How tall is Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning's Height

5ft 4in (162.6 cm)

American Actress known for roles in The War of the Worlds, Man on Fire and The Runaways. Her sister Elle said in 2011 "My sister's 5'4" and I'm 5'6"
I'm a shorter person, so I'll see something and think, 'That looks amazing!' But that person is 6ft 1in. It's going to look different on my 5ft 5in frame.
The Guardian (2016)

How tall is Dakota Fanning
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Average Guess (14 Votes)
5ft 4.27in (163.2cm)
Realist said on 8/Oct/17
Dakota fanning 5'7 you guys are delusional she's 5'4 and her sister is 5'7 max
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 7/Oct/17
Lmao, it's ironic she claims 5'6" in 2011 but then claims 5'5" in 2016, when the opposite should make more sense because she was 17 at the time so she possibly could've grown.
anonheight said on 26/Jul/17
I'd honestly put her at 5'6, because she and elle seem similar here Click Here
Sonnecker said on 19/Jul/17
I see her a little taller, like 5'4.5"...
Valhalla said on 10/Jun/17
Thought she was 5'7 lol and her sister 5'9
Justine said on 12/Jan/17
Dakota Fanning is taller than both Diane Kruger (5'5.5) and Victoria Justice (5'5). Maybe 5'5 at least?
Stephanie said on 20/Nov/16
I don't think she grew; I think she's still 5' 4". She's 22, will be 23 in a few months (girls are usually done growing by their mid to late teens) and I haven't seen her looking any taller.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/16
This little lady has been a joy to watch growing up and taking on roles that would have been a challenge for someone way beyond her years. So I see she's grown to about 5ft 4. It could be worse, girl, you could be my height (5ft 1)!! What a sparkling career you have enjoyed!
Pedro said on 3/Oct/16
I agree. Her recent 5'5" seems to be out of the question. But I was just wondering if she is more like a strong or a weak 5'4".
Editor Rob: I wouldn't put her as a strong 5ft 4 range...roughly close to 5ft 4, but a bit under at her low is to me more likely than a bit over.
Pedro said on 2/Oct/16
Here is a recent picture of Dakota next to Lily Collins: Click Here
They look like having the exact same height there. Maybe a slight upgrade for Dakota?
Editor Rob: I think Lily would measure a bit taller than Dakota, not seen anything yet to suggest Dakota would be as tall as that recent 5ft 5 claim.
Pedro said on 1/Oct/16
In this recent interview she now claims having a "5ft 5in frame": Click Here
Editor Rob: ok cool, worth putting that at the top too!
Allie said on 12/Jan/16
I would not be surprised if he was 6'3. Jamie always looked at least 6'3 with 5'10 range Behati!
Pedro said on 30/Aug/15
How tall do you estimate Dakota's boyfriend, Jamie Strachan? He is listed 6'2" pretty much everywhere, but he looks slightly taller to me: Click Here
[Editor Rob: as a model many who are 6ft 3 do get listed 6ft 2, he could pass for 6ft 3-4 range!]
mell bell said on 10/Feb/15
Dakota Fanning 5'4
Elle Fanning 5'8
Brooke Hyland 4'11
Paige Hyland 5'6
Hmm said on 31/Jan/15
Met her in 2012 NY Fashion week, I am 5"5 in flat and she was in platform heels still shorter than me,most celebrities are very Tiny, models are the only tall ones
Stephanie said on 22/Jan/15
Dakota was 5' 4" and the doctors said she was done growing as of late 2010. If you look at pictures of her next to her mom (who obviously isn't growing anymore), she looks the same height as she did back then.
Pedro said on 10/Nov/14
Here she is next to Kareem Abdul Jabbar lol: Click Here
Pedro said on 29/Aug/14
Here is Dakota standing next to Kirsten Dunst: Click Here
Jill said on 1/Jun/14
Pedro, it is possible but you also have to consider that their feet are chopped off in the picture so there is no accounting for footwear advantage or disadvantage on either. I think it's fair to say that Dakota is somewhere between 5'3 -5'4.
Pedro said on 28/Apr/14
Here is Dakota next to Britney Spears: Click Here
They look about the same height. So it's another proof that Dakota is around 5'4".
Stephanie said on 28/Apr/14
Dakota is still 5' 4"... the distance in height between her and her sister has increased over the past few years. Elle is 5' 8" now and if Dakota were 5' 5" she would look taller next to her sister.
Pedro said on 17/Mar/14
@Dion Dakota was 17 years old in 2011. Elle said that her sister already was done growing at the time.
Djon said on 13/Mar/14
Basically,height of Hannah was 5.4 in 2011. But our curiousness about her height was "what's her height now,presently 2014????"
Liz said on 24/Feb/14
@ Clinton Adolph Seeber
Elle and I are same height I am between 5 feet 4-5 feet 6 7. Elle is now least 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 but looks taller. Because she had a early growth spurt. I think. She done growing now. Dakota is shorter than me.
Liz said on 24/Feb/14
@ Clinton Adolph Seeber
Elle and I are same height I am between 5 feet 4-5 feet 6 7. Elle is now least 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 but looks taller. Because she had a early growth spurt. I think. She done growing now. Dakota is shorter than me.
Pedro said on 26/Nov/13
@lizzie Why do you always repeat your estimation for Elle's height in Dakota's thread?
lizzie said on 25/Nov/13
elle is around my height but she look taller than dakota
elle is around between 5 feet 4 half to 5 feet 5 no more than that
Lizzie said on 18/Nov/13
Elle seem looks taller
I would say she around 5feet 3 half to 5feet 5
Elle is not taller than her mother is 5feet 9 to 5feet 10 she least 4 inches shorter than put her as 5feet 3 half to 5feet 4 half. I know she around my height so she 5feet 4 ish to 5feet 6 and no more than that. With hight heels around 5feet 8 to 5feet 9 half so around 5 feet 4 half to 5feet 5
Stephanie said on 27/Oct/13
@Lizzie Elle is way over 5' 5"... that was her height in May 2010! Late 2009 was 4' 11" to 5' 0". She was 5' 6" by her interview in late 2010. Dakota has been 5' 4" since 2010 and wasn't much shorter the years leading up to it. Look at new pics, Elle is nearly as tall as her mother!

