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6ft 0.51in (184.2cm)
Mr Ballong said on 20/May/11
Rihanna is maybe 5'7 (1.70m) to 5'7.75 (1.72+m), and based on her standing next to Chris, I would say he is probably around 5'10.5 (1.79m) or 5'11 (1.80m)..everytime Chris stands next a genuine 6'1 he is DWARFED, no way he is 6+...
j said on 19/May/11
no way is he under 6 foot... lets be realistic... hes not mage tall, but hes far from short
6footall said on 19/May/11
i remembered i met Chris Brown once when he was promoting his Exclusive album during a press.....n when he walked pass me i swear to God he was at least an inch taller than me....btw, im 6 foot tall on the dot n trust me im very sure of my height coz i actually measure myself like i duno frequently, just to c whether i grew.....nyway i'd say he is 6'1
Sam said on 6/May/11
That picture with Jay Z is bunk for height comparison, Chris Brown looks much closer to the camera.
J said on 6/May/11
@Keith Shannon Brown is 6'1 without shoes. In the NBA they add inches to your height. No one in the NBA is listed at their actual height. Look up the draft measurements for each draft. Shannon Brown is 6'1 and Chris looks 5'11.5 to 6'0 max standing next to him.
MD said on 6/May/11

In shoes, Shannon Brown was measured at 6'3", IN SHOES, and I'm not even completely sure about that.
Keith said on 4/May/11
Shannon Brown is not 6'1 he is 6'4

this is a picture of the 6'2 jay z and chris brown sp how is he 5'11

Click Here

and heres jay z and rihannah

Click Here

so either chris is 6'2 or jay z isnt.
Eben said on 29/Apr/11
but he looks a lot taller in the video "Look at me now", when he stands next to lil wayne.
Cj said on 24/Apr/11
Dealt to him at the casino today. Im 5"11 and he towered over me. More than a head taller. 6"3 barefoot minimum.
A star said on 11/Apr/11
milky says on 6/apr/11
if you havent noticed tinie tempah often wears very thick trainers that will give him about 2" in height, and is still never taller than 5"11 chipmunk.look at chipmunk on stage next to 5"10.5 p diddy he is clearly an inch taller than him, and i think you need your eyes tested because in the champion video 183cm chris brown never towers chipmunk, they are nearlly the same height.
Milky said on 6/Apr/11
Whoever said Chipmunk is 5'11" needs their eyes testing. Chipmunk is shorter than 5'8" Tiny Temper. And in the "Champion" video a 180cm max Chris Brown towers Chipmunk.
p said on 5/Apr/11
in the get back up video, he is a couple inches taller than TI who is listed as 5'7'' 5'8'' so he is around 5'10''
J said on 2/Apr/11
@Viper Shannon Brown is 6'1 without shoes and he was definitely taller than Chris. So was John Wall. John Wall is 6'2.75 without shoes.
Viper said on 30/Mar/11
Id love to see a 6-2 measured athlete own him in height.
BelloNYC said on 30/Mar/11
I saw Chris Brown 2 times at few fashion parties in NY. He is really tall.
Definitely 6'2.
luc said on 29/Mar/11
guys never stopped to the phisical therapy and exercise,and stretching a lot,and play basketball or volleyball,you will still growing...never give up!
fresher than fresh said on 28/Mar/11
i read on something else he was 6'3 he is 21 some guys stop growing at 21 im 6'2 he looks my height
J said on 25/Mar/11
@Ginger She is 5'8. Possibly 5'7.5
5'10 guy'n growing said on 25/Mar/11
Just seen a new video of him dancing with blond hair this guy is tall he may be 6'1 Maybe an upgrade for '11
Kirsty said on 24/Mar/11
Same height as 5'10 Jordin Sparks in No Air video
Ginger said on 23/Mar/11
D thang, Rihanna is NOT 5'11" she is 5'9".
A star said on 4/Mar/11
(Jack hastings) chipmunk is not 5"7 he is 5"11
Jack Hastings said on 18/Feb/11
next to a 5'7 Chipmunk, Chris Brown looks 5'10-5'11 MAX!
J said on 18/Feb/11
@NeonRedd how can you believe he is 6'2? Idris elba is 6'2 and chris was at his eye level. Fabolous says he is 5'11 and him and chris are the same height. On 106 and park he doesn't dwarf terrence. Terrence says he is 5'10 with shoes on and chris is no more than a 2 inches taller. If he was 6'2 he would dwarf Terrence. Also Shannon brown is only 6'1 and he is 1 and half inches taller than chris. Sorry he is only 5'11 , 6ft max.
d thang said on 18/Feb/11
at most 6'2 at least 5'11 but rihanna is 5'11 and hge is a lil taller than her aka without hills
NeonRedd said on 17/Feb/11
The idiots referring way back to Stomp The Yard are dumb. Chris was only 17 or 18 when that came out, males don't stop growing until they're 21. Last time i checked He said he was 6 foot 2 and he should know.
Lee said on 14/Feb/11
If you watch the yesterday video with diddy you can see he is visibly a lot taller than diddy. You have to think of his height 2010 to present not back in 07 when stomp the yard came out
Viper said on 6/Feb/11
Agree that hes 5-11 at most. I think he could be even as low as 5-10.5
CC said on 6/Feb/11
OMG you idiots , Chris borwn is 5'11 MAX . Watch stomp the yard hes only about 2inchs taller than 1'73Columbus Short Seriously hes not tall its only because hes skinny and slim with wide shoulders aiite (:
justmyopinion said on 13/Jan/11
you guys have to remember that he slouches a lot, so i would agree with him being 6ft when he slouches. But when he stands properly i don't know.
J said on 2/Jan/11
@ Omega There is no way he is that tall. Chris was on 106 n Park with Idris Elba and his head was at Idris eye level. Idris said he is 6'2-6'3 so how can Chris be that tall? Imo I think he is 5'11.5-6 ft even. Chris Paul is 5'11.75 and he is taller than Chris Brown.
Omega said on 2/Jan/11
He's between 6'2 and 6'3...I'm 6'5 and see him regularly, i only have him by 2...3 inches at most
Amarie Jones said on 1/Jan/11
"Durae says on 29/Dec/10
He's actually 6'2" he said it in an interview on youtube."

