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5ft 4.37in (163.5cm)
Adrianna said on 4/May/08
I am a model (her age) so I live in CA and have met her. My 10 year old sister is 4'9 and she is about her height. She is def not even 5' yet. I'd say she is 4'9-4'10.5. So the listed height is correct. I'd give her a year, maybe she will grow? She will definatly not be a tall woman since she is already 14 and not yet 5', however she may reach 5'2 by the time she is fully grown.
Rach said on 29/Apr/08
Dakota is 5'2" stephanie is right. you can tell by looking at how high her head comes up to the door frame in a picture on a gossip webpage.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/08
Yes you are says on 14/Apr/07
"Kristen yes you are abnormally tall there are only a couple of kids in my school who are 5'9" and they're guys, we're 13, too."
Guys that age are probably shorter than girls, so really you've just proved Kristen right, lol. If guys in your class are already 5'9 at age 13, then that's as "abnormal" (or even more so) than a girl being 5'9 at that age.
Stephanie said on 10/Apr/08
I think Dakota looks around 5' 2" now. I think she has genes for late growth, seeing as both her parents are much taller than she is. Joy looks at around 5' 8" or 5' 9" and Steve is probably 5' 10" to 6' 0" range. That means the girls should be around 5' 7" when they're done growing, but it's hard to tell.
Tilly said on 9/Apr/08
I think Dakota's 4"11-5".
Oh and Anonymous... I highly doubt u go 2 school with Dakota because she is home schooled smart one.
Olivia said on 13/Mar/08
I think she is 4'11" or maybe 5'0 or 5'1 by now.. and she is 14 now so she could go through a growth spirt.
runt said on 8/Mar/08
I have only seen one photo on the whole internet wear she even remotely looks like a teenager. What's up with that?
Ashleigh said on 16/Feb/08
I met her two months ago, she is a tiny girl for her age. She is about 4'10 or 4'11 the stated height is accurate.
Stephanie said on 12/Feb/08
She is 5' 2" now. Time for some updating.
hattie said on 2/Feb/08
i think that she is around 5' maybe taller because she isnt that much smaller than a certain someone i no who is 5' 4"!!! anway she is such a good actress and her sister is close behind her!
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/08
I go to school with her and she's pretty tiny. I'm 5' and she's definitely shorter than me.
Stephanie said on 9/Jan/08
If Camilla Belle is 5' 7" to 5' 8", Dakota only looks 4"-5" shorter, so she's gotta be at least 5' 2"...
Lucas said on 7/Jan/08
Honestly, I think she has grown up a bit, I heard she was about 5'4"
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/07
Dakota next to 5'7" - 5' 8" Camilla Belle in a behind-the-scenes shot of "Push" filming in Hong Kong right now:
Click Here
Ellen said on 6/Dec/07
There's no way Dakota is that short. Here is a pic of her with Chris Evans who is about 6'1/2". I would say she is a minimum of 5'1", probably more like 5'2". She is also slouching slightly.
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cutie said on 2/Dec/07
dakota looks so short i think she has this height disorder because i am only 11 and im her height she looks like she 10 she doesnt even wear bras yet and i do
Stephanie said on 8/Oct/07
She is 5' 0.5" as of July 2007. Elle is 4' 7" and is 9 years old.
Ally said on 8/Sep/07
After all the pics if seen I´d say Dakota is 5,1-5,2 feet tall. I´m 13 and I´m 4,11 feet. But I´m quite short. She definetly has grown a lot. Elle is 4,9 and Dakota isn´t much taller then her.
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/07
she is growing when i met her she was about 4'4
Sarah said on 13/Aug/07
I think Hannah Dakota Fanning is no more then 5'0". I mean Elle (Dakota's sister) is 8 and Dakota is 13 and Dakota is prob. 8" taller then Elle, an 8 year old.
Stephanie said on 28/Jul/07
Dakota is 5' 0" or 5' 1" tall. She is 13 years old now, almost 13 1/2, and is no longer 4' 10". Look at her (left) next to Kate Hudson, who is in the 5' 6"-5' 7" range: Click Here
This photo was posted on July 27th, and if I'm not mistaken, Kate's posture is sightly better than Dakota's...
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/07
Dakota is definitely not 5'0" yet, let alone 5'2". That picture next to Virginia Madsen (who is no more than 5'5") proves it. It's definitely more than 3 inches!
I'll give Dakota 4'10" at most.
anon said on 26/Jul/07
she is def not 5'2! maybe 4'9-4'10 actually but she has gotten tall
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her next to 5'4.5 virginia madsen
she is like a head shorter and both in flats
Denise said on 26/Jul/07
She is getting a LOT taller now, at least 5'2. see new pictures of her, she's in a growth spurt.
Nicole said on 6/Jul/07
dakota is 5'2 now.
Missy said on 30/Jun/07
I don't know how tall she is...But I am 14 and Im only 4'11"...I know im short...but so are my parents.but i think she is around 4'10.5".thats my guess.
Lindsay said on 6/Jun/07
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No matter the case, I think we can all agree that Dakota's page needs to be updated lol
In the most recent pics, she looks to have grown a little, between April and now. Considering the pic of her standing next to Salma Hayek '5''2 ( in heels that seem to give her a good, extra 3 inches); if she were to stand barefoot next to Dakota (without her small quarter-inch heel), there'd only be a quarter inch between them, making Dakota 5ft 1.75in. So let's just round-up and say '5''2!

