How tall is Michael Owen

Michael Owen's Height

5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

English footballer, who played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle United. A winner of the Ballon D'Or in 2001, he went on to gain 89 caps for his country, scoring 40 goals. Brazilian Carlos Alberto once said "This man, this midget, I refuse to talk about him any more. I will talk about Beckham, Rooney, Ferdinand or Lampard, but not this midget. This midget ought to clean the boots of Beckham as they are so wet tonight". In a 2006 interview, Owen said of his height: "I'm 5ft 8in and I couldn't win many high balls". At Real he was once listed 176cm.
In this photo I had slightly more (0.1-0.2in) sneaker than him.

How tall is Michael Owen
5ft 8 Rob and Michael

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Average Guess (86 Votes)
5ft 7.42in (171.3cm)
Alex1.1 said on 27/Dec/22
5.7ft on a good day!
dreus23 said on 14/Nov/22
@Cold Water

If those ranges are the ranges in which you'd expect them to actually measure, I'm pretty sure Rob would be 173-174 cm, since he has measured pretty much everything between those heights (and never under it)

Pretty sure Owen looks 3 cm shorter than Rob there, making him 170-171 cm. With the footwear disadvantage, he's 170.2-171.5 cm

171 cm/5'7.25 is perfect
festus said on 17/Sep/22
172 is right. looks 1.5cm shorter than you in the pic
Jackie Lee said on 4/Sep/22
From the pic he looks 171 instead of 172
rlheight5'11 said on 20/Jun/22
anyone know how tall Gemma owen is?
Editor Rob
Maybe 5ft
Nik Ashton said on 18/Jun/22
@ Cold Water - It’s interesting that you think he is similar range to Messi!

I like your name!

How tall do you think Rob is?
Cold Water said on 18/Jun/22
169 cm
Cold Water said on 24/Apr/22
169-170 cm , 171 cm max
Brockley said on 6/Apr/22
5'7.5. I think he would measure somewhere between 171 and 172 cm. 5'7 3/4 is the max I would expect him to measure.
Cold Water said on 2/Apr/22
Rob Paul: 173.1-173.3 cm
Michael Owen: 169.9-170.1 cm
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
He is not only 1 cm shorter than Rob. He has a hair and Rob a little bit. He eyes looks more at nose area. I do say at least 2 cm
Aredfunky said on 17/Feb/22
He looks around 5'7 in that pic next to you rob
Gladstone Screwer said on 24/Jan/22
Michael was a top player in his day. Might have been near 5’8” as a young man.
Gladstone Screwer said on 22/Jan/22
Looks a good inch shorter than you there, Rob !!
Editor Rob
I'd be shocked if barefoot he measured a flat 5ft 7.
Cold Water said on 24/Dec/21
170.1-170.5 cm
Cold Water said on 21/Oct/21
170.1 cm
Johno said on 6/Oct/21
Taking footwear into consideration, Rob would be ~0.75-inches taller than Owen.
recapa said on 5/Oct/21
171.5-172 before bed and 173.5-174 out of bed.
Leesheff85 said on 26/Sep/21
Rob d but a 5ft 8 man wouldn't tower over a 5ft 6 man. That's ridiculous
Rob. D said on 26/Jun/21
Well I am amazed, I expected Rob to tower over him as I only thought Owen was about 5’ 6”. Just shows how appearances can be deceiving.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jun/21
He could seem like a 5 ft 7 guy at times but then he was often stood next to big 6'3 defenders, I'd have guessed 5'7.5.
Tiko said on 11/Jun/21
170-171 cm. than 171 cm and 171-172 cm.
Honest5'11" said on 14/Jan/21
My guess for shearer would be a decent 5'10".
Honest5'11" said on 14/Jan/21
@Muff 5'7 1/2 " Sorry man but anything under 5'9" ish is short for a white guy these days and at least 6'1" is tall.
Muff 5'7 1/2 " said on 10/Jan/21
That Carlos Alberto guy is barely three inches taller and calling him a midget. The nerve!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Dec/20
Owen isn't over 5'7 1/2 as i remember Peter Crouch easily look a full foot taller than him and could be closer to 31cm difference. One was listed accurate low and one over listed.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Dec/20
⚽🎂🎁🎈 Happy Birthday Mike! 🎈🎁🎂⚽

Here's wishing Michael Owen a fabulous fun-packed 41st Birthday with his family.

I remember him as a teenage marvel and already playing for England. Now he's married and the Dad of four kids! 👌

5ft7.75. 😄🍻🎊

RJT said on 8/Dec/20
Alwats get listed at 175cm back in PES

Classic shoes height.
Chris Mooney said on 13/Aug/20
Rob have you considered adding Alan Shearer? His height is all over the place, certainly not the 6 foot he was regularly listed at.

He can look anywhere from 5'10 to 5'11, if you look at pictures of him on Google with 5'9 Ian Wright he can at times look barely taller, and sometimes 2 inches.


Shearer is the Hulk Hogan of the Premier League. By that I mean, it's very hard to judge. I agree there are pictures where he looks about 5'10, but these are often on football pitches which is really unreliable. I don't know if you've ever played, but the heavier you are (and Shearer is probably a 13 stone man - which is heavy in the world of professional athletes) the more you sink into the pitch! So, I'm certain he loses at least an inch of height to lighter players just because of his weight.

If you look at pictures of Shearer off the football pitch (ie. standing on solid ground), I think he is 6 foot. The example you gave of Ian Wright being a similar height to Shearer on the pitch - well Shearer, is at least 3 inches taller off the pitch. I've personally seen Les Ferdinand (6 foot) with Alan Shearer off the pitch, and they're the same height. I've seen Alan Shearer with Matt Le Tissier (6 foot 1) off the pitch, and they're roughly the same height. I just mean, you can't judge athletes height on the pitch. Because they're standing on soft grass/mud. And the heavier you are, the more height you lose on those circumstances. And Shearer was probably one of the heaviest/strongest players in the entire league
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go over 5ft 11 for Alan
Jake the Snake said on 18/May/20
Hey Rob with my end of day low being 172.5cm do you think Owen would be much shorter than me would it be noticeable ?
Editor Rob
I feel you could look taller than Owen.
Deep Purple said on 19/Jan/20
@The Hawk

