How tall was Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington's Height

5ft 10in (177.8 cm)

American Singer and musician, remembered as the vocalist of Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots and Dead by Sunrise.

How tall is Chester Bennington
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Average Guess (28 Votes)
5ft 9.95in (177.7cm)
Yes said on 5/Oct/17
He is no less than 6'2 without shoes.
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 31/Aug/17
He would easily be taller than me.

Average guess is probably close to the truth, the guys a weak 5'10".....
Mark(5'9.5 said on 31/Aug/17
He would easily be taller than me.
Chris said on 25/Aug/17
A lanky 178cm, he could some times look like he could pass for 6ft. I think Chester was 178cm, and mike is 181cm.
Tyson said on 31/Jul/17
Chester had 1 cm of eyelevel less than the average 5'10 guy, Shinoda I feel he is 2 cm taller with 180 cm
Slim 182 cm said on 26/Jul/17
177 cm.
Warren said on 25/Jul/17
@Michael Jackson
We wish he could be, R.I.P Chester Bennington
Jani said on 25/Jul/17
I remember seeing Linkin Park live in 2009 and on stage Chester looked around 180cm-ish but could be a little boost from the shoes too. I think it's definitely believable that he was around 178cm or so. Sad that he's gone.
Michael Jackson said on 24/Jul/17
R.I.P Chester, we bring u in a heaven by our wishes including ur friend
Fisticuffs said on 24/Jul/17
Mike Shinoda looks 4, possibly 5 inches taller (if you take into account for the lean and footwear) than Fall Out Boy, member Pete Wentz, who is probably more 5'5.5" range.

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I'm going with 179 cm range for Mike.
K K said on 24/Jul/17
I wasn't a big fan of Linkin Park, but I like a couple of their songs. He looked quite short in the video for Numb, as he's angling upwards slightly towards the mic, but I guess that's due to the position of the mic as well. 5 10 sounds about what I thought. Rip to Chester and my deepest sympathies to his family and friends. x
Chris said on 23/Jul/17
Mike shinoda looks 181cm, Chester Looks 178cm.
Chris said on 23/Jul/17
178cm, his lanky frame makes him look taller sonetimes. R.I.P LEGEND!
Bobby said on 23/Jul/17
So powerful voice. Rest in peace, Chester
Fisticuffs said on 22/Jul/17
I heard Mike claimed 5'10". If so then maybe Chester was a little under this. R.I.P
Tyson said on 22/Jul/17
@Z Man

Awful comparison photo, Daron isn't over 166 cm
Phil said on 22/Jul/17
Linkin Park is the definition of mainstream.
he was 5 foot 9
Warren said on 22/Jul/17
His good friend Chris Cornell lost in may that's why he did... and that was his birthday
Z Man said on 22/Jul/17
He's got to have been around 5'7 - 5'8 look at him with confirmed 5'7 Daron Malakian

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Rest Easy Chester...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jul/17
I guessed 5ft7!

Definitely not a coincidence that his death occurs on the same day as close friend Chris Cornells birthday
Warren said on 22/Jul/17
Can't quite believin' WHY? JUST WHY?
Hans Meiser said on 21/Jul/17
I know some LP fans. This is horrible for them.
Nik said on 21/Jul/17
Rest in peace.
Ier said on 21/Jul/17
Rest in piece my friend :'(
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/17
I'm going to have to join Arch with his sentiments, only perhaps more so.
I see a young face and then read, horrified, that he is no longer with us. How heartbreaking to lose another young talent, whether you are familiar with his work or not.
I was not, but I still send his family, friends and fans my warmest condolences, and heartfelt sympathy.

Terribly sad.

RIP young Chester xxx
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jul/17
RIP, but I'm not going to join the bandwagon and say what an incredible fan I was and how talented I thought he was as the honest truth is that I wasn't and didn't think he was talented in the way that Cornell was. Sad all the same. He's a lot taller than I thought though, maybe his small frame and head I was thinking nearer 5 ft 6 or 7.
Johnny said on 21/Jul/17
RIP, one of my favorite singers...I become so numb!
Mark(5'9.5") said on 21/Jul/17
Damn it. He was really cool; Chester will certainly be missed.
shiva183cms said on 21/Jul/17
It's very sad, first Chris cornell now Chester bennington
May his soul rest in peace
Quoter86 said on 20/Jul/17
Solid 5'10 guy..
Makoto said on 20/Jul/17
Sad,remember my youth listening Linkin Park...
RIP Chester
aknawkneemoose said on 20/Jul/17
right after chris cornell. sucks man
jb1987 said on 20/Jul/17
Rest in Peace
Visitor said on 20/Jul/17
RIP Chester Bennington
oldfan said on 20/Jul/17
Wow rest in peace.
Paul said on 20/Jul/17
Rest in peace. Insane news.
Johnny said on 30/Mar/17
He looks nearly an inch taller than Jared Leto who falls into the solid 5ft 9 zone himself. 5ft 10 is a good guess.
Ultimate said on 3/Mar/17
I thought when I was a kid he is like 167 cm
Chase Witherspoon said on 27/Feb/17
BIG fan but yeah, I dunno about this one, he's lean though I can't see 178 I'm thinking 176 max solid 5'9"..
Paleman said on 5/Nov/16
Mike and Chester seem to stand at pretty much the same height when looking at pictures. Mike does edge out Chester, so for Mike 5'11" seems a good shout and 5'10" for Chester.
Marshmallow said on 5/Jul/16
He can push towards 1.79m but that's it .
Mat said on 26/Jun/16
Editor Rob: Shinoda can look a bit taller, how much is debatable though.

