How tall is Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

English ex-footballer turned TV Presenter. In the Daily Mail, July 2011, he is quoted saying: "I'm the same weight now '12st 5lb' as when I played (I'm 5ft 9in)"

How tall is Gary Lineker
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When I joined Leicester I was only 5ft 6in and 9 stone wet through, so they put me on a high-protein diet and had me lifting weights before and after training every day. It worked. I'm now 5ft 10, and I weigh 12 stone 81b.
-- The Times, 1990

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Average Guess (35 Votes)
5ft 9.56in (176.7cm)
185.4cm Elais said on 20/Sep/23
Nacho Fernandez from Real Madrid and Hakimi from Psg look about this height. 5'10 or almost
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/23
Well done to Gary Lineker for supporting a Mum of three whose efforts to grow fruit and veg to help feed people in these difficult times, were thwarted. The lady fed 1,613 people out of pure love and then one day when she went to her allotment, she found that some thoughtless idiots had sprinkled the area with salt to ruin her food.

It wasn’t just Gary who helped the Mum. Many complete strangers have supported her and her aims.

I’d like to shake Gary by the hand and all those who have given this lady a boost in the human race anew, but most of all, congratulations to the sweetness of one human being, the mother of three.

5ft9.75 for Gary. ⚽️
Griffith said on 19/Dec/22
Saw him outside Wembley stadium couple of years ago standing there doing interview, I thought he was 6ft ...quite surprise he's only listed here 5'9 3/4
Wehrmacht180 said on 2/Sep/22
176 cm
Paul 177 cm said on 9/Aug/22
Spot on now, Rob!
Paul 177 cm said on 4/Aug/22
Witnessed in person at 5' 9.75" by myself (also that height), stood literally side by side talking in 2011.

Listed at 5' 9.75" by Barcelona.

Listed 5' 10" at Tottenham Hotspur and England.

Even claimed 5' 10" at one point - though has also modestly claimed 5' 9"...

Granted, he will look less than this going forward as he's now in his 60s. But his peak height really was 5' 9.75".

So, what is stopping you from giving him 5' 9.75", Rob?
Editor Rob
last time I'd looked I thought 5ft 9.5 was reasonable, but 9.75 is probably the fair mark for him.
Vibram said on 23/Jun/22
I stood next to Gary at an Indian restaurant in Leicester in 2008. He was most definitely my height (5'9.8/177cm). He had similar dress shoes to me with 1¼ heel. He was 47/48 back then. I was 29.
Paul 5' 10" said on 26/Nov/20
Hi Rob,

Again, sorry to be picky.

Can he have 5' 9.75" as his peak height? Doubt he's shrunk much yet, he stands with very loose posture like Shearer does.

I met him in April 2011 (see below) and he was no shorter than me (I'm 5' 9.75").

OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
5'9'' these days for the insufferable Lineker!
Nik Ashton said on 8/Sep/20
@ Rampage(-_-_-)Clover - Most people of his height would! 8️⃣0️⃣
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/20
I’d expect him to claim 5ft10
Paul 5' 10" said on 7/Jul/20
5' 9.75" in person for certain, when I met him in April 2011. Normal footwear, no big heels, etc.

Definitely no shorter than me back then!

Back story: My comment at the very bottom was the very first on this page! My nickname was '178' back then, as I used to claim morning height (but always guessed celebs at their later in the day height for accuracy).

So, I used to think I was 178 cm morning and 5' 9.25" absolute low. But as I've since explained to Rob, these were always carpet / uneven surface measurements - since recently discovering that on flat, even, solid flooring, I'm a 5' 9.75" guy.

Back to Lineker, he really was 5' 9.75" at peak! He claimed that in 1987 at F.C. Barcelona, got listed at it many other times during his career, looked it compared to 5' 9" Gazza on many occasions at Spurs, and looked it with Alan Shearer and John Barnes in the early 90s.

On Joss Stone's page, if you scroll down there's a photo of him with her and David Cameron (6' 0.5"), and he really looks no less than 5' 9.75".

Other photos with Cameron also show the difference to be 2.5" to 2.75", not 3 full inches.