Also, the Elle quote was from a magazine interview from late 2010, not 2011. The scans are available at her fan sites. The quotes from 2011 are the "We Bought a Zoo" promo interviews (December) and she was around 5' 7" then.
Lizzie said on 21/Oct/13
Elle looks between 5 feet 5 to 5feet 6
Elle is now like 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 half
Lizzie said on 7/Oct/13
Elle is least 5 feet 5 without shoes
I think she pale. She look a child so I think elle make her taller than she is
On different people think she 5feet 4 to 5 feet 6 height range
Elle is must be around more like 5feet 3 to 5feet 5 in pictures this year but no more
Lizzie said on 6/Oct/13
Elle is now 15 years old
by 2010 she was 4 feet 11 to 5feet
by October she looks taller than her sister like 2 inches with heels so she looks 5 feet 8 to 9 to her sister who inches shorter 5 feet 6 to 5feet 7 so real height is on most websites 5 feet 4 to 5feet 7
Elle must really be 5 feet 4 to 5feet 5 by now no taller than me > She is about height with flat shoes so would . my height range is 5feet 4 to 5feet 6 she no more than coupleher mother she is 3 inches shorter than mother now.
Stephanie said on 4/Oct/13
@Lizzie Elle was 5' 3" in early 2010. By November 2010 she was 5' 6" and had grown taller than the 5' 4" Dakota. Late 2011 she was 5' 6.5" to 5' 7" and early 2013 she stated her height as 5' 7.75". Now I would guess she is at least 5' 8". She is taller than you are now, and by quite a bit assuming you're in the 5' 3" to 5' 5" range.
Pedro said on 13/Sep/13
@Lizzie Elle didn't just say this spring that she is "slightly taller". She said specifically that she is "five-seven-and-three-quarters" (172 cm): Click Here
Lizzie said on 12/Sep/13
elle s not 5feet 7
Elle is around my height with flat I say more around 5feet 3 to 5feet 5
She usally with heels shge look tall like 5feet 7 to 5feet 8
Elle say in interview this spring that sightly taller
Sighlty doesnt mean 4 inches it she like 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5 ish not 5feet 7
Lizzie said on 12/Sep/13
She looks with flat shoes as right September 2013
Elle looks like 5feet 5 to 5feet 6. She cant be 5feet 7
Stephanie said on 9/Sep/13
@liz Elle is definitely much taller than Dakota, even in similar heels. Elle is 5' 7.75" as of earlier this year. Dakota has been 5' 4" since 2010. That's a difference of nearly four inches! I don't know how much more Elle has to grow (she might be done, or possibly have another inch to go), but Dakota has been done growing for a while now. Yes, she was 5' 4" as of late 2010, but June 2009 call for a double listed Dakota's height as 5' 3.5" so her growth was almost nothing from age 15 to age 16 1/2. And from late 2010 she's stayed the same height.
liz said on 25/Aug/13
Elle is may look tall because high heels
elle is now 5 feet 4to 5feet 5 half range
Dakota 19 she look 5feet 5 to 5 feet 6 I believe that around the same height. Elle is half inch tall
XOXO said on 15/Aug/13
Dakota is 5'4'' and for the record she is taller than Kristen. I would say about one inch taller than her. I think Kristen is about 5'3.5'' not more taller than that. So YES Dakota is taller than Kristen, and she(Kristen) looks taller cause her head is small, she's got long legs and is skinny.
liz said on 30/May/13
Dakota looks 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 7. Elle look 5 feet8 to 5 feet 9 with heels
Dakota is between 5 feet 3 half to 5feet5. Elle is now around 5 feet 4 to 5 feet5 barefoot
Pedro said on 23/May/13
@tall How can you say that Dakota is 5'2" by looking on that video, if you can not see the size of the heels that they were using?
tall said on 22/May/13
she looks 5'2 here Click Here
Pedro said on 16/May/13
@marla Dakota's heels aren't very high on that picture, as you can see here: Click Here . She also doesn't seem to have a very straight posture on that picture. Besides, maybe it is Sofia Coppola who is slightly taller than she is listed here.
marla singer said on 7/May/13
Rob, what do you think about this picture Click Here I supported Dakota's upgrade to 5 ft 4 but I'm starting to think she was good at 5 ft 3. She can't be just 1 cm shorter than Sofia Coppola (in flats), if, in heels, she's barely taller than her...
Josh said on 6/May/13
dakota fanning shoe size is 7 and she's 5'4 i know cause i'am friends with her and she's on yahoo answering fan questions as we speak at officialdakotafanning_19 on yim hit her up.
truth178cm said on 3/May/13
5ft4 is pretty spot on.
Green Beret37 said on 8/Apr/13
5'6.5 is my height maybe 5'7 if i remember correctly
Liz said on 3/Mar/13
Dakota is looks taller than 5feet 4
Elle looks taller with heels 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5
Pedro said on 2/Mar/13
@marla I totally agree. Elle said more than once that Dakota is 5'4''. She also said this on this interview from December 2011: Click Here . I don't think that Elle would have had any reason to lie about Dakota's height in that way, because she made it pretty clear that she is very pleased about being much taller than her older sister.
So I don't understand why Dakota's height hasn't been updated here by now?
marla singer said on 2/Mar/13
Sorry everyone, she's taller than 5'3. Elle is listed here as 172cm: in this recent photo Click Here Elle has about 8-9cm heel (the heel is low but the platform is very big) while Dakota has some kind of kitten heels on, which gave her possibly 3 cm. Elle looks about 16 cm taller, and considering her 6cm heel-advantage, she is actually 10 cm taller than Dakota and not 12 as it seems looking at the listings, so Dakota is near 5'4, maybe 5'3.75.
She looked nearly as tall as 5'4 Kristen Stewart, and I just don't see her as short as 5'3, like Pink or Natalie Portman.
Liz said on 21/Feb/13
Elle is 5feet 4 to 5feet5 No more than barefoot
Liz said on 14/Feb/13
I think Elle is 5 feet 4 but she look taller
She said on tv that she is not real sure on her height 2 or 3 years ago
she was on 12 when said that she was 5feet6 and look between 5feet1 back then now she between 5 feet3 to 5feet4 no way she taller that Dakota is 5 feet3 to 5feet4
Ali said on 19/Jan/13
I think Elle is 5'7" now
Liz said on 17/Jan/13
Dakota height is 5 feet3 Elle is like 5 feet 4
Pedro said on 14/Jan/13
Dakota's height should be updated. She is 5ft 4in. That has been already confirmed a long time ago by Elle.
Liz said on 11/Jan/13
Dakota looks sighter shorter than I am 5 feet 4 half to 5 feet 5 half. Dakota is more 5 feet 3 half
Elle looks 1 to 2inches than her. Dakota 5 feet 3 and elle is around 5 feet4 .
Tessa said on 6/Jan/13
yes, I agree with stephanie. I think that dakota is 5'4"
Stephanie said on 5/Jan/13
Dakota is 5' 4" and done growing as of late 2010.
Effy said on 30/Dec/12
@Ria shoe size is definitely not accurate when determining how tall someone is. I am a 5'11.5" 18 year old girl and I wear an 8 or an 8.5 in shoes.
marla singer said on 19/Dec/12
@Ria this is DAKOTA FANNING'S PAGE, NOT Paris Hilton's!
Millie said on 1/Dec/12
Um... I'm 13 and I'm a size 10 shoe (almost 11, actually) and I'm 5'5" and I can guarantee that I was a size 8 when I was 5'4". I suddenly feel... large.
marla singer said on 22/Nov/12
PLEASE ROB HAVE A LOOK HERE :) Dakota is taller than 5'3
1 - In this 2012 pic she looks 5'4 next to 5'7 Elle Click Here
2 - She looks about the same height as 5'4 Kristen Click Here
3 - Slightly shorter than 5'6 Kaya Scodelario Click Here
Dana said on 11/Nov/12
Ria what is your deal? The (misguided) things you're saying don't appear to correspond with any other comments. Where are you getting these shoe sizes anyway? You're like a spambot except you only talk about women's shoe sizes.
Dana said on 7/Nov/12
@Ria I'm sure you're basing that on something, but you're not right. My friend and I share size 8 shoes all the time; she's 5'2.5" and I'm just over 5'8". My other best friend is my exact height but she wears a size 11. The correlation between height and shoe size is verrrrry loose.
Darla said on 28/Aug/12
It's 70 inches tall or 5'10". That's the height of the car.
Falco said on 21/Aug/12
What's the height of a range rover sport hse? Different websites mention slightly different heights perhaps depending on whether they count the roof as open or some other reason. Anyways, there are pictures of Elle next to her family's car and she is clearly shorter than the roof even when she is standing on her toes.
Liz said on 15/Aug/12
Dakota look 5 feet5 but between 5 feet 3 to 5feet 4
Elle look tall Dakota but she wear high shoes make her look taller
Elle is more 5feet 3 to 5feet 4 she not 5feet7 to 5feet9
@ curious you are right Elle is listed 5 feet 6 but she is now 5feet3 to 5feet 4 Elle says she five 6 when she was 12. In 2012 she about 5 feet4
curious said on 9/Aug/12
show me any where that Elle is listed over 5'7"
bill said on 2/Aug/12
Elle is 5''9 and still has 4 years to grow.Dakota is 161cm
Stephanie said on 14/Jun/12
Dakota is slightly taller than 5' 3" Natalie Portman. Click Here

And that quote from Elle at the top of this page is from c. November 2010. The scan is on Elle's fan sites. Elle gave her height as 5' 7" in the December 2011 "We Bought a Zoo" promo interviews (they may or may not be on YouTube still because the copyright police may have removed them by now). Dakota's height was given as 5' 4" in November 2010 and her doctor said she's done growing. Which makes sense because she was 16 at the time.

I think Dakota *appears* shorter at times because she, like many/most teenagers these days, doesn't have the best posture. But the 5' 3" height was from probably about 2008 because the casting call in June 2009 for a photo double gave her height as 5' 3.5".

Re Kirsten Dunst height, I'm not 100% sure. I always thought she was 5' 7" but maybe she's slightly shorter, closer to 5' 6" than 5' 7".
Jamie said on 19/Jan/12
@Stephanie: Are you sure Kirsten Dunst is 5'6 to 5'7? On this site she is listed as 5'5.5, and Sophia Coppola who's listed as 5' 4.5 is as tall as Kirsten when standing beside Elle at the same event.

