How tall is Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Height

5ft 3.5in (161.3 cm)

American Singer, former winner of American Idol winner. In an interview she mentioned, "I'm 5-foot-3 1/2. I was proud of that half."

How tall is Kelly Clarkson
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5ft 3.38in (161cm)
MJKoP said on 27/May/17
No way is she as short as 5'2". Here's a very rare picture of Kelly Clarkson with Howard Stern, and despite Howard actually standing up straighter(for once!), Kelly looks even taller than 5'3.5".

Click Here
courtney said on 18/Nov/15
5 ft 3.5 in is 1.5875 meters Kelly is also not an Athletic built person so she carries weight differently than say Joanne Woodward in her prime in the early 60's who was 3/4 in taller than Kelly and weighed 117 lbs outside of pregnancy/nursing/filming a movie
Brad said on 31/Dec/14
5 foot 2 and a whopping 190 pounds.
Jim said on 14/Oct/12
I've also met her and she is tiny. She was my height (163cm) in heels, so I would say 159/160cm or 5' 2''
somedude said on 9/Aug/12
5'4 and 175# ;)
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
Brad said on 11/Dec/11
Weak 5' 3" at best.
raffamuffin said on 1/Jun/11
Having met her, I am 5"4 and I had at least an inch in height on her - she's definately no more than 5'3.
to latricia said on 24/Sep/07
latricia, your comment is so ignorant and stupid *rolls eyes*

140is HUGE for just 5'3", dont kid yourself. you think blokes think youre hotter now cus that what you want to think

i like slim girls and most of my friedns agree - slim is the most attractive shape. i dont want a "cuvy" girl wobbling around on top of me

alot of girls are naturally slim too, just because you cant be doesnt mean no one else can.

also, models have to be at least 5'8". even 5'9" isnt ideal. i think someones been telling porky pies, if you excuse the pun.

and you deserve this telling cus you shouldnt have gone off topic yourself

back to kelly clarksons height - i give her 5'2"
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/07
I do belive she't 5ft3 1/2, cause with heels on she looks about 5.6 to 5.7
and standing next to vanessa hudgens for a pic at the teen choice aware she looked about an inch taller then her, and they both of course had heels on making vanessa about 5.2
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
Well that sounds about right Im 12 and im around 5'6 5'7
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/07
I think she is 5 ft 2/5 ft 3, because people describe her as tiny, and this is just an half inch under average height in US right? And she looks kind a small to me
ter said on 27/May/07
It might have been the heels at teh finale
anon said on 27/May/07
kelly clarkson looks way shorter than carrie underwood in the idol finale, and according to celebheights, carrie underwood is 5'3? Heel difference, or misjudgment?
Latricia said on 18/May/07
I think Kelly looks great. I too have a curvy figure and it is hard to stay so skinny. I weigh anywhere from 135-140. I am 5'3". I am not overweight at all. I am just average. However, I am working out to look fit. I used to weigh 120 and was told that was too thin. I looked like I only had breast and was flat every where else. Now I have more of a but and gained in the breast. My tummy is still pretty tiny. Woman gain and different areas. As long as she stays fit and exercises it should not matter. I think she is very pretty and would love to meet her. She also stays true to herself unlike the other stick like celebrities. I am sorry but guys like me more now than they ever used to. Alot of guys would not date me in the past because I was too thin. Now they think I am hot because of my curvs. I also model. So, I think people should just leave her be. She seems like a great person. Everyone deserves to feel free to live their life. NO one is perfect, and sticks are no where near perfect. They look so unhealthy.
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
Kelly's quote: "I'm petite but I was the biggest girl on my season. Everyone else weighed 100 pounds. Reporters would ask, 'So what's it like being a big girl?' and I thought, 'Big? What?' It was like, 'Wait, what am I doing wrong?' Luckily, I had a great mom and dad who helped me grow up feeling comfortable in my own skin. I have a curvy figure, which guys like. And performing isn't about looking the best or being the most beautiful. I do it because I love it. Look, nobody else has my butt. Nobody has my eyes. Nobody has my nose. It's all mine. And that's what makes me different from everyone."
Brad said on 11/May/07
5' 3". Gained weight and her new album is so bad her record company told her to recut most of it.
Kathryn said on 21/Apr/07
well, i think she┬┤s 5'4'' or a tad over that. because on this photo she has usual heels on (5-6 cm) and is 20 cm smaller than 6'2'' Justin Guarini. So she is 5'6'' with 5 cm heels and that would make her 5'4'' or even a bit taller. Click Here
Teresa said on 30/Jan/07
She isn't 5'3.5
I met her and she was pretty much my height. I am 5ft exactly and she was about an inch and a half to 2 inches taller. I'd say she's 5'2 at best.
Alex said on 21/Jan/07
Tiny and short are different things if you ask me. You can have a girl 5'3 105lbs who would be tiny but 5'3 140lbs isn't tiny, its short but not tiny overall. Even girls who are 5'5 I consider short while they're really a bit above average height for a female and I'm a tad over 6'0.

