How tall is Drew Brees

Drew Brees Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

American footballer, who has played Quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and New Orlean Saints. At the NFL combine he measured a little over the 6ft mark and has claimed "I'm 6 feet" and "I am six-feet, 1/4 inch.".

How tall is Drew Brees
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I'm 6 feet tall, no more, no less. Dough Flutie was 5-9, 5-10 at best, but he was all heart and played for 20 years professionally...sometimes, you can't measure the fight in the dog.
-- 2010, Austin American Statesmen

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5ft 11.84in (182.5cm)
Alex 6'0 said on 12/May/23
Brees normal low possibly is 5'11 7/8. Unlikely lower and still a legit 6 footer.
Canson said on 30/Apr/23
@Viper: yes he does look around 5’10” but doubt he weighs what they claim. Better than Kyler Murray whose height they definitely embellished
viper said on 29/Apr/23
Bryce Young looked 5-10 with 5-11 Roger Goodell when he was drafted on stage
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Apr/23
Viper, after field and or lifting workouts then possible extreme low but at least regular low
CocaCola1980 said on 5/Mar/23
The combine measurements are very interesting. Tight End Darnell Washington measured in at 6’6.5 and looks an inch taller than Zack Kuntz who measured in at 6’7. I also don’t believe that Bryce Young is 5’10, he looks closer to 5’9.
viper said on 1/Mar/23
I wish they measured the guys at the combine after their field workouts.

Now that would be their real height
Canson said on 26/Feb/23
@Alex: I think in the 6 or 7 an hour. Some guys may dip 1/2” if 2 hours others 1/4-3/8” if 1. But I also wonder about the validity? I see many cases where players have their pro day or senior bowl measurements listed as their combine as they are identical and at different times of the day than the combine
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Feb/23
Nfl combine how early are the measurements though? 8-9am? An hr outta bed or 2 hrs tops. That first hr you'll drop good 1/4.
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Feb/23
Canson, if 6'0.25 was an hr outta bed i can see 5'11.75 as a regular low. If not then i wouldn't go under 5'11 7/8.
Rockaway said on 22/Feb/23
Maybe 5’11 3/4 at an absolute extreme low but still struggle to see that. He gives off a tall impression
Canson said on 21/Feb/23
@Rockaway: if the Hula Bowl is his normal low measurement of 5’11 7/8 then 6’0” is fair being it’s indeed gonna be his lunchtime. Question is does he dip below 5’11 7/8”?
Rockaway said on 20/Feb/23

Rob doesn’t list heights based on absolute lows, it’s always a lunchtime height. Brees definitely holds 6’0 at lunch. Probably dips a few mm below at night. Certainly a 6 footer anyway you look at it. He looks small because he played a sport filled with giants.
Jawilder said on 20/Feb/23
@Canson yeah I remember reading that. Also, Lake Pontchartrain is the longest bridge over water in the world. I make the drive a couple times a month (made it this weekend) it’s like a 30 minute drive, it gets boring quick lol. But yeah, if he wakes 6’0.5, then 5’11.75 low would be spot on.
Canson said on 18/Feb/23
@Jawilder: maybe 5’11.75” but I don’t see lower seeing him on NBC’s Sunday night coverage. He looks 6’0” there generally. He did measure 5’11 7/8 a different time at the Hula Bowl, however so the 6’0.25 is likely his morning

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Jawilder said on 17/Feb/23
I think he’s 5’11 7/8 at a low.
Cbrady said on 17/Feb/23
@Jawilder-- Drew at his low measures 182.3 maybe. A six foot claim is almost mandatory at that point. What I don't understand is why Anthony McFarland met with Brees and flat out said Drew was shorter than him (McFarland also claims six foot).
Jawilder said on 16/Feb/23
What do y’all think he measures at a low ?
Alex 6'0 said on 24/Dec/22
5'11 7/8 bowl measurement and 6'0.25 combine. Bowl measurement I'm assuming afternoon so at worst 5'11.75 low then
Jawilder said on 21/Jun/22
He’s not 5’11 lol. Worst case he’s 5’11.75 at a low.
viper said on 20/Jun/22
He's taller than just 5-11
Bradley said on 20/Jun/22
5-11. He looked it on the field all the time.
Canson said on 4/May/22
@Jawilder:yea the worst case I can see now is maybe 5’11 1/2 or 3/4”. And I say that because of how he looked on the field and how he measured. He was 5’11 7/8 at a bowl then 6’0.25” at the combine. Possibly the 5’11 7/8” could be his low and probably is as it adds up meaning 6’0 flat is lunchtime height I agree.
Jawilder said on 3/May/22
It’s crazy seeing him in all these pictures now that he is retired. He definitely looks 6 flat. On the field he looked tiny, which is crazy to say, especially about a 6 feet guy. I think Big Alex would edge Brees by 1/8. He really is close enough for me to give him 6 feet flat.
Maximum Raigeki said on 17/Feb/22
To further expand on my comment below, I find true 6' people to be those that are in 183 cm - 185 cm range throughout the day. If you're 183 (182.88) cm by the evening, you're close enough to 6'. I'd confidently say Drew Brees, like Tua and Taylor Rapp, is in the 182 cm - 184 cm, so they deserve a 5'11 3/4 rating. Not that anyone can really tell a 1/4 inch difference. Close enough to 6' IMHO
Raigeki said on 15/Feb/22
5'11 3/4 is the way to go. The same goes for Tua. People need to realize that if you're 184 out of bed, you reach 182 by the end of the day. He's very close to 6 feet, but I only consider legit 6'ers as those that are 6'1/4+.
viper said on 12/Dec/21
He really looks a very solid 6-0 on the Sunday night set.

