How tall is Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

Beninian former model and actor best known for roles in Amistad, Gladiator, Blood Diamond and The Island. He was quoted once as giving "6ft 4" as his height although clearly he is nowhere near that.

How tall is Djimom Hounsou
Djimon and Kimora Lee
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Average Guess (28 Votes)
6ft 1.45in (186.6cm)
Jkiller said on 1/Sep/20
6'1.5, fair guess.
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
2 inches between him and dicaprio sounds good
viper said on 28/Jun/20
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@V: he claimed 6’5?
viper said on 25/Jun/20
The 6-1.5 for him is a better listing than Will Smith and WAY better than LL Cool J imo
viper said on 25/Jun/20
He claimed 6-5 too

6-1.5 is fair
OriginalAnon said on 24/Jun/20
I am struggling to give this guy anything over 185cm. His 6'4'' claim is outrageous.
Kurtinho said on 24/May/20
His claim of 6'4" is crazy I agree but the rocks claim of 6'5" is worse in my opinion as I believe 6'2" Paul Walker edged him out.
TheBat said on 4/Oct/19
Lol at 6'4". He's not even 6'2", 6'1.5" is what I'll put him at. Also if he claims 6'5" as well, that's worse than The Rock's 6'5" claim.
6footTom said on 16/Sep/19
I'm very positive that I ran into this guy at my local Bristol Farms. He looked like a good 186cm to me.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Aug/19
Probably the former. It didn't seem like a troll post, but ridiculous nevertheless.
Johan 185 cm said on 9/Aug/19
I wonder what he thinks now after starring next to Alexander Skarsgard in Tarzan. Alexander also just says 6'4".

Click Here

Not even upright and still makes him look under 6'2".

Click Here

I have noticed that Alexander sometimes bends his knees when standing alone next to shorter stars. In this one he is near taller guys and is standing better.

A 6'5" claim is one of the worst claims I have ever seen, he is worse than The Rock.
viper said on 8/Aug/19
If he claims 6-4, I can believe he claimed 6-5 there in reference to a show
Canson said on 7/Aug/19
@Christian: they either sucked or trolled
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Aug/19
I've noticed that a lot of posters back then sucked at guessing height compare to posters today. How the heck does someone guess Djimon as 6'5"? Lol
Canson said on 6/Aug/19
@Rampage: another question is did he lose some height? He’s close to that age if not right at. I doubt ever 6’2” tho. 6’1.5 may be his peak
viper said on 5/Aug/19
MJD said on 25/Jul/05
I just finished watching access hollywood where hounsou comments on his height saying "i am 6'5 195lbs...alot taller than most celebrities"..And he does honestly look around that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/19
Always knew 6ft4 was joke but I don’t think 6ft2 is entirely out of the question. He can pull that off
Mr Cabbage said on 5/Aug/19
About 6' 1.25''
Canson said on 5/Aug/19
@Rob: I know he’s not. I was just pointing it out. I could tell immediately with Kimora. But he may even just be 6’1” or 6’1.25”
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Aug/19
If that's true, then that's outrageous. He's even worse than someone like The Rock or Merriman. At least the latter two hover around the 6'2" range, while Djimon likely isn't any taller than he's listed here at 6'1.5"
Canson said on 5/Aug/19
@Viper: I’ve heard of him claiming 6’4” not 6’5”.
Canson said on 4/Aug/19
@Viper: obviously the poster who commented to you is an idiot because Kimora is not 6’4 or over in her heels. 6’1.5 is the max I buy
viper said on 4/Aug/19
He has claimed 6-5 as well
viper said on 4/Aug/19
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07

Tough lost for that guy
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Aug/19
Lol at his 6'4" claim
Don Julio said on 14/Jan/18
WOAH wtf i got spooked when i saw that giant woman scared the **** out of me like damn did not see that comin at all she is scary 6 foot. djimon is like 187ish though max
Editor Rob
I think scary is the least appropriate adjective to describe her.

