How tall is Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American fitness personality, who has 1 million Instagram followers and almost 1 million Youtube subscribers. In 2012 he once said "currently 168 at 6 foot".

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5ft 10.79in (179.8cm)
Greg said on 29/Jun/20
What’s interesting is there’s photos of him standing with Cornelius Masterson who claims 6’0 but he seems to edge Guzman. I think guzman should at least be 5’10ish, because if Guzman happened to be 5’9 range then Corn would be 5’10 range he definitely doesn’t look over 5’11 max in his Instagram photos. Sometimes he can appear between 5’10-5’11 same with CG
Greg said on 18/Apr/20
@Andrea weird angle Mike looks 5’11 there and Guzman barely 5’9 but I think he’s further away from the camera probably just a bad photo,
ANDREA FERRARI said on 12/Apr/20
Rob, what happens in this photo... Jay cutler can't be only 173 cm, seems 178
Click Here
Editor Rob
Definitely one photo in which Jay looks over 5ft 8
Greg said on 26/Mar/20
@Bobbycurls Lol it has nothing to do with Josue I don’t believe most of anyone’s claims unless they prove it. I could say I’m a certain height and lie it’s not that hard. Yes a photo with them with someone who has been legitimately measured or them being measured would suffice.

And yeah you’re not wrong there, I do agree with you on that part as sometimes that can throw off a measurement or if someone is being measured in shoes.

And no I am not 😂 you’re funny, if anything it seems like that can be said about you. You seem to trust Josue all too much, funny enough I wasn’t the only who called him out on his inconsistencies, refer to the comments below if needed. Bumstead measured 6’1 using that method in shoes, I’m not sure where you say 6’0.5. But Bumsteads around 6’0 infact he would probably measure just under that at a low or extreme low. Plus many people get different results if probably measured under a stadiometer.
BobbyCurls said on 15/Mar/20
@Greg So you don't believe Josue's claim unless you see him measured by stadiometer, but you take a youtube video of someone in shoes being vaguely measured as legitimate.

There are several different variables that go unaccounted for with such a sloppy measurement, including if the tape is evenly placed on the ground, where the top of the head actually is juxtaposed to where the top of the hair is, the height of the shoes being worn, if the tape measure is straight, etc.

It seems you're the one having difficulty understanding basic concepts, such as what constitutes a legitimate height measurement.

When I see the video, it appears that Bumstead is about 6'0.5 in shoes. Regardless, I put no stock in that measurement.
Greg said on 13/Mar/20
@Bobbycurls lol most of everything here is to be taken with a grain of salt without any proof so I don’t believe Josue’s measurement unless I see a stadiometer video or aerosol can with proof. If you paid attention you would see Bumstead is a legit 6’0 Eric Kanevsky measured him in the video below... he was about 6’1 in shoes take away an inch and we have 6’0. How is it so difficult for you to understand basic concepts? Lol Guzman is not 5’9 😂 what’s with these troll guesses. That was a bad photo, it’s funny how he chooses all of the bad photos but has yet to chose a good one hmmm seems fishy to be ladsicle.
BobbyCurls said on 11/Mar/20
@Greg If you check on @Josue's Instagram page, you can see photos of him with Chris Bumstead and Martins Licis. He looks every bit the 5'9 he claims. It seems that you are facing contradicting positions. If Bumstead is indeed 6'0, Josue looks a strong 5'9 or weak 5'10. If Josue is 5'9 like claims, then Bumstead is likely in the 5'11 range. If Josue is 5'8 like you claim, Bumstead is 5'10.

Regardless, I am interested to see how you reconcile your beliefs on Josue's height.

Guzman is 5'9 range.
Greg said on 4/Feb/20
@Josue so You where wrong about Chris Bumstead height he just got measured recently on Eric Kanevskys video Click Here he’s the first guy who gets measured and he got 6’1 now remove shoes and you have 6’0, so you where wrong about 5’10.75-5’11 for him now that we established that Guzman is definitely between 5’10-5’11.
Nik said on 7/Dec/19
@ Rob - How tall is Shawley Coker?
Editor Rob
In 2012 he tweeted 6ft 200 lbs
Greg said on 23/Nov/19
@Rando 182 I’ve posted it before but just to shut you up here it is Click Here. Her claim is more believable than Josues I looked through her photos she seems in that 5’10-5’11 range. Granted Christian wasn’t standing that well she said that she felt they where around the same height. Rob would most likely agree that her claim is believable. Now on the other hand I didn’t measure her at least I am actually showing this proof unlike you talking with no action.
rando182 said on 23/Nov/19

