How tall is Chris Brown

Chris Brown's Height

6ft 0.25in (183.5 cm)

American Singer. On his website it's mentioned "He's a lot like kid next minute he's 5ft 7, the next he's 6ft 1".

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Average Guess (81 Votes)
6ft 0.45in (184cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Oct/17
Slim I can see him pushing 6ft0½ on better days. He's definitely more entitled to claim 6ft1 than a lot of other guys who really just about scrape 5ft11. First thing he'd definitely be 6ft1
Slim 6' said on 18/Oct/17
He is 6'0.375" at the early evening. 6'1" after a peaceful sleep. The flat 6' during stressful days. Same height as me I guess. The start of tall.

6' isn't tall like 6'7" is, but it sure as hell is comfortably above average in 90% of countries today.
Slim 6' said on 17/Oct/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/17
Doesn't look too far from his claim
Where do thou think he'd meausure up at?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/17
Doesn't look too far from his claim
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
He is 6' for me!
Slim 6' said on 13/Oct/17
Average guess is optimistic, he's 183.5 at evening, I guess he could claim "strong 6'" or "'6' and a change" but There's no point tbh.
Slim said on 20/Sep/17
The full 6' barefoot, 6'1" in normal shoes, anything more or less is wrong.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 10/Sep/17
My thoughts exactly. I doubt he would be eye to eye with legit 184 cm people.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 6/Sep/17
Oh and Tucker edged out Brown despite less footwear and looser posture, so ruling out 6'0.5".

Tucker is also shorter than Garrett Hedlund in one picture, so the full 6'1" is ruled out as well.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, could Henry Cavill and John Cena measure taller than Chris Brown?
Editor Rob: I think they might have a better chance.
highlysuspect said on 24/Aug/17
I'd bet he's taller than cavill but shorter than tucker, tucker is underlisted.
Anon2 said on 20/Aug/17
Chris looked 1.5 inches taller than Jimmy Kimmel back in 2015 standing next to him, the same amount of height Henry Cavill had on Kimmel. Chris also wears vans a lot, he is close to his barefoot height in those, since they barely give any height at all.
Matt 6'1 said on 16/Aug/17
He has flat feet maybe why his feet looks weird
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
@Mark- and Wentworth, Dominic, Pine and what not.

He's lucky to be so tall and have this listing, yet alone receive a quarter inch upgrade.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 7/Aug/17
184 cm is kinda a stretch. I doubt he would be Eye-to-eye with John Cena, Henry Cavill, and Chris Tucker.
PTBA said on 28/Jul/17
Jamie Foxx just said Chris Brown is 6'2" on the Joe Rogan podcast. I don't buy it for a second. 6'0.5" is my guess.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 28/Jun/17
Rob, in the above pic Chris's feet look like they're in a weird sloping angle. Is it possible he wore lifts? This is an example of a person wearing similar high top sneakers, but his shoes look normal and flat. Click Here Or maybe it might just be the structure of the shoe Chris was wearing.
Editor Rob: some high-tops might look bulkier. Can depend on the length of the person's foot, the style of the design and even the thickness of the foot. Some folk might have a bit more depth to their foot than others.
Realist said on 16/Jun/17
He is about 10 inches taller than Nicki Minaj so this is right.
Jameson said on 2/May/17
There is definitely not a 1.25" difference between Fabolous and Chris Brown.. I was at the tour recently. Either Chris needs a downgrade to 183 or Fabolous needs an upgrade, but Chris looked more like a solid 182-183 from my estimation.
Wrs567 said on 2/May/17
Rob, could this look near 3 inches on P Diddy?

Click Here
Editor Rob: wouldn't have said as much as 3 inches, 2.5 isn't impossible.
James said on 1/May/17
I have watched more of him. OK, he is 1.84 instead of 1.83. I was wrong.

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Mark(5'9.25") said on 30/Apr/17
Agreed with the upgrade.
James said on 27/Apr/17
Brown is arguably 6 ft 0.25 in the morning. 6 ft in the midday.
Nick92 said on 22/Apr/17
They are not the same height because if they were when I showed rob the video he would not have upgraded skepta's height... Plus I know people who have met them both in person and they always say skepta is definitely taller than me were as me a Chris Brown are roughly the same so of that alone I know skepta definitely when measure is most likely close to 6ft1 than 6ft
Canson said on 21/Apr/17
I agree with the upgrade as he can look it
Wrs567 said on 21/Apr/17
His boots weren't 'very thick'. It was just a normal boot

Click Here

Skepta also stood way closer to the camera, that cancels everything out

I also seen a video of Skepta and Drake on stage together

Skepta was about the same as Drake. No way is Skepta taller than Chris

At most they are going to be the same
Nick92 said on 20/Apr/17
@wrs567 yes skepta was closer to the camera but Chris Brown was wearing very thick boots in that video and skepta still edged him out
KH said on 19/Apr/17
This listing is fine. These guys almost always lie about there height. If he says he is 6'1 then expect to take about an inch off to get to his real height. Anybody claiming he is greater then 6'1 you would have to believe Brown is underselling his height I see no logical reason why he would do that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/17
I agree with this. Looks more like a 183/184cm guy than 182/183cm
Wrs567 said on 18/Apr/17
@nick92: He was WAY closer to the camera.

They are both about the same height
Wrs567 said on 17/Apr/17
What height do you think Chris was at 16?

when he first came out in 2005?

180 - 181cm?
nick92 said on 16/Apr/17
rob well now you have upgraded chris brown skepta definately needs a upgrade because from the video i linkined on skeptas page before it was definately more the just a quarter of an inch between them
Peter175 said on 15/Apr/17
Good upgrade Rob.