Interesting how he's gets pegged at 5-10-5-11 so much
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Oct/21
6'0.25 is morning but not outta bed. 5'11 7/8 was midday? 5'11.75 is the lowest I'd go for him.
Canson said on 5/Oct/21
@JaWilder: Yea I think 5’11 7/8 may have been the better listing for him.
Jawilder said on 4/Oct/21
@viper A lot of fans in New Orleans say he’s no taller than 5’11. He was definitely around the 6 feet mark when I saw him, he looked an inch shorter than Adrian Peterson, who measured 6’1.5” at the combine, when they were doing autographs together. I think it is because how small he looked on the field compared to other players. His offensive linemen were basically all 6’4+ so people assumed he is a short guy. I think his combine measurement was probably closer to morning, and he probably measures 6 feet flat around lunch and dips to 5’11.75” before bed at worst. I agree tho, he does look like a legit 6 footer on the field since he started with NBC.

Anywhere from 5’11.75”-6 feet flat is best bet for Brees at a low 👍
Canson said on 4/Oct/21
@Viper: I noticed that too. But he also had camera advantage next to him

@Alex: yea he had a 5’11 7/8 measurement at one of the bowls so the 6’0.25 was definitely a morning measurement. I’m not even sure the 5’11 7/8 was a low
Canson said on 4/Oct/21
@Viper: I noticed that too. But he also had camera advantage next to him
viper said on 3/Oct/21
He really looks a good 6-0 next to Dungy on the field.

For some reason he only looks 5-10-5-11 to people in person. I wonder why
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Oct/21
6'0.25 combine i doubt anything below 5'11.75 he'd be at worst
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Oct/21
No less than 5'11.75
viper said on 19/Sep/21
He actually looks a good 6-0 on the Sunday night football show.

He looks the same next to Tony Dungy as 6-0 Rodney Harrison
ChaosControl said on 3/Sep/21
@Canson it’s not a joke. I can’t find the post but it’s on r/facepalm from a couple of months ago
Canson said on 3/Sep/21
@Chaos: 😂 😂
ChaosControl said on 2/Sep/21
I saw a guy on Reddit who thought this guy and Eli Manning are the same height and Drew is photoshopped to be shorter out of disrespect
Jawilder said on 30/Aug/21
My greatest football player of all time!

I’ve been blessed enough to have seen him in person as well as one my friends. I thought he looked 6 feet, but he was on a higher surface, so hard to really tell. But just from a general up close point of view, he looked 6 feet. My friend, who is about 5’11, said he saw him in a grocery store and was surprised that he saw him in the first place. He said he was even more surprised that Drew was taller than him! He was one of the guys that thought Drew wasn’t even 5’11. Everybody likes to say he is barely 5’11 because it made him sound even more of an underdog, but he’s actually pretty tall. Drew Brees is a legend to my hometown and my idol and hero growing up. Amazing person all around and proud to have him represent my city! Love you Drew!
viper said on 21/Jul/21
Brees with 6-6 Justin Herbert

Click Here
Canson said on 20/Feb/21
@Viper: he does look 4” shorter in most pics although I’ve seen 5” on occasion. If I were Rob, I’d have gone with 5’11 7/8 since that’s what he measured the first time.
viper said on 17/Jan/21
Bradshaw just called him 6-1 lol
viper said on 17/Jan/21
Drew just looked no shorter than 6-0 shaking Brady's hand
Canson said on 21/Dec/19
@Viper: he looks 5’10-5’11 next to Ware considering he’s also slightly closer to the camera than him.
Canson said on 21/Dec/19
@Viper: he looks 5’10-5’11 next to Ware
viper said on 12/Nov/19
Brees with 6-3.5 DeMarcus Ware.

