How tall is Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

German professional footballer, who has played for Werder Bremen, Real Madrid, Arsenal and Fenerbahçe. For his waxwork, he was measured in This Pose as 173cm, although used to be listed by Real as 181cm.

How tall is Mesut Ozil
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Average Guess (137 Votes)
5ft 9.98in (177.8cm)
Abdul-DK said on 28/Nov/22
5’9.5 max
Abdul-DK said on 17/Oct/22
SannaMarinlove said on 7/Oct/22
5ft9 flat for Ozil. Much shorter than Ronaldo
festus said on 2/Oct/22
Looks a solid 5'10 with benzema and morata 'Click Here
Ajax (175.6-178.5cm) said on 20/Jun/22
That 180cm figure for Gündogan seems to be consistent even at Nuremberg back in 2009.
Click Here

Idk where I've read 176cm.
Ajax (175.6-178.5cm) said on 20/Jun/22
Gündogan had been listed 176cm at Nuremberg.

Given the average guess (121 votes) of 5ft 10.07in, would you mind an upgrade for Mesut?
Editor Rob
The last time I looked I could envisage 9.75, but not sure about 10
Almost 180cm guy said on 16/Apr/22
Ozil is another person with whom Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has photos. Here are some photos of them from 2019: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
3 years ago Erdogan next to Ozil looked just over 6 ft, I can see a good 7 cm difference in height between them. Rob, are you going to add Erdogan?
Editor Rob
Xi Xi Ping is probably higher up the list to consider for Politicians.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 12/Mar/22
@Rob- I think knowing Gunndogan height is the key to know the exact height of Ozil. Because he's about 2 cm shorter than Ozil. How tall do you give Gundogan?
Editor Rob
He generally seems within 5ft 9 range
VitoCheng said on 1/Mar/22
Mohammed 170cm said on 18/Feb/22
@recapa- Reus is no taller than 179. As for Ozil looks about 1 or 2 cm shorter than Reus, so he's either 177 or 178. I can see him being a very strong 177, or 178 at most. But I don't think I'd go as high as 179, he never looked that tall to me.

@Rob- Would you consider a quarter an inch upgrade for Ozil?
KTS said on 21/Jan/22
Hey Rob,
I think he 5'9 to 5'9 1/4 or 175cm to 176cm
How tall does he look here next to Shah Rukh Khan?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks maybe 3cm taller, however maybe his lean is losing him a bit more height than Khan is losing.
Ajax (5ft 9 3/4 - 5ft 10 5/8) said on 21/Nov/21
Özil had been leaked 179.9cm, I actually trust the figure (1 hour out of bed). Don't know what happend at Madame Tussauds but for me not enough evidence to give him less than the full 5ft 10.