Listing now makes more sense. I don't think C Breezy is a full 6'1 but he has looked anywhere from 6ft to 6ft0.75. Looks half inch taller than 50 cent and Drake
TJE said on 14/Apr/17
6'0.25 not impossible. It's the top of his range tho.
Wrs567 said on 13/Apr/17
Rob, maybe you should give him 184cm (6'0.25'')

With a barefoot measured 6'4'' 5/8ths Colin Kaepernick

He is easily looking over 6ft like you said
Editor Rob: 6ft 0.25 is a mark I think may well be reasonable for him, I have kept an eye on him and can appreciate he pulls of a big six footer range...
HonestSlovene said on 13/Apr/17
He is just a regular 6'0", no more no less.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 8/Apr/17
Chris Brown is more than just a quarter inch taller than Drake. Either Drake needs a downgrade, or Chris needs an upgrade.
Canson said on 8/Apr/17
As listed.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Apr/17
"On his website it's mentioned "He's a lot like kid next minute he's 5ft 7, the next he's 6ft 1".

Was he talking about Sly by any chance ;-)?
Corey Lee said on 6/Apr/17
I'm 5'11 , Chris brown is 6'1 & a half , Maybe 6'2 met him at the party tour
Wrs567 said on 3/Mar/17
Rob, what do you think of Chris with Kaepernick?

He is leaning, I think he looks easily over 6'0''

Click Here
Editor Rob: he could be a fraction over 6ft.
Wrs567 said on 26/Feb/17
Rob, is Romeo Miller about 5'10'' would you say?

Here with Chris

Click Here

Here with another listed 6fter Mike Epps

Click Here
Blob said on 19/Feb/17
There is no way he is 6 foot. He has the body of a man between 5"10 and 5"11.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Feb/17
Between 182 cm and 183 cm so overral 6'0" is a good shout, no more than that though.
James said on 18/Jan/17
Very good example of real 6 footer. Slightly taller than 1.82 50 cent, so good listing.
Wrs567 said on 12/Jan/17
Look how easily Chris is taller than Hayden, despite Chris having shorter hair and less footwear

Click Here

Now Hayden is also closer to the camera, Chris is still taller

Click Here
Kaneff said on 10/Jan/17
I could give him 6'0.25, but no more. Yes he generally looks tall but that's because a legit 6'-6'0.25 is the start of tall. A real 6'1er like Obama or Ronaldo would edge him out.
Jordan87 said on 10/Jan/17
Mark ( 5'9.25,

Hayden is taller than Most people think. The reason I say this is some people made a big stink about him being to short to play Anakin ( When Vader was so tall) but Hayden easily has 3.75 Inches on 5'8.5 Ian McDermitt ( Shown on this site with Rob), so Hayden is a solid 6 foot at least if you ask me.

And Chris Brown is going to Wreck Soulja in their Little Celeb Boxing Match Coming up. Brown is 6'0, athletic, and strong. Soulja is a 5'8 skinny minny with a big mouth and no fighting skills.
Wrs567 said on 10/Jan/17
He is taller than Hayden, and Hayden is a good 6'0'' - 6'0.5''

Chris was also wearing vans there which make him close to his barefoot height, Hayden was in heeled shoes

Click Here

When two guys are similar height, you have to consider footwear. Hayden had a lot more advantage that day.

Chris has a buzzcut, Haydens hairstyle is also adding height
Mark(5'9.25 said on 10/Jan/17
solid 6'0", but isn't taller than Hayden Christensen. The reason why I said this is because I looked at the pictures of Chris and Hayden. Hayden has his legs spread while Chris had his legs straight together, yet they look too similar.

*Edit, I notice that Hayden had his legs spread. Here is when Christensen straightens up a bit, and he looks a tad taller than Chris Brown.

Click Here
Mark(5'9.25 said on 10/Jan/17
solid 6'0", but isn't taller than Hayden Christensen. The reason why I said this is because I looked at the pictures of Chris and Hayden. Hayden has his legs spread while Chris had his legs straight together, yet they look too similar.
Realist said on 23/Dec/16
He's 6'1 without shoes but tall people usually never have good posture. I reckon he's 155-160 right now. But he was like 5'8 140 at 15.
Jamal said on 20/Dec/16
ok am true legit 6ft 3 man, I was measured by an doctor, I have met Chris Brown In LA club I have a picture with him no way this guy is 6ft I would say 6ft 1 1/2 or maybe a weak 6ft 2. Rob can you plase do your research.
Nahnah said on 18/Dec/16
Chris has to be 5'10 ....he doesnt look 6ft or above
Wrs567 said on 16/Dec/16
You can tell Chris is bending his knees, There is no way Chris is shorter than a 5'11'' range Cody Simpson lol

When Chris is clearly taller than 6'0'' listed 50 cent, 6'0'' listed Hayden Christensen, and 5'11.5'' listed August Alsina
ttt said on 13/Dec/16
Look at the picture he took with cody simpson he is shorter than him. No way is 6ft when Cody is 5.11 ?
Click Here
Salim said on 8/Dec/16
Honestly guys your estimations are so bad, he's nothing under 6'1, he takes a mug shot in one of his new videos and he clearly is over 6' , pay attention before claiming false things
ArthurJohn said on 22/Nov/16
I would have said he's a strong 6' at the very least, and could be closer to 6'1" after estimating using stated information surrounding his height and photos of him with other celebrities.