Click Here
Click Here
Stephanie said on 28/Dec/11
According to recent interviews of Elle's, Dakota is 5' 4" and Elle is 5' 7" to 5' 7.5".
avi said on 24/Dec/11
yes think this is accurate looked so next to Daniel Cudmore
Addie said on 22/Dec/11
Thought she was about 5'8inches but anywayz shes still young n hope that she gains few more inches...
I'm in love with Miss Hannah Dakota Fanning.... Goshhh !!Sigh!!
Jamie said on 20/Dec/11
Here's 5'1 (if not 5'0) Ashley Olsen in flats --> Click Here
5'3 Dakota in platform shoes --> Click Here

Both of them, Dakota is slouching a bit --> Click Here

Dakota is around 5'7 in her platforms compared to 5'1 Ashley in flats, I'm not sure I see a 6in difference ... does Dakota seem 5'2 in this picture?

Also, Dakota seems to be the same height as 5'1.5 Emma Roberts beside Ashley, and I doubt that Emma is wearing even higher platforms than Dakota --> Click Here
*Jamie* said on 14/Dec/11
@Moke I think so too, I was actually surprised that she was almost the same height as Johansson, I expected her to be much taller, but then again she's often wearing massive platform heels ...
Moke said on 13/Dec/11
Elle is about 5'5-5'6 judging by this pic with Johannsson - Click Here Click Here
But with 13,5 she's should still be growing considering that most women/girls continue to grow until the age of 16.
john said on 25/Sep/11
there all wearing 3 inch heels, elle is about 5'10 next to alexa chung
5'8.675859604 said on 25/Sep/11
Elle is 5'7, she was wearing 3+ inches platforms, and she still only got 2" over Chung. Elle seems to be near her max height by now.

Lately Dakota has looked a bit taller than 5'3 for me, maybe 5'4 Rob?
beenthere said on 25/Sep/11
We don't know exactly how tall they are. However almost everybody agrees
that Dakota is between 5'3 and 5'4 and that Elle is at least 5'7.
Alice said on 24/Sep/11
There is no way that Elle is 5'8". I give her a maximum of 5'7", in that photo she is wearing heels that are at the least three inches tall.
Mikey Mikey Motorcycle said on 23/Sep/11
I think it's time to upgrade elle; She's taller than 5'8'' Alexa Chung here and towering over 5'5'' kate bosworth: Click Here
Laura said on 21/Sep/11
Elle was high heels 3 inches
Elle is now 5feet 2
Me said on 18/Sep/11
In the recent photos of them in Rodarte Show, i would day that Elle's height is 175 and Dakota's is 160 or 158.
olivia said on 16/Sep/11
hight is hight i dont have a thing to say they look alike does not matter the height they still look alike if someone told me which was which i could tell which was which from that point on so yes one is tall one is short SO WHAT
mad said on 14/Sep/11
I think Elle is 5'7 because I'm 12 and I'm 5'6 and she looks taller than me
5'8.76784 said on 5/Aug/11
Dakota is 5'3.5 max. Elle is around 5'7, she's pretty tall for her age, but probably won't reach 5'10, considering Nicole Kidman and Geena Davis were already 5'10 at 11, and reached their final height at around 6'.
tall said on 25/Jul/11
Dakota is now listing herself as 5'5 and a fourth. Editor, what do you think?
5feety5 said on 13/Jul/11
I belive Ele much shorter than her dad who really tall like 6 feet 3 and she was wearing flat shoes Elle now probarly 5feet 2 but she looks five feet 6 to 5feet 8
TAN said on 9/Jul/11
hello everyone... i just read all ur conversations, would like to say that Dakota is 5'4 and Elle is 5'7... Elle is very tall according to her age.. I'm 24 and my height is just 5'3 or 5'4... I also would like to be tall but cant do anything in this... see Elle is 11 years younger than but still she is taller than me...
Alex said on 8/Jul/11
Thanks :)that's reassuring, lol. I also have a late growth according to the size of my bones... I am supposed to grow lately than normal people. Or anyway, it's not hopeless for me then;)
ladida said on 7/Jul/11
Click Here
5'8.18758596 said on 6/Jul/11
She must have been 5'1 too I guess, maybe even shorter. She atually had a late growth spurt that turn her from short to just below average
Alex said on 5/Jul/11
Does somebody know how tall was dakota when she was 14 or 15? Cause I'm fourteen and only 5'1.5"/5'2" and dakota seemed pretty small too in 2008...
5'8.18758596 said on 2/Jul/11
Rob, any chance you will start pages for both Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld???

They already have a considerable amount of pics and footage standing next to many celebs, enough exposure to figure their current heights out I think.
everright said on 1/Jul/11
I believe that Dakota is probably about 5'3.5.
I believe that Elle is probably about 5'7 and going through early puberty,
so she may be almost done growing. I don't think she'll reach 6 feet.
El Fanning said on 30/Jun/11
in those photos she has with Tom Cruise, she is using platform heels that will give her a 5" advantage, while Tom has his supersized cubans that give him 3 extra inches, and since Elle looks 1" taller than weak 5'8 Cruise, doing the math:

Tom: 5'8 + 3" = 5'11

Elle: x + 5" = 6'

Then Elle: x = 5'7

She is still around 5'7, like last time we saw her next to 5'7 Hailee Steinfeld. Both seemed to have slowed down their growth by now.
El Fanning said on 30/Jun/11
Elle might get 5'10, but for now there's been half a year since she got 5'7 and she hasn't grown 1cm yet, I'm sure after her whooping 7" growth the last year, she will be growing at real slow pace from now on.
Stephanie said on 19/Jun/11
Dakota is done growing. she is between 5feet2 and 5feet 3
Elle also not going to be 5feet10
she not tall she averge for her like 5feet to 5feet 2 she doent growing 2010
Stephanie said on 18/Jun/11
Dakota is 5' 4"... look at her next to her grandmother now, compared to her next to her grandmother 3-4 years ago. She clearly grew a little, and the difference would make her 5' 4". 5'3.5" at a June 2009 casting call, she grew 1/2" since then so that makes sense. She is just thin and doesn't usually stand up straight so she appears shorter.

Re: Tom Cruise photo. Elle is wearing platformed heels. Tom's shoes maybe add two inches to his height, Elle's add 3" to 4" to hers. Elle is a strong 5' 6" or a weak 5' 7". Tom is a strong 5' 7" or a weak 5' 8". But seeing as she's only 13, Elle might still grow a little more. (She is hoping to be 5' 10".)
tall said on 16/Jun/11
the recent grad pics make me think that Elle is maybe a weak 5'7 and Dakota is a weak 5'3 or a strong 5'2
truth said on 15/Jun/11
she looks 5ft3 for me.
tall said on 9/Jun/11
read this too Click Here
tall said on 9/Jun/11
by the way what do you guys think of this Click Here
Stephanie said on 29/May/11
@laura, Elle was 5'6" as of late 2010. She was 4'11" to 5'0" as of late 2009. She grew a lot. Dakota is 5' 4". You cannot see their shoes in the picture you provided. I think Elle had heels on "Idol" and was also probably on higher ground than Seacrest, but even so she is definitely 5' 6" to 5' 7".
tall said on 26/May/11
@Laura look it up on yotube before the photo she takes off her heels
tall said on 26/May/11
@ eagle eye I've been looking for photos and can't find any that show the shoes. However the point I was tryingto make is that the gap is so wide that she must be taller than seacrest
EagleEye said on 26/May/11
Referring to the video posted by 'tall', was she wearing heels?
tall said on 24/May/11
towers over seacrest here Click Here
laura said on 24/May/11
@Mike and everbody
Elle is not 5feet 9 -5 feet 6
Elle was 5feet as late 2010 but now she looks taller with heels .Dakota at that just 4feet11 to 5feet so Elle is not taller at 12 years old last year.
Dakota and Elle both look 5feet6 with heels.Elle same height as her sister May 3,2011 Click Here
Elle is now 4feet 11 to 5feet2
Mike said on 21/May/11
Elle is now 5'9 or so. She was here with about 2 inch heels: (remove the space)
Click Here l

