How tall is Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld's Height

5ft 6 ¼ (168.3 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like True Grit (2011), Ender's Game, Romeo & Juliet, Barely Lethal and Pitch Perfect 2. In a video interview she talked about her height "I think I'm like Five Six and Three [quarters]....maybe like Five Seven.".

How tall is Hailee Steinfeld
Photo by David Gabber /
How tall is Hailee Steinfeld?
This is where I lie and say Five-Seven, when really I'm like Five-Six.
-- Wired Video

How tall is Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee and John Cena
Photo by Away! / PR Photos

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Average Guess (123 Votes)
5ft 6.53in (169cm)
Sir. said on 26/Apr/24
Such a hot lady.
Looks 5 ft 7
Antihero said on 11/May/23
5'6 ¾, here she's next to Taylor Swift
Click Here
Click Here
Comentarista said on 2/May/23
No more than 169cm.
Abby said on 30/Nov/22
What would you say for her weight, Rob? Around 127 pounds?
Editor Rob
Close to 130 sounds believable for strong 5ft 6 range.
stegen said on 10/Aug/22
I always thougth she's 5'6 max, she looks pretty short next to models.
Haldiewonder said on 11/May/22
She looks 5’7” at most. She looks taller than 5’6”. Weaker than 5’8”
6'4" Leprechaun said on 20/Mar/22
She seems tall and 5'6.75" is accurate. Cena claimed 6' and she's 5 inches shorter with 2.5 inch more footwear. 5'5".
Marc said on 6/Jan/22
Hey rob do you think 5'6 at max or at least?

When u look at this with tom holland who is 5'7 maybe with downey boots ;)

Click Here
Editor Rob
I would never guess anything less than 5ft 6, a good chunk of people think 5ft 6-6.5 is her possible range.

Are there legit photos of them together, I noticed a few manipulations of them.
Crixus said on 12/Dec/21
Actually, I like her at 5'7 1/8 Just finished the recent episode of Hawkeye and she's legitimately eye level with Renner most times..
Puneet said on 3/Dec/21
How tall would be her Hawkeye costar alaqua cox
Editor Rob
not sure yet
Leesheff85 said on 28/Nov/21
Film fan she's already claimed she lied and said 5ft 7 and is really 5ft 6 so 5ft 7 is out of the question maybe 5ft 6 1/4
Film Fan said on 15/Nov/21
I think she is closer to 5’ 7.” It is also worth mentioning that she is in the film Bumblebee.
berta said on 11/Nov/21
wooooow really didnt think she was a flat 5´6 from all i have seen i sould have thought maybe closer to 169 cm
Ben Le said on 2/Oct/21
She looks 5'7.75
Dean doe said on 24/Sep/21
Google has her at 5ft8
Dom5'11.5 said on 13/Sep/21
I will give her 169.5cm
Elene said on 1/Sep/21
Maybe she lied by an inch and she is really 5’5.75 instead of 5’6.75 she looks nowhere near that.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
Weak 5’ 7” she’s about 5’ 6 3/4”
Leesheff1985 said on 13/Jul/21
Like five six could be a strong five six can it rob?
Editor Rob
it is definitely more believable than 'like five six' meaning weak 5ft 6.
Acmd11 said on 4/Jun/21
167.5 cm
Infalible said on 10/May/21
169 cm
heyyyyyyyy said on 11/Mar/21
I think she can pull of 5'7"
Renato1 said on 5/Jan/21
Weak 168 cm
Film Fan said on 5/Jan/21
I think 5’ 6” is a bit too low for Haillee Steinfeld. She looks like she could actually be close to a full 5’ 7.” Maybe 5’ 6 3/4?”
Jaxteller said on 9/Dec/20
How is there barely any difference in the height of Jeremy Renner and Hailee in this photo, Hailee looks even taller, are here boots that much thicker?: Click Here
Editor Rob
it might be the road a bit more in her favor, like in this shot he can look taller.
Nik J Ashton said on 5/Dec/20
Some people think she is 5'9"! 🙃
Kalind said on 3/Dec/20
I’d give Hailee Steinfeld a smidge above 5’6 when standing next to 5’8.25” Jeremy Renner on this on set pic of Hawkeye. Then again, both are wearing boots so they might add an inch to their actual height. Click Here. I think it’s safe to say she’s going to portray Kate Bishop in the MCU.
David G said on 25/Oct/20
See this.
Click Here