He also stated he was 6'1" and didn't want to get any taller, because as a dancer it gets harder to breakdance if one gets too tall. So by that alone, I doubt he'd upgrade his height, if anything he'd be more honest (I wouldn't say downgrade, as he's an arguably desirable height for a man).
Ron said on 13/Nov/16
I've seen him before when I went on vacation to Ca, spotted him in Tarzana. 5'11.5 - 6 foot is probably his most accurate range, even looking in pics I would say that is as close as it gets. He does appear to be taller because he of his long legs.
brazil123 said on 2/Nov/16
CB is clearly taller than this listing.. 6'1 is far for him, i dont see him under this, maybe a tad taller
sa344 said on 29/Oct/16
Here he is with a MEASURED 6'2'' Stephen Curry (6'3'' in shoes)

Click Here

Looks nothing under 6'1'' to me. Lowest I can go for is 184cm
Morningheight 182cm said on 5/Oct/16
I'm guessing 6'0.5
samuel said on 27/Sep/16
6 foot no more no less!
manny said on 7/Sep/16
Legit 6 footer and I'd say 6'1 maybe
MD said on 1/Sep/16
@Jordan, is this some kind of joke? The "mugshot" posted on that site literally reads on the photo "FAKE MUG SHOT."
Jordan87 said on 30/Aug/16
6'0.25 with Shoes on in the mugshot Posted below. 5'11.75 without shoes is his height.

Click Here
Kevin said on 19/Jul/16
Rob, How much do you think chris weight is now? If he is in the 6 foot range, he has actually lean down quite a bit
Editor Rob: he could be 170 pounds
Candyman said on 11/Jul/16
Don't agree with this one at all. I have seen him in passing twice in my life and he is much larger(no pun) than I expected. He is at least 6'1-6'1.5" unless he is wearing lifts all the time. I only saw his footwear once and he was sporting some designer boutique shoes that looked to have a sole height similar to Adidas shelltoes.
Shredder said on 6/Jul/16
MD is spot on with the weight.
MD said on 4/Jul/16
He's actually not all that muscular, and is actually prone to gaining quite a bit of fat when he doesn't keep active. He has long thin limbs which give him the appearness of thinness sometimes (and this was particularly true when he was a teenager). But, he's got a naturally wide waist that can collect quite a bit of fat when he slacks off.

Click Here

He's thinner than this, now, but still nowhere near the thinness he was as a teen and early 20-something. He'd be at least 170, these days.
Andred said on 1/Jul/16
No way in hell does he look 150lbs. 160 at the very least, he's got some muscle mass.
Anthony said on 1/Jul/16
Looks about 150 lbs. when lean.
Dee said on 15/Jun/16
Rob, how much do you think Chris weights? Around 170 pounds?
Ryan Allen said on 5/Jun/16
Rob Your site has 50 cent also at 6'0 , so either Chris brown is 6'1 or you should really consider downgrading 50 cent ? By the way love this site !
5'10 barefoot said on 25/Apr/16
same height or slighter shorter than 6 foot chris paul nba star....period...fact....goodbye....CB is is under six foot barefoot...of course his boots give him almost 2 inches...KD 8's also give close to 2 inches of height....wanna be taller wear thick soled shoes like nikes....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/16
Could be a strong 6ft guy...
Beavis said on 13/Apr/16
5'11.5" flat. 6'0 - 6'0.5" in shoes/boots. Listing is right on the nose. Chris Brown fans stop trying make this dude seem like he's 6'1 legit. Met him before, was eye to eye and he had on Timbs that day and I had on KD 8's. I'm the same height and build as him and I tell people I'm 6'1 and never get questioned because I usually do wear timberlands or nike max shoes.
184.3cm (Night) said on 14/Mar/16
He is wearing Timberland boots next to 50 Cent. So lets say a 1/2 inch footwear advantage. So 6 ft on the nose seems right although could someone explain why he looks 5 inches shorter than 6'4" Snoop Dog?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Mar/16
He does not look shorter than this...
5ft10.25 said on 11/Mar/16
Looks 6'1'' to me.
5ft 9.25 said on 6/Mar/16
Definitly taller than 50 Cent that's for sure. Can't understand such listings, the most stupid is the Swift/Styles.
TJE said on 5/Mar/16
Now I'm thinking 6'0 may be the best fit for Chris, but he isn't under it.
Tyler said on 4/Mar/16
Idk why but he always had the vibe of a tall person and him beeing skinny I guess it makes him look even taller. Might be a weak 6'1"?
Felix said on 29/Feb/16
6'1 at least for sure, this listing is wrong
slothee said on 19/Feb/16
I think most agree 6' flat is too low. 6'0.25" would be on the money!
Crypto139 said on 28/Jan/16
You know besides Duchovny, he is the only guy on here listed at 6 foot that most people agree with. Heck a few even have him at 185 to 188. Strange I guess.
Crypto139 said on 27/Dec/15
6'0.25 is what I would give him.
Idk said on 16/Dec/15
Looks tall when standing alone. Thought he was 6'1 but after looking more closely at pictures I'd say 184
TJE said on 3/Dec/15
He could be 6'0.25.
drunk fella said on 2/Dec/15
6'1 this listing is definetly wrong
5'11.5 said on 17/Nov/15
I met him this guy is at least as tall as me maybe even a hair taller than me
Weezy said on 5/Nov/15
How tall could Kid Ink be? He's not 5'9
Breezy got atleast 5 inches on him
Click Here
Next to 5'11 Trey Songz
Click Here