Aghh! Hard to tell with all the leaning in, different heel sizes, and guess-timating on images alone...
kelly said on 1/Jun/07
i think dakotas probaly 5ft2inches because there is a picture of her and this famous guy with curly hair at the kids choice awards and he's 6ft4 so she has to be just below his shoulders if she was next to someone whos 6ft 2 but then the man will have heeled shoes for men that will put inches on him making him 6ft 6 that means she would be above his elbow.
Mike said on 30/May/07
She is close to 5 ft now
xD said on 19/May/07
wtf, 5'9", thats not freaking short. my class' average height is 5'6 or so, yeah there are the 6 foot guys but most of us are like 5'3 - 5'7. and we're all dudes. and our girlfriends are 5'2-5'4 >.>
Stephanie said on 13/May/07
Dakota's gotta be about 5' 0" now. I'd say 4ft 11.5in (151 cm).
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Elle is around 4' 7". Her stunt double gave this as her height in late 2006/early 2007, and now (May 2007) they're asking for someone who's blonde and under 4' 10" to be a stand-in for Elle.

Looking at the pictures, yes, Dakota has heels but she is also always slouching. And her heels are smaller than the heels of other teen actresses, such as Emma Roberts, 16, and Jamie Lynn Spears, 16. So slouching + smaller heels = not as small as she looks.
Lindsay said on 29/Apr/07
She looks to be around 4'11.75'' judging on the pics from the Kids Choice Awards pics where she's standing next to Jamie Lynn Spears (judging on if Spears wasn't slightly hunched over, and they both had their heels off). She looks a few inches taller when she's not standing next to anyone to compare the difference in height, though.
Stephanie said on 17/Apr/07
Dakota looks 4' 11"-5' 0" range based on this year's Kids Choice Awards photos. Remember, her heels are smaller than the other actresses' heels, she slouches, and her little sister Elle is 4' 7" (or thereabouts) as of December 2006. She is definitely over 4' 9" now, lol! :)

