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6ft 2.83in (190.1cm)
Vegas said on 3/Aug/07
the footwear of kane, khali and batista Click Here (5th photo)

The 3rd last photo shows khalis boots up close, he is not getting much lift from the boots as they seem nearly flat.
Alex said on 3/Aug/07
Vegas, yea noway someone 6'5-6'6 is getting away with being billed at 7'0 for that many years.
Jason said on 3/Aug/07
Oh, I didn't mean to start any debates about Kane (or Khali lol) - I wouldn't have even mentioned what I thought they were if I wasn't asked - but Kane only seemed 6'5'' to me. I'm not saying he is that, but that's the impression I got for whatever reason; whether he is only that, posture or me under-estimating. So many variables affect estimating height. This chick in the group I hung out with was convinced Rey Mysterio was only 5'0'' yet I thought 5'3''?
Vegas said on 3/Aug/07
Jason; if you had got a full-length photo of you looking just 1" shorter than Kane or basically eye to eye with him that would have been excellent evidence.

Of course there are a couple of issues with a 6'5 kane:
1.He must have been wearing shoes giving him basically a 4" lift with big ben taking into account big bens shoes/runners gave approx a 1" lift. IMO Kanes old platforms didnt give him 4", his current footwear look to be giving him the standard 1.25" that 90% of wrestling boots give.
2.Why would the WWE bill a 6'5 guy at 7ft??? 6'5 is not really that tall, hard to believe that someone that short can get away with being billed at 7ft for 10 years on national television (Thats the same as me being billed at 6'6!!). Alot of WWE fans that go to live events are as tall or taller than 6'5. for example that sign guy fellow claims he is 6'7 tall himself; i got up close to him at the rumble; he is about 6'6 Click Here
3.You only saw 3.5" between Stevie Richards and Kane??? imo there is more than this. My 6'4 friend had 3" basically on Richards (as you can see in the photo) and he was shorter than Kane.

When Kane first walked by me i thought 6'6 but he has a very big forehead which puts off estimations. Even though i don't agree with a 6'5 kane you would have a much easier time convincing me of that over a 6'7 big show!!!

Finlay is billed at 6'2, he was next to Randy Orton on RAW the week before WM23 and it looked silly (after all there is only supposed to be 2" between them, lol)
Alex said on 3/Aug/07
Really anthing under a legit 5'11 but more likely under 6'0 you shouldn't be getting billed at 6'2. I think 2 inches inflations are the most common. Over that really its tough to get away with.
Jason said on 2/Aug/07
I sure did. Finlay? 6'2'', yeah. I wonder if it was WWE or him that came up with that billing...
Alex said on 2/Aug/07
I can't see Kane at anything under 6'7.
Alex said on 1/Aug/07
What do they bill Finlay at? 6'2 right? LOL
Alex said on 1/Aug/07
Dreamer is 6'0 at the most I'd say.
Funaki is 5'7.
Noble 5'7 at most.
Torrie still seems closer to 5'9 then 5'7 to me but I've never seen her close enough in person.
Jason said on 1/Aug/07
Steamboat was 5'9''. Finlay was there - I've seen him before - he seemed 176cm, same as last time. None of those other names were there but I've seen Moore, Noble and Funaki in person before. Nunzio, too. Can't remember exactly for Moore - I think 5'8''. Jamie Noble was 5'6'' - real short. Funaki ... hmmm ... I can't really remember -- in the 5'7''-5'9'' range. Nunzio was like 5'5'' I think. Oh - and I've seen Torrie lol, she seemed 5'7-5'8''. Yeah, Tommy Dreamer is nowhere near 6'3''. Never seen the Sandman but I would of guessed he's borderline tall.
Vegas said on 1/Aug/07
i have never met most of the guys you mention (chimel, major brothers, burke, masters, nitro, victoria, steamboat). Only saw Tommy Dreamer for a second last year in Chicago, looked in the 5'11-6ft range but he ran past me. Def not the 6'3 billing he got back in the old ECW. Sandman was billed at 6'4 in the old ECW and he walked right past me nearly knocking me over at the rumble, he is 6'1 max and could be shorter.

Any luck seeing the likes of Shannon Moore, vickie guerrero, torrie wilson, jamie noble, funaki, finlay, eugene, joey styles or nunzio,
Jason said on 1/Aug/07
I couldn't really tell how heavy Masters was exactly -- I only saw him momentarily and was just sizing up his height as he was in bare feet, so bloody good opportunity lol. Vaguely; 225, 230.
Alex said on 31/Jul/07
Masters has gotta be 230 after his weight loss. He lost 30lbs they said. He use to be 260lbs or around there at his biggest before he lost weight after being on steriods.
Viper said on 31/Jul/07
I dont think I can buy 6-5 for Kane, but possibly 6-6.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
Oh ... I also saw that Chimel (or whatever his name is) announcer guy late into the wee hours. I remember someone (can't remember who) here saying he was at least 6'1'', but I saw nothing over 6'0'' flat.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
That's what I did lol ... but there were too many people as this was earlier in the night. I saw him a few times then but he seemed to disappear after that until it was time to leave. I came within a few feet of him one time but he was shuffling along and on higher ground -- he didn't wanna hang around anywhere. He seemed to appear taller in the ring than after the show in street clothes. Also appears slimmer in clothes than he does shirtless in his wrestling gear for some reason. He didn't seem to want to sign any autographs but apparently he said happy birthday to someone when they said it was their birthday.
Vegas said on 31/Jul/07
Jason; based on your response i get the feeling you didn't see Khali up close?? If i saw him within 50 feet of me i would run over to see how tall this guy was (but thats me) :P Khali had more than a full head on big basketball booted john cena (and basically a full head on cowboy booted batista) so I think your friend was well out with his estimation.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
Yeah, Richards was 6'1'', 6'1 1/4''. No way 5'11''. He was in gym gear and came along huffing and puffing, so must have just finished exercising.
Alex said on 31/Jul/07
Kane at 6'5 I'll have a very hard time believing. LOL
Alex said on 31/Jul/07
Jason, Steven Richards was 6'1? I could agree on that but funny I remember one time he was listed at 5'11 by WWE I think.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
I also saw Johhny Nitro quite a bit ... I can't even remember exactly how tall he was now. Under 6'0'' I think. But he was exceedingly nice, which was suprising given his wrestling persona lol.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
He wasn't 230lbs, though. 210 or so.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
Click Here

That guy. Elijah Burke! Yeah, that was his name now I remember. 6'1'', eh? Yeah, he was 6'1'' unless he was in large footware. Like the Major Brothers, he came past me on slightly higher pavement. I didn't see his match - I was running terribly late and never got to the show until half way through lol. I don't know if he was just being in character or not, but he totally ignored people...
hannah said on 31/Jul/07
I think the black guy your talking about might be Elijah Burke from ECW? His billed height is 6'1" also.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
Wow. I just googled what the Major Brothers were billed at (I had no idea) and it's 6'1''. Guess I overshot the mark a bit because they were on slightly higher pavement when I was around them, but they are both the 6'1'' they're billed at.
Jason said on 31/Jul/07
About that, I don't think he was a full 6'3''. He wasn't that tall - like 6'4'' that many here have said. And he was in bare feet. That black guy with the braids (not MVP, this guy was darker) - dunno his name - seemed 6'1 1/2''ish. The Major Brothers seemed 6'1 1/2''-6'2''. They also had this head security type guy who was the spitting image of Virgil.
Alex said on 30/Jul/07
Masters yea I think looks about 6'3.
Jason said on 30/Jul/07
Yeah, this was in street clothes, it was 3 in the morning. I stood next to him for about 3 mins while he signed autographs for the group I was with.
Alex said on 30/Jul/07
Viper, I agree totally. From a distance guys will look taller or shorter than when you get up close they're different.
Viper said on 30/Jul/07
So Jason, are you saying Kane looked 6-5 up close? Thats wild. Was he in street clothes?
Viper said on 30/Jul/07
Perception is an odd thing. Ive seen guys on the steet who look shorter from a distance, than taller up close. Then the other way around you see guys who look a lot taller from a distance than up close as well.
Jason said on 30/Jul/07
I don't know, it was hard to tell with Khali. He really didn't seem as tall as even I expected, but the guy couldn't even walk properly like I was saying, so can't have had the best posture. And those weird proportions. Someone I was with thought just 6'9''. I did notice he had to really duck to go under these doors at the resort (that weren't small) which suprised me, so I'll visually gauge what height they are when I'm next there.