Under 170cm?
MD said on 28/Oct/15
Yep, if anything, that picture shows Brown looking AT LEAST 6'0", quite frankly, and that's coming from someone who has doubted he was a full 6'0". Still, I'm not convinced on any number for ASAP Rocky, yet. He could be added. I've seen people guess him almost 6'0" (which he clearly isn't) to being under 5'10".
Link said on 28/Oct/15
Chris is slouching, and he still looks a tad taller than Asap Rocky.
Chris Brown looks a strong 6'0".
Mr.Ketler said on 27/Oct/15
Click Here
You can see there 5 ft 10 Rocky next to Brown who claimed to be 6 ft 1.
I cant see any difference in height between them
mike wazowski said on 19/Oct/15
6'1 all day long
Aber said on 10/Aug/15
He is the same height as Jimmy Fallon. At most chris is 6"0

Look at the end, at the 4 minute mark
Click Here
Light said on 10/Aug/15
Here is a good picture. Well I would say 183cm and max 185cm for chris. Look the difference between chris and snoop. :)
Click Here
Supermodel07 said on 4/Aug/15
Hi I used to model. I'm a true 5'9 girl and I met and took pictures (standing) with Chris Brown. In 3.75-4 inch heels, he was still much taller than me than I expected. It is clear in the photo that even while I was in heels he was still at least 2 inches taller than me. I would honestly give Chris Brown 6'1-6'2. He doesn't looknthat tall in photos, but he is taller than most celebs I've met.
Height183 said on 1/Aug/15
Rob, will the upgrade to 6'0.25 - 6'0.5'' ever come?
Height183 said on 25/Jul/15
He clearly looks over 6'0''. He was taller next to guys like 50 cent and Hayden Christensen
George said on 23/Jul/15
Looks 5'11
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Jul/15
Even: Dream on. Next to Kanye below show Chris at best is 6ft 183cm and that is If Kanye really are 174cm wich many doubt. Rob also you Say in the comment below with the picture next to Kanye Chris and Kanye you Say 6ft is about Chris height he can look that height generous meaning and Know Kanye taller in this latest comment come on..Chris is not a 6"1 guy not even close he would have towered Kanye but he doesnt. I think Chris listing here is correct and its a generous listing as is.
Even said on 30/Jun/15
I have seen and stood next to Chris Brown on two different occasions. I am 6'1" with shoes off and Chris was at least my height maybe an quarter inch taller. He was not wearing boots or dress shoes either. Rob you need to take a closer look at Chris Brown reconsider an upgrade to 6'1"
Sam said on 29/Jun/15
@5ft10guy, Bale I think measures a fraction or so shy of 6ft, even though he's listed 6ft, where as I don't think Brown ever dips below the mark.
NrB said on 8/Jun/15
Look at the new Videosong with Jamie Foxx "You Changed Me".
I can say there is no more than 2 inches between them so Chris is max 6 feet and no more.
Click Here
Lucy said on 30/May/15
He is tall. It is just that his face/head looks small, I could be wrong but it looks slightly below average. The length perhaps.
Judd said on 18/May/15
Maybe more 6'0.25" than 6'
HB said on 12/May/15
Thought he was taller than this, seems taller than 6' listed 50 Cent in these photos.

Click Here
Click Here
mrs breezy said on 26/Mar/15
He is 185cm , 6ft1inch BAE
5ft10guy said on 26/Mar/15
Can someone explain to me how chris brown looks taller then other 6footers? Im looking at someone like christian bale and he looks lankier and strikes me as taller.Is it the weight difference?
Jake said on 26/Mar/15
Rob I don't think he is less than 184cm, i am not really sure about 185cm, but 184 could be his real height.
Height183 said on 19/Mar/15
6'0.5'' seems spot on for Chris. Even a flat 6'0'' is too low. He is one of the few people on this site who actually needs an upgrade.
Bishop said on 15/Mar/15
5'11" claims are ridiculous. This guy is one of the most legit 6 footers out there. Could even be a fraction over.
chasing a ghost said on 10/Mar/15
Theirs a pic of him with Tyrese an they have him listed as 5'11. An Chris barley towers over him, in fact they look the same height. I would say he's probably 5'11 or 6'0 6'1 I just don't see it.
chasing a ghost said on 10/Mar/15
Theirs a pic of him with Tyrese an they have him listed as 5'11. An Chris barley towers over him, in fact they look the same height. I would say he's probably 5'11 or 6'0 6'1 I just don't see it.
Height183 said on 23/Feb/15
Rob, you don't think in a picture like this with Kanye, Chris can look a little over 6'0''? I really think he is about 6'0.25''

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can look a strong 6ft range yes]
S.J.H said on 23/Feb/15
@Height183 says on 4/Jan/15
Rob, any chance of Chris being slightly taller than 6'0''? He looks taller than 50 cent too.

Take a look closer look at Chris had footwear advantage than 50cent looks 1/2inch. They were both legit 6footer
Max said on 17/Feb/15
Just saw a clip of him and 50 cent talking im a dressing room..if 50 is listed at 6ft then he def is 6'2"-almost 6'3" because he was at least two inches taller than 50
MD said on 16/Feb/15
@Loki lover, from what I can tell in pictures of the two I've seen together, Brown has a good inch on Alsina, so I'd say about 5'11". This would also make sense since Alsina is very similar in height to Trey Songz. Alsina is very skinny, and I've noticed that when he stands alone that that can make him look taller. Without comparison, I'd have guessed him at least 6'0".
Loki lover said on 13/Feb/15
Can you do August alsina's height please
Height183 said on 8/Jan/15
Rob, Maybe you should give him 6'0.25''? I really do think he is slightly over 6'0''. He is taller than 6'0'' Hayden and 50 Cent. Even with a luge lean he still dwarfs Bieber who you have at 5'6.5''