I think 5' 9" is exaggerating a little (maybe a lot of people are tall, but there are still much shorter people), unless you're talking about the boys. The tallest country in the world, The Netherlands, has an average of 5' 7" for women aged 25+, and the average seems to increase by about 1/2" every 30 years or so... Even counting the fact that many girls are done growing at 13 (don't grow at all in high school), 5' 9" is a very tall average.
The average height for guys age 25+ in the US/UK is around 5' 10" and is 6' in The Netherlands.
Yes you are said on 14/Apr/07
Kristen yes you are abnormally tall there are only a couple of kids in my school who are 5'9" and they're guys, we're 13, too.
Hannah said on 9/Apr/07
Dakota definitely grew taller. She also matured a lot in her face. In all of her movies she looks so much younger than she does in recent pictures and events.
Ellen said on 8/Apr/07
I agree with Stephanie, she seems to be about five feet tall. Looking at pictures of Elle and Dakota together look so much like pictures of me and my sister together and I am barely five foot two and she is four foot ten, so I'm guessing they are just one to at the most three inches shorter than we are.
Gabby said on 8/Apr/07
i really wish i could meet her. i am about that height and i am 12.
Kristen said on 7/Apr/07
it is kind of 13 and im 5' 9", but im not abnormally tall, all my classmates are around the same height.
Ellie said on 4/Apr/07
4'10" actually isn't THAT short for age 13. it would be if she had a fuller body shape (meaning she went through puberty already), but she's a stick, so she still has a lot of growing to do. i was 4'10" at 13, and i'm 16 now and 5'2", plus my doctor says i'll grow at least 1-2 more inches. so dakota will most likely be average or sleightly below average height, presuming she really is currently 4'10"
cute said on 3/Apr/07
shes not 4'10 or over that... shes under that.. surely..
at the picture with teri hatcher.. she look likes she's half a metre under teri (50 cm - ca. 25 inches.
and at the picture that stephanie has shown below.. you can se a picture with dakota and emma roberts.. emma is about 5'1-5'2... and emma is about 5 inches heigher than dakota... which puts dakota at 4'8... look for yourself....
Stephanie said on 31/Mar/07
Elle is 4' 7" and Dakota looks about 5' 0" now. She looks 5' 2" but she's wearing heels that look about 2" tall, and Elle is wearing flats. Click Here
These pics were just posted and are from a few hours ago. :)
olivia said on 11/Feb/07
ya i am from the city that her stunt double lives in . and ya in our local paper it said 4'7
Stephanie said on 11/Feb/07
The skiing pics were taken in January 2007, and the article stating Elle's stunt double's height to be 4' 7" was written in January 2007. So this is current stuff. Dakota is at the age where she might grow, but she's scheduled to begin filming a new movie as Elle's twin in September 2007. Right now they're pretty close to the same height (fraternal twins), but in 7 months, Dakota could grow a lot and won't be able to play Elle's twin.
Stephanie said on 8/Feb/07
Never mind. I take that back. Dakota is about 4' 9". When I first saw the skiing pics of her with Elle I thought she was about 5" taller. But Elle was bendng down a lot if you look at the pics at Totally Elle. Look here and they're almost exactly the same height: Click Here
According to a U.K. article, Elle's stunt double is 4' 7", so Elle is probably around 4' 7" as well, puting Dakota at 4' 9", 4' 9.5". She's not 4' 10.5" and definitely not 5' 2"!

[Editor Rob: in 6 months time she might be in a growth spurt]
Stephanie said on 5/Feb/07
My estiamte for her current height is 4' 10.5". It's now 2007 and she's almost 13. She was estimated 4' 7" in October 2005, and Elle looked about 4' 3" (4 inches shorter). Now Elle is probably 4' 5" (assuming she grew 2" since then) and Dakota looks about 5.5" inches taller, putting her at 4' 10.5"... she's grown a lot in the last year, and remember she does often like to wear flats.
Stephanie said on 28/Jan/07
She's still tiny though. Oprah is 5' 6.5" and was alot more than 4.5" taller than Dakota, which is the height difference there would be if she really were 5' 2". Maybe she was in heels and you in flats when she walked out? That would explain her looking 5' 2". But heels are about 2 or 3 inches, which would put Dakota at 4' 11" or 5' 0".
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/07
I'd say she's 5'2" because I saw her in Chicago a month or so ago on The Oprah Winfrey shoe and as she walked out she passed me and im only 5'4" and she was at around my eye level so a good 5'2" -5'4"
Stephanie said on 26/Jan/07
Dakota is not 5' 2". She is around 4' 10", and still growing based on the height of her parents (she barely comes up to their shoulders). And 5' 5" is not all that tall for 12 because you might be done growing (now if you were 9 or 10, that would be a different story)! Lots of girls are "above average height" at age 12 and don't grow anymore after that. I was about 5' 0" at her age and I'm 5' 8" now. My friend was 5' 5" at that age and still is 5' 5".
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/07
I'd say 4' 10.5" for her now. In October 2005, Dakota was about 4' 7" and was barely taller than her sister Elle from the Dreamer premiere pics. Now she's a lot taller than Elle, and I'm guessing Elle grew a little since then.
mouldy said on 1/Jan/07
...How old is this girl?? If she's 12 she's really tiny for her age! My younger sister was 5'0" when she was 12! And Dakota is only 4'9.5" ?? Jeez!
Katherine said on 31/Dec/06
I think that dakota is about 5'2 cuz im a week younger than dakota and im 5'5 and im quit tall and in recent pictures of her i zoomed it in on the laptop and i measured her and she came to 5'2 well i come from south africa and its gr8 here well talk lava cya
Ellen said on 24/Dec/06
Based on what I've seen lately with promotional stuff for Charlotte's web, they are definately trying to make her look shorter. My guess would be that she's about 5 ft. She was wearing flats next to Oprah and Julia Roberts who were both wearing high heels and she still didn't look very short. They're trying to make her appear to be shorter and more childlike to promote Charlotte's Web.