Well, if he said it, it must be true. Celebrities NEVER lie.
Durae said on 29/Dec/10
He's actually 6'2" he said it in an interview on youtube.
MD said on 26/Dec/10
With Fabolous:


Click Here

Why did you raise Fab's height to 6'0" from 5'11"? What proof did you see that convinced to make such a large upgrade?

[Editor Rob: looked at him last year and thought, this guy could indeed have been taller than the 5ft 11 claim!]
J said on 25/Dec/10
@chris. He said he was 6'2 but Fabolous says he is 5'11 and they are the same height. Like you said why would he lie about his height.
chris said on 24/Dec/10
he's actually came out & SAID he was 6'2 in an interview...when he turned 21. so why would people be arguing about his height when he said how tall he is. i think HE would know better than ya'll how tall he is.
ikmj said on 14/Dec/10
i have a cousin who is 6.0 n he kinda looks taller than u breezy but any way i didn't know that u are that tall congrats,n on ma side i'm about a little taller than bierber
J said on 9/Dec/10
He looks 5'11.5 to 6 ft max. The picture wit Fab leads me to believe that. They are the same height. Since Fab says he is 5'11 that would make Chris the same height.
Viper said on 8/Dec/10
Well guess what, hes under 6-0

Anonymous said on 7/Dec/10
6'0 seems about right, if you google his pics, theres ones with 5'10 diddy and 5'10 tyrese and he doesnt look too much taller than them
fj said on 26/Nov/10
@jane zac efron is known to put insoles in his shoes cos his short. you can compare chris to him
Boom said on 6/Nov/10
S, I definitely agree, this guy is 6 ft minimum.
MD said on 25/Jun/09
Here he is with 6'4" Dwyane Wade:

Click Here

6'0"?! Really?
ADB said on 24/Jun/09
Oh by the way, I was wearing open toe sandals "for work", and he was wearing tennis shoes.
ADB said on 24/Jun/09
Lol. He is not taller than 5'11. I worked at Abercrombie at The Grove. I rang him up, he had Riannha with him. I said to him "Damn man, I thought you were like 6'3, you look tall as hell on TV". He smiled and was like "nah man". By the way, I'm 5'7. He is no more than 4 inches taller than me. Tops.
OutBenchThis said on 23/Jun/09
I don't think he looks any taller than 5'11". Maybe a Gyllenhaal 5"11" (i.e. 181-182cm but 6'-6'1" doesn't appear plausible.
DPC said on 19/Jun/09
U gotta b kiddin 6'0"...Look here...
Click Here
Ok 5'11.75" JT is already lookin taller then CB,when i'm almoust sure that cb is wearin some shoes with 1.5 inch or 2 while JT is always wearin' smth on thin sole...
BUT COME ON !!!! Luda is 5 ft 7.75 inch alright...5'9" with af1 5'9.5" at its best...And they're the same height !!!
Tory305 said on 4/Jun/09
the boy is obviously 6'2 or 6'3 you see he was the tallest on "This Christmas" he was even taller than Idris Ilba and he's a pretty tall guy.
KARL said on 28/May/09
6'0 at best probably, he might be 184 cm which is like 6'0 1/2, I doubt he is as tall as what he makes out, he may be with the boots he probably wears, The sexy ciara is what 5'8, and the hot rihanna is like 5'7.
james said on 18/May/09
6'2 is crap, 6'0 maybe, this guy is full of it, he aint that tall imo ,I am 18 and 6'1 and I bet I'm taller than him
sdf said on 29/Apr/09
chuck nowhere close to 6 foot 2?
that's 2 inches lol that's pretty close
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/09
only slightly shorter than jay-z, but with a major jean, look at the pic:
Click Here
ChucktheSchmuck said on 4/Apr/09
He has the proportions of a 6' guy. He looks no where close to 6'2", that's for sure.
Jacob said on 30/Mar/09
OK im going to end this, for those of you who think chris brown saying as crazy things as 5'9 and 5'11 take a look at this pic Click Here
6'1 at minimum
AlexisB said on 26/Feb/09
I saw Chris Brown on the Tyra show and he looked the same height as Tyra when she was on hills. So I definitely say that he is about 6'0 -6'1.
J.J. said on 20/Feb/09
Wearing shoes adds an inch so in shoes 6'1" is what you see. So I'd guess the police man was prolly 5'9" so 6'2" is what he saw. Rihanna's brother thought he was too short for his sister anyway & Riri's brother is 6'3" - 6'3.5". Chris Brown has always been 6'0" ever since he was 16 yrs.
ice said on 18/Feb/09
Well, if he's beating people's @$$es, I could care less how attractive he is. However, I won't downgrade him over that. He's at least 6'0.
Jamie said on 17/Feb/09
It said on his police report that he is 6'2....I love sexy tall men
Mr. R. said on 16/Feb/09
Well, certainly he has lost a lot of stature due to the incident last week.
nate said on 15/Feb/09
Ive stood pretty close to him and im 6 feet 2 inches tall.
Theres no way!! hes about 5 foot 9
its just like ashton kucher is 6 foot 6....yeah rite!
sarah said on 14/Feb/09
People seem to have forgotten that 2 years ago chris brown was only 17! Of course he's probably grown since then and so it isn't shocking that he's now supposedly over 6ft
mclover said on 13/Feb/09
Click Here

damian said on 11/Feb/09
He appearesd on Tyra Banks show... now she is 5'10 and granted her heels might gave her 6'0-6'1... Chris Brown was no where near Tyra's height. He looks like around 5'9
Steve said on 11/Feb/09
He seemed to claim 6'1'' a couple of years ago at 17