Click Here
Height183 said on 4/Jan/15
Rob, any chance of Chris being slightly taller than 6'0''? He looks taller than 50 cent too.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: always a chance of a little fraction above/below marks.]
Tom said on 5/Dec/14
Rob, I saw a picture of Chris Brown and Trey Songz,do you think the two can be the same height, because it looks like they are?
[Editor Rob: I think Brown can look taller than big Trey]
Ossi said on 28/Nov/14
I think he is 183.5 - 184 cm Max nothing less and nothing more
Height182 said on 10/Nov/14
Chris is a solid 6'0''. Can look 6'1'' at times to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/14
Rob, is a fraction over 6ft possible for Brown?
[Editor Rob: not impossible, but I think around 6ft is ok for him. ]
184.9 on a bad day said on 15/Oct/14
he has more chance to be 184 than hayden christensen
6 ft 0.25 is possible, Rob ?
Nice said on 27/Aug/14
Wow I found a really nice comparison between Chris an Nelly (Celebrity Flag Football).
Here you can see the difference. Go to 7:16 min. and look at Nelly with Chris
Click Here

So I think 6 ft is right for him.
Dan 185cm said on 22/Aug/14
here's Chris being completely towered over by 6'4.5 Tim Hardaway Jr of the New York Knicks. looks like he's like 5'11 here.
Joe said on 10/Aug/14
At times I feel that he's a bit taller than 6'0, may be 6'0.25 or 6'0.5
Jeremy said on 12/Jul/14
He is definitely between 183-184
ryan said on 17/Jun/14
defiantly a 5'11 1/2 or 6'0 guy i seen him at a mall in la a couple times im 5'10 an i was looking at him eye to eye
Smith said on 3/Jun/14
Nice pic here with Ludacris who is 5'8. I will say 6ft is correct
Click Here
2F2F said on 6/May/14
@Jeff ROFL dude that is photoshopped
strong said on 2/May/14
I'm 6'2.5, I will say 184 cm for him, maybe he had heels.
surfer said on 15/Apr/14
I saw him in the airport getting something from the vending machine and I was no more than 3 ft. away from him I'm 5'8 and he was clearly over 6'1 more like a 6'2 to be honest and he was wearing old school converse so not much help from the sneakers, 6'2 is my guess
MD said on 31/Mar/14
@Jeff, you have got to be kidding me. Look at Chris' hands in those pics. Do you not see Bobby and Chris's heads are posted on someone else bodies?
Jeff said on 28/Mar/14
@MD:scroll down, you will find bobby brown standing chris brown.
MD said on 25/Mar/14
That is a picture of Usher. Hell, it even says it right on the picture. Are you that dense?
Jeff said on 23/Mar/14
Chris Brown is 5'8, here he is with 5'10 bobby brown Click Here
KROC said on 23/Feb/14

Nobody's lying. That's just my assessment of his height at that time. I believe he was 16 or 17 at the time. I saw him at a celebrity basketball game in Atlanta and he still looked 5'11ish too me..
MrTBlack said on 19/Feb/14
@ Mique

No he isn't. He claimed 6'1" so he can't be taller than what he claimed.
I know my shit said on 8/Jan/14
Chris Brown is 183cm at the very least. He has very long legs, and towers over most people he stands next to. I'd say he could even be 6'1. And there's no way he wears shoe lifts with the dancing he does.
hannah banana said on 24/Nov/13
Chris Brown looks good when he's tall but not that tall tall see I'm 5'6 so I'm like close to his shoulder
Silent d said on 5/Oct/13
6 foot.
vvv said on 9/Sep/13
he said on big boy's neighborhood that he's 6'2"
KROC said on 7/Sep/13
I use to see Chris at Rucker Park in NYC back in the day, before he got famous. He looked just shy of 6ft. 5'11.5 might be closer to the truth.
abc said on 31/Aug/13
look at this video. Click Here