Funny how you whine about me not posting personal pictures and go on blabbering about some random girl that's 5'11 and using that as your primary evidence. Where's that picture? And I suppose you have her measurement on video too right?
Greg said on 13/Nov/19
If Rod had the funds what would most likely happen is he would see Christian isn’t only an inch taller than him because I highly doubt he would only be 1 inch taller than Rob, I can’t see anything below 5’10 for Guzman considering a girl who was around 5’11 met Christian and said they where about the same height.
Greg said on 13/Nov/19
@Josue I am not saying you’re 5’6.75 even though you’re attempting playful banter. You’re more 5’8 than 9 Akon Gabbay photo proves it and the Jay Cutler you barely have an inch range on Cut. If Rob where to meet Guzman he would see he’s 5’10 range, I know people that have actually met him and estimated around 5’10-5’11 so 5’10.5. You saying you’re 5’9 doesn’t change what you actually measure barefeet my guy you are probably 5’9 in a thick air max or boots.
Josue said on 11/Nov/19
Rob could probably meet CG and other bodybuilders at the Body Power expo at Birmingham UK and see that I'm right.
Editor Rob
|If I could afford such a thing I would, as I remember last year they had a good amount of names at it.
Josue said on 11/Nov/19
@Greg, I'm actually 5'6 3/4" I just wear small lifts to claim 5'9".
Greg said on 10/Nov/19
@Josue if you admit CG is 5’9 than you’re admitting to lying about your 5’9 claim because he edged you out, second of all how can Jeff be 5’11 if he’s 5’9.5 and looks around an inch to an inch and a half taller than you hence you’re like around 5’8 my point exactly. Wouldn’t be surprised if you dipped to 5’7.75 territory or 5’7.5 at an extreme low. you’re MAX like 5’8.25-5’8.5 I am not going to go any higher than 5’8.5 you don’t look like a legit 5’9, Especially since a leaning Chewning edged you out. buendia is short as hell and might not even be 5’6.. so you’re not proving anything, why do you always link photos where Christian isn’t standing well and obviously dropping posture even ask Rob he looks an easy 3-4 inches taller than Jeremy with the lean if he straighted up he would be easy 4-5 inches taller let’s assume he is the 5’6 okay so it makes Christian Guzman 5’10.5 like Rob lists him as. Jesus how dumb can you be? You’re so height unaware. how about you link a measurement video then I will believe you. Robs listing for Christian Guzman is on the money.
Josue said on 9/Nov/19
People that have met CG know he's 5'9".

CG compared to a 5'6" Jeremy Buendia (listed 5'8")
Click Here

Me compared to Buendia.
Click Here
I'm probably the biggest 5'7.5" right Greg.
Greg said on 9/Nov/19
Why I think Josue isn’t a legit 5’9 is because he was edged out by 5’9 Alon Gabbay in a photo, he thinks Guzman is 5’9 and Seid is 5’11 LOL, he could be 5’8.25-5’8.5 I would be surprised if he edged out Big Rob by much. He got edged by a leaning 5’9.5 Chewning. And we all know Guzman is slightly taller than Chewning so something here isn’t adding up I caught him in several lies there.
Greg said on 9/Nov/19
@Rob yeah but I think there’s a higher chance of him claiming an “in shoe” height he seems like he would barely edge you out wouldn’t be a legit 5’9 like Tom Hardy or Joesph gordon levitt or Jared Leto. I think he could be 5’9 out of bed and even that’s not certain.
Greg said on 7/Nov/19
@Josue also in the first photo Bumstead is tilting his head downwards and he has a footwear disadvantage, in the second photo Laid is raising his eyelevel so let's see if Laid is 6'2.5" that Makes Chris at worst 3 inches shorter than him, I have no issue seeing Chris at 6'0 or close enough to claim it, he'd be the same height as Steve Cook both just claim 6'1 to sound 'bigger'. I know Plenty of people that claimed Guzman and pinpointed him between 5'10-5'11, I have more of a reason to believe Guzman is this current listing then the 5'9 you have him at unless of course you're 5'7.5" which I am more inclined to belive lmao. how can you be the same height as him if you are 5'9, yet he's taller than you! you just countered yourself I am done aruging with you because you are a troll. How is Seid 5'11 but Guzman is 5'9 when He edged him out. I think you would guess me and TheBat to be 6'0 with your nonsense.
Editor Rob
Check Josue's photo with JonJones, I think his claim seems reasonable to me, I doubt he's BSing it.
rando182 said on 5/Nov/19