Click Here

So I guess you'll have to take a guess at how much difference the last 2 years have made.
glenn said on 10/Feb/09
he is 6-1.or close to it.i saw him plenty.
MD said on 10/Feb/09
Yeah, police reports are usually bogus (i.e. rough estimations). They gave Shia LaBeouf as something like 5'10" and 195 lbs. They also gave Chris 195 lbs, which he is nowhere even close to. lol
Derrick said on 9/Feb/09
I guess we'll have a mugshot soon to find out what his real height is. I say 6ft.
thekiddd said on 9/Feb/09
He claims 6'1". He's could be 6'0 1/2" 6'1" 1/2" with shoes on and the police just said 6'2" since they don't use half inches.
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
Yeah, I was freaked out by that police report that says he is 6'2 since I saw him on Punk'd just two years ago and he looked like he was at the most 5'10. But I have to say, Police reports are just very rough indications of how tall someone is and should be regarded with skepticism.
Blake said on 9/Feb/09
Everyone is baseing their assumptions about Chris's height on old photos he took when he 1st came out when he was 15!!!and allegedly 6'0 tall And im sure everyone knows that teenagers @ that age are still growing and it is very possible that he could have grown 2inches from the time his 1st album dropped....I believe he is 6'2,on a police report on where he's facing alleged battery charges,it says that he is 6'2
John P said on 4/Feb/09
O yea chris you must be so insecure about your tall stature. Come on, give me a break i have actually seen this guy, he is 5-11 tops, i am 6-1 and i was atleast two inches taller then him. This is the type of guy who wishes and actually thinks he is taller then he is. I am willing to bet that this kid is nowhere near 6-2 let alone 6-0.
Big T said on 3/Feb/09
D Smooth, that pic looks old. Chris was certainly shorter at age 16 (when his first album came out) than now.
Dsmooth said on 2/Feb/09
So who get upgraded or downgraded here?

Click Here

They look about the same height once you take in account the angle and C.B's slouch
Jay said on 2/Feb/09
mclover, he definetely looks 6ft in that pic...he cleary looks 3 inches or more above rhianna in that pic
mclover said on 25/Jan/09
look, riri and chris are both barefoot, and chris looks no more than 3 inches taller than rihanna. I do buy 5'8'' for Rihanna, so i think chris is 5'11'' And rihanna's brother is super TALL!!

Click Here
Sambo said on 7/Jan/09
I personally think he is 6' now but how tall was he when he was 16 in the film clip "Run It"
hello said on 29/Dec/08
i think it's supposed to be "Everyone knows famous people are always TALLER than regular people" cause celebs tend to be really tall most of the time at least
anonymous said on 27/Dec/08
He's 6 foot 1 because he was towering over 5 foot 7 ellen. 6 foot 1.
wtf? said on 24/Dec/08
how tall is keri hilson caus' in the music video for superhuman they look about the same height although keri is wearing heels.
Eric said on 22/Dec/08
Yea just seen him @ the mall. He's definitely around 6 ft 6 1' that's how tall I am. And rihanna isn't that much shorter than him at all.
ice said on 21/Dec/08
Okay, Chris is taller than Rihanna even when she wears large heels. How can he be under 6'0? You guys are nuts!
Angel said on 17/Dec/08
"Everyone knows famous people are always shorter than regular people" ==> I have my doubts!!!
seehenz said on 13/Dec/08
first of all stop talking in cm. this is America we us e the English system. and second why are you saying Justin Timberlake is tall, you said 6 feet that's not that tall for a regular person. Everyone knows famous people are always shorter than regular people, I'm 6 foot 3 and I'm just a junior in high school.

[Editor Rob: this site caters for inches and cm. Although the metric system is better, feet/inches for height is still used a lot in Britain, which is a metric country for the most part. It's not fully metric though.]
Jon said on 26/Nov/08
6ft sounds accurate. his slim frame makes it believable for him
Viper said on 25/Nov/08
Brown is 5-11 at most. Justin is 5-11 at most.
X factor said on 25/Nov/08
Brown looks like 5 11 or 6 and Timberlake looks5 11.
glenn said on 18/Nov/08
i appreciate the words markustheswede.but i would want a career with real money in it.nowadays,the money sucks in this business.
Tony said on 18/Nov/08
in that picture with luda chris brown only looks 2 inches taller
Marcustheswede said on 15/Nov/08
Ok.It is so awsome you get to meet all the stars.I know they "just are humans" like all others but..they are still must feel so damn nice have met them and just to say Ive talked to like Brad Pitt..or John is people humans are talking about all over the world...I know its silly in the big picture but..still so damn cool have lived a life meeting so many famous people that means a lot for so many in this world.Although many fans ar f.up but anyway its cool as hell.Youre job must be the greatest.
glenn said on 14/Nov/08
pitt can be a phony,but at least he is sometimes nice.he was never the mid 90s he was tough.really nice a year ago,now a little difficult,damon,wahlberg,clooney and travolta are by far the nicest.
Marcustheswede said on 14/Nov/08
Ok.well geuss he is like Justin and the other Disney cartoon stars..arrogant as you said..thank god there is nice guys like Brad Pitt..real star..(I think I read on the Brad Pitt listing he always was mentioned as a nice guy...what Ive read everywhere also)..well..have a nice day everyone in the US greetings from Sweden
glenn said on 13/Nov/08
he ignored everyone here for a week.
LilLee said on 12/Nov/08
about that tyra comment She is 5'11 and wears 6 inch heels of course she will be taller than him
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
He's 6 foot 1. He doesn't look short.
chris said on 10/Nov/08
wow, how does ludacris look that tall in your pic sam?
glenn said on 9/Nov/08
timberlake is 6ft to 6-1.
Sam said on 8/Nov/08
I don't think Chris is that tall. He looks like he has the same height as Justin Timberlake in this picture:

Click Here
And Justin is only 5'10" to 5'11".
Karmyn said on 6/Nov/08
Im 5'10. When I met him this past summer, I had on 4 in heels and we were looking eye to eye. So I think he's a safe 6'1, and 6'2 with sneakers on.
glenn said on 6/Nov/08
6-1 and needs to lose his arrogance.
Hayley said on 6/Nov/08
Abby that magazine was from months ago; it's possible that he has grown since then.
Annie said on 4/Nov/08
No way is he that tall. 6ft tops, and I highly doubt that.
Abby said on 4/Nov/08
Chris brown even says in a magazine that QUOTE: What's your biggest insecurity? "My height i'm 6'1, so if i got any taller than it would be harder for me to dance.

