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6ft 3.68in (192.2cm)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Aug/18
Measure at 6'3 3/4 a specific time 7am with thick socks on is believable.
Canson said on 11/Aug/18
6’3.75 is a joke. He’s at absolute most 6’3 and likely a weak 6’3” as I’ve said all along based on how he looks with Barkley or Kobe or Jordan and even more so with Wilton Speight
Canson said on 11/Jul/18
@Bruce: that’s because Speight has significant camera advantage. Look closely. And He wouldn’t be listed 6’5 1/4 if he’s really 6’8”. Next to Wade, he doesn’t look more than his listing. Brock Osweiler was listed at 6’8” in college and was measured 6’6 7/8 at the combine (in the morning) meaning he’s probably closer to 6’6.5 really at a low. Not sure if Speight is morning or afternoon but, assuming he didn’t grow, he isn’t more than 6’5.25. The only question is if he is less than that (if this were in the morning). The difference is overblown but if you put a line above both heads it’s 2-3”. If you look closely, Wade’s head is way above his eyebrows. If Speight weren’t favored and they had the same angle Wade would not look that much shorter. It would be a little more than what Kobe has on him at best if even a noticeable difference. The fact that Wade is well above his eyebrows speaks to that. To be fair, Wade has been favored in many pics as well which he can actually look close to 6’4” at times such as when he looks only an inch shorter than Kobe when it’s more than that. Wade basically gave this away when he called Kobe 6’6-6’6.5 and himself 6’3.5. Kobe got measured at 6’4.75.

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Bruce said on 10/Jul/18
If Speight is 6'5 1/4, well let's say he's 6'6. There is no way Wade is anywhere close to 6'3 or even 6'2.5-.75 whatever base on that pic, his head barely make it to Speight's eyes, even if you take camera angle into consideration. Look at pics of 5'8 Rob next to 5'11 guys, the difference isn't even close compare to Wade and Speight in that picture.

Here's what 3.5 inches difference look like.
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That is at least a 5 inches difference in that picture of Wade and Speight.

If Speight is truly 6'6 and not 6'8 something but underlisted, Wade is a lucky to be 6'2.
Canson said on 8/Jul/18
: Speight actually isn’t even 6’6” his combine listing is 6’5 1/4 which usually occurs in the morning as well. Now maybe his was a Pro Day or something else as he doesn’t look less than 6’5”. We will have to wait until next year when he goes pro to see if it changes. But from comparing measurements the combine measurments typically run 3/8-1/2” taller than an afternoon height. Either way if Speight is 6’5.25 tops then Wade doesn’t even look 6’3 next to him

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Canson said on 8/Jul/18
@Harry Sachs: Whatever you say. Not going to get into the pissing match over your stupid comment, and I haven’t been proven wrong on Wade’s height so you make absolutely no sense. Instead, you’re saying that because I’m not in the majority here, meaning don’t agree with everyone else, that I’m wrong. That’s the whole point of the website. And I actually didn’t say he’s only 6’2.5, I said 6’2.5-.75 and I have said before that the most he would be in my opinion is 6’3”. I’m essentially saying a weak 6’3 is how he looks. And I won’t be proven wrong because I’ve heard more than one person say he’s max 6’3 or 6’2.5-6’3 including Lebron James who played with him. And why would Erik Spoelstra and Otis Smith (Orlando’s GM) call him 6’4” on a good day. That would point to him being 6’3 at most.

And if you read carefully, Lorde below is saying that he’s 6” shorter than the other guy and that 6’3” in shoes is generous for him. Yet you don’t say a word to him when that estimate is way off yet you direct your bull**** at me
HarrySachs said on 7/Jul/18
It is funny how most people here believe Wade is over 6'3 but Canson thinks he is 6'2 1/2 But if you read what Canson types he always does this. He will believe whatever he wants to believe even when proven wrong.
Canson said on 7/Jul/18
@Rising: I’ve met Phelps. Rob has him just about accurate here. He wouldn’t be much higher than 6’2.5 or absolutely not Lower than 6’2.25. I agree Wade would edge Phelps by maybe a CM. Barkley is close to 2” on Wade but camera angle makes it appear more and Barkley is bigger than him physically
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Jul/18
@Christian: He did actually look close to Kobe's height at times: Click Here Click Here But the difference was bigger in other pics and he looks about 2" shorter than Jordan here: Click Here And I agree with Canson that Barkley looked about 2" taller, but I think Phelps would be shorter than Wade. Personally, I wouldn't guess Wade below 6'3" and I wouldn't guess Phelps taller than Rob's 6'2.5" listing.
Canson said on 30/Jun/18
@lorde: that’s not 6” or even close. Wilson has a larger head but Wade looks about what he should (6’2.5-.75) next to him accounting for camera etc. I’ve said all along as I know someone who was a scout in the NBA that was my former AAU coach that has met Wade more than once. My coach is 6’2” and said Wade was only slightly taller than him 1/2”-1” tops is what he said
lorde said on 29/Jun/18
Here's a supposedly 6'4 Wade with a 6'6 listed college football player Wilton Speight.

Click Here

That's at least a 6 inches difference between the 2. Now let's say Wilton's height is understated by 2 inches and that's he actually 6'8 (doubt it), there is no way Wade is anywhere close to 6'3 let's alone 6'4. 6'3 IN SHOES is GENEROUS for this guy.
Canson said on 11/Jun/18
@Christian: it’s at least a 2” difference between them. Barkley looks like he has him by about 2” as well
Canson said on 11/Jun/18
@Christian: Wade ranks right up there with Michael Phelps. Two guys that look nothing near 6’4” barefoot but are listed at it.
Canson said on 11/Jun/18
@Shane: Barkley has close to 2” on Wade so agreed
Canson said on 10/Jun/18
@Shane: agreed
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 9/Jun/18

I don't know what you mean. He looks nowhere near this listing with Kobe.
Shane said on 8/Jun/18
No chance he measured 6'3 3/4" barefoot.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 7/Jun/18
This is a fine listing. He does hold extremely well with Kobe Bryant.
Canson said on 1/Jun/18
@Junior: Carney’s look less than an inch imho. Wade may not be a full 1.5 but 1.25 at least imho. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wade pulled 6’3” as he would measure that at some point of the day. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if he’s 6’2.75. 6’3.25 is reasonable in the early morning imho. My thinking for the 6’3.75 is it’s a shoe height
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/May/18
Nobody really knows what kind of boots Wade wear but definitely not a thick kind like 1.5" and Carney dress shoes is no way 3/4 best to know at least 1". Given the variation of footwear or time of measurement of Wade i would say Wade is at least 6'3 1/4 to 3/8 (191.4) if he isn't as tall as 6'3 1/2. Carney look more like 5'11 7/8 with Rob.

Wade 191cm lowest
Carney 182.5cm lowest
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 29/May/18

I can see Cam's shoes giving 5/8" but no higher. Boris had about 3/8" advantage if not a tad more.
Canson said on 26/May/18
@Christian: you may be right again! Maybe 5/8” but even then Boris had on a dress shoe which, effectively, doubles the difference.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 24/May/18

I think Cam had even slightly thinner footwear than Carney. Carney has dress shoes which give maybe 3/4" while Cam had what were almost similar to slip-on moccasins, and those typically give no more than 1/2".
Canson said on 22/May/18
@Christian and Junior: that’s actually a lot of advantage he has with Carney. Carney has little footwear as Those would not add an inch.

@Christian: Coincidentally, the shoes Carney has on are similar to the ones Cam Newton is wearing with Boris in their pics together.
Canson said on 22/May/18
@Christian: good point! My guess for Wade is 190ish
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/May/18

Wade had some footwear advantage with his boots though Click Here if you deduct the advantage he's rougly 3" taller.
Canson said on 20/May/18
@Junior: the only problem is that a guy like Caron Butler is 6’5 and easily has 2” on Wade. I’ve played ball against Caron and have seen him off the court and he’s about 196cm. That’s why I can believe Kobe being 195 as Caron is a cm or half inch taller. Wade is a solid 4” shorter than Lebron or Haslem too
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/May/18
@Christian @Canson Wade look at least 6'3 1/4-3/8 with 5'11.75-6'0 Reeve Carney that Rob had a picture with.

Click Here 5'11 7/8 would be true for Carney

Click Here: I can believe 191-191.5cm but 6'3 seem too low.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 12/May/18

Wade at 6'3.5" might be a bit too high because Lebron's likely not 6'7.25" at his low, it was an early measurement. 6'6.75" for him and 6'2.75"-6'3" for Wade.
Canson said on 12/May/18
@Junior: but next to Ray Allen that’s an entire inch between he and Wade. Lebron may be 6’7” flat at a low but maybe only 6’6.75 at a low but the difference with he and Wade looks at least a solid 4” difference imho. Maybe 4.25. The thing is people have met Kevin Love and said he’s closer to 6’7”. So even if that means 6’7.25-.5 that puts Lebron around 6’6.75. The most I could see for Wade is a flat 6’3” and that looks iffy in my opinion
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/May/18
Atually there is only about 3.75" between Wade and Lebron. There are pictures both of them walking barefoot on the neach. Def not accurately 8.9cm in difference but a 1/8 more. I start to believe Wade is 6'3.5" not lower.

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Canson said on 7/May/18
@Tunman: I agree with part of what you said. Only thing is Wade was in the same draft class so those two would’ve had morning measurements as well. Now Melo could’ve possibly grown or the 6’6.25 could’ve been a few hours earlier and he may dip close to 6’6”. He’s definitely not under 6’6” and I would say he can look 6’6-6’6.25. He may be a strong 6’6” to be honest. He looked about that. But Bogans measured 6’4.5 in 2002 and 6’4.25 in 2003 when He Wade and Melo were drafted. Not sure what time of day it was held. But I can see Bogans no lower than maybe a full 6’4 at a low. He was the exact same height as I was at 6’4” when I played him in high school and may still be the exact same as I saw him since. However 1/4” difference I probably wouldn’t spot. Wade could conceivably be 6’3 at a low like you said. 6’3”ish I could buy that. But 6’3.75 looks high esp being Bradley Beal looks taller and Beal is 6’3” range possibly. I almost wonder was Wade’s measurement a shoe height possibly like Ben Wallace’s. Wallace shows a 6’7.75 but he himself admitted to being 6’6/6’7 and he looks it with 6’9.75 Rasheed Wallace. John Wall is questionable as well. 6’2.75 doesn’t add up next to Beal or Porter etc. I know two people who have met Wall and one is 6’3 and said he was at least an inch shorter if not more then one guy at 6’0” said he looked about an inch or two taller. The former has met Beal as well and said they were the same height or that Beal may have him by a touch. Beal at 6’3.25 was probably a morning height at the time but he is said to have grown a bit so he may be a legit 6’3 range at a low now. He can look 6’3.5 at times.
Tunman said on 6/May/18
Could look a solid 4"smaller than Lebron James,again further proof for him being closer to 6'3 than 4.
I agree with Bogans and Anthony measuring around their draft measurement but I still think Wade was measured barefoot but much earlier,actually it's surprising he wasn't listed at 6'5 as it would have been typical.Anyways for him to be sub 6'3 means Lebron being sub 6'7...hmmm,to be fair,LBJ also seems among the ones fairly listed like Durant I wouldn't argue anything under 6'7 for him.190,5-91 is still my opinion for Wade.
Canson said on 2/May/18
@Tunman: I don’t buy that Wade measured that barefoot. He doesn’t look even as tall as Bradley Beal. Beal is a 6’3 range guy according to those who have met him. I live in the DC area myself. It’s the same with John Wall who I know 2 or 3 people have met and say he’s lucky if he’s 6’2” barefoot. One of these guys is 6’3”. Also Ben Wallace who shows a 6’7.75 measurement and admitted he’s 6’6/6’7. I’m not sure they measured in the afternoon tho. Carmelo Anthony Keith Bogans and Kirk Hinrich were also drafted in 2003 and I have met and or played ball against all 3 and all three look much closer to their draft measurements (maybe at best 1/4” lower in person) than Wade. However I haven’t met Wade but comparing those who I have met (3 are listed above) I would put Wade sub 6’3 and this fits with how Lebron has described him. I met TJ ford and he looked more 5’10 than 5’11. He was drafted same year as them
Canson said on 2/May/18
@Tunman: I don’t buy that Wade measured that barefoot. He doesn’t look even as tall as Bradley Beal. Beal is a 6’3 range guy according to those who have met him. I live in the DC area myself. It’s the same with John Wall who I know 2 or 3 people have met and say he’s lucky if he’s 6’2” barefoot. One of these guys is 6’3”. Also Ben Wallace who shows a 6’7.75 measurement and admitted he’s 6’6/6’7.
Tunman said on 1/May/18
6'2.5"is too low since he was measured at 6'3.75".Since he loses at least 0.75" and probably 1" and was measured early in the morning he's likely 0.5"-0.75"shorter at night.So 6'3-3.25"or about 191.
Canson said on 30/Apr/18
@Joe: that’s the max I can see and it seems high imho. I would say 6’2.5-6’3
joe### said on 29/Apr/18
I can see it in 6'3 he looks shorter with jordan
Canson said on 24/Apr/18
@Joe: that doesn’t add up to me (at least). Morning height for most NBA players means an hour out of bed and the others in that draft class that I have met appear around their pre draft. For example, Keith Bogans is my height (at worst he’s maybe a solid 6’4). Carmelo Anthony is at worst 6’6” but could be 6’6.25. Kirk Hinrich looked around 189 imho as well. Wade if he were 6’3.75 after an hour would mean 6’3.25. That looks a bit high for him imho
Dream(5'9.5 said on 23/Apr/18
Actually, he's holding very well with Kobe Bryant in height.
joe### said on 23/Apr/18
6'3.75 should the height in the morning.
Canson said on 21/Mar/18
Similar scenario to Ben Wallace who also shows a barefoot measurement of 6’7.75 but admitted he’s 6’6-6’7”. Wade is more than likely 6’2.5-6’2.75 barefoot
Canson said on 16/Feb/18
I’m not seeing Wade anywhere near 6’4” in this pic even if he didn’t lean. Hamilton is prob 6’5.5 Pierce 6’6” Carter 6’5” all are significantly taller than Wade. Not to mention Pierce has Ray Allen by at least a full 2” if not a hair more and Ray has Wade by a good 2 or 3cm.