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viper said on 1/Oct/19
So he's a 6-0 guy looking 5-10 to people
viper said on 16/Sep/19
Click Here

A lot of people here say he looks 5-10 in person
viper said on 9/Sep/19
I'd like to see a pic of him with 6-0 Steve Young
Canson said on 7/Sep/19
Click Here

He laughs at it when Patrick says that to him. I wonder if there is some truth to that
Nik said on 20/Dec/18
I admire how honest he is! 🏆! 🐝r🐝!
Canson said on 23/Nov/18
@Paul NS: I wonder if he’s only 5’11”
Animus said on 9/Nov/18
He's easily six feet tall. He was significantly taller than Matthew McConaughey and Luke Bracey.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 31/Oct/18
Rob, here's a quoted claim from him from a recent interview with Dan Patrick you could add Click Here
JD 5'9" said on 15/Oct/18
So yeah. I've always assumed this height was correct. However multiple people are now saying he's not an inch above 5'10". If this is true I wonder how he fooled us all. No way an athlete in his 30's has lost height right?
viper said on 8/Oct/18
Jason Witten just said Brees is not 6-0
Animus said on 20/Sep/18
He measured 6'0¼ at the NFL Combine, which likely means he is 6'0 flat in the afternoon.
Canson said on 2/May/18
@Christian: I may have been wrong a while back when I mentioned 5’11. Says here that he measured 5’11 7/8 at the Aloha Bowl in 2001 so his combine measurement makes sense. Maybe he’s 5’11.75 at a low in the afternoon since his combine was 6’0.25 in the AM but that’s still close enough to get a 6’0” claim but not 6’1” like he thought he was. Maybe he was referring to his shoe height

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Editor Rob
He Bust a Gut for an extra few mm's to get that six foot mark.
Canson said on 2/May/18
He measured other times as well. His Senior Bowl was 5’11 3/4 or 7/8. Christian is right the combine is in the morning. It also said that Baker Mayfield “missed his morning weigh-in and measurement” at the Senior Bowl due to family reasons and was measured later at 6’0 3/8 as a result. He was 6’0 5/8 at the combine, however, because that is early morning. It’s also said that most scouts saw Baker as closer to 6’0” which means his Senior Bowl was likely not even a low. Someone measuring 6’0 5/8 an hour out of bed is more likely 6’0 1/8 or 6’0 1/4 at a low which is why most of them saw him as shorter than he measured as he would be later in the day when a normal measurement occurs
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/May/18
The 6'0.25" is a morning measurement.
Animus said on 30/Apr/18
He was measured above 6'0 at the combine: Click Here
RamblerReb said on 27/Apr/18
I've never met Brees but I've been in the same room with him (if you count the Superdome as one room), and from the front row where I sat during the 2012 NFC Divisional game he looked right at 6'.

For what it's worth, Rob, calling him or any American football player exactly that (an American football player), or an NFL quarterback (or wide receiver, running back, etc.), would be perfectly fine and eliminate confusion, as players are routinely referred to by their position.
Canson said on 3/Mar/18
@Jake94: I think it’s also up to the player to decide how they want to be listed. But yea for some height isn’t relevant. For a QB especially if he’s alreadh 6’4” which is ideal size. But Kap was listed at 6’5” early on in his career but being that’s a morning 6’4 5/8 he isn’t above max 194cm maybe just 6’4.25

As for Brees I can almost see that being a morning height or possible error. He looks small on field imho. If that’s in the morning he’d be 5’11.75 but he doesn’t even look that to me
Editor Rob
I read something from Brees before the draft and I'm sure he said he hoped to measure 6ft 1, but we'll see about it.
Canson said on 3/Mar/18
@Jake94: I think it’s also up to the player to decide how they want to be listed. But yea for some height isn’t relevant. For a QB especially if he’s alreadh 6’4” which is ideal size. But Kap was listed at 6’5” early on in his career but being that’s a morning 6’4 5/8 he isn’t above max 194cm maybe just 6’4.25
Jake94 (5'9 said on 21/Jan/18
@Canson I guess if your that tall they don't care as much. Drew Brees has been listed as 6'1" occasionally. Currently most listings have him at 6' even
Editor Rob
Drew and Shawne Merriman who nobody can agree on.
Canson said on 20/Jan/18
@Jake: not always. Colin Kapernick was given 6’4 when he measured 6’4 5/8. Kap being a morning measurement if accurate is likely my height 193.7 at night and 6’5 out of bed
Jake94 (5'9 said on 19/Jan/18
@ KH, they do barefoot measurement, but usually round up for the listed height. Like a player who measure 5'11" and a 1/4 at the combine will almost always get listed as 6'
Jake94 (5'9 said on 19/Jan/18
6' and a quarter
Goku said on 18/Jan/18
Rob, when you say "American footballer", you refer to soccer (football) players. I think it should be "American football player" instead.
Editor Rob
I understand what you mean.

Since the tag only appears on players who are in the NFL, I thought it was a shorter version.