Jo said on 3/Nov/08
When he was on the tyra banks show, she was in heels and about 3 inches taller than him.
ken said on 25/Oct/08
CB is 6ft1 and still growing,,end of story
glenn said on 24/Oct/08
seemed 6-1 to me.
..... said on 23/Oct/08
6 foot is right
C. said on 23/Oct/08
I think what Rob has him listed here is correct.
Viper said on 23/Oct/08
Hes 5-11 at most. At most. The 6-0 to 6-2 stuff is silly.
Complex said on 23/Oct/08
Where's all this 6'1-6'2 stuff for Brown coming from, he's 6'0 max and really to be honest, in that pic with the game he looks like he's struggling to hit 5'11!! If Brown is 6'2 then how tall would that make the Game, 6'6+ lol! 6'0 maximum for Mr. Brown, always looks 5'11 to me, and sometimes looks as low as in the 5'10 region, but never 6'1 or greater!!!
anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
he's 6 foot 1 at most. He's taller than 5 foot 8 rihanna by 2 inches when she is wearing heels. He was taller than ellen by a good 20cm. Good singer.
Bruce said on 18/Oct/08
I just think chris brown's height should be upgraded to 6'1" or around
6'0.5"(184.15) - 6'0.75"(184.785)
Anna said on 15/Oct/08
He usually looks 5'10 to 5'11 to me but in the Forever video he looked really tall,so 6'0 is a possibility.
Viper said on 7/Oct/08
Game is around 6-2-6-3 really. He was blatantly shorter than Hulk Hogan in many pics. Chris Brown at 6-0 is a myth. Hes 5-10 to maybe 5-11.
Vince said on 6/Oct/08
Chris is so 6 ft 2 no questions asked the guy is taller than pictures project him to be
Bruce said on 6/Sep/08
this picture with the Game he is about 4 inches shorter so I honestly think he is 184cm
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
he like 6'2 but still he tall though. My friend he 6'2 he 15 lol. Im up to his nose im 5'8 14
chris said on 30/Aug/08
I think he's about 188cm (6ft2in)
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
I think picture with Rainn Wilson very clearly proves he's 6'0.
JustJ said on 26/Aug/08
I met Chris in person he is like 6 ' 1 i don know what pics folk seen but pics don tell da truth all the time
Big Boi said on 19/Aug/08
In one of the pictures by anonymous Ludacris is taller than both Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake! Why is this I thought Luda was 5"6?
alfredmcluvian said on 4/Aug/08
oh jeez newspapers always lie!! don't even read what they say... ;p i've once read of elijah wood as 5'10 lol!:P
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/08
Here he is with 6'2 Rainn Wilson: Click Here
Moke said on 3/Aug/08
Oh, I have seen a couple of pictures and now I think he really has to be upgraded. 6ft1-6ft2. catch up on this.
Moke said on 3/Aug/08
So is he still growing or not???By the way:Untill when are men growing normally?
bam said on 30/Jul/08
he looks over 6ft, because he's lean and fit
Skinny said on 26/Jul/08
In France , he has been listed at 6'3" ! So either he's still growing or many people overestimate his height . He does look 6 ft !
BCC said on 23/Jul/08
6'ft his grandma.That guy is no less than 5ft9in
linh9x said on 20/Jul/08
oh! a newspaper in my country says that his height is 193cm!so where is the true?
Brit said on 14/Jul/08
I saw a pic in a magazine where he said his biggest insecurity is his height because he is 6'2" and if he gets any taller it will make it harder for him to dance.
Realme2008 said on 5/Jul/08
Also Jamie just wanted to add Ciara and Rihanna are both 5'8" on this site, which I do believe them to be.
Realme2008 said on 5/Jul/08
kimmy says on 4/Jul/08
wow.thats short im like 9 ft 7 in and my dads all like 4 ft 3in idk we never mesaured each other we probly would if he was taller-- I'm thinking you miss typed the whole 9ft 7 in thing.
Dao said on 4/Jul/08
I saw that yahoo crap of yours, and it was like, funny.duh. 6'9"? com' on!
Viper said on 4/Jul/08
Justin Timberlake is taller than Brown. And hes no taller than 6-0, and could be less. I have no idea why his fanboys think hes a ridiculous 6-1.
kimmy said on 4/Jul/08
wow.thats short im like 9 ft 7 in and my dads all like 4 ft 3in idk we never mesaured each other we probly would if he was taller
Jack said on 3/Jul/08
i was just watching ne-yo on some yahoo crap and he said chris brown was like 6'9. wtf?
Jamie said on 3/Jul/08
I saw Chris is 6'1 because Rihanna is 5-9 and he is still taler than he in hells....Oh yeah and on the BET awards Chris and Ciara performed and she is like 5-9 and she had heels and he still was taller than her
Viper said on 3/Jul/08
Jay Leno was barely taller than Brown as well.
Viper said on 3/Jul/08
Nelly isnt 5-9. Hes 5-8 at the absolute most, and could be just under that.
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/08
Okay maybe Chris isn't 6'1'', But as realme2008 is saying he is a legit 6'0'' as he is listed on this website, 4 inches taller than 5'9'' Nelly Click Here
Viper said on 2/Jul/08
Nice picture. It shows Chris to be 5-11 at the most since hes closer to the camera and still over 2 inches shorter than Will. Plus a 6-1 Chris Brown would equal a 6-2 Justin Timberlake, lol.
Realme2008 said on 2/Jul/08
Actually he's a legit 6 foot. If you are looking at the difference between Will Smith and Chris it's about a inch and a half. Will is listed at 6'1.5", so the difference between them makes sense. 6'1" is too much for him.
C. said on 2/Jul/08
If he's 5'10", he's sure the tallest 5'10" I've ever seen. B/c he's around Tyra's height in her large heels. But none of the pics that have been posted recently are good at judging height. Mike Myers definitely isn't, given that he could have any footwear imaginable (as he usually does). As for Will, both are leaning. But I'm still going with 6'.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/08
5'10'' - 5'11'' LOL, nice joke, he is legit 6'1'' Click Here Click Here are you telling me Will Smith is now 5'10'' LMAO
Viper said on 1/Jul/08
Actually its more 3 inches here and 4 inches in the other photo.Click Here

carl said on 1/Jul/08
i satviper
freedom of speech does not give you a right to insult saying many chris brown fans are on drugs mean you,re not mature enough to handle other peoples opinions,i was very disapointed with your insult.i,m not a chris brown fan and i,m not a chris brown hater either but i think he,s 6,1 cos he just looks it.i say the truth when i see it.
Viper said on 30/Jun/08
Heres your "6-1" Chris Brown looking 3 inches taller than 5-7 Mike Myers, LOL.
Click Here

