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5ft 9.32in (176.1cm)
Clive said on 19/Feb/07
That's not impossible he's 176cm barefoot, as Banderas, Murphy wears big lifts
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Height Detective said on 10/Feb/07
I saw the behind the scenes of Beverly Cop 2 and in there was Brigitte nielsen talking about Eddie murphy being shorter than 5.10 and she said "Eddie says that im 6.2 and he is 5.10 , but in reality im 6 ft and he is 5.9 and a bit" , like 1.76 ,and then was a funny scene when the two were talking about this and murphy saying he was 5.10 to brigitte and she saying the opposite to him , that he was 1.76.
sleuth said on 9/Jan/07
It doesn't make sense for a 5'9.5" male actor to claim 5'10". Has that ever happened in the history of Hollywood? Eddie Smurfy is a clear 5'8.5".
dmeyer said on 3/Jan/07
could have been 5'10 morning like i thaught 5'11.75 for myself but i think he is closer to 176-7 range possibly 5'9 flat but weres lifts to look a hair over 5'10
Glenn said on 3/Jan/07
He said 5-10 in RAW.
Franco said on 3/Jan/07
me too saw Eddie Murphy in the italian festival of the cinema in 2001 and i managed to speak to him for exactly 30 seconds and i told him i'm a big fan of his movies and asked him if his height made it hard for him to shoot any (THAT WAS A TRICKY QUESTION TO SEE HIS REACTION!)....

he said : i'm 5'11 and in some shots i did have problems.

that was a killer reply because since he said 5'11 that means he is 5'9 on the money!

2 inch shoes = 1 inch heel + 1 inch lift :D and a 5'9 becomes 5'11.

he did look 5'9 to me regardless.

im speaking the truth to you guys, Eddie Murphy is 100% 5'9 height.
r jacob said on 15/Dec/06
I met Eddie in a niteclub in new york in 1985. I'm 5'10 and Eddie appeared to be 5'8 on the money.
realheight 88 said on 3/Dec/06
I agree with Frank2.All the actors who say 5'11 they are 5'9" at the most(like orlando bloom) and the other actors who say that they are 5'10" they are 5'8" at the most(like jean claude van damme).That's my opinion which i believe is very true...
Brad said on 18/Nov/06
5' 9" when my brother & I snuck on the Paramount lot in '86.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
Eddie Murphy does look 5'8 at the most next to the 5'9 Owen Wilson! He does wear lifts!
Jimmy said on 27/Jun/06
Here is a video of Eddie Murphy and Mike Tyson. If Eddie is 5'10, how tall does that make Mike? 5'9 perhaps (natural height)?

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muta said on 7/May/06
Eddie Murphy is a tough one. Some of the photos makes him look short but sometimes he looks taller. I know he says he is 5'10"
Clive said on 5/May/06
TOTALLY agree with what you said Frank2 !!!
Frank2 said on 4/May/06
Remove the half an inch and you have his true height. Eddie's no more than 5'9".

Remember the golden rule: If an actor admits to being 5'10" he's most likely shorter. This is especially true if he claims to be 5'11". Then of course the fellows who cliam to be six feet are mostly under. And then a few pinheads will say they're 6'1" when they're more likely to be around 5'11". then a few who claim to be 6'2" wear huge lifts and people buy it. In other words, throw out all the official heights and go by your eyes.
Clive said on 3/May/06
On link I put don't forget to click on the link "Click Here"
when Murphy and Dan are shaking hands.
Clive said on 3/May/06
I found a Murphy's photo with the 185cm Dan on the film "Trading places" and Murphy largely looks more than 7cm under Dan, I'd say at least 10cm under... So it confirms what has been said bellow, Murphy isn't over 5'9.5 !
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Clive said on 2/May/06
During these last weeks I saw the film "Bowfinger" with Murphy and Steve Martin listed here as 182cm and like on Frank2's photos Murphy looks at least 5cm under on their pics of course... So 5'9.5 seemed to be a right estimation, didn't you?
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/06
Looking at that picture of the Shirek cast that Clive sent. He's taller than 5'7" Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz but shorter than 5'9" Antonio Bandares. He's not tall! 5'10" is his phony height and actors want to make people think they're their goal height instead of what they actually are and not happy about it. All of those pictures give clear evidence that he's just trying to get away with wearing shoe lifts to be taller than Glen because he does not want to be listed as 5'8". Glen do you think he's really only 5'8"?