[Editor Rob: I think simply the girl likes wearing those ballerina type slippers...]
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
actually, charlotte's webb was filmed about 1.5 years ago, so she is much taller now.
Amanda said on 9/Sep/06
Well, Charlotte's Web is coming out in December, so we'll see new pictures then!
mr x said on 7/Sep/06
well check out this pic here Natalie Portman is 5'4 and Dakota comes up to about her mouth although Natalie has her head nodded down a bit so i wouldnt think Dakota was probaly around 4ft 8 at the time though that pic was taken 6 months ago so Dakotas probaly grown a bit since.

Click Here
Taylor said on 10/Aug/06
ok i met her and i m 4'8.5 and she is the same height as me we even stood back to back with no shoes on and we are the same height so i don't care what any of u say cuz she is 4'8.5
Anonymous the 5th said on 30/Jul/06
hey mr. Trueheight 5'1" is not short i'm shorter than 5'1" so be nicer when you post
Anonymous said on 14/May/06
Ok... This is for Faye. Maybe Dakota wasn't 4'10 in those pictures, but that was a LONG time ago! Now, she probably is. And I saw her two weeks ago, and when I saw her she was taller that I am- and I'm 4'9. And at girl scouts she was taller than all of us!!
Faye said on 11/May/06
her heels arent all that high . . . i mean teris . . . and she's not even to her shoulder!! NOT 4'10" . .
Anonymous said on 8/May/06
I met her and asked her- she is 4'11!!!
Anonymous said on 7/May/06
I am sure Dakota is atleast 4' 10. In these at th e bottom of page) Teri Hatcher has heels and is standing straight. Dakota has 1/4 of inch shoes. Think about it.Click Here
Maria said on 25/Apr/06
I seriously think that Dakota Fanning is definitely 4ft 8inches. Some people were saying that she's 4'11, and I disagree. Also where she is next to Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie is leaning her shoulder making it look as if Dakota was at her shoulder, but shes below that. I'd say shes a good 4'8 max, of course shell grow. Im thinking shell grow about 5'5 to a 5'6 1/2 when she gets older though.
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/06
kelly, IMDB is a great sight, but far from reliable on height.
Faye said on 16/Apr/06
erm, kelly, 5'10"-4'11" is an 11" difference, NOT 9"
enter name here said on 16/Apr/06
ok... i think dakota's in a growth spurt! In October she looked teenie tiny, but now- I'd say about 4'10 to 4'11! Click Here to see a recent photoshoot. her face is definately changing. She's finally maturing!
Serene said on 16/Apr/06
Dakota 5'? No way! Maybe shorter than 5 feet because if she is 5 feet and my aunt would look like a old hobbit beside her..

[Editor Rob: yes, she's still not 5ft...I mean look at the pics on the bottom of the page with Hatcher standing properly. There is a good foot difference, so take off maybe 3 inches (dakota has 1cm shoes) for teri's heels and you still have her maybe near 4ft 9...but not 5ft
Kelly said on 15/Apr/06
Dakota is at most 5'0. I don't think she is actually 4'8, probably 5'10 or 5'11, because she is about 9 inches shorter than Kurt Russel and he is 5'10, so I think that Dakota is 4'11. According to Click Here she is 4'11 and they are very realiable. Sometimes on screen the camera is angled to catch her 'youth'. She is 4'10-11" for God's sake!!
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/06
She is 5"1
John said on 12/Apr/06
In general, the human head is about eight inches long so if Hatcher is 5'8", then Dakota would be five feet tall if she came up to Hatcher's chin. However, when I look at the picture it appears that she is a few inches below her chin meaning that she would be less than 4'11".
name said on 9/Apr/06
Click Here

In this picture, Dakota is with John Stamos and Terry Hatcher. Hatcher is 5'8" and Stamos is 6'1". She is above Terry's shoulder. I'd say she is 4'11" at the least.
name said on 9/Apr/06
I am 99% sure Dakota is 5'0" tall. As you can see in this picture on the following link, Dakota is past Jamie Lee Curtis' shoulder.Jamie Lee is 5'9. She looks less then a foot taller than Dakota.