Yeah 5'7 3/8 is my guess
TheHawk said on 14/Jan/20
Still he looks 171cm
Squash said on 29/Dec/19
Looks 5'7.5" with you but what time did you meet with him?
Editor Rob
Would have been around lunch range
Gyan Lee said on 7/Dec/19
They actually called him shortie or midget during his playing days. Really insanely high standards in Europe.
Tunman said on 25/Oct/19
He looks like 171 or 5'7 3/8 here with Rob,a little less than 1"difference imo.Then add 0.1-.2 footwear disadvantage and you get something around 5'7.5"which could be what he's.172 is not impossible but I would have said the difference is too obvious even considering footwear.I mean despite his thicker hair he still looks clearly shorter
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Oct/19
Look like 3/4 inch shorter than Rob. 5'7 1/2 a low and 3/4 is right. It makes me wonder all footballer were listed 1/4 too high only Rio Ferdinand listed 1/4 too low.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 28/Aug/19
Looks like inch shorter than you.
5ft 7. 170....
Dmeyer said on 20/Jul/19
Considering rob IS 173_173,3 plus 3-4mm more shoes the Guy has to be near 172
khaled taban said on 15/Jun/19
Yeah most of the time I feel 5'8" is high for him, because he looks short and I don't think 5'8" man looks that short!
Editor Rob
If he's a fraction under (or 7.5 at worse), claiming 5ft 8 isn't that bad a figure.
c-mo said on 16/Jan/19
rob why does he look so short then ? he looks unusually short for a 172cm guy
Editor Rob
He has at times looked 170-1cm with people, but in person I just couldn't see it.
c-mo said on 15/Jan/19
go to david beckhams page I posted some photos there where both stand together and also stand with other footballers . Michael Owen looks really short next to them all . I somehow doubt that he is 172cm at night as rob lists him . not that I am doubting robs eyes but why does michael owen look so short ?

I think the difference between rob and owen is pretty noticable . I think 170cm for owen might be closer to the truth tbh
Editor Rob
I wouldn't argue that low, he seems taller than 170cm people.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 15/Jan/19
I don't see 172cm here, more like 171 at best.

He has aged well though.
Zampo said on 6/Sep/18
Looking at the photo again, i think I will go with the lower end of my initial guess. 171 cm.

@Nik, do you feel Owen would edge you out?
World Citizen said on 21/Aug/18
I'm changing on my opinion, he looks thoroughly 172 here.
Nik said on 22/Jul/18
@ Sandy Cowell

Absolutely! I don't think that Michael Owen gives a hoot about being under 5'8"!
Zampo said on 19/Jul/18
5'7.5 ish, QM6'16M is spot on here. 171-171.5 cm

This photo is very helpful as a reference point for myself. This is about how I look (Rob) with 5'11 flat guys (180-181 cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jul/18
Blimey, was he **** hot in previous World Cups, or what? My Mum loved him!🏆

Michael can have 5ft7.75.
Lkk said on 12/Jul/18
Looks like a legit 5'7 to me.
Matt99 said on 1/Jul/18
Looks 5’7.25 in that pic rob? Maybe losing posture?
Editor Rob
I would say he's standing no worse than me.
SharpshooterTom said on 26/Jun/18
Rob you say he's in the 5'7.5-5'7.75 zone, and since you using 1/8th's more frequently on this site, isn't it time for 5'7 5/8? :P
Editor Rob
He may well be that figure of 5/8ths.
Lapinux said on 25/Jun/18
In this picture it looks like a good 0.75 inch difference, so that would make Owen 171 cm max.

But since Rob had 0.1 - 0.2 inch more footwear, lets say he had as much as 0.2 inch (5 mm) then I can't see Owen above 5'7.5

A 5'7.5 downgrade would look 10 times better imo
Bobby said on 24/Jun/18
Looks like a half inch difference, which I guess would work if we consider Rob to be a 5'8.25 guy, which many seem too anyway.
Editor Rob
If he had 2mm hairdo versus 0.5 to 0.75 inch: Click Here.

I wouldn't actually disagree with the average guess, he has a chance of measuring anywhere between 171 to 2 range.
miko said on 22/Jun/18
Rob have you considered adding Alan Shearer? His height is all over the place, certainly not the 6 foot he was regularly listed at.

He can look anywhere from 5'10 to 5'11, if you look at pictures of him on Google with 5'9 Ian Wright he can at times look barely taller, and sometimes 2 inches.
Editor Rob
Shearer is 5ft 11 at most I'd have said.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jun/18
Aspected he look this tall next to his peer Beckham.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jun/18
Looks more 171 than 172.
MAD SAM said on 19/Jun/18
More like 171.5 cm
QM6'1QM said on 19/Jun/18
2 cms shorter than Big Rob ... He's 171-171.5 cm tall.
khaled taban said on 17/Jun/18
172cm maximum
HonestSlovene said on 16/Jun/18
Looks 171 cm tops.
Nik said on 15/Jun/18
He never gives a 5'8" impression!
Johnson said on 15/Jun/18
Owen and Beckham
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/18
Rob, I’m sorry but Owens looks a comfortable 1in or more below you. Nowhere near 5ft8 in this photo
Nik said on 14/Jun/18
Michael Owen can have 5'7.5"!
World Citizen said on 14/Jun/18
He looks no more than 5 ft 7.5
Andrea said on 14/Jun/18
Looks nearer 171 here. Maybe somewhere between 171 and 172, once you consider his slight footwear disadvantage...
Hyun said on 14/Jun/18
Owen always seemed close to 172cm, so it's nice to have it confirmed he is over 170cm which was too short an estimate for him.
Editor Rob
Michael's claim of 5ft 8 isn't too bad. From seeing him in person I would guess he very likely measures somewhere in the 5ft 7.5-7.75 zone.
Rory said on 14/Jun/18
If his hair was flattened he'd look 2cms shorter than Rob. 5ft7.5 is probably as likely as 5ft7.75.
Jake13 said on 2/May/18
@Chris Beckham said himself that he was 5'11 or 180 cm which is the cutoff for English height standard and was listed as 5'11, google used to had him as 5'11 then upgrade him to 6ft like many 5'11 celebs
Dude 173 cm said on 3/Dec/17
Click Here

Looks 5'7.5" here with 175.0 cm Rooney, possibly Rooney did a training that day
Quoter86 said on 16/Sep/17
That Carlos guy is a real piece of work. I wonder if he was heightist towards Messi too? Not gonna say rip to such people...
Joe joe said on 13/Aug/17
Shearer looks a good 2 inches shorter the 1'80 listed Jermain Jenas on MOTD tonight
show said on 10/Aug/17
Owen and David Bantley 175Click Here , Owen and Paul Ince 178 Click Here: Owen is 171.5
Chris said on 8/Aug/17
What you guys tend to do is reduce EVERYONE's heights, to make your sums work! So you reduce Beckham to 5'11, and Shearer to 5'10, and Owen to 5'6. It's plainly false. Shearer is about 5 inches taller than his adult son - do you genuinely think his adult son is 5'5 inches tall? lol
Chris said on 8/Aug/17
The comments about Shearer are plainly ridiculous. I've met him a few times. He lives in the area, and sometimes comes into the pub by me. He's genuinely a big guy - 6 foot (or so). You can see him in pictures with Matt le Tissier and Teddy Sheringham (both listed at 6.1) and there isn't much height difference.