Editor Rob
I saw another 48 hours last night....Nolte did have a noticeably good few inches, but I think he might have had slightly larger heels, hmm, I could see this guy being 5ft 9, looking more with lifts for sure
Frank2 said on 14/Apr/06
Bill Shatner was born with a hairpiece. Going way back to his appearance on a Twilight Zone episode he wore a full carpet as he did in the 1961 feature film Judgment at Nuremberg.

Burt started wearing hairpieces sometime after the 1972 film Deliverance. There were rumors that he tried an early form of hair transplantation as did Sinatra and the result looked so much like a hairbrush that he continued to wear toupes.
Clive said on 14/Apr/06
Rob what are you waiting for to change Eddie's height ??? The last photo I saw with Prior don't let any doubt anymore !!!
Terrence said on 13/Apr/06
This guy looks 5'9
Clive said on 13/Apr/06
Well said Frank2, well said !!! I totally agree with your "image's celebrities" concept which push them to increase their real height !
Frank2 said on 12/Apr/06
You're not fools (well maybe a few ar!). You're just trying to find the truth. If you only accept as fact what the celebs claim, you'll get nowhere fast. They almost all lie. I suppose it's human nature. How many driver's licenses have bogus heights on them? How many of you have given an optimistic height? In the case of celebrities, their image is everything so they must protect it at all costs.
Clive said on 12/Apr/06
Thanks for your comment Rob ! In that case there will be a consequence on Michael Jackson's height if we suppose Murphy is a 5'9 guy...
Continued on next episode or photos ;)
Clive said on 11/Apr/06
So Rob what's your verdict about Frank2's photos ??? ;)

Editor Rob
he could be a lift-wearer, Murphy...he can sure look 5ft 10 a helluva lot, I think he got special shoes for the film I-Spy...a 5ft 9 guy maybe
Clive said on 11/Apr/06
Great Frank2, that's right you're really the most reliable member!
Murphy looks 5'10 but his pics with wilson and Stallone made me very doubtful about the height written above (178cm) really Idon't know what to think...
Frank2 said on 6/Apr/06
Check this out: Click Here
If Murphy is 5'10" then sly must be over six feet!

With 6'1" Dan Akroyd: Click Here

With 5'11" Steve Martin: Click Here

Another with Martin: Click Here

With Owen Wilson: Click Here

Here's Murphy with 5'8" Malcolm McDowell and Owen Wilson: Click Here

So how tall is DeNiro anyway?: Click Here
He keeps getting shorter. Or maybe Eddie borrowed Stallone's boots from Judge Dredd!

Murphy and Owen Wilson: Click Here

A wider shot: Click Here
Wilson is not tall.

I wonder how much those shoes boost him?: Click Here
That's little Jeffrey Katzenberg with Eddie. He's a shrimp.

Spielberg keeps getting shorter: Click Here
Maybe he was wearing those boots we saw in the photo with Katzenberg.
Frank2 said on 6/Apr/06
My favorite bogus height used in a movie script is in the classic Hitchcock film Saboteur when 5'10" Robert Cummings is announced on the radio as being 6'2".
Clive said on 6/Apr/06
Yes man I noticed it too !! It's like Brad Pitt on Mr&Mrs Smith he was listed on his mini computer as 5'11.
edu said on 5/Apr/06
in the movie " the nutty profesor" , in the laboratory , eddie murphy puts in a computer his height and is listed at 5.10
Clive said on 29/Mar/06
Frank2 : It is probably not you who are taller but the stars who are smaller ;)
As I said on Banderas' session it's easy for them to add 1 inch on their real height with the shoes they wear ! But as you had the chance to meet them face to face you could realize that there is a difference between what they PRETEND to measure and what they are in reality !!! So if it was up to me, I would take all the stars off 2cm to cancel "elevator shoes effects".
Frank2 said on 27/Mar/06
How big were Murphy's shoes when you met him?