Nelly is 5ft8 and there are max 3 inches to chris brown no more.
Phormie said on 9/Aug/13
The video of don't think they know showed Chris with more than 40 guys behind not one came close to his height and a recent study shows that a person who is 6"2 is taller than 94% of the world's population. Conclusion: my boy breezy's between 6"1 and 6"3. He may be 6"2 but he is most definitely over 6 feet and not just by an inch.
cole said on 29/Jul/13
I thought he looked shorter than 6' Hayden Christensen in Takers. 5'11-5'11.5 range.
Breezy Smile said on 23/Jul/13
I read a comment that said he doesn't have the proportions of a tall man. I guess you're blind and can't notice right away that he has long legs. lol
teej said on 11/Jul/13
Id say strong 6 foot i84cm
Liam said on 6/Jul/13
Make him less than 6 feet for hitting Rihanna
[Editor Rob: there should be no bias when guessing heights, personal emotion has to be left at the door!]
Cj said on 25/Jun/13
Chrisbrown is 6feet 1inches,have you seen him in pics with trey songs who claims to be 6feet,chrisbrown is like looking right over his head in all of them,and even with drake,who thinks he's 6feet 2inches,chris brown is clearly taller than him,I say breezy is 6feet 1inches,no taller,no shorter....
Cj said on 25/Jun/13
Chrisbrown is 6feet 1inches,have you seen him in pics with trey songs who claims to be 6feet,chrisbrown is like looking right over his head in all of them,and even with drake,who thinks he's 6feet 2inches,chris brown is clearly taller than him,I say breezy is 6feet 1inches,no taller,no shorter....
PMP said on 1/May/13
@do 4" heels won't push someone become 4" taller. it's only can makes you 2" taller. if Cris is really 6" then Rihanna is 5'9", but if Rihanna is 5'8" chris is 5'11".
Nils said on 10/Apr/13
Always seemed quite tall to me 183-184 is ok
185 is not impossible.
do said on 3/Apr/13
Rihanna is 5'8. She's wearing 4" heels which makes her 6'. Plus he's bending forward a little. He is taller than 5'11
Click Here
joak said on 1/Apr/13
i never really thought about his height until i saw him in his Yeah 3x music video. it was the first time i saw him wearing clothes that fit him properly. before it was big jackets and baggy pants. i say 6 feet is pretty accurate. he's really skinny too (could have sworn he wasn't this skinny back then) and that can make him look taller.
penguinboy25 said on 29/Mar/13
Anything over 6'0 is hilarious. Clearly 5'11 range.
Greg said on 9/Mar/13
He looks like 5'11. Doesn't even have the proportions of a tall man.
Double E said on 6/Mar/13
Always seemed tall to me ... I think he is almost 6'2 ...6'1 atleast
brastor said on 4/Mar/13
very itresting
yeah said on 3/Mar/13
He's alot more than two inches taller than rihanna. You must be talking about rihanna in heels. When she is flatfooted he is atleast a head taller than she is. When she has heels on she is alot closer to his height. He is between 6 feet and 6 foot 2. There are recent pics of them together in the studio and he is much taller than her.
Silent d said on 4/Feb/13
I remember he said he was 6 foot 2. I remember on ellen, he towered her. He has to be close to 6 foot 2. The photo with idris, he is leaning a bit. 6 foot 1. Busta rhymes is not 6 foot 1. Remember when he completely towered nicole sherzinger in heels. I remember he was listed as 6 foot 3 or something.
kato said on 4/Feb/13
he's 1.80cm
kato said on 4/Feb/13
he's something like 1.80cm. If you've seen him and Rihanna together he only looks 2 inches taller then her.
.... said on 2/Feb/13
clearly shorter by an inch or two than Chris Paul from the this listing is with shoes he's about 5'11....
WeEeEeEeEeZy said on 11/Jan/13
I went to this FAME tour back in 2011 and he walked by me and he was basically the same height as me, im 6 foot barefoot, real cool dude too
shay said on 26/Dec/12
I think chris is 6'1 or 6'2. My dad is 6'3 and i think chris many by my cuisine my last name is brown and we look a like. LOVE SHAYL
Joak said on 25/Dec/12
LMAO! sorry.. but if that magazine says Usher's height as 5-11, then you should know right away not to believe anything else it prints.
Chris Brown is tall. he may be 6-1 now, but he was most definitely not 6-1 when he was 16 years old.
Bane said on 22/Dec/12
he looks like 6 foot
JB said on 3/Dec/12
chris is pretty tall but not much taller than me i saw him in la once im 5'11 and he was about an inch or two taller than me, he had high top jordans on and i had on low top vans, definitely a 6 footer
Footflip said on 29/Nov/12
Chris Brown is 6'2 , pay attention to Idris Elba shoes in the pics when he seems taller
Footflip said on 24/Nov/12
Barefoot , you're the one who needs to learn to see straight , Brown is clearly taller than Hayden Christensen who's 187 cm .
Footflip said on 24/Nov/12
You guys are nuts , Wiz Khalifa is not A LOT taller and he's 193cm so that makes Chris Brown around 188 cm .
Conti said on 23/Nov/12
I personally think he's 5'11 barefoot,because he wears 1" basketball air jordan retro 6 sneakers that makes him 6'0.He doesn't look like he's 6'0 when he's barefoot.
MarcusTheSwede said on 6/Nov/12
I have seen Chris Brown and I am 183cm he isnt a centimeter over 183cm.
This listing is correct.
Derek said on 10/Oct/12
Looked about an inch shorter than 6'1" Busta Rhymes in the "Look At Me Now" music video. 6'0" is about right.
Hov said on 17/Sep/12
Click Here

in a 2006 magazine he said he was 6'1, he was only 16, now its 6 years later so obviously he grew an inch or two, Chris is definitely 6'2-6'3 in shoes depending on what shoes he's wearing, but definitely 6'0' barefoot because there are pics of him barefoot at the beach with his bodyguard Big Pat who is 6'3' and Chris is just about an inch or so shorter than him.
Breezy said on 8/Sep/12
Click Here