So let's not decrease Shearer's height, to make your theories about Michael Owen's height work................... Shearer genuinely is 6 foot tall, making Owen about 5'8
I'm 5'8.5" said on 28/Apr/17
Owen looks tiny compared to Beckham and Alberto is the same height as Beckham
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
@show if you see him with Rooney, Evra, etc he looks 5'8
show said on 28/Dec/16
with Joe Cole and beckham.Owen is 170-171 max . Click Here
Jack said on 22/Dec/16
Site is great but this is wrong. He was 168 at 98 World Cup at 17. He is 170
Show said on 22/Jun/16
Oxlade chamberlaine and Tyga Click Here 180 cm xaxaxaxa
Height said on 14/Jun/16
He's one of those football players whose height seemed to fluctuate depending with which players he was around. But I'll have to add 1cm to Rob's estimate:173cm (5'8") which is also what he claimed when he was 27.
Robby D. said on 8/Jun/16
I am not sure about how tall he looks in all these photos which are posted, all I know is that when I saw him he looked around 5' 7" in his footwear. I doubt he is much more than 5' 6" barefoot.
Simsimi said on 30/Apr/16
Wayne Rooney is only 3cm taller than Michael Owen LOL
plus said on 19/Mar/16
173 cm for Michael Owen, exactly
plus said on 31/Oct/15
@Parker if he would reach Beckham's eyes he would be around 170.5, but he is clearly 3 cm over that mark. No less than 173.5 in my opinion
plus said on 27/Sep/15
No way, he is 174 cm, just look at the pic with Gary Barlow 171!!! and the other wirh Lampard 184 cm and Beckham 181 cm

Click Here
Click Here
Steven said on 11/Sep/15
Clearly closer to 5'6 than he is 5'8.
myself said on 14/Jul/15
I walked passed him once (Im 5'10) and I towered over him (both of us had nike shoes on)...he is more like 5'6 barefoot and 5'7 with normal shoes
OneNamePlease said on 7/May/15
Carlos Alberto is 5'9 lol. Idiot
Parker said on 25/Apr/15
Beckham's eyebrows ~5'7
Click Here

Not hard to estimate Owen's height.
The Exorcist said on 9/Jan/15

Comments on your photos:

Owen looks 3.5" - 3.75" shorter than Shearer.
Owen looks 2" shorter than Rooney.

So based on your pictures, which are both very good for judging heights btw, I will go with:

Owen - 5'7"
Rooney - 5'9"
Shearer - 5'10.5" or a weak 5'11"
Daniel 177cm said on 24/Nov/14
Michael Owen is not a dwarf
Wayne Rooney is 176cm
Carlos Alberto 5'11
Why michael owen is a dwarf? carlos alberto not measure 1.88
John said on 1/Nov/14
Kevin Keegan never looked 5ft 8in.
Keegan was 5ft 7in.
I think Michael Owen is similar.
John said on 25/Aug/14
If Alex Ferguson is 5'11" and Rooney 5'9.25" then Owen must be 5'7.5".
tom said on 7/May/14
I reckon Owen's about 5'7", Alan Shearer 5'11", maybe strong 5'10".

Owen and Shearer (Click Here)
Owen and Rooney (Click Here)
SAK said on 14/Apr/14
Owen needs to be downgraded to 171cm atleast, he maybe 170cm at his very low. 172cm could be his wake up height.
Aaron said on 9/Apr/14
He is 171 cm i'm sure rob!! Change it please him neck is shorter so 172 cm is not possible
Vibram said on 27/Mar/14
Shearer is 5ft10, maybe 51t10.5 at most.

He was never a full 180cm and the 183cm/6ft listing he had on football games etc is a joke.
The Exorcist said on 20/Mar/14
Gino looks like he might be a little taller than Owen. Maybe 5'8" for him.
SAK said on 11/Mar/14
Click Here
Owen next to 5f8(Kightly), 6f4(Thomas Sorensen). Gino D'acampo looks same height as 5f7.5 Owen.
The Exorcist said on 6/Feb/14
@Paul177: Shearer certainly is all over the place! lol.

Here he is with (5'8" listed) Ronan Keating and he's looking over 5'11". But maybe Ronan is shorter than 5'8"?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And here is is with (6'3.5" listed) Jake Humphrey. I know Jake is a little bit closer to the camera, but there's still a good 5.5 - 6" difference. Looks 5'9.5"/5'10" range.
Click Here

The mystery of Alan Shearer's height continues...
Paul177 said on 15/Jan/14
Yeah, Shearer's height is all over the place. He stands with very loose posture a lot of the time. He has a very relaxed manner. However, when he's standing upright he looks between 179 and 180 cm. I even had him at 5' 10" (178 cm) at one point! But he's definitely close to 5' 11" - I think... LOL
The Exorcist said on 12/Jan/14
Ah, the mystery of Alan Shearer's height! lol. He's certainly a hard one to pin down.

Looks 5'9.5"- 5'10" range with David Beckham.
Click Here

Looking close to his 6'0" claim with Declan Donnelly. Unless Dec is shorter than 5'6".
Click Here

Looking 5'9" ish with (5'4" listed) Joe McElderry.
Click Here

This is what 5'4" Joe McElderry looks like next to 6'2" Prince Harry and 6'3" Prince William. No way is Shearer 6'0".
Click Here

Looks 5'10" ish with Frank Lampard.
Click Here

And because this is Michael Owen's page, it's only fair that I post one with Michael Owen. Shearer looking 5'10" - 5'10.5" range here.

So how tall is Alan Shearer? Personally, I haven't got the foggiest.
dc said on 15/Dec/13
Shearer is 5.11, slightly taller than Keane who is just over 5.10. Lampard and Gerrard are both 6 feet.
Paul177 said on 23/Nov/13
Yeah, I'd have guessed below his 5' 8" claim. Here are some of my other estimates:
Roy Keane: 5' 9.75"
Alan Shearer: 5' 10.75"
David Beckham: 5' 11"
Vibram said on 19/Nov/13
Owen: 171cm (5ft7.25)
Shearer: 178cm (5ft10) not 183cm (6ft)
Sturridge: 183cm, not 188cm
Gascoigne: 177cm
Oxlade-Chamberlain: 175cm not 180cm

Owen with Shearer: Click Here
Mancdave said on 14/Nov/13
How tall do you think Jose Mourinho is Rob?
Editor Rob
somewhere in 5ft 8 range could be likely
Derek said on 23/Sep/13
Owen Is about 167-168
Robby D said on 8/Aug/13
jordydecke. He looked exactly the same to me when I saw him and I am only around 5'8". I would say about 5'6" would be accurate for him.
jordydecke said on 4/Aug/13
I'm a strong 5'11 although I've been measured as 6 foot before and I saw Michael in the Bullring centre in Birmingham of all places. He walked past me and there was a huge height difference - I'd say he was 5'6. Was surprised how short he was!
GKay said on 11/Jul/13
Footballer Craig Bellamy refers to himself as 5ft 6 in his autobiography, yet most internet sites say he's 5ft 9?! Why is there such height inaccuracies amongst footballers? 5ft 8 too high for Owen (slightly), 5 ft 9 too high for Ashley Cole and too high for Joe Cole, Walcott etc.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/13
5ft8 looks right
he close to brazilian ronldo highet in 2004 ronldo 6ft
KeithoDub said on 17/Feb/13
I've met and had photos taken with Shearer, Gazza, McManaman, Alex McLeish, Kevin Nolan... Loads of ex Liverpool and Ireland players Looking at Killer-Shrimp links below and my own snaps, knowing my height (181.25cm) Shearer is 179.5-180cm no question (quarter inch under 5'11"), Roy Keane is 5'9.25" tops! Becks Lampard and Gerard are 5'11.25", 5'11.75" and 6'0.25" in that order. I'm definitely no more than a quarter inch out on anyone there... just my 2 penneth, ta.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 9/Dec/12
5'10.5" for both Shearer and Beckham.
DanMan said on 17/Nov/12
Chicharito (who often gets listed 172-173) is a couple cms taller than him.
Shaun said on 7/Oct/12
Ashley Cole claims 5'9.5" too!!! Both Cole and Walcott are 5'7.5 tops.
Shaun said on 7/Oct/12
5'11 for Shearer then if Jake Humphrey also claims 6'3".
Shaun said on 7/Oct/12
Shearer is the toughest I really cant pin him down. He cant be more than 181cm but does occasionally look kinda average. I could see as low as 178cm even its really difficult!
- Id say somewhere around a weak 5'11 179-180cm is where my money would be.