Now at age 59, he may be 5' 9.5" tops. But he's a guy like Shearer, who has very casual posture and can look shorter than he really is at times!

miko said on 12/Jan/20
He is nearly 60 years old so it is possible he was 5'9.75 range peak, and a fraction shorter today.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Nov/19
🎁🎊🎈⚽ Happy Birthday Gary! ⚽🎈🎊🎁

Wishing Gary Lineker a very enjoyable 59th Birthday with a party which supplies his guests with an inexhaustible supply of potato crisps - the variety, of course, which he used to advertise on TV!


Gary can have 5ft9.5 on his big day.😁👍

Nik said on 21/Oct/19
It's interesting he claimed to be 5'9"!
saltyfish177cm said on 24/Jun/19
Big rob, How tall dyou reckon Darren Till (ufc welterweight) is? Usually the UFC over list their fighters heights, but Darren is listed as 6 feet and can look every bit of that, even 184cm at times.

Here he is with gary lineker: Click Here

and here he is with Tyson Fury for additional perspective: Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft seems reasonable enough for darren.
Blake said on 4/May/19
I found this which lists him as 5 ft 9 Click Here
losova said on 21/Oct/18
It's a fact that as we age, we shrink in height.
Alex B said on 7/Sep/18
He seem very honest about his height. He looks around 5.9 feet maybe 5.10 in a good heal.
Leopold said on 24/Feb/18
If he's admitting 5ft 9 himself, why do you have him at 5ft 9.5? Surely his own word is more accurate, Rob?
Editor Rob
Somebody else mentioned he might have claimed a taller height too.
Blake said on 2/Feb/18
Rob, why the quarter inch drop?
Editor Rob
He's been on this mark a while.
Nik said on 3/Jun/17
He seems like an honest person.
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
The same height as Mourinho. They have pics together
Percy said on 31/Oct/16
Rob, 5' 9.75" looks closer during his playing days. He was actually listed as that height on many occasions.

If you look at photos from about 25 years ago with Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer and John Barnes in particular, he really does look it!

He even claimed 5' 9.75" in 1987.
Editor Rob
it is quite possible he measured at that mark.
Jay 184cm said on 19/Oct/16
I always thought he was 5'10" in his playing days.
This is a good photo of him next to 184cm Chris Waddle at Peter Shilton's testimonial. Waddle is standing straight for once so you can see there's a good 2-3 inches between them. I don't know why Waddle is listed everywhere as 6'2" these days - he was always listed at 184cm in his playing days, so close to being 6'1".

Click Here
Vibram said on 2/Sep/16
From a Barcelona F.C magazine in 1987: "I'm 5ft9 3/4, 75kg"
Roger said on 29/Aug/16
177 seems a tad generous, maybe first thing in the morning. Strong 5'9 nonetheless.
truth said on 23/Jul/16
Looks around 5'9.5 and no less than 5'9.
Johno said on 13/Mar/16
Although i don't see him any taller then Ian Wright and is an inch shorter then Alan Shearer.

Johno said on 4/Feb/16
A bit taller then Gazza who Rob has been pictured with, errrrrm; 5'9? 5'9.5? 5'9???? ..... 5'9.25.
Rudopp said on 12/Jan/16
I thought he'd be taller, his children look quite short compared to him, they're probably all 5'6/7

Click Here
About 5 10 said on 11/Jul/15
He could honestly claim about 5' 10". He looks near it in person. But he's honest here which is surprising. Well, over-honest! Just goes to show that not all celebrities inflate their height, doesn't it.
Almost 5 10 said on 15/Feb/15
Textbook 5' 9.5" in person. Never booked, you know! Imagine that in today's beautiful game...
Parker said on 6/Jan/15
Next to George Best who was listed at 5'9 in his prime......I think he def lost height in later years but looks about 5'7 next to Gary.
Click Here
kramer said on 14/Dec/14
He looked the same height as Lewis Hamilton on SPOTY tonight. Hamilton has been measured on TV at 172cm. Hamilton was wearing strange boots that may have been hiding lifts. Lineker was in dress shoes (maybe 2.5cm)so Hamilton's shoes must have given him a good 7.5cm!
Tape Measure said on 26/Mar/14
This listing is spot on, Rob. When I met him, he looked as close to 5' 10" as he did 5' 9". We were both wearing regular footwear.
James B said on 21/Mar/14
Watching him now on sport relief and there looks a 5.5 inch difference between him and david Williams.

