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Peak: 6ft 2.87in (190.2cm)
Current: 6ft 0.92in (185.2cm)
truth said on 4/Dec/13
Kinda suprised he went the whole 4cm down. At his age would be a good 1-2cm standard at least the old people I know.
the shredder said on 4/Dec/13
LOL I found the Mel/ Parkinson video , They look and same height and Mel takes off his shoe .

Click Here
Sam said on 3/Dec/13
Glover's an actor I'm surprised to see looking as short as he does here with Rob but I guess age will do that.
the shredder said on 3/Dec/13
Rob , what does Martin appear with him?

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Editor Rob
martin generally can look solid 5ft 7
the shredder said on 1/Dec/13
I just watched Lethal 2 and he really did look 6'3 or 6'4 in that was about 5 or 6 inches on Mel who was in cowboy boots and was like a foot taller than Joe Pesci ... socked that he only looks not even 6'1 here.
the shredder said on 1/Dec/13
He does seem 6'0.5 in this pic.
the shredder said on 29/Nov/13
Rob , Did you see him next to Will Smith? There is no way Will Smith is 6'1.5 , go look on Will Smiths page.
Editor Rob
I said in a reply I think the image might knock a little from smith's actual height.
james said on 28/Nov/13
He was a strong 6'4 back in the 80's and early 90's with shoes on if you watch predator 2 theres a part when 6'4 adam baldwin gets in his face .and they are nose to nose eye to eye
the shredder said on 28/Nov/13
Happy Thanks Giving rob :) , btw is he leaning in this shot? he does not look 6'1.5 here.
Editor Rob
I think he could add a little bit more...I seen him stand at his tallest a few times whilst in the queue, there was one guy I saw who is 6ft 5 standing with him and he looked about 4 inches taller, but wasn't sure on the bigger guys footwear.
Mr. R said on 28/Nov/13
I've seen him a few times awhile ago, and he was definitely 6-3.
the shredder said on 27/Nov/13
jtm says on 27/Nov/13
gibson is only 5'10 in lifts.

I guess that means he is 5'7.5 than? It is comments like this that make down graders seem like " HEIGHT COMPLEX GEEKS ".
Manza said on 27/Nov/13
Loooks 186 cms with rob
jordydecke said on 27/Nov/13
really jealous that you met him! what was he like in person? I'd imagine him to very patient and good-natured?
Editor Rob
I didn't see him at his auto table, so can't really say apart from seeing him with people in a photoshoot! But a few met him and he was fine.
jtm said on 27/Nov/13
gibson is only 5'10 in lifts.
the shredder said on 26/Nov/13
Rob , Would you say Mel is still a bit taller than you?
Editor Rob
yeah he looks it.
the shredder said on 26/Nov/13
Rob , look here , Mel Gibson and him in normal footwear nowadays and Mel still looks taller than you. Can Mel be 5'10?

