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6ft 2.85in (190.1cm)
Alex said on 8/May/07
It would be interesting to see this picture with Batista much smaller. Man, I probably wouldn't even recognize him right away.
DocHolliday said on 8/May/07
Jason, I know the exact pic youre talking about. its after one of his injuries, so he wasn't able to gas and lift like usual. he's wearing a button down long sleeve white shirt in it, and looks like a kid next to Jamal (currently Umaga)
Alex said on 8/May/07
Also I read Lesnar dropped some weight and is now down to 265-270lbs. He said himself in an interview I recently saw on another page here.

Batista was a pretty big guy in person though. I should have told him that I was bigger than him then see what he would have said. LOL
Even with Batista in the picture I still look big.
Jason said on 8/May/07
He was SKINNY in the pic I'm talking about. It was nuts ... he looked like he'd quit lifting weights. It was from 2003. I think the link was from the Wild Samoans training site, but the site was down for maintenance last I checked.
Viper said on 7/May/07
Rock has always been a naturally big guy. His highest weight was playing college football.
Alex said on 7/May/07
I don't think guys like Angle or Benoit are on them. Austin said he used them when he first started in the 80's. He looked natural to me for the most part. The Rock said he used them when he was 18 and never again. Some of these guys get big but look natural. Now guys like Batista its obvious they took something.
Alex said on 7/May/07
I've never seen Batista at 225lbs. So he dropped like 60-70lbs then. LOL
The guy looked at least 280lbs when I met him in that picture below.
Viper said on 6/May/07
Oh man, Bastista has used roids big time for sure. You dont get that muscular without a little help usually.
Jason said on 6/May/07
There was a pic of Batista from when he was out for a while in 2003 when he was about 225lbs. I kid you not, he was that small. Did you see it? Or anyone else remember it? I tried to access it from the board it was at but the link was expired. (that's what happens when you stop taking your vitamins). All those guys were on and still are; the size you gain from steroids is dependant on continued use. The other big reason wrestlers use them is for their recuperative properties - they heal muscular injuries faster and help withstand the rigors of wrestling night in and night out. Which is why guys you wouldn't suspect are on them, too (Shane Helms named as a buyer in that investigation, Jake Roberts admitted to using them are just a couple of examples).
Alex said on 6/May/07
Jason, I think some of these guys were on them at a point then got off. YOu'll see it where guys go on a cycle for a big boost then get off then some keep going. Batista was at some point, Chris Masters recently was on them. Eddie was at a point too. Lesnar I'm not sure about, not saying he wasn't only beacause I'm a fan of his but he may have been but I refuse to believe Angle was though, not just because I'm a big fan of his. HHH was for sure for sometime starting back in late 1999 when he put on like 30lbs or something.
JohnP said on 6/May/07

I don't really know. Although, doesn't Batistas eyes look strange if you look orderly at them? My friend told me that the easiest way to find out if someone is on steroids, is to look at their eyes, because the eye fluid establishes unnormal on pretty much almost all people who is on steroids.

And Sports Illustrated wrote an article not so long ago where they accused some wrestlers to be on steroids (although Batista wasn't one of them). I don't remember which wrestlers is was, but I remember that one of them was Edge.

And it wasn't me who asked that question, it just popped up on Google when I searched about the subject.
Jason said on 5/May/07
John, I would say 75% of the roster (let alone uh ... some people) were using steroids, at least until Eddie died. Many of those still would be ... don't tell me you take that health and wellness policy seriously? About that link, if you asked that question at a bodybuilding or football board etc., you would be laughed off the board. I don't mean to offend you, it's just what would happen...
Alex said on 5/May/07
Here is me with Batista and Melina from a couple months ago. Look how upset he looks. LOL
I had to crouch down a bit because if I stood I wasn't going to get into the picture fully.

Click Here
Alex said on 5/May/07
They know list Batista at 290lbs on For a long time it was 317lbs so in reality he probably lost some weight. He looked 280 miniumum when I met him. The picture for that is coming soon when Rob posts it hopefully.
JohnP said on 5/May/07

I think you can pretty much forget that thought. Dave is probably not on steroids, since it's not allowed to take them anymore in the WWE, after the little "incident" in 1994 (I think it was). Many wrestlers has been kicked from the WWE because that they have not passed their drug test.

Wrestlers have very hectic work outs, so I don't think they even need steroids.