I didnt know so many Chris Brown fans were on drugs. 6-1 is absolutely ridiculous for him. He looks 5-10-5-11 in the majority of pictures.
Viper said on 30/Jun/08
Hes only 6-1 in lifts.
becky said on 29/Jun/08
He's 6'1. Which is weird cuz he looks smaller on TV lol.
-xDeeniex- said on 29/Jun/08
Yeah...CMB is 6"1
Rockstar Girl said on 26/Jun/08
Chris is 6'1 get it straight
carl said on 24/Jun/08
realme 2008,i agree with you,he,s a 6 footer.his body proportoins is that of a 6 footer.i also agree with viper,he looks 5,11 sometimes.i think it has to do with the fact that he slouches a lot,but at his recent concerts he just seems long and lean especially that one in denmark.viper i know lean people appear taller but he,s not as skinny as it seems .he,s not as skinny as nick cannon.he,s just lean.i wont describe him as thin.i think lean is a better description
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
Chris is probably a weak 6-1
Realme2008 said on 24/Jun/08
Yeah, he obviously isn't 5'9"- 5'10" now people. When you are 5'9" -5'10" you can look stocky and short at times, but when you are taller than this your body looks longer. I can easily tell the difference between a 5'9"-5'10" person and a 6 foot person just by looking at their body. A lot of people can't, but I can. Chris is most likely 6 foot, and looks shorter because he wears sneakers a lot.
Viper said on 23/Jun/08
5-11 might sound weird, but thats the tallest he hits. Just because he looks skinny tallish doesnt make him tall.
carl said on 22/Jun/08
he looks 6,1 to me.5,11 sounds wierd.he looked 6,1 especially at his concerts in 2008 especially in copanhagen,denmark
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
5'10'' is just ridiculous. He looks like he is 6'0.5'' near enough 6'1''. Hear he is next to justin timberlake who is 6'0'' and much closer to the camera and you can see they are the same height Click Here if they were same level chris would have him by an inch
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
He looks 6'0" on trl: Click Here
Viper said on 19/Jun/08
He doesnt look any taller than 5-11 in most pictures. He looked marginally shorter than Jay Leno the last time he was on his show. He has looked 5-10 with 5-8 Kanye West.
Bruce said on 19/Jun/08
lets all go with 6'0.5" for Chris brown because i have met him before & he was pushing 6'1" definately. He has actually always claimed 6'1" & i think because he is actually close to it
Viper said on 17/Jun/08
6-1 Jay Z has at least 2 inches on him. Hes not close to 6-1.
jay said on 15/Jun/08
at least 6'1" for this guy. looks pretty tall actually
C. said on 12/Jun/08
He still looks around 6' to me. 5'10-ish is ridiculous IMO.
Viper said on 7/Jun/08
Also, just because your skinny frame makes you look tallish doesnt mean you're over 6-0.
Viper said on 6/Jun/08
Anything over 5-11 is pretty ridiculous. It was obvious that he had 3.5 to 4 inches max over Mike Myers at the mtv movie awards. And I dont even think he reaches 5-11. 5-10 1/2 Max.
Quanshay said on 2/Jun/08
i like you for who you are. love you baby.
Chris said on 27/May/08
well what is the point of discussing his height when rob doesnt even read the comments??90% of the people who have met him recently say he is 6ft1 but still no change...just pointless everything
Chris said on 25/May/08
Rob he IS now definitely sure to correct that
chris corlis said on 25/May/08
i thought he would be taller cause im only 5 , 4 and 19 and a girl so he is a bit short for his age also i used to lived in tappahannock in virginia
Bruce said on 19/Apr/08
he is definately 6'1" but slouches a lot making him look like 6'0" or 5'11" sometimes.
Walt Daddy said on 18/Apr/08
Christ Brown is slightly taller than Ciara while she stands in 3 inch heels. Ciara is 5'10" so that would appear to make him at least 6'1"...
mike puffzit said on 16/Apr/08
I met him he's 5foot 11 he has an inch on me they always give celebs more height and I stand really straight and I'm 5foot 10 so break yourself =)
brother_h said on 23/Mar/08
your not looking at all the pics dude, in the other 50 is taller. but i do think chris is 6'1 now.
brother_h said on 21/Mar/08
wel rob, if aying that chris lied about where he lived, then he mght lie about other stuff sy his height.

well if you think he is 6'0 then why in some pics he is taler than 50 cent by 3 nches and then shorter than 50 cent by 2 inches? huh? huh?!

i can tell height very easy, just watch cribs 50 cent edition, before he cgrabs his kanye teddy bear he shows a picture of him with JT and 50 cent is taller by 1 or 2 inches since they were both angled.

and chris is taller than JT by 2 inches in some pics. so 5'10-5'11 for JT and 6'0 or 6'1 for CB now.
Big T said on 20/Mar/08
Click Here

6 foot Chris and 6 foot 50 cent??? hmmmm.....

Chris is looking particularly gangly of late, I think he gives the impression of being taller than he is because he is so long-limbed and seems to have an unusually small head. However, I think he is 6'1".
C. said on 20/Mar/08
I'm glad Rob deleted the comment, else there would have been a war on this page (particularly with my last comment), especially with your highly biased nonsense.