Both him and Kane appeared taller in the ring than later on in street clothes. Even though I was a long way back, Kane looked enormous in the ring and as though he might have been 6'7'', but he didn't appear to be over 6'5'' when I met him about 3am. *shrugs* You were right about his head and hand size - they weren't that big after all! Tommy Dreamer was the other way around, he seemed shortish from where I was during his match - like 5'10'' tops - then I met him that night and he was like 5'11 1/2''. I estimated 5'10 1/2-3/4'' for Flair.
Vegas said on 30/Jul/07
dunno about a 5'10.5ish ric flair, jason, unless he has lost approx 0.5" since i met him last in March 2004?? of course he could have been wearing bigger footwear that day. He looks nearly 6ft next to Big Jim just last year which is kinda strange.

What was your estimate for kane and khali?? speaking of kane i have been talking to his training partner in tennessee who says he measured and weighed kane just a while back!! his name is Jason too :)

Stevie richards is part of this new batch of photos i found just last week. They were all taken during the WM20 in March 2004.
Richards Click Here
Rico and my 5'6 friend Click Here
Doug Basham Click Here
Steve Austin and my 5'6 friend Click Here
Cena Click Here
hannah said on 30/Jul/07
These other pics from Deal Or No Deal show that if Randy Orton is legit 6'4" which most people seem to think, then Edge isn't far behind:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
As far as Batista goes the pic that Vegas posted next to Orton & Edge makes him look more a flat 6'2" than 6'2.75". Click Here
Jason said on 30/Jul/07
I saw a lot of wrestlers last night close up after the show I went to (it was at a resort casino). Batista walked by/stood opposite me a number of times and I thought he was closer to 6'2'' than 3'' -- I would give him the 6'2.25''. I saw Chris Masters in bare feet and I think not more than 6'2 1/2'' for him. Shook hands with Kane (but I won't go there LOL) and saw the Great Khali walking around a number of times - he can hardly walk. Had a gait worse than a late 80s Andre... Suprisingly, Stevie Richards was a big dude (appeared at least 6'1'' and very well put together); he walked right past me and I didn't even know who it was until the bloke I was with pointed it out lol. He'd just been to the gym ... at 3 in the morning. Ricky Steamboat was VERY nice, so was Victoria. Most were nice enough. Batista actually seemed ok, but Flair wasn't very nice - I also thought he was only 5'10 1/2''ish - nor was that black dude with the braids. This was the first time I've hung around after the show. I was about to leave when I saw a horde of people hanging around looking like they were waiting to get in some place, asked what everyone was there for and it was to see the wrestlers and get the autographs. So ok, I ended up doing that (minus the autograph bit, didn't have a pen and paper and couldn't be arsed scabbing some) until 4am and didn't go home until 7 lol. Pretty knackered today...
Alex said on 29/Jul/07
Orton easily looks 6'4 there with Mandel and he looks over an inch taller than Batista.
Vegas said on 22/Jul/07
interestingly david hasselhoff looks shorter next to howie mandel than orton looks Click Here
Vegas said on 22/Jul/07
Orton and edge with 5'9.5 listed Howie Mandel Click Here

a couple of interesting "out of the ring" photos of batista and orton Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
JT said on 20/Jul/07
Vegas, it would not surprise me if Bret Hart was taller than Rhodes. Here's Rhodes at age 46 looking at least one inch shorter than 6'1" Ron Simmons Click Here Rhodes has cowboy boots on too. I'd peg him at around 5'11" during his wrestling days. Rhodes also had cowboy boots on in the video with Orton, who to me looks a legit 6'4". Orton's probably around the height of Dustin Rhodes.
Vegas said on 19/Jul/07
Alex says on 15/Jul/07
How tall is Rhodes today though?

I have a photo of Dusty Rhodes next to Bret Hart in 1990 and Rhodes looks shorter. I will upload it as soon as I find it (it is very small and needs to be blown up). I also have one of bret hart next to Roddy Piper in 1991 and Hart looks slightly taller than Piper too
Eric said on 18/Jul/07
When Khali signed with the WWE and was with Deep South Wrestling, he MEASURED IN at 7'0.5" (just under 7'1"). In the same article, it was said that Dalip Singh was going to be the only LEGGIT SEVEN FOOTER in the WWE. He weighed 360lbs too.
Alex said on 17/Jul/07
Even if Batista is 6'2, Khali still looks at least 7'0.
lillo thomas said on 17/Jul/07
after watching pics and videos khali look between 7-0 and 7-1 now to me.
Thorgrim said on 17/Jul/07
@ Lilo

Khali is no way under 7' .... i think we are all in agreement here, i mean look at him ion wrestling and longest yard, this man is a legit 7'1, at least
Vegas said on 15/Jul/07
He looks 5'11 (he looked 6'0 to me in his peak). Dusty was barely shorter than hacksaw jim duggan 2-3 weeks ago on Raw.

Dusty's son Cody claims he is 6'1, he doesn't look it next to Orton though (the difference is >2.5-3")
Alex said on 15/Jul/07
How tall is Rhodes today though?
Danimal said on 14/Jul/07
Vegas, what the hell are you trying to prove??? Dusty is in his 60's MAN! Orton is in his 20's. Stop doing this.
mike m said on 13/Jul/07
i could not believe the height difference between the two on smackdown,khali literally towered over batista by at least 10 inches maybe more. if batista is a legit 6'3" then khali would have to be pretty close to his billed height.
Vegas said on 13/Jul/07
Khali himself claims 7'2 (he said that during a Conan O'Brien episode while promoting the longest yard in 2005). Rob has an article from his bodybuilding days where it says he is 7'1. Apparently a bodybuilding magazine during the 1990s said he was measured at 6'11.5" barefoot (this claim/listing has never been proven however).

he looks at least 7'0 next to batista and john Cena (both of whom i have stood next to).

Not all wrestlers are at least 3" inflated; John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, Ron Simmons are four guys I have met in person that I thought looked within 1" of their listed heights. The average is a two inch inflation, but i have met guys whose listed heights are more than 2" inflated
lillo thomas said on 13/Jul/07
someone know khali height ? he look to me in the 6-11 to 7-0 feet range. i dont think that he is really 7-3 tall because all wrestlers are atleast 3 inch inflated.
Vegas said on 12/Jul/07
not sure what is the point of posting a pic of batista and orton next to the same guy. This mite be useful for guys who never met face-to-face such as Andre and Big show but we have loads of footage of orton and batista next to each other.

here is orton and dusty rhodes from monday night, when orton stands up straight he has about 5" on rhodes Click Here

Hannah i have a segment on video back in 2002 shortly after he made his debut where Orton towers Vince McMahon so I doubt very much he was <6'3 back then, he looks about the same height as today.
hannah said on 11/Jul/07
Those pictures from Australian Muscle are from 2002 when Orton was 6'3" or maybe less. Didn't he have a late growth spurt, because he's definitely taller than Batista now.
hannah said on 11/Jul/07
Kane is 4" taller than Edge when they are in equal footwear. I don't think it's any more despite what it looked like on Smackdown. Kane wears chunky wrestling boots as well. Not as chunky as he once did but they're still big.
Cobra said on 11/Jul/07
Click Here

(you have to scroll down a little bit)
Da Man said on 11/Jul/07
At the 8:01 mark Kane's posture is not comparable to Edge's IMO, Edge is clearly looking up while Kane is looking down. Kane genuinely looked 5"+ taller in the beginning of the segment (6:26 and 7:40 for example) and I thought that possibly was what the difference really was after watching it on TV. After watching the video again I think the difference is more like 4.5" - 5". I believe had Kane held his head upwards in the same manner as Edge at the 8:01 mark the difference would have clearly been 5".
Vegas said on 8/Jul/07
when kane first came out he looked approx 5" taller than edge due to the camera angle. however both went pretty well nose to nose later on in the segment and kane was about 4" taller than edge then, if you pause the video at the 8.01 mark both are standing straight and the camera angle isn't favouring anyone Click Here