In a decent size heel Kimora used to look between 2-3 inches taller than Djimon.
Junior said on 17/Aug/17
Benicio Del Toro had to be fraction shorter or same height as Djimon.
even said on 25/Jul/17
his real height = 6'4" + 3 inches - 6 inches = 6'1"
Slim 182 cm said on 19/Jul/17
I'd go for quarter inch upgrade, because Leo 181 wearing 5 cm shoes and this guy edged him out barefoot. Not above 188 imo
even said on 7/Jul/17
187 morning
186 night
Sammy Derrick said on 20/May/17
In the Fast and Furious 8 they are plenty of bios of different characters,and his character is listed as
NAME:Jakande Mose
I'll give him 6'2(188cm)
S.J.H said on 13/Feb/17
I read his modeling resume some gives 175 to 180lbs and some site still listed him at 180lbs. No way he is this light now and then he even look over 205lbs. Maybe he weigh in under 190 during modeling but 180 seem too low. He don't look over 6'1 though

Click Here he had huge bicep and very broad chest heavy boned muscular body type. No way under 203lbs

Click Here I can't see him under 90-91kg aka 200lbs and look close to 210
AlexItaly said on 4/Feb/17
I agree 187 cm. is spot on. He is tall, not very tall but still a tall guy.
berta said on 30/Dec/16
187-188 range seems good for him
Josh Jeffords said on 30/Oct/16
This guy is the ideal tall lanky athletic guy 6 2 180
prime is my guess.
Never looks under that does often tower guys like leo.
His build does make him look a weak 6 3 on screen.
6 4 in shoes seem quite possible not barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/16
He did look 3in shorter than Alexander Skarsgaard which really destroys his 6ft4 claim
Lenad 5ft9.75in said on 9/Jul/16
weak 6'2 guy
Sammy Derrick said on 12/Sep/15
In Fast And the Furious 7,he is listed as
Dmeyer said on 10/Jan/15
Can look solid 6cm on leo but leo could be 181cm
Judd said on 16/Oct/14
6'1.25" is spot on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/14
"Djimon Hounsou height: 6ft 2in (188cm)"

Still had 2in on DiCaprio w/h less shoe in Blood Diamond
mike said on 27/Sep/14
6ft 1.5-.75in 187 min
6ft 4 is crazy! maybe he's 192-3 in footwear?
James B said on 1/Jun/14
Why the hell would he claim 6'4??????? Was he drunk when he made that quote.
Balrog said on 3/Mar/14
3cm taller than DiCaprio is no sense, he looked easily 2in taller.
berta said on 2/Jan/14
about 3-4 cm taller than dicaprio but 187-188 is probably right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/13
"Dimijon Hounsou height: 6ft 2in (188cm)"

Still a good bit taller than DiCaprio in Blood Diamond in the latter was in boots.
Ricky said on 15/Sep/13
he looks 6'2 in the movie never back down
cole said on 17/Aug/13
@Ud190.5cm: The reason he seems 6'3 with "5'11" Sean Faris, is that Sean Faris is really 5'9 range. 6'1.25 is max for Hounsou imo.
Balrog said on 12/Aug/13
He also looked a good 2in taller than Chris Evans.
Balrog said on 12/Aug/13
He had an inch on Michael Jai White. The listing is perfect. He was also a solid 2-2.5in taller than DiCaprio.
cole said on 9/Jul/13
He was barely taller than legit 184 cm Michael Jai White, I'm not buying over 185-186 cm for Djimon.
Mr. Clutch said on 20/Jun/13
Rob gotta be lest 6'2.
No less
He look lest 2.5 to even 3.5 max inches then Sean Faris.
Who in some scenes in Never Back Down can look between at best barly 5'11 barefoot.
Plus their barefoot in all the training scenes.
Plus not including Sean Faris Wear lest 2 inch Running shoe in most of the Movie.
Ud190.5cm said on 21/Apr/13
hey rob,
he could be 6'3 if you see this guy next to Sean Faris.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd be over 6ft 2, maybe his not so long head helps him look taller at times.]
Lenad said on 19/Apr/13
looks too tall to be under his listed height. But 6ft4 is a big fat joke
alex said on 5/Apr/13
6'2 must be his height, maybe 6'1.5, nothing less
Elijah said on 2/Feb/13
Rob, shouldn't that be "Beninese former model and actor"? Not "Beninian"
[Editor Rob: I prefer Beninian]
Hew said on 21/Jan/13
6'1 no more I think.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
Butler is 6ft1.5(187cm), not quite 6ft2. Hounsou is clearly closer to the camera in that picture.
Kate said on 11/Sep/12
Look at him next to 6'2" Gerard Butler....
Click Here
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
he does't look like a legit 6'1.5 like mark strong. he maybe 6'1 and closer to 6'0.75
Dmeyer said on 5/Aug/12
Gave me impression of full 6'2 in person but the floor wast perfect
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 5/Aug/12
I think he's 187 cm at the very least. 6ft1.75in- 6ft 2.25in range is what I would've guessed him at.
the shredder said on 8/Jun/12
Rob , how come you put 6'1 but 6'1.5 for Will ? He is taller then Will Smith
[Editor Rob: I thought I had him at 1.5, I'll put him back at that. I don't think there's much between them, Will I think drops height a lot.