@Editor 113 votes, average guess 5ft 10.08 – it's badly time for an upgrade.
recapa said on 19/Nov/21
@Okidoki, from what i,ve seen ozil is at least 178 imo as for james he can look the full 5ft11 sometimes and 5ft10 so i think that he is something in between at 179 and from what i,ve seen reus is comfortably taller than ozil and i think that he is definitely taller than the 180 that he is listed at in the internet Click Here next to werner and ozil i,m not too sure how tall werner is but i,m sure enough that he aint the 180 figure that he is listed at in the internet as for gotze i thought somewhere between 173-174 is good for him he is below average but not that short .imo:ozil(178-178.5), james (179-179.5),reus(181-181.5),gotze (173.5-174) and remmeber i could be right as i could be wrong that just my guesses from what i,ve seen.
Okidoki said on 16/Nov/21
@Rob, is 5 ft 10 the highest you would go for Ozil and 5'9 and a half the lowest? James Rodriguez get's listed 5'11 at many sites, but generally doesn't look that tall. Who between those 2 is the tallest, in you're opinion? Would you say that someone like Marco Reus is comfortably taller than them? Would you say that James has a chance of the full 5'10? Also, i am curious to know some of Ozil's former Germany teammates. Gotze doesn't look 176 as listed, is he the flat 5'8 or 5'8 and a half to you?
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 9.5-10 has been a range he looks with other players.
recapa said on 14/Nov/21
too underlisted imo he had 2 measurements one of 181 with real madrid wich i think was with his long hair while he have an arsenal measurement which says that he measured at 179.9 which i believe was a morning measuremnt that would put him at least at 178 low also check him out in summer 2013 where he was 24 so fully grow with strong 183 benzema and 187.5-188 morata Click Here .he looks roughly 5cm shorter than benzema and 9-10cm shorter than morata which would put him in the 178-178.5 range. what do you think rob?
ajax509 said on 14/Jun/21
Estimate him to be taller than Gündogan (got listed 176cm at Nuremberg), don't know what happened with the Madame Tussaudd pose as 179.9cm is his leaked medical figure from Arsenal. Ramsey measured 182.7cm, Mertesacker 199.7cm – at least what a CelebHeights user leaked.
recapa said on 7/May/21
might be a little underlisted for this one .he takes a full 5ft10 from me.could have been the best assister ever if he didnt leave to arsenal.
Wfsef said on 16/Mar/21
Close 1.80
Original said on 28/Feb/21
Slimfit said on 26/Feb/21
hey rob, how tall do you think this guy is Click Here? google listed him as 182cm, if Özil is 176.5, this man should be around 176, but his stance with Adriana Lima, listed as 177cm, is like this Click Here
Editor Rob
sand is always a tricky surface because height can be gained and lost in the 1-2 inch range without it being that obvious. I am not sure just how tall the guy is.
Bu?ra said on 27/Jan/21
He is ours now. Welcome to Fenerbahçe Mesut!
Lancaster said on 29/Dec/20
He's not shorter than this list.
Tunman said on 19/Oct/20
Rob,he looks smaller than that he must be downgraded to 5'9 flat
Click Here He looks up to 5" smaller than Rose here but maybe this one is better
Click Here Well I don't think he looks less than 175 but I still see a solid 11cm minimum difference
And here's an excellent pic of him looking 3" smaller than Erdogan
Click Here
I feel his pose didn't make him lose as much as we did expect first
Editor Rob
Can look near 5ft 9 with Rose
GTB172cm said on 1/Jul/20
I’d give him 179cm, probz 2 inches taller than Laca
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 2/Jun/20
Rob, why on earth was he measured at 1,73m?
Editor Rob
For his waxwork pose he was 173cm, but standing tall he'd measure a few cm taller at least. I don't think 5cm though.
Linke said on 16/May/20

Here's a picture of Ozil with another Bollywood actor, Ranveer Singh who claims 6'0

Click Here

I am not familiar with Ozil but him being 5'9.5 doesn't look good for Ranveer's 6 foot claim. In Ranveer's defence, his posture at times is atrocious.
Que lo Que said on 24/Apr/20
He definitely doesn't look this height with ksi nor the 186-7 cm Aubameyang. He looks like a solid 179 to 180 guy. Definently a strong 5'10
Eric W Tam said on 29/Dec/19
I wonder how tall Muller really is. And I also wonder what he would claim, 6'2 or 6'1, given his 1.86 meters is actually correct. Ha, Muller seems too giddy and successful to care about his height anyway. Anyways, Ozil gets 5'10 from me. Yeah, don't think he's as short as 5'9 nor as tall as 6'0 or 5'11 as he gets listed as that sometimes.
emre celep said on 17/Dec/19
Can you add rob turkish football player
Anon11 said on 22/Oct/19
Joseph175, I always thought he looked short. I think he looks around 5'9" or 5'10".
germa said on 20/Oct/19
anyone knows how tall are sane and kroos?
Joseph175 said on 2/Sep/19
My guess is Strong 177. Always looked tallish due to thin built.
khaled taban said on 21/Aug/19
@Dhamm99 , Actually Reus is 179cm , he is listed as 180cm though.
Valois 2.0 said on 21/Aug/19
His height has been intriguing me these days. Sometimes he looks 5'11 as listed, but on many occasions I can't see him over 5'10, which is my guess. I wouldn't go low as 5'9.5, though, 5'9.75 seems the lowest I would bet.
Dham99 said on 27/Jul/19
Click Here here's a photo of Mesut Ozil with Marco Reus who is 180 cm exactly , I think 5,9 and a half is spot on for Ozil
khaled taban said on 28/Apr/19
This guy is 178.5cm, he always looks tallish.
I'd say he is a tad above the American Average (5'9.7"-5'9.8"), so my guess is 5'10.25".
rocketman23 said on 11/Mar/19
He is 179. No more, no less. He's taller than both fabregas and bellerin. Doesnt make sense to have him at 176 whilst u have fabregas at 178.
I've met both bellerin and ozil on the same day. Bellerin is 177 and he is 179. Ozil had 2 inches on me and I'm DEFO 174.
miller said on 14/Jan/19
Erdogan is not 185 cm Click Here
Özil is 176cm
with 185 cm damian lillard Click Here
Kenan2005 said on 12/Jan/19
Ozil is 179 cm and Erdoğan is listed 185 cm by google.
miller said on 5/Jan/19
he is 176cm at most .
towered by 183 cm erdogan Click Here
towered by 187 cm derrick rose Click Here
Rob how tall do you
think is Ilkay Gündogan? he is listed 180cm but is shorter than Özil
i think hes only 173cm
Editor Rob
Gundogan can look 5f 8-9 zone, never in a million years was he 5ft 10-11.
Sandal said on 16/Nov/18
Maybe he could look taller if He was very muscular
?ener said on 9/Oct/18
He is 5ft10 1/2 to 5ft10 3/4
Jake Brown said on 29/Sep/18
He can easily look solid 5'11" nowadays Click Here
Obadiah Stane said on 28/Sep/18
Too low Rob,he is atleast 5.10
Sacred said on 12/Sep/18
Ozil is for me 5'11" or 180 cm
North Carolina Jake said on 8/Sep/18
He has tallish boy look but 6' is not realistic Ozil is 5'11''
Ba said on 3/Sep/18
Rob, would that make Lacazette under 5'8?

