How tall is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain's Height

5ft 8 ¼ (173.4 cm)

English footballer who has played for Liverpool, Arsenal and the England national team. In an interview, Alex claimed to be a "Five Foot Nine and a Half" guy.

How tall is Oxlade Chamberlain
Alex and Perrie Edwards / Photos by PR Photos
[Liverpool Height Comparison]

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Average Guess (60 Votes)
5ft 8.35in (173.6cm)
James (178.3cm) Jones said on 1/Feb/23
Omg is he really 5'8?? I thought he was 5'11....
Dante Kuzman said on 16/Dec/21
173.5 morning height dropping to 172 cm. His claim of near 5'10 is just so unbelievable.
Lawrence099 said on 15/Jun/21
173 cm nothing more.Rob could even just edge him out by an 1/8th or so
Raging said on 11/Jun/21
This guy and Birdman are the shortest 5'11 guys I've seen all my life while Rashford is the tallest, LOL
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
Why is his height 5.11 on google?
hsgst said on 11/Feb/21
Rob, What do you think the height of Hector Bellerin is? He is listed as 5'10 on the Premier League site but at times he looks like 5'8
Editor Rob
yeah, Bellerin gives me a 5ft 8-9 vibe more than 5ft 10...would be really surprised if he was that tall.
J2Frenzy said on 28/Oct/20
I’m confused by that picture. Is he really fat or is that coat just cut really weirdly
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Oct/20
I knew a bloke with the surname Oxlade and he had one green eye and one blue eye! He claimed to be 6ft tall and he was. It was in the early 80s when I had the secret 6ft mark on my wall, and he 'passed'!

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, on the other hand, is three-and-a-half inches shorter.