This article talks a little about the subject: Click Here
Anonymous said on 4/May/07
vadar had 3 inches on stone cold,so if stone cold is 6'2" vadar is 6'5".
Jason said on 4/May/07
I just took a wild guess as to what could be contributing to Batista behaving the way he does.
Viper said on 4/May/07
What did you say Jason?
Alex said on 4/May/07
That anonymous guy was me by accident.
Jason, I saw pictures of him on the beach from the Jay Leno show online. Pretty sick. Def the biggest man muscle wise I've seen too.
Jason said on 4/May/07
Ohio Valley billed Batista as 6'7'' in 2000. I remember this from a WWE magazine. Goes to show how much they lie...
mick said on 4/May/07
when batista was in evolution they said he was 6'5 most the time, a couple of times they said he was 6'6 he may be 6'5 but at times it appeared that randy orton who is 6'4 or 5 looked an inch taller than batista.
Jason said on 4/May/07
Eh Rob, why'd ya edit my post further down? It isn't libel when it's true. ;)
Jason said on 4/May/07
I've seen Coleman in the offseason at his all time highest weight and it was beyond belief. Biggest (muscular) human being I've ever seen bar none. It was on a beach and on the Jay Leno show I think, so try googling for the pics. He was 320lbs at the time -- I asked him on about his heaviest ever weight.
Anonymous said on 3/May/07
Arjun, I agree about Coleman and how most body builders are very strong just not as much as most powerlifters. A weightlifter I consider someone in the middle of powerlifter and body builder.
Arjun said on 3/May/07
Coleman's a very strong dude too. Most bodybuilders are quite strong, but Coleman's strength rivals that of many powerlifters.
Alex said on 2/May/07
I've never seen Coleman in the offseason I don't think. He's huge in season so I can imagine the offseason. 255lbs for Coleman in season? I heard that too but really he's 280 plus in season on most sites.
Viper said on 2/May/07
Informer that list is off as well. Yokozuna 6-3? Al Snow 6-1? Rey Mysterio 5-4? Randy Savage 6-1?
Halb said on 2/May/07
On his own site Coleman say's he is 255 in contest weight. Which is 15lbs heavier than ArNold in Pumpin Iron.
Jason said on 2/May/07
I think Ted Washington is wider than either?
Viper said on 2/May/07
Coleman looks even bigger during the offseason. Have you seen his training videos Alex? Its nuts. Markus Ruhl is another incredible mass monster freak. Hes the widest human being ever. I saw this one video where he was grocery shopping and the looks on people's faces were crazy.
Alex said on 1/May/07
Batista could maybe be 6'3 in the morning out of bed then 6'2 at night, something like that. I'm 6'1 right out of bed and 6'0 by night by hover 6'0 1/4-6'0 1/2 in the midday.
Alex said on 1/May/07
Viper, Coleman is rediculous really. The guy is 5'10 if not a bit under and weighs 280-290lbs in season and over 300lbs offseason at only 5'10 tops. Guys like Batists who are taller look better. Arnold during his time I thought was good. His height arguable from 6'0-6'2 but I think 6'1 and weighing 240lbs in season and like 270-280lbs offeason was good for him because he was tall. Coleman is just a freak of nature and its really not desirable for anyone.
I think if you put Coleman and Batista together, Batista would look big but since Coleman is much shorter he'll look bigger. I know someone who is 5'6-5'7 and around my weight and he's actually a tad smaller than me but yet he looks my size or a bit bigger sometimes since he's so much shorter. Being short makes you look bigger easier.
Anonymous said on 1/May/07
Batista mostly looks the same height as HHH. Awkward angle, but take a look at their eye levels. Batista is almost looking up. Click Here
Viper said on 1/May/07
I beleive he could be 6-2.5 after the first minute he gets out of bed and down to 6-2 the rest of the day.
The Informer said on 1/May/07
This list posted as mentor list has been faked in the version shown below. In reality it looked like this
Ahmed Johnson - 6´3"/283 lbs.
Al Snow - 6´1"/221 lbs.
Andre The Giant - 6´11"/524 lbs.
Bam Bam Bigelow - 6´2"/343 lbs.
Bill Goldberg - 6´3"/268 lbs.
Billy Gunn - 6´4"/254 lbs.
Bob Backlund - 6´0"/226 lbs.
Bob Holly - 5´11/228 lbs.
Bret Hart - 5´11"/220 lbs.
Brian Adams - 6´5"/286 lbs.
Brian Pillman - 5´10"/213 lbs.
British Bulldog - 5´10"/249 lbs.
Chris Benoit - 5´9"/219 lbs.
Dean Malenko - 5´8"/204 lbs.
Diamond Dallas Page - 6´3"/233 lbs.
Disco Inferno - 5´11"/218 lbs.
Droz - 6´2"/246 lbs.
Eddy Guerrero - 5´8"/218 lbs.
Faarooq - 6´1"/258 lbs.
Goldust - 6´5"/247 lbs.
Goodfather - 6´5"/302 lbs.
Haku - 6´0"/256 lbs.
Honky Tonk Man - 6´2"/232 lbs.
Hulk Hogan - 6´5"/284 lbs.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley - 6´2"/248 lbs.
Jeff Jarrett - 5´10"/217 lbs.
Jerry Lawler - 5´10"/223 lbs.
Ken Shamrock - 5´11"/220 lbs.
Kevin Nash - 6´10"/297 lbs.
Konnan - 5´11"/227 lbs.
Lex Luger - 6´3"/255 lbs.
Marc Mero - 5´11"/222 lbs.
Mick Foley - 6´2"/272 lbs.
Owen Hart - 5´10"/218 lbs.
Paul Wight - 7´0"/473 lbs.
Randy Savage - 6´1"/231 lbs.
Rey Mysterio Jr - 5´4"/168 lbs.
Ric Flair - 5´11"/226 lbs.
Rick Steiner - 5´9"/243 lbs.
Road Dogg - 6´2"/238 lbs.
Savio Vega - 5´10"/246 lbs.
Scott Hall - 6´5"/271 lbs.
Scott Steiner - 5´11"/256 lbs.
Sgt. Slaughter - 6´3"/292 lbs.
Shane Douglas - 5´11"/232 lbs.
Shawn Michaels - 5´11"/212 lbs.
Sid Vicious - 6´7"/303 lbs.
Steve Austin - 6´0"/238 lbs.
The Rock - 6´4"/253 lbs.
The Undertaker - 6´7"/287 lbs.
Vader - 6´2"/428 lbs.
X-Pac - 5´11"/208 lbs.
Yokozuna - 6´3"/584 lbs.
Anonymous said on 1/May/07
Batista is probably 6'3 in the morning, but no way is he above that.
brother_h said on 1/May/07
batista was with the warriors team in nz(rugby leage team) an half the guys on the team r 6'3-6'4. batista was the same height as all the 6'4 guys.