As for batista he was wearing what looked like cowboy boots and yet khali completely towered him
hannah said on 8/Jul/07
Yeah, Kane is about 6'7.5" or 6'8". Batista looks only 10" shorter to me, especially considering Khali was in pretty big wrestling boots and i think Batista was in normal dress shoes.
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/07
hannah, if Kane really has some advantage in the footwear I would change him to 6'7''.
I still can't see the difference between Batista and Khali to be under 11''.
hannah said on 8/Jul/07
Kane was wearing his chunky wrestling boots on Smackdown and when he and Edge are in more equal footwear, such as when they wrestle, the difference is more like 4 inches: Click Here
I'd say the difference is only 10 inches between Batista & Khali.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Guys, you must note that Khali's head is at least 1 foot long, maybe even 13 inches. Batista was only 1 inch over the bottom of Khali's chin.
I've always thought Batista is 6'3'', but this is possible only if Khali is 7'2'' and their difference is 11'' which is very unlikely. So I recalculate Batista as 6'2'' or 6'2.25'' at most.
Another argument for my decision is that the solid 6'8'' Kane was clearly 5'' taller than Edge who is almost 1'' taller than Batista.
Alex said on 7/Jul/07
Vegas, I just saw the clip at between Batista and Khali and it wasn't a foot difference. I'd say 9 inches or 10 inches at most.
Vegas said on 7/Jul/07
its not quite a foot; its about 10.5" between batista and khali tp:// Wow i have never seen batista dwarfed so much, and considering he was barely shorter than the undertaker
Thorgrim said on 6/Jul/07
he is not a foot taller.... it just looks so because hes so big.... id say 10 inches, maybe 9
Vegas said on 6/Jul/07
how did ye guys see smackdown already??? it goes out on friday nights!!!

I doubt khali had a full foot on batista though thats what khali had on cena and batista is taller than cena. 95% of wrestling boots have 1.25" heels (that means the wrestlers get <1.25" lift); i posted the link on Singhs page. Wrestling boots on their own wont give you an advantage over dress shoes.
RUBEN said on 6/Jul/07
HAHAHA yeh wat a coincident i saw that today again
yea nah braz it looked like he had a full foot on him
if khali is 7'3 as they claim it would make sense that batista is 6'3
Masato said on 6/Jul/07
did any1 see batista and khali on smackdown, khali was wearing his wrestling boots and batista was wearing his suit shoes. Khali probs had a 0.5 inch advantage in the shoe department. Between the two, i'd say there is a 9 or 10 inch difference or something like that. If batista is 6'3''....khali is around 7'1''.
Thorgrim said on 5/Jul/07
sorry, go to photos 47 and 48 in that link.... this wwe website wont let you quick link
Viper said on 4/Jul/07
batista looks 6-2 and no taller with that door.
Thorgrim said on 4/Jul/07
Click Here

Heres Batista and randy orton face to face, and its a pretty fair and indiscriminative photo.

Id give orton a good 6'3-4

and Batista a good 6'2-3


Neither man is really standing up straight, but these are my estimates.... i dont honestly think theres much chance that batista is under 6'2 to be honest, and orton is certainly not under 6'3/
Thorgrim said on 4/Jul/07
Alex, yeah i agree.... that was big of him to admit that, and honest.... anyway, back to the height.

Vegas: Yeah thats true, but judging the size of the girl and the frame it looks pretty standard, certainly not one of those 6 ft ones... but still you are totally correct, it cant really be used.
Alex said on 4/Jul/07
Look at this clip of where Batista admits Lesnar is stronger than him. I knew that anyway as both guys are around the same size. Just Batista is more cut and like a bodybuilder even though he's big too. While Lesnar is big, not too cut but has incredible strength.

Click Here
Alex said on 4/Jul/07
Very true, doors come in all sizes even though most will range from 6'6-6'8 but I've seen some as tall as 6'2-6'3 only.
But I'm going to guess that door is 6'7-6'8 and Batista looks 4-5 inches shorter than it with shoes on so he does look in between 6'2 and 6'3 there again.
Vegas said on 4/Jul/07
thorgrim we dont know the size of the door (they come in all shapes and sizes).

I have been as tall as some doors and i am not even 6ft.
Thorgrim said on 4/Jul/07
Click Here

Vegas said on 3/Jul/07
randy orton and 6'2 listed dusty rhodes (yeah rite) on raw last night (4 minutes in) Click Here

me and JT were nearly burned at the stake on the andre the giant page for suggesting rhodes may have only been 5'11-6ft.
hannah said on 2/Jul/07
Yeah, Edge looks to have an inch on Batista.
Alex said on 1/Jul/07
I don't remember Edge and The Rock together much to be honest. I would believe they are the same height or damn near it. They both are about the same amount shorter than Orton.
hannah said on 1/Jul/07
They were in more equal shoes in the pictures i posted of them on Smackdown when they were in street clothes. I don't think Batista is any taller than Edge.
Paolo said on 1/Jul/07
I think that Batista is really taller than Edge because I saw at Judgement Day that Batista looks half an inch taller than Edge on equal heels on their boots
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
Didnt Edge always look the same height as the Rock?
hannah said on 30/Jun/07
Here's some face-to-face pictures of Edge & Batista from Smackdown. Granted some are a bit weird: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Crissy said on 29/Jun/07
I give Randy 6'5 or something because he is obviously the tallest guy in the pic i posted
Crissy said on 29/Jun/07
Click Here

unless Randy is HUGE like 7'0 i give batista 6'2 or maybe 6'1 idk
Vegas said on 28/Jun/07
actually viper its the other way round; edge was about 0.5"-1" taller than hogan it seems Click Here

as for footwear we don't know, the only thing we are 100% certain of in pro-wrestling is that big show is approx 4"+ taller than akebono and then we hit a brick wall.
Viper said on 27/Jun/07
Edge might be getting a small boost in his footwear, though. This guy did look shorter than Hulk Hogan.
l0ck n l0ad said on 26/Jun/07
Batista might be 6'2" and no less, but Edge seems to be closer to 6'3" rather than 6'2", I don't think anymore there's a chance for Edge to be a flat 6'2".
hannah said on 26/Jun/07
I've never heard that either. I don't know if WWE wants its wrestlers to stick to billed heights in interviews or not.
This is totally irrelevant but i can't believe that Chris Benoit is dead. :'( Double murder-suicide it seems, killing his wife and son over the weekend. I guess nobody will ever know what Chris was thinking. He always seemed such a nice guy. RIP Benoit Family xx
Alex said on 25/Jun/07
I remember Batista even said himself his height was 6'3 someone said on a show or something. I've never heard it myself though.
hannah said on 25/Jun/07
Here's a few pictures from Vengeance last night of Edge and 6'0" John Cena (in chunky baseball trainers):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And some of Edge & Randy Orton from last year. both are wearing normal dress shoes:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
hannah said on 25/Jun/07
Orton usually looks the same height as Edge in the ring. Take the Royal Rumble for example, where they went face-to-face:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I'm not saying they would be exactly the same height flat-footed but there is little difference between them. So if Orton in legit 6'4" (which I think he is), then Edge is very similar. I don't see Edge being any less than 6'3" or 6'3.5".
Here's another face-to-face from Backlash:
Click Here
chris said on 25/Jun/07
Ortons a solid 6'5
venus said on 24/Jun/07
Wrestlers tend to lie about their height. I like Batista, but he doesn't look 6'5. He looks 6'3 to me.
Vegas said on 24/Jun/07
orton has never been shorter than edge in the ring. i posted 4-5 videos where orton clearly had 1" on edge in each one. i am not claiming 6'6 for orton, he is a legit 6'4, that surely has been proved 100% by this latest video and others in the middle of the ring with vince, cena, rvd. Foley obviously slouches so much he loses a ton of height but when he stands up straight like he did with hillybilly jim he looks close to 6'3 as i have been saying for ages now (unless you think Hillybilly is just 6'2-6'3). Foley is obviously slouching with orton.
Viper said on 23/Jun/07
I can play that game too Vegas. Orton looking the same height and shorter next to Edge in those links further down on the page. So Orton is 6-1 1/2? Not likely, just like you were just claiming 6-5-6-6 for Orton just now with Foley.
Vegas said on 23/Jun/07
Viper what height does Foley look next to Hillybilly Jim i have to ask because to me he only looks 1" shorter and the same height at times

either foley slouches big time to make himself look shorter in the WWE or he wears massive shoes on occasions like when i met him or there with HBJ. As i said before i thought foley was no more than 6'0 looking at him on tv, before i met him on tv.

Viper; even sightings are far from perfect, i was always first to admit that, thats why i usually always give a round a bout figure. No one can estimate to the exact cm, thats very difficult.
Jason said on 23/Jun/07
Danimal says on 22/Jun/07
Jason says on 22/Jun/07
Lesnar weighed in at just 262 and was flabby? So, it wasn't just me thinking he was only 270 in person in his WWE days?