Lol how many times do I have to tell you I'm not posting a personal photo. I never claimed it was strong evidence either. Idk what your problem is, I'm just giving my input just like everyone else here. And if you had a couple brain cells you'd realize that even if I posted the photo, eyes blurred out or w/e, you'd STILL have to believe that my claim for my friend. It's not like I have him measured on video. So there's absolutely no point in posting it.
Josue said on 2/Nov/19
@Greg, yeah let's compare Bumstead with 6'2" David Laid.
Click Here
Click Here

Bumstead is 5'10 3/4" maybe 5'11" just to be generous.

And for good measure let's revisit that picture of Bumstead and Guzman standing tall.
Click Here

Close to 2 inches between them. How are you going to counter this?
TheBat said on 1/Nov/19

You have the most untrustworthy claims and estimates on this site. You're a weak 5'8" on your best day. Plus Guzman is slouching a lot so I can see him below 5'10" when he stands straight. And trying to say someone like Jeff Seid is 5'11" when he's really 5'9.5" is laughable. You'd probably guess me at 6'0" to justify your 5'9" claim.
Greg said on 1/Nov/19
@Josue you are literally using a strawman arguement because you are trying to disagree with something based on no “rational” evidence. First of all how could you be 5’9 if Christian Guzman is allegedly 5’9 which he isn’t..? So that makes you like 5’8 range, which I’m more likely to believe you being sub 5’9 bare feet than Guzman being much under 5’10. You look 5’8 with 6’2 Bradley, he’s losing posture and comfortably edges you out. Again you pick terrible photos to try and back up your nonsense you need get your head and eyes checked my guy. You’re not going to Prove me wrong I never said Omar is 5’8 he’s never even claimed that height I can’t see him being the same height as Rob. Omar is a legit 5’9 guy measures 5’10 out of bed likely. He would edge you out in person no doubt. Also Chris isn’t 6’1 but he isn’t 5’10.5 they get measured for completions and they literally wouldn’t let him compete if he wasn’t said height. To be fair I can make an argument for 5’11.5-6’0 for Chris but not under he has a photo with 6’2 David Laid. Who looks about 2 inches taller than him but Chris has sneakers on and Laid barefeet So makes him about 6’0 give or take. You just played yourself didn’t prove me wrong.
Josue said on 26/Oct/19
Click Here
Guzman same height as Omar Isuf listed 5'9". Please Greg explain to me how Guzman is 5'10.5". Let me guess your going to say Guzman is not standing fully tall and that Isuf is 5'8". But please keep blabbing nonsense so I can prove you wrong.
Greg said on 22/Oct/19
Click Here So here’s a photo with an Instagram Bodybuilder who claims to be between 5’10-5’11 and his claim is pretty believable having looked through his photos. He even Has a photo with Maxx which I will share a little later. Here’s him with Guzman he has less footwear and they look close in height, now take the footwear advantage away and you have Robs listing almost perfectly assuming that’s at a low or afternoon so 5’10.5” in the photo with Maxx he edged Max and what do you know? My 5’9.5 guess for Maxx actually makes sense 🤯 oh no how will you join Big G’s rebellion now? Aye walk the plank now laddy.
Greg said on 22/Oct/19
@Rando182 You’re argument is invalid then, I can say I took pictures with Bradley Martyn but don’t want to upload for personal reasons, you could always post them and just block out the eyes ;). But I know you don’t actually have them because I caught you bluffing that’s first and foremost. Secondly, Josue isn’t the 5’9 he claims at least not in my opinion. Unless he provides proof of a measurement then I’m not buying it. So Good sir Josue step yo to the plate if you dare. Now you are just changing up my worlds. I said okay if he’s 5’9 out of bed that would make him 5’8.25, so he should say he’s claiming a morning height. Here on CH Rob lists celebrities at their noon height. I doubt CG is 5’9 range unless my argument for 5’7.5-5’8 for Josue stands? So then you just played yourself and proved my own point lol. Anyways I’m done arguing with a troll you could call Josue 6’0 for all I care that’s not going to change anything.