and here she is the same size as 5'11 1/2 francis ford coppola
Click Here ll

she was also on american idol this week and was significantly taller than 5'8 ryan seacrest
Stephanie said on 20/May/11
Dakota is 5' 4" and done growing according to her doctor, as of late 2010. She was 5' 3" in 2008.
Elle was 5' 6" as of late 2010, but now she looks like she might be an inch or two taller.
laura said on 10/May/11
everbody she not tall at all. elle is fivefeet to 5feet 6
3 inches heels make her appear taller than normal height she actual at 13 years 5feet 1 but 5 feet 5to 5feet 9
user said on 5/May/11
Elle is probably over 5'7 by now, she's really tall for sure
laura said on 1/May/11
Katrina says on 7/Sep/10
She looks 5'2/5'3 I have friends that height, I'm 5'6(1/2) and my doctor predicts I'll be 5'10 by the time I'm 17, so in three years. In grade seven inwas 5'2(1/2) and I had a growth spurt of 3 or 4 inches and I grew that much in about 6 months, and I'm feeling the growing pains again so I thiink I'll probably be 5'9'or 5'10 in about a year or two:) yay dakota is 5 feet 2
elle is between 5feet1 to 5fet4 no more than thAT MY COUINS WERE MUCH TALLER THAN ELLE IN 7TH GARDE
alwayshelpful said on 4/Apr/11
When will Erin stop living in the past?
Elle is at least 5'6 and still growing.
Dakota is between 5'3 and 5'4.
Erin said on 2/Apr/11
elle is not 5feet 8
Dakota 5feet2
elle is shorter t han mother and sister mother 5feet9
Dakota between 5feet 2-five 3
elle at 13years old 7th grade 4feet 11to 5feet 5

elle look taller because long legs
Erin said on 1/Apr/11
Dakota is 5feet2
Elle is not taller than dakota and mom. Mom is 5feet 9 elle is not 5 feet 8
elle is now march 2011 5feet 6 half with boots or heels
elle is 5feet -5feet 4 turn 13 in april 9,2011
tankjaw said on 31/Mar/11
Dakota might be 5'2, she looks 5`6 with her big boots,exactly the height of her mother with normal shoes, and Elle is clearly taller than both of them without heels, so Elle is around 5'8
Stephanie said on 26/Mar/11
March 2011
Dakota Fanning's height is 5 ft 4 in (163 cm).
Elle Fanning's height is 5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm).
ERin said on 19/Mar/11
so what? she 13 years old she probaly will not be taller than now
I am between 5 feet 2- 5 feet 5 she not taller than me
she and doctor is wrong
she 5feet 1- 5 feet 4
Stephanie said on 13/Mar/11
Most girls stop growing at around 13-16. If a girl is going to be 6' she'd be around 5' 9" or 5' 10" at Elle's age, at least. A lot of my female friends did not grow at all in high school. I know a girl who is 6' 3" now, and she was 6' at 13. I don't think Elle will grow too much more considering her age and recent growth spurt, but she could still gain another three inches or so (meaning she'll end up at 5' 9" or 5' 10").

As for Dakota, she is 17. Most girls are done growing before 17, so I believe Dakota's doctor when s/he said she is done growing. Courtney Jines's doctor told her when she was 13 that she was 5' 2" and done growing (she is now 18), so Dakota actually had some late growth happen. And Dakota does look 5' 4" compared to other actors and actresses and compared to her mom and grandmother.

Re: Erin. She posts at my fan site sometimes. A recent comment really stuck out to me. "She is tall but not taller than me." Well, I am sorry to say this, but yes, Elle IS taller than you are. She is easily 5' 6" now. Elle has tall parents and that is natural for her to be tall, too. Height predictor for a girl with a 5' 9" mom and a 6' 3" dad is (69+75)/2 - 2.5 = 69.5" or 5' 9.5". Sometimes someone younger than you ends up growing to be taller and that is okay. My younger brother is quite a bit taller than I am. At your age (you said you're 17 so you're Dakota's age), you are not growing anymore, maybe an inch if you're lucky but even that is super rare. You need to learn to be happy with your height and not let it depress you or put yourself in denial over it. Height is not something you can control.
alwayshelpful said on 9/Mar/11
Some people want to live in the past. This is 2011 not one or two years ago.
Every honest and reasonable person knows that Elle is at least 5'6 and still growing.

Usually a 12 year old girl of that height would grow to be 6 feet or more.
However I would guess is that Elle going through puberty early and will probably end up about 5'8 or 5'9.
Stephanie said on 8/Mar/11
We can't tell how tall the mom's shoes are in those pics, but we know from other pictures that she is around 5' 9", but even if she has flat shoes (IMO it looks like she's in heels--look at the soles of the shoes, but for argument's sake let's say they're flat), Elle is no shorter than 5' 6", after you account for her small heels. Hailee bending down? So was Elle. Hailee is 5' 8" and really not much taller at all. If Elle were up to her mom's eyebrows she would be ~4" shorter than her mom (5' 9" - 4" = 5' 5") but she is clearly taller than that.

Elle is way taller than 5' or 5' 3". Elle being 5' 3" would mean her mom is six inches taller, which she clearly is not. Those were her heights in early 2010. Sorry. March 2011, she is 5' 6" to 5' 7".
ERin said on 7/Mar/11
elle look taller mom is 5 feet 9
she looks big boots all that how she was strigath 5 feet 0 to 5 feet 2
ele now is 5 feet - 5 feet3
Erin said on 7/Mar/11
@Stephanie who are y
Elle is much slorter than her what made her tall that she is haille was blending down
elle is least no more 5feet

Belle says on 20/May/10
No Elle isnt 5ft 5, im a year older than elle and im 5ft 4+ half and she looks smaller than me:) But Dakota is definately shorter than elle now :)Elle not 5 feet 6 or 5 feet 7 accroding to her and doctor 5 feet 6 is not correct Elle is now 5 feet 2 or 5 feet 4
she doesnt look any taller than high school student only sister looks like 5 feet to 5 feet 2
elle looks 4 feet 11 to 5 feet 4
elle is now as Feburary 2011 5 feet - 5 feet 3
Stephanie said on 19/Feb/11
Hailee Steinfeld is 5' 8" as of December 2010 (Click Here). Hailee and Elle in January 2011 looking almost exactly the same height wearing similar-sized heels (Elle's look maybe slightly taller, but about half an inch at best): Click Here

Elle is not 5' 4", sorry. My guess is that she's 5' 7" now.
Stephanie said on 19/Feb/11
Hailee Steinfeld is 5' 8" as of December 2010 (Click Here
). Hailee and Elle in January 2011 looking almost exactly the same height wearing the same size heels: Click Here
Erin said on 17/Feb/11
no I am not I am tell real true she still a kid she doentot how tall she really she want to be tall I have friends 5 feet6 throught 5 feet10 she look much short that u guys are making her feel good about herself i think she 5 feet U @alwayshelpful who are y
alwayshelpful said on 17/Feb/11
It's impossible to argue with unreasonable people.
Erin is still living in 2010 or 2009.
Erin said on 16/Feb/11
Because I am right u are wrong because I am her height she look bigger but she is 5 feet 2- 5 feet 3
she was not 5 feet2 last year she 5 feet now in 2011 she 5 feet 0- five feet 3
Erin said on 16/Feb/11
Elle fanning is much shorter than Haille Stendfriend she is 14 5feet 7 or 5feet 8
Elle much be 5 feet
My uncle 6 feet 3 and I am 5 feet 5 and she look smaller than me.
she is most likely 5 feet 2- 5 feet 4
Dakota is 5 feet 2 that what say on website
Stephanie said on 16/Feb/11
Elle is much shorter than her dad because her dad is 6' 3" and Elle at 5' 6" is nowhere near that tall. She was probably 5' 2" this time last year and 5' 5" as of late summer 2010. But according to her doctor Elle is 5' 6" barefoot and Dakota is 5' 4" as of November 2010.