''There you go cherry picking Jason. That's NOT what the man said. He said Lesnar was 295 and muscular while in the WWE and when he got off the 'roids, he lost his size and got flabby and was weighed in at 262.''

Read it again, sparky. He said they *put* Lesnar at 295. ;)
Alex said on 23/Jun/07
So now Batista would outweigh Lesnar. I would also think if Lesnar lost some weight he would be more ripped. He probably just lost a fair amount of muscle mass as well as fat would be the best reason if he isn't as in good shape as he was.
Alex said on 23/Jun/07
He's dropping weight because he's not in WWE or any wrestler anymore where he has to be bigger. He's a fighter so he had to lean out a little at least. He said he was about 270lbs before too so I guess he lost a bit more weight. I'd like to see a picture of this 262lb Lesnar.
Alex said on 22/Jun/07
Lesnar never was flabby to me. I haven't seen him in a while.
Lesnar was easily 285-290lbs in WWE. He was bulked and ripped but more on the bulked side though with 10% body fat which is very good still if you ask me.
He's down to about 270lbs he said in a recent interview.
Viper said on 22/Jun/07
And Orton could very well be wearing some kind of lifts there.
Viper said on 22/Jun/07
See Vegas, there is inconsistencies with your sightings now.
Danimal said on 22/Jun/07
Jason says on 22/Jun/07
Lesnar weighed in at just 262 and was flabby? So, it wasn't just me thinking he was only 270 in person in his WWE days?

There you go cherry picking Jason. That's NOT what the man said. He said Lesnar was 295 and muscular while in the WWE and when he got off the 'roids, he lost his size and got flabby and was weighed in at 262.
Jason said on 22/Jun/07
Cobra says on 22/Jun/07
''Brock for sure wasn`t as low as 260 lbs. Brock never was that ripped, but still a bodyfat percentage I would consider as "good".
Would say 280 lbs for Lesnar.''

Click Here

He actually did weigh in at 262lbs for the fight and isn't in as good physical shape as when he wrestled.
Vegas said on 22/Jun/07
forget about the pics hannah of orton and foley, here is the video. orton towers foley Click Here i really cant explain it cause foley looked every bit 6’3 when i stood next to him. But here orton looks 3inches taller for some reason.

Here is foley and legit 6’5 hillbilly jim from 1.30 onwards Click Here orton looks taller next to foley than jim does imo

Viper, Orton will always look 6’3 to you and Batista 6’2, its ingrained at this stage in your head
Cobra said on 22/Jun/07
Brock for sure wasn`t as low as 260 lbs. Brock never was that ripped, but still a bodyfat percentage I would consider as "good".
Would say 280 lbs for Lesnar.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
Alex, I am 5' 10'', 150 lbs and I also have 12% body fat, so it is obvious that you have put some additional muscular mass to your body, that's why you don't go by the BMI since this chart is valid only for people with normal muscle/fat ratio.
Jason said on 22/Jun/07
Lesnar weighed in at just 262 and was flabby? So, it wasn't just me thinking he was only 270 in person in his WWE days?
Alex said on 21/Jun/07
Edge is no small man but not a pretty big guy either. Thing is people compare these guys to Batista, Lesnar and Lashley who are very big guys making these other guys like Edge and Orton look smaller than they really are.
Alex said on 21/Jun/07
Danimal, the weight I'm at right now I do feel comfortable with and I wouldn't mind getting down to 190lbs for the summer then bulk up in the fall into the winter. Also at 195lbs I have low body fat at around 12% so I'm going to look bigger as I can look as heavy as 210-220lbs.
My weight for my height isn't small either as I'm overweight going by the BMI charts! LOL
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
hahah guys i just stumbled upon this site and im telling i would say about 85% of the wwe wrestler have used steroids without a doubt i can tell u this from working at a gym i train in jujitsu and i have trained with bodybuilders there is no way in hell u could look like batista without using roids such as deca, dianabol, test ur body even with good genestics doesn't have a fast enouph metabolism to support that much muscle like batista has and keep it, i went to k-1 dynamite an mma even in LA and brock lesnar was fighting they put him at 295 in wwe he weighted in at 262 and was flabby as **** that goes to show u what happens when u have that much muscle build up from juice and u get off of it didn't u guys ever noticed when brock debuted in 2002 he was ripped and big as **** then around 2004 when he was talking about NFL he started getting pudgy trust me guys no matter what they tell u wwe wrestlers use them and steroids i think are overated there hasn't been 1 person who has died from them not even lyle alzado the pro football player that was a cover up from the fact he had gotten aids from sharing needles ..steroids aren't as bad as they say it they are u doit correctly cycle off on and off right get blood work done take clomid and novadex to preven gynocamastia and bring your hormone levels back up from the cycle steadily u should be fine..and gynocasmastia is the development of brest tissue in men then u should be fine im not ripping on them im just saying there is no way in hell they dont use them in wwe ... billy gunn said he used to take them just to keep his body from falling apart because the damage of wrestling in some cases steroids up ur amune system hhaha
DocHolliday said on 21/Jun/07
yeah....I suppose the biggest he was was when he came back from the injury and was pretty juiced up. I suppose "lean" should have been the word to use. Now hes just soft.
Danimal said on 21/Jun/07
DocHolliday says on 21/Jun/07
When I met Batista, it was while he was being billed at 317, and he mentioned he was actually 290 at the time. Orton is 235...Edge dropped alot of mass/weight....I'd guess him to be 220-225

Edge never had any real mass to speak of.
Danimal said on 21/Jun/07
Alex, better start packing on that weight, because I'm catching up to you big guy. If you were a 6'0" pro in the IFBB at 195 pounds, you would be considered a bantamweight son. Time to start packing on the weight.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
I think that Orton is probably the only wrestler whose billed height is actually his real - 6' 4''. And since he is that tall, and a muscular guy, he can't be under 230 lbs.

Judging from his many encounters with Batista (6' 3'') and Orton (6' 4''), Edge definitely stands between them - 6' 3.25'' or 6' 3.5''. For this height Edge is one of the lightest wrestlers in the recent history of WWE, he is no more than 215 lbs.

Alex, Batista is definitely heavier than Orton, despite he is 1'' shorter, but a 60 lbs difference sounds fantastic, I would give them no more than a 30 lbs difference. A 250-260 lbs muscular frame is enough huge for a 6' 3'' man.
DocHolliday said on 21/Jun/07
When I met Batista, it was while he was being billed at 317, and he mentioned he was actually 290 at the time. Orton is 235...Edge dropped alot of mass/weight....I'd guess him to be 220-225
Alex said on 21/Jun/07
Orton, I wouldn't say is as low as 215lbs. More 220-225lbs since he is a tall guy and not a small guy either even though he's smaller compared to most other wrestlers.

Edge looks no more than 220lbs to me.

Cena I'd give him close to 240lbs.