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Editor Rob
he is a little nearer the camera and those things Glover is wearing don't really give much height.
the shredder said on 26/Nov/13
Rob , did you have more footwear? If not than he is 6'1.
Editor Rob
no difference
Hypado said on 25/Nov/13
187cm is the right today.
the shredder said on 25/Nov/13
6'0.5 in the pic , slight lean so 6'1
Tim said on 25/Nov/13
Although with Gibson looked 6'2-6'3 back in the day, but not in this photo.
Tim said on 25/Nov/13
6 foot, unless Rob is in heels.
the shredder said on 25/Nov/13
He looks 6'1 tops even if standing right.
the shredder said on 10/Nov/13
Rob , can we get his pic up next?
Editor Rob
it's in a future batch to go up
the shredder said on 5/Oct/13
Rob , if you have him 6'1.5 than no way is Will Smith over 6'1.
Editor Rob
today I wouldn't put Glover over 6ft 1.5...Smith I still can't see him having been shorter than 6ft 1.5, at times on his show he might look just 6ft 1 but other times he could appear 6ft 2.
Alex said on 14/Aug/13
I think a weak 6'3 (190 cm) in his 40ies, 6'2 nowdays
Lenad said on 4/Apr/13
6'3 ish in lethal weapon movies
Josh B said on 3/Nov/12
Shorter/Same height as 6'2 Cusack
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Rev. Kenneth Brown said on 21/Jan/12
Danny Glover is 6ft,3in tall, how I know this, because he is my cousin. His mother Carrie, and my grandfather Homer are brother and sister. The last time I seem him face to face was at his grandmother funeral.We talk and ate dinner after the funeral and he took pictures with family.
nice guy said on 20/Jan/12
doesnt look 6'3 next to 5'8.5 ( 174cm ) mel gibson...6'2 flat at his peak at best..
Michelle Martin said on 3/Dec/11
I do believe that Danny Glover is this tall. Of course he would tower over me since I'm only 5'3.5".
LAN Jiao said on 24/Oct/11
in 1985 the witness danny glover played a corrupted policemen along harrison ford , swear in this show ford did't look tall as his 6'1 claim at peak at times look 6'0 and 5'11.5 and danny glover look nothing over 6'3. nowadays danny glover look as low as 6'1.75 , maybe a stretch 6'2.5 and ford is heading down 5'10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/11
At least 192cm at peak.
190cm max these days though.
fair assessment said on 25/Aug/11
Mel Gibson is 5'9" (no more than that) and the picture posted by Sasha below, Danny is a maximum of 4 inches taller. More like 6'1"
Sasha said on 23/Aug/11
In Lethal Weapon movie Danny definitely hasn't 6 inches over Mel Gibson, who is 5'9.5". As for me, 6'2.5" is closer to the truth.
For example, look at this picture (it doesn't tell a lot, but 6 inch difference is pretty impossible by this photo):
Click Here
James said on 22/Aug/11
Could look 191-192cm with clint eastwood in the early 90's.
Zahid said on 22/Aug/11
See Danny Glover with 6'0.5" listed (celebheights) Amitabh Bachchan:
Click Here

What do you think?
Vegas said on 20/Aug/11
watching lethal weapon 2 last night there is a scene where his police file is shown and he is listed 6'3 on it
5'8.76786 said on 18/Aug/11
He's still in the 6'2-6'3 range. He looked towering in Be Kind Rewind and Shooter. He was still more than an inch taller than Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums, and both were kinda old by then, and Gene used to be a strong 6'2 back then. Danny is one of those guys whose height isn't that much of a big deal it seems, he could have exploited it better, but he instead chose real acting, and not just playing tuggish roles.
Zahid said on 12/Aug/11
Rob, Look at Danny Glover's picture with 6'1.5" Dev Patel (listed here in
Click Here
He is 6'0.5" these days. It's time you updated his height.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Aug/11
I think today he's no more than 6'2.5! Probably 191-192 at peak!
jtm said on 20/Jun/11
i think early 2009.
Terryman said on 19/Jun/11
in my name is earl next to jason lee he looked 6'3 which year was that filmed?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/11
6ft3.75 peak
6ft3 today
Lenad said on 14/May/11
I will say he did look 6'3ish in the lethal weapon movies. I dont know about 6'4 though...
Lenad said on 14/May/11
Doesnt look over 6'3 today.
James said on 5/May/11
Looked maybe 5 inches taller than Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon films.......
Mat said on 2/May/11
Anyone else notice how he was a full head taller than Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 1. But that Mel had magically gained about 6 inches come the third and fourth installments.
ikbtops said on 26/Feb/11
Danny Glover was quite near 6'3" at his peak. The Dev pictures provide a skewed comparison. Dev looks 6'2" ish- Danny Glover age sixty four? 6'2" ish.
Liam said on 4/Feb/11
link:yeh the movie he acted in is called legendary. i think he was 6 foot 4 at his peak because in lethal weapon 3 or 4,he is talking to a kid and he sais was the man tall like me? but now i reckon he is 6 foot 1. but still a good height for someone in his 60's
Candyman said on 26/Jan/11
Looks 6'2.75"-6'3" now depending on his posture. The picture with Dev Patel is taken from a bad angle that gives Patel an advantage along with a lift due to his tall hairstyle.
Clay said on 10/Jan/11
In Saw (which was a kick ass movie) he looked 6'3''.
krazy krippled! said on 2/Jan/11
maybe this guy had knee surgery and lost 2 inches due to that and age???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/10
6"2.75(190cm) now
6"3.75(192cm) peak
Vegas said on 11/Dec/10
easily an inch shorter than adam baldwin in predator 2
James said on 10/Dec/10
i dunno if he was the full 6'4 at his peak what i do know for sure though is that he is 190cm today.