ERin, why do you want Elle to be so small? You keep saying she is 1" to 4" shorter than her November 2010 height. Elle's parents are both tall, and lots of girls her age (7th grade) are getting tall. There are some girls in my brother's class (he's also in 7th grade) who are 5' 7" or 5' 8" already. Elle being 5' 6" is quite believable. My sister is in 9th grade (2 years older than Elle) and some girls in her class are 5' 10" or 6' now. Elle is nearly 13, not a tiny girl of five anymore.
ERin said on 11/Feb/11
elle is much shorter than her dad as feb 2011 so most likey she is 5 feet 2- 5 feet 5 that what say most of websites I go
Stephanie said on 9/Feb/11
alwayshelpful, I agree. Elle grew seven inches in a year (November 2009 - November 2010) and is still growing, although probably not as quickly. As of February 2011, she is AT LEAST 5' 6". Some people are even saying she is 5' 7" now, but that hasn't been confirmed like the 5' 6" was.
Stephanie said on 9/Feb/11
The doctor is not wrong. That is how tall she is. Elle is 5' 6" as of November 2010, and Dakota is 5' 4" and done growing. Why is it so hard to believe the girls are growing up? They are not 9 & 5 anymore.

Dakota will turn 17 this month and is finishing her last year of high school, and will graduate on June 6th. She will start college in fall 2011, and then will turn 18 on February 23, 2012. Dakota is almost an adult.

Elle is nearly 13, and a lot of girls get tall at that age. I knew a girl who was 6' when she was in 8th grade! Elle is 5' 6", in 7th grade, and still growing. Elle has relatively tall parents (5' 9" mom and 6' 3" dad), so it shouldn't be a surprise that she's gotten to be 5' 6" already. Most girls gain 0"-3" in high school, so it makes sense that Elle is 5' 6" right now if she's going to be as tall as her mother.

Dakota's maternal grandmother is about average height, so she gets her height from her grandmother. It looks like the grandmother is 5' 3"-5' 4", and Dakota is 5' 4".

ERin... Dakota is not 5' 2" and hasn't been that small for a while. She was 5' 3" in late 2008, 5' 3.5" in June 2009, 5' 4" in October 2010.
Elle grew seven inches from late 2009 (4' 11") to late 2010 (5' 6"), so it makes sense that her height would vary in a film she made last year. But she is taller than 5' 4" now.
alwayshelpful said on 8/Feb/11
erin,please listen. This is 2011 not 2009 or earlier.
Live in the present not the past.
She is at least 5'6 and still growing.
ERin said on 7/Feb/11
elle is not 5 feet 6
elle is now 5 feet 2- five feet4
the doctor is wrong
Stephanie said on 6/Feb/11
No, Elle is way taller than 5 feet. She was 5 feet around this time last year, but not anymore.

Click Here
Elle = 5' 6" (168 cm) ... and still growing
Dakota = 5' 4" (163 cm) ... and done growing according to her doctor
ERin said on 2/Feb/11
Elle looks taller than she is only 5 feet
Anonymous said on 2/Feb/11
Dakota is 5 feet 3
Elle is now 5 feet 4
Stephanie said on 2/Feb/11
ERin: Sorry, but that information is outdated, and whoever posted that obviously doesn't follow Elle Fanning's career. Elle is definitely taller than 5 feet! She is 5' 6" as of November 2010, and her parents are 5' 9"/5' 10" and 6' 2"/6' 3", so she's probably going to grow taller. Dakota is 5' 4" and done growing as of November 2010. Their parents are tall but I notice their grandmother is about average height, so I guess Dakota got her grandmother's height and Elle got her parents' height.

Source: Recent magazine scans, Elle's TV interviews. Elle gives 5'6" as her own height and 5'4" as Dakota's height. Dakota was 5' 3.5" as of June 2009, so 1/2" in a year and a half makes sense. Elle was 4' 11" and grew seven inches, so she's now 5' 6" and growing.
ERin said on 30/Jan/11
How tall is Elle Fanning and how much does she weigh?Ads by GoogleNutrisystem-Official Site

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Actress Elle Fanning is 5 feet tall and currently 105 pounds. ChaCha! Answered - 67 days ago at 6:09pm on Nov 24 2010 elle not grown =
ERin said on 30/Jan/11
Elle is five feet 4
dakota is five 2
ERin said on 20/Jan/11
Elle is about 5feet 3-5 feet 5
Dakota is about 5feet1-3
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/11
elle is about 5'7" plus heels. picured with steven dorff.
ERin said on 8/Jan/11
Dakota looks 5feet-2
Elle fanning about 5feet3- five feet 5 ( In 2010 she grown 7 inches
actual 3 inches becasue I think she is five feet 3- five feet 4
how tall is elle please answer me back tomorrow?
ERin said on 8/Jan/11
How tall is real life Elle Fanning?

She looks fivefeetthree -five feet 5
tell me how tall really
Stephanie said on 31/Dec/10
Elle's face is too young to be older than Dakota. Her face is too girly and she still has acne; she is very much 12 1/2 years old. And taller doesn't necessarily mean older. We are not plants and we do stop growing eventually. ;) According to recent promo interviews for Somewhere, Elle said she's 5' 6" and Dakota is 5' 4".
Kate said on 22/Dec/10
im confused, her height ranges from 5' to 5'5....
this makes me even more confused
Click Here
Click Here
it's kinda old, but O.O
Laura said on 9/Dec/10
Elle is taller emma roberts is short she is 5 feet 1
Elle is five feet 2-5feet 4
Dakota Fanning 5feet1 is correct
certaintime said on 22/Nov/10
anonymous nov. 21
For an answer,check all the recent comments.
Nobody knows for sure.
Most people think Dakota is between 5'2 and 5'4.
Most people think Elle is about 5'6 and growing.
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/10
Dakota is def 5 feet1 to 5 feet 2
Elle belive 5feet 3 to 5 feet 4
elle looks little smaller then Emma Roberts
how tall is Elle now? please answer me now
paigee said on 19/Nov/10
she is around 5'2-5'3 im guessing,she looks like she has to short of legs to be 5'4 +
Stephanie said on 18/Nov/10
Dakota's height page also hasn't been updated in a while. The new comments and links are added, but her height stays the same. Dakota's casting call sheet from June 2009 said she was 5' 3.5" (or 161 cm) and just now in Elle's interview she said Dakota is 5' 4" (or 163 cm) and the doctor said she is done growing. I thought Elle was closer to 5' 4" or 5' 5" but she's been growing a lot lately, so I believe her when she says 5' 6" (168 cm). She is hoping to be tall, but that might not be good for her ballet if she gets to be too much taller than she is now. You have to be slightly shorter than your partner when you're en pointe, and being en pointe adds four to five inches to your height. If she's 5' 10" + 5" (6' 3" en pointe) then her partner will have to be AT LEAST 6' 4"/6' 5". The average height for a man is around 5' 10". :-S
Blahsay said on 18/Nov/10
Kate: That picture is from April. This article is from the November issue of Wonderland magazine, a mainstream publication. I think it's entirely plausible that Dakota could have grown an inch in seven months and Elle could have grown two inches. I'd also trust the heights provided by Elle herself over observations from telephoto lens photos.
Kate said on 13/Nov/10
pshhh this site says 5'3. i believe it, so Blahsay: elle is def about 5'4, according to this pic
Click Here
bluesense said on 13/Nov/10
Everybody says Dakota is between 5'3 and 5'4.
Elle is about 5'6 and may end up being very tall or maybe
she is going through early puberty and is about done growing.
Stephanie said on 12/Nov/10
Thanks for that article Blahsay. Dakota grew 1/2" since the June 2009 casting call, and Elle has grown a lot this year; she was 5' 0" less than two years ago and now she is 5' 6".
Blahsay said on 11/Nov/10
Click Here