Wrestling, thats wha I said. His site says he varies in a weight range. They use to bill Batista at 317-318lbs for a long time then down to 300lbs and now 290lbs so he's a little weight at least for them to even change his billed weight. I am sticking to 280lbs based on my sigting of him.
hannah said on 21/Jun/07
Yeah Orton looks about 6'3.5" and 215lbs. I think Batista looks about 280lbs. Edge probably used to be 230lbs a couple of years ago when he came back from neck surgery but not anymore, maybe 215lbs. John Cena is one of the few WWE guys who looks close to his billed weight of 248lbs.
wrestling said on 21/Jun/07
Batista is 6'3" 275 lbs , his site once said 275-285 and i believe that , if lashley really is around 270 pounds then Batista is def around 285+ , wwe puts him at 290 pounds now so0o thats also very possible , since he was around 300 pounds a while back , unlike Orton who is put at 245lbs and actually is around 215-220 but tall 6'3"-6'4" frame unlike Batista who barely Reaches 6'3" maybe 6'2.5" ... same can be said for Adam Copeland "Edge" who is now rated at 248 pounds by wwe announcers , that guy is nothing over 210 no matter and def not 6'5" , hes 6'3" tops , but if you ask me about Batista this guy is definitely around 189cm , 280-290 pounds
Alex said on 20/Jun/07
Anonymous, I'm in the 6'0-6'1 range and I'm above the max weight for either of those weights but not by much as I'm in the 195-200lb range, but I'm in good shape though so I don't go by those charts.
Alex said on 20/Jun/07
Danimal, yea I think Batista in OVW looked his biggest and was probably 290lbs. But as for his WWE career varies in the 275-285lbs. His web site even said he varies between 275-290lbs depending on his diet. Lowest I can believe Batista is would be 275lbs.
Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
He could be as high as 290 also.
Danimal said on 20/Jun/07
I don't believe he ever dipped below 265 pounds and probably averages between 270-280 pounds nowadays.
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Orton looks 6-3-6-3 1/2 in those photos Hannah.
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/07
Danimal, the imperial measuring system (ft, in, lbs) is the British/American system, I am from Eastern Europe and I am basing my information upon the metric system. My point is that with the imperial system it is more difficult to determine the appropriate weight towards the height, whilst with the metric system you just have to subtract 110 from the height to estimate the ideal weight. And these 110 units are valid only for adult males with normal muscle/fat ratio and relatively normal height (neither dwarves, nor giants).
Jason, I am basing this method of determing ideal weight particularly on the BMI chart. The only thing I disagree is that the ideal weight according to BMI is a whole range, for example the ideal weight for a 190 cm man is between 67 kg (148 lbs) and 91 kg (200 lbs). I think that the ideal weight should be only one mark.
Alex said on 20/Jun/07
He looked at least 275-280lbs when I met him last November. That article could have easily been off because I doubt he was as low as 250lbs. I know with low body fat you'll appear bigger but this guy could easily be around 280lbs at least I think still.
hannah said on 20/Jun/07
Also from RAW on Monday Orton and Mick Foley face-to-face, with Booker T in the last one. Orton looks more than 6'3" to me.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
hannah said on 20/Jun/07
7th photo down is Batista with his trainer Wild Samoan Afa, who's billed at 6'2" but seems less than that. Maybe 5'11", I'm not sure: Click Here
hannah said on 20/Jun/07
The 5th photo down Batista is clearly taller than 6'2" Umaga.
Click Here
Jason said on 20/Jun/07
Click Here

That newspaper article describes Batista as 6'4'' 250lbs. I could see him at 255 at the time of that article when he was like minus 5 percent bodyfat.
Danimal said on 19/Jun/07
Anonymous, you can't judge someone's weight based on your "imperial system". That does NOT take into account someone's body type, or muscle/fat ratio either. FAR TOO MANY variable to simply subtract 110 units.
Alex said on 19/Jun/07
That true that he only looked 6'2 next to the cut out but I think its really the best to see these guys up close in person and Vegas said Batista looked in the 6'2.5-6'3 range when he saw him up close.
Jason said on 19/Jun/07
Yeah, he does only look 6-2 there by himself, too.

Anonymous, I haven't heard of that method of determining your ideal weight before! 80kg ideal for a 190cm bloke? Hmmm ... you'd be allowed a little more than that. Maybe this method becomes inaccurate for particularly tall people; BMI does. I kind of agree w/you about Batista's weight in that I don't believe he's 280-300, either. Though he's too big to be anywhere near 242. I would say 260-265 -- I'm 238 and I can't see him being more than ~ 25lbs heavier than me. Though he's a lot more than 25lbs more muscular than me... lol. You have to remember someone who's 265lbs and as lean as Batista will look much bigger than a guy of similar height who weighs 265lbs with a normal amount of fat.
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
Batista not only looked 6-2 next to the cutout, he just physically looked it to me as well standing in his trainers.
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/07
I think that Rob has listed him right, he really is 190 cm. But Batista's weight is a totally different question, and the imperial system is seriously confusing most of you.
To estimate a person's ideal weight you must subtract 110 units from his height, so the ideal weight for a 190 cm man is 80 kg (176 lbs). If anyone of you claim that Batista is over 120 kg (265 lbs) this means that Batista has more than 50% additional muscular mass towards his ideal weight. This is ridiculous. My opinion is that he is between 110 kg (242 lbs) and 118 kg (260 lbs).
Jason said on 18/Jun/07
I think Orton's 6'3''-6'3 1/2''. I've always thought Batista might just be a flat 6'2'', seeing him with David Noel and the cardboard cut-out makes it seem quite likely.
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
"i have read a source recently that said the nba "never" measure their players at any time. i wonder how true that is?"

Well, they sure as hell measure them in the pre-draft camp. They might not measure some of the guys who dont get drafted and sign as free agents who make a team. I dont know. Id be interested to see where you read that.
Alex said on 18/Jun/07
I don't think Batista is over 6'3 but I'm not sure if he's as low as 6'2 flat either. Somewhere in between 6'2 and 6'3 I'd put him at. But he's at least 280lbs I can bet on though.
Alex said on 18/Jun/07
I do agree that people do guess heights with shoes on more than sometimes and not with just athletes. With everyday people too. I actually compare them to their height in shoes than take an inch or so away and then guess their barefoot height.
Vegas said on 18/Jun/07
ok viper if orton is 6'3 barefoot as you say then RVD is no more than 5'10 barefoot (i posted the video clear as day, middle of the ring). and that means rob was out by up to 2 inches on van dams height. Your argument is very weak about orton e.g. (he can't be 6'4 because WWE would never bill a guy at his true height). yet they billed Ernie Ladd at 6'9 (his true height), mark henry at 6'1 (his true height). when i saw orton he was roughly 6'5 in shoes (of course i am not ruling out the fact that those shoes were giving him 2"' it probable).

you keep mentioning that one photo with noel as proof that batista is <6'2. well head over to big shows page so and have a look at JT's comparison of tim duncan and big show. If that was the other way round......

picking and choosing the photos you like is not a very fair of estimating people heights e.g. you like noel and batista pic so you keep referencing it, but what about triple h and big ben, he's a measured sportman?? or viscera and starks???

btw Viper you never commented on the inaccuracies clearly evident in those nba barefoot height claims, especially the fact that jason kidd is supposed to be 5" taller than allen iverson??? i have read a source recently that said the nba "never" measure their players at any time. i wonder how true that is?
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Alex, another thing is it seems like MOST think athletes are their height in shoes. I was just discussing some basketball heights on another site, and a few of them swore up and down that a certain player was a certain height, who they met in person. Yet when I showed them the barefoot measurements they automatically said that the NBA was wrong, lol. Thing is they estimated these players with their shoes on. So just their regular shoes tricked them. I think thats the case with Batista, and other wrestlers. People see him at 6-3, but thats with his shoes on. Real barefoot height being 6-2. Same with Orton. People see him at 6-4 but thats because they think hes a real 6-4 with shoes. In reality he would be less. Thats my experience with most people disucussing heights.
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
If Batista is over 6-3, I guess the NBA was lying about David Noel being 6-4 1/2 :)
Cobra said on 17/Jun/07
@ Viper, nobody looks over 2 inches under their real height to you ;)
Orton is easily 6ft4, maybe even taller.
For Batista nothing under 6ft3, maybe even a little bit over.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 17/Jun/07
Thankyou Doc Holiday, Alex and Vegas!

Its great to meet others here who have actually MET these men, and then judging them, for some reason people here often think they know just as well the height of a wrestler by just watching them on tv, without having met them. Which i find a little funny.

I agree with your estimates, they are fair and are pretty damn accurate... i think many people on here seem to downgrade wrestlers heights as a hobby, without even meeting them before

thanks alot guys. you made my day.
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
Orton looks nothing over 6-3 to me.
DocHolliday said on 15/Jun/07
Check all my posts on wrestler's heights, and they match up with those who have met them as well. I have seen at least a dozen of these guys up close, shaking hands, etc...and i've said 6.05 for Cena, Orton 6'4, Edge 6'3....why is it that people who haven't met these guys want to make them all grossly shorter than what they are? Trust me, these guys are taller than you think.
Alex said on 15/Jun/07
Vegas, I agree too. Orton is probably the only wrestler who I think is close to his billed height. They actually say he's 6'4.5 on TV though, but I think he is a legit 6'4.
Vegas said on 15/Jun/07
Thorgrim "steve"; thats what i have been saying for over a year now on this website; orton is a legit 6'4 (lowest i would have him is 6'3.5) and batista is between 6'2.5-6'3. I met both face to face along with a loads more wrestlers over the years and most of your estimates so far have been very close to mine. Of course if you really are 6'11 that gives you are completely different perspective to me; seeing as i am only 5'11. there is another poster 6'2 gollum who has met most of the wrestlers too in person and his estimates are erriely similiar to mine (almost to the exact cm at times).