For the last time, Timberlake isn't 5'10". Obviously you can't tell height at all, because Glenn, at 5'8" is standing right by him and he looks 6' with his awkward posture. Then there's Chris Brown that still appears to be at least 6' consistently. It was particularly evident at the Grammys. If you can't set aside your biases against someone you don't care for, you're shouldn't been on these pages. Height is the KEY here. The CORRECT height-- not some random downgrade just because you don't like the individual. It's ridiculous.
brother_h said on 20/Mar/08
hmm you deleted my week long comment rob. how sad.

well every person i chatted to on a thread on chris browns sites all say he is lying. and that chris actually grew up rich and he lied.

reckon hes lying about his height too? well if justin timberlake is 5'10 or 5'11 like i say then that would definatly make chris 6'1 or 6'0.

[Editor Rob: I don't care about how this guy grew up, this is height related. As soon as you start talking about other aspects then folk submit responses and we go too off topic.]
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/08
Around 6 ft 0 - 6 ft 2 now AT LEAST.. though he is still a young kid his body proportions look spot on at the 6 feet mark
C. said on 8/Mar/08
Chris Brown was never rich growing up, I don't know where you got that from. He's rich NOW, but not growing up. I'm also assuming you know nothing about Tappahannock where he was raised. There's a lot of crime there for a small town, and given it's demographics, it's very possible that he was raised in the ghetto section of town and had to escape influence of gangs. He's also said to be a victim of domestic violence. I have no idea where you came up with him growing up rich and riding in a BMW, especially since it's claimed by his "friends" (I've never heard about it) who are most likely fake. I'd never believe someone on the internet who'd claim to be a friend of a very famous celebrity, especially when their claims make little or no sense.
brother_h said on 5/Mar/08
umm actually chris has lied about his life style. how he says he grew up in the ghetto and escaped the gangs and struggled. thats a lie. his friends have said that he actually grew up rich and always rides in a bmw.
so if he says 6'1 or 7'1 then its obvous he is a hella lot shorter than that.

and bow wow is 5'3, everyone towers him.
Kesha said on 5/Mar/08
Im chris brown number 1fan and it will be my frist time meeting him in person and i went to go see him in concert an i had so much fun. But didnt get to meet chris brown at all :-(please make my wish come true. Love kachina.
Rodrigo said on 4/Mar/08
Naw I saw tha C.B was 6'2 as a now
anonymousone said on 28/Feb/08
chirs brown is a pretty down to earth person, i doubt that he would ly about his height, like hollywood actors, he does look 6 ft 1".

But anyway, here a video of lil bow wow omarion and chris just hanging with each other: Click Here

Lol chris is towerin over them.
pc said on 27/Feb/08
i meet lil mama at six flags and she is as tall as my pec, im 6'2, which would make her about 5'3 5'4 and in tht music video that she had with chris brown he is clearly a few inches taller than her, my guess is that he is 5'10
andy92 said on 21/Feb/08
Big T 50 is 6ft not 5 9 i met him nd hes was bout an inch taller than me im 5 11
paxx said on 14/Feb/08
i have a piece from a magazine where chris tells that he's 6'1"
end of story!
Big T said on 11/Feb/08
If Chris Brown is 5'10" as Viper says, then Akon is about 5'8", Kanye West is about 5'6", 50 Cent might be 5'9", Wyclef is probably 5'8.5", T Pain might be 5'4". Umm, no. Just no.
Big T said on 11/Feb/08
ok, a golden celebheights moment at the Grammys- Akon, Chris Brown, and Kanye West all up onstage together, hugging and standing still together and what not. And you know what, I think celebheights has it dead right! Chris Brown is 6', Akon 5'10", and Kanye 5'8"!
varneshia said on 10/Feb/08
hey,chris brown i really want to meet u in human i love all of your song and i was want u to meet me in human im just10 buut i would love tooo meet u in human
and im 7'2-31 in heels oh and can u come too my party
brother_h said on 4/Feb/08
yup yup we need another downgrade here
mon said on 23/Jan/08
tyra is like 6'1-6'2 in heels.. she was still noticeably taller than him in dat episode, i think 5'11.5 is right
brother_h said on 22/Jan/08
found it
shes wearing 4 inch heels. not quite on her toes but close, and she is still taller than chris.
hes gotta be 5'11.
o said on 20/Jan/08
just saw him in concert and we we're sooo close. seriously he sweat on me..just kidding but yeah i saw him in concert and my friend and i were close and he is definitely at least 6'1"
brother_h said on 17/Jan/08
dammit lol i was looking at the wrong vid agen.

soz but my comp is going crappy coz of my ISP. 100 bux a month for highspeed and all im getting is 7kb/s instead of the promised 64kb/s

ill get back to u on this. for now, CB is 6'1.
C. said on 16/Jan/08
She had 4"-4 1/2" inch heels on. Not 3". Those were not ordinary dress shoes she was wearing by any means.
brother_h said on 15/Jan/08
saw the vid. not 5 inch heels. she wasnt on her toes like 5 inches do.

those were 3 inches agen. and she was still taller than chris by an inch.

5'11 for chris
ashaunna said on 11/Jan/08
chris you are a very speical person i like what you do
diana said on 10/Jan/08
hayley get over it
so what if you're taller than a guy
you're not exactly a short girl
you can't expect to make sure you only date guys who are taller than you.......
it's not a crime when the girl is taller...why are people still like this
besides i think chris brown is really 6'0 looking at him on tyra banks
C. said on 10/Jan/08
That's not recent. That's over a year old. And yes, those heels were shorter.
nate said on 10/Jan/08
didnt u have him as 5'11 or is that my imagination?

[Editor Rob: he was 5ft 11.5 yes.]
brother_h said on 9/Jan/08
i know 5 inches aswell. she should be on her toes if she wore 5 inches.

and the one i watched was when chris starts dancing for her, then she joins in. if they were 5 inches she wouldnt be able to move like that.
and she was taller than chris.
C. said on 9/Jan/08
So 4" - 4 1/2" heels. Not quite 5", but close.
C. said on 9/Jan/08
And Tyra usually doesn't wear heels under 4", which is why many people find her to be 6'+ when she isn't.
C. said on 9/Jan/08
Those are not 3 inch heels. I know 5 inch heels when I see them. If they were 6 or 7 inch heels she would be on her toes do to the very high arch.