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Canson said on 9/Feb/18
@Bobby: I don’t see Mj over 6’4.5 barefoot (maybe like 6’5.25 out of bed) at his peak. He prob hasn’t lost a lot of height tho either
bobbyh33432 said on 8/Feb/18
im sorry i just dont see wade at 6 3.75 barefoot he doesnt look that big plus he looks 2 inches shorter than jordan which would be legit if you went by their listings , yes the 6'6 jordan is 2inches taller than 6'4 wade,,, only problem is jordan isnt 6'6 so if ya put mike at6'4.75 then wade is 6 2.75 or jordan is 6'5 and wade is 6'3 whatever way you want to slice it,,, but i just dont see him measuring 6'4 in his barefeet which is basically what he measured,,,,6 3.75
Canson said on 7/Feb/18
I still think he’s upper 6’2” range today. That 6’3.75 looks. A shoe height. Looks 6’2.75 honestly
Mars said on 4/Feb/18
Click Here ROB in this video he claim when he was 17 he was 5 ft 8 and after that he Grow to be 6 ft 2 that's mad is like 8- 9 inches!
Editor Rob
Seems at 16 he was 5ft 8 then through age 17 went to 6ft 2, a decent spurt.
Canson said on 3/Feb/18
@Junior: 6’3.25 would be a good start imho even tho I don’t even think he holds that after the first hour or so. Could be as low as 6’2.5 (more likely 6’2.75 190cm) but 6’3” as about as tall as I can realistically see.
Canson said on 1/Feb/18
Doesn’t look any higher than 6’3” next to Bosh or Charles Barkley or Kobe or Jordan
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
Overall i think Wade should get a downgrade at 6'3 3/8 and 6'3 3/4 just a morning measurement and seriously he can't hold this height not even 192cm.
Jordanmaxon said on 30/Jan/18
If you guys think wade is 6’2.75 you need to face palm yourself
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jan/18
6'3.75" was either a shoe measurement or could've got 6'3 5/8" barefoot early morning busting a gut and rounded up to .75" I don't see him being anything over 6'3" lowest.
Canson said on 8/Jan/18
@Junior: he generally looks at best 6’3 other times 6’2.5
Junior said on 7/Jan/18
Atually sometimes i see Wade look no more than 6'2.75" even he standing pretty well.
Canson said on 6/Jan/18
@Checker: I’d lean more toward shoes being that height. 190cm barefoot. He’s not a strong 6’3” guy and if he measures 6am means Melo and Bogans too and both of them look nearer their pre draft heights in public
checker said on 5/Jan/18
Wade got measured at 6 AM Id say
Canson said on 23/Dec/17
He’s struggles to even look a full 6’3” barefoot very clearly if you see him with Charles Barkley or Kobe or Jordan or Caron Butler
Mike said on 19/Dec/17
All these same ridiculous comments saying Wade is shorter than he is because this is a height site and we must insist everyone is 2" shorter than their listed height to prove our own sad relevance. I have seen Wade up close after a game and he's a solid 6'3" AT LEAST, almost 6'4" without shoes and ripped and solid. He's a big strong NFL football player looking dude. Quit trying to minimize him for no reason.
Canson said on 10/Dec/17
I have a former AAU coach that used to work as a scout and has met many players and Wade is one of them. I met up with him this week and we were talking about Lebron and Wade He himself is 6’2 and said Wade isn’t really much taller than he is. Estimated him as 6’2/6’3 barefoot and that hes probably barely 6’4” in sneakers. He did estimate Lebron to be about 6’7” though in bare feet and said he can see him 6’8” in sneaks
Canson said on 27/Nov/17
Agreed LeBlanc
LeBlanc said on 27/Nov/17
Update: after several picture comparison, I’ve came to a conclusion that he’s a legit 190cm(6’2.75”) no more than that. And he’s 6’4” in basketball shoes.
Canson said on 27/Nov/17
. Id put money he isn’t over 6’3 at night if even
Im 171CM said on 15/Nov/17
Wade looks 6'4" nowadays always looked that height
Canson said on 9/Nov/17
@Junior: that’s kinda how I see it. Maybe Kobe 195cm or so and MJ 194.3 (6’4.5). To me I see at most a cm. I won’t discount what you said maybe his wife undeemeasrued but doubt it’s more than maybe a mm or two. 6’4.75 is 194.9. Wade with Kobe is about 2 solid ones or 5cm imho. 190 vs 195. Jordan and wade 194.3 vs 190.
Junior said on 8/Nov/17
@Canson, Kobe does make Wade look flat 190cm while Jordan make Wade look 6'3. Maybe you're right on a point that Wade min is 190cm if we go with 194.4cm for Jordan lowest.
Junior said on 8/Nov/17
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Canson said on 3/Nov/17
That can look a full 2” diff with Kobe and even more than just 3.5” with Lebron. I honestly can’t see more than 6’2.5-.75. If he’s holding a solid 6’3” in the evening I’d be very surprised
Canson said on 24/Oct/17
@Junior: I believe Kobe 6’4.75 at his lowest of course he isn’t much lower than that. I believe it because I saw someone else on the internet post that he’s 195 and a pinch taller as well. Now 6’5 is how he’s gonna look esp in a higher shoe he would be 6’6” in a sneaker but I also go off KROC a poster here who is a strong 6’5 (6’5-6’5.25) said when he met Kobe had him by about 1/2” and said wade was lucky if he’s 6’3”. Now a friend of mine is a scout and said Kobe is 6’5ish and that wade in person wasn’t significantly taller than him and he’s 6’2”. I see Caron Butler by both and he still edges Kobe and Caron isn’t over 196 as I’ve met him. Wade looks 190 with butler most of the time and with Russell Westbrook or rose I’m hard pressed to see 6’3”. Keith Bogans is also 6’4 (played against him) he’s taller than wade pretty good too
Junior said on 24/Oct/17
@Canson said on 21/Oct/17

Lets make a case to be fair we could suspect why Kobe Bryant always easily look taller than 6'4.75" to people, maybe he measure 195cm with a little relax posture and a standard straight posture he would pass for 6'5" for high chance because this happen to some people too, it's strange that Kobe often look 6'5.5" with lots of celebrities and musicians but look a proper 6'5 with his team mates. Dwyane Wade i can see at his lowest 6'3 and sometimes standing loose posture may look a 6'2 plus guy, 190cm is too low for Dwayne and i agree with you i can see a full 2" between Kobe and Wade and sometimes more like 1.75". I would rule out in metric 190.5cm for Wade and 195.5cm for Kobe at their lowest. Wade could have measure early morning likely 191.9cm range get rounded up as 6'3.75" - 192.4cm that is why the lowest he look is not 6'3.25" but 6'3" flat.
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@Junior: I know in 2008 specified that it was afternoon 2009 morning but other years before not sure. Wade looks like a shoe height. Kobe looks 2” taller imho.
Junior said on 21/Oct/17
I think if Kobe had a chance to be at his low 195cm then Dwyane Wade would have been under 192cm around 6'3.25" and dipping lowest 6'3. I see 4-4.5cm between them. Now i'm deeply curios about how the NBA draft measure their players is it all in the morning not long out of bed, with without thick socks or just a mid day with shoes that taken off insoles measure them and put them "without shoes in the Draftexpress site or what?
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@leblanc: that may be too low but 190 looks right. He’s 6’3.75 in shoes
LeBlanc said on 20/Oct/17
He is exactly 189cm
Canson said on 27/Sep/17
Agree with I'm 171. Wade imho devalues 6'4". He looks 4-5" at times shorter than Lebron in the highlights they showed when Cleveland signed him. The thing is when someone has broad shoulders and good posture they will appear taller than they are at times. I have a 6'2.5ish friend who gets 6'4 or 6'5 all the time while I've been guessed as 6'6 just as recently as over the weekend and I was in a casual shoe.
Im 171CM said on 27/Sep/17
I'd say 6'2"-6'3" looks about to me just a good guess...
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
This is not the greatest pic but he looks shorter than Westbrook here

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Sep/17
@Rising: but for Kobe he's listed 6'4.75 and has measured that as well so that shouldn't be a guess it is essentially assessing him a height based on how he looks with someone else who has not been verifiably measured. If that's his low and he claims it and measured it that's how tall he is
Canson said on 4/Sep/17
@Rising: as far as Gary Payton I agree but that again as Christian and I both have said puts Jordan no more than maybe 6'4.5 maybe even a flat 194cm. He looks less than that with Payton really but I'll give him 6'4.5 or 3/8 at night since he looks that usually on the court and is 6'4/6'5 or 6'4 and change to almost anyone who meets him. I can see him getting a 6'5" guess if he's in his sneaks and/or is being assessed by a morning measured as a pair of Jordan's add 1.2-1.4" for some. Meaning 6'5 5/8-6'5.75 is possible in sneaks as is a tad higher like 6'5.8-.9 if they're really 1.4" which is why he's listed 6'6" to begin with anything 6'5.5 or above morning or evening will net 6'6". I'm the same size as is bobby3342 and both of us listed 6'6 on rosters from a low of 6'4.25-.375 evening

Click Here
Canson said on 4/Sep/17

Jones couldn't have been 6'5.5. The angle could be a bit off but he's at least 1.5" less than Cedric ceballos. Ceballos was listed 6'6" when he first came in the league and didn't get put up to 6'7" until he went to LA in 94. My thinking is maybe he is 6'6" barefoot but quite possibly 6'5.5 himself as he was a bit shorter than Oliver miller was as well. Also to note this Ceballos is taller than barkley is by a bit prob an inch or inch and a half