batista 6'3-6'4/280lbs
HHH 6'2-6'3/245lbs
goldberg 6'3(in the days) 6'2(now)/272lbs
lesner 6'2/284lbs
kane 6'8-6'9/ 314lbs(hes trying to buff up)
UT 6'7-6'8(loss sum height)/ 276lbs
goldust 6'4-6'5(yikes)/ 270lbs
snisky 6'5(max)/ 312lbs
khali 7'1-7'2/ 410lbs
big show 7'0-7'1/ 480lbs-506lbs
keven nash 6'10(legit)/ 305lbs
hulk hogan 6'6(days)-6'3-4(now)/ 240lbs
andre the giant 7'0(max, possible growth before death)/ 530lbs(so sad)
steve austin 6'0-6'1/ 250lbs-260lbs
the rock 6'3-6'4/ 220lbs-230lbs
scott hall 6'5(max)/ 278lbs
billy gunn 6'4-6'5/ 250lbs-280lbs
sid vicous 6'7/ 290lbs(prolly smaller)
bret hart 5'11-6'0/ 245lbs
owen hart 5'9/ 220lbs(solid dude)
al snow 5'11/ 234lbs
cena 6'0(max)/ 232lbs)
umaga 6'3/325lbs
haku 6'0/ 250lbs
i am 6'0 an i wanted to say austin was 5'11 but he is alot taller than me, an kane is slightly taller than my 6'5-6'6(197cm) brother langdon.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
Alex, whats really crazy to think about is Ronnie Coleman would make Batista look small.
Alex said on 30/Apr/07
Danimal, what do you think Batista weighs now?
Personally, he has lost a little weight at least, not a lot though or I could be wrong. He says he ranges from 285-300lbs himself. He looked at least 280lbs, more probably when I met him a few months ago.
Alex said on 30/Apr/07
Alex R, Batista can look 6'5 in the ring or damn near it. I think he wears lifts sometimes, that or just gives the impression of being taller.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
Alex R, Dave looked a flat 6-2 with a 6-4 1/2 basketball player in 3 seperate photos at different angles.
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
oh BTW, I don't have any new pictures but I'm really like the same as I was in the last few pics.
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
Danimal, my weight goes up and down. In the summer normally I am in between 190-195lbs, in winter 200ish. I have to work to get 205lbs plus or to get lower tahn 190lbs. I feel most comfortable at 195-205lbs at 6'0.5 but I did peak at 215lbs in early 2005 then dropped to 185lbs then worked my weigh back up to 195-200lbs. I been going to a gym for 4 years now. I am hoping maybe by next fall/winter I get get up to 220-225lbs.
Alex R said on 29/Apr/07
No, Dave is a big guy, hes at least 6'5 if not bigger, hes rumored at about 6'6''
Danimal said on 29/Apr/07
Alex, how big have you gotten bro? Haven't seen you post a pic of yourself in a while? I know you said you're about 200-205, but are you growing?
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
Anonymous, what did Batista do to make him so horrible? Really when I saw him there looking upset and not wanting to be there when I got to the table I was going to be like "Batista, you know I'm bigger than you right" then kinda flex. Then he would have stood up or said something. LOL
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
Vegas, I remember that with Tough Enough 3. All the kids who took on Angle got schooled but Puder goes in there and puts up a fight and almost has Angle tap.
Vegas said on 29/Apr/07
Bret was cool the night I met him. My friends have met him a few times since and they say the same thing. His kids and nephews (Dallas, Jade, Teddy) were just the nicest people.