6'3.5 peak
6'2.75 now
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/10
I used to run into him a lot. He is now just below 6-3.
Bon said on 8/Dec/10
These actors really can lie, can't they ?
Moke said on 30/Nov/10
He does look not much taller than 6' Common: Click Here
Moke said on 26/Nov/10
Ok. I think this guy has lost height over the years. Here he's standing next to 6'2 Morgan Spurlock (Click Here), the guy from "super size me" Click Here Face to face with weak 6'1 Al Gore here: Click Here
What about 6'2 now, 6'3 peak? Very probable for a 64 year old man to lose an inch.
linke said on 2/Nov/10
he acted in a movie with john cena recently,havent seen the movie,who was taller among the two?
k mart said on 19/Jun/09
from what im hearing he was 6ft 3.5in but he was never a solid 6ft 4in... but ill give him the benefit of the doubt of him once being 6ft 3.5in
Lenad said on 11/Jun/09
Lethal Weapon 6'3ish
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
190cm min 192cm max peak
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
I see a weak 6ft3 man in the Lethal Weapon movies
Lenad said on 9/May/09
I think Glover was a solid 6'3 at peak but possibly a weak 6'4. Never 6'5
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
Glover was probably closer to 6ft4 in his prime.
Lenad said on 26/Apr/09
Glover looking 6'1 is probably poor posture.
WWellsfry said on 25/Feb/09
Definately 6'3" to 6'3 1/2". I'm 6'2" and stood next to him for a couple minutes at a SF Giants baseball game in 2006. I was genuinely surprised at how big a guy he is, even at close to 60 years of age.
Doug said on 10/Feb/09
Looked a strong 6'3" in his prime, if not a little taller. Big guy.
glenn said on 7/Feb/09
i even thought glover was 6-1 when i saw him.obviously im wrong and it was an illusion.
Lenad said on 7/Feb/09
I'm surprised Viper didnt say Glover is 6'1.
Mister Lennon said on 1/Jan/09
Hakman was 6'2 or maybe a little bit more at peak, but i guess that nowadays he is a little bit shorter, a weak 6'2 or a 6'1 and a half. Murray always looked a 6'1 guy, i never understand those 6'2 or 6'3 speculations about him, he never looked that. But yes, Glover looks a solid 6'3 guy or a weak 6'4.
Hugh said on 31/Dec/08
yoyo Hackman is still 6ft2. Just look at him beside Cusack. He's eye level.
adam said on 26/Dec/08
Glover was 6-4. Goldblum was even taller. Goldblum was taller than Donald Sutherland so minimum 6-4
yoyo said on 24/Dec/08
Hi Mister Lennon, Gene Hackman no way 6ft2. 6ft3 Danny Glover had 3in over him, this old guy had been lost some height already during 1990s nowadays a solid 6ft or a little more. While Bill Murray is not 6ft1 or 6ft1.5 nowadays, you can check it out picture while his beside 6ft4 Jeff Goldblum with a bad posture still catch 2.5inch on him, jeff stand straight up as murray were at least 8cm over him or 9cm possible. 185cm for murray.
Mister Lennon said on 30/Sep/08
If you have seen a movie called the royal tennembaums or something like that, Glover had more than two inches over the 6'2 Gene Hackman and the 6'1 or 6'1 and a half Bill Murray. I guess than Glover is about 6'3 or very close to 6'4.
George H. said on 30/Sep/08
Danny Glover with Annette Bening who is about 5'8" in bare feet, Warren Beatty (6'2"), Julia Roberts (5'9") and Kevin Kline, who I think is also 6'1" or 6'2". Click Here
Viper said on 29/Sep/08
I thought Davi was really around 6-1-1-6-1 1/2. Modine is 6-3 max.
adam said on 28/Sep/08
Just watched Predator 2 again, (pretty good film have to say)! Had solid 2 inches on Robert Davi who`s not under 6-2. And about 3 inches on Gary Busey. 6-4 is right. Also was a little shorter than Adam Baldwin. But Baldwin isnt only 6-4. No way. Not only was he taller than Glover but in Full Metal Jacket he was also clearly taller than Matthew Modine! Modine is 6-4 or very close to it.
RisingForce said on 21/Sep/08
Yeah Glover is still between 6'3" and 6'4".
Viper said on 17/Sep/08
Then how was he 2 inches taller than Barry Bonds? There is no way he is only 6-1. Losing 3 inches at his age is pretty absurd. Mr. R even saw him recenty and said he looked 6-3.
Umass Amherst said on 17/Sep/08
He might have been 6'3 in his peak, but he's almost 60 now and all those years of work in the movie business and action films definitely stunted his height. I know there's a lot of people on this forum just to downgrade celeb heights, but he really is just 6'1 or so.
Lenad said on 16/Sep/08
50 celebrities? Isnt that why you Banned him?