"When we say Elle Fanning is emerging from the shadow of her older sister, we mean it literally as well as figuratively. At 12, she's already a willowy 5'6". 'Dakota's 5'4" and they said she's done growing,' says Elle, with a hint of sisterly competitiveness. 'I like being tall -5'10" would be perfect.'"
Dani said on 26/Oct/10
Well she seems about 5 foot 5. That's not that short. I honestly would rather be that size. I'm 13 and 5 foot 10, and in grade 4 I was 5 foot 4. I honestly don't like being this beastly tall.
Dani said on 26/Oct/10
Well she seems about 5 foot 5. That's not that short. I honestly would rather be that size. I'm 13 and 5 foot 10, and in grade 4 I was 5 foot 4. I honestly don't like being this beastly tall.
Stephanie said on 8/Oct/07
She is 5' 0.5" as of July 2007. Elle is 4' 7" and is 9 years old.
Ally said on 8/Sep/07
After all the pics if seen I´d say Dakota is 5,1-5,2 feet tall. I´m 13 and I´m 4,11 feet. But I´m quite short. She definetly has grown a lot. Elle is 4,9 and Dakota isn´t much taller then her.
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/07
she is growing when i met her she was about 4'4
Sarah said on 13/Aug/07
I think Hannah Dakota Fanning is no more then 5'0". I mean Elle (Dakota's sister) is 8 and Dakota is 13 and Dakota is prob. 8" taller then Elle, an 8 year old.
Stephanie said on 28/Jul/07
Dakota is 5' 0" or 5' 1" tall. She is 13 years old now, almost 13 1/2, and is no longer 4' 10". Look at her (left) next to Kate Hudson, who is in the 5' 6"-5' 7" range: Click Here
This photo was posted on July 27th, and if I'm not mistaken, Kate's posture is sightly better than Dakota's...
Stephanie said on 28/Jul/07
Dakota is 5' 0" or 5' 1" tall. She is 13 years old now, almost 13 1/2, and is no longer 4' 10". Look at her (left) next to Kate Hudson, who is in the 5' 6"-5' 7" range: Click Here
This photo was posted on July 27th, and if I'm not mistaken, Kate's posture is sightly better than Dakota's...
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/07
Dakota is definitely not 5'0" yet, let alone 5'2". That picture next to Virginia Madsen (who is no more than 5'5") proves it. It's definitely more than 3 inches!
I'll give Dakota 4'10" at most.
anon said on 26/Jul/07
she is def not 5'2! maybe 4'9-4'10 actually but she has gotten tall
Click Here
her next to 5'4.5 virginia madsen
she is like a head shorter and both in flats
Denise said on 26/Jul/07
She is getting a LOT taller now, at least 5'2. see new pictures of her, she's in a growth spurt.
Nicole said on 6/Jul/07
dakota is 5'2 now.
Missy said on 30/Jun/07
I don't know how tall she is...But I am 14 and Im only 4'11"...I know im short...but so are my parents.but i think she is around 4'10.5".thats my guess.
Lindsay said on 6/Jun/07
Click Here
No matter the case, I think we can all agree that Dakota's page needs to be updated lol
In the most recent pics, she looks to have grown a little, between April and now. Considering the pic of her standing next to Salma Hayek '5''2 ( in heels that seem to give her a good, extra 3 inches); if she were to stand barefoot next to Dakota (without her small quarter-inch heel), there'd only be a quarter inch between them, making Dakota 5ft 1.75in. So let's just round-up and say '5''2!

Aghh! Hard to tell with all the leaning in, different heel sizes, and guess-timating on images alone...
kelly said on 1/Jun/07
i think dakotas probaly 5ft2inches because there is a picture of her and this famous guy with curly hair at the kids choice awards and he's 6ft4 so she has to be just below his shoulders if she was next to someone whos 6ft 2 but then the man will have heeled shoes for men that will put inches on him making him 6ft 6 that means she would be above his elbow.
Mike said on 30/May/07
She is close to 5 ft now
xD said on 19/May/07
wtf, 5'9", thats not freaking short. my class' average height is 5'6 or so, yeah there are the 6 foot guys but most of us are like 5'3 - 5'7. and we're all dudes. and our girlfriends are 5'2-5'4 >.>
Stephanie said on 13/May/07
Dakota's gotta be about 5' 0" now. I'd say 4ft 11.5in (151 cm).
Click Here

Elle is around 4' 7". Her stunt double gave this as her height in late 2006/early 2007, and now (May 2007) they're asking for someone who's blonde and under 4' 10" to be a stand-in for Elle.

Looking at the pictures, yes, Dakota has heels but she is also always slouching. And her heels are smaller than the heels of other teen actresses, such as Emma Roberts, 16, and Jamie Lynn Spears, 16. So slouching + smaller heels = not as small as she looks.
Lindsay said on 29/Apr/07
She looks to be around 4'11.75'' judging on the pics from the Kids Choice Awards pics where she's standing next to Jamie Lynn Spears (judging on if Spears wasn't slightly hunched over, and they both had their heels off). She looks a few inches taller when she's not standing next to anyone to compare the difference in height, though.
Stephanie said on 17/Apr/07
Dakota looks 4' 11"-5' 0" range based on this year's Kids Choice Awards photos. Remember, her heels are smaller than the other actresses' heels, she slouches, and her little sister Elle is 4' 7" (or thereabouts) as of December 2006. She is definitely over 4' 9" now, lol! :)

I think 5' 9" is exaggerating a little (maybe a lot of people are tall, but there are still much shorter people), unless you're talking about the boys. The tallest country in the world, The Netherlands, has an average of 5' 7" for women aged 25+, and the average seems to increase by about 1/2" every 30 years or so... Even counting the fact that many girls are done growing at 13 (don't grow at all in high school), 5' 9" is a very tall average.
The average height for guys age 25+ in the US/UK is around 5' 10" and is 6' in The Netherlands.
Yes you are said on 14/Apr/07
Kristen yes you are abnormally tall there are only a couple of kids in my school who are 5'9" and they're guys, we're 13, too.
Hannah said on 9/Apr/07
Dakota definitely grew taller. She also matured a lot in her face. In all of her movies she looks so much younger than she does in recent pictures and events.
Ellen said on 8/Apr/07
I agree with Stephanie, she seems to be about five feet tall. Looking at pictures of Elle and Dakota together look so much like pictures of me and my sister together and I am barely five foot two and she is four foot ten, so I'm guessing they are just one to at the most three inches shorter than we are.
Gabby said on 8/Apr/07
i really wish i could meet her. i am about that height and i am 12.
Kristen said on 7/Apr/07
it is kind of 13 and im 5' 9", but im not abnormally tall, all my classmates are around the same height.
Ellie said on 4/Apr/07
4'10" actually isn't THAT short for age 13. it would be if she had a fuller body shape (meaning she went through puberty already), but she's a stick, so she still has a lot of growing to do. i was 4'10" at 13, and i'm 16 now and 5'2", plus my doctor says i'll grow at least 1-2 more inches. so dakota will most likely be average or sleightly below average height, presuming she really is currently 4'10"
cute said on 3/Apr/07
shes not 4'10 or over that... shes under that.. surely..
at the picture with teri hatcher.. she look likes she's half a metre under teri (50 cm - ca. 25 inches.
and at the picture that stephanie has shown below.. you can se a picture with dakota and emma roberts.. emma is about 5'1-5'2... and emma is about 5 inches heigher than dakota... which puts dakota at 4'8... look for yourself....
Stephanie said on 31/Mar/07
Elle is 4' 7" and Dakota looks about 5' 0" now. She looks 5' 2" but she's wearing heels that look about 2" tall, and Elle is wearing flats. Click Here
These pics were just posted and are from a few hours ago. :)
olivia said on 11/Feb/07
ya i am from the city that her stunt double lives in . and ya in our local paper it said 4'7
Stephanie said on 11/Feb/07
The skiing pics were taken in January 2007, and the article stating Elle's stunt double's height to be 4' 7" was written in January 2007. So this is current stuff. Dakota is at the age where she might grow, but she's scheduled to begin filming a new movie as Elle's twin in September 2007. Right now they're pretty close to the same height (fraternal twins), but in 7 months, Dakota could grow a lot and won't be able to play Elle's twin.
Stephanie said on 8/Feb/07
Never mind. I take that back. Dakota is about 4' 9". When I first saw the skiing pics of her with Elle I thought she was about 5" taller. But Elle was bendng down a lot if you look at the pics at Totally Elle. Look here and they're almost exactly the same height: Click Here
According to a U.K. article, Elle's stunt double is 4' 7", so Elle is probably around 4' 7" as well, puting Dakota at 4' 9", 4' 9.5". She's not 4' 10.5" and definitely not 5' 2"!