As for Kurt Angle; Daniel Puder kinda destroyed the myth that Angle is still anywhere near his olympic medal winning conditioning. I think Angle is great but if he thinks he can live with the present stars of UFC/MMA; he might be in for a surprise.
Alex said on 28/Apr/07
Bret Hart I heard was nice too, even with him saying take care of whatever it shows he's on the nicer side. Like I said you gotta understand wrestlers can't just sit there and have a convo with you with a ton of people waiting in line. The least they can do is say a couple words or so. With Batista I didn't hear him say anything to anyone there, unlike with the other wrestlers I met they were actually talking to fans.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/07
Batista was horrible in person, Flair is not much better. I have heard bad stories about Johnny Nitro (never met him though). Kid Kash and Chris Daniels I have met and I thought were really nice in person; not so in the dressing room where they treated the Irish Whip Wrestling guys and management like s**t according to a guy I know who is one of the top stars in that promotion; so you can never tell from meeting a person what they are really like i suppose. Shawn Michaels has always had problems with other wrestlers in the past backstage, but has come across as a decent guy in person (although I met him for only a few seconds)

Mick Foley and Bob Orton were really nice and down-to-earth in person. Candice Michelle and her hubby (then boyfriend) were so cool, but Torrie Wilson was a bit of a b***h, totally ignored us. Anyways its a bit hit and miss, some wrestlers are nice, some are total d**ks, thats life though
Jason said on 28/Apr/07
I saw a scathing article this afernoon about how Batista treated fans in the UK.....
Halb said on 28/Apr/07
Imperial (feet and inches) is a British thing, which is the legacy unit in the former parts of the Empire, with the USA now as the only country that uses it has the official units, everyone else uses SI, tho many ppl in Canada and UK still hold onto Imperial. This is my fave conversion page
Click Here
Jason said on 28/Apr/07
I met Bret Hart at an autograph session. He was quiet and reserved, the only words he said to me were ''take care'' when I said thanks for signing my poster, so I guess he was nice lol.
Alex said on 27/Apr/07
Kurt Angle is a nice guy in person. He wasn't all jolly and so happy but he at least spoke to me for a bit but with these wrestlers when its an autograph session you don't have much time at all to talk since you got a line waiting. Nash, Hall and X-pac were nice. Big Show seemed ok even though I didn't get to talk to him. D-Von was a nice guy in person. Just Batista didn't seem so nice.
Viper said on 27/Apr/07
Also I would have never guessed Flair to be that way in a million years.
Jason said on 26/Apr/07
I think Vegas said Batista wasn't a nice guy. Him and Ric Flair ... and a couple others. I'm sure he'll fill you in...
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
Alex, thats pretty bad because they look like ungrateful ****s about all their success.
Jason said on 26/Apr/07
I prefer metric.
Alex said on 26/Apr/07
Question about Batista in general. Do you guys hear he's not the nicest person to meet. I told you when I met him a few months ago the look on his face gave me and other fans there that he just didn't wanna be there. With other wrestlers they all seemed more happier, more then he was for sure.