I found that most of the really overbilled wrestlers in the wwe are the shorter guys under 6ft (some are ridiculously overbilled like up to 4-5").

but you are 100% correct that photos are not reliable in the slightest.
Thorgrim "steve" said on 15/Jun/07
I just read somewhere that you people think that randy orton is as small as 6'1.5... and edge supposedly is 6'1... and now people are saying that batista is under 6'1....

you people need a serious reality check. IF these wrestlers are these heights (not ONE of them being over 6'2) then kane must be 6'4-6'5 at very best, taker must be about 6'4, big show 6'8 at best, and ashton kutcher must be 5'10.... now.... this is biggest pile of smelly stuff i have heard in a long, LONG time....

just because they are wrestlers does NOT mean that they sre so far below their billed height, orton is AT LEAST 6'3 flat, at VERY least, i would say hes one of the few wrestlers a his billed height of 6'4 IMO when i met him, but hes NOT under 6'3, and you guys can say that all you want, but its pure rubbish.

edge is a good 6'2.5 for sure, hes not a cm under that, once again i would say hes an EASY 6'3.

And Dave batista is not a cm under 6'2.5 no way... once again i would give him almost 6'3 irl, with normal shoes 6'2.5 and not a cm underneath that.

I think you guys need a little bit of a reality check, and stop viciously downgrading people you have NEVER met. Its so ridiculous, its like saying that "im sure that person A is really nice, and likes similar things to me, even though ive never spoken to person A, i know it anyway though"....

The wrestlers are not as small as you people think they are.... sure they are under their billed heights, thats a fact, but i think you really need to open your eyes, or at least meet them in real life, and get this "i know everything" mentality and get rid of it.

I dont speculate and downgrade people who i have never ever met, and i wont do it!.... because photos are unreliable, now until you people meet all of these men in real life, keep your "im sure hes not a cm over..." rubbish.
Alex said on 14/Jun/07
Yea, we should have an Edge page. I was also thinking Chris Benoit too and a few other wrestlers like even JBL. Stephanie McMahon is one of the divas whos height is a bit debatable as well.
HellBoundPower said on 12/Jun/07
Instead of debating Edge's height on here, why don't they just make a section for Edge. Either way, I'd say Batista is probably in the 6'3" range. He could be 6'3.5", because Edge does have about half an inch on him, and I think Edge is a legit 6'4".
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
I've never seen Damon in person to get a good estimate but I never thought 6'2. I thought anywhere from 5'11 to 6'1.
AAAA said on 11/Jun/07
No, he wasn't over 6'.05, I am pretty positive of that... I don't do centimeters so well. He was thinner than I imagined too
Danimal said on 10/Jun/07
Forget about your picture Hannah. I have the match and at the end of the match, Hogan raises Edge's hand and Hogan actually stands straight and IS taller than Edge.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Damon was listed at 6-0 a few years ago, so hes not over that for sure.
hannah said on 10/Jun/07
Hogan wasn't taller than Edge in the picture I posted from last summer. He wears chunky wrestling boots these days as well which Edge didn't when they tagged.
AAAA said on 10/Jun/07
Damon lives in Ridgewood, NJ during the season. I've seen him in the Stop and Shop and the Kings. He looked a bit over 6' like 6'.05 or so. 184 or 185 seems right for him. Friendly guy, didn't try to run or anything. He even talked for a minute or so.
RVD420 said on 10/Jun/07
Well then, how tall do you think Vince McMahon is? You can't deny that there is a 3 inch difference between him and Edge.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
Edge isn't over 6'3.
Danimal said on 10/Jun/07
Edge isn't 6'4". because Hogan was taller than Edge when they stood straight and we know that Hogan isn't 6'4" nowadays.
RVD420 said on 10/Jun/07
Edge has 3 inches minimum on Vince, maybe Vince is shrinking? Cena had a inch over Vince last money.

If Vince is 6'1 then Edge had to be 6'4.
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
Damon's height we are unsure of so he may not be the best comparison. 5'11 seems a bit too short but 6'2 is a bit too tall. The 6'2 could be rounding up from 6'1.
hannah said on 10/Jun/07
All the websites I've looked at list Johnny Damon as 6'2" and either 190lbs or 205lbs, although that obviously may not be correct.
hannah said on 10/Jun/07
Next to Vince McMahon on Smackdown: Click Here
Click Here
Edge looks about 2" or 3" taller than Johnny Damon, but since we're not sure how tall he is it's hard to compare. Do you know who the other guys are?
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Damon looks 5-11 to me, honestly.
l0ck n l0ad said on 9/Jun/07
I tried to compare here between Johnny Damon and Edge Click Here
The thing is, Johnny Damon is closer to the cam but has more lean than Edge; Edge is further back but he is not leaning much. Hard to gauge...
Is Johnny Damon really only 5-11 - 6-0 ?
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
Damon is listed as 6'2, I'm not saying he's as tall as that but can he be as low as 5'11 listed at 6'2. He looks in the 6'0-6'1 range though.
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
I see that too. They're a bit too far apart to get a good estimate, but Edge is surely taller. Also we aren't sure about Damon's height anyway.
Viper said on 9/Jun/07
I see that Johnny Damon is in that sports players photo with Edge. Damon is around 5-11-6-0.
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
Hannah I've seen Edge and Angle face to face backstage plenty of times and Edge was only around 4.5 inches taller, 5 at most and Angle isn't less than 5'9.75 so puts Edge at 6'2.5 at least.
hannah said on 8/Jun/07
Sorry to keep posting :D I just found a good picture of Hulk Hogan & Edge from last year. Hogan has trainers on and is closer to the camera, but to me Edge looks slightly taller.
Click Here
hannah said on 8/Jun/07
Click Here
Here is a picture of Edge with some sports players (I think). I have no idea who they are but Edge looks several inches taller than all of them. Maybe you guys know who they are? The site I got it from says they are MLB players :)
hannah said on 8/Jun/07
No they weren't close enough to compare in that video. Here's a candid picture of Edge & Kurt Angle in 2004. If Edge is 6'2" Kurt Angle is 5'7" or 5'8". I know Edge is closer to the camera but he's also leaning in. Click Here
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
They looked similar height on Punked as I didn't get a very good look as they didn't get point blank next to each other I don't think. I gotta watch that clip again. If anyone can post it again please do.
Viper said on 7/Jun/07
Tells you that even video can play tricks on you. Kutcher is at least 6-1 1/2 because he was taller than Triple H plain as day on punked.
l0ck n l0ad said on 7/Jun/07
I have no idea about Christian, don't really know him... I thought Kutcher looked taller than Christian over there, tha'ts how I saw it. Haha I like the part you saying they probably knew he was coming so they wore lifts lol, maybe I don't know... could make sense.
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
Lock, Kutcher probably wasn't barefoot but still Edge doesn't look a whole lot taller and if he does its because the camera angle was favoring Edge but he didn't get close enough to get a better estimate. Edge is looking 6'3 there for sure though. What is your guess on Christian? What is funny about Christian is that he was billed at 5'10 and taller than that! Only time Ive seen a wrestler billed shorter than they really are but years after they billed him at 6'1 while he's really 5'11-6'0.
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
Vegas, I think Kutcher is about 6'2 or 6'1.5 at the least but Christian and him look around the same height and Christian normally looks 5'11-6'0 to me. They knew he was coming to the show so they probably wore lifts or something. But they didn't get close enough to each other to get a very good estimate.
Christian at 6'1-6'2 would make Edge then 6'4-6'5 which can't be true. I remember always in the past Edge had a good 3 inches or so on Christian or a bit more.
hannah said on 7/Jun/07
Yeah, backstage isn't always very reliable but it can be sometimes. Lance Storm said Christian is legit 6'2" which would make him the same height as Kutcher in that video, but I doubt that. Although he does look a pretty tall guy next to Gregory Helms, who says he's 6'0", on Helms' official MySpace:
Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 6/Jun/07
I've never seen a legitimate guy who I peg at no less than 6'1-1/2" looking so short next to Edge lol... nice vid Vegas.
p.s. he did look slightly taller than christian. was ashton barefoot over there??
Viper said on 6/Jun/07
And Kutcher was taller than Triple H on the show punked Vegas :)
Vegas said on 6/Jun/07
a great example of backstage in the wwe. How tall are edge and christian here next to 6'2+ Ashton Kutcher??? Click Here Christian looks as tall as kutcher to me.
Vegas said on 6/Jun/07
Orton at 6'1.5" means RVD is really about 5'8, lol. Strange how rob mixed up 6ft and 5'8. just shows how bad some pics are and then how bad peoples estimates are based on those pictures
Viper said on 6/Jun/07
Lock is right though, in a couple of those Orton looks 6-1 1/2 - 6-1 3/4 If Edge is 6-2.
hannah said on 6/Jun/07
Lol, Orton is definitely not 6'1 3/4". They were both wearing the same kind of footwear I believe.
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
Whattttt, are you serious Hannah?! Are you sure they were both wearing same footwear??? In 3 out of the 4 pictures Edge was taller and only in 1 Edge and Orton looked the same height. So let me guess, if Edge is 6'2", Orton is 6'1-3/4" LOL, really doesn't make sense.
Let's say Edge is 6'3" and Orton is 6'4" like most of you here assume, then Edge must have had some lifts/footwear advantage next to Orton.
MD said on 5/Jun/07
Who cares what they say on TV. According to TV Batista is 6'5" or 6'6"
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Vegas, I've actually seen Angle and Cena look more 2 inches apart when Cena debuted in WWE.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Edge is closer to 6'3 than 6'1 I'd say.
I don't see why its hard to believe Orton can be a legit 6'4 guy. They actually say 6'4.5 for him on TV though.
hannah said on 5/Jun/07
He wasn't barefoot at all. If you watched the segment you could see he was in his wrestling boots.
6'3'' JK said on 5/Jun/07
Randy Orton is a legit 6'4'', Edge is 6'3'' and Batista is Barely 6'3'' or maybe more 6'2.75
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
Viper, I can easily agree on Edge & Batista bothing being 6'2" or 6'2" and a change, and Orton around 6'3" - 6'3-1/4", but Edge is not as short as 6'1", leave that 6'1" listing for bigheadedpygmies site LOL. If Edge is 6'1" then Batista would have to look 6'1" next to his cutout which he doesn't look that short.