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Canson said on 4/Sep/17
@Rising: I'll def say this. We disagree on heights but you definitely know basketball the game itself! I have always thought that the trade for Rice was a bit foolish. Phil didn't like Rice much when he took that tram over due to his style of ball. Rice didn't fit the prototypical Scottie pippen type that he always had so he went a lot with fox instead. Sometimes George or horry at the 3 with grant or samaki walker if they played the 4. I think with Jones it was more a move on potential of Kobe to appease him and let him grow as they saw he was a little better but when Kobe first arrived Jones was a starter already and was better his first couple years than Kobe. They gave up on that team of Van exel Ej Kobe Horry and Shaq. EJ was a great defensive player too but I can't argue results as they won 3 almost right after until Kobe became greedy and he and shaq both were guilty of their ulterior motives to an extent and PJ did nothing to rectify he encouraged the tension and nuturrd it lol
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Sep/17
I forgot to add regarding Kidd. I assume he's either 6'2.75" or 6'3". I have seen him play years ago when he was a Net, including pre-game warm ups, but not closer than say 20 feet probably, so I couldn't make a precise guess. Kidd looked about the same height as Terrell Owens back in 2010, was generally similar to Gary Payton when seen together as well and also measured up pretty well to wings compared to other point guards, even big wings like Grant Hill when they posed for their co-ROY. But he could look short with 6'6" Penny during the Backcourt 2000 days so I'd say as short as 6'2.5" is at least possible, but I'm fine with around 190 range. But like I said, I sometimes see the "short" Wade so I leave open the possibility he was measured closer to his high than low and would be more like 6'3". However, I've seen him look at least his measurement a number of times as well so I haven't seen conclusive enough evidence yet for me to go against his measurement, or at least give him any less than 6'3.5".
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Sep/17
@Canson: The angle alone is too high to make it a precise photo. I'm not just saying that because it's your photo either, I acknowledged that the angle of that 2007 AS full pic of Kobe and Wade had an angle a bit low for my liking(though imo, to a lesser degree) and the other side by side had a straight angle and wasn't full, but supported the small difference shown in the full pic. With that said, there are solid photos that show at least the 1.5" difference you mention, but then there's ones like those two 2007 AS photos that show only around 2 cm and the 2009 all-star side by side that show maybe an inch max. Butler looked only 1.5" taller to me in that full Miami group photo and surprisingly, much less in that side by side of just the two of them, which wasn't full. I'm not convinced Kobe is taller than Jordan, but he could be by a small amount, which is what it looked in the photo they posed for in street clothes 10 years ago. The 2 look almost identical, but it looks like Kobe can just edge him by a fraction. But I stand by Jordan at 6'4.75"-6'5", especially after seeing him with Obama as well as Rodman. Jordan looked taller in that back to back with Wade than Kobe often does, but Kobe probably has looked at least that tall with Wade, possibly taller. I don't know, I'll have to go through all the good pics I can find. As for Eddie Jones, I'll try to see if I can find any good media day photos or even pre-game photos with Kobe to compare because I haven't thought of his height too much, but in 2 photos with Caron Butler on Media Day for the 2003-2004 season, he looks pretty much identical in one and 2 cm taller in another. Rough guess for now would be 6'5.5", but don't hold me to that because I may very well change my mind significantly. Btw, Lakers should have never given away Jones for 10 cents on the dollar. Rice was almost finished by that point, especially after elbow surgeries, got lit up on D and never really grasped the triangle in it's entirety, especially off the ball. Jones even shot 3s better in that first full year out of LA, iirc and was 4 years younger. Those two were flexible enough at 2 and 3, plus Jones could have been great focusing on D and being the true 3rd option Shaq and Kobe never really had. I mean they won 3 titles, but they basically got rid of a ton of talent and got almost nothing in return. I can't help but think at least holding on to that much talent in its prime(Campbell, Jones and Van Exel), they could have if nothing else, got a better offer. I mean they ended up almost announcing they'd let Rice walk because he became a malcontent. Payton on the Lakers a few years later wound up being pretty similar, imo although Malone was interesting on that team when healthy.

And people can lose another 1/4" from say noon to the night. Kobe's knees alone make him a decent candidate for that, but in general, there is some variation of a decent amount with not only total loss(Jenny loses a full inch, iirc while Rob loses something like 5/8" or 3/4") but I believe people can lose different amounts in different proportions as well. But I don't always mean statements like that for certain, it's just speculation on my part. What I'm saying is seeing him with guys like Magic and Obama, he looks tall enough that I think he may have been the full 6'5" during a typical time for a measurement(when most might be measured by a doctor). But it's such a tiny figure that there's any number of possible explanations. Vanessa could have done a respectable measurement, but particularly without having a stadiometer at home, she probably used a book and tape measure and there undoubtedly exists a margin of error there. Or even the floor could be off that much(having worked a lot of carpentry, particularly when renovating or tearing down someone else's work, it's appalling how far from level some carpenters consider acceptable, but even good work can become less level over time). So again, when we're talking about 1/8" and stuff like that, it's simply too precise to say with any certainty. Vanessa may have seen the tape around the 3/4" mark, but it could have been slightly above or below -- I doubt she was thinking in terms of 1/8" or 1/16" -- so like I say sometimes I speculate or think out loud on these type of things. I believe most people when it comes to height would generally consider only to the nearest 1/4"(the NBA combine does not list anything more precise).

Btw, for reference, when I speak of heights, I usually go with the loose "lunchtime" criteria Rob does and assume everyone wakes sometime between 5-7 AM. But of course, for many celebrities, their schedules are dramatically different so there's another margin of error. I really have no way of knowing exactly how much Kobe shrinks after say, from say, the 5th or 6th hour he's up until the evening or even night. I assume it's a small fraction, but whether we're talking 1/4" or 1/8", I really can't say so like I say, don't take everything I say in that respect as some sort of final guess, but rather speculation. You can take my 6'5" guess for Kobe as my final one and consider me guessing at lunchtime or whatever the equivalent would be for Kobe. In general, that's how I'm guessing unless I specifically state otherwise as I sometimes do.
Canson said on 2/Sep/17
@Rising: something you said below that I have to question. If Kobe is more of a 6'5" midday guy he wouldn't be 6'4.75 at night. Maybe he's a 6'4 7/8 midday or between 3/4-7/8 or maybe he dips below 3/4 at night. Typically one losing 3/4" or even an inch would be under 1/2" by 3 hours on their feet and height loss would be even more progressive for them. I can agree Kobe 6'4.75 (195) Caron butler 6'5 1/8 (196) to me. But Jordan is shorter than Kobe not taller he's 6'4.5 whereas Wade is 1.5"-1.75 less than Jordan is and 1.75-2" less than Kobe. He appears 2+ less than butler imho whereas Eddie Jones doesn't appear more than kobe's height. He's not as tall as butler imho
Canson said on 30/Aug/17
@Rising: I'm not seeing how it's that distorted it clearly shows Kobe taller and if anything it looks less because he isn't directly in front of Wade. Now as far as Wade and Kidd I'm not seeing Wade significantly taller than him. They look the same to me or very similar. Now of course there is the possibility of wade edging him but it's maybe 1/2" meaning Kidd may be 6'2.25-.75 Wade 6'2.5-6'3. Tough to say. I wholeheartedly put butler as a strong 6'5". I'd say 6'5-6'5.25 so no argument there but he is taller than Eddie Jones or at worst the same. Jones looks shorter than butler and looks the same height as Kobe does. Look at this pic with the lakers next to Cedric Ceballos who is 6'5 or 6'6 himself. Maybe ced is a legit 6'6" but means Jones (who is disadvantaged ill admit) is still about 6'4.5 prob but no taller I doubt. As far as wade being an early morning I can't see that being much the case because Carmelo was drafted same draft as him. My opinion is that maybe Wade has his shoe measurement in the barefoot column. Wade is not almost 6'5" in shoes. butler is taller than Kobe is by a hair. if Kobe has Wade by minimum 1.5 (I see a full 2 with him and nearer 2.5" with butler).

Click Here
Canson said on 27/Aug/17
@Rising: this pic with Wade and Kobe. Kobe has him by at least 1.5" and is not even directly In front of him to where we can accurately see it. Imho it is really a full 2" like Christian said below. I don't have Wade over 6'2.75 really never did. I see where Arby below has said he's 6'3" but 1/4" diff isn't anything to notice nor do we know what time of day Arby measured.

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Aug/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/17
I still saw a bigger difference between Jordan and Wade. I wouldn't guess Jordan under 6'4.75" personally, but Pat Riley did say he measured 6'4.5" when he entered the league. I don't know if Riley was remembering precisely or if this was just something he heard years ago, but that figure has been mentioned for him