5'11 Romeo Miller next to 6'0' Chris Brown???? that is not a 1 inch difference, Romeo has to be 5'9'-5'10, because Chris is over 6'0 in shoes, about 6'1-6'2
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 5/Sep/12
Johnnyfive said on 29/Aug/12
There are plenty of pics of Brown with Rihanna on the beach barefoot when they were still a couple which prove he's not 6'2! Just google them. This listing is off by at least a half inch because im 184cms or 6'0.5 tall and I look taller next to a barefoot 5'8 than he does. I think Brown is closer to 5'11 or 5'11.25 tops!
fakhry said on 23/Aug/12
about chris brown he is tall and as he said that he is not gonna be taller than 183cm that is right 3 up 4 years ago love you my fingers cant right how much i love chris thats what i feel about him................................
FACE said on 17/Aug/12
190cm Idris Elba, Chris brown 6ft (183cm)
Click Here
FACE said on 30/Jul/12
Between 5'11-6'0, looks 3 inches shorter than Idris Elba.
Penguinboy25 said on 14/Jun/12
Wow, how can this guy be listed as 6'0. Both he and Chris Paul have the same posture and Brown is 1 inch shorter. Chris Paul was measured at 5'11.75 barefoot at the NBA draft. This make Chris Paul 5'10.75 or somewhere between 179 and 180 cm. 0% chance this guy is 183.
Pollen said on 13/Jun/12
His height is 178cm, he doesn't look tall actually
mId said on 6/Jan/12
Click Here Any help?
5'11" barefoot said on 3/Jan/12
clearly shorter than 6 foot chris paul...clearly unless your blind and stupid...which most people are...he is now way close to 6 foot like most losers think..cant believe hot sauce is only 5'10....funny.... people go get an education and learn to see straight...
Chambers emmanuel said on 20/Nov/11
Ouch, chris is 'bout 6' 1'. Cuz i've met him & he looks a lil bit taller than me cuz i'm 5' 11'.
rex said on 7/Nov/11
I was a few seats next to chris @ the superbowl in miami. Hes 62 with shoes on
cornerboyy said on 19/Oct/11
well,he ws in south africa 3years back..nd he is atleast an inch taller than dj sbu nd dj sbu is abt 6' id say he maybe a weak 6'2...
Mhmm said on 14/Sep/11
188 cm is perfect for Chris Brown..
5'10guy'n'still growing said on 2/Sep/11
Chris is one of those guys who makes 6'0 look tall to the fullest.Even though I consider it above average /weak tall range .I just seen the vma awards ,he performed(a very good performance btw)and his slim frame and small head can give off a 6'1 guy look.The ladies also describe him as high as 6'2.While comparing him to another 6'footer like Drake,Chris Brown looks more like a 6'1, even as high as 6'1.and some change guy then drake does.
Big T said on 23/Aug/11
At the end of SNL he looked easily 3 inches shorter than Russell Brand, and Chris was actually wearing dress shoes despite performing earlier in sneakers...almost as if he changed because he knew he would get "caught short" otherwise. Brand's shoes didn't appear to be anything too extraordinary.
A said on 21/Aug/11
He's 5'11".
Gettin_it_in said on 12/Aug/11
just from seeing him in videos and pictures he looks my height and im 5'11.5 with chucks on so yea.. 6'2 max
yoyo said on 10/Aug/11
chris was a little bent backwards in that photo and if jay-z is 6'2 then chris brown has to be 6'4!!!!
jane said on 15/Jul/11
well hes a bit taller tan 5ft8 rihanna when shes wearing heels(4 inch minimum)so id say 6ft1
Caracreamm said on 7/Jul/11
hes def 6'1. When he was with Rihanna(5'8) he towered over her, &nd Rihannas tall.
That guy said on 3/Jul/11
I call bull**** on the 5"11 comment. I met Chris Brown and im 6"2.5 he wasn't much shorter than me . Probably by an inch . I say 6"1-6"1.5
Cedric Brown said on 27/Jun/11
Im a relative in Rappahannock County VA. He's 5'11.5".
DSmooth said on 24/Jun/11
He looks like a weak 6ft, especially after seeing him with Chris Paul; actually Paul looks slightly taller.
DSmooth said on 24/Jun/11
@ Keith, Shannon Brown is closer to 6'1 than he is to 6'3, let alone 6'4. Shannon is shorter than 6'2.
Mohammed said on 23/Jun/11
6 foot is pretty apt actually,
Rachel said on 23/Jun/11
He looks taller than 6ft
hello said on 18/Jun/11
how can he dunk if hes 5'9 hes gotta be 6'2 max
me said on 13/Jun/11
Most of you fail to realize that he often wears 2 to 3 inches heel shoes or sneakers
Dman1528 said on 7/Jun/11
paul86 said on 30/May/11
Most likely 184cm after seeing him in takers.
askljdk said on 23/May/11
@j anything under 6-foot is SHORT? thanks... lol

I read in article Chris Brown stated his height is 6'1, and said something like he's glad he's not taller because it gets harder for dancing.
Mr Ballong said on 20/May/11
Rihanna is maybe 5'7 (1.70m) to 5'7.75 (1.72+m), and based on her standing next to Chris, I would say he is probably around 5'10.5 (1.79m) or 5'11 (1.80m)..everytime Chris stands next a genuine 6'1 he is DWARFED, no way he is 6+...
j said on 19/May/11
no way is he under 6 foot... lets be realistic... hes not mage tall, but hes far from short
6footall said on 19/May/11
i remembered i met Chris Brown once when he was promoting his Exclusive album during a press.....n when he walked pass me i swear to God he was at least an inch taller than me....btw, im 6 foot tall on the dot n trust me im very sure of my height coz i actually measure myself like i duno frequently, just to c whether i grew.....nyway i'd say he is 6'1
Sam said on 6/May/11
That picture with Jay Z is bunk for height comparison, Chris Brown looks much closer to the camera.
J said on 6/May/11
@Keith Shannon Brown is 6'1 without shoes. In the NBA they add inches to your height. No one in the NBA is listed at their actual height. Look up the draft measurements for each draft. Shannon Brown is 6'1 and Chris looks 5'11.5 to 6'0 max standing next to him.
MD said on 6/May/11