Also when I was on line there i was too bad I wasn't around the table area because someone behind me said that he walked right by them before they got on line so if I would have stayed by the table longer before getting on the back of the line I would have been right next to him. Than I heard people on line saying he's 6'5 but I was going to go tell them, no he's really like 6'3 or a bit shorter. But I tell you he looked at least around 280lbs sitting down.
Alex said on 26/Apr/07
The whole Cm thing most won't covert right, thats why its much better to say in feet/inches. To get 6'1 5/8 you must be using a very specific height chart or something.
Danimal said on 25/Apr/07
Alex, when you are Mexican, you write in cm. Most don't write in feet and inches. That's an american thing and most aren't american on this site.

Alex, if you want to do the conversion, it is simple. From kg to pounds, multiply the kg's by 2.204. Ex: 100kg * 2.204 = 220.4. As for height, you DIVIDE the cm's by 2.54. Many of you are not doing the conversion right. Example Viper. According to Mentors list Rock is 6'1 5/8" and not 6'1.5" as Viper thinks. 187cm equals 6'1 5/8".

What's also interesting is that Mentor has Hulk at 6'4 3/4", which may have been his height from the early 90's, after having already lost that 1 1/4" from surgery in 1990.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
UT has Batista by 4 inches at the most. Looks 3-3.5 inches most of the time.
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
I think that Mexican mentor guy had an original list of wrestlers like Disco, ect. and just kept adding ones through the years. Thats how I see it.
Big Show said on 25/Apr/07
Viper says on 24/Apr/07
Big Show, It does say "since 1996", meaning it added wrestlers later on. Not that its just from 1996.

I think he meant that the list is from wrestlers who wrestled in the WWF or before and that he aquired the list in 1996. Did he add wrestlers on the list after he aquired it. Possible, still that wouldn't explain why Disco Inferno is on the list as he never wrestled in WWF. He also claims he only worked for a few years in the WWF, yet a lot of wrestler on that list started wrestling in the WWE long after 1996. And working for a company for 6 or 7 years, is not just a few years imo. But some might interpetrate the word 'few' different.
Arjun said on 25/Apr/07
On Smackdown last night, (Taker & Batista tag team) UT did'nt look too much taller than Batista. It's hard to tell because of the angles, but the few moments they were next to each other at a decent angle, UT had maybe 3 - 3.5 inches on 6'3"ish Batista. I really doubt he's over 6'7" now.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
Big Show, I agree. Really anyone could have just posted as that Mentor. Some younger kid could have or like you said someone already on here messing around. Really the only height on that list I buy is Austin pretty much. And plus he wrote in cms, not feet/inches like most would.
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
I can buy Luger at 6-2 1/4, so no that far off.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
Some of the mentor's list I think is accurate or close to it. Austin one of the very few heights I can buy. The list has Andre The Giant at 7'4 yet Lex Luger at only 6'1.5. Thats why I don't buy most of that list. I hate when they say weights in kgs, lol. I'm not too good converting that to pounds.
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
"Undertaker at 6-6?" Yes, I can buy Taker at 6-6.
"The Rock at 6-1 1/2?" Close enough since I dont see him over 6-2.
"Goldberg at 6-1 1/4?" Certaintly. He looked 6-0 with Charles Barkley and hes the same height as Lesnar who is around 6-1 1/4 as well.
Jon said on 25/Apr/07
Wow, I saw 6'5" when I saw him at the Lakewood mall when RVD was holding autograph sessions. Lifts that day maybe? This was before he became a big star. Nobody recognized him, but I did because of his tattoos. The guy was huge all around though. Looked easily over 300 lbs.
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
Big Show, It does say "since 1996", meaning it added wrestlers later on. Not that its just from 1996.
Danimal said on 24/Apr/07
Halb, you are right. Claiming Backlund was only 5'9" is unrealistic. He was around the same height as Vince in 1980. He certainly did not lose 4-5" in 16 years.