Riley has interviewed and met MJ too. MAybe he falls in between the 2 1/2-3/4 and Riley guessed he looked between 6'4-6'5. But typically if you don't dip below 195 cm in a day you will almost always look 6'5 to anyone. 1/4" difference isn't easy to spot.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Aug/17
No way Wade's 6'3.75", zero chance Click Here
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Rising: harden doesn't look that. He looks about 191 (6'3.25) imho. Maybe 6'3.5. He looks closer to 6'3" imho than 6'4". He doesn't look as tall as Sprewell or a guy like Tom Brady
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Rising: I always saw 2ish with Butler and Wade. Wade looked shorter than Eddie Jones by a couple inches too. Eddie looks about the same as Kobe imho about 195cm. I'd give Butler 196cm max but not less. He's a legit 6'5" maybe even a hair over it. I had him as about 2cm taller than me basically between 1/2"-1". And I always based myself off 6'4.5 previously so I'd give him about 6'5 1/8ish plus he looked only a hair above Kobe and wasn't easy to spot it barely enough to notice. 6'3.75 is awfully high for him imho. And that's the average here when it was 6'3.4 at one point meaning people are guessing him over 6'4 which is a odd. He doesn't look anything near a legit 6'4" imho.
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Rising: I always saw 2ish with Butler and Wade. Wade looked shorter than Eddie Jones by a couple inches too. Eddie looks about the same as Kobe imho about 195cm. I'd give Butler 196cm max but not less. He's a legit 6'5" maybe even a hair over it. I had him as about 2cm taller than me basically between 1/2"-1". And I always based myself off 6'4.5 previously so I'd give him about 6'5 1/8ish plus he looked only a hair above Kobe and wasn't easy to spot it barely enough to notice
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Rising: yea not sure about in He Got Game because I thought he looked a good bit taller too but then with Fox he looked shorter. I know Rob has said fox looked more 6'5.5 than 6'6 and that's how he looks next to Kobe. I can give Ray a full 6'4 maybe but wouldn't surprise me if he's 6'3.75. I think a full 6'4 may put Wade about 6'3" flat. But I agre on Kobe and MJ. Kobe 195 Jordan 194-194.5 imho. I always thought Kobe looked taller even before I knew about the 6'4.75. I had heard before from a friend once he was 6'5" in person but like we were saying before that's hardly any difference
Canson said on 15/Aug/17
@Rising: yea not sure about in He Got Game because I thought he looked a good bit taller too but then with Fox he looked shorter. I know Rob has said fox looked more 6'5.5 than 6'6 and that's how he looks next to Kobe. I can give Ray a full 6'4 maybe but wouldn't surprise me if he's 6'3.75. I think a full 6'4 may put Wade about 6'3" flat
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/17
I still saw a bigger difference between Jordan and Wade. I wouldn't guess Jordan under 6'4.75" personally, but Pat Riley did say he measured 6'4.5" when he entered the league. I don't know if Riley was remembering precisely or if this was just something he heard years ago, but that figure has been mentioned for him. I would think Wade is taller than Westbrook and closer to Harden's height, but I'll have to look up good photos of Wade and each. I can buy 6'4.75" as a low for Kobe(I have no idea how much his typical low would differ from his absolute low), but I think he could measure 6'5" around noon. Wade and Butler honestly look about their measurements together in these pics: Click Here Click Here I'll keep looking at Wade with other players. I've heard the short rumors and agree he looks short with Kobe, but I'm not convinced he's that far from his measurement yet. If Shaq is 7'0.25", he made Wade look a weak 6'3" at best, though. Even with Shaq in street clothes not wearing basketball sneakers. I think Ray Allen can look pretty close to 6'5", though. He towered Denzel in He Got Game. I think we both agreed on Denzel at a solid 6'.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Aug/17
Wade does honestly look his measurement here if Kobe is even just 195 cm: Click Here First 2 pics are 2007 and the 3rd looks like 2009 to me. He's actually making Kobe look 6'4.5" there even though I could buy Kobe a legit 6'5" and Wade around 6'3.5". But put them side by side and they can look closer than you'd expect. Strangely, Wade looked much shorter with Jordan than he does with Kobe and Kobe was no shorter than Jordan, possibly a little taller and in 2007 no less, the same year of those first 2 pics with Wade. Strange to say the least.
Realist said on 10/Aug/17
These guys are Tall 6'4 Wade and 6'5.5 Jordan 6'5 Kobe
Canson said on 2/Jul/17
@Shane: shoes in my opinion.
Canson said on 2/Jul/17
@Shane: nah. only because the others in that class look their height so have hard time believeing it was a morning height
Shane said on 1/Jul/17
@Canson: sounnds like Wall compresses quite significantly during the day, huh?
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
@Shane: Christian was throwing that out as a possibility because as SJH mentioned Wall doesn't look that tall in person. SJH of course used a later height around Noon but still said Wall looked 6'1.5-.75 in person. In fact I've talked to two people here in DC who have met him one 6'3" one 6'0" both said 6'1-6'2. I factually have said the same thing before because nobody measures perfectly to the fraction so they are would round up if under 5/8. But nothing specific said he definitely did get rounded up
Shane said on 28/Jun/17
@Christian: Where did you see that Wall was measured 6'2" 5/8 but rounded up to 3/4"?
Canson said on 24/Jun/17
@Christian: one thing I will say about Wade is that he gave it all he had too earlier in his career. Never been the same since the knees became a bit bulky and he put on some weight. Funny thing is in that draft class, he and Bosh had more success (hardware in the NBA) than Melo had. I would've had Melo being the more successful of the three and never had Wade being the key to that 2006 team that won it. But Melo got his claims on Olympic Hardware!!! Of course the one they annointed in high school has exceeded expectations and even tho I don't put him ahead of MJ or even close (I have a hard enough time with him above Kobe) lebron has to me exceeded his expectations or (sadly) lived up to all of the burden they put on an 18 year old coming out of high school saying he's gonna be that great. Now I wanna see if Lavar Ball is right about his son's predictions and if he can learn to be the next Magic! At least he has The original Showtime as his boss!
Canson said on 24/Jun/17
@Christian: one thing I will say about Wade is that he gave it all he had too earlier in his career. Never been the same since the knees became a bit bulky and he put on some weight. Funny thing is in that draft class, he and Bosh had more success (hardware in the NBA) than Melo had. I would've had Melo being the more successful of the three and never had Wade being the key to that 2006 team that won it. But Melo got his claims on Olympic Hardware!!!
Canson said on 23/Jun/17
@Christian: i saw something on the net that he didn't want to be listed any taller because he wanted to be a guard only and not a swingman but that same thing said he measured 6'3.75 in a low shoe as well. I can't see him over maybe a flat 6'3" like the one poster below said and to me can look 190 at times. That's assuming Arby is 6'3" at his lowest as well
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/Jun/17
I wonder what kept Wade from receiving a 6'5" billing. Most NBA players who measure 3/4 of an inch (with sneakers) get rounded up to the next inch, but Wade got rounded down. Reminds me of NFL Combine a bit. I've seen quite a few NFL players get rounded down despite being measured 5/8", 3/4" or even 7/8". Examples are Kaepernick (measured 6'4 5/8" listed 6'4") Eli Manning (measured 6'4 3/4" listed 6'4") and Matt Ryan (measured 6'4 3/4" listed 6'4")
Arby said on 16/Jun/17
I've seem him before passing through Phoenix and he's the exact same height as I am a solid 6'3, not 6'2 like some are saying. I am 6'3 on the nose as of my measurement two weeks back even close to 50.
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
@Young Blood: anyone can say anything. Not my site it's rob's. But my honest opinion is with all celebs not Wade only is to think objectively and not just say because someone else (wade as an example) is 6'3.75 so and so must be 6'5 or 6'6 when they aren't really (something Harry Sachs also mentioned on Garnett's page). Or because Kobe measured 6'4.75 it must be at midnight etc. the logic is only that if someone measures shorter than expected then to keep the other person neutral inflation by deduction which to me is utter bull**** because you're not only calling an honest person a liar it's now making everyone believe the liar took Wade to me looks 190cm at best but a fair trade is 6'3 since he was listed by the NBA 6'3.75 and has even said he's 6'4 on a good day before as has SPOELstra. No 6'3.75 person is that. But that's all my opinion
YoungBlood said on 12/Jun/17
@Canson can we just say that Wade is a very strong 6'3 with no shoes?
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
@SJH: I agree Jordan's 1.5-2" on Wade. My guess Wade tops 6'3" maybe 6'2.75 looks more accurate and Jordan 6'4.5. Kobe and Barkley both appear 2" on Wade. Barkley 6'4 5/8 would make it 1 7/8" and Kobe prob a solid 2". 6'4.75. Wade is guessed by 6'2" guys as almost the same height and looking at him isn't much taller than Westbrook is
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
@SJH: I agree Jordan's 1.5-2" on Wade. My guess Wade tops 6'3" maybe 6'2.75 likes more accurate and Jordan 6'4.5. Kobe and Barkley both appear 2" on Wade. Barkley 6'4 5/8 would make it 1 7/8" and Kobe prob a solid 2". 6'4.75
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17
MJ is solid 1.5 top on Wade. If Jordan listed at 6'5 therefore Wade is need a downgrade at 6'3.5 infact MJ height have been rounded up by rob so Wade is dead on 6'3.25 and worst part another fact he is over 1.25 shorter barkley and kobe. This is why CP3 is not higher than 5'11 and Wade 6'3
Canson said on 7/Jun/17
Well said Christian! It does work both ways. I'd say for heights maybe 6'2-6'7 we may be a bit more keen and maybe along with Ali Baba and then some of the others such as Johan even tho he's a bit under also has decent estimates same with Tall In the Saddle
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 7/Jun/17

But someone who's short can guess shorter heights more easily than guys like us, SJH or bobby3342. But I think the best height to guess NBA players when meeting them personally is around 6'5"-6'6", because the average for an NBA player's probably 6'5.5" (It's been said that it's 6'7", but that's a shoe measurement + rounding)
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
@Christian: living in the DC area I have to agree with others SJH. I've heard two people who've met him now here one of which 6'3@ solid (falls to 190.4 at night) and a 6'0" guy say Wall is no taller than 6'1.5-6'2" barefoot. The 6'3 said he was 1-1.5" shorter. In the words of bobby3342 I'm just a truth teller lol not intentionally downgrading someone but since I am honest almost to the T on my own height I call others how I see them. But it's also being very tall like you are your estimates are usually pretty good and you think more objectively and can see the tall heights better than someone smaller
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 3/Jun/17

Wall was maybe measured at 6'2 5/8" straight out of bed (rounded to 6'2.75" because NBA Combine doesn't use 8th fractions) if he's 187cm at his low aacording to SJH. That's the only possible way I could see it. Or, either it's possible that some of the measurements are slightly inflated, or SJH underestimated his height when he met him. It's hard to imagine that an almost 190cm measured person would drop to 187cm, especially when the measurement took place at least an hour after the person woke up.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/May/17
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: my theory is that was in shoes. That's just me because he doesn't look that tall next to a guy like Barkley Kobe or Jordan. Maybe he's a full 6'3 and what you said 6'3.75/6'3". The thing that gets me with his measurement is I've met Kirk Hinrich and TJ Ford and Melo and Keith Bogans (played against) and all but maybe Ford (looked more 5'10) look their draft listed heights from the same class as wade. Hinrich looked 6'2" range so maybe he's 6'2.5 whereas melo looked strong 6'6" like 198.5 ish maybe and bogans is from VA like me and my age. He's a good 6'4" 193-194 or maybe even as tall as me. I maybe was at most about a cm taller if even that much. Wade to me looks about 190cm next to others


I don't get how the 6'3.75" measurement was in shoes when Rob's description says Wade was measured 6'4.75" in sneakers in the 2003 Draft.
Canson said on 29/May/17
@HarrySachs: foreman is also much older. Wade isn't as tall as Sprewell or Tom Brady etc
HarrySachs said on 28/May/17
There is a picture of George Foreman and Wade one Foreman's IG page. Wade is taller. So if you think Wade is only 6'3 then Foreman would be under 6'3.
Canson said on 27/May/17
Spencer said on 21/May/17
6'3 6'3.25. Doesn't look 6'4 to me.
Canson said on 10/May/17
Guanzo decent estimates
Guanzo said on 7/May/17
Wade : 6'3.25''
Ray Allen : 6'4''
LeBron : 6'7''
Chris Bosh : 6'10.25''
Rashard Lewis : 6'8.75''
Udonis Haslem : 6'7''
Chris Andersen : 6'9''
Mario Chalmers : 6'1.5''
Norris Cole : 6'1''
Greg Oden : 6'11.25''
Juwan Howard : 6'7.75''
Mike Miller 6'6.5''
James Jones : 6'6''
Michael Beasley : 6'7.75''
Canson said on 25/Apr/17
@Christian: the other piece of it is what Bobby3342 mentioned below. Bobby met Ray Allen (played ball with him before) and pegged him 192/193. KROC a former poster here also pegged Ray as "about" 6'4. My thinking is he's a bit under 6'4" and if you see the pic I posted with Rashard Lewis ray looked under 6'4. Now the difference with ray and Wade I can't see as easily but I can only say that Wade is shorter of the two. How much tho not sure. At best tho wade is a solid 6'3 from the looks
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: my theory is that was in shoes. That's just me because he doesn't look that tall next to a guy like Barkley Kobe or Jordan. Maybe he's a full 6'3 and what you said 6'3.75/6'3". The thing that gets me with his measurement is I've met Kirk Hinrich and TJ Ford and Melo and Keith Bogans (played against) and all but maybe Ford (looked more 5'10) look their draft listed heights from the same class as wade. Hinrich looked 6'2" range so maybe he's 6'2.5 whereas melo looked strong 6'6" like 198.5 ish maybe and bogans is from VA like me and my age. He's a good 6'4" 193-194 or maybe even as tall as me. I maybe was at most about a cm taller if even that much. Wade to me looks about 190cm next to others
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/Apr/17
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
Out of bed 191-192
Before bed 189-190


If he's 191-192 out of bed, how in the world was he measured 6ft3.75 (192.4) barefoot? Even if he was measured early morning, it shouldn't put him under 190.4 before bed if we're going by your theory of 2cm height loss.