Here's a pic of them two together

Click Here
Editor Rob
A chance of it.
Carlos VG said on 23/Aug/18
Click Here

If Ramos is a solid 183cm, Mesut should be around 178
Tarik said on 4/Aug/18
He is probably 179.4cm range
Kadir said on 24/Jul/18
Its very possible.Ozil is little taller than 5'10'25".
Tunman said on 8/Jul/18
Click Here:
If Erdogan is 6' Ozil can be anywhere from 5'9.5"to 5'10.No more no less.Maybe 177 or 5'9.75" is a good compromise?
Funnybugsbunny said on 24/Jun/18
Mesut Ozil seem 5'10.50" with Wilshere.Ronaldo seem solid (full) 6ft1 cm perhaps 6ft1.5. Ozil and Ronaldo's difference is not so big .5'10.50'' can be possible
187.5 cm said on 11/Jun/18
Gundogan - 174 cm
187.5 cm said on 11/Jun/18
Gundogan - 174 cm
Johnson said on 9/Jun/18
Ozil and Leroy Sané

Click Here
Re?at Erdo?an said on 25/May/18
179.7 for Mesut
Ivn Petrovc said on 1/May/18
If Bastian Schweingster 181 cm Mesut Ozil looks 178.5 179.5 area with him. If Bastian Schweingster is 183 cm Mesut Ozil looks 180.5 181.5 area with him.
Maybe said on 28/Apr/18
Maybe He is Not 6ft1 but He can look taller than 179cm listed people sometimes
zzzzzammagaaahhd said on 7/Apr/18
Some games and listings have him as 6 ft 1. They are taking the mick.
Ali183 said on 7/Apr/18
178 Ozil, 180 Ramsey
Vibram said on 7/Apr/18
I think you have him too low Rob. He's 5'10.25 next to 5'7 Wilshire.
Chilean said on 15/Mar/18
Rob how tall looks Jack Wilshere
Click Here
Editor Rob
Wilshere can seem around 5ft 7
2MeterPeter said on 21/Jan/18
Certainly above average, deserves half an inch more at least I think, but the 6ft listing on Google is ridiculous...
Johnson said on 16/Jan/18
with all the respect Rob, although it looks 1,73 in the paper of Tussaud, it is a wrong number of 1,78, for sure

with Khedira
Click Here

people could argue lowest of 1,78, but 176.5 is too low
Editor Rob
Tip of head in Pose is 173cm.

Screen Grab.