I'm beginning to think I'm taller than 5'11" since all these supposedly 5'10" guys are in fact much shorter when I meet them. Better go get measured fast!
dan said on 25/Mar/06
i dont know , im 6'1 and when i met him he was mabey 3 or 4in shorter then me so i think hes at least 5'10
Clive said on 25/Mar/06
To my opinion Rob, even if Murphy doesn't stand up straight on the photo with Steve Martin, there is much more than 1.5inch between them ! So you may list list Murphy as 5ft9.5 and Michael Jackson as 5'9 to remain logic !
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
And I've seen Owen Wilson from about five feet away and if he's 5'11" then I'm 6'1". He has a nose that looks like it was smashed in at one time and was never properly fixed. Murphy is no more than 5'9". Probably closer to 5'8 1/2". He wears big shoes.
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
murphy looks 5-11 in those shrek pics.looked 5-10 when I saw him.but he could be very well 5-8.I know people that spent time with him and claimed this.
andrew said on 16/Mar/06
Murphy said in the 1987 Eddie Murphy Raw, he said in one part of his act about fighting "i'm 5'10" 165 pounds i cant kick no ones ass".
Glenn said on 16/Mar/06
Ive seen owen wilson look 5-11.
Glenn said on 13/Mar/06
Nolte can look 6-3! But I heard he is 5-11 and wears lifts.
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
I've seen him in the flesh. He's no more than 5'9" max. He was several inches shorter than 6' Nick Nolte. And don't tell me Nolte is 6'3" or I'll scream!
Clive said on 7/Mar/06
Really, I have the impression that in the celebrityheights' sites we always have famous peoples' heights with their shoes ! So in that case we can take off around 2cm to each celebrityheight !
Concerning Murphy, with all has been said, he may be a 176 or 177cm man !
Frank2 said on 27/Feb/06
Eddie is not 5'10" but is about 5'8 1/2". He usually wears lifts.
phil said on 21/Feb/06
I work part-time as an actor and my agent got a call one day asking if I could be his double for one day. I wasn't available unfortunately, but I'm 5'9 1/2" on the nose, so 5'9" or 5'10" would clearly be right.
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
he looked 5-10.but he is known to be a lift wearing 5-8.
Height Tracker said on 16/Jan/06
Hey guys; how can we even be so sure that Glenn is really the 5'8" he claims? He might be an inch shorter, which would skew all of his celebrity sightings in their favor.

Editor Rob
maybe I'll hop on a flight to NY, track Glenn down and measure him to within a mm ;)
CoolJ said on 16/Jan/06
Pic with Glenn makes Eddie look 5'10.. You can tell that his head, frame looks like a naturally taller person's would.. unlike Tom Cruise's
dmeyer said on 16/Jan/06
easily 5'10 in this pic
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/05
i am sure he is not over 178 but he looks over 5'10 compare to 6'4 rapaport in metro and he does look taller than 5'9 de niro 178 is a good guess but he looks way shorter than wilson in i spy
Tubbs said on 14/Oct/05
Murphy claimed to be 5'10 on one of his stand up videos, i think it was on raw filmed in 1987.
DP said on 11/Oct/05
I'm on the agreement with JS that Murphy's barely scraping by at 5'9". He's my height and does the same thing that I do....wears lifts. I can spot those guys wearing lifts because I'M ONE OF THEM!
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/05
If you watch Beverly hills cop 2, you see the scene outside the playboy mansion, chris rock is 5"11, and him and murphy seem the same height.
CoolJ said on 23/Aug/05
We know Stallone wears lifts.. but this is ridiculous.. Someone's height has to be a little off when this pic is considered.
mcfan said on 18/Jul/05
I always thought Eddie looked 5'9-5'9.5, not 5'10.
GPM said on 12/Jul/05
He's shorter than Owen Wilson, and Wilson claims to be 5'9". Did you see them in that movie they did together?
JS said on 10/Jun/05
He's not 5'10.. He's probably scraping 5'9.

Do we need anymore evidence?
British Guy said on 4/Jun/05
Eddie Murphy...

For Some Reason I Cannot Convince Myself He Is 5ft 10in...
Anonymous said on 6/May/05
5'10 with lifts but actually pushing 5'9
Big Dave said on 14/Apr/05
I agree with J. Eddie also looked about 2 inches taller than Martin Lawrence in that film, which would make him 5'9. I would say 5'10 is a bit of an embelishment.
J. said on 16/Mar/05
Eddie's 5'9" without shoes. Watch Boomerang. There's a scene of him barefoot with Halle Berry. He's easily 3 inches taller. So 5'10" is his height with shoes on. In that photo below with Singleton and Cube, he's 1 inch taller than Cube and exactly 3 inches bigger than Singelton. Don't let the high top fade fool you with that pic! :-)
Ricardo said on 19/Feb/05
Eddie Murphy is 5'8"
cantstop25 said on 12/Feb/05
its funny i thought he was like 6 he seemed much taller then deniro.

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