And she was not taller by any two inches. He's been on the Tyra show more than once. Maybe the one you're watching isn't recent.
cbgirl said on 9/Jan/08
he is freakin 6'1 1/2 he grew son
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
watched the thing u were talkin bout C.
thsoe were 3 inch heels, if they were 5 inch then she would be on her toes. and she was taller by 2 inches dude.
how tall is she? 5'11 or 6'0?
C. said on 8/Jan/08
I just saw him on Tyra, and as I expected, she was wearing huge five inch heels. And he is taller than her when he isn't slouching, so this site's estimate is pretty spot on.
Viper said on 6/Jan/08
Ive always thought he was around 5-10.
brother_h said on 5/Jan/08
viper, u are the one trying to say he's 6'1 and now ur taking it back.

all famous people take their heights to far. and then a real person embarass's them and they go home and cry.
CB is 5'11
Viper said on 5/Jan/08
Hes out of his mind with the 6-1-6-2 claim.
hey said on 4/Jan/08
he said he is how about 6'1 - 6'2
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/08
i still dont see it big t. i see 3 iches. and bow wow is 5'3. on tokyo drift he is towered by 5'7 actor who ever the hell that texan guy is.
i know he is 5'7 coz when he meets the yakooza, and that asian guy takes his bag to the leader. that scene, remember that actor who took his bag. he is a famous martial arts actor, standing 5'9.
C. said on 2/Jan/08
@ It Matters?: I hope you know Tyra wears heels (sometimes large ones) all the time. Although I'm sure she's at least 5'10", she may also be slightly over given that in ANTM cycle 9 many of the models who claimed 6' weren't that much taller than her. She could very well be 5'11", and she's stated that herself before.

And if it didn't matter, why are you on this site? This IS a celebrity height site.
Big T said on 2/Jan/08
I decided to look at the "Kiss Kiss" vid again... brother_h, I don't get where you get 3" from. T-Pain is lucky if he comes up to Chris Brown's nose. Look at 3:14-3:15 in this video, when Chris actually steps forward so that he is alongside T-Pain...he absolutely towers him Click Here
Big T said on 2/Jan/08
In the "shortie like mine" video Chris Brown is so much taller than supposedly 5'5" Bow Wow it's dififcult to estimate. At least 7 inches.
It Matters? said on 31/Dec/07
I don't see why you ask, but he was on Tyra Banks' show, and she's 5'10. So, when he was standing next to her, she was a little bit shorter, not even an inch though. So I'd say around 5'9, almost 5'10.
Viper said on 31/Dec/07
Leno consistently looks to be around 5-10 on his show
C. said on 31/Dec/07
To be honest, I don't get why people feel that Leno is an accurate marker in height when he also has his inconsistencies vs. what you see on this site. Some say he's only 5'9" as they've seen him in person, and some 5'11". Just because he's a television personality, does that excuse him from not wearing lifts? I think not. He's still somewhat of a celebrity himself.
brother_h said on 31/Dec/07
isnt jay leno 5'11. and we dont get that show here since no one here likes talk shows from america. so we never seen that show.
isnt kanye 5'9 or 5'8.5? 3 inches below 50 cent. i used to believe those two were 5'7 and 5'10 but thanks to rob, i have seen the light....oh and glenn, u have some part in it aswell. jks jks lol
Viper said on 31/Dec/07
Come on guys. Chris Brown was shorter than Jay Leno for lord sakes. I dont think Leno is any taller than 5-10 either. The most, most you could give Chris Brown is 5-10 1/2, and that might be too much. Chris has also looked 2 inches at most taller than 5-8 Kany West.
brother_h said on 30/Dec/07
6 inches? wtf are u talkin about its 3 inches and its easy to see it too.
if he was 6 inches though then that would make CB 6'1. but CB doesnt even have a half a head over t-pain.
C. said on 30/Dec/07
@ Big T: I also see that CB has more than 3" on T-Pain. The "Kiss Kiss" video always has T-Pain in the front by several feet so he looks taller. After all, shorter/avg. rappers always want to appear taller in front of the camera so they won't look as diminutive, especially when they have to 'man up' to taller rappers like that of Snoop or The Game, etc.

But in all honesty, I think the 6'8" poster said it all-- I think he can tell if a guy is that much shorter than him. After all, he saw him in person. On camera vs. in person is a totally different thing all together.
Big T said on 30/Dec/07
You got me baffled here brother_h, cos to me CB looks about 6 inches taller than T-Pain. Good to see Rob has boosted CB from 182cm to 183cm!
brother_h said on 30/Dec/07
well im trained in ballroom, capoiera, krump, break, and irish tap. and if the haka and other war dances count, then i know 92 dance's.
and ok i guess that was insulting so im sorry for that, but we didnt need a height chart down here, but we did have an age chart, does that count as a height chart?
we had 9 teachers, they were two 16 year olds, an 18yo, 23, three 24yo's, a 34yo, 40yo and 49. and they all taught us by the moves we wanted to study. they were all street performers and stage performers.

t-pain is obviously 5'8. hes shorter than kanye west, barley the same height as mike jones(5'7) and alot shorter than nick cannon(5'9-5'10 i think). so 5'8 for t-pain and 5'11 or 6'0 for CB.
C. said on 27/Dec/07
Do you even read the comments you've posted? "Just proves how useless your [American] dancers are"? If that isn't insulting, I don't know what is. Are you an expert on other forms of dance? I think not.

And how the heck am I losing? This isn't some game. It's a site to measure a celebs height accurately. You're the one saying he's around T-Pain's height which would pen him at 5-8" - 5'9" or so. NOT 5'11" or 6' for that matter. Your posts, if anything are conflicting as well as contradictory.
brother_h said on 26/Dec/07
i posted something here before but it looks like it isnt here yet or someone doesnt want me posting anymore.
i think i said "ur just pissy coz ur losing. i agree chris would be 6'0 or 5'11. but nothing wrong with either heights. and wat i say about dancing is true. i was taught without a height chart and if u cant do a move then perfect it."

i think thats wat i said.
C. said on 25/Dec/07
I'm not going to bother reasoning with you anymore. Because obviously you haven't read anything that I have said, not to mention your insulting remarks.

