despite the flu. Carrie would be fun to see!
Cristina said on 1/May/11
I agree with the two anonymous who say she's in the 5'1/5'2 range. I saw her and she was in flats and I was in Merrell shoes, so I was about 5'3 1/2 and she was 1 or 2 inches shorter than me.
Anonymous1 said on 3/Mar/11
It is true she is 5foot 3 we have to remember that celebs always have huge heels on (4 inch plus a lot of times when on stage), when standing next to her I am about the same level when we both have heels on and I am 5 foot 4. Celebs wear big heels to appear taller and thinner same reason everyone else does :)
Hc said on 8/Jan/11
Wow! I always pictured Carrie like, 5-7 or 8 or around there. Didn't know she was so short. (compared to me) (: Shes good though.
jaden said on 2/Jul/09
to tell you the truth 5ft 3in is not short at all its just i am a tall 12 year old at 5ft 7.5in
me said on 8/Feb/09
lol, so then ryan seacrest isnt anything more than a barely 5'7, if he's lucky
Jlee said on 25/Jan/09
When I FIRST watched American Idol and saw her, I actually THOUGHT that she was five ten. I don't know why, but I thought she was tall
5 ft 3.2 said on 19/Jan/09
5'3" really isn't that short at all. It IS short, but not by much. She shouldn't worry about her height. If she was like, 5'1" and under, then I'd understand. I'm just a tad taller than her, and I only feel short when I'm standing next to 5'6"+ girls.
Josh said on 16/Jan/09
Alex says on 28/May/07
She admits to 5'3 so she's not anything over 5'3.5. Plus she does look about average height for a female. You still have girls who are 5'4-5'5 and claim to be short which makes you think they're 5'2 or under.

Thats so true Alex and btw Romo looks about 6'1
Britt said on 22/Nov/08
5'3" is def. right. I am 5'1" and she wasn't much taller.
Big T said on 13/Nov/08
She stood in between Ciara and Mariah Carey and wasn't even close to their eyelines. She looked barely 5 foot.
Heightgal said on 8/Nov/08
Carrie in platforms and 5" heels was the same height than 5f1 Fergie aka Stacy Ferguson. Click Here
WAAAAAHHHH! FREAK said on 17/Oct/08
Okay, until I saw the JSU2C video, I thought she was 5' 8"! I was a bit off!!!
CarrieRocks said on 13/Oct/08
I am only five and I haven't grown in a long time! Carrie is perfect the way she is, she is so beautiful.
FiveOne said on 27/Sep/08
5'3" seems about right. Carrie is a beautiful girl. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being less than the average height.
Phil said on 20/Aug/08
5'3" isn't really that short (well, for girls), it's only short when compared to 5'8"+ people. It's a height that is not quite short (but is short in certain situations), and just below average. It's a weird height in that it straddles between short and average, but yeah, it seems short compared to the general population, including males.
anonymous said on 2/Aug/08
hey rocky! were you talkin about elves? lol that hurts_ im 5'2" myself and i'm okay with it, carrie underwood is a great girl and she has great talent thats whats more important don't you think? ..and btw i think she's 5'2" lol she just upgraded it with an inch cause it sound a lil bit goood than 5'2" lol
Phil said on 23/Jul/08
aliciagirl, 160 cm/5'3" is NOT really short, because it is only 1.6" shorter than the female average of 5'4.6". 5'3" is sometimes short, but most times, it's 5'2" & less. And the 'normal' range is not 165/5'5"-170/5'7" cm, the common range is more like 5'4"-5'6".
paige said on 30/Jun/08
I'm 5'1.5" we'll talk short when someone can beat that. And i'm 23.
aliciagirl said on 23/May/08
160 cm is really short, i think normal is like 165-170 ..
Kendra said on 20/May/08
Grace83, For me is the other way, i look 5'7 but I'm 5'9
Holly said on 20/May/08
Rocky, I'm 5'3.I think 5'3 is short and 5'7 for a guy is short too..
TJ said on 19/May/08
J.Lee, I think you're nuts. The average height for a white girl is not 5'8. Not in a million years.
Viper said on 19/May/08
I think J. Lee is posting from a Mental Ward. 5-3 is bare under average.
Rocky said on 18/May/08
5'3'' is not short, just like 5'7'' isn't short for a guy. If you've ever been to Wal-Mart at 3 AM, there's tons of people there who are 5'2'' or so (men too btw) and weigh 280 lbs.
Viper said on 20/Apr/08
5-3 looks short from a 6-3 perspective though.
guamgirl said on 19/Apr/08
Wow, she seems so much taller especially standing next to Ryan Secrest.
grace83 said on 19/Apr/08
Exactly, 5'3" isn't short. It's average, normal. If you are under 5'1", then you are short.
It's stupid that some people call 5'3" short, and 5'5" noraml, since that you can' really tell the difference between a 5'3" person and a 5'5" person, unless they stand up straigth right next to each other. and then you will be able to see the little difference there is.
It's not about your actual height. It's about what people think you are.
I'm 5'8", but most people think i'm 5'9
5'2.5 said on 13/Apr/08
Why do people think that 5'3 si something you ' admit ' ! It's not even short!
Alex said on 23/Jan/08
Romo is 6'1-6'1 1/2 probably. Could be she was in heels maybe was why and then he could be 6'2.
Viper said on 5/Dec/07
Tony Romo must be closer to 6-0 than 6-2. Because he sure doesnt look 6-2 If shes 5-3.
El said on 20/Nov/07
5'3" is right, but there's this tabloid page I found that lists her as 5'4"

Click Here
Mimi said on 19/Oct/07
Gosh I thought that she was 5'7
She looks so tall! Her legs are really long and thin!!!! I want her legs!
Kim said on 30/May/07
5'3 sounds exactly right to me. I bet she would be right at that mark if she was measured at the doctor's office.
Maya said on 29/May/07
The problem is that nowadays girls tend to compare themselves to 5'10" supermodels, and that makes even the average-sized girls think they're short.
Alex said on 28/May/07
She admits to 5'3 so she's not anything over 5'3.5. Plus she does look about average height for a female. You still have girls who are 5'4-5'5 and claim to be short which makes you think they're 5'2 or under.
Cole said on 27/Dec/06
"Editor Rob says on 13/May/06
Ace Young, who was in this season claimed: "I’m 6’1" and is made to look short by his 6ft 7 brother."

I saw Ace Young in person, and he is definitely not 6'1". He was with his brother, and his brother was indeed towering, but Ace was the same height as me, about 5'10".
roxanne said on 7/Nov/06
extra at her concert she is 5'3" flat
Caleb Beeson said on 13/Oct/06
I got to meet carrie one time at a concert and when i gave her a hug carrie was at my chest cuz im 5'11
Editor Rob said on 13/May/06
Ace Young, who was in this season claimed: "I’m 6’1" and is made to look short by his 6ft 7 brother.
Justine said on 3/Apr/06
5'4" and 5'5" are about the same thing, so either way shes about the same height, theres no need to argue over one inch
phillyflash said on 1/Dec/05
She's on Ellen Degeneres right now, wearing at least 3 inch spike heels, and Ellen with her flat shoes still looks up to 2 inches taller...
Kats said on 8/Jul/05
Ha ha ha ha, 5'5 1/2? Maybe with certain heels. Something about her seems short, but she is probably 5'4, which is average.
Lawrence said on 13/Jun/05
Judging by her body frame, the height from her waist to her neck and her legs, Carrie (the cutie) is 5'5 1/2" definitely.
JS said on 27/May/05
Hmm, true but I'd still knock her down at least a half-inch. I think that'd be pretty safe.

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