@no one in particular Hi Josue you’re not 5’9-5’10. I’m not being a clown just presenting facts. If he’s 5’9-5’10 that would make Chewning an easy 5’11-6’0, and he doesn’t even claim over 5’10 which is likely a morning height. I have proof Max is about 5’9.5ish
No one in particular said on 13/Oct/19
Greg stop being a clown Josue looks 5'9-5'10.
rando182 said on 18/Sep/19

And yes, "nearly" isn't the same height but you were saying earlier that Josue was "5'7ish" and Max was 5'9+ which made no sense at all. Then you say he's 5'8.5-5'8.75, and after that you say he barely looks 5'8.5. I don't get why you're so convinced that he's lying, he's probably just saying the height he was measured at the doctor. Maybe he's not exactly 5'9, but he's close enough to it.. Max isn't edging him out either, he's definitely losing posture but he is not edging Josue out in any way
rando182 said on 18/Sep/19

I'm not afraid of anything lol, I'm just not posting them for privacy reasons. If you don't want to believe me that's fine. That's why I said both times it's "not the best evidence", you either believe me or you don't. Either way, seeing my friend and Josue with Guzman I'm not convinced he's in the 5'10 range. I've yet to see anything that would suggest otherwise
Greg said on 17/Sep/19
Lol Josue gets edged out by a Leaning Chewning and He looked over an inch shorter than Jeff Seid even Thebat agrees with me so I can’t be that crazy for thinking that, do a measurement video then we will talk. If Jeff is like 5’9.5 and had around 1.5 inches on you how would that work? Even me estimating 5’8.5 sounds generous, maybe 5’9 in shoes but bare feet I’m not convinced you’re that tall.
Greg said on 17/Sep/19
@Rob Josue would get edged out by legit 5’9 guys like Jared Leto and Tom hardy etc.. Josue barely looks 5’8.5.. honestly
Greg said on 17/Sep/19
@Rando lol blur out the faces and post the photos then or are you afraid of something? 👀 just literally black out the eyes or something but make it so we can still see the top of heads. I’ve seen many photos of Guzman where he’s looked shorter than taller, his proportions are awful. Although there was a girl who claims to be 5’11 and Said guzman was around here height despite me thinking she edged him out.
Greg said on 17/Sep/19
@Rando182, Nearly isn’t the same height, Maxx claims an in shoe height I believe he edges him out. My guess for Josue based on what I seen 5’8.5-5’8.75”. My guess for Maxx is 5’9.25-5’9.5
rando182 said on 16/Sep/19
I posted this earlier, but I have a friend who's the same height as me, 5'11.5/182cm. He has multiple pictures with Guzman, and in every one he looks at least 2 inches taller than him. Not the best evidence, I know, and I'm not gonna post the pictures for privacy reasons. But after seeing Josue's pictures I would honestly be surprised if Guzman was in the 5'10 range.
rando182 said on 16/Sep/19
@Greg Yeah but why would you say Josue is height frauding if you believe Max is a weak 5'10? They look nearly the same height.
Greg said on 15/Sep/19
@Rob google still lists him at 6’0, plus I seen in a video another Bodybuilder Brandon hardbody referred to him as 6’0 yet mentioned Seid claims 6’0 at 5’9 I’m assuming most people think he’s actually 6’0.
Greg said on 15/Sep/19
@Josue you’re not 5’9 dude stop height frauding lol just to justify his claim, he’s probably a 5’10 range guy 5’11 with shoes.
Editor Rob
I think on Josue's instagram he can pull off near 5ft 9.
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
@Rob, check the 2:25 mark of this video, he gets called out as been 5'9".
Click Here

Also this is his girlfriend who claims 5'0" and is listed 4'11" online.
Click Here

Christian Guzman and his girlfriend height comparison.
Click Here

There's also this topic about Christian been 5'9".
Click Here
Editor Rob
One thing with Guzman - it would have been easy for the guy filming to have stood beside the stadiometer rather than let Guzman call out 5ft 11 to the does make you wonder what the true figure was.
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
@Rob, here is my full vertical photo with Christian Guzman from my IG page.
Click Here
Click Here
I'm only 5'9" and you can judge based on our footwear and posture that Christian Guzman is only 5'9" as well.
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if he was only 5ft 9. I always thought he seemed 5ft 10 range, though 5ft 11 like he was supposed to measure seems harder to believe.
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
@Rob, at the 37:38 mark of the video Shawley Coker claims 6'1" and then proceeds to getting his height listed as 6'1". But it looks like the guy checking his height is doing a lazy job at placing the top piece flat on his head.
Click Here