Full 4 inches or more.
David G said on 24/Oct/20
If she claimed for 5'7, then 3/4 and then 5'6, I think she isn't honest. Hailee is always using huge heels so I think she is tallish, maybe 5'5-5'6 barefoot.
Editor Rob
Maybe her last claim of 5ft 6 is the more honest one, I would be a bit surprised if she falls under 5ft 6
Mimi said on 7/Oct/20
She went to the Philippines and guested in several variety shows, she absolutely looked very tall and she's only in 3-3.5 inch heels. Gives insight on how short us Filipino truly are (I'm one of the exception of course as I am 172cm)
The French Dude said on 10/Aug/20
5'6.5 is acurrate to me
Jam Cherry said on 4/Jun/20
168.5 cm seems fitting
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Mar/20
5ft6 1/4" , probably 5ft6 1/2" or so.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 8/Feb/20
If you type in hailee steinfeld, rebel wilson anna Kendrick into google theres a photo of them all together and hailee absolutely towers over the other two. I know shes in very high platform heels but they are all in heels and I cant imagine her only being 5ft 6 barefoot
Editor Rob
I presume This example. She does look quite tall there, maybe the extra heel and camera might be helping her side.
Nik said on 29/Nov/19
The average vote is interesting considering the fact that she claims to 🐝 "like Five-Six"!
Penelope said on 1/Nov/19
Just saw her autocomplete interview. She's asked how tall she is and answers: "this is when I lie and say I'm 5'7 but I'm really 5'6. There you have it.
louisvan977 said on 1/Nov/19
She just settled it herself. She's no taller than 5' 7". Those who are guessing 5' 8" are too far off the mark. So I guess she's like 5' 6.5" or 5' 6.75". Watch her say it here: Click Here
Editor Rob
her quote is quite honest, she lies about 5ft 7 when she's really 5ft 6.

Here is Hailee with Raven, who got measured at the doctor at 5ft 7.
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 30/Oct/19
169 cm (aka 5ft6.5in) she is tall
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Aug/19
Shes 5'6.6 (169cm) thats all.
Lazar99 said on 27/Jul/19
You know what? If a girl claimed 5 ft 9 when her actual height is 5 ft 6 1/2", It's like a 5 ft 11 1/2 man who claimed 6ft 2.
She isn't 5ft7 btw, 5 ft 6 1/2 is believable and 5ft 6 3/4 as maximum.
khaled taban said on 18/Jun/19
@Nik, average vote is high? It's not a coincidence, some accounts here were working on that, and the result is perfect 😊
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
It's very interesting that the average vote stands at exactly 5'7" after 60 votes! There are two e's and one i in both her surname and her christian name!
khaled taban said on 6/Jun/19
I'd give her 5'6.75"
Stranger things fan said on 24/May/19
looks 5’7
James Keffer (185 cm) said on 22/May/19
Click Here 3:54 . She's almost as tall as 5'10 Shawn Hook when wearing heels. Maybe your 5'6.75 listing was better Rob.
Mimi said on 16/Mar/19
Rob I noticed she is not 5ft6 3/4 anymore. Why the downgrade?
Editor Rob
I felt 6.5 was believable from all I've seen now.
Oliver said on 24/Feb/19
Click Here
Rob,what sizes are their heels?
Taylor still edged Hailee.
Thank you.
Editor Rob
Looks like she has heels that give 4-4.25 inch range and Taylor maybe not even a full 2 inches.
James G. said on 30/Jan/19
5’7”. 5’6.75” at the very lowest.
Truthok said on 2/Jan/19
Just bill her as a nice round 5'7" and be done with it, end of discussion
Megan said on 18/Dec/18
Weird. I always got the impression she was taller. She even said she stuck out because of her height. Unless she had a growth spur before everyone else in her class, that's a weird claim to make and an odd twist on the whole, "I wasn't popular in high school," thing.
tango33 said on 15/Dec/18
@rob, but look at this picture rob
the difference looks more than 5 cm not 3 cm
so what’d you think rob?
link:Click Here
Editor Rob
At times 5ft 6 is possible, but I don't think I seen enough to say it was certain.
tango33 said on 15/Dec/18
@rob, with Niall Horan, who’s supposedly 172 cm and she doesn’t look like 5’ 6 at all, she looks way shorter
Editor Rob
At times she does look 5ft 6, but under it I'm not sure.
Azzy said on 17/Nov/18
Forgot to add my "guess".
Azzy said on 17/Nov/18
She's 5'8"! See???
Click Here
MAD SAM said on 12/Sep/18
I always thought she’s like really tall, I will go with the 5’7” mark here at 170 cm
Nik said on 18/Aug/18
I love her comment "I think I'm like Five Six and Three [quarters]...maybe like Five Seven."!
Layla said on 16/Aug/18
She’s definitely shorter than boyfriend Niall Horan.
Click Here
Racurz said on 12/Jul/18
So she claims 5’8 yet 5’9 Woody Harrelson was about a good 3 inches taller then her in the edge of seventeen
Nik said on 1/Jun/18
Another OK listing!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
Look more like 5'6 3/4 than Jessica Biel who look more like 5'6 1/2.
heelshealheight said on 6/May/18
I can't help laughing my socks off with this ridiculously inflated height claim. That poor lass actually believes that she's 'too tall'.. It's 2018 (not 1818), and seeing loads of women over 5ft11 is nondescript. Only women who are over 6ft1 tall could claim that they're 'too tall', but the genuine Amazons never complain and whine because they appreciate and respect their lofty height. Hailee is just another average-height (circa 5ft4-5ft5) tall-wannabe. Next to Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, Hailee is savagely dwarfed. Here's a 'nice' photo (I so enjoy the way Karlie's height refutes all those idiotic height claims):
Click Here
Mimi said on 17/Apr/18
Rob would she be 5ft10 in the heels in the photo above?
Editor Rob
Yeah she might measure very near that mark.
Xuxa said on 30/Jan/18
I think she grew at least an inch in the last couple of years.
Deirdre said on 30/Dec/17
I think she is 5’8
Just said on 17/Dec/17
In Perfect Pitch 2 she was 3 or 4 inches shorter than her mum 5’8 Katey Sagal.
Intevel said on 8/Dec/17
Rob how tall is she in these heels
Click Here
Editor Rob
comfortably over 5ft 11 I believe and may even be nudging close to 6ft
Harland said on 8/Dec/17
I think 5'7" is accurate. Beautiful and perfect height.
Tom said on 7/Sep/17
I remember seeing or reading something about her feeling uncomfortable because she sees herself as really tall when infact chances are she's a 1.68 at evening which is not in anyway short but is not thhat tall. Rob have you noticed tallish female celebrities always play up their height
Editor Rob
boosting your height is not something only short or average people do.