Click Here
S said on 3/Apr/06
You can never tell at that age. When I was 12 I was aboout 5'5" and everyone thought I'd be really tall but I haven't grown since (well maybe 1/4-1/2 an inch).
Bianka said on 2/Apr/06
It really doesnt matter because i am also short for my age.And people probably dont know how tall she really is. I haven't seen her so i dont really know how tall she is.I'm about 5'tall.I think that thats pretty tall but i the second shortest kid in my class.Some people told me that when they saw me they thought that i was 9. But anyway it doesnt matter how tall she is because people like her anyway.=)
Stephanie said on 22/Mar/06
I think it's very interesting because people who are judging by pictures say she's short because she "looks" small, and the people who have met Dakota in person say she's 5' tall. Maybe she's one of those people who just looks smaller in pictures and then you meet her and are surprised. Dakota still hasn't written back (I think she's filming and took the questionnaire with her to do when she has extra time [ie. between homework and filming], because people who sent her stuff but didn't request a reply have heard back from her and gotten thank-you notes already), but I am really curious to see what her response is.

To the people who say Dakota isn't a good candidate for being tall, the issue with 12-year-olds, especially girls, is that most of them are NOT average height. When kids are young, most are close to average and a few are considerably taller or shorter. Once they hit 11/12, some of them stay the same height, and others grow a lot. In other words, few people are close to the "average" and most people are either taller or shorter than average by quite a bit. And by looking at Dakota, she obviously hasn't gotten her growth spurt yet, so we'll see. :)
Lucy said on 21/Mar/06
I think dakota is 4 foot 8, she is really small but so am i.
im 4 foo5 and im 10 and i weigh 37 pounds
she im really tiny for my age
Ashley said on 18/Mar/06
Hey!!! I saw Dakota Fanning on Valentines Day, and believe me- she looks about 5' even. I, myself am a grown woman and am 5'2, and I had on heels (making me about 5'4) and Dakota had on litttle ballerina shoes( which maybe gave her about 1/8 of an inch , and she was about 3 1/2 or 4 inches smaller than me. I'd say shes about 5'. She may be in a growth spurt.
charlie said on 13/Mar/06
so i guess shes not a good candidate for being tall huh, thanks amanda
Amanda said on 11/Mar/06
She is 12. Here are the heights, and if you follow the arrow you can see what the height of each person would be if they follow the growth curve. Remember, this is just a guess; lots of people end up shorter/taller than their predicted height at age 12.
4' 7" is the 5th percentile --> 5' 0.5"
4' 9" is the 25th percentile --> 5' 3"
5' 0" is the 50th percentile (average) --> 5' 4.6"
5' 2" is the 75th percentile --> 5' 6.5"
5' 5" is the 95th percentile --> 5' 8.5"
charlie said on 11/Mar/06
Is she one average height, below or above,I cant tell for that age.So is she gonna be a 5'2, 5'5 or like 5'9????
Amanda said on 11/Mar/06
Reese has huge heels on (look at how steep her foot is), which add about 4" to her height, and Dakota is not really standing up straight (see the placement of her feet). Plus, that was before her 12th birthday party pics-- look at those because they're more recent. From the October pics, next to Elle, you can see there is really not more than 3" height difference. Dakota's height estimate was 4' 8" and Elle's was 4' 5.5". Now, Dakota is clearly gaining some height. In early January she looked about 4' 9" next to Witherspoon and in late February she could be in the 4' 9.5"-4' 10" range, comparing her to 4' 5.5" Elle. Remember, don't judge next to Hollywood women because they wear giant heels. Anyone 5' or less who has no heels is going to look tiny.
Kate said on 10/Mar/06
dakota fanning is 4'11

[Editor Rob:

add 3 inches to her height beside witherspoon and sure she could be 4ft 9 range...