Hannah, I think it's quite obvious that Orton is barefoot next to Edge in shoes in those photos? No chance they're both in equal footwear.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Vegas, I could agree on your estimates, pretty much like mine. And HHH did look 6'2 with 6'5 Big Ben though.
Viper said on 5/Jun/07
If anything Id actually say Edge is closer to 6-1 than 6-3 for his true barefoot height.
hannah said on 5/Jun/07
He did look a little taller, not much though. What interview did Edge say he was 6'0" in? All the Edge interviews i've seen he's said 6'4".
Here's some pictures of Edge and Randy Orton face-to-face at One Night Stand 2007 in equal footwear I think as well:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
hannah said on 5/Jun/07
I agree with Vegas, if Edge is 6'1" then everyone else in the WWE is really short, lol. Which isn't really the case. I think he's 6'3". Which makes Batista about 6'2.5"
All these random heights that WWE Magazine have posted just reinforces how unreliable they are. They said Albert was 6'4" initially and I've got a copy where they say he's 6'9" from about 2001.
Arjun said on 5/Jun/07
I thought Edge looked a little taller than Batista during their brief staredown a few days ago ( Batista came in formals and said that "he needed his title back")
Jason said on 4/Jun/07
Maybe Edge just said he was 6'1''. He's said he's 6'0'' before in an interview, so that could be it. I think he's 6'2''. Or unless he's 6'1 3/4'' or something like that. A stretch, but not impossible...

WWF magazine said A-Train was 6'4'' when he first appeared.
Vegas said on 4/Jun/07
Viper those are your estimates; unless you can prove 100% that for example Trips is 6'1 people will continue disagree with you on these. Trips looking 2-2.5" shorter than Big Ben while leaning and approx 8-9" shorter than Shaq aint gonna help matters ;)

As for Edge being 6'1 if that is the case Cena is 5'10-5'10.5" Click Here making Kurt Angle 5'7-5'7.5" cause Cena looked approx 3" taller than him in his basketball boots (kurt and cena both wearing the same basketball boots there btw) Click Here and making kevin Federline no more than 5'6-5'6.5" since he was 4" shorter than Cena Click Here (kfed also wearing basketball boots there)

Alex personally i believe Copeland to be 6'3, Batista to be between 6'2.5-6'3, Trips to be 6'2 and Orton 6'4.
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
I do remember Jason said in a magazine from years ago also listed A-Train at 6'3 while he's taller than that. I know he wore lifts but still wouldn't be as short as 6'3. I've heard his real height was 6'6 which I thought could have been accurate since he was billed at 6'8.
Now with Edge I hightly doubt he's 6'1-6'1.5 unless he was in big lifts.
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
Orton really looks like a legit 6'4 to me. Edge and Batista could be around 6'2.5 and he could still be 6'4 with HHH at 6'1.5. Vegas, what do you think about that?
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
Jason, is it possible Edge is more 6-1 1/2? I mean, why would WWE say he was 6-1?
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
Orton at 6-4 doesnt make sense If Edge and Batista are 6-2, and Triple H around 6-1.
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
RVD is more 5'11 flat though, still puts Orton at 6'4ish.
Vegas said on 4/Jun/07
Randy Orton had 5"+ on RVD last nite Click Here staredown at 3.45 and editor Rob has met RVD in person and estimates him between 5'11.5-6ft.
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
Yep, both Edge and Batista are the exact same height. Id say they are both 6-2.
Alex said on 3/Jun/07
HHH I thought could have been 6'2 but nothing more but more likely around 6'1.5. Still Orton I think could be 6'4 legit while Edge is pushing 6'3.
Danimal said on 3/Jun/07
If Edge is a legit 6'3", we know Hogan was taller than him when having stood completely straight and arms raised at the end of their match, meaning Hogan was close to 6'4" not that long ago.
hannah said on 3/Jun/07
Quite easily. I really don't care if Triple H 6'1.5 or 6'2" to be honest. I'm not gonna obsess over 1cm when it comes to Triple H.
Vegas said on 3/Jun/07
I think Trips is a legit 6'2 and here are a few of the reasons why:
with 6'2 NFL listed Bill Goldberg Click Here
with Batista Click Here
Leaning with 6'5 Big Ben Click Here
With 7'0-7'1 Shaq Click Here
Craiger said on 3/Jun/07
they do look about the same height, both edge and batista wear footwear that add quite a bit of height.
l0ck n l0ad said on 3/Jun/07
The easy way out is saying Edge is 6'3" and Orton is an inch taller at 6'4", which that, I would probably believed if I didn't care much about their heights.

As for the moment I peg Edge at 6'2-1/2" max and Orton 6'3-1/4", I'd still give Edge the benefit of a doubt he might be 6'3" at best to keep an open mind, which would make Orton around 6'3-1/2" - 6'3-3/4". One last thing, there's no way on earth Cripple H is over 6'1-1/2", how could anyone believe he's a legit 6'2" ?!
hannah said on 3/Jun/07
Here's some pictures from Smackdown of Edge & Batista. They look pretty much the same height. I think they were both wearing the same kind of footwear as well:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
hannah said on 3/Jun/07
Change the link to onlineworldofwrestling and it'll work :) Triple H wore lifts back then though to look more like 6'4" so it's harder to compare photos from 2002. The 2006 photos are a better comparison. I think Triple H is legit 6'2" and Edge looks more than 1/4 inch taller.
Jason said on 2/Jun/07
I would give Edge 6'2 1/4'', but he barely looks that in those pics. Ah, f*uck, it's not linking to the pics. Anyway, they're at Edge's pic gallery at If Triple H is only a flat 6'1'' then Edge is struggling with 6'2''.
Craiger said on 2/Jun/07
I dunno edge has always looked a legit 6'3" to me, I also think Orton is indeed his listed height of 6'4"
Alex said on 2/Jun/07
Jason yea Edge seems a very strong 6'2 at least around 6'2.5.
Jason said on 2/Jun/07
Edge with Coach (6'2''?):

Click Here
Jason said on 2/Jun/07
Edge with the Rock:

Click Here
Jason said on 2/Jun/07
Edge staring down Triple H:

Click Here
Jason said on 2/Jun/07
WWE magazine did indeed once say Edge was 6'1''. Though I think he's 6'2'' or a solid 6'2''...
Craiger said on 1/Jun/07
"I beleive Jason said that Powerslam magazine listed Edge at 6-1 once. I think hes 6-2 max."