There are many tall people who boost their heights. But we should always remember that sometimes people are calling their height in footwear without thinking.
Leo said on 3/Sep/17
Hey rob, what do you think is the height of her boyfriend?

Click Here
Editor Rob
can look comfortably over 6ft there.
Jenny said on 13/Aug/17
Doubt she is 5'8, she isn't even taller than Joe Jonas in heels. More like 1.69
Kaycee said on 8/Aug/17
She's 5'8. Simple, idek when it's an argument
Al said on 14/Jul/17
I think she definitely should be listed taller seeing her on the today show today next to Hoda and Jenna she is taller than Jenna but still very slightly shorter than Hoda, and taller than Matt and Al in maybe four-inch heels. Jenna and Hoda were wearing footwear about the same height too.
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
I think she had a growth spurt I think now 5,8 3/4
Mimi said on 7/Jul/17
I saw her in a Philippine variety show. She was in 3inch heels and looked like a giant. But of course Filipinas are 5ft on the.
Kelly said on 1/Jul/17
She's much taller now she must be 5,8
heightdude said on 29/Jun/17
hey rob, if you know a young actor by the name of Griffin Gluck, can you maybe find out how tall he is, everywhere says he's 5'2'' but i highly doubt that.
Tom said on 16/Jun/17
Bert91 said on 28/Apr/17
In pics with Sophie Turner, she looks around 5'6.5-5'7. I think this listing is fine, or maybe a tad lower.
MoHaa said on 18/Mar/17
She looks taller now.
Mary said on 5/Mar/17
She is 5'6.
andy16 said on 11/Feb/17
She towers over everybody else. I believe she's much taller now.
Boyer said on 4/Feb/17
She has legs for days
jj said on 31/Jan/17
she's taller than that now she's about 172cm
Justine said on 26/Jan/17
Hailee Steinfeld is taller than Keira Knightley.
Jay said on 11/Nov/16
rockibaby, Hailee is not wearing high heels in that video. It's barley even an inch. Plus Joe could be wearing lifts in his shoes. 5'6.75-5'7 is right.
rockitbaby said on 5/Nov/16
Found this video of her singing with Jonas. Joe is what, 5'8? She's his height or slightly shorter wearing high heels, she could never be 5'8 or even 5'7. She's 1,69 or less.