[Editor Rob: in 6 months time she might be in a growth spurt]
Stephanie said on 5/Feb/07
My estiamte for her current height is 4' 10.5". It's now 2007 and she's almost 13. She was estimated 4' 7" in October 2005, and Elle looked about 4' 3" (4 inches shorter). Now Elle is probably 4' 5" (assuming she grew 2" since then) and Dakota looks about 5.5" inches taller, putting her at 4' 10.5"... she's grown a lot in the last year, and remember she does often like to wear flats.
Stephanie said on 28/Jan/07
She's still tiny though. Oprah is 5' 6.5" and was alot more than 4.5" taller than Dakota, which is the height difference there would be if she really were 5' 2". Maybe she was in heels and you in flats when she walked out? That would explain her looking 5' 2". But heels are about 2 or 3 inches, which would put Dakota at 4' 11" or 5' 0".
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/07
I'd say she's 5'2" because I saw her in Chicago a month or so ago on The Oprah Winfrey shoe and as she walked out she passed me and im only 5'4" and she was at around my eye level so a good 5'2" -5'4"
Stephanie said on 26/Jan/07
Dakota is not 5' 2". She is around 4' 10", and still growing based on the height of her parents (she barely comes up to their shoulders). And 5' 5" is not all that tall for 12 because you might be done growing (now if you were 9 or 10, that would be a different story)! Lots of girls are "above average height" at age 12 and don't grow anymore after that. I was about 5' 0" at her age and I'm 5' 8" now. My friend was 5' 5" at that age and still is 5' 5".
Anonymous said on 24/Jan/07
I'd say 4' 10.5" for her now. In October 2005, Dakota was about 4' 7" and was barely taller than her sister Elle from the Dreamer premiere pics. Now she's a lot taller than Elle, and I'm guessing Elle grew a little since then.
mouldy said on 1/Jan/07
...How old is this girl?? If she's 12 she's really tiny for her age! My younger sister was 5'0" when she was 12! And Dakota is only 4'9.5" ?? Jeez!
Katherine said on 31/Dec/06
I think that dakota is about 5'2 cuz im a week younger than dakota and im 5'5 and im quit tall and in recent pictures of her i zoomed it in on the laptop and i measured her and she came to 5'2 well i come from south africa and its gr8 here well talk lava cya
Ellen said on 24/Dec/06
Based on what I've seen lately with promotional stuff for Charlotte's web, they are definately trying to make her look shorter. My guess would be that she's about 5 ft. She was wearing flats next to Oprah and Julia Roberts who were both wearing high heels and she still didn't look very short. They're trying to make her appear to be shorter and more childlike to promote Charlotte's Web.

[Editor Rob: I think simply the girl likes wearing those ballerina type slippers...]
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
actually, charlotte's webb was filmed about 1.5 years ago, so she is much taller now.
Amanda said on 9/Sep/06
Well, Charlotte's Web is coming out in December, so we'll see new pictures then!
Taylor said on 10/Aug/06
ok i met her and i m 4'8.5 and she is the same height as me we even stood back to back with no shoes on and we are the same height so i don't care what any of u say cuz she is 4'8.5
Anonymous the 5th said on 30/Jul/06
hey mr. Trueheight 5'1" is not short i'm shorter than 5'1" so be nicer when you post
Anonymous said on 14/May/06
Ok... This is for Faye. Maybe Dakota wasn't 4'10 in those pictures, but that was a LONG time ago! Now, she probably is. And I saw her two weeks ago, and when I saw her she was taller that I am- and I'm 4'9. And at girl scouts she was taller than all of us!!
Faye said on 11/May/06
her heels arent all that high . . . i mean teris . . . and she's not even to her shoulder!! NOT 4'10" . .
Anonymous said on 8/May/06
I met her and asked her- she is 4'11!!!
Anonymous said on 7/May/06
I am sure Dakota is atleast 4' 10. In these at th e bottom of page) Teri Hatcher has heels and is standing straight. Dakota has 1/4 of inch shoes. Think about it.Click Here
Maria said on 25/Apr/06
I seriously think that Dakota Fanning is definitely 4ft 8inches. Some people were saying that she's 4'11, and I disagree. Also where she is next to Jamie Lee Curtis, Jamie is leaning her shoulder making it look as if Dakota was at her shoulder, but shes below that. I'd say shes a good 4'8 max, of course shell grow. Im thinking shell grow about 5'5 to a 5'6 1/2 when she gets older though.
Faye said on 16/Apr/06
erm, kelly, 5'10"-4'11" is an 11" difference, NOT 9"
enter name here said on 16/Apr/06
ok... i think dakota's in a growth spurt! In October she looked teenie tiny, but now- I'd say about 4'10 to 4'11! Click Here to see a recent photoshoot. her face is definately changing. She's finally maturing!
Serene said on 16/Apr/06
Dakota 5'? No way! Maybe shorter than 5 feet because if she is 5 feet and my aunt would look like a old hobbit beside her..

[Editor Rob: yes, she's still not 5ft...I mean look at the pics on the bottom of the page with Hatcher standing properly. There is a good foot difference, so take off maybe 3 inches (dakota has 1cm shoes) for teri's heels and you still have her maybe near 4ft 9...but not 5ft
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/06
She is 5"1
John said on 12/Apr/06
In general, the human head is about eight inches long so if Hatcher is 5'8", then Dakota would be five feet tall if she came up to Hatcher's chin. However, when I look at the picture it appears that she is a few inches below her chin meaning that she would be less than 4'11".
name said on 9/Apr/06
Click Here

In this picture, Dakota is with John Stamos and Terry Hatcher. Hatcher is 5'8" and Stamos is 6'1". She is above Terry's shoulder. I'd say she is 4'11" at the least.
name said on 9/Apr/06
I am 99% sure Dakota is 5'0" tall. As you can see in this picture on the following link, Dakota is past Jamie Lee Curtis' shoulder.Jamie Lee is 5'9. She looks less then a foot taller than Dakota.

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S said on 3/Apr/06
You can never tell at that age. When I was 12 I was aboout 5'5" and everyone thought I'd be really tall but I haven't grown since (well maybe 1/4-1/2 an inch).
Bianka said on 2/Apr/06
It really doesnt matter because i am also short for my age.And people probably dont know how tall she really is. I haven't seen her so i dont really know how tall she is.I'm about 5'tall.I think that thats pretty tall but i the second shortest kid in my class.Some people told me that when they saw me they thought that i was 9. But anyway it doesnt matter how tall she is because people like her anyway.=)
Lucy said on 21/Mar/06
I think dakota is 4 foot 8, she is really small but so am i.
im 4 foo5 and im 10 and i weigh 37 pounds
she im really tiny for my age
Ashley said on 18/Mar/06
Hey!!! I saw Dakota Fanning on Valentines Day, and believe me- she looks about 5' even. I, myself am a grown woman and am 5'2, and I had on heels (making me about 5'4) and Dakota had on litttle ballerina shoes( which maybe gave her about 1/8 of an inch , and she was about 3 1/2 or 4 inches smaller than me. I'd say shes about 5'. She may be in a growth spurt.
charlie said on 13/Mar/06
so i guess shes not a good candidate for being tall huh, thanks amanda
Amanda said on 11/Mar/06
She is 12. Here are the heights, and if you follow the arrow you can see what the height of each person would be if they follow the growth curve. Remember, this is just a guess; lots of people end up shorter/taller than their predicted height at age 12.
4' 7" is the 5th percentile --> 5' 0.5"
4' 9" is the 25th percentile --> 5' 3"
5' 0" is the 50th percentile (average) --> 5' 4.6"
5' 2" is the 75th percentile --> 5' 6.5"
5' 5" is the 95th percentile --> 5' 8.5"
charlie said on 11/Mar/06
Is she one average height, below or above,I cant tell for that age.So is she gonna be a 5'2, 5'5 or like 5'9????
Amanda said on 11/Mar/06
Reese has huge heels on (look at how steep her foot is), which add about 4" to her height, and Dakota is not really standing up straight (see the placement of her feet). Plus, that was before her 12th birthday party pics-- look at those because they're more recent. From the October pics, next to Elle, you can see there is really not more than 3" height difference. Dakota's height estimate was 4' 8" and Elle's was 4' 5.5". Now, Dakota is clearly gaining some height. In early January she looked about 4' 9" next to Witherspoon and in late February she could be in the 4' 9.5"-4' 10" range, comparing her to 4' 5.5" Elle. Remember, don't judge next to Hollywood women because they wear giant heels. Anyone 5' or less who has no heels is going to look tiny.
Amanda said on 9/Mar/06
I just got notified that Dakota Fanning responded to the Childstar_fans' birthday book, so the DakotaFanning group should get a reply any time now because they mailed their stuff out on the same day that Childstar_fans did (21/Feb/06, so it would arrive on 23/Feb/06, which was Dakota's 12th Birthday). And then we'll get to see how close all of our guesses were for her height!
Amanda said on 9/Mar/06
She has definitely grown since October. Has anyone seen the pics of her 12th birthday? She's about 4' 10" now-- 4' 8" was probably right from October, but now they height gap between her and Elle has increased again. And I am not just talking about Dakota's platform shoes (which are about 1.5" taller than Elle's shoes that she wore). Elle is about 4' 5" and Dakota looked close to the same height in October. Now Dakota is definitely much taller. I think maybe Dakota is finally starting to hit a growth spurt! So, the people who guessed 5' 0" aren't stretching too much. And the people who think she's around 4' 7" are simply judging by pictures from summer/fall 2005. I think that she'll probably hit/pass the 5' 0" mark by her next birthday, or even this summer. Some kids can grow several inches in a short time span, so you never know!
February 23, 2006:
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October 2005:
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gyllenhaalic823 said on 7/Mar/06
I seriously doubt 5'0" is probable for Dakota; I'm around 5'1" and when I wear shoes that are COMPLETELY flat I do look a lot taller than Dakota (well, it's not like I look in my mirror and go, "oh i look taller than dakota fanning" randomly; NO, but from memory I look a LOT taller) also Dakota is bone-thin, and many thin people appear taller because there is less "horizantal excess" to scale down their height ratio.
I'm guessing close to Rob's estimate.
Amanda said on 6/Mar/06
gyllenhaalic823- Well, discussing the height of Dakota is kind of pointless until we get the letter back from the DakotaFanning Yahoo! Group ( There is no way to tell for sure because she almost always wears ballet shoes with NO soles! Of course she's going to look tiny. Especially when most women in Hollywood wear heels. Even the ones who are 5' (like some people say Dakota said she was) wear shoes big enough to make them 4"-6" taller! But maybe she really is small. Estimates range from 4' 7" to 5' 0". Editor Rob's estimate is 4' 8", and he's usually pretty close to correct (within 1/2" to 1"), in my opinion. But with all the camera angles, and Dakota's low shoes and slouching, she might actually be closer to 5'. We don't know! That's why we're asking her!