Shearer is pretty clearly a 5'11-6' range guy like Beckham. Jake Humphrey had 4-5 inches on him and he;s a legit 6'4".
theenforcer22 said on 13/Jun/12
Theo Walcott just referred to himself as being 5 ft 9 on Radio 1. That to me appears to be an exaggeration of 1-2 inches.
Robby D. said on 6/Dec/11
I read that Bryan Robson was actually 5'5" when he was about 16 or 17 years old and in an effort to increase his height he went on a special diet and did weight training. He managed to get to 5'10".
Maximus Meridius said on 26/Nov/11
Rob Michael Owen was 5ft 6in when he was 18 now he is 5ft 7.75in a weak 5ft 8in he has grown nearly 2 inches is it possible for anyone to grow after 18.
Editor Rob
at 16-17 he was under 5ft 8, I'm not sure age 18 he was still 5ft 6, but yes it is possible, just the closer to 18 the less likely to gain a few more inches.
Robby D said on 19/Nov/11
theenforcer22 - I know Owen is obviously taller than 5'0", my point is that I don't believe anyone would refer to someone of 5'8" as five foot nothing, 5'7" possibly but unlikely, 5'6" more likely.
theenforcer22 said on 17/Nov/11
Alan Hansen has always referred to him as "five foot nothing."
Well 5 ft 8 is nearer his true height than 5 ft 0 so why quote Alan Hansen?
Jake King said on 13/Nov/11
People always underestimate people's height on this site. I don't know why, but my guess is people have a biased agenda.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 21/Oct/11
@Dean 5ft 9.25
No need to apologize for your essay mate, I like long posts about footballers' heights :P .
You should check out the David Beckham page for links to pictures of Beckham and Tony Blair. Blair is listed as 6ft (183cm) here and Beckham looks only 1cm shorter than him so 181-182cm for Beckham is my guess. I always thought Shearer was a tiny bit shorter than Becks so 180-181cm is my guess for Shearer. I don't see him as low as 178cm though, check out the pictures of Shearer and 172cm Owen - the difference is more than 6cm I think. Rooney 175cm seems right. But I still think Lampard and Gerrard are 6 footers mate, Lampard is clearly taller than Beckham in almost every picture I see of them. Lampard around 183cm, Gerrard around 184cm is my guess.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 18/Oct/11
@ KIller Shrimp - In All of those cases youve listed them at the absolute MAX thats possible :P
Ill say between where I think is possible for all of them:

Shearer: 178-181cm
Beckham: 180-181.5cm
Rooney: 174-175.5cm
Lampard: 181.5-183cm
Gerrard: 182.5-184cm

^^ Impossible out of those ranges for either of them.

Gerrard has claimed 6ft before..Ive never really thought Stevey G was over 6ft(if anything a smidge under). Hes certainly never 185 but possibly at very best around 184cm?
- strong 183 at night like 183-183.4 is my guess for Stevie(6'0.25).

Lampard is NEVER over 6ft and could be 5'11.5.
- somewhere around 182(181.8-182.2) at night for Lamps.

Beckham always appears 181 at best and could be near 180(he was listed 179 early career, did he grow?) hes certainly too clearly under 6ft to be more than 181.
- A solid strong 5'11 (180.3-180.6cm) is my guess for sir david.

Rooney is clearly not short but clearly not 5'10. Hes like my kinda range or maybe a smidge smaller.
- My guess for wayne is around 175cm(174.8-175.2)

Shearer is the toughest I really cant pin him down. He cant be more than 181cm but does occasionally look kinda average. I could see as low as 178cm even its really difficult!
- Id say somewhere around a weak 5'11 179-180cm is where my money would be.

Aplogys for essay :P
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 14/Oct/11
@Dean 5ft 9.25
Thanks for replying to my post. I think you're right, some footballers heights are boosted for some reason. In a few rare cases a players height might be downgraded instead. W-pedia is a worthless website IMO. They list Beckham and Gerrard at 183cm, and Lampard at 184cm. This is virtually impossible. Lampard is clearly more than 1cm taller than Beckham in this picture:
Click Here
And Gerrard is clearly taller than Lampard in this picture:
Click Here
In addition they list Shearer at 183cm which he is clearly not.

My estimates (maybe i'm being too generous in some cases):
Shearer: 180-181cm
Beckham: 181-182cm
Rooney: 175-176cm
Lampard: 183-184cm
Gerrard: 184-185cm
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 12/Oct/11
@ Jake 1.82 - heres what I think:

Gerrard: 6ft on the dot.
Owen: 5'7.5-5'7.75
Beckham: 5'11-5'11.25
Rooney: 5'9-5'9.25
Messi: 5'6.25-5'6.5
Ronaldo: Weak 6'1 or 6'1 on the dot at most (There was a show testing his skills on sky sports and he was put at 185.1cm so I doubt hes over 6'1 at night and maybe a little under if 185.1cm)

@ Killer Shrimp - Ive always thought Shearer was a blatent liar about his 6ft claim. He is clearly not a 182cm+ guy. Somewhere between 178-181?
179-180cm for Shearer would be my guess most likely as IMO he appears solid average and slightly above so cant be lower than 179cm. Saying that though, the picture with weak 5'8 Peter Beardsley/181 ranged David Beckham makes him look about 177 lol.
Roy Keane IMO is never 178cm either. He often looked kinda under average. I pegged him at a weak 5'9 but at best a strong 5'9 no more than 176cm for Keano.
Stuart Peace is another 5'10 claimer whoes 5'9 at best.

You never know with footballers its all BS lol. You get some that look a comfertable 2 inches shorter than they are listed.