Then at the at the 22:52 mark of this video, Christian Guzman is standing back to back with Shawley with a noticable 3 inch difference.
Click Here
That puts Christian at 5'10 or 5'9" if Shawley is only 6'0" as he once claimed in 2012.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/19
Guy on the right looks over 6ft
Greg said on 11/Sep/19
@Rando Because Maxx isn’t a legit 5’10 dude the more I look at him the more I realize he’s claiming an “in shoe height” they only look like half an inch apart so whatever height Maxx is Christian just edges him, he’s close to his brother Chases height but He claims 5’11, I think Maxx is a weak 5’10 or 5’9.5 and Guzman like 5’10.25-5’10.5”.
Greg said on 11/Sep/19
@Rando Because Maxx isn’t a legit 5’10 dude the more I look at him the more I realize he’s claiming an “in shoe height” they only look like half an inch apart so whatever height Maxx is Christian just edges him, he’s close to his brother Chases height but He claims 5’11, I think Maxx is a weak 5’10 or 5’9.5 and Guzman like 5’10.25-5’10.5”.
Greg said on 11/Sep/19
@Josue @Rob yeah he was it’s like he didn’t even see the mark and she said “yeah” but he doesn’t look a proper 5’11 guy at least Barefoot it would have been better if they zoomed in on the measurement.
Editor Rob
At least he is acknowledging he's not a six footer.
Greg said on 11/Sep/19
@Rob I’ve seen that video before I forget what it’s called but it was him visiting Home Depot or something. Christian seems closer to 5’10 than 11 although supposedly a girl who claims to be 5’11 said she met Christian and estimated him to be around her height.
Josue said on 25/Aug/19
@Rob at the 39:31 mark of this video Christian is measured as 5'11". Do you think it was done accurately?
Click Here
Editor Rob
He was quick saying 5ft 11 there, I don't know if the women even said anything!
TD15 said on 22/Aug/19
He always claims 6 foot. In one video he said he'll be brutally honest that he is actually a smidgen under 6 foot being 5'11 3/4ths. Do you think there is a good chance he's actually 6 and if not why do you think he adds over an inch if he's actually under 5'11? Thanks, Rob. Love your page!
Editor Rob
No, there's little chance of 6 foot. I thought there was a video out there of him (maybe I'm getting mixed up) where he's standing near some sort of height ruler and talking about 5ft 11 as his height...I need to find it!
TheBat said on 13/Aug/19

Lol your around 5'7" not 5'9". Jeff Seid's 5'9.5" which proves you aren't, next time easure yourself in bare feet.
Josue said on 13/Aug/19
@rando182 yea I don't get how @Greg is assuming my height. The evidence is there in my picture.
rando182 said on 7/Aug/19
How are you getting that Josue is 5'7ish and Max is 5'9.5? They are nearly identical in that picture. Look at his picture with Guzman he's clearly not 5'7.
Greg said on 4/Aug/19
@Josue I requested Maxx a few times, but no offense but I don’t think you’re 5’9, you seem. More 5’7ish like I said earlier and Maxx is looking between 5’9 3/8ths and 5’9.5. He’s loosing posture though so it’s making it difficult to estimate assuming he’s around Jeff’s height.
Josue said on 19/Jul/19
Rob can you make a profile on Maxx Chewning, he is one of Christians best friend and has a big following on IG and YouTube in fitness.
I'm 5'9" next to 5'10" Maxx.
Click Here
TheBat said on 12/Jul/19

More like 5'9" in boots.
Josue said on 7/Jul/19
Click Here
I'm 5'9.
Josue said on 25/Jun/19
Met him in the 2016 LA Fit Expo, I'm 5'9" and he seemed just a few centimeters taller than me.
rando182 said on 15/Jun/19
I think this listing is too high. I know this isn't the best evidence but I have a friend who's about the same height as me (5'11 range) and he has multiple pictures with Guzman. Looks to have a solid 2 inches on him. Either that or I'm taller than I think lol.
TheBat said on 13/Jun/19

It would! I think Jeff can be 5'10" when wearing the right shoes, I've heard people who've met him said he's in the 5'9.5" area.
Daniel Jorn said on 9/Jun/19
he's closer to 5'11"
Greg said on 5/Jun/19
@TheBat well it’s it’s pretty Common in the fitness industry for guys to lie about height and weight. I’m not sure if Jeff is really 5’9.5 I thought at least 5’10 but he could be 5’9 too, would be interesting to meet him in person and find out.
TheBat said on 8/May/19