My guess
192-193 out of bed
190-191 before bed
Canson said on 20/Apr/17
@SJH: min or max? I can agree he's prob not over maybe 190cm but even 6'2.5 is possible for him at his lowest because he doesn't even look a proper 6'3 imho in most cases. Then again he does wear flats sometimes. I can say for sure he isn't over 6'3" flat tho
S.J.H said on 20/Apr/17
Wade is min 6'2.5 that would put many players down as well
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
Out of bed 191-192
Before bed 189-190
Canson said on 11/Mar/17
@S.J.H: you may be right. One guy here says he met him and that in Jordan's Wade is maybe an inch taller. I reckon it's more than a solid inch and closer to 2" or the guy analyzing is a stronger 6'1" as Wade isn't as low as solid 6'2". I agree with KROC (6'5-6'5.25) that when he said he's lucky if he's 6'3". I don't ever use the word lucky with height in general as it is insinuating that a height is superior to another but I gather it in a better saying if he's at most 6'3" more likely a weak 6'3". Either way in his prime as 6'2" range he's still one of the best to lace them up is the best way to sum it up. I don't correlate height with Skill

Click Here
Canson said on 11/Mar/17
@Joe: I don't see how tall he is there truthfully. A pic can make someone else taller or shorter. I have a pic with a 6'3" friend where we are standing at a bar right next to each other and he appears taller than me when in reality I'm 1.25-1.4" taller
joe### said on 10/Mar/17
Sorry guys but wade is over 6´3 with reeve carney here on site he looked 5'11.75-6´0 with Rob
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
@S.J.H: that was what I saw somewhere on the net thin soles footwear he was measured in. I don't honk he's a flat 6'2" but maybe a weak 190cm. I believe he's near 6'3" but not near 6'4. Otis Smith the Magic GM commented and said he's 6'4" on a good day that's not something used to describe a guy at 6'2.75. My buddy who met him is 6'2 barefoot and said Wade didn't even look an inch taller and he is around the players often (was) as a scout. And yea he looks a full 4" lower than Lebron and about the same difference with Barkley as with Jordan if standing straight
Canson said on 9/Mar/17
@i agree S.J.H. I think he's 190cm tops. Looks weak 6'3". Barkley had him by about 2" in the commercials.
S.J.H said on 8/Mar/17

Honestly sometimes dwyane wade can look as low as 6'2 when he having loose posture that i could understand older post why some people keep saying he is 6'2-6'2.5 but i do believe he is 6'2.75 after i see Wade side by side comparison with 6'4.5 mj and looking as much as 2" lower than kobe bryant from team usa line up photo although some people keep posting misleading picture of kobe look an inch over wade or those funny bad angle but the truth wade is max 6'3 and lowest 6'2.5 i would rule out 189.5cm lowest since he always look 4" shorter than lebron while i still wandering wade wear his thin sole footwear for draft measurement to reach up 6'3.75

Click Here wade look 4-4.5cm lower than mj

Click Here kobe closer to camera, by eye to eye is 5cm lower than kobe

Click Here wade is half inch taller than snoop dogg
Canson said on 7/Mar/17
@S.J.H: what do you think for Wade? I even asked a friend who has met him and he said the same as KROC that he's at most a full 6'3. Maybe 6'2.75 barefoot.
Canson said on 7/Mar/17
@S.J.H: maybe that or maybe a full 6'8". I know I'm the NBA and I've confirmed now that they judiciously throw the .75 on and also they measure shoes and move into the other column for some at least but not all. Parsons is hard to pinpoint. Howard is likely a fraction above 6'9 or that's his lowest imho if he dips that low. He looked taller than Rashard Lewis who is 6'8.5 (listed at least). Meaning Howard may be 6'9.25-.5. I say that because he looks taller than Durant at times and nearly as tall as Bosh maybe 2cm lower. Parsons could even be 6'8.25 at his lowest if he measured. 6'8.75 but agree Harden is more 6'3.25. I know when he was at Arizona state he had Herb Sendeck and he didn't mess around with height the way others have inflating people so my guess is that even if harden measured early he'd still have been 6'3.5 in the morning. He looks about an inch shorter maybe 1-1.5" lower than Barkley does so I'd guess 6'3.25 for him
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

Atually i think parsons may even be just 6'7.75 and that picture with slouch he even look shorter than 6'7-6'7.5 kevin love and 6'9 dwight howard always look 3-4cm taller than parsons. Lin more i see him a solid 187cm 6'1-3/4 and may easily hit 6'2-6'2.25 morning and blackie chen is probably strong 186cm so 6'1.5 and Lin would be 1/4 taller although some picture they're same height
Canson said on 3/Mar/17
@S.J.H: actually looking at pics maybe 6'8 for Parsons and I can see how Lin can look sub 6'2" he does in the pic there and he does with Kobe at times now I'm confused lol. Good observations tho!!!
Canson said on 2/Mar/17
@S.J.H: I agree with some of what you said. But Howard is very surely at least flat 6'9" barefoot. Maybe he got morning before but I can believe he is now at his low. He edges Durant sometimes and sometimes they're the same. But I agree on Wall because my 6'3" friend met him and said he was 1-1.5" taller. But I believe Lin is 6'2 bare minimum maybe 6'2.5. Rob may have underlosted him a tad. Ernie Johnson says he is 6'1" but I can agree maybe 6'0 but he'd be a strong 6'0 to weak 6'1" more likely. Parsons I would say is 6'8" range maybe not as high as 6'8.75 but 6'8-6'8.5 fits he's at least strong 6'8 he's around 1" shorter than Howard. Maybe less. Howard however looks 6'9 flat minimum next to Harden. I'd give harden more a strong 6'3 (6'3.25 or 6'3.5), than 6'4 (that's def a morning measurement possibly a bust a gut, hair, or rounded up from 6'3 7/8). Yao I believe you on and I would say he loses a lot throughout the day. I'd have prob said he's 7'4" range but with his large forehead tough to tell.
S.J.H said on 27/Feb/17
Let see who is buying chandler parson at 6'8.75 without shoes and his own claim 6'10 from instagram. I'm giving some hints.

Click Here Ernie Johnson is not over 6'0 in real

Click Here John wall is not over 6'1.75 in real

Click Here This is not a solid 6'8 guy look like

Click Here John wall on the left

Click Here Dwight howard may or may not be real 6'9

Click Here Jeremy lin is not taller than 6'1.5 blackie chen

Click Here Yaoming himself claim he is 7'3.75 barefoot and 7'5 with footwear. Chandler barefoot here with Big Yao
Canson said on 19/Jan/17
@Anon: I agree that's arguable as well. All I can say is he isn't 192 at his lowest for sure especially not next to Chad Ochocinco or Ray Allen. Allen is only 192/193 barefoot next to rashard Lewis and from a poster below bobby3342 who is a strong 6'4" himself and that edged him in height
anon said on 18/Jan/17
6'3.75" out of bed. 6'3" before bed.
Canson said on 15/Jan/17
Out of bed 191-192
Before bed 189.5-190
Guanzo said on 4/Dec/16
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
@Bobby: your assessment for Allen looks right to me. Rashard Lewis measured 6'8.5 and that's more than 3.5-4" difference. Looks more like 4.5-5". Putting Ray "near 6'4" 6'3.75 more likely. Lewis is clearly shorter than Dwight Howard in pics who is 6'9 so I agree

Click Here
How 6'10'' Rashard Lewis is shorter than Dwight Howard?

Click Here
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
@Bobby: your assessment for Allen looks right to me. Rashard Lewis measured 6'8.5 and that's more than 3.5-4" difference. Looks more like 4.5-5". Putting Ray "near 6'4" 6'3.75 more likely. Lewis is clearly shorter than Dwight Howard in pics who is 6'9 so I agree

Click Here
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
@Bobby: KROC also said Ray was "about 6'4" when he met him So you are correct on that. Wade also has never been 192 barefoot I agree. He's 189-190 barefoot
Canson said on 23/Nov/16
@Bobby: well said. I misconstrued that you had met Wade in a previous post. But KROC has met both Wade and Ray Allen and said the exact same thing about Ray that you did (about 6'4 is what he said) so my guess is 6'3.5-6'4 range and he said about Wade "lucky if he's 6'3", 6'2.5-.75 is what he gave him. I agree with your estimates for both. And when Lebron, his best friend, says he's at most 6'3 it adds up. In game Wade doesn't look much taller than Russell Westbrook and isn't at tall as James Harden either. But sadly some people here on this site have their minds made up when it's someone they idolize that they have to be a certain height to still be as good as they are. I'm not like that and neither are you. Michael Jordan is my favorite player and athlete of all time and I am one of the biggest fans yet very willing to admit he isn't 6'6. Not 6'5 either. He's a weak 6'5 barefoot like you've said and probably has a low height each day of 6'4.5, maybe edging both of us out by .3cm which is underestimated and very tall as it means the person has been near 6'5 the majority of the day
GP said on 22/Nov/16
@Bobby, I hear what you're saying about people claiming height in shoes and I agree with that. I live in U.S. where majority claim height in shoes. I used to live in Europe and there, it's not that bad. Here is the issue though with what you're saying. Wade's height is an official measured height and he looks that almost all the time. Now regarding Ray Allen and that Olympic measurement story, that's false because first, it's not official and second it appears that they took everyone who was on that 2000 team and most likely some reporter made up some story and people believed it. Look at Ray's height with Kobe(6'4.75"), Rondo (legit 6'1") and even watch He Got Game with Denzel and you will see he towers over Denzel. There is even a scene with Rick Fox in it, where Fox is only an inch or slightly more taller than him. The lowest Ray can be is 6'4.5", but I bet he is exactly 195cm and in every photo with Wade he is only an inch taller.
Canson said on 22/Nov/16
SJH: I never heard Lebron say he's 6'6 only 6'7 and 6'8 that he called himself. I agree tho Wade prob isn't flat 6'2 but 6''2.5-.75 lebron weak 6'7. Rock Im sure is 6'2 tops
Canson said on 22/Nov/16
Thanks Bobby! Everything you said is 100% true. I apologize for saying you met him. I thought you had from another lost and misunderstood. But KROC has met both and described Wade weak 6'3 and Ray "about 6'4". So it adds up. Ray looks 2-3cm less than Kobe. With this site, anytime you challenge how tall someone is the response to you me KROC Alex or others is you downgrade everyone yer there are several people who upgrade everyone they comment on and it's never said. I don't get why really when we are commenting on someone who we prob don't know
BOBBYH3342 said on 19/Nov/16
Realist said on 10/Nov/16
He's 6'4 and 212 bulkyfor his size.
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
@Jon said on 1/Nov/16

No way harden is 194cm. Draft express stated harden 6'4 w/o shoe then he is 6'4 not 194cm 6'4.5 and he even look 191ish with charles barkley and kobe bryant
Jon said on 1/Nov/16
Does this make him about james Harden height? No way Harden is 194
S.J.H said on 18/Oct/16
Lebron james such a funny guy. He had said once that wade is atually 6'2 and he is 6'6 and the other time he throw fire on the jokes that wade is close to 6'1. LOL big time i guess wade would be piss at him and that would make dwayne johnson the rock be 6'0.. Rock is at least 6'2 and wade i believe 6'3 , lebron 6'6.75
GP said on 6/Oct/16
Hey Canson, clearly you are very immature. And I thought I asked you not to mention my name in your posts. Like I said in my previous post, you can believe whatever makes you happy. Clearly you like to downgrade people to make them shorter (which you have been doing on several pages) than you are so you can feel powerful about yourself or get an illusional boost from your ego. So please keep your opinions to yourself and don't make up stories about people, including me when you have no idea who I am or what I do. If you choose not to believe, then stick to evidence and height matters rather than making personal and disrespectful comments.

By the way the average user on this page clearly agrees with the listing.