Im 175.5cm at night and a few mm taller midday(around 175.9cm 5'9.25).
Now If I was a footballer I should be listed 176cm IMO. However Id stick a pair of football boots on that put me 178-179 and then Id round up and say "about 5'11". Id get listed as 5'11(180cm) when really im 176cm at best, a good 4cm shorter. Shearer "183cm" is probably "179cm" you see how it works?
Obviously some are actually close to being right or actually maybe a slight downgrade.
A good example of a downgrade is Adam Johnson of England and Man City. Hes listed at 5'9 on alot of sites. Take a look at him? is that a 5'9 guy? he looks tallish at least 5'10 and IMO near 5'11?
What do you think rob?
Click Here
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 11/Oct/11
Does anyone know Alan Shearer's height? He is listed as 183cm (6ft0in) on w-pedia but he doesn't look 183 in these pictures:
Shearer with 172cm Michael Owen:
Click Here
Shearer with 178cm Roy Keane:
Click Here
Shearer with 182cm David Beckham:
Click Here
Shearer next to 178cm Stuart Pearce:
Click Here
theenforcer22 said on 29/Sep/11
Other players whose heights are wrong (Everton ones):
Tony Hibbert 5ft 7 but often listed at 5 ft 8
Leon Osman listed at 5ft 8 but looks smaller than this. Leighton Baines listed at 5 ft 7 but probably 5 ft 6. Seem to be given an extra inch at times.
jake, 1.82 m said on 28/Sep/11
Some of my estimates:

Gerrard: 6ft 0.25in
Owen: 5ft 7.75in
Beckham: 5ft 11.25in
Rooney: 5ft 9in
Messi: 5ft 6.25in
C. Ronaldo: 6ft 1.25in
chilean said on 4/Sep/11
Click Here

strong 5'7 max 5.7'5 he have a massive head too xD
Lorent said on 24/Jul/11
Michael Owen 1,70 or less I cant really say but he looks very short
and the best player of the world Lionel Messi is 1,67 I met him in a sporta club
Robby D. said on 21/Jul/11
Parker - That is an interesting photo and I must confess that I am amazed. I had never seen Tevez and Messi together before only separately on T.V. playing for their clubs. From that observation I would have thought Messi was a couple of inches taller, probably because Tevez stockier build makes him look shorter on T.V. That photo proves otherwise.
chilean said on 20/Jul/11
Parker says on 20/Jul/11
Tevez with 5'6/5'7 Lionel Messi
Click Here

Robby - He looks closer to 5'8 than 5'6 to me.

parker please looks tevez`s posture , he is 169 , the same as messi
Parker said on 20/Jul/11
Tevez with 5'6/5'7 Lionel Messi
Click Here

Robby - He looks closer to 5'8 than 5'6 to me.
Robby D. said on 15/Jul/11
Parker. I don't think Carlos Tevez is as short as 5'4". I have seen him listed as 173cm (5'8") and 168cm (5'6"). If I had to guess I would go for 5'6".
Parker said on 22/Jun/11
If Carlos Tevez is 5'4 as suggested, what height is Maradona?

Click Here
Al said on 28/May/11
All I know is messi is between 5'6 and 5'7. Height not too important.
johnO said on 14/May/11
In the FA Cup line up Tevez is a shrimp. With Shawcross at 1.91m, Tezez is at least one full head height shorter. that is around 28cm which makes Tevez (being generous) 1.63 or 5'4" in the old money. Certainly not 5'8" as claimed
Djimi184 said on 30/Apr/11
Beckham is not over 6 foot. 5´11" at most. Gerrard is 6 foot flat, Lampard is a weak 6 footer, Owen is 5´7" and Rooney is 5´9".
hs2011 said on 24/Apr/11
Owen isn't 172cm. Here he is with 176cm (per Manchester United) Wayne Rooney:
Click Here
Owen is closer to 5'6" than 5'8" IMO.
Ali said on 23/Jan/11
Player of century Maradona has a height of 5"5.
Dean said on 21/Jan/11
Gerrard aint more than 6ft solid. He looks solidly tall but no more..people dont think 6ft looks tall but hes an example of a legit one who does..he could be 183.5 or as high as 184 at best but that pic with Beckham aint a good one..Beckham is no more than 181cm anyway and maybe as low as 180.5.

Beckham 180.5cm Gerrard 183.5cm is the truth for me. Rooney 174 or 175..Owen 171 or 172.
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
Owen is about 5'7.5, Rooney always had a inch or so on him and...

Rooney is 5'8.5 when standing next to 5'7 Scholes.
maximus meridius said on 13/Jan/11
Michael Owen was 5ft 6in when he was 18 now he is 5ft 7.75in he has grown nearly 2 inches is it possible for anyone to grow after 18.
short man syndrome said on 1/Jan/11
Gerrard's 6 foot flat.
Jimmy said on 16/Dec/10
Dean, don't think Gerrard is a weak 6'. I've seen a ton of pictures of both Lampard and Gerrard and if anything Gerrard is the taller of the two. And Lampard definitely isn't shorter than about 5'11.5 at the absolute lowest.

Torres is definitely 6'1. It's just funny how when he's on form he's this towering man and then when he's badly out of it he comes back down to earth. Although Andy Gray would call Wayne Rooney 6'4 if he thought he could get away with it...such is his love for him.

I still think Rooney's a strong 5'8. He's definitely taller than 5'7 Owen but shorter than 5'9 Neville.
Dean said on 12/Dec/10
Fernando Torres is about 6'1 he definetly looks tall(has the edge on 6ft Gerrard) I saw the 5'11 thing from andy gray on a monday night special lol..thought it was utter rubbish...Rooney only an inch taller than Torres? lol Gerrard towers Rooney so Torres would even more...Rooney is no more than 5'9 but possibly 5'8.5...Torres 6'1 possibly 184cm but no lower for me unless Gerrard is a weak 6ft then possibly Torres 183cm.
Jimmy said on 8/Dec/10
I always thought Malouda was 5'11 before he joined Chelsea. Every site listed him as that and it was only when he did an interview alongside his friend Sagna that the two were almost identical in height (if not more in Sagna's favour).

Then I saw a picture of Malouda in a huddle with A.Cole (5'7), Lampard (6'0), Drogba (6'2) and Ballack (6'3) and Malouda was significantly smaller than all and just taller than Cole.

