How tall is Dan Walker

Dan Walker's Height

6ft 4 ¾ (194.9 cm)

English TV presenter, who has presented BBC Breakfast and Football Focus. He claimed on Twitter "I'm 6ft 6".

How tall is Dan Walker
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Average Guess (21 Votes)
6ft 4.87in (195.2cm)
Andrey200 said on 1/Sep/22
@Canson: 194 imo, with Peter Crouch who has less shoe and is leaning, yet still about 2.5 inches difference.
Canson said on 9/Jan/22
Agree with Recapa 194-195 range guy weak 6’5
Andrey200 said on 7/Jan/22
Looks to have slightly more footwear than Crouch in that picture so 195 really might be the best bet if not 194. 6'6" is a bizarre claim.
Canson said on 21/Jun/21
Wow a guy in Europe claiming shoes. Thought it was only a problem here in the states. He can pass for 6’5 but not 6’6
OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
I absolutely can't stand this guy. He always looks about 195cm.
recapa said on 25/Oct/20
honestly i feel like that he is anywhere from 194.3-195cm
Parker said on 7/Sep/20
Claimed he was 6'6 at 11 years old in a Sunday newspaper article. Does look 3 inches shorter than Peter Crouch.
Dream said on 14/Jun/20
He really was shorter than Dan Snow
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/May/20
Click Here How shame is Dan claiming 6'6 next to 6'7 1/2 Peter Crouch. Lol
Rockstar Mephisto said on 14/Jan/20
He’s a really weird case. Sometimes he looks 6’4.5” and sometimes 6’5.5”. My guess is walking around just under 6’5” so I think this is right. I’m just over 6’4” so if I meet him I’ll post back.

Meanwhile - here is is listed with 1.98 (6’6”) on the left and 2.01 (6’7”) on the right. I just can’t see over 6’5” in this. And he wears thick soles trainers.
Clarkyjay said on 10/Jan/20
He’s clearly a tall man but he’s definitely not 6’6. I’d argue based on photos with other people he’s not even quite 6’5. I think a strong 6’4 would seem about right. He’s absolutely dwarfed by Peter crouch. Looks at least 3+ inches between them. Wouldn’t be such a difference if he was actually 6’6
JD1996 said on 7/Nov/19
Hey rob I found an interesting picture where dan walker and Ashley banjo are standing next to each other and dan walker looks a bit taller he actually looks 1.5 maybe 2 cm taller than Ashley banjo, so in this picture his 6’6” claim looks pretty accurate as I think Ashley banjo is listed 6’5”. Here is the photo Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah Dan looks pretty tall there, though how much Banjo might lose in posture? At least an inch
Nearly made six six said on 27/Oct/19
I’d say he’s similar to me I’m six five and three quarters out of bed and about half inch less come night time but when asked I normally say six foot six as to the nearest half inch most of the day that’s what I am, I agree he looks lanky and that makes a difference, I’m 250 lbs and people often say I don’t look tall till I’m up close to them. He was just on tv with tony belles and looks three inches taller than him in my opinion
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Aug/19
@Dream Telling the truth i'm not surprise if Owen Benjamin and Bo Burham were both 6'6 in person if i got the chance to met both of them. I can imagine they're closer to 3/8 on me.
Dream said on 13/Aug/19

I forgot to mention this, but a user named @woodne did claim to have met Dan Snow and said he was almost exactly the same height as he is. @woodne claimed 197 cm. I'm not sure, but I think 6'5 1/4" is a great listing. Bo could be taller. At the same time, i don't think Dan Snow is under 6'5".
Dream said on 2/Aug/19

True true. It’s strange. I’ve actually read that Henry Cavill claimed to be over 6’0”, at one point.


Truthfully, I think Bo Burnham would be a little taller than Wladimir Klitschko.
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
I’m surprised being from Europe that he would lie. Not saying it doesn’t happen but most Europeans are more honest than Americans with their height. They usually don’t claim shoes. Agree with Junior. Maybe 6’4.5. Weak 6’5 range is a good shout
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jul/19
6'4 1/2 is the lowest Dan Walker could be measure it. Dan Snow taking more look i don't see over 6'5 1/4 now. Bo Burnham will had an edge on Snow.
Dream said on 12/Jun/19
@Alex R

He ain't 6'6". That would put Dan Snow at 6'7.25".
Alex R said on 11/Jun/19
He’s definitely what he claims.
Dream said on 6/Jun/19
But then he looked taller than Ashley Banjo.