As for guys like HBK, Bret Hart, The British Bulldog, Dean Malenko, Ric Flair, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Jerry Lawler, Stone Cold, etc, I buy ALL of those heights. NONE of them were tall men. ALL under 6'0" and some by 4" or more.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/07
Undertaker at 6-6? The Rock at 6-1 1/2? Goldberg at 6-1 1/4? I ain't buying that, although the list could be right on some persons, like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Many say's he actually is 6-0 without his boots, but that Mick Foley would be 6-0? He's at least 6-1 1/2, I think. The list could be right on some persons, but I ain't just buying it on some folks...
Big Show said on 24/Apr/07
That menthor's list is complete BS (as I've stated numerous times before), anyone who thinks it's legit is not really good in wrestling history. Anyone could have made up such a list (and in this case I think it's someone who just wanted to put a prank on us). But if one wants to fool us with such a list he really needs to do his homework a little bit better. He claims to be a menthor from WWF and that this list was in his hands since 1996. Maybe he could explain to me how it's possible that guys like Paul Wight, Rey Mysterio Jr. and DDP are on that list. None of them were in the WWF in 1996 or before and debuted years later in the WWF. Plus he mentions the wrestlers by their trademark names, yet does are incorrect either. The Rock was called Rocky Miavia when he debuted in November 1996. This list has probably countless errors which can exposed if you do a little research. Seeing as it's a fake you can take the listings with a grain of salt.
stone said on 24/Apr/07
he's 6ft4
Halb said on 24/Apr/07
That list seems bogus. 5'9 for Bob Backlund??
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
"No conveniently you pick and choose which wrestlers heights suits you from the list."

Hmm, So I cant pick and choose off a list that as a few wacky ones on there, but has others as being accurate or close to it. Vegas, please tell me you are playing a joke on us at this point.
Vegas said on 24/Apr/07
there was one photo of Noel and Batista or three altogether of Noel with Batista (wearing a black leather type jacket), with Booker T and with Teddy Long.

Viper says on 23/Apr/07
No Vegas, I dont beleive in all of that list

No conveniently you pick and choose which wrestlers heights suits you from the list. I could do the same, I always said Andre was 7'4 without the list and look he is 225cm on the list, oh goodie i was rite.

Viper of course you believe this list but you probably believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny too :)

That list is thrash and I am surprised both yourself and Jason are so easily fooled.
Viper said on 24/Apr/07
No vegas, there were 3 taken at different angles. ALL of them showed Batista as no more than 6-2. Not to mention the pictures with Arnold where Batista didnt even look 6-2. Supes, that makes PERFECT sense, since I peg Lesnar at 185-186cm and Rock at 188cm. Its all coming together now. John Cena 6-0, Lesnar 6-1, Batista 6-2 FLAT. Not to mention the pictures with Arnold where Batista didnt even look 6-2. This seems extremely accurate.
Jason said on 24/Apr/07
Yeah, 191cm was my estimate for Goldust without the list. 191cm is 6'3 1/4''. It has the Godfather at 6'3 1/2''. The weights are fantasy ... but maybe the list is legit and the weights are just the billed ones? I used to think this ''Mexican Mentor'' was having us on ... now I'm really not sure lol.
Alex said on 23/Apr/07
Goldust is 6'4-6'5. I lean toward 6'5 more.
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
No Vegas, I dont beleive in all of that list, but I do think its close to accurate on a lot of them.
supes78 said on 23/Apr/07
Rob, check out 2:08 into this match with 6'2" Brock Lesnar and you'll see that Batista has atleast an inch over him;
Click Here
supes78 said on 23/Apr/07
No way is Batista less that 6'3". He was at eye level with the Rock in their match from a few years ago.
Vegas said on 23/Apr/07
Thats a hell of lot better list there Cobra than Mr Mexican menthor, although i disagree with Kane (no way over 6'7.5"), taker (6'7 peak, now less than 6'7 for sure), Hogan (6'4-6'4.5" peak and he has lost 1" max and that may just be due to his current poor posture more than anything else).

Viper there was "ONE" picture of Batista and 6'6 NBA listed David Noel not "three". But of course you claimed that Vader was just 1" taller than Austin when you saw this picture Click Here but one picture is never enough to judge someones height Click Here and Click Here

Batista was no shorter than 6'2.5" in person. But he was somewhere between 6'2.5"-6'3" or ~6'4 in shoes
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
Yeah, I figured it said 191cm for Goldust. I thought Danimal was crazy when he thought it said 6-2. I think a lot of those heights on that list are accurate, or close to being accurate Jason. The only one that is TOTALLY off the wall is Andre the Giant. I agree with 186cm for Goldberg and Triple H. Rock at 187cm is very close to the truth, since I peg him at 6-2 at best.
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
I have a hard time beleiving Batista is 6-2.75 when he looked closer to 6-1.75 with a measured 6-4.5 basketball player in 3 seperate pictures.
Cobra said on 23/Apr/07
Batista is at least a full 6ft3, I would say 191cm.