Rob, can you please remind this young poster that this is a height discussion page not a trolling site. This is not a page for making allegations about other posters or accusing them of lying without any validity unless the rules have changed since I have been posting here from 05'.
Canson said on 1/Oct/16
Here is Spoelstra's comment about Wade's height. 6'4 on a very good day

Click Here
Canson said on 30/Sep/16
So GP how did the food taste at the repast after his cousin's funeral? Because that's where he was when you "claimed to have met him". His slain cousin from Chicago's funeral. If you are going to argue then argue, but don't make up fabricated stories of you "conveniently" meeting him when you know you didn't or get upset with someone because they don't see it your way. Don't see why it matters how tall he is to you and why you care if someone says he's under 6'4. What do you have a crush on him? You've had that tone with more than one person on this page (I'm not by the way the only one who said he doesn't look 6'3+) take a look. This is about opinions. You have yourself and so does everyone else.
S.J.H said on 20/Sep/16

Atually i have met john wall in person couple of years ago he look nothing over 6'2 flat more like 6'1.75 but the combine draft stated 6'2.75 w/o shoe its kinda weir if he lost an inch a day from the morning seriously doubt the barefoot height might be a shoe with no insole flat 0.6-0.8" shoe and with thick socks and shoes with insole 1.3-1.5 different that explain dwyane wade look at most 6'3.25 and most of time doesn't look over 190cm
Oregonborn said on 10/Sep/16
This is the correct height anyone complaining get a life
GP said on 6/Sep/16
Hey Canson, you can believe whatever makes you happy, but if you wanna come down to California, I will gladly show you the photo. Clearly you sound like a little kid who just goes on some chat sites and reads something that fits within your view, so that must be true. Smart guy, if he is only 6'3" then every player should be an inch shorter than their measured heights? It's funny that he was measured at 6'3.75" and you keep claiming that he was measured wrong in order to insist that you are correct with your made up theory. Since you're the one who is questioning the only fact in this situation, you're required to provide evidence why your theory is true, otherwise don't question anyone else. And regarding the JOKE about him being 6'1", did you also read in there that Coach Spo said that Wade was 6'4"? I'm pretty sure that someone who has been with Wade everyday in the gym since Wade went pro would know better than some kid that has nothing better to do than just make up stories. Unless you have any proof that Wade is lower than 192cm or 6'3.5", then please don't address anything to me. I'm done with your ignorance.
Canson said on 2/Sep/16
Click Here
Canson said on 2/Sep/16
Click Here
Canson said on 2/Sep/16
@GP: show us a pic then. Kinda convenient that you met him in the two weeks you posted about him being that height and during the summer
Canson said on 1/Sep/16
@Christian: I doubt he's under but I'd say exact at 6'3. Rob used his pre draft measurement like he did for most of the NBA players. Lebron we see may be under 6'7 by a hair even said Wade is at most 6'3.
GP said on 1/Sep/16
I finally met him and he looked 6'4". Anything below 6'3.5" for him is foolish. I can't believe that people here are still downgrading him, just because during televised games, he can look shorter? Or even spreading fabricated stories that his measurement was in shoes and they made a mistake? You guys make me laugh, lol.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
I still have a difficult time seeing Wade being under 6ft3. Rob is an expert on gussing heights, and even he lists Wade at almost 6ft4.
Canson said on 28/Aug/16
@S.J.H: I wonder if that was a shoe measurement (rumor has it). The other guys in his class look that I've met look their draft heights like Melo, Bogans, Hinrich (give or take) and TJ Ford (give or take). Whereas Wade on the court doesn't look over 6'3 flat and the posters here who have met him say he's more 6'2.5-.75.
S.J.H said on 22/Aug/16
Wade is 6'3.25 and the time he could be 6'3.75 only in the morning measured with thick socks. Fact some people did not find out that kobe edge out wade by 1.5" not 1'0
The Man said on 8/Aug/16
Should have been listed as 6'5" by NBA. Most 6'5" listed players are around Dwayne's height.
Canson said on 3/Aug/16
@GP: a lot of my reasoning also has to do with how he looks next to Caron Butler in pics, who I have actually met and is a legit 196cm guy (looked around that in person) Caron has 2" on him. Also with other teammates previously like Eddie Jones (who I haven't met) but appears around 195cm looking at him. You make good points and use logic but lot of the problem is that when someone is saying someone isn't as tall as advertised it's always poor pics etc that are being used. That's site wide too
Canson said on 2/Aug/16
@GP: it isn't bias but I didn't notice the boot. So that does make a difference. Initially I was going off what I have heard from others about Wade's height (who have met him) and the conclusion I've come to on it. Our opinions on it obviously differ
GP said on 29/Jul/16
@Canson. You just proved that you're bias and for that reason you're theory is not valid one more time. The Jordan photo, you didn't do the proper research that I was saying one should do. In those AJ 10 press conference, Jordan is wearing what looks like to be boots, when Wade is wearing flats. I'm pretty sure since you have time to type this often, you can search for that also. The Haslem photo is very bad for judging heights. As you can see Wade is bending his knee with loose back and dropping his posture, when Haslem has lot better stance. So again please don't post things that only proof your theory because in reality it actually shows your bias.
Canson said on 26/Jul/16
with Udonis Haslem who is 6'7.75 in shoes

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Jul/16

Click Here
Canson said on 26/Jul/16
@GP: what you said is correct. And Shane just said the same that you lose it in the first hour in his post. Nobody is arguing with you. However your comment that he "measured it" Is an assumption. They listed that for him as they have listed it for everyone else. Some are legitimately listed with their barefoot heights others are not. I know a scout who has told me that what Shane mentioned below does in fact happen (shoe measurement moved over to barefoot). So when Shane and I mention that it's more that Wade doesn't look that height and never has.

I am also going off two other people who are here on this site who've met him. One said himself he's under 6'3 (this guy is 6'5), and others who have seen him all over the net and said he's under 6'3 possibly. I mean Lebron and Haslem have all said he's at most 6'3 and Spoelstra said "he's 6'4" on a good day. That's not a connotation used for someone 6'3.75. It's someone smaller usually nowhere near 6'4".
Canson said on 25/Jul/16
Shane: you're spot on with that estimate. I lose the same my first hr between 1/4-3/8" after the first hr then another 3/8-.5 total and usually am at 3/4"-2 full cm for the day on a normal day. Your prob similar at 6'2
Canson said on 25/Jul/16
@Shane: Very well said!
GP said on 25/Jul/16
@Canson, in order for your theory to work then Chris Paul should be 5'11, LeBron should be around 6'6.5" and Kobe should be 6'4".
@Shane, I know that you measure taller in the morning or after nap. I have been regular on this site since 05'. You guys act that the players wake up and get measured within 15 minutes. Lot of the times the height measurement isn't the first test. They change it up every year the order of measurements. You lose most of your height in the 1st hour from waking, then it's more of a gradual loss. In the players' cases, the player could perform the vertical jump first, then another test. By the time they get their height measured could be couple hours and there are 50-60 players that go throw the pre draft measurements.
So for everyone here, I would suggest to first do your research, then take everything into consideration before you write stuff as it is a fact. In this case, the only fact we know of is that Wade was measured at 6'3.75" without shoes and 6'4.75" with shoes.
Shane said on 24/Jul/16
@GP: Canson's early morning measurement comments are not theory they are fact and ones you can check for yourself. Anyone who measures early in the am or even in afternoon after a nap will measure 1/2 inch minimum to over an inch taller in some cases compared to what theyd measure at night after a busy day. With these guys getting measured very early in the day, its a good bet they had lost at most 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch leaving most of the guys room to lose another 1/3 of an inch for short guys around or under 6' to up to 3/4 of another inch through the day for guys over 6'8" or 6'9" or so.
Canson said on 22/Jul/16
No GP the two people here on Celebheights who have seen them are 6'4.5 (Bobby3342) and KROC (6'5). KROC on more than one occasion. They actually said he's under 6'3. Now 6'2.5 and 6'3 is hard to tell but the diff between 6'2 and 6'4 or 6'3 and 6'4 isn't hard to tell. I think at 6'4-6'5 you can tell if someone is 2" taller or shorter not to mention with Wade having relatively good posture. And by the way. It isn't a fantasy if his own teammates say it. So in your case you are entitled to your beliefs but truth is neither of us have met him
GP said on 21/Jul/16
Canson, your theory about early measurements isn't valid at all. What you basically saying is that the players wake up and immediately get measured and you are also assuming that they all sleep close to 8 hours. And the idea that someone saw him and he was 6'3" is naive because you're saying that the person that met him was able to determine that Wade was 6'3" or 191cm rather than 6'3.5" or 192cm. I highly doubt that by just seeing someone from afar or even few feet away that anyone can tell with conviction or be sure that the person was 0.5" or 1cm shorter from their measured height. Unless you are to get a photo with the person, like Rob does, then I think all the other ideas are just pure fantasy. Also I would mention for you to look at that same USA 08 team photo and behind Wade is Deron Williams, who is a legit 187 or 6'1.75", unless you think his measurement is wrong too. Wade is about 2 inches taller. This guy is 192cm. He might dip to 6'3.5", but that is still 192cm.
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
@GP: you said it perfectly that Olympic pic is a good indicator. It's not for me because most ppl want to make Kobe or whomever taller than I have him. But as for the pre drafts. It's a mixed bag some guys (definitely post 09) aren't as tall as they are listed. That's when they went to all morning (before was mixed some yrs it was others wasn't). If they're taking measurements between 6-7 am it would be 1/2" lower in the afternoon. But for this draft class 2003 I wholeheartedly agree with you having met 4 players Ford Melo Bogans Hinrich. They all look their measured heights. Which leads me to believe Wade's was altered and yep Melo does look taller than Lebron in some pics
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
@GP: I agree with you on Melo Kobe and maybe Lebron. But Wade people here have met (KROC) and others have said he's 6'3. He doesn't look 6'4 and he looks close in height with Kidd TBH. Kidd isn't standing straight as we can see. He wasn't measured wrong more than likely his shoe height was moved which has happened before. I've seen ppl outside of Celebheights who have met him (these guys are 6'2) and put him in the 6'2 range. I'd say at most he's a solid 6'3" and may actually be that since he prob edges Kidd out
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
@GP: I agree with you on Melo Kobe and maybe Lebron. But Wade people here have met (KROC) and others have said he's 6'3. He doesn't look 6'4 and he looks close in height with Kidd TBH. Kidd isn't standing straight as we can see
GP said on 18/Jul/16
Everyone is so obsessed with downgrading Wade's height that they just ignore the facts and just see what they wanna see. Even in one of those bottom photos with Melo and LeBron. You guys are so fixated that you can't even see that in that same photo Melo looks taller than LeBron, which is just funny. LeBron has a big head so every inch appears to be more than it is in reality. So in reality he is 3.5" taller, but it appears to be 4". The best evidence of all those guys' heights is the US team photo where you can clearly see that Wade is 192, Kobe is 195, Melo is 199 and LeBron is 201. And those silly theories that he was measured wrong are just non sense. Majority of pre-draft measurement are correct and some possibly dropping 0.25" and very little number of them will drop 0.5" and those are most likely the taller guys since they lose more height.
Canson said on 17/Jul/16
Click Here
Canson said on 17/Jul/16
@Shane: you raise an excellent point with Wade's measurement getting moved. Knowing someone who works in the league that does happen. It also happened with Vince Carter and Shaq. There is a barefoot measurement for VC with no shoe measurement. His barefoot calls him 6'5.5 but looking at him on the court he doesn't look that tall. In reality he's at most 6'5" and that's according to teammates and even KROC met him and said it. Richard Jefferson described him as 6'4 1/2 (6'5 on a good day).