Hard to believe a strong 5'9" guy like Jeff claims 6'0".
Jamie said on 28/Apr/19
Hey Rob, how tall would say the guy is next to Christian?
Editor Rob
In the instagram photo on this page? That guy claimed six feet.
Greg said on 26/Apr/19
@Dawn Jeff’s not Taller than Guzman Jeff probably is a weak 5’10/ flat 5’10 at most.
RiNTH said on 25/Apr/19
Can you tell us Johny Edlind Height? Please! Every websites says that he are 177/178 but he looks shorter
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Apr/19
@ Greg - Thanks for your highly entertaining comment! Has Christian actually claimed to be 6ft? How can he be when the guy standing with him is 6ft? What utter rubbish! I feel more
inclined to go for just over 5ft10 when I compare the two fellows, so next vote, I will take him down by a quarter-inch, but blimey, he makes the most of himself, and he is a 'tall average' height anyway. Personally, I've always been of the opinion that someone who tops 5ft10 is really quite tall, but it's all relative to how people compare to you; a sprinkling of common sense never goes a miss either!

Cheers Greg! 😊👍
Dawn said on 24/Apr/19
Why you put jeff seids at 5'9 and Christian Guzman at 5'11 jeffs taller than him
TheBat said on 24/Apr/19
Smh, another 5'10" man claiming 6'0". Guys in the 5'10" range like me are above average in most countries.
Greg said on 23/Apr/19
@Guest66 Bad news for Maxx Chewning then because he claims 5’10. But he might be 5’9.5ish. His brother Chase claims 5’11 and can look more or less that mark with a chance being a fraction off. Personally I follow Christian on Instagram and he can appear around 5’11ish in some photos with the right angle/ footwear. If I where to guess he’d be in the 5’10 range although a girl who seems an honest 5’11 met Guzman and she insists he’s her height if not a bit taller. So who knows
MD said on 23/Apr/19
Lmeister, that weight given for him was way back in 2012. He is visibly heavier than that now.
Lmeister said on 23/Apr/19
He is relatively light if u only consider his upperbody. This happens when u skip leg days (+back) especially squats and deadlifts. Looks flat 5ft10.
Guest66 said on 22/Apr/19
He’s standing on one foot as well on that instagram picture, gaining about 1cm in posture by doing that. Seems like he knows some tricks, could be even 5’10” flat.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Apr/19
⭐️ I've just noted Christian's surname, and my usual compulsion is to play about with a name, juvenile that I am!

I thought of 'Guzzleman', but the only thing I can see THIS one guzzling is those high protein shakes!

Greg said on 22/Apr/19
@Frost there was many times Guzman was exposed That student aesthetics guy seems around 6’0.75-6’1.25”ish so I can see it Guzman just doesn’t stack up to legit 5’11 Fitness guys like Ishak Ishak, Brad Brumlow. I’m curious though how tall Mike Thurston is he Claims 5’11 but I think he’s more 5’10ish maybe even 5’9 range.
MD said on 21/Apr/19
Closer to a flat 5'10", really.
Greg said on 21/Apr/19
@Sandy I think he’s been working out for many years he seems to be natural as far as I believe, also I think he’s in the strong 5’10 range 5’10.5” is a good estimate as I’ve never bought his 6’0 claim. Even his 5’11 listing on google was a bit iffy. Some photos he can manage to look 5’11 other times only 5’10. Shawey coker seems to be a decent 6’0 guy maybe 5’11.75” at worst. Him and his friend Maxx chewing can often look a half inch apart. Although some kid who’s met Guzman insists he’s a legit 5’11. I don’t see it
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/19
How much time does he spend in the gym to look like that? 💪

Greg said on 21/Apr/19
Also wondering how tall do you think Max chewning is? He claims 5’10 but I think he can fall into that weaker 5’10 category like 5’9.5-5’9.75” as he often gets edged out by Guzman.
Editor Rob
if Guzman edges him, then 5ft 9.5-10 may be his range.
Greg said on 21/Apr/19
Thanks for the add Rob! I knew his claim seemed a bit far fetched he said he got measured at 5’11.75” for a competion
Frost said on 20/Apr/19
I think 5'10 1/4" is fine for him. Not his 6'0" claim and was readily exposed standing next to Student Aesthetics who appears to be his 6'1" claim.

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