Click Here
Anoka said on 30/Oct/16
Ok Now google has Upped hailee's height from 170cm to 173cm great ! She's like 169 cm thats the most genuine i could give
rockitbaby said on 17/Oct/16
1,68m. Not 1,70m.
Warren said on 10/Oct/16
169cm to 170cm at the best
MC said on 25/Sep/16
Look at her pics with Karlie Kloss. Looks like 5'6-5'7
Hi it is me said on 2/Aug/16
she and cara delevigne have the same height
Jay said on 10/Mar/16
That's too short for her thedude. She's 5'7 or close to it.
thedude said on 27/Feb/16
5.5 at the very most
Hypado said on 18/Oct/15
Hailee Steinfeld's Height is 5ft 6.75in (170 cm)

yes, i think this is the right for her.
Lucy said on 6/Sep/15
She is no where near that claim! Maximum 167cm
Here she is with Emile Hirsch, who is listed as 165, or event shorter for that matter!
Click Here
Peace said on 5/Sep/15
She is 5'9 at most
Maurice said on 11/Aug/15
She told me she was 5-9 when I asked her during the filming of true grit. I did her makeup a few times, I was a rotational makeup person on the set. I asked because she was so young and she was already huge compared to me. I'm 5-4 and a 28 year old man. She is so much older now I would've bat an eye if you told me she was 5-11
Jay said on 17/Jul/15
Rob, can you add Pitch Perfect 2?
Just said on 6/Jul/15
I have to agree with Az: Hailee and Wiig are very close in height in those pics. Hailee even has bigger footwear, a little higher heels than Wiig.
Jay said on 28/Jun/15
Don't know what what pics you're looking at Az, but Hailee is not the same height as Wiig. She's clearly taller. And if she was only 5'5 she wouldn't be taller than Anna Camp in every picture they're in together.
az said on 24/Jun/15
Sorry, Getty Images changed their format a bit and it's weird. Better Link? Hailee...5'5" :)

Click Here
Az said on 23/Jun/15
She is the exact height of Kristen Wiig. 5'5"

Click Here
Allie said on 15/Jun/15
How tall do you think her brother is Rob? Hailee gets towered by him. Weird though that she ended up only 5'6-5'7 while her brother looks maybe 6'2? Then again, look at ScarJo's twin and Alexandra's brother being in the 6'2-3 range.
Editor Rob
he could be 6ft 2 range
Hypado said on 11/May/15
Hailee Steinfeld's height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

Around this height.
Shamrock said on 8/Mar/15
thought she looked 5'8 in True Grit, just goes to show you how deceptive one film can be and you can't conclude anything from such a small evidence pool
Pedro said on 7/Mar/15
@Shulamith You should also take into account that you have to remove the "s" from every link that has "https" instead of "http". I noticed that the "click here" function doesn't work in this case.
Editor Rob
I fixed that bit, it should work with any https now.
Shulamith said on 18/Feb/15
Rob, how do we put pictures here and how we make it say "Click Here" with a line under the bottom. Can you also show me step by step because i know i have to use tinyurl , but then at that point i don't know what to do.Thanks :)
Editor Rob
if you have a url like then copy/paste than into tinyurl or to get a shorter link and just paste it into your comment.
Pedro said on 5/Feb/15
@Rob Yes, it's always annoying when interviewers don't give someone the chance to complete a sentence.
But I think that if we are going to accept that listing for Hailee, then we should seriously consider upgrading Emile Hirsch at least to a full 5'6". I have seen many pictures of them together and I always get the impression that they are around the same height: Click Here
Editor Rob
not sure if he's really a proper 5ft 6, although at times he can look 5ft 5.5 up to 6 range
brandonknight said on 4/Feb/15
There's an interview where she's asked about her height:
Click Here