But I think Kelly looks 5'3-5'4 for sure. Just not sure which.
Viper said on 6/Jan/07
5-3 is tiny to somebody over 6-0.
Miley said on 5/Jan/07
5'3 IS tiny. I'm pretty sure she's at least 5'4, not an inch shorter.

I know this, guys
quitecute said on 25/Dec/06
she is a little thick in the waist to be that small and not look fat. im thinking 5'4
Hope said on 20/Dec/06
kelly clarkson is TINY. My good friend's sister and neice won tickets off a radio station, while Kelly Clarkson was performing in Toronto, Ontario. My friend's sister is "Almost 5'2" as she likes to say. In the picture of her, Kelly Clarkson, and her daughter, my friend's sister is the tallest, with kelly clarkson being around an inch smaller. So, I'd put her at 5'1".
I can't believe these celeb heights, honestly! If i'm 5'6" in real life, i'd be what? 5'8" in "celeb" heights.
Lucy said on 23/Nov/06
Tricia: Paula Abdul is 5'. I don't think Kelly is 5'3, because people have described her as tiny (plus she does where big heels). Maybe 5'2.
Viper652 said on 15/Nov/06
"Crystal says on 6/Oct/05
I think Kelly Clarkson is underestimating her height because when I met her she looked 5'5. People would you stop underESTIMATING people height it is completely wrong till you've met them."