He also looked a strong inch taller than Scott McTominay.
Dream said on 26/Apr/19
He looked a lot shorter than Dan Snow (Who I think could be 6’5.25”-6’5.5”).
secondrowback said on 22/Jan/19
Saw a pic of him with Scott McTominay and Jose Mourinho. He looked same height as McTominay. No more than 6'4. Also saw him on Football Focus with Mark Schwarzer and Schwarzer looked taller.
Bazza said on 20/Sep/18
Anywhere between 6'4 and 6'5 could be right.not near 6'6
Alex B said on 7/Sep/18
It is hard to tell as he is sitting down in most shows he is a tall man without question. 6.4 feet upwards I would guess 6.4 feet max 6.6 feet.
6'Ben said on 25/Nov/17
Was on Football Focus today with Mark Schwarzer who looks ever bit his claimed 6'5", was perhaps fractionally shorter if at all. Still very tall despite not being 6'6"
Editor Rob said on 6/Oct/17
Even when posing with Paul Sturgess, he's still claiming 6ft 6.
Paul's head size is like a foot long, 99.999999 percentile
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Nik said on 1/Jun/17
He claimed 6'6" on "Countdown" today!
Arthur said on 31/Jan/17
He looks barely tall in this pic... weird proportions
jessman said on 14/Sep/16
I saw that programme too. Ross Sambridge is the 6'10 guy who thought he was 7'5. An incredible miscalculation. It was sad really. He was being stopped in the street and he told people he was 7'5. Tall as he is, the people did seem surprised to hear him claim that height. I think he expected to grow a little more and become Britain's tallest man. He was crestfallen when the doctor measured him at 6'10. The poor doctor almost pretended that Sambridge may once have hit seven feet but his back was now slightly curved and may have caused the 'loss'. There is a pic of Sambridge with Peter Mayhew on Mayhew's page, in a post from Feb 2015.
Dan said on 11/Sep/16
I even read somewhere once 6' 7"! Never thought he looked as tall as the figures that had been quoted. Although a lot of people think they are taller than they really are. Remember watching a tv program about tall people and one guy thought he was about 7' 5" but when they measured him he was 'only' 6' 10"!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/16
@Brandon, I think it's just a common standing in garage in sneakers, girlfriend sees measuring tape and sees how tall I am, it reads 6'5 7/8, pretty much on that 6'6 mark, so "I'm 6 ft 6". I dont think he's lying, I do think he got measured at it but in footwear. A lot of people don't get measured barefoot and just go with what they got measured in shoes. And Dan can often seem like that sort of height on TV of course. I honestly don't think Dan is the egotistical type to inflate his height, I think he really believes he's 6 ft 6.
Brandon said on 1/Sep/16
I can't stand when already tall people inflate their height. Is your ego that massive? If you are 6'4.75" and you claim 6'5" i don't mind. But you claim 6'6"? Come on now. Rounding up is ok but thats it. For example if you are 6'0.25" just claim 6'0" dont lie and say 6'1" but if you are 6'0.5" or 6'0.75" then saying 6'1" is fine. Im 5'11.25" when people ask me my height i say 5'11" but most people my height would claim 6'0" or 6'1" its ridiculous. Sometimes i actually lie but i downgrade and say im 5'10" just to screw with peoples egos.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
Max said on 31/Aug/16
Saw a guy at Victoria station looked very much like him. If he's 6'4 then a strong. look-a-like.


It's no surprise that when I see two people who look like each other, often their heights are very similar as well. It proves that height is mostly genetic, this is why twins usually are the same height, they have nearly the same genetic makeup.
Max said on 31/Aug/16
Saw a guy at Victoria station looked very much like him. If he's 6'4 then a strong. look-a-like.
jessman said on 31/Aug/16
Martin Keown is more of an even 6'0 in my opinion. Lots of England team photo pics where he is considerably shorter than Tony Adams and DavidvSeaman.
NX said on 30/Aug/16
That photo does not do him any justice
Arch Stanton said on 30/Aug/16
In looking again about 4 inches on Martin Keown who I think is near enough a proper 6'1, so he's around 6 ft 5, at times doesn't stand his best so in some photos might look more 6'4-6'4.5. I think 195 is the best shout but as Rofro says, he definitely had me fooled on the 6'6, his lanky frame, small head etc really do give that sort of impression at times.
Aza said on 30/Aug/16
Looked taller than Juergen klopp in footie interview last season and klopp is listed as 6'4
rofro said on 30/Aug/16
Wow! I thought he was a legit 6ft 6 until I saw the picture of him with Andy Murray! Now I think he probably hits 6ft 4 exactly.
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Aug/16
travis said on 28/Aug/16
i hate it when people clamied they 6'6 when in reality u 6'5 he be ard