The red mark is at 160, the next line at 170...matches up with around 173cm in the pose mode.

Of course how much he loses with his wax pose is hard to say exactly.

Could he have lost 6cm in posture...I suppose you can't rule it out entirely!
Johnson said on 24/Dec/17
He marked 179.9 in the medical control season 17-18
Anonymous said on 22/Dec/17
Google has him at 6ft / 1.83m talk about false advertising lol. I swear they’re so ****e with getting the right heights lol
Burak said on 31/Aug/17
Ozil is 180 cm and is a uk 10.5
Johnson said on 14/Aug/17
Taller than people expect. Tallish
WishIWasTaller said on 1/Aug/17
Met him in person - a 5'10"-5'10.5" guy
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
Alexis Sanchez: 166
Mesut Ozil: 176
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jul/17
I'd say 175 cm. No way 173 cm or 178 cm but anything 174-177 cm isn't impossible for him. Footballers usually get upgraded by 2 inches, there is no way this guy is 180 cm, looks short next to legit 181 cm Schweinsteiger.
Canson said on 19/Jun/17
@James: Johnson is a very generous man! Esp with the footballers!
James said on 17/Jun/17
@Johnson No way. 1.78 but no more. You always upgrade everybody.
Ben said on 16/Jun/17
Wow, in video games he is listed as being 183 and 184...
Faisal said on 30/Apr/17
In the Spurs v Arsenal match (that just concluded) the 1.88m Dele Ali towered over him (after a poor challenge by Ali; Özil gave him the stink eye and almost got into a fist fight) so the 10cm difference is quite possible
Johnson said on 26/Feb/17
@DruceLee thats what I think. He is slightly taller than 178 Flamini. It looks 173 but it must meant 178.
DruceLee said on 25/Feb/17
As im said once, he is measured 178.,, Not 173...8 looks Like 3 on the video
Johnson said on 16/Feb/17
Ozil 179-180
show said on 10/Jan/17
ozil is strong 179
show said on 9/Jan/17
Ozil with 5`8 - billy wingrove and jeremy lynch Click Here
lobo said on 6/Jan/17
Kimmich is 5'9"1/2.
Johnson said on 30/Dec/16
@show Gibbs is 179-180 similar to Ozil and Monreal
show said on 29/Dec/16
@Johnson how tall is Kieran Gibbs
Johnson said on 27/Dec/16
@show I don't buy that 5'7 listing for Wilshere. Look at him with Beckham or Rooney

Here Wilshere with Oxlade beside him

Click Here
Johnson said on 27/Dec/16
@show that picture is not good for Bellerin. Bellerin is nowadays 178 cm tall. I agree with Arteta but I think Flamini is 178 cm
show said on 27/Dec/16
Mesut with- Hector berelin 176-177,Mikel Arteta 176-177, Mathieu Flamini-176-177..,Click Here
show said on 27/Dec/16
Wilshire is 5`7 Click Here walcott and alex oxlade is 5`8 max 5`8.5
Johnson said on 26/Dec/16
@show it is a bad picture. Suggesting Wilshere is shorter than 170 when he is 172.5
show said on 26/Dec/16
with 182-Aaron Ramsey Click Here
lolo said on 21/Dec/16
i understand now why legit 6'6 Mertesacker constantly looks like 6'8 compared to other players. The listed heights are inflated as ****
Johnson said on 21/Dec/16
The thing is he doesn't look more than 3 cm shorter than Sergio Ramos standing tall
dpp said on 21/Dec/16
5ft 10 looks proper for him.
Johnson said on 20/Dec/16
Perhaps the person who took Madame Tussaud data he typed wrong he meant 178 and he wrote down 173
Editor Rob
Johnson, the 5ft 8 pose is correct as the ruler is beside him, it's just a question of how much posture he lost.