In response to shawn's question, here is the index for all children, if you want to take a look: And here is the chart for height of white girls like Dakota: The average height for a 12-year-old girl is 4' 11.5" or about 152 cm. This site seems pretty reliable because they are close to the national CDC height charts. The only things I think they changed since the 1970's publishing of the charts are that kids are slightly taller (the height average has gone up by half an ince since then) and heaver (unfortunately, weight has also gone up).

If you're from the UK, I just looked and white people of the USA have the same averages as all people in the UK, and since the UK doesn't put out race-specific height averages, you can just use the "white" people one (even if you're not white) for average purposes.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 5/Mar/06
I just don't see how seven inches is possible, that's all. Usually people who are short and wind up tall grow 3-4 inches in college
hey come on get back to Dakota!!
Amanda said on 3/Mar/06
No. She really did grow seven inches. She was seriously 4' 11" at the end of 8th grade, when she was 12/13. When she started 9th grade she was 5' 6". You do not know her so how can you say that she didn't grow that much? Even her brothers and sisters say she grew seven inches in that summer. And what's with the gender-related comments? Girls can grow that quickly just like boys do; it's just more rare.

Unnatural? No. What is unnatural is when midgets/"little people" have this surgery done where they literally break their bones so they can regrow and make themselves taller. (I saw a talkshow episode about that once.) Everyone is different and grows at different times and speeds in their life. It's part of your genes. Some people grow a lot at once. Others grow slowly over a period of several years. It just depends on the person. Can it cause health problems? Definitely! People can experience growing pains, bloody noses, dizziness, illness, etc. And if you grow naturally your bone structure will eventually adjust, but you'll just be in a sort of awkward stage for a while. If you grow unnaturally (bone breakage), your bones won't adjust properly and your body will stay the same but you'll just have longer arms and legs.

Another girl who grew a lot is my friend Nicoletta. She looked about 5' 2" at the start of our junior year (age 16), and by spring she was 5' 8". That's six inches, so seven is definetely possible!
shawn said on 24/Feb/06
rob, or anyone...: is she average below or above average for her age?????
Stephanie/stephe1987 said on 24/Feb/06
I just got Amanda's e-mail and it sounds like Dakota's height is causing a lot of debate on this site. So, to settle the arguments, I will send the scans of her 12th birthday questionnaire (one of the questions asks her current height) to Editor Rob when I get them back. Then we'll know how tall she really is! It might be a while because I told her to take her time filling it out because she's been getting a lot of mail lately. After all, it's her 12th birthday (23/Feb/06)!

How tall do I think she is? I have no idea. In some pictures she looks around 4' 6" and in other pics she looks close to the 5' mark. We'll see what she says in a couple of weeks to a few months from now (depending on how quickly she gets back to us).

anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
To gyllenhaalic823: yes, but very, very few girls are 5' 8"-5' 11" at that age. That's above the average for grown women. I think Krista and Amanda were talking about the ones who are average, get a giant growth spurt, and don't grow anymore. And then there are others who are above average and stop growing for a while while the others pass them up. And then there are the tiny ones who stay tiny (which is why the average is 5').
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/06
gylenhaalic823, my friend was 15, when he had a MAJOR growth spurt. He grew 4.5 inches in a little less than 3 months (he went from 5'8'' to a bit more than 6'), so don't say it's impossible. He was my classmate for 8 years and he wasn't that tall. I barely recognized him after we hadn't seen each other during the summer holidays...

[Editor Rob: I guess sharapova is best example of an 18 year old girl gaining 2 more inches...from 5ft 3 age 13 to 6ft 2 age 19]
gyllenhaalic823 said on 14/Feb/06
oh yes and krista the girl who are at full height at 12 are far taller than 5'4"; they are the ones from 5'8-11". And there you contradicted yourself saying they would be 5'0" in your little "chart".
gyllenhaalic823 said on 13/Feb/06
"So they went from 4' 7" (age 10) to 5' 4" (age 12) in two years. That is 3.5" per year during a growth spurt . . ."
seven inches in two years is too much . . . I got the information from my doctor, thank you very much.
Amanda said on 11/Feb/06
The average for 12 is 5', but that's because it's an AVERAGE, and it's thrown off by the girls who have early growth and are at their full height (or within an inch or two of it) already. Dakota is the average height for an 11-year-old, but she also hasn't had her growth spurt yet, and many girls her age have, so she just seems tiny even though she's not. Elle seems closer in height to Dakota recently because she just went through a growth spurt, and Dakota wears ballet shoes, while Elle is in regular shoes.

In 6 years, hmmm. It's hard to tell because she hasn't grown yet. A girl who is 4' 9" at 12 and 0 months is supposed to be like 5' 2", according to height estimation sites, but other people can grow even more and be 5' 4" or 5' 5". I really don't think she's going to be anything really tall, because if she was going to be much taller than that she would be over 5' now and she clearly isn't. I think 4' 9" seems about right, regardless of if that is her actual height as of last month. She does seem to be growing a little and will probably get a growth spurt soon. For those of you who say she is 5' or 5' 1", maybe she will be by Christmastime or her next birthday, but not quite yet.
Kari said on 7/Feb/06
I have asked Dakota fanning how tall she is when I met her, she said that she was 5'0. If you meet her in person she seems tall, or average. She is by biggest fan.
name said on 29/Jan/06
My friend met Dakota Fanning when she was filming Dreamer in KY. He got to spend the day with her and got lots of pictures and he says that he is 5'1 in the pictures and she looked like she was 3 inches shorter than him in the pictures.
Emily said on 23/Nov/05
Well, I know AnnaSophia Robb is about 5ft 1. and Dakoyta Fanning is much much much more shorter than AnnaSophia. Get it through your heads Dakotya fanning is really petiete!
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
Whoa. She really is short. But it's cos she hasn't hit puberty yet anyway. I think she's more 4'7"?
anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
Dakota is definately not 4 foot 11! My daughter is 12 yrs old and 4 foot 6.We saw her at the horse park in KY, and got a picture, she looked no more than 3 or 3 1/2 inches talled than my daughter.

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