Apparently Chris is what this site states he is at the moment, and I'm going to leave it at that.
brother_h said on 25/Dec/07
He is not a head over t-pain. have you seen the 2 of them on sum mtv show. damn i think it was some award show again or video award. t-pain was nearly as tall as chris.

well we dont have cut off heights here. if ur tall and try a dragonrana(spelling), tuck your legs in.

they only hav cutoff heights in the states coz they cant be bothered teaching a tall guy how to flip. if he has long legs he shouldnt jump, if he has long arms he shouldnt krump and if hes to short then he is only good enough to flip,DDjump , dragon whip. do all the circus stuff.

just proves how useless your dancers are.
C. said on 24/Dec/07
Again, he didn't say all. He said certain. And if height didn't effect dancing, why is it that some dance categories/genres have cutoff heights? Sometimes height is a factor, sometimes it isn't.

In the "Kiss Kiss" music video, T-Pain is two or three feet in front of the camera when he looks taller. When they are closer side by side in very short segments, Chris is around a head over T-Pain's height.
brother_h said on 24/Dec/07
Actually height doesnt affect dance moves. i think what he would mean is room, some moves need alot of space and if hes like me having long arms then he would have that trouble, but other than that, not all dance moves are affected by height. if you do grow abit more then perfect your moves.

and t-pain is 5'8, slightly shorter than CB on that kiss kiss vid.
C. said on 23/Dec/07
Well, apparently he's reached 5'11" as this site lists him as 6'.
Viper said on 23/Dec/07
LOL at Chris Brown being 6-1-6-2. Hes lucky If he even reaches 5-11.
C. said on 23/Dec/07
@ brother_h : Height does effect some dance moves. Not all, but he didn't say that. He said that the taller you are the harder it is to do CERTAIN dance moves. Some of the shorter R&B/Hip-Hop celebs also happen some of the best dancers. Usher and Omarion are prime examples. Not to say taller ones are not just as good, as Chris himself is a good dancer. But some moves can be awkward. I'm a dancer myself (jazz, hip-hop, modern) and I also happen to be tall, and sometimes it IS harder. The same can also go for those whom are really, really short.

I personally believe someone who's seen him in person vs. someone who has just seen photos or television clips. I don't believe he's 6'2" though. He looks closer to 6'1". And again, T-Pain looks significantly shorter than CB-- and definitely more than a mere 3".
brother_h said on 23/Dec/07
Anonymous im not about to diss u but im going to diss chris's words ok.

That is the dumbest thing i have ever heard u dumb ****. Batista is like 6'2-6'3 and he can break dance, alot harder than taking off your hat and putting it back on(among other stuff).
Height doesnt affect all dance moves, if hes getting taller and cant do some of his moves then it means he sucks. im 6'1 and i never had any problems with my dances and martial arts while i grow up, im still 16 btw.
and if he IS 6'2 then JT would be 6'1 and i would be 6'4(which im not) im 6'1
Anonymous said on 22/Dec/07
I heard him say in an interview several months ago that his only concerns in life is his height. He said he was 6'1 and the taller you are, the harder it is to do certain dance moves.
Boston6foot8 said on 21/Dec/07
I'm 6'8". When I met chis Brown he seemed to be about 6in shorter than me. The boy is a legit 6'2". No way in hell he's 5'11 because my brother is 5'11 and Chris is at least 3in taller
brother_h said on 20/Dec/07
idk, if he really is 6'1 then that'll make t-pain 5'10, and t-pain is shorter than 5'9 Kanye west.
C. said on 5/Dec/07
@ Hayley: He's known for ridiculously sagging his pants, like every other young guy nowadays. I never saw the appeal as it does make your legs look short, which I find baffling why guys continue this trend. For the longest a guy in my class always appeared to be no more than my height b/c he constantly did this, however the other day he was standing right beside me and I was shocked at how tall he was. Clearly 6', but b/c of those stupid pants he appeared significantly shorter. Not to mention, sagging is to an all-time high (well, low) as it gets even more outrageous as the years pass.
Viper said on 4/Dec/07
And Im 7-0.
Derek said on 4/Dec/07
Hilo- I could say I'm 6'10" in my own voice, it doesn't mean I am. I personally think Chris is 5'11"-6'0".
hilo said on 3/Dec/07
This is all wrong, Chris Brown is exactly 6'1''. he said it himself in is own voice.
Viper said on 30/Nov/07
There is a better chance hes 5-2 than 6-2, trust me.
Big T said on 29/Nov/07
Described as 6'2" in Newsweek. I think 182cm is silly really.
Toota said on 29/Nov/07
I meant 6'1''. Sorry guys. :-)
Toota said on 29/Nov/07
I met Chris Brown on numerous occasions. I've asked him how tall he is and around Oct. of 2006 he was 6'3". So since he was only 17 then, I'm sure he's still growing.
Grace said on 27/Nov/07
Hi im english and im 18 and i dont know if he is tall or not, im a dancer and a singer and somebody told me i would go alot with chirs brown but im not sure because im 5"11 nearly 6ft, so can somebody please find his actual height because im tired ha! im really tall and tanned and slim so, i dunno if im just wondering or going along with what people say but one day on radio 1 a dj said he was stupidly tall like 6"4,3 wich i think is his height. Love! x
baby gurl said on 24/Nov/07
well im am 5'4and chris is my babie, but he has to at least be 5'9 or ten
Hayley said on 15/Nov/07
I hope he is taller then 182cm because that's how tall I am! :/ I don't wanna be taller then him lmao.. but it's kind of hard to judge how tall he is exactly. Why can't I just meet him already and see lol. Somedays he looks really tall, some days he looks shorter.
D.J. said on 14/Nov/07
well look this is an honest one he is taller than 6'1 because come on now look how tall he is on his new movie This Christmas come on yall be smart I hate when someone say something wrong and they know its wrong he was about 5 in a half inches taller than everyone in the movie chrisbrown is about 6'4 or 6'5
Viper said on 9/Nov/07
There is a better chance that Chris Brown is 5-5 than 6-5, lol.

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