Man, this post really is pure comedy.
Brad said on 15/Nov/06
Both Jennifer & Kelly wear huge heels. Kelly tends to be short in concert with little height add-ons.
jenna said on 14/Nov/06
umm ive met kelly and i actually have a picture with her. she is 5'3. im 5'5 and she looks to be about 2 inches shorter.
UserX said on 12/Nov/06
kelly looks as tall as jennifer lopez or even a bit taller. search for photos of the two celebrities together on
Brad said on 9/Aug/06
5' 3" is about right. She has lost a lot of weight. They had terrible problems hiding it in the movie.
Katie said on 2/Aug/06
I was shocked when I went to her concert and stood beside her and towered over her. I am 5ft 8inches, but she is still a lot shorter than she apears on T.V. and in magazines.
sianna said on 21/Jul/06 5'3.5 and she looks alot taller than that! and to anonymous when i wear heels...3 inch im no more than 5' i think this is her real height..maybe 5'3 but no shorter! 5'1 is just ridiculous for her!
bismarck said on 30/Jun/06
I agree with most people that Kelly Clarkson's potential height would be maximum 5'3". In the "Break Away" video she seemed to be about 5'7" , but that was only because of the 4 inch heels she was wearing.
Tricia said on 27/Jun/06
Kelly Clarkson is 5'3 and 1/2 inch just as stated above. She tends to wear 4 inch heels, so in whatever pic where she's with Mariah, that might explain why they look the same height. Kelly Clarkson is a twerp - She's VERY tiny. :) Her height has been verified by numerous fans who know their own heights and have been photographed with her. btw, when she won idol and hugged Paula Abdul afterward, you could clearly see that she was only slightly taller than Paula who is 5'2.
anonymous said on 14/May/06
in that picture jeppe posted, kelly looks tiny- but it's just the angle they took the picture. But I think she is in the 5'2-5'3 region.
Emily said on 24/Feb/06
I think Kelly Clarkson is about 5ft 4. She is not tall but not tiny and petiete. When she was on American Idol, she wasnt the tallest person and she wasnt the shortest. I dont think she is 5ft or hardly even close to be that small, cuz i am 5ft tall and i dont look as tall as she does.
Anon said on 14/Feb/06
hey found a website where someone's met her and says her height as 5'2.Scroll down you'll find it.
Becky said on 29/Jan/06
i admit that Kelly Clarkson is just about between 5'33/4" and 5'4". Although it is my opinion, on tv she looked a few inches taller than i usually see her in magazines!
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/06
I read an article on the internet somewhere that someone met here or brushed shoulders with her and claimed she was 5 ft 2. Its funny when people meet her they reckon she's shorter. Has Glenn met her? And if you have Glenn do you hav an estimate on her height? Thank You
heightfan said on 7/Jan/06
I saw the MTV show also, and agree with the coclusion that gyllenhaalic823 made about the trivia question. However, did you catch what the midget girl said later. She said she was excactly like Kelly only smalller, and that she was 4'9" and that Kelly was 5 foot.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 6/Jan/06
i saw this new show on MTV where obsessed fans meet their own version of ther favorite celebrity (called "My Own") and there was an obsessed guy asking trivia questions of the girls. Quote: "How tall is Kelly?" Girl: "5'4"?" (buzzer sound as in wrong) Guy: "She's an inch off." I'm guessing this means 5'3" as she definetely doesn't look the 5'5" next to Hilary Duff.
lilo said on 8/Dec/05
my friend recently went to a kelly clarkson concert in Australia, and she said that kelly clarkson looked tiny, about 5'3-4 (160-163)
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
In the Duff/Clarkson photo, you can't tell cos Duff's leaning in and you know her tendency for wearing 4" heels. But we can't see Kelly's heels either...And as for Avril/Kelly pic, I haven't seen it but I'm so sure that 5'2" for Avril is pushing it.
Danny said on 21/Nov/05
Go to her official website it says she is 5'3 1/2 tall
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/05
I don't think she's as small as 5' or 5'1"....there are pictures of her and Hilary Duff, and with both of them wearing heels, Kelly is definitely a couple inches taller.
anonymous said on 4/Nov/05
I was about 10 feet from her and I'd say she was around 5' or 5'1. She's tiny and slim in person.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/05
I've never seen any photos of Kelly Clarkson's dad, but it appears to me that she has some short genes. I've seen pictures of Kelly and her mother, and Kelly appears to be a few inches taller than her.
~Nate~ said on 15/Oct/05
Yeah ok "The Man" and "Kelly Fan" I think what you guys are totally right with Mariah's height claiming since you guys have met her so many times you guys must be experts!! Anyways This is about Kelly and in the pic Kelly is wearing heels and Mariah is wearing flats and still towers Kelly. So Kelly is about 5'3-5'4 so 5'3.5 seems right even though I havent met her.
Kelly Fan said on 14/Oct/05
Kelly Clarkson is the same height as Mariah people need to face the fact because Mariah wears outrageous 6 inch heels
is this your final height for her? said on 13/Oct/05
Do u guys remember that movie "From Justin to Kelly". Justin Gaurini has been listed as high as 6'3 but these height listings are from websites on the net and are probably wrong. Without his big hair I'll give him 6'2 max.Kelly Clarkson wears like 3-4 heels sometimes in the movie and he still towers her. She barely reaches his nose let alone his eyes. many celebs admitt their height but do they know what it is or is this just a guess. I'd say she is slightly under 5'3.
~Nate~ said on 6/Oct/05
Kelly is not the same height as Mariah, I've seen this pic I'll try to find it, I know Mariah was wearing flat boots as kelly was in heels and Mariah was standing straight she was doing her usual hip sway stance as Kelly was standing very straight and Mariah still towered her...I'll find it. Kelly looks at best 5'5
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/05
Crystal, most of the time these people in entertainment are inflating their heights big time. And how would we be overestimating Kelly's height when she said she was 5-3.5??
Crystal said on 6/Oct/05
I think Kelly Clarkson is underestimating her height because when I met her she looked 5'5. People would you stop underESTIMATING people height it is completely wrong till you've met them.
CelebHeights Editor said on 5/Oct/05
Yes, she has also said back in 2003: "She [brenda lee] was 4'11"; I'm 5'3". Both 5ft 3 and 5ft 3.5 she's said...
Some Guy said on 22/Sep/05
I read on the internet that she said she was 5 foot 3 and not 5'31/2. So 5'3 for kelly should be right
Kelly fan said on 18/Sep/05
I think Kelly Clarkson around 5'8 because she the same height as Mariah Carey in a photo, do you believe Mariah and Kelly are the same height Rob?

[Editor Rob: kelly is the height she says she is. Without seeing that pic I can't say why you thought they were same height]
Mr. Awesome said on 31/Jul/05
I do beleive that this height is accurate. My cousin who is currently visiting me had back stage passes for one of Clarkson's concerts at the Tower Theater near Philly. She met Clarkson and said that she was about the same size as her. My cousin is 5'4'', so it would make sense for her to be around the same height as Clarkson. Leave the 5'3.5'', Rob, it's right.
Anonymous said on 17/May/05
I'd say 5'2 3/4"....she's short. Don't let the high heels fool ya
CelebHeights Editor said on 6/Feb/05
Since she said she was 5ft 3.5 herself, it does look about right ;)

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