Certainly not 3 inches, I tested a pose like that and I wouldn't hve thought more than 1.5 inches.
Johnson said on 20/Dec/16
Ozil would be 1 cm shorter than Beckham. Strange the measurement for Madame Tussaud
Aza said on 19/Dec/16
I do think he is taller than listed... and no I do not support Arsenal.
Shazaib said on 17/Dec/16
I would say Ozil is 5 foot 10 (178cm)
R.M said on 7/Dec/16
Rob, can you add alexis sanchez's height? Thanks
Rick said on 12/Nov/16
176cm no more
MS said on 26/Sep/16
German players - Ozil 178-179, Kroos 180-181, Reus 180-181, Draxler 186-187, Muller 185-186, Schweisteinger 180-181, Podolski 180-181, Neuer 192-193, Hummels 190-191, Schurlle 182-183, Boateng 191-192, Gundogan 175-176, Gotze 174-175, Lahm 170-171, Khedira 188-189, Kimmich 176-177, Erik Durm182-183
MS said on 25/Sep/16
Before bed he may be 177cm but most of the time he looks 5'10 (178 cm). Ozil never looks under 5'10. He is not very tall but never looks small
Rober said on 25/Aug/16
Özil is 179 tall
Puma said on 3/Aug/16
Downgrade, Rob?
I have remember 178 for him.
spainmen191cm said on 30/Jul/16
I had already asked Rob for some models, he guessed Andres Velencoso as 191-2 guy I think is correct, also Jon Kortajarena is listed at 6ft2 (i dont know which height he claims) but I think he is little under it like 6ft1.5-75 for Sean O Pry I agree with you he is no more than 6ft with a chance of a little under it, as for Francisco I think he is a full 6ft3 possibly even a little bit taller, would like to know what height he claims to be!
MD said on 28/Jul/16
Why are you all talking about male models on this page? Take that somewhere else.
Johnson said on 28/Jul/16
@Lmeister I would say Ribery and Lahm are 171. About Kimmich and Gotze... there are like 2 pics, one of them they are lined up but if you notice, Gotze is a little behind so he can appear shorter

Ozil looks a little taller tan Kimmich in the anthem, although they are apart

Click Here
Click Here
j5 said on 28/Jul/16
Ozil and David Alaba are listed as 180cm and I thimk Ozil is taller than that or maybe the other way round, Alaba is shorter.
heightchecker34 said on 26/Jul/16
@spainmen191cm - nice! Yes, I'm glad he started to add a few models, although more males would be greatly appreciated! My favorite is David Gandy whom Rob added at 6'2, which shocked me because i always believed the 6'3 claim, but he is right. I wish he would add Jon Kortajarena, Sean O'Pry, Tyson Ballou etc.. if you have time i would love to go over what you think those models and others height wise look... my guess is J.K- 6.1'5, S O'Pry- 6'0, T. B- 6'1. what do you think?
Lmeister said on 26/Jul/16
Maybe the Mesut Özil 177cm listing is a bit too low. Since Douglas Costa is 170cm -> Mario Götze is 171-173cm and Özil is clearly taller than Götze. Özil looks 3-4cm shorter than 182cm Podolski. I think we need a pic of Özil and Joshua Kimmich 176cm.

Short Munchen guys
- Joshua Kimmich 176cm (listed 176cm)
- Götze 173cm (listed 176cm, but shorter than Kimmich) -> Borussi Dortmund
- Lahm 170-1cm (listed 170cm)
- Ribery 170cm (listed 170cm)
- Douglas Costa 170cm (listed 170-2cm)
- Juan Bernat 168.5cm (listed 170-2cm)
john said on 25/Jul/16
Rob , why you give him an extra inch half an inch , he was measured 173 in that pose ? Pls explain.
Editor Rob
I think the pose he was in did take at least 1 inch, and probably about 1.5 inches, I did test out a pose like that and thought 4cm difference might be possible to how he would measure standing his tallest.
height man said on 25/Jul/16
Next to Messi Gotze looks 174cm
176cm seems a stretch

But boy I think it's curious
Ozil at 5'9.5 seems normal, sometimes tallish on the field playing with the germany national team
Gotze, who must be 172-175cm looks so much shorter

Like when i saw gotze entering the wc final i thought 'boy is he short'
But with Ozil I have never had that thought, not even once
Lmeister said on 25/Jul/16
James, Messi is 168-9cm and Götze 171-172cm. So there is an inch difference. Angles favours Götze.
James said on 23/Jul/16
Click Here
I don't think Gotze is only 170cm, because Messi is 169cm and there seems to be some good cm difference. Maybe it's the angle in here but there sure is a 1 inch diff
James said on 22/Jul/16
Correct estimation. For sure, he is under 5' 10"
The Man said on 22/Jul/16
What's with the 173cm measurement all about? He is clearly way taller than that.
Editor Rob
he was measured about 173cm standing for the waxwork pose.
MaryAnne said on 22/Jul/16
@spainmen he can add sean o'pry:(
Lmeister said on 22/Jul/16
This makes Mario Götze 171cm like he was billed in BVB.
Kourosh said on 22/Jul/16
Schweinsteiger is nothing over 178 cm 179 cm.

ozil is 175 cm -176 cm.