5ft8.5 😁👌
Sam911 said on 7/Oct/20
Hey. What do you think about Luke Shaw? He is listed 6'1 but doesn't look near it. Maybe 5'9 - 5'10
Editor Rob
5ft 11 maybe
JohnMoore-162cm said on 14/Apr/20
@Johnson- Theo Walcott is 5ft8 1/2" max , 5ft9 in your dreams !
Michael glover said on 16/Feb/20
Rob, I always had a wonder how tall the young football sticker Rhian Brewster he seem be to 5’9.5 to 5’10 I question about because google listed him at 5’11. Would like if he could have a site as well...
Editor Rob
I agree 5ft 9 to 10 is more likely than 5ft 11
Littlelee5ft6 said on 26/Nov/19
Rob isnt that zara Larsson in the photo with him? Not perrie Edward's?
Editor Rob
It is his girlfriend Perrie I'm certain.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Nov/19
He’s yet another cool LFC five foot eighter! (autocorrect tried to change it to eighteen!)
Nik Ashton said on 17/Oct/19
I’ve seen him listed as 6’0” on an online site! I am so pleased to give him his 100th comment!
Nik Ashton said on 17/Oct/19
I would love to see a photograph of him with Rob!
khaled taban said on 15/Jun/19
He and Walcott are 174cm MAX, 173.4 most likely for them.
Valois. said on 7/Jun/19
I always thought 5'11 was too much for him.
Phrygian said on 23/Mar/19
6-7 cm between Ox and Firmino? Seems like a lot. Firmino's posture might explain it, he slouches and gives the impression of being more 5'10 than 5'11, I guess.
Jake the Snake said on 17/Aug/18
Hey Rob
What would you put his weight at for his height he's pretty stocky, he can't be far of 76kg right?
Editor Rob
Well 75-6 I'd guess was possible.
Youssef said on 23/May/18
I would never say that he and salah are the same height or just a fraction differnce either ox be upgraded or salah and coutinho downgraded
Chamberlain 174-175
Salah 172-173
Coutinho 170-171
Show said on 30/Apr/18
I'm not sure how tall exactly is alex oxlade ,but 100% Theo Walcott is 174.And for jack wilshere I give 170-171
5'9 dude said on 25/Apr/18
Why the downgrade rob?
Editor Rob
I think his claim of 5ft 9.5 was always a stretch, but the more I've seen the more I think he is a max 173cm player.
Lmeister said on 16/Apr/18
I used to think that Adam Lallana is 172-173cm. In reality he is 176-177cm. He is a tad taller than Wayne Rooney 174-175cm. I'd give Ox 173cm.
5'9 dude said on 11/Apr/18
Rob , can you add Adam lallana , he's been listed at 5'8 ,172 for most of his career but he does look about 5'10 , it might just be his body proportions but i can never quite pin down his height on or off the pitch , how would you list him rob ?
Lkk said on 27/Mar/18
Looks 172.7cm beside Ian Wright.
Ozzym9 said on 23/Jan/18
How tall is lallana ?
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/17
Click Here:
hes 5F7 MAX
Emmanuel said on 4/Nov/17
Sorry guys for my english i am not an engish man.i think because he is stocky and this make him look shorter.
Johnson said on 10/Sep/17
@show Football manager proves anything?
show said on 9/Sep/17
OX is 174 Click Here
Blake said on 4/Sep/17
Why did you tell me about his stocky build? Yh I thought he looked quite small in the england game yesterday but then again he is surrounded by Henderson and Dier in midfield who are both over 6 foot
Editor Rob
it can make him appear shorter on the pitch.
Blake said on 31/Aug/17
Rob, I know you where probably going to change this soon but anyway he plays for Liverpool as of yesterday
Editor Rob
yeah, I'll change that. He has a stocky build which can make him seem shorter than he might be...
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/17
I saw him with sterling, sterling is 5'7 and they're almost the same height
Johnson said on 19/Jul/17
Benayoun I think he is 175
Show said on 18/Jul/17
@Johnson how tall is Yossi Benayoun
Show said on 5/Jul/17
@Johnson : walcott with mark noble 175 and. Essien 177 Click Here
Return of the mackerel said on 18/Mar/17
He's a five nine guy for sure. Wouldn't have pegged him for any less
Johnson said on 10/Mar/17
@show I am surprised. So Chamberlain 175.5 and Bellerin 177.5???
Show said on 10/Mar/17
Click Here fabregas and balotelli
show said on 9/Mar/17
Click Here Alex and Bellerin
Show said on 9/Mar/17
Yeah fabregas max 179 and bellerin max 178.
Johnson said on 8/Mar/17
@show great video, so we can assure then that Fabregas is like around 178.7 and Bellerin 177.9?? around that?? what do u think?
show said on 8/Mar/17
fabregas and hector bellerin 7:27 Click Here
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
I think Walcott looked 174 cm when he was 17-19 y.o. I think he is as tall as Chamberlain nowadays. 1 cm shorter than Rooney. What about Nasri? He could be 176.5 and Milner 177. Zabaleta looks 176
show said on 26/Feb/17
clyne and 179 Ryan Bertrand Click Here , CLyne and 173 Kid Ink , CLyne and Rooney Click Here .Click Here clyne shorter than walcott . walcott shorter than delph
show said on 26/Feb/17
you're right about delph and clichy but I think you must agree with me that walcott is not more than 174.
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
In the video of Clichy and Delph, Clichy is wearing Nike flip flops, Delph football cleats, I think the Frenchman has 0.5 cm of disadvantage, Clichy 176 and Delph 175.5 is the good listing anyway
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@show I love the shots back to back of Delph and Clichy. Do you have more of this in footballers like Nasri, Sagna, Kun Agüero, etc? I am very interested in Nasri height... perhaps 176.5 for him... or more not sure
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@show difficult to note the difference in the second video, Delph, Walcott and Clyne... I think Clyne is 174.5. Walcott doesn't look shorter than him
show said on 25/Feb/17
Click Here 3:33 walcott and delph
show said on 25/Feb/17
Click Here 0:12 and 2:09 Clichy and Delph
Johnson said on 24/Feb/17
@show good work. Shame the bad pic of Delph and Clichy not aligned together. We have similar predictions: I say Milner 177 Clichy 176 Delph 175.5. But soon James will appear here saying we are trolls and like upgrading heights just for fun...
show said on 24/Feb/17
James milner and 176 Gael Clichy and 175.5-176 Fabian Delph. Click Here , Click Here ,
Johnson said on 23/Feb/17
With 6'3 Prince William Walcott looks 5'9, there is certain angle in seasons squad pictures
Show said on 23/Feb/17
Walcott shorter than 178 flamini with 4 centimeters and shorter than 183 Kyle Walker with 9 centimeters
show said on 22/Feb/17
Click Here I thing Walcott 174 , Sagna 177 , Flamini 178
Johnson said on 22/Feb/17
@show Walcott looking 5'9
show said on 21/Feb/17
Click Here
MD said on 15/Feb/17
Look back at the pictures I posted on December 19th. This listing is too tall. He gives the impression of a man smaller than the listing because he is.
show said on 12/Feb/17
Click Here , Click Here, with Gareth Bale
Anon said on 11/Feb/17
Actually thought this guy was like 5'7''. Surprised by this listing. Gives the impression of a smaller man.
Show said on 7/Feb/17
Scroll down Walcot and Flamini Click Here
Johnson said on 7/Feb/17
Hazard 1.5 cm shorter than Cole