cmon man im not trying to be rude, but there is no way you can truly believe that.
Craiger said on 1/Jun/07
have no clue how tall this guy is, hes al over the place, I would say 6'1"-6'4" range so I guess you guys have a good estimate here
hannah said on 1/Jun/07
Here's some more pictures of Edge in street clothes with fans.
Next to 6'1" Victor:
Click Here
And next to 5'11" Kenny:
Click Here
And with radio host Tony Marinaro:
Click Here
I don't know how tall he is, but i thought I'd post it anyway just in case anyone else knows. :D
hannah said on 1/Jun/07
Andre The Giant? How tall was he? I heard he was 6'10" or 7'0". BTW, on the inside cover of Edge's book there is a picture of him with Mick Foley in street clothes side by side. He looks 3" taller than Foley there. It will be interesting to see Smackdown tonight if Edge and Batista go face to face again as they probably will.
Viper said on 31/May/07
Rock is looking 6-1 in those pics with Kane Lock. Yeah, some of that mentors list is laughable, but a good chunk of it is fairly accurate.
Alex said on 31/May/07
Lock, the list I questioned when I first saw it a while back. It does have Rock at 6'1 3/4 but Andre the Giant at 7'4 and Yokozuna at 5'11 1/2. Those heights didn't match up. Andre wasn't near 7'4 and Yokozuna was more 6'1.
l0ck n l0ad said on 31/May/07
Oo cool viper I never noticed that list, but it seems a little fraud you know? I could make a long rant and give out a lot of factors and assumptions for why it could be fraud but I don't wanna dig in your brian too much lol. I mean for all you know the mexican guy could have had the list in inches/pounds and messed up converting to centimeters/kilograms i.e. divided the heights by 2.5 rather than 2.54. I'm quite suprised the Rock is listed there as 187cm / 6'1.62" which is quite close to our estimate, altho I'm not gonna use that list to support any of the estimatess, it just sounds too ridiculous, it's more of a rough indicator. I know it would be nice to believe some of the heights listed there are legit, but I guess we can't know for sure until we talk with that mexican dude, is he still around?

Btw check out Kane Hodder's new pic, I could swear on my life he's not over 6'2", as a matter of fact he looks a flat 6'2" at best, and you said that Hodder had an inch on The Rock, surely the Rock can't be a mere 6'1"? You can't see their footwear in the photos you posted on Hodder page but I remember a while back I saw a picture of the Rock wearing the exact same shirt/pants, I thought they looked nice so it caught my eye, anyway he was wearing there flip flops/sandals. I don't know if it's the same event where the Rock is wearing sandals next to Hodder, if so it explains 6'2" Rock in sandals next to Hodder who I know think is probably under 6'2" (after the recent pic with rob) but just out of politeness I say 6'2" max, and he is most likely in boots making him a little taller than the Rock.
Alex said on 30/May/07
On TV I've seen Orton have over an inch on Edge sometimes.
DocHolliday said on 30/May/07
I stand by my measurements for these guys with edge at 6'3 and Orton 6'4. Big Dave is deceiving....he was wearing boots when I met him, and looked in the vicinity of 6'4.5, but it was a thick soled boot. I'd say hes pushing 6'3...the 6'2.75 is probably about spot on. Orton tends to have a straighter posture than the other too, as well.
hannah said on 30/May/07
Edge also has a clear height advantage over Batista on Smackdown! without a footwear advantage so either Edge is taller than 6'2" or Batista is closer to 6'0" even.
Viper said on 30/May/07
Well, Orton doesnt have anywhere close to 1.5 inches on Edge in those pictures.
Alex said on 30/May/07
Orton could be over an inch taller than Batista and Edge but not quite 2 inches though. 1.5 inches I see as the difference kinda often.
I agree with Vegas that Orton is a legit 6'4 which puts Batista 6'2 and change.
Edge is also 6'2 and change.
Viper said on 30/May/07
Lock, I think you are bang on right with just about every wrestler you mentioned. Actually the Rock is listed at 6-1 3/4 on that Mexican mentors list at the bottom of this page.
Viper said on 29/May/07
There is no way Batista is 3 inches shorter than Orton or 2 inches shorter than Edge. Remember, Batista can match up pretty well with Undertaker for instance. Edge looked shorter than Hulk Hogan when they fought as well. Some of these wrestlers heights and comparisons can be all over the place with different footwear. Edge is one of 2 heights. 6-2 or 6-3. I pick 6-2.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
Hannah i met both batista and orton in person and stood rite next to both. Orton looked at legit 6'4 and batista about 6'2.5"-6'3 if that is any use. i was about 20 feet away from edge so no estimate on him.

The fact that edge had 1" on batista is baffling me somewhat at the moment! the only answer i can come up with is that he just doesnt stand up straight
hannah said on 29/May/07
Thanks :) Edge does look smaller than Orton there but there are other backstage skits where he looks the same height, as well as in the ring. If he is shorter than Orton by an inch then Batista must be about 3" smaller. I agree that neither had a big footwear advantage on Smackdown because of Dave's big cowboy boots. Which would make him 6'1" right? Or 6'0" if Orton is 6'3". Surely he's not that small! I know WWE like to exaggerate a lot but 4 or 5 inches is a bit much even for them. Although the British Bulldog was 5'9" and they said he was 6'3" lol.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
hannah i know you mean well with your pictures but here are backstage videos of edge looking 1" shorter than orton (yes backstage videos are far far from being perfect but they hold far more weight than photos imo) Click Here or Click Here or Click Here or Click Here

I see nobody is really addressing the fact that edge is 1" taller than a cowboy booted Batista in that video i posted from smackdown 2 weeks ago. That batista/edge video is far more important evidence than any photo of batista ever posted here. Yes edge wears large wrestling boots but no way are they giving more height than Batista's cowboy boots.
Alex said on 29/May/07
I actually think Sharapova is minimum 6'1.

Edge could be 6'2.5 while Orton is 6'4. It would be over an inch of height between the 2 as it looked sometimes. same with Batista and Orton, could be 1.5 inches difference. Rock was an inch shorter than Orton.
We are all agreeing in the same very small height range for these guys though.
l0ck n l0ad said on 29/May/07
btw viper check out the sharapova page, she got presented as 185cm in the latest wta istanbul, i wrote like 2 large posts about it lol tell me what u think. i recon this could be her real height once and for all.
Viper said on 28/May/07
Hannah, Id say those pictures prove that Orton is more 6-3 :) Ken something doesnt add up with your sighting and pictures. I think Batista was wearing some kind of liftsboots with you, because he looked 2 1/2 inches shorter than a 6-4 1/2 measured athlete thats been posted here before.
Viper said on 28/May/07
Booker looked 6-1 and no more with 6-4 1/2 David Noel. To tell you the truth I didnt even think Booker looked 6-1 with him. More 6-0-6-0 1/2.
Viper said on 28/May/07
lock n load, what do you peg Batista, Edge, and Orton at?
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
lol those pictures show that orton is 6-3 max
hannah said on 28/May/07
Yeah, he was shorter than Triple H when they wrestled in 2003 although Triple H might have been wearing lifts because he looked taller in general back then.
Alex said on 28/May/07
Booker T I've thought was closer to 6'2 but 6'1 is probably his real height.
Alex said on 28/May/07
Lock, same with me, like very fast I'll lose 1/4 inch after being up.
hannah said on 28/May/07
Here's some pictures of Edge and Randy Orton next to each other in street clothes on Deal Or No Deal.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sometimes Edge is closer to the camera but even next to each other they look the same height.
Anonymous said on 28/May/07
Lashley was the same height as Booker T at Judgment Day last year. Booker is about 6'1" or 6'2" right?
l0ck n l0ad said on 28/May/07
Alex I work with meters which is more convenient for me. I'm 190cm right after a good sleep, however I lose about 1cm from that height very fast once I'm up on my feet. Then it's not too long before I lose another 0.5cm or something like that. Anyway bedtime height is 188cm and I'm nearly 23. At 16 I already had 187cm as my bedtime height.
By the way when I get older I'm quite sure that I will quit weight lifting for good and go back to swimming.
I just remembered I used to have a 5'10" who was 286lbs!!! He's studying to be a doctor now and he's not much working out like he did and only around 220lbs now.
Alex said on 27/May/07
Jason, Lashley is listed at 6'3 and he appears a bit taller than Vince McMahon. He looks 6'1 minimum to me.

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