The list below is completely ****
Taker at just 198 cm, but 148 kg???

Here is my list about a few Wrestlers:

Brock Lesnar: 6ft2/ 280 lbs
Batista: 6ft3/ 300 lbs at Evolution, now would say ~275 lbs
Orton: good 6ft4, good 225 lbs
Triple H: not sure, 6ft2 ~250 to 260 lbs
Goldberg: weak 6ft2,75, ~260 lbs
Lashley: 6ft1 ~270 lbs
Undertaker: peak 6ft8 ~close to 300 lbs, now maybe 6ft7, 275 lbs
Kane: 6ft8,5, around 300 lbs, nowadays a little less
Great Khali: 7ft1, close to 400 lbs
Big Show: peak shade over 7ft, now a shade under 7ft, between 400 and 490 lbs
Mark henry: 6ft1,5, weight 353 lbs (listings seems true or at least very close, as opposed to Umaga, Henry is much more impressive)
The Rock: good 6ft3, height varies; nowadays no more than 230 lbs
Andre Giant: peak good 6ft11 to a good 6ft9, weight maybe close to 500 lbs?
Hulk Hogan: peak 6ft5,5, nowadays 6ft3, 280 lbs to 260 lbs
Jason said on 23/Apr/07
Slaughter has shrunk, though. He was max 6'1 1/2'' when I saw him in 2003. He definitely used to be taller than that.
Vegas said on 23/Apr/07
mr mexican menthor has Owen Hart 2cm taller than his brother bret :D Scott Hall 9cm taller than Triple H; 22cm taller than the British Bulldog, 20cm than the Bret!!! Hulk hogan 11cm taller than Sgt Slaughter, hmmm i saw 1-1.5" at WM7. Thats an awful list, my granny could come up with a better one than that methinks.

Now i know why Viper is out so much, he took this list as legit.

Rob i agree with 190cm for Batista, could be 191cm though and yes I have met Batista in person.
Editor Rob said on 23/Apr/07
Here is that 'infamous' mentor list...I don't think this poster made more than 2 posts on here.

Hi all, I am a mexican menthor who works for the WWF for few years.
Casually I saw this site and of course I want to give you the hide List,
since 1996 in my hands, the real height and of course weight of then Wrestling SUPERSTARS.
Ahmed Johnson - 180/120
Al Snow - 182/122
Andre The Giant - 225/235
Bam Bam Bigelow - 182/166
Bill Goldberg - 186/131
Billy Gunn - 188/115
Bob Backlund - 176/106
Bob Holly - 179/104
Bret Hart - 175/106
Brian Adams - 193/144
Brian Pillman - 174/102
British Bulldog - 173/114
Chris Benoit - 175/98
Dean Malenko - 172/97
Diamond Dallas Page - 188/117
Disco Inferno - 177/107
Droz - 188/138
Eddy Guerrero - 172/100
Faarooq - 183/123
Goldust - 191/117
Goodfather - 192/154
Haku - 177/123
Honky Tonk Man - 183/117
Hulk Hogan - 195/137
Hunter Hearst Helmsley - 186/111
Jeff Jarrett - 176/104
Jerry Lawler - 177/119
Ken Shamrock - 177/106
Kevin Nash - 203/161
Konnan - 175/107
Lex Luger - 187/120
Marc Mero - 176/106
Mick Foley - 183/130
Owen Hart - 177/102
Paul Wight - 213/264
Randy Savage - 180/115
Rey Mysterio Jr - 159/63
Ric Flair - 177/110
Rick Steiner - 174/112
Road Dogg - 181/108
Savio Vega - 172/116
Scott Hall - 195/131
Scott Steiner - 180/129
Sgt. Slaughter - 184/140
Shane Douglas - 176/101
Shawn Michaels - 178/115
Sid Vicious - 198/141
Steve Austin - 183/116
The Rock - 187/122
The Undertaker - 198/148
Vader - 187/205
X-Pac - 178/96
Yokozuna - 182/281

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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