mr R still thought he's near 6ft 2, and it's rare to find R guessing an inch taller than someone.]
Johan said on 21/Jan/12
Will smith is 186 and Hounsou is 187.
zodiac said on 9/Jan/12
6'1.5 6'2 good
Sam said on 30/Dec/11
He did look no more than 1.5 taller than DiCaprio in Blood Diamond.
carnegie said on 21/Oct/11
next to reeves if reeves is 6ft1 he looked like 6ft2 but nexto to dicaprio he looked like 6ft1.5
LAN Jiao said on 19/Oct/11
6'1 spoted. No more
Enrique said on 20/Sep/11
6´1.5 is spot on
lan jiao said on 6/Sep/11
hounsou was every bite of 6ft1. at times can look 6ft2 as well.
James said on 18/Jun/11
after giving it more thought if will smith is 187cm then i would not argue under 188cm for Honsou...... so

Will Smith 6'1.5 (187cm)
Djmoun Honsou 6'2 (188cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/11
If he's 187cm then Will Smith is max 184cm.
His muscles can make him look closer to 6ft4 but in reality he's 6ft2/6ft2.5
James said on 11/Jun/11
he's lanky so might perhaps give of a 6'3 illusion at times but i think in reality he's 187cm. Similar in height to will smith but honsou can look taller in his movies for sure. Maybe cause he's not as bulky as will smith?
LG69 said on 7/Jun/11
Saw him with 6'0 Kimora Lee--both barefooted. Kimora was only 1" shorter. I'd say he is 6'1".
dmeyer said on 15/May/11
did look near 6 ft 2 in person
Ace said on 13/May/11
Rob, I believe the correct term for someone born in Benin is Beninese.
As for his height, he may be a touch under 6`2. He did look 6`2 though in Blood Diamond. I still can't believe he has tried pushing 6`5 and 6`4 respectively. Ralf Moeller certainly destroyed those claims in Gladiator.
Lenad said on 12/Jan/11
I'd say 6'2-ish
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/10
Can pull of looking a legit 6"3 in comparison to Will Smith

Hes 6"2.25-6"2.5 range in my opinion...but the 6"4(193cm) claims are a fat joke
James said on 24/Dec/10
LOL Rampage in blood Diamonds looked 6'1 1/2 at best in comparison to Leo.

In gladiator as well looked no more than 6'2.

I am with Viper this guy may not be 6'2.
Viper said on 23/Dec/10
6-1-6-1 1/2 MAX. Hes simply not 6-2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/10
Looks 6"3 in Blood Diamond and in Gladiator

6"2.25-6"2.5 is closer for this guy
meatclover said on 30/Oct/10
his wife Kimora Lee towers over him in heels, she's 5'11 to 6'0, in heels 6'3+
Lenad said on 24/Jun/09
No 189cm is a bit more realistic then 187cm I'm sorry
Hugh 190cm said on 24/Jun/09
Clearly had 3 inches over Leanardo DiCaprio. So 189cm is not out of the question.
Anonymous said on 20/Jun/09
Hugh, you just cant help yourself can you. There is a better chance this guy is 187cm than 189cm. Jesus man.
Hugh 190cm said on 19/Jun/09
6ft4 is too much. But 6ft1 is bs. 188-189cm would be right.
Lenad said on 3/Jun/09
He sure as hell isnt 6ft4 barefoot but I wouldnt put him under 6ft2.
Jake said on 1/Jun/09
Hes not 6-3. The tallest he could be is 6-2 and thats even iffy with 6-2 Marcus Allen looking taller. Though Marcus Allen does look taller than 6-2 in most pictures. Marcus Allen is also looking taller here next to 6-2 combine measured Shawne Merriman. Click Here