but 4ft 11, hmm...]
Amanda said on 9/Mar/06
I just got notified that Dakota Fanning responded to the Childstar_fans' birthday book, so the DakotaFanning group should get a reply any time now because they mailed their stuff out on the same day that Childstar_fans did (21/Feb/06, so it would arrive on 23/Feb/06, which was Dakota's 12th Birthday). And then we'll get to see how close all of our guesses were for her height!
Amanda said on 9/Mar/06
She has definitely grown since October. Has anyone seen the pics of her 12th birthday? She's about 4' 10" now-- 4' 8" was probably right from October, but now they height gap between her and Elle has increased again. And I am not just talking about Dakota's platform shoes (which are about 1.5" taller than Elle's shoes that she wore). Elle is about 4' 5" and Dakota looked close to the same height in October. Now Dakota is definitely much taller. I think maybe Dakota is finally starting to hit a growth spurt! So, the people who guessed 5' 0" aren't stretching too much. And the people who think she's around 4' 7" are simply judging by pictures from summer/fall 2005. I think that she'll probably hit/pass the 5' 0" mark by her next birthday, or even this summer. Some kids can grow several inches in a short time span, so you never know!
February 23, 2006:
Click Here
October 2005:
Click Here
gyllenhaalic823 said on 7/Mar/06
I seriously doubt 5'0" is probable for Dakota; I'm around 5'1" and when I wear shoes that are COMPLETELY flat I do look a lot taller than Dakota (well, it's not like I look in my mirror and go, "oh i look taller than dakota fanning" randomly; NO, but from memory I look a LOT taller) also Dakota is bone-thin, and many thin people appear taller because there is less "horizantal excess" to scale down their height ratio.
I'm guessing close to Rob's estimate.
Amanda said on 6/Mar/06
gyllenhaalic823- Well, discussing the height of Dakota is kind of pointless until we get the letter back from the DakotaFanning Yahoo! Group ( There is no way to tell for sure because she almost always wears ballet shoes with NO soles! Of course she's going to look tiny. Especially when most women in Hollywood wear heels. Even the ones who are 5' (like some people say Dakota said she was) wear shoes big enough to make them 4"-6" taller! But maybe she really is small. Estimates range from 4' 7" to 5' 0". Editor Rob's estimate is 4' 8", and he's usually pretty close to correct (within 1/2" to 1"), in my opinion. But with all the camera angles, and Dakota's low shoes and slouching, she might actually be closer to 5'. We don't know! That's why we're asking her!

In response to shawn's question, here is the index for all children, if you want to take a look: And here is the chart for height of white girls like Dakota: The average height for a 12-year-old girl is 4' 11.5" or about 152 cm. This site seems pretty reliable because they are close to the national CDC height charts. The only things I think they changed since the 1970's publishing of the charts are that kids are slightly taller (the height average has gone up by half an ince since then) and heaver (unfortunately, weight has also gone up).

If you're from the UK, I just looked and white people of the USA have the same averages as all people in the UK, and since the UK doesn't put out race-specific height averages, you can just use the "white" people one (even if you're not white) for average purposes.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 5/Mar/06
I just don't see how seven inches is possible, that's all. Usually people who are short and wind up tall grow 3-4 inches in college
hey come on get back to Dakota!!
gyllenhaalic823 said on 25/Feb/06
Okay, I took the time to read Amanda's thing . . . but growing 7 INCHES in a few months doesn't just make you thin, it's unnatural and can cause health problems dealing with your bone structure etc. etc. I seriously think your mom might have been exaggerating, trust me, my mom does that all the time when she tells me stories about her teenage years. it's possible she got her growth spurt and grew maybe 2-3 inches in that amount of time, but think of this:
12 months avg. growth = 1.5"
1.5" divided by 12 = .125" or 1/8" = 3/8" avg. for three months, and so SEVEN INCHES is just crazy.
My friend Samantha has been 5'4" since age 12, and has grown maybe 1/2 inch since then, but my friend audrey who used to be a bit above average height at 10 (about 4'10") is now 15 and 5'8" and has a good 3-4" left to grow. but she got her biggest growth spurt when she was 11 or 12, and she's grown 10" in 5 years = avg. 2 inches per year during the height of her growing stages; she'll probably put on the rest of the inches in the years to come. but let's say she grew 1.5 inches for three years = 4.5 inches. so where did the rest come from?
that's 5.5 inches in two years (11 and 12) = 2.75" in her growth spurt
NOT 7"
and there was a comment down there about a GUY who grew a lot . . . that's how guys grow, not girls; they get growth spurts later in life because they go through puberty later and also grow more in their spurts
okay but let's get back on track here . . . we're arguing about fricking averages and NOT concentrating on Dakota at all!!
just look at her in the picture I posted
here again:,%20Dakota
shawn said on 24/Feb/06
rob, or anyone...: is she average below or above average for her age?????
Stephanie/stephe1987 said on 24/Feb/06
I just got Amanda's e-mail and it sounds like Dakota's height is causing a lot of debate on this site. So, to settle the arguments, I will send the scans of her 12th birthday questionnaire (one of the questions asks her current height) to Editor Rob when I get them back. Then we'll know how tall she really is! It might be a while because I told her to take her time filling it out because she's been getting a lot of mail lately. After all, it's her 12th birthday (23/Feb/06)!