Gotze is just 5'7 or 170 cm
Tunman said on 21/Jul/16
Nice adding,5'9.5" is quite reasonable with 5'9.25" being a possibility.A good 9cm difference with Ronaldo so depends whether he's 185 or 185,5.
@height man
Gotze is 1.5"-2" shorter than Ozil maybe a weak 5'8 but not a chance for 5'9 range.
spainmen191cm said on 21/Jul/16
My favourite male model is Francisco Lachowski, he is already in this page Rob has him at 190cm
height man said on 21/Jul/16
i saw some pics with cr7 and he is a strong 5'9 man
but i wonder how tall mario gotze is
mrtguy said on 20/Jul/16
I thought he was like 5'10''
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
hi spainmen 191cm... who is your favorite male model? He is right rob, if you have more time, it would be greatly appreciated if you can add some more male models, and models in general.
Johnson said on 20/Jul/16
@Chris Paul Hair does not count in hair. It is obvious. Doctors flatten your hair when you are being measured. If not Fellaini could be 2 meters tall with Afro and 193 cm if he shaves his head! Height is barefoot and not faking it with hair
Chris Paul said on 20/Jul/16
Hey Rob quick question.. do you think hair would count as part of height? I ask this because I actully met Mesut Özil last year at the working at the Emirates Stadium.. I'm 6"3 barefoot (190cm) 6"4 in shoes .. Özil's hair was up to my eyes he looked 5"11 with his hair and shoes.. maybe he's a legit 5"10? He has like 3 inches of hair and I'm bald.. If I grow 2 inches of hair would that make me 6"5? ..
Editor Rob
it's hard to say, but if the top of his hair was around your eyelevel he could have been anywhere above 5ft 9 to 10.
Rei said on 20/Jul/16
5'10 for sure rob, with best posture even 5'10.25 ,one of my favourite players ,I've seen him since real madrid times and got to say that his posture was quite bad, but i think in good one could be 5'10
tyler said on 20/Jul/16
wtf? i thought he was like 6ft lol

well if the is 176-7cm then mario gotze is at the most 173cm
joe### said on 19/Jul/16
pogba page?
joe joe said on 19/Jul/16
lol he is listed as 181 and 183 in so many places even though he clearly isnt that height, . He was 183 on fifa for so long and he is still 183 on PES smh
Mat said on 19/Jul/16
Perfect listing ;-) His 5'11 listing may well have been a rounded 5'10.5 in shoes or an earlier in the day in shoes one!
Allie said on 19/Jul/16
MaryAnne second that lol.
spainmen191cm said on 19/Jul/16
Rob, congrats I saw that you are adding more athletes to the site! You are doing a very good work with this web, hope that in a future you start adding more male models ;)
spainmen191cm said on 19/Jul/16
Rob I thought you where going to list him at 5ft9.25
Editor Rob
it is the kind of figure that could be argued, I think the pose he is in could be 3cm or possibly near 4cm less than a military measurement.
184guy said on 19/Jul/16
Too low,5'10
Peter 179cm said on 19/Jul/16
He looked 176 max besides 188cm measured Derrick Rose(191 with sneakers).There's a photo or two on the Net to support it,too.
Johnson said on 19/Jul/16
Jerome Boateng 192, Gundogan 179, Schweinsteiger 183, Ozil, Kroos 182
Click Here

Ozil with Thomas Muller 186 and Miroslav Klose 183-184
Click Here
Aaron Zamora said on 19/Jul/16
Rob; this listing is clearly too high at least by an inch
MaryAnne said on 19/Jul/16
May i want Neuer : )

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