Rob he himself claims "5ft9" so do you think 5ft9 flat could be more accurate for Gary? Not impossible for to lose a fraction of height aged 53 maybe?
Editor Rob
he could have been modest and a bit over 5ft 9, I didn't watch it but looking at a clip just now I would say 4.5 inches difference was possible
Firsttimecommenting said on 23/Apr/13
I met and spoke to him at UCLH where he was filming for some cancer charity advert. 177 cm is perfect for him, I am 174 cm exactly and he really didnt have much on me. He did have high footwear and gelled up hair which made him look taller. As for the weight he looked no more then 12st when i saw him but who knows
chris175 said on 11/Nov/11
if he would have said 5-10 id have bought it, 5-9.5 nowadays evening height, at one time maybe taller, perhaps close to 5-11 morning height
johno said on 23/Oct/11
The only problem is, he looks exactly the same height in those barefeet, beach shoots. Knee caps, hip level match exactly, although its hard to actually judge head height. Could it be, elle ''the body'' is actually a weak 5'10????
johno said on 23/Oct/11
Spot on, rob, perfect 5'9 or so example. Gd example of average proportions. He is between 5'9 - 5'9.75 but not quite 5'10. Example of how an average height man can look. Good proportions. Similar to how rob and mamun look in distant, entire body shots ie can pass for weak 5'10s
johno said on 23/Oct/11
theenforcer22 says on 12/Sep/11
Jed says on 29/Jul/11
If he's only 5'9 I struggle to see where the 12st 5lb is coming from. Doesn't look much more than 10.5st.
I don't know about now, if you'd seen the muscularity of his legs in his playing days, it's clear where the weight is. Muscles like that carries a lot of weight

I'm about 5'9 and weigh about 16 stones 6 pounds. I dnt look fat and workout. Point being, if your fairly muscular, as lineker was, i have no problem believing he was 12 st 5ilbs.........Fat takes more volume, since its semi-liquid, muscle doesn't, since its relatively dense.
theenforcer22 said on 12/Sep/11
Jed says on 29/Jul/11
If he's only 5'9 I struggle to see where the 12st 5lb is coming from. Doesn't look much more than 10.5st.
I don't know about now, if you'd seen the muscularity of his legs in his playing days, it's clear where the weight is. Muscles like that carries a lot of weight
Horace said on 9/Sep/11
Yeah when he is stated to be 5'9 his weight is about 73 kg compared to the 80+kg he weighs in his playing days when he is stated at 5'10. So I think alot of the measurements are taken now. He looks the same as Lineker who I thought was 5'11 for years (I guess ****pedia isnt the best). Im settling my opinion on a solid 5'9.75 for the both of them, I met Gazza in 1990 and he was nearly as tall as me and Im 5'11.75 :p Now...time to abuse the Vinnie Jones page
Horace said on 7/Sep/11
Agreed physics enemy. Several places around the internet have him at 5'10-11. I think he must've lost half an inch since his playing days. Gazza is mentioned to be 177 and for some stupid reason 179 on some sights. I think sickness has gotten to him dramatically. He is now shorter and more frail
Editor Rob
Gazza claims 5ft 9 although he could be dropping a fraction because in person he looks more 176 range.