Editor Rob
one of the reasons...
Lenad said on 16/Sep/08
Just noticed that Glenn called Glover an A**hole. Actually if he didnt want to get Banned he could have just said 'Danny Glover isnt friendly in person'
Lenad said on 16/Sep/08
Just noticed that Glenn called Glover an A**hole. Actually if he didnt want to get Banned he could have just said 'Danny Glover isnt friendly in person'

Editor Rob
In most of the name calling (d**k and a*****e) of celebs by glenn it's a lot to do with being ignored, or not getting a sig or auto.

There are about 50 celebs he'd called those names on this site...
Viper said on 15/Sep/08
Glenn saw the Rock at 6-1 as well.
Viper said on 14/Sep/08
Hes not 6-1. He had 6-1 Barry Bonds by at least 2 inches in a Bonds documentary on ESPN 2 years ago.
Umass Amherst said on 14/Sep/08
Hey guys Danny Glover was over my college for a showing of his independent film on March of this year. I'm just a shade under 5'10 and he wasn't that much taller than me. I'm pretty sure he's only 6'1 max barefoot.
Anne said on 8/Sep/08
This surprised me. He didn't seem very tall in Royal Tenenbaums! How tall are those Wilson boys?
RisingForce said on 23/Aug/08
In Lethal Weapon 2 there is a sheet that lists Danny Glover as 6'3" and 212 pounds.
Ilovetoguessheight said on 5/Aug/08
Wow yeah definitly in sin pictures he's clearly not standing up lollll he's clearly sitting down on something lol
Mr. R said on 4/Aug/08
He was 6-4 when I first met him. He is 6-3 now.
Jason said on 13/Jul/08
In Predator 2, he was solid 1 inches taller than 6'3" Robert Davi. There is no way he was less than 6'4" in his prime.
Jay said on 27/Jun/08
Ive looked at that photo wit Sin over and over and Ive come to the conclusion I dont believe it. Sorry Sin.
1) Not only does Danny's arms look bend like they're resting on arm rests, why is his right shoulder scrunched like he's leaning on it? Ive never seen anyone take a picture and look like that standing.
2) the camera man must be Big Show cause he/she is clearly 6'10!
3) the roof must be 15-20' high, and look at the pictures on the wall, are they that high so basketball players can admire them??