So it shows he can look taller than a guy measured at 6-2 no less. So that could still mean Hounsou still is 6-2. I think the picture with Will Smith proves that Will is not 6-2.
Lenad said on 30/May/09
6ft3 looks believable next to Will Smith
Dan said on 13/May/09
In blood diamond Djimon looks a bit taller than dicaprio maybe 1 inch, i think hes 6'1 cause leo is 5 '11
ikbtops said on 24/Apr/09
Yeah,That photo with Marcus Allen in fairly useless. I doubt Marcus Allen is 6'4" almost as much as I doubt
Djimon is 5'11". Marcus is either up a step from those guys or wearing lifts. you take your pick.
Daniel52 said on 23/Apr/09
Hes at least an inch shorter than Marcus Allen anyway you slice it in that pic. The tallest Marcus could be is 6-2 1/2 rounded down to his 6-2 listing. No way is a 6-3-6-4 guy gonna get listed at 6-2 in the NFL.
ikbtops said on 22/Apr/09
It's common knowledge that Marcus Allen is a habitual lift wearer...Sike! Djimon looks kind of casually dressed in some of these photos though. I wonder if he's rocking sandals? I give him 6'2" at least.
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Apr/09
Sorry I see 6ft3 next to Will!
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Apr/09
I see 189cm next to WIll Smith.
Hugh 190cm said on 31/Mar/09
All I can say is that he's taller, wider, heavier, fitter and STRONGER than Leonardo DiCaprio.
Rusty said on 29/Mar/09
This guy is a tough one. He looks slim, yet very muscular at the same time. Id say hes 6'2" and prolly 190 pounds but i could be wrong.
Alex3 said on 24/Mar/09
He is about an inch taller than I am - making him 6'2
/-_-_-(Hugh) said on 22/Mar/09
He was two inches taller than Leo. But yeah if Leo is 182cm then that would make Hounsou 187cm.
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/09
Kimora is not 6ft these people in hollywood lie!!! Her man is 6ft, Kimora is 5'9-5'10. I friend of mine met both of them and my friend is 6'4, and was towering over him.
J.J. said on 22/Jan/09
i 100% agree with you James Marcus Allen's lowest is probably 6'3.5" even though i wont be surprised if he is 6'4" This height listing of Djimon is 100% correct.
j sparrow said on 20/Jan/09
if will smith is 6'1.5'', then check out this pic and try to guess djimon's height
Click Here
Hugh said on 4/Jan/09
He's at least 6ft2.
gasoline said on 17/Nov/08
I guess he s more 185 cm , look the same height of di caprio in the movie premier ...
Monique said on 11/Nov/08
well hes defo over six foot because Kimora is six foot and hes taller than her
Big King said on 30/Sep/08
Why isn't he clearly 6'4"?
Viper said on 23/Sep/08
He doesnt even look 6-0 with 5-8 Don Cheadle. Click Here

Could Hounsou just be 6-0? He looks 6-0 in the last 2 pictures Ive linked.
Viper said on 23/Sep/08
So Hugh, I guess 6-2 Marcus Allen is really pushing 6-5 then. Click Here
Robbie H said on 28/Jul/08
yeah but hounsou was barefoot in many of those scenes with leo-he does look 6-2
Mr.Clutch said on 18/Jul/08
Djimon Hounsou is not 188cm tall.Leonardo DiCaprio is 180cm tall,in the movie Blood Diamond, Djimon was walking with Leo in a lot of scenes,Djmon was 3cm taller than Leo.Djimon did not look like a 6'2 man when he was standing beside Leo(180cm).I think Djimon is probably 6 feet tall(183cm).
Chris175 said on 19/Apr/08
aw yeah i know what you mean now thanks rob
Chris175 said on 16/Apr/08
Editor Rob: this kind of shot easily masks several inches of height.

in the same way This Photo of me does not show me as 5ft 10.5 in a pair of converse...

I'm not over 5ft 8.7 in that pair of converse.]

rob can you explain to me again what you mean by this? you do look 5-10 here

[Editor Rob: see this image: Here.

Because the camera is not 5ft 8 high, the lower it is the more inches an object (i.e. my head) is in front of the ruler the taller I would look. It makes it worse aswell the closer the person taking the photo is.

This is why in many of the shots I have in my collection the one major thing I'm aware of and try to do is ensure i'm not closer than a celebrity.]
Hugh said on 15/Apr/08
Well James, If the man has been described as 6ft4 which I would almost beleive due to his frame, That makes him at least 6ft2. I personally think he's pushing 6ft3.
Viper said on 12/Apr/08
I still dont think he quite reaches a full 6-2. More 6-1 1/2 - 6-1 3/4. I guess a weak 6-2.
brother_h said on 10/Apr/08
theres a camra angle? ohh ok i see.

well anyway. in the pic quas posted, kimora would have been wearing heels. shes still listed at 6'0 though.
quas said on 8/Apr/08
Heres a pic of Djimon standing next to Kimora Lee who is listed at 6' on this site.