In shoes, Shannon Brown was measured at 6'3", IN SHOES, and I'm not even completely sure about that.
Keith said on 4/May/11
Shannon Brown is not 6'1 he is 6'4

this is a picture of the 6'2 jay z and chris brown sp how is he 5'11

Click Here

and heres jay z and rihannah

Click Here

so either chris is 6'2 or jay z isnt.
Eben said on 29/Apr/11
but he looks a lot taller in the video "Look at me now", when he stands next to lil wayne.
Cj said on 24/Apr/11
Dealt to him at the casino today. Im 5"11 and he towered over me. More than a head taller. 6"3 barefoot minimum.
A star said on 11/Apr/11
milky says on 6/apr/11
if you havent noticed tinie tempah often wears very thick trainers that will give him about 2" in height, and is still never taller than 5"11 chipmunk.look at chipmunk on stage next to 5"10.5 p diddy he is clearly an inch taller than him, and i think you need your eyes tested because in the champion video 183cm chris brown never towers chipmunk, they are nearlly the same height.
Milky said on 6/Apr/11
Whoever said Chipmunk is 5'11" needs their eyes testing. Chipmunk is shorter than 5'8" Tiny Temper. And in the "Champion" video a 180cm max Chris Brown towers Chipmunk.
p said on 5/Apr/11
in the get back up video, he is a couple inches taller than TI who is listed as 5'7'' 5'8'' so he is around 5'10''
J said on 2/Apr/11
@Viper Shannon Brown is 6'1 without shoes and he was definitely taller than Chris. So was John Wall. John Wall is 6'2.75 without shoes.
Viper said on 30/Mar/11
Id love to see a 6-2 measured athlete own him in height.
BelloNYC said on 30/Mar/11
I saw Chris Brown 2 times at few fashion parties in NY. He is really tall.
Definitely 6'2.
luc said on 29/Mar/11
guys never stopped to the phisical therapy and exercise,and stretching a lot,and play basketball or volleyball,you will still growing...never give up!
fresher than fresh said on 28/Mar/11
i read on something else he was 6'3 he is 21 some guys stop growing at 21 im 6'2 he looks my height
J said on 25/Mar/11
@Ginger She is 5'8. Possibly 5'7.5
5'10 guy'n growing said on 25/Mar/11
Just seen a new video of him dancing with blond hair this guy is tall he may be 6'1 Maybe an upgrade for '11
Kirsty said on 24/Mar/11
Same height as 5'10 Jordin Sparks in No Air video
Ginger said on 23/Mar/11
D thang, Rihanna is NOT 5'11" she is 5'9".
A star said on 4/Mar/11
(Jack hastings) chipmunk is not 5"7 he is 5"11
Jack Hastings said on 18/Feb/11
next to a 5'7 Chipmunk, Chris Brown looks 5'10-5'11 MAX!
J said on 18/Feb/11
@NeonRedd how can you believe he is 6'2? Idris elba is 6'2 and chris was at his eye level. Fabolous says he is 5'11 and him and chris are the same height. On 106 and park he doesn't dwarf terrence. Terrence says he is 5'10 with shoes on and chris is no more than a 2 inches taller. If he was 6'2 he would dwarf Terrence. Also Shannon brown is only 6'1 and he is 1 and half inches taller than chris. Sorry he is only 5'11 , 6ft max.
d thang said on 18/Feb/11
at most 6'2 at least 5'11 but rihanna is 5'11 and hge is a lil taller than her aka without hills
NeonRedd said on 17/Feb/11
The idiots referring way back to Stomp The Yard are dumb. Chris was only 17 or 18 when that came out, males don't stop growing until they're 21. Last time i checked He said he was 6 foot 2 and he should know.
Lee said on 14/Feb/11
If you watch the yesterday video with diddy you can see he is visibly a lot taller than diddy. You have to think of his height 2010 to present not back in 07 when stomp the yard came out
Viper said on 6/Feb/11
Agree that hes 5-11 at most. I think he could be even as low as 5-10.5
CC said on 6/Feb/11
OMG you idiots , Chris borwn is 5'11 MAX . Watch stomp the yard hes only about 2inchs taller than 1'73Columbus Short Seriously hes not tall its only because hes skinny and slim with wide shoulders aiite (:
justmyopinion said on 13/Jan/11
you guys have to remember that he slouches a lot, so i would agree with him being 6ft when he slouches. But when he stands properly i don't know.
J said on 2/Jan/11
@ Omega There is no way he is that tall. Chris was on 106 n Park with Idris Elba and his head was at Idris eye level. Idris said he is 6'2-6'3 so how can Chris be that tall? Imo I think he is 5'11.5-6 ft even. Chris Paul is 5'11.75 and he is taller than Chris Brown.
Omega said on 2/Jan/11
He's between 6'2 and 6'3...I'm 6'5 and see him regularly, i only have him by 2...3 inches at most
Amarie Jones said on 1/Jan/11
"Durae says on 29/Dec/10
He's actually 6'2" he said it in an interview on youtube."

Well, if he said it, it must be true. Celebrities NEVER lie.
MD said on 26/Dec/10
With Fabolous:


Click Here

Why did you raise Fab's height to 6'0" from 5'11"? What proof did you see that convinced to make such a large upgrade?

[Editor Rob: looked at him last year and thought, this guy could indeed have been taller than the 5ft 11 claim!]
J said on 25/Dec/10
@chris. He said he was 6'2 but Fabolous says he is 5'11 and they are the same height. Like you said why would he lie about his height.
chris said on 24/Dec/10
he's actually came out & SAID he was 6'2 in an interview...when he turned 21. so why would people be arguing about his height when he said how tall he is. i think HE would know better than ya'll how tall he is.
ikmj said on 14/Dec/10
i have a cousin who is 6.0 n he kinda looks taller than u breezy but any way i didn't know that u are that tall congrats,n on ma side i'm about a little taller than bierber

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