I'll admit, I claim 6ft6 as well, but only because of exaggerated perception of heights. Because a majority of people inflate their heights, they'll guess me as either 6ft6 or 6ft7 when they see me. And if I tell them I'm "6 foot 5", they won't believe me. But at least I'm a fraction over 6ft5, so it's not that bad to round up to the next inch. I know a 6ft3 guy who claims 6ft5, and he gets away with it. But if I tell him that my height is 6ft5, he'll be like "no way, if I'm 6ft5, you're like 6ft7!" I believe that no one should claim any more than an inch of their actual height. For example, if you're 5ft10.75, you shouldn't claim 6ft, but if you're 5ft11 or 5ft11.25, than claiming 6ft is okay, although it's not the most honest answer.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/16
There's a chance of 6'4.5 I guess but this guy generally looks too darned lanky to be under 6'5!! OK, I think we can definitely rule out 6'6, I mean look at big Del Potro with Murray, Potro looks almost 2 inches taller!

Rob perhaps give him 6'4.75 (195cm) then and we'll assume he got measured at 6'6 in shoes?
jessman said on 29/Aug/16
I checked the heights of the four rowers Dan is photograped with. He looks shorter than all bar one. Their listed heights are 6'8, 6'6, 6'5, and 6'3. Sounds like Dan has a fascination with being 6'6, claims it, but is not 6'6.
jessman said on 29/Aug/16
There's a good pic of Dan beside 6'4 listed Jurgen Klopp. Dan is standing tall while Jurgen is looser and has his head slightly bowed. Dan edges it by about half inch. Can't see footwear but Dan is wearing a suit so presumably dress shoes, Jurgen has training gear so presumably trainers or football boots. Pic was taken indoors.
jessman said on 29/Aug/16
I see 6'4 at most. Numerous pics with ex-footballers who have listed heights. He does not tower over any of them like a true 6'6 would. Best pic for me is one with Mark Lawrenson (who's leaning!). Lawrenson is about 5'11 absolute max. Dan looked at most 5 inches taller.
Editor Rob
I found the photo of him and Andy Murray...he certainly could be 6ft 4 range there too!
Fog5'11 said on 29/Aug/16
I thing he looks close to this, though i would have put him more 6'4 range. In the interview with Jurgen Klopp, he looked a bit taller, and Klopp is supposed to be 6'4. I would have gone with 6'4.5
miko said on 29/Aug/16
Maybe he's 6'4.5 and 6'6 in shoes?

He's very lanky so can look taller than he actually is.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/16
Excellent find Rob! Yeah that's an odd one, he looks Skarsgard sort of height there! Those rowers I think are near listed height though,. the bald guy Mo on the left does look 6'8. I saw them being interviewed when arriving home and compared to normal sized people they're huge guys. Well Dan did have near 4 inches on Thierry Henry, but perhaps Henry is more 6'1 range than 6'2? 6'5 is probably fair overall then, but I know I guessed Dan at 6'6 on TV before I even knew what he claimed!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/16
Perhaps Thierry Henry is 6'1.5 rather than 6'2 then, and Dan 6'5, near 4 inches diff.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Aug/16
Thanks Rob. Are you sure on 6'5 flat though? This guy looked 4 inches taller than Thierry Henry, and looked near 6'6 with a load of different people. Looking again with Martin Keown though he does look more 6'5. He's a light framed guy though so easy to think taller. I'd not have though of him as under 6'5.5 anyway, but in pictures I agree he tends to look more 6'5.
Editor Rob
I can't find the photo now, but I remember seeing him with Andy Murray, he really looked at most 6ft 5, possibly even under it!

He posted a photo on his twitter not long ago: Click Here. The rower on the right claims 6ft 6 as of them might be 6ft 6, but I doubt it is Dan. He's struggling to look much over 6ft 4 there.
travis said on 28/Aug/16
i hate it when people clamied they 6'6 when in reality u 6'5 he be ard

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