She talks about comparing heights with Emile Hirsch and was about to say she's "five six and three..." before saying she claims "five seven."
Editor Rob
5ft 6.75 sounds like a good listing to me! that interviewer would annoy me, he should learn the art of giving another person a chance to complete their sentences ;)
Tom said on 16/Jan/15
She is 5ft 6.75in in my opinion
Pedro said on 9/Jan/15
Here is Hailee next to Nicola Peltz: Click Here
laura said on 17/Nov/14
5"5 tops. Doesn't even look 5"6.
Realist said on 29/Oct/14
Tall girl 5'7. Same height as Mark Ruffalo. Maybe 171.
Pedro said on 14/Sep/14
Here is Hailee next to Cara Delevingne: Click Here
Pedro said on 2/Sep/14
Here is Hailee next to Sophie Turner: Click Here
Sam said on 18/Aug/14
I think she generally does looks around 5'7", her lean frame can suggest she's taller but she's not over it compared to other actors.
Pedro said on 15/Aug/14
Here is Hailee next to Elle Fanning: Click Here
Altough Elle Click Here looked like having higher heels than Hailee Click Here
Dan said on 26/Jul/14
In the behind-the-scenes photos of Pitch Perfect 2, she towers the rest of the cast. I have no problem believing she's 5'7".
Pedro said on 28/Apr/14
Here she is standing next to Keira Knightley: Click Here
Hailee isn't standing completely straight, but on the other hand she seems to have higher heels. So they look around the same height to me.
Hypado said on 23/Feb/14
Looks 173cm in Ender's Game
Pedro said on 1/Feb/14
@kendalljennergreatestfan Asa Butterfield was around 5'8" and grew 2 inches while shooting "Ender's Game". So the heights of that movie are clearly out of date when it comes to compare Hailee with Asa.
Here are recent pictures of Hailee together with Asa Butterfield and Emile Hirsch on the set of "Ten Thousand Saints". Depending on the camera angle, Hailie looks either the same height or just slightly taller than Emile Hirsch. But she is clearly much shorter than Asa. So 5'7" is actually a very generous height for Hailee: Click Here
Pedro said on 14/Sep/13
Here is a nice picture where you can see her with notmal shoes standing next to Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield: Click Here
Jane said on 12/Aug/13
Not sure about Breslin's heels, but Hailee's wearing these Click Here I think we can have a good perspective in the pics below
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Does that look like a 6 inches difference? Considering that Abigail is really 5'1.
Pedro said on 31/May/13
@James Yeah, it's strange. I definitely take back my 5'8" estimation for Hailee. She must around 5'7" at maximum.
But looking closely at the pictures with Jessica and Taylor, I think that we can say that she is definitely taller then Jessica. In the first picture of the "Daily Mail"-article, Hailee looks slightly taller than Jessica, despite walking behind her. And it those pictures were they look the same height, Hailee has her legs more separated from each other. When people are walking, they sometimes lose 1 or 2 inches, depending on the posture. As you can see here: Click Here
Jamie said on 30/May/13
@Pedro: Yeah in some pictures Hailee looks sightly taller than Jessica, in others they look about the same height. I don't think Jessica needs an upgrade though, maybe Taylor needs a downgrade? If Jessica Szohr is actually taller than 5'5 then Leighton Meester (who is supposed to be 5'4.5 according to this site) needs an upgrade too ...
Click Here
Click Here

Something is definitely not quite right, either Hailee and Taylor Swift need a major downgrade OR Jessica Szohr, Leighton Meester and probably most of the Gossip Girl Cast need a major upgrade.
Pedro said on 29/May/13
@Jamie That is interesting! But Hailee also seems to be only about two inches shorter than Taylor Swift on that picture. Maybe it is Jessica Szohr who need a little upgrade?
I am not an expert on people's posture while they are walking. But here are some more pictures from the same day: Click Here
Pedro said on 29/May/13
@mina But Hailee's heels are pretty low. I am not an expert on this, but they look like being around 2 inches high. So assuming that Hailee is 5'7"/5'8", this would make her 5'9"/5'10" on that picture. And with those low heels she looks almost the same height as Jessica Joffe, who is 5'11".
Jamie said on 29/May/13
There are some new pictures with Hailee, Jessica Szohr (5'5) and Taylor Swift; and Hailee seems to be about the same size as Jessica (both are wearing flat shoes) ...

Click Here
Click Here
mina said on 22/May/13
Yet she is in heels while Jessica is wearing flats and still quite short.Hailee may be 5'6 at most.
Pedro said on 17/May/13
Here she is next to the at 5'11" listed Jessica Joffe: Click Here .
Maybe Hailee deserves an upgrade to 5'8"?
Jack said on 15/May/13
I love Hailee she is definitely at least 5'7". She is only 16 years old so she is still growing
Jay said on 27/Jan/13
She's 5'7.
Tarik said on 5/Aug/12
She claimed 5'7 at the David Letterman show. Now she is probably between 5'7 and 5'8. Either way she is pretty tall.
*Jamie* said on 4/Aug/12
Sorry, link doesn't work anymore ... these pictures ...

Click Here
Click Here
*Jamie* said on 3/Aug/12
She can't be 5'7 ... in recent pics she is the same height as 5'7 Keira Knightley, but Knightley is wearing sandals and Hailee is wearing platform wedges ...

Click Here
mina said on 2/Aug/12
I think she is 5'6
bill said on 24/Jul/12
Hailee Steinfeld was 5'7'' 2 years ago when she made true grip in 2010.Now she must be 5'8.''5 or 5'9''
Stephanie said on 8/Jun/12
Looks 5' 7" to 5' 8".

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