How tall do I think she is? I have no idea. In some pictures she looks around 4' 6" and in other pics she looks close to the 5' mark. We'll see what she says in a couple of weeks to a few months from now (depending on how quickly she gets back to us).

anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
To gyllenhaalic823: yes, but very, very few girls are 5' 8"-5' 11" at that age. That's above the average for grown women. I think Krista and Amanda were talking about the ones who are average, get a giant growth spurt, and don't grow anymore. And then there are others who are above average and stop growing for a while while the others pass them up. And then there are the tiny ones who stay tiny (which is why the average is 5').
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
gylenhaalic823, my friend was 15, when he had a MAJOR growth spurt. He grew 4.5 inches in a little less than 3 months (he went from 5'8'' to a bit more than 6'), so don't say it's impossible. He was my classmate for 8 years and he wasn't that tall. I barely recognized him after we hadn't seen each other during the summer holidays...

[Editor Rob: I guess sharapova is best example of an 18 year old girl gaining 2 more inches...from 5ft 3 age 13 to 6ft 2 age 19]
gyllenhaalic823 said on 15/Feb/06
oh and also on the quote at "they went from 4'7"-5'4"" that isn't even 7 inches; it's NINE inches!!
she also put this here:
10= 55" or 4' 7"
11= 57" or 4' 9"
12= 60" or 5' 0"
contradicts again
and i dont mean to attack you or anything, just saying . . .
and avg. height for women is 5'4" NOT 5'4.5",%20Dakota
awards ceremony in january 2006 ^^
does she really look 4'10" to you??
gyllenhaalic823 said on 14/Feb/06
oh yes and krista the girl who are at full height at 12 are far taller than 5'4"; they are the ones from 5'8-11". And there you contradicted yourself saying they would be 5'0" in your little "chart".
gyllenhaalic823 said on 13/Feb/06
"So they went from 4' 7" (age 10) to 5' 4" (age 12) in two years. That is 3.5" per year during a growth spurt . . ."
seven inches in two years is too much . . . I got the information from my doctor, thank you very much.
Amanda said on 11/Feb/06
The average for 12 is 5', but that's because it's an AVERAGE, and it's thrown off by the girls who have early growth and are at their full height (or within an inch or two of it) already. Dakota is the average height for an 11-year-old, but she also hasn't had her growth spurt yet, and many girls her age have, so she just seems tiny even though she's not. Elle seems closer in height to Dakota recently because she just went through a growth spurt, and Dakota wears ballet shoes, while Elle is in regular shoes.

In 6 years, hmmm. It's hard to tell because she hasn't grown yet. A girl who is 4' 9" at 12 and 0 months is supposed to be like 5' 2", according to height estimation sites, but other people can grow even more and be 5' 4" or 5' 5". I really don't think she's going to be anything really tall, because if she was going to be much taller than that she would be over 5' now and she clearly isn't. I think 4' 9" seems about right, regardless of if that is her actual height as of last month. She does seem to be growing a little and will probably get a growth spurt soon. For those of you who say she is 5' or 5' 1", maybe she will be by Christmastime or her next birthday, but not quite yet.
Kari said on 7/Feb/06
I have asked Dakota fanning how tall she is when I met her, she said that she was 5'0. If you meet her in person she seems tall, or average. She is by biggest fan.
name said on 29/Jan/06
My friend met Dakota Fanning when she was filming Dreamer in KY. He got to spend the day with her and got lots of pictures and he says that he is 5'1 in the pictures and she looked like she was 3 inches shorter than him in the pictures.
Emily said on 23/Nov/05
Well, I know AnnaSophia Robb is about 5ft 1. and Dakoyta Fanning is much much much more shorter than AnnaSophia. Get it through your heads Dakotya fanning is really petiete!
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
Whoa. She really is short. But it's cos she hasn't hit puberty yet anyway. I think she's more 4'7"?
anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
Dakota is definately not 4 foot 11! My daughter is 12 yrs old and 4 foot 6.We saw her at the horse park in KY, and got a picture, she looked no more than 3 or 3 1/2 inches talled than my daughter.

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