Click Here
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
A strong 6ft2. He was as tall as me when I walked past him in L.A.
C. said on 22/Dec/07
One of the entertainment shows stated him as 6'2", so I'm going with that. Nothing more, nothing less.
Robbie H said on 10/Dec/07
looks very tall in 'the island', towers ewan mcgregor, so i would say 6ft 2 is totally right
dmeyer said on 18/Sep/07
looks 6 ft in that pic but in person looked 188 cm
Daniel said on 17/Sep/07
He looked really big in the movie Gladiator. I would have sworn 6'3'' to 6'4''. So, at least 6'2'', unless he is a lift wearer, which would be ridiculous for a man of his size
mon said on 6/Sep/07
He looks like hes the same height as kimora lee. I thought he was 6 feet. I glad shes finally with a taller guy!
paddy said on 25/Aug/07
well, mates. judging by photos placed at of eragon premiere, and considering john malkovich as 185cm, then jeremy irons would me 188-9, djimon like 2-3 cm taller than irons, and edward speelers no more than 180. have no idea how to put a link in here. Click Here
AAAA said on 8/Jul/07
Well I was using a conversion calculator, so it is really specific. I am sure you could say 6'6 and about 6'4.5 and be fine.
Franco said on 6/Jul/07

thanks that pretty much sums it up, so 6'5.9 is my wake up height and 6'4.37 is then night one? nice :) (lol didnt know you could have a .37 and .9 in the inches thing, always thought .25 , .50 , .75)

thanks for clearing that up, so you're 6'2? that's a very good height and sometimes i wished i was 6'2 or even 6'1 , man 6'4+ at times is an abomynation.
AAAA said on 4/Jul/07
Just in case you care. You are 6'5.9 and go down to 6'4.37. And IMO that is big. I now work with two brothers, one is almost 6'7 and the other is 6'4. I feel ridiculous next to them. They make me feel small at 6'2
Franco said on 4/Jul/07
you lost a little bit but not much real weight Glenn, joggin and hitting the gym doesnt really help if your metabolism is as slow as yours for whatever reason.

for someone in the 190cm and above like me you tend to lose weight faster and even at high weight you dont really look fat but also it is harder to get muscles up, i'm 91kg.

Click Here
dmeyer said on 4/Jul/07
i think hounsou is 6'2 he wears flat shoes and sloush that make him look 6'0.5 he does have about 3 in om leo
glenn said on 4/Jul/07
thanks jason for noticing.and not an expert on that stuff.i seem to bloat up every winter though.this was the worst in awhile.i cant look sloppy like that for the ladies this summer and have to look better in general for the site,as alot around the world veiw like to get down to 175 without losing muscle.but i see thats much harder than i thought.
Jason said on 4/Jul/07
Oh, that's just because you've gained muscle from the gym and lost a bit of fat. Even if you didn't lose any fat but just gained the extra muscle, it'll lean you out a bit because the amount of fat you have in proportion to your bodyweight will go down. And you've probably grown a bit since 1995 anyway in thickness -- men fill out until age 25 give or take, on average. Good job regardless! Your face is looking leaner -- I thought it was just because they were old pics but see now it's not! LOL
glenn said on 4/Jul/07
oh,btw,i was 185 in 1995 with a double chin and huge bloated gut that everyone commented on.usually fatter is it that i look pretty decent now at the same or heavier weight? beats me.more muscle now? i hit weights on and off since i was 10.
glenn said on 4/Jul/07
weight is as tricky as height.or almost.i weighed a shocking 190,2 months disgusted,lost alot of my gut jogging,hitting the gym,and people noticed and complimented me.weighed myself the other day and im still 190.what the ****? i couldve sworn i lost at least 10 pounds.unless the scale is faulty.people were amazed i was that heavy then and now.i guess i have more muscle than i thought.thats puts me at obese level,yet im not obese.i look great lately makes no damn sense.unless my stomach is toned up great and it gave the illusion of losing gut was still better at its worst next to my friends.i cant figure it out.started working out again for the first time in a decade only 6 weeks ago a very slow avoid injury,which i have anyway.i knew i was low 180s.not that,anything is possible for weight claims.being height and weight experts aint as easy as it seems.
Jason said on 4/Jul/07
Wild exaggeration I mean!
Derek said on 4/Jul/07
I know muscle weighs more than fat, but 250 pounds just doesn't sound right. Say Glenn weighs 170, Djimon doesn't look over 220.
Jason said on 3/Jul/07
Djimon might become a cult figure here for exaggeration if he keeps this up. lol
JohnP said on 3/Jul/07
Hahaha, if he is 250 pounds, then I am 400. :D

Just a joke, but I can eat my hat if he really weighs 250.
Franco said on 3/Jul/07
*****-AAAA says on 28/Jun/07
Franco... your 6'3.5 is at night right? I thought you said you were like 198 in the morning down to 194 at night? Just curious