I don't buy that Glover is standing up at all. Rob do you really think he's standing??
Hugh said on 5/Jun/08
6ft4 peak, 6ft3.25 now.
Lenad said on 19/May/08
I think 190cm today, 192cm then
Yaspaa said on 14/Apr/08
Pictured with 6'0 gary Busey Click Here
mikec said on 2/Mar/08
James you realize mel gibson wears lifts?
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 1/Mar/08
6'2.5 for sure nowadays,at least my height.when he was at the caribbean femi in january he talk with a famous 5'11 caribbean journalist.they both wearing sneakers.there are 3.5 inches difference altough Danny s hat. I met this journalist too before in a airport with the same white snickers and me a inch-heel shoes he was nearer me in a bar,my eyes are just over his 6'2.5 seems right.
chris175 said on 18/Jan/08
wow, this site never fails to shock me sometimes, i would have said about 6-0 or even as low as 5-11, but seeing some pics this seems correct, maybe being a bit generous, around 6-2 or so
glenn said on 18/Jan/08
i saw danny give me the strange illusion of barely 6-1,4 years ago.
RobertJ said on 17/Jan/08
Me too Rob, the way Glover's arms are positioned.
Sin said on 3/Nov/07
Id say about 6'3" is right, Im 6'9" and I was kinda slouching in this photo took with Danny Click Here
Amy said on 3/Sep/07
I often served him at a restaurant in Berkeley that he frequented and I have to say that he's closer to 6'4. He's VERY tall. I'm 5'7 and my boyfriend is 6'1 and he was significantly taller than my boyfriend.
Calvin said on 16/Apr/07
I saw him at my cousins college graduation (Spelman College Atlanta, Ga) in May 2002. He was the guest speaker, but as I was waiting to go in the auditorium he and the rest of the speakers were waiting to be walked in. though I've seen the Lethal Weapon movies I would have never guessed he was as tall as he was. My family and I were all amazed at how tall a man he was. 6'3 does seem about right.
Viper said on 9/Apr/07
I think hes always been 6-3. Never taller or shorter.
dmeyer said on 8/Apr/07
i think this guy was 6'3.5 to 6'3.75 at peak and 6'3 now he steel looks 6'3ish
James said on 2/Mar/07
I've seen all four lethal weapon films and it's strange becuse when these films were made Glover must have been around 6ft3 and half. Yet in some scenes with Gibson who is a well known 59er he didn't look hughely taller infact in one scene from Letal Weapon 1 when they are both walking side by side in a car park Glover looks 3 inches taller max than Gibson? Although camera tricks and use of lifts can make someone who is this height looks 6feet.Either that or Danny Glover got incredibley bad posture.
dmeyer said on 1/Aug/06
give him 192 3 range at peak
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/06
They say he's 6'4" in Saw.
Viper652 said on 9/May/06
I just saw Danny Glover on Barry Bonds reality show on ESPN. And he had a couple of inches on 6-1 Barry. I think he is 6-3. Its interesting how Glenn saw him at only 6-1 though.
Glenn said on 3/May/06
I always thought 6-3,6-4.he looked more 6-1,6-2 when I saw him 2 years ago.and an a**hole.
Ryan said on 2/May/06
I think he's 6'2.5 - 6'3.5
Jake said on 18/Apr/06
I think 6'3.5" for his prime, 6'3" now.
Tripod said on 2/Apr/06
I saw Danny Glover sitting on a windowsill in early 96. One of the windows was open and the other was cracked. I think it was during the latter part of the year, so it may have been slightly cold which would have accounted for the fact that I was crouched. From the angle of my squinted eye which had been damaged in a storm in the early part of 96 I could see a clear shadow cast by Glover's large head. At that time of year, with the position of the Sun as it was, I can only assume that he was 6'4'' exactly. Without shoes. With a blister.
Mr. R said on 28/Feb/06
I saw Danny on Saturday at the Oakland Airport. I had seen him maybe 8 years ago in New York (twice on the same night), and he definitely seemed 6-4 at the time. At this point, he is no more than 6-3.

Editor Rob
at his peak 6ft 4 yes, someone else mentioned to me, which I've not added yet:

"I came across this site and its interesting. I just wanted to say that I have crossed paths with Danny Glover and he is easily 6'4"..I'm 6'3" and it caught me a little off-guard, I did not expect him to be that tall especially since the few celebs that I have seen up close are always much smaller that they project on TV or the movies"
wrestling said on 25/Jan/06
6' 3
Ujane,Moscow said on 5/Jan/06
Unbelieveable! He doesn`t look that tall! O`cuz he is significantly taller than Gibson, but not that way!... I think!
Glenn said on 1/Jan/06
Ive seen him look 6-1.really nasty too.
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