It's funny how only footballers grow and shrink based on reputation. Fernando Torres was 6' when he was 18/19, then 6'1 when he joined Liverpool and then 6' when he went through a bad patch earlier this year. I actually saw a paper listing him as 5'11 at one point this summer!
Dean said on 7/Dec/10
@ David william - micheal owen 5'4? are you crazy..he is near what he claims but for me is closer to 5'7 no less though..he is probably rounding up his 171cm height to 5' least hes not as bad as some of them mentioned down there putting 5cm or so on their height.
another 1 that makes me laugh is Aqulani of Liverpool. 186cm!! he looks about 5'11 at most...dont understand how they list them!
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/10
agree jimmy...Ronaldo is no more than 185. Fabregas always looks small 5'10 total rubbish, 5'8 probably. The funniest though is Malouda 5'11 hahahaa..he looks definetly smaller than 5'10 either 5'9 or even 5'8 for him as well..they measure with boots on and then lie 1/2-1 inch so really there about 1.5-2 inch more than reality. If I was a footballer at my height which is a legit 5'9(175.5cm) Id wear my boots which would put me 177.5-178.5(5'10-5'10.5) then Id think hmmm Im 5'11! can see why they do it ha
Stiffelio said on 22/Nov/10
Jimmy, thanks for the pictures. Give or take a 1/2 inch, Rooney at 5'9 or 5'9.5 makes sense.
david william said on 21/Nov/10
having met Michael Owen and obtained his autograph I can categorically state he is not 5'8" tall. Much more like 5'4" - if that. Obviously has an issue with his height - he should stand tall and be happy with what he's got!!
Jimmy said on 20/Nov/10
Click Here - Wayne Rooney and 6'0.5 Cristiano Ronaldo

Click Here - Wayne Rooney and 6' Steven Gerrard

Click Here - Wayne Rooney and 6' Lampard and 6'1 Terry

Click Here - Wayne Rooney and 5'9 Gary Neville
Stiffelio said on 20/Nov/10
Wayne Rooney is 5'9.5 barefoot
Jimmy said on 19/Nov/10
Footballers are measured with their football boots on. That means they get an added inch.

Examples of poor heights for footballers:
Daniel Sturridge - 6'2 = no taller than 5'10
Cristiano Ronaldo - 6'2 = no taller than 6'0.5
Henrique Hilario - 6'2 = no taller than 5'11
Cesc Fabregas - 5'9 (sometimes 5'10) = no taller than 5'8
Florent Malouda - 5'11 = yet he's no taller than 5'9 Bacary Sagna
Wayne Rooney - 5'10 = always looked 5'8. Don't know why he's still got that listing
Peter J said on 15/May/09
I'm 5' 10" or slightly under, and David Beckham is definitely slightly shorter than me. He's also much slighter. Tussaud's waxworks are all measured precisely, so that settles all arguments.
Dylan said on 8/May/09
During the last World Cup tournaments they listed the metric heights of the England squad on screen and Owen was 170cm, a fraction under 5'7" which I think is more or less right, although footballers can look shorter than they are. Robbie Keane is listed as 5'9" and he always seems shorter than that to me.
Fen said on 28/Mar/09
I think 5'8 is slightly generous, as he looks exactly the same height as Obafemi Martins, who's listed everywhere as 5'7, so 5'7 is more trueful imo. He's certainly no smaller than 5'7 though.
Lmeister said on 9/Mar/09
It has been pointed out that footballers heights are often inflated. I've said it before, but good example is Ebi Smolarek. He is often listed 5ft9-5ft10. Now he is listed 5ft8 by Bolton and 172cm by his official website.
Aaron said on 31/Jan/09
5'8"? No Way! 5'7"? Possibly" 5'6"? Most Likely!
Ian said on 27/Nov/08
He doesn't look 4 inches shorter than 6ft alan shearer (See picture from my post 3/jan07). He is clearly at least 5ft8 in my opinion. No shorter.
Aaron said on 24/Nov/08
I have seen him he is definately not over 5'7" probably under.
JC said on 17/Oct/08
Michael Owen is about 5'7", he's defintely not 5'8".
josh b said on 16/Sep/08
if mickael owen is 172 cm its means he's 5ft6
jon said on 31/Aug/08
Ian wright was measured exactly 5'9" with shoes on, on guiness world records when britains tallest man was measured, possibly 5'8"
yoney said on 7/Aug/08
I am from Turkey and I know pretty well that Emre is 170 cm. Owen looks a little bit taller than him and 172cm should be accurate.
Daii said on 26/Jul/08
5'8 with studs
Height Freak said on 20/May/08
5-8 barefoot--> 5-8.5/almost 5-9 with football shoes on (175cm). IRL He edges guys like Emre (170cm/171cm) by more than an inch.
Lonnie said on 11/Apr/08
Owen is definately not over 5'7", in fact during the last World Cup Tournament they showed the heights of the England squad on the screen and Owen's height was 170cm.
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
an ass an a ass.
mule said on 29/Mar/08
i have met owen and he is not 5'8" more like 5'7" barefoot i have a picture of me 5'8" barefoot and there is 1" between us we where both wearing 1" flip flops so you could see that no insoles and we where standing on flat ground same level.

Editor Rob
and you are not able to show us the picture?
Marcelo C. said on 27/Feb/08
Dear Guys: with all respect, I couldn
chris175 said on 3/Dec/07
im 5-9 and i agree chris it is not short. dont think michael owen is this height, 5-7 barefoot
Chris said on 29/Oct/07
Viper - 5'9" never has, and never will be, short.
Viper said on 29/Oct/07
"Chris says on 28/Oct/07
5'8" is average anyway...I'm 5'11" and average so I figure 2-3 inches either way of 5'9" is normal."

Heh, tell that to the "5-9 is short" guy on this site, LOL.
Chris said on 28/Oct/07
5'8" is average anyway...I'm 5'11" and average so I figure 2-3 inches either way of 5'9" is normal.
Lmeister said on 28/Oct/07
I've also noticed the same about Newcastle squad. I think their listings are accurate nowadays. Also Emre has had ridiculous listings of 5ft11 in some websites eventhough he is 5ft7. Spanish teams seem to lie more than brittish for example Diego Forlan was listed 5ft8 in ManU and nowadays 5ft11 in Atletico Madrid. Michael was also listed 5ft9 in Real Madrid.
Bleemo said on 27/Oct/07
Newcastle United used to lie alot about their players heights on the official height but right now they seem more honest on the site. There's been an overhaul of the webpage and of course a great new manager has took over, so maybe that is why.

For example I used to be perplexed at Damien Duff being billed as 5'11, when he clearly was not, he is billed as 5'9 now. They had the audacity to bill Obefemi Martins as 5'9 when he is clearly a little pug, boxer type character and now he is billed as a more realistic 5'7. They used ot bill Nicky Butt at a majestic 6' and now he is down to 5'10. He just used to look tallish on the pitch because our team was short last season.