It's in being gazza, he talks about player profiles and gives height/weight stats.
Horace said on 24/Aug/11
Haha Rob, maybe not. I know Gazza has though, I think he says it in his autobio. Anyway, keep the footballers coming on this site mate.
Editor Rob
I will add gazza in the future
PW said on 23/Aug/11
In the eighties when he was at Everton he was listed 5.10. He was always a couple of inches under Ian Rush who was 6.0. I still have the old panini sticker albums which states each height.
Horace said on 22/Aug/11
Ah ok then. His height right now is probably 5 ft 9.5 I feel. In his playing days it was 5'11 maybe slightly shorter
Editor Rob
I doubt he's shrunk!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Aug/11
You should just give him what he claims Rob?
A said on 20/Aug/11
The quote is referring to now. "I'm the same weight now '12st 5lb' as when I played (I'm 5ft 9in)".
Horace said on 20/Aug/11
was the quote referring to now or his prime playing days...this is both regarding gazza and lineker?
A said on 19/Aug/11
But the quote is from July 2011. If he did grow in his late teens, I'm sure he would have been measured since then.
Horace said on 19/Aug/11
Click Here next to a 6"2 Chris Waddle. Lineker looks taller than this height...he might also be referring to his height now. Is it because Waddle is slouching?
Horace said on 18/Aug/11
maybe he grew in his late teens? Steven Gerrard is now 184 and was Michael Owens height as an 18 year old. Late bloomers exist
A said on 17/Aug/11
But Horace, if the man is taller than 5'9" why would he claim it and downgrade himself?
Horace said on 17/Aug/11
@Greg. I met the man in 1990. He was taller then 5'9. Maybe his height has changed due to illness. As for no listings, the internet is leaked with heights for him from 177-179?!
Shaun said on 5/Aug/11
[Editor Rob: on getty there's some photos of lineker with bob wilson and he is shorter, I've seen Bob 1.5 years ago and thought he was barely 5ft 11.]

@Rob. Oh I believe this listing is accurate, but it jt goes to show how a thin build can give the illusion of appearing taller.
Shaun said on 5/Aug/11
Well Dean I've seen Scofield next to 6'4" Vernon Kay and he looked your height. At least 6 inches shorter. They look very similar in height and build to me. (I mean "they look very similar in height and build (in my eyes/opinion") rather than meaning they are the same height and build as myself LOL!!
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 3/Aug/11
Haha shaun does that mean Scofield is never the 5'11 he claims? I always thought he was no more than 5'10 and maybe 5' me Linekar looks taller proportionately than scofield..I think scofields build is a split image of mine to be fair.
A said on 2/Aug/11
@Dean 5'9.25": True, this guy can look taller than he is but it's probably because of his proportions. Same thing happens with me, people usually guess me higher than my 5'8" height due to my proportions. I believe his 5'9" claim or this 5'9.5" listing because why would any man under average height downgrade themselves?
The Colonel said on 1/Aug/11
I always thought this guy was about 6 foot im surprised
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Well he doesn't pull off looking "tall" but he certainly looks on the higher side of average to me.
Editor Rob
on getty there's some photos of lineker with bob wilson and he is shorter, I've seen Bob 1.5 years ago and thought he was barely 5ft 11.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Lineker looks the exact same height as Philip Schofield in build and in hair color lol. Schofield claims 5'11", Lineker 5'9". In reality they are both virtually 5'10" I guess a legit 5'10" guy of Lineker's build can pull off looking tall, Brad Pitt can.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 31/Jul/11
People over estimate height , granted..but like Shuan said he looks tall at times..He is never JUST 5'9 IMO.
Im a strong 5'9 myself and he looks taller than me..without a doubt 177cm lowest for Lineker.
Id honestly buy even as tall as 5'10.5 if he'd claimed it..he is without doubt the guy who looks the tallest compared to his claim than any celeb.

@ Jed - Im 5'9 and I weigh 155-158lbs and im slimmer than Gary. No way 10st 5! hahaha. He'll be over 11 1/2 stone without a doubt. Id peg Gary at 12 lbs 5 at 177cm personally.
Shaun said on 30/Jul/11
A says on 28/Jul/11
@truth I noticed that a lot of people do seem to overestimate a person's height by 2 inches... So they'll likely see a 5'9" guy as 5'11".