[Editor Rob: Franco cannot decide which height he is! In 2006 he stated he was 6ft 2...then he grew to 6ft 4!]******

ROFL!!! sorry, i posted it too quick because i had to run out, clicked the wrong key.

i will say it exactly in cm.. i am exactly at night 194cm

the reason i stated 6'2 etc was because honest to god i knew nothing about Inches and feets, i learned that thanks to this website, in fact i decided that i'll post in CM from now on LOL it's what i know best :D

i am 198cm out of bed / 194cm at night and yes i do lose 4cm for some ungodly reason. :)

ABOUT DJIMON - i still think he is 186cm max
Viper said on 2/Jul/07
He doesnt look linebacker size to me.
Jason said on 2/Jul/07
He looked 200 in Blood Diamond.
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
I'd say he looks about 6'2, maybe 210-220.
Jason said on 2/Jul/07
6'4'', 6'5'', 250lbs?!?! Far out ... this fella's nuts!! :D
glenn said on 1/Jul/07
did you see that pic down below of him with ewan mccgregor? he looks 6-4 there.ewan is 5-10.5 stretched out.ewan looks 5-8 in the illusion of a photo.
mofo said on 1/Jul/07
I know according to my friend hes roughly 6ft1 or there abouts but thats what he stated I have never met him but what my friend said and the photo with glenn (albeit he is hunching)I reckon no more than 6ft2, funny thing is my friend swears he is under this in the range of 6ft0.5 to 6ft1!.
anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
who does he think he's kidding with that 6`4 remark. clearly nowhere near it.
mofo said on 30/Jun/07
I have never met him but one of my friends has met him in L.A and said he was 6ft0.5-6ft.1
Was a little moody according to my friend and he asked him his height and weight in which he replied 6ft4 and 250lb.
17,181 said on 30/Jun/07
If I had to judge by this pic,I'd say 6'0.5,but take away the lean and you get 6'1.5. nice photo Glenn.
JohnP said on 30/Jun/07
Rob, didn't Franco said that his father was 6-2 and that he was 6-4 if I remember it correctly? I can't remember that he ever said he was 6-2, although I didn't find this site until August 2006, so maybe he said that earlier.

As for Honsou, I think about 6-2 is right.

[Editor Rob: Franco said 7 months ago he was 185cm, although he gave the incorrect inches as 6ft 2 ;) He knows what I'm on about...]
Jason said on 30/Jun/07
He looked 6'1 1/2''-6'2'' to me in Blood Diamond.
Daniel Craig said on 29/Jun/07
He looks huge next to Russell Crowe in Gladiator and at that time I thought he (Crowe) was at least a 6 footer. How wrong I was....
Anthony said on 29/Jun/07
I think he's 6'2 flat.
TheJerk said on 29/Jun/07
Wow, he looks a lot smaller in the picture than I thought of him as.
AAAA said on 28/Jun/07
Franco... your 6'3.5 is at night right? I thought you said you were like 198 in the morning down to 194 at night? Just curious

[Editor Rob: Franco cannot decide which height he is! In 2006 he stated he was 6ft 2...then he grew to 6ft 4!]
dmeyer said on 28/Jun/07
he is a lidl leaning so looks 6 ft so max 6'2 he didnt look under 6'2 when i met him by that mark leo is a lidl under 6 ft
Cat Stevens said on 28/Jun/07
No more than 6'1 here
glenn said on 28/Jun/07
he isnt a foot behind me.3 inches at most.maybe 2.
Viper said on 28/Jun/07
Hounsou looked a legit 6-3 in the Beverly Hills 90210 pilot playing a bouncer.
Viper said on 28/Jun/07
Looks more 6-0 1/2 there. Probably the shortest ive ever seen him look.
Bad Radio said on 28/Jun/07
he looks 6-1 in that pic.
Gonzalo said on 28/Jun/07
Not good pic to judge Hounsou`s height. He`s slouching and Glenn is closer to the camera. Again, Glenn`s words are our best assets. And Dmeyer words too. The rest of us only guess.
What shoulders he has!
ER. said on 28/Jun/07
I think he's 6-1 1/2 - 6-2. Doesn't look over that. A solidely tall dude.
Pete said on 28/Jun/07
Look 6'0''-6'0.5'' , no more than 6'1''.
glenn said on 28/Jun/07
viper is right this time.and other times too.even if i feel he downgrades too much.he is more accurate than others on the site.thats for sure.
Franco said on 27/Jun/07
if anyone saw my picture with Giorgio my friend (i'm 6'3.5) and he is 5'8.5 you will notice Giorgio's eyes were below my shoulders....

now considering this and glenn being closer to the cam and mr. Djimon slouching too...

i think DJIMON is 186cm but no more possibly 185cm but i lean toward 186cm.