Our team has gone up in size this season though with players like Faye, Rozenhal, Barton, Cacapa, Enrique, Beye and of course Viduka who are all over average height for sure. The weird one though is Shola Ameobi who is billed as 6'2 when he is clearly taller, some sites bill him as 6'3 and I'd say that is more accurate he was deffo 3-3.5 inches taller then shearer who is a cast iron 182 cm. (I've met him)
Parker said on 27/Oct/07
I've heard and read Michael quote his height at 5'8 on a number of occasions - I doubt he'd lie. if he was the height listed on this page you'd still quote 5'8. I certainly don't see less than 5'7 for him.
TJ said on 26/Oct/07
Carlos Alberto's comment says more about his ignorance than it does Owen's height. Owen is very noticeably taller than Wright-Phillips, who is around 5'5. This pic shows Michael to be the claimed 5'8. Click Here
TJ said on 25/Oct/07
I think Michael is around 5'8. He tends to look shorter because he's always around guys who are either above average height or tall.
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/07
He does look pretty small. I read that his shoe size is 6 1/2. Is that true?
Robert R said on 5/Oct/07
On reflection I think I may have been a little harsh on Michael as he is a great goalscorer, however, I stick by my height estimation.
Robert R said on 1/Sep/07
I agree that Carlos Alberto's comments were a little over the top, however, I have always felt Michael Owen was grossly overrated and I have seen him up close and there is no way whatsoever that he is 5'8" without lifts and no photos of him standing alongside Beckham, Lampard or Crouch will convince me otherwise. Barefoot he is around 5'6".
JK said on 1/Sep/07
Owen does look 5'8'' next to guys like David Beckham, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard
Robert R said on 30/Aug/07
That is interesting Parker. At least you have confirmed that if he was 5'10" in his shoes that either the 5'11" listing is wrong or else the heights are definately not taken in barefoot which is what I guessed.
JK said on 29/Aug/07
I always thought Ian Wright was 5'11'', he can't be 5'7'' i think he isn't under 5'9.5''
Parker said on 29/Aug/07
Saw Ian Wright measured in his shoes on the 'Guiness records' show at 5'10 - 5'8/5'9 barefoot? Also watched him interviewed with Kevin Keegan - looked about 2-3 inches taller than Keegan. Think I'd put him about 5'9. I think 5'7 is too short.
Robert.R said on 14/Jun/07
That is very interesting PC. I remember when Ian Wright was with Crystal Palace and when he first moved to Arsenal he was listed as 5'11". In his early years with Arsenal he had a 'short fuse' and got into problems on the pitch with referees and opposition players and one Newspaper accuised him of being a 'bully'. When interviewed he stated, "I have been accused of being a bully by the media yet I am only 5'8"! Three inches is alot of difference!
PC said on 13/Jun/07
Robert R, I thought I'd do a quick google search on Ian Wright to see his listed heights and found an interesting comment at Click Here where he makes comments about Jermain Defoe (Who's regularly listed at 5'6"-5'7") saying "The only thing that’s the same about us is our height," revealed Wright when we caught up with him for an exclusive chat. "Jermain is about three years ahead of where I was when I was his age (this was in 2004). How can he be anywhere near Defoe's height if he's been listed as high as 5'11"? The mystery of footballers' heights continues..
Robert.R said on 5/Jun/07
Joe Cole isn't 5'9", he was always 5'7" at West Ham and moving clubs doesn't increase your height by 2" as far as I am concerned.
Lmeister said on 5/Jun/07
BTW Joe Cole doesn't look 5'9'' to me. Eventhought the curb is favoring Scott Parker (5'9''). He is at least 1 inch taller than J. Cole.
Click Here
Lmeister said on 5/Jun/07
It is hilarious when they say 5'9'' diminutive footballer. Is Wayne Rooney diminutive? 5'9'' doesn't look that short in football field. 5'6''- 5'7'' ranging guys start lookin' short...
6'3'' JK said on 4/Jun/07
He looks 5'8'' to me, but could be 5 ft 7.75
Robert. R said on 4/Jun/07
Believe me Parker I have seen him up close and he is no more than 5'6" I am 5'7" and he made me feel tall!
Parker said on 4/Jun/07
If Michael Owen is 5'6 Robert, that would make Beckham 5'10 and Rooney 5'8.

Wasn't there a photograph on this page showing Beckham less than 4 inches taller than Owen?

5'8 is my guess, and his claim
Robert R. said on 2/Jun/07
Probably a misprint Parker, typing a 9 instead of a 6!
Parker said on 1/Jun/07
Very amusing line in the Sun this morning - A Sun reporter quotes (describing Owen) 'The 5'9 ace may be diminutive....' If 5'9 is diminutive there is no hope for me.
Robert.R said on 24/May/07
Bellamy definately looks tiny in that picture. I think 5'6" is about right.
Lmeister said on 24/May/07
True Robert, I'm sure that Craig Bellamy is 5'6'' he looks shorter than Owen also Bolo is around 5'7''. Robbie looks 5'9''ish, but definitely not taller...
Robert.R said on 23/May/07
One would think that a Football Club would be more precise with the heights of their players.
Lmeister said on 23/May/07
I guess sometimes the heights are taken in footwear.
Here is Liverpool squad 2007 Click Here next to Fabio Aurelio listed 5'8'' - 5'10'' Craig Bellamy looks short.
Robert.R said on 22/May/07
That is very interesting Lmeister because I have seen Robbie Fowler listed at 5'11" in earlier seasons with Liverpool, which in my opinion was ridiculous and it is for this reason that I wonder if their heights are taken in footwear, otherwise they would not vary so much.
Lmeister said on 22/May/07
This is interesting, but Liverpool is listing Bolo Zenden 5'7'', Craig Bellamy 5'6'' and Robbie Fowler 5'8''. Everyone of them has been listed 1-2 inches taller in previous teams. At least Fowler never looked 5'10'' nor did Bellamy 5'9''...
Robert.R said on 30/Apr/07
Actually, I agree with you PC. I guarantee if you looked at a club handbook on Players statistics, their heights vary every year. When Ian Wright was with Arsenal his height varied from 5'8" to 5'11".
PC said on 29/Apr/07
While I agree to some extent with what you say about players mysteriously growing in height in their 20s after switching clubs (see my post 5/Dec/06), there are of course some players who are downgraded to begin with. Frank Lampard for example used to be given a 178cm listing, but is now given correctly at 183cm. I have seen Chelsea play this season, and Joe Cole didn't look short on the pitch considering 1.69/70m Makelele and (very little) Shaun Wright-Philips were playing also, so maybe 1.75m is correct. Indeed I also have no idea how footballers are measured. I've seen Arjen Robben listed by Chelsea as 180cm, then 186cm and now 181cm (all this season). What's going on? Maybe he slipped a pay cheque under the table during his 2nd medical ;-), after all 183cm is only average for a dutchman.
Robert.R said on 16/Apr/07
Well PC, he certainly hadn't grown over 5'6" when I saw him which was last year!
PC said on 11/Apr/07