To be fair though he does generally look 5'10- 5'11" rather than 5'9". As I said he appears in my eyes to be on the taller side of average.
Jed said on 29/Jul/11
If he's only 5'9 I struggle to see where the 12st 5lb is coming from. Doesn't look much more than 10.5st.
A said on 28/Jul/11
@truth I noticed that a lot of people do seem to overestimate a person's height by 2 inches... So they'll likely see a 5'9" guy as 5'11".
DrJJ said on 28/Jul/11
I seriously always had Lineker as 5'11". He gives that impression.
truth said on 27/Jul/11
DrJJ says on 25/Jul/11
Only 5'9"! Great striker.
Suprised to say only. Thats at least average height. If you saw him you would probably think he is 5ft11 like most people would.
Kim said on 26/Jul/11
Click Here
There is a photo of Lineker on this website with Gary Tiplady. Is Lineker well over 6'0 ?
DrJJ said on 25/Jul/11
Only 5'9"! Great striker.
MD said on 23/Jul/11
It's funny, because he doesn't look a tall 5'9", to me. But, it's probably his proportions. Maybe it's just me, but he looks like of stout and has relatively short arms.
Gary said on 23/Jul/11
he cant of been 5ft 9 because i remeber once he said he allways got put the in wall for free kicks, and usually the top 4 tallest players on the team get put in the wall. so im sure he must be taller.
Shaun said on 23/Jul/11
I must admit though he generally looks to have the proportions of a legit 5'10 guy

Click Here

If anything he can pull off looking on the higher side of average than bang on.
Shaun said on 23/Jul/11
Did not look 5'10" or 5'11 next to 6' elle mac.
Tubbs said on 22/Jul/11
Saw him at Lilleshall years back, taller than 5'9" for sure....he looked atleast 5'10", and was always listed it in his playing days, he sometimes looked like he was touching 5'11" up against the rest of the England squad in 1990, he looked the same as my boyhood hero, Steve Bull, who was 5'11"....
Horace said on 22/Jul/11
Linekar was 5'11!!!

Compared to other English internationals..i can understand that.

Gazza was 5'10 in his rangers days. At his healthiest probably 5' hes a shortie. Compared to linekar he is just a tad smaller.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 21/Jul/11
hes the tallest looking 5'9 Ive seen tbh. He does look at least 5'10 im surpised he claims 5'9..If he claims 5'9 though surely he must be 176cm max because if he was 176.5cm bang on the half he'd say 5'10 rather than 5'9 surely?
cartman said on 21/Jul/11
so why can he not say he is 5foot10?
Physics Enemy said on 20/Jul/11
178 - I'd say it's more likely he measures 5' 10" upon wake-up, was 5' 9.5" at 4.30 pm and hits 5' 9.25" just before bedtime (say midnight).
178 said on 20/Jul/11
Shaun says on 20/Jul/11
I don't mean to be rude but 178 how can you deduce he is exactly 177cm and 5'10.25" exactly out of bed?

No problems Shaun. When I met him he appeared bang on 5' 9.5" and that was about 4:30 pm. So I would imagine him to wake up at 5' 10.25" as we are .75 of an inch taller out of bed.

I compared him to myself and we had the same kind of footwear too. It's as "exact" as I could get without physically measuring him.
Shaun said on 20/Jul/11
I don't mean to be rude but 178 how can you deduce he is exactly 177cm and 5'10.25" exactly out of bed?
Vegas said on 20/Jul/11
remember him standing next to giant haystacks on "they think its all over" in 1994 or 1995, haystacks didn't look even close to his 6'11 billing next to lineker
178 said on 20/Jul/11
Cheers Rob, this is spot on now. He probably just claims the easier spoken 5' 9".

It's a pity my camera ran out of battery, I'd have had my photo done with him otherwise. Still, I had a handshake and brief football related chat.
miko said on 19/Jul/11
Always imagined him taller than this.
Editor Rob
in response to 178 who saw him, maybe he is 5ft 9.5 and just says 5ft 9
Shaun said on 19/Jul/11
Interesting. Looked about 3 inches shorter than Elle MacpHerson barefoot. Looks 3 or 4 inches taller than his super hot Danielle missus. She is listed at 5'6". Yeah 5'9" looks about right. I once read 5'11" for him and didn';t think he looked it.
178 said on 19/Jul/11
He's actually 5' 9.5" (177 cm) Rob. He'd wake up at 5' 10.25" (178 cm).

Do you remember when I posted on your wall telling you I met him in Westfield Shopping Centre in April. He had normal shoes on. I wandered along with him chatting for a few minutes about Spurs. I made sure I got a good estimate of his height in that time!

5' 9" (175 cm) is slightly below what he is. I'm surprised he doesn't claim 5' 10" as he had strong posture.

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