[Editor Rob: ralph moeller did make this guy look like a real digimon, but he's taller than heath ledger and with paddy considine looks near 6ft 2, the weak 6ft 2 could be right though. There's not many 6ft 1.75 listings]
glenn said on 27/Jun/07
james- i said last week he looked a weak 6-2,or 6-1ish when this was taken.he had flats on and is leaning in a bit.that photo with ewan down below is a kick.he looks 6-4 and ewan looks illusion i hope.
James said on 27/Jun/07
No offence glenn but you were sure this guy was 6ft3 although in this pic he looks more 6ft0.5. Although you are standing infront of him.
Viper said on 27/Jun/07
"Anonymous says on 27/Jun/07

Your just jellous that Im usually right, and Glenn actually agrees with me now :) A shade under 6-2 for Hounsou.
danius said on 27/Jun/07
camera angle hes a good foot behind glenn
Jack Daniels said on 27/Jun/07
He must be slouching a lot!! A 6'2" guy appears a way taller than that, beside a 5'8" guy like Glenn.
Boxing Fighter said on 27/Jun/07
Glenn is looking pretty tall in that picture. Next to Glenn (in that picture) Djimon is looking no more than 6ft0.5.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
I think that's cuz Pitt is a 5'10n:er
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
The pic with Djimon Hounsou,Bono and Pitt shows Pitt as 5'10''n:er.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/07
dmeyer said on 30/May/07
djimon looked 188 189 cm when i met him and he is defenetly 2.5 in taller than leo
AirSky said on 22/May/07
What do you make of this?...

Click Here

Ewan McGregor & Djimon Hounsou in "The Island".
McGregor is listed here as 5'9.5" (177 cm), I'm not sure looking at this picture though
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
6-2 Marcus Allen looks 6-4 in the picture with him, but he looks 6-4 a lot. Though I personally dont think Hounsou quite hits the 6-2 mark. Looks more 6-1 1/2-6-1 3/4 to me.
dmeyer said on 25/Apr/07
i agree 188 cn no less no more
dmeyer said on 22/Mar/07
he might no be over 6'2 but he is no less hey rob do you remember how tall he looked near freeman
anonymous said on 6/Mar/07
At the blood diamond premiere, he had DeCaprio by a few inches, yet he and actor Paul Bettany stood the same height. Paul Bettany is 6'3 or 6'3 and a half.
Glenn said on 11/Feb/07
I saw him a month least 6-2.
ed said on 10/Feb/07
He looks shorter than 6'2'' Marcus Allen:
Click Here
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
in person he looks 188 189 cm no less than 188 and mo more than 189
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
if he is 6'2 flat then leo is a lidl under 6 feet
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/06
didnt look mush over 6'2 when i met him so possibly 188 flat or 6'2.25 6'2 strong like 6'2.5 morning and 6'2 at night then dicaprio is under 6 feet is he the same as freeman taller shorter ? rob

[Editor Rob: freeman possibly has lost 0.5cm, I remember an interview where it seemed that he implied he was "just under" 6ft 3, this from the 90's although didn't say it directly to interviewer. Actually he looked tall still in sum of fears, he done a scene with Ciarin Hinds who is 6ft...]
Viper said on 19/Dec/06
He could be one of those rare 6-1 3/4 type dudes.
dmeyer said on 18/Dec/06
we werent on the exact same floor but 6'2 alidl over 6'2

[Editor Rob: 6ft 2 flat, yes I think that is probably originally his modelling height aswell, probably closer. Ralf moeller really did make him look this]
Viper said on 18/Dec/06
He did look 6-2 minimum in blood diamond.
dmeyer said on 17/Dec/06
he could be 6'4 in 1.5 dress shoes
dmeyer said on 17/Dec/06
in person looks a lidl under6'3 like 188 to 189 range thank rob
Ball-A-Hallic said on 2/Dec/06
Hounsou seems about 6'2 maybe 6'1.5 cause Duncan is 6'3 he stood by dwade and shaq and dwade(6'4) had an inch and in a pic with duncan and will ferrel(6'3) duncan had about two inches maybe and inch and a half so ferrell is no more than 6'2
Viper652 said on 1/Dec/06
Ed, he did look over 6-3 in the pilot episode of Beverly Hills 90210, but that show makes everyone taller.
dmeyer said on 30/Nov/06
in he pics he looks similar height with dicaprio but the floors are uneven dicaprio might wear 1.5 to 2 inches lifts to not look too small near hounsou
Ed said on 25/Oct/06
I saw Hounsou outside a restaurant in 2005, and he looked between 6ft2 and 6ft3, I was about 15 feet away so I can't be too accurate, but he's not 6ft1.
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/06
I have no idea why he says he is 6-5. He looks 6-1.
mous said on 20/Sep/06
We might be able to judge the heights a little better since there is an upcoming movie called "Blood Diamond" where Hounsou is played opposite DiCaprio. The trailer can be seen here:

Click Here

There does not seem to be much of a noticable height difference between the two. They look the same height.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 22/Jan/06
i believe that michael duncan is a good 6 3.5. makes hounsou about 6 foot 1.5 to 6 foot 2. Trust me editor Rob, I have a good vibe about this.
dmeyer said on 2/Jan/06
i met him a year ago he lookes in the 188 190 range
Viper652 said on 2/Jan/06
Duncan is 6-3. Which makes Hounsou in the 6-1 range.
Jason said on 2/Jan/06
Duncan isn't really 6'5'' at that.
dane said on 2/Jan/06
here's a pict of him and michael clarke duncan
the guy looks in the 6'2-6'3 range next to the 6'5 monster of duncan
Jason said on 23/Dec/05
smokeblower, I'm VERY late replying here lol, but I was actually trying to back up your point. I merely provided references of him being 6'2'' to show that, contrary to the opinion of others here, there is indeed stuff saying he's at least under 6'3''. I entirely agree with you.
smokeblower said on 15/Oct/05
Jason on 14 Oct 05 stated " There's a number of references to Djimon being 6'2'' there."

Does this make him 6'2"? I think not. It only makes him a Hollywood 6'2". Remember, in pictures with Wil Smith (most of us here do not believe Will is 6'2") they are basically the same height with only a marginal difference.

In regards to hearing or seeing something a lot - a couple of years ago we heard over and over again with great frequency from ostensibly credible sources that Iraq had WMD and a conncection to Al' Quaida. But none of the abovementioned psuedo-facts became reality.

I hope users of this forum approach the decisions the leaders of their respective countries make with more precision and critical thinking skill than they do with evaluating the heights of celebrities.
J. said on 14/Oct/05
I've known people who've seen Lennox in person and say that he's nowhere near 6'5".
Jason said on 14/Oct/05

There's a number of references to Djimon being 6'2'' there.
sam said on 14/Oct/05
I strongly doubt that Djimon is any less than 6'3", Jason, and is most probably closer to 6'4". Do you have a link for the picture where he looks a good 6 inches shorter than Lennox Lewis?
Jason said on 14/Oct/05
Though listed as 6'5'', Lennox is actually 6'4''. Boxing heights, though made out to be bare foot, are taken in shoes.
smokeblower said on 14/Oct/05
I know this may sound odd but there is a possibility that Dijimon is closer to 6'1" then any of the below mentioned heights. There is a picture of him standing next to Lennox Lewis where he easily looks a good 5 or 6 inches shorter than him. I think everyone on this site is in agreement that Lennox Lewis is easily 6'5". Given the obvious height difference in the photo and a possibility of the disparity of the heels of Lennox's shoe favoring him I still have to believe that Dijimon is only 6'1" based on this picture.

Its funny how Dijimon looks like a giant next to other people and average next to athletes. I think this is a wake up call for posters on this site. YOU CANNOT CALIBRATE HEIGHTS OF CELEBRITIES USING OTHER CELEBRITIES AS A STANDARD.

funkymonk said on 16/Jun/05
That picture of hum, Pitt and bono here
Smoke said on 11/Apr/05
He's an interesting guy, because sometimes he looks the 6'4" he's commonly billed at, and other times does look 6'3". Here's him with Marlon Wayans (listed at 6'2"), he definately looks more than an inch taller than Marlon. Next to Smith he does look 6'3"-6'4", other times there is no way he could pass for 6'4". But he truely tells us that Rosario Dawson isn't 5'9" and Angelina Jolie isn't 5'8". He doesn't look the height of a 6'4" guy in pic. #2.,%20Djimon,%20Djimon
db said on 11/Apr/05
Never met the guy. Saw a picture of him with Brad Pitt and Bono this morn. He towered over Pitt. If DH is 6'3" then Pitt is 5'9" tops. Bono is of course notoriously short - 3'6"

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