At the time Steven Gerrard said this, Michael Owen was 20 also (in 2000). Is it possible Owen was 5'6" then, before growing in his early 20s to 5'7.75"? I know he was definitely given a height of 168cm during the 1998 World cup (aged 18)...
Robert.R said on 22/Jan/07
I seriously doubt it 6'2.5"JK. I have seen him in training and he is really short.
6'2.5'' JK said on 18/Jan/07
Id still say Michael is 5'8''
Robert.R said on 17/Jan/07
Incidentally, Keegan has always been listed as 5'7" - 5'8" as Ian stated, yet when he appeared on "This Is Your Life" in the seventies wearing the then fashionable platform shoes he was asked how tall he really was and his reply was; "If I take off these shoes I drop down to 5'6".
Robert.R said on 13/Jan/07
I noticed during the world cup when the teams appeared on screen, Michael Owen's height was listed as 170cm. That seems nearer the mark to me.
Parker said on 4/Jan/07
Well Michael himself has said he is 5'8 - If he was 5'9 (175) I'm sure he would have claimed it.
Ian said on 3/Jan/07
Ok here is Owen standing next to Alan Shearer, they are both wearing the same boots. Shearer is (5Ft11 to 6ft on some sites)
Click Here
Height Freak said on 3/Jan/07
Take notice that Nick Barmby is not next to Owen, so it´s kind of pointless to compare both players heights if they´re not next to each other. Also notice that Owen is slightly taller than Keegan (almost an inch) and no the same height. So here you can see that 175cm for Owen is quite right.
Ian said on 3/Jan/07
Here Owen is standing with Nick Barmby who is 5ft7, Kevin Keegan who is listed as 5ft 7-8. Owen clearly is 5FT 8
Click Here
Height Freak said on 11/Dec/06
Footballers heights many times tend to be underrated or overrated...Both Ashley and Joe Cole got underrated Ashley Cole is 173cm and Joe Cole is 175cm tall who´s the same height as Owen, all spot on. Michael Owen is 175cm tall. See him next to players that are solid 182cm/183cm tall like Beckham and you´ll notice that he´s not like 10cm shorter than them, but more like 7cm/8cm.
PC said on 5/Dec/06
I think he's about 5'8", but then again i'm confused when players like Ashley Cole and Joe Cole who both used to get listed as 5'7" (170cm) one or two years ago are now apparently 173cm and 175cm respectively. Have they grown in their mid-20s? Michael Owen was definitely 168cm when he was 18 (as that was his listed height for the 1998 world cup), so its possible he might have grown 4cm.

It seems to me that despite footballers having medical check-ups, the players who are on the short side always get a few cms increase- like 5'5" Paul Scholes listed as 5'6" by Man Utd and even 5'7" in places and Shaun Wright-Philips who looks 5'5" max listed as 5'6".
bluenose said on 5/Dec/06
I think he is under 5'8", don't know how much by though. I'd say he was 5'6" or 5'7". He only wears like size 6 football boots as well apparentely.
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/06
I think given how they stand, there's a 3.5 inch difference, but Beckham's feet are marginally wider apart, so I'll give it 4 inch difference. To me, Michael Owen is 5' 7.5" and maybe scraping 172 cm.

Beckham isn't at least 5 inches taller than Owen in the pic below. The distance from Owen's eyes to top of head is about 4 inches, add another 0.5 inch for Becks coz of his feet distance apart. 4 inches and no more.
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/06
I think 172 cm is totally correct tbh. I think he's just a tad smaller than Ashley Cole who is 173cm.
Rob2 said on 30/Jul/06
I disagree with the height difference stated by Parker in the picture submitted. If you look closely there is at least 5" difference in Beckham and Owen's height. It would probably be more noticable if they stood back to back.
JK said on 29/Jul/06
I think Owen is 5'8'', but could be 5'7 1/2.
Parker said on 29/Jul/06
Rob2 - Your entitled to your opinion, but if Owen is 5'6, that would make Beckham 5'9. As I say, I respect your opinion, but cannot agree. From the listing at the top of this page, it looks like the editor does not agree with you either.

All the best
Parker said on 29/Jul/06
Rob2 - If you can find a post of mine that says I've claimed Davy Jones is 5'5 - Please cut and paste it here.
Parker said on 28/Jul/06
A posted link says a 1000 words

Click Here
Parker said on 28/Jul/06
Just for Rob2 - Don't think I need to add words

Click Here
Parker said on 27/Jul/06
Definately not as short as 5'6 - Paul Dickov is around 5'6, Sean Wright Phillips 5'5 and I've seen Owen next to these guys on a pitch and Micheal was always taller. The pics with Beckham and Shearer show he is less than 3 inches shorter than both putting him around 5'8. I've also seen numerous quotes from Michael claiming he's 5'8 - I've seen nothing to disbelieve him.
Yo said on 26/Jul/06
probably he was wearin lifts that day, i dont know, but if he aint 5'9'' he is definetley his oficial height 5'8'' and not a bit lesser.
MD said on 24/Jul/06
With 5'11" Alan Shearer:

1. Click Here
Stevie G said on 24/Jul/06
As the picture submitted by stAs where Owen stands beside Ashley Cole who is 173 cm in all reports. Owen seems to be about 1 cm shorter than Ashley Cole, and that makes him 172 cm maximum.
Yo said on 11/Jul/06
You're right Anonymous, because i met owen and he is about 5'9''.
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/06
owen only looks short cos of the gigantic peter crouch, owen is a fairly normal height, crouch is freakishly tall.
Yo said on 27/Jun/06
I met michael owen, and i was suprised by how tall he was. He is a vey strong 5'8.5'' and is really really close to 5'9''.
DudeX said on 22/Jun/06
Ashley Cole is 5 foot 7. and Michael looks a smaller.
Parker said on 11/Jun/06
No way is Michael less than 5'7
styleforlife said on 10/Jun/06
Hmmm 5ft8in ? No way.
If you look at him you see that he's only 165cm max.
Change him please
john boy said on 17/Apr/06
stood on side of pitch next to him in my shoes. he was in studs and hes 5ft 6 max in my opinion
stAs said on 8/Mar/06
here is owen next to ashley cole(173cm) (
i think they are the same height.
Nitai said on 8/Mar/06
look at the diffrence between michael and huge peter crouch (6"7):,_OWEN_V.JPG

even sol campbell looks short behind him... and what about little michael? (:

michael is hiding somewhere...
CelebHeights Editor said on 20/Feb/06
Sep 2005: "but I'm 5ft 8in and I couldn't win many high balls"...

goes to show that Real Madrid's 177cm listing was a bit dubious...
statto said on 6/Feb/06
look at the difference in height between owen and beckham, on here beckhams listed at 5'11.5".
stAs said on 5/Jan/06
I think Shearer is more 180-181cm now.
episodewatcher said on 9/Nov/05
5'8 is a "midgit"?? Well don't I feel great being a 5'8 man. People with height have no idea what it's like.
statto said on 21/Oct/05
I really don't think Owen is 5'8", he looks more 5'6", 5'7"ish.
pluginbaby said on 27/Aug/05
roberto carlos is being listend as 168cm but he´s a solid 164cm.
i´m brazillian. once i watched in a tv show.. he was talking with another short brazillian player trying to find the shortest brazillian soccer team player.. and he said he was 164cm.
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/05
Why would a 177cm guy call a 173cm guy a midegt? haha

Anyway, footballers are always medically checked for stats, therefore if you check on soccer sites all heights and weights of footballers are mentioned. He is always listed as 5'8". On the Real madrid websites he's listed a 5'9", but that could be with shoes.
Zach said on 8/Jul/05
Football players cant really get away with fibbing their heights with wearing boots etc. Owen seems very small from a distance but is probably 5'8. He's always been an inch or so taller than Paul Scholes and Joe Cole (both 5'7)
Loco said on 26/Jun/05
To me it goes down like this: Owen is height 174.5 cm, Gerrad's is 186cm (he has the tendency to not stand up straight in team photos, so that gives the impression of being like 1 or 2cm shorter). Terry is for sure 187cm, although I think he's actually 186cm and Lampard is 182cm...

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