It's unfortunate Americans also use football to describe the sport. It has been a long-term point of confusion.
Animus said on 18/Jan/18
He can look 1½-2 inches taller than Matthew McConaughey. Brees strikes me as a solid 6'0, he could be anywhere in the 183-183.5cm range.
Borats Chicken said on 17/Jan/18
Rob, any chance of aaron rodgers gets a page? the guy got insecure and Sensitive about it when a fan said something about his height
Editor Rob
The poor bloke is gonna have a heart attack when I list him just under 6ft 2 then!

I would class him just under 6ft 2.
Borats Chicken said on 28/Oct/17
Rob, any chance you're going add joe namaths page again? i cant see it anymore
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
I agree more with the first measurement of 5’11 7/8. He was measured twice so that leads me to believe the second isn’t as accurate. Which would essentially make him 5’11.5. He honestly doesn’t look much taller than Johnny manziel who measured 5’11 3/4 at 7 or 8am
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/17
Rob, how likely is a little over 6ft?
Editor Rob
considering measurement times, I think most nfl players would shrink another 1/4 at least, so he may well hold onto near 6ft flat or at worst just under it...bursting a gut I'm sure he's a little over 6ft in the afternoon though.
Frost said on 27/Oct/17
@NFL nerd, I remember the Chase Daniel thing, it was evident though right off the bat that Brees was noticeably taller. And I know the combine has gotten much better over the years as a result of the NCAA outright lying about player listings and coaching staff becoming increasingly irate to find their prospects were much shorter (and at times even taller) than their listed heights. That's when draft combine listings became almost completely accurate.

Brees entered the league in the early 2000s so I assumed he would suffer the same fate as others, but he does appear at least 6'0. It's only in certain instances where he seems shorter than his listing.

Click Here

here he is with Jimmy Fallon and easily an inch taller.

Click Here

and here he is with Tim Tebow and Dan Marino. With Odell and Russell Wilson he absolutely doesn't look more than 5'11, but they are honestly the only places I've seen him look sub 6'0.

Rob's listing works best in all honesty.
Borats Chicken said on 26/Oct/17
Rob, could his lowest be 5'11.75?
Editor Rob
he might at worst go slightly under 6ft, later in the day, for the most part I'd call him a decent enough six foot.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Oct/17
@NFL Nerd

That may explain why guys like Roman Reigns look much shorter than their measurement (he was measured 6'2 5/8" but really doesn't look more than 6'2")
Travis said on 26/Oct/17
yup he 6ft idk why people say that drew brees is 5'11.25 i just dont see it
Canson said on 25/Oct/17
@Christian: I’m curious as to the ambiguity with his measurement tho. I saw where Paul mentioned below that he measured 5’11 7/8 the first time. I’m wondering if that is closer to the truth as a morning height and he’s really more 5’11 5/8 or 1/2
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/17
KH, The NFL absolutely does do barefoot measurements! And mostly always list their players barefoot height measurements (rounded up or down to the nearest inch) on the rosters. Unlike the NBA...who take both barefoot & shoe measurements. And 99% of the team list their height in shoes on the roster.
Matthew Robinson said on 24/Oct/17
Vince Vaughn is looking pretty short in that photo next to Brees.
KH said on 24/Oct/17
Not sure if he is the full six foot. Also, you have to be careful about combine measurements when it comes to the NFL I am not sure they do barefoot measurements like the NBA does.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 24/Oct/17

It's quite surprising to see a 5'11.5" guy get measured at 6'0.25" then. His combine measurement must've been straight out of bed. Either that, or there could be an error, like how a few NBA players have their pre draft height listed inaccurately.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/17
Made Vince Vaughn look 6'3"
Dingus said on 23/Oct/17
6ft and one eight inches tall imo
Frost said on 23/Oct/17
I thought he was under this mark because of the Russell Wilson and Beckham pics but with Tim Tebow it holds up. I was wrong.
Saints said on 23/Oct/17
Solid measurement, he has easily an inch over 5ft 11 Luke Bracey in this photo.
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Canson said on 23/Oct/17
@Christian: I’d be hard pressed to even put him at 6’0”. He really looks short compared to most other guys out there. I would’ve said maybe 5’11.5 is how he looks really. He doesn’t look as tall as someone like Mike Wallace who is a legit 6’0” guy
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 23/Oct/17
Measured 6'0.25" at the draft Click Here but that was an early measurement so I can see him at 6'0" like he's listed here, or possibly 182.5cm also.
MD said on 23/Oct/17
No, you don't ever hear about how much shorter he is than 6ft, rather you hear often about how short he is for his position.
Paul said on 22/Oct/17
Wow, really? All you ever hear about this guy heightwise is how he's supposedly so much shorter than 6ft.

I can't say I've ever looked into it, but it may just be because he's pretty short for a QB and thus doesn't look tall on the field, so people think he is shorter.

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