Like 2 cm or less?
Editor Rob: possibly only half an inch
Steve said on 11/May/16
I'd say this is accurate I saw him in Vegas a year ago next to Mike Shinoda and they looked about the same height. I'm 5'9 1/2" and Mike Shinoda was the same height as me so he's more like 5'10" than 5'11". And Chester is about that same as him so this seems accurate. As For Moke if downgrade him to 5'10"
Mat said on 9/May/16
Rob, I can't make up my mind if Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park is taller than him. On imdb he is listed as 5'11, and in photos they look close, but usually Mike stands a bit closer to the camera. Can you help? Who do you think is taller?

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Editor Rob: Shinoda can look a bit taller, how much is debatable though.
Dame said on 12/Feb/16
Chester used to 6 foot and a bit when he was 20. Now 5'10 half
vilgotaan said on 9/Nov/15
Strong 5'10".
james said on 14/Oct/15
this guy always looked a solid 5'10, he does have lanky posture but never looks short and sometimes looks 5'11 or even 6ft due to his skinny frame, i think 178cm is spot on. Rob how tall do think Mike Shinoda is? he used to be listed 183cm everywhere until recently he's been dropped to 180cm, how tall do you estimate his height? my guess is 182cm.
Nate-Dogg B.o.B. Swagg! said on 22/Aug/15
I think that Chester Burnnington in the rock-band of Linkin Park is actually 6'01" for his height.
Ramzes said on 14/Jun/14
Judging by this video he is somewhere 176-177 cm
brain said on 9/Jan/14
If you pause at 1:33 there he is next to 6'2 chris cornell.
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Jack said on 28/Oct/13
He was roughly an inch taller than Jason Statham in Crank 2. 5'10" is a good shout yeah.
Gaza2121 said on 16/May/13
He's looks about 5"9' to me. Im going to go with 176 cm.
Nikhil said on 24/Sep/12
Well i dont think if he is even 5"10 .look at this image ,its clearly visible that chester is 6-7 inches shorter than JAY Z who is listed 6"1.5 in this website. Click Here his height is 5"7-8.
Kostas said on 29/Oct/11
I gotta say that Mike looks a lot shorter than Carson Daly (who is supposedly 6 ft 1) in this clip:

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Jim said on 12/Aug/11
looks like a 5'10 person and also he is pretty skinny another factor that can make a person look taller , 5'10 is spot on even thought when I first saw him I thought he was like 5'8 lol
Monkey_girl said on 3/Jun/11
I dont know about the heights of the guys but Rob is way taller than the rest of the band, he is more than 180, and looking at pictures you can see that Mike is taller than Chester but Phi is shorten than them and Joe is the shortest.
In orden they migth be Rob, Mike, Brad, Chaz, Phi and Joe
Dave said on 28/May/11
176 cm is closer...
Tonmoy rick said on 11/May/11
Is he really 5ft 10inch ? It's quite unbelieveable to me....
jtm said on 5/May/11
he looks shorter to me.
Pinky said on 4/May/11
1. Mike and Rob are *NOT* the same height, by *ANY* chance.
2.Rob is the tallest, then it's Brad, then Chester/Mike, Joe and Dave in THAT order.
3.Chester is actually taller than Mike by a few inches.
4.Always judge height by looking at people's shoulders.
edward said on 4/May/11
he looks a bit shorter than 5.9 jason statham in crank.... even if his posture isnt great
Kayla said on 4/Feb/11
Okay so I was right up front at there concert, the stage was literally right in front of me i was dead center. Both Mike and Chester came down right in front of me at separte times. When I met Mike he looked about 5'11 and when chester came down he was the same height as my boyfriend who is 5'9 so he is really 5'9
beep said on 2/Feb/11
Mike and Chester are definately not the same hight. i agree with 5-8dude, because Mike is 6' and I know Chester's a few inches shorter
J Dog said on 24/Jan/11
I will be my LIFE that Chester isn't taller than 5'11" for sure, he looks more like 5'10'. I really take issue with Mike being 6', the guys is at least three or four inches shorter than Chester. I just saw them in concert tonight, floor seats maybe 10 rows back. Those guys are a lot shorter than you give them credit for.
yup said on 19/Dec/10
definitely and correctly standing at 5'10 as i watch him walk pass me after one of their concerts....coz i myself am 5'10
5-8dude said on 8/Dec/10
Hmm, by this photo, Chester seems to be the shortest (it doesn't include Phoenix).
So if he's 5' 10", by this picture, the others would be:

Mike: 6'
Joe: 5' 10"
Chester: 5' 10"
Rob: 6'
Brad: 5' 11"
Tilanda said on 30/Oct/10
That was a weird way to put it. Chester Benninington has an amzing voice, and no he doesn't look "average" he seems taller than 5'10, but it doesn't matter because it's not like 5'10 is short.
sanks said on 28/Sep/07
i think hes 5.8
jason bond said on 22/Aug/07
chester is 5ft 10 but he dont looks so i am also 5ft 10 but i look tall but when i see him perform in music videos he look short .i think i got to see him in person to really compare me and him cuz we r the same height ,and apart from this our birthday is on the same
glenn said on 5/Aug/07
what photos? i only have shinoda.i mightve scanned it to rob recently.
nnelg said on 4/Aug/07
glenn, what's with those photos u promised us? :]
BetweenLines said on 19/May/07
glenn says on 9/Mar/07
(...)thanks for your patience!

No problem glenn, we've waited almost a year so far, we can wait another one :]
HellBoundPower said on 6/May/07
You should post Mike Shinoda on here. I've seen 5'11" on some sites, and 6'0" on others.
HellBoundPower said on 7/Apr/07
From what I've read, Chester is 5'10", and Mike is 5'11". There's about an inch difference between the two, and Mike is pretty tall, so I'd say 5'10" is about right.
glenn said on 9/Mar/07
i get caught up so much in submitting new pics,i forget the old ones.there should be a time in the coming weeks where ill catch up on those.thanks for your patience!
Mell said on 8/Mar/07
"Glenn says on 3/Apr/06
Mike is coming.Chester is 5-8."

Where is this photo Glenn? :]
Nina said on 30/Jan/07
I met Mike at a Fort Minor meet & greet in 2005 and he really wasn't that tall. I guess(ed) that he's about 5'10/11 or 6'0. I do believe that Chaz is about 5'9/10. I love LP :]
MD said on 6/Jul/06
I meant "can't" lol
MD said on 5/Jul/06
You can take fan girls/boys seriously. lol
Linkin Park Luver said on 2/Jul/06
I talked to the band on LPunderground chat and Chester said he was 5'10 and a half you idiots
A-Chan said on 27/Apr/06
Chester is 5'10" or so but if you see him in person, he seems really small for some reason. Like, not short, just a little guy.
lol said on 17/Apr/06
chester is about 5-8 to 5-9...
MD said on 3/Apr/06
Thanks, Glenn. I was stunned to see people putting Mike over 6'. That's just ridiculous.
Glenn said on 3/Apr/06
Mike is coming.Chester is 5-8.
cool said on 1/Apr/06
i bumped into him at projekt revolution last 2 years, back then i was 5'5", we were both wearing the exact same shoes and he was a head taller than me, so hes 5'10"
Jay said on 1/Apr/06
i can tell Chester is 5'10" and Mike is 6'2"
Justin said on 22/Mar/06
Mike is 5'11' and Chester is 5'9"
tedoe 46 said on 28/Jan/06
mike is 6'0 i should know i see pictures and read his bio a lot, chester isnt taller than mike ever im taller tahn chester if hes 5'9. he looks 5'10 and im 5'11
LP gal said on 4/Jan/06
chester is 5'10 and mike is 6'0 i read it on every site.
anees said on 1/Nov/05
but i think mike is about 5'8" i think so
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/05
mike shinoda is 5'11 and chester is shorter than mike so i say that 5'9 is a pretty good guess for chester
MIKE JONES said on 16/Jun/05
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/05
the guitarist is about 6'2, and chester doesnt look too small next to him. So i'm guessing he's 5'8-9
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/05
5'10? are you damn serious..Chester's is barely taller than Mike Shinoda who is 5'6. He is around 5'5 -5'7

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