Click Here
Johnson said on 7/Feb/17
Rooney is only 1 cm taller than Walcott
Johnson said on 7/Feb/17
Ashley Young is taller than Rooney and Depay
Show said on 7/Feb/17
@Lmeister you are absolutely right.but Ashley young is 176.5-177.
Lmeister said on 7/Feb/17
Ashley Young isn't 177.5cm. He is 175cm as listed. Walcott is listed 176cm, but in reality is 173cm. Ashley Cole is lucky, if he hits 172cm in the morning. Cole is clearly shorter than Wayne Rooney.
show said on 6/Feb/17
cole with billy wingrove and jeremy lynch these guys is 5`8 Click Here 7:27
show said on 6/Feb/17
Click Here 5:23 Ashley cole and Eden hazard is same height 172.
show said on 6/Feb/17
ok walcott is 174.5 Click Here.
Johnson said on 6/Feb/17
@Show Ashley Cole looks just an inch under Rooney
Show said on 6/Feb/17
Ashley cole 172 maximum.
Johnson said on 5/Feb/17
Ashley Young 177.5. In the picture of Walcott with Cazorla, Walcott looks 10 cm taller, but that is a pic that exaggerates heights due to angles. Good pics anyway. But seeing Walcott with Ashley Cole 173.5 Walcott pulls off near 175 cm
show said on 5/Feb/17
@Johnson I thing Walcott is no more than full 5`8. Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here ,Click Here
show said on 31/Jan/17
Click Here
show said on 31/Jan/17
gibbs 179.5 , flammini 178 , alex 174 , casorla 166.
Johnson said on 30/Jan/17
@Show Flamini is 178 but he is tiptoeing!! Clearly. Flamini is actually as tall as Bellerin on the right but he cheats
Show said on 30/Jan/17
Flammini is 178 and alex is 174
a4l said on 26/Jan/17
Click Here 174 no more
Johnson said on 22/Jan/17
@B Gibbs is 179-180. We all should emails to all Premier League Club for they to update real heights and weights. I already did it. Now you guys. This way they will update.
B said on 11/Jan/17
I think there are more than 4 cm differnce between Ox and 178 Gibbs Click Here
Lmeister said on 8/Jan/17
These footy height are bs!!! His dad Mark Chamberlain was listed 174cm in metric, but usually 5ft9~175cm. In every pic of Alex and Dad Mark you see an inch difference. Alex is 173cm max. He could be even shorter, if his dad is actually 174cm.
show said on 7/Jan/17
@Johnson. I thing Ashley cole-172, Wallcot and Oxlade-174 ,rooney-176
Johnson said on 6/Jan/17
@show Cole is 173.5
show said on 6/Jan/17
@Johnson how tall is Ashley cole.
show said on 30/Dec/16
with Neymar Click Here
Johnson said on 29/Dec/16
His father could be slightly over 5'9
Nik said on 23/Dec/16
I can buy 173 cm at max. He could be 172 - 173 cm.
show said on 22/Dec/16
hmm. alex with his father 175-Mark Chamberlain Click Here
show said on 22/Dec/16
yes... Walcott and Alex Oxlade is 174 MAXXX.
dpp said on 21/Dec/16
good job rob! very fast downgrade he is 174cm same as wallcott.
Johnson said on 20/Dec/16
@show Sagna claims 178 cm in instagram
show said on 20/Dec/16
Rooney 176 ,Ashley Young 176,James Milner 176,Bacary Sagna 176, : Theo Walcott 173 , Alex Oxlade Chamberlain 173,
show said on 20/Dec/16
with 176 Bacary Sagna Click Here
eee said on 19/Dec/16
5'8 man cmon
Aza said on 19/Dec/16
I do think Ozick is taller than listed.
Johnson said on 19/Dec/16
@Aza no way Ozil is 182 in medicals. Ramsey is 182 and clearly taller
show said on 19/Dec/16
with 175 Ian Wright Click Here
show said on 19/Dec/16
with raheem sterling 5`7 ,wilshire 5`7 and Lalla around 177 Click Here
MD said on 19/Dec/16
I don't know, this feels just a bit too tall. While we can't see the footwear in either of these shots, I think it's more likely than not that he's a bit shorter than listed.

With 5'7.5" Lewis Hamilton, and however tall Theo Walcott - he's not 5'9" - actually is, though there are photos showing his noticeably shoter than Walcott, too:

Click Here

With 5'7" Tyga:

Click Here

Seems to me that he can't be over 5'8".
show said on 19/Dec/16
Click Here max 5`8 fox Alex Oxlade
show said on 19/Dec/16
with 5`8 Serge Gnabry Click Here , Click Here
show said on 19/Dec/16
with ashley young Click Here
Nightwish said on 19/Dec/16
Strong 5'8 I reckon. 5'9 is an overlisting for sure.
Aza said on 18/Dec/16
I do agree with your Ozil estimate being over 5'9.5. I think the official 180 cm estimate is accurate. His morning measurement for sure would be close to 182cm which is 5'11.75.
Johnson said on 18/Dec/16
@wasp I think Ozil is 179-180. Ozil is listed 180 officially. Alexis is 5'6
w.a.s.p said on 18/Dec/16
No way ozil is 5.9 1/2. He towers over Sanchez who is 5.7. Mesut is a 6 footer easily.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/16
Rob, how likely is his claim?
Editor Rob
Rampage, I don't think he really looks much over 5ft 9.
Johnson said on 17/Dec/16
I think he is exactly 175 cm. But if so, Justin Bieber is easily taller than 171 cm

Justin Bieber and Oxlade-Chamberlain
Click Here
Johnson said on 17/Dec/16
@Rob can you put the link where he claims 5'9 and a half?
Editor Rob
Johnson said on 17/Dec/16
Great addition. 5'11 listings everywhere, it's a pity Arsenal and Premier League not being serious about heights footballers
Max said on 16/Dec/16
I bet him in a Vegas pool party. He is a legit 5"8 guy bare foot

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