In addition, I have met 4 players from that 2003 draft class and they looked exactly as advertised or very close to it (no significant difference) TJ Ford, Kirk Hinrich, Carmelo Anthony, Keith Bogans. Ford looked around 5'10 as listed, Hinrich I would've thought was 6'2-6'2.5 (he looked at least 2" shorter than me) but posture or other factors such as shoes could've made the difference and he could be the 6'2.75 as listed. Carmelo looked his 6'6.25. He isn't anything under 6'6 for sure easy 1.5-2" he had over me. Keith Bogans is from VA like I am and he is the same age as I am (he played ball in MD for high school and I played against him) amongst others. We've always been similar in height to where I couldn't tell a diff just by looking at him unless we stood back to back. He has a pre draft of 6'4.25 for 2003 and 6'4.5 for 2002. One just appears to be earlier than the other. That being said I totally can see Wade's being inflated esp because he was never a point guard. Always a 2 or at best a combo but was undersized. Also like we both mentioned Lebron's pre draft we aren't sure if he measured at all. I raise the question for his because he claimed to not have measured after reaching 6'6" and because of how much shorter he looks than guys like KD and Paul George and even guys who supposedly only measured 1/2" taller like Love and Boozer. Not to mention they gave him 3/4" for his shoes lol. No guy that size in basketball shoes would get that little lol. So excellent point you made and one of the smartest I've seen on this site honestly!
Canson said on 17/Jul/16
@Shane: thank you!!! Finally someone else sees it. I wholeheartedly agree that is his shoe measurement as well. It almost has to be when 6'2 guys say he's their height or near them in height. Now I will say as you mentioned before too that he can prob pull off 6'3 out of bed and claim but 6'4 is high lol
Shane said on 16/Jul/16
I believe that Wade's shoe measurement got generously placed in his barefoot slot. No way he's 6'3"3/4 barefoot as compared to others who we know are 6'4"1/2-3/4 such as Jordan, Barkley, Stackhouse, etc... Or guys 6'3 1/2 or so like Ray Allen, etc... And not an inch plus over guys under 6'3 barefoot like John Wall. I also dont see him over 2 inches taller than 6'1" 1/2 D Rose or about that height Steph Curry.
Editor Rob: could have been first in line that morning...maybe he was rounded to 3.75 and sat a bit under the mark...
Canson said on 16/Jul/16
After seeing him with Lebron id say 191-192 out of bed and 190 at his lowest.
Dawkins said on 15/Jul/16
192.5 cm out of bed,191.5 cm at night.
Canson said on 10/Jul/16
Out of bed maybe 191-192 before bed almost 190
Crypto139 said on 9/Jul/16
He's an Abraham Lincoln. Basically a strong 192 guy.
Canson said on 9/Jul/16
I saw the interview with him right when he signed with Chicago this week where he and his wife (Gabrielle Union) were on. He does not look anything like a 192 guy (supposedly measured at). I'd say KROC's estimate is closer to reality than what he's listed. Lebron was onto something when he said he's at most 6'3. Maybe a 6'2 3/4 guy
Canson said on 6/Jul/16
@Height: 2 pics with boozer and Lebron stood out. One the pic where they all stood in single file line he looks to have about an inch the other when he stood next to him when they held their gold medals on their neck. The latter isn't conclusive because Lebron looks to lean but still looks as if boozer edges him out. How much tho tough to tell. Their are other pics tho where he looks 1/2-3/4" taller like listed on the pre drafts
Canson said on 6/Jul/16
@Height: 202+ looks perfect for Boozer. It's possible that they held morning measurements then and that he (esp as a taller guy) may lose the full inch and likely he would. I could see boozer as 6'8 maybe 6'8+ out of bed.
Height said on 4/Jul/16

That is a fair possibility! I don't know what picture you are referring to, but I am guessing that it is one where Boozer edges him out by an inch? I think Carlos Boozer is a 202 cm- 202.5 cm guy. With him at 202.5 cm and Lebron at 200 cm at lowest could explain that picture.
Canson said on 2/Jul/16
Height: that's a good pic. Maybe Wade is 6'3 flat but I wouldn't give him more than that. I did meet Melo and he looked somewhere between (min 1.5" max 2" taller than me). He could be 6'6 at his lowest it's possible but I'd go with the pre draft as he looked it at least to me. But looking at that too Melo sometimes can look taller than Lebron. Jake mentioned Lebron (he thinks) gets down to 197. Now I agree with what you said. I feel his lowest is upper 199 near 200 (6'6.5 is what adds up from the posts we've seen). But I kinda wonder esp with evidence like that one and the pic with Carlos Boozer who is around 6'7.5 most likely (I hear people describe him as 6'7 pretty often but don't think he's that low to be honest).
Height said on 1/Jul/16
@Canson The problem with that picture is that Melo is not next to Wade, and it's not good to compare.

Here is a better example of them together, with very similar stance (Wade has a slightly wider stance than Melo, making him tad shorter): Click Here

Perhaps up to 8 cm difference, but no more.
Canson said on 1/Jul/16
@Ly: Wade definitely isn't that short. He'd be normally 190 (6'2.5-.75) and if dehydrated I can see 189. He's a cm taller than Westbrook. But Barkley is 195 (exactly his height above) at absolute most. It's possible the 6'4 5/8 was his lowest but I have friends of mine close in size with me (I'm 6'4.5) that say he is my height or close with me. I have a former boss of mine who actually is 6'3 that met him at a golf tournament along with Jordan and Pete Sampras once but unfortunately none of them at the same time. He initially had the impression that MJ was taller than CB but of course he is thinner. He said when he stood in front of both (at diff times) that he felt they were close in height and estimates both to be Over 6'4 but not 6'5 (he said they're both my height). He said more like 1.5" that both had on him. I also have a 6'2 friend who met him on a flatter surface in a restaurant and said he looked nearer 6'4 than 6'5. yes a lot of pics I see Barkley's frame is magnified. But also to many people's credit including Height's, Barkley does wear a high soled shoe.because of it I've heard some people say he's more (on this page) and I've heard during interviews with TNT when he interviews other players that he has. But I hesitate to give Barkley 6'5 or over. Too many people who have played with him have said he is 6'4 range. Including Danny ainge, Darryl Dawkins, Moses Malone, Joe Klein, and a few others say he is "almost 6'5". Most of these guys have something (someone close in height to base it on). As far as Barkley and Wade that's 2-2.5" inches in pics where they are close together. So if anything maybe 2.25 Wade 6'2.5 Barkley 6'4.75
ly said on 30/Jun/16
I dont know if there is a full 3 inch.Maybe 2.5 inches.I think the angles are magnifying Barkleys huge frame and maybe a fraction more footwear.Theres entirely a chance that Barkley is over 6ft5 but it seems hard to believe Dwayne being only 6ft1.75in.
Canson said on 30/Jun/16
I'm with KROC. He looks almost 4 full inches shorter than Carmelo does (who I've met in person and is 1.5-2" taller than me. He's as listed at 6'6.25). Lebron isn't standing straight but I believe now that he's closer to 6'7 and edges Melo out by 1cm- 1/2".

Click Here
Height said on 29/Jun/16
@ly He could be up to 1 cm shorter, it's a possibility. I actually see like 3 inch difference in the video, but that speaks more of Barkley's height than Wade's.
ly said on 28/Jun/16
he looks in every picture a full 4 inch shorter than lebron.
looked near 2 inches shorter than charles barkley in an one on one video thay did back in 2009 Click Here.
also looked a bit more than an inch shorter than 6ft4.5 michael strahan.
I think 6ft3-3.25 is better.
I really want to hear you thoughts on this Rob.
Canson said on 27/Jun/16
@Height I can measure a hair over 6'4.75 (exactly 195) an hr out of bed then 194-194.2 at night time after solid 196 out of bed so possible for Thise guys to lose it too. I can see Jordan or Barkley as the same maybe a hair taller. MJ 6'4.5 low Barkley 6'4 5/8 low maybe 1/2
Canson said on 27/Jun/16
@Height maybe a weak 194 whereas Kobe is a strong 194 like 6'4 5/8. I see maybe a cm there id go with 6'4.25 for Redd which makes sense if morning that'd be 1/2"
Canson said on 27/Jun/16
@Height: very good point about Howard too. I was wondering the same but I figured it was because Howard was a legit Center. He's shorter tho at 6'9 maybe 6'9.5 thank Bosh who's 6'10-6'10.25
Height said on 25/Jun/16

I have to agree that perhaps Redd is on the lower end of my estimate, so maybe 194cm is more accurate. I honestly don't think he is less than 6'4.4" (194 cm flat), especially if he measured 6'4.75" 1 or 2 hours after waking up and considering that he has never seemed more than 1 cm shorter than legit 6'5"guys.

I find the picture in suits more a little more accurate than the picture in uniforms. In the picture with the unis, most players have a sort of wide stance and people like Redd, Boozer or Williams have a slightly wider stance, while other heve their head tilted down and to the side making them appear shorter. That's the reason why Redd seems about 2cms shorter than Kobe. Dwight is in front of Bosh too, so go figure about why Kidd is infront of Wade LOL.

I don't know, maybe it's hard to tell a difference of about 3 cms from a distance so if they saw him while walking. If I'm a 188cm or 189cm person and a 192 cm person walks by at an arms length or at a 1 meter distance, I would say they about my height, but that's me.

In the picture with suits Wade has at least about 2cm on Kidd from what I can see (maybe a little more).
Canson said on 25/Jun/16
@MD: this isn't the greatest pic but he doesn't look taller than Westbrook here. Now I'll be reasonable and sensible and say he's 1/2" taller. If anything not a significant downgrade just 1".
Canson said on 25/Jun/16
@Height: of course it's always possible. My guess is Redd is closer to 6'4. He looks shorter than Kobe. Maybe he was w morning measurement at 6'4.75 or rounded up to that. One reason I've gone with the 190ish is because I've seen now a few people 6'2" say he was their height and also KROC (who has been spot on with his estimates. Very spot on). Say he looked at most 6'3 and even said he has great posture. I doubt he's a flat 6'2 but more like the 190 cm (where you have Kidd). I noticed something else too that was odd. And tell me what you think. You see the Olympic pic they have him behind Kidd LOL? He's taller than Kidd at least he looks taller. Should be in front of him or maybe somehow a bad angle. I'd say maybe Kidd a 6'3 morning measurement and like 189 and Wade like 190. It's not a huge difference tho between them. Or they could be the same height
MD said on 23/Jun/16
Honestly, these downgrades seem a little silly. Here he is with 5'11" David Beckham with the angle probably benefitting David:

Click Here

Maybe he's a bit shorter than listed, but not by much.
Height said on 23/Jun/16
@Canson the thing about Wade being 6'2.75" is that that implies that virtual 6'5"guys like Kobe, Michael Redd or even MJ are 2+ inches (5cm-6cm) taller than him. From what I seen on pictures and videos, that is unlikely and the difference is more like 4cm max. So to me it doesn't make sense that he is under 191.5 cm.

Here yo can see him next to Michael Redd who is 194.5 cm - 195 cm (6'4.6" - 6'4.75") and clearly there is about 2cm -3cm max between them and both have very similar stance.

And next to Jason Kidd who is in the 189.5 cm - 190cm range (6'2.7"- 6'2.8") , you can see that there is about a 2cm- 3cm difference, even though Wade's stance is a little wider than Kidd's.

Click Here

So the way I see it is:

Michael Redd - 194.5 cm - 195 cm (6'4.6" - 6'4.75")
Dwyane Wade - 192 cm (6'3.5"- 6'3.6")
Jason Kidd - 189.5 cm - 190cm range (6'2.7"- 6'2.8")
Canson said on 21/Jun/16
@Shane: I think a discrepancy there too. Another poster a regular with a good eye for height KROC said in person he looked under 6'3 or barely. The poster is also 6'5 himself and has guessed others right where they appear to many
Shane said on 17/Jun/16
With everything considered over the years, Im doubting more and more Wade was ever measured at 6'3" 3/4 barefoot. No way hes James Harden's height, for example.
jajamen said on 17/May/16
Rob, I saw a site saying where he was 5'8 at junior then grew 4 inches over the summer
bobbyh3342 said on 11/May/16
westbrook is not a legit 6 4.5 on the court his predraft height was 6 2.25 barefoot so unless hes ballin in tims with .5 inch lift s the 6 3 listing fits him. but the reason he looks bigger than other 6'3 listings is because most 6'3 listings are 6 1.5 bareffoot . and hes 6 2.25 .75 bigger than most
Dan said on 10/May/16
Beavis - I don't think Russ looks any taller than Steph Curry, Steve Nash, or D-Wade. 6'3" for Russ is very close to accurate, he did look to be an inch or more shorter than the 6'4.5" Harden.
Beavis said on 13/Apr/16
Russell Westbrook is a superstar and the most athletic human on the planet. How is he not on here? Listed at 6'3.5 in shoes at 18-19 yrs old. Clearly in the 6'4 and 6'5 range in shoes. LeBron even just went on a rant about this in a interview last week. Russ when matched against Rose clearly looked 2" taller. Looks taller than 6'4 D-Wade and same height as 6'5 James Harden. Russ also looks at least 2 inches taller than all other point guards listed at 6'3. So I say a legit 6'4 and change on court for Westbrook.
joe @@ said on 4/Mar/16
he definitely look strong 6'3 perhaps 6'3.5 is quite possible
Canson said on 3/Feb/16
Bobby: I feel your pain. I love your honesty and the fact that you know how the "height game is played". A lot of people don't see it here but some such as me Ali Baba and others do. Ali said it best "it's a lifetime of hearing oh you're 6'8 or 6'9" just because they don't know what an authentic no bs 6'6 barefoot like Ali looks like and the upgrading and basically telling you that you don't know your own height gets frustrating. someone may see a pro athlete on the street in passing and say "oh Wade's 6'4 so you must be like 6'6 when of course you know your height better than anyone else." People don't realize that the While the NBA teams and scouts may know the true height of a player in stocking feet that the public may not. Someone posted on KG's page even saying the disclaimer. They post some of the heights to tailor to the position they're playing like a combo guard PF C if the person is smaller than avg. that I know as I have a friend who is a scout who told me never to believe every measurement (some are accurate however). Gotta also love how downgrading is seen as hating on someone but upgrading is ok. I can see how the perrception of downgrading is that way but upgrading is sort of insulting if the person claims a certain height. You are 1. Telling that person you know their body better than they do; 2. That person is incompetent; 3. That person is lying. Instead it's always that person downgrades their height when In reality it's just someone being honest. Love some of the comments. "oh what about shoes oh what if he wasn't standing straight, and what if Kobe's wife measured him at night". Funny how a pre draft out of bed carries weight but if his wife measured him at night that doesn't. Also Funny how these thoughts Come into play when someone is justifying why someone shouldn't be downgraded but when upgrading another person or claiming why they shouldn't be downgraded: "oh you're comparing him to so and so. so and so is taller than they claim they edge out everyone else in that height range. That was what he was measured so that's what he is." Love how it doesn't work both ways. I've come to the conclusion just like you have that most people lie (even when they don't know they are) (or when people think a shoe measurement is standard practice). Guess that's the way it is now lol. And like u said u can't change the way you are!
bobby3342 said on 25/Jan/16
its funny no matter how many times I tell people barkley is not 6'6 or wade is about 6'2 they always say well what about shoes, like there part of your body lol. sorry but no matter how many times you measure, 6'4 5/8 does not equal 6'6 you are what you are.
Canson said on 22/Jan/16
Agree with everything you said Ignacious!
Ignacious said on 22/Jan/16
Wade is about an inch shorter than Ray Allen, who is 6-3 and 3/5 (6ft 3.6in) and about 2 inches shorter than Kobe who is 6ft 4.75in... He shouldn't be any taller than 6-3 flat.
Canson said on 20/Jan/16
Bobby: lol. Believe me I completely agree with you 100% and share your frustration. I'm Sure some of the bigger guys here like Ezioauditore Lillo T KROC Mid 190s and Ali Baba who are honest do too! Be funny to see all of us probably seperated by an inch and a half tops lol! It's frustrating because we're all being honest. I mean legit 194, 195, 196, 197, 198 guys we all are.

I'll be honest. I don't believe some of these people when they upgrade really believe it. To be fair, I feel that maybe a few (there are at least 4 or 5 who are always completely off the wall with their estimates and think people are even beyond their listed NBA or NFL heights) do it because they think it's a game we're playing and don't honestly know how tall that person is. Clueless. They don't even know for even the most obvious people that their commonly referred to height is a shoe height. But for others who believe the listing or the listing looks out of agreement with someone else's shoe listing ,they automatically upgrade.

I think a stigma here is that if we downgrade someone like u said we are diminishing them and their accomplishments. Or in other cases that they become less of a man to some people. To me the latter is insecure thinking that is probably a way of life for some of these people who get bent out of shape. Their thinking prob flows to their daily lives when it comes to themselves and wish they were taller or just want to live vicariously through these stars!

Gotta love some of the comments we see. Howard Stern's page (who you met and know is 6'5), Tim Robbins page, and conans page. The same poster for all three pages (who supposedly has 6'4 and 6'5 friends of his own) always comments that "Tall guys downgrade their height when in reality this same guy is always upgrading them even beyond their own claims. Even shorter people close to his height, he adds 2+ inches above what Rob has them listed and genuinely believes it. Then Kareem "oh taller guys downplay their height". When I hear that statement it either means that they don't really know height, don't know their own height, or lie about it. Could be a combination of each lol. Who knows? Oh well! End rant lol!!!!
bobby3342 said on 20/Jan/16
Canson ,i can see how it might come of to some as a jerk. cuz when the majority of the people are calling guys like us 6'6 we get thrown in that herd whether its true or not. 85% of people call us 6'6 so it must be true right ? how can 85% of the people be wrong? We are going against what everyone else is saying, So from there perspective we are downgraders that don't believe any stars height claims(basically calling them Liars) so to the outside person they think we are making people shorter so we feel superior. when that's not the case at all. 5'10 guys have been claiming 6 feet 6'1 guys have been claimng 6'3 , 6'3 guys have been claiming 6' 5 for so long that the lie has become the truth... But I am glad that you understand my frustration.. I wish we could all meet so they could see how tall a Barefoot 195cm guy really is (not like usain bolt)lol 192cm
Canson said on 17/Jan/16
Bobby, no need to explain yourself. You along with others who tell the truth keep it real and keep this legit. I haven't seen much from Bob to judge him he prob just took the comment the wrong way. evrything you said is spot on! And you are very fair and one of the best posters and judges of height. At least your not like Duhon upgrading everyone to make himself believe he is taller than he is and to mask his own insecurity of not being as tall as he would desire.
bobby3342 said on 16/Jan/16
Well Bob My insecurity hmm 5'4.75(164cm) Me needing to measure up to others 5'6.25(168cm) Try to remain on topic , to disagree is ok , to belittle or to name call is not, We discuss heights here, lets continue to do so.
Canson said on 16/Jan/16
Bob: there is nothing wrong with what Bobby said. Bobby is simply using humor and he is correct. Being his size I encounter a lot of shoe measurers who tell me "I'm this so you're this". Basically playing the height game. I am firm like he is and don't lie about my height. He is not insecure at all just telling it like it is and very very fair overall. To his credit many of these guys here are listed in shoes and esp the basketball players are even listed beyond their shoe heights. That I know as I have seen some in person myself.
Paul said on 14/Jan/16
Usually in NBA and other bball organizations, players heights are listed including sneakers, which is why most are listed 1"-1.5" taller than they really are. It doesn't seem to be the case here with Wade though.
Bob said on 13/Jan/16
You realize you are guessing, right. There is no science to your methods. You can talk about picture comparisons or walking past whatever, but unless you see the person measured yourself it's just a guess..and bobby - why so insecure, apparently you're tall, but need to measure up to others.....yikes...too bad...
bobby3342 said on 12/Jan/16
AHH the weak azz 6'5 I know it to well(so do you) .Jordan , kobe, barkley, 89% of the guys listed at 6'6 on this site. The weak azz 6'5 club welcomes you! Dangelo rusell is not a member nor is james harden, Dwayne wade , or anybody listed 6'5 in the nba. You have to love Hollywood . lets face it canson most guys our height claim 6'6 or even god forbid 6'7 . which leads me to believe that joe mangiello is 6'4 flat b/f . On Dwayne wade how he got that 6'3.75 listing il never know but he does not look it. a legit b/f 6'3 sends off my tall person radar.and ill notice you. but when I walk by him I don't get that. so yeah im guessing maybe 62.5 alittle taller than westbrook
Canson said on 11/Jan/16
@Bobby3342: seeing Dwade next to Lebron and seeing Lebron next to taller guys who are listed closer to their actual height like Chris Bosh, and also the guys notoriously overlisted from 6'7.5ish like boozer love and Griffin, I have a hard time believing Lebron is a legit 6'7. He actually looks Similar height to Melo just like Height mentioned in his posts. I heard he really wasn't measured when he was drafted and that he refused to be measured after reaching 6'6. I'd maybe give him 6'6 and change. He never looks more than 1.5-2 solid inches taller than Kobe or Jordan and neither is a full 6'5 barefoot.
Canson said on 11/Jan/16
@Bobby3342: yup. You said it perfectly! A classic 6'2 guy. Would likely measure about the same as Russell Westbrook who is only 6'2 and change but always is viewed taller because the other point guards are smaller. Mitch Kupchak dwarfs him pretty badly. Too much for one to be 6'9ish and the other to be 6'3 lol. Kobe also has Russell by at least 2". I have a feeling his hair skewed that morning measurement and that he is really half inch shorter and probably around 6'2-6'2.5 at his norm. Jordan clarkson measured the same and looks half inch taller in some pics once we take into the hair on deangelo's head. In a nutshell clarkson is weak 6'3 prob 6'2.75 during the day.
bobby3342 said on 8/Jan/16
agreed canson ever seen Dangelo rusell ?that guy would be lucky to be 6'3 yet he's listed at 6'5 in shoes and 6 3.25 bf ( yet 6'3 adam silver is taller than him) I don't trust predraft heights wade is 6 '275. And guys please show me a basketball shoe that gives you 2 inches . even with 2 pairs of socks I only get 1.25 out of my shoes. who plays ball in platforms? I don't . I actually prefer shoes that add under a inch they help me jump better.(at least I thought they did)lol
Height said on 8/Jan/16
Wade should be about 2 inches shorter than MJ at 6'2.88" / 6'3" (190 cm).
Canson said on 5/Jan/16
These pre drafts are all screwed up. I recently heard that Wade's 6'3.75 was in a low soled shoe and that they added an inch for his in shoe height. Looks legit as he doesn't look over 6'3 flat without. Vince Carter is another. He's 6'4 1/2 (6'5 on a good day). This is from a teammate. That makes sense as he is 6'5 in shoes. Ever notice how one site has him with the 6'5 1/2 in the barefoot column with no in shoe measurement while one has a bogus 6'6.75 measurement. the latter is not a legit website or very reputable
Canson said on 23/Dec/15
if Jordan and Kobe are strong 6'4s he's right at or right below 6'3. Lebron even said he's at most 6'3. Thinking more of 190cm like SJH says as he looks 1.5-2 inches shorter than Jordan
S.J.H said on 18/Dec/15
Kobe at 6'4.75 then wade is no way over 6'3 and could have been a 190cm guy
Sam said on 8/Dec/15
He's 6'3" max.
Nexttel said on 11/Aug/15
I shrink a half inch fast at 6-3. I'm 6-3.5 out of bed but just 2 hours later I'm already a flat 6-3
Lillo thomas said on 26/Jul/15
I give wade 6'3 flat nothing more in the afternoon. Maybe 6'3.75 out of bed or very early in the morning. He always look 4 inches shorter than lebron James. He is shorter than Michael Jordan by 2 inches in the back to back pics.
GP said on 23/Jul/15
Everyone who thinks that Wade isn't 192cm, I suggest you look at photos of him with Dragic, who is a legit 190cm. You have to take into consideration that during the games some players can look shorter or taller due to camera angles, body proportions and etc. Additionally you have to be aware that lot of the basketball players don't have good postures or they care as much about their height since they are already tall. And if Wade cared about those things then he would have easily be saying that he is 6'5" and get listed at that since majority of players claim their height in shoes and get listed even higher. The lowest Wade would be is 6'3.5" which is still 192cm.
Matthew said on 22/Jun/15
KROC says on 16/Mar/15
Ricky Rubio is 6'1 maybe, same as Stephen Curry. Wouldn't give either one anything over that. Dwayne Wade is 6'2.5.


Ricky Rubio is 6'2.5", D-Wade is a strong 6'3", almost 6'4" out of bed (that's when they take most draft measurements).
jjg153 said on 3/Jun/15
6'3 1/2 barefeet to 6'5" in sneakers....
Bishop said on 12/Apr/15
Rob, you downgraded Lin from his draft height. Now it's time to downgrade Wade.
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches said on 17/Mar/15
Rubio is 189cm tall as measured in Barcelona where they do it barefoot Click Here
KROC said on 16/Mar/15
Ricky Rubio is 6'1 maybe, same as Stephen Curry. Wouldn't give either one anything over that. Dwayne Wade is 6'2.5.
joe 193cm night said on 12/Mar/15
surely 6'3 strong
lillo thomas said on 28/Feb/15
I can give Wade 6'3 flat. That 6'3.75 measurement is strange.
height said on 25/Feb/15
Dwayne Wade is about 6